Miley Cyrus Releases a New Video While Under “Doctor’s Care” … And it’s About Mind Control

This image represents Miley in the music industry: Restrained, held at the neck by unseen people with hands tied behind her back.

After being released from the hospital but still under “doctor’s care” – which is often code for “reprogramming” – Miley Cyrus released a video for the song Tongue Tied. The video is, coincidentally enough, riddled with mind control symbolism. While most sources describe the video as “being about bondage”, there is much more going on there. The song title itself suggests being speechless and confused – a state that MK slaves know all too well. It is however the visual symbolism packed in this short video that says it all: It is about Miley Cyrus, a representative of Sex Kitten Programming, being controlled, handled and plastered with Mind Control symbolism.

Here’s the video (you probably should not watch this at work).

Judging by a great number of videos released in the past decade, taking part ofΒ  bondage-themed videos appears to be the only options for young pop stars who want to be “edgy, artsy and mature”. The fact is, bondage-themed material is now common because it is an easy way to represent these stars’ state of sexual slavery as representatives of Kitten programming. The symbolism in Tongue Tied is yet another video linking bondage with Mind Control.

Multiple body-less head - one of the many scenes representing the creation of multiple personas.
Multiple body-less heads – one of the many scenes representing the creation of multiple personas.


On the heads appear kitten masks - representing Kitten Programming.
On the heads appear kitten masks – representing Kitten Programming.


For a split second, Miley's heads are covered with a mask bearing Mickey Mouse ears (a symbol representing MK programming). Also, one of the eyes is cut out the classic sign of the Illuminati entertainment industry.
For a split second, we see masks bearing Mickey Mouse ears (a symbol representing MK programming). Also, one of the eyes of the mask is cut out – the classic “one-eye sign” of the Illuminati entertainment industry.


This image represents Miley in the music industry: Restrained, held at the neck by unseen people with hands tied behind her back.
This image represents Miley in the music industry: Restrained, held by the neck by unseen people and her with hands tied behind her back.


Throughout the video, Miley is shown being divided and sliced-up, representing the fracturing of MK slaves' psyche.
Throughout the video, Miley is shown being divided and sliced-up, representing the fracturing of MK slaves’ psyche. Added bonus: A tape hides one her eyes.


The video ends with a telling image: Miley acts surprised but she cannot see anything - A mask with eyes on it is covering her true eyes. That pretty much represents the life of MK slaves.
The video ends with a telling image: Miley acts surprised while not being able to see anything. She’s wearing a mask with eyes on it thatΒ  covers her true eyes. This pretty much represents the life of MK slaves.

In short, the video is all about depicting Miley as being blind, controlled, confused and programmed. She cannot express what is happening to her because she is truly “tongue tied”. Seeing Miley Cyrus being used as the Illuminati industry’s favorite Kitten is painful to watch. All of the signs and patterns applied on other stars are being applied to her and, unfortunately, this will most likely lead to some kind of “breakdown” or downfall. While I hope she gets out of this mess, she’s one of most tightly controlled pop stars out there.



  1. I don´t get the frickin video. This just shows that the illuminati is stupid with containing their info and how much they respect everything they are about. Mostly satanic Shizz and other things like frickin BDSM! I know all about the things they do in the entertainment industry and the gov. They hide all this stuff. Just not good enough if a person like me, who has a 99 IQ test score, can see it everywhere. I mean everywhere people. I'm just lucky that my father, who I hope isnt illuminati knows that I'm not doing that shizz. I know I'm freakier than a forked-tongue, but I'd kill every illuminati person just to survive. I don't care if this is a terroristic threat you bastards! I want to be arrested. And that won't stop me from throwing knives either. I'm pretty sure even my mother doesn't know I can throw knives!
    P.S. Just know that I'm watching you guys and my guns are ready for the day you try to take over!

    • That was a joke. I'm twelve years old. I don't even know how to use guns. Just knives. So know that everything else was true. I don't frickin care if that was a terroristic threat though. Jail would be better than Athens.

      • I don’t care…I’m still going to applaud you! πŸ™‚
        I don’t know how to use guns yet either but I’ve gotten good with knives.
        My dad said he’ll teach me soon how to use a gun.

        You made an awesome comment and you should be proud of yourself! πŸ™‚

      • My opinion, is many people began noticing small signs, people started, starting posting videos, blogs, many others began to see it and so on and questioning it, so by throwing it blatantly in plain sight makes people not believe it and the best place to hide all this is in plain sight…

  2. 0:44 She Purrs and "Got me. Alone. That Stockholm Syndrome"

    "Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with them."

    Can it be ANY more clear? I think they're are getting tired of how slow we are to catch on. LMAO

  3. idk but here's my theory, if there's a god there's a devil. and I do believe in demons and demonic possession. what if this isn't Miley anymore? what if her soul is trapped or long gone? what if the entity that is in her body is a demon who wants to use her body for fortune and fame? hence her wild and erotic behavior. how can someone who went from being a normal person turn into such trash and be so open to act this way. I don't think she's in her right state of mind anymore. I don't think she's even there at all. if they can take control over normal people like you and I what makes you think they wouldn't take control over a girl who's looked up to so much by thousands if people? "hell is empty, all the devils are here"

  4. i dont disbelieve these theories but when you actually picture a person sitting in a room putting this video together with all these "symbols", it seems a bit ridiculous

  5. this is so wrong..however, bdsm is ok in a relationship with consent of BOTH PARTIES. however, how come the media only shows bdsm in a one-demensional way (aka the woman is ALWAYS the submissive one). I myself practice bdsm as a dominatrix and it annoys me to no end when bdsm is showed in a cookie cutter/vanilla way with the woman 100% of the time being the "sweet, subserviant little slave". A friend of mine believes there is a misogynistic (woman hating) agenda within the illuminati. what do you all think of that theory?

    • Well since the Rothschild family is basically controlling the world (the central banks etc.. and wars in country where their shitty central banks havent been placed yet..) they made a Men's Club (The bohemian grove) or sth.. and I guess thats where it comes from…

  6. Disney Channel is showing a movie right right as I speak with the premises of mind control. The main character is using her cell phone to control the boys and girls in her school to do whatever she wants them to do. Of course she uses it to her advantage and even has teen boys take their shirts off. Zapped is the title look it up. Brain washing even the pre-teens… Shameful

  7. i'm pretty sure i heard her say 'stockholm syndrome' in the video, i researched it and it means:

    Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with them. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, who essentially mistake a lack of abuse from their captors for an act of kindness

  8. Isn't it possible these ppl are just untalented and unoriginal? I mean gaga, Britney, katy Perry, Miley Cyrus… These aren't exactly the sharpest tools in the shed ..

  9. I was watching this video and noticed where Miley is walking away from the camera with oil on her back with her arms out towards the end reminded me of something. It reminded me of a photo from Guantanamo Bay where a prisoner was covered in his own filth and walking with his arms outstretched.

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but it seems they've sexualized the torture photos from Guantanamo Bay.

    • I've thought about that. Mind program subjects are conditioned to kill themselves after they've been discovered as having more than one identity created by the programmers… But aren't they pretty much parading her as a mind control slave? Isn't she discovered? The rest of the world is very very dense but people like us know. I don't know how this works.
      Maybe we're just drowned out by the elite's power.

      The only way that Miley can be "revealed" and then triggered to self-destruct mode is if she'd say it or spell it out herself that she's programmed… and there's not many chances of that ever happening. She's never in control.

  10. she looks so sad and hurt I feel really bad for her you know im trying to free my brain from some of the programing that us as Americans have suffered though I still listen to music, but I really listen now and do my research . I pay attention to the words and the images in the videos I am trying to wake from the spells Miley needs help but as we know there is almost no chance of her getting out of what she is in I just feel bad for her though I would love to live the "good life" and have money and so forth its really not worth the endless pain these celebrities are put through .I think everyone in hollyweird mad the worst choice the could ever made when they accepted the terms and conditions of hollyweird may they find some glimmer of peace in their sad existence

  11. Somehow more than ever I'm more frustrated than ever with the gossip world. They're so blind saying she's discovering her sexual identity or a party girl now or whatever. No no and no. Everything in this article: YES.

  12. "Nothing worse than a man who doesn't live his life","Nothing worse then a man living a lie" – right and like it wasn't enough you went one more attempting on my life, damaging my health and planting the seeds of decrepitude.

  13. "While I hope she gets out of this mess, she’s one of most tightly controlled pop stars out there" – we have good wishes and hope for best but we mess you nonetheless. Like that is a necessary thing that doesn't depend on your decision.

  14. read Brice Taylor's "Thanks for the Memories" and Marilyn Monroe's mind programming -then make up your mind's if all this is just evil men or evil men+ satanic worship

    .He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with him. Dan 2:22

    For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. Luke 8:17

  15. “dog is dead. dog remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off us? What water is there for us to clean ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we have to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we ourselves not become dogs simply to appear worthy of it?” Nietzsche (quoted incorrectly)

  16. notice how it's not even her real voice. who is she? she is so far gone from her true self. remember all her principles from when she was younger? she wore a f*****g purity ring. i am not criticizing her for being sexual or changing her mind, i know we change our minds as we get older but this is too far out there. another thing i'd like to point out- one moment she looks happy, the next distraught, the next silly, the next sexual, the next completely blank. it seems as if she doesn't even know how she's feeling.

  17. Notice how her puppy 'went missing' while she was away on tour 'eaten by coyotes apparently. This is typically an MK Ultra slave ploy to create a trauma by killing her pet so that she is then easy target for mind control…sad very sad!

  18. Sadly, nothing new here. This started with the Beatles, Stones and Black Sabbath decades ago. It was a kinder gentler Satanism , but Satanism none the less. Think of the gall the desecraters now possess to be so blatant with their debasing, devolving symbols. It must be avoided like the plague it is.

  19. Anyone with Verizon FiOS realize how close to the children cartoon channels the MTV and music channels are? If u go through the guide u have to pass the music.

    • IMHO it is done intentionally to hook 'em while their young. The 60's "youth" movement was based on enticing children. Soupy Sales, bubble-gum music.

  20. The song isn't called "Tongue Tied." It's called "Stockholm Syndrome," not that that's any better, and it isn't even by Miley Cyrus. It's by a group called 30's featuring Zoee. It does seem odd that she is in an MK type video for a song that isn't even her's. It gives it that much more of a dissociative element.


  22. The image where Miley's face is covered with the Micky Mouse mask is quite eerie. Her only visible eye seems to be showing a vulnerable scared facial expression – this is covered up by a strong fearsome expression. I think this is an important feature as it could show how terrified and traumatised she is from the industry but is forced to put up a front to the public.

  23. I have seen this many time..not this video, i could only stomach one viewing, but the symbolism, i have seen it over and over, Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, Pink, and the horrid Madonna. It may seem like a gimmick, as afore stated, but I assure you, it is not, this satanic Illuminati materialism is very real, they are taking these peoples lives as living sacrifices, and using them to usher in there agenda. They seek to destroy every moral, by calling it into question and ripping it apart on mainstream media and soft visual coercion carried out by poor slaves like Miley here. Her father "supports" this disgusting misconduct, and I personally think because he may not have a say in the matter. This is disturbing, to say the least. You can see this in almost all modern pop-stars across the board. People defend this saying "they are expressing themselves", if she is trying to express her enslavement, then I believe it. We are headed in a dark path, and one we may not return from.

  24. Read the below blind item that many are saying is about Charlize Theron and Sean Penn. I read somewhere recently that he is a famous handler in hollywood.

    At an event the other night, this spy was part of a group of six that included this A list mostly movie actor and his A list mostly movie actress girlfriend. The spy was appalled at the way the actor treated the actress. When he was talking if she tried to interrupt or say something he would tell her to be quiet because he was talking. When she didn’t want to go outside so he could smoke he told her that she had to and she went. It was just one thing after another all night and the actress seemed to be oblivious to the fact that she was being treated like crap

    • I was wondering as to why of all the people Charlize chose to date Sean Penn. Sean invited his ex-wife Madonna to his Haiti charity party and Charlize was normal in her presence. When Sean was Madonna 's hubby he beat her up and almost killed her, I wonder how Madonna could have forgiven him.

      • While he may just be a women beating, control freak a*s*hole and Charlize a docile muppet, the Madonna link is interesting (and could explain alot).

        Good share certainly gets one thinking……

      • Maybe he programmed Madonna. Or then again, maybe she was programmed when she arrived in New York City with $12 to her name and was 'discovered.'

      • Madonna was ''discovered'' long before arrival in New York I think….
        Connecting some dots in various offical stories and interviews made me think about talentspotters, for instance, and their networks.

  25. Just this week while at the checkout at the grocery store I counted 5 magazines with Miley Cyrus on the cover. Media collusion, much?

    • I noticed that, too. She's been making the TV talk show circuit. Total collusion. One world government, One World Entertainment Industry.

  26. Lily Allen has had a stint in hospital lately too, funny because she normally speaks against the industry. Only part of the industry mind.

    • They aren't the same person as they've been photographed together, but they are both pushing an androgynous agenda. They are probably related somewhere down their genealogy.

  27. I read a book written by a girl who was herself an SRA victim/sex save to the Luciferian elite from a young again and was frequently brought to the parties like Bohemian Grove for sex. At one of these "parties" she said she walked by a crowd of ppl all gathered around something. She went to look and it was Billy Ray Cirus having sex with his daughter Miley. When she was just a child.

      • She'll probably start writing it now that you have hinted at a demand. Firmly one for the fiction section IMVHO. For the record, I think that Miley's dad made the best out of a bad situation and cannot be blamed for decisions she made beyond adolescence. He has never been seen assuming a complicit role in the way Tish has.

      • True… it was obvious that this would happen because even while she was still with Disney she was doing naked photoshoots (not frontal nudity but still) and posing for sketchy photoshoots with Billy Ray. And don't forget the tons and tons of braless, wet shirt, half naked etc sexual selfies she leaked all over the place… while she was still with Disney I think. That's really serious. People should have expected this. And I'm not just saying that Miley was always like hyper sexual or whatever… well she was… but there's a lot of mind programming involved in this too. You have to consider that. Miey is not a "s**t" or a "w***e".

  28. WTF did I just watch? I had acid trips that were less weird than this. Did anyone notice her body twisted in the shape of a swastika?

  29. When Miley was still known for Hannah Montana, I was really hoping she would be the exception to Illuminati corruption. Unfortunately they've claimed another one. Return to your Christian roots, Miley. The elite agenda thinks it's all-powerful, but they are no match for Jesus. They should be very afraid.

    • She was never really Christian. And Hannah Montana was already an evil split personality meme from Disney. Don't you get it? They started pimping her out as a child. That's how you get into Disney at that level!

      • So true you can't expect her to turn out good when she's playing two alter personas on Disney from the get-go!!!!!

  30. It's amazing how people think this is coincidence. Of course if you only look at this video and this allergy, thats perfectly understandable.
    But do your Research. Im dying cause I do not remember his name but one of the the handlers pointed in Brice Taylor's book ''Thanks for the memories'' was actually Miley's neighbor.
    Check her managers. Her videos. Her interviews. Her photos. ( if you study MK Ultra u should see her photos taken by terry richardson). Her behavier. Its a pattern along with many artists. Her actions, clothes, songs. Everything.
    Search and then comment here.

    And at least, search for wisdom, cause God gives you freely, just ask.
    Pray for her. Pray a lot for all the lost minds that are being controlled and handled. This is our best option among with a lot of studying. When ure sure with all of this, u can go and talk about it and try to make this clear for others. That's what I think VC does. Let do our job as God's sons and daughters.

    ps: nobody is perfect, don't judge her. I believe that YES, in some point of her life she herself chose to participate in this somehow, but she was chosen a long time ago. Her parents are in this for sure, since Hannah. Again, I ask you guys to search.

    ps2: for those who started the research now, please watch Lady Gaga's 'Marry the Night' video, u can see a little bit about programming and how she handles it somehow.
    U will understand that this is the new preached ART. this is the new MUSIC….. Mind control until they can implement everything they want without anyone saying STOP. As many comments I've seen here, even Christian people don't believe in all this. EVERYONE thinks thats NORMAL, even with all the symbologies and history behind. Even with all the links,documentarys and information about it, we're still too mind controlled to see.
    Illuminatti or whateaver u call this elite, they are sure getting what they want.

    The Bible already said what WILL HAPPEN. The world WILL end. The dark WILL win for a ''BRIEF'' moment, until Jesus comes back. The world is full of bad influences and this do not come from God. If you know God, u just know that this does not come from Him.

    Can u watch this video above and tell me that u feel perfectly fine seeing this?
    Can u watch this and confirm that this video is somehow for the GOOD?

    God bless us ALL.

  31. Peer pressure amongst friends is one thing, peer pressure on a global scale from 'celebrities' pushing drugs is quite another.

    The agenda feels even more potent now, particularly if you're older and have a point of comparison. I worry about kids today. And this comes from someone who had a less than an impeccably clean and wholesome teenager/early adult.

  32. Reading Sue Ford's quotes from "Thanks for Memories" is really enlightening when watching this video…

    "There was trauma done in the form of being stuck with pins and needles, being burned, hung by my feet – sometimes to crosses, spun, dropped off a table as an infant, near drowning, sexual abuse and orgies, being drugged, food and sleep deprivation, and then adding to that when I was around five, was all of the military mind control that was done with very sophisticated instrumentation and chairs and electroshock Interview: Brice Taylor (Sue Ford)

  33. For those who suggested Miley's handler was her mother, the Daily Mail is reporting:

    "MIley Cyrus Tears Around London With her Mother After Annoucing Bangerz Tour Return" May 5, 2014

  34. Oh my god… I actually feel incredibly bad for her now. Honestly, this is so sad… it's like, most of this is not even in their own control, all this programming and mind control πŸ™

  35. So not surprised here!

    It seems every pop star goes in for some kind of hospitalization or "reprogramming." I mean look what happened to Britney?! It is really sad these pop starts don't know what is going on because they have been so brainwashed and when they start to crack it's back to the hospital with some bogus reason why they are there.

    I sure hope she gets out of this industry and saves herself…sadly I think she will just be another statistic in the industry. I just hope she doesn't get into drugs any further or she will end up like so many young stars.

    • Stockholm syndrome is a new trend and obviously serves an agenda or is some king of predictive programming.

      Think of this theme in current or recent TV series including Hostage(s?) and Crisis………….

      When we are not being told we are too powerless to control our lives, that we should feel worthless as with all the Slave imagery, lyrics and symbolism.. …we are being programmed to just accept it, ;love it/them even… all in the name of an easy life= apathy Stockholm syndrome
      or else we are supposed to remain unaware, just go through life 'blind' to all of this…………

      I chose truth, faith, hope and will retain my free will as best i can.

      • real world example that combines potential (sexual) slavery and abduction/hostages …. the latest kidnapping of the Nigerian schoolgirls

      • yes, the Nigerian kidnapping which is getting very little serious attention because casual doses of BDSM have desensitized our society to the horror of it. When it happens in our country the learning curve will be a lot steeper thanks to the present control over reporting exercised by the zionist media. I was not surprised to discover that my country ranks 35th or so in the worldwide freedom of press rankings and well below many third world countries. I have lived in places known for their appalling human rights records and belatedly established that they are not quite as horrific as our press led us to believe given the exemption from keeping such records afforded to most of the first world which creates an obvious lack of comparison.

      • Apsara, I agree with you 100%.

        I wish fellow truth-seekers would take the time to make wider real world connections.

        Yes, I too do mean the REAL (not imagined or portrayed) WORLD (not just my community or country)

        I understand that not everyone can travel but evil itself like Evil doers don't respect boundaries (of any kind) do they? nor require a passport. Likewise or preferably greater it should be with good, understanding and compassion.

  36. I don't think anyone can become and remain successful in America who doesn't want to spread this Illuminati s**t. They own the media and it is them who decide who can be a star and who cannot. It doesn't matter whether you have any talent or not – what only counts is the message that you convey with your songs, shows, interviews, private life, etc. If you have the charisma and popularity, you can affect millions of people. These brainwashed, mind controlled celebrities don't have any control over their own lives and if they can't bring profit and can't be used any more, they'll be thrown away like thrash.

  37. My heart breaks for all these young artist who are abused and used by the 'system' and then to all the millions of young people out there who are influenced by this all!! I see how the trend has become to cover one eye for photo shootings amongst the youth! I would love to see VC more prominent to reveal what is really going on behind the scenes! Thank you for very informative articles!

  38. Ok……. I am at a loss……… i understand the MK ultra thing.. I understand, the media brainwashing us to go to war, and buy products ect.. BUT why the constant theme of MK ULTRA in videos? who is this going out too?

    What is the purpose, of one more MK Video? … It would seem to me, EVERYONE knows about the Illuminati hype,……from Jay-Z to Rothchild. So what is all this symbolism doing, ….

    its telling us we are all slaves? isnt it. That we are caught in the machine, and we can not turn off the tube..and thus, we are programed?……….

    Hmm, maybe i answered my own question.. what say you>>

    • INMO Depicting MK Ultra programming is done to glamorize prostitution. When women, and girls, see a photo or film image of other women, they place themselves into that image. This is how fashion mags work.
      So, prostitution is shown as not only acceptable, but desirable. Here is my prediction: In the next decade there will be a political push to legalize prostitution, so their incomes can be taxed. The state of Nevada does already, so do other Euro countries. (Once we realize we've been programmed, it is hard to stay programmed!)

      • You obviously don't know much about the fashion world. Fashion mag shoots hardly equate to prostitution. Even today, many are beautifully produced with aesthetic credibility at the forefront. I never see trashy celebrities promoting/wearing haute couture. They promote the labels which are known to be equally trashy and excluded from editorial. Infact, they associate very little with the printed word for obvious reasons. You could make a valid case for arguing that they promote a number of vices, just not that one.

      • Prostitution is one of the oldest trades in this world. Invented long before laws were designed.
        You have an apple? Like my S.? Can i have a bite?

    • I used to wonder the same thing forever until I read some lengthy articles on Monarch programming, which helped me understand the ubiquitous symbols are to trigger the alters of the programmed. When triggered by the symbols, the programmed go into their alter or disassociated personalities and can then be made to do anything desired by their handlers without resistance or even awareness.

  39. If you tell the sheeple this is talent, they will believe… Miley Cyrus and Kardashians, same useless lumps of skin although I do feel badly for how they're being used… no one deserves that.

  40. i dunno V.C….i am a big fan of this site, but this post seems to be stretching it. As an artist myself, and one who likes to work with film I see this as a really awesome piece of editing and effects work.

    the video is pretty cool. there are a few creepy/over sexualized parts but art is meant to provoke. I am no fan of miley, but this video was not made by her. its not even her song. it represents quentin jones (the filmmaker) more than miley. i like to use choppy editing and duplicate images/weird stuff in my art…does that mean im an MK ultra puppet lol. I find V.C. on point usually, but this one seems too much. But maybe I'm wrong!

  41. Talk about Chutzpah. They're really in our face with endless repititions increasiingly direct, crude and pyschopathically vacant, ony the blind refuse to see it.

  42. It seems the 'goo' she covers herself with at the end of the video is the same a la Rihanna's Umbrella video a few years back.

  43. I don't understand and I never do why they put these symbols out in clear sight? It just doesn't make sense. Ever think they do this just to sell more albums/get more views because so many people are into Illuminati research, etc.

    • I used to wonder the same thing forever until I read some lengthy articles on Monarch programming, which helped me understand the ubiquitous symbols are to trigger the alters of the programmed. When triggered by the symbols, the programmed go into their alter or disassociated personalities and can then be made to do anything desired by their handlers without resistance or even awareness.

  44. I had no trouble hearing the lyrics… yeah it's about monarch programming, trauma, giving up her personality and being cocooned. The parts that freak me out the most are "damper the guns", probably like as in stun guns, "I'm a hostage for you", " and "stockholm syndrome". And it's all super obvious but those are the most unapologetic references to monarch programming I caught in it

    Wrap me up so I can't break free, don’t let go, capture me
    Hold me down so it's hard to breathe, lose control, keep your eyes on me
    Tie me down
    Come on, you got me, alone, stockholm syndrome
    Wrap me up so I can't break free, don't let go, capture me
    Hold me down so it's hard to breathe, lose control, keep your eyes on me
    Giddee up, so giddee up, you got the reins, I'll give it up
    Captured by you, I'm a hostage for you
    Damper the guns, I'll damper you
    Lock me up, tie me down

  45. I am not one much for music videos, never have been, but this is one of the worst, disturbing ones I have ever seen. The price these young people have to pay to be famous just isn't worth it. Fame is so fleeting. And I would rather be poor and living on the streets than have to go through what these people have to go through in order to be rich and famous.

  46. Hello Brothers and Sisters!

    After years of researching and learning about the multi-faceted attack on civilization, including this kind of most obvious satanic evil with these Hollywood lost souls, my conclusion is there is only one answer to why: pure hatred of Gods creation and all his creatures and the attempted destruction thereof.

    All these things have led me to one logical conclusion: the Bible speaks the truth. This is a war of spirituality… powers and principalities as the Bible says. The only answer is salvation through Christ. I'm 53 and have run from God most of my life… I'm done running and I pray that all of you seek Him now while there is still time.
    As C.S. Lewis says "When God intervenes and we see the whole natural universe melting away… that will not be the time to choose. That will be the time when we have found out what we have chosen, if we knew it or not."

    Pray and seek Him. God Bless.

  47. Not too much about this article, but I was wondering if VC had done any digging into the timing of the "Murdered" South Korean students. At first I thought it was your standard accident at sea, until I saw the Hats the people finding the bodies were wearing. Anything there, or am I digging to deep?

  48. The picture of Miley with her arms bound and the thing tied around her neck is disturbing because of the expression on her face–or maybe more accurately the lack of expression on her face. There is NO life in her eyes, not one hint that a bit of humanity resides within. Miley has been stolen–although some would say she gave herself away or her parents gave here away–but nevertheless there is no semblance to the girl she once was. There is no sense of a soul dwelling within. The only time she shows emotion is when she's acting wild…and that comes off as pure evil.

  49. I hate to say it but I'm desensitized. I haven't mentioned illuminati or the occult elite in a very long time. I don't even notice pyramids or one eye poses anymore because I have seen so much that it has become normal. I don't even pay attention to it. I don't even try to "wake people up" anymore because Im going blind myself. I guess I am just waiting for sh** to hit the fan and then I will go crazy like all the other so called sheep…the thing is by then it will probably be too late.

  50. its just the same old stuff. over and over and over and over…I remember when musical artists were creative.

  51. Very, very disturbing!!
    The black/white detailing is also very significant, the duality, the good and evil aspects of the mind.
    The thought of some of these young women being ritually abused by people makes me rather ill.

  52. Ummm… ahhhh… I can't even believe my eyes.

    I was so confused over the half naked child with crazy eye lashes licking and rubbing something all over her… I must've missed her completely singing the song.

    I could barely hear the song. Must've been the shock and praying that my daughter would never turn on mtv or something by accident and SEE this.

  53. Ok i recently saw her in concert in D.C about two weeks before her supposed meltdown. This footage was used during her outfit changes to Keep the fans going but they were a lil off by this because its a new direction, and the show was filled with heavy symbolism. But they control her with the green leaves and just enough money and another weird matter when it was reported of her secret away hidout after the hospital stint and a week later shes on Ryan Seacrest all acting as if nothing has happened he in on it too. Recently video posted of her new hollywood hill mansion with horses statues and mind programming set up of a fantasy but a thank you from her handlers for programming the young and they take her image. Those white girls ate that shhh up

  54. I always wonder how Hilary Duff made it out of the disney programming . She doesn't seem like the other girls.

    • I just saw a picture somewhere (can't remember where) of Hilary Duff with a Scientology tattoo on her wrist. That's a whole 'nuther area of control!

      • She's releasing new music so I guess she's back in. She did display a good girl gone bad image through her music so she may have had basic programming done (her CD was called metamorphosis after all). If she was truly aware of what was going on she wouldn't go anywhere near the music industry. She'll unfortunately end up a puppet.

  55. I feel so confused in this world now :/ Has this illuminati thing been happening for thousands of years?? If Mk ultra is truly real, i wish i could try to help these poor people. Is there actually a God that is going to save us all from this??

    • Yes there is. The fact that we recognize evil is evidence that there is some universal "good", and the source o that in all humans is God. And there is an afterlife where complete justice will be had.

      Our job is to find out the truth of ourselves, our life and death and what comes after death, and to do our best in the world with whatever time we have. The results are not in our hands, they are out of our control. But we are responsible for what is in our control.

    • The forces of evil have tried many times to take over our world. It has not happened yet and it does not have to happen now. God is real, but He is not going to come down out of the sky and save us. We have to do it ourselves; it is a test.

      We have to Choose goodness, we have to Choose to help each other, we have to Choose the paths, the words, the actions that make a life worth living. That is what is meant by "free will," and if enough of us do these things, it will have a cumulative effect and those powers that feed off of us will be thrown off and cast into the pit of darkness from whence they came.

      This site is good for getting to know the enemy and their tactics, but never let it make you think that they are winning. All they own are the televisions and governments; this makes them seem like they are ubiquitous (everywhere) but they are only a small fraction of the whole of humanity.

      We have outgrown the psycho-spiritual cage that they have kept us in for millenia, and so they are trying to keep our powers dormant with chemicals and imagery and technology. Even this is not working, and soon we will reach critical mass of awareness, and we will be able to cooperatively and consciously focus our collective energy on ridding them from our planet, for once and for all.

      So do NOT be afraid! If you fall into a trap of darkness, call on the angels or your ancestors or Jesus or Buddha or the Lord Himself, to help you find your way. Never give in to the voices of despair or temptation, because they are liars! You can see here on VC what happens, that when you go along and sell yourself out, you're selling the rest of us out, too. Keep fighting for what you know to be right, and keep asking for help, and He will send it, like a parent who won't DO the homework for you, but will guide you to the right answer.

  56. Stupid bimbo!
    She has made her body orifice as a public utility & a Luna Park ride! For some kind of fame!

    • That was a funny respite to all the hate-speech on this comment board.

      There is definitely something to the frame shake up when her body is quartered (fourthed?) while tilted. Honestly, this reminded me of murder. Tavistock.

      Miley either has a clue or doesn't, she feeds the fetishes of millions of perverted souls…

      I bought myself a clue before anything else, so I 100% fully and whole heartedly do not support the media/military machine. No matter how you try to package a shitsandwich, it always tastes like a shitsandwich.

  57. This is sad. I'm tired of people trying to say she's finding herself and exploring her sexuality. Even if you don't believe in the iluminati it's obvious that this girl is going through something mentally and does not need to be in the public eye! She needs help and I hope she will be able to get out.

  58. Why Mileys father sold her for industry??? The father knew what all about. He wanted fame for him and his daughter.
    It is his fault.
    Poor girl -Miley… She is so young… and she will see the hard time in life, as Britney.

  59. The only way to stop this utter garbage from infecting the masses is to stop buying into the hype and controversy. Stop buying the music, stop watching the videos, the movies, the interviews, stop reading the magazines and stop giving your energy to the Hollywood machine. The industry aims to recruit our children at an early age by these mind-numbing TV shows and Disney movies, don't allow them into your home. Parents don't have to buy the promotional dolls, clothes, toys or any products that flood the market to ensnare our children, at least give them a fighting chance while their young minds are developing. It is natural for teenagers to rebel against their parents and explore, but the more we surround these Hollywood 'stars' with controversy, the more our teenagers will want to buy into it. They will grow out of their rebellious stage as we all do eventually.
    Feeling sorry for people like Miley Cyrus does no good whatsoever, we cannot stop what happened to her at an early age, she grew up in that industry, however, we can help to ensure our own children are protected from this control. The only way to stop the abuse of future 'stars' is to stop buying into the so called glamour of Hollywood and stop reporting on it, simply show them that we have no interest in them anymore.

  60. I find the lyrics lend merit to Miley being a victim of mind/body/soul control when she says at 0:42:

    "tie me down

    you got me alone

    stockholm syndrome"

    this is a frightening and relevant statement where a victim/hostage begins to identify with and care for their captor/handler. it sucks that girls all over the world are going to sing it.
    words are spells. and Miley needs our prayers, love and support. She is a fellow human being enslaved for all the world to watch and glorify. These are indeed strange times. Free the Humans!

    ***INFO about Stockholm Syndrome***
    Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with them. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, who essentially mistake a lack of abuse from their captors for an act of kindness.
    Stockholm syndrome can be seen as a form of traumatic bonding, which does not necessarily require a hostage scenario, but which describes "strong emotional ties that develop between two persons where one person intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other."One commonly used hypothesis to explain the effect of Stockholm syndrome is based on Freudian theory. It suggests that the bonding is the individual's response to trauma in becoming a victim. Identifying with the aggressor is one way that the ego defends itself. When a victim believes the same values as the aggressor, they cease to be a threat.
    Battered-person syndrome is an example of activating the capture-bonding psychological mechanism, as are military basic training and fraternity bonding by hazing.

    Stockholm Syndrome
    Described as a victim’s emotional “bonding” with their abuser, Stockholm Syndrome was given its name following a hostage situation in Stockholm, Sweden when, following the end of a bank robbery, the hostages identified with and supported their captor.
    Dr. Joseph Carver, a clinical psychologist, describes emotionally bonding with an abuser as a survival strategy for victims of abuse and intimidation. It is important to remember that Stockholm Syndrome develops subconsciously and on an involuntary basis. The strategy is a survival instinct that develops as an attempt to survive in a threatening and controlling environment.

    Following are the components of Stockholm Syndrome as they relate to abusive and controlling relationships. Common symptoms include: Victim having positive feelings toward the abuser, Victim having negative feelings toward family, friends, or authorities, Abuser having positive feelings toward the victim, Victim supporting or helping the abuser

    Following are several stages in the progression of Stockholm Syndrome:
    *The victim dissociates from his or her pain, helplessness or terror by subconsciously beginning to see the situation / world from the abuser’s perspective. The victim begins to agree with the abuser and certain aspects of his or her own personality, opinions, and views will fade into the background.
    *By doing this, the victim begins to learn how to appease and please the abuser, which may keep him or her from being hurt or worse. Similarly this tactic can be used to manipulate the abuser into being less dangerous, at least for a little while.
    *After a while the victim begins to realize that his or her abuser portrays the same human characteristics as anyone else. At this point he or she will begin to see the abuser as less of a threat. Some abusers may even share personal information in an effort to bond with the victim and to promote pity rather than anger.
    •This bonding, in turn, leads to conflicting feelings (e.g., rage and pity) and illogical concern for the abuser. The victim may even ignore his or her own needs.

    How to Help: What to do and what not to do
    While each situation is different, there are general guidelines to consider if you know or suspect that someone you love is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome:
    *Your loved one has probably been given a choice – the “relationship” or the family. Because the victim believes that choosing the family will result in adverse consequences, the family always comes second.
    *Your loved one is being told the family is trying to ruin their wonderful “relationship.” Remember: the more you pressure the victim, the more you prove that point.
    *Your goal is to remain in contact with your loved one during the abusive “relationship.” There are many channels of communication, including phone calls, letters, cards, emails, etc. Keep contact brief and consider contacting him or her at “traditional” times such as holidays, birthdays, and special occasions.
    *Your loved one may open up communication and provide subtle hints about his or her “relationship” with the abuser. If so, listen and let them know that you are behind any decision they need to make. Remember: he or she may be exploring what support is available but may not be ready to ask for help just yet.

    • Thanks twin star for providing the VC community with much needed information. Stockholm syndrome occurs defines the relationship between prostitute and pimp. And here we have Miley Cyrus glamorizing!
      Never under estimate the depravity of the elite.

      • Hi there,

        I wrote the song Stockholm Syndrome, along with 2 others. The song was written after the video had been produced (it was originally used as a video for Miley's live shows and had an alt-J soundtrack). We wrote the song in response to the imagery on screen. There's obviously a theme of bondage in the video and I and after brainstorming we came up with Stockholm Syndrome.

        There was really nothing more to it than that. I've read the article and some of the comments on here, and I find it all very interesting. If anyone has questions about the project or what I wrote please feel free to ask.


  61. Boycott the whole industry of music and movies f**k that would be the laugh of the century no one buying music of movies bye bye tinsel town…….sell themselves out to profit and us along with it?? nono matey not me!!!

  62. Lol if anyone denies the power and rambunctious showing off of our evil industry, they or on crack or are trying too much to be accepted…direly trying.

  63. This shouldn't be considered normal

    1. This never was 'sexual expression' – the performers don't get the majority of the profits, they don't look comfortable/happy and it objectives women to viewers (not saying that for feminist motives but I believe that's part of a goal)

    2. This is no longer artistry (was it ever?) – S&M ,etc is trite, tacky and desperate nowadays

    3. Like VC said this is NOT the only way to show maturity

    Sadly most people believe money and looks represent your value.
    What civil rights (including women's rights) leaders fought for for years is being reversed and with shitty generic entertainment to say the least.

    That all sounded very negative, but I do believe we can change and 'fix' the distorted views of reality force fed to us.

  64. I was up at the store just now getting something and I saw a blurb one of those magazines about Miley heading for rehab. I think we know what that means.

  65. I guess i can never cover one of my eyes, draw a triangle, get a cat or a mouse because its "illuminati" lmao

  66. well this isnt a new video, if you seen her concert this video plays at her concert. it has been out for a while now. if you watch her concert on youtube this part of the concert seems very out of place while her concert is outthere she needs to know most of her market doesnt want to see this

  67. Just to clear up what I said, by dissociation I meant in this video specifically. In some shots she looks like she is like an empty shell or something. Most of the time when he see her in videos, hear news about her, I'm sure she's just triggered with an alter personality. And by "we shouldn't be trying to save her" is that there is literally nothing we can do. If Miley is programmed that means she has no idea what is going on. She won't just reach out for help one day. If someone comes at her with "You don't have to be a slave Miley" or whatever, it won't mean anything to her. Miley is buried deep and she has no idea. Her alter won't respond to that either and doesn't want any thing to do with "getting help." One word: programmed

  68. You guys have to understand that you shouldn't look down on Miley and at the same time you shouldn't be trying to save her. You should just be on common ground with her and understand that she's programmed, she definitely has like 0 recollection of doing anything she does. She might have one alter, she might have two, three four, five and then there's the real Miley who doesn't know when she'll regain total consciousness. Or who knows, maybe Miley is aware but just sort of hanging in the air watching it all happen but not feeling incited to act because she is completely depersonalized and derealised, her life itself, all her past, everything is detached from her and even the reality around her doesn't feel real, like watching a projection with a disconnected brain. All in all it's called it's dissociation I think. Another reason we why shouldn't be blaming her is because she was obviously programmed as a little girl. So maybe you think we should be pointing fingers at the "handlers" around her whoever they are, like no… they're all programmed too. Usually the handlers are programmed too. And I actually love Miley. Probably because I'm young… but trust me, I'm an old soul. And I know what I'm seeing here. But I feel like this is so artistic in a symbolic, tragic, psychological and complex way and I don't like scary or creepy or dark things. I like bright, happy, ditzy things. Despite all that I can look at this with no problem at all, I think I've seen it all when it comes to programming.

    I hope for the day that no one left on earth is programmed. But that's so hard to picture. It's all there is.

    • I think most readers do understand this to a point. I agree with your observations and theories regarding her being "programmed," and I think the same can be said for virtually EVERY performer/celeb, particularly the ones who are frequently covered by VC: Rhianna, Gaga, Beyonce, Kanye, Britney, Peaches (RIP), the list goes on. Having several disjointed personalities must be a horrible, confusing way to go through life…. I wonder whether they are able enjoy their success at all, or if they are in a constantly altered/disassociated and/or drugged state.

      I also wonder why her camp decided to leak this video NOW, of all times, particularly if it's not brand-new and has already been shown during her shows. There could be a multitude of reasons, none of them good.

      Rumor has it that ticket sales are not as strong as expected for this tour, which may be part of the reason why has cancelled/postponed recent dates. Allegedly she is still suffering from an "allergic reaction" to antibiotics. (I supposed it beats the typical "exhaustion" excuse.) The fact that this video is circulating through the gossip and conspiracy world makes me hope she's not making MORE of these so-called "films" during her hiatus.

      • I checked out her instagram thinking that this video was sourced from there but like all I see is two shots of her lying and sitting in bed with a man holding a camera and a light over her so in realtime she's making a video and the Tongue Tied video might have been like a prequel to the video coming up, they circle Tongue Tied around to complement the next video I'm guessing
        Imagine how creepy it would be if the Tongue Tied video was put out every single time she gets reprogrammed like some sort of away message

  69. Oh Miley Miley Miley. I do not feel sorry for her, nor do I feel sorry for any of these celebrities. People worship them let them, but as I said many times on this website YOU make a choice to buy their music, see their movies and watch their videos on YouTube. And parents YOU let your children do the same. Don't go blaming Miley or MTV for the fact that YOUR children are emulating these celebrities. Blame yourself. When I was growing up I remember my mother not letting me watch Madonna's Justify my Love video, because she believed it was inappropriate for me to watch. You know what she did when she did that: she was being a parent. YOU make the choice to do this. And it seems like this is all VC can analyse and comment on nowadays. Miley is the new Britney Spears.

    • I agree that parents should start parenting again. The children and teenagers nowadays are too free. The thing we forget is that they NEED to have borders to their freedom, they NEED to have rules to grow up and understand the world.
      I've been raised quite strict, no nickelodeon or MTV, no mobile phones and social media until you go to secondary school, no parties or concerts until you are 16 and no festivals until you are 18. Everyone around me already had or did this stuff and I was so jealous, but now I see that it was for the better. I'm glad that I missed a great part of that programming.
      Now that I'm 20, I can do whatever I want and I do it, but with a much bigger understanding of how everything works, the negative side to the coin. All those technology and media driven children, they are already half-robots. They see things that are not appropriate for them to see but still it is widely accepted that they see it. And the kids that don't see it because they did get limits from their parents cannot interact with the other kids who did, and are being bullied because they cannot compete in the modern world.

      So this is the biggest problem today.
      I'm fearful for the future, It'll only get worse. How would I be able to protect my future kids for all this craziness?

    • agreed! i see so many people blaming the media for the downfall of society instead of taking responsibility. the media is only able to do these things because we allow them. they are a business. if no one was buying this horrible music, or trashy magazines, etc. things would shift.

      dont blame tv for ruining your kid. blame yourself.

    • Totally agree. Let's take responsibility………

      We should be setting an example to others, not helping tptb by allowing them to claim 'informed consent' from those of us in the know.

      Fellow readers of this site should also monitor how often they chase the darkness, even unintentionally…. a prime example is clicking on the music videos to see the symbolism even when it's evident within the articles….. don't give these people, your attention, your energy …………… the oxygen of publicity, do yourself, your family and MK Ultra /SRA victims a favour…. stay away but stay aware.

  70. I have a feeling that in the luciferian realm, the music, movies, magazine shoots are nothing but advertisements for the handler or the corporation to make money. They put their victims on display and the highest bidder would sleep or do what they want to victim/celebrity. Remember they deal in prostitution (mostly underage children), drugs and other vile things, I'm sure Miley and many of the stars were drugged as children and made to do horrific acts thus traumatizing them. I didn't want to believe it concerning Beyonce but something tipped me off. Beyonce's videos and image after she split Destiny's Child became extremely provocative. Since Beyonce's programming worked well and better for their agenda, they needed to get her away from the others right away.

    I have been studying this stuff now for a long time and we all at some level have been affected by their programming through music, television whether we know it or not (unless you live somewhere where modern technology doesn't exist you may be truly "free", but the elite uses wars and civil unrest another type of assault on those countries that not modern.

    I stay away from TV, commercial music (I love indie and independent artists and not so popular commercial genres like Jazz and World music to an extent). Declare your free! Do your best to avoid mass media, enjoy trips and spending time with loved ones and friends. I am Christian as well so I pray and focus on pleasing God and loving others. The more selfless and filled with love you become, you become the illuminati/devil's strongest opponent.

    Live free in honesty and truth. Take care of your family, the earth, friends and all of God's creation! and Pray!! It works!

    • In my country we have a lot of men's magazines, but the "models" rarely get payed and are already famous most of the time. So why bothering to pose almost naked for free? They say that this magazines are nothing but prostitution catalogs, the super provocative pictures are just meant to sell them to the highest bidder.

  71. I went to the Bangerz and this was played during intermission on the big screen that was behind her :/ I knew something was up when I saw these images played during the show.

    • I would actually love to go see Bangerz… I would probably be like one of the only people that that actually know what all the images are. Other people will see crazy, trashy, bondage or like wow what is Miley on? But I'll see what it all really means and I think I'll get more out of it than all those other blind people that don't know what they're looking at. Programming is really something and a world without it would be like paradise but in the meantime I'm interested in it and Miley's situation for some reason

      • @Barbiegirl yes it interesting because you wonder what goes on behind closed doors. Like she has in the hospital recently for an allergic reaction to antibiotics , but supposedly she had the Flu why would she be given antibiotics in the first place for a virus infection they are for bacterial infections so that is fishy to me.

      • maybe she had bacterial tonsilitis, hence the antibiotics. a cold which can lead to a bacterial infection that clears with antibiotics. and then you can get hives and candida by taking antibiotics and so on. one thing leads to another sometimes. those things aren't uncommon at all. you get a bit down and your immune system suffers by the looks of it. maybe it's not sth sinister. but then again if she drinks and take drugs it must be even worse.

  72. A part of me wants to feel bad for her, but a part of feeling bad for her would be to let myself completely believe all of this, and I don't. There was a period in high school when I just found this website and went around to all of my friends saying 'Don't listen to that song!" Or "Beyonce is evil!" and my most frequent statement: "THE MUSIC INDUSTRY IS SATAN!" . Needless to say, I was laughed at. But I thoroughly believed this stuff, I analyzed all the music videos, I pointed out all the symbolism I found on tv to my family, but no one else seemed to take it seriously. Then I thought about it all, and I DO think that the symbolism exists to show the world that the industry is a dark place, especially if you're exposed to it at a young age like a lot of these stars. But didn't we all know that? The fame, the drugs, etc.

    I think a lot of the 'occult' symbolism is just a gimmick…somewhat metaphorical to what realistically is going on. Which is something all of us know about based on common sense. The drugs, the sex, the letting anyone do anything to you as long as it gets you more publicity… I think Miley Cyrus was thrown into the industry at too early an age, and was given the taste of money and GREED, before she could really understand what actually mattered. I mean, she sacrificed her engagement to a man she clearly loved (based on the interviews I've seen of her) so that she could essentially become more famous.

    When you see these celebrities feeling real feelings that we all feel, and you see them cry and you see them deliver authentic humanity…It makes you feel LESS sorry for them when they decide to give all that way just to make a bigger name for themselves. Miley understands the business, she may not understand what she's giving up, but she knows what she's going into.

    I had a friend who stripped, and eventually went into prostitution. She was actually my very BEST friend… She understood what she was doing, and even liked it and felt 'empowered'. Her exact words. It's that adrenaline you get coursing through you when you feel in control and have all that money. Unfortunately the materialistic side of life fades rather quickly into a downward spiral of regret. I finally understood that these people, Miley Cyrus, my best friend…They may be good people, amazing people even, but their choices reflect their greed and dismissal of logic, and there is a punishment for that. Severe unhappiness.

    The only star that I've ever consistently felt sorry for was Britney Spears…something about her just seems absolutely helpless to me. I think maybe she had a very weak personality going into Hollywood; possibly due to childhood abuse that made her much more vulnerable than say Miley Cyrus.

    My point is, I wish you all wouldn't take all of this symbolism so LITERALLY. Just because they use these metaphors, that although ARE disturbing, it doesn't mean that there is actually some underground cult that is sacrificing goats… I agree that it is sad that they so obviously exploit these stupid young people, and then basically flaunt their new possessions.

    • Thank you for your comment. I agree with most of what you said. Many of the people here take everything so literally and in someway make VC some sort of leader to guide them to all the symbolism in videos, music, movies etc. Everything you see on TV, film, media is all about making money and many people buy into it. Miley made a choice. Everyone has a choice. I do not feel sorry for her.

    • Hope, the Occult symbolism is NOT a gimmick, it is "THEIR" language, the symbolism is not for us, its for them. It is marketed in a very clever way to make it seem like its a gimmick to us because ultimately we are the "blind" consumers, They don't call it esoteric knowledge and hidden in plain sight for no reason.

      • Maybe I'm wrong. I'm open to the possibility that, sure, there IS some satanic worship going on underground where beyonce and miley feast on the hearts of babies or something…but, as a Christian, I'm really more concerned about my own walk with God than I am with the mental well being of distant celebrities, especially since a lot of it isn't 100% sure of…Just like I'm open to the possibility of all of this stuff being true, you should also be open to the idea that, YES, this is all a gimmick and Miley knows what she's doing.

        I want you to know that i respect your opinion, as I understand how it's easy to believe all of this stuff…VC posts seemingly concrete material…But nothing is ever one sided. Until you're in the show business yourself, you really can't understand exactly what's going on.

      • It only affects YOU, if you let it. If you have awareness than it won't, since most of this is supposedly subliminal mind tricks.

    • This sick twisted w***e sucks on fake wieners of blowup dolls in performances in night clubs. What the author disseminates here is not BS. No normal adult would behave like this. I don't care what people call it…some transition from childhood star to "adult" star. WTF is so adult about being obsessed with sex to the point where every act you do is based on sex? It's these twisted people and liberals who are the ones that are obsessed with sex, not the people shunning this behavior. Adults are virtuous and have self-control. People like this I can't even call a man or a woman, they are simply boys and girls.

  73. I think if Michael Jackson was alive he would turn in his grave after watching this video it is such a long way from billie jean and yet even he was walking on black and white patterns like chess patterns in the billie jean video …little did I know about all this crap back in the 80s….

    • This one is the best one i have seen today !
      Strange how a comment about a dead man in a grave can make me smile.

      • Very astute, I missed that – I've had a great day and it has just got better! Cue the MJ is still alive theory.

  74. The music played in all the stores and restaurants these days is being used to mind control the whole population. SO is the fluoridated water. Sodium fluoride is the ingredient in rat poison. It causes brain damage, cancer, adhd, lower IQs. It was used by the Nazis to make prisoners docile. 65% of the US & UK have fluoridated water. toothpastes with it say to call poison control if swallowed. antidotes are vitamin C, apple pectin, chlorella. Most bottle water including Poland Spring has it, so do sodas and many foods including McD's fries and baby foods. Supposedly FIJI water is ok. __

    • Fiji water comes in plastic bottles. Plastic binds to your hormone receptors and is an endocrine disruptor.

  75. This is just another painfully obvious and nauseatingly boring take on an old theme. Ain't no mystery here, they're hitting one over the head with the MK Ultra / mind control references, down to the one eye cut out. The problem is IT'S BORING. Please, people, find something INTERESTING to write about. YAWN.

  76. Also when her arms are tied behind her back her breasts are also bound down – the same as was done to Judy Garland for "The Wizard of Oz". Mickey Rooney said that contributed to her psychological trauma.

  77. THIS is a perfect indication that a good many folks GET IT! I am of the opinion that there is a way to STOP this. I would recommend BOYCOTTING any work that has been released by this company – That at the best. At the worst, boycott Ms. Cyrus's work. Only the public can do this and it has to be done in the quiet simple way. DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS LABEL AND SPECIFICALLY DONE BY THIS ARTIST. SHE IS ENSLAVED YES. SHE HAS TO BE RELEASED. THE ONLY WAY TO DO THAT IS MAKE SURE SHE IS IN PROTECTIVE CUSTODY and insure her silence by giving the label no where to sell her work.

    I see this same behavior in that young kid from Canada – What is his name? Teens are naturally out spoken and ecclectic, expressing their frustration through music and self destructive behavior.. That is NOT what this is. Miley is being used as a toy – She is being used as a torment and divider of human creativity. If you have not figured it out yet, we are being invaded by souless creatures who believe they own us. [and if my timeline is right, they do] .

    One comment here indicated a strong physical reaction to this video. There may be messages built in which are hidden behind the blatant preformance. I do suggest caution with all media in this regard. No one in this comment line missed the suggestions that MIND CONTROL is here. What none of us know is from whence it comes. I have some ideas but I am just the girl – ya know? The hard part is, we the targeted audience are the only ones who can put an end to this ugly spiril into insanity. BOYCOTT THE LABEL –

  78. This video is far more disturbing than any twerking or stage sex antics. It publicizes what's left of her physical form completely owned. Her psychic self is but a memory now.

  79. "While I hope she gets out of this mess, she’s one of most tightly controlled pop stars out there." I and others hope too for many of them, but lets face it, its almost impossible. Like Corey Haim said, "its like CIA, man. Once u are in, u can never get out". Unless ure dead, of course….

  80. Is this video the Quentin Jones invention? She is a female with a male name who is quite an important emerging handler in the UK. She produced fashion videos for Victoria Beckham's brand. Her sister Jemima is in a long term relationship with a Goldsmith who was previously married to a Rothschild with whom he had several children. I could go on …

  81. This video is creepy and a lot disturbing.. I feel really ill-at -ease while watching what is supposed to be "art"… but it i nothing less than a mind controle music video not only upon her but also us. It is really worse each time… yep, it is time for famous people to speak out and break their demonic chains… let's pray

  82. Warning to anyone who has epilepsy or is prone to seizures! This video switches frames super quickly, almost in a strobe light fashion. The music and images do not mesh cohesively, so it leaves you feeling disoriented and wonky. My husband is an epileptic and had to look away almost as soon as the video started because he felt like he was going to have a seizure. Thank god he didn't.

  83. Also if u mute the video and watch it, that crap just doesn't make sense at all. It's just symbolism after symbolism put 2gether to screw with people's minds.

  84. Do they really think we are that stupid and dont see the wierd stuff there doing in every single video? It always the same theme from each singer…. dark theme, sexualized. Go watch any other videos from up untill maybe 6 yrs ago. 80s 90s early 2000s vids werent this wierd n bad. Its evil. Lucky light sheds light on evil and its easy for us to see. I barely listen to music any more.

    • I think it's the normalization of bondage/slave sex/p********a agenda. Yes, if you watch Britney's videos, the symbolism was there but it was very subtle and the media was much more conservative in general.

    • WE see it but the masses just give it a passing glance. They don't see the patterns and how it's applied time after time. I've even tried to open my mother's eyes and she brushes it off and says "Well, it's just entertainment". NO it's NOT! Miley kind of reminds me of a young Madonna. Knowing what we know now about all of this, that explains a lot about Madonna's overall career.

  85. Another creepy video glamorizing sex slavery/teen prostitution. What disturbs me most is all the latest photos of Miley make her look so child-like. And somewhat like Justin Bieber. Androgynous. Temple prostitutes posturing on the steps of illuminati pyramid. Prayers and boycotts.

    • No, if you read more about mk, the hardcore type starts when the child is two years old (Read about Karen Mulder). Maybe Miley was victimized very young since she was born in a celebrity family, maybe this was meant to be done to her even from before she was born (intergenerational programming).

    • you retard… of COURSE they make ppl slaves without their consent. that is what slave fecking means. you just want to believe that ppl permit this because it lets you off your disgusting blaming etc and absolves you from having to try to do anything about it.

  86. who else think that they killed her dog to make her traumatized like when they killed the son of Anna Nicole Smith in front of her in the hospital to make her a total waste.

      • This same circumstance happened to Britney (her dog was killed also). I'm not surprised at all considering that Miley now has Britney's manager.

      • Maybe Liam was in on it too? "They" saw that she really liked him, made him trick her into thinking he felt the same way, stayed with her, proposed to her then left her.
        That traumatized her. They then killed her dog THEN her other dog. Read the famous tweet she posted in 2011: "Sick in bed. Don't know what I'd do without (first dog who died), Floyd (second dog who died), and Liam." Now they are all gone? "They" look for your weaknesses then use them to control you.

        Also see the video from MTV on YouTube. It's the behind the scenes look with Miley on her famous vma performance and the other infamous performances.

        I don't think she's being mind-controlled. I think she knows how to play the game. But it is my opinion that ultimately that will lead to her demise. That's why they killed her dogs, they are TRYING to control her.

        She's a woman-child like so many artists who appeal to teenagers. At her age, she'd be about to graduate college or already graduated getting a dose of reality which leads to maturity.
        Money has always come easily in her life so I don't see maturity arriving anytime soon.

        She is good at hiding her emotions though. She is a woman-child because she is emotionally unstable. She has suffered from depression (look up the pictures with cuts on her arms) but did not in any way show any signs of personal struggles when she presented an award for the awards where she donated $$ to a suicide charity.

    • Most definitely. I think so.
      Quite recently on her Bangerz tour, Miley had a break down, started crying hysterically saying she missed her dog. Yet the stage production team placed a giant inflatable husky on stage to remember him. Check out the video on youtube, this whole agenda makes me sick

  87. the show business doesn't work like this, IT WOULD BE REALLY GREAT TO SAY YOU KNOW YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THAT AND REALLY CHANGE THEIR LIFES, but doesn't work like this. this people doesn't hae any opportunity to go out and do something else really recquires a lot of self-esteem to do that. THE ONLY THING YOU CAN DO IS REALIZE HOW THE REAL WORLD WORKS THAT'S ALL.

    • The media promotes a very unhealthy and distorted picture of (human)sex in general. That's why people either are completely turned off, or act like horny animals.

      Call me old fashioned; Sex is supposed to be something wonderful and special between two partners that truly love each other. It is also a sign oft trust and bonding.
      But the mass media promotes sex as the non plus ultra and people that chose to stay virgins are shown as losers and laughing stock. It is now "cool" to have sex at an early age and with multiple partners and they even promote cheating. The worst thing is they keep calling it "love", but it truly is lust.
      It is so long promoted like that now(people are easy to program), that that kind of behavior is seen as normal to most people.
      One of the things that separate us from nonhuman animals is that we can control our urges. But it seems we evolve back to animals.

      • I don't agree that there is actually. That distinction is a human construct with dishonorable intentions designed to encourage people to merrily turn a blind eye to a hell of a lot of fornication. The only God-ordained distinction is that existing between fornication and sex within a marriage performed under the laws of God. Within the latter category, there will be many things couples do which you may find personally distasteful but anything genuinely offensive to God would not take place anyway as it would have been outlawed elsewhere within the faith. These kinds of well-meaning statements of untruth are exactly what is wrong with our society.

  88. Billy Ray warned us this was happening back when Miley did the Vanity Fair photo shoot and was "accidentally" photographed naked by Fran Liebowitz. Just recently "they" killed her dog. And blamed it on coyotes, so my guess is that it was a horrible sight for her to see. Sent her to the hospital. More trauma to cement the mind control. Very Sad. My guess is that she will be a future "27" club member.

    • NOT everyone ends in the 27 club there is Lindsay Lohan she is really wasted and nobody is sacrificing her sometimes they just squeeze this so-called celebrities until they can't do more and in the end they leave them free but they are so ruined that they can't live anymore so they become addicts or kill themselves.

    • I agree. I believe she and Chris Brown are up next for the 27 club. I think it's more so for the people that starts to rebel.

    • I read somewhere that Liebowitz used Miley as a sex toy and carved hebrew letters into her feet in some kind of weird Kabbalistic ritual prior to that photoshoot. Her dad took her to NY for that photoshoot and had to leave her with Liebowitz for several days beforehand. I also remember her at the 2008(?) Academy Awards and wondered why is a Disney child star at the awards and wearing a red dress? She was probably used as a satanic altar at the after parties (i.e. rituals) among all the glitterati.

      • Oh and one more thing. Take a good look at the Vanity Fair cover picture that Liebowitz took of Miley. That's not Miley looking back at you….Take a good look at the eyes and the sly smile.

      • I just googled that and my immediate reaction was to shudder! That picture is so effing creepy, I'd never seen it before.

    • Quite recently on her Bangerz tour, Miley had a break down, started crying saying she missed her dog. Yet the stage production team placed a giant inflatable husky on stage to remember him. Check out the video on youtube, this whole agenda makes me sick

    • Justin Bieber, David Bowie, Elvis, Sting, Bono, Nelson Mandela,Bob Dylan, various boybands, rockbands, male dancers. To name a few?

      • Not in the way like women. Haven't seen a male famous singer that would pose around almost naked in pornographic poses and be shown off like a lust object and a piece of meat(like they do with Miley, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Madonna, etc). But then again I was never interested in stars like that. I know there are men that do that stuff too, but you still see way more women portrayed like that.

      • Justin Bieber seems to be well on his way towards that…although most of his inappropriate photos are "leaked" and not part of photoshoots.

      • Take That song Could it be magic was playing somewhere today, which led me to realize that the whole video was basically a magick ritual from the Halcyonian days before Rihanna and Co. emerged.

      • I recently wondered about the enormous amount of ''egyptian'' artwork on the Earth, Wind & Fire-covers. Pyramids, winged discs,the one-eye-thing. Might there be a correlation to these influences of the black culture via the soul funk and disco and, let's say the jay-z/gaga/coldplay-clique?
        Still love there music, just wondered.

      • Much has been written about them as far as I can see. There is an interesting article on the Ap ril and W ayne channel about dance and the influence of satanism (tutting and crumping) which is very informative once you strip out the large dose of radical christianity. My child enjoys street dancing but we have recently steered him away from it ever so slightly.

      • While he sang his ''little songs'' his was hooked into a greater moneymaking machine than i could imagine when i learned his music. And the spin around him got very boring and predictable, reading it back from various sources.
        When making compromises to create, get successfull or even fullfill your contracts, everybody has to choose. He was no dumb s.

      • Ah yes, I understand the angle you are taking there. I was just having difficulty imagining him being pimped out in the modern way although they did cake him in makeup for a while!

    • Yeah… It's done just as much to men. Images like this of men are just considered more taboo and are thereby less popularized. However… that is changing very quickly. Check out online fashion mags and Terry Richardson's 'photography'.

  89. Really creepy:is it just me or the fifth picture looks like the black dahlia crime scene photos?
    she also looks really skinny! I'm afraid this video is just a small step before the release of "fifty shades of Grey: the movie" and the normalization of sex slavery.

    • Spot on. It is the normalization of sex slavery. Prostitution is legal in Nevada, as well as other nations around the world. When its legal it can be taxed. Keep your eye on the news for violence on prostitutes followed by a call to legalization so that the prostitutes can have legal recourse. This is not a healthy direction for anyone or any culture.

    • You're 100% right about the resemblance to the black dahlia crime scene!!! It seems that the entire video is inspired by it. Not just the segmentation of her body either. There is a part in the video where miley's face is split from ear to ear, just like the black dahlia. Even the nipple tape resembles other gruesome aspects of that crime scene. And then of course, miley paints herself in black at the end almost as a literal reference to the words, black dahlia. Don't forget the back story of the original black dahlia victim: a beautiful girl who moved to LA with aspirations of fame and fortune, but instead became a victim of what appeared to be a satanic ritual murder.

  90. I couldn't finish that trash. It kinda reminds me of that video of the character Samara from "The Ring". How the hell is this "art"? It's depraved. Ugh, I feel a bit sick.

  91. its sad..cause the media circus knows whats really happening to her..they are behind the scenes they know all about it..but they are paid to lie and turn a blind eye..and they will sit there and use her for gossip fodder and to sell magazines and have everyone hooked on their celebrity gossip shows..the whole industry makes me sick..I don't know how any of them sleep at night..

  92. Managed to watch about 20 seconds of this sick and totally unrighteous parade of satanic bondage… Sad to see someone so tied up and controlled – yet seemingly oblivious to the reality of what she's doing and looking like she enjoys all the attention. The sticking her tongue out demon style and being so provocative and rebellious, thinking it's cool.

  93. Research these:

    -Subproject 54
    -Project Midnight Climax
    -Downers and Uppers
    -The Canadian Experiments [Donald Cameron]

    All subjects related to MKUltra.

  94. One thing I noticed with the 3rd picture of her head in the mickey mouse mask is that the one eye that isnt hidden by the mask appears to be sad and withdrawn in nature while the other that is apart of the mask appears to be the miley we see in the public (wild and outrageous), it is almost like the real miley, hidden under the mask,has been so abused by the industry that she is truly sad and broken underneath it all wild the miley we see in the public is only an illusion for public affection…very sad

  95. That black matter on her face hinting to her being "dirty", just like Shakira smearing mud on herself in the vid "La tortura", remember? She is "dirty", "tainted" by "them". u know what I mean. The Miley/Mickey Mouse mask is distorted, like from nightmares, showing the real face of Disney….

    • The mask is superimposed later on I know, but when I see her eye there I get this feeling she was very scared / terrified in that shot. Am I the only one that picks up on this vibe? Maybe I am just seeing things.

  96. What is so upsetting is that she is still portrayed in a way that looks like she's having fun with it. That it's exciting and gratifying to her being mind-controlled, tied up, sexually exploited. And I really wonder who is handling her. Unlike with Britney where it has always been quite clear who is pulling the strings with her I have no idea.

    • I pretty sure Miley's mom is her handler. Miley and her mom are very close and are always together. Also, her mom is her manager. It makes a lot of sense. Also, I remember in the article that VC did on "Coraline" the movie, he said that in Monarch Mind Control of young children, there's usually a person who takes the role as the "Grand Dame" – a motherly and loving figure who later abuses the child during programming to cause more mental trauma. Who could play that role better than Miley's own mother.

    • I think that creepy dude Terry Richardson has a lot of control As far as I know he directed some of her music videos.

      • TR is a headsman, a puppet, who, to me, seems to enjoy manipulating people into a media-abyss. He is not so creative himself in my opinion. What kind of pictures score with his bosses are the ones he copies and copies with the next puppet that stumbles into his studio.

      • Yes, that checked shirt needs a good boil wash by now .. it has been passed around more than Terry's protegees.

      • Miley is now under the same management as Britney (Their manager is called Larry Rudolph). Not long before she has her own breakdown.

    • The title of the song or album from which it came is Stockholm Syndrome. As with reports from survivors of Mengele, they were programmed to love him and be terrified of him at the same time. They could only please him as their lives depended on his whims. I think they are especially blatant in cruelty to Cyrus (Greek warrior?) as she looks like a boy, their favourite prey.

  97. Very sad and disturbing I feel sorry for her I hope that she does not end up in 27's club … I hope for all these lost souls may see the light it just breaks my heart ):

  98. Who in this world really buys the idea that this is a revolutionary or astonishing, cool video? What is so fresh and trendy about any of these videos? They are just random quick clips placed one after another that make no sense when put together.

    I have said this several times and I'm gonna say it again: these so-called "stars" are heavily ridiculed in front of the world and they don't even know it. They think they are like the coolest beings on earth but actually people mocks them. Or even they have realized that, but yet they don't even care. What a mess…

    Aside from the specific topic which is the obvious Illuminati background of this video, Miley Cyrus is a gross woman who has nothing, and I mean it, nothing to offer in terms of sex appeal. At least Beyonce and Katy Perry show hot bodies from time to time (I couldn't care less for their careers anyway) but Miley is very far from that. So seriously, what's the point of appearing in all videos almost naked showing her tongue like a w***e? Who told this woman that this looks sexy? It's actually disgusting, it hurts the eye. I never see any of her videos because I don't care a bit about her, only the ones commented here and I tell you, when I am watching any of that I feel really awkward and uncomfortable. Big time. Doesn't she feel any embarrassment knowing that her family and loved ones will see her like that?

    That video reminds me a lot of MTV. I don't know why. Maybe because all this Illuminati bullsh*t is a big pile of nonsense. And that's what Miley is all about. Nonsense.

    • If she is a total Illuminati puppet………no, she is NOT going to feel "shame."

      Remember that…………….

      And have some freaking compassion.

    • What I have always thought about Miley is that she's aiming at one particular generation – and not one that cares if she is exactly "sexy" or not. Hannah Montana came out in 05/06 when my little sister was 9-10 years old. She's grown up with Miley and so the change for her is not something crazy and out there like it is for people who watched her go directly from HM to this crazy ass b***h. And most of her fans are my little sisters age, 15-20 years old. And she is a big role model for them. I believe that's why they use her, to target that specific age group more personally and intensely than others.

    • I think Miley is used to push the androgynous agenda, she looks like a boy, the Syngers out there would totally prefer that :rollseyes:

      • Spot on. David Bowie, Marilyn Manson, Lady Gaga, etc…….all the same trend with androgyny.

    • Miley looks like a little boy, which, judging by the lawsuits against the xmen director and friends, Hollywood elite's like, so……

  99. I have heard from my sources that Miley has been replaced by a synthetic and the "girl" we see all the time is nothing but a souless robot that often needs reprogramming. I heard that she was really trying to resist the occultic control and they finally had enough. Although I don't know where the real Miley is – possibly being held in an undergound base or her soul trapped in some kind of mechanism. Sounds really out there – but I trust where i got the info. Pray for her – but what we see on tv is not real.

    • It is her. As long as she agrees, it's her. She hasn't been replaced yet. But everything that you've said is completely truth.

    • I heard the same about Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Paul McCartney and others. It is possible and they killed her and replaced her with a clone because she was 'down' with the program!

    • Sounds weird…..but I think Whitley Strieber has talked about something similar in one of his OK………………………..

    • It would cost more to develop and run that technology. Why on earth do you think that any of the aforementioned artists have an ounce of remorse regarding their actions and what they promote?

      • It is well known that the elite is at least 30 years ahead of the masses with the technology. If we've got i-pads imagine what they've got? Synthetic people, robots? Please.

    • Sea, it does sound crazy, however they are always making a reference to cloning, but do you think they actually do it and how do they make them look so alike?

      • Alien technology. I read about it on a series of books called The Ringing Cedars of Russia. The protagonist talks about visiting an alien planet that was prepping to take over the earth. They saw a room full of clones of world leaders. What gave them power was our fear. We have power but out fear weakens us. Very interesting series about the god like power of man vs hidden manipulators.

      • Ok, well Aliens are really Jinn and they can shape shift and appear as anything they want, hence why the pagan gods/goddesses are always depicted as some crypto-hybrid beings – and a Jinn could appear as "Baphomet", "Pan" or "Kali" etc. and also their main goal is DECEPTION and we are the ones being deceived and this technology would have been "given" to them so your answer fits right in……& tbh with you these "Aliens" have been manipulating our world for centuries and continuing to this day. Peace Margaret.

      • As Blu said. Did you see that video yesterday where the dark figure confronts a man in a long, narrow hallway and pushes him to the ground before the man somehow manages to get up and run for his life?

      • I saw it on the Daily Mail website (aka the Daily Hate). I'm afraid I don't believe that these flash-in-the-pan artists are clones of any description. They are just not iconic, enduring or engaging enough. There is the alien/djinn theory but that is a theory apart from this.

      • …Perhaps I should explain better. Most Hollywood 'minds' have very little potential to be engaged in the occult. In truth, It is intellectually complex. All they serve as is canvasses to flash around the symbolism. In this dumbed down nation, there would be no need to clone more when there are interchangeable blank canvasses available in abundance. Through my other half, I have met with a few of these teen trash artists and they do not rebel against the powers that be and agonize over the moral implications of their behavior. Not at all. They treat their bodies like machines, they keep on working and fully concentrate on littering their image/attached symbolism around the place in a rather impressive way. They mystery/the mysteries never really figure in their lives and they do not seek to question why. Their eye is on the prize (money and fame) and in most cases, that is absolutely enough for them as they see it.

      • yeh people saying they're cloned, legit loons. just wtf. How can a 'clone' play a right hand upright bass left handed while singing a beautiful melody at the age of 60 (Paul Mac)?? As much as I dislike Beyonce no one has the timbre of her voice, that all comes from the soul, same with Em or anybody.

        VC is a good resource, but yall need to go outside and get some fresh air.

      • If he's an example of a good bass player in your opinion, then I think you need to get some fresh air.

      • What was the name of the article on Daily Fail?……Like I said the Djinn have been manipulating our world for centuries and the elite conjure them, invoke them, have sex with them, communicate with them etc. and if cloning is going on, the djinn/aliens/demons will tie into it somewhere.

      • Aspara, I've just seen that video and it does look spooky but not sure if its real, Do you think it is real? & what does everybody else make of it? The weird thing is that there's no details, no mention of who the guy is, where was it filmed etc….It was probably one of them apps.

      • Blu, I am inclined to agree with you. It is also far too perfectly framed – I dont think that random cctv images would generate this. I fully know and believe in what you write about the djinn but this seems really contrived and I was not instinctively convinced either. There have been much more realistic videos which have been discredited.

      • These are other great and corroborating sources:
        John Lash – Not In His Image
        Paul Levy – Dispelling Wetiko

      • Im not a scientist by any means – but I know all celebrities and high power politicians have clones – and when they create the clone (ive heard it only takes 3 days for full growth) it has a carbon copy of the persons brain waves and vibrational frequency up to the day the DNA is harvested. So they will retain all the memories and act familiarly with people the original person knows and not have to be taught anything. Im not quite sure how the actual cloning is done – but I know the technology is so advanced all they need is a hair follicle to completely replicate the same DNA pattern. Theres cloning and then theres something more complicated called soul-scalping. Hollywood has just been inundated with kids who have been abused from a young age and used in the MKULTRA and Monarch programs like britney spears, justin timberlake, and miley. Then there are the other ones who come into celebrity status like sports players (shaq + Lebron) and then become soul-scalped. So it’s kind of a mixture in Hollywood. A lot of them are being trapped in their own bodies. You may be looking at a celebrity, but the real person is locked in their mind and can’t come out. Outright soul-scalping those who invite demons into them such as people involved with the occult. You’ve got the Great White Brotherhood and these makeshift covens where these kids invite demons into them for power. So you have a lot of people outright who will invite demons into them because they want the power of the demons to give them a specific skill. Which is where their "talent" usually comes from – there are demons for everything from comedy, (jim carrey) , sports, to dancing and singing. This usually gives a dominant form of possession and makes it easy to tell these people arent normal. The ones the media touts as "great" in their respective areas. The Holy Spirit possesses the Lords believers and Satan possesses his as a perversion of that. And that’s what happens to these people that invite demons – demonic possession, end up being soul-scalped. They lose their soul and die or their souls are entrapped somewhere and something else takes over their body. Which is why they have no moral and dont trip about doing bad things – that negative energy is what these evil spirits need to produce.

    • Poor Miley, God knows where she is and what she's going through. But I believe she has been replaced. Remember the episode on Family Guy w. Miley Cyrus?

    • It's a shame to see that people are so fast to pass from some hidden truth to IDIOTIC SCI-FI PARANOIA all to PRESERVE THEIR MENTAL IMAGE OF THEIR IDOLS… And this is AGAINST GOD. STOP WITH THIS IDOLYZING BULLSHIT. YOUR POPSTARS IDOLS ARE S**T!!! NOTHING ELSE…

  100. You have to remember that this isn't the real her. The real miley was sold to Hollywood at a young age for fame πŸ™

    • It doesn't matter, they are mind-raping her and that is unacceptable. The real her is still in there, trapped, in agony and terror, and needing help! Someone who is in her area should go and bloody rescue her!

    • There's no way I'm going to watch that video, I'm in tears just seeing the photos. As others have posted we need to pray for these "stars" that The Lord may make a way out for them.

    • That video is very disturbing. It hurt watching it….This gives you a clue why she's in the hospital. Sometimes they damage their slaves with their rough sex games and then they need medical help.

  101. Instead of hating these pop stars, we should encourage them to speak out as they are victims too. It's easy to call people like Miley or Kesha disgusting or slutty but it doesn't change anything and if they are indeed mind controlled slaves, then they need our help.

    When they make public appearances, audience members should hold signs up that say things like "You don't have to be a slave Miley, we can help you". Instead of being judgemental, we need to approach these stars with love and compassion for what they are going through.

    You might say that they deserve this and that they sold their souls for the money. But don't forget, they started in the business when they were teenagers. It's easy to control young and impressionable minds. Even as adults we make mistakes but we should be given the opportunity to be forgiven.

    • Help them?! Why should anyone help them?! They got themselves into this mess. That's the price of fame. They are adults and are therefore responsible for their actions.

      • Miley is a Disney actor so as a child she had no choice. It falls on the parents who are greedy and sell their children for money. As an adult they are in far too deep to come out. So don't blame Miley, or others like Britney, Lindsay, Selena etc it is their parents!!!

      • Actually Mileys dad said she always wanted to go into show biz. She auditioned for the part of Hannah Montana of her own free will. Her dad regrets ever letting her get into it now but its already too late. The damage is done.

    • is really nice what you said, but the show business doesn't work like this, IT WOULD BE REALLY GREAT TO SAY YOU KNOW YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THAT AND REALLY CHANGE THEIR LIFES, but doesn't work like this. this people doesn't hae any opportunity to go out and do something else really recquires a lot of self-esteem to do that.

    • Good post, Mimi. I agree with this 100% times a 100.

      Especially when it comes to Britney Spears.

      Poor woman has suffered enough and she does not deserve her "reputation."

    • Strange how they are the ones holding up their symbolism-laden signs towards you through their work but you see them (rather than us) as the ultimate victims of all this mess. Selling your soul is NOT something that can be brushed off as a teenage mistake or what your parents done on your behalf. The occult is all about timing and intention – I'd say intention inter-fused with consent. The magick recipe cannot work without some element of conscious submission and freewill.

    • I commend you for being optimistic and the examples you used may indeed help a bit but the problem is that there are too many handlers and people in positions of power who are pulling the strings. If any progress is to be made then the whole mind control infrastructure must be attacked which would inevitably lead to other corruptive forces that are tied in as well who are above and beyond just the entertainment industry. Very tall order here.

      • One of the problems is that many celebrities are afraid to speak out because if they do, they often end up in suspicious car accidents, drug overdoses, drownings in bathtubs and "suicides". Just like children give power to p********s by keeping quiet, mind controlled slaves or celebrities who are aware that this is going on, give power to the controllers by not speaking out.

        What I'm saying is instead of constantly being appalled by people like Miley, we should find ways to help them feel safe about exposing the truth of what is going on.

    • Amen! I'm all for that kind of support. You're so right; the knee -jerk reaction is to hate on them for putting crazy stuff out there but we need to show them that we know and they're not alone.

    • YOU could help them? Haha.. Good luck. You are dealing with evil dark forces, who are ruling the world. So I think that's a bit grandeous thinking that lovely πŸ˜‰

      • Operation Save Miley. Mimi, you provide us with the international game plan, the blow by blow for how we go about it and we will be there, we promise.

      • It IS that simple! thats why everyone is still looking around for the answer and there is none!

      • The answer is not for outsiders to shove in her face. Celebrities are not public property and they still originate from somewhere on a human level. You feel that you know them but you know little or nothing about how to relate to them or reach them. The reason why new age gurus and handlers get into their heads more successfully is simply because they know how to work the demonology, make the right snake oil and fade in and out as necessary in sequence with the spin machine in order to break through the barrier of familiarity. Mimi or others could be put in a room with Miley with advanced notice. It would not make a dent. These LA industry kids are HARD WORK and stubborn and wilful individuals and they are as adept at handling YOU as they are at being handled by the predators up the food chain. I know because I am in a relationship with a reformed one and I am having to sell out in small ways almost every day in order to steer him aright. It is very much like driving through beautiful scenery one moment, then grabbing the steering wheel whilst they try and crash the whole car a moment later. Please be realistic about the world which you are dealing with.

      • I don't believe in being realistic. When my doctors told me I had an ovarian tumour, I went home and visualized the tumour melting like a snowball and 3 months later it was gone.

        When I needed money to buy a new car, I visualized the money in my bank account and a month later my mother won $80,000 at the lottery and gave me half. I'm not kidding.

        Reality is what you decide it's going to be. We are much more powerful than we think we are and if we all decided love one another and forgive each other, the "demons" would go away because they don't really exist other than as a projection of our own consciousness.

      • You are an inspiration Mimi and have obviously face greater hardships than I imagined. However, the process of loving one another and forgiving one another does not proceed smoothly when every player in the equation is fundamentally messed up and many are egotistical. I wish I knew more people who were capable of the requisite reciprocation. From where I stand, I only see dysfunctional people coming together, producing dysfunctional children and living unhappily. It is the reason why Jeff Buckley changed the Leonard Cohen Lyrics
        …"But all I've ever learned from love
        Was how to shoot AT somebody who outdrew ya"…ο»Ώ
        by omitting the "at". It is a reflection of our evolving decline as a civilisation.

      • Aspara, best way to counteract this? In day to day life? How do you stay energetically protected?

      • Roughly speaking, I keep a running total and make sure I absorb as much of the energy out of positive experiences as possible (white light moments).
        It works along the same lines as their magick really, except that it is not being put to dark uses. Keep it real (over ambition hinders more people than it helps), don't compare yourself to others who many simply be better at projecting a contrived version of their life than you are, as we discussed before, a little (fantastic) music goes a long way.
        Personally speaking, my energy surges when I watch my children wake up in the morning and make strange, incoherent sounds while their faces crease up in a particular way as they force open their eyes. Or when my other half steps into the sunlight and I am wholly convinced that he is the most beautiful man on the planet .. ever, and every logical faculty is telling me that and I would argue it forever. You find those tiny moments and draw it all out of them and use it as your shield.

      • You need to watch The Science Of Miracles by Gregg Braden. It only takes a few enlightened people to make a profound positive change in society.

    • Does this rule only apply to celebrities and disney kids? Because I know many people who have made bad decisions as adults based on the trauma they experienced as children, only difference is people aren't forgiving them as quickly. i guess because they aren't miley or brittney.. How old do they have to be before they (miley,brittney, etc..) begin to take responsibility for their own actions? & don't tell me its fear because I've seen Nigerian women all over social media pleading for help to find their missing loved ones KNOWING its a chance that those same rebels could come back and harm them as well. Yet, brit, miley & whoever can be in front of several cameras a day & not once ask for help. NOT ONCE!! So forgive me for disagreeing with you because at a certain point these woman CAN CHANGE their situations yet they CHOOSE not to!

      • I totally agree with you, Latoya. Good points. Thanks for injecting some common sense into this thread.

    • It's not like they don't have a choice. They WANT this. And however they get billions dollars, expensive houses, cars, jewels, clothes, etc… They can choose every moment, and they continue to choose Money, Power & Fame… Your way of thinking is naive…

  102. That is one disturbing video. Miley had overdone herself again. pity her for becoming the pawn of this disgusting mind control game.

    • She never had the choice. Her father Billy-Rae Cyrus was part of this programming too sadly. This is a generational slavery program. Sadly children who are brought into this program are easier to control through trauma-their brain 'shatters' easier especially as they have inherited this from their parents. They are repeatedly raped and abused and witness murder of both humans and animals as well as being subject to such horrible trauma that causes the brain to shatter and form different compartments in order to protect itself from the intense emotional trauma, forming different personalities. Such a sad thing to happen. Yet the majority of the population are ignorant.

    • It all depends on what God your referring too, because her God may be blessing her.

      Let us all think more critical, so say we all.

  103. Industry owns her sadly. Sex kitten, sex slave, mind control victim. The fame and $ is never worth your soul. Follywood needs to be shut down!!!

  104. As an addition , the multiple Miley faces form a triangle. Coincidence? Eh I don't believe in coincidence anymore.


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