The Occult Meaning of Lady Gaga’s Video “G.U.Y.”


Lady Gaga’s video for her song “G.U.Y.” has a lot of viewers asking “What the heck did I just watch?” While at first the video may appear to be a bunch of nonsensical and random imagery, as usual, there is meaning behind the images. And, as usual, it is in line with the occult elite’s philosophy and mythology. In this article, we’ll look at the esoteric meaning of Gaga’s video “G.U.Y.”.


Lady Gaga has been around for while now (my first article about her was almost five years ago) and, although many have tired of her attention-seeking stunts, she still maintains a solid, and dedicated, fan base. Her video entitled G.U.Y. got her fans excited, but reading comments on YouTube, most of them openly don’t get what is happening in the seven-minute production. And who can blame them? There are men in suits fighting with bows and arrows, there are the Real Housewives of Hollywood playing instruments, there’s Michael Jackson being resuscitated, and there are Legos. This headache-inducing video that spans several songs nevertheless contains a linear and (somewhat) logical storyline and meaning. To truly understand it, however, one must be aware of the mythology invoked in Gaga’s video (and her entire album) and the occult meaning behind it. Once these important connections are made, the rest begins to make a little more sense.

As is the case with most Lady Gaga videos, there are a few obvious pop culture references – which are profusely commented on by music reviewers – but the underlying, fundamental story goes unnoticed, or at least unmentioned. Nonetheless, this story is steeped in the mythology that is upheld by the occult elite.

The sexually charged video premiered on NBC’s show Dateline on March 22, right before a report about two teenage girls who were abducted and abused. Why did the video premier on Dateline, of all shows – and why right before this kind of report? Maybe for the same reason Gaga had a “vomit artist” vomit on her during her live performances at the recent SXSW: Her work often ends up promoting what she appears to be denouncing. In the case of the “vomit artist”, under the guise of “being yourself” or whatever, she’s actually glamorizing bulimia and all-around self-destruction.

Millie Brown sticks her finger down her throat and vomit a green substance all over Gaga. Is this art or another way to mess up the minds of young girls?
Millie Brown sticks her finger down her throat and vomit a green substance all over Gaga. Is this art or another way to mess up the minds of young girls?

On this fitting note, let’s look at Gaga’s video G.U.Y.

Fallen Angel

The first scene of the video is quite enigmatic, clearly announcing that it is a Gaga flick, where the line between profound artistry and random nonsense is always difficult to define. It begins with a bunch of men in suits fighting in a field, grabbing at dollar bills. Then we see Lady Gaga on the ground with wings on her back.

A fallen angel.
A fallen angel.

Gaga is pierced by an arrow that was apparently shot by one of the suit guys who is holding a bow. Why was Gaga shot down? Do the men represent music industry scumbags? Maybe. One thing is for sure: Gaga was an angel flying in the sky, minding her own business, then was shot down, becoming a fallen angel. And who is the most important fallen angel in History? Lucifer, of course.

The fall of Lucifer as depicted in John Milton's "Paradise Lost".
The fall of Lucifer as depicted in John Milton’s “Paradise Lost”.

While one could argue that Gaga playing the role of a fallen angel might not inherently imply that she’s referring to Lucifer, a look at the symbolism later in the video strongly points towards it. Indeed, much of the video plays on the esoteric associations between Lucifer, Venus and Ishtar, which I will cover a little further down.

Back in the video, a wounded Lucifer-Gaga gets up and walks towards civilization, ending up in front of the Hearst Castle. The location of the video is significant for several reasons. The castle was built by newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst, one of the most powerful and richest men in American history and the inspiration behind the film Citizen Kane. The mansion used to be a popular meeting point for Hollywood stars and the political elite. Like Gaga’s work, the Hearst Castle combined entertainment and the occult elite.

Unsurprisingly, William Randolph Hearst was himself an important figure of the occult elite.

“William Randolph Hearst was part of the Illuminati, he was part of the branch Illuminati — at what could be termed the 6th degree. William Randolph Hearst was totally into paganism. That is very obvious by a tour of his mansion in California which has been turned into a museum.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

“Illuminatus William Randolph Hearst gave Anton LaVey some big help. His Avon Publishing published his Satanic Bible in 1969 (it was first released in Dec. ‘69). Since then it has reportedly gone through over 30 printings. LaVey’s next book The Satanic Rituals also was published by Hearst Avon in 1972. It talks about the power that blood sacrifices give the magician. Hearst’s papers also gave him publicity.”
– Ibid.

“William Randolph Hearst Jr., was a 33 degree mason and a very powerful man in the media world.”
– B.Huldah, The JFK Files

The newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst, a high-degree Illuminati initiate, funded his early “crusades”. The Hearst mansion in California is furnished with hundreds of ancient Egyptian and other Near and Middle Eastern artefacts. Most of them are original and were shipped to the United States by Hearst at enormous expense.

It was Hearst’s support for Franklin Delano Roosevelt that won “FDR” the Democratic nomination and the presidency in 1933. Roosevelt, the wartime president, was one of the great Illuminati frontmen of the 20th century (see …And The Truth Shall Set You Free). The Rockefellers, Witneys, and Vanderbilts, all Illuminati bloodline families, have funded other Graham “crusades”.
– David Icke, The Biggest Secret

Given Hearst’s connection to the elite, it is of course not surprising that the Hearst castle was built with the occult elite’s mythology in mind – which is, in turn, the mythology Lady Gaga is always attempting to sell to the youth.

Lucifer-Gaga arrives in front of the Hearst Castle and is greeted by hooded men.
Lucifer-Gaga arrives in front of the Hearst Castle and is greeted by hooded men.

Of course, the two guardians of this Castle of the Occult Elite won’t let Lucifer die like this. They get her inside the castle so she can get a ritual fit for a fallen angel.


When Gaga enters the castle, the song Venus begins. Gaga’s entire album is centered around multiple representations of Venus (in the video for Applause, she is dressed as Venus as depicted in Botticelli’s painting The Birth of Venus). In G.U.Y, the theme of Venus is still central in numerous symbolic ways, including its esoteric association with Lucifer.

Since ancient times, the planet Venus has been known as the Morning Star and the Evening Star. The Romans designated the morning aspect of Venus as Lucifer, meaning “light bringer”. In the Bible, Lucifer, the angel cast out of the heavens, is also referred to as the morning star.

“How you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations”
– Isaiah 14:12, NIV

The association between Lucifer and Venus remains of the utmost importance in modern occultism.

In the modern occultism of Madeline Montalban, Lucifer’s identification as the Morning Star (Venus) equates him with Lumiel, whom she regarded as the Archangel of Light, and among Satanists he is seen as the “Torch of Baphomet” and Azazel. However, in lesser-known Kabbalah lore, Lumiel was also described as an angel of the earth, though usually Sandalphon and Uriel are the only Archangels associated with the element of earth. In any case, Lumiel’s precise identity has always been controversial and many people, who tried to discover his true nature, eventually came to refer Lumiel as a “dark angel”.
–  Wikipedia entry for Lucifer

Therefore, Gaga playing the role of a fallen angel while a song named Venus plays in the background is far from being random. While the word Venus is repeated throughout the song, another important symbol appears on screen.

While a dying Lucifer-Gaga is being carried by hooded men towards the pool and the song Venus plays in the background, we see the Star of Ishtar on the ground.
While a dying Lucifer-Gaga is being carried by hooded men, the path to her “burial site” is paved with the symbol of the star of Ishtar.

The eight-pointed Star of Ishtar has been mentioned several times on this site as it is an important symbol in occult Mysteries. Ishtar is the Babylonian goddess of fertility, love, war, and sexuality and is considered to be the “divine personification of the planet Venus”. This ancient Semitic symbol therefore completes the esoteric representation of the concept of Lucifer-Venus-Ishtar, a profound, mysterious and extremely important concept in the Mysteries of occult secret societies.

Why was the symbol of the star of Ishtar embedded on the floor of the Hearst Castle? As stated above, William Randolph Hearst was a 33rd degree Freemason and an Illuminatus who was highly knowledgeable in occult symbolism. The symbol of the star of Ishtar often appears on the floor of “occult-themed” buildings (see my articles on the Los Angeles Central Library and the Manitoba Legislative Building).

In this symbolically-charged setting, Gaga is taken to the castle’s Neptune pool where a death ritual takes place.

On Gaga is placed an arrangement of flowers and ... Monarch butterflies. Is this a way of saying that Gaga's death and rebirth is done through Monarch Programming?
On Gaga is placed an arrangement of flowers and … Monarch butterflies. Is this a way of saying that Gaga’s death and rebirth is done through Monarch Programming?


After the death ritual, Gaga is reborn and greets Himeros, the god of sexual desire. Her hair is now platinum blonde and, from being an angel, Gaga is now all about sexuality. Does this represent the creation of the persona of Lady Gaga by the occult elite music business?

After the rebirth, everything in the video turns to white and becomes sexual.
After the rebirth, everything in the video turns to white and things become highly sexual.
While Gaga's rebirth is happening the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills make an appearance playing musical instruments. The fact that they clearly do not know how to play these instruments and that there's obviously no harp or cello in the actual song add to the fact that this is all about being fake, phony and plastic.
While Gaga’s rebirth is happening the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills make an appearance playing the role of the muses, daughters of Zeus. The fact that they clearly do not know how to play these instruments and that there’s obviously no harp or cello in the actual song add to the fact that this is all about being fake, phony and plastic.
In this scene, Gaga has her head on a work created by the "lego artist" Nathan Sawaya. What a great way to show how Gaga's persona is artificially built and completely empty inside.
In this scene, Gaga has her head on a work created by the “lego artist” Nathan Sawaya. What a great way to show how Gaga’s persona is artificially built and completely empty inside.
Himeros was an Erotes - collective of winged gods associated with love and lust. Here, Gaga's dancers play the role of various Erotes.
Himeros was an Erotes – a collective of winged gods associated with love and lust. Here, Gaga’s dancers play the role of various Erotes.
Here Gaga holds a lego apple with a bite taken from it which is a reference to the apple of the Garden of Eden. The apple was given by Lucifer and gave humans knowledge of good and evil.
Here Gaga holds a lego apple with a bite taken from it which is a reference to the apple of the Garden of Eden. The apple was given by Lucifer and gave humans knowledge of good and evil. In occult Mysteries, Lucifer is viewed as a “savior” who gave humans the knowledge to become gods themselves.


While Gaga’s rebirth seems to be all about love, she is also brewing a revenge master plan … a very strange and disturbing master plan that involves a rather unholy science.

Gaga enters a room containing four tombs connected to a computer. From them emerge Jesus Christ, Gandhi and Michael Jackson.
Gaga enters a room containing four tombs connected to a computer. From them emerge Jesus Christ, Gandhi, and Michael Jackson.
Nurses then proceed to draw blood from each revived zombie.
Nurses then proceed to draw blood from each zombie, including Jesus, which is kind of not respectful.

There are several things that do not make sense in this scene. One of them is: Why is Jesus even there? Isn’t the whole point of his story is that he resurrected and ascended to heaven? Why is he even in a tomb? And why does Lady Gaga have access to it? I mean, according to Christianity, Jesus was not some “guy”.

Anyhow, each one of these three figures are meant to represent a trait that should be present in Gaga’s vision of the ultimate “guy”. Interesting fact: All of these figures were killed by the “powers that be” in their time, after which their message and “aura” was used for all kinds of foul agendas. Also, you might have noticed that there are four tombs, but only three men are shown. According to the director (and the credits), the missing figure was John Lennon, but Gaga decided to remove him from the video. Interesting fact: Lennon was also assassinated (and most likely by an MK stooge).

The blood is collected by nurses wearing stylized horns.
The blood is collected by nurses wearing stylized horns.

Horns equals playing God and that’s exactly what the horned nurses do.

The horned nurses begin cloning a bunch of dudes wearing black suits.
The horned nurses begin cloning a bunch of dudes wearing black suits.

While the cloning is happening in the background, Gaga and friends dance very sexily. Playing God and cloning people using the blood of dead people is indeed very hot. If I saw Jesus-cloning going on, I’d also want to take off my shirt and dance feverishly.

Once Gaga’s army of clones (strange way to represent her fans) is complete, she goes to the offices of the suited men who shot her down in the beginning of the video.

From white, everything now switches to black. Gaga wears crow wings on her head. In Ancient Greece and other civilizations, crows were considered to be omens of death.
From white, everything now switches to black. Gaga wears crow wings on her head. In Ancient Greece and other civilizations, crows were considered to be omens of death.
"Look at me, I'm a clone AND a douchebag." Thank you Lady Gaga science.
“Look at me, I’m a clone AND a douchebag.” This what Lady Gaga-sponsored science produces.

Gaga and her clone army storm the office building and Gaga force-feeds some execs the blood of Jesus, Ghandi and Michael Jackson. I’m pretty sure that anyone of these three figures would approve of Gaga’s plan. Or maybe they’d be like “Hey Gaga, give me back my blood. What the hell is wrong with you?”

The video ends with an upsetting scene: Thousands of cloned “guys” mindlessly leaving the Hearst Castle to annoy the world.

This is how the elite sees consumers of popular culture: a bunch of brainless clones doing as they're told.
This is how the elite sees consumers of popular culture: a bunch of brainless clones doing as they’re told. The clones emerge from the Hearst Castle (an occult elite hotspot), indicating that these clones are made the occult elite’s way.

To sum up this video, Gaga begins as a fallen angel who got shot down from the heavens by greedy business men. She is then “initiated” inside a Hollywood-occult-elite castle where she is reborn as a lustful blonde goddess. She then quickly uses her powers to create an army of clones using blood from Jesus Christ, Gandhi and Michael Jackson. Yup.

In Conclusion

G.U.Y. is profoundly steeped in the elite’s symbolism and mythology. Shot at the Hearst Castle, a mansion built by a high-level Illuminatus, G.U.Y. tells viewers where the messages communicated in popular culture emerge from. The same way William Randolph Hearst manipulated public opinion with his brand of “yellow journalism”, today’s culture affects public opinion through pop stars.

The video starts with symbolism that is strongly Luciferian – and Luciferianism is all about becoming gods. Then Gaga actually becomes a god and starts giving life to a new race of clones. Of course, all of those messages are coated with a large amount of “love” and sexiness to make them easy to digest for today’s average viewer.

In short, G.U.Y. is a typical Lady Gaga video. And like all typical Lady Gaga videos, while the story appears to be uplifting and “empowering” (man, I hate that word), its factory-created, mindless clones and occult Illuminati symbolism actually glorify elite repression and mass mind control.

… Kind of like having someone vomit on you to denounce bulimia.

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Has anyone questioned about the title of the song "G.U.Y." It alludes to a sexual perversion, of males shape-shifting into women! Anton Levay alludes to this in this YouTube video: Pay attention to the first minute and how he states that —— “Satan can take the form of a beautiful woman, Satan can take the form of a sleek animal, an automobile can be very Satanic. These things can be anthropomorphized into Satan.” —– Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Lady Gaga states "I want to be the Girl Under You that makes you cry" where "Girl Under You" becomes a mnemonic that when pronounced says "guy." This technology is not unique and is found in Japan as well. —– Among the many tales of shapeshifting in the Konjaku monogatarishu (17.33), for example, can be found the story of a young monk of Mount Hiei, a man… Read more »
while i do see all of the symbolism that is portrayed in this video, i feel as if it has the opposite meaning, especially when paired with the lyrics of this video. Lady gaga has been speaking out constantly about the evil and corruption within the industry, similar to how michael jackson was prior to his media downfall and inevitable death. Ever since then there has been a noticeable decline of her mainstream popularity. In my opinion gaga is now working against the elite as the whole metaphor of this video is about pretending to be submissive and doing what shes told and that in turn allows her to be the dominant one. There are 2 stories being told in this video, one about her taking the blood of those who are good and injecting it into the music industry to help rid the corruption and mind control, not her… Read more »

Exactly, although noone seems to get it …. Thanks for your analysis.

To those who doubt and wish to ask themselves why it all goes like this :
pop culture is trash, and disgusting ok
believing in cinderella is childish and stupid ok
just questions
So what is left for people who have no money and no access to the codes of the elite ?
A truth that makes everyone wants to throw up if they want to see it as it is and ….
dreams, ….
Dreams are not necessarily beliving in fairytales version Disney
Reinvent them and stop believing in fairytales !
These people have lied to you.
Suggest them another truth, your truth.

I believe in God and I am religious, BUT I strongly believe life is not always only about fate, but what you make of it, so is society. Anybody agrees. If not why ? Are you just trying to lie to yourselves because all we do matters. If bad and good exist, our acts can be good or bad as well. Not quite what everyone told you, eh? Did it make people more religious or more human? NO. Why again. Just questions and no answer, but, …. It just answers to another question : it was on purpose, and probably not because of her. Anyone gets it ? I don't think many people will, but it makes me feel good to write. Peace to you, this is not about being mean but realistic. To those who have never sinned, …. Yes, they can judge me, I guess. Because I am… Read more »

I am happy : good job, wonderful boyfriend.
So I want you to be by following what I think is good for you, …
And wish everyone the best.

Gaga paid over $500,000 for this shoot and made a donation to Hearst to use their premises. Hardly the act of an MK'd celeb and everyone being in on it…

what do you know about the acts of MK'd celebs, Trevor. Seems like an simple task.

This video is about satan going full force at this world and ending up on top. Remember he wants to be like or better than God, that's why he got kicked out of heaven. He doesn't want people to see him as a fallen angel but as a beautiful God that rules over all this world.. That's probably what the death if the fallen angel and rebirth if the pure white goddess like Lady gaga represents? Satan's goal is to set up his kingdom here on earth and he will "try" and do so with the help of his demons (1/3 of the angels fell from heaven with him) who are the men in black and shows like "the real Houseives" and other mindless shows that do nothing but throw a tranquilizer in us all… These type of shows keep us asleep and not awake thinking about the real war… Read more »

*The Great Controversy"

The majority of the symbols that the elite are using in these music videos are ancient and sacred symbols. It is important that we understand that it depends upon the intentions behind the use of these symbols and not the symbols themselves which determine the outcome the workings and not the symbols themselves. There is a definite spiritual war occurring in our consciousness. These symbols that were used by the ancient priests, priestesses and great philosophers such as Pythagoras are being abused and while we have this elite, the dark brotherhood, who are using these symbols to continue their power over humanity, there is also a brotherhood of light who use the same symbols but who use them for the good of humanity and to free humankind. It is clear to see that Venus/Ishtar/Inanna/Aphrodite etc is the Queen of Heaven that is also known in Christianity and each of these… Read more »

THEY believe in what they are doing and this is why they are dangerous.
I totally agree, it is difficult to convince people if you are not convinced yourself.
It works both ways, they were conditioned into loathing what deosn't fit in their vision.

However, they are responsible for acccepting this manipulation, mostly for their intellectual comfort.
So are we if we accept being conditioned into something we do not want.
But the naked truth is hard to bear, so people repress it into a subconscious level.
I perfectly understand it , but I am not sure it is a good solution to improve things, …

Well this is music to my ears!
Prometheus the bearer of fire,
Quetzalcoatl god of lightning.
All the different stories(realy all the same) help us into the light,
after the sacrifice of the deceiver = our own ego and pride.

I understand that this post is very old. But I feel there is still some relevant things left unspoken. To say that the Queen of Heaven is in any way not evil in the Christian World view is to be completely ignorant of scripture. In Jeremiah 7:18 the women kneading bread and baking cakes in offering to the queen of heaven. She was thought to be the consort, or wife of Baal also known as Molech. Mentioned also in scripture as the Israelites were warned not to pass their children threw the fires of Molech. In Jeremiah 44:17-25 the women were again warned against making offerings to the queen of heaven. This particular Demon took many names in the ancient world such as Ashtereth, Astarte, Ishtar and so on, later the traits of the same demon were included in the Greek and Roman pantheon of gods and goddesses. This is… Read more »

"This is how the elite sees consumers of popular culture: a bunch of brainless clones doing as they’re told. "

Ironically, the elite is not wrong on this point.

The "consumers of popular culture," i.e., "We the Sheeple," are "a bunch of brainless clones doing as they're told."

True, but you could also say the same about the Lucifer-worshiping elitists, who are mindlessly following whatever their dark lord (a.k.a. the guy at the top of the pyramid) says to do…and it will be to their ultimate destruction. If they don't qualify as sheeple, I don't know who does….

I really agree with you !
It is up to us not to be a bunch of brainless clones doing as we’re told.

They sure know what they are doing and the elite is probably not ready to share its wealth with the crowd so easily.
Even though that is what one could expect from a modern democratic society, …

SULFUR Have you ever noticed that part where Lady Gaga is in yellow. Most likely it represents sulfur (since sulfur is yellow). Note how you see her in Yellow right before and after Jesus and Ghandi are shown. Assuming she is a shape-shifter she is stating that she is currently in solid form. However, the use of sulfur is rampant in the bible and is associated with demons and demon possession. —— The horses and riders I saw in my vision looked like this: Their breastplates were fiery red, dark blue, and yellow as sulfur. The heads of the horses resembled the heads of lions, and out of their mouths came fire, smoke and sulfur. The Bible – Revelation 9: 17 —— However, one should remember this bible verse about Lions —— Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for… Read more »

The interesting part of the video is where people with actual talent, intelligence, and singular vision are captured, harvested, and their genetic code is used to reproduce vapid clones. These clones have none of the genuine traits that the visionaries had, only the genetic basis; then that progeny is sent out into the world, and celebrated as 'unique' and 'special'. Nothing better could capture GaGa's and the mass entertainment industry's modus operandi. I feel that that scene properly summarized her careerist motivation behind stealing other people's ideas, work, and creativity, while passing it off as her own. The occult underpinnings just make the theft-transformation more sinister.

I have read in lots of other sites that the clonning part is super real and actually that Lady Gaga is herself a clone. If you think about it, clonning has been forced into our faces for around 20 years in the movies. It makes total sense that it is real and happening already. I've read that most of the top celebrities, being that actors or singers, are clones, and that Lady Gaga actually died in 2004.


I don't know you and I do not mean to judge you in any way but your comment scares me.

You are actually proving what I have thought for year, and I would highlight it if I could :

People are actually ready to believe in everything that they hear on the Internet, which is not often, and that is the least you can say, true or accurate.

I will not comment on the facts that you are stating because I consider you to be a clever person.

This is how they are using you on every level.

But you are far away from being the only one, unfortunately, …

Think about it please, thank you.

My goodness. By now I just shouldn't be surprised!

"project MK Ultra"

who s the second women with the dog in the car that appears before on the video?

there is also THE Ishtar Gate (from Babylon )

well she uses jesus ghandi and mj blood to create clones, because this tree are the ones who creates more clones in our society than anyone else, they make millions of people think in the same way, follow a certain "true"

She wasn't denouncing bulimia or anything like it. That performance (and the song itself) are about her being raped by the elite. Literally. The vomit is suppose to represent the ugliness of it.

Marry The Night, however, has eating disorder glorifying scenes.

She is clearly denouncing the attitude of the elite.
They actually spoil the mind of the youngest and encourage eating disorders by showing models that are more and more skinny.
She doesn't want to encourage what is a real social evil : anorexia, among other social issues like the r**e of young girls, …
She chose to turn it into something ridiculous on purpose, surely not to submit but to criticize.
There is lots of ugliness and hypocrisy in our society, and she just doesn't accept it.
She thus created a character that is all fame and glamour because she knows it is the only way to make her point.
Now it may be shocking for a lot of people, but there is no other way to be heard, unfortunately.
I hope this can change.

The bath house is reminiscent of the famed gate of Ishtar- Ishtar/Astarte is the near eastern CULT goddess of Love and Fertility- also known as the W***e of Babylon in the book of revelations. Here Gaga is proclaiming herself to be the w***e of babylon- and it is not the first time she has done it. The gate was built by Nebuchadnezzar II, who is known in the Book of Daniel as the instigator of the Babylonian exile. He was driven to madness by his pride and sacrilege. Isaiah 14:12 reads: " How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!" "Lucifer" refers to Attar- who is also known as the female ISHTAR- the near east basis for lucifier the demon. However, this passage also refers to a Babylonian king, most likely Nebuchadnezzar. With… Read more »

The video is a distraction from the song, which is a swipe at the men who lead straight lives but are in the closet. Thank goodness someone is dealing with it. You people here have no idea how many married men with kids are cheating in their wives or girlfriends with other men. Anecdotally, try almost 50%.

I never listened to it that way. I'll have to check the song out again.

I totally agree with Patrick

she is a pan luni

She's clearly showing who the illuminati is wanting to sacrifice next. Same as she did to warn her Lina Morgana was gonna be sacrificed.
If you can't guess who's she's representing in this video, come on!

If one sees religion as quint mythical fiction, all of this hue and cry over this comes across as profoundly silly.

I think that no matter how people consider (their religion), anyone that is honest can only feel bad about this nonsense : Christians, jews, Muslims, atheists, …

What has a lot of people confused is what is Gaga screaming at the end of the video that sounds like "9/10ths!" Does it have some sort of occult meaning?

If you think if occult as having a symbolic meaning, every symbol has a meaning. If you think of occult as evil, it is not necessarily the case. Now, this is the difference btwn what is called black and white magic. I am not sure that there is a reference to this event but numbers are highly symbolic and so are Gaga's songs. So it must mean something, but only her could tell you. Instead of analyzing everything so much, keep in mind that traumatic events are used symbolicaly by politicians to justify choices that are not always holy. It is impossible to know certain things for sure, but people analyze more than they should because they want to be reassured.

So…are the Illuminati trying to say they've used the blood of these people to create clones or something? Conspiracy researcher Freeman Fly thinks that the powers that be have already created clones successfully – his big 'obsession' is that Obama is Ahknaten cloned, Beyonce is Queen Nefertiti cloned, the two Obama children two of Ahknaten's daughters cloned, and Michelle Ahknaten's mother Queen Tiye cloned. I have to admit that his side by side pictures with the family and those old Egyptian statues that he presented from some rosicrucian museum somewhere in the US was pretty weird. Clyde Lewis' of Ground Zero claims that the powers that be wanted to use Christ's blood when the Shroud of Turin was being discredited when the British Museum got involved and that there was all that controversy about the carbon testing. However, a French priest at the time, the Abbe de Nantes, pretty much… Read more »

So basically Lady Gaga is telling people of the Illuminati but in her own way ?????? Thats what i get from this

In my opinion, she wants people to realize that there is no such thing as an organised plot from the elite, so that they stop being scared. There are, however, a lot or lies, hypocrisy, … , around those conspiracy theories because a lot of power is at stake. She is basically making fun of them, …

I do not know about you, but the reason why I came to such conclusions and do not agree with people who defend conspiracy theories is that they are so simplistic while we live in a very complex world. They are meant to create enemies, (real or imaginary), and spread confusion in people's mind. But you guys seem to be defending them beyond recognition when I read your comments. This is why I am warning you by posting regular comments. I want to say that, yes, propaganda is real and mostly based on lies who profit to those who spread them. To make you believe that your religion and your culture is threatened by a plot is, in my mind, wrong, but any crisis like the one we are experiencing is a crisis of the values of the western world. Those values are based on religion : this is our… Read more »

I seriously thought Lady Gaga wanted to be both the slave AND the alpha, considering she wanted to be the GUY , i.e. the boss, and then it means "girl under you"—basically the exact opposite, the subordinate, the slave. Nice way to disgrace yourself, Stefani.

In the video for Paparazzi, the name of the newspapper is "The Evening Star".
Great article.

you do very well my friend in bringing this to the fore although i wish u would stop using the n.i.v ….. God knows how wrong it is … read up on it it's EVIL …. compare it with the k.j.v or any pre vatican 2 catholic bible … prepare to be blown away by the omissions !

The minute I saw this video, I was like "when's VC gonna make an article on it!" LOL I was waiting for this, great article as always.

The Bible doesn't specifically say apple, it says fruit…

The angel in the ground everyone knows it is Satan. The men rushing are those men who have sold their souls for money. In fact it shows that the men did not love Satan. They use him to gain and some ran off. Can mean they might have been in unholy worship but proceed to leave the ungodly which is Lady Gaga the fallen angel. The arrow in his heart or Lady Gaga stands out that he was thrown out of heaven for the love of man being like God or angelic like him where he wished to rule but God said no. Now when she reach inside this place it is where people or devil worshipers praise her and the New Age, Mansonic and many more are growing. You see the video change to me with the housewives is her faithful servant and they are in Greece or Rome.… Read more »
I believe the symbol of Jesus is the anti Christ and all the others are all false. Her clones of men one has the necklace and he is one of the breast or he is the devil as mention in Revelation 13. The bible state there will be the devil, the beast of the water and the beast of the land. Jesus – Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth,whose deadly wound was healed, two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon.performs great signs, so that he even makes fire come down from heaven Gandhi And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. Although he is Muslin he is from India which have… Read more »
Great Article as usual, but some key points are missing. I have no idea which sect of Satanism Lady Gaga belongs to, but clearly she is a Satanist. In Satanism, having spirit sex with demons is very important, and the demons of Hell are mostly the Pagan gods of earlier religions. For instance Ishtar/Inanna/Venus/Aphrodite, Goddess of love, became the demon Astaroth in the Christian grimoires. Also, Lucifer is a symbol of illumination, he symbolizes the ascent of the Kundalini serpent, which leads to illumination. When the serpent rises, one suffers a spiritual death and rebirth, in that the fruits of accumulated Karma are incinerated by the rising of the serpent. What her song is about, is her desire to have spirit sex with a demon (gentile god. All gentile gods are demons according to the Roman church). You may think this is just a fantasy or a delusion, but I… Read more »

Interesting Chris, I understand what you are saying. You heard of incubus and succubus? and the film Rosemary's Baby? Also I wanted you to elaborate on when you said "by linking to them electromagnetically" as I understand the concept of energy. Did you mean when they are told to "sit on the chair" and/or electrodes being attached to their heads etc?

Wow I have never heard of his before, how fascinating and terrifying. What do they hope to gain with such practices? And this sort of thing can only occur if invited right?

just saw the Al jazeera Station id showing apps like twitter, linkedin, fb,etc. slowly emerging and all interconnected to a huge owl image superimposing the map of the world.


Just watched this a few weeks ago, glad it got analyzed

I have a question ( maybe because i am currently tired and did not read all of the article ): if they truly are "mind control symbols". Why would they ( those damn illuminati ) put them in the "mind controlled" subject's videos for everyone to see ? Aren't these things suppose to be secret ? Maybe because the mass don't think of them as symbol or anything and just think of them as "cool" ?

They are indeed using symbols.
A symbol is originally supposed to bring people together, like religon (religare in latin = to unite).
However, a symbol can have multiple meanings, according to the culture you belong to, your social class, …
It can thus divide people when private interests are at stake and this is our problem.
Religion is positive if you consider the "love each other message" but who would agree that religious conflicts are. It is the same thing !
Think deeper and forget about the clichés society has taught you, please, because they are just wrong for anybody that is honest, at least, …

I would even go as far as to say that the illuminati did positive things for society : the French revolution, the concept of democracy in the USA (the founding fathers were part of it), the influence of famous writers/philosophers like Victor Hugo, (who was one of them as well). BUT it was a very long time ago, … Now it is crystal clear that they have sold any value that they ever had and that people could identify with to the big market/the devil. Plus, the Christian religion has lost so much power/prestige throughout the world that nobody needs them anymore in a sense that there is no more inquisition or witchhunt like in Salem anymore. They are the rich ones now. (To sell one's soul to the devil is a metaphor for striking it rich in the Christian symbolic through a contract sealed by a "masonic" handshake). They… Read more »

I say : "people of the Illuminati, stop living in the past because a new generation is coming and these children do not like your attitude !"
Bil Keane :
“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”
William Aloysius Keane, better known as Bil Keane, was an American cartoonist notable for his work on the long-running newspaper comic The Family Circus, which began its run in 1960 and continues in syndication

Symbols, like religion (religare in latin = to unite) semantically bring people together.
BUT they divide when they are used for private interests.
I think this is the real problem and that it answers your question if you understand it.

Let's not forget about Patty Hearst, granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst,who was kidnapped and brainwashed by the Symbionese Liberation Army

If I remember this right, the annunaki referred to Venus as Gaga…

Also, with regard to Venus the Morning Star, read the book of Revelation 22:16

"I Jesus have sent my angel to testify to you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star."

Christ is the TRUE morning star.


When this synagogue of Satan is defeated….and IT WILL BE, the Messiah will explain all this in full. Very good article VC. However, the "illuminati" don't want to become "gods", they want to become demons. Semantic? In a way yes, but the distinction is important.

The Day of Justice will arrive.


I really pity her. She may feel like queen of the world, but, that won't last for much longer. She's not even pretty. I hope with her knowledge of evil, she will come around to the mercy that is abundant in Christ's love. Otherwise, she probably won't even be alive much longer.

the LG necklace in hebrew is:
so i guess Lady Gaga is also on that same list of 'brothers' on the square!

meh, Gaga is just an attention w***e. Don't really care, her fan base wants it/is used to it. I find it ridiculous, but at least this song is getting kids listening to something besides the traditional top 40 format, even if it is a bunch of wanking .
Have a bigger problem with Katy Perry's new image, because she is more impressionable to youth imo. They're both on their way out unless they can actually get some half way decent tunes recorded anyway. At least Teenage Dream was actually a good bubblegum record (a guy who cares more about music then being paranoid)

This video is about the birthing of the new hybrid/cloned demon/human new race. Lady Gaga is big on that

The Compliance Campaign
Even without the excellent expert analysis provided by VC, a casual observer should be able to tell that this "art" being perpetrated by Lady Gaga is something twisted and evil. I actually tried watching this latest Gaga video before reading VC's analysis, and honestly I couldn't get past the first couple minutes. The fallen angel reference was obvious, and there was clearly more occult imagery, but for the most part I was just bored by the sheer pretentiousness of it. One thing I find interesting in a general sense is how Lady Gaga has been transformed over the past several years from a pop diva into some blatantly exploited "tragic artist" figure, and how her fans (the "Little Monsters," LOL) consistently defend this garbage with bland statements like, "Hey, it's just a video, why do you read so much into it?"' Obviously, this is NOT "just a video," and the… Read more »

Does anyone ever wonder why they target Jesus rather than anyone else? Doesnt that mean their most insecure of his teachings? So doesnt that make Christianity correct if they threaten it the most? Dur connect the dots people!

Because Jesus(pbuh) is the real Messiah and they know it and he is also the one that is going to kill the antichrist.

exactly. thank you

No problem man 🙂

Do you realize that the Bible is a literary masterpiece before being a sacred and holy book ?
I imply that there are different interpretations of the Book in the world, all of them valuable, as long as you do not read it as an "I am going to fight the others because they do not share my vision" book.
I think you should consider reading it from a different perspective, because it is about love, peace and tolerance, at least as I see it.

all the authors of the Bible were writing for a PURPOSE, God, the one and only God. it was always a holy book.

John 3:16- interpret that

"Your mom",
I never said the Bible wasn't holy and I do not understand why you are acting so mean with me.
Calm down, thank you.

DO YOU WANNA SEE OLD SCHOOL 80's MK MIND CONTROL? CHECK OUT "OWNER OF A LONELY HEART" VIDEO…. FROM "YES" (THE LONG VERSION…)….Mr VC you should take a few minutes on this one analysis..thanks a lot… advance

i agree with this very wierd video

Great article as always. It seems that they're really going into overdrive with their little MK workers.

demi lovato publicly raised question on gaga getting someone to vomit on stage, i don't know if it was just an act to gain publicity but i gained respect for her

Gross , gross , gross. They're all going to hell , btw the green vomit stuff reminds me of demon possession , because possed ppl do it in the scary movies . crazy stuff man. Im not scared i used to be back in 2010. its whatever now.

You should be scared, young kids are watching this crap, I mean look how screwed up todays kids are and we weren't even raised with this type of garbage. I'm scared for the next generation

BLASPHEMY IS KEEEWL. Pfft, seriously. I find it really pathetic how the music industry is willing to spend thousands of pounds (or dollars if you are reading from the U.S…which you probably are) on this nonsense.

Unless you are willing to sit and dissect every single second of this video (thanks V.C!) you are never going to understand its meaning, rendering it utterly pointless in my eyes. Apart from the glaring blasphemy, which has been done so many times before anyway, I don't see point in all of this ambiguous symbology. Even my subconscious is yawning.

Maybe it is just something for the 'Occult Elite' to jerk off to. Other than that I don't get it. What's even to get?

In any case. Bored.

Go home pop music industry, you're drunk!

Do not worry about the dollars that they are willing to spend in spreading this nonsense.
They wouldn't spend so much energy if they had something to lose in it.
They are ambiguous on purpose and it is not to help you in any way.
It is mainly because they want to make honest people feel bad so they they forget about what is real and important.
Learn to love yourself, do not let them make feel guilty or sad in anyway.
You are worth better that !

It is what I would call : "torture by hope".
They want to make you hope that you will become a better person/Christian and go to heaven more easily by sacrifizing your own happiness.
It is part of what they (the elite) are defining as the "true" religion, a life without pleasure.
I say "no". Not only because it is stupid, but because anybody that is sane would lose his/her mind if they followed their stupid theories strictly.
The more I understand how perserve, the less I like them, really ! I am very tolerant but I can't stand this vision.

Never forget : true religion is not about sacrifizing yourself.
You have the right to be happy and you should never let them tell you the contrary.
It looks like they forgot the principle written in their Declaration of the rights of man stating that everyone has the right to be free, happy, not to be judged for who they are, … (they wrote it)
You're right (irony) blah blah blah !

Bloody Mary by Gaga :
"Love is just a history that they may prove."
= True love can be experienced by anyone, but not proven.
Why would "THEY" try ?
"And when you're gone I'll tell them my religion's you"
= She love someones so much that she sacralizes this love.
….. BUT SAYS :
"I won't cry for YOU"
If YOU is this man, is she right not to suffer for that man? What if he doesn't love her ?
Would you find it sinful? THEY do.
If she adresses "THEM". Why would she cry for them ? Would you ?
My opinion is that love is positive and should make you feel better.