The Satanic Temple Will Conduct ‘Reenactment’ of Satanic Black Mass at Harvard University

The goal of the Satanic Temple: Luring children into the dark world of black magick claiming its a "harmless poke a Christianity".

Harvard University – one of America’s most elite institutions – will host the reenactment of a Satanic Black Mass on May 12th. The event will be conducted by the Satanic Temple whose representatives will provide narration on the academic and historical aspects of a Satanic Mass.

Flyer advertising the Black Mass featuring Baphomet standing on an altar surrounded by damned souls was posted
Flyer advertising the Black Mass. The image is of Baphomet standing on an altar surrounded by damned souls.

Black Masses are defined as a “magical ceremony and inversion or parody of the Catholic Mass that was indulged in ostensibly for the purpose of mocking God and worshiping the devil; a rite that was said to involve human sacrifice as well as obscenity and blasphemy of horrific proportions.”

“First and foremost amongst the manifestations of what had become Devil worship we find the Black Mass or Devil Masses of the Middle Ages, from which the ceremonial and ritual of Black Magic are derived. The principle which forms the very essence of the Devil, the idea of opposition, also underlies the whole ceremonial and ritual of Black Magic and Black Masses. Such ideas as repeating prayers backwards, reversing the cross, consecrating obscene or filthy objects, are typical of this sense of opposition or desecration. The key-word to the whole of the practices of Black Magic is desecration.”
– C. W. Olliver, An Analysis of Magic and Witchcraft

“Animal masks seem to have been a popular form of disguise adopted by the witches and wizards attending meetings, and this custom is probably responsible for many of the stories of witch lycanthropy.

Among other obscene and phallic witch-rites was the Black Mass, celebrated by a renegade priest upon the naked body of the adept for whose benefit it was performed. It symbolized the perversion of all the rites of the Catholic church. Black candles instead of white, inverted crosses, chalices containing the blood of new-born infants sacrificed for ritual purposes, urine for holy water, all these were part of the paraphernalia needed, according to historians, to propitiate the Prince of Darkness and his retinue of minor Devils. Besides evocations, casting of spells and sexorgies, devil worship entailed such inanities as desecration of the hosts stolen from catholic churches and the kissing of the Grand Master (devil) on the tail or membrum virile.”
– Lady Queenborough, Occult Theocracy

The “reenactment” presented at Harvard will however be a “PR-friendly” version of a Black Mass and will probably be presented as a “theatrical response to the Church’s oppression”. This is the classic angle to make these practices “hip” and socially acceptable.

The Mass will take place at The Queen’s Head Pub, in Memorial Hall, which is at “the heart of Harvard’s campus”. The Hall was “dedicated in 1878 as a monument to Harvard alumni who died during the Civil War” … odd place to conduct a Black Mass.

As I noted in this article, the Satanic Temple is also hard at work to get a statue of Baphomet placed at the Oklahoma State Capitol (or any other high-profile location to get publicity). Here’s what the statue will look like.

Although the Temple of Satan claims that "it does not believe in the supernatural", its statue features Baphomet doing the hermetic hand sign "as above so below". It sits next to an inverted pentagram, the symbol of black magick.
Although the Satanic Temple claims that “it does not believe in the supernatural”, its statue features Baphomet doing the hermetic hand sign “as above so below”. It will site in front of an inverted pentagram, the symbol of black magick.
The goal of the Satanic Temple: Luring children into the dark world of black magick claiming its a "harmless poke a Christianity".
The goal of the Satanic Temple: Luring children into looking up to Baphomet (and everything it represents) by claiming that it’s merely a “harmless poke at Christianity”.



  1. Romans 12:19-21, "dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written VENGEANCE is MINE; I WILL REPAY, saith the Lord. Therefore IF THINE ENEMY HUNGER, FEED HIM; IF HE THIRST, GIVE HIM DRINK: FOR IN DOING SO THOUGH SHALT HEAP COALS OF FIRE ON HIS HEAD. Be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." God will protect us from evil, we need to allow Him to handle the demons of this world.

  2. We need statues like this in every city and town. We all shall watch and laugh as christianity dies its slow death, fading into a completely forgotten myth. Hail Satan!

  3. How about I'm a sicko who rapes little kids but as long as I say that I believe in god and ask him to forgive me it will be ok…..yeah.

  4. Makes me so sad and disappointed to see half the people commenting here actually believe in this evil agenda. Just know that the real God does not need people to conduct "rituals" to prove themselves.. he is in our hearts and all he wants is our love. I'm starting to more clearly understand why we have so many unusual catastrophes and problems happening in this world. Did you know that.. when you are taken away from Christianity.. you leave a void in your soul.. a void in which evil so willfully takes over, at which point can possess you. Did you know that Christianity is one of the oldest religions in the world? And many other religions were created after to confuse people and make bank on wars. These evil and satanic people are trying to draw your attention away from the truth. I have seen miracles happen in my life from just believing in Christ. Just think about it.. our world is run by satan worshippers.. they are running our media, many churches (especially those advertised on tv), our schools, our food supply, drugs, everything.. which makes complete sense as to why they would think they have the right to try and abolish something as innocent as Christianity from schools. When someone says "Amen" they freak out, but when bullies beat the crap out of a poor little kid or something else unusual happens, it's considered normal right? Don't you see the brainwashing.. Can't you see what's happening in our world? People are afraid of the concept of "love", they run way from relationships instead of working on them, divorce rates are significantly increasing because the bullshit media is feeding us crap, which we proudly praise at the clubs and follow. Look I'm not saying that I know everything, I mean maybe I'm wrong on the whole religion thing – I wasn't here thousands of years ago to vouch for anything. But if there is anything powerful in this world, it's love ~ and that's the truth we all need to wake up to..

  5. I was praying that they did conjure up some demons, to show this stupid kids what real demons look like. It's not pretty, nor peaceful.

  6. You all do know with the atbash cipher "Bapbomet "translates into "Sophia" which philosophers equate with wisdom. This was the intention when Levi drew the drawing everyone is so frightened of. It's hilarious to me how much of an uproar the country is over something that means intellgence. The ultimate fight of light verses dark, yet who is who? Lol…the world is a fun place to be alive. 🙂

  7. People need to start protesting against this kind of stuff. Why don't we make more noise? Like desecrating satanic temples and statues, for instance.

  8. Hmmm. Harvard also just honored former Pres., George Bush Sr., the rumored Luciferian. Man has he gotten old and ugly!

  9. The fact is that Satanism is a religion, just like Christianity, and the United States is a country of religious freedom. Just because you don't agree with their beliefs doesn't mean that you, or anyone else, has the right to condemn them. They are not doing human sacrifices, or summoning the devil, or anything of that nature, just as Catholics don't actually drink the blood of Christ on Sundays. For those of who claiming to be Christian and then condemning those who believe in other things, you are going directly against the words of Christ, "love thy neighbor as yourself." These people have the right, by the First Amendment of our Bill of Rights, to practice any religion they want, as long as they are not harming themselves or others. If you don't like their beliefs, don't go to their gatherings. I'm an atheist, so I don't go to church. It's that simple. Harvard is an institution of education, and education in different religions is extremely important. You cannot stunt others' knowledge to fit your own ideals. I'm sorry. I think its great to give Harvard students the chance to see something that most people know nothing about, thus furthering their students' knowledge of the world.

  10. There was such an outpouring of protest via petitions to stop the satanic black mass that it was stopped. Praise God!

  11. Such bullsh*t! Their excuse of "doing this as a harmless poke at Christianity" would have stood much better with me if instead they'd make a rendition dedicated to like… The Spagetti Monster, or anything like that. This truly makes me feel uneasy towards our future.

  12. This actually looks interesting! I truly don't see what the big deal is with a lot of comments. I think it's interesting to be well seasoned in religion, this re-enactment doesn't sound much different than any other religion's re-enactment.

  13. Among the greatest sins of most practicing Satanists is that they pretend to be lovers of God. The apostate Catholic church is the most powerful of these. Many Protestant denominations do the same. They think they can defeat God, but they shall fail.

  14. FYI I heard some Christians went out to protest and pray while it was happening. Then they tried to move it to a resteraunt(which shows me it was not that innocent), BUT THEN THEY STOPPED IT ALTOGETHER!!! Praise GOD

  15. You people need to chill out. Satanism is also a religion, and just because its not what you believe in, doesn't make it bad.

  16. The 'Satanism' being practiced here isn't actual worship of the Christian manifestation of Satan. It's simply a mockery of it. You give them power by getting up in arms at a stage show.

    • Well, the fact that the event was axed proves otherwise. People need to start at the grassroots and veto the little things to collectively make a difference. We can combine our energy together in order to shift consciousness but it is important to display positive behavior rather than cynicism. Beyond that, there are events which are scheduled to take place and of course they will still happen but we must endeavor to prove to our children that the cause is not entirely a lost one.

  17. This ritual would only have power over you if you think it does. It's time to abandon mythos in favor of logos. As a species we need to seek and understand idealism. Empirical materialism has been in the driver's seat too long and done us no good.

    I look at this event as a complete farce to be disregarded. It must be stopped if it harms anyone however, I am not suggesting we turn our backs on evil actions.

  18. Their problem is they think they are God (gravity).
    Yet they haven't created S**T.
    Truth is, has always been, will always be the opposite: God (gravity) is us.
    Satanists are the biggest, most hopeless SLAVES, because they think they are the most free.
    Talk about being tricked.

  19. No one find eating and drinking the blood of Christ odd in the Catholic Church. Sorry, but there's no place more 'devilish' than the Catholic Church, responsible for the Inquisition, the burning and deaths of millions of heretics and 'witches,' a vast accumulation of wealth, and rampant p********a.

    • "Ἀμὴν ἀμὴν λέγω ὑμῖν, ἐὰν μὴ φάγητε τὴν σάρκα τοῦ Υἱοῦ τοῦ ἀνθρώπου καὶ πίητε αὐτοῦ τὸ αἷμα, οὐκ ἔχετε ζωὴν ἐν ἑαυτοῖς. ὁ τρώγων μου τὴν σάρκα καὶ πίνων μου τὸ αἷμα ἔχει ζωὴν αἰώνιον, κἀγὼ ἀναστήσω αὐτὸν τῇ ἐσχάτῃ ἡμέρᾳ. ἡ γὰρ σάρξ μου ἀληθής ἐστιν βρῶσις, καὶ τὸ αἷμά μου ἀληθής ἐστιν πόσις."
      "Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you. Whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day. For my flesh is meat indeed, and my blood is drink indeed." John 6:53-55

      Clearly Christ expects his disciples to eat his flesh and drink his blood.
      You are also clearly ignorant of history with your comments (fed to you by the same people who control media etc. i.e. the Illuminati).

      The Church is "the pillar and ground of the truth." (1 Timothy 3:15).

  20. Must admit, I thought the choice of date seemed more than coincidental. What we now call May 12th is actually pre-Gregorian calendar May Day, now known as Old May Day. Before the calendar was adjusted that specific day would have actually corresponded to May 1st when Beltane was celebrated.

  21. If the Catholic Church is as evil as you claim how has it been able to last this long? Everyone is so quick to demonize this holy institution but nobody ever thinks about the reason. Every evil organization in history has eventually fallen but yet this so called "evil" institution has prospered through the ages.

  22. Praise GOD!

    It was canceled. I actually prayed immediately after reading this that this would be canceled. THANK YOU, LORD.

    • It wasnt canceled it was moved. But still the fact that the school even thought about hosting is sickening. It only closed its doors to the mass of backlash ( thank God). Otherwise it would have still hosted there at horrorvard.

      • I read that it was canceled because they couldn't find another willing venue to host….

    • Oh great a chance to learn about another religion gets canceled -go figure. When they host the nativity scene i will protest. If one religious event gets canceled -they all get canceled, fair is fair.

      • In all fairness, there are plenty of places to learn about satanism already. As VC often points out, it's all around us.

      • Im talking about the history of satanist why the founders started it what are their principles? Are they tolerant of other religions -stuff like,thats what i want to learn. Symbols are just the small part of a whole. If i have to listen about the creation of mankind all the way to the ressurrection of jesus christ more than i hear anything about any other religion, which is not fair the average person could tell you about the birth of jesus than the birth of buddha. Christians always get respresented and when another religion tries to have their viewpoint come across christians cried out and tgen other religious events get shutdown thanks to christians but no more im tired of everything being one sided. If any christian events start happening like the black mass event i will protest.

      • The history of it can easily be found online, and the principles (not just the symbols) can be seen, well, everywhere! Government, business, entertainment, sometimes even religion to name a few. As some have pointed out, it can be viewed as the flip side of Christianity (which may or may not be corrupt in itself.) Basically the principles are – do whatever you want, make that money, every man for himself. (Of course there are consequences to all of this, which some fail to realize.)

        It sounds like you live in an area dominated by Christians, and it's making you bitter. Sorry you feel that way. I suppose too much of anything can be negative if it is forced on someone. Nobody wants to be preached to. Perhaps one day you can move to a city or country with more ethnic and religious diversity, so you don't feel so overwhelmed by one faith. Best of luck.

      • Im not bitter my mom just taught me to treat people with respect and i just get upset when i see bullying or one religion being place higher than other. Things like this bother me and i just hate unfairness

  23. I'm a Boston resident and I just read that they moved the location of the Mass to a nearby bar in Cambridge due to the negative outpouring of this event (particulary from the Archidiocese of Boston, who scheduled a "holy hour" for the same time).

    I'm totally against this garbage but not shocked this hasn't gotten more media coverage. I haven't heard one thing about it on the news, except for a little blurb in the Metro… surprised?

    • No I am not surprised. The media is owned by the same Satanic worshipers who continue the cover up the Satanic sacrifice that took place on 9/11/01. Of course they won't call attention to this event, especially since it was defeated for the time being.

  24. If magic was real,demons existed and the devil really wanted our ''eternal souls'',this would be a little disturbing to read and digest….but guess what people…

    • I get what you are saying; spiritual stuff is hard to "prove." I'm less worried about my soul and more concerned about our countless beloved children, brothers, and sisters who are fighting wars, suffering, abused, tormented, diseased, and/or enslaved. Hell is right here, sadly. :-/

      • Honey you should be worried about your soul,all these wars and torments and diseases and enslavement are all FOR A SHORT TIME,it is going to end but where ur soul goes to stay,is FOREVER,ETERNITY IS FOREVER…so,you should be VERY worried for your soul…..

      • Honey, my soul is just fine & right where I want it to be, thank you. 🙂 No need to presume otherwise.

        My point: Whether or not someone believes in magic and/or religion, this sh** (war, sickness, dodgy environment, financial strife) IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING to people. It may be "temporary," as you say, but that doesn't make it right. Supernatural or not, the nefarious actions of TPTB affect ALL of us on a very REAL and personal level. We can't forget that.

        I think this post has opened up a lot of interesting and important dialogue and conversation, and I'm glad for that. But it's not good to get too consumed with arguing semantics and theology, because it only goes in circles and becomes a distraction from dealing with the issues in front of us.

        Whatever goes on in the cosmos between good/evil, light/dark, god/satan, the fact remains that WE must take care of each other here on Earth. Maybe the perspective needs to be changed to: "As below, so above."

    • Richard….you are not the grand chancellor of reality. Therefore it's important to not speak as though you have the answers to life's enigmatic questions.

  25. Due to popular resistance, the event has just been called off. It's canceled.
    Righteousness will win.


  26. We also have to keep in mind just how we know Satan exists, they also know Jesus and Mohhamad existed. This is all good versus evil and evil versus good so just how these monsters deeply believe in their god, we must be even stronger in believing ours.

  27. Off subject but please please PLEASE tell me you'll be covering the Solange attacking Jayz story. Something is very strange about the way Beyonce just stands there…

    • I watched the whole video. I didnt wven know beyonce waa in elevator until she caught her sisters leg in the last kick to her husband. Maybe beyonce was letting her sister be mad at her brother in law. Maybe jayz did something to upset her and he diserevered it. With no audio until they come out of elevator, we dont know the circumatances. I do like that jay did not hit her back. I thought that was good of him to let her be mad and have the BG take care of it. It was also good for BG to seperate so everyone could hopefully calm down and the women do some sister talk. I did find it interesting as jay was driving away, someone yelles out the word illuminati along with some curse words. I see nothing to get to excited about

      • Update: on Wendy today they talked about this video and Wendy believes Solange may be in the right. Something happened to make her mad and beyonce knows it and solange is not having it. Could just be opinion. Solange is protective of her family no matter who is married into it.

    • How is it strange ? Jay obviously did something wrong and that is why Solange was protecting her sister. That explains why Beyonce left with Solange. You people need to stop making things all Illuminati related.

  28. Who's to say that Christians of faith can't sign up, go and then start a prayer vigil during this black mass too proclaim Christ's love and sacrifice. I think that would be a great way of stopping the black mass and showing the satanists that even though we will turn the other cheek that when we are filled with the Holy Spirit and backed by God we can stop this type of atrocity.

  29. I visited Harvard's website and nothing was listed on the event calendar, of course. Also, the Queen's Head Pub is conveniently closed for the summer! However, the website states, you can still host private events. The Black website on the flyer says that they'll only allow 100 people into the reenactment…. does that number hold any significance?

    Either way, this is just creepy.

  30. I wonder about the timing of this"reenactment". The washington monument us also reopening today, and DC is covered with occult symbolism. The date has to have some kind of meaning, no way its a coincidence.

  31. Satan was never a real entity in the Bible; it's a metaphor for the lower ego. Satanism is just as confused as any other Western religion.

    • That's the problem really. An awful lot of the Bible is metaphorical but people are so wrapped up with it being the literal word of god that they don't look at it through the filter of logic.
      Unfortunately it has led to so many atrocities throughout history but people have short memories.

    • You do not know what lurks in the spiritual realms more than anyone else. Please stop talking as though you have all the answers to life's mysteries. You are not a sage. Also, demon-worship is much older than western religioun. O

      • It's just seems to me that Western religions run foul of Mother Nature — elegance personified — even while we are part of it. They're also based so much in fear. Why do we fear death so much? Death — the ultimate inevitable — happens to us all. Also, why is there so much emphasis on faith? Faith is inelegant because it needs effort on your part to uphold it; it doesn't come natural to you, and whatever pay-off you expect from it, it's false — because it is inelegant, and Mother Nature is just the opposite of that. Religions, Western religions in particular, create a divide between you and Mother Nature, and therefore with the universe; they cause you to have the feeling that you need to grab hold of something, and then they give you exactly that, something to hold on to: a god outside of you, a promise of blissful eternity in a place somewhere outside of you. You start to misguidedly reach into the wrong direction: outwards. Misguidedly, because to discover your oneness with the universe you need to travel inwards.

  32. I want to say that as a people we shouldn't be shocked yet prepare yourselves for meeting the most high. Nothing unclean can join into him. Purify ur life and allow him to provide ur needs for those who have lost faith and trust in money. Whatever sins are on you wash the spirit clean thru authentic repentance and with ur lips confess Yeshua as Lord and savior. Many will come clean thru tribulation and whatever it takes to get u to repent will be done unto u but no one wants to go the hard way. It's a choice. The only way you can protect yourself from the spells the influence and temptations that lead us into hellish experiences on earth is by staying within the will of what God intended for your life. Some of your dreams will be sacrificed or plans because it is unclean but is it worth your soul? It will become almost impossible to escape spiritual warfare in these dark times. It's everywhere! U have to shelter yourself in a cacoon of Gods power but God can't dwell with anything filthy. So that's there Christ comes in and connects the bridge for u but to keep the bridge you must remain clean by following his commandments and staying away from sinful nature. Be blessed. I hope I can reach someone. Keep the sabbath holy. SATURDAY!!

  33. what's with the 2 fingers up gesture of the evil statue? May is the month of Beltane (celebrated 1st May) in the pagan tradition.. 12th is right before the full moon day…

    • The fingers pointing up means "as above" and you cant see in pic behind the boy statue but there is two fingers pointing down means "so below". So the whole think is " as above so below". Its a common baphomet stance and you can find some music artist do it in videos though i have only seen it twice. Once in katy perrys roar video it happened so fast i had to rewind video amd slow it down. look up the saying to get more info as i dont want to give wrong info. VC has said stuff about it in other articles as well.

  34. If some Christian group wanted to do some kind of Biblical re-enactment, the pc crowd would be all over this!

    This 'ceremony' is not going to be a 'parody'. It's going to be real. God knows how many souls will be collected that day.

  35. Wow. I'm not surprised though. Just sick. I went to a big-chain retail store today that I won't mention. I really like one of their clothing lines and wanted to get something for my upcoming gig. Found this awesome shirt, that I almost purchased. Until I noticed the "design" formed a full on baphomet head smack in the middle of the shirt. And no, I wasn't imagining things, or reading into something that wasn't there. It was full on blatant. Needless to say I left it on the rack.

      • You have already invited satan into your home and need to burn the shirt or demons could cause deaths in your family.

      • Thanks but as I said I binned it so I assume that it was incinerated. I could not burn it myself as such because I would set alight the whole house! Hope that's still effective.

  36. this is sooo sick. When did this become normal?? USA is Christian country and only lord will save you! I read that paedophiles are legal now in Canada France uk and Germany, wtf?? Sick evil satanic abuse and it has to stop! Only VC tell truth!

      • Parroting the same sheeple talk that is fed to you by elite. Keep your ignorance to yourself and open your eyes. You can molest and r**e a minor in those countries and it is encouraged. Do us all a favour and do your research. Look into the Jimmy Savil case and google Canadian paedophiles to see how they are never convicted unless it is show trial. This IS a Christian country and you need to read your f*****g bible!

    • Ummm nope. USA was built on others blood. It's whole idea is born in masonry … The higher ups have planted the idea of the USA inti those who killed to create it. Uve been deceived. Don't worry tho that's Satans job to trick u into thinking what's bad is good and what's good is bad.

      • Yes, that is true, as was France. Not all freemasons are anti-God though. My other half is an amazing man and he is a freemason by birth right. He has a role to play in the US and a trajectory to follow but he is like a knight attempting to steer aright the masses through peaceful reasoning and inter-faith dialogue.

    • Actually, the United States is a country of religious freedom, according to the First Amendment. That's why we have separation of Church and State, why we can't have forced religion in public schools, and why Harvard has every right to let Satanists (who also have the same legal rights as Christians) hold mass on their campus, as long as it is not harmful to anybody. Please, do some research and read your own country's laws before spewing ignorance. You're making the rest of us look bad.

    • Well actually, America continent was pagan with all people who loved the world, adored the nature until people arrived to the continent and beat the sh** out of them in every way, messed the nature up and bring the world literature the meaning of "ignorant, illiterate, 'Muricans". Which religion are we talking about when new arrivals were killing natives? So, you are wrong.

  37. Without paganism there would be no christianity.If anyone really took the time to study the occult they would know that like most things it is just a reflection of the practicIoner.Whats funny is the Catholic church with its stances on war,child molestation are just as "satanic" as its inverse.I mention this so people take note how evil practitioners play both sides of yin and yang.To shock the mind.

      • Satan keeps it "Underground". "Christians." keep it "Above".. Trust, I've been on Both sides of the Coin/

        -Magjick.Circle.Shook.Ones.- Never >

    • Ummm nope. The title/religion "Christianity" shouldn't be confused with the belief that Yeshua is Christ. it didn't take pagan worship for folk to believe in Yeshua… o_O. Those who were sent to abolish pure Christian values came up with this Sun worship .. The word is what God wants so it's not necessarily "religious" it's more of a confirmed faith. It's authentic. It's relationship. Not some watery idea a group of people do together because they want to look good. It's necessity and substance's life… It's all that is good! Try it!

    • anon writes:

      "Without paganism there would be no christianity.If anyone really took the time to study the occult they would know that like most things it is just a reflection of the practicIoner.Whats funny is the Catholic church with its stances on war,child molestation are just as "satanic" as its inverse.I mention this so people take note how evil practitioners play both sides of yin and yang.To shock the mind. "

      That's actually very well said.

      Libertarians have long known how "legitimate governments" are really nothing more than glorified crime syndicates. Taxes, for example, are really nothing more than protection money.

      By the exact same token the "established religions" are nothing more than glorified satanic cults. The only real difference is the former are socially accepted, the latter are not.

  38. i read all these comments hoping to see some realizations of the warping of paganism in the christian religion but nothing. paganism honored the earth, the woman / mother / fertility etc and had different animal deities: one of the main ones, in my understanding, was a goat as a symbol of, probably, some kind of 'trickster' aspect to the human experience, just like satan is kind of the 'trickster' of christianity and the tarot has 'tricksters' etc. when christianity was taking over as an institution it needed to demonize paganism so that's why the christian western image of satan has hooves and goat horns etc. this whole thing is just a cyclical re-warping of the same basic myths and archetypes that human nature responds to.
    also, i go to dartmouth college and went to occidental college where obama went, before that, and i have never been given a penny from anyone. i also worked at the UN. there isn't an illuminati conspiracy so much as 'birds of a feather flock together,' just like christians or NRA members or people who like driving snowmobiles. there are good people and bad people everywhere, and good forces and evil forces everywhere. i find the symbol the goat is holding up in the statue, which apparently from these comments means 'as above so below' to actually be really interesting: keep in mind most of this stuff is just two sides of the same coin.
    i believe we should live our lives with the intention of harming no one and doing good to others and being true to ourselves, and promoting sustainability with our choices, which is a very native american mindset … i wish we had more of their mythos and archetypes available to us as collective knowledge as i find it far more interesting than all this endless back and forth.
    by the way, i was raised christian fundamentalist and i believe in god and jesus, just not in any way the way christians do today … they're just sweet, misled sheep … even the scriptures or 'the word' have been warped in a gazllion ways, all we can do is follow our own hearts and be true to our consciences and intuition to the best of our abilities …

    • *applause* Thank you!

      At the end of the day, ALL religions institutions and cults are "magickal" in nature in that rituals take place at all levels, from the shady upper echelons, to the clergy, to the masses, right down to the individual. (After all, what is prayer but meditation and communion with one's deity of choice? Are biblical verses not some of THE most powerful & repeated incantations? It boils down to INTENT more than anything else.

      IDK what some niche college club is doing. It's not the first of its kind and it won't likely be the last. But I'm surprised that this *particular* event is getting so much publicity…. And that ugly-a** statue? It almost smells like desperation.

      • Whoops, I meant to say "I don't CARE," not "I don't know." It's not to say that I welcome or condone a satanic mass at Harvard or anywhere for that matter. But I will not cave into the "shock and awe" tactics of the media and blogosphere. I will not fuel the fire with fear. The more power/credence you give something, the more powerful it becomes. Be careful which "beast" you feed….

        Blessings and good vibes to all!

    • I agree with much of what you say but do you not think it is dangerous to rely mainly on your conscience and intuition. In everyday life, it is probably fine but there come times later on in life when they can mislead you and lead to destruction on a personal level. You need to have some kind of belief system underpinning your own. We do not have full mastery over our own souls and divine guidance is our only hope during desperate situations. I once read a research paper which distinguished between the honest man and the man who asserted that honesty is the best policy. I cannot recall the details but it would have been highly relevant to your argument.

      • yes, thanks for clarifying! i do think one needs a personal divine guidance and i agree. i say 'intuition and conscience' to emphasize the personal tools we've been given to be able to tune into that divine 'still, small voice.' we have to be in touch with our intuition and conscience in order to hear that Voice and not be distracted and misled by the varying opinions and voices and systems all around.

    • Wow, finally, somebody who read history, religions, social psychology and cultural learning! Thank you! Finally I read some cultured and reality-founded arguements, instead of religion-centered abstract accusitions!

  39. Unfortunately, Christians have allowed for much of this to happen. If they were firm believers, none of this crap would've
    been widespread & accepted. And as some of the commentators here pointed out that majority of Christians are merely 'doormats' who can't stand up for what they believe in. I'm not only judging Christians because Jewish people allowed the same crap to take place. The only rage you'll get is from Muslim groups. Hollywood don't even dare to portray Makkah in a film in fear of demonstrations & havoc coming from Muslims. That's great but for how long? Just like majority of Christians & Jews lost their religious dignity, so will Muslims. Until they all gain it back, the world will continue to darken. And the anti-christ will soon appear, taking many people on his side. Just pray it won't happen in my time.

    • muslims are aggressors the best of the times. not all of them or sth like that but if you spend sometime with them you'll find out that they have a tendency to be difficult to be dealt with. they treat women and kids in a bad way and it's all because of their upbringing. i like them as people to communicate, however i find it's difficult to get to them. and those women are long sufferers. they are not happy with muslim men the best of the times. if some of them dare to get to know men of different background, they have to encounter many problems, even death. they like to match them up also with men from the same background with force. best is to try as much as you can to be tolerant and respectful, even though it's not easily done.

    • In order to passionately promote a point of view, one must have reconciled it in one's own mind. If there are logical difficulties within the teachings, this process will be fraught with difficulty. Perhaps there are many good people who do their level best to put on a pious front and follow teachings but they know of the inconsistencies and whether due to difficulties in articulating these or to self denial, are not convinced enough to unite and protest. Perhaps Islam has less of these difficulties. If Muslims are standing up and protesting then you should feel personally supported and happy because a true Muslim is a true Christian and a true Jew. You can take it back to Abraham and work your way forwards or read the zohar to understand the unity of monotheism.

    • Key,I see where you are coming from but the truth is,these things are meant to happen,they are the markers of the end time,they have been written long before we were created…….sick as it is.all we can really do is pray,pray for our souls,and pray for the lord to come quickly so these things can end…..pray

    • ummmm …. No. The word of God declares it to come to pass… Don't blame Christians. you really think we can pray it not to happen. No matter what petitions are made to the father the word can't return void. Just stick to the proper team. Your welcome.

    • This is in reply to the original poster: you don't really have a problem with Christians, you have a problem with Jesus. True Christians are not doormats as you claim; they try, as I do, to follow his dictates to us. Jesus instruct us to turn the other cheek, forgive our enemies, pray for those who do evil to us. Is this difficult?? You bet it is. I would love to fight back, but I control this impulse because it doesn't come from Christ. Even after he was rejected and crucified, he petitioned the Father to forgive his killers. If we can't do the same, we don't deserve the title of Christian. I'll just leave one final thought with you: "Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. I will repay."

  40. Don't worry. This is just for rich confused young people. They try to look so hard open minded. They never have to work or do something for their lives. Daddy provide everything so they have enough time to participate in this stupid black mass.
    Just one question: If satanism is that good why they need to use mind control, torture to convince people to be part of that s**t? And if Satanism is that good why the so called satanist said that they are 'christian" like Beyonce or Gaga? All those Satan followers are cowards. I am not afraid to speak out for my God. Do the same satanist and stop lying!!!!

    • daddy is also a part of this. like father, like son. who knows how many people daddy has exploited and abused to make his wealth. if you think that those students have fallen far from the same tree…

    • Rich, clever people are usually less confused because they have more resources available than the poor to selfishly ponder over these matters for many a day. Of course, they can also indulge to their heart's content so among them, you find the very best and very worst type of human being. Nor do we all have rich fathers. My father is unashamedly working class, I went to an elite college. I would not like to be typecast in such a way.

    • Christians use fear tactics, If one has to be threaten with eternal torture to be a good person then maybe they aren't good from the start.

      • correct they aren't. good thing there are perceptive people like you to figure it out. woohoo

    • Hmm, not as ugly and scary as many of the cartoon and video game characters whom they were introduced to since infancy. Personally, I think he has a comely aspect.

  41. Sick sick sick!!!!!!! This is just annoying…and the worst part is people will show up,people will attend this sick fest……Gord help us

  42. As a practising Satanist I'm glad that we are finally being given the opportunity to show people what our belief system and rituals actually involve.

    • You are a low-level, repeater, sheeple satanist; in it for the shock value. You are merely a front for the superpower ones who unbeknown to your ilk, create the real theatre and move our world and values around like chess pieces. Do you have any idea how many children are abused and how many women are raped around the clock for idiots like you to indulge in your Saturday hobby? Shame on you.

      • Im sure in your minds it is preferable to blame satanists for all of the ills of this world. In truth much of what you think you know comes from bias medieval tracts, the popular fantasies of rich, idle Victorian/Georgian playboys and the witch panics of the 70's-90's. Call me what you will but you are simply recycling the thoughts and prejudices of others.
        Like I said before, maybe this will enlighten you a little.

      • Perhaps you are the one who needs to be enlightened…no disrespect or sarcasm intended, but…

        "And the life was the light of men and the darkness comprehended it not." That is found in the first chapter of the book of John in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.

        There is a spirit at the roots your religion and his agenda is rebellion against God and to drag as many persons as he can along in that rebellion–which will mean their destruction in the
        end, do you really believe he will be straight with you?

      • MarkJ is stating facts without pointing at his religion. Then why cannot you beat him without pointing your own religion?

        If we cannot beat people with arguements, "my religion beats yours, my God is the best, you rebels you suck" kind-of-arguement is just helpless and pathetic. As a Muslim, I think this is where all believers do wrong.

    • I happy for you but the replies i see to your post just …its just sad. If you said were a christian the comments would be full of amens but its nothing but negativity

    • We already know what your belief system is,its all about insulting God as much as possible,insinuating that the sacrifice of jesus is fake and a lie,that God doesn't love you and can't save you beause there is no pull as many people away from God as possible….see,satan already knows what's coming,he knows that things wount end well for him so,he wants to take as many of God's precious creation (man) with him…what ever the people at the top has told you about satanism,its most definately a lie,THEY HAVE ONE GOAL AND ONE GOAL ONLY,TO LEAD PEOPLE AWAY FROM THE ONE TRUE GOD.any other agenda or belief they tell you is a lie.this is all they want and they are using you and all the other "satanist" to fufill this sick purpose………I'll pray that God opens your eyes for you to see the truth…….

    • Well , We are the Indigo Children— Child's of True Light.

      We deny the Offer.

      We Walk. Away from the Shake/

      We put a Hole. in Your Circle.

      Peace. Out.

    • In in Acadamia ANYTHING is acceptable ! Knowledge is power.
      BTW the devil& hell are myths!
      Educate yourself first before posting dumb comments that shows you're not educated. That's goes to anyone who post anything that inhibits learning!

      • Shake the Hand, that Shook the Hand, of the Magjick Circle. Land?!?!?! -No Thanks.

        Keep to the path less traveled.. We will Get There Faster in the Short Run. -Look to the sunn.

        -we Snuck in through the Bathroom Widow/Window.

      • True. In an academic environment, people sell their thoughts. It is now up to the people whether they's allow themselves to be influenced whatsoever. Plus, myths like this are courses discussed in universities.

    • Not trying to start any conflict at all, but by cursing, you're inadvertently promoting sin, so this only helps Satan.

  43. Meanwhile if I go into a public library to have a bible study and mention the word God, the ACLU will shut me right down…

    • Irony proves a Creator exists currently. At all times.

      I can give everyone a hint: it is not a deceased human male or part of man's psyche.

      A Creator would be…like a self-aware network linking everything and is self generating, never replicating 🙂 Cheers

    • I've studied the occult for over 20 years already. This is not new to me. I started out with rose colored glasses (like most). People need to understand the deeper hidden meaning before they get sucked in by the Luciferian "elite".

  44. They rule the world already, can't you see? Banks and banksters, politics, institutionalized religion – the Vatican, big corporations, the judicial system, the media, the military industrial complex, the UN. They're EVERYWHERE.

    Can't you see that they control every aspect of our lives and do nothing but harm the people and the World? We are SLAVES of those dark potencies already. Wake up, this "reenactment" is just child's play, a simple distraction. The real dark forces are controlling all aspects of Earth life for long time, it's in everybody's face, but people are too blind to see.

    Do you really think that evil, the devil, or whatever, are ugly faced demons with horns? C'mon, you've been FOOLED. The real evil is insidious and has pretty face. It controls us by manifesting as "natural rulers of society", the bloodlines, the Govt, the big religions, this system is a perfect submission device, it's anti-natural. And we give them total control without concessions and with a smile in our faces.

    Ugly ass "demons" can scare only the little children. We need to cut the crap and wake up, once for all.

  45. Satanism sounds like its just a bunch of reverse rituals of religions like Christianity. Two sides of the same coin, so this fear of Satanism is misplaced. Its all bad.

  46. so they do the opposite of everything at mass!? urine instead of holy water!? lmfao talk about lack of creativity.

    • Odd, cause blood is involved in both rituals. Black magic, all around! One is just dressed in sheeps clothing, is all.

      • You the one who lies is the one in sheepcloth?
        And by sheepcloth, you really mean sheepcloth, or do you mean it asin ''the saying''?

        (just checking out the level of wit here)

    • Because Satan is anti-God? Everything that exists is part of existence or anti-existence, and in that way can never really be its own. Either for or against something still revolves about the something. Even the anti-life exists only because life exist. God/life prevails?

      Do you think Satan would like to return to God? Or is all this rooted in Zoroastrianism?

  47. i was so spooked out by the pictures I can't even read the article – ugh – and this is where parents are pushing their children to. Devil spawn!

  48. The Baphomet looks like a goat and the Jupiter [ in my opinon ]

    ps. Do you watch eurovision song contest? what do you think about Austria (Conchita Wurst) ?
    His imagine is worst than the bapphomet temple, sorry.
    This world is more creepy than before. And will be worst, trust me :/ Just be nice, helpfull for others, just try :))

    • Maciej, please do not let yourself be disturbed by an artifical figur. Conchita Wurst is a "stage personality", which has been created by a young man, who attended years ago a kind of "Austria's next Superstar" – show. But the jury kicked him out, because his "singing is too feminine". So he decided to try again next time, but dressed as a woman, with a beard, in part to provoke the jury. He has studied fashion design. He did not come far either and he tried to get the ticket for ESC some time ago, but did not get enough audience-votes. This time the Austrian state-tv decided autocratically to send him to Kopenhagen without public voting. That is really awful, imho, because it is not just, since the Austrians are forced to pay that state-tv completely.
      The name is not his real name, but in public he almost only acts as Conchita. "Wurst" means "sausage" and there is a saying "Mir Wurst", that means "I don't care" or "I don't give a da..". My guess is, that this dress with the beard exactly got him the attention he needed to win that competition. The competition is to find a show-personality, not a genius musician.
      Nobody should fall into the trap, to be intimidated or offended due to that, although I understand that it is rather difficult to draw the line between what is art and what is pure manipulation. If one does not like him, the best one can do, is simply ignore him. And the others should enjoy a rather persistent and strong-willed character with a lot of fantasy. For me he just does not match my taste and style in any way, neither in dressing nor in music. But I have no worries.

      • I liked the humour around the creation, but got bored when that seemed to fade into more stage-less-art.

      • The song though is a musical gem to disect. Like the persona that performed, there are a few layers.

        The drama is not over yet, the fenix is has not come out of the fire, it has been lauched by the media.
        Very regonizable.

    • It is one of the signs of the End Times that men and women will become indistinguishable from one another in many cases. If you have ever been to the carnival ant Rio or elsewhere, you would notice the sense of debauchery and evil in the air. There was a case on TV this week about an academic who wants to be acknowledged as a woman because he wears a dress but sounds, behaves and postures just like a man. He was attacked by a deer but people were more focused on what on earth he was gender-wise. Many female models are also extremely masculine nowadays such as Karlie Kloss, Alex Wek and too many others to mention. How is that even attractive unless you are a supporter of gender bending. Bowie and co, Lou Reed (on Transformer) I could go on. I hope that more people wake up to the whole feminism con and be-childless-and-happy con and start to fulfil the gender roles assigned to us by God; marrying younger, having AND raising children, looking after the home, growing and cooking nutritious food etc.

      • Not all feminist all male bashers. Besides some women may not want child -its just thst simple. They may have their reasons, a friend of mine said she wont have children because the state that the world is currently in & i dont blame her. Why cant a woman have a job and the husband and kids? Why must she pick? This isnt the middle ages where a woman is totally dependant on a male. Why cant a husband and wife be partners actually helping each other out in the house? It would seem that being partners is tge way to go. If your husband dies then what? Or if he suffers an injury where he can longer work? Then the woman is pretty much helpless

      • You must also note that women are feminine figures more than ever. 2-3 masculine women cannot be the center of the arguement. Meaning, the artists, the models, all these women are defined and shown as so feminine that if they are"female", ordinary-looking women are not. Because that is what media wants, what elites want, what MKUltra is designed to create. Think about the cosmetics sector, fashion sector, think how they are advertised-heavily make-up wearing women, posing in a sexual mood, wearing heals and skirts (have you seen a model wearing trousers and modeling for cosmetics? good).Therefore, it is not true to sat that men and women are becoming indistinguishable, please do not focus on the matters from a religious point of view but a logical one.

      • nah a combination og ladygaga and kim kardashian. it's like he inherited the genes of those 2 women all combined. he might be a clone went wrong

    • It is actually Saturn. No rings you say. However think about Kubrick ASO2001. He was supposed to use Saturn but used Jupiter instead. The world has always been creepy/mysterious. Welcome!

  49. I prefer Anton LeVay's Church of Satan philosophy better and wish they were putting on an event instead but I might attend this just out of curiosity.

  50. I read this article today and thought I need to mention it on VC but you already have. I wonder how many dumb Americans still can't see through this, to me "The Elite" are so transparent and I find it crazy how they can spend soo much time and effort into creating this (and we can all see the detail gone into it), yet they cant feed or save a few children.

      • Its called food pantry's. my church and other churches in the community take donations of food from congregations and volumteers and brings it to the food pantry to be given out to people who are hungry; homeless and whole families.

      • I am not from the uk. I am from U.S. and we (the church i go to) dont stop giving out food.

      • I wasn't sure where you were from but thanx for clarifying, yes that's a good thing you're doing by helping those in need.

      • Yes, Blu, but as with most of the UK there is a lot less church-led initiatives than the American heartlands. There are non-denominational food banks for everyone as well as cook-a-meal schemes to which I contribute. My mother says that is one of the things she does not miss about the US.

      • Apsara is a sanskrit (ancient Indian language) word which mean "Fairies of Heaven".
        @Apsara – are you indian origin ?

      • Hi there, no i am not, but I easily could be; I am a melting pot of more cultures than I could ever identify. I had a childhood friend of Indian origin who was informally called 'Apshi' which was apparently an abbreviation of Apsara; neither of which bore any resemblance to her real name!

      • Wow. Really? Are you really so blind to the way the world actually works?!

        You can walk into any church anywhere in the world and I guarantee you they will have at least one program for FEEDING THE POOR, whether it's in their own community or half way around the world. Missionaries are sent to third world countries to feed the hungry, give medicines, clothes, books, mosquito nets, dig wells, build schools, hospitals and orphanages. Churches do way more good for humanity than all the govt. and ngo programs put together.

        Every single child who is baptised in the name of the Lord is, officially SAVED and made a part of the Body of Christ. As in Millions. Every. Single. Day.

        You don't have to be a believer, but you better Recognize that if it wasn't for Yeshua the Christ and His followers, the world would be an even darker and scarier place than it is right now, and probably would have become another level of Hell about 2,000 years ago.

      • Our church has a soup kitchen, open every day for the homeless. We have also teamed up with 6 other churches, to provide an over night shelter, diner and breakfast included, for the homeless seven days a week.

    • Bluboy, i read about this in an email i got on monday from a website called prophecy update. I get them periodically through out the week and every sunday. Anyway, its nice to see my two favorite internet sites on the same page occassionally. 🙂

      • ggg, does the article say the baphomet statue is being made for the UK? errrrr yeh, ma point exactly

    • Americans aren't stupid they are just heavily brainwashed and slowly loosing touch of reality. I don't believe it matters where you are from it's how your interpret the things around you.

      • Plenty of awakening Americans around or so my man claims. Besides, the truth movement had it's roots in N America.

  51. According to Wikipedia,

    "The Satanic Temple, based in New York, represents a variety of Satanism that uses the literary Satan as a mythological foundation for a non-supernatural religion, which it believes can be used to construct a cultural narrative that can usefully contextualize life experiences and promote pragmatic skepticism, rational reciprocity, personal autonomy, and curiosity."

    Just like some Christians believe in the supernatural and some do not, there are different organizations of Satanism that have varying beliefs as well.

    It also notes that, "[The Satanic Temple] contrasts itself by its desire to actively participate in public affairs and provide outreach to the wider public."

    It is "socially acceptable" for people of other religions to do these types of things–to have presentations and outreach programs, to put up fliers and statues of religious figures, etc.
    Just because we see statues of Jesus everywhere does not mean people have to worship Jesus..
    And just because there is a statue of Baphomet somewhere does not mean people have to worship it, either.
    Freedom of religion!

    • Loki – according to you, a statue of a "master" with his slave would be okay, as long as the worshippers of slavery manage it, to sell their ideology as a kind of religion. Is'nt the KuKluxKlan a form of religion as well? It could bring up lots of hints and aspects of being a religion. Would you support their right to erect a statue in public space as well? Would you support them for holding or reenacting one of their ceremonies in the Memorial Hall of Harvard University as well? I would not and would not feel ashamed for denying them their right to do so. Although a statue of their main symbol (could be a Swastika e.g.) does not mean, people have to worship it, either.

      • The KKK is a cult, not a religion. Also, the KKK is secretive and would not present themselves as members/represent the Klan in a public space.

      • Lily, you make a GREAT point.

        ANY GROUP can call themselves a religion….yup, the KKK could easily call themselves a religion……."Scientology" was granted religious status, so why not?

        Yeah, would all the "cool" Harvard peeps be eating up up a good ole' fashioned cross burning the same way they're drooling over their beloved baphomet ???????

    • All statues are morally dubious whether Jesus or Baphomet. A statue is an idol and if you use your creation as a focus of devotion, you invoke the demons which dwell within and are worshipping something entirely different to what you imagine. It becomes Pagan idolatry.

    • I hope that VC do a LITTLE more research on this group before actually associating them to satan worshippers… They are clearly using a known figure to cause attention which will reflect on the influence religion can cause on people.

      If you visit their website, their mission statement not only does NOT talk about supernatural rituals, but sound a lot like atheists trying to prove a point by picking the most outrageous symbol to worship. They are proving freedom of religion to the max by worshipping the opposite of the most popular religion in America, which is Christianity. They do what a typical religion does and follows the law in their practices, and when they upset the people of another religion, they have proven their point at the intolerance of most religious people.

      When most atheists are being questioned by the religious, the most common questions are: why did you choose to believe in atheism (as if it were a religion, which it is not); why do you not believe in anything; and since you don't believe in god, you must worship the devil? This common misconception of atheism gets really annoying, and to prove a point, if you can't beat them with logic, join them with a feign faith. These people no longer need evidence to prove anything, no longer need to defend themselves when questioned a lack of belief, and can go around spreading their religion and if people find it ridiculous then they are intolerant of their belief which sounds a lot like the religion they are trying to ridicule.

      I do believe in the illuminati. But half of my belief in it is that most celebs see it as a trend, and half is that it's actually propaganda for Christianity. It's just trying to push the religion into the light because our world has fallen into darkness and only The Lord can save you.

  52. not everyone in Harvard, Yale and Cambridge come from elitistic, wealthy families. I know people who went to those 3 Universities and they were quite poor, from modest backgrounds. However, they weren't given any posts even though they had completed their phds. It's who you know, if you lack the connections, which means by being a Jewish person, you won't get anywhere there. You can complete successfully courses, it doesn not mean they will open their doors for you. All the teaching staff in the maths, physics departments in Harvard, Yale appear to have Jewish roots, nevertheless they use the abilities and knowledge of foreign physicists and mathematicians. that's why they take them to Israel too.

    • I attended one of those universities and whilst I agree that there were quotas for disadvantaged students, there was definitely an overwhelming number of rich kids. Personally, I ignored them all but they acknowledged me as 'one of them' by reserving for me a seat at the top table at dinner for the entire duration of my degree. It was a very long table on a stage and always reminded me of The Last Supper.
      I never found that all the teaching staff were Jewish. I would say 60-70% tops, which is obviously very high but hardly the basis of a ghetto. Sexism was considered much more of a pressing concern. Once again, I agree regarding the connections with Is ra el.
      Furthermore, most university places are take by privileged children, even non-prestigious ones. My other half went to Princeton thinking that he would encounter a wider social mix and it actually made little difference.

  53. Interesting that this is happening at a US elite university when Bill Clinton is in the UK visiting Oxford University this weekend where Chelsea will be awarded her doctorate. Alludes to validation of the idea that the global elite work as one? A lot of the illuminati puppets and players have been down in London this week including Katy and Miley .. I wonder if they are staging the real ritual in BabyLon-don whilst using the Harvard event as a distraction/false-flag?

    • EXACTLY!!!!!!! We don't know what they are planning,but there is always something deeper than meets the eye when it come to these people

  54. I have no problem with this at all- if i have to listen to christians talk about god and their bible then im gonna give that same respect to satantist and their religious practices- it doesnt mean i agree with them. The school is doing this as part of education because last time i check one can take religious courses where they learn about all the religions of the world no just christianity. These students will be larning the history and its impact on society which is not bad given the fact many americans are truly closed minded about other religions. I wish they would do this at my university

    • I'm not Catholic and I agree people have the rights to choose thrir own faith. But I would never trust someone who wishes they had this at their university. Its one thing to learn about something and another to witness and encourage a reenactment. This reenactment is based on disrespect and mockery. I wouldn't want that kind of negative energy near me.

      • At my university we have lots of christian events and the like and no ther religion gets the same respect because christians always protest against it. Whats the point of freedom of religion when one religion is prevent other people the freedom of theirs?

    • Please don't say you wish it was your school….you really have no idea what this "renactment" is gonna do,what kind of spirit or energy its gonna release or exactly what its gonna be taking from the people that will participate….we don't know why they are doing this yet or what they are planning or what this is gonna achive but what we do know is that nothing good ever comes out of their plans…….so don't wish you were a part of this in anyway……….

      • Exactly Rebel. Based on my own experience of elite universities and that of others whom I know, there is a lot of dark energy circulating in these places as it is and they certainly don't need any more.

      • I dont want to have to watch the nativity scene or the ressurection of jesus christ but every christmas and easter something on tv no matter where i turn or if i go outside i have to look at it. So yeah it would be nice to see another religion get some respect and maybe people would be so willfully ignorant about people that dont follow a demigod who rises from the dead like a zombie.

      • Yes but there's no negativity or evil in the nativity scene…

        And by the way I live in a western country and at my university they have different religious groups/organisations. The Christians are the quitest of all and barely noticeable on campus. So not all Christians and Christian groups try to force themselves around on campus and protest against other religious events.

      • The nativity scene ius beautiful for the most part. Easter is where it all becomes warped and as satanic as those they claim to be fighting against.

    • Kitty — The MOCKING of Christ should not be allowed. If they were mocking JUDAISM, would you also be eager to have this at your university?

      You see, if it were Judaism being mocked, the ADL, the Israeli government, and HOARDS of other pro-Jewish groups would have it banned.

      But because Christians do not have this type of power at their disposal, they get away with their evil and mocking of Christ.

    • This isn't some genuine religious practice. Black mass is the opposite of a Roman Catholic Mass. Tolerating inversion and mockery does not make you a good person. I would say it would make you the inverse of a tolerant good person.

      Some wonder, "if Catholic Mass glorifies Jesus then why copy it?" As the article states indirectly, without a Roman Catholic Mass there would be no black mass. It is highly preferred to use an actual Roman Catholic Priest to perform the black mass. Many leaders in R-Catholicism are in to the occult. So this Satanic church is not sub-catholic but, rather anti-catholic church yet, it can not exist apart from the catholic church. Quite a pickle there.

      Once you explore religion, if you aren't deceived up to your eyeballs, then you will see there are only 2 sides. Yes. The creator God and his creation, the fallen angel Satan, who fell like lightning from Heaven.

      Satan has no originality because he is a creation but not a creator. Your enemy is prowling, looking for ways to kill you. He is in it for the long game, waiting for a chance to strike. Since Satan can't harm God he goes after God's favorite thing- God's vulnerable children.

      You may wonder, "Why so many religions?" But go on, do your googling, and you will wonder "why are so many religions the same with different names (around the world)?" A solid possible theory is that at the tower of Babel, thousands of years ago when languages were diversified and people scattered, the idol worshipers did not repent instead, they kept worshiping the same idols under different names.

      In secular history and in the Bible, the same false Gods are worshiped under different names around the world. It is the same today. Satan created nothing new under the sun. New age is not new. Muslims worship a moon god. Masons worship Nimrod/Baal (whether they know it or not). That is why there's so many phallic symbols in their imagery. Yes, the Washington Monument is a huge Johnson. Mormonism (LDS) = Masonry + Catholicism. "Enlightenment" in all religions (Hindu, Illuminism, Masons, on and on…) seeks to empty your body for demon posession. I couldn't make this up. I never cared about the occult enough to make stuff up.

      Your mind has been shattered by this world, possibly by mental trauma. Many young people are under mind control which they do not mind seeing or even desire violence, obscene sex, self harm, etc. because it brings out the alter ego. I can hear your pain in your posts.

      Jesus, the true and living God of love and authority, wants to pick up the pieces of you and make you whole again. Satan wants to kill you.

      I said there are only 2 sides to the battle. Notice only Jesus' church has no secrets. You can walk in to a Bible believing church and walk out with a full list of their entire beliefs.

      No occultist religion lets you have all "knowledge" right away. They believe knowledge is power (literally, not figuratively). This is of course the definition from webster: to shut off from view or exposure. (Latin occulo- hide,cover). Jesus followers are not hiding or covering their beliefs.

      The public black mass aims to lie right out of the gate. Satan is the father of all lies so this doesn't surprise me.

      You can start your spiritual quest however you want. Your spiritual victory is found in the Bible and Jesus.

      I have a friend who has scratched/blacked out tattoos all over his body from all the different religions he tried whole heartedly before finding the power of Jesus. Until you find Jesus, every religion will make it's mark on you whether internal or external. I mean Jesus is so mainstream how can it be right? All the truth is hidden and only the cool people know about it, right? Nope. Trust me, I thought the same.

      It hurts to hear the Jesus message when you aren't saved by believing on Him. "Repent, you sinner" stings like hell without Jesus. I mean, I'm not even that bad. I'm like in the top 90th percentile of good people. See though, good isn't the prepreq. for salvation, believing that Christ died for your sins and rose again is the prereq.

  55. May 13th 1917 Apparition of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament in Fatima, Portugal.
    May 13th 1981 Ali Agca shoots Pope John Paul II. JP2 survives kind of miraculously. He later put the bullet which almost killed him to – I think – the crown of Our Lady's statue in Fatima.

    There is a meaning to the date, I guess. Mary is at the very center of the battle. She is God's response to satan’s rebellion. The Blessed Virgin Mary is, by warriors at the side of Our Lord, seen as the defeator of the serpent (symbol of satan). She is also the true morning-star, that takes the place of Lucifer. Rev 12, 1-17

    • " He later put the bullet which almost killed him to – I think – the crown of Our Lady's statue in Fatima."

      Are you Fing serious? Talk about blasphemy….

      • I have checked. It is in the crown of the statue and this is everything else, but blasphemy. JP2 made it very clear, that he considered his survival of the attack due to a direct interference of Our Lady. The attack was on the same day of the first apparition in Fatima (May 13th) and JP2 felt very close to Mary. The shooting would normally have been deadly and Ali Agca, the shooter, himself said, he cannot explain, why he – a trained killer – missed to kill the pope, standing so close to him. JP2 said, he prayed to Mary the whole way to the hospital until he lost conscious.
        It is absolutely not blasphemic, to bring the weapon to Blessed Mary, mother of Our Lord. That bullet could never harm the Lady in any circumstances, but could have killed the pope easily. She already has cared for it, she took it during the shooting, vicariously for the pope. Only due to her intervention he survived, at least in his own understanding. The crown of God's mightiest answer to satan can of course be seen as the best place to put a weapon, which was once dedicated to kill a pope, but has been kind of taken away by the Lady.
        And Lion, please do not be so quick with your judgements. If at all, try to consider the Holy Roman Catholic Church as something maybe far apart of your understanding of religion, but nevertheless guarding – and guiding through – a beautiful path to our God. I am not a member of the HRCC (Holy Roman Catholic Church), by the way, and never was.
        I hope, my english-skills serve my thoughts and do not disturb you too much. I am not a native speaker.

      • correction: the crown of one of God's mightiest answers to satan …
        Jesus is of course everything and above all, except the Father. Just to make this clear.
        But in the book of revelation The Lady is the counterpart of the adversary. Oh boy, is that complicated, to explain in order not to be misunderstood.
        My wish is, to become easyier in that. Let us not forget, that Our Father counts on us children as well. We are free to join His spiritual force, we are invited and can do a lot to be part of His answer to the adversary. First of all we could show the world, what it means to stand united, despite our differences.

    • This is a very interesting theory, @Lily F. I've always been drawn to the notion of a great goddess or Blessed Mother. Amidst all the so-called "God vs. Satan" static, I believe we've only begun to tap the potential of the divine female, which some might call Mary. 🙂

      • The Blessed Virgin Mary is definitely not a goddess; she is much better than that. She is the greatest creation of God born without original sin. She is not divine, however she can intercede for us and bring our prayers to our Blessed Lord. Her intercession is definitely needed during these dark times.

      • "She is not divine, however she can intercede for us and bring our prayers to our Blessed Lord."

        Is that not the definition of divine? Not sure what you mean by "not divine" or not a goddess. To me she would essentially be THE Goddess. (We all have our ways of seeing things.) To some, maybe she is called Isis or Diana or whomever. Meh, what's in a name? I agree that she is much needed. 🙂

      • do you pray for others? If so, then you too are an intercessor. The Blessed Mother is like all people who die in Christ, alive in a way that can't separate us from the love of Christ. Alive in heaven to pray for us here on Earth.

  56. This is extremely upsetting and disturbing. My boyfriend teaches a class at Harvard. This literally makes me sick to my stomach. I wonder how many people will be attending this nonsense.

  57. im not surprised for we are in darker days that will continue to darken … We live in that time before the rapture fringe is coming quickly. I know it more than ever because I am tested and tempted more and more each day. satan is working over time thru our weaknesses and it is a choice to be on the first ride into the clouds. Pray for me. I live in Hollywood I sure don't want to be here after the rapture. 🙁

  58. Be sure not to parallel Christianity with pagan sun worship. It has been bastardized but you better believe Yeshua is the Christ!! Every knee shall bow … Non believers should repent and seek him.

  59. I don't identify with any religion. However, don't satanists have a right to hold mass, just like Christians do?. . . Or the Catholics do? They are conducting the ceremony at HARVARD UNIVERSITY, so I highly doubt their will be any virgin sacrifices. So many people on this website claim to be Christian. Why don't you show some tolerance and not judge people for how they choose to practice their faith. Isn't that what being a Christian is all about?

      • Christ was pretty clear about not judging others and loving your enemies so I would say it's a big part of it or at least it should be

      • ggggg that's a true statement. and it's the most difficult of all. if you are an egoist you can't love all people now, can you. they make it impossible to be loved. and even if you love them, you won't be trusing them just to be on the safe side.

    • A Black Mass is a mockery, a bastardisation of the Catholic Mass. Are you saying that we should just let others make a mockery, a very serious and malicious type mind you, of Catholicism? No. If their actions are trying to bastardise and skew my beliefs, i will not tolerate that. Its blaspheming against my God, why would I allow that? What if they were mocking another religion? Would that be okay? Of course not. What theyre doing themselves is judging other peoples beliefs and taking it to the next level of disrespect… and youre telling me to tolerate it and not judge?
      And no being Christian is not about being a doormat while people spit on and disrespect your beliefs, your community and your God.

      • Might it be that a lot of christians are insecure about it (it is a believe-system for most), and therefor are easily disturbed when someone has a different opinion?
        If you are so sure about your faith, why react so strong about other people's ways and truths, is what comes up in my mind.

      • ddd certain about faith, 100%, maybe their uncertainty is caused by their lack of morals and goodness. insecure due their disgust towards their behaviour. they compare how the saints behaved, what they did, what they had to endure and they realise they are not genuine christians. you can't outwit Christ no matter what you do, you can surely outwit some people. disturbed not about the faith, disturbed about being spiritually handicapped. if you realise you are spiritually handicapped, you get insecure because you realise that you are an hypocrite of first degree. it's called being ashamed. so don't get confused about it. i hope it's made crystal clear to you.

      • I think i get your point. I might add that where i mention christians in this context, it projects on more subjects in general.
        I do encourage a little wit to layer up and get another perspective at the same time. Anything to make people think a little more and they do not always have to talk my talk. Noone should feel like a doormat.

      • strange thing that doormats are likeable and usually gain our respect. i have a lot of respect for doormats, not for egoists. nonetheless, people like us, the majority of us, can't be doormats as we are selfish egoists. that's why we will never be the chosen ones i guess. fair play to them, they deserve it.

      • I usually walk on my doormat, even wipe the dirt of on it, no respect.
        When it starts protesting i would think again , h!
        No, to be more serious, the word doormat in my world is used for only two things, the doormat and people who do not stand up for themselves. (They do generate compassion and pity, and some i know i dearly love.)
        But it is okay if you think different, now it is a little clearer.

      • Okay. Put it this way. If you and a few bystanders witnessed your father being publicly mocked, disrespected and harassed by a group of people, with the bystanders saying that it was acceptable because people are allowed their own opinions, would you, being a lover of doormats, just stand there and look on because doing something about it and standing up for your father is being a selfish egoist? No, because standing up for your father is what's right and good, is it not? Same for some great public figures and movements of the past and present standing up against slavery, racism, domestic violence, child abuse, r**e, bullying and all that stuff, would you also call them selfish egoists? No. Those people chose not to be doormats or be silent to stand up for what is right and good. So sure, some doormats are likeable but what their inaction is doing could potentially be doing more harm than good. So sure, insult people trying to stand up for the good of the world, have your opinions about it (you're totally entitled to your opinion) but please be a doormat about it because in this case, your inaction towards strong people who defend what's right will work more wonders than if you tried to stop them or hate on them.

      • The problem with Satanism is that they forcefully involve unwilling outsiders to become their victims. And there's no use in getting into a "no they don't, yes they do, no they don't, yes they do" argument. The allegations are plenty, and none of them have been successfully refuted.

    • Dear Evie Rose, I think, I understand, what you mean. Please nonetheless bear in mind, that this planned ceremony of a satanitic mass is a kind of worship. The worship will be held at Harvard University, which is worldwide seen as one of the flagships of education.

      So one has to ask, what are they worshipping? They plan to worship a power, which is identified with destruction. By religious people as well as by non-religious people, by the way. And even by the satanists themselves. That "mass" does mock the catholic mass by reversing their liturgie. That is in itself and as such destructive. And the academic elite should know that, no matter, whether they are faithful or atheists.

      Once an elite-university supports worshipping of destruction, what does this tell you about the spirit of the people administering/leading the university? The spirit about those, who educate people and prepare them for having an enormous influence in the future society? To me it says, to say the least, that the teachers have come to a point, where they are no longer aware of the importance and fragility of constructiveness. Which is, in fact, really alarming.

      By the way: Please check the Washington post for: How Harvard scholars may have been duped by a forged ‘Gospel of Jesus’s Wife’ . Just fits the image, somehow.

    • because it's excrucuating to follow Christ's teachings. it's a piece of cake to become wicked and evil. easily you can go down, the path to the top requires massive abilities. don't compare things that are incomparable.

      • Excruciating to follow Christs's simple teachings? I pity anyone who thinks it's so difficult to treat others the way you wish to be treated. Nobody is talking about perfection. Even Jesus admitted he's not perfect. Only God the Father is perfect. It's other people who claim that Jesus is perfect, he never said that himself.

      • I actually agree with what Trace said. It is in fact very difficult to follow Christ's teachings to the tee, because we are tainted with original sin. Temptations are never too far from us, and it is very difficult to be good and wholesome. With that being said, every effort should me made to try and be as good as possible and always follow Christ's laws. Trace wasn't saying you should give up on Christ's teachings, he was just saying that it's much easier to give in to wickedness than stand by your faith. I happen to agree with him. That is why so much of the world is corrupted.

      • I dont believe we are tainted with sin. Native americans state that children are born innocent and that as they grow up they can become influence by evil. This whole born with original sims sounds like "hey , you're born evil" – which is not cool. How can a child be born innocent and have sin if they havent even done anything yet? I mean come on

      • Yes, it is pretty disgusting to burden a child with such a belief system from early on when they know nothing about sin whatsoever. Should be outlawed.

      • Jesus was without blemish, that's why he was the perfect sacrifice to save you from damnation in hell.

        where did he "admit" to not being perfect??

      • Luke 18:19 ""Why do you call me good?" Jesus answered. "No one is good–except God alone."

        I.E. Jesus is not perfect, and never claimed to be. I suggest you read the bible. ALot of church nonsense and religious garbage goes against what Jesus actually said. Know the word and the real Jesus.

      • Christ said he most important commandments are to love another as we love ourselves and to love God. That's it. All those other made up rules and regulations are not from Christ. Loving one another, love yourself, and loving God is not so hard to do.

    • Don't you understand what that 'faith' is all about? They would never share the same sentiment and want to breed evil in the world. Why would you allow this? They are doing this in order to desensitize the public to this bs, our absolute responsibility is to recognize it and nip it in the bud. I hope you understand that this happens all the time behind the scenes, including the sacrifices you mentioned, of course they can't openly do this straight away for the public.

    • No honey,been a christian doesn't include sitting back and watching while your faith and God is mocked…satanism is a direct mockry of christianity..they aint about "doing their own thing",all they are about is mocking God,the sacrifice of jesus christ and all of God's children.the last thing they want if for you to realize that there is a REAL and TRUE GOD THAT LOVES YOU……..that's why majority of their practices include doing whatever christians do IN REVERSE….so no,christianity isn't about relaxing and tolorating while evil reeks harvoc on humanity…..

      • rebel i think christians have more serious problems to concentrate on like saving their souls and become decent people than worry about satanists, their beliefs, their control over the world. satanists and everyone else will be judged for their wrongdoings and not the wrongdoings of others. satanists mind their business, christians have to sort out the illnesses of their souls.

      • If you are a real christian,your soul is already saved,you aint got no woRries..the next step is to tell others about your faith and your God and the sacrifies he made for you and them,and I don't think there's anyway to do that without telling them the opposit side of things,what satans planning and how satan and he's followers are turning people against the ONE TRUE GOD.that's why there's something called the great comission where God told his children to tell the world about him……and real christians can't sit and watch satan take ,yes,it is our job and duties as christians to "worry" or tell people about these things,its our most important duties as christians…..God bless you!!!

      • If you are a real christian,your soul is already saved
        You can lose or regain your soul according to God's will actually, nothing to do with Christianity or a one-off event. We are constantly st temptation and prone to sin. It is not over until the fat lady sings.

      • Satanists mind their own business? And how do you think that you know this? Their philosophy is absolute power over all of creation. Mind their own business? They think that your bathroom activities are their business. You fool.

    • Hi Evie,

      From your comments I am going to assume you feel this group deserve tolerance as they are just another religion. To be a religion they would need to recognise a supreme being, a higher power, deity, supernatural. They have stated previously they don't believe in the supernatural or spiritual realm. So, if they don't believe why then can't they just be like other atheist and agnostics and just leave well alone? Baphomat isn't secular nor is it very peaceful and tolerant, let alone neutral to co-opt Satan/Baphomet as Mascot

      Lastly if they were a legitimate religion simply trying to be the best people they could be why Satan? lWHy didn't'tthey have go for the more 'misunderstood' and 'helpful' Lucifer the more media friendly version

      • Also they don't believe in the supernatural _ so as a religion are they worshipping a being who is manifest in our realm….

      • * who they believe is manifest in our realm or coming soon

        by that i mean something more akin to the externalization of the hierarchy – Alice Bailey and co , that would be the deluded Luciferean stance, not the all-out satanic anti-christ following.

    • When you'll open your eyes and mind wider and understand the consequences of all that, maybe then you'll regret this words you wrote down here.

  60. IMHO, here is why people are drawn to and addicted to blood sacrifice. As human beings we have have innate instincts, physical and emotional responses that are hardwired into our bodies. During blood rituals certain drives are stimulated, such as; the prey drive, the revulsion to blood and dismemberment, fear reactions, submission and domination. During blood or sex rituals these and other drives are intertwined and manipulated for an altered state experience. One of which is dissociation that some individuals might think is mystical. In short, people get addicted to the highly and weirdly charged up states, and like any addiction, it must be fed. Often people who participate in this type of practice are often blackmailed over their acts. I pray for them.

    • Well christians symbolicly drink the blood of christ – so would that be considered a blood ritual and vampirism?

      • Yes. Bread and wine are the symbolic substitute for the body and blood of Jesus Christ, who was sacrificed by the crucifixion. The Christian Mass is a sacrifice ritual, taken from a bloodless ritual sacrifice of bread and wine, attributed to ancient Hebrew high priest Melchizadec (sp). It is performed as a representation of Jesus' s "Last Supper".

      • Its still a respresentation of drinking another person blood -which as a child freaked me out & why i didnt like going. Christian bring children to churchs for so they can symbolically drink the blood of a man and symbolically eat his flesh but compare about movies that have vampires & cannibals smh

      • I agree, it is gruesome when literally considered. That's the use of shock, in this case the image cannibalism, to get the believers to dissociate on a very subtle level. Sacrifice has the blood-letting and death feature to the ritual. In cultures that practice animal sacrifice, the animal is usually eaten, but in the case of the remembrance of Jesus of Nazareth, cannibalism was prohibited, so the bread and wine, became the substitute.

      • Catholic teaching holds the Eucharist is the actual body and blood of Christ – it is not symbolic.

      • Yes, that is Roman Catholic teaching. So there is shock r/t cannibalism, then a very twisted denial programming in which the individual must deny the actual reality of bread and wine, in which case eating is cannibalism and deny the repugnance of cannibalizing one's own beloved god. Shock is used to program denial. Shocking images are used in almost all TV advertising, must watch for violence,shaming, or sexual content. Shock is connected to the product.

      • Maybe Christ made it symbolic to stop people from actually doing it. Think of what was going on during that time and what they were practicing. What better way to stop people from doing it and to convert them than by making it symbolic.

    • '' altered state experience. One of which is dissociation that ..''
      Right on the spot i think. Combine it with the knowledge that dissociating humans are very easy to manipulate and influence for later purposes.
      For some people this could lead to thinking about 9-11….

  61. Here is a perfect example of the Progressive elitists trying to provoke a violent response from Christians so they can focus the MSM on Christians behaving badly. Same with the nasty baphomet statue. Love and non-violence will conquer.

    • "the prayer of the righteous availeth much." "pray that the Lord of the harvest send forth laborers into His harvest." prayer and the Word of God is what it will take to rescue the lost from this coming travail, for the battle is already won. What we are witnessing is what is already listed in the Word of God. just take heed to yourselves that we may be found worthy to escape the "time of Jacob's trouble."

  62. The externalization of the hierarchy, continuing to swell. Maybe an Alice article would be nice, VC. How about Lucifer Trust?, whoops, I meant, Lucis Trust.

  63. Why does everyone associate Christianity with anti-Illuminati? If the Illuminati really control everything , then how do you know that it's not the Illuminati that invented Christianity to cause confusion?

    • I don't know about the founding of the Christian church, but at the very least the clergy is heavily infiltrated by opponents of Christ pretending to be followers. All the p*******e scandals cannot be just a coincidence. So what you're saying could have some element of truth in it, but don't assume there aren't any truly good-hearted christians out there who want the very best for the world. Jesus himself never wanted anything even close to what is now called "The Vatican". In fact, just the opposite. In the bible it's said that no person should ever refer to someone as "father" (meaning, priest). And yet….that particular verse is never mentioned in church. So again, what you're saying has some truth in it, but don't throw the baby out with the bath water. The "baby" in this case, would be the promise of the Kingdom of Heaven….which will obliterate the earthly kingdom of Satan. God will win.

      • Lord God in heaven,dude you are wonderful……Hope to God you are one of the real christians

      • You don't understand the context of that verse. Do you celebrate "Fathers Day"? Do you honor your Father and Mother? Did the poor man not sit in Father Abraham' bosom? Did Paul not consider himself a father in Christ?
        The creation of the Catholic Church is also as biblical, but many Protestants don't understand the scriptures supporting it, much like the Eunich.
        If the Catholic Church, and the Eucharist, is so anti-Christian, why the effort at Black Mass? Why is the Catholic Church always under such attack. The evil one knows its power even if Protestants and sadly most Catholics, don't.

      • The Catholic Church in itself has rituals that are linked with Pagan worship…The lighting of Candles for prayers is stemmed from the same idea of Witches lighting candles for blessings and curses. The colors of the Catholic flag are the same colors as the Babylonian which where Pagan in origin. The statues they have usually depict Mary and Baby Jesus as the central focus….which is idolatry and forbidden according to the word of God. It also just happens to be almost identical to the statue of Isis and baby Osiris which stems from Egyptian Pagan worship.

        The Rosary is a prayer said in praise to Mary which means you are worshiping Mary as if she's worthy to be prayed to. You should be praying and honoring only God not another human. The saints and all the statues is forbidden as one of the commandments is "Have no graven images" as I am a jealous God. Therefore the only images you should see in church are Jesus and the trinity not the Saints, Mary or otherwise.

        I've seen churches that have larger statues of Mary than they do of Jesus on the cross. It's not Mary that died for man's salvation it's Jesus!

        Confession….Your confessing to a priest (a man who is also a sinner) and allowing him to tell you that you are forgiven. He has no authority to do so…only God can forgive your sins. You can do different sins and it's always the same ritual "Say so many hail Marys (Again why are you giving hail to Mary and not Jesus) and our fathers and thou are forgiven…..

        True believers of Christ do not keep darkness in secret but instead reveal it. Any pastor or priest found who commits a crime should be judged like any other man. God will certainly not give leniency to such individuals especially ones that mock him by pretending to be "An Ambassador for Christ"

        Catholicism is a man-made corrupted religion. Seeking out believe in Jesus Christ as your lord and savior and praying and honoring him is the way to Salvation not religion. I am not saying every Catholic person is lost for I believe some have confessed Jesus Christ as their lord and savior and have accepted they have sinned. Said from the Bible "If one confesses with thy own tongue Jesus is Lord" and "All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God" "Thou art saved"……from perishing from eternal damnation in a "Lake of fire in Hell prepared for Satan and his followers"

      • people respect Maria and the Saints. They don't worship them like you might they they do. And why not show respect for Maria/Saints instead of Marylin Monroe/the Kennedys and their cliques. people spend a lot on their 'idols' who are nothing to look up to, they have posters of them wherever, so why not reverse it towards people who have done worthy.

      • Thanks Peter, not many people understand this. We respect Mary that she is the mother of Jesus. She had to have been special or else God would not have chosen her to be the mother of Jesus. People think catholics pray to Mary but we don't. We ask her to pray for us just like I've asked my own mom or family members to pray for me. Church is supposed to be a place of worship to God. It is a time out of the week we set aside to pray with other followers and say thanks to God. There are good churches and bad churches. Priests and other people within the church organization are human too. Humans are tempted and led into sin on a daily basis. If anything the devil wants to make followers of Christ to look bad so we may be attacked spiritually even more. However some people dont have a strong enough faith and so they are easily led into sin. Humans are humans and we all face the same temptations everyday. But maintaining strong faith will help you to overcome sin.

      • There is nothing biblical about the creation of the Catholic Church. Jesus spoke alot about not deifying priests, or how futile rituals are and how following a bunch of useless rules is not the real love of God. In fact, Jesus didn't found a church or go about making buildings and setting up hierarchies (as all religious institutions do). He went amongst people, healing them and revealing to them truth.

        The Catholic church is seemed in pagan history. It astonishes me that at one point Rome is the biggest enemy of Christ then all of a sudden it becomes the head of Christianity? Ya right. Constantine converted to Chrisitanity as apolitical tool and sicne them, pagan rituals have pervaded everything sacred. Look up why we decorate trees for Christmas or associate eggs with Easter. Trust me, it has nothing to do with Christ.

        Jesus told us we can know God personally. He told us to be humble, not fret about what we wear or be ostentatious, yet the Catholic Church ritual is one of the most ostentatious things on Earth. Catholicism teaches us we need intercessors to know God. We don't. Catholicism worships Mary who is BARELY mentioned in the gospels. Why? Mary is transformed into the pagan goddessess of ancient times. WHy should I confesses to a human man (priest). He cannot forgive me. God can. The Catholic church also surpresses woman and denegrates the female whereas Jesus frequently blessed women and chose to women to give testimony about his resurrection…during those times women were not allowed to testify in court and were often not allowed in the innermost parts of temples, and were treated like dogs basically so Jesus' treatment of women in the gospel was truly revolutionary.

        I went to Catholic school for 6 years. I respect alot of the charity work they do, but as an insittuion founded in paganism and utter disregard for alot of Jesus' teachings, I cannot really see it as a viable option for me.

      • If you seek to know how the Christian (read: Catholic) Church was initially undermined and subverted, I would suggest you start with researching a document known as "The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita". It is easily found on the Inter-webs, is a very short read, and should open some doors for you.

        Bear in mind, you will also need to deduce what group of miscreants was *actually* behind the name of the organization that is typically attributed to authoring the document. These malevolent usurpers have, throughout history, ALWAYS hidden behind misleading labels and an ever-present fog of obfuscation. Much like most believe – and were taught – that Bolshevism was born of Russian revolutionaries' minds – which couldn't be *farther* from the truth. Indeed, it was the same cabal behind the label of Bolshevism that was also behind the Alta Vendita.

        Too many have made the mistake – which you wisely allude to – of condemning the Church and its clergy – in whole – for the paedophelia scandals, etc… People fail to recognize that these transgressors were, in reality, NOT OF THE CHURCH. They are subversives; they are deceivers. They only APPEAR to be of the church. It is this tactic that they employ that seeks to discredit ALL via the actions of a FEW deceivers. One must take care to not fall for such shallow deceptions, as it sows unneeded discord, division, and destruction – which is *exactly* what they seek. This is ALWAYS what they seek.

        God be with you in these troubled times…

      • Look at how much paganism is involved in Christian activities….that religion sold itself up the river long ago.

      • I know, but he asked if maybe Illuminati INVENTED Christianity. That is, from the time perspective – impossible.

      • That paganism is what they created! That is not true Christianity. True Christianity is based on the sabbath being the holy day and Yeshua being the Christ not including pagAn holidays and Torah study makes clear for bible basics. The New Testament does not get dismissed because Christ died but it is a privilege that has deep ties to the ways of the old testiment …Christianity has been scattered and unfortunately aligned with sun worship which is demonic. So please don't associate a relationship with Yeshua with pagan Christianity.

      • sorry the old testament does not get dismissed because of Christs death … One testament supports the other! Torah study is essential to grasping the holiness of God … Each sin committed was evaluated and atonement was strategic!!! The things it took during holy rituals to wash off sin in order to connect to a holy God was intricate because God cannot dwell with sin! Everyone believes (Christians) that all sin has the same measure but I beg to differ! Yes Yeshua is the perfect sacrifice for our sins but God is still looking into the heart as we repent and accept Chris. Ur wanting to be purified must be genuine and the cleansing of sin is done when the soul is aware of the extent of the unclean deeds done! People have no idea how loving yet shrewd out God is! Many think thru are headed to holiness but many will be humbled and only purified thru tribulation… This period is necessary! Not to punish but for the desensitization to eliminated! A lie here a little sickness there won't hurt? Oh well u have misunderstood your God! Although everyone sins we now have victory over sin thru Christ and there are saints that exist on earth who live like Yeshua (pure in all ways). This is a choice! You may believe which WILL save u but not necessarily save u from the tribulation period. You may say aloud I REPENT but the father searches the heart! Beware not to insult him. Be blessed everyone …believers and non believers!

      • David Duke presents a good argument in support of the fact that the mark of the beast is actually the christian sabbath of Sunday for this is crucial to aligning christianity with sun worship. I agree with many of your assertions save for the fact that Jesus never died. He shape-shifted, God took him back having proved his point to mankind. The blood and body symbolism which persists to this day is a mass machine for feeding demons. Many crucial religious events are widely misunderstood including why God sent two angels to Babylon and what they taught as well as the true story of King Solomon.

      • That name Illuminaty might have come up during that time, but the rituals, the philosophies, the knowledge is way way way older.
        With knowledge comes power, who would have given that up , giving way to the ''new masonry''?

        So, i like your point on how things might have started, and am open to possiblity that a lot of followers are good of heart and soul – but a little sheepish, too sometimes (and that too does not include every follower. Before someone with hurt toes starts capslocking at me.)

      • And you're saying that there is a possibility that Jesus was not a true prophet, that the crucifixion was just a show performed in order to mess with people's minds and cause confusion? Because that's what he's asking.
        So, my point is not sheepish, I just answered the question logically. I don't say satanists didn't exist way before Illuminati, but I'm sure Christianity wasn't invented by them. Because that would be some
        hypothesis that would require lots of facts and evidences.

      • I was mainly referring to the masonic part of the post.
        The possibility that jesus was invented by illuminati, is not interesting for me. (For now at least..)
        I am still finding out what to believe and what not. At this moment i believe the jesus-figure is a man turned into myth by men.
        Media in our age and time is hard to believe sometimes, so was it in the old days too, i guess.
        And that means on all fronts, even this site and its comments.

      • Well, my preposition to you is to believe in love, and it's your choice where to find it-Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Atheism or whatever. And btw, I truly believe that you should't doubt in this site and author's intentions, he is just showing us on some facts and letting us to decide what to think, unlike those annoying satanists. Peace!

      • Jesus was not a prophet, He was/is the one and ONLY son of God.

        no other prophet said i am the way, the truth, and the Life. Jesus claimed many times to be the Son of God. do not take away from that.

        do not be confused, search for the truth-who is Jesus.

    • You are right IC1414 in many respects, this thing that they call Christianity has nothing to do with what Jesus was about and his true legacy. It is the biggest spiritual misguidance ever witnessed on a mass scale.

      • Christianity should be called Paulianity or something. Since Christians take the (pagan) teachings of Paul over the Torah-teachings of Jesus. If Christians really followed Jesus, they'd keep the commandments as Jesus said, not believe some pagan stuff about sacrificial blood. If you love Jesus, follow HIM not some man who claims to speak for him!!!!

      • I believe that Catholicism was the biggest spiritual misguidance on a mass scale….Christianity is not a denomination is is a faith and belief in Jesus Christ as son and savior. A Catholic will often confess to being Catholic not a Christian……I know because people have told me such from their own mouth. Protestant, Methodist, Catholic, these are all denominations or fractions of what was the Christian faith. Much like people cannot simply say "I am American" they have to put a title to it…..Mexican American, African American, Again people are dividing up their identity to feel important. A true Christian does not identify as Methodist, Catholic, Protestant, etc…..he/she simply states I am A Christian and I believe in Jesus and that the Bible is God's word….man has corrupted the idea and formed false religions to suite his or her own means because they wanted to take parts or add to what the Bible Stated.

    • Because Satan doesn't overthrow himself. Just as the Jews accused Jesus of casting out demons because he was the king of the demons, and Jesus refuted them by stating that a house divided against itself cannot stand (that's where that well known phrase originates), the Illuminati (or elite) are fighting against *something* and that wouldn't be themselves. If you know anything at all about what Jesus taught, you would understand that they wouldn't *ever* promote that message. However, they do perform "good" works occasionally to promote the "balance" message they've been hornswaggled with.

    • Actually if you think about it they would not found it to start confusion, they would found it to control the masses through the rules of the religion and the church's leadership. Any way i believe it was founded from the love and sacrifice of Jesus. That is just my opinion though. I do think that theses evil misled (Satanists or wanna-be satanists) people will regret their lifestyle choices in the end.

  64. I think they want to show they don't have any preconception with any culture/religion.
    Particularly, I wouldn't go.

  65. Notice the timing of this event: May 12. This is the day after Mother's Day. Incidentally, May happens to be the "month of Mary" which I'm sure has much to do with why they chose this month to do it. Also notice that it begins at 8:30 pm …. which is around dusk during this time of year.

    "Re-enactment"…. What they're doing is progressing their "coming out to the world" agenda. Remember, these people want to rule over us all…. with force. They continue to underestimate the authority of God and the power of Justice.

    Christ and God the Father shall be vindicated. The forces of Light will win the final war, which is upon us.


      • The Willow tree used to be associated with death. It also features in the celtic legend of creation where the sea serpent laid two eggs containing the sun and the earth.

      • Appropriately ties in with the recent moon events as it is ruled by the moon as well as simultaneously tying in with the age of Aquarius

      • Interesting about the photo & l.a county child services…. She seems interesting & enlightened for such a young girl. She at least seems pointed in the right direction.

      • Yes, wisdom – good connection. So unlikely to be random given the many other opportunities they might have had given that she has been running with an older crowd for a while.

    • Actually may is not the month of mary The month May was named for the Greek goddess Maia, who was identified with the Roman era goddess of fertility, Bona Dea, whose festival was held in May. Conversely, the Roman poet Ovid provides a second etymology, in which he says that the month of May is named for the maiores, Latin for "elders," and that the following month (June) is named for the iuniores, or "young people" (Fasti VI.88).

      • This is true. First of May is called proto Maya in Greek and schools and business are closed. It used to be a pagan holiday that was later turned into sort of spring break day where children fly kites and women make decorative wreaths for the house doors. American pagans…or satanists at this point.. Always sacrifice in April and May. Also remember how interesting we found it that bin laden was supposedly killed on May 1st. Tax time is always in April as well and I think in some.sick way they chose around easter to make imdividial taxes due because Jesus didn't pay his taxes and that was a reason the pharisees (didn't spell that correct) didn't want him. By the way "american easter" as my people call it is just that- based off pagan holiday eoster and the real day should be called "the resurrection" where my roots are from.

      • I think the resurrection is another reason why satanic events happen in April and may in order to.counter the good holidays. Remember they also moved Dec 25,which is pagan and then the whole world followed american Christmas. But on the other side, we counter them as true Christians celebrating true chroatian holidays on our end so more power to us. Good and evil have always been.fighting.

  66. for those who claim satanists molest children or harm another being(man or animal)without cause need to actually learn about what they condemn . in the 9 satanic laws these behavoirs are forbbiden as is r**e or even making a sexual advance without consent.

    • And you believe the publicized versions of what they claim? Do you really think they would come out and admit what they're really up to? How naive…. or involved…. can you be?

      • Satanism is about loving yourself and worshipping the self as a god. It is by no means some evil sadistic cult under the orders of a supreme malevolence…. That's Christianity and Islam

      • May God appear to you and may my words pierce your heart like a seed in the ground which overtime shall blossom into a relationship with the most high God! In Yeshua's name!! Amen.

      • yet with their "commandments" its always Do What Thou Wilt isnt it??
        loving yourself and worshiping yourself.
        Are you the only consciousness that exists?
        so many flaws

      • I am confused. Some Chaz person wants to lead a satanic prayer in Florida. If its about "loving yourself and worshipping your human self as a god" then why does this guy want to lead a prayer?? Are they going to bow down and cry to each other for help and guidance?? Does not make sense to me…

      • It is like the Masons, they do good things and go to church and whatnot. It is a facade.The lower levels have no idea about the real truth about the higher rankings positions until they are willing to sell their soul to gain more "power".

      • Just like Catholic priests who claim peace and love, and then abuse children? If that's the case, then you may be right.

      • The Catholic priests you speak of might very well be of the same Satanic conspiracy we're railing against. The phrase is "covert infiltration".

      • Ahahahahahahaha! Do you really believe the idocy that you just typed?…how pathetic. I come here every now and then 'cause most articles are thought provoking and seem spot on, but the comments are just ridiculous and childish. I'm in Italy, I see the true face of the church everyday and know it is just an enemy of freedom and humanity, and that it covers p********s and other criminals to protect itself, it even kept quiet during WW2 and supported the fascist regime. So please go suck a dick. This article is just stupid. There is no SATANIC conspiracy. That's just a facade to make idiots like you look at the finger instead of the moon it is pointing to. And satanists or luciferians DO NOT believe in the devil, christians do. YOU are an instrument of the conspiracy you think you're fighting. Idiot.

      • Your right they don't believe in the Devil….because that is the name Christians refer to him as. They believe in LUCIFER which is what he was when he fell into pride against God in heaven. They Worship LUCIFER hence "Lucifierians" having "Lucifer" in the name just as Christians have "Christ" in the name because we worship give praise and glory to Jesus Christ not a fallen Angel. Devil, Lucifer, The Fallen One, The Dragon, The Prince of Darkness,…..same person!

        There is corruption in Religion and churches…it's called "Wolves Among The Sheep", Pharracies, and putting faith in the Religious institution rather than faith and trust in the Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ. It's making humans in certain positions as above SIN and forgetting that "All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God" and "There is not once righteous no not one, and all righteousness" in comparison to God who is "Sinless" is "That of filthy rags"

        Those who protect evil and use religion shall be judged with everyone else. They are not practicing the true beliefs of Jesus and his principles they are practicing their beliefs in man-made religion, their convenience, and forsaking justice to safe face. Those who are true believers of Jesus Christ shall be saved and inherit heaven…those who aren't will be tossed into hell with anyone who rejects salvation and relies on their own righteousness to save themselves.

        I pray that God make himself known in your life and you meet a true believer in Christ and may you see the real power and love of Jesus.

      • You know, I don't really need an explaination, I know my stuff. As I don't need to explain things better for you as I believe everyone has to do his/ her own research and find his/her own path. If you want to belong to a specific creed, it is your right to. It just looks pathetic of you christian fundamentalists to try and force this nonsense down other people's throat. I ain't no christian, but I know for sure I've got much more faith than the vast majority of self proclaimed christians I've met/heard/read about. I'm just confident enough in my spiritual beliefs that I don't need to push it on others. Or give intangible concepts a name or face. I like some symbols and the way they resonate with inner and outer energies but that's it, I feel that religion shall be considered a language that connects you inner self to that energy and the wholeness of life, in other words it is a mean to an end, not an end in itself. So call God what you like, in the end it is just a word. But please stop taking everything as it is literally written and try to open your eyes or at least lift your head up out of that bible from time to time.

    • Be careful…

      2 Corinthians Chapter 11:

      13 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. 14 And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. 15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.

      • Wait i thought satan was angel then became a demon? So many bible verses contridict themselves . Lucifer is supposed to be a fallen angel but he doesnt actually fall from heaven till the book of revelations. So this whole time satan is in heaven causing all this trouble…really though?

      • yeah he's in heaven and is waiting for all his chosen ones who outnumber the ones who aren't chosen to take over heaven and shag each other, men, women, dogs, kitties etc etc. it'll be fun with orgise and drugs, ding dong

      • kitty…lucifer was an angel who fell from heaven onto this earth and became the devil. Other angels followed and they became demons. That is why there is so much evil because their spirits wreak havoc upon this earth. However have no fear in your heart if you have faith in God. God's spirit will guide you and protect you. We may experience some suffering while we are here but God's love is too powerful and strong that our spirit will be lifted. What matters is we maintain our faith because the devil and the demons that work for him want our souls.

      • Seems to me you are making assumptions you have no knowledge to back up. Our understanding of lucifers fall and the realms of heaven is extremely limited. The heaven spoken of doesn't have to imply the dwelling place of God. Let's keep studying.

    • Right!!! Now kiddo start your research cause you seem ripe for the fall!!! You probably they'll protect you once they take power huh??? Ahahaha… Read my lips: Satan never keeps promises…

    • Bull, you have been decieved by habitual liars who worship the king of liars. Satanists enjoyharming the most innocent.

    • You obviously don't know much about Ordo Templi Orientis and its infamous members. Anton LaVey and his form of Satanism is just a distraction! He was a PR frontman. You need to research people like Aleister Crowley, Alduous Huxley, Kenneth Anger, Alfred Kinsey, Harry Hay, Michael Aquino. All were members of OTO and in some way advocated or involved in child sex abuse.

    • Thank you! These closed minded people on here claim to want equality for people as long as it goes with what they believe so they refuse to look into and truly learn about something that makes them uncomfortable. I've seen more evil in Christianity than I ever have from satanists. And yes I have read the bible and the satanic bible.

  67. I just hope everyone knows that being aware and enlightenment isn't reserved exclusively to people that believe the current myth of the greater energy of the universe. Please let's be tolerant of each other.

    • Yes let us be tolerant of everything as to accept everything. Let us tolerate if someone is "born" being a p*******e and accept that he can't help himself. Lets have satanic black masses and be tolerant of religions who attack and commit blasphemous acts against other religions and mock God and defile anything. It's just a matter of opinion right. Let all be accepted and "Righteousness be wrong and evil be right" and give every religion and ideology equal treatment…..There's just one problem with your statement.


      If you talk of tolerance why was "The 10 Commandments" taken off the steps of the Supreme Court?

      Why is "Under God " being considered being taken out of the Pledge of Allegiance?

      Why is public prayer being taken out of school because it offends people?

      Why is Christianity more and more being attacked and being made fun of?

      Why are well known Fundamental Christians placed on the Terrorist Watch List because they are considered Fanatics yet here people can host Satanic Black Masses and it's ACCEPTED?!

      Why is it that it's okay for people to openly mock God and Christianity in music videos, media and at Harvard in the form of Satanic Masses but it's not okay for churches to preach that Homosexuality is a sin? If Satanic people have the right and privilege to partake in rituals who commit blasphemy against Jesus and Christianity then why is it not okay for someone to have the freedom to say Homosexuality is a sin?

      If we are talking about "Fair" and "Equal" the only religion I see getting attacked and silenced is Christianity!

      I know for a fact I learned about the "5 Pillars of Islam" in PUBLIC SCHOOL. I remember the class well. I also remember that Evolution was taught yet when someone mentioned Creation or anything to do with Jesus people tiptoed around the issue as if they were walking on Egg Shells.

      If you want to talk about myths and theories all of the so-called "Enlightened Ones" or "Elite Think Tanks" would have you taught Evolution, The Big Bang, and Primordial Soup as the origins of life. Yet NONE have been 100% proven as fact, all are still theoretical, and yet they are considered appropriate for public schooling. However to be FAIR creationism should be taught as well. If Creationism can't be taught then neither should Darwinism as it is a belief despite people stating it's theory. If we are going to be fair NONE of it including Evolution should be taught.

      What you claim to be a myth I believe to be truth….but you are entitled to the freedom to disagree with me as I am with you. But a ceremony which is designed to purposely commit blasphemy, mock, and otherwise defecate on another person's religions beliefs has no place being performed in a place in which "Separation of Church and State is supposed to exist. I guarantee if someone did a ceremony that mocked the Islamic faith, this wouldn't even be considered because it would offend so many people! It's just Christianity thought right, and because we are taught to respect others and be loving we are just supposed to accept being attacked.

      Seriously you can take your "tolerance of evil ideology" and go preach to the "Enlightened Elite" of the Harvard committee…..

  68. Interesting how those who are influenced and outside of the truth will protect and promote something as degrading as a Satanic Black Mass ritual. With all of the programming that exists it is no surprise that individuals find themselves agreeing to the most ludicrous of circumstances. Doesn't seem to be much of a stretch that a historic and powerful institution like Harvard taking steps to embrace this behavior would send a ripple effect through the Ivy league community. They are renowed for high profile graduates who are now power players throughout the system at the highest echelons. Interestingly enough Obama was president of the Harvard Law Review and with the allegations of his allegiance to spiritual wickedness in high places it only seems fitting that we would see this. Considering where we are in the history of eternity it only makes sense that we will see more and more of these types of rituals being performed more and more openly. All I can say that the victory is already won and those of us who see we must continue forward holding onto the only truth which is the WORD. Stand firm brethren and rebuke the lies. Remember that we are not battling flesh and blood but powers and principalities and we were told that we are not greater than our master. If the world did not receive Him they will not receive us so think it not strange when tongues rise against us and our true faith. Remember if we deny Him He will deny us so do not fear those who can kill the body but rather the one who has the power over our souls!! He that is in us is greater than he that is in this world so do not become grieved simply pray and continue to hold on because this was never our battle to begin with!

    1 Corinthians 15:55-58
    "“O Death, where is your sting? O Hades, where is your victory?”
    The sting of death is sin, and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord."

    • Amen!!!
      Those who want to be lost will be, but we must pray Incessantly. It is unbelievable that this is the institution that John Harvard started, to teach men the word of the true God. Amazing, what we have come to believe is acceptable in the name of "freedoms and rights". Yet, these must come to pass before the return of Christ. It is the gathering and the separating of the "wheat from the tares". Let us keep watch! A little leaven, leaveneth the whole bunch.

  69. I really didnt know that Harvard was an elite institution and that it would be involved in something as horrible as this…

    • trade schools are for learning something. Colleges are for debt creation and indoctrination/Tavistock social engineering. Same as it ever was.

    • All I learned was how to skilfully socialize the losses and privatize the profits. Nothing spiritually fulfilling.

      • In one line you seem to capture the lot.

        Let's call socializing the lossess – connecting the people and empowering the men and women in the community.

        That the way it goes where i live, NL. Paying taxes for things – government stops paying up for community services one payed for – create local workgroups of willing and able people to solve the problems that spring up – or at least let them talk about it while demolishing continues.

  70. The hipster and yuppie f***s will eat this s**t up quick. Because you know it's "cool". Oh ..and the Satanic Temple claims they don't believe in the "supernatural" ….yet they're the SATANIC TEMPLE.

    • True, but don't forget what Tavistock and Laurel Canyon taught us about the social origins of these supposedly harmless, rebellious hippies and their wider family connections. Substitute hippie for hipster and update the illegal pharma list because we have 'progressed' into the next century but don't change the word st it becomes etymologically unrecognizable from the original.

  71. Any deeper meaning of performing it on May 12? Just curious if it was picked at random or if there is special meaning. Thanks everyone! 🙂

    • It's the day after Mother's Day. Other than that, I'm not really sure. However May is said to be the "month of Mary" so that could and in fact probably is what the timing is all about.

    • Well, over here in Australia, apparently some local witch covens are going to gather on May 15th (not exactly the 12th, but close enough, isn't it) for a ceremony to Hecate (they call it The Rite of Her Sacred Fire). Also, this is done yearly in May during full moon for this particular ceremony. It could be related but I am not sure.

    • 12th of May is pre-Gregorian May Day, now known as Old May Day. If the calendar hadn't been shifted this is when pagans would be celebrating Beltane not earlier on the post-Gregorian 1st May, as is the case now.

  72. It sounds like they will say its a reenactment, but really its going to be real and nobody but the temple will know it. Sounds iffy. And i bet if it is fake, there will be alot of disinformation…. Oh there is not really infant sacrifice or drinking of blood or SRA, everything u read is wron…. Yeah right. I really hope my students happen upon this news and decide not to go there. There are other ivy league schools just as good educationally to go to. Not this nonsense school.

    • I guess I may be wrong, but I thought most ivy league schools had like freemasonry/illuminati roots anyways?

      • Well i dont know. I havent heard it and i havent seen it advertised. And when that happens i will disagree with them too.

      • I've read about the Duke University, the Dukes are close to the Reynolds bloodline. Not that the uni is evil in itself, but the founders…

      • Harvard, like other prestigious colleges was founded by christians. how things have changed..

      • You should look up on Youtube, the Dr. Phil episodes where he interviews the last two surviving Duke heirs (teenage twins). They recount the most horrific abuse that can only be SRA. And they don't tell the worst parts either.

      • Michael — Yes, I saw that….the entire episode is on you tube. Unbelievable that these people get away with all they do. It seems the only time they are ruined is if they rat-out someone else in the elitist tribe/

    • Most ivy league schools are breeding grounds for the elite nutworks, and virtually all have occult secret societies like Skull and Bones/Scroll and Key/The Manuscript Society. Feeder schools for the CIA/Cabal is their primary function.

      • yes, george bush and john kerry were members of the skull and bones. There was even a movie made with paul walker in it called the skulls. The death of paul walker was a suspicious death also, btw. The illuminati is a huge secret society with smaller secret societies under its umbrella. These are the families who are brought up into wealth generation after generation. These are the powerful people who control our world. A lot of these secret societies are not really a secret. It is the knowledge and information they posess that they keep a secret. They hold power that dictates political affairs that affect the whole world. Are they evil? Yes, I believe so. I believe they harness their powers from the dark side. That is where things sound unbelievable to sone people. Some people may not even believe in the spiritual world or that humans are capable of tapping into the spiritual side. Whether you believe in the spirit world we are very much in battle between good and evil. The unseen is the spiritual world and the seen is the physical reality we live.

  73. i cant believe they even let them do these things -_- /sigh too bad im not in Harvard id be fighting against this "little show"

    • Beware people who play the "Jew" card. They are possibly members of the Satanic conspiracy designed to make all conspiracy researchers look foolish.

      • Again, enough with the anti semitism. I'm a Jew and not a member of this "conspiracy," and I'm sure the other Jews on this board are the same. Jews believe in God and Jesus was a Jew at one point, so cut the crap since it has nothing to do with this article.

      • I can't go on any conspiracy web site anymore without reading racist crap especially against Jews. There is a Jewish conspiracy of course ( the sabbataen mafia) but it's just one arm of the octopus. Once you start blaming one group of people, the mind snaps shut when we need those minds open! And Christians shouldn't be judging, not because Jesus was a Jew but because he told us not to judge others, to be open as children. I have spent years bartending in New York City and have learned through dealing with a very diverse public that you really can't tell a persons character by their so called race or religion. It's all stupid stuff to divide us further, just what the scum bags want!

    • And the question is: where is Vatican, they're the organization speaking for the all the good people, I mean, people with good heart sense in the world, they have power for it, why not make a manifestation against this blasfemy??? when these things come out, I only miss one thing of the old times: THE INQUISITION!

      By the way, what is the work of all those people inside vatican??? the pope, all those bishops… I don't know… I know these people make no miracles, but I don't see regularly vatican's activists in mass manifestating against governments that promote or create wars for their own country profit… what about the expensive medical aids, at least for little children, the proverty and starvation… it's sad that we only have God to trust, and God still have to aim His schedule plans, and till there we human have to wait, suffer, cry and… I'm just sad right now, sometimes it feels like we're super protected by God, but when it comes to the evils of the world, just feels like we are so abandoned in this place as much as Jesus was all alone dying in the crucifix.

      PS: Sorry for my english, I live in Angola, here our official language is Portuguese, hope I was clear in my expression of demoralized person trying to fight against the evils forces of the monetary system in this world!

      • Come on man, The evils in this world cant even touch you. Thats not how a follower of Christ is suppose to talk. If you have Christ you should have no fear in your heart. Only Faith and love. Stay strong brotha!

      • The vatican IS the one with all the activists creating war for their profit. The vatican is verily mystery Babylon of Revelation 17. Research their history dude, that place is the habitation of devils and the hold of every foul spirit and the cage of every unclean and hateful bird. What do you think those people do all day? Their goal is destroy America and its values to the very core, then use our military to make the rest of the world bow down. We're headed right back to the dark ages. Read the book "The Great Controversy" for a little background history and a glimpse into the events that will be transpiring in the very near future.

      • Unfortunately Seventh Day Adventism was created by Freemasons. You can even Google or YouTube some family pics of of their "Prophetess" using masonic hand signs with her husband. Don't put any faith or trust in Religious organizations. Trust only in Yahushua HaMashiacha.

      • Excuse you? Seventh Day Adventism was created after 1844 when God went up to the most holy place. I'm a proud Adventist & you are talking about a religion you OBVIOUSLY don't understand.

      • The Vatican is part of the anti-christ….Catholics don't even call themselves Christians. Even in popular culture ie movies the first thing that collapses from a disaster is the Vatican palace lol. See even evil Hollywood knows. Sorry my man.

      • Catholics call themselves Christians… I don't get it why you Americans think such things about us, or maybe there's really that huge difference between Eastern and Western Europe which I'm not that well known of…

      • We don't necessarily think those things about you personally but the organizational structure of the Catholic Church. There are millions of American Catholics you know. The problem is how the Vatican practice and teach doctrines that are antithetical to what the Scriptures teach. We could say the same thing about Protestantism also.

      • ignorant. get your facts right before you unleash hate around. assumptions, accusation and judgment are definitely not Christian.

      • The Scriptures disagree with your assessment. We're told to "judge righteously" and fight against the dark powers of this world. It's not about hate but exposing evil and letting the light shine (truth).

      • Yes, Grey. Massively important to state the importance of generating positive energy en masse and constantly exposing the evil for what it really is. It does not really matter whether we are rich or poor, what are the political/spiritual leanings of our ancestors. We are our our own people and it is important to not let such excuses stifle our collective ability to shift consciousness. To those who think they have known/seen it all, what they can understand with their regular faculties is a restricted view of one of many parallel realities.

      • Seriously? Are you seriously suggesting The Vatican is the antidote to all this? You know what, from what I have seen coming out of organised religion and The Catholic Church, maybe this is a satire of "The Church" and all the nonsense that stands for. How else would you go about mocking such an organisation? You would parody the ceremony and ritual they perform every single day and you would do it in such a way as to cause maximum offence, right?

        Seems to me if any organisation is responsible for causing real and lasting damage to children then look no further than your precious Vatican for it is truly the house of obscenity and paedophilia.

        Whatever all this creepy stuff is about, the answer to it does not lie in Christianity or any organised religion. I think the people who do this stuff, the ones who are open about it and would stand up and say they are part of that organisation wouldn't be involved in any of the sick s**t we hear about. I just don't think they would open themselves up to that level of scrutiny. It's the quiet ones that are the ones you should worry about.

    • Oh, but the antichrist manifestation is all over the world already, since long time ago. The antichrist isn't a "person", but an insidious movement. The Vatican is one of the greatest of those satanic manifestations, if not the biggest one.

      • Fictional? If NASA just announced that there are "aliens" existing in another planet, you would probably believe them but you wouldn't believe an anti-christ? Man…you're just one of those people fooled by the system that the anti-christ will run.

      • "Aliens"? Are you insinuating that aliens don't exist? You sir are the one who has been fooled then. With all the planets and galaxies, you think we're the only living beings? Okay sir.

      • Well aliens doesnt have to be green little men, they have found living organisms on other planets so yes they have found aliens

      • The bible only has the word 'antichrist' written 4 times and Jesus never referred to the term or spoke of it. the Apostle John used the word to talk of those that did not believe or take Jesus into their hearts. The word however has become the stuff of legend in modern times. No where in Revelation or Daniel is the term even stated.

      • Girlfriend: u have only but a little while to correct yourself/ignorance…if you want to believe the word of God, then you first need to quit with, "the who wrote what" in scripture. The scriptures are divinely inspired word of the living God. In other word, nothing written in it that was not caused to be written by God. Now, there are versions of the bible that have been tampered with, but the KJV is still the true translation from the original manuscripts which were in Hebrew and Greek.

      • You are partially correct but only partially. What is mentioned is both "the antichrist" and "the spirit of antichrist". The Scriptures also talk of "antichrists", plural. In Daniel you will find a few different titles for "The Antichrist". The man of sin, the son of perdition, king of the north, stern-faced king, etc..

        So yes, the term is a bit misunderstood but still accurate.

        (By the way, "anti" also means "in place of", i.e., a false, counterfeit Messiah who will be received by the masses as if he were Yahushua Messiah (Jesus Christ). He will come claiming to be "Anointed" and will demand worship.

        The "spirit of antichrist" is hard at work in this world. You can see this spirit at work everywhere you look. The spirit is laying the foundation for the man we call "The Antichrist", so when he shows up his kingdom will be ready for him. In the book of Revelation he is called "the false prophet" and "the beast". Call him what you will, his followers prepare the way, like an evil version of John the baptist.

    • You know people been talking about the end of times and the antichrist for centuries now. Personally i would like it to happen so i can have people stop telling me to give myself to god or cgrist whatever the hell is the holy ghost- its just truly getting annoying now.

      • we are in the end times but it is not the end of the world, it's the end of the age of Pisces, to be followed by the age of Aquarius. Whether you believe in astrology or not, very powerful people do believe. In Washington, D.C. ( which was called Rome before it was the us Capitol), there are 22 or 23 astrological symbols planted around town. Paris as well.

      • More important: it seems that illuminati believe in astrology. I think you have ab interesting point here!

    • Well, how long is piece of string? What is the point of speculating about it. I'm more concerned about stocking up on anti-freeze rather than waiting for the anti christ just in case we are hit by a new ice age.

    • Thee Anti-Christ's are already here. They been here for a while. Some are your neighbors, friends and family members.


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