“American Horror Story : Hotel” Stars Lady Gaga … and Pushes a Disturbing Agenda


The trailer and the first episode of the fifth season of American Horror Story are already full of Illuminati symbolism and occult elite agenda.

With a name like American Horror Story, one cannot expect to be watching unicorns jumping above rainbows. It is however clear that this season is all about glorifying the occult elite’s agenda and celebrating their obsession with ritual murders and sex magick. Who better than Lady Gaga to star in the series?

One does not need to watch hours of the series to understand the agenda behind it. An educated look at the 30 seconds trailer is enough. Here it is.


Shot like creepy music video, the trailer begins with the occult concepts of “as above so below” and duality as expressed by shots of contrasting colors. Also,  the one-eye sign that is flashed about 6 times in 30 seconds.

If you go through the video in slow motion, you'll see her hide one eye several times.
If you go through the video in slow motion, you’ll see her hide one eye several times.

Here are some more examples.

horror1The trailer also shows Gaga controlling zombie-like children.

Yeah. Weird.
I don’t know what’s up with these kids, but I’m pretty sure its not good.

This season of A.H.S. is based on the true story of Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles where Canadian student Elisa Lam was found dead in a water tank, weeks after her death. A surveillance video showing her acting erratically shortly before her death has people wondering what exactly happened to her. You can read my article on Elisa Lam here (I’d like to add that my article was pretty much the first one to shed some light on the odd circumstances of her death). While Elisa Lam’s death is still a mystery, there is definitely something unholy going on at Cecil hotel and something probably ritualistic behind her death.

Other than being inspired by Cecil Hotel, A.H.S. is perfectly in line with the occult elite’s agenda of promoting the culture of death, where abuse, murder and dehumanization are intermixed with general coolness and sexyness. For example, in the first episode, Lady Gaga and her mate have sex drenched in the blood of a couple they’ve just murdered.

That's hilarious.
That’s hilarious.

That episode also features guy getting raped with a dildo by “The Addiction Demon”. You’ve read that correctly. To complete the full occult elite agenda, the other bad guy in the series is “The Ten Commandments Killer” who is inspired by the Bible to commit to most atrocious murders. In mass media, Christianity is always the bad guy.

While only a single episode aired at the time of writing this article, this A.H.S. already has all of the hallmarks of the Illuminati agenda. Some might say: “It is about horror! It’s supposed to be disturbing!”. I know. But this is horror with an agenda.

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226 Comments on "“American Horror Story : Hotel” Stars Lady Gaga … and Pushes a Disturbing Agenda"

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Is it just me? I can not enjoy horror (or war stories as another example) as entertainment or amusement. Never have been able to. And find it hard to understand someone with empathy and conscience takes a leek during commercial break, re-adjusts undergarments and couches up out for the next segment. While twittering.

People have different levels of sensitivity to stimuli. I also cannot watch. I tried "toughening" myself by visiting Faces of Death and the like but it didn't work for me. The only think that "worked" to dull sensitivity was drinking.

It's not just you. Violence and ritualistic stuff on tv gives me nausea. It always has but since I gave up tv which kept me desensitized, I've become more sensitive. For some reason, pop music makes me feel ill too. I think mass media whether tv, film or music has an ability to sicken us. If you pay attention, you can feel it happening.

Hi. I think I remember you from forever ago in the comments section. Wise and feminist, if I remember correctly. Or maybe that was some other "gnome." Anyway, I'm glad to see there are other sensitive people out there. Club HSP!

More sensitive is right. I had been able to avoid a lot of it for years simply because I didn’t own a television. After living in a household that had the television on all the time, I was straight-up horrified by how bad the sex and violence had gotten. I’m no prude, but there has been such a decline in decency on television that I can’t believe parents let their children watch ANY of it.

i'm not able to watch horror movies, war movies, and now i can't even find the patience to see "music" videos. They put me really nervous and they produce nightmares, so it's been years since i don't watch any of it, and i won't do it anymore.

My husband see a lot of hollywood action movies, and even those are not fun to me now.
If something dont present hapinnes or beauty, it's not on my list.

" The world is a dangerous place not because of those who do evil but because of those who look on and do nothing" Albert Einstein

Dresspuss…what a quote!!! So truthful.

What should people do?

Stop paying attention to this culture and ignore it, but don't forget of the evil people behind it, teach your kids the truth and try to spread it if you can. Seriously, if you take a good look at your life, you'll notice how so much of your time is wasted on stuff like this, we must completely reshape our lives and make sure we're spending our time doing something productive, not sitting mindlessly in front of a screen while crimes are being normalized in front of us.

Additionally, I have to say that we should turn to God, I'm a muslim myself, sadly a lot of muslims have fallen victims to the glorification of sins and terrible acts like this, many just follow their lust and ignore the obvious truth. True Islam would save us from all of this and keep us protected.

Mike I totally agree we must reshape our lives and allow the current paradigm to destroy. But can we simply ignore the culture we are living in ? Your comment makes perfect sense to me but because there is a but : I really hate this idea that the world could be perfect because it is too utopic so totalitarian to me. However we all should try to improve ourselves through religion or symbols or anything that suits us. So agreed as long as we also see the world as it is and not only as it should be if we want to change it. I am not against dreams but wake ups can sometimes be difficult if you avoid reality. To go back to your comment : yes we should do all that we can to avoid this disgusting culture but is it really that simple to do so… Read more »

Learn how to think better, differently from what society teaches them

And stop waiting for miracles, but fight for a better education based on real values instead of money. Pessimism and declinism or catastrophism won't help. So let us not be childish.

Then you must know Einstein was a hypocrite. He was a apart of their agenda then and is still being used today even after his death! The audacity of him to say that, knowing he was feeding right into their dirty hands with all his "science" theories….which today are still just theories, not FACTS.

Einstein, what a joke!

It is/was the case of many famous scientists. Now I personally won't question his theories because I have no capacity to do so. Let's just say science can be very dangerous used in wrong hands. And get scared when those masonic lobbies get their dirty hands on it. (They will probably like the metaphor).

Einstein's quote is so true though !

Except hardly evil.

Einstein was certainly one to talk…… delving in his fake sciences!

I tried watching this after reading this article (I know…why bother, right?) It was the worst piece of s**t I've ever seen. I can't believe things like this are actually shown on television. Besides the blood and gore, there is absolutely no character development, the acting is wooden, Lady Gaga appears out of nowhere and proceeds with the same shtick (oh look at me I'm so bad-ass, blood and sex and death), there are multiple scenes of sensationalized r**e, and just a general sense of what the f**k is this and why is this watched by anyone at all. I couldn't even get through 20 minutes, it was that horrible.

More crap from this talentless puppet. I thought she'd disappear forever after her last tour.

I can't believe they allow this filth on network TV. Just more evidence we are circling the drain and the general public apathetically acquiesces to more blatant evil.

"In mass media, Christianity is always the bad guy."

It's about time someone gets it!

Malcolm, your "reasoning" is patholigical as in, psychotic. "have children watch it so they know the reality". WTF is an understatement. I hope you're not a parent or around any children, for that matter.

This has-been has been done since 2012, nobody gives a damn about her but the media keeps pushing her ugly face up our throats and putting her up on a pedestal, they really want to make her happen. When will they understand that aside from some insecure freaks no one is interested in her?

Actually I don't think they've been promoting her as much as before. She's been relatively quiet on the music scene, and this tv show is the first bone they've thrown her in a while

That pic with the kids struck memories of Kim Nobles traumatic paintings involving children. Sick

Did you catch the pro-vax agenda in the first two emails? This season is unwatchable.

now they are showing r**e on cable tv!? i have an infant and i fear for her, living in a world like this.

My mom and I decided not to watch AHS this season. The r**e scene with the addiction demon looked like sicko p**n. They already had Kyle raped multiple times in Coven. It's not edgy, and they must know it wouldn't be aired if the victim wss a woman.

In Hotel the actor who was very convincing while being raped led me to think he took drugs because the same abuse happened to him as a child. I don't get why AHS has a thing for male r**e. It's the opposite of sexy.

What I don't understand is what kind of people enjoy this garbage? and that gaga creature is such an idiot its actually quite amusing cause she actually thinks she's cool. These people are pathetic.

I first watched this new AHS Season, because of awards + Gaga. This hand signal thing is in overkill. How can a "monarch alter" make 20 hand signs per episode, and not be aware of it? I'm weary of seeing them. She makes so many, it's like she has an Illum. form of Hand-Sign-Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder. Why so often? Can anybody tell me the meaning of the Tony Bennett relationship w/Gaga? Did she switch teams for some kind of "protection"? I saw a pap photo of her kissing her fiancé' for PDA display in front of the paps in car (apprx Oct 10) and she was making a complex hand sign across his throat during the kiss?? Can someone please tell me what that one means for this hapless 6-yr boyfriend? It was very staged by her, and intentionally sent as a signal to someone. No one puts hand position across throat… Read more »

Good thing I'm not even bothered to watch that show since I don't anyways. Time and time again its Lady Gurgle herself in the living flesh (literally) playing queen pawn of the occult elite as usual so I'm not surprised.

Signs and symbols galore reveal themselves in plain sight I know, which is why I'd rather have other things to do than watch TV like taking walks outside or playing outdoor sports.

Overall, this continues to get a whole lot more demonic in rituals so horrifying its no wonder why mass media sees Christianity or anything against it as the enemy according to the article.

Its just keeps strengthening my vigilance even more to continue paying attention to what the elite pawns are really hiding in plain sight that many fail to realize or recognize.

As soon as I saw Lady Gaga was involved with this I already knew what was coming. Watched the 30 second trailer you provided (on mute), and honestly it's laughable. Their symbolism is so predictable it's gotten boring. Anything to stay relevant, I guess lol.

Keep up the good word, VC.

You can always count on anything that Lady Gaga is involved in having tons of this bullsh*t in it, she used to be one of the elite's favorite puppets.

Not used to be…she still is.

Yes, I agree and I really do feel sorry for those people deep down, no matter how angry I get at them. All we can really do is pray for them and hope they escape their mental slavery 🙁

Was Lady GaGa cloned? VC please, when you have the time do an article on the fact that the elite clone a lot of celebrities and artists. this is a serious aspect of the industry they control. Other possible clones are Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, Rhianna, Chris Brown, Michael Jackson (right after his Pepsi commercial accident, which left him unrecognizable.) VC I also would like to point out that it is possible that Katy Perry is Jon-Benet Ramsey, with dyed black hair. Would it be possible to do an article on that also someday so people can see how sick and twisted these "people" really are? For years I thought that little girl was brutally murdered, by her own parents, no less; till one day I came across a documentary which showed me that it is possible that she never died and was simply removed from society as Jon-Benet and Katy… Read more »

Ok. So I did watch the entire show. AHS has always had occult image association in some way shape or form. I watch this show because it’s like an easter egg hunt for me. The show spent so much time focusing on the images and occult agenda it didn’t have time to focus on a plot. But yes. This particular season was incredibly visually disturbing and frankly has made me not want to watch it any more. It was tasteless and vulgar, and that’s just from an artistic standpoint.

I've been a fan since the first episode and have been pointing out the symbolism since the beginning. The show is always pushing a specific agenda each season, and there are two that specifically are throughout all seasons: 1) Christianity is for fools, and satan is the cool way of intellectuals 2)sadism and masochism and the varyings of deviance This season is no different, however the writing is lazy and so is the plot, thus far. The satanic worship and deviant sex seems like the desperation of half ass creatives. The r**e scene was beyond disturbing and worst was the exhibition of the double speak mind controlled used to release him from his hideous torment. I knew then that scene would cause a strong trigger in weak minds….and leave ppl sick days after. There happen to be lots of triggers so far this season crass, gross, and far removed from… Read more »

So glad someone is calling this garbage out for its satanic rituals and message. These wackjobs and their satanic rituals and their bloodlusting needs are pathetic. It's very much stabbing their soul because they are so lost in themselves. And they do this is plain sight aired at program times that children could mistakenly watch. The brain washing is clear, they aren't aimed at children anymore, that's what vaccinations and common core are for. The message is to brainwash the adults and glorify their garbage fighting Christianity. May God please shine the light on his people now as his followers are suffering.

The pic with the chained children is an obvious nod to The Devil Trump in the Rider-Waite deck, which symbolized mankind's conscious and subconscious mind changed to materialism, the world, the prince of the world as Jesus put it.

I agree about the tarot card. Take note though, the chains depicted on the card on their necks are loosely attached. Meaning they can escape their bonds if they so choose or remain a slave to their own controlled/conditioned ego.

Perhaps this is why Jessica Lange didnt stay for this season of the series?

Bad idea to start watching this show with this season and then judge the season based on the first episode. It is not for the faint of heart…it's called American Horror Story for a reason and it is NOT for kids. Each season has a different plot with a different theme in a different location. The cast is same but the play different roles. It's an anthology series not a continuing series. The one thing that seems to run through each season is the horrible things are happening right under people's noses that they choose not see. What exactly is horror anyway? They always go for the shock value because these stories take place in otherwise normalplaces..in the middle of town or neighborhood or city and the citizens don't see it or think it's a joke. Having said that this season seemed to take a completely different turn and horrified… Read more »

This is sick. Anyone who actually watches garbage like this for "entertainment" is also sick, period.

Lady Gagme is just being shoved in our face, who even likes her? I am getting tired of this predictable, redundant and boring devilry symbols and meanings.

Just what America needs more garbage.

Couldn't watch more than a few minutes — spiritually damaging. Unoriginal and poorly written on top of everything else.

I love scary movies, so when this show appeared years ago, I watched it, enthralled. Then the disturbing story of the abortionist had me in tears, and I immediately stopped watching. I don't think dead preborn children is entertaining in the slightest, and THEN I heard about how the boy in season 1 went on a shooting rampage in a school!!! This all comes from a twisted individual and his name is Adam Shankman. He used to be a judge on So You Think You Can Dance. He's done a lot of disturbing things with his career. He's pushed many agendas that the elites just adore.

Perfectly said. I never watch this kind of thing either. It is indeed spiritually damaging.

Was hoping that horrible woman was gone, but there she is and still wearing real fur!
Really dislike her, she really seems like a demonic creature. Also, what parents let their kids be in a clip like that?
I don't mind horror and thriller, but I'm really picky with it. I don't like when it is just an excuse to let some sick fantasies being portrayed as "art" or "entertainment". And that kind of stuff becomes worse and worse over time. Just some of those shown images make me sick in the stomach!

wearing real fur is not political correct but in europe specially italia is really common to wear fur in the winter. Of course i will never buy fur made in china but italian fur is made most of all the time cruelty free.
So you can wear fur without any type of fur-shaming except for asian fur because that's the worst type of fur.|

I can understand if it has a useful purpose and the fur is a byproduct of the animal that gets used as a whole(like Rabbits), but unless it doesn't get too freezing cold in the winters, there is no need for real furs. Especially in today's time where you can recreate things easily.

I agree, cheaper fur, especially from asian countries is the worst(still can't get that footage out of my head). And the stuff that lots of richer and famous people wear is just to show off some shitty status. But at the end it makes them look silly and heartless.

I live in the Netherlands. Supposed to be cultured. But the cruel ways of treating for example minks for fur have not changed much over here either. Really. Not a by-product, the animals are living on wires to keep them clean, and so that a beautiful lady can feels precious and luxureous for a while, wearing their skins.

No fur is cruelty free you stupid woman!

u needa chill

American Horror Story and American Crime Story are written by the same Illuminati standard ghost writers and feature many of the same actors, no different than most movies. Gaga is most definitely a practicing satanist and Monarch mind controlled slave and slave handler so this is the symbolism there. Read David Mcgowans "Programmed to Kill" for more details on the ACTUAL state of children in the western world. Fritz Springmeiers work is very important as well.

All "entertainment" is just programming and bread and circuses for us , the goyim. Once drones and robots can do everything they need it will be controlled REAL pandemics, large scale nuclear war(they already use tactical micro nuclear weapons, 9-11, Oklahoma City, Yemen, Ukraine, Syria, etc etc etc) and other mass death rituals.

miss no lady gaga ( demon in disguise ), she's a shape-shifter for sure, possessed by multiple demons ( legion ) — as someone already mentioned, they ( ptb ) are gangster, blatantly bold — this crap has gotten way out of hand, there is something far more sinister going on then we're aware of, i mean, most of us are sickened by this demonic imagery, it seems, a newer version of the human walks amongst us, indistinguishable from the older model, like sleeper agents, some not knowing there purpose yet — we really are being tested to the limit, those who fight for team light, the lighthouse still shines …

Could Lady Gaga be rebelling against MK slavery?
Just wondering. http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/that-person-just-d

Of course she is. I don’t like them at all and I really hope she will be the one to bring them down. Those people were there long before she was born. She exposes them on purpose but it doesn’t mean she is part of it. For all of you accusing her, I can assure you that the elite isn’t very interested in pop culture. This so called pop or counter culture started as a reaction against the set of values imposed by the system. But hollywood is a profitable business and some artists criticized it. Why did it always fail ? Why is it all so trash ? Because people are unable to fight such power outside the system. And if you want to stay in you have to be prepared for it because people will not let you become so famous if you overtly criticize too much. Which… Read more »

Of course the elite is interested in pop culture, how else to gain access to the masses?

Hello soliel. You are absolutely right because they need pop culture to gain access to the masses as you say. I am not sure that they like this culture though. That is what I wanted to say. Thanks for your comment !

Just like MARILYN MASON, the woman is a STONE COLD SATANIST! And the only socially redeeming quality that either of them has is that they CONTINUALLY renew my faith in God! And anyone who doesn't believe in a heaven and a hell should just take a look at their sick, demonic lives! I guess hell isn't hot enough for them because they are BOTH hell bound!

Just because you don't like people criticizing the hypocrisy of the media, which includes religious principles sometimes pushed to the extreme, whether you like it or not, doesn't mean manson or gaga will go to hell. For your information, masons are different from satanists. Masons are politicians or people in the show business at the head of the media. Satanists or the people you seem to be considering as such are mostly against the system. There is one common point : they are not religious, but as for the rest I am sorry to think that you do not know and I don't think you have a clue about all the social parameters.

Someone needs to do a write up on that new rose McGowan (yes, rose McGowan) video that was shot by that guy who did madonna s ray of light. I forget his name. But he and his wife are known Satanists and, well, just check out the McGowan vid on YouTube (I'm pretty sure the same guy does the cbb UK music. His name just evades me right now). Anyway the video I'm talking about is called something with numbers I think. Not sure. It came up on my rec's.

All right then. Godbless.

In the end… mysticism and the occult are not that interesting. There's absolutely nothing redeeming about it all. I'll admit that one of my faults is being predisposed towards a curiosity for the dark, devious, and mysterious… but I don't necessarily feel proud of that fact. I think that everyone has that fascination in one form or another. If blatant evil isn't your bag, there's always that indirect evil that permeates underneath the everyday piety of the average hypocrite. But we're all hypocrites. We want Christ to save us, yet we disgust ourselves and we hide how disgusting we are by pretending that now that we've accepted Jesus Christ as savior in our intellects or in some emotionally gratifying energetic way, somehow the Holy Ghost has purified us and suddenly made us good trees and now we can go out and bear good fruit. Well no, ladies and gentlemen. I'm… Read more »

It is easier to fool the world to accept that already have been deceived

As usual, VC, you hit the nail right on the head.
Who better to push the new AHS 'Hotel' than the top of the ladder illuminati mind-controlled puppet, but Lady Gaga. As above, so below….what better way to push the NWO and the 'new' religion.
Yes, we all know about the Cecil Hotel, Elisa Lam, Ramirez, LamELISA, etc,.
No doubt this new series will probably bring in a few Golden Globes, Emmys, Best New 'whatever' in American television.

AHS is the worst garbage. These types of programs win awards because of how the satanic propaganda is displayed. What most people don't understand is that the content is not meant for commoners to understand. The dialogue and the symbolism is for their coven brethren. .

I understand the dialogue and symbolism in it very well. And, no I do not worship satan.

Watched it, was pretty disgusted with the entire episode. Seems they are trying to push the shock factor hard.

God calls our bodies temples and warns us to be careful what we put into our hearts and minds. Those of you that find this show "entertaining" are just the kind of people Satan finds "entertaining." We already know that those running Entertainment/Military/Politics are worshiping Satan and trying to infect the rest of us with their psychopathy and perversions (do you not see the "dead' children, their hearts leashed and pulled along by the evil queen?! Do you not know about the p********a and other perversions ascribed to by the occultists?!.) The Bible warns us to have Nothing to do with them. I appreciate that Vigilant Citizen is putting out videos to show us how the occultist mind-set permeates all forms of entertainment, but I am dumbfounded that people knowing that this "entertainment" is perpetuating the evil in their own lives, their family's lives and even the lives of those… Read more »

If I watch A.H.S for too long, I get in this weird, depressed funk. I think the negativity and symbolism has a subconscious effect on me. My wife loves it and tells me not to let it get to me. That's kinda hard when you've been researching this stuff for years.

I have only seen a few episodes of it, but it was the very same for me. I felt very down and kind of dead inside. It will never peak my interest again.

That's because it does affect you on a subconscious and spiritual level. I think the more you expose yourself to this dark imagery the more spiritually blind you become. These images start to seem normal and it is not! People need to seek God more than ever because I truly believe we are living towards the end times. Seek God and you will be given spiritual discernment for the things of this world.

Hmmm stale music video rips off Kubrick?

Well VC the Rabbit hole goes even deeper. If you look who commissioned The creation of that very particular Glove Design: Daphne Guiness [the "Muse" of GaGA]. Here flaunting her "pyramid Eye ring" Left hand.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6r_AW9V4JrQ. Also DG is linked to both OTO and BHL. Also her incessant ramblings in that inteview..wtf is she talking about ?

The Cecil Hotel is also where Serial Killer ~ Angel Remerez covorted…..besides others…..& the Elisa Lam mystery is also that her name backwards LamElisa is the Tuberculosis/HIV test ps an outbreak of tuberculosis followed soon after in Downtown LA….Gaga 's. rara bad romance say ' I want your disease' all High Witches send plague……this is not just Elite stuff but demonic manifestation.

I watched the premiere last night. Did anyone else notice the song at the end of the episode was Hotel California? Hotel California is about people being in hell. I think that is the idea of this show and I think lady gaga is the beast that the song refers to. It's a very creepy, evil show , but really it always has been. They just get more demonic every season. I should've stopped watching it seasons ago, but I think last night was the deal breaker for me.

Where did u get this from, that the Hotel California is about ppl being in hell? More precisely what did u smoke?

Listen to the song! What other beast do you think they're trying to kill? Why do you think it says "you can checkout anytime they like, but you can never leave"? Open your eyes and ears! Listen to what you are hearing. It's common sense and comprehension. As for your drug accusation, how petty are you? You have absolutely know idea who I am and you think you can accuse me of drug use because you disagree with me? People like you are why the world is still blind to this evil! Grow up Christinne!

The beast they're trying to kill is cocaine addiction. That's what Hotel California is about, coke addiction and attendant decadence generally. The "steely knives" are razor blades.

Those kind of lyrics are supposed to be interpreted by the listener. No answer is wrong, Christinne.

Last thing I remember I was running for the door
I had to find the passage back to the place I was before
"Relax," said the night man, "We are programmed to receive
You can check out any time you like but you can never leave"

Whomever wrote this was the one on drugs. The lyrics sound more like purgatory but hell would work too. It's definitely not in any normal person's reality: maybe someone on LSD or who has a mental disorder. Either way, the song used in the trailer is what's really disturbing. It's in German, but all the dude grumbles is "You hate. You hate me." Du hast mich. Nah, just your ugly music.

This is what hotel california is about…..anton lavey started the church of satan in an old hotel on california street in san fran. Thats it.

And also there’s a verse “So I called up the Captain “Please bring me my wine” He said: “We haven’t had that spirit here Since nineteen sixty nine” and what happened in 1969 are:
1- Moon ‘landing’
2- Terrible massacres performed by Charles Manson’s ‘family’
3- first strain of AIDS(HIV) in North America
So I thought is it somehow connected? I didn’t pay attention to the lyrics of ‘Hotel California’ before, but when I took a look I found it horrifying. We have to pay attention for everything we hear, see, do and so on and on.

And Aleister Crowley is on the album cover of Hotel California by The Eagles. I inherited the vinyl from my parents but it collects dust.

PS: I've also heard Hotel California refers to rehab. Murphy said this season's theme is addiction.

I was thinking of the song "Hotel California" all throughout the show, and then like a revelation from God that I was right about the premise of the show, on comes the song in the final minute or two. There is a profoundly deep and treacherous subject here. It has to do with the relationship between esoteric metaphysics, the "knowledge of good and evil", and the Torah of the Old Testament. I don't believe that esoteric mechanisms in and of themselves are capable of being "evil", considering that they are merely mechanisms of nature itself. However, I believe that human knowledge of these mechanisms, if not initiated and presided over by God Himself, is spiritually deadly. Only the Spirit of God can handle these forces. All other creatures become corrupted and bent like the crooked old serpent himself. Many of these people believe they are divine judges, and that their… Read more »

Interesting correlation between song and subject matter. Years ago, when this album was first released, it was rumored that a picture of satan (or a demon) was incorporated on the album's picture. Going from memory, I believe it was someone on the balcony (back cover picture?). As for the title song, it was heavily rumored that Don Henley stumbled across either a witch's coven or was invited to a party were this type of behavior occurred (think Eyes Wide Shut). Henley's a pretty good writer, so for him to write this song, and for it to hold a parallel-meaning (cocaine use), would not be out of his realm. So to have AHS use this song as an audiotory reference to certain behaviors, they chose correctly.

I don't know what to think anymore. It's fun, its cool, it's awesome! This stuff is popular?

The elite trying to turn murder/r**e into a cool thing.
Even Lady Gaga does it.

Ouch. Ouch..just no.

I had to watch it 2 times to catch all the symbolism & mind control in it. It even covered the whooping cough vaccine! The elite prefer children with blue eyes & blonde hair, the Sun, the evil eye, the pillars and then like Vigilant Citizen said The Agenda. What sickens me is the time it comes on and alll the little kids with TVs in their bedrooms watching it. Nothing like the sick corruption of our youth. The show should be on after midnight like a lot of other shows.

I wonder Why it is Not the norm for parents, to take the devices when they have no purpose other than uncontrolled amusement (without knowing about the content of it). Can't they take the screaming and spoiled shouting and stamping of feet when the children object?

sincerely since it began the series I realized that it was 100% illuminati. It is chilling that series. It scares me very much. Really, the Illuminati are increasingly brazen … Certainly in your next article you should add it to the cover of the new CD … Rihanna is too illuminati.

Rihanna's new album cover is like a promotion of blood sacrifice and ped0philia. The child is wearing a crown and coincidentally, Chris Brown's daughter is named "Royalty."

Art direction-wise, they're clearly ripping off 80s vampire movie, "The Hunger", with Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie and Susan Sarandon. That movie (based on Whitley Streiber's novel, about vampire-like aliens who have lived on Earth since ancient Egypt) had decadent new wave semi-vampires who fed on Manhattan night life denizens.

So not only is this edition of American Horror Story ritualistic grand guignol sleaze, it's also a total rip off of other material!
Gaga is a huge step down from Catherine Deneuve, that's for damn sure…

Loved The Hunger! Loved AHS season premier too! Im not a big vampire cult fan tho. Just liked the style of filming and story lines, oh and definately the music! These peoples agendas are not my agenda but find it amusing when they blatently try to push it.

But I can tell you a thing or two about Sarandan, she is very occultic. Google her 'burning man' march last month. She had the ashes of a dead man in her possession and last month took the ashes. Led some people to a so-called temple where she dilluted the ashes in some water, drank them and they burned this wooden 'man' as an annual event. No this stuff did not just begin with Lady Gaga by a long shot. In fact, you may be surprised to find out that some of the hollywood old-timers and from my generation are knee-deep in this stuff. No wonder I have lost interest in watching movies or listening to music 🙁

The dead man, whose ashes were disposed of on the playa, were Timothy Leary's! LSD guru for the baby boom. Fat lot of good it did that pack of generational sell-outs.
As a former visitor to Burning Man (fifteen years ago now), it is appalling to see what has become of it – a big budget parade of self-congratulating phonies. All the artists and "real" people who made that event special bailed on it over ten years ago. Maybe it was a plot all along – keep people in "escapist" mode so they don't unite and take their eccentricity and commitment to the every day world and make it a better place.

They're ripping off a lot of movies. I already saw references to the Shining (check out the hotel carpet), Silence of the Lambs, Sunset Blvd. and others

Because it is all the same garbage; being reused, recycled and spit back at us over and over again in hopes we will ALL convert to Satanism. Not me, I love Jesus Christ and thank him everyday for life and for his blessings. Father above please help the people of this world to open their hearts to you and ask for forgiveness so they can turn their life around.

Father, please allow them the wisdom to know they are blessed by you and to have faith in you as you will return one day.

In Jesus name, Amen.

i have a tattoo, that says "as above so below." theres the tree of life in front of a moon, and the roots are an exact reflection of the tree branches… however, when I got the tattoo, In my mind, that phrase has always meant, we here on earth are made up of the same stuff as the stars in the heavens. .. one day a gas station clerk saw my tattoo, and asked if i practiced alone or in a group. at the time i had NO IDEA what she was talking about…lol

I was thinking about this the other day. They like to take things from the Bible and twist them to their liking, well, why don't we take some of their s**t and change it into something beautiful. As Above So Below SHOULD mean "On Earth As It Is In Heaven". Let's make it so.

The churches also take things out of the Bible and twist it to their agenda. That's why we are to lean on the Holy Spirit for understanding and not the pastors or any man/woman.

There's no reason it can't mean that exact thing, for you! It would have been understood that way during the Renaissance, when, with blessings from the Catholic church, people were looking back to older texts and fitting them into Christianity. It is an ancient idea, not specific to "witchcraft" or anything specifically occult. Indeed, as I think I've just pointed out, it wasn't even "occult" as in "hidden" for a time, and was even permitted under the rule of the Catholic church…that is, until they decided a lot of those texts were bogus and just scrapped the whole idea…just in time for the "Age of Enlightenment". Isaac Newton even made a translations of some of these texts, in secret, but he was not hiding from the church: he very probably would have been laughed at for having such a non-scientific interest… You can read some more about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macrocosm_and_micro…… Read more »

I agree, I don't really see anything wrong with the statement, 'as above so below' in of itself so to speak. But what it is that the elites take a hold of those things and utilize them for their own agendas. I have never watched AHS. I used to enjoy watching some of those scary and mystery stories a long time ago(without the gore) But now, when I watch something I view it for educational research.

As above, so below is a hermetic principle. Your own holy book the bible says we should be as wise as serpents but as pure as doves. Learn from the best and beat them at their own game. The time for online chit chatter is up and the time for action has come.

What a funny occassion to be laughin' out loud, i must say. Made me smile, too.

Actually, "As above, so below" predates the bible. It has been a piece of knowledge taught by mystery schools for thousands of years. Many Pagans/Wiccans are very familiar with it as well as the power that the knowledge holds. Unfortunately, the Elite also utilizes this knowledge to attempt to amass and wield power on a global level. So, often when I see someone with a similar tattoo, I ask if they are Pagan. That is probably why she asked you that.

I havent watched American Horror Story, ever. But today I decided to give it a go with this season, and all I saw was Illuminati crap all over. I thought of you, VC, but never imagined the article would come so quickly. If you havent seen the first episode, please do, it would be a nice to read a detailed review.

That's not the right thing to do. The elite want, or rather, NEED you to notice their work and symbolism, even if you're aware of the agenda behind it, it's still going to affect you, and it's still going to harm you.

You're going to sit in front of a screen and get exposed to whatever messed up stuff they make, even if you know they're messed up, they're still being idolised in front of you, and made to seem normal, eventually, you'll start seeing it as normal, too.

What we should do is turn off the TV, or completely get rid of it, there's nothing good on it, it's all filled with harmful shows that taint and destroy the human nature.

Mike, I respectfully beg to differ. If it were only as easy as ridding of my television. The problem is that I have a teenage son in college, as well as several teenage nieces and nephews who live in homes with tv's. Unfortunately, I don't have control over what they watch so i make it a point to keep up to date with what's popular in this occult entertainment world. This gives me the opportunity to have serious conversations with them (and be knowledgeable) about whichever shows or music they've made personal choices to watch or listen to. I care for their souls so I believe i need to be vigilant and not close my eyes or ears to the filth being thrust down upon our youth. I get what your saying but let me just say that vigilantcitizen.com is what opened my eyes to occult Hollywood and I couldn't… Read more »

Could the children being held in "leashes" like a umbilical cord symbolise the masses being brain washed to welcome NWO? Like they're in sleep mode, controlled by someone?

I started watching this to see what it really entails. I believe now after having seen 3 seasons….(has been hard-have to take breaks from the gore), I believe the seasons are backwards. For example, season 5 should be first etc…

It does make sense why it was done this way given who is behind the agenda.