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Kanye West Handcuffed and Hospitalized, Under “Psychiatric Evaluation”



Kanye West Handcuffed and Hospitalized, Under "Psychiatric Evaluation"

Kanye West has been hospitalized for ‘his own health and safety’ and his tour has been cancelled. According to a source, Kanye feels that he’s under ‘spiritual attack’.

Kanye West is under psychiatric observation at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center for “his own health and safety”. The rapper was “acting erratically” at his trainer’s house when the call was made. West reportedly did not want to go to the hospital and was handcuffed to a gurney while being transported.

A source familiar with the case said Los Angeles police responded to a medical welfare call about 1:20 p.m. No criminal activity was involved; the decision to hospitalize West at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center was for his own health and safety, the sources said.

Neighbors described the scene on the 900 block of North Laurel Avenue to NBC4, saying there were “security guards, fire trucks and police.

The house that firefighters and police responded to is owned by Harley Pasternak, a celebrity trainer with clients that come to him.
– NBC LOs Angeles, “Rapper Kanye West Hospitalized in LA After Canceling Saint Pablo Tour

Kanye’s hospitalization occurred only days after his infamous rant during a concert in Sacramento where he retroactively supported Trump and lashed out against Mark Zuckerberg, Beyoncé and Jay-Z (while pleading him to not send ‘killers at his head’).

A source told that Kanye feels that he is under ‘spiritual attack’.

“He feels like he’s under spiritual attack, and has been for awhile. It’s not just the big things; it’s smaller, quieter things, internal things. You might think that it’s about Kim’s robbery, and while that didn’t help, that’s not what’s going on here. He’s dealing with a lot more subtle issues,” the source tells PEOPLE.

“His mother died in November, so this time of year always brings him a lot of pain. He keeps that pain internalized, but sometimes will talk about how hard this time of year is for him. He works through the pain every November,” the source adds. West’s mother, Donda, who died in November 2007 at the age of 58.

“He feels like it’s a trying time for his spirit, but that can be a good thing. He isn’t one to run away from these things. He leans in and listens, and comes away a stronger, better man. But it hurts him; his spirit is vexed. But that’s where growth comes from,” the source says.

“Sometimes, darkness creeps in, and Kanye wrestles against it. He talks about that a lot. It’s exhausting, and it takes everything he’s got. He’s just so tired now; he’s very low energy and feels like there’s a grieving in his spirit. It’s very hard to explain, but something has happened recently, where he’s not the ‘Ye that everyone knows.”

– People, Inside Kanye West’s Breakdown: Rapper Feels Like ‘He’s Under Spiritual Attack,’ Source Says

Many observers, including myself, saw this coming months ago. Kanye West is yet another man related to the Kardashians to have completely broken down. In the article I’ve written over a year ago entitled Lamar Odom Found Unconscious in Brothel, Now Fighting For His Life I concluded:

When you get involved with a family that is controlled by the occult elite, bad things often happen. Watch out Kanye.

While most media sources talk about ‘exhaustion’ and ‘sleep deprivation’ (which is quite possible), these symptoms might be the result of something deeper. Kanye is indeed another artist that has exposed, for way too long, to the toxic cesspool that is Hollywood. While it brought him success, it also disturbed his very core.

I will leave you with a short video of Dave Chappelle summing up the situation, a situation that was seen countless times before.

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Kanye West Handcuffed and Hospitalized, Under "Psychiatric Evaluation"

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I saw this “hospitalization” coming. If you listen closely to what Kanye is saying at his impromptu concert rants over the last few days (the entire rants and not just snippets from the MSM) his words are not that of a madman, but of a person who is trying to wake the masses. Indeed, he calls out the media for it’s separatists agenda, he pleads with people to gain real knowledge and ask questions rather than be spoon-fed with lies by the internet/media, and, with respect to Jay-Z and Beyoncé, he stresses the importance of relationships over the all-mighty dollar. Thereafter, this past Monday, he went on a bizarre Instagram spree and published what looks like yet-to-be disclosed designs for his fashion brand. It seems to me, then, that he is trying to break free of the matrix (akin to Brittney Spears) and, accordingly, must be reprogrammed by his handlers, hence the “hospitalization.”

Mrs M

We need to pray for him and against the forces of evil that want to keep him bound.


In agreement


Same thing i siad these sick f-----s are reprogramming Kanye.. When will this dumb a-s human race WAKE THE F--K UP!


They definitely reprogrammed him. He oooks kinda different now that he’s out of hospital. He has blonde hair now


Someday there’s going to be a star who they won’t be able to “hospitalize”…


Well that won’t be anytime soon since we live in a police state with psychiatry used as a weapon to silnce critics of tyranny and the NWO. Masons created the psychiatric system that is modeled after the Soviet Union to silence political dissonance and demonize opponents publicly as mentally ill. In hopes the public at large won’t take them seriously when they try to expose something. The elite can and will kipnap anyone using the courts to put them in a mental asylum and it’s not just public figures.


@ Michael… there have been people who they did not or could not hospitalize. Those people are stone cold dead.


There have been stars before they couldn’t control. They kill them.

Hendrix and many others.


Jimi Hendrix was drunk or drugged and died choking in his own vomit.


Agreed, not the mention how revealing the list is of celebrities who are going on record about his “breakdown.” All predictable puppet types, very telling. The timing with respect to the Angel Ball is curious as well.

One doesn’t have to be invested or really even interested in a “celebrity’s” life to see the signs of manipulation and the effects on the masses. At the very least, it is important to remember human compassion for anyone in bondage, or at least mental/spiritual turmoil. The moment of breakdown is just before a potential breakthrough, as well.


And the fact that they report that Kim is ‘close by’ confirms it and scares the crap outta me.

I am in mad prayer for Kanye. Lord Jesus break the chains that have him bound!


Are you and the others 2 years old? This puke sold his soul for fame and now he is being tormented by the price he will have to pay. He’s no victim and is an ego maniac that thinks he’s the savior, while mocking the savior. He hasn’t revealed anything that people can’t find out for themselves. The only creativity he has is playing people for fools. His idea of charity is a joke. He dances with demons, he will be burned.


I understand what you say Derek. We all do, I think.
But maybe he is just realising what he has done is properly awful and does not WORTH it!
That’s what we call conversion, whether by fear of God or by true Love, this is a conversion. Of course it would be better for him that he turns to Our Lord Jesus-Christ first by love but still, it may be the begining for him of his saving.
And anyway, we need to pray for him anyhow, because Our Lord ask us to pray even for our enemies and also because we all know here that this young man is at this moment, in really BAD hands…


I agree. He could be a modern ay Saul who has had his eyes opened to truth. And after his conversion, Paul did great things for God’s kingdom and wrote much of our bible.


Given, he is a walking oxymoron. But the fact that maybe 1000 young kids opened their minds to possibly question things, is good. I don’t care for Kanye, I care for people to wake up.


Just saying “I don’t care” made me to vote you down.


If it is true that he sacrificed his mom for fame and fortune then he is getting his karma now. Look out jennifer hudson you are next to pay if its true she sacrificed her family for fame and fortune. No one getting away scott tree. We are living in the day of judgement take it or let it alone


scott tree


karma is not a thing.


Shut up.

Who are you to judge others ?


God can save anyone even those who sold their soul. Still pray for him because that’s what the savior calls us to do. Pray for all ppl so that they may turn from their wick Ness like us and be set free like how Christ set us free.


While you think praying for a devil worshipping, God hating and blaspheme, have you prayed for the people you actually come into contact with.
Praying for Kanye is a waste of time.. Pray prayers that show you are real


Who are you to tell us NOT to pray for someone? There is no degree of sin.


i won t pray ever for him! And God will understand me perfectly. He knows well what he was going through


This is -1


So he is a sinner, and condemnation comes from the devil.
though He is guilty of many sins, he isnt a Hitler, or even a serial killer.
People make mistakes and not just mistakes , but if he were to turn to God,
would you take it against God if God forgives him?

Have you heard of the prodigal son?
Or how Saul persecuted and approved the murder of his own people before he became Paul?

Even these people who may have sold their souls to the devil, can still come to God and be given salvation.
^There is nothing too difficult for God.


THANK YOU! I am certainly no fan of Kanye. And, he has behaved really badly. BUT… like you say, even people who claim to have sold their soul to the devil can still come to God and be saved.


@Derek …There is no sin that is not able to be forgiven except to blaspheme the Holy Spirit. Absolutely, he has played the fool. Are you so holy and righteous that you can cast the first stone? But, how is his sin worse than mine or yours?? Jesus Christ is able to cleanse him from his sin and that is STRICTLY up to Jesus… not YOU.
We should always pray for the lost. No matter who they are.
Who are YOU to limit the power of Christ’s forgiveness?


This a thousand times, Derek. He sacrificed his own mother for fame and now has to deal with the backlash. The devil has come for his due.




Devils know who JESUS is (see Mark 1:24). Like Judas, the members of the Illuminati are devils. Judas repented and acknowledged that what he did was wrong (see Matthew 27:3), AFTER he sold his soul for 30 pieces of silver. Everyone will acknowledge the truth at some point, even devils (see Philippians 2:10 and Romans 14:11). That isn’t conversion.

armando alibaba

yeah hey when you talk about “this puke sold his soul for fame” didn’t his mother die from “complications” during “routine plastic surgery” ?? call me old fashioned but i don’t see any plastic surgery as “routine” — but at the same time this “whoops” aka “oh s--t” moment with his mom would definitely go along with the idea of “blood money” or where you have to sacrifice a family-member/close-friend in order to show “them” that you’re “down” and thus be eligible to make either 10mil+ or 25mil+ via “the game.” i remember jennifer hudson from american idol had a family member die right around the time she first blew up, some people would tell you that puff daddy gave up biggie smalls (or s--t was that big L? i know i’ve heard people opine that someone gave up big L for blood money) maybe it was too late for suge to give up 2pac, but hey at least it gives us rubes something to talk about on msgboards/comments, huh? regardless, you figure that kanye had already paid up via moms so this must be some sort of “blowback” from saying some dumb s--t like he was untouchable or even… Read more »


With the complexity of the human brain you talk of reprogramming like it’s that simple

Sheep dog

You are oblivious to the technology of the masters of MkUltra…..go educate ur self. Ur not as smart as u think u are…


….It is because of its complexities why the human brain is so susceptible and vulnerable – like a piece of technology – so intricately made, and yet it just takes it falling into water to kill it. Similarly, we are intricately made and look at the numbers of things that invariably will kill us. Do not underestimate the power and capability of another to destroy you as a person.

Sherae Roberts

Absolutely and that’s what has been done. I noticed that his new look is similar to Eminem after he came back from the psych ward aka being reprogrammed.


Psychiatrist are Luciferian’s they are killing Kanye


I think he is feeling the torture because he sacrificed his mother for this life….it still haunts him. Smh


Absolutely correct! His mother’s death WAS a ritual sacrifice.


Do you have proof for this wild allegations ? You people are delusional just like Kanye. Crazy.


Why are you here? Lol


Because he or she can be. Why are you here to gain so called knowledge. Lmao nothing here is knowledge just crap to get your brain going and something to make you think you know something someone doesn’t.


Exactly they are crazy saying he sacrificed his mom. You do know people die everyday B. See this what’s wrong with the world everybody thinks they know everything. You guys are on a conspiracy theory site. Simple as that. Make your accusations and all and scream everyone needs Jesus. Not everyone is a Christian. But most Christians seem to be crazy anyway. How are you so religious and you’re what’s equivalent to a gossip site for conspiring and conspiracies.


I guess you are what is known as THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE.
Believing in a loving God is crazy, but evil is sane? Yeah, ok.
Remember, all religions are man-made. There is good AND evil in the world. Which one will YOU choose?


Do you know where the word conspiracy theory comes from? …


The only People who are being mad at this guy are people who are living a lie. But he is telling the truth. You are on a Conspiracy site if you believe something is true it is for you. It’s up to you to accept an Idea but if you blindly believe all Lies it’s up your fault


Yep!!! And now it’s time for another sacrifice. And he knows he could be a sacrifice for the K trashians…lost soul. He try to make a mockery of God, making himself be a god… else can it end.

Truth & Light

Didnt he claim he sold his soul to the devil⁉️ Hes under heavy mind control


Yes I saw video where he said He sold his soul to the devil


Yes he did


Yep and Scott had his parents killed …the kardashians had their father killed…I think Nicole Simpson was a sacrifice maybe by kris …who knows

Thy Unveiling

I was thinking the same thing.


I just posted the same thing and jennifer hudson is going to get the same thing too if it is true about her sacrificing her mom and nephew


I was disturbed and felt sorry for Kanye when he said in front of the whole crowed “‘Jay Z! Call me, bruh! You still ain’t call me! Jay Z, call me…. Jay Z, I know you got killers. Please don’t send them at my head. Just call me. Talk to me like a man.” … would it be possible that Jay Z would use Kanye as another sacrifice to further his career? … I know Kanye made a lot of bad choices but I can’t help it when I see someone who is TRYING to explain what’s going on and ppl still call him crazy .. he is crazy at times but not this time when he tried to say something

Kev allah

There are better sources on how the world works then kanye. Hitler for starters. You think Meyer Lansky gave a s--t about celebrity opinions?

Able luis

Funny you mention, Jay Z has a line in a song saying

“So tall and lanky my suit, it should thank me
I make it look, good to be this hood Meyer Lansky
Mixed with Lucky Lefty, gangster effortlessly”.


Bam! In. Your. Face.

Get real! Your efforts are in vain for WE are not blind to the truth. We see and we hear.

And even though you walk on the other side of the Lord today, you might decide to change your wicked ways tomorrow. I pray for everyone, not just a few.

It feels right when you open your heart to the Lord. You should try it come time.

@kev Allah



Bah again (‘”input is too short”)


Mental illness is a serious issue however The Kardashians and I wish it on no one however
notice the Kardashian family (the females) are a total devilish witchcraft cursed?

•Ex Husband = Dead

•Scott = Alcoholic / heavenly under pain killers

•Lamar = Almost dead / coma

•Bruce Jenner = Katlyn / lost

•Rob Kardashian = Depression / Unhealthy eating

•Tyga = Broke / Had a career

•Kanye = Going insane / not famous as he was (Before marring Kim)

Kris (the mother) is dating Coby so I bet will hear soon some more horrifying stuff,Kendal is said to be linked to a basketball player will just wait and see the downfall … notice everyone who gets VERY close to them ends up downhill


Because they are Luciferians. What will it take for you to see?


I think I’ve seen enough of their crap sucking the lives out of ppl ugh

Kev allah

Succubus cunts.


Kris isn’t dating that guy Cory, he’s just a stand in so that she can look like she’s dating someone. He’s closeted and I’ve read multiple articles about him sleeping w/ male prostitutes. Nothing that family puts into the public arena can be believed. I also think Kim
And Kanyes “relationship” is a PR formula much like jay-z and Beyoncé. I definitely feel like Kanye sacrificed his mom to gain his success and sold his soul (which he’s admired on stage while performing, it’s online) and now is struggling to come to terms.


You are right. I think he is just getting his karma now


Exactly something weird is going on with that bunch. Reggie , kris and RJ dodged the bullet


I know Kanye West can be overbearing but this is so sad.


They are are going to reprogram him. God help him!

Renee Hub

The first thing I immediately thought when I seen his rant was he’s having a MK-Ultra breakdown and THEY know it! That’s a huge part of the reason they aren’t saying anything publicly and/or retaliating against him. The whole situation reminds me of Michael Jackson and so many other celebrities. When they start exposing too much you’re immediately arrested and taken to the psych unit (ex:Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, and Amanda Bynes). I’m surprised he wasn’t taken to Cedars-Sinai. Hmmm…


They have more than 1 program facility. He may not even really be at that “hospital.” He could be at a McDonald’s restaurant being traumatized. Yes, they even use McDonald’s restaurants, and the customers that comes in during business hours don’t have a clue. Sad.


Hello, I was wondering if you could give more info on the comment you made about being programmed at macdonalds. It’s not that I don’t believe it. Your comment caught my eye because it reminded me of a dream I had about a year ago. In the dream I was in macdonalds there were people around eating and talking amongst themselves. I remember bumping into a framed picture on the wall that just so happened to be a switch to a secret room inside macdonalds. In this room was a chair with built in restraints and all kinds of tools. It was terrifying , I stepped outside of the room to try and tell people but they couldn’t hear me or see me suddenly.


You might be a paranoid schizophrenic, you need to see a doctor

Thy Unveiling

I can’t speak with major specifics, but during the Christ Church Hampstead allegations (which sadly ended up being labeled a hoax, much like Pizzagate. I don’t believe either were a hoax.) the kids described in painstaking detail the abuse they endured, and that there were sacrifices and rituals done in secret rooms at McDonald’s. They also said things happened to them in the Starbucks bathroom. It’s very sickening to think that you could be going for a wee and in the stall next to you an infant could be getting molested on the change table and you haven’t a clue.


Lmao seriously how do you know this? Did you read it on the internet or wait you knew someone who an operative? If you don’t know what you’re talking about just keep quiet the situation is already bad enough we don’t need your fake conspiracy diagnosis. Kanye been crazy he was never this rich and crazy but now he is. It’s all an insurance scam not the bullshit you guys are spewing


I thought this too…they are probably taking him back for reprogramming.


There is that word again, reprogramming like man is a laptop. Lol you all are funny.


You are programmed every single day. That’s what your brain is, a programmable organ. You are programmed to read, do math etc. You are programmed by your parents on acceptable behavior and what’s right and wrong. So yes, the brain is a computer that can be programmed and hacked. Major trauma, torture and witnessing unimaginable horrid things can and does completely change a person. Fear is a mighty weapon used to control. These are not my thoughts, this is scientific fact.

And I don’t judge, you have every right to be here. But coming to a site like this to pick fights and tell people they are crazy makes you appear like a bitter angry judgmental person. Maybe we are all wrong but who cares. We will all find out in the end. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. Peace my friend.


They already did reprogram him. Watch his interview on Ellen when he had the diamond teeth surgery and had just been in the hospital. sick s--t


The brain is not some computer chip, you can’t just reprogram it.. what are you people saying ?

A Christian

@TrumpClinton, clearly you don’t know about something that we know because you are not in the same pace of understanding something that we are talking about. Do a little bit of research and you’ll find that all pieces come together. It is NOT a ‘conspiracy theory’ there has NEVER been one. Read about what Jesus Christ says in the Bible, and you WILL see that the devil is working his way into this world. All the illuminati/mk-ultra/HELLywood is real!!! Drop the movies, the music and read the Bible, please, I urge to you.


Thank You!! He/she is just an antagonist, like a child that does not understand, so instead of doing research, they resort to name-calling for attention. If everyone/everything is so dumb, then why are you here? If you think you’re so enlightened…then go back to watching sponsored network television like Faux news to get your ‘facts’. Why bother going to a place that you refuse to understand? That’s beyond childish and a waste of time. Go back to your regularly scheduled “Programming” to gain your knowledge.


I’m in 100% agreement with A Christian, about people that just come here to antagonize….if anyone was wondering what I was referring to. This world is in a lot of trouble, because people rather willfully refuse to think outside the box, or do just a little bit of research, even when the truth is right in front of them. Any new yet disturbing information is automatically tossed aside, for something they are more comfortable or familiar with.


@wakeup no that’s not it some pp like myself fully understand what’s going on in the world but I will not say random dumb s--t because again this is a conspiracy blog. All this s--t you guys are saying about him is mere speculation. You don’t anything. And just because someone breaks down does not mean they are mk-ultra. Some ppl have mental issues period. You guys no nothing just because you seen some YouTube video or was on the net means nothing. It’s annoying that ppl like y’all assume these things. You guys gotta do better.


@ Shocks obviously you don’t… need to find another hobby other than trying to convince people that you know everything yourself. No one cares what you think, and you don’t understand therefore, you mock. If you were 100% certain that you did know, you wouldn’t be on this page trying to debunk things, that either you don’t have full knowledge of, or wisdom to decipher. Furthermore, there is a lot more information out there other than YouTube, Nice try though. Since you know so much….Riddle me this? Where is your evidence that the above is not true, other than you just dismissing it and saying it isn’t so? Exactly!!– Just like everyone else it’s just your opinion. This page is for people that realize that are wise enough to know that the world is more than what we see or hear. #PaidTroll


This was a terrible reply lol… “I’m right because I know things you don’t. And no, I have no evidence for this against Kanye in specific. But I don’t need evidence because I have knowledge you don’t from my research that you haven’t done. I also don’t need evidence because you can’t prove me wrong. So that makes me right. And don’t come back here because this is for us smart people only.” This response must have been similar to ones that frustrated scientists and astronomers dealt with in the 1960s: “NO.The Earth is the center of the Universe. And I have no proof but I read it my studies and if you disagree with me you’re going against Scripture. And the Church says I’m right. Besides, we can’t see into space so you can’t prove me wrong.” Look, I get it. I really do. I believe in a lot of what this site implies such as darker and darker events influencing our society and the loss of morals in general. I also don’t doubt there are people who are brainwashed and programmed though I prefer my own term “indoctrination of shitty ideals until they become accepted”. But, I’ve noticed… Read more »

Clearly you meant 1600s not 1960s 🙂


@ SMG….who are you referring to? “I’m right because I know things you don’t. And no, I have no evidence for this against Kanye in specific. But I don’t need evidence because I have knowledge you don’t from my research that you haven’t done. I also don’t need evidence because you can’t prove me wrong. So that makes me right. And don’t come back here because this is for us smart people only.” <<< Did You Just Make Up A Quote, To Create A Quote, That Doesn't Even Exist?? To Just Prove a Point?? Did You Just Change Your Screen Name from Shocks to SMG?? O_O…I hope not!! LOL!! I don't see where anyone counted out, or even claimed, that mental illness was not a possibility, but instead chose to feel, based on the history of HollyWeird, that being programmed is definitely a possibility. That's their belief/perspective that they chose to have, and should not be ridiculed or mocked because of it. Having a healthy debate regardless of what you think is right or wrong, was the issue in this thread, not the difference of opinion, and the judgement of people who chose not to believe in the world's psychological… Read more »


changing up screen names..LOL…don’t be surprised at the antics some people choose to engage in..psychological programming, trolling, espionage, lobbying…selling out…everyone has their price to pay…but instead of trying to mock a Biblical world view, why don’t people instead do their DUE DILIGENCE and ask God for clarity? The bible does not change..because Jesus Christ is absolute truth….He foretold over two thousand years in advance of what our civilization would be engaging in these last days…war, rumors of war, deception, false prophets, lack of love, betrayal and people being offended….so much knowledge right at our fingertips and lips..people just seek Christ for yourself…if he is real then you will know..if he is not you will definitely find out…pray and ask God to reveal truth..He WILL

Oy Goy

Both Kim and Kayne are being reprogrammed They have handlers.


Being a fan of Kanye since The College Graduate and a fellow Chicagoan, my heart goes out to his soul. His demise is being played out like those before him. Since the death of his mother, I don’t believe he’s ever greived. If she was sacrificed, he’s dealing with guilt. Being married to a kardashian would cause anyone to have a nervous breakdown. Plus, jayz is avoiding him. They were once friends. I’ve always felt jay is conniving and he hasn’t kept a solid relationship with anyone. When he doesn’t need a person anymore, jay acts like he’s never seem them before. We know what’s going on. Yes, Kanye is an a-----e, but he’s been trying to warn ppl for years


Maybe Jay knows that they want to get rid of him that’s why he’s completely avoiding him.

Truth & Light

Jay sold out and cannot keep friends….Beyawnce too….they dont hv friends


I do not feel sorry for a man who calls himself Yeezus. He’s sowing his blasphemous seeds. May God have mercy on him. He’s gonna need it.


you don’t see the bigger picture and have no right to determine what and who gets punished.

Jesse White

Idk, you can’t really say kanye has stayed grounded. His pride, ignorance and self absorption has cost him a lot.


If he’s under mind control, you can’t really blame him for his behavior – his handlers are all to blame


He knew what he was doing, don’t play coy. The biggest part of the “picture” is that he sold his soul. And like lady Caca ran with the theme of manipulating his image w/ (blasphemous) religious imagery. Just because he’s struggling now doesn’t dismiss the fact his atrocious/arrogant/ignorant behavior.


Alohabunny – Who said anything about condemnation? I simply pointed out where he’s gone wrong and that God’s mercy is the only thing going to save him. I mean, I’m glad there’s a hell for the likes of witches and serial killers, pedophiles and animal abusers. People send themselves to hell.


Its a very serious sin to wish hell to other human beings that can lead youself directly to hell as well. Our Lord asks us to pray for our ennemies, for their total conversion to God. And NOT to wish them endless torture. The Devil is happy to win more human souls God is UNHAPPY when he looses the souls of His beloved creation.


It is not your job to be sorry for him, but it should be expected of a (supposed) God-fearing being to pray for him!


Our Lord Jesus Christ asks us to pray for each other even for our enemies.


First Shelley Duvall and now Kanye West. There seems to be a theme this past week with celebrities and mental illness. Shelley had very few lucid moments in her interview with Dr. Phil, but still said a lot of interesting things. I’d love it if you wrote an article about her as well.


I was there’d be an article on Shelley Duvall as well. Not just what happened to her, but how she is being used since then.


She said, Robin Williams is not dead, he’s shape-shifting. My ears perked up. Shelly Duvall is NOT crazy. That’s what they want us to think and say about her. In pray God watch over her. Because she just let the cat out of the bag.


So shape shifting is real ? You people are just desperate to believe in something you come up with the wildest theories to support your own narratives, funny to me


She said some very interesting things in the interview. Hinted at Kubrick’s bro-in-law being up to no good during the Shining. Which interestingly enough was psychological torture for her, literally, by Kubrick. Very, very odd.


Also said something about “them” putting her with Stanley Wilson. I forget how she said it, but it sounded like a handler-type situation. Wish VC would do an article!


i wondered why vivian kubrick was no adament over shelley duvall appearing on dr phil, maybe shes afraid she will reveal some truth


I sent VC an email right after I watched the Duvall interview last week suggesting he write about it so let’s hope he does. I was shocked at the ritual abuse signs from Shelley.


I noticed the sir typically takes longer to post articles on older people and pop culture from the past, probably because of the research it takes. I wish they would post more because it is a treasure trove of information rather than the same old rehashes of current music videos and magazine covers.
I really enjoyed the rosemary baby analysis. I would love to see more articles on beloved classic rock artists such as Led Zeppelin, which is full of symbolism.


*the site

D D d

The distactions work, on multiple levels and with more than one demograph, it seems?

Truth & Light

Folks who tell the truth are deemed “crazy”


I agree, that interview was horrifying and fascinating.

just a reader

This breakdown may have been coming for a long time, after all he’s been living in a poisonous bubble for a while, but I still think the timing is noteworthy.

The US election result appears to have created a major upset, especially in the mainstream media. Almost every celebrity supported Clinton and her defeat has left them in traumatized disarray. They were told how it was going to be, and then their programming was interrupted by a stark dose of reality.

To add insult to injury, the American public basically ignored what the Hollywood elite told them to do. They voted the way they wanted, making those celebrities seem both irrelevant and out of touch. It’s clearly been a terrible shock to all of them. It’s certainly interesting that Kanye referenced Donald Trump in his rant. It’s hard to believe it’s a coincidence.


Hillary won the popular vote tho.
So can you really say the American people didn’t vote for her?
Besides it’s all to early to tell if Trump isn’t part of the same order backing Hillary.
For all we know, this was the plan along.
One thing is certain tho, something big is going to happen in America (which will affect the world of course), and these American elections are a key part of it.

just a reader

The popular vote wasn’t enough (though with all the election fraud reported, it’s still being debated if she even won that). But just assuming that Hillary did actually win the popular vote, she was SUPPOSED to win the presidency. And the whole world was told that she was going to win it with a landslide. She didn’t! And if it was all a cunning plan then someone didn’t tell the celebrities about it. Their sobbing and wailing seemed pretty convincing. They’re not that good at acting! As far as those media personalities were concerned, their expectations (and their programming) were turned upside-down by that election result.


Yes “All the World is a stage…” sprang to mind when I read the commenter who mentioned Amber and Kim having the same birthday and it’s like they were placed in his life. That’s exactly what happens and one reason why they appear in film, music and media on the Masonic checker board. They are all pawns and placed together, play together, played with, in handler and slave friendships, relationships and families…. all part of the MK network. Watching, reporting, influencing every move, but the slaves not realising they are essentially in a “Truman Show” situation.


What about loo loo it this way. Shock value! You know how shock is used to create trauma and ease the programming process? The election results created a very big dose of shock value. I wouldn’t believe the reaction of celebrities, to me, it all seems orchestrated to re-inforce the shock value of the elections. Observe everythi with with pinch of salt. Even if shock of news presenter et al can also be orchestrated to again reinforce the shock value. The whol world is in shock and they might be planning to introduce another level of programming world wide for their so called New World Order. Who knows, I could be entirely wrong. I just think this is another way way look at whats going on. Cheers.


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D D d

The whole world is not in shock. It is being told to be in shock. Or at least be surprised. But certainly to not look another way, another place, where their congressmen and women sing their autographs under civilian administration paperwork on very iimportant subjects that seem abstract but influence your direct future and freedoms.


I certainly concur. I believe it was the plan all along.


These celebrity events are theatrical. They are planned.

so and so

Have we forgotten Kanye’s video where he shows a group of celebs sleeping together in the nude and Trump is one of the bedmates? Maybe they really do orgies and rituals together.


Maybe the msm created false expectations of Hillary being so that the election of trump would result in national/societal dissonance in hopes disappointment would trigger a nationwide revolt, thereby giving cause to further usher marshal law.


I think you’ve got it exactly right with your assessment of the celebrities in all of this.


The Kardashian family works with Luciferian magic and that’s the reason of their fame and wealth. Also in one episode of their TV reality show, Kim said “we need new male energy in our family” and if you think about it all men in the Kardashian family end destroyed mentally and psychological. Lamar, Scott, Bruce and now Kanye. He is having a mental breakdown because he lives in a toxic environment that is called Hollywood.


This is as believable as that bullshit jewel heist. This planned celebrity drama smokescreen was deployed on social media to distract from #PIZZAGATE.
It isn’t working. Not at all.


I figured that the Kanye rant would be used as a distraction. Not sure how planned the celebrity drama is so much as it being given the msm attention to direct focus away from #pizzagate


I never liked this man’s utter arrogant behavior. But in all honesty, I feel sad for him now.
It was just a matter of time. Look at what happened to the man being together with these Kardashian witches. They’re nothing but Jezebels, enchanting their pray, looking ‘good’ on the outside, but rotten and ugly at the very core.
He gave away his soul for fame and fortune, and now look at him. How very sad. I pray he finds Jesus so that the veil will be lifted from his eyes, seeing what’s really going on in that damned and cursed house.
It’s always the same isn’t it? Britney Spears, Selma Blair, Eminem… and the list goes on. These are poor souls, trapped in this insidious, devastating, soul depriving HELLywood. They’ve all tried to get out, but no one except Jesus Christ can set them free. Let’s pray for these lost people.

Marsha Marsha Marsha

Kardashian women = Brides of Dracula


Kim Kardashian = W---e of Babylon

Jane from State Farm

Not surprised…I suspected he would be on a 5150 hold as soon as he announced at the concert that “Jay Z had killers.” I agree that his programming is unraveling. UCLA? Isn’t it the same hospital that Amanda Bynes and Britney Spears attended when their programming broke down? Very sad.


He was right, it was a crappy deal.


It saddens me to hear he is going through a breakdown too, this reminds me a lot of Britney, however a tad bit different due to the fact she never showed signs of any mental breakdown, she seemed perfectly fine, healthy and happy untill she just suddenly snapped, Kanye, however, he was always the weird one… I don’t think this comes as a surprise to anyone.

Also I’m seeing a lot of twitter and instragram trends on #supportkanye etc. It amazes me once again how media is on his side and society is being extremely careful and cautius of his current state, while everyone fed off of Britney’s pain, misery and mental health issues, heck there were journalists and politicians who declared out loud they would shoot her if they get the chance, and general public laughed and scrutinized every single mistake she did. I don’t think it gets any more obvious that the american society is misogynistic at its core.

Kev allah

That’s how anglos treat their women. Not those from Amaruca.


That and domestic violence levels.


article topped off with dave chappelle telling us about the covert underground powers that be…yet today just sold out for millions to be on SNL/ propaganda machine. mind control n money work$!

Jane from State Farm

That is not the real Dave Chappelle. No one can convince me that he is 4 inches shorter now with a deeper voice. The guy on SNL is an imposter. Don’t be fooled.


Agreed. I’ve been out of the loop for awhile and just watched a clip of him on SNL. He doesn’t even look the same to me and the voice is deeper.

Truth & Light

I read Dave was cloned


Maybe Chappelle is going to drop some science during his appearance. We’ll see.

D D d

Corporate Science.. yeay. Noticed how the new way of bringing science on television and schoolprojects is rather simplified, compared to big and broad analisys available in the seventies?


Is interesting how Jay-Z is not under mind control and he is the handler of Beyoncé, we’ve seen Beyonce having minor mental breakdowns but Jay.Z is really high on the Luciferian show business and I think he was the one that introduced Kanye West to the Luciferians so he could sacrifice his mother for fame and wealth. Also Jay-Z and Beyoncé killed their bodyguard like 2 years ago and they made it look like it was a police shooting.


Jay Z could very much be programmed. Even the handlers are programmed. There’s always someone above the handlers as well.


yeah I know the handlers are programmed as will, but Jay z shows no sign of mental break down or MK thing which is strange


@SeaPower. I agree with you.Read my comment to the person named candy in this thread.

so and so

That’s why he’s a handler. His programming is foolproof


@candy. Although I know handlers can also be under mind control.I get the feeling Jay-Z isn’t being FORCED to promote evil like his wife Beyoncé and I also don’t think Rihanna is being FORCED to do anything evil.Kanye West and Beyoncé both seem like they’re under mind control.There are two examples that makes me think that about Beyoncé.Watching her swaying back and forth at a basketball game like a crazy person and her just standing emotionless in the elevator while her sister and husband(Jay-Z)got in a physical altercation.Kanye speaks as if people have been messing with his head so much that it makes it difficult for him to speak coherently.I don’t get any vibe what’s so ever that Jay-Z and Rihanna are in the same situation.I think those two gladly decide to promote the illuminati and worship the devil for fame and tons of money.There isn’t a major reason to put someone in their industry under mind control if that person is completely fine with doing whatever the elite asks of them.


Rihanna has been under mind control and hypnosis techniques since 2009 with the Chris Brown incident. If you watch all the videos of Rihanna in order they tell the sinister story of her being a high-level slave/model for Hollywood.Especially her Anti Diary videos!


has anyone ever thought that maybe “they”killed Kanye’s mother because he wouldn’t go along with the plan they had for him. i have been thinking more and more about this.What if these “sacrifices”are really their way of saying do this or else? I have noticed since PRINCE went away,that quite a few people who were close to him or worked with him had sudden illnesses,died or had accidents.Maybe we have been going about this all wrong. i don’t know.

hosea 3:2

It was said that he told his concert crowd to google #pizzagate the night of his last concert the next day he in the hospital???..I heard his rant but couldnt make out #pizzagate..but there is a photo of Kim K with Marina “spiritcooking”…and whats up with the Dr. that made the “housecall” visit. Same as Michael Jackson.


When you dance with the devil, he insists on taking you home when he tires of dancing with you. Unfortunately, it’s to his home you go.

Kev allah

Think about that next time you enter that cube you live in. That’s why youll be buried in a box and you’ll never return to the earth. Because it’s your “GOD” that is truly the devil. The true god is for the forest people. And I’m sorry baby but you ain’t one of us. You can be. But first you have to throw away your mirror.



Heart of stone

What are you talking about? It sounds like you’ve gone completely sideways.


Maybe it has been discussed in other comments, but his mother was an Illuminati-sacrifice, no question, and it messed him up big time. Here’s an excerpt of an interview with him, notice their own use of the word ‘sacrifice’ in this context: Asked by the magazine what in his life he’s sacrificed for his massive level of success, the Grammy winner, 38, said simply, “My mom.” … Her health began to deteriorate following a plastic surgery procedure in California, which led to controversy surrounding the doctor who performed the surgery. “If I had never moved to L.A. she’d be alive,” West continued of his beloved mother, who inspired his creative business DONDA. “I don’t want to go far into it because it will bring me to tears.” – USWeekly article. He says it all right there. I think deep down he is not a bad person, he just got high on fame and having a voice… but to keep his career, he had to make some terrible choices and become a puppet to some wretched people. So between her being killed, and being a part of that ridiculous initiation of Taylor Swift involving Beyonce, and lastly marrying into a family… Read more »


I’m going to let everybody in on a little secret.what’s done in the dark will come to lightKanye is waking up from a brain controlit was Jay-Z and Beyoncé that ordered the hit on Kim Kardashian in Paris Kanye knows that.he can’t believe his best friend/ mentor would use his killer tactics on him. Kim is a hot messand is permanently affected by this whole thingKanye does not know what to do because the attack comes from above himthey took him to the hospital to reprogram him.and Kim didn’t even stay by his side.guess all she just wanted was black babies.she will leave him or he will be killed.he’s trying to warn us he is trying to wake people up but people don’t want to wake up

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