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We Need to Talk About That CNN Director Admitting That His Network is “Propaganda” (video)

In a series of revealing videos, a CNN staffer is caught in tape admitting that his network is engaging in propaganda and that its “coverage” is based on pushing pre-defined agendas. Here’s a look at what he had to say about their coverage of COVID, BLM, and global warming.



In a series of videos posted by Project Veritas, CNN technical director Charlie Chester reveals the true mindset and motivations of his network. And it is not about “journalism”. At all. In his own words, it is about agendas, propaganda, and manipulation to push specific narratives.

The revelations in these videos are extremely important: They confirm every single suspicion any sound-minded individual has while watching the “news”. Using several examples, Chester describes how CNN news is completely driven by pre-defined agendas that are dictated from above.

Here’s a compilation of Chester’s revelations.

The full videos (watch them here) are divided into three parts and provide a true 101 course on how media manipulates public opinion to further the elite’s agendas. In short, Charlie Chester confirms what has been discussed on The Vigilant Citizen for years. Here’s a look at some of the topics he discussed.

COVID Hysteria

Regarding COVID, Chester admitted that it was “gangbusters” for ratings. CNN’s coverage heavily focused on fear-mongering stories to keep people watching. That is why they constantly kept a death toll on screen.

Chester talks about the importance of the death toll.

Chester even admits that he sometimes wished for the toll to be higher because that would help his network “drive the point home”. And, when they removed these grim numbers, they would often receive a call on the “batphone” (literally a special red phone) from the President of the network himself Jeff Zucker asking to bring back the death toll on screen.

If you think that the fearmongering will disappear once COVID is gone, think again. They’ve already decided what will be their next obsession.

Climate Change Hysteria

On several occasions, Chester stated that climate change will be the “next COVID”. He already knows that this will become the main focus of CNN. They’re actually already working on fear-driven stories to drum up the hysteria.

“They’ve already announced in our office that once the public is, will be open to it, we’re going to start focusing mainly on climate … Climate, like global warming  … It’s going to be our focus. Like, our focus was to get Trump out of office. Without saying it, that’s what it was. So our next thing is going to be for climate change awareness.”

When the undercover reporter asks if the coverage will be revolving around fear, Chester confidently replies:

“Yeah, fear sells.”

When asked who decides what becomes the next “focus”, Chester admits that it comes right from the top:

“The head of the network. Zucker. I imagine that he’s got his counsel and they’ve discussed where they think … the next pandemic-like story, that we’ll  beat to death, but that one’s got longevity. You know what I mean? (…) Climate thing is gonna take years. So, they’ll probably be able to milk that for quite a bit.”

Racial Division Hysteria

In the third video, Chester recounted on when he was trying to find material for the “Asian hate” agenda they really wanted to get going. However, after doing some research, he discovered that “a bunch of black men” was perpetrating most of the attacks on Asians. And that went against the BLM narrative they were also trying to push.

“I’m like ‘what are you doing’? Like (CNN) is trying to help like with the BLM and you’re going to …”

This little anecdote clearly illustrates how mass media obsesses over race while supposedly reporting facts. Later, Chester even admitted that they publicize the skin color when the perpetrator of violence is white. When the aggressor is not white, they just ignore the story although.

“I haven’t seen anything about focusing on the color of people’s skin that isn’t white. They just aren’t saying anything. Do you know what I mean? All of a sudden, that story loses a little steam from it. They just like leave it be.”

Pure Propaganda

On several occasions, Chester states that his network partakes in all-out propaganda by forcing stories.

“I mean, it’s just like propaganda. Like you can shape an entire people’s perception about anything on how you do it. Right? Just by forcing a story, to help like, your platform, you know?”

This is exactly what the “agenda-setting” theory is all about. Mass media decides what is news and what is not. By doing is so, it manipulates the world’s perception of reality. In Chester’s words, media manipulation is powerful enough to “change the world”.

How agenda-setting works.

Chester explains how the interviews are framed to push a specific narrative.

“Listen to the way they ask questions. Because they’re not actually asking questions. What they’re actually doing is telling the person what to say. It’s an art form in there. (…)

We lead them to talk about how we want them to talk about it. It’s always like leading them in a direction before they even open their mouths. And the only people that we will let on the air, for the most part, are people that have a proven track record of taking the bait.”

Chester is fully aware that his news network is hopelessly biased and that all mass media is the same.

“I mean, there’s no such thing as unbiased news. It just doesn’t exist. There’s too many agendas. There’s too many people that have jobs, that need to feed their families for it to be unbiased. It’s impossible. The most unbiased news is grassroots, out of people’s basements with podcasts.”

In Conclusion

I am not usually a fan of “caught on tape” moments. However, people in media would never dare tell the truth about what they do on record. Because what they do is based on deception and manipulation. And if people are aware of these tactics, they won’t work anymore.

Throughout his revelations, Charlie Chester clearly laid out how his network (and all mass media) functions. 1) An agenda is decided by elite rulers. 2) A constant flow of biased and fear-mongering stories flood the network, all centered around telling a specific narrative. All facts that go against that narrative are ignored 3) The hysteria is taken to a level so extreme that it convinces people to abide by the agenda, prompting real-world change.

This real-world change is never in the best interest of the masses. It is all about scaring people into giving away their rights and freedoms. It is about dividing the masses to make sure they never unify and rise up against the elite. It is about dumbing down debates and keeping people completely ignorant. In short, it is about making sure that people never become .. vigilant citizens.

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