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Lamar Odom Found Unconscious in Brothel, Now Fighting For His Life



Lamar Odom Found Unconscious in Brothel, Now Fighting For His Life

Another disturbing chapter of the Kardashian story is being written as Lamar Odom was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel and is now fighting for his life.

Lamar Odom, the NBA player who is mostly known to be Khloe Kardashian’s husband, was hospitalized after he was found unconscious in the Love Ranch, a brothel in Nevada. According to news sources, Odom took cocaine and over 10 supplement pills over three days and was found with “blood coming out of his nose and white stuff coming out of his mouth”.

According to the owner of the Love Ranch Dennis Hof, Lamar attended the brothel because he wanted “to get far away from something.”

Here is Hof’s version of the events:

“Two women at the brothel went to check on Odom and found him unconscious,” he said. “They immediately call 911, and dispatch tells the girls to roll him over on his left side and (he) starts to puke. He was totally unconscious. The girls and staff rush him out on the ambulance. The police didn’t find any illegal drugs on him.”

He added, “To my knowledge, there were no drugs involved. Lamar was eating well and was just healthy.”

The site manager of the brothel told CNN that when he arrived in the room the former athlete was on his right side and wouldn’t wake up when people shook him.

Richard Hunter said Odom was snoring loudly, had his eyes closed and was unresponsive, so he called 911.
– CNN, Lamar Odom had been using cocaine, brothel employees say

According to site manager Richard Hunter, two women, who had been with Odom earlier, handed him a bottle of a legal herbal supplement that is sold at the brothel.

At the time of writing this article, Odom is on life support in Sunrise hospital in Nevada. Khloe Kardashian is currently taking medical decisions on his behalf.

Odd Circumstances

While we do not have all of the facts concerning this tragic event, the words “overdose” and even “suicide attempt” are being thrown around in mass media. However, I would not rule out him being poisoned as we’re looking at a Whitney Houston-like situation here.

First of all, Odom was given two bottles of “herbal viagra” by two women who worked at the ranch. How easy would it be to slip something in there?

Second, Lamar and Khloe signed divorce papers in July, meaning they are split up. Another proof that the couple was definitely over is that Lamar was in a brothel having sex with prostitutes for three days. Despite these facts, Khloe is in charge of medical decisions, claiming that the “divorce is not final”. Isn’t this situation strange and bizarre? If I was in the process of divorce and was found in brothel, I wouldn’t want my ex-wife, who is related to a elite-controlled family, calling the shots. I am however not saying that Khloe is behind any of this – I am saying that those who control the Kardashian family are shady and bent on sacrifices.

Why would “they” want Odom dead? I am not sure. We do know that he was on his way out of the family. Strangely, all of the men who were in contact with that family end up truly messed up. Just hours after Odom’s hospitalization, sources reported that Scott Disick was in rehab for drugs and alcohol abuse.

Lamar Odom Found Unconscious in Brothel, Now Fighting For His Life

How many men in that Kardashian Christmas card are still “in the picture?”

It is currently too early to conclude anything and I hope that Lamar will recover. However, when you get involved with a family that is controlled by the occult elite, bad things often happen. Watch out Kanye.

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Lamar Odom Found Unconscious in Brothel, Now Fighting For His Life

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Come on! Where are Lamars family members? And why couldn't this be happening to Kanye instead of to this guy he actually seems pretty cool. Kanye on the other hand has a god complex and needs a nice big slice of humble pie to wake his sorry a-s up that he's no more special than anybody else on the planet


I’ll say!

Cam C

As soon as I heard this story, I immediately said "Illuminati hit". Think back a couple weeks when the story came out that he was stalking Khloe and attacked her at the gym, Odom did an interview with TMZ stating that he is not crazy and not stalking her, the meeting was set up and she started acting for the cameras. He also went on and said that if the family didn't stop talking about him, he would expose the whole truth. Fast forward a few weeks……he's unconscious in a hospital with his EX wife making the life and death decision. Suspicious? I think…yes!


I read something intresting that kardashian bloodline come from a Klan of witches in Armenia, and in old folks tales the women cast spells and sacrifices for wealth and beauty and nothing else or less, it explains why the brother is depressed and having difficulty. The dark arts is real. Please people turn to Christ. I was depressed and plagued with demons in my life. I turned to God and he shows me the way.


Wow, that is a very intriguing idea. I'd like to research more into this… Where did you read this? This would explain so much.


There are no witches, let alone, clans, in Armenia. Never been, and are not. In fact, Armenians left the tower of Babel construction site for they disagreed to sacrifice their people. In our history we never had masters, and never had slaves. We had Kings who ruled along with a council of Ministers. We were busy fighting off fire worshipping Iranians and Assyrians (we were sun worshippers). We were the first nation to adopt Christianity as a state religion, never had anything remotely related to any Inquisition and while Medieval Europe was killing one another, we were building, and writing literature. I heard this "witch clan" story in a Youtube video from a woman who claimed to be from an industry, she had no clue of anything Armenian, neither history, nor culture. Armenians despise the Kardashian family "values", for they are the exact opposite to ours. And the first man sacrificed in that family was the Armenian father. If anything witchy is up with them, it must be from the Scottish roots of their mother, who has no bloodline in Armenia whatsoever.


This story was made up on a blog as satire and some YouTube "researcher" just ran with it. I have no doubt they are evil and probably involved in the occult. However the witch ancestor in the woods thing is not real.


True, the evilness comes from the mother's side of the family.


"There are no witches, let alone, clans, in Armenia. Never been, and are not."
That is a very broad statement. That's like me saying there are no witches or warlocks in England because it was founded on the church. You cannot absolutely know everything about a country or state, especially those that have hidden/inaccessible records (like the Vatican for example). "The victors are the authors of the history books" so they can write and tell you anything and make you believe it as fact. Don't take everything at face value, that's my point.


I can absolutely state it about Armenia, where I grew up. And if you claim anything otherwise, you should apply your comment to yourself. Additionally, I urge anyone messing Armenia into this story, to care enough to learn of our history, mythology and heritage prior to commenting. We've been persecuted long enough and our very soul has been subject to multiple Genocides. And those who did it, did so in order to take our very best forms of contributions and manipulate in order to gain power. We're not power driven for our very nation came to existence as an act of our forefather Hayk fighting against Baal and leaving power driven maniacs of Babylon behind and establishing homeland on the Armenian Highlands.


I understand how you strongly feel about your country and your heritage, I think it's great. However, I have to say ghost has a good point. The occult is by essence mysterious and hidden and it is not because there is no historical source about it that it means it did not exist. The library of Hassan Sabbah in Alamut (Iran) was burnt by the Mongols and with it all the occult secrets they had at the time (and we are talking about crazy stuff here, unbelievable kinds of things) and if it wasn't for Omar Khayyam Robayaïts and all the notes on that manuscript, we wouldn't have known of such thing… so maybe there was no Omar Khayyam in Armenia – a country with great history and heritage. I am Algerian, I do know my country and its history very well, however, the history that hasn't been told, that hasn't been written, I can never be sure of. I think that's the only point ghost was making.


Ok, I grew up in America and have never seen witchcraft firsthand, but I definitely believe it's out there. It's everywhere. You can't say just because you grew up somewhere you know everything possible that happened there. Plus you weren't alive hundreds of years ago and history books can be erased and re-written.


as far as i've read, ethiopians were the first to be an official christian state. i'm not saying you're wrong, i'm just saying that several history sources differ from your claim.


I'm an Armenian myself. There are people who practice witchcraft in every part of the world, including Armenia. Your next door neighbor can be practicing and you wouldn't even know it. It's a dark reality. So, to say that there are no witches in Armenia is absolutely false.


Thank you!! Witchcraft is everywhere in every culture- sure it's shunned upon but it's still very much alive in the dark.

Jack Meioff

No witches in Armenia? You're just another delusional Kardashian apologist, because there are witches or sorcerers in every single country. It doesn't matter if they are a clan of witches or not, they are still the most annoying and degenerate skanks in America period.


To me that sounds like a completely groundless made up story. They identify themselves as Christians? Kim even once said she tithes every month.


"Chrisitians"???? Hahahahahahahah!!!!


What I mean is you should not believe everything on the internet. Mar can't just say that out loud with no evidence or foundings studied by experts and even if there were any, it only proves old Armenians did it and still leaves a question whether modern Kardashians did it as well. I kinda feel bad you have 11 upvotes and I have none. I'm not defending them. If you guys keep posting unreliable stories like this others will continue to disregard you as mere lifeless conspiracy theorists. If you want people to take you seriously be a little more professional.


What you "identify" as is different from what you are. There's no instrument as perfect as the Human brain when it comes to searching truth… And deceiving itself.


I heard Armenians add pooh if you visit them. Also, they add menstrual blood in their men's food to wrap them around their finger. Some bizarre customs but hey ho maybe not all of them are strange. Bottom line is this particular family is overbearing and can't see what the fuss is all about. Some American obsession with the family. Nobody else cares about them.


You heard? Any particular sources, Spyros? I'm an Armenian, who lives in Athens, my husband is an Armenian from Lebanon. We're both descendants of Genocide survivors. I come from Mush, he comes from Urfa (both very ancient cities of historic Western Armenia and both are in Turkey now). Both our families are very very very old, dating back to Shumeria and we have very ancient traditions we keep in our family, non of which include anything as twisted and backwards as what you mention… It is ridiculous that people with no knowledge whatsoever of the indigenous people of the ancient world, suddenly jump out wit illiterate comments in the 21st century… What you mention is typical of moon worshipping and fire worshipping clans and tribes. We were and are sun worshippers and our Church has incorporated a lot of those traditions within our customs. We never practiced sacrifices, nor did we initiate wars, nor did we take religious and magik concepts from others. To the contrary, many ancient cultures took certain of our rituals and twisted them in order to cause us harm. Please study our history, prior to writing such despeakable commentary.


In the same spirit of twisting our best of traditions against us (it's an ancient method of fire and moon worshippers, called the mirror method – you take a sun worshipper's tradition/ritual and recreate it in reverse meaning – life worship reversed with death worship, building temples reversed with ruining temples, equality in family reversed with complete patriarchy etc.). The Armenian traditions carried by the father have been reversed against him, everything he built and believed has been reversed in meaning. That's what his wife did to him. In Armenian tradition, man and woman are equals, mother and father are to live in harmony, without any of the parties abusing or manipulating the other. He was used and manipulated by his wife. This is utterly against our family values and traditions.


"Genocide survivors"? No international court has ever passed such a verdict and many major historians insist the slaughters have nothing to do with genocide, so probably you meant "the deported" or "the relocated." Get your history right.


Are you Turkish?


Lots of people don't acknowledge the so called genocide, I'm not Turkish and don't believe it happend- well, I should say I don't believe it happend the way we're told it did by the Armenians.


Lots of very dumb, 'Holocaust' propagandists apparently believe the Armenian genocide is fiction……everybody else knows the Armenian genocide is fact, and was indeed carried out by the 'Young Turks,'(who were crypto-Jews….which is precisely the reason why there is any questioning of this at all)….


amen God is love praise him


But the weird thing is that Kris the mother is the ring leader and she has a Scottish background – masons


Thats true … & kourtneys son is even named Mason.


Bullshit. So Kim learnt witchcraft from her father? The only Armenian ones in that family are Kourt, Kim & Rob. The rest of the family's white.


All the men in that family were destroyed, specially Kanye West, he always looks so miserable after he sacrificed his mother.
The kardashian family is deep into black magic and satanism in Hollywood, The mother Kris is the pimp.
Kris jenner released the sex tape of kim and after that, Kris just kept going and sacrificed all her kids to the Freemasonry of Hollywood for fame and money. Poor Kylie and Kendall they are going to really bad like Lindsay lohan.

baby bon bon

It is definitely strange that this happened. Maybe he should of kept his mouth shut about the tell all book that him and Scott wanted to make. I just saw a couple weeks ago they are trying to pay Scott with 20 million to shut up. Hopeful Lamar makes it and Scott gets far away before they get him too. I honestly can not wait to see what they do to Kanye. It will be good to see him knocked down a few pegs.


Kim too. So sick of her. She is no spring chicken anymore.

chef rawsheed

I am a raw chef in hollywood and I volunteered in a mansion in hollywood hills. only the view was good. the house was nothing special and some weird sh*t does go on in Hollywood. The Mansion owner has art works of JFK's assassination up on the walls which was odd and he told me that he films child sacrifices in south africa. I was speechless and just continued conversation like he didn't just say this. Seriously who does that! he regularly hires his house out for money and was a promoter in hollywood for people. Who knows what else goes on! Crazy!


Here's what's not adding up. First they stated he took 10 pills of herbal viagra and Hof said that was it, that he had no knowledge of anything else. When they came to get Lamar, there were no drugs or anything related to illegal drugs found. Yet now they're saying they have found every drug you can think of in his system and that he was on a weekend long cocaine binge. First of all, if no one had knowledge of him doing anything other than drinking cognac and taking herbal viagra, how can they then say he was on a weekend long drug binge? That's contradictory. Secondly, when people go on drug binges, like Phillip Seymour Hoffman did, you will find a copious amount of drug related items, be it baggies, paraphernalia etc.. they said it was crack cocaine right, where's the pipes? Nothing was found, yet he had every drug you could think of in his system? They also said track marks was on his arms, where's the needles? This stinks bad of a sacrifice. Thats what they do like they did with Michael Jackson and so many others, they discredit people, make them look crazy and drugged… Read more »

Truth & Light

Blind gossip posted that the owner cleaned up the place before anyone came…doesnt mean he wasnt under heavy mind control to OD


Why would he be under mind control? He's clearly severely depressed from his divorce, death of his two close friends, and he's been dealing with substance abuse for quite some time.


"It's hard for me to keep my composure, to everybody that I know and that supports me I'm sorry but that's it, the dog has to fight back…

Ya'll beat me down, degraded me, said I would do everything in the world. I'm a womanizer, a f**king drug addict, everything. I probably couldn't even get f**king hired at Home Depot right now because of how people look at me, it's over…IF IT HAPPENS AGAIN I WILL AIR EVERYTHING OUT." ~ Lamar Odom. – August THIRTEEN, 2015.
~ [day before the new moon]

He said as a warning to her and the k-herd after being set up [yet again] by khloe to look like a stalker… whilst she claimed to be in 'fear for her life' and discussed hiring a bodyguard [all for their show] before running off to see james harden afterwards…

Lamar was/is now being silenced… – October THIRTEEN, 2015.
~ [on the new moon]


Love the term "K-herd."


Poor Guy ):


Absolutely agree with this – THIS is how they get rid of people that don't play nice with them and keep to the strict satanic rules. They HUMILITATE (disclosing what he supposedly took, how much, how many prostitutes he supposedly slept with, ect, ect, ect) them and then get rid of them. He must have known what he's getting into so he's not nearly as "innocent" but it's clear he got in way over his head – which is ironic coz the man is as long as a life policy so THAT in itself should reveal just how much BS is going on in this totally UNREAL "family". They are a trinket in satan's hand which he moves the second he needs attention diverted …


I'm not sure the men have a choice. I think the Khardashians are handlers and the men are assigned to them and if the men try to 'wake' up and escape they are done! Kanye better a good little doggie if he wants to keep his fame and fortune


Or maybe they will sacrifice one of their children; the Royals always have 1 spade and 1 spare. Kim is doing the same; North wasn't even 1 year old good before Kim was trying to get pregnant again. They want a spade and a spare. So maybe Kanye won't be the sacrifice, one of the children will be (incase you don't know – the creeps that run this show on Earth, love your kids and do nasty horrible things to them, leaving them traumatized with Dissociative Identity Disorders and such). God forgive them; they know not what they do!


He seems like such a sweet guy and he probably is in some ways but the more I find out about this the more I think Lamar was already on a downward spiral.. years before, because of drugs and goodness knows what else. Men need to talk more, they bottle everything up and go on self destruct. Its important to have someone you can trust and tell everything to and just stay away from drugs – If you become addicted its never alright, no matter what drug, it WILL ruin you and your life


and there was a weird tweet from Khloe about self help book she reads before bed, one of them had a girls face on the cover with her eyes completely covered by a black monarch butterfly. Maybe someone 'elite' is trying to trigger an MK alter in Khloe? :/ Or someone wants revenge… some gossip sites claim that Lamar cheated on her and he was seen shouting abuse at her outside a gym after they separated.. they're a powerful family with seemingly shady links …so :/
Anyway I hope Lamar gets better.


Top story on the Daily Mail website's showbiz section: "Divorce is OFF! Khloe Kardashian withdraws court papers as new photos show her smiling at LA hospital with Lamar Odom after overdose." God help this poor man.


But why? Did she know about or plan this? My guess is yes.


The Kardashian family is almost a lot like the "Rockefellers" of today's modern era, so its a no-brainer that LO's ordeal is like another Houston stunt…(hoping he doesn't join mother and daughter despite facing the fate as they did). Was so looking forward to this article after hearing about his suffering and now that he's on life support with Khloe playing God under "elite" influences.

I feel sorry for Kanye although I tend to see him as an elite member himself in a family controlled by puppet masters, so its obviously quite clear that anyone involved with the Kardashians is bound to come out not looking the same again. Good luck to Kanye if he even makes out "alive and sane" which is most likely unless the elite chooses to get rid of him despite his "service" to them in the music industry….like that Taylor Swift upstaging recently at the VMA's six years ago.


I remember a scene from the show where Khloe tells Kris Humphries (who escaped the Klan luckily) that he better get used to the fact that men don't get a say in this family. The camera then panned to both Bruce and Rob who were nodding with their heads hanging down in an ashamed way.

Big hair

That's the Jezebel spirit in full effect.


Well, Bruce took care of that problem lol.


The Kardashian Koven…. there is a darkness about this family. They emasculate every man that they welcome in. And move on to the next clueless sucker. I've really analyzed their history with men over the years. They get into relationships quick, flaunt it for the world to see, the whole family embraces the new guy. But as soon as it ends, they turn on the man, and the man is never the same after that. This Lamar Odom "overdose" seems like a sacrifice….


There was an article I read a few weeks ago something about the Kardashian family offering Scott Disick $20 million to keep quiet and not talk to anyone about their family secrets and they want to make sure he won't find any work in LA again. With the death of his mom and dad recently, the things he sees and hears, the bad crowd he has surrounded himself with, the lack of real friends that support him, he decides to let his life be controlled by drugs and alcohol. Same things can be said about Lamar, a nice guy but surrounded by evil. I wish that both these guys get their life back and recover.


All you need to watch is Kris Jenners' infamous YouTube video from the 80s, "I Love My Friends" (guest starring OJ).
Future generations will study this woman as an archetype of sociopathology.
The Karsludgians' psychic-emotional aura is one of vampirish consumption, ice cold manipulation, ritualistic castration, cynicism and betrayal. They dress in all black and their auras are black. They are infested with Archontic influence.


Anon, your vocabulary seems dramatic , can you please further explain how you came to know the true colours of this Kartrashian family, visitors of this site would like to know.


I really believe that these Trashian witches made a deal with the devil. They are the most hated family, their cheap clothes don't sell, their show ratings are very low yet they can't seem to go away. They wanted Lamar gone because two months ago, Khlozilla tried to set him up, asking him to meet him at this gym and tried to say he was stalking her. He said in the clip that they better cut it out or hell expose them. He even ssid to TMZ that TMZ is in on it. He called all of them out. Everyone knows TMZ is on their payroll. She kept postponing the divorce for a reason. Now we know why.


VC what about the fact that 2 months ago Lamar spoke to TMZ and was angry about being set up to look like he was stalking Khloe and in that tape he said "if it happens again I will air everything out"! I think Kris Jenner and that family are evil and as you said the people controlling them well they're Satan himself I wouldn't put it past them! They destroyed this man and assassinated his character for ratings why wouldn't they silence him!


The next sacrifice for the Kardashian klan, Lamar Odom. The late Robert Kardashian was sacrificed for that evil family.
Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner – Illuminati Goddess ritual. Scott Disick in 'rehab' for drug, alcohol and family problems – yet again!! Young Rob Kardashian, overweight, drug, alcohol problems, gossip of an illegitimate child. The men have certainly had it tough in that family. A Dianic cult if I ever heard of one!!
What does the future hold for Scott and Kourtney's boys and maybe the child Kim is about to have?


I heard about Rob's secret child, too. My guess is Rob knows what would happen to his child if made an "official" member of the family.



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