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Nick Cannon About Kanye West: “MKULTRA is Real!”

In a Tweet about Kanye, Nick Cannon wrote: “MKULTRA is Real!”. Also, Kanye West himself posted several tweets about “Mind Control”.



Nick Cannon About Kanye West: "MKULTRA is Real!"

Kanye West is the latest in a long list of celebrities under mass media microscope following a severe mental breakdown. In Kanye’s case, things are taking a larger social-political dimension as he’s a rare celebrity openly supporting President Trump. And Trump welcomed this support with open arms. Literally.

Nick Cannon About Kanye West: "MKULTRA is Real!"

Kanye’s visit at the Oval Office on October 11th.

Kanye’s love for Trump’s “dragon energy” and “MAGA” policies attracted extreme backlash from fellow rappers and mass media in general who accuse him of the worst insults: Sell-out, Uncle Tom, race traitor, etc.

Rapper TI, who worked with Kanye in past, lashed out on social media:

“This is my stop, I’m officially DONE!!!! [F—] Trump & his Lil Cookie Boy. At one time it was a pleasure to work alongside you. Now, I’m ashamed to have ever been associated with you.This is the most repulsive, disgraceful, embarrassing act of desperation & auctioning off of one’s soul to gain power I’ve ever seen. You a-s kissing and boot licking on a whole new level & I refuse to associate myself with something so vile, weak, & inconsiderate to the effect this has on the greater good of ALL OUR PEOPLE!!!!”

TI also released a video of him sitting in the Oval Office while a Melania Trump lookalike stripped for him.

Nick Cannon About Kanye West: "MKULTRA is Real!"

The video was captioned “Dear  45, I Ain’t Kanye”.

The backlash against Kanye also extended to the press.

Nick Cannon About Kanye West: "MKULTRA is Real!"

A headline from The Guardian asking if Kanye West should be called an Uncle Tom – a derogatory term used for Black people who “sold out” to White people. I personally don’t think The Guardian should be calling anybody an Uncle Tom.

Some believe that Kanye’s support for Trump is the result of him being mentally unstable. Rapper and TV host Nick Cannon took things further by alluding to MKULTRA.

“MKULTRA is Real!”

Following Kanye’s visit to the White House, Nick Cannon posted a rather incisive tweet implying that Kanye is under mind control.

Nick Cannon About Kanye West: "MKULTRA is Real!"

While one could dismiss this tweet as yet another celebrity rambling on social media, Nick Cannon’s case is different: He knows things. Indeed, Cannon was married for eight years to one of the most blatant examples of industry mind control: Mariah Carey.

Nick Cannon About Kanye West: "MKULTRA is Real!"

Nick Cannon with Mariah Carey and his twins at the Kid’s Choice Awards.

Mariah Carey’s story is a typical example of industry mind control. In 1993, at age 23, Mariah got married to Tommy Mottola, the President of Sony Music. While Mariah skyrocketed to the top of the charts, her tumultuous relationship with Mottola – who was more of an MK handler than a husband – took a severe toll on her mental well being. Indeed, Motolla controlled every aspect of Mariah’s personal and professional life. He monitored her every move and kept her cloistered in a mansion she ended up calling “Sing Sing” (the name of a maximum security prison in NY).

In 2004, Michael Jackson famously called Tommy Mottola “a devil” while describing Mariah Carey’s situation:

“And Tommy Mottola is a devil!

I’m not supposed to say what I’m going to say right now, but I have let you know this. Please don’t videotape what I am going to say, ok? Turn that off please. Do it, do it, I don’t mind! Tape it!

Mariah Carey, after divorcing Tommy, came to me crying. Crying. She was crying so badly I had to hold her. She said to me, “This is an evil man, and Michael, this man follows me.” He taps her phones, and he’s very, very evil. She doesn’t trust him. He’s a horrible human being. And we have to continue our drive until he is terminated. We can’t allow him to do this to great artists, we just can’t.”

Is it a coincidence that everything surrounding Mariah during those years involved Monarch butterflies – the main symbol of Monarch mind control?

Nick Cannon About Kanye West: "MKULTRA is Real!"

The album art of Mariah’s album “Butterfly”, released in 1997 (a year prior to her divorce with Motolla).

In the years following the Motolla divorce, Mariah went through a mental breakdown, which often happens after years of trauma-based mind control. Not unlike Britney Spears and others, the breakdown began with “erratic behavior”.

On July 21st, 2001, Carey made a bizarre appearance at the Carson Daly show, which is now infamously referred to as the “Ice Cream Meltdown”. It began with Mariah pushing an ice cream cart while wearing a large men’s shirt. She then stripped it off and asked Carson Daly to “kidnap her”. She then talked about how she needed therapy and that “she wasn’t seeing any money in the bank”. Daly, visibly shaken announced: ‘

“Ladies and gentlemen, Mariah Carey has lost her mind.”

Six days later, Carey posted disturbing messages on her website:

”I don’t know what’s going on with my life”

A few days later she was hospitalized for 14 days.

“On July 26, she was suddenly hospitalized, citing “extreme exhaustion” and a “physical and emotional breakdown. Carey was admitted to an undisclosed hospital in Connecticut, and remained hospitalized and under doctor’s care for two weeks, followed by an extended absence from the public.”
– Wikipedia, Mariah Carey

Carey was hospitalized for the same reason as Kanye and remained under “doctor’s care” for about the same period of time at the “undisclosed hospital”. Today, Mariah is officially diagnosed with the same mental issue as Kanye: Bipolar disorder.

Nick Cannon was married to Mariah between 2008 and 2016. During this period, she exhibited the typical behavior of an MK slave post-breakdown: “Out of it” and heavily medicated. If someone can attest that MKULTRA is real, it is Nick Cannon.

Kanye’s Breakdown

On November 20th 2016, Kanye was handcuffed and rushed to the UCLA Medical Center where he spent ten days under medical care.

While the official diagnosis was “temporary psychosis” due to dehydration and sleep deprivation, revelations made by people close to Kanye implied a much graver problem. Indeed, more than three months after Kanye’s released from the hospital, long-time collaborator Malik Yussef revealed during an interview that his “memory was coming back”. Yussef told Popsugar:

“I’ve been to his house sat down with him for about six, seven hours, just walking through his health and recovery. His memory is coming back, which is super good. [He’s] just healing, spending time with his family.”

So Yussef indicated that, following his forced hospitalization, Kanye suffered from severe memory loss and that, three months after, has not yet fully recovered. Considering these facts, one can naturally ask: What actually happened during these ten days at the hospital and what could cause such a prolonged memory loss?

Here is something to consider: The main tool of trauma-based mind control is electroshock therapy (ECT) and the primary side effect of ECT is memory loss.

“Memory loss is the primary side effect associated with ECT treatment. Most people experience what’s called retrograde amnesia, which is a loss of memory of events leading up to and including the treatment itself. Some people’s memory loss is longer and greater with ECT. Some have trouble recalling events that occurred during the weeks leading up to treatment, or the weeks after treatment. Others lose memories of events and experiences in their past.

Memory loss generally improves within a few weeks after ECT treatment. As with psychiatric medications, no professional or doctor can tell you for certain what kind of memory loss you will experience, but virtually all patients experience some memory loss. Sometimes the memory loss in some patients is permanent.”
– PsychCentral, Risks of Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

Another fact to consider: Kanye received these “treatments” at the same facility where Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes were rushed to on “psychiatric hold” during their own MKULTRA-style breakdowns.

Nick Cannon About Kanye West: "MKULTRA is Real!"

Shortly after his hospital release, Kanye’s hair was bleached. MK slaves are often identified with blond hair (using dye or wigs).

Out of the Sunken Place?

In 2018, Kanye re-emerged in the public space, claiming he was “out of the sunken place“.

Nick Cannon About Kanye West: "MKULTRA is Real!"

Kanye’s tweet about the Sunken Place.

The expression “sunken place” comes from the 2017 movie Get Out and refers to the main character’s state of dissociation after being hypnotized by a woman using past trauma.

Nick Cannon About Kanye West: "MKULTRA is Real!"

Memes about Kanye being in the “Sunken Place” emerged after he was accused of being under the control of white people for supporting Trump.

As you can see, there’s been lots of talk about Kanye and mind control. You know who else spoke about Kanye and mind control? Kanye.

Ye’s “Mind Control” Tweets

Kanye (who now goes by Ye) posted on Twitter several cryptic videos entitled “Mind Control”. In the last video of the series, he speaks against the mind control of social and mass media and its “bigger agenda”.

Nick Cannon About Kanye West: "MKULTRA is Real!"

A screenshot of the “Mind Control” tweet.

So, is Ye still under mind control? Is he being controlled by – as Nick Cannon puts it – “devils” who are “using him as a puppet”? On Twitter, many disagreed with Cannon’s assessment.

Nick Cannon About Kanye West: "MKULTRA is Real!"

Is it possible that Ye actually broke programming? Did he witness first hand the dark side of the industry and is now taking a stand against it? Is Ye simply a contrarian? It might be a mix of everything. I am not even sure if Ye actually knows the exact answer. However, I am sure of this: Ye went through something dark and disturbing during his hospitalization and came out a changed person. And those behind this are the true “devils”.

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Nick Cannon About Kanye West: "MKULTRA is Real!"

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I used to find Kanye to be one of the most loathsome humans on the planet. I hated his insane ego, rudeness, and his incessant, incoherent ramblings that he passed off as philosophical genius. I cannot stand anyone who compares themselves to, or claims to be a “god”. That is the most pretentious crap imaginable. He has exhibited a contemptible attitude, childishness and an almost sociopathic penchant for believing that if he thought or said something, then it was gospel. I was one of his most vocal, vehement detractors. Now that has all changed for me. I feel like I understand him now: why he is the way that he is. I’m convinced that he is surrounded by the darkest of forces. We all know what happens to men that deal with the “Kartrashians”. I’m certain that he has been “MK’d”. Jay-Z is a hermetic luciferian who wields heavy influence in the world and that was Kanye’s mentor. Jay-Z is pure evil. So you’ve got the witch family that he has married into who feed off of masculine energy. You’ve got the demonic, powerful music mogul who was his mentor and now his unlikely involvement with the upper echelon of… Read more »


I agree and feel the same. I realized my error in judgment regarding Kanye a year or so ago, when my husband showed me a “rant” he did on I think it was, Fallon. He made a LOT of sense and I started to see him in a different way. He and Trump are also Geminis and as an Aquarius myself, I have never met one I didn’t love.


Very well said


Absolutely agree with you.
BTW, thanks Nick Cannon, we never would’ve known MKULTRA existed if it weren’t for you **note sarcasm**

Beyond The Matrix

Well, for a celebrity to say that explicitly is pretty “brave,” though.


And add to all of this his beloved mother died. Some say was sacrificed by the elite.

Beyond The Matrix

I agree with everything you wrote except the part of his “own race.” We are all one race, the human race. Just different ethnicities.


They’re doing it to Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato right now. Ariana Grande is next. Sad world. The fact the we the general public refuses to see these blatant patterns and the same lame excuses over and over again about celebs having mental disorders is ridiculous. All the biggest stars in entertainment ALL have bipolar disorder or depression??? Y’all have to see what’s going on here. It’s so obvious.


If you follow this stuff for a while its hard NOT to see a pattern.


So true


Or here jus druggies


I am a little confused in the take here. IMO, when Kanye was going off at a concert he was saying similar things to what he has of late. So, if he lost his mind, memory, etc. Why is he still on a similar path? How could he now be programmed to support Trump when he was already leaning that way by exposing the industry in his infamous rant? Also, I know we were told he had a breakdown, but we never actually saw it unless you consider his rant to be that. If he was to be reprogrammed, he went to the right place in the infamous UCLA hospital, but he seems to be right back where he was, so was his potential MKU adjustment successful? A lot of loose ends and an unclear picture in my view.


Excellent points made because during the concert rant was the beginning of his Trump support. Fast forward he goes to the hospital, comes out and still supports Trump. I don’t know Kanye has been through, but it’s obvious something happened to him… or it could all be a result of his mental illness which apparently started or got worse when it mom passed.


Yea this whole thing about Kayne is really confusing. He could either be out his mind, mked, coming out of programming, or just attention seeking.


VC is a “limited hangout”. You lot control what kinds of info is spread. Why not mention the transgender agenda? Mariah Carey is a transgender. She is just one of MANY. including taylor swift and melania trump.

The writer(s) at VC are Gatekeepers; take everything they say with a grain of salt.



J Well

Because claiming that every woman in Hollywood is a man and every man in Hollywood is a woman without substantial proof other than some women aren’t as curvy is completely ludicrous. Y’all even said that Beyonce was a man and Jay Z was a woman; completely ridiculous. There’s definitely a “Transgender Agenda” but the whole new truther movement that everyone in Hollywood is a transgender is nothing but disinformation to ridicule the real efforts the truth community is making.


Also, the claims that: “she is actually a he because ‘her’ face is more square and her back is too, and her arms are lanky and her knees are ugly” is someone that never took a flippin’ medical anatomy or ethnic genetics class in their life. Different ethnic backgrounds have features and bone structures that aren’t the stereotypical “he vs she” 1960’s diagram. The way these “trans-investigators” blast women for having not the perfect hourglass bone frame, “Disney princess” delicate facial structure, or leg/arm ratio that’s teeny tiny, is insulting. My Eastern Euro genes give me a broader back and square-ish forehead/chin. But I am genetically a WOMAN, and look it. But if you go by these “investigators,” why, I MUST be a genetic man in drag! I MUST! *sarcasm* It’s so *insulting.* These Hollyweirdos are fried, beaten, drugged, and sun-baked, and STARVED, (let’s face it most of them have eating disorders too, even the men) that their bodies are destroyed by the time they get to their late 30’s. Not to mention having evil or fear in your heart will twist your body and show it on the outside. Normal, non-hollyweird people age normally, and we look it. Hollyweird… Read more »


Take EVERYTHING you hear or read ANYWHERE with a grain of salt. And that includes what you said about Mariah Carey and them being trans. MK’d – easily seen. Trans – you’re reaching. Balance your mind.

Rationality’s prescription.


You must have been valedictorian


The transgender agenda may be true, but shoe-horning it into every discussion makes you look like you have an agenda. Stick to the topic at hand and make your own blog if you want to discuss transgenders.


Before Kanye was hospitalized he went to see Trump at his tower. I believed Trump gave him something, perhaps a chip or some sort of neutralizer, which he secretly held on to while being hospitalized by his evil Kardashian family, so that he won’t lose his memory or be mind controlled ever again. To be woke is a nice feeling.

D D d

Maybe it is the normalizing of forced psychiatric custody.
In The Netherlands that is just the new law coming to effect in a short while : getting arrested for being a disturbance or danger. Vague phrasing, ofcourse for maximum usage when the law is in effect.
I already warned for the overly broad usage of the word ‘disturbed’ in the media for years now, as over here it can mean crazy old bat, drunk, junk, scizophrenic, loudly opposing government, hanging on streetcorners singing your own propaganda, being an elderly person who drifted off.. But here is the thing : the new law has someting extra : as soon as you are in custody ALL your ties are cut except for government and their minions, no family or friend can/may visit you or send you your own psychiater if you have one, AND you will be medicate you against your will. Netherlands. Democrazy. And sorry, to say it’s not our only problem.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed this. I also thought it was odd how much of an emphasis there was in the Dutch news on all these ‘disturbed/confused’ people over the last few years, even though they usually didn’t really do much harm (apart from to themselves maybe).
Seems like a typical campaign to manufacture a problem in order to implement a specific ‘solution’. But as soon as you make a comment like this, it’s like you’re the lunatic!

D D d

Disturbed – concerned, it is all blurred to the max. Questioning is being ‘disturbed’ if you do it in company soon.


Florida, USA it’s called the Baker act..


do you guys think is he under mind control TO SUPPORT trump? because his support would further cause division…
or is he under mind control and is breaking free, THUS supporting trump of his own (attempted) free will?


I think the handlers took him to perform the usual mind control on him and they took advantage of the occasion to also brainwash him to support Trump. Since Kanye is black, many black people could support Trump by sympathizing with Kanye’s option. Just a guess, of course I’m not certain about this.


Look at the Trump supporters downvoting you


If this was all to get black people to support Trump, that was a big fat failure lol.Now they hate Kayne and Trump.


lol. Not always the occult elite wins its battles (hopefully).

D D d

So you do think in black or white, all blacks think alike, all whites think alike? Oh man, you make me think..


That makes no sense. He can out in support of trump and they gabbed him. According to you they re-shocked him to support Trump because he supported Trump.

Ammon 33

Yes because black people completely lack the ability to think for themselves and always do what famous blacks tell them *eyeroll*


Something must have backfired, because it seems most of the music industry is not happy with his decision to back Trump.


It didn’t backfire. They want to destroy him, and now he looks like a fool. The industry loves to destroy black artists.


Dont know but Kim is sitting back letting him take the bullets to see public reaction to him saying this and protect her own career. I think they (Kim and Kris), sold him out to be used like this. Trump is a friend and Kim wants in the white house. Scary!


Yes. I made a comment similar to yours in the VC article titled, “Is Kanye West Truly “Out of the Sunken Place”?” There is an abiding darkness and oppressive heaviness in that family (especially Kris) that is so thick you can cut it with a knife.


Go to Intellectual Takeout and read, “Why the Soviets Would Have Sent Kanye West to a Mental Hospital.” Here is an excerpt:

“In 1955, there were 116,000 psychiatric beds in the Soviet Union. By 1976, there were over 365,000 beds. The facilities were rarely different from prisons, with doctors performing horrible experiments that would cause both psychological and physical damage.

“The psychological terror of even being considered mentally ill kept people in line, effectively snuffing out any opposition to the Soviet regime. Even after being released, the diagnosis deprived an individual of credibility and employability. Those who did land a job would soon be chased away by employers who feared they were attracting the wrong type of people.

“Given this scenario, it’s not hard to see how today’s leaders could paint someone with common symptoms of depression or anxiety, and then frame those symptoms as dissatisfaction with the government. In turn, the government would use that dissatisfaction as proof that an individual was unfit to criticize authorities, speak out, or even hold a job and start a family.

“It’s a dangerous, but familiar, road when mental illness and political opinion-making are combined.”


Reading your comment it seems obvious: the pop music industry is pushing Hillary, and making Kanye look like a fool and a Trump supporter suggests that: only a fool can support Trump.
In fact he is the only famous person doing that, except maybe Lindsay lohan, who appears like a fool too.
The only thing that I don’t get is: if occultism, elites in general, music industry and democrats go together, which kind of dark elite is pushing Trump?( since, in my opinion, he is not one of the good guys either. )

And tZone is right: he was a supporter of Trump even before his hospitalization. Btw programming doesn’t require hospitalization, it only includes it as a part of the process. If you look at some of Kanye’s controversial speeches you’ll see he began many years ago making weird statements, making people doubt his mental health. Often he said thinks than apologized for saying them, then he said the same things again. So he was acting weirdly even before.


If Trump is the bad guy then hollywierd and msm would’ve been supporting him. Just thinking logically.


Hollyweird and MSM weren’t the biggest fans of Bush Jr. either, especially after the war started. If this is the barometer are using to decide whether Trump is “safe” or not then I don’t know what to tell you.

He is being used to DIVIDE this country and it’s working (Fox News helped lay the groundwork and now support him completely and they sure aren’t separate from NWO agenda or MSM are they). Whether he was the first choice for president from the beginning or not, he’s still being used to further the agenda of dividing and DISTRACTING Americans and the rest of the world from so many things going on in plain sight.


Totally agree with you Niceguys. Of course msm and hollywood industry are evil, but oh, how innocent and naive it is to think that evil is only hidden there, (in plain sight though) and all the rest is good. One thing is sure, convincing people of that makes the big theatre go on and US citizens keep believing that one republican or one democrat leader can make the difference, when clearly all serve the same or the same kind of evil.


I know what you mean… but I think in this case we can use our own eyes and our own judgemet to see that Trump is not a good guy. Whether you are Christian or not – when you see someone standing up for the exact opposite of what Jesus represented, that person is part of an “anti-Christ” movement…


I’m sort of leaning toward a reverse psychology angle. Maybe programming Kanya to support trump is actually a way of separating him from his fanbase. A great deal of trump supporters already know about mk ultra brainwashing and Kanye is a poster boy for it. Seems like a lot of people would naturally leap to the conclusion that if Kanye after an obvious brainwashing treatment came back supporting trump that trump either had something to do with it or was being used by the deep state to continue to sew division.

Just Troy

Thank you! I was like, ‘What are you people talking about!?’

Ye (Kanye) is breaking free from the ‘chains’, MK or otherwise, thus allowing him to ‘see the light’. It provides him with the ability to support President Trump, and what our POTUS knows and sees and speaks.

It’s all so surreal (proving MK is real and effective), that it is hard to talk about and explain–especially in its complete context. That context is GLOBAL. It’s humanity’s true epidemic. The epidemic is spread through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it. It’s vile. It’s evil. It will be our end unless we can trump it all.

How do we do that? Spread the message. Spread the truth. Eyes WIDE open.


YES!Thank you both. I am sure this is the case here.


Do ya think Nick Cannon might know because he is under MK Ultra himself, or even more probable, was just another handler to take over Mariah after she dumper her last one? All of these people are screwy.

And, think about West saying Trump has dragon power. In the Bible and the occult world, that represents the power of satan. Makes you wonder if there is anyone in positions of power or influence who are not corrupted.


How about the South Eastern Asia and the meaning of the dragon there? All’s relative, my dear….


Yes, my dear. The Asian countries, as well as some European countries have a history of worshiping dragons. The dragon has always been based on the dark force, satan, whatever you want to call it. You can excuse it because of culture, society or stupidity, but the dragon imagery has been rooted in satan since Eden.


{Serpent (Greek: ὄφις; Trans: Ophis, /o’-fēs/; “snake”, “serpent”) occurs in the Book of Revelation as the “ancient serpent” or “old serpent” used to describe “the dragon”, Satan the Adversary, who is the devil.}


Cannon is MK-ed himself but maybe less than Kanye or others.


You are correct, sir.


Pretty sure Kanye was already in that club. Has been for years and years. You don’t roll with the r&b royalty and not be part of the “club”. (that quote about how they “want the old Kanye back” was very telling imo) I honestly think what we’re seeing with him right now is his programming breaking down. (or already broken out from their control) I also think he has some Major regrets going on. He knows what certain people are capable of and actually do. All just my opinion/pov. Who knows maybe he really has broken free, unlike others who still are under control. But I’ve also been pondering that what we have been seeing for the past several years is tptb trying to take him down. We’ve seen it before. Just look at the reactions he’s been getting, I mean this man is now being called so many derogatory names, because he’s not toeing the line. Being attacked all over the place. We’ve all seen when a celeb doesn’t toe the line, just what happens to them. When they piss the elite off you know a take down is about to happen. And usually they call it mental issues/drug… Read more »

jimbo jones

why do so many refer to kanye as a genius? his music is so horrendous


What “music” are u talking about? Hes not even an artist. Hes called so because values are upside down.

jimbo jones

yes. music should have been written in quotes


Koon-ye is no more of a Mind Control victim than I am! He started off at the beginning of his career, back in 2005, speaking out — On Live TV & as a relatively new artist — about the biased media coverage of Black Katrina victims out scavenging for food that the press labeled as “looters”, while Whites doing the same thing were called “survivors”. He also called out Pres. Bush for not caring about the Black victims. Now, he’s up in the Oval Office claiming to love a blatant racist who’s running the worst kakistocracy on earth?! (For those who don’t remember the telethon: Once his mother died in 2007, Yeezy was adrift with no strong, loving presence in his life to keep him rooted in the Black community & his family’s values. His dad was & is still alive, but they apparently weren’t close after the divorce. Which is the reality of millions of Black men’s lives — you grow up & you real with it! But what grown Black man chooses to embrace the White charlatan behind a made-in-China trucker cap & claim the slogan “made him feel like Superman”?? Donda would NEVER have allowed her… Read more »


U got it all wrong, mate, really!


Explain to me why I’m wrong.

Paul Atriedes

Very well stated and I’m afraid I must concur after reading your thoughtful analysis.


What a great write up! Almost an article within itself.


Yeah, sorry, I didn’t mean for it to turn into a rant. But for Black people, that mess with Koon-ye at the White House was DEEPLY humiliating. After 8 years of the shining example Obama gave the world of what Black excellence could bring to the American presidency — keen intelligence, fine oratorical skills, a strong work ethic, a willingness to learn from the experts around him in areas where he had no experience — it was devastating to watch Yeezy get in front of Chump, drop the MF bomb (In The Oval Office — even Jay-Z wasn’t that ignorant!) & put on a minstrel show for a president who has zero respect for Black people anywhere on this planet. The whole world saw that shyte. Dude set Blackfolks back a hundred years with that bs. And & the rest of us will be paying for it for a very long time.


He is praising Obama, whose presidency was so disastrous that he ended up bringing Trump to the White House, at least i can thank him for that haha.


You should never be ashamed to be black. God made you black. Your insecurities are giving you anger. Jesus wants you. Just the way. You are. You. Are perfect. In Christ. To look down on your own race. Is to look down on God. Who died. For you. And loves you. Like. A son. Confident people. Do not get angry. They love the least of these. Including the KKK. And serial killers. The battle. Is not against men. But. Against spiritual forces. And Jesus is the truth the light and the way to eternal life. If you have His approval by accepting his sacrifice and are a King. Then. Never. Ever. Doubt. You. Are a son. Of the most high God. Do not. Be angry. At people who are not even saved! You waste your energy. That you could use. To love. Someone. And save their soul from hell. There is no race. Or gender. Or more status In Christ. There is no favoritism in Christ. If there is more struggle than greater the reward. Blessed are those. Who suffer. Because they will seek and see God. Your life is but moments. And eternity is real. And its forever. Get… Read more »


I am in no way “ashamed to be Black” ANONYMOUS — stop projecting your own personal bs onto me! I have a right to be angry with ANYONE who seeks to destroy me & mine — esp. those in power. God expects folks to stand up for themselves when they know their cause is just. And if they turn to Him in prayer, then He will stand with them & help them fight their battles. But whether Blackfolks believe in Jesus or not, we all have to fight against the murder squads with badges & guns who are out to randomly execute us.


You are giving your power to the people you are angry at. Anger and fear outrage and fighting on the human level. Are actually losing. Seek ye FIRST the Kindgom of God and His Righteousness. And ALL these things. Shall be GIVEN unto you. Hallelujah! God. Is the one. Who can lift you up. If you trust in Him. He will defeat. All your enemies. He will set a table for you in front of your enemies. Jesus. Is the Lord God Almighty.and he is ready. To fight your battles FOR you. And WITH you. But. Human Anger. Does not produce righteousness. If you want real power, to conquer the evil you see on this site. You need. Real power. And the way. To get real power. Is to bend your knee. To Jesus. And obey. Seems odd. But. We are like beloved children. And the Lord just wants our hearts to be his. Have victory in this life. And the next. Give up your life and follow Jesus. And you will rise further than you can ever even imagine. And then. You will have the power. Tons of power. Favor. Of the most high God. Will go before you.… Read more »


Lamar Odom was one failed drug test away from getting kicked out of the NBA well before he met the evil Kardashian. RC get your facts straight


If that’s the case, then I stand corrected. I don’t follow the NBA that much, but I never recall hearing about Lamar being caught out in these streets gettin’ high until he got with Khloe. If he already had a drug habit, than that’s clearly not her fault.


I was with you right till you called that shambolic black fellow black Excellence,


That’a really racist to call him that.


Black people need to learn to think as individuals not as a mob. You’ve lost Kanye and he’s spitting facts, but that doesn’t take away that he is a black man. Get outta here with your stupid ‘analysis’, stop listening to sound bites. Do your research and learn that it is okay to be a minority and think for yourself. Kanye is willing to risk it all, his career, his reputation. He will not be silenced nor pressured into doing so. We live in a society where if someone disagrees with they should be ruined and disregarded. What a joke! ‘Let me tear Kanye down, insult him, belittle him, degrade him, so he can realize that he is wrong!’ That’ll do it, small minded people talk about others, while great minds talk ideas. Stop feeding into the MSM, they’re not in the favor of truth. ‍♀️


Gee, all you’re doing is parroting back everything Koon-ye said about himself, which proves you’re as dumb as he is. That fool couldn’t even complete a coherent sentence — how does that qualify as “thinking for himself? What “ideas” did he manage to discuss when he clearly hadn’t bothered to educate himself on prison reform, gun violence or any other topic? You cannot quote a single rational, cogent sentence that Yeezy expressed to Chump because he was rambling like someone who was off his meds — which he probably was. That’s not a dis to those with mental health issues, but if you need to be on meds, then take your damn meds, everyday! Dude is so accustomed to fanboys like you fawning over everything he says because to you, Koon-ye sounds deep. He thinks he’s deep too. But people who TRULY think for themselves by examining THE FACTS & ignoring Ye’s musical talents, know better. I don’t care if Ye wants to be a Republican now (but he supported Obama up until Obama dissed him). I care about a Black man going to the White House ostensibly to discuss issues important to Blackfolks. Then when he got there, all… Read more »


R.C. – I think people disagree with you because you are being racist and furthering the idea that being black is like being in a cult. I keep hearing Trump is racist, but then no proof is offered. The assumption is that Trump being old and white could easily be a racist because our culture programmed us to think that that is the stereotype for a racist.

You then called a black man a “koon.” Do you understand that is a racial epithet? Do you mind explaining Trump’s policies that make him a racist? Do you mind explaining how these policies negate the measurable good Trump is doing for blacks?

Being black in America means you have to hate Trump, and hold the view that all white men are racists and if you don’t do this then you get “Cancelled by all the Blakfolks.” That is the definition of a cult where you must agree with the group or you are kicked out, publicly humiliated and shamed.

You can’t really think you are justified, do you? Trump is certainly a jerk but there’s no evidence he’s actually thinks white people are superior to others.


Just as R. C. chooses to exercise his 1st Amendment, so does Kanye. And that’s what I’m trying to get at, get out of that echo chamber that you’re in. Kanye is stating his opinion as well, he in entitled to be a free thinker. The very thing you defend for yourself is the very thing you want to deny Kanye. What a joke! As much as you disagree with him, you nor anyone is entitled to shut him up. He represents himself and nobody else,you choose to feel insulted because you’re weak minded. You fold so easily because of someone’s opinion? That’s on you not Kanye, you control how you react.


GEE – The only weak-minded folks in this scenario are you & Koon-ye. But the difference is, I know that Koon-ye was raised not to be weak in the mind. He got that way from being sucked into the Kartrashian coven where nobody ever challenges him on things that really matter. Yeezy’s dad was the first Black photojournalists at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution & a member of the Black Panthers. His mom was an English professor at Clark Atlanta University, one of the most renown HBCUs in the country. Later, she & Ye moved to Chicago where she became Chair of the English Dept. at Chicago State University. Yeezy’s parents taught him something that White people will ever understand: “WHERE ONE OF US ENTERS, WE ARE ALL PRESENT.” Whites don’t get this because most of you are about “individuality”, the idea that everything you do or fail to do is all on you. Y’all only get tribal when you’re confronted by people of color that you perceive as a threat. Black people learn early in life that “Where one of us enters, we are all present.” rewe are tribal peopplthis & feel it in our bones. That is why standardized test… Read more »


Free thinker ha, seriously


SKUMCHOPS: First off, stop putting words into my mouth! I never made any claims about defining what it means to be Black in America. We are not a monolith & I was not elected to represent anyone. I never said that anyone has to be part of a particular political party in order to be Black. Nor did I say that being Black means anyone has to “hate Trump” or that “all white men are racists.” Stop trying to attribute radical statements on me to try & delegitimize my argument. Secondly, as a Black woman who is well-versed in the history of African-Americans in the entertainment industry, I know what cooning is when I see it. Try doing some reading on the subject so that you can understand it for yourself. Cooning is when Black entertainers from the previous century would debase themselves by acting out White stereotypes about Blacks in order to placate them so Whitefolks would continue letting them earn a living as a singer, dancer, actor, whatever. And that is precisely what Koon-ye did at the White House. He had no reason to stoop to that level. He doesn’t need Chump’s approval to make his money. Yet… Read more »


R.C. – You are crucifying Kanye for reaching out and having discussion albeit an incoherent one with the president. You consider it “debasing” for him to go the white house. Your hatred for the president is both implicit and explicit, or in other words, we get it. You hate him. What I don’t hear, ever, is why? What I think we can both agree on is that in order for a prosperous future, all peoples must get along. Here we have Kanye doing just that. Kanye has stated he doesn’t agree with all the politics of Trump but there he is in the highest office of the land stating his case before the “racist” president. Isn’t that a good thing? For you, and your party, this is not good because you don’t want to get along, so you say he’s “debased” himself for reaching out. You want to be in charge. When people get along it’s bad for business. You are sowing the seeds of contention. Kanye is “cooning” per your definition but where you got it wrong is the fact he is “cooning” for rich white globalists who want to make it a point that black men should not… Read more »


SKUMCHOPS: Are you mentally impaired or just too lazy to read what I posted?

Trump’s blatant racism is why I despise him — any fool can see that from my post. He has zero respect for Blackfolks & I have no respect for him. YOU ASKED ME FOR PROOF THAT CHUMP IS A RACIST & I CITED SEVERAL EXAMPLES, NONE OF WHICH YOU BOTHERED TO ACKNOWLEDGE, MUST LESS REBUT IN YOUR BAIT-&-SWITCH BS RESPONSE. BECAUSE YOU CAN’T REBUT THEM.

Either man-up & provide a legit response to the facts I provided, or stop trolling me by re-asking the same questions I’ve already answered.



R.C. I asked for you to show me proof that Donald Trump is a racist. You showed me proof that the Media wants people to think he is a racist. You were too lazy to read my response which showed exactly why these are not credible accusations. I’ll do a quick once over. 1) A lawsuit from a corrupt NYC government(9/11?) who shook down several property managers in this same time frame. We have the government getting paid an undisclosed sum from two of the perceived richest men in NYC. It was settled and no admittance of guilt. This might raise eyebrows, sure, but it is NOT PROOF of racism. 2) This is Trump pandering to his future political base calling for stricter punishment DURING NYC’s crime epidemic. Look at crime statistics for this ear! This is politics, NOT racism! How do you think that dingus Guiliani(9/11 traitor) was elected?!? 3) “In a book published in 2016…” An ex-employee wrote something both damning, unconfirmed AND unsubstantiated during an election year. Politics? Yes. Racism? No… This is hearsay! 4) I addressed this before but you must’ve been too lazy to read it. This is more hearsay, and even if it wasn’t,… Read more »


Okay SKUMCHOPS, since apparently you’ve been vacationing on Mars for the last 2 years. Here are receipts that prove Chump is a blatant racist. Chump learned his racism at his father’s knee & has persisted in those beliefs ever since. There are literally more examples of this than I can recall (Vox has compiled a pretty thorough list:, but I will note for you the 5 most egregious examples I can think of: 1) Way back in 1973, (Trump was 27 at the time), under the Nixon administration (so no, it wasn’t some “liberal Democrat conspiracy” that was behind this), the Justice Dept. sued Trump and his father, Fred, for violating the Fair Housing Act of 1968 by discriminating against minorities in their apt. rentals. When a Black woman asked to rent an apt. in a particular Trump building, she was told nothing was available. Later, a White woman who inquired about a rental in the same building was shown 2 apts. & told they wee available immediately. Both women were testers working for the the Urban League to gather proof of the Trump organization’s discriminatory practices. Multiple testers went out & replicated the same results at various Trump… Read more »


R.C. What can I say? I’m busted. Vox to the rescue. lol what a joke. Welcome to 2018 where accusations are all you need to be guilty of racism. Don’t like it when people come to the USA illegally and mess with the job market? Racist. Don’t like it when people disrespect the nation’s flag and anthem? Racist. Government shook you down in the 70s just like the other property managers in NYC? Racist. Some people were paid to make false statements during a heated election cycle? Gotta be a real racist. I think you need to learn the definition of racism. Hint: It’s not a white person saying something that minority races don’t agree with or find disrespectful. It’s not a bogus lawsuit by a government known to extort and sure is hell is not an article by a globalist, propaganda-laden internet site. “This was our president, referencing some of the most skilled, highest-paid Black men in this country & basically telling them they were a bunch of field n-----s who should be grateful that Massa let’s them chase after a ball for a living.” Inserting your own racist ideological stereotypes onto Trump(see my first reply, I called you… Read more »

Ammon 33

Who disrespects the “flag” more than white confederate flag flyers?

Kapernick and others repeatedly told you that taking the knee has nothing to do with vets and the flag and everything with social injustice and inequality, and yet you all want to disregard his words and motive to change the narrative to suit your fox news agenda.

And it’s not hearsay when trump called those countries those names, the same countries that if it weren’t for western influence wouldn’t be s-hole in the first place. All those central Americans you don’t want invading your country: you can thank American foreign policy for that. Haiti and most African nations who’ve been decimated by the rape and pillaging of their resources: you can thank America, GB, France, Belgium, and Germany’s foreign policies, invasions, political assassinations, and natural resources pillaging for those countries being s-hole. The problem with you dump supporters is that you’re viewing the world and this country in the bubble of white innocence, where America had no negative role to play in the unraveling of other countries or its mistreatment of citizens or immigrants.


R.C. It’s been a few days, did that give you enough time to find real examples of racism? I’ll be here, if you need me.


Supporting Trump has never been aligned with the Elite’s agenda. Kanye has had mental breakthrough if anything and has been speaking for us as a community. He speaks for fathers, innovative schooling, slavery within prisons, and implementing domestic jobs, etc..People can’t see past his MAGA hat which shows us how programmed WE are.


Supporting a billionaire whose only accomplishments have been lowering taxes on billionaires and easing regulations on the businesses of billionaires isn’t aligned with an elite agenda? Please explain.


There must be a reason why he is under a constant attack by the media, comrade Joe, it also happens the same to any person who express his support for the President, and please, go away with that “poor vs rich” narrative. We are involved in something more complex than that.


That’s the same old “good cop, bad cop” technic.
George W? Bad cop.
Obama? Good cop.
Trump? Bad cop.
Meanwhile, you have the feeling that things change….
And since the purpose of all this show is to enslave humanity, it kinda has something to do with the “rich vs poor” narrative IMO.


Joe is either a fool or a agent trying to help the elite


It’s really not.


We absolutely are but you have your blinders on because you and others on here have used very simple reasoning to decide that Trump is going against NWO agenda. Good luck with that. I also see VC seems to have fallen for that faulty line of reasoning and it’s sad to see.


You are either a fool or a agent trying to help the elite


It’s very clever of the media to call someone “unstable” or “mentally ill” when they dissent from the mainstream. It’s a great way to silence them without actually doing so – instead you try to make their voice become “not heard” because it’s the voice of a “lunatic.” It’s what narcissists do to their victims all the time. “You’re crazy” “You don’t know what you’re talking about.” “You don’t really MEAN that.”

It’s quite interesting how many people here and online go along with the virtual muzzling of Kanye. He seems to have a dissenting voice – rather than acknowledging it and letting him have it, people seem comfortable calling him “crazy.”

Very strange…


Kanye West and Mariah Carey both in the same boat as Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes whenever it comes to MK Ultra which is nothing new. Even if either Kanye or Mariah both tried to fight back, they’re bound to suffer repercussions afterwards as with any who dare try to resist against their “programming.”

Stories of mind control such as this often makes me value the common life even more unlike being a celebrity/superstar where there’s a certain group of individuals watching your every move making sure that you don’t step out of line or else you’ll be made an example of like what happened with Michael Jackson.


Nick Cannon was Mariah Carey’s handler, so him pretending to be anti-mind control is kind of funny. That said, most handlers are also under control as well, so its kind of like the blind leading the blind.


One more great article, VC! =)
“at the “undisclosed hospital”.” Very suspicious. Why didn’t they mention the hospital name? In that photo of the article named “Is Kanye West Truly Out of the Sunken Place?”, Kanye’s face expression is really weird. It seems like those white guys performed MK Ultra on him, and probably brainwashed him to support Trump. And this Kanye’s nickname “Yeezus” is very weird. It is most probably mocking Jesus name. Do these artists actually make a deal with the Devil in fact? I’m still not completely sure about it. I think probably yes.


“Dragon energy”. The bible mentions in Revelation 20:2, “He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil, or Satan, and bound him for a thousand years.”


This reminds me also of Silvio Berlusconi case and his ex wife referring to him as to a “dragon” to whom “vergins used to offer themselves in order to gain success”. (Short after came the bunga bunga scandal, on top of which was the fact that he had sex with an underage escort).


Come on, dont make us laugh!


@Christinne. why?


They wouldnt brainwash him to support Trump, Trump is againt the elite and is causing them to lose decades of time bc of what he is correcting.


Trump is againt the elite? Really? In my opinion there are many groups within the elite. Like gangs. And probably the gang related to the Democrats (Hillary) is supported by most artists. You really think that Trump is innocent?


Girl – go watch Mark Taylor’s interviews on YouTube.


No, dont watch that garbage!


Wrong. Trunp is funded by pro Israel/Zionist Sheldon Adelson. Every puppet has its masters. Look at Kushner and his ties to the Chabod Lubavitch movement. Sorry to break it to you, but Trump is very elite, and is serving his purpose like all the others. Hes funded by Zionists who would continue to see America exploited and molested for its war in the middle east. Zionism’s roots are also buried deep in the Rothschilds. You wont see a VC article on this topic strangely enough, but the “swamp”, wallstreet, hollywood, and p---------y industries all have the same kind of owner. )ews.


Was having Trump recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel a bad thing?

Trump called Rubio out as an easy to mold puppet for Adelson on the campaign. Adelson has been funding the GOP for a while now. Trump is a multi-billionaire himself though.


The US of A are owned by IsraHELL and thats already common knowledge. Well, many other countries too sadly.


Actually Trump is a crypto. I feel sorry for his supporters.


you are correct; They never mention the so-called j. ews. fom the synagogue of satan.


Jews are less than .02% of the world population, yet control everything..?? really?
… give me a break. Look how many churches there are in USA alone, that pay NO taxes. Jews have Nothing on Chrisitans as far as FREE money at their disposal and political power. Grow up, look at the numbers and evolve.


“It seems like those white guys performed MK Ultra on him, and probably brainwashed him to support Trump”

-And it seems like you’re a racist.


Lol, I’m not racist. Aren’t those guys white? I only said the impression I had considering their face expressions. I did a superficial analysis.




Those “white” guys are actually jews.
Ps. there was nothing racist about your statement.


Pls. make an post on Selena Gomez’s most recent “mental breakdown”.


a post I meant

D D d

Yes, please, another one. With pictures, if possible, of her breaking down in public, to prove it. Any pets involved?


You’re thinking of Amanda Bynes. Selena Gomez never has broken down before, she’s actually a very strong individual and chose fame herself. Selena has never mind controlled or abused until recently and I’ll be praying for her! I love her singing and want her to release more pop music !!

D D d

Please do not lay words in my mouth or take your assumptions of my thoughts for real, thank you.

Don Conscience

WE NAME PRESIDENTS 11. In the near future we shall establish the responsibility of presidents. 12. By that time we shall be in a position to disregard forms in carrying through matters for which our impersonal puppet will be responsible. What do we care if the ranks of those striving for power should be thinned, if there should arise a deadlock from the impossibility of finding presidents, a deadlock which will finally disorganize the country? … 13. In order that our scheme may produce this result we shall arrange elections in favor of such presidents as have in their past some dark, undiscovered stain, some “Panama” or other – then they will be trustworthy agents for the accomplishment of our plans out of fear of revelations and from the natural desire of everyone who has attained power, namely, the retention of the privileges, advantages and honor connected with the office of president. The chamber of deputies will provide cover for, will protect, will elect presidents, but we shall take from it the right to propose new, or make changes in existing laws, for this right will be given by us to the responsible president, a puppet in our hands. Naturally,… Read more »

Joel Walbert

Kanye broke his programming when he spoke the truth. He had no mental breakdown. And his reprogramming didn’t work, as he is still speaking truth. He is at a point where he does not need to be the house n!ggr anymore. Much respect Kanye. Cannon, on the otherhand, would know all about being an MK slave. He is one. Recently saw a DJ Vlad (Gatekeeper) interview with him stating the Bilderberg family controls everything. Really? Agent of Distraction.


MK-Ultra IS real…..It controls most of the music industry. Kanye just broke away from his. Can’t have that, now, can we?


Kanye is allowed to support who he wants. But he also has to accept the criticsm and not claim that those who are not on board with his support of right wing thinkers do not understand and are not woke enough. Cannot have it both ways.


SNL, the mass media, and agenda pushing celebrities are the ones who need to worry about backlash. God is sick of their Moloch worship, and He is using Trump to expose them. Which is easy, because they are falling on their own swords. Vote red.


Are u OK in the head?

Paul Atriedes

Sorry Christine but at one point I was like she’s ok not anymore. Your nuts girl.


Yes I thought it was strange for Nick Cannon to mention MK Ultra when he was married to MK Slave Mariah Carey, who is most likely a Beta Kitten for the Elite(Presidents, Billionaires etc.)- She was married to Tommy Mottola, she was engaged to the billionaire James Packer and she was photographed with the Secretary General of the UNO,Korean Ban Ki Moon, which I thought was really strange at the time.

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