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Blac Chyna Says She’s a Born-Again Christian. Her Mother Says She’s “In the Illuminati”. Who’s Right?

In the past months, Blac Chyna got baptized, removed her Baphomet tattoo, and shut down her OnlyFans account. Meanwhile, her mother says that she’s actually a “fake” and that the Illuminati will eventually kill her. Who is telling the truth?



It is rather easy to hate on Blac Chyna. That’s because, for years, she embodied everything that’s annoying and ridiculous in Hollywood. Indeed, Blac Chyna is the archetype of the celebrity that’s a celebrity for no apparent reason.

After gaining some notoriety as a popular stripper in Miami, Chyna became a household name when she went out with Rob Kardashian, which lead many to wonder if she was trying to leech off the family’s wealth and popularity. These suspicions were solidified when she filed a $100 million lawsuit against the family for defamation. She lost the case.

Meanwhile, Chyna’s physical appearance kept getting weirder as her face, breasts, and buttocks were artificially inflated using various forms of fillers and injections.

Then, like many other celebrities who are lacking discernable talent, she started posting pornographic material on OnlyFans.

Chyna quickly became a top earner on OnlyFans with porn content that included foot fetish.

In short, it was very easy to dismiss Chyna as a vapid, untalented, Hollywood harlot.

However, in the past year, Chyna basically reversed everything mentioned above. She shut down her OnlyFans account, reversed her surgeries, removed a “demonic” tattoo of Baphomet, got baptized, and became a born-again Christian.

Are we witnessing the miraculous transformation of Blac Chyna? Or is it all (as some claim) an attempt at rebranding herself and tapping into the lucrative Christian market?

Here’s a look at Blac Chyna’s transformation and the hate she’s been receiving from many, including her own mother.

From Blac Chyna to Angela White

In 2022, Chyna got baptized on the day of her 34th birthday. In March 2023, she posted a video of the baptism on Instagram with the caption:

I got baptized on 5-11-22 ….. I was watching the video again and wanted to show you this because if you look closely at my mouth you can hear the spirits leaving my body. God is Good.

Blac Chyna getting baptized.

In the months that followed, Chyna made some big changes in several key aspects of her life. First, she dropped the name Blac Chyna to go with her actual name: Angela White. Appropriately enough, her real name happens to sound much more “angelic”.

Through numerous Instagram videos, White documented her process of removing her facial fillers, silicone injections, and other implants she had on her body.

White gets her facial fillers removed.

In late March 2023, made a rather symbolic move: She removed the Baphomet tattoo she had on her hip.

Chyna’s Baphomet tattoo.

In an IG video, White says that the tattoo “had to come off” as she couldn’t have no “Mark of the Beast” on her. She added that she did not want anything negative or demonic on her body anymore. In her second post about the tattoo, White wrote:

Thank you God, for saving me. 🙏🏽 Removing this Baphomet tattoo.
I’m sending all this energy back to the owner.

FULL NAME : Baphomet

ALIAS: Satan ,The Devil, Mahomet, Bafumarias, Samael, Lilith, Goat of Mendes, Sabbatic Goat, Goat of Lust, Azazel Goat

ORIGIN: Demonology

OCCUPATION :Goat-headed demon spirit,POWERS SKILLS, Black magic, Spiritual physiology, Vast dark powers, Immortality,Umbrakinesis, Possession, Reality-warping, Telekinesis, Corruption, Telepathy, Mind control, Necromancy, Intelligence on evil

GOALS: Create and spread chaos,Abuse and torment his victims, CRIMES, Malefic, Conspiracy, Spiritual corruption,

Symbolic Corrupter

Around the same time, White also shut down her OnlyFans account which reportedly generated over $240 million a year. If that figure is even remotely accurate, White is stepping away from a whole lot of money. In an interview with Revolt, White stated:

“I don’t do OnlyFans anymore — I don’t do it anymore at all. I’m just changing everything about me. It’s a dead end. All that stuff is a dead end, and I know that I’m worth way more than that.”

White also explained that she wanted to “set an example” to her 10-year-old son Cairo and her 6-year-old daughter Dream who are getting old enough to understand what she’s doing for a living.

On Easter Sunday, White posted a photoshoot on Instagram. But it wasn’t OnlyFans material.

The caption says: “Watch, stand fast in faith. be brave, be strong”. 1 Corinthians 16:13

Caption: And he said to them, “Do not be alarmed. You seek Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified. He has risen; He is not here. See the place where they laid Him.” Mark 16:6

This pic of her looking devout while still showcasing her butt is kind of odd. Old habits die hard, I guess.


White’s drastic change was not met with universal praise. Some commentators say that she’s faking it, that she’s being “extra”, that she’s doing it for “clout” and that she’s actually rebranding herself to appeal to a new market. Of course, media sources also jumped on the occasion to portray White’s transformation in a negative light. Here are some headlines.

The most intense reaction to White’s transformation comes from her own mother – ex-model Tokyo Toni. In February, Toni stated that her daughter was “in the Illuminati” and that she was “marked for death”.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom)

Toni said:

“When the Illuminati come for Angela, ‘cuz they gon’ come, there’s nothing I can do. I don’t ever want to go around my daughter again, not alone. Not without two pistols, and a pitbull.”

In another post, Toni said:

“Illuminati have got Blac Chyna (…). I’m saying this right now. Chyna… You are done out here. They gon’ get you, they gon’ get you next. Don’t say I didn’t tell you to prepare for it, I really am. They gon’ tear her down, they gon’ put her on drugs. She don’t speak up for herself, she sit in that house like a f*cking hermit. I’m just done with it.

I swear to God she would sacrifice me for more. What is she doing at the Grammys? What? You ain’t did shit, can’t complete nothing.”

Following White’s Easter photoshoot, Tokio said:

“I am God’s child, not Chyna. Chyna is a PR stunt. C’mon b***h, we know better. I don’t give a f**k if she don’t ever talk to me in life, chile. I raised her, had her, taught her, she know everything! This b***h is faking. In Jesus’ name, stop her. Right now! Put her on her back. I’m not playing with you, Lord. Take her name out of the last book of Life. If she playing with you, Lord! In Jesus’ name! We not gonna do that.”

Those are some rather harsh words. And I didn’t even mention that time she called her own daughter a “slut bucket”. In response to her mother’s attacks, Chyna said in an interview:

“That’s just the devil, that’s just the enemy and guess what I’m not going for it. I’m a really intelligent person. If you look at her video she always says ‘Chyna, my daughter Chyna’. She never says my daughter Angela. So guess what those gifts that she’s trying to send this way, they’re not directed towards me. My name is Angela. My name is not Chyna. So direct that somewhere else.”

In Conclusion

Is Angela truly changed or is she “faking it”? In all honesty, I have absolutely no idea what truly lies in her heart. And it is definitely not my job to judge if one is a proper Christian or not. However, seeing her take the exact opposite I usually describe on this site has been refreshing and I welcome more of this in mass media. No matter what her true intentions are, the actions she has taken in the past months are objectively healthy and positive so I don’t see why anyone should be mad at any of this.

I used to strongly dislike Blac Chyna and everything she stood for. I didn’t know much about her and I wanted it to stay that way. There was this dark energy surrounding her that just urged me to look away. Maybe it was because she gyrated around the Kardashian witch coven for years. Maybe it was because her own mother appears to be rather toxic.

In any case, the new, fresh-faced Angela White doesn’t seem to have this dark energy surrounding her anymore. Maybe she’s truly changed and maybe she truly turned her back on the industry. And that is why her mother is saying that the Illuminati “marked her for death”.

Then again, maybe Angela White is fooling us. One thing is for sure: She won’t be fooling God.


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