Satanic Temple Looking to Build Statue of Baphomet at Oklahoma State Capitol


Rendering of the proposed statue

The Satanic Temple, a New York-based organization, unveiled designs for a seven foot-tall Baphomet statue to be placed at the Oklahoma State Capitol. The statue features Baphomet sitting on a throne adorned with an inverted pentagram flanked by two smiling children. (Maybe I should point out that the Caduceus rising from Baphomet’s lap also represents an erect phallus, which makes the whole children thing quite inappropriate).

According to Temple spokesman:

“The monument has been designed to reflect the views of Satanists in Oklahoma City and beyond. The statue will also have a functional purpose as a chair where people of all ages may sit on the lap of Satan for inspiration and contemplation.”
– CBS New York, N.Y. Group Applies To Build Satan Statue At Oklahoma State Capitol

The Satanic Temple stated that it has raised the necessary funds for the erection of the statue and it is now looking for approval from Oklahoma legislature.

In all honesty, I do not believe that this statue will ever be approved, mainly because officials would not want to deal with the public outcry. I also do not believe that the Satanic Temple expects its design to be approved neither. It is probably a publicity stunt and a way of protesting the placement of a privately-funded monument of the 10 Commandments in 2012 on State Capitol grounds.

If one looks closer at this monument of the Ten Commandments, one can understand why it was approved and why it is standing at the State Capitol today.

The Commandments are topped by the All-Seeing Eye inside a triangle, symbol of the occult elite.
The Commandments are topped by the All-Seeing Eye inside a triangle, symbol of the occult elite.

Odd fact: The monument contains two glaring misspellings.


In any case, Baphomet is the main figure representing the beliefs of the occult elite and has been for centuries. I do not doubt that, behind closed doors, powerful people would love to see this monument placed at the State Capitol. While a statue ofBaphomet sitting next to children with a symbolic erection might appear to be a horrible aberration to most, it is probably the most honest representation of what the occult elite truly stands for.

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460 Comments on "Satanic Temple Looking to Build Statue of Baphomet at Oklahoma State Capitol"

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Why do Satanists (and atheists) expend so much time, energy and money trying to debunk something that they believe does not exist?
I don't believe in elves, Zeus, zombies, the Tooth Fairy, or Peter Pan, so I wouldn't spend one second of my time and certainly not one cent of my money, trying to convince the world that these creatures aren't real.
If God doesn't exist, why do Satanists (and certain groups of atheists) waste so much time and money fighting something that they view as mere myth?

Some comments here are more creepy and distracted than the articles …

i called the stae cap building in OK. they said its still in the process of consideration. how do u confirm this stuff

I tried to read all the posts but I may have missed some. Nobody I read has said anything about the difference between a monument representing a list of rules that our laws are based on and a monument representing a deity or demon or whatever. It's not a nativity scene or replica of the Pieta or a statue of Jesus vs Baphomet. It's a list of rules that gives some historical reference to what our civilization began with. Just curious what the various opinions on that might be.

Can someone show me where the bible describes Satan as baphomet. No you can't it describes him as a man. Read isaiah. Fools will believe anything. I bet you all are afraid of the boogeyman as well.

Really? You people define the world very narrowly. Not everyone is a Christian nor does everyone believe in your devil.

USA is the one chosen to prepare The Antichrist….Let see what happens next to done that Agenda.

i don't like to say this but did you know that the catholic religion its also control by the free-masons, Really the pope and all in the vatican use hats with figure of a fish or a reptile you look out at the white hats that they use with sharp-pointed ends and of course the illuminati (aka) free masons control almost everything they are 1% that control the world its not breaking news

If they are going to keep the ten commandments up there, then yes I hope this statue gets put up. I hope the Hindu's get private funds and put there gods up, and Muslims, and Buddhists, fair is fair right. See that is why there is separation of church and state. People try to find loopholes for the gov to support only one religion and good on the Satanist for finding away to say 'hey, if they get to put up the commandments then we should be allowed to put up this statue.' I hope all religious people of all religions do this and get the funds to do this. Then maybe you'll see why it would be better if separation of CHURCH and STATE were respected.

I don't support this statue being placed on public property just as I don't support the installation of any religious symbols on public property. If you are going to allow Christian symbols then you need to allow all other religions the same right. This statue makes the problem. I'm no satanist but I believe they have just as much right to freedom of religion as any other. Christians love to force their religion on everyone. Religion has no place in our government. Anyone that believes in freedom should be able to see this.

You shouldn't limit God to he… and I don't know if God said anything that comes from the bible. If we are talking about the being that is our own consciousness itself, how could we possibly limit the creator to a he? God is male and female…. hes all and one… the moment we try to think of God as anything, we limit and fallback onto limitation of who God really is, and that is not describable by words… we have an idea of what all these images represent…. all mythological and religious text put together the whole microcosm of human experience… everything that people are capable of are in those books. Maybe we should take a step back from this absolutism that people seem to have when dealing with the likes of the mystery of creation itself.. The only way for manifestation is the creation of two… Once we… Read more »

They already have a statue. The colossal statue of Lucifer in NY Harbor.

Hypocrisy much? It seems the separation of church and state is perfectly acceptable so long as the only ones erecting religious propaganda at government buildings are christians. NONE of this superstitious BS should be anywhere near a tax-payer funded establishment. Religion is personal – keep it that way.

Thank you for saying what is only logical and fair… geeze the christo-paranoid nutjobs are everywhere here…

I used to come on this site all the time and then I realized how it flashes just as many (if not MORE) of these images than any media/site/etc. I don't understand the hatred people have, not as many people are "sheeple" as some of you call it. If you truly have so much faith and respect for others you wouldn't have to belittle opinions or talk about how dumb everyone else is. I'm not saying I disbelieve any of it or believe it. Just because people disagree with others being satanists doesn't mean we all have the right to tell them what they can and can't do, that makes us just as guilty. If Satan is such a great master of manipulating people, we could say religion period is his best work. Just a thought, and honestly.. leave you're immature, judgmental remarks to yourself, or your verses, or your… Read more »

But yet you took the time and effort and to come on this website and scan through all the comments and state……. "because you will never force your belief on me"…..Hahaha Bye Troll.

your inverse logic is fallacious and wickedly entertaining BluBoy.

Thank you

This Statue just confirms the Elite's so called worship of the Horned "God". The Knights Templars used to worship Baphomet/Goat.

I particularly enjoyed reading "Sunshine Mama's" posts, very interesting and they stood out to me.

if they build this within 24 hours
some high school kids will have it in the corner of there garage
playing death metal and passing around a dubie
with there new statue

Funny when you hear about "Freedom of Religion" The founders of our country did not mean freedom of operation for any group of any faith when they spoke of religious freedom; what they meant was freedom for Christians to practice any reasonable form of Christian faith. The word “religion” then meant what we mean by “denomination” today. We must not as a nation endorse Islam or Satanism or Buddhism or any other non-Christian religion today because they are systems antithetical to the culture, freedoms, and laws of America. There are Buddhist, Muslim, and Atheist countries that people of those faiths can live in if they like that faith, but many from these other faiths have moved to the USA because they want to enjoy the blessings that God has lavished upon our country for developing a nation according to Christian principles. As soon as those Christian principles are abandoned, we… Read more »
That is simply not true. Thomas Jefferson stated outright in writing in his Autobiography and elsewhere, regarding the Virginia Statutes for Religious Freedom which he personally drafted and which formed the basis for the later First Amendment, that some in the Virginia legislature had sought to insert “Jesus Christ” into it to make it mean what you think it means, but that that proposed insertion was rejected by the great majority. Here are his exact words: The bill for establishing religious freedom, the principles of which had, to a certain degree, been enacted before, I had drawn in all the latitude of reason and right. It still met with opposition; but, with some mutilations in the preamble, it was finally passed; and a singular proposition proved that its protection of opinion was meant to be universal. Where the preamble declares, that coercion is a departure from the plan of the… Read more »

Sit on his lap children. Parents, Does this remind you of Santa? (Satan). GOD will NOT be mocked. Evil ones, Keep thinking you are getting away with your blasphemy. Read your bibles people. You shall soon see history repeat itself. Look to see what happened at the Tower Of Babel, etc…. !!! FIRE will destroy evil once and for all!!!

It´s only the beginning, The master will rule over Earth!!!

I live in Oklahoma and the Ten Commandment display was put up for a vote. Satanism dispaly could be too I guess.

Man I am just trying to remain positive as of late. If I keep a positive mind no kind of negative anything will be able to disturb me. I beleive there is an almighty power. We just dont know its story. The statue kind of creeps me out but who am i to say what people choose to believe is wrong?


Sorry, but you Christians are deluded. You and all other Christians are victims of a monstous hoax, that of a loving , caring God, Heaven, afterlife, all that. The truth is that neither God nor Satan gives a damn about any of us. We are just useful idiots to them. Jesus was an offspring of a human female and one of the Reptilians (Anunnaki), but came from a different group than the one on Earth. There are two groups of the Reptilians, those who were on Earth already and those who came from the stars (hence the name Anunnaki, literally Those Who From Stars Came). Jesus, like all other so-called "prophets" and biblical "heroes" -Moses, Abraham, David, Jacob, Saul, Solomon etc- was an human/Anunnaki hybrid. That's why spoke about his father who is in "heaven" = OUTER SPACE. However, there are no benevolent Reptilians or aliens, they are ALL evil… Read more »

Personally i see nothing wrong with these people wanting to put up a statue just maybe somewhere else. The 1st amendentment gives people the right to worship their religion, but the problem lies with the fact there is supposed to be a separation of church and state so the government can't force one religious view upon the population. Which why I'm trying to figure out why so many protestors who are christian going to capitols against abortion, marriage etc. – your christian views are not supoose to influence the government because the America population isn't all christian, there are muslims, buddhist, hindus, wiccans, atheist,satanist,jewish, etc. you're not the only religion in America.

PEOPLE WAKE UP..!!!! AND WAKE UP NOW..!!!!!! We are entering very very dark times ahead of us………God has warned us of these things and yet we DO NOTHING! I for one cant sit around and let these things take control of our SOULS. Yes. We ALL have SOULS!!!!!!! God is testing us…testing our beliefs! I dont even believe in religion because evil has cursed it! It is used as a separation tool. I believe in God, the Bible, His Son……and you must too!!! This test will eventually lead to your everlasting happiness or demise……and not meaning you will "burn in hell"…we are already living in purgatory! When we die we are in a deep sleep…those who believe and trust in God wholly will wake up, those who worship Satan will stay in everlasting sleep…that in itself is a will NEVER see beautiful life again! SO WAKE UP! Pass the… Read more »

I'm conflicted here only because of the 1st amendment. It could be hypocritical for us to judge these people for wanting this statue and I'm definitely not a liberal. I just support religious freedom. We already have satanic churches in this country as well as mosques and Mormon churches. My point is, we are supposed to be a tolerant country.

We don't have to agree with them and this statue is definitely not the first satanic influence as VC points out on a constant basis. I think we have bigger fish to fry than this. Let people live. There is a cosmic order and what needs to happen will.

much love.

Ok, after reading this thread it becomes once again obvious that if you are not born again, i. e. if the Holy Spirit did not enlighten you with the truth yet that Jesus is Lord and died for your sins at the cross, no amount of information will lead you to the truth. Satan had countless names during the centuries and in different cultures, therefore ANY god that is not the triune christian GOD, is a representation of Satan! It really saddens me that all the stuff that VC wrote over the years apparently did not lead people to wisdom but seems to make them even more delusional. I guess that is the result of the fall.

Even if it is torn down, they still win.

They don't win. They lose, nevertheless the faithful win: The Vision of St. Anthony THE COURSE OF SOUL From the life of St. Anthony >>Someday, at 3:00 p.m., St. Anthony was about to eat. As he stood up to pray, he felt himself n 'grabbed mentally. and the strange thing is that, while he stood, he saw the soul as if it has come out of the body and driven by some air. After seeing others, and terrible villains, standing in the air and want to prevent his passing. But what led him antidikousan with them asking why was it responsible to them for something. and while they wanted to make control of his life from the time he was born, the drivers of St Antony prevented them, saying: The Lord's erased all the sins of his birth. You can figure it only did so after you became a monk… Read more »

The occult are slowly but surely letting their presence known through these kind of deeds, although many would not really care about them. But in the special abilities of what the occult can do such as MK Ultra and numerology would definitely make people take notice more often beyond this dark illuminating proposed statue thats is to be erected at OK.

okay well what I don't get is the organization is called satanic temple which is a religious group right. And in order for someone to believe in lucifer they cannot deny that God and Jesus are real. We all know who is goin to win so why do people choose so badly? I will pray for them!

Jesus was one of the Reptilian Elite. You really shouldn't look towards hearing him saying he cares about you.

got any proof of that sir?

okay so I actually am a resident of Oklahoma and I am very upset about this. I just don't understand the Ten Commandments statue though? Why is there an all seeing eye on a Godly tribute and do the misspelled words mean something? Oh and plz do a report over the top song in 16 countries by John Newman the lyrics are absolutely disgusting! Plz anyone who knows reply thanks!

Heaven, help us. America will not continue in this manner- unwarranted. Destruction is coming, if God's people do not pray and cry out to a Him.

We need to read the Bible that warns of this. In the Old Testament, we learn that many gods were placed in the Lord's temple and Israel as statutes. Each raised statue was destroyed.

Never read so many comments on this site "supporting" the enemy, ie satan and his fellows

You know, right wing needs to feed people with satanism to go to their agenda.


the funny thing is the second commandment regarding engraven images. Did anyone fail to see the Eagle engraved on top of the commandments. clearly this is breaking the 2nd commandment. Never mind about the misspelt words. The mockery commences even before you get to the commandments themselves. But people have become unaware that any image of an animate object is breaking the second commandment. don't get me started on the first…..

The statue as planned is beautiful Before reactive comments people need ot understand Satanism and all it really stands for. EXCERPT: There are different sects of Satanism. Joy of Satan Ministries is Spiritual Satanism. Satanism is not a "Christian invention." Satanism predates Christianity and all other religions. Satanism is not about spooks, goblins, vampires, Halloween monsters or other related entities. Satanism is not about "evil." Satanism is not a "reaction" to Christianity. Satanism is not about death. True Satanism is about elevating and empowering humanity, which was our True Creator (Satan's) intention. We know Satan/Lucifer as a real being. We know Satan to be the True Father and Creator God of humanity. We know "Yaweh/Jehova" of the bible to be a fictitious entity, and the people behind coercing this lie, to be the true deceivers of humanity and the masters of lies. This is evident in the many contradictions within… Read more »

Why Oklahoma?

This country was founded by Christians, and law is based on Christian law, i.e. the Bible. So maybe you can just look at Ten Commandment monuments as being historical if you don't believe in God. Unless you are one of those who wants to rewrite history, then I guess you'll want it torn down.

Furthermore, I don't think that particular tablet pictured is really a Christian monument, due to the symbolism and such. Just another example of a symbol (the Ten Commandments) being corrupted. An upside star was a symbol of Christianity, it was also used on one of the original US flags. But then satanists took the symbol for their own and now that is all anyone thinks of when they see an upside down star, for example.

Uh America was never founded by Christians and it's laws were never based on the Bible the f**k you talking about?

I think there is a relation with some people whose descendants sometimes still dress today like their family did then. Pearls are a special treat for the female part, combined with white collar and a bucklebelt.
The ones i know are quite of arrogant bloodlines, pardon the generalizations here, and assume a posture like they invented Everything, and you own them. It is a stereotype.
What do i know, i am not from the u.s.a..

I wear pearls and white collared shirts, though never together. So do all of my friends…it's just the Southern belle style, debutante thing.

Statue will be destroyed, as will JESUS destroy all works of the devil! JESUS SAVES!

oklahoma city is right off the 33rd parallel. as well as the LUCIFER telescope in the arizona mtns…on the 33rd parallel! if you have researched ley lines, then this is no surprise to you. also, number 33…..numbers and symbols speak volumes for this wicked infolding.

If you guys believed in God then you would not freak out about Satan

I had commented on raw story ( a site i rarely visit) and the cool hip twentysomething editor deleted my comment cause his spin was basically, 'oh look at these jesus freaks getting mad at a bad guy statue'. But what can you expect from an un-evolved left gatekeeper website.

I'm really glad this story was picked up here because this is all part of how 'they' are going to be doing things in plain site more frequently henceforth. Right about the time I was annoyed by the editor dismissing my comment I noticed the new Heineken Logo which states 'The Future One World Star' it's like they are all working in concert to just push this subtle agenda into the daylight and then normalize it for the masses.

The heineken brand is not as clear as its beer…
When you have nazi's or i should says sworn-off nazi's – if they ever excist – promoting it , it is not only about the brew.

Of course, the bigots here only target Christianity as the worst thing to have happened to humanity. They'd never say that kind of crap about the Jews or Muslims. On occasion, one might make a half-hearted swipe at Buddhism or some other Eastern religion, but it's always, ALWAYS Christianity that enslaves minds, molests children, etc. This is absolutely rich coming from the same kind of people that want to lower the age of consent, the same people who have no problem with this statue of this figure and its erect phallus surrounded by children (so what if the phallus also has a DNA strand – irrelevant), the same people who think graphic sex acts should be taught to children in elementary and middle school, etc. As a Christian (and I'm not a good one) I just want to be left alone to live my life. I don't witness to people,… Read more »

The fact that you state it is only happening to christianity and not to jews , muslims etc. undermines the rest of your own point in my eyes. You have shown there is a limit to your vision and compassion to others.?
The questionmark is on purpose, because i am not sure.

ddd have a look at that, you're right:

"I told someone once, "What are you? Fighter Fighter of Christ or of temptation, do you know how there are fighters of temptation?".
A Christian must not be fanatic, but have love for all people. ………….

I am not a christian.
And not a good one either.

ama start with saying that i gave you all the amaswers that you could possible want answered. I can also see that you read your Bible well but you must agree that that all that is written in The Bible is God's word. And Gods word is beyond all humans combined understanding. There is hidden meaning to all that is written there and all we need is to have the image/character of God-Holy for the Spirit of God to reveal it to you. History has repeated itself!!! I do believe that your faith is strong and that if and only if you follow my advice by visiting the link i gave you, you will find all the answers that you can possibly want answered. No human being will ever understand God's words. Only Gods can understand Gods words

I live just south of OKC and I highly doubt this will be let through. I think it's just a publicity stunt that is best carried out in the buckle of the Bible Belt. If there are any true "satanists" in oklahoma I'm pretty sure none are affiliated with this NY group. So the state can argue that people who are not vested in Oklahoma cannot put up a monument in OK. either way…it's just an ugly, tasteless piece of rock. It has no power.

Radical left provoking the Christian right for the sake of publicity and shock. The children and the rising cadeucus! We need to make public the Oklahoma legislature members who vote for it.

Oklahoma? Why of all places a state which I consider to be somewhat conservative? This has to be a horrible joke. There is no way this disgusting monument will ever be built.

OMG! I have now seen just about everything!!! And since so many are satan's maids & servants, someone will let it go through and eventually we'll see this vile statue in Oklahoma.

This is the ugliest and most vile thing I've seen in years and I've seen my share.


A statue of Baphomet with a boy and a girl standing next to it. What'll they think of next!!

Notice how they have set the eye directly above the Ten Commandments as if to infer they are somehow operating from a higher authority than God himself. A simple visual reference perhaps, but one that seems to suggest that God (and his word) is quite literally beneath them.

In view of this, I have decided to make sure I never refer to that eye thing as 'all seeing' ever again.

To me, the eye symbol represents something weak, diminished, injured, defeated. Something that can only create the illusion of power through manipulation, deceit and weak minded, cowardly images.

From now on, I refuse to unintentionally give it more status and power worth its due by calling it 'all seeing'.

It is not all seeing, all powerful, all knowing and never, ever will be.

Only God is.

LOL the Commandments.

David Star + All-Seeing Eye = Synagogue of Satan

Even the misspelling is intentional.