Kanye West Has Reportedly Suffered From Memory Loss Since His Forced Hospitalization


According to a longtime friend, Kanye West is “slowly recovering his memory” since his forced hospitalization in November 2016. What truly happened to Kanye while he was taken away for 10 days?

Although his album Life of Pablo was nominated for eight Grammy awards, Kanye West was not present at the ceremony. His longtime collaborator Malik Yussef, who has worked on the album, was at the Awards and answered some questions on the red carpet.

Yussef’s short interview with PopSugar was rather unsettling as the producer explained that Kanye has been very slowly recovering from memory loss since his hospitalization. Yes … memory loss, which is usually the result of VERY intense trauma. Here’s the video.

In the interview, Yussef states:

“I’ve been to his house sat down with him for about six, seven hours, just walking through his health and recovery. His memory is coming back, which is super good. [He’s] just healing, spending time with his family.”

When asked if Kanye has been working on new material, Yussef replied in a rather grave tone:

“Not working, not working. Just … going through processes.”

Yussef’s statements broke months of radio silence concerning Kanye West’s health and recovery ever since he was forcibly handcuffed and hospitalized on November 20th, 2016. The official story is that West experienced “temporary psychosis” caused by dehydration and sleep deprivation. He spent ten days at the UCLA Medical Center under the care of his wife, Kim Kardashian, and physician, Dr. Michael Farzam.

However, Yussef’s account of Kanye’s slow recovery seems to point to deeper issues. This leads me to ask: What truly happened to Kanye during his ten days at UCLA? Remember that Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes were taken to UCLA on “psychiatric hold” after their own MKULTRA-style breakdown.

Was Kanye subjected to MK-style “treatments”? Difficult to say, but here are some facts: Memory loss is usually the result of intense trauma; The goal of mind control is to cause intense trauma in order to provoke dissociation and to facilitate reprogramming; One of the tools used to cause intense trauma is electroshock therapy (ECT); The primary side effect of ECT is memory loss.

“Memory loss is the primary side effect associated with ECT treatment. Most people experience what’s called retrograde amnesia, which is a loss of memory of events leading up to and including the treatment itself. Some people’s memory loss is longer and greater with ECT. Some have trouble recalling events that occurred during the weeks leading up to treatment, or the weeks after treatment. Others lose memories of events and experiences in their past.

Memory loss generally improves within a few weeks after ECT treatment. As with psychiatric medications, no professional or doctor can tell you for certain what kind of memory loss you will experience, but virtually all patients experience some memory loss. Sometimes the memory loss in some patients is permanent.”
– PsychCentral, Risks of Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

While it cannot be confirmed that Kanye actually underwent ECT, this is the kind of intense treatment that is required to cause memory loss. Maybe he was subjected to another kind of trauma-inducing treatment.

A strange detail about Kanye West since his hospitalization is his hair, which is now bleached.

A picture of Kanye taken in February 2017.

While this hair change can be attributed to another “Kanye West fashion statement”, it might be indicative of a more disturbing fact. Female MK slaves are often identified with blond hair (using dye or wigs). When going through a breakdown, MK slaves often shave their heads as if it was something they need to do in order to be liberated from the control of their handlers.

Britney Spears and her shaved shaved head during her infamous breakdown in 2007. This event probably lead to intense re-programming. Since then, Britney has been completely “out of it”.
For years, Courtney Stodden has been displaying symptoms of a Beta Kitten Slave. She got married at age 16 to Doug Hutchison, 50 year-old actor. Since then, she often made the news due to her bizarre, Beta Kitten-related, behavior. After her miscarriage in summer 2016, Stodden posted a picture of her with a shaved head while wearing Beta Kitten animal prints.

Since his hospitalization, there has been no official statement regarding Kanye West’s health and recovery. His representatives also did not respond to inquiries regarding Yussef’s memory loss comments.

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You have to be a fool to not see that they shut him up after going rogue. I feel for the guy, I know he was an a-hole but he tried, he put his life at risk just to warn us, he did more than most of those sleeping celebrity zombies. I have prayed for Kanye and will continue to do so and for the others as well. Every pictures I see of him in public, he looks spaced out, Kim always guiding him, he looks like a lost child. His eyes are just staring straight ahead without blanking as if he’s seen a ghost, that’s every picture. I’ve saved all those pictures, I’m planning on uploading them somewhere so you can see how zombie-like he has become. It’s scary. Kim is his handler, she’s always a step ahead when they’re out now.

Kim is a true succubus

Kim’s also mk’ed. Her whole family is

An mk’ed may also ‘mk’ another. It’s a matter of re-programming

handlers. but the victim’s own multiple personalites can keep eachother in check and report back to the handler.

I’m a victim of mind control. And guys sorry to break it to you but it’d basically demonic possession at its worst… While under severe mind control I did things that only someone possessed could do like have a force physically control my body. I still don’t know why it happened to me but I ended up on psych ward for 3+months its a scary world. I’m getting better praise God!

What happen to u?

Nothing…Who gets online and says that but doesn’t explain it. Yeesh.

Those in “control” seem to be able to go from body to body to use those under their control/those who are part of the system. It is absolutely a form of possession and sometimes the victims are completely conscious while unable to control their own bodies. But the real question is, did the victims sell their souls in some form prior to becoming part of the system? I certainly hope it was a decision and not simply helpless, innocent souls becoming trapped without their/our knowledge.

If they start mind control from childhood, how can they make that decision. Innocent kids wouldn’t sell their souls.

I find it odd that you didn’t bring up what led to this “reprogramming”. He was praising Trump and he made it clear that Jay-Z and Beyonce are thugs who could have him seriously hurt or killed for revealing the truth about whatever award show Beyonce said she would not perform at if she didn’t win.

Why didn’t VC bring up the fact that when Kanye was released he was hanging out with Rick Owens & Michele Lamy. That’s the main thing! When he came out of the insane asylum, they started showing pics of Kanye at their house with blonde hair. That’s the 1st pic of Kanye I saw was him sitting on Rick Owens couch. & if his memory was gone this long…. since December… bring up who he’s been around before not his random friend that was at the Grammys cuz thats misleading & where was this “friend” when Kanye was hanging with witches & warlocks. That man sounds gay anyway. Kanye needs better friends. He can’t start with Jesus or somebody lol

That may be because he’s a fashion designer yo. Or at least trying to become one. Do you know what Rick Owens does?

Adele is better, better better!!!!!!

Kanye may be a megalomaniac, but Adele is effing insufferable. All of her songs are so depressing, it’s ridiculous. Ugh. So you broke up with a guy. Suck it up, Buttercup, and shut up.

Her voice isn’t even all that. Amy Winehouse was better. Much more raw and soulful.

Wasn’t Amy sacrificed for Adele?

I see now that VC did an article about the exact thing I’m mentioning in my post prior to this article. The other strange thing I recall from that event was how it was a big thing when Snoop put out some video of himself sitting in front of a computer screen watching what Kanye said and saying over and over “that n***a crazy, that n***a crazy”. Even though Snoop is most well known as the biggest stoner in the world, he is a leading voice among (I don’t know who exactly, but he’s a leading voice in the urban community? The mind control community?)…and everyone took him saying that Kanye was crazy as Kanye ACTUALLY being insane. It was clearly a video released on purpose as part of the “control force” to get what Kanye did and said under control and to make sure the general public knew the… Read more »

Or… Snoop could’ve been repeatedly saying that Kanye was crazy out of actual shock and awe, because the vibe I got from Snoop was like: ” dude, seriously though, don’t you know what they are about to do to you?” And now Kanye isn’t Kanye any longer.

But great point though Aaron, we are thinking alike, I just wanted to share my variation of this situation.

Its a spiritual warfare….not religious but spiritual

It’s really disheartening that those who know and want to warn others are made examples of. The book The Franklin Cover Up is a good explanation of how these satanists will do anything to shut people up. Straight out of the Clinton’s rule book of power. Disgusting that those with money have the technology to do this. They’re immoral behavior permits them to do whatever they want. Only way to fight them is on a spiritual level. There is immense power in the name of Jesus. It’s why they mock Him so much.

Clintons?! Try the billionaire Bushes!

There’s a blind item story on him. It says this well-known “fashion designer” was behind the scenes at his fashion show; “At one point when we busiest, he just walked away and sat down and stared straight ahead. He didn’t make eye contact with anyone. Didn’t say a word. Wasn’t praying or anything. Just sort of catatonic like a zombie. Everyone left him alone. A few minutes later he snapped out of it and got back to work. Weird and a little scary.” He snapped out of it after being triggered, clearly. The fact that they didn’t want any cameras at his shows says a lot. It’d be too obvious live. And noticed Beyonce and Jay Z have not peeped a word about Kanye since he went rogue at his concert. Those people are wicked. There are no real friends in that industry, it’s a dog eat dog world in… Read more »


I saw that blind as well and thought of what we’ve been reading on this site. I never liked him, but now I feel really sorry for him. 🙁


It’s possible the bleached hair is a symbol of becoming a “dumb blonde”. I’m not saying blondes are dumb, but it’s a known stereotype and it may be indicative of him having his memory wiped.

He started to fight with his handlers, so they shut him down. So truly sad 🙁

Hence the memory loss….

Crazy stuff in the satanic industry, Mk ultra is used to keep the victims under mind control to enable demonic possession to take over. UCLA medical center is very shady. Look up Fritz springmeier mother ultra research, also watch The Music Industry Exposed video on YouTube, it will help enlighten you on the subject

I saw this video about Music Industry, very thought-provoking. And I agree with you. All of people, who entered into Entertainment Industry without a knowledge about this, now are the puppets without mind, who listen to horned handler and have all of material riches. They didn’t even know (after the programming), that they have only one, important thing – freedom.

This is all about pizzagate, which Kaye mentioned in his rant at his concert. The p*******e ring from DC to Hollywood will stop at nothing to hide their inner circle of crimes, which includes suppressing the memory of bigmouths like Kanye.

My only hope is all you people here are also spending time out talking openly about these ‘conspiracy theories’ and not just reading and commenting on here. You may be hoping for God to jump in and sort all this out but a passive attitude won’t exactly help anything. I don’t think just completely turning from the world and ignoring the atrocities happening is a very Christian thing to do.

Use the unfortunate opportunity of this sad life event for this celebrity for something good: Make people question what is really going on with Kanye, and ask them, by extension, to consider what OTHER stuff may also be going on. Wake people up, make them start asking questions!

Pizzagate is real.

It’s ok, Stranger Things is making mind control cool. A warm and fuzzy MK-Ultra.

Don’t forget the pushing of the new and improved way ECT-ing in psychologyland. Carrie Fisher anyone?
Sedate, muscle relaxers, a little sleep and off you go to rainbowland – that’s if you are lucky.
At least, that’s what I read and heared about it. From the multidimensional mediachannels and second hand from first hand patients. It might have something to do with the lighting-symbol you are used to see in music bizznizz promotion imaging. It fits the bill, in my opinion.
But don’t rule out the poisoning-posibilities. Done with thousands of years of practise. Only the potions are more undetectable.

How so? I think they are showing it quite truthfully and showing how children are often the victims

Read the article on this website about Stranger Things.

Someone mentionEd the Martin Lawrence incident of 98 when he was hospitalized for running into traffic in LA screaming and cursing “fight the establishment”. I can’t find that comment. But I read an article here on LATIMES and check this quote::::”[A doctor] has found Mr. Lawrence to be suffering from a case of complete exhaustion and dehydration,” the statement said.”

Eerie!!!! And damning. Who writes the script???

I remember that, and I vaguely remember Mariah Carey doing the same thing in the 90s. You’d think by now they’d have a better story.

Mason….you seem to have your mind made up about a lot things. I am curious, Mason, why do you feel most of this is bull****?

My opinion: He been cloned ..
Memory pumped as on a flash drive.

Yeah, I was thinking tge same thing. His eyes loom soul-less now. Like so many before him. Artists usually have depth in their eyes. He used to. Now his eyes are lifeless.

I thought that when I saw him meeting with Trump. He looked way different and seemed lost with nothing to say. Very un-Kanye.

Very possible too. Cloning is the norm to “them” and not since yesterday. Ive said it here many times. A few of the most blatant imposter replacement/clonings these days: Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Nicole Kidman. Mariah&Brit are ones of the worst as we can see.

Maybe cloned or twinned, who knows, but if I could, I would clone them with talent to sing and act, and not only for a craving for the good old sugar or face-sagging botox.

& Eminem

And LiLo, not to forget.

Hey VC, would you please write something about the movie Split? I think is full of MK-Ultra imagery and data.

I’m wondering if the new movie out this weekend “Get Out” has mind control themes. It sure looks like it could from the trailer.

The bleach blonde thing makes me think of Angelina Jolie and how she has made everyone she’s ever dated go bleach blonde from her first husband, to that Asian model, to Bradd Pitt, and even her own brother who went blonde when he was her date to the Oscars. Then there’s Tim Burton who seems to always cast a brunette as his female protagonists, and then has them go blonde for the role, all except for his wife. There’s also that weirdness where every up and coming female actress and popstar inevitably does a photoshoot posing as Marilyn Monroe. Even black female artists have posed as the blonde bombshell. I also randomly came across a YouTube interview with a woman named Arizona Wilder who claims to have been an illuminati mindcontrol slave, who said that it was mandatory for all slaves programmed to perform ceremonies to be blonde, and when… Read more »

Don’t forget they mix up test-public-outcome during the filming and editing. If a blond is more popular, they will use it to expand the audience thus the sales, too. Having actors behave like you order is all part of the whole deal. Double agenda’s are double in more dimensions.

Kanye was completely lucid when he had his “rant”, he was just off message. This report is very, very disturbing. There was nothing abnormal that he said that night, it wasn’t like he didn’t make any sense and could have been suffering some brain injury. Why would he have memory loss?!

“Off message” with the Industry agenda, I meant.

I was thinking ECT before I got to it in the article. That’s some harsh stuff. They were giving Vets that returning from Vietnam. I don’t know why my dad got caught up in that sick crap. We don’t talk.

This is pretty messed up as VC’s article states, and most posters agree. Of ALL the top music artists, Kanye would have been one of the Last I would’ve guessed all this would happen to.. And as many are stating; it’s realy sad and scary, as to what Exactly all is going on. But I Realy want to say one thing here (and it WILL BE LONG WINDED; so Just SKIP OVER MY POST IF YOU WISH!, it’s cool!!). MANY posters here have Brutally Bashed Kanye as an artist and as a human being in past articles on this site and all over the internet, that were speaking about his various art/music videos/ect. But NOW most are saying such Nice and Sympathetic things about this man, who in the past (before this incedent(s)..) has been literally called “evil,” “negative,” “Satanic,” and So Many other Unforgiving statements. And I am Not… Read more »

Please don’t type with words in all caps please.


I think individually most people are sympathetic, but every cause has a reaction. It’s like you said though, we don’t know what anybody is really dealing with. A lot of people really do believe that money is the root of all evil. That isn’t to say don’t be successful, but if money is what you dedicate your life to than you can’t complain if it ruins you in the end.

It’s easy for anyone to be a little jealous of Kanye or any major artist. They basically only show us 1 side at any given time. You know, the glamour is amazing. But when they fall, they fall hard. And underneath all of that they are just human, or alien like everyone else. And money doesn’t solve every problem, but don’t they do a good job making us think it will?

I agree with a lot. Money is a tool, not a goal. A lot of people I know want a lot of money, but have no clue what to do if they get it, other than buy a new car or bigger television or a nice couch to watch tv on, for 6 days a week.
But, stars fall hard? Harder than a non-star is implied? I don’t think so, it is all in our own perception.

I say that all the time. A bigger salary will only lead to slightly better stuff. And yeah your right it’s about perception. Everyone is a star but the story of Johnny Depp’s 2 million dollar a month expenses resonates more.

I think as far as money goes there’s a magic number to go for. Where you have plenty, but not so much everyone wants to take it from you.

That’s a desillusion waiting to happen, ‘m affraid. There will always be people with greed, jealousy and hunger for new, other people’s stuff. The living on one world together is the hard part?

how all of this tie into Kanye also helping Chance the Rapper record his 3-Grammy award winning album “Coloring Book” that praises Jesus!! Chance is the first artist to be this successful while praising Jesus since Kanye 13 years ago!!! Here is to praying the system doesn’t devour Chance the way it did Kanye and that Kanye can get the help he deserves.

My father was subjected to electro-convulsive “therapy” in the 70s. He suffered memory loss and disassociative disorder. If Kanye has been subjected to this type of “treatment” then expect him to start acting erratically and displaying multiple personalities.

Kim Kardashian also went through re-programming after her Paris assault, she also disappeared from the spotlight and when returned, she started acting really different and looking soulless. Also, the 1st picture that we saw of Kim was of her holding an ice-cream in Los Angeles. and ice cream is code for metaphorically freezing the brain in monarch programming. Y’know? Brain freeze.

So both Kim and Kanye had a mental breakdown at the same time for rebelling against the Luciferian industry.

i know a lot of ppl dont like them both, w.e i dont care for them either; but it seems to me like a tragic love story between those two, kanye was strong minded and i think he might have talked her into breaking out of w.e evilness they’re into, cause i do believed he loved her and she, him. i think well its only my opinion or theory, they tried but were shut down, that weird jonathan guy who always hangs around her i think is one of her handlers. I think for a time they knew when they were waking up out of it they couldn’t trust anybody just eachother, kinda sad you can’t trust your family or supposed friends youve known for a while . and now they don’t even have eachother, they are completely alone maybe thats one of the reasons why they never smile and… Read more »

she claimed they didn’t smile so they couldn’t give any good pictures to the papps. I think it was damaging to us all…how many pictures, movise and tv shows esp. soaps show them sad or non emotional…it makes the person looking at it feel that too.

I suppose there are too many coincidences not to think a vast majority of main stream hollywood and the music industry are not controlled by elite evil types. Too many breakdowns to take for granted in my view. Part of me wants to realized they have to go to UCLA from proximity but these folks who do seem reprogrammed no matter how out there it may sound to some. OTOH, I am not too influenced by the music industry and think it is one of the least things we have to worry about. I have noticed that once bands, groups or individuals start to get big, they seemingly are approached in some way and either continue their ascent ot fade into our memory. Maybe they are synthetic robots or something, LOL.

Agreed… you should see the video with Kanye and Trump outside Trump Towers, just after Kanye was released from his “temporary psychosis”. Kanye barely says a word and looks totally out of it; perhaps he should have put that big Trump visit on hold. Anyway, then Trump insists they’ve been “friends for a long time”, but proceeds to mock Kanye’s idea of running for president in 2020 (“This guy?? Say wha?” etc). I shall refrain from commenting on either of their aptitudes for being POTUS and simply say that’s no way to speak about your “long time friend” to anybody, especially the media… and especially when he’s powerless to defend himself. Yes, he was right there, at least in body, but if you watch the video you’ll see what I mean. Kanye is just another confused pawn in the elite’s twisted game, somewhere on a lower rung than Trump on… Read more »

this is what the illuminati leftists do to their own. Speak truth and they cart you off to an institution and shoot you full of drugs to alter your brain. Hope Kanye breaks out of the asylum and gets free from the mind control the music industry has him under.

illuminati leftists?
Sneaky way of divide into left or right and try to conquer?

Most illuminati(freemasons) are on the left.

There is no left or right in politics, only the concept of it is. The most social left side in local politics over here seem more busy with building buildings, than building society or aiding the elderly or misfortuned. 5 million for a community building, but no one able to rent the rooms in it. 1,5 million for a hospital, but 39 million estimated for a theater-renovation. With community money , taxes, that is.

You are correct. Most politicians are masons or eastern star so it doesn’t matter what party they belong to.

A few yeas ago in The Netherlands there was an almost prime minister, for the social workers’ party, transferred from the Shell oil company into toplevel politics.
Makes you think about intensions, doesnt it?

He probably went for “a cure for wellness” in this hospital, like the others….
VC I hope that you’ll make an article on this movie, even if it way too blatant.

This movie is showing a lot!

He also forgot his contentious relationship with the paparazzi. He’s always smiling now or has the caught in the head lights stare.

Hi guys, I just have a question, what do you guys think about the whole clone theory? Like how when a celebrity goes AWOL after some random outlast they come back looking rather peculiar…like I don’t know where I stand with it…there’s been a guy claiming he is a clone and that the queen of England runs the cloning agenda but I never really went into further research on it cuz I got creeped out..but like, Justin bieber has been looking so off and people claim he was cloned or replaced with a body double. He also has been sounding off too…I’m just saying cuz since Kanye ‘came back’ he too has looked off…well he looks a different off than he normally looks like.

Less celebrity stories. We all know about Hollywood… and what goes on there.

I enjoy articles related to Cern, Denver Airport. Not this.

Try to see it in a context. This website alone is a little library (..for as long as the stories are available, as we noticed). As a one-off, a story like this might make not much sense, but when you place it in history, it is an example. There is more about this popstar and on others, but also referenses to Manly Hall or organisations like United Nations with their puppettypressdoll Angelina Jolie.
Helps you spot things similar out in your own community, as the spinoffs popup in your own local backyard and village-squares. Look around you.

I enjoy the takes on entertainers but do agree that it is so well known to those who’ve searched for truth. I, too, enjoy articles other than the entertainment industry better. As I posted earlier, I cannot be swayed by Hollywood or the music industry due to knowledge. At this point, it is easy to see their agenda but not so much the things that are majorly nefarious. This is where I mention a discussion forum is nice if religious differences do not ruin it.

So Kanye’s producer (like every other official in the entertainment business) is his “handler”, it would be interesting to see how badly reprogrammed Kanye is since he may go down the same road further than Britney or Courtney.

I won’t be surprised at how heavily messed up he is since this is the fate of any who associate themselves with the Kardashians just like Lamar.

Poor Kanye……Most of the readers of this site will know he’s been re-programmed. I can see a few people mentioning cloning but how exactly does that work? does it mean the same body with a different alter (?)

Probably the same gene pool, but different mindset. If it is posible with other animals it is posible with humans, but growing up takes the same time is my guess. A character forms with age and experience.
Would you be amazed ata clone of Stan Laurel, with the antics of Ronald Reagan?

The fact is Kanye lost his mother by what must be considered at the very least a medical abnormality and perhaps a medical blunder and perhaps far worse… There are lots of theories out there as to what may of happened to his mother, we have all heard them. This fact alone will be the most traumatic lifelong event for any one not just Kanye, he will never recover from this and he requires all the support he can get to even begin to cope. If he also has the so called illuminati against him then only God will see him through. Kanye appeared to turn to Donald Trump of all people instead of God. This was a big mistake because as far as I can see Trump is either part of the illuminati or a wannabe illuminati. And even Trump for all his talk during the presidential election and… Read more »

i’ve definitely thought that about trump, though i voted for him. the only thing that makes me think he is not one of them is that hillary was being shoved down our throats so hard?

I saw that when Kanye went to see Trump and I believe it was for protection, like an insurance policy. Maybe even telling him if something happens to me I have documents in a certain location I want revealed. Notice when they were together Kanye just kept saying take our picture. He wanted it to be known to the illuminati that he may have disclosed things and if something did happen to him the beans would be spilled.

Think you might be right about the protection theory. Trump is definitely cool with the most elite illuminati cults. But the problem is Trump values loyalty, and Kanye can’t keep openly supporting him. No amount of dirt will make Trump buckle I think, and that’s why we like him

What about the puppy theory. The new president invites a lot of usefull faces, to be imaged and printed with him and his name next to them.. There is hardly a thing called bad press, people will buy s**t, but you have to sell it with a bowtie on the box.

Interesting read and very fascinating. But VC you need to put more effort into editing!! Too many typos and incoherent sentences

Didn’t Eminem also bleach his hair at some time. Might be a connection.

This is so messed up. He even deleted all of his Trump posts as well. Say what you want about Donald Trunp, but I’ve honsetly never seen this much opposition toward a president Witches are getting together to openly oppose that man. There must be something more to Trump than the immugration issue that Hollywoos doesn’t like or want their puppets “Kanye” to be associated with. Many peiple say he’s controlled op/elite placed but that just doesn’t make sense as to why they would spend so much time and money trying to delegitimize him and get the public against him if that were truth. Whatever masonic ties anyone said he has aren’t at play now, I think he’s going to expose the underbelly of the elite soon (p********a) and they’re running around scared trying to shut up anyone who speaks out as ususal.

Sigh. Kanye becoming a reprogrammed vegetable while those parasites Jay-Z and Beyonce are on top of the world. They won… and that is really too bad for Kanye but I feel like he definitely saw the writing on the wall when he started telling the truth.

None of them won. They’re bad people and will pay in the end.

Pretty sure they won over Kanye, Britney, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston…. they might pay later in the afterlife but those that try to break free of them in this life did not, have not and will not get that chance.

Hi, VC! I’ve been reading your articles and it’s a great thing to know about what you’ve explained to us in this crazy and stupid era.
By the way, I have a request.
Would you mind observing about Pentatonix? Well, I see them as a rising acapella star, but so many intriguing things have been seen, especially related to about LGBT agenda. To be honest, I’m its big fan, and I’m a kinda worry about the members….

Yeah they might be getting into the bad side of the industry.

This makes me so sad. The Kanye that we used to know is gone forever. Is Jim his handler?

No, but Kim is.

read Brice Taylor’s online book

Hair bleaching can happen when you encounter extreme emotional trauma… I know 2 ppl whose it happen, but it was just part of their hair. What happen to him must be pretty hardcore.

maybe, the shaving of the hair like britney has to do with the not wanting to be touched or have electrodes attacked to the body when the shock you, and apparently it has something to do with satanism

STrangely, I think the bleached hair is an improvement. He’s better looking, maybe because he isn’t pouting in this picture lol not sure.

Kanye: “I don’t remember, now….Tell me who won the music Award, again. Was it Beyoncé…? It sho’ couldn’t’ve been Adele, right?”

If true, I feel for Kanye. His soul is most likely lost forever, but who knows.

I have a question: Does Mk Ultra work on adults or does it have to be a child?

MK ultra is a name for some project. But the technics, like dissociation work on grown ups that haven’t been in a hospital/laboratory too. You just have to know what makes them change moods to a vulnerable state, then implant ideas or manipulate them into action. Like rally at a workmeeting, or have them f*ck up their relation so they are weak at their workplace, if you want their job for example..
Mind your own mind. Normal people like you and me, but without empathy, can study it too. And they have. Know yourselve, is my advise. And teach your children to know themselves. Do not wait until it is on a schoolprogram like maths.


Wasn’t his hair blond before he was committed? In the picture of him and Trump he’s got blond hair and that was before he was hospitalized.

No it wasnt. It was after. & that made a lot of people question how could some1 come out of a 5150 hold (which was extended by 6 days) get that close to the president?


Apparently he was almost brainwashed to oblivion. Just yesterday sent u a link to a David Cassidy (Partridge Family) article in which he was a mess on the stage. Mind control + booze&drugs have destroyed him, its a wonder he still survived til his age.

Amanda Bynes was hospitalized in Pasadena and Britney Spears was taken to Los Angeles Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, which is easily checked via simple Google search, yet you say they were all taken to UCLA. Fact check yourself better, and write more objectively and not emotionally, or you’ll just be labeled another conspiracy theorist and change nothing. ~Peace

1. Beyonce and Jay are NOT evil. 2. This guy is not Kanye’s “producer.” Fans know Kanye was a producer when he started out, and actually had a hard time getting people to think of him as a rapper too. He really did and does create his own music and always has. I see that maybe this was a typo, because earlier in the article it says the guy was collaborating with Kanye. 3. I don’t buy the whole Kanye is a clone, has a handler, or is controlled by anyone. Kanye was a grown man when he started in the industry. He was a regular guy, no crazy upbringing none of that. Just a hard worker with talent. I think the idea that he is officially controlled comes across as if it’s a type of hush hush warning that conspiracy theorist agree on. Like, “omg don’t do this or… Read more »

His mom was a sacrifice.

How so?

And should we have sympathy for someone who willingly signed up for this? ABSOLUTELY not…he knew what he was getting into when he signed that contract.

Dynamo, David Blaine,Yiff,Cyril Takayama and many other “illusionists” are metaphysicians posing as “magicians”.They are metaphysicians who can carry into execution Christ´s promise,” Whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these.” And also,” Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”If you want to learn more read Esoteric Secrets of Meditation and Magic Vol.2 by Paul Foster Case or you can also read Pantanjalis Book of Aphorisms.I´ve asked VC to do an article on them but he (they) won´t respond.

Are you really combining trickery and tv-magic with metaphysicians? About metaphysical cosmology or other dimensions I can tell nothing, but of those magicians I can tell you : it .. is.. fake ..grow ..up.


“Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance” – Albert Einstein
All I ask is that you give me the benefit of the doubt and read the books I´m recommending.The elite know about these forces, which are referred to as elohim in the bible.It is you who needs to spitually mature and realize that this is real.

I am not denying forces, just pointing out that illusionists like Blain are not wizards or magicians. The perform, they do not make use of some mysterious force in this universe, other than have people imagine that it’s supernatural or spooky, when it is not.

If we are lucky Kanye finally forgot how to do bad music and start to do the opposite.