Satanic Temple Looking to Build Statue of Baphomet at Oklahoma State Capitol


Rendering of the proposed statue

The Satanic Temple, a New York-based organization, unveiled designs for a seven foot-tall Baphomet statue to be placed at the Oklahoma State Capitol. The statue features Baphomet sitting on a throne adorned with an inverted pentagram flanked by two smiling children. (Maybe I should point out that the Caduceus rising from Baphomet’s lap also represents an erect phallus, which makes the whole children thing quite inappropriate).

According to Temple spokesman:

“The monument has been designed to reflect the views of Satanists in Oklahoma City and beyond. The statue will also have a functional purpose as a chair where people of all ages may sit on the lap of Satan for inspiration and contemplation.”
– CBS New York, N.Y. Group Applies To Build Satan Statue At Oklahoma State Capitol

The Satanic Temple stated that it has raised the necessary funds for the erection of the statue and it is now looking for approval from Oklahoma legislature.

In all honesty, I do not believe that this statue will ever be approved, mainly because officials would not want to deal with the public outcry. I also do not believe that the Satanic Temple expects its design to be approved neither. It is probably a publicity stunt and a way of protesting the placement of a privately-funded monument of the 10 Commandments in 2012 on State Capitol grounds.

If one looks closer at this monument of the Ten Commandments, one can understand why it was approved and why it is standing at the State Capitol today.

The Commandments are topped by the All-Seeing Eye inside a triangle, symbol of the occult elite.

The Commandments are topped by the All-Seeing Eye inside a triangle, symbol of the occult elite.

Odd fact: The monument contains two glaring misspellings.


In any case, Baphomet is the main figure representing the beliefs of the occult elite and has been for centuries. I do not doubt that, behind closed doors, powerful people would love to see this monument placed at the State Capitol. While a statue ofBaphomet sitting next to children with a symbolic erection might appear to be a horrible aberration to most, it is probably the most honest representation of what the occult elite truly stands for.



  1. Revolting repulsive cult. I am officially fed up. I need a one way ticket off this planet ASAP. VC any info on the Fukushima meltdown and how it's affecting us?!

    • The way his clothes is folded in the lap region forms another baphomet head. His hand looks like he is touching the boy inappropriately.

      • When I saw this on Yahoo yesterday I thought I was going to throw up. The audacity of that group to request to mount that ugly looking thing at the state capitol! I really am getting sick of them bringing children into the picture. Let the kids be kids and quit trying to corrput them so young.

        The hand gesture is the "as above also below" sign, I'm not saying that it's appropriate or anything.

      • Good Job I noticed that too with the robe fold looking like another set of Baphomet horns. You know that's purposeful because it corresponds with the As Above So Below theme that is the Baphomet

    • For a group if people who claim to ''know'' how the world will be in the 'last days'..christians seem an awful lot surprised that the world would be doing such things.

      • because its shocking, to say the least. this world is only gonna get worse, and i, as a christian am still shocked that people just go along with this stuff. do not be desensitized to this bad behavior. call it what it is, ridiculous, and shocking to most.

        in the end-every knee will bow

        Bless God America

    • Hey Truth & Light. You rock man.

      If you want to protect your self from the radiation that is coming from Fukushima you should use a iodine solution like nascent iodine. Especially if your on the west coast.

      By the way there trying to clean up the site and they're actually making it worse.

      The government has ordered 14 million packages of potassium iodine but won't say why.

      Some links to the videos to prove this fact.
      "At the very least, the Japanese and United States governments should be preparing citizens for what scientists said could last ‘thousands of years’: the Fukushima nightmare. And that begins with admitting that the threat is real. Because unless we really prepare ourselves and work together as a planet to truly fix the Fukushima plant and ensure that the 1,4000+ rods do not cause yet another massive meltdown (as experts say they likely will during transfer), we really will be facing a radioactive nightmare of epic proportions." end quote

      • Alex vandenBerg on

        Potassium Iodide KI only protects against one radioactive element–iodine 131. There are a myriad being released by the Great Beast– Fukushima.

        "During a nuclear accident or meltdown like those at Fukushima Daiichi an enormous amount of radioactive iodine is emitted for 90-days and then it is gone from the environment, unless there is a new meltdown. When radioactive Iodine (I) is being released during a nuclear accident or meltdown, and at that time only, it is important to prevent your thyroid from absorbing the radioactive iodine, so it is a good idea to take potassium iodide (KI) pills. These pills will saturate your thyroid with good non-radioactive iodine and prevent the radioactive iodine from being absorbed…….."

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        1. Radioactive iodine has a half-life of 8 days, so it completely decays away [dissipates] in 90 days or less. Taking KI pills for more than 90 days is a waste of money and is also potentially very dangerous to your health"

        (Arnie Gundersen, January 6, 2014)

      • The nascent iodine isn't harmful for you. Potassium iodine is, which is bad for you over time.

    • Wow, I didn't see the second Baphomet in the clothes at all! Goes to show how you can think you are looking and still not see sometimes.,.

    • The real travesty is the thousands of church's which dot our landscape, in which child abuse takes place every day. We need to deal with the satanic religions of Abraham i.e Christianity, Islam & Judaism before tackling any of this hocus pocus.

      • Child abuse does not take place in churches, you idiot. Child abuse is more likely to take place in a public school anyway – look up the stats for yourself.

        Of course, one cannot get in the way of a bigot's raging hatred.

      • One of my sisters was raped by one of my old church's deacon…another molested by a nursery school teacher in church….im now a home practicing christian due to these things…in addition to the legalism,hypocrisy,and skewing of scripture translation…i know Christ to b the Messiah…but don't b so naive

    • Do you know what Baphomet is?

      Your comment and all of these comments are trapped in duality.

      There is a specific reason for the girl and boy on either side. Although it won't matter I'll share some information regarding this mystery for the sake of anyone who has eyes to see:

      Humans are fixed in one gender and seek the complimentary half through the sex instinct which is the face of God (and this is only a poker face) The phallus seeks a container to insert itself into while the container equally desires a phallus to be inserted into it. As long as this sexual instinct is present and one is seeking union with another human one is a slave to Satan or more specifically, the sexual energy.

      This is because kundalini energy=satanic energy. You need to keep the satanic energy for yourself in order to defeat Satan. (snake eating its own tail symbol) What really threw me for a loop was the terrible and shocking discovery that to defeat Satan you literally must become Him. Which is a way saying: manifest His energy and don't waste it in the physical world.

      The layers to this onion of Mysticism are far deeper than people on this site realize. I have nothing to gain from discussing this with any of you, I'm simply putting it out there because I don't believe in secrets.

      Much peace. Much light. Much Dark. All is one, the all is the all for a reason.

      • That's for each individual to discover on their own. Language is false, I'm using words to describe an experience that cannot be described. All words are lies, you need to see what truth you can in them.

        I will say that there are obviously many humans that are alive today that have already achieved this.

        In one's advance towards a comprehension of the universe, one changes radically one's point of view; nearly always it amounts to a reversal. – AC


      • Satanist. Plain, easy to see and simple, Mr. Nedrud, you asked where to find his so called "enlightened-I am one with satan" bullshit? Just pop over to any satanic website, even better, why not make a date with the church of satan, maybe buy their buybull, have a seance with allistair crowley and anton la vey…but beware, no one who sits down at the devil's table will walk free from food poisoning.

      • The enlightened teachings re: raising the kundalini come from the Bible.

        The irony regarding your life is utterly perfect. Thank you Pixie, you make me smile.

      • This is what I dislike about the people on this site.The world is far from black and white yet that is how most perceive it. Please, pixie, tell me how much have you learned about the occult, spirituality, etc? How much have you taught yourself about the other side? How many texts have you actually read from Vigilant's Educate Yourself section. My guess is none, other than this site and some YouTube videos, because you've just generalized it all as satanic bullshit. You've just identified Perdurabo as a satanist, "Plain, easy to see and simple." The more you'll learn the more you'll realize that the less you actually know. I'm not sure why I've bothered and I'm almost positive I know what kind of message I'll get back in response to this. Regardless, good luck.

      • Sexual Energy and Yoga by Elisabeth Haich

        Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson

        Book 4 by Alesiter Crowley

      • Exactly — if all words are lies think of how silly your life's conversations have been. Your cute little debates about God and Demons. A waste.

      • hahahah you are the most prescient and (un?)intentionally funny comment giver on VC in a while. I wish we could have a pint together. Bb

      • No sense in arguing with people like this pixie prick, there thought process is like a one way street, You need to talk to people who have interstate highways going on up there if you get what I'm saying.

    • Isaiah 5:20 " Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"

    • that is soo true faith If they post that abomination I will personally drive down to OKC and smash it to pieces myself…

      • The One True God on

        You guys are the biggest hypocrites I've ever seen. You don't care that your religious statue is up, but claim opression and a desire to deficate a statue of a religous being. All they are trying to do is level the playing field. Either let all religions have a monument, or none at all. You don't deserve special treatment

      • TelluluSnape on

        Thank you! That's really the point they are trying to make. I heard on a talk show that Hindu's are considering a statue of a god they like and I say good for them.

    • When you stated that ~ I just thought of the words to a song by Rihanna, Disturbia…"It's like the darkness is the light; Disturbia….Am I scaring you tonight?" She really shows the state of mind she's in now in that video. Her eyes look so empty now :(

  2. Putting up this statue will show that equality and freedom of religion is still alive in america, and that it is possible for the government to stop being biased toward christian religion. I would love to see it go up. If anything, Satan is a symbol of rebellion against oppression, as is shown in Genesis. Satan basically says, "don't listen to the man in power, do what you want to with your freedom. Fight back against the oppressor." If satan were real, he would be against the Illuminati 100%.

    • Trust me, the government is far from biased towards Christianity. At least today. We are a country founded on Christian principles but have allowed them to be placed on the outside. But today the govt serves another and this article is proof and yes my lost friend it is Satan. Yes Satan is a symbol of rebellion, as well as deceiver, and one who desires to be worshipped. He is what the illuminati serve, the anti christ. Its sad that people think God wants bondage while Satan doesnt. This is wrong and a lie. God says his burden is light and He loves you. Satan will turn his back on you the moment you say you're his. Thats part of what this sight tries to get across. Look at Hollywood…

      • Hollywood appears to worship Lucifer and Ba'al (Ba'alzebuh or Beelzebub) and Baphomet. No never mention Satan

      • When Satan was a beautiful angel, his first name was Lucifer and his nickname was Lucky. That's edgy we shouldn't say we're lucky or even believe in luck.
        We are blessed. Amen

      • Just to let you know that lucifer was satan's name/ title when he was in Heaven, it means light bearer….. He is now called satan.

      • Lucifer is Lucifer
        Satan is Satan
        It's like techno music….Techno music is a subsidiary of Electronic Music not an umbrella term for it.
        Fallen Angels is plural for a reason…. It's not Fallen Angel singular. Do some research know thy enemy…. or more importantly know thy enemies

      • Ugh….sigh

        Once upon a time, in a beautiful place called Heaven where peace and love was highly exalted there was an angel called Lucifer, he was the most beautiful angel and given the gift of music to please God, one day all this beauty and love he received started to develop an evil seed, deep very deep down within his core. Ultimately he started to wonder why he wasn't honored even more than God Himself, this train of thought started to consume the angel of light and made him dimmer and dimmer until God no longer could stand to see his imminent demise, God's heart was all but broken. Lucifer than challanged Christ telling Him that all of Heaven itself loves Lucifer more than God, this would not do and there was an uproaring of great magnitude. A third of heaven fell along with the angel, who had no more light, nor love to give…Lucifer died that day, on his way down, plummiting to earth and a creature of such vile nature the universe has ever seen was born, satan.

        Satan is Lucifer, Lucifer is no more. Heaven wept.

      • Lucifer goes by 77 different names according to church of satan, part of ancient mystery religion is to hide the deity under many names so as to confuse. He is one deity that goes by many names

      • Actually people moved here to escape religious oppression. And the nations government was founded on the principle of separation of church and state. If Satanism can't have a statue in the state Capitol that is privately funded then the 10 commandments shouldn't be there either. Neither one should be there because that's what separation of church and state is. Don't give me that "the nation is turning its back on Christianity and that's what's wrong" crap. I don't believe in any of those mythological fairy tales and I'm not a bad person. Morals aren't taught by the church exclusively. I know plenty of people that go to church and are bigger moral degenerates than I could ever fathom. The bottom line is the Ten Commandments shouldn't be there and no baphomet shouldn't be there either. Keep the shit in your specified worshipping houses.

      • You are ignorant of historical facts. Do youre research. This country was not founded on Christian beliefs.

    • Actually it was Yeshua (Jesus) who fought against the establishment and they persecuted him for it. Now who is the ultimate rebel? He taught that God is within you. It was the elitists who removed this teaching from organized religion.

      • BadMoonRising on

        True, Jesus was the real rebel. And satan plainly showed to Jesus he was ruler of this world and it system of things by offering him the kingdoms of the world when he tempted Jesus. Satan is very good DECEIVER. But Jesus knew better.

      • Jesus isn't t a rebel actually. He said he came not to break the Law but to conduct it. Telling that Jesus is rebel is misleading and popular amongst modern preachers because it serves certain agenda

      • He did teach that the whole of the Torah (Law) must be stringently adhered to until heaven and earth pass away, yes; however, the Pharisees and sadducess were the theological overlords of 1st century Judea, not Yeshua and His followers. The Pharisees taught that they could change the Torah, or even flatly dissolve parts of it, with their oral traditions and practices (which they believed became sanctified tradition solely through rabbinical precedents and repetition) and their prooftexted interpretations. None of these were permitted or even required by the Torah, ritual washing of the hands and the reciting of a particular baraka before eating bread is a good example. So yes, Yeshua was indeed a rebel against the corrupt religious establishment of His day.

      • well, not quite that God is within us. Only that we can be adopted as God's child (indicating that we are not naturally) and then the Holy Spirit can dwell within us.

      • God/gad is the pagan deity of fortune. True name if creator yahuwah yhwh was removed by pagan constantine

      • I agree, then the occult once again corrupted that teaching by teaching people that they themselves mere mortals are God.

        I weep for this world and my people

      • PIXIE!!!

        Right on sister!!! That's exactly what it is!! So sad most of the world does not understand, see, or comprehend what this means!!! 110% With ya!!!
        Lets keep spreading the real TRUTH!!!

        Many Blessings to you!!!

    • Don't let these ignorant people get to you.

      I am against Satanism, and while this is NOT satanism but hermeticism at play I do hope that they allow it. Just so people will finally realize how far gone the country already is. The public is blind to what is already in control of TPTB and a large statue of Baphomet might be able to force people awake. Since again these people who are still asleep wont let logic wake them up. So when logic fails it is time to resort to emotional responses.

      Just because they are against "Satan" being seen as a "God" they have a huge hissy fit and let logic fly out the window.

      Satan is here to test people so they can one day join their lord and savior. Yet the people who believe in this savior, Jesus, flip out at any mention of Satan because they are ignorant of his true nature and reason of being.

      • BadMoonRising on

        Well nothing does surprise me. Before long what next, actual sacrifices done out right in public that are blatant in front of this statue and we have copy cat statues across the nation pop up and maybe oh maybe then the masses will wake up only if it happens to one of them, just maybe. OK enough said, I think i go back to sleep.

      • I don't think people will wake up or that it will cause people to wake up. It will actually be the opposite and people will be even more desensitized to these type of things. There are already satanic symbols shown in music and on tv and are people waking up?? Nooo, it's like this is becoming a normal thing because people can see no difference between what represents good and evil.

      • '' this is NOT satanism but hermeticism at play''

        So the satanic temple, who say the purpose of this statue is for people to sit in the lap of Satan, for inspiration……. that is not satanism ……really?

      • Lucien Greaves is a Godless parasite on Christianity…. his purpose is to mock Christianity… he is an atheist and has actually made that clear many times. He is closer to a liberal than a religious practitioner. THat is why he has the support of the Godless Atheist community. Satan is the Antagonist in the Christian Religion…. If you worship Satan you are saying you believe in Christianity… Satanism can not be its own religion because it recognizes the Old Testament and New Testament by agreeing to its characters and content. Think about that for a minute.

      • Actually, most forms of modern Satanism are self-worship, and use Satan symbolically as representative of freedom, rebellion, and self-empowerment — essentially as a more broadly recognizable stand-in for Prometheus. In essence, modern Satanism is Satanism instead of using some other imagery *because* of the broad acceptance and significant social and political power of Christianity.

        Personally, I hope the statue goes up. If it doesn't, OK is going to have a "fun" lawsuit thrown at them, and then they'll likely have to either put it up anyways or take down the other monument (because 1st Amendment — there's no way that permitting Christian statuary but not that of another religious group doesn't violate the establishment clause — these things tend to be all or nothing).

      • I expected you to not ignore my suggestion….. The Joker cannot exist without Batman and Gotham City…. Satan is owned by Christian Mythology I don't care what the Hell Anton Lavey decided to make of it…. it's not separated from Christianity it is the Shadow of Christianity…. take away Christianity and Satan is gone with it….. your response failed to compensate for this point… Satanism is not a religion it is a Sect of Christianity, and in that regard is a very uncreative one…. those who worship Satan believe in Christian Mythology…. Lucien Greaves has admitted he is not religious he is an Atheist running around messing with people for fun he could care less about Satan real devil worshipers aren't even Satanists they worship Lucifer Baal and Baphomet…. if it was really about protesting Secular institutions accepting Religious Idols then Lucien might have chosen an established religion to accompany it not some antagonist from the Bible…. think about it there smart dude this is easy…. you seem trapped in a liberal/conservative Matrix this is getting by you as something reasonable…. this dude's just a vandal trying to put a statue of some Goat with an erect penis with two kids next to it…. is this really what you want to suypport and be a part of you…. you should probably step back for a moment and quit trying to rationalize this Statue it's not something that's part of a sane society and you are being fooled by a Trickster who is playing on Your Separation of Church and State Strings like you were a fiddle

      • Assuming that God is within and not always Christian, being Godless does not always imply being against Christianity or a parasite. In fact Christians have been against every living organism including human sacrifice, or what you may call a religious war in the name of God in the past. And Today it is the most prosperous business worldwide, handingout salvation to those in chains. Well there is a price for everything- freedom is certainly not free in Christianity who claims purity and virginity to be symbolized by the church. I find it ironic that Christianity is a gateway to spiritual freedom through massive materialism. At least hermetic knowledge it requires knowledge in the craft to be enlightened there are no priests interpreting and twisting words in the most obvious and literal way possible. Ignorance is bliss so I understand if most are content with the little truth they think thy know.

        God bless…

      • Huh? Being Godless doesn't always imply being against Chrisitanity or a parasite you are correct. However bringing a Baphomet Statue with kids standing around an erect penls does imply being against Christianity I'm kind of sick of people using some tired philosophical argument to justify this garbage. You are not in the middle of some Mystery Knowledge with that comment… and you certainly have surrounded yourself by massive amounts of bliss. Blissfully defending garbage. Your comment didn't even come close to understanding the point I had presented

    • it's not a monument of Satan. it's Baphomet. they are not the same thing. Satanic cults use the image of baphomet at times, much to the chagrin of any occult enthusiast. you should look up what baphomet actually is. i'm not so sure a statue of him has a place in our society either, but baphomet is not synonymous with satan.

      • I don't care what it is. They both want the destruction of Man. They seek to destroy your soul and damn you to Hell. I know I sound like a preacher lol, but don't try to justify or explain to me a different truth then what I know.

      • the image of baphomet represents the exact opposite of harkening the destruction of man, destroying your soul, or damning you to hell. the message it is sending is one of balance between nature and man, enlightenment, and man's oneness with the universe. i'm not trying to make you believe me, i personally don't care if you do or don't. but i will point out when something that is benign is being mischaracterized or misused. as far as satan goes, i'm sure you're right.

      • But isnt that the point? Satan focuses on the pleasure of the flesh/earth while Christ focuses on the soul/the afterlife. Satan creates an illusion…

      • Why should the afterlife by satan not be more real than the afterlife by something not satan? When you make statements like above, you make me smile again. Thanks.

      • RepeatingHistory on

        Sherrae, that is PRECISELY what Lucifer claimed to do in the garden of Eden: balance a "unjust" god with reason, and the ability to chose one's one right and wrong, bestowing the gift of enlightenment, etc.

        The problem is that the real God here said NO — NOT THIS WAY.

        What happen? The destruction of man.
        Same story — different name.

        As you said about "when something that is benign is being mischaracterized or misused" I have the same response when something sinister (in all senses of that word) is portrayed as benign. The garden of eden was the first time it happen, and we've been living with the repercussions ever since.

      • the image of baphomet represents the exact opposite of harkening the destruction of man, destroying your soul, or damning you to hell. the message of baphomet is one of balance between man and nature, oneness with the universe, sacred knowledge, and enlightenment. satanists have perversely used this image to their own twisted ends. but, contrary to what you believe, there is nothing evil about baphomet.

      • "contrary to what you believe, there is nothing evil about baphomet."

        …. until he is placed under an inverted pentagram :(

      • … he was placed under an inverted pentagram by a person or people. I can take any symbol i want and twist it to represent what i want it to. satanists are vile, don't get me wrong. my point has been that these people are using a symbol to meet their needs. the same way a certain group of german folks in the 1930s and 40s used a certain symbol that was around long before the germans used it in hinduism as a sign of good luck. Again, an evil group of people taking a symbol that means the opposite of the groups intent, most likely because they liked the look of the symbol. That's my point. I'm trying to defend the original meaning behind baphomet. but no one wants to hear it. they see a horned goat head and all they see is SATAN!. Not the case.

      • The symbol you're talking about was a symbol for the rising sun, a symbol of solar magic. Can you think of anyone else who uses the rising sun symbol?

      • Actually, the symbol used by Germans in the '30s and '40s that Tom was referring to was the swastika.

      • donttrusttheinternet on

        The swastika is an inverted version of the original symbol which represents peace, they are not the same. It's just like the inverted crosses are used to symbolize satanism. Tom, keep doing your research.

      • …keep telling yourself that tom. All I see is a creepy looking goat thing…and a bunch or dummies making excuses for it. KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!

      • beavis macgreavis on

        "kill it with fire". but the people making rational, well thought out arguments are the dummies. riiiiight.

      • LOL I read the whole thread, and just gotta say – beavis nailed it on the head with that last one! Probably why everyone shut up so quickly. *chuckle*

      • You're all missing the point. In this picture he represents Satan. If you dare suggest Satan was good then you're on a free ride to hell fire buddy. As Faith said…EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW! and every tongue shall confess!!! You watch!

    • Austin, I assume you're aware that the the root word of illuminati is Lucifer. Lucifer= light bringer. Illuminati = bearers of light. Baphomet is one of the main symbols of the occult secret societies referred to as the Illuminati. The Lucifer as kind hearted rebel idea is exactly how the Illuminati portrays him.

      The govt is largely controlled by occultists. There is nothing resembling a pro-Christian bias coming from them, the media, or Hollywood. Quite the opposite. Abortion is rampant, gay marriage is rapidly becoming the law of the land (nothing against gays, but that certainly doesn't reflect a bias towards biblical Christianity), divorce is easily obtained, and the traditional family unit is all but dead. This is hardly indicative of a pro-Christian bias. That said, satanists should have the right to practice their abhorrent beliefs as long as they do not harm others, but we should not celebrate those beliefs.

    • -Holy Qura: Chapter 2, Verse 35
      "Call to mind, when We commanded the angels: Submit to Adam, they all submitted, but Iblis did not; he refused and was arrogant , being already one of the disbelievers."

      -Holy Quran: Chapter 7, Verse 13-19
      "Allah questioned him: What prevented thee from submitting when I commanded thee? He retorted: I am better than he. Thou hast created me of fire while him hast Thou created of clay. Allah said: In that case, depart hence. It behoves thee not to be arrogant here. Get out, thou art surely of those abased. Iblis pleaded: Grant me respite till the day when they shall be raised up. Allah said: Thou art given respite. Iblis said: Since Thou hast brought about my ruin, I will assuredly lie in wait for them on Thy straight path and will approach them fore and aft, and from right and left, and Thou wilt not find most of them grateful. Allah said: Get out hence, despised and banished. Whoso of them shall follow thee should know that I will surely fill hell with you all."

      Satan rebelled against the power because he hate human kind.

      • BadMoonRising on

        So to worship him one is misled and is fooled. Most of people who get involved with this stuff usually have weird bad stuff happen to them anyway, and in the long run once you run out of your useful purpose your done and then on to the next that is most useful now.

    • AUSTIN are u even aware of what u are writing u must really like satan to have said that, firstly everyone has the right to which religion he/she may want n the bible u read might av been altered cz this days pple are changing what is written so as to confuse innocent pple. soo am totally not buying what u have written….p.s al pray for u cz clearly u need it.

    • Actually satan's rebellion was about DECEIVING man into serving him rather than serving a loving Parent in our Creator God. Service to the One True God is REAL FREEDOM. Service to yourself (satan) leads to death and destruction. But hey, if you want to destroy yourself and be deceived go ahead. I'll just be over here kickin it with Jesus in ETERNAL PEACE, LOVE, and JOY.

    • Hmmm…the ideology of satanism is to bring children up as sexual beings. In other words, satanism promotes pedophilia and ritual murder. The caduceus would be appropriate to the theme of the statue. Although the leaders of this "church" would have you believe they don't believe in the old ideology, the basis of this religion is steeped in deception. No religion should be promoted that believes these vile things. The illuminati is controlled by satan.

    • This 38 reply long thread is killing me…… If I have learned anything from studying these Vigilant Citizen reports over the years…. is that we have learned from devil worshipers themselves the differences between the Fallen Gods they worship. Christians think they are all the same because they dare not care the difference so they just use all names, all etymologies, all testimonials, and all historical references through 1000s of years, under the same Umbrella term "Satan". Now we have the Great Coming out of Devil worship in the Entertainment Industry headed right for us, and Vigilant Citizen and other websites have been documenting them, and you have been studying them everyday with me, People! If you are not learning that they consider these Fallen Angels as different entities, then you are not learning anything at all! Lucifer, Satan, Baphomet, and Ba'al (Ba'alzebuh) are different Beasts!!!!!! I am not making this claim…. the Celebs who spend their everyday worshiping them, and give up their very soul to serve them, are the ones making it clear as day that they at least consider them to be different. Learn something from your studies. Devil worshipers worship different devils GET USED TO IT, and quit interchanging names at your own leisure. They are different. They are spelled different. They are from different cultures. They look different. They are responsible for different negative qualities for which they personify. They are worshiped differently. They have different hand signs. They have different responsibilities. They have different ways of controlling the human mind. And they work together to confuse people. So not paying attention to the revelations on this website is a shame because we are trying to sort things out here. So let's SORT THIS OUT. Once you begin using words interchangeably that are different, you start to destroy the whole point of what a language is! Baphomet represents loss of morality through confusing dualistic opposites. Bad is good and good is bad. Ba'al Beelzebub is the Mind Control God. ZomBEEs Hive Mind Central Command center giving orders to Monarch slaves. Playing his bastardized HAARP with its bastardized spelling, on the Weather and the Human Brain. Beelzebub Lord of all that Flies. Lord of the Wind and Mind. VC has covered Ba'al worship in the past, Baalzebuh Beelzebub all the same. Lucifer represents creative extremes, and offers unlimited talent and fame (sometimes just fame) to those who would seek it, for a price! Satan is the force of Destruction and Jesus is the force of Construction, in this way they are twins, like Hot and Cold. Satan tears down hierarchies. So if you have a unified peaceful hierarchy he will tear it down. And if you have a backwards psychopathic Illuminati All Seeing Eye Hierarchy he will tear that down too! He is opposed to any Order whether it be the New, The Old, or the Future, or the never has been. This could be the answer to why we don't see the Illuminati worshiping him ever. They are trying to BUILD a One World Government, not tear anything down! I am sorry it is like the Plane at the Pentagon. YOU'VE never seen it! I am not here to argue the different interpretations of all these Fallen Angels. I am here to illustrate what we have all been learning. Learn something. Know thy enemy. And quit playing semantical games where everything means the same. It kills conversation. Cheers!

      • Lucien Greaves is not Illuminati he is a Godless parasite to Christianity, that's why the term Satanism is even being used here. He doesn't even know what he's talking about…. and chances are this Baphomet design was given to him by ruling class elitists who were helping him deliver powerful curses into Oklahoma

    • It's not the statue but what or whom it represents.
      Isn't that the purpose of most statues and monuments.
      We are all allowed our beliefs but what offends me about this is the children that are depicted.
      Its very perverse.

    • He is real and he has his monument at the State Capitol. The one with 10 commandments.
      I think that the Statue of baphomet is just a test to see the reaction of people and have you believe that the
      "ten commandments monument" is dedicated to True God.

    • You are the most ignorant person that has written on this page, GOD says in Proverbs 3:5-6 " for us to trust only on him and not to lean on our own understanding. See this is the problem with people today, and then you wonder why you go through life not being able to cope with things because you have no real relationship with Christ! You are basically blaspheming the name of GOD by indirectly calling him the oppressor when he created you, me and satan! Satan has no power to create only imitate and his imitations are all imperfect. If the true god wanted you to lean on your own understanding about life and what is around you and happens to you he would have said so in his Word! Therefore the world would not be as miserable right?

    • My friend, I hope you re kidding! he never said 'lets fight the man in power' he said 'I will be like the most high, I ll take is place, never will i bow down to his son born out of a human virgin' when God declare his plan to create earth and mankind he thought he was gonna be in charge of mankind like he was for all the angels, out of arrogance he rebelled against God and Saint Michael fought him and cast him out of heaven, not because God was oppressing them. yours was a very bad analogy and unfortunately a lot of people seem to think like you, I hope yours was an honest mistake please do not fall into this trap!

  3. i was under the impression that the original version of baphomet was pagan and that it had to do with nature worship and bringing balance to all things. it wasn't until the christians came along and, in their need to convert everyone their faith, changed the baphomet image from something unquestionably benign into something evil and sinister. satanists don't help the image of this misunderstood symbol by worshipping it, however. i wish they'd stop.

    • Exactly. Just like Pan's image was turned into Satan, etc. It was done with all pagan imagery/symbolism – everything was twisted and perverted and used as control devices by the occult elite rulers. And i agree with you – even the satanists are going against their own faith by misguiding the concept of Baphomet.

      • Honey, I used to practice witchcraft and I would tell myself the same thing…until I WOKE UP!
        Don't lie to yourself. It's all crap, it's all evil, and it's ALL A LIE!!
        Jesus is the Way, the TRUTH, and the LIFE.
        But hey, if you want to keep walking around with your head up your butt go right ahead. Your "knowledge" won't keep you from going into the grave and the last time I checked, death is permanent.

      • Well Sweetheart….Even witchcraft would turn something pagan to satanic same way like pagan rituals has been turned good in the christian religion…I know Jesus is life and the truth but the rituals just make the religion look bad if true research was done. That why I say I am spiritual than religious because I don't practice the rituals behind Christianity.

      • The most famous depiction was drawn by him but it was based on an old occult ritual. He drew what was described in the ritual. Either way, the Satanists have hijacked the symbol and people misinterpret it as inherently evil…which it is not. It represents that balancing of the pairs of opposites, the concept of as above so below and fertility. That is what the ritual sought to bring about.

      • This actually reminds me of another symbol which was "westernized" – the SWASTIKA (literally meaning "it s good/auspicious") which was hijacked by the Nazis and is mostly, ignorantly synonymous with hatred, violence and death.

    • Not until those terrible christians came along ha??….wow. I have to assume you are mean false christians but as to true christians they are not the people who are going around causing havoc in this world. False christians? yes, the cause of many wars. So before inserting foot in mouth do a little research.

      • they did do "some research". that's why they're able to comment rationally and objectively on the topic. Everything that has been said by sherrae, willie, and john is accurate. Many truly benign aspects of paganism and the occult have been taken by early christians and twisted to represent something evil. Now, two thousand or so years later, the pentagram or five pointed star, while one of the oldest and most benign symbols in existence, has been flipped upside down and now, gets sneered at as something that represents evil. It's not. The same goes for Baphomet. so I say to you, do a little research. In order to truly love something, you have to take the good with the bad. by pointing these things out, we're not taking anything away from all the good christianity has done. But, christianity is not perfect, and there is nothing wrong with pointing it out.

      • christianity is perfect, humans are the ones who aren't and they give a bad name to christianity.

      • That is why you all are so confused,going back and forth about what christianity is.It's no longer about that anymore because people twist things so to the point where THIS happens!!!Bickering not logical conversing because everyone wants to be right.Not a christian but I believe in an higher power and that he had a son that died for us,is his real name Jesus or Yeshuah,i don't completly know the truth about that but i'm learning.This baphomet image makes me just as uncomfortable as an image of an cross does,spirituality cannot be justified in an image.It's within your heart to do what's right and I would rather go with that than to become embossed in whatever anyone wants to classify me as.And don't even get me started on the 10 commandments photo.Anything that is supposed to be of "good faith" in the usa is not meant to be shown as truth,everything they do here is questionable.Besides,I read on another article that the the state of ok reps didn't want "them" stealing their "goat" and that they were trying to use the statue themselves.Smh

      • Yeshua is the Hebrew translation
        when Hebrew is translated into Greek it becomes Jesus in English,
        so, they're both the same; just one is translated from Greek and the other from Hebrew.

        in the end-Every knee will bow

      • If it's not of God, then you know who it is from. Long before believers in ONE God were ever called Christians, paganism of any form was always considered as occult and evil by those who did not take part in it. It is therefore not accurate to put any blame on Christianity. Worship the creator, not his creations.

      • I'm having a hard time understanding how revering the earth and nature as divine, as is the case with many pagan religions, could ever be considered evil. I don't believe that what you are saying is even close to accurate. Also, occult is not snyonymous with evil. Occult means secret, and by itself, occultism is neither evil or good. It just simply "is". Monotheistic faiths, christians in particular, seem to be incredibly threatened by occultism. Probably because on the one hand, what it truly is has been molded into something evil by the powers that be. But, on the other hand, it takes the power of true enlightenment out of the hands of a few religious authority figures, and puts it into your hands. And then, of course, there is the concept that God is not separate from us, in God's own realm, but that God resides in all of us, and exists in all things. God is, in essence, the universe. That's at least, through all my reading, the way i understand it. It's not something easily understood, and i'll admit i'm having a hard time grasping it. But, i've not found anything about occultism in all i've read that has made me think it's evil. Satanism on the other hand…best stay away from that. That's where things start getting sinister.

      • Sunshine Mama777 on

        You seem to have a rather rosy view of "paganism" as various ancient ritual systems of hugging trees, telling stories, dancing and making potions. You "don't understand how (it) could be considered evil," when in fact almost every pagan culture is known to have engaged in heinous rites of animal and human sacrifice. A few examples: Roman bachannals ("worshippers" got so drunk and high they kidnapped & raped people and even tore victims limb from limb), Celtic samhain/green man (filled giant wicker cages with living captives and set them on fire), Phoenicians at Carthage (threw their children into a pit of fire at the temple of molech), Mesoamericans (surely, you already know!)

        Yes, once monotheism, in the form of Christianity took hold in Europe, all these activities were banned, and went underground, which is why they are called "occult." If they weren't evil, they wouldn't have to be hidden.

        You think baphomet is a symbol of "balance"? After having seen him/her all over the illumi/satanic articles on this site, I did more research. The baph is a prince (like a lieutenant) in the heirarchy of demons, His boss is lucifer. His Job is seducing people with intoxicants and music, and getting people to trade their Souls for worldly bullsh**. He did it in sacred groves & temples, and he's doing it right now in a high-rise in Hollywood, CA.

        In the Quran, he is called Cernunnos, and although he was sent to help the ancient Humans (who were being harassed by other "pagan" entities), he convinced his charges to worship him instead of the Almighty. (Which, of course caught on with his peers, and now we're stuck, all these eons later, trying to excise them from our collective psycho-spiritual teat.)

        So, while most of us would probably agree with your statement that "God resides in all of us, exists in everything," please do not confuse His omnipotence and Our divinity for what modern wiccans, occultists, and "anti-Christians" are trying to sell you. They do everything they can to convince people like you that they hold some old and august wisdom that Christianity has ignored, paved over or hijacked for its own uses. Churches may have done this, as part of their eventual (and some would say inevitable) infiltration and corruption by the forces of Darkness. But Yeshua did not! He never lied–He reminded people of the greatest Truths. Nor did He ever harm another, nor would He countenance it being done in His Name!

        I guarantee you that the more research (and soul-searching) that you do, the more obvious it will become that the lovey-dovey version of "paganism," you are embracing is a big fat lie. Despite the machinations of TPTB at blurring the lines between Good and Evil, more people are waking up every day and joining the fight on the side of Goodness. Everyone will make the choice, whether they realize it or not. Best wishes to you on your own journey.

      • But what sources tell of the heinous rites of animal and human sacrifice? What is their purpose? Who is the history written by? Some of these sources surely have a vested interest and bias in their reporting of religions that are "other", "strange" or "barbaric"?

      • Demons demand sacrifices to give power and wealth to those who commit the crimes. The blood of innocent infants/babies/children is the most precious as they are angels in disguise as they say along with abortions. Those ones who have abortions are considered the queens of the underworld. Babies etc aren't corrupt so their sacrifice is the most important one. I read it in a christian book ages ago.

      • Sunshine Mama777 on

        I would recommend you start with some of the usual internet sources: wikipedia, encyclopedias, historical sites. Mythology and the religions & pantheons of different cultures will give a good overview, and you'll find the details worth following for in-depth investigation.

        Of course, I started with books–it was the pre-internet age, after all. Try to find a used bookstore in your area; some of the most interesting and useful volumes get passed on that way.

        All ancient religions had cultic rites, from Egyptian to Celtic to Shintoism. Not all of them included human sacrifice, but it's more common than you'd think (see my original post in this thread). All of them except a few branches of Hinduism practiced animal sacrifice: Norsemen, Greeks, Jews, Native Americans, Slavs, African animists, it was everywhere, and still persists in places. (ex.: voodoo)

        If you do embark upon such a journey through time, you will see that if it wasn't for the likes of Zoroaster, Buddha and Yeshua, we would be in an even deeper mess than we are now. Each of these men were a gift to us from God, to remind us of our real connection to Him. They gave strategies and instructions on how to break the hold that the "gods" had over the humans in their respective societies, and brought the people back to (not just) monotheism, but grace, purpose and dignity.

        We can do that again. We just have to do it ourselves, individually and together. Are you ready?

      • You could start by reading the book The Golden Bough – A Study in Magic and religion by Sir James George Frazer, who happened to be an anthropologist

      • It's probably written by the same assholes that made up the bible. Sounds like the same kind of BS they would spread around

      • You seem to have a lovely-dovey, rose tinted glasses outlook on Christianity as well. No religion is free from mass murder, rape, torture, incest. There are quite many passages in the Bible that has God himself commanding these acts. When speaking of sacrificing animals, isn't Christianity's whole shebang about sacrifice? God sacrifices his only son for all of us, and before that Christians sacrificed lambs to God, hence the reason why Christ is "The Lamb of God". And for the children being sacrificed, please refer to the following passage.

        "Now go and smite Amalek and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and child, ox and sheep, camel and ass.’”(Samuel 15:3)

        All religions have unclean hands.

      • All religions have unclean hands because MAN is inherently corrupt and essentially destroys everything it touches.

        Religion is not the problem – humanity is. Human beings and the thing they do to each other – one doesn't need religion to justify genocide against a race, for example. Plenty of people were killed without religion having anything to do with it.

        Religion, like everything else, is a tool that can be used for good or bad.

      • any religion (except something inherently evil like satanism) is what you make it. it's the people that practice the faith, not the faith itself. there are PLENTY of undeniable examples of christian brutality throughout history (inquisition, anabaptist take over of meunster in the 1500s, that's a shining example of christian love) this is undeniable. but there are plenty of examples throughout history of christians truly trying to help, this also undeniable. look at what roman catholicism did for western europe after the fall of the western roman empire. are there examples of human sacrifice in non christian religions? absolutely. one only need look at the aztecs. 80,000 people in a week. I'm not so naive as you think. so you can save the patronizing nonsense. i'm no budding occultist so don't worry. it happens to be something i've spent a little time reading about. I never allow any group of authority figures to tell me how to feel about something. I make up my own mind, and that is why i feel the way i feel.

      • Sunshine Mama777 on


        I would never presume to patronize you or any other intelligent commenter on this site. We are all here looking for answers, info, strategies on how to cope with the nightmare our world has become. I was merely refuting, with facts, the arguments you offered in regard to paganism and/or the baph being relatively harmless. The point is, it's Not harmless– it is satanism in disguise.

        It is clear that you recognize the inherent evil in the imagery and practices of "official" satanism. I was trying to use some of the knowledge I've gained after decades of historical research to give you some insight on the slippery-slope that self-proclaimed pagans, wiccans and occultists are treading, some without even realizing it.

        I am not trying to tell you What to think, so much as get you to Think More about the tenets and beliefs you have been exposed to and have chosen to incorporate into your world view. The fact that you immediately reverted to a defense consisting of RC church-bashing, leads me to believe that I was right to post this info, if only to give you and others who are suspicious of Christianity some solid info as to why paganism and its offspring are NOT a good or safe alternative for your spiritual edification.

        Each one of us has to constantly sift through what we know, what we think we know and what we believe to be true. As a member of the "VC Tribe," we get the opportunity to share info and opinions, and if anyone posts something, they know that their ideas are subject to the "constructive criticism" of the crowd. Don't pretend I am being offensive by responding to your flimsy (some would say ridiculous) defense of false premises, and false gods.

      • blackrocker4ever on

        All I know is that I want to marry Sunshine Mama 77!..Very well put and and dead on..All of what you posted is accurate..But this is how I am regarding truth…When I come across folks like many who has posted on here who is defending satan and trying to front with this nonsense about the baphomet being a positive image about "balance"… I don't even try to tell them the truth because it's truly NOT worth it..

        I'm in the music industry as a musical artist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter, etc and I don't care if any of you all ever truly KNOW this or not but MOST artists today are satanic in the heart, body and mind..They are NOT joking, pretending or just doing it because they thinks it's fashionable and cute..They are DEAD serious about it and if Prince, Madonna, Gaga and Beyonce ever heard any of you state that the baphomet isn't satanic but it's a positive thing like balance and purity, they would sincerly try to kick you in your throat as hard as they could…

      • It's so funny when you act as if your god is sooo good andnever asks human sacrifices. He asks you human sacrifice all the time. People are killed in name of Christ (poor Jesus, he was actually a good man and I love him) and Jeova/Jave (it doesn't matter the name you give him) all the time, all the time.

        People sacrifice their lives, they lie to themselves to honor the god of the so called Christians. The amount of sacrifice is so huge and all your god asks is to live your life all in sacrifice, anything good is bad, people must just suffer because it pleases your sadistic god, to watch you, his creatures suffering.

        I can't believe any god anymore, all of them are just monsters, Satanic gods want to lure me, and the Christian god want to torture me because he enjoys my suffering, no one really care about me. The only one good seems to be Jesus, but his father is this mean creature, he made me to fall into temptation he fabricated, he made me to suffer because he "loves me"? Doesn't it seems like a sadistic thing to say? If he really loves me why does he want me to suffer? Why can't human beings be happy? Why god lacks coherence?
        It is impossible to live a 100% christian life: TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE!! Not even Amish can live like their god says they should live. If someone should follow all the rules in Bible I wonder if 10 people in 2000years were able to enter in heaven. I don't think this many people could enter.

        BTW it's really funny, but the rituals christians play today are the same rituals the pagans used to play long ago. Enter a Catholic Church, if a greek or a Roman would enter one they would think it's a temple for their gods, because it's the same thing, even the sculptures. A mass is the same ritual, as a matter of fact catholic church is roman empire and the pope is the emperor. Catholic church is just a big fat lie and protestant religions are just inocent imitations, they try to be pure but it's just childish.

        There's no good in this world, there are just mean forces making fun with your lives. You're like Big Brother to them and they are pleased with your suffering that's what make them happy.

      • God doesn't demand torture or sacrifice. The ones who sacrifice christians and torment them are demons' tools. Make sacrifices to demons or else. That's bullying and harassment tactics.

      • Ka, i agree with you. All the so-called "gods" can kiss my ass. I despise eveyr one of them, escpecially the truly evil ones such as Yahweh, Satan/Enki, Lucifer, Baphomet and a whole bunch of others. They are all scum, and they can all go to Hell!

        Personally, i don't acknowledge a master, and i spit on gods/goddesses. I laugh at them, as i laugh at the inbred scumbags of the Rot's child family.

      • *cough* Christian Crusades *cough*
        I don't think anyone had any CHOICE during those times… Choose.. Or die… Hmm…

        Your benign religion has partaken in some rather inhumane and vile acts as well, and rose to power in perhaps the most dishonest and violent way possible. Christianity is founded on blood lust, power hunger, greed, and perversion.

        Not to mention the (recent/modern) pervasive pedophilia . . .

        JESUS was the first to dare and say to the establishments I AM GOD. Just like you are, just like I am. He was punished and his words were twisted to fit an agenda – however some (few, but more each day) know within their hearts (where God truly resides) what he meant.

        Anyways. None of it really matters. What matters is that we stop bickering and start loving each other.

        "Happiness is the only good, the time to be happy is now, and the way to be happy is to make others so. This is enough for us. In this belief we are content to live and die. If by any possibility the existence of a power superior to, and independent of, nature shall be demonstrated, there will then be time enough to kneel. Until then, let us stand erect."
        -Robert G. Ingersoll

      • the bible describes satan as a beautiful being of light or a serpent…he's not even described as a beast, that is the antichrist!! I agree that MAN came along and took this imagery and used it to show what in our feeble minds the devil SHOULD look like. But he doesn't, he's stunning, regal and beautiful. That is even why the antichrist will be come as a saviour, as someone trustworthy when in his heart he will be deeply evil. I come from a country where there is no set religion of satan but yet people do try to get in touch with spirits and practice witchcraft. You don't see any images of pentagrams or horned goats.

    • You are correct. Same goes for Christmas, in fact Christmas has absolutely nothing to do with the birth of "Jesus", it was a Pegan Holliday long before "Jesus" was even born. Their need to convert people is such a waste of time and kills the possibility for people to actually think for themselfs. The Poisioning of their children with this fairy tale rubbish needs to stop. Religion shouldn't be taught to anyone till they age where logic, common sense and reason sets in. But they gotta get them when they are young and easy to train. Faith- Pretending to know something you don't know.

      • What's the difference in it and programing? They are both dealing with taking vulnerable people and making them suffer to achieve this faith in something.

    • it was, untill the satanists robbed it for their own purposes? ive seen more satanic images in films, tv shows,games and in childrens cartoons than ever, Its like they want to embed this in the subliminal messages,that flash up on our screens, to coax us all into seeing the satanic pictures , so when they do start their agenda. we will all be use to these satanic symbols?

  4. If the officials do approve, this goes to show who controls Oklahoma this 2014. And this will be a warning for the rest of the states, for the rest of the world too.

    Way to start 2014, eh?

    • No secret who controls Oklahoma. Used to have more oil billions back in the day than Texas, including Sam Philips, home of Oral Roberts, Rhema Bible colleges. Will Rogers a proud 33rd degree Mason, his hometown has a large museum dedicated to him and openly displays his Mason ties. Oklahoma is one of the poorest states yet Tulsa and OKC have a lot of millionaires and some billionaires. It has always had elite roots.

      • I did not mean Sam Philips. I meant Frank Phillips. My bad. Frank Phillips founded Phillips Petroleum and later Phillips Conoco in Bartlesville, OK.

  5. Paradoxal article.
    I really don't see much difference between both monuments. Plus, there is a little thing called "freedom of religion", right? They could build a Hanuman statue, or a Buddha monument, Kali, etc. I know, it will be an outcry if they build the Baphomet monument, and it'll only confirm the atrocious HYPOCRISY in what we live in.

    By theway, the Caduceus of Hermes represents more than a phallus – it represents the DNA string, and it's the same Caduceus that Moses used in the Old Testament.

    • I guess you're to young to remember when it was common to see manger scenes outside city hall at Christmas time. There were massive outcries, largely engineered by militant atheists, and now those days are gone. I get that you view the church as an oppressive force, but to pretend that Christian displays haven't been protested just as vehemently is to ignore the facts.

    • When was Satanism a religion? It's a cult and always will be. Every practicing Satanist is a cultist. So therefore the concept of "Freedom of RELIGION" doesn't apply. The Satanist group proposing this ridiculous trite aren't even from Oklahoma, yet are pushing their crap there.

      Satanism is NOT on the same par as Buddhism, hinduism, christianity, taoism, etc. Satanism lacks on all fronts from members to outright legitimacy.

      Your predictable and abused argument is flawed.

      • They're all cults. All myths. All BS. If you want to be a good person, be a good person. If you need me or Jesus to tell you that, then whatever we have to say is null and void.

      • Okay, where is your proof that it's all BS?

        Typical atheist, thinking you know it all. You know nothing.

      • Well, Satan as the majority of people recognize him, is a christian character, so the satanists are twice more christians than christians? Maybe is not the case. Plus, i can say that many see Buddhism more as a philosophy. But that's not my point.
        I was trying to say is that i think that a image of a tortured man nailed in a roman torture instrument isn't less aggressive than a goat humanoid figure and all what it represents.

        ps: i'm not an atheist. Why when people question the establishment, they're labeled that way?

      • Of course that Satanism is a religion. Or do you think Candomble, Daime, Johrei, Davidians, Mormonism, Scientology, or whatever, aren't religions just because they're not on par as the religions that you mentioned? I don't think so. You better redefine your concepts of religion.
        That being said, no i don't think my argument is flawed just because you take YOUR arguments as facts. Good luck to you, my friend.

  6. Creepy!!
    I wouldn't be shocked when they get approval for that statue and that Ten Commandments monument is also creepy, and to think people look at it and just ignore the symbolism right in front of them. Most people in the world are just living in the dark.

    Thank you VC, keep doing what you do best.

  7. Zig Zag Wanderer on

    What's the meaning behind misspelling those two words? No way that was an accident; they had to have paid a decent amount for it and someone would have caught the typos.

    • RideorDie4Jesus on

      Spot-on Zig accident indeed. I mean misspelling the monumental importance of the word *Sabbath*??!!..C'mon now. Plus their ever-present all-seeing eye? Really, occult elite?..Really?!? I believe 'they' knew EXACTLY what they were doing when this blasphemous, mockery of God's Holy Ten Commandments was 'written'. These errors were made ENTIRELY on purpose.

      • Another clue is the two six pointed stars of satan, the mark of the beast. Hiding in plain site.

    • William P. Homans on


      Here in Clarksdale, Mississippi there is a war memorial, like those in countless county seats and small cities. It lists county citizens who were casualties in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and there is one name recently engraved from the war in Iraq.

      One name is listed twice. Mr. Saunders (for that was the soldier's surname) died in Vietnam in 1969. However, he was also listed on the stone as having lost his life in Korea! Now there is no psychospiritual jiggery-pokery going on there, it's just a matter of someone not caring about their job enough to be sure that errors of that significance don't literally get graven in stone.

      And if you inspect the "v" in this sample of stonecarving, the "v" and the "u" in this antique font are very much the same. In text of Elizabethan/Jacobean and older English, the v and u are used quite interchangeably.

      That they couldn't get the word "Sabbath" correctly spelled is truly, terminally ignorant. They must be Tea-Party yahoos.

      • Tea party yahoos, as opposed to those deaf, dumb, and blind Government Teat partiers. The O-bagging apologists.


        Its the progressives stupid.

      • Do you really think it was progressives who made a Ten Commandments statue in Oklahoma? If so, pass me whatever you are smoking.

  8. Hmm… so in other words, these two monuments are not so different after all! THAT is the most important point to note amidst all the finger-pointing and religious he-said-she-said that will inevitably go on.

    • Baphomet and the Ten Commandments are different. The people funding these monuments, propagating ideology and misrepresenting spiritual concepts are the same. That's what these two monuments have in common: both funded by people of elitist mindsets.

    • In one sense you're absolutely right: you have two ideologies claiming to be the right one. But that's no different than anyone else that speaks with authority. Even in that short statement of yours, should we assume that you think you are correct, and that we should believe you? Or do you think what you just said doesn't matter, so we should just ignore it unless we feel the need to read?

      The question one here is if one is right, the other is dead wrong.
      True, you can ignore both, but the problem is that both of these also claim you WILL make a decision — if you DON'T chose one of them, you by default chose the other.

      For now the folks of Oklahoma say: we like the Christian God's symbols best. But if this site is any indication, that too will change.

      By the way, did this VC item mention that the Satanist group wants this monument funded by the state?

  9. Lool The Bible tells you that second coming of Christ will be no secret. All eyes will see him. I will therefore NOT need you to show me a particular website and place where I could here about my Messiah being back.

    You see, God knows there shall be false prophets, the gnostic/new age Christ… that his why he will make his second coming IMPOSSIBLE to be reproduced by the Master of Deception aka the devil.

    Regarding the 2nd coming of Christ, the Bible tells you in Matthew 24 :15 :

    23 Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.

    24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

    25 Behold, I have told you before.

    26 Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not.

    27 For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

    1 Thessalonicians 4:16 :

    For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. 17 After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever.

    In Matthew 25, it states : 31 “When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit on his glorious throne. 32 All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats.

    Revelation 1 verse 7 : 31 “When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit on his glorious throne. 32 All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. 33 He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left.

    So no…. Christ has not come back yet. That I am CERTAIN of.

    • Forgive my mistakes please I was so eager to answer….

      And a little correction to Revelation 1 verse 7 : Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.

      • As a matter of fact, Christ's second coming has two parts, one is totally secret, and that will be for the rapture of the overcomers who will ascend to the heavens to fight the devil and to cast him out of the heavens. You can read this is Revelation chapter 12, regarding the man-child which is this figure of the overcomers. No one will see this, and this is referred in the Bible as the thief that comes in the night when no one expects him. This will happen before the great tribulation takes place, or the exact half of the last week prophesied by Daniel.

        Then, at the end of the great tribulation, God will come on a cloud, along with the overcomers, and he will descend to the earth to fight and destroy Antichrist. That will happen at the end of the great tribulation, and yes, that is the moment when 'all eyes will see him'.

        I much rather take part on the rapture. The tribulation will be something horrible.

      • I beg to differ. Unless you show me very CLEARLY through the SCRIPTURES that the second coming of Christ will be a secret, I will consider your statement as a lie.

      • Check out Revelation 3:3 and 16:15 where it says clearly that Christ's coming is secret. This refers to His coming. The Rapture of the overcomers is also shown in Revelation 10:1 and First Thes. 4:17. all these verses show that the coming of the Christ is firstly secret, to rapture his overcomers when ONLY THE FATHER knows the appointed time. According to Matthew 24:42, 44 this secret coming will be a reward for Christ's watching believers.

        The verse you mentioned of Revelation 1:7 indeed tells about the public appearance of the Christ on a cloud, where all the tribes of the earth will see Him. But this verse is the fulfillment of the prophecy of Zechariah 12:10-14 were it says that "they shall look upon Him whom they have pierced and that the land shall mourn for Him".

        While the day and hour of Christ's coming in its secret aspect are unknown (Matt. 24:36), the time of His coming in the second, public aspect is clearly revealed. It will be by the time of the seventh trumpet, at the end of the great tribulation. Please check Revelation 18:1, Matt. 24:15, 21 and 27; First Thes. 4:16, First Cor. 15:52, Second Thes. 2:1-4 and 8.

      • Revelation 3 : 3 states : Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.

        It PLAINLY states that we must repent and watch (to know the signs that will indicate that he is about to come) or else, if we do not watch, the day of his coming will come to us as a surprise,as the coming of a thief… A thief doesn't call you to announce at what time he will come and rob your house after alll… lol. We in fact know not the HOUR when Christ will come. As God ALONE knows when the day of his return shall be. So all the talks about a specific day and time for the return of Christ are lies.

        Matthew 25 verse 13 also states the same : Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.

        Both these verses DO NOT talk about a secret coming of Christ, but about us NOT KNOWING the exact day and time of the return of Christ.

        You've mentioned Revelation 10 verse 1, it states : And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire.

        Again… no mention of a secret return of Christ.

        You've also mentioned 1 Th 4 17, but I will quote from verse 13 to 17 to remain in the context of the text : 14 For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.

        15 For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep.

        16 For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:

        17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

        Again, no mention of any secret coming. The verses talk about the return of Christ, mentioning the voice of an archangel and the trump of God… that doesn't sound too secretive by the way… What these verses say is plain and simple, when Jesus comes, the dead in Christ will rise first (be brought back to life), and the living in Christ shall be lifted in the air with them to meet the Lord. NO talk of any secret coming there again.

      • Whichever views you have on the second coming of Christ, it's fine. I have a much different perspective but I respect your point of view. As long as you believe in God and watch for His coming, it's just fine.

        May God bless you :-)

      • But this has nothing to do about views though. It's about what th Bible states pretty clearly. We should not interpret but stick to what the text and context tell us. It is so clear that ALL Christians should agree. You believe in a secret coming of Christ? Fine, but I should be able to find clear references and truths bout that belief in the Bible. If not, then we know there is NO secret coming of Christ. Period. "Facts are many, but the truth is ONE."

        And the real danger behind the belief that secret coming is that through the centuries since the year 1800s (I'd love to be more accurate but I don't have the specific dates in mind right now), many have pretended that it happened, many have lied about it… If it's a secret, well hey… it could have happened ANY TIME. You see how blurry this is?

        My God does all things in plain sight, in the light, not in the shadows.

      • If you think that there is only one coming, which will be public so that all eyes can see it, and you want to ignore the fact that the man-child fights a battle in the heavens to cast out the devil of heavens at the beginning of the tribulation, as shown in Revelation 12, it's ok. If you want to take all verses in the Bible literally and adjust them to your understanding, that's your call, not mine. There is much more revelation in the context of these events that what you can read in literal verses.

        There is a secret aspect of God's second coming, and a public aspect. Both these comings are separated by the tribulation. You should know this, given you like to study the Bible this much.

        I don't want to argue with you because you are Christian just like I am and there is no point us fighting each other's point of view to see who wins a nonsense ego battle. I'm not interested in that, trust me. And to prove you that, this is the last message I will reply about this. Now you have the chance to write the last message and be the one who says the last word. Good for you.

        If you want to adhere to the public appearance of the Christ which will be at the end of the Tribulation by the time of the Seventh trumpet, when all eyes will see him, that's ok. I also believe in the public coming of the Lord. But then, since you don't believe in the secret coming of the Lord where the rapture takes place before the tribulation, then prepare for the trial that will overtake all the inhabited earth, because the ones that will come with the Lord in that cloud that you mention are the overcomers who were previously raptured, when no one could see the Lord because he came as a thief in the night. It's overwhelmingly clear. The are raptured at some point, don't you think? Why did the Lord asked us to watch for His coming in Matthew 24 & 25 then? Because He's is only coming in plain sight? Why watching then?

        May God bless you :-)

      • See… whenever I ask you to back up your belief WITH the SCRIPTURES, you just can't. That tells a lot. Just pray over this my brother. God loves us discussing about his words to enlighten one another. May the Holy Spirit guide us THROUGH the SCRIPTURES not assumptions of human logic… but God's logic that is revealed through his words.

        This is my prayer for both you and I. God bless.

      • RideorDie4Jesus on

        I have also come to learn that the so-called 'rapture' of Christ's Bride, is Non-Biblical.

    • you know the king james bible was written and framed in such a way as to enfeeble the minds of the common folk and to favor the monarchies and religious institutions? open your eyes, person! religion is just as bad as anything

      • Reading the word of God grant me wisdom and strength to go on. "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything." I will therefore leave your very strong and non-feeble mind to your apparent blurry zones and uncertainties. As for my "weakened" mind, it will stay anchored in the word of God, for so far in my life, no GREATER and DEEPER truth and love were ever presented to me. And I have never experienced something as powerful and meaningful in my life. So, unless you come to me with something that can compare… I'll stick to my Jesus.

  10. And people still think some of us are conspiracy freaks because we hate these things.

    This is unbelievable. How can a city even discuss the possibility of erecting a statue of such a satanic thing, that can only put a terrible curse over the people of that city? Not only God did forbid to worship other gods aside Him, but Satan is NOT a god. He is the adversary. He is the enemy of God. Not only he's God's enemy, but our enemy too. Satan hates mankind, and there are many things to say regarding that but I won't write them because my comments usually are so long!

    Just a little thing: keep in mind that both the books of Daniel and Revelation show that Antichrist will erect his image and will demand people to worship him, because he will declare himself God. And he will make wonders, and even many believers will be deceived by that. These are not my words, this is the Word of God. These things will indeed happen. Is this little monument a foretaste of that? Is this a little test to introduce plain satanic stuff to people, so that children and teenagers can be friends of Satan? Is this another way of deceiving society, to prepare the way for Antichrist to arrive? Is this the way of satanists or secret societies to subtly introduce dark things to people, so they get used to that and see the devil as a overseer of humanity?

    The United States was a God fearing country. It would be a shame that the people in power would ever consider such a nasty proposal. That will be a terrible curse for that city, trust me.

    May God be with us. The times are getting worse.

    • RideorDie4Jesus on

      Bravo, & Amen for this post, CN.
      Well-articulated & just plain Well-done!
      U obviously speak & know God's TRUTH (at least it sure sounds like u do.)

      • Thanks bro… I am just a fellow believer. I still have a lot of shortcomings and struggles though. Let's just hope that God will take care of us all !

    • nofallenangel on

      You are totally right! I feel this statute is a preview of what's to come! Although ppl are waking up, there's so many others who will look at this & think nothing of it. The elite aren't worried about the conspiracy theorists at the moment. We're considered crazy & no one will believe us until it's too late. They're more focused on the continuation of brainwashed masses who would actually "sit on baphomet's lap". This world is so super desensitized, that when the antichrist emerges, more than enough ppl will fall into the trap. The world is rapidly falling away.

      • Sunshine Mama777 on

        Well, they already sit on his lap at Christmastime. I guess they want to offer a way for people to feed their children to him all year long.

        I have to wonder about the Location of the thing. Is it at a significant longitude/latitude or ley line? I bet there's a negative vortex nearby that this monument will either channel energy to, or act as a focus for. (kinda like the Kaabah in Saudi Arabia or the eye in London?)

        Maybe it's just a feint, another manufactured crisis to engage our national attention while the govt perpetrates some new and awful crime against We The People. (Latest example: duck dynasty furor vs. the slapdash congressional excuse for a budget….which one were You watching/reading/discussing?)

        Stay Vigilant!

    • "Erect his image…" just like there are images of jesus and mary and saints erected all over churches? I thought God said not to worship graven images? Then why is idolatry a huge thing in christianity? Why do we have christ's image plastered everywhere? That always confused me to no end.

      • If you keep pictures of family members, it doesn't me you worship them. You don't love the paper or the pictures themselves, you love the people who are on them. It's the same with icons. You don't love the wood with the images, you only respect the Saints. I have plenty of them, St Nicholas, St George, St Theodore, Christ and surely Mariam. Why not? Plenty of crosses too. They were all given to me by other people. I used to have a few one blue eyes and got rid of them as they weren't what they seemed. They ended up in a river.

      • Tbh actions speak louder than words. You might have crosses and golden icons while your behaviour is not right. On the other hand you might not have any of those and your soul might be good.

      • BS it's just lie you're telling to yourself. You know. It's written on Bible NO IMAGES, that means NO IMAGES, PERIOD. It's just BS people tell themselves to keep their bad habits. You must know that MOST "SAINT IMAGES" are actually based on ancient gods images. You are worshiping pagan gods and keeping their image and telling yourself that they are "saints", they are not and in your intimate you know it!

      • The universal picture of Jesus is actually cesare Borgia. The white Jesus. No worship to an image, not even a cross.

      • Christ never said that we shouldn't have crosses and icons. None of the saints and martyrs who had communication with God said so. So I'd rather follow them than whatever anyone else who isn't a Saint claims.

      • Just read the Bible. The worst blind is the one that does not want to see the truth in front of him.

      • Don't be fooled. Catholics are the ones who erect images, statues and idols of what they call saints. Born again Christians don't and their churches don't. I wish people would stop thinking Catholics are Christian. They clearly rebel against God's Word in more than one way including their misuse of people mentioned in God's Word.

      • Their churches are the same as ancient temples, their rituals are the same, their church is the roman empire and their Pope is the emperor, their saints are ancient gods.. But don't fool yourself, protestants aren't much different.

      • What saints? Apart from mother Theresa, the rest of the Catholic church saints became saints before the existence of the roman Catholic church. Most saints lived centuries before the catholic church was created.

    • ChrisNajar: you said:And he will make wonders, and even many believers will be deceived by that.

      this is not true, Matthew 24:24 states:For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, iF POSSIBLE, even the elect.

      so even the elect will NOT be deceived by the great signs or wonders. its not even possible, thats what the Word tell us in any translation of this verse..

      We are protected by God. and no one will be able to pluck us from God's hand-John 10:28. we are embedded in his securuty.

      in the end-every knee will bow

    • So true what you said but the people up the top are the head of Satanist so they will allow it because it was their idea in the first place as they gotten there power being on top by selling there soul to satan, like you say it inevitable and these things will come to past according to the bible revelation 13.15 speak on this particular statue

    • you mean the same country that killed the native americans, enslaved blacks and put immigrants to work in shops that were in terrible condition? Christians aren't the only ones in america- if you dont want other people with different religions than yours why bring them to you so called god fearing country if all your gonna do is bash their religion. Do you knpw how many churches i see on a daily bases? Too many to count but i only see one of temple of other religions.

    • Take a bow my Christian friend! That was beautifully said! Might I just add that the person that stated …. Satan would be against the illuminati is simply uneducated in that subject and obviously the holy bible. Very sad.

  11. I bet the Masonic officials don't know what to do with themselves. Here the Satanists want to put up a statue of Baphomet which is actually a Masonic symbol invented by the freemason Eliphas Levi. But if they supported this statue, then everyone would know that they were actually occultists! LMAO!!

    • Oh, and BTW I live in Lawton, OK and downtown there is a statue representing Artemis of the Ephesians and it is located next to the York Rite Masonic Lodge! Most people are completely oblivious of its meaning and location. It's right in front of the fire station. It's this triangle piece with a pyramid at top and multiple breasts. I'll post a pic on VC facebook later. There is definitely more to this whole thing than meets the eye!

      • winston smith on

        The multiple breasts have also been considered (by "experts") a grape cluster (as she was a "mother goddess" who fed the people), or sacrificial bull testes (!).
        Definitely a cult statue, no matter how ya slice it…

      • Her priests would become "ecstatic" in their worship and sometimes castrate themselves and her temples held prostitutes.

      • RepeatingHistory on

        That's like that story in Acts where because Paul and his companions came to preach Jesus in Ephesus, all the merchants selling these minature Diana of Ephesus status nearly started a riot in the town square: "Great is the goddess Diana in Ephesus!"

        Didn't folks learn anything the first time around??

    • Again….Eliphas Levi did not invent Baphomet. He drew the most popular depiction of Baphomet that was included in his book Ritual Magic but it has existed long before the famous sketch.

      • Yes, I suppose you are right. He may not have "invented" it, but is his image that is mostly used.

      • No supposing….. that dude just politely schooled you, Cheers! We learn something everyday!

      • You think you are so clever with that name Sanat, but we really know what it means! Springmeier explains what it means in "Be Wise As Serpents". I do not need to be schooled, but apparently you do.

  12. They had a good show on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis on this statue, and a lot of people calling in supported it. I also think it should go up because in this country we have freedom of religion, and if the satanists want to put up a statue next to the Ten Commandments let them. It gives a choice, and that is what this country is about.

    • Satan is the antagonist of Christian Mythology…. there can be no Satanism without Christianity… so to call it its own religion is illogical and stupid…. sorry

      • Um no, the worship of the diety is what makes it a religion. Satanism is a different religion that Christianity.

    • Ive never seen so many so open to nonsense. They accept the satanic symbols and rationalize these evil representations but REFUSE to even consider Christ as savior!? I believe this culture is attracted to the very evils surrounding us. The wrath of the father is coming and all the signs are IN YOUR FACE! The bible said it shall happen and the road some choose is the one that leads to destruction. The Lord doesn't lie! His words are coming to pass yet you still think there's any way to eternal life except by way Of Jah!!? Who dare challenge the father!? Repent! He's coming quickly and you gotta be blind not to see it and believe it!

  13. The 10 commandments plaque is quite telling. Besides the eye, at the bottom are two hexagrams. The people who practice Christianity are walking on the left path.

    • People who are practicing Christianity will take a Right Path and some will take the Left Path…. Right Path knows not thy enemy and relies on Pure Faith and sound morals to insure connections to higher realms of consciousness. Those following the left path will know thy enemy and be forced into understanding the nature of lower dimensions and demonology, and of course encounter the Luciferian gatekeepers head on

      • It's not easy to take the right path with the attacks from entities that implant thoughts and the other people who are used by the same entities. It can't happen by our own accord, I mean to fight and win such entities. However, the Holy Trinity can do it in our behalf.

      • Agreed…. the right path doesn't prepare those involved with an appropriate understanding of the negative entities they are being subjected to on a daily basis… that's why I take the left path so I can understand the scientific nature of demonology… and remove them from those on the right path so that they may have an easier time while traveling it

  14. What is shocking is that some people see this as "freedom of religion" it's like knowledge of right and wrong is gone. Here you have a statue representing evil and people saying 'yeah, let them have it in terms of equality'.

    I don't know what is stranger..

    There should not even be a debate. It is just plain wrong.

  15. Those so called ten commandments are not the ones of the Bible. Those are the Roman Catholic Ten commandments which are different than the ones found in Exodus 20:1-17. The Roman Catholic Church would "think to change times and law." Dan.7:25. And she did just that by removing the second commandment which partially states "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them." You can see why they would remove this as they worship statues and their churches are riddled with them. Furthermore, the fourth commandment which has to do with remembering to observe the Sabbath day has been drastically altered. The Bible fourth commandment is the longest one with having 94 words. It is clearly stated that the Sabbath is the 7th day of the week (Saturday) and not the first day of the week (Sunday). It goes on to state that we are not to work on that day but to rest with God and that it is a holy day set aside. The RCC (Roman Catholic Church) has CHANGED God's word down to a mere 8 words with Remember to keep the Sabbath day holy. Well according to them, the Sabbath day could be any day. Because the RCC removed the second commandment they split the tenth commandment in the bible into two in order to retain 10 commandments. From this we see that the RCC did change times of worship from the first day of the seventh day of the week to the first day of the week. They also changed God's law – the ten commandments by removing the 2nd commandment, and altering the 4th commandment.

    The Bible clearly identifies the antichrist power as the Roman Catholic Church and in the end "all the world wondered after the beast." Rev. 13:3. A beast in Bible prophecy represents a kingdom or power, just like countries have adopted animals as symbols. You only need to watch the news to see that the RCC has become extremely popular lately. They are prophesied to rule the world with the help of civil enforcement.

    A national Sunday law will be passed where if you do not observe the Papal Sabbath (Sunday) you will not be able to "buy or sell save he that have the mark of the beast." Rev.13:17. So if you know the beast, then you can know it's mark. According to the Catholic Record Sept. 1, 1923 it states:
    Sunday is our mark of authority…The [catholic] Church is above the Bible, and this transference of the Sabbath observance is proof of that fact.

    The Convert's Catechism of Catholic Doctrine (1957): 50:

    Q. Which is the Sabbath day?
    A. Saturday is the Sabbath day.
    Q. Why Do we observe Sunday instead of Saturday?
    A. We observe Sunday instead of Saturday because the Catholic Church transferred the solemnity from Saturday to Sunday.

    This can be easily verified for yourselves. Don't take my word for it. Now the RCC claim that Sunday observance is their mark or sign. The words mark and sign are interchangeable. So what is God's mark or sign?

    And hallow my sabbaths; and they shall be a sign between me and you, that ye may know that I am the LORD your God. Ezekiel 20:20.

    Many will say but the Sabbath was made for Jews, the Sabbath was created on the 7th day at the foundation of the world before the Jewish nation ever existed (Genesis 2:1-3). Jesus said "the Sabbath was made for man. Mark 2:27. Man means mankind. The devil has blinded the eyes of the world on this very issue. The so-called new world order, secret societies, Baphomet in the music, fashion, entertainment industry etc… are all controlled by the RCC. She is the one behind it all.

    If you are a Christian and don't know about these things, then pray to God to reveal the truth to you as He did for me. And to those who are not Christians God loves you and we are living in the hour of judgment.

    Rev.14:6-12 says: Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.

    8And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.

    9And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, 10The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: 11And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name. 12Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

    Here are some helpful resources:

    God Bless!

    • Sunday is the day of our resurrected lord. It is the day the christians gathered and worshipped. Jesus being the main focus… replaced the old laws. It became love thy enemy instead of an eye for an eye etc.

      The Jewish Christians continued to observe the sabbath but not the Gentile Christians… See also circumcision and food restrictions. This is no conspiracy as you make it out to be.

      Your hatred for all things catholic is laughable since basically your beliefs are that of a splinter group.

      The original source of your belief comes from the very church you berate.

      This is the time Christians should band together not further divide. Stop blaming everything bad that happens under the sun on the church and open your eyes to whats really going on.

      • "Your hatred for all things catholic is laughable since basically your beliefs are that of a splinter group.

        The original source of your belief comes from the very church you berate. "

        Such simple truths, it amazes me how this goes over their heads.

      • The origina source of my belif is the HOLY BIBLE!!!!!!! I do wat d bible says not wat d pope nd the RCC says……….The catholic church is a cult is part of the illuminati believe it or not…..the bible CLEARLY states that we shouldn't worship images yet they made crosses nd rosarys nd pray to mary,nd teach that unless you confess to a prist,ur sins won't be forgiven and other crap…..they go against most preachings of d bible…….they ar cult…………

      • I sincerely mean this with all due respect, but you`re clearly very WRONG, Rebel….

        If you really attempted to understand what it is that the Catholic Church teaches and what its doctrines for the past 2,000 years (given by Jesus Himself), you would CLEARLY `get it` and be living the words and teachings of the Messiah, Jesus Christ!!!
        NOTHING the Catholic Church believes in (Church doctrines) is against Jesus` teachings or what is God`s will for all humanity, and the fact that Jesus Himself clearly states that He is building His Church on the foundation of St Peter as its head (meaning its leader…the Pope) and that His Church`s teachings are infallable (protected AGAINST teaching errors and the underminings of evil by the Holy Spirit) should give you great pause in that YOU and others who spout off similar ignorant untruths are professing blasphemous words against God`s own directives for humanity…

        I respectfully suggest you consistently pray for enlightenment from the Holy Spirit and then start your path to this true understanding by reading any book written by the great theologian Scott Hahn. He once was a strict Protestant, very anti-Catholic in his thinking UNTIL he discovered for himself the real Truth behind the Catholic mass and Eucharist, VENERATION (NOT WORSHIP) of Mary as the most blessed and holy of all mothers every to walk the face of this earth. How praying for the saints` help in helping them direct us to live holy lives while here on earth, and also praying the rosary brings us all closer as the family of God to Jesus and also to one another. He clearly saw that what he and other Protestants thought about Catholicism was wrong and he quickly converted.

        To add an even deeper understanding of what`s at stake in this evil world to your new and improved level of Catholic knowledge, I also think you should also research these topics: Our Lady`s apparitions of Lourdes, La Salette, Medjugorje, Akita, and Fatima… start there with those so that you can learn more in regards to why total conversion to God`s Will is more essential now than ever, and how drawing closer to God`s own Mother, Mary, is essential in order to gain a deeper level of saving grace. Good luck and God bless! :)

      • Honey,if you had said go to dis book of d bible and read this particular chapter and verse so you can see where God says "I have a mother,her name is mary,draw close to her in other 4 u 2 receive my grace and also pray to me through her,I would GLADLY listen…..
        Also,if you can tell me where God in the bible changes his mind and says "ok,you guys can make a cross of my son dying 4 ur sins nd pray to it…oh and also,u will only be forgiven only if u confess ur sins to ur priest….I'll listen
        You can't say you believe in God nd you talk about him to people and blatantly go against wat he asked you to do….am sorry and I say this wit love and respect,bt I think its you who needs to pray for God to open ur eyes and reveal the true nature of d catholic church to you……..God doesn't HAVE a mother……God teaches us how to go directly to him….you have your belifs and I have mine…..mine is that the catholic church is a cult,the pope is part of the elite and all those people planning and preparing for the anti-christ………… I said,I follow the bible,my own pastor came out of d catholic church,he always says he neva knew God until he left the catholic system……….if it isn't In the bible then it aint real,if it deviates from what the bible says even in the smallest of ways,its not of God cos since God isn't the author of confusion,he won't say one thing in the bible nd permit his servant to do something totally contrary to what he said in the bible.this is my belief nd nothing any research or researcher or google or wikipedia or you says is gonna change it…….God's blessing and grace upon you,amen!!!!!

      • Woah, woman.. take your chill pill.
        Catholics are a "branch" of the christians…we all bark at the same tree 😉

        Taking the bible LITERALLY makes you sound like a nutjob.

      • "Taking the bible literally makes you a nut job" huh? How can u say you're even apart of a faith then…

        "Catholicism is part of the same branch" umm no it's really not what did Jesus say? "Who is my mother or brother? Those who do the will of God." Here's something else jesus says this too in revelations "you have this in your favor you hate the nicolatians as do I" or something like that . You might wana look into the nicolatians lol

        Finally Catholicism is the new babylon mother Mary is the moon goddess (notice how she's always portrayed standing on a moon with serpents) and catholic Jesus is Apollo.

        Study the fruits of the spirit and flesh then analyze Catholicism.

        Don't be deceived people many false spirits are out in the end times, it's no coincidence that lightning hit the Vatican twice before the new pope. Kinda reminds me of certain scriptures about a certain fallen angel and lightning. Now who could that be.

        Also the pope is claiming you dnt need Jesus to be saved to figure anti Christ.

    • The sabbath was for the jews. The new testament makes numerous references to the apostles gathering the 1st day of the week to worship. The fact that honoring the sabbath is never referenced after Pentecost is further confirmation that the new law meant Sunday worship for ALL people and that God no longer viewed us in terms of Jew and Gentile.

      • Er yes the Sabbath is referenced numerous times after pentecost.

        Acts 13:14, 27, 42, 44
        "" 15:21
        "" 16:13
        "" 17:2
        "" 18:4
        Hebrews 4:9
        not to mention the law preached about by Paul. The feasts etc werr fulfilled and done away with but not the Commandments they are eternal read Psalm 119 for that and also Revelation talks of the Ark of the Covenant whoch contained them and still do. It is an eternal Law and the 4th is the middle most important one.

      • RideorDie4Jesus on

        Actually Muriel,
        Great post, I surely gave it my thumbs-up..except for one thing u r incorrect about, respectfully. That is, that along
        with ALL true Christians, both Jew & gentile , STILL being
        required by God to keep our weekly SATURDAY Sabbath..
        God also wants us to start learning about, then actually
        attending, aka KEEPING, the seven Holy Feasts.
        A big one is the FEAST OF TABERNACLES. My Church
        attends said Feast every year.
        I will also inform all who read this who r truly sincere about finding the Real Truths found in your own Bible..I did alot of research before finding what I KNOW to be one of God's TRUE, GENUINE Churches. NOT any, like the RCC, who blend Christianity with outright idolatry and PAGANISM. & again do your research ppl..The RC church was indeed responsible for having the audacity to change Almighty God's 7th-Day Sabbath Sunday, to suit their own purposes. Also research 'Constantine'..a roman
        emperor. I did the research, sent various emails to various pastors & churches, made phone calls.Your efforts WILL pay off for anyone who TRULY feels they r being called by The Lord. He WILL lead u to the RIGHT Church for u..if u sincerely make an effort, & ask Him to guide u.
        In closing, may I also humbly suggest..
        LCG.ORG-Tomorrow's World tv program
        UCG.ORG-Beyond Today tv program
        CGI.ORG-Armour of God tv program
        Thank u for reading, & may our Heavenly Father BLESS ALL OF YOU..even ones who may respond to the Truths

      • Actually is there a thus sayeth the Lord God in reference to the change of His commandment written in STONE??? Not that I know of.
        There is no reference in scripture to the aspostles worshipping on the 1st day as they would have on the Sabbath. I break bread ie eat with my family everyday and pray over my meal, which day is the Sabbath? They were merely gathering together to talk about God as in a prayer meeting not the Sabbath day.
        Paul preached to gentiles on the Sabbath day in the synagogue and went back the following week Acts 13:42. James talks of the royal law, 10 commandments written on stone by Gods own hand, and that to break ONE is to break them ALL.
        To quote from the Catholic churches own material about the changes to the word of God should push you to check it out yourself, the fact she calls herself the Mother church tells you who she is, Revelation 17:5 says it all. And she has done a pretty damn good job persuading people like you, Define Media and Kaye that she is Gods friend when in fact she is His enemy.
        Rebel you are very RIGHT in what you say but sadly people will continue to not see what is in front of them and yet continue to peruse this page among others and not fit the pieces together.
        Jesus said if they say He is in the desert don't go and I'm afraid that some like those above will go because they believe the deceit of the RC church.
        God bless

      • I agree with you but you know many will be chosen and few will enter. some people choose not to "see" or "hear" because that means having to change, to give death to their sins. and some really are just unaware of reality.

    • It's ironic that I see the Jewish entertainers wearing rosaries all the time. I was stunned and then realized the Catholic Church was running the show behind the scenes. That's horrible!!!!!Apr

    • Spiritual Eyes on

      Yes, we are truly living in the end times so we should not think it strange when we see and hear different atrocities, tragedies, extreme weather, Illuminati, the craziness and sheer immorality of the entertainment industry and the world at large. When we see and hear of such things we must look up…heavenward for we know that the 2nd Coming of Christ could be any day, at any moment. I'll show you a mystery, we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed in a twinkling of an eye. The trumpet shall sound, and the dead in Christ shall rise, and those who are alive and remain are going to meet Him in the sky! Be ready, pray without ceasing, be spiritually aware for we know not what hour the Master will arrive. Be ready!

    • The synagogue of satan (judaism) controls our lives! They use the judaic perverted roman catholic church to brainwash dumb Christians into accepting idolatry (anti-Christianity). Revelation 2:9! The judaic hexagram is the mark of the beast. It represents 666. Do not be fooled, this is not the " star of david" but rather the star of satan. It is a satanic talisman. The children of satan control every facet of our lives. From usurious money creation and lending to the entertainment industry and organised religion. All designed to enslave us physically, mentally and most importantly spiritually. Do some research and you will come to the same conclusion.

    • 1000 THUMBS UP!…Little known facts. This I've know since I was young, fortunate to have grown up with Sabbath observance in my household and the knowledge of this piece of history (RCC changing the Sabbath to SUNday)…it helped to be able to defend my faith to the ignorant. Thank you for summing it up for the readers of this sight, as it seems most people do not know about this/choose to overlook the Sabbath and its meaning all together. Most People are unaware that all Christians who choose to ignore Saturday as the Sabbath and worship on Sunday instead are basically bowing to the Pope and the RCC even if they are not Catholic. Because the RCC takes FULL CREDIT for it.

  16. I was just talking about this with my mother – in – law today. They will not be putting that mess up here in Jesus name. We destroy that evil assignment at the root right now in Jesus name!!!

    • Freedom of religion applies to religions that don't harm other people. Harming and murdering is the basis of this "religion".

    • All you people crying "freedom of religion" are the same one's that want to remove religion, or really just Christianity from everything. So quit griping about Christians being hypocritical when you are all doing the same thing. Tommorow you will be screaming "separation of church and state" in another arguement.

      • That's a bold assumption on your part. I know many Christians who are in support of the entire Constitution, Bill of Rights, etcetera., and following all of the nation's laws, including complying with freedom of religion even if it only benefits a belief system different from their own.

    • vigilant reader on

      That's a good one Denise. I might have to use that one sometime! It is definitely applicable for many imprisoned minds that I know of.

    • In the same vein — ALL opinions imprison minds.
      Accordingly, the only way to "be free" is to think nothing.

      But then you're enslaved to thoughtlessness…

      A better way of viewing this is to what are you willing to bind yourself, and why?
      Because like it or not, you will serve someone, even if you claim that someone is yourself.

    • No it doesn't. Bigotry like yours imprisons minds. People like you killed thousands in the USSR and in communist China.

      Freedom of religion is merely this – worshipping whatever god one wants, or to not worship any god at all, without being coerced by the government otherwise. So simple, really, but of course, rampant bigotry and hatred like yours makes even the simplest of concepts quite complex.

  17. From Joseph Khan (Shakira and Rihanna music video director)twitter:

    Joseph Khan (January 6)

    I can't tweet details about the video because most of you are not in he illuminati.Sorry

  18. nofallenangel on

    Whoever decided to add children to the statute needs their ass kicked. I'm guessing they "created" this bullshit to associate with children who are vulnerable, so they can easily be misled. If this piece of shit makes its way to Chicago, I'm burning it!!

    • "get 'em while their young" — oh wait, they already do that with music, movie, school cirriculum.
      Maybe this statue is more what's already happened, and a projection of the future.

    • Also the erect cadeucus (Medical symbol) in his lap represents an erect penis in every Baphomet archetype; without fail. So those are children huddling around the pedophile who will extract and vamp their innocent energy unto death

      • The Cadeus is Hermes symbol for his magic staff.

        And Baphomet happens to have one on his lap which is "phallus" shaped. The cadeus does not represent a penis, the cadeus is phallus shaped which can lead on to believe it is a penis.

        Baphomet is influenced by hermeticism and thus the Cadeus symbolism.

  19. Anyone else here believe the "privately funded" 10 Commandments monument, adorned with an all-seeing eye and tagged with a Roman Church Chi-Ro and 2 Hexagrams was to serve as a catalyst from the get-go so the Satanist group can seriously try to get this Monument set up?

    I wouldn't be surprised.

  20. Real talk Z.A on


    Baphomet points up and down to represent duality, he silently preaches enlightenment through the practice of opposite extremes, which means that u should not only love, but fear aswell (fear is really the opposite of love, hate is just the fruit of fear) my question to you, America, is does that feel rite in your spirit?

    I want to tell you about my God, I worship Love, please don't get me wrong, not societies perversion of love but true, Patient, Kind, doesn't envy or parade itself, covers ALL, speaks no evil nor rejoices in iniquity, humble kind of love. The biggest reason for Jesus' life was to demonstrate the Love that I'm talking about. It was his living Love sacrifice that made him worthy of dying for the sins of the world.

    My point is that there's no duality in real Love, 1st John 4V8 says "he who doesn't love, doesn't know God for God is love" and therefore there cannot be any duality in God because God is true Love (they even perverted those two words "true love" and sent the world on a Qwest to look for it in a human when they should be looking for God)

    I humbly beg you to vigorously protest this monument to duality, what good is good if it's backed by evil? Ask yourself, what's next, if freedom of religion should allow for this, will freedom of choice allow for pedophilia? freedom of speech already allows disrespect between young and old.

    Are you confused? in what god do you trust? infact, you not only fooling yourself but you children aswell. wake up and come out of Babylon!

  21. I want to say that even if the Ten Commandments were correct on the monument the two are not equal. If they were to be, then it should be a list of laws that Satanists follow and live by. That would be more along the lines of fair and equal. This is to trump the first monument and make a statement, not to share a belief and support.

  22. Everyone's Brother on

    VC readers/commenters:
    1. Stop trying to explain how a scary looking goat head on a man's body, an idol openly worshipped by the CHURCH OF SATAN, is actually not representative of evil. Do you worship it? Don't think so. It's evil!!
    2. Stop trying to belittle those of faith as the real slaves, and how pedophiles in the church's hierarchy disprove the existence or validity of a Christian God. It only proves man's ability/desire to corrupt and infiltrate any organizations of power and influence, which it has done very successfully.
    3. Stop trying to search for even more alternative information (aka disinformation), to help you connect the dots even further. After understanding VC's message, you must ask yourself what you believe in. Once decided, the rabbit hole must be exited as often as possible.

    I believe in the Bible. I believe in the God of Abraham, and I believe in Jesus as the Son of God. The message and wisdom in both the old and new testaments, to me, are pure gold. If you don't believe this, that is your right. I suggest you crack the book though, switching between both old and new. Instead of looking for obvious differences between the two, try looking for the similarities! One of my friends is an Atheist and says she has read the entire Book. I don't believe her, because she supported her argument by googling the verses that she wanted to use right in front of me. That is not an argument, and if done from both sides, is more of a video game debate. Truth is simple yet we continue to complicate it. Learning is easy yet we claim to already know. God bless you all.

    "Before I live as if God ain't real I'd rather die first."
    -Big K.R.I.T.

  23. I expect at some point in time there will be a values reversal that will be part of the New World Order and the Luciferian New Age. They will call evil good, and good evil. This is what Hitler vowed, I've read, as he admired the Spear of Destiny prior to his rise to infamy. He would have it so that everything Christ called good, He would call evil, and everything Christ taught was evil, he would call good. Can you imagine that kind of world?

  24. All this Satanist symbolism in pop and rap music must have gotten the people ready for this. Always remember these evil elitists work very slowly and methodically. I was on Huff post yesterday debating this same topic. But, didn't know that the 10 commandments plaque had an all seeing eye on the top. WOW. But for the bamphomet Satanist statue, there were so many people on huff that supported it, and bashed Christianity in the same post. Idiots didn't realize that the 10 commandments were around before Christianity. The main reason for all the satanic symbolism in music and videos was to get people soft and brainwashed into falling and accepting this b.s.

  25. I live in Oklahoma and I refuse to allow this to be placed in our state! Us Okies will mount up. It will never be approved in one of the reddest of red states. publicity stunt for sure!

    • RepeatingHistory on

      I certainly hope you're right.
      But I can also see a scenario where this passes because of "equal protection."
      Too many people are too ready to let this in without critical thinking, or attempt to defend it with puerile argumentation, even on the buckle of the bible belt.

      • I live in Oklahoma as well. I also hope youre right that it doesnt get put up. Like said this is one of the "reddest" states lol, but the thing is, there's gonna be arguing and all and it could wind up being put up. We actually talked about this the other day in science, and IF it does actually get put up, people from here will just go tear it down, so im not to worried about it. I hope it'll just blow over and wont happen, but I doubt it. We were warned in the Bible, and now its happening..

      • And hopefully, everyone of your morons that say you will tear it down will be caught, and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Of course it is something you don't like, so it is fine to tear it down. You are the same idiots that would foam at the mouth if someone threatened to tear down the 10 Commandments monument. Religious Hypocrites.

  26. The 10 commandments have the all seeing eye!! I do not know if that's a real PIC but I have never believed in religion and I never will, I tell my son the same thing. I think this illumination stuff will ruin planet earth but tbh we as humans have destroyed most of the planet so maybe a good thing? Vc you really have opened my eyes….. Thank you x

  27. How someone can sit and write that freedom of religion applies here baffles me.our sense of right aand wrong is practcally non existent………..and to all of you saying "baphomet is a bad simbol" you are all delusional,playing right into wat "they" want you to think…did you even read the headline?? It says "SATANIC temple" not temple of,EVEN IF bophomet was not evil in the first place as some of you say,this particular structure dats is about to be erected by this particular group is forget watever you maybe thinking baphomet symbolizes and wake up from this terrible slumber nd smell all the bulls*** they are feeding you
    This is going to be a very interesting year….God help us all

    • Do ANY of the posters on this thread even have a clue about what Satanists actually believe? No, it appears not. It is not a religion. Satanist do not believe in a devil to worship. It is simply a philosophy, and a way of life. It is basically an atheist group that uses "evil" symbolism to make a point.

      • "Satanist do not believe in a devil to worship. It is simply a philosophy, and a way of life"

        MY GOD you are ignorant!!!!!!! I pray God opens your eyes nd delivers you befor its too late

      • Its really sad that people still doubt this stuff,after all the evidence…….so,its either you really are ignorant or you are so scared that you don't want to accept that things are happening,HORRIBLE things that basically defile what humanity is about…which ever one it is tho,it is sad,really sad and pityful………I really do hope people like you and psycho13 eventually come to see the truth…..I'll be praying for you guys…

      • Actually, if you read Anton LaVey's writings and read about his Satanic cult, LaVey did worship Satan. LaVey routinely tried to conjure (call) Satan into his midst.
        Satan is worshipped by Satanists (and other cults) as the embodiment of "freedom." The Satanic commandment of, "Do as thou wilt" is used as a smoke screen meant to deceive the gullible masses into believing that Satanism is nothing more than a belief in absolute freedom of thought and expression.
        Nothing could be further from the truth.

  28. Daughteroftheking on

    Its all about mocking God… The Masons the Elite and Satan worshippers all love to mock the one true God…From the misspellings on the 10 commandments to erecting the Satan Baphomet statue next to the 10 commandments is all mocking God…This statue resembles similar statues of Jesus when the children came to Him and his disciples tried to send the children away and then Jesus saying in Matthew 19:14

    "But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven"

    Its almost like the children represented next to the Baphomet is a form of mocking Gods children however instead of them running up to Jesus the creators of this evil Statue depict the children coming unto Satan…
    Sickening! :(

    • You're absolutely right! This occurred to me as well. Santa also comes to mind. I pray that more ppl will wake up before it's too late.

    • Well they can't depict the actual reality of children's behavior with Satan. In real life, the children would have to be tied down in order to prevent their escape. They would not volunteer to be near such evil.

  29. maybe this statue coming up is the best thing to happen. think about how many people you know, even Christians in church, still listen to the music of today & idolize all these singers, movie "stars", athletes, etc..etc.. who openly worship satan the baphomet. from the clothing they wear, the signs they throw up with their hands. the "fruit of their spirit" comes thru but yet so many folks keep supporting those same people because "it's art" or "it's just a song", "it's just a shirt"…etc…. many have no clue who they idolize. at least now they will see the connection…& hopefully wake up! the sad part is that many won't care…the programming has many desensitized.

    keep praying & seeking – peace in JESUS name.

  30. While distasteful, this proposition represents freedom of religion, not "freedom for YOUR religion". If they will have the ten commandments in a government building, then they must allow ALL religions to erect their own monuments. Otherwise, it slaps our secular constitution in the face, and shows hypocrisy to a new level.

    • Satanism isn't a religion, it's an aspect of Christianity and an attack on Christianity simultaneously. It's like having a Buddha statue, and then having someone come in with a Statue of Buddha with his head being cut off and calling that it's own religion. Satanism is the shadow of Christianity….Satan is part of Christianity so this Baphomet statue is a mockery of Christian Monument in the same room, it's not it's own separate unrelated religion.

    • the ironic thing is that those 10 commandments come from the same group of people, in no way would a real "Christian" 10 commandments statue be made with the all seeing eye, the upside down flag and the reversed eagle – specially misspell the word "Sabbath" – this was erected to give way to themselves so they may also erect the statue of satan – this opens the door for their statue –

      I think we all fell for the lie that this country was established by the people for the people to worship GOD openly – the reality is that they didn't tell us what god we would be worshipping, and everyday it's proven that the god intended was satan. what comes out of this country is what is accepted and copied all around the world.

      welcome to Babylon….

    • The problem is though, Mac, that they want to turn their "freedom of Satanic religion" into an all-pervasive theocracy that prohibits the worship of the true God. So they're only using the "freedom of religion" line for their advantage when the truth is that they do not want freedom of religion. They want THEIR religion to reign over all the earth. They will fail, though they don't know it yet.

  31. What difference would that statue make?

    Every State and Government Building has a Baphomet Shrine somewhere in the building's backrooms or sub-basement levels anyways. And clearly even the statues and shrines they do have out in the open are contaminated by NWO symbology, so this is clearly a lose-lose situation when it comes to Federal Government and State Government ideals and positions. They are all far gone into Lucifer's arms, they are indeed already Lucifer and Baphomet driven institutions.

    Sorry to be pessimistic.

    Those misspellings are exactly that! Misrepresented Letters in "Spellings" = Black magic "Spells" = Desecration of any Fundamentalist Christian Monuments that appear to be clearly oriented towards the Good. That 10 Commandments monument is altered into darkness. You cannot have a sacred anything when it is capped by the All Seeing Eye of NWO's Luciferian teams and further contaminated by their purposeful misspellings or misspells or bad spells or black spells or black magic (You see what I did there) I'm trying to expose the simplicity of what a spell is, it always in the end relates to letters and spellings, and a miss-spell is a bad spell is a bad "spell" on the 10 Commandments Monument. It is already destroyed. In fact it is probably so destroyed that it is contributing to the attraction of this other Baphomet Statue seeking to be built by it's side.

    Good Eyes VC on those misspellings. And as always Good Eyes Blessings to all those other Vigilant Citizens seeing through the lines and beelining past Beelzebub to those "hidden in plain sight" truths. Seeing through all this Beast garbage is the one way path towards higher dimensions of consciousness and clearer realities!

  32. Scary times we live in…a country in which horror movies, illuminati crap, violence and perversion are all over the place…yet a message of love, hope, forgiveness and grace through Jesus and 10 basic commandments are deemed by some offensive and abhorrent. Now they want to practice idolatry by adoring the ruler of all evil. I really don't get it. That's ok, they can build it…they shall be blown up the same day as the GA tablets.

  33. If it's so important to them why don't they put it on their own property instead of the state's? They just want the publicity but everyone's laughing at them. We all know that if they put this statue up someone would destroy it. Hard to believe that they are serious. Lol

    • TelluluSnape on

      because Christians put up the ten commandments on public property and if they are allowed to do so, then ALL religious people of ALL religions should be able to do so. I would much prefer if people respected separation of church and state. Religion never does good in the government and when using one's own religious views in politics runs the risk of oppressing people who do not believe the same way.

    • If that word was spelled correctly on that Monument, then that would mean that conversely, you are spelling it wrong!
      Maidservant correct spelling
      Maidseruant incorrect spelling – found on this 10 Commandment Monument

      Maybe you were looking at the picture of the misspelling on a tiny cellular phone

  34. Mountain King on

    I've seen this story all over the net lately, but only VC points out the all seeing eye on the Ten Commandments monument. That's the real story here. It says to me, " welcome to OKC, center of the Bible Belt. We erect this monument to pacify the Christians around here but we all know who is really in charge".That retarded looking goat-man statue will never see the light of day because the luciferian masters won't allow it. They already have representation , hidden in plain sight

  35. I knew this before new years eve listened on radio goverment said "freedom of religion" and forecasters made jokes about it But certainly it scares me

  36. i love how people try to say that this doesnt have anything to do with satan. no , its only the symbol of anton levays church of satan and originally used by elphias levi for black magic. traces back to the goat of mendes in hermetic egypt which is where pan comes from. templars where burned at the stake for worshiping the baphomet.

    lol nothing to do with satan nothing to see here kids.

  37. I'm ok with it. The god of the bible does terrible stuff, i'd go for Satan if i had to choose between the 2, but i'm lucky to not have to. I wouldn't allow my child to follow that mass murderous creature Abrahamic religions call God. Not the Satan either, I just want people to be open-minded, it's all the same, love yourselves and love each other, don't follow any garbage and study it all – you'll be surprised – thank you!!!

  38. Well I think it should go up. Its primarily their own fault for putting up the ten commandments . Last time I heard religion and the state are separated and are not bias or are bias to a specific religion. The united States is supposed to and is a secular nation. This country was not founded to be a christian nations, the founding fathers weren't even Christians, but to be a secular place where no one could be prosecuted based on their beliefs. So they worship Lucifer or Satan? Who cares, let them. LetS not be hypocritical and say they are worshiping evil. Last time I saw it, god was the one primarily in the bible who committed genocide against a variety of people just because they didn't believe in him. All I see in the bible is a jealous tyrannical lord that says ifnyoy don't worship me, I will kill you and sent you to hell unless you give yourself to be. If that's love I don't know what love it

    • It's not secular either to have the Satan statue put on state property so it shouldn't go up. If the equal treatment bothers America so much then it would be better to take down the ten commandments statue and as it seems to be Freemason, Illuminati anyway informed Christians shouldn't mind.

      The whole they have theirs up, why can't we argument is so childish anyway whatever the subject matter. Bunch of babies.

  39. Anyone else more disturbed by the all seeing eye on the 10 commandments and the difference in text than the baphomet statue? At least the satanists are being UPFRONT about their loyalties and intentions instead of hiding the truth. That is more sinister. Also, I agree we have freedom of speech but the fact that this is even HAPPENING says ALOT about the days we are in.

  40. It is not so much the wealth and power they thirst for through sacrifice but it is the actual energy released. The thought process is as the time of death the human body/mind/soul releases huge amounts of energy and this energy can be absorbed by humans close or touching the sacrifice. Needless to say – the heightened energy of fear/pain/anguish/agony etc. is the energy that these 'entities' really feed (another reason for continuous wars, famine, created disasters etc.). Logic therefore asks is there a link between the fact the super wealthy Elites live to an old age and this kind of sacrifice? Who knows. Like you say Ple, children have the purest energy thus are the obvious sacrifice. This has been going on since ancient times and has NEVER gone away. It is the glue that holds these people together (all the people involved will be the top half of the 33 levels of masonry). The rest is ritual and ceremony.

    • Let them live as long as they can. They are probably inhibited by legions of demons and they have medical staff on call, thus their lives are extended. Also it's said that wicked people live longer because God allows them to, so they can't turn around during the second coming to demand explanation as to why they will end up in hell. They are given plenty of chanced during their lifetime. The last bit is not my own guess though.

  41. That is what they want: CHILDREN SMILING TO BAPHOMET. And the job of Hollywood and the Music Industry: Introduce gradually Satanism to the kids.

  42. It's pretty clear that the Ten Commandments is using the original intended purpose of the "Eye of Providence." God is always watching? Also, I don't think there's anything wrong with them wanting to put up this statue. In a nation that has a seperation of church and state, why is it acceptable for any religious dogmatic rederick to be erected in the first place? If they deny one, then they should take down the other. That's the point they're trying to make. It's ironic to have the Ten Commandments outside the court room of corrupt judges and lawyers. I would also like to add my opinion that the priorites of the Ten Commandments are whacked to begin with. I think it's whack that "Thou shall not rape" is not one of the Ten Commandments, yet THREE of them are just safeproof protocols for your insecure god.

  43. 1. Sit in statue's lap.
    2. Use it as a toilet.
    3. ?????
    4. PROFIT!

    Seriously though, who in their right mind thinks "yeah kids would TOTALLY be looking up at some creepy evil goat-thing and smiling!" NOBODY is cool with this devil statue.

  44. Sabbeth Maidseruant…in ancient Hebrew this means the name of the Demiurg also known as the Ipostos Xaritas or the Iconoclaust of Charitable Cause…also known as..Blind dog fulton…the one and only true prodigy of blues harp as originated in Missisippi Delta blues…made famous by robert johnson..who sold his soul to the devil…

  45. Notice how they have set the eye directly above the Ten Commandments as if to infer they are somehow operating from a higher authority than God himself. A simple visual reference perhaps, but one that seems to suggest that God (and his word) is quite literally beneath them.

    In view of this, I have decided to make sure I never refer to that eye thing as 'all seeing' ever again.

    To me, the eye symbol represents something weak, diminished, injured, defeated. Something that can only create the illusion of power through manipulation, deceit and weak minded, cowardly images.

    From now on, I refuse to unintentionally give it more status and power worth its due by calling it 'all seeing'.

    It is not all seeing, all powerful, all knowing and never, ever will be.

    Only God is.

  46. OMG! I have now seen just about everything!!! And since so many are satan's maids & servants, someone will let it go through and eventually we'll see this vile statue in Oklahoma.

    This is the ugliest and most vile thing I've seen in years and I've seen my share.


  47. Oklahoma? Why of all places a state which I consider to be somewhat conservative? This has to be a horrible joke. There is no way this disgusting monument will ever be built.

  48. Radical left provoking the Christian right for the sake of publicity and shock. The children and the rising cadeucus! We need to make public the Oklahoma legislature members who vote for it.

  49. I live just south of OKC and I highly doubt this will be let through. I think it's just a publicity stunt that is best carried out in the buckle of the Bible Belt. If there are any true "satanists" in oklahoma I'm pretty sure none are affiliated with this NY group. So the state can argue that people who are not vested in Oklahoma cannot put up a monument in OK. either way…it's just an ugly, tasteless piece of rock. It has no power.

  50. heavenly saint on

    ama start with saying that i gave you all the amaswers that you could possible want answered. I can also see that you read your Bible well but you must agree that that all that is written in The Bible is God's word. And Gods word is beyond all humans combined understanding. There is hidden meaning to all that is written there and all we need is to have the image/character of God-Holy for the Spirit of God to reveal it to you. History has repeated itself!!! I do believe that your faith is strong and that if and only if you follow my advice by visiting the link i gave you, you will find all the answers that you can possibly want answered. No human being will ever understand God's words. Only Gods can understand Gods words

  51. Of course, the bigots here only target Christianity as the worst thing to have happened to humanity. They'd never say that kind of crap about the Jews or Muslims. On occasion, one might make a half-hearted swipe at Buddhism or some other Eastern religion, but it's always, ALWAYS Christianity that enslaves minds, molests children, etc.

    This is absolutely rich coming from the same kind of people that want to lower the age of consent, the same people who have no problem with this statue of this figure and its erect phallus surrounded by children (so what if the phallus also has a DNA strand – irrelevant), the same people who think graphic sex acts should be taught to children in elementary and middle school, etc.

    As a Christian (and I'm not a good one) I just want to be left alone to live my life. I don't witness to people, I don't evangelize, and I don't hand out tracts. I am also not surprised at how disgusting our culture has become – I know that it's thanks to the very same people who keep going on and on about how religion is anathema to freedom, and how it enslaves minds, and blah blah blah. I know that it's a sign of the end times. I am never surprised when I read crap like this.

    I am tired of being demonized as a child molesting, close-minded tyrant when I am nothing of the sort, all because I am stupid enough to believe in some stupid sky god. I am just sick and tired and fed up with it.

    • The fact that you state it is only happening to christianity and not to jews , muslims etc. undermines the rest of your own point in my eyes. You have shown there is a limit to your vision and compassion to others.?
      The questionmark is on purpose, because i am not sure.

      • ddd have a look at that, you're right:

        "I told someone once, "What are you? Fighter Fighter of Christ or of temptation, do you know how there are fighters of temptation?".
        A Christian must not be fanatic, but have love for all people. ………….

  52. I had commented on raw story ( a site i rarely visit) and the cool hip twentysomething editor deleted my comment cause his spin was basically, 'oh look at these jesus freaks getting mad at a bad guy statue'. But what can you expect from an un-evolved left gatekeeper website.

    I'm really glad this story was picked up here because this is all part of how 'they' are going to be doing things in plain site more frequently henceforth. Right about the time I was annoyed by the editor dismissing my comment I noticed the new Heineken Logo which states 'The Future One World Star' it's like they are all working in concert to just push this subtle agenda into the daylight and then normalize it for the masses.

    • The heineken brand is not as clear as its beer…
      When you have nazi's or i should says sworn-off nazi's – if they ever excist – promoting it , it is not only about the brew.

  53. oklahoma city is right off the 33rd parallel. as well as the LUCIFER telescope in the arizona mtns…on the 33rd parallel! if you have researched ley lines, then this is no surprise to you. also, number 33…..numbers and symbols speak volumes for this wicked infolding.

  54. Why Oklahoma?

    This country was founded by Christians, and law is based on Christian law, i.e. the Bible. So maybe you can just look at Ten Commandment monuments as being historical if you don't believe in God. Unless you are one of those who wants to rewrite history, then I guess you'll want it torn down.

    Furthermore, I don't think that particular tablet pictured is really a Christian monument, due to the symbolism and such. Just another example of a symbol (the Ten Commandments) being corrupted. An upside star was a symbol of Christianity, it was also used on one of the original US flags. But then satanists took the symbol for their own and now that is all anyone thinks of when they see an upside down star, for example.

      • I think there is a relation with some people whose descendants sometimes still dress today like their family did then. Pearls are a special treat for the female part, combined with white collar and a bucklebelt.
        The ones i know are quite of arrogant bloodlines, pardon the generalizations here, and assume a posture like they invented Everything, and you own them. It is a stereotype.
        What do i know, i am not from the u.s.a..

      • I wear pearls and white collared shirts, though never together. So do all of my friends…it's just the Southern belle style, debutante thing.

  55. The statue as planned is beautiful
    Before reactive comments people need ot understand Satanism and all it really stands for.


    There are different sects of Satanism. Joy of Satan Ministries is Spiritual Satanism.

    Satanism is not a "Christian invention."

    Satanism predates Christianity and all other religions.

    Satanism is not about spooks, goblins, vampires, Halloween monsters or other related entities.

    Satanism is not about "evil."

    Satanism is not a "reaction" to Christianity.

    Satanism is not about death.

    True Satanism is about elevating and empowering humanity, which was our True Creator (Satan's) intention.

    We know Satan/Lucifer as a real being.

    We know Satan to be the True Father and Creator God of humanity.

    We know "Yaweh/Jehova" of the bible to be a fictitious entity, and the people behind coercing this lie, to be the true deceivers of humanity and the masters of lies. This is evident in the many contradictions within the Judeo/Christian Bible, revealing this text to be the work of human beings who had occult knowledge and infused it with power to make it credible, and to incite fear in order to control.

    We are law abiding.

    We DO NOT advocate or participate in any blood or living sacrifice. This act is Judeo/Christian, as stated in their Bible- Deuteronomy 12:27:
    "And thou shalt offer thy burnt offerings, the flesh and the blood, upon the altar of the LORD thy God: and the blood of thy sacrifices shall be poured out upon the altar of the LORD thy God, and thou shalt eat the flesh."

    We have found Satanism is the original religion of humanity. We have done our research. Satanism is based upon the ancient religions that predated Judaism and Christianity from hundreds to thousands of years.

    Christianity was a reaction to the original Pagan religions, labeled as "Satanism" meaning "enemy/adversary" in Hebrew. If you read through the information contained within this website, we prove this.

    Christianity was invented to remove spiritual and occult knowledge (the powers of the mind) from the populace and place this power in the hands of a "chosen" few to the detriment of all humanity. The powers of the mind and soul are very real. People who are unaware of or who do not believe in these powers are easy to control and manipulate by those who are skilled in using these energies.

    The Original Gods [Demons] were unjustly labeled as monsters and branded as "evil" to keep humanity from spiritual knowledge. Because of this, the human race has drastically degenerated both spiritually and intellectually.

    angelfire. com/empire/serpentis666/write .html/

  56. the funny thing is the second commandment regarding engraven images. Did anyone fail to see the Eagle engraved on top of the commandments. clearly this is breaking the 2nd commandment. Never mind about the misspelt words. The mockery commences even before you get to the commandments themselves. But people have become unaware that any image of an animate object is breaking the second commandment. don't get me started on the first…..


  58. Everyonewillbow on

    Heaven, help us. America will not continue in this manner- unwarranted. Destruction is coming, if God's people do not pray and cry out to a Him.

    We need to read the Bible that warns of this. In the Old Testament, we learn that many gods were placed in the Lord's temple and Israel as statutes. Each raised statue was destroyed.

  59. okay so I actually am a resident of Oklahoma and I am very upset about this. I just don't understand the Ten Commandments statue though? Why is there an all seeing eye on a Godly tribute and do the misspelled words mean something? Oh and plz do a report over the top song in 16 countries by John Newman the lyrics are absolutely disgusting! Plz anyone who knows reply thanks!

  60. okay well what I don't get is the organization is called satanic temple which is a religious group right. And in order for someone to believe in lucifer they cannot deny that God and Jesus are real. We all know who is goin to win so why do people choose so badly? I will pray for them!

  61. The occult are slowly but surely letting their presence known through these kind of deeds, although many would not really care about them. But in the special abilities of what the occult can do such as MK Ultra and numerology would definitely make people take notice more often beyond this dark illuminating proposed statue thats is to be erected at OK.

    • They don't win. They lose, nevertheless the faithful win:

      The Vision of St. Anthony THE COURSE OF SOUL
      From the life of St. Anthony

      >>Someday, at 3:00 p.m., St. Anthony was about to eat. As he stood up to pray, he felt himself n 'grabbed mentally. and the strange thing is that, while he stood, he saw the soul as if it has come out of the body and driven by some air.

      After seeing others, and terrible villains, standing in the air and want to prevent his passing. But what led him antidikousan with them asking why was it responsible to them for something. and while they wanted to make control of his life from the time he was born, the drivers of St Antony prevented them, saying: The Lord's erased all the sins of his birth.

      You can figure it only did so after you became a monk and devoted to God.
      Then, because the accused without being able to prove the charges, the road became free and unhindered. and immediately saw his soul back, and felt to meet and become again Antony, as was the first,

      He forgot to eat and then spent the rest of the day and all night with sighs and prayers. Lived ecstatic, as we reflect on how far we have to fight and with what pains one must pass the aerial crossing (until they reach the sky). and think that what the apostle Paul meant when he said, "by the prince of the power of the air" (Eph. 2:2). Why the power of the enemy is to fight and try to prevent those who pass through the air this way. So constantly advises: "Put on the whole armor of God, in order to resist the evil day, so confounded the enemy, since you will not have to say no evil against us" (Eph. 6:13. V. 2 what: 8).

      Once before, talked to some visitors about the path of the soul and the place where it has been prepared after this life.

      That same night someone invited him from above and said:

      – Get up. A Anthony. Get out and see.

      As then came out – because he knew to what must obey – and looked up, he saw a tall, awful and awesome, standing up and reaching up to the clouds. and while some went up, as if they had wings, he reached out his hands and prevented them go. Some but by flying to him and climbed exceeded undisturbed.

      For them therefore crackling teeth he tall, while rejoicing for those demolished and immediately heard a voice saying to Anthony:

      – Try to understand what they see.

      Then lit up his mind and he realized that the drama was the passage of souls in heaven and that those who stand tall was the devil, who envies the faithful. He held and prevented those who spend his slaves, while those who followed him in this life could not catch them because they passed taller than him.

  62. Ok, after reading this thread it becomes once again obvious that if you are not born again, i. e. if the Holy Spirit did not enlighten you with the truth yet that Jesus is Lord and died for your sins at the cross, no amount of information will lead you to the truth. Satan had countless names during the centuries and in different cultures, therefore ANY god that is not the triune christian GOD, is a representation of Satan! It really saddens me that all the stuff that VC wrote over the years apparently did not lead people to wisdom but seems to make them even more delusional. I guess that is the result of the fall.

  63. I'm conflicted here only because of the 1st amendment. It could be hypocritical for us to judge these people for wanting this statue and I'm definitely not a liberal. I just support religious freedom. We already have satanic churches in this country as well as mosques and Mormon churches. My point is, we are supposed to be a tolerant country.

    We don't have to agree with them and this statue is definitely not the first satanic influence as VC points out on a constant basis. I think we have bigger fish to fry than this. Let people live. There is a cosmic order and what needs to happen will.

    much love.

  64. PEOPLE WAKE UP..!!!! AND WAKE UP NOW..!!!!!! We are entering very very dark times ahead of us………God has warned us of these things and yet we DO NOTHING! I for one cant sit around and let these things take control of our SOULS. Yes. We ALL have SOULS!!!!!!! God is testing us…testing our beliefs! I dont even believe in religion because evil has cursed it! It is used as a separation tool. I believe in God, the Bible, His Son……and you must too!!! This test will eventually lead to your everlasting happiness or demise……and not meaning you will "burn in hell"…we are already living in purgatory! When we die we are in a deep sleep…those who believe and trust in God wholly will wake up, those who worship Satan will stay in everlasting sleep…that in itself is a will NEVER see beautiful life again! SO WAKE UP! Pass the test! Warm others…if they dont listen…….then save who you can………….we are only going downhill from here..may God bless you all!!!

  65. Personally i see nothing wrong with these people wanting to put up a statue just maybe somewhere else. The 1st amendentment gives people the right to worship their religion, but the problem lies with the fact there is supposed to be a separation of church and state so the government can't force one religious view upon the population. Which why I'm trying to figure out why so many protestors who are christian going to capitols against abortion, marriage etc. – your christian views are not supoose to influence the government because the America population isn't all christian, there are muslims, buddhist, hindus, wiccans, atheist,satanist,jewish, etc. you're not the only religion in America.

  66. Sorry, but you Christians are deluded. You and all other Christians are victims of a monstous hoax, that of a loving , caring God, Heaven, afterlife, all that.

    The truth is that neither God nor Satan gives a damn about any of us. We are just useful idiots to them. Jesus was an offspring of a human female and one of the Reptilians (Anunnaki), but came from a different group than the one on Earth. There are two groups of the Reptilians, those who were on Earth already and those who came from the stars (hence the name Anunnaki, literally Those Who From Stars Came).

    Jesus, like all other so-called "prophets" and biblical "heroes" -Moses, Abraham, David, Jacob, Saul, Solomon etc- was an human/Anunnaki hybrid. That's why spoke about his father who is in "heaven" = OUTER SPACE.

    However, there are no benevolent Reptilians or aliens, they are ALL evil to the core at worst and entirely self serving and indifferent at best. Humanity, as you may have guessed at this point, is very, very alone, and completely at the mercy of these vile creatures.

    Soon, the elite (human/Anunnaki hybrids) will perform the greatest human sacrifice in history, as they will offer up 95% of humanity to their damnable, worthless "gods" in massive genocide. The survivors will be rounded up and forced to become mindless slaves to the elite. The Antichrist (controlled opposition) will an human/Anunnaki hybrid as well.

    You might as well just kill yourself, because no savior is coming to save the poor, pathetic, smelly Earth monkeys.

  67. Lol, i find it funny how a lot of you are offended. I say this statue is a really great idea not only does this show freedom of religion but it shows that christianity isn't the only religion that reigns in the U.S after all christianity would not have gotten this big if it had not been for al those innocent people they killed and forced to believe. So when you call this "wrong" , "disgusting" , or "offensive" think about what your religion has done.

  68. Man I am just trying to remain positive as of late. If I keep a positive mind no kind of negative anything will be able to disturb me. I beleive there is an almighty power. We just dont know its story. The statue kind of creeps me out but who am i to say what people choose to believe is wrong?

  69. Divine Messenger on

    Sit on his lap children. Parents, Does this remind you of Santa? (Satan). GOD will NOT be mocked. Evil ones, Keep thinking you are getting away with your blasphemy. Read your bibles people. You shall soon see history repeat itself. Look to see what happened at the Tower Of Babel, etc…. !!! FIRE will destroy evil once and for all!!!

  70. choochoorocket on

    Why shouldn't they build this? America was founded on the freedom to practice whatever religion we want to. In all honesty Satanists are historically less violent, less murderous and less prone to genocide than Christians and Muslims.

    • it would be interesting if this opinion could be validated, oh wait it's the occult and therefore their practices 'hidden' so I guess we will never know.

  71. Funny when you hear about "Freedom of Religion"
    The founders of our country did not mean freedom of operation for any group of any faith when they spoke of religious freedom; what they meant was freedom for Christians to practice any reasonable form of Christian faith. The word “religion” then meant what we mean by “denomination” today. We must not as a nation endorse Islam or Satanism or Buddhism or any other non-Christian religion today because they are systems antithetical to the culture, freedoms, and laws of America. There are Buddhist, Muslim, and Atheist countries that people of those faiths can live in if they like that faith, but many from these other faiths have moved to the USA because they want to enjoy the blessings that God has lavished upon our country for developing a nation according to Christian principles. As soon as those Christian principles are abandoned, we will be impoverished like all the other fallen empires of history. Let the non-Christians howl about our bigotry, but America was founded to be (and should remain) pro-Christian, denominationally-neutral, but not religiously-neutral.

  72. if they build this within 24 hours
    some high school kids will have it in the corner of there garage
    playing death metal and passing around a dubie
    with there new statue

  73. This Statue just confirms the Elite's so called worship of the Horned "God". The Knights Templars used to worship Baphomet/Goat.

    I particularly enjoyed reading "Sunshine Mama's" posts, very interesting and they stood out to me.

  74. I used to come on this site all the time and then I realized how it flashes just as many (if not MORE) of these images than any media/site/etc. I don't understand the hatred people have, not as many people are "sheeple" as some of you call it. If you truly have so much faith and respect for others you wouldn't have to belittle opinions or talk about how dumb everyone else is. I'm not saying I disbelieve any of it or believe it. Just because people disagree with others being satanists doesn't mean we all have the right to tell them what they can and can't do, that makes us just as guilty. If Satan is such a great master of manipulating people, we could say religion period is his best work. Just a thought, and honestly.. leave you're immature, judgmental remarks to yourself, or your verses, or your etc…etc…etc… because you will never force your belief on me.

  75. Hypocrisy much? It seems the separation of church and state is perfectly acceptable so long as the only ones erecting religious propaganda at government buildings are christians. NONE of this superstitious BS should be anywhere near a tax-payer funded establishment. Religion is personal – keep it that way.

  76. You shouldn't limit God to he… and I don't know if God said anything that comes from the bible. If we are talking about the being that is our own consciousness itself, how could we possibly limit the creator to a he? God is male and female…. hes all and one… the moment we try to think of God as anything, we limit and fallback onto limitation of who God really is, and that is not describable by words… we have an idea of what all these images represent…. all mythological and religious text put together the whole microcosm of human experience… everything that people are capable of are in those books. Maybe we should take a step back from this absolutism that people seem to have when dealing with the likes of the mystery of creation itself.. The only way for manifestation is the creation of two… Once we have two,,, creation can take place… so who prays for satan? How must we grow, if we have nothing to pressure us into things. Creation is the name of the game. We have been blessed to create and imagine. duality is still one. the 1 is the 10. The tree of life can reviel all. Thats neither good nor bad. It just is…. Thats true joy…

  77. America is not a CHRISTIAN country. It is a FREE country, which is why people from all over the world come to live here. The government in no way should be More favorable of one religion than the other.
    Separation of Church and State ARE the issue here.
    Ever think that maybe the people who want this statue up saw the 10 commandments statue and decided to prove a point? Why that and not the other?
    Leave religion out of this because it is not actually a deeply religious issue, the issue here is freedom.
    Using "well God said…" as your argument for this one is a deeply uneducated as using "well Satan said…" if the monuments were reversed.
    It's not a battle for our souls, it's a battle for freedom in what should be a free country.

  78. How much evil have Satanists committed in the name of Satan and how much evil has been committed in the name of God? The answer is obvious- God is evil. Of course some will say that those who kill aren't Christians but then why didn't God openly punish those who do evil in his name, like the Inquisitors or George Bush? Because either 1) God does not exist; 2) God exists but doesn't care; or 3) God loves our pain and suffering.

  79. SeparateChurchNstate on

    I don't support this statue being placed on public property just as I don't support the installation of any religious symbols on public property. If you are going to allow Christian symbols then you need to allow all other religions the same right. This statue makes the problem. I'm no satanist but I believe they have just as much right to freedom of religion as any other. Christians love to force their religion on everyone. Religion has no place in our government. Anyone that believes in freedom should be able to see this.

  80. TelluluSnape on

    If they are going to keep the ten commandments up there, then yes I hope this statue gets put up. I hope the Hindu's get private funds and put there gods up, and Muslims, and Buddhists, fair is fair right. See that is why there is separation of church and state. People try to find loopholes for the gov to support only one religion and good on the Satanist for finding away to say 'hey, if they get to put up the commandments then we should be allowed to put up this statue.' I hope all religious people of all religions do this and get the funds to do this. Then maybe you'll see why it would be better if separation of CHURCH and STATE were respected.

  81. i don't like to say this but did you know that the catholic religion its also control by the free-masons, Really the pope and all in the vatican use hats with figure of a fish or a reptile you look out at the white hats that they use with sharp-pointed ends and of course the illuminati (aka) free masons control almost everything they are 1% that control the world its not breaking news

  82. People on here that claim to be Christian call this disgusting or a repulsive cult yet you know no one that belongs to this group, I know the bible says not to judge people and to love everyone equally, just being in a cult or be a satanist doesn't always make you a bad person. You don't know why they choose that path and for you to judge them based on religion is exactly why I hate alot of Christians too. They should put it up because who cares. You should be so dead set on your belief that jesus is your savior and your only God that minor shit like this shouldn't offend you but make you feel even stronger toward your belief

    • There's a difference between judging someone's eternal destination and his/her relationship to God and evaluating the behavior and deeds of an individual.
      I wouldn't allow a pedophile to baby sit my children, I wouldn't allow a sadist to take care of my dog or cat and I wouldn't allow a murderer or a thief to house sit for me.
      Does that make me judgmental?

      • For some reason this website blocked out the word s@dist when I said that I wouldn't allow a s@dist to take care of my dog or cat.

  83. Really? You people define the world very narrowly. Not everyone is a Christian nor does everyone believe in your devil.

  84. Can someone show me where the bible describes Satan as baphomet. No you can't it describes him as a man. Read isaiah. Fools will believe anything. I bet you all are afraid of the boogeyman as well.

  85. Why do Satanists (and atheists) expend so much time, energy and money trying to debunk something that they believe does not exist?
    I don't believe in elves, Zeus, zombies, the Tooth Fairy, or Peter Pan, so I wouldn't spend one second of my time and certainly not one cent of my money, trying to convince the world that these creatures aren't real.
    If God doesn't exist, why do Satanists (and certain groups of atheists) waste so much time and money fighting something that they view as mere myth?

  86. I tried to read all the posts but I may have missed some. Nobody I read has said anything about the difference between a monument representing a list of rules that our laws are based on and a monument representing a deity or demon or whatever. It's not a nativity scene or replica of the Pieta or a statue of Jesus vs Baphomet. It's a list of rules that gives some historical reference to what our civilization began with. Just curious what the various opinions on that might be.

  87. i called the stae cap building in OK. they said its still in the process of consideration. how do u confirm this stuff

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