Former Scorpions Bassist Claims He Attended Elite Snuff Parties (video)


The former rock star Ralph Rieckermann candidly explains on camera how he attended parties where guests paid big bucks to see people get killed.

If regular people knew what the occult elite did behind closed doors, they would be horrified, terrified and completely baffled by the fact that they hold most of the world’s wealth and power. While there is a massive concerted effort to keep these truths out of the public space, sometimes some of that disgusting, stinking truth leaks out in unexpected places.

In a TMZ segment from 2012 with the former bassist of the rock band Scorpions, Ralph Riekermann admits he attended snuff parties, where guest paid over $100K to watch a live murder. And, judging by his facial expression, he was not joking. Here’s the video. (Sorry in advance for the extremely unfunny and obnoxious TMZ crap before and after the actual video footage).

At the end of the video, Riekermann says he attended another party that was so revolting that it made him want to throw up. What was he referring to? I am not sure, but I have the feeling it involved children…

One thing is for sure, these “snuff parties” attended by celebrities are simply a symptom of the deeper mind state of the occult elite which revels in the ritualistic abuse, suffering and murder of innocent people. Why? Because a) they are literally evil and multi-generational satanists b) they perceive the non-elite as a sub-human species that can be exploited at will and c) they believe that the ritual sacrifice of people (the younger the better) releases occult power that is highly potent.

This mind state is behind strange initiation ceremonies members of the occult elite must go through such as David Cameron placing his genitals in the mouth of a dead pig after joining Oxford University dining society. Speaking of which, it is a rather strange coincidence that a “piggy” bank is seen jumping out of Cameron on the Economist 2015 cover I analyzed in this article.

Cameron on the cover of the 2015 Economist cover with an enigmatic piggy.
Cameron on the cover of the 2015 Economist cover with an enigmatic piggy.

When one understands what happens behind closed doors, one also understands that something is terribly wrong in the higher echelons of society.


In June 2015, three years after the segment aired on TV, Riekermann took to YouTube and released an official statement where he dissociates himself from these parties.

Whether or not Riekermann was actively involved in all of this is however irrelevant and does not change the fact that these “parties” actually exist. He did not deny that he saw some truly disgusting things going on there – and that’s what the world needs to know.

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100 Comments on "Former Scorpions Bassist Claims He Attended Elite Snuff Parties (video)"

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I've said it before and I'll say it again: you have to be on drugs to enjoy living on this planet…

They are demon. They see people as food. This is all true. I have had first hand experience with them. They need to do this to stay alive. They are disgusting and vile
They do everything the opposite of the bible because they know it's real and god is real. They rebel against him and want to beat him. When Jesus Christ of Nazareth comes back they will be done. They know this but won't admit it.

In the mean time to help pray against them in the power of the holy spirit. Put the blood of Jesus against them. Rebuke bind and cast them down to the pit of hell. Send back to them what they have done. They are terrified of that because it works. We don't war after the flesh but after powers principalities and rulers of darkness.
Bind them in Jesus.

100% correct. His Hebrew name given by Gabri’al is Yahushua. There is SO much power in the Name. Thank you for posting the Truth. Stay blessed and Awake.

This world is sick.

Things done in the dark will be brought to light for day for ALL to see! May Jesus help us all. God Bless

Did he/she/it die? It's been a while since there was something worth reading here (and this is one of the few sites I check everyday in anticipation of something great). This is a really old story, and the "update" on the article from the bassist was posted long before this was even written here. The comedian story is also really old. Used to be you came here to see stuff first. Was it bought by Disney?


Watch black lagoon it's a cartoon rated TV-MA the episode you should watch is vampire twins coven it talks about a very real reality of children being used as playthings for rapists

I don't want to see this snuff stuff, when it comes to light.

One word: Hostel. Those series of movies tell it all.

Yeeaah man! That's exactly what I was going to say and guess what the name of the group is in the film?…….."Elite Hunting" Club – Can ya believe it….

There are evil people who walk amoungst us in everyday life. One must always be on guard. ALWAYS !!!!…

Here's an old article about Skull and Bones, the secret society at Yale.

The psychos are running the asylum, the spooks control the media, the money-grubbers own us all.

It's time to get angry, time to get loud — time to let your voice loose to say that you will no longer be part of this.
We can make this a better world. We can, not them.
Each of you is important, each of you is special. Each of you now has the opportunity to show us all what you can do with your specialness,.
It's time to make a difference, my friends.

what do you propose we do? any suggestions?

I just read a couple month's ago the book Satan's Underground by Lauren Stratford and she goes into extreme details about her experience since childhood being in snuff films and sold into a satanic handler's care… I won't give all the details but these parties exist and happen very frequently.

Prayer is powerful to end them and set the captives free.

Is Lauren Stratford the same lady who later claimed to be a holocaust surviver and receiving thousands of dollars from Jewish organizations although she never was a holocaust surviver? I do believe so.

He paid a hundred thousand dollars for the first party he went to.
Then he paid another $100K for the second party?


If you guys can still remember the movies Hostel and Hostel II, then those movies' are pretty related and obviously similar to the snuff parties Ralph Rickermann has attended to. Who happened to be the participants (I mean, butchers) of the said movies? It is no other than BUSINESSMEN.

Sick! it justs fits together when we see some ''artits'' or ''celebrities'' out of nowhere being friends. They all know each other- and each others secrets. these new young girls making pop music and hanging with mature A-list actors, it just makes me sick. Imagine how they all met……..

Whatever happened with those prostitutes whose bodies were found on the beaches in The Hamptons? Or that body of a woman found on the estate of The Queen? There really wasn't any obvious follow-up in the news. I was pretty shocked by both. When that happens, I assume it has something to do with elite partying gone wrong or spoiled brats who have even their most horrible deeds conveniently covered up.

Beyond Virgin Killer, here are a few of the Scorpion's other album names:

Taken by Force
Animal Magnetism
In Trance
Fly to the Rainbow
Eye II Eye

And, of course, all of the covers feature occult symbolism.

I just saw the update on the VC site with the video i had posted previously in my comment.
It is so important to understand the lying tactics that the media uses to bring their own shaded and misguided “version” of an event.
In this case, to make the whole thing into a joke (a perverse and repulsive joke)….meant to undermine the credibility of the story, while making a mockery of the person and their affiliations according to the prejudices of TMZ itself.

VC, I wonder if you have ever listened to Abel Danger? The thing with Cameron and the pig is what really got me wondering b/c AD has put together some very interesting clues regarding the Pickton pig farm and how the elite would go there and watch prostitutes be fed into wood chippers or be eaten alive by pigs. They call them pig-_uckers or pf-ers. This farm was located in Canada and it also involved many Native women. If you have not heard of this, I think that you would be very interested.

This changes everything though, because far from being a forthcoming witness of snuff parties, Ralph merely knows what the wors snuff means, like all of us.


That dissociation video makes his situation worse.

He does not look German though. And he lives in LA. Of course he'd participate in such parties. The place to be.

It doesn't matter if he participates or not. His life, his business.

Bryce Taylor spoke in her book of being filmed for snuff films at night in a bowling alley on Ventura Blvd in Woodland hills Calif. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley and remember this bowling alley! After the disgusting kill, she was told to smile. (see book, "Thanks for the Memories") She can tell you that these films really exist, and disgusting rich people buy the films. I pray for her and others who were abused by these perverts. God help them.

they can abuse each other. if they abuse people who are not interested in participating, that's out of order. as long as they abuse each other, fair game to them.

Comment on the Rock in Rio in 2015, which looks more like satanic ritual. (My family is watching right now on the Internet at the time I posted this comment)

In the TMZ video, of course they make it into a huge joke. "People get murdered. Hahahaha." Yeah, really funny. Not.
In the second video, he has to make a disclaimer because if he saw people being killed then he'd be guilty of a crime. This is pathetic and sad.

He also contradicts himself in the second video.

Its a no-brainer that their satanic rituals can be as gruesome as what Ralph has been explaining as to how the "higher-ups" see the supposed "non-elite" as clueless and brainless type of species.

This truly may sum up how people would literally "kill" for pleasure and money, that's just sickening of course as if there's nothing else better to do than "control" and "dominate" for darker purposes.

Already had a fair idea of what unspeakable horrors Ralph was talking about, even before watching these videos.

Why don't police or FBI investigate these parties? And what was Ralph doing there? Could it be that his gross album covers made some think that he might be interested in these parties?

Good question. Why do they cover up so much? There are authorities that are afraid and want to play it safe so they don't get targeted themselves for snuff..or their loved ones. They use psychological manipulation black magic and terrorism to silence things. Unfortunately I think it works on many people. They should be more afraid of god.

if we are "sub human" do they really think they are superhuman? killing people for money? WTF

Aw how the truth is defused with humor
These things are very real and a byproduct of the elite
It is revolting. Just look at Eyes Wide Shut or another recent movie with Brittany Snow Would You Rather or the infamous Hostel 1 and 2. Or the Bohemian Grove and all the scandals involving children like the BBC and Jimmy Savile and the Franklin Scandal that was covered up and then Bill Cosby and the r**e allegations and then we go to Bryan Singer and his little parties involving the abuse of under age boys. It is true and disturbing at the same time. Just typing this gives me the creeps. They know who knows. It is scary

In regards to what Dixie posted please check out the album cover art for Scorpions "Virgin Killer" I think ull all get what im trying to get across!

By the way. 23rd has come and gone. Where are the fear-mongers now, who were staging mass-manipulation before our very eyes in the comments-sections?

For the ones that had the 25 in their system, maybe next year?

Can you please do an article on the movie Avengers – Age of Ultron. Thanks.

How do these people sleep at night

They are sociopaths. They don't have a conscience. They sleep very well at night, probably better than most. Do some research on sociopaths. I have, for about 5 years now. It is very important to know about these creatures.

By using the finest drugs money can buy.

Probably in a very cozy bed. They don't feel guilty about what they're doing. They feel that they are in the right.

They probably don't, but they have lots of money and they're very famous, so sadly they don't care

Cameron was a "Bullingdon" member and so was a younger Rothschild… Can't recall which one.

If you call faecal-eating, baby-killing, money-hungry celebrities elitists, then you are probably right.
These people have sold their souls to the Devil for fame and fortune and this is what they have to do to gain his favour.
Why do you think Trayvon Martin was killed?? Because his father wanted to be Illuminati Grand Master of his Lodge!! A classic example of blood sacrifice.

Looks more like the typical Anti German propaganda concocted by the jewish media. This must present the Germans as evil and make USA people think that the new "refugee" immigrants will change the country for the better. They pulled the same trick with WW2 before.

What's with the antisemitic rhetoric in these comments?

Ikr? I've never seen such an anti-Semitic comment section on a site that's not geared towards the subject. I don't get it.

They think they're smart in using old tactics, how very contrary

Lets stop calling these people “elite” please….there is nothing elite about them.

Satan's army

How about "rich trash"?

pain in the neck more likely. stay clear and let them to it.

Yes. Time to think of a new title. They made that name for themselves.

How about one of these?

Dregs of humanity

I find it interesting that Rieckermann changes his story, then he blames it on TMZ. The reality is that he offered information willingly. He wasn't prodded to include information about SNUFF parties. He brought that up but that was not the question asked of him by the interviewer.

I'm sure changing his story will extend his life, or at least his career, what is left of it.

So you don't even understand what video editing is?

''He brought that up but that was not the question asked of him by the interviewer''
There you have your clue. One question is, why?

Yeah I agree, the first thing I thought of too. They probably threatened him or offered him some kind of deal. Wouldn't surprise me in the least.

Interesting reference to the Holohoax and the existence of an orchestra. Yet another inside joke at the expense of the unwitting goyim?

You can change the wording, but it doesn 't make shaite smell less when opened in another layer of language. Who's joking in the first place?

The whole bit runs with the whole German bashing narrative. Host his a shmeckel sucking sheenie.

I hope they ready my comment above

How Interesting that the videos suddenly don't work the same day that they're posted lol these elites really think they're keeping a secret. I mean come on, they must really think we're idiots who don't know something is going on, they're even bigger idiots for not realizing that trying to hide is pointless now because we already know!

Google Donald Marshal clone station letter

I did. Thank you so much. Keep spreading the word.

Beyond Virgin Killer, here are a few of the Scorpion's other album names:

Taken by Force
Animal Magnetism
In Trance
Fly to the Rainbow
Eye II Eye

And, of course, all of the covers feature occult symbolism.

In trance
Fly to the rainbow…..jesus christ, can they be more obvious? Occult and MK ultra (later Monarch) names for all their albums

MK owned band. His testimony was probably 99% watered down

Perhaps "Piggy Bank" has had an occult meaning this whole time, and has always had something to do with Elitist Bankers, Necro-B********y, and Satanic Rituals. Wouldn't be surprised.

Sick, perverted parties for the speshul "cool" connected people? Sick, perverted album covers? So "hip" and "dark." **sarcasm**

Instead of harming the innocent, they should put all of the corrupt degenerates who partake in any kind of molestation/murder/abuse/MK into a giant pit and let them "snuff" each OTHER out and destroy themselves from within. If we're lucky, we'll get to watch this happen in our lifetime. THAT would be quite a party.

You seem to have watched all the right televisionprograms and movies lately, and fit right in with the targetcrowds for the messages of violent revenge. But why am i getting a vibe that you would enjoy it all..?

I get what you're saying, as death would be an easy and swift way to get rid of evil doers, but no good can come from snuffing anyone out. I don't know how you can end evil with love, as I've never seen it done in my life time (other than praying), but I believe that righteousness will always trump evil. I think Dr. King said it best. "Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that." Snuff films and the people who make them/enjoy them are not a part of God's kingdom. There's only one unforgivable sin, and I'm pretty sure these people have done it to garner favor from the Enemy. You don't get to be THAT wealthy and powerful and permitted to maintain any righteousness in your soul. It's sad, really. Truly pitiful.

There are many ways to destroy something…… Peace & love to all of you.

Yes. They will be cast down to the pit of hell. They don't have anyone to blame but their own decision to rebel against god. They hurt god's children here and laugh about it but their days are numbered. They are full of dellusion that they will live forever and nothing will ever stop them, but that is not the case. They are scared. They lie and will never show it but their scared of god. That's why they hate him so much and mock his people.

Off this topic….VC….have you ever seen the 1990 movie "Hardware"?…..a 25 year old movie covering most of your Topics…..Transhumanism……depopulation….etc….

Just watch TomorrowLand (2015) with Clooney and u'll see all of that plus some ''dream days'' coming for the New Era/New World and the ''chosen, worthy, good people who wants to start again''. Good for me I won't be joining them. Jesus is coming back, guys!


so interesting , so many topics in just one movie. I think Logan Run was another movie with so many topics one movie.

Slip of a tongue. Great! Now we only need video coverage. You cant keep these secret no more.

They need a good dose of reality and see what is going on in the world at large….

he actually explained in a youtube video that tmz took alot of what he said out of context, for example he wasnt talking about "another party", he was talking about in the basement of the party being alot of rooms with gross stuff in it and he went from one room to "another one" that grossed him out. He also said this was not the snuff party, it was an SM party. He just heard from a friend that there are such parties where they pay money to see people get killed

Of course he has to change the story! Otherwise he has to face charges in court. He just admit (drunk/high) that he was watching someone being murdered without calling the cops.

a fake 100k s&m party?
who is bending the truth?

The problem, Takeshi, is that he clearly indicates and repeats that he attended the party in the original interview. There's no "context" – he flat-out says he was at the party. That he later tells a completely different story only makes it all the more disturbing.

By the way, in addition to the satanic themes in a lot of their music, they are infamous for the album "Virgin Killer," the revolting cover of which features a naked and clearly underage girl with a crack covering her genitals. These aren't nice people..

Here's a reply from their guitar player from an interview in 2007. I'm not a scorpions fan, but don't consider them a satanic band at all. …".Looking at that picture today makes me cringe. It was done in the worst possible taste. Back then I was too immature to see that. Shame on me—I should have done everything in my power to stop it. The record company came up with the idea, I think. The lyrics incidentally were a take-off on Kiss, whom we had just supported on a tour. I was fooling around and played the riff of the song in the rehearsal room and spontaneously improvised 'cause he's a virgin killer!' trying to do a more or less way-off-the-mark Paul Stanley impersonation. Klaus immediately said 'that's great! You should do something with it.' Then I had the unenviable task of constructing a meaningful set of lyrics around the… Read more »

I just saw that album cover. WOW. I'm beyond repulsed.

Keep in mind he could be making his stories up just to see his name in the news I.e on tmz etc. Hes a washed up rock star.

Do you have a link to it, takeshi?

Yeah, it is comforting very much… :\\

This sick f*ck ,needs to be arrested.
He admitted it.

Good thing Germans are white, so TMZ can make fun of their culture!!

" Whether or not Riekermann was actively involved in all of this is however irrelevant and does not change the fact that these “parties” actually exist. "

Shure VC, these partys excist because some ex-bassplayer says so… There is still no 100% proof and it are now just some stupid assumptions your followers want to read, which makes your article again completely usesless.

Gee DutchElite, i might actually take what you say seriously if you knew how to spell the English language correctly. You make yourself sound like an uneducated dolt.

You're right, DutchElite, in that it is often hearsay. Yet, within some humans, mostly men, the kill drive is strong. Thrill killing. Some actually do it, some only watch. There is always high dollar profit to be made, especially afterward with extortion.

They do exist and they'll be accountable for all this. I'm starting getting scared and not of them. Just read what will happen eventually and you'll lose your sleep.