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Rapper Nipsey Hussle Shot Dead at 33 … And Some Say It’s a Conspiracy

Only hours after Nipsey Hussle’s untimely death, many took to social media to claim that he was killed by the powers that be, mainly because he was working on a documentary about the controversial Dr. Sebi.



Rapper Nipsey Hussle Shot Dead at 33 ... And Some Say It's a Conspiracy

The Grammy-nominated rapper Nipsey Hussle died after being shot six times outside of his clothing store on Sunday afternoon. He was 33 years old. The shooter fled the scene and remains at large. According to a witness, Hussle was killed “military-style”, with five shots to the body and one to the head.

About 30 minutes prior to the fatal shooting, Hussle tweeted: “Having strong enemies is a blessing”.

Rapper Nipsey Hussle Shot Dead at 33 ... And Some Say It's a Conspiracy

Hussle’s final tweet.

Law enforcement sources state that Hussle was shot by a young black man who opened fire at close range and then ran to a waiting getaway car. It is believed that the man might be involved in gang activities. Hussle had long been associated with the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips, one of Los Angeles’ largest street gangs.

Another source told the LA Times that detectives were working leads and stressed the killing might not be tied to a larger street gang dispute. Detectives are still trying to recover any security video that might exist.

The shooting came a day before Hussle was scheduled to meet with LAPD Chief Michel Moore and Police Commissioner Steve Soboroff “to talk about ways he could help stop gang violence and help us help kids”. Representatives from Roc Nation (Jay-Z’s talent agency and production company) were also supposed to attend the meeting.


Rapper Nipsey Hussle Shot Dead at 33 ... And Some Say It's a Conspiracy

Nipsey Hussle performing onstage at the Warner Music Pre-Grammy Party at the NoMad Hotel in February 2019.

Slowly but surely, Hussle was making his way in the music industry. Two months ago, his debut album Victory Lap was nominated for best rap album at the 2019 Grammy awards.

Hussle was also known for his community work in Los Angeles. For instance, he once gave a pair of shoes to every student at an elementary school in Hyde Park. He also helped fund upgrades to the campus playground. Hussle also owned properties and businesses in his area, including the shopping mall where he got shot. He was known for offering jobs to people who struggled and even the homeless.

To some, Hussle was becoming a positive black leader and that was enough to get him killed. Here’s a post from a user on Reddit:

He was murdered because he was making change in black communities. The government assassinated him just like they did to Fred Hampton, Malcom X, MLK, and plenty others. One of COINTELPROs main objectives was to take out any “black messiah” and that’s exactly what Nipsey Hussle was becoming. He was launching STEM programs in inner cities, he was always preaching about investing in real estate and was conscious of the things keeping African Americans down. The most obvious reason for his assassination is because he was making a documentary about Dr. Sebi who claimed to have had the cure for AIDS. Wasn’t log before Dr. Sebi was assassinated either. We cannot let this be swept under the rug. The US murdered Nipsey Hussle.

Immediately after Hussle’s death, many took to social media to point out the link between the rapper and the controversial Dr. Sebi.

Dr. Sebi

Rapper Nipsey Hussle Shot Dead at 33 ... And Some Say It's a Conspiracy

Dr. Sebi.

Dr. Sebi (real name Alfredo Darrington Bowman) was a herbalist and self-proclaimed healer who operated in New York, Los Angeles and Honduras. He claimed to cure all disease with herbs and a unique vegan diet. Dr. Sebi taught controversial theories such as HIV was not the cause of AIDS and that Africans (and their descendants) had unique genetic characteristics that required unique medicine. 

Sebi opened a practice named USHA Research Institute in Honduras where he treated celebrities including Lisa Lopes, Steven Seagal, John Travolta, Eddie Murphy, and Michael Jackson.

In 2016, Dr. Sebi was arrested and incarcerated in Honduras for money laundering. He was held for several weeks in a Honduran prison as his family was attempting to obtain his release. On August 6, 2016, Sebi died due to complications of pneumonia while under the custody of Honduran authorities. It is believed that the length of his time in custody and the condition of the jail may have contributed to his death. Followers of Sebi questioned the circumstances surrounding his arrest and death, claiming that there was a conspiracy to silence him because his teachings went against the interests of big pharma.

In 2018 the Nipsey Hussle announced that he was working on a documentary shedding light on Dr. Sebi’s infamous trial where he proved that he found the cure for AIDS. In one interview (linked below), Hussle actually stated that he might be killed over this documentary.

Here are some posts on social media about Hussle’s death.

Many pointed out that Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez tragically lost her life in Honduras after seeing Dr. Sebi and promoting his teachings.

Rapper Nipsey Hussle Shot Dead at 33 ... And Some Say It's a Conspiracy

Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes with Dr. Sebi.

Nick Cannon openly supported the theory that Hussle’s death was linked to Dr. Sebi (a few months ago, Cannon also commented on Kanye West, stating that “MK-ULTRA is real”).

Rapper Nipsey Hussle Shot Dead at 33 ... And Some Say It's a Conspiracy

Nick Cannon’s tweet about Nipsey Hussle: “Spiritual Warfare is REAL and in full effect”.

Cannon vowed to have Hussle’s documentary released.

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Rapper Nipsey Hussle Shot Dead at 33 ... And Some Say It's a Conspiracy

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Another truth speaker is dead. Our government hard at work, never missing a beat.

“There is something wrong with a regime that requires a pyramid of corpses every few years.”
-George Orwell


We should note a distinction between our government and the evil forces within it that are the real problem. It’s the difference between Jews and the Jews who practice the kabbalah. Simply saying “the government” does no good. We must specify it is the satanists in government.


The Powers That Be? Does that sound better, Dixie?


And most of them pass as (very) religious folks, go figure, nothing new.


what the F are u talking about


it is so funny that jews are less than 1% of the entire World population, yet run everything. …according to u.
..think about how many churches there are in usa that do not pay taxes. the odds are in their favor love. u just mad since jews dont bow down to a man,, just the source of all creation…#nofilter


perhaps 1/.700 th 10 m in 7-8 b


Dixie, you are exactly right. The U.S. Government is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights! These Documents are the only Documents in the entire history of Humanity, who guaranteed the people God given Rights and protected them! The Satanist who infiltrated the organizational structure of the government, want the people to destroy, these Government. They want them to hate it. Then they can get rid of it and enslave everyone on the face of the earth.

Gray Dove

I forgot about the quote from Orwell. It just chills me to the bone.


He was not a truth speaker, he was part of the satanic forces that be. Remember, to have what he had you need to allign yourself with satan. Money, fame, power in this realm are gifts satan gives to his followers. He is in deep with them, besides, in the case he would actually try to rebel, he could for instance “vanish” from all mediums that we have acces to, he would not be able to take on this vast demonic machine. What happenend is another diversion, letting people think they are in the know, today many people think their eyes are open, but in fact they are wide shut. This is another scam to make people believe they are in the know, while in fact this is not. Just look at the comment VC posted from some Reddit user. This comment sounds like sheeple talk to me. Do never forget that satan is the master of lies and tricks. Deceiving is what he does. We cannot ever trust one of his pawns. How can one think, that all these controlled aspects of life, which are controlled by satan, that one of these mediums actually helps us to see the… Read more »


Only one who gets it.

Thy Unveiling

Not only one. But my upvote merely removed one downvote, so it doesn’t really show.


Can’t be said any better than that! Thank you for speaking truth.


Do you even know how many years Nipsey hussled to get where he was? Do you think that God doesn’t bless you for turning your life comoletely around&try to do it the long way, instead of taking “the oath” as so many others die? Yeah satan is the god of this world I know, but not everybody who is successful is a an ally of satan.
Rest in Peace Ermias. “God will RISE”


There is success and then there is the access given to you to use the world as your stage and or platform for speech or imposing certain ideas and ideals on the sheeple. EVERYTHING that you read, hear and see is painstakingly filtered and selected. From the seemingly unimportant adds to the ground breaking news headlines. Every single person that is given their 30 seconds of talk time has in some way or another paid their dues in respect to the agenda. Why do you think the Word (The Bible) states that those who wish to be important should become the least important, those who wish to lead should become servants: Matthew 26 – 28 states that; It shall not be this way among you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant,and whoever wants to be first among you must be your slave —just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.”… You cannot sit at the devils table and feast with him on worldly things, thinking you can use evil to do good and not get food poisoning.… Read more »


There are videos on YT that is death was faked. So who knows, what’s really going on …


Nick Cannon just put a target on his back… I don’t listen to rap and think a lot of it is terrible subject matter but Nipsy sounds like he was doing great things with his earnings. Helping kids and his community. I mean really. The Gov talk all “help and better the community, make more jobs” then kill someone who was doing just that. Sick!


Nick Cannon has a bigger platform s he’s going to be able to shine a light on real problems. I wasn’t expect him to take such a stand tbh but it’s for a great cause.


The founder of RAW rolling papers also said that he’s gonna help fund the documentary,even reached out to nick cannon

Willie Jones Jr

Nick Cannon is a double agent. If the documentary comes out, expect it to be very whitewashed.

Truth & Light

Google RICO and youtube “Illuminati Explained in Metal Gear 2”


As a fan of his music this is really sad. I still remember that breakfast club interview from February last year. The second he mentioned the Dr.Sebi documentary I feared for him. I do believe big pharmaceutical companies plays a role in anybody death who tampers with their multi billion dollar industry. It’s no coincidence that there’s paper trails of other doctors who were mysterious killed. When there on the brink of a cure for any deadly disease. I remember when bit currency was just picking up steam. He literarily was having sessions/classes in the inner city/hood. Just to show our people it’s ok to look into other forms of currency other then American currency. I believe he was also killed by the higher ups as well. To be shot 6 times 5 in his body & 1 precisely to his head sounds very militant. Rest In Power Nipsey Hussle signed one of your real fans.

Merciful servant- Youtube

Prayers up to Nipsey for starters, he is done with this Zionist run mad world and needs all the prayers now. Some people trying to say it was a gang shooting not “conspiracy”, well what did you think they are just gonna send someone wearing stealth clothing with “sent by big pharma” to carry the hit?? Obviously not dumb a---s, they would use Someone who is part of that world and environment. You can tell it was premeditated by the getaway car parked in an alley nearby. The end times are upon us, this life is short for everyone. The synagogue of Satan/ the Zionist are going full force to silence anyone, BE CAREFUL.


What’s he need prayers for now, he’s dead?


Thank you. I said the same thing. Why would they send somebody else other than a black person? I swear people today are so brainwashed, it’s just sad.


This is certainly no “gang related” shooting, like the media will play it up to be. This man was murdered by the “powers that be.” Thank you very much, Vigilant Citizen for creating this important website to educate the world on tragic happenings such as this one. This successful and influential rapper was obviously a big threat to “someone,” and unfortunately, action was taken to silence him. Definitely an inside job. May he Rest In Peace.


If the media is saying it’s gang related I’m 100% against it. Like when do they ever tell us the whole truth? Especially with celebs.

Think about it

The “powers that be” are technically a gang..


Sad that this young man lost his life. This world is truly evil.

Truth & Light

33 = illuminati sacrifice

Hail Mary

Just like Abortion. Planned Parenthood and killing of innocent lives. Abortion is their meal ticket at the cost of the innocent lives. #UnPlannedmovie


adopt a kid in foster care or sponsor an immigrant child if you are so concerned with children


And of course the hypocrites down vote the reality.

Chrissy Snow

How about adopt an American child instead? We need to take care of our own first.


Planned parenthood actually is a true blessing to society My boyfriend and I went there and I had the new birth control implant procedure performed for me for free! My insurance covered it. It’s good for five years! I get very few periods now and cannot get pregnant from having sexual intercourse with him! It’s fantastic! We both know that having a child would not be a good thing for us, and thanks to free birth control options from Planned Parenthood, we can be intimate without anything to worry about! All of you people who think organizations such as Planned Parenthood should be closed down are truly misinformed. Why force a woman or girl to carry a baby in her body for several months, have the baby, then give him/her away? Abortion isn’t killing a live fetus; google it and educate yourselves! “Pro lifers” are very ignorant people!


When does life begin?

Willie Jones Jr

At 40.


Of course it’s not a live fetus if you kill it. Then it becomes a dead human being.


This has to be a troll post..


Obviously, as no woman gets that excited over her free birth control.


Not true. I was very happy to get free birth control from PP bc I was a struggling university student with no insurance coverage. Also, I didn’t get BC because I was sexually active (I wasn’t at all & waited until marriage), I got it to help me with PMDD and very severe periods. It was a blessing to have that as a resource then.


Then dont have sex!!!


Are you dumb?


I strongly suggest you that you consider picking up the Bible and opening it asking your creator as you open it to show you what you need to be shown to have your eyes opened and the veil lifted. You are a sinner like all of us and you need forgiveness and you need a Savior. His name is Yeshua. I once was like you many many years ago I had two abortions. Nearly wrecked me until I fell to my knees set a couple words and had a willingness to believe that there was something bigger out there than I was that loved me. And guess what He showed up! It wasn’t long after that, even though I knew what I did was wrong all along, that I saw my sins for what they truly were and that my friend is murder. Worst of the worst I am so I give this advice to you in full love that you might come to know your savior personally and the error of your thinking and your words that may bring many many down. People you must be careful with what you comment. that’s why they call it spelling. Lady you… Read more »

D D d

In some cultures that’s called gambling too.


I feel the exact same way and support Planned Parenthood exactly for this reason. Don’t be discouraged by the people who downvote or disagree. They are free to do what they want with their bodies and so are we.


Free to waste your body engaging in mindless, dead end shagging in stupid hope for release. The holy grail of release, right? This is precisely why we are in the trouble we are in–people who have no clue as to what sexual union between a man and woman is about and for. Continuing our species; maintaining our civilisation. Sex urge is a noble thing, to paraphrase Gandhi. But it is for procreation. Abortion is genocide. And at the sheer number of horrific murders, millions in the US alone, we are damning ourselves and our future. There is only one hope. Seek forgiveness. Give yourself to God. Traditions are in place for a reason. We are all tarnished by the genocide that has been carried out in the name of convenience, sexual ignorance, and selfishness.


You are a fraud. Common sense and research into Sanger and Eugenics reveals the truth about the genocide that Banned Parenthood is carrying out. Read and learn. Ask a child if they are for the murder of the unborn. And…stay in your cave at Langley while you are at it.


S---n emission with out the intent of reproduction is murder in the eyes of the Source, that wasted life and energy is then manifested through secret rituals and used to empower dark magic hypnosis. P---------y, music and many movies are also used as the driving force for much of the dark hypnosis.

Think about it

Lmao. You have to be a troll. And if you are not Just research the founder of planned parenthood. .. that should be enough for you to understand the true motives. And dont use google. Its a biased search engine. Dont believe it? Just compare search results to other search engines like duckduckgo yahoo or bing… if you are lazy then watch a video of someone demonstrating it. In the age of information Ignorance isnt bliss its a choice that many make daily. If you want to be a hoe and simply f--k then so be it. A relationship isnt all about sex.


Stupid S--t


Gotta remember that when any of these guys, no matter how much seemingly good stuff they do, are talking about a spirituality that is not the God of Heaven, but the one on earth. They are all involved/initiated into the OTO, but it doesn’t stop them from having infighting, or people like Hussle getting into things that go against the elite’s agenda. However, they are the ones that do the stopping, whenever one gets out of line.


I agree with you it can be that deep. But that’s not always the case and if you know anything about Nick Cannon and Nipsey Hussle most of their life history speaks for itself and speaks to want change for the better. Satan is the author of Chaos not reconciliation and betterment.

J Well

It’s so obvious that the Government/elites killed him just like they did to countless other truthers who had a great following/massive reach. The “witness” has now changed his story & is going along with the media’s “gang related” narrative; the elites have undoubtedly gotten to him. The gangster (fall guy) will be arrested & most likely silenced before he can say anything exposes the truth, unless they threaten his family & get him to stay silent. The main issue at hand is: we know he was killed by the elites & he told us they would come for him, just like Dr. Sebi & many others. What do we do with this knowledge, how do we protect others with influence, who expose the truth. I used to blame the celebrities who stay silent & allow these atrocities to go on, especially since they have the reach to bring about some change. Now, I’m starting to understand why they stay silent. Apart from selling their souls & being pawns, there’s no real benefit for them to expose the truth; yes, people will use the hashtags, make paintings & maybe even make the topic trend a bit, but after a week (or… Read more »


I am a bit surprised that noone mentioned his age at the time of his death,33.


He died on the 13th anniversary of the movie atl starrring his gf Lauren London who in the movie went to the hospital to see her bf brother who was shot . Nipsey died on March 31 . 31 backwards is 13

Willie Jones Jr

Isn’t this the Spring Solstice season or whatever?
I expect a few offerings between now and Easter.


A few days before he died I told my husband to expect a sacrifice soon. Spring.

Purple Rain

Lets see if her career blows up now.


Beltane/May Day is like the 4th of July in occult and communist circles.

Karl Marx was a member of a Masonic group called the League of the Just. And they were anything but “just”.


He died on the same day as Selena


Nipsey told the dude…”I heard you was a snitch”….my question is who does A snitch work for??? I’ll wait for your answer…


Exactly! He told him to get away from his store. If the guy was a paid snitch, this was a hit! But, being that the guy knew Nip, maybe his family was threatened if he didn’t do it. What does one do, if they are told their entire family would be killed If he didn’t commit this one act? This goes down the rabbit hole


Nick Cannon will be next….


I though the same thing after reading that caption. I will pray for him.


Watch your words they’re powerful and you can put that s--t out there…. Not all of those that are doing the Creator’s work through the music or entertainment industry, Get killed off by them. He’ll have his hand over Nick until it’s his time… As long as he’s truly doing the Lord’s work and I believe he is. He of all people and his relationship to Mariah Carey is obviously in the know of what happens to those who speak out. No other reason to continue hustles work unless he is being obedient and that is wonderful wonderful stuff right there!

Purple Rain

And they will blame it on his lupus if that is the case.


Big Pharma is like the Mob.
I’m from Appalachia (the “White ghetto”) and drug companies have flooded my home turf with enough painkillers to tranquilize the planet. It’s about reducing population numbers and any REAL cure is kept from the poor.

Look up the Sackler Family FYI.


See you’re smart! You see beyond the color lines friend.


For the first time I hear about this rapper. So, I correctly understood that he died before being sold out and spiritually ruined by the industry? This is a rare luck for the people now, if someone dies like a hero.


Thank you for posting this. However, I wish that you all had covered more the of nuances surrounding the assassination: 1. How is this ‘typical gang banger’ able to afford former prosecutor, Chris Darden as a defense attorney? Furthermore, why would Darden want to take such a case? 2. Why does everyone who was present say that this person opened fire for no apparent reason with Nipsey as the target? 3. Why was one of the men accidentally shot, taken to the hospital and neglected by staff? He checked out of the hospital and refused further care for risk of his life. Only to be picked up and arrested (now in a wheelchair) and charged with a parole violation for being around ‘known gang members’. He was simply at the store to buy clothing. He nor Nipsey was engaging in gang activity, and they were not armed. He was a victim of a shooting. 4. Why were there so many people reporting this as ‘gang’ related when Nipsey had not been an active gang member for years? Nor was he actively in any beef with any gang members. Its almost as if they anticipated the city would erupt in a… Read more »


He died aged 33 and shot 6 times – Both numbers are symbolic in the occult/Freemasonry…. Lisa Left Eye died in a car accident in Honduras (Where Dr Sebi was based) with the 7 other passengers surviving.

Dr Sebi apparently could cure diseases through a vegan diet and herbal remedies and also had a cure for AIDS – & he was killed because he was a threat to the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical/medical industry. I’ve read that Nipsey Hussle and Lisa Left Eye were both killed because they were spreading awareness about Dr Sebi’s healing abilities.


Okay, this needs more information. Is the crime itself fabricated as well then? There was plenty of people there as witnesses. I need more enlightenment. The footage showed a gang member shooting nipsey and 2 others. The gang member even kicked nipsey after shooting him. Why is the alleged killer pleading not guilty?Why did Christopher Darden take this case? Is the alleged killer being framed? It has been said that Nipsey simply told his alleged killer to leave, that he wasn’t allowed there anymore and came back with a firedarm. I actually live in los angeles. Saw all this unfold. The police department let this crime scene open to the public and the community scattered during the vigil because of a candle popping. The news outlets made it seem like people were getting stabbed, but really they were hurt from broken candles and people trampling eachother, which i found very disrespectful to nipseys death. I need more enlightenment.


You guys should totally write about The Twilight Zone by Jordan Peele. It really sheds light on selling your soul to the devil. The Comedian


So easily you believe the deception. And the reason why is because Yahweh is sending a strong delusion to you. You’ve chosen not to love the truth but to follow doctrines of demons. If not your eyes would be opened and you would see this for exactly what it is …illuminati sacrifice straight up. This wasn’t part of his record deal and the Illuminati aka the enemy aka the government can’t have free thinkers on their labels. Neighborhood Beef my a-s.

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