Boston Bombings: Tamerlan Tsarnaev Claimed He Was Victim of “Majestic Mind Control”


Every time I ponder on the Boston Bombings, the events surrounding it, the history of the alleged terrorists and the way things went down, things do not compute. Everything is shrouded in mystery. The Tsarnaev brothers appeared to be too “Americanized” to hate America; The way both brothers went down is still unclear; Everyone who knew the brothers do not believe the official story; The Martial Law imposed on Boston was excessive. The random house searches by the US Military was disturbing.

A recent article in the Boston Globe now adds another strange piece to the puzzle: The eldest brother, Tarmelan Tsarnaev, was convinced that he was a victim of mind control. The article states:

“He believed in majestic mind control, which is a way of breaking down a person and creating an alternative personality with which they must coexist,” explained Larking. “You can give a signal, a phrase or a gesture, and bring out the alternate personality and make them do things. Tamerlan thought someone might have done that to him.”

The person inside him, as Tamerlan described it to Larking, “was someone who wanted to control him to make him do something.”

While news sources point to schizophrenia, the symptoms described in the news articles could be applied to a victim of Mind Control with a trigger-able alter persona.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev first heard the voice when he was a young man.

It came to him at unexpected times, an internal rambling that he alone could hear. Alarmed, he confided to his mother that the voice “felt like two people inside of me.”

As he got older, the voice became more authoritative, its bidding more insistent. Tamerlan confided in a close friend that the voice had begun to issue orders and to require him to perform certain acts, though he never told his friend specifically what those acts were.

“He was torn between those two people,” said Donald Larking, 67, who attended the mosque with Tamerlan for nearly two years. “He said that several times. And he did not like it.”

The truth about Tamerlan will probably never be known as he was shot to death by police. The sequence of events leading to the shooting is still clouded in confusion and key elements of the official story contradict accounts from eye witnesses.

What About Ibragim Todashev?


Another extremely troubling fact related to the Boston Bombings is the fate of Ibragim Todashev, a 27 old man who got shot dead by FBI agents while being questioned about the bombings. The events leading to the shooting are still unclear. For this reason, on December 31st 2013, Ibragim’s father wrote an open letter to Obama in order to finally get some answers.

Abdulbaki Todashev says in his letter that son Ibragim Todashev, 27, knew dead marathon suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev through boxing but had no connection to the bombing or any other crime. He says his son voluntarily went to an FBI office in Orlando to speak with FBI agents four times before they showed up at his apartment May 22.

Attorney Barry Cohen said Monday the elder Todashev fears a cover-up and is writing to Obama one father to another to make sure that doesn’t happen. He is asking Obama to ensure authorities do not interfere with the investigation. (…)

He said his son was a loving son who came to America in 2008 to practice English and met Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev at the gym when he lived in Massachusetts.

Todashev tells the magazine the FBI “deliberately” killed his son so “he can never speak and never take part in court hearings” and claims the FBI pressured his son’s friends also to prevent them speaking the truth.

Ibragim Todashev died in May after FBI agents questioning him about his friendship with Tsarnaev allege he lunged at an agent with a knife.
–, Ibragim Todashev’s father writes open letter to President Obama

Why was this man, who willfully cooperated with the FBI and who lived hundreds of miles from the bombings, killed? While authorities claim that he attacked an agent with a knife while being questioned, this could easily be a fabricated story to justify a killing.

Like many other “elite-sponsored” events, everything surrounding the Boston Bombings is vague, unclear and confusing. And that’s the best way to identify a cover-up.

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193 Comments on "Boston Bombings: Tamerlan Tsarnaev Claimed He Was Victim of “Majestic Mind Control”"

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In ancient times before Christ, the Pharisees (lawmakers) of the time had invented debt-based currency and a code of laws for all to follow. Christ was the first real competition they had and the first real political revolutionary. So this ‘Synagogue of Satan’ killed him. In time, they had poisoned all religions, including Christianity, with truth mixed in with lies. They could not hide Christ’s existence, so they sought to sully his teachings, and deceive others’. By the 330AD, Constantinople was founded, alongside ‘Roman Catholicism’, which became a proxy for a new re-imagined Roman Empire. This new Christianity had false teachings mixed in with truth. The capitol was moved from Rome to its new site, with a further 1/3 move left to put the capitol where it was really wanted by the ‘elite’ of that time. In Jerusalem. But all roads lead to Rome, and the Roman empire collapsed as… Read more »
Wow this is creepy. Anyway, came to know about this site when I was reading up about the boston bombings. (Yeah, knew about it all the way here from Singapore. Was on news) So, I'm new to the whole mind control thing. Thanks to your site for opening my eyes. Was just pointing out to my bestie the other day about how weird the American music industry has gotten. With the obvious (eye) and pyramid. Started noticing them from lady gaga's MTVs when she first came onto the music scene. And it seem like wherever I look now, it's there. I'm not well versed in the occult, so I thought it was a fad thing in the industry. Like how some singer started the super tight, butt showing outfit and the rest just followed? Big names like Beyoncé, Britney, gaga, Miley, Rihanna etc etc. But I'm sure I'm not the… Read more »

"Everything is shrouded in mystery." Like what?

"The Tsarnaev brothers appeared to be too “Americanized” to hate America." Bang up investigation right there. This article appears to be tongue in cheek.

"The Martial Law imposed on Boston was excessive." You have leadership experience – let alone leadership of a country or city?

"The random house searches by the US Military was disturbing." Says the guy who didn't live in Boston at the time with potential terrorists running amok.

If you were watching the 24 hr news coverages then yes there was lots of confusion and to this day the story hasn’t been clarified and in no case should you have to sacrifice your rights for safety. If you lived in Boston you know who is in your house there is no reason the police should illegally search it, you’ll know if they are there or not. They did the same thing during hurricane Katrina, now what wad the purpose of that?

You know, I have actually met the cowboy hat guy who pushed the wheelchair for Jeff Bauman, the guy who supposedly lost his legs in the Boston marathon and who happens to be the main (only?) witness that Dzhokhar placed the bomb where he did. His name is Carlos Arredondo, and he was famous before the Boston Bombing because he set his truck on fire after he heard his son was killed in Iraq. I met him in 2007 while he was protesting the war in D.C.

He left a strong impression on me. I only spoke with him about 15 minutes, but he was very intense. In retrospect I would not at all be surprised if he were a victim of mind control.

Or, a paid actor.

I don't believe his story. He is just trying to justify his actions by blaming it on others.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev didn't say this after the bombing. They were on the run and then he was killed, remember? He said it several times before the bombing and he claimed that it started at a young age, according to the Boston Globe article. So it doesn't really make sense to say that he said that to justify his actions, unless he said it ahead of time in order to get people to believe it and cite that after he carried it out, in which case I think he would be telling EVERYONE and posting it on social media sites, etc, to spread that idea. The thing is, the official story is just littered with things that are very hard to believe. The biggest indicator to me that the bombing was planned and carried out by a group other than these two brothers is the fact that several members of Craft,… Read more »

I agree. Now that the word is out about majestic programming there will be an increase in attempt to use it in court. That's the problem with the truth is that not everyone uses it truthfully.

He didn't say it before the bombing you blind fool. Did you even read the article?

I think this is all simply more info. to discredit him and make him sound like he was crazy or delusional, or quite possibly suffering from a mental health illness such as schizophrenia.

Err, I mean Lawyers…

Yes, when I had saw and read about this, the whole thing reeked of MK Ultra. Yes it is a real thing and I am also one who was a victim of this sadistic practice also. I have no clue why people would want to follow other people who follow imbecile (little boys), who have no morals i.e. celebrities and the like.

Yes there is alot hidden for sure I heard everything on the police scanner alot of things were left out and why? Only god knows that's what makes me believe the government has issue's and true why haven't we heard anything about this since they caught his younger brother

News just in:
20 year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to face the death penalty!

apparently the boston bombings appeared in a family guy episode 3 weeks prior, its on youtube

As far as I know, FBI agents don't ask only one person to go and do an investigation or questioning.
Don't they have rubber bullets?
How about shooting him in the leg even if he tried to kill them (which I believe they deserve)?

So now, if my book fell while the FBI were questioning me, I could probably been "killed"?

Pretty stupid FBI move…

I still have questions bout the JFK library & if the marathon bombing wuz a cover for that. Wut got destroyed n that fire & y?

The bombing also took place when allot of foreign strikes or false flags tend to go down, in the middle of April, or what is known as a season of sacrifice by those who are worshipers of Bal (Baal, Bel etc), dark occultists. Columbine, various foreign strikes on other countries, V-Tech I think. There are allot of bad things that happen in this time period.

The brothers uncle, I'm pretty sure the one who was highly critical of them as 'losers' in the press, is married to a CIA employee, and lists his address in Maryland as his father in laws house, another person who is employed by the CIA. Another disturbing thing that people keep discounting or not even mentioned in the press is how the older brother was wearing almost identical cloths (different hat logo and maybe his jacket was slightly different) as the Craft guys on the scene working security, right down to the same color cloths, jacket style, hat color and back pack (even the boots where the same, brown looking work boots). It's a little suspicious that eh would be a look alike for the security team, a security contractor who had their owner and CEO murdered a few months before and used the name the Craft (yes it probably… Read more »

I am from Russia, i understand who this people are. not victims for sure. They really are dangerous. Many of them will never adjust to western culture so different there mentality is. They can be very, very violent. Western politicians supported Chechnya only because it was against Russia. And Russia is considered an enemy. Press called them freedom fighters while they were terrorists. And they still are. And americans finally saw it in Boston. They don't need to be mind control. This is who they really are…

wow you're from the same country as them wow you must know so much~ tell us more

MK Ultra has done it again, and of course, FBI taking out Todashev for some "mysterious" reasons that those "higher above them" would know about.

Did any not that the address of the bombing location is 666 boylston street? Can't you see, it is a spiritual battle people!

Well spotted! Thank you!

voice to skull (v2k) …targeted individual… gang stalking directed energy weapons… mind control technologies…

The dominant culture and worldview is inherently satanic, i.e., evil. This whole prison planet system is a revolution against GOD and all of CREATION. There is a war raging for our souls. Praise be to Jesus Christ, of whom, through and by which and of, salvation is found if only sought.

Nothing with the Boston Bombing makes sense…come on who stays in the same area after committing such an act and who goes to a party n hangs out like nothing with friends….i see the actions that were taken after the fact as a training proceedure to see how we the people would react to it.

I hate to say it but what if there is no conspiracy? What if there really are just bad people out there who do bad things? Think about it – there are plenty of people walking around with undiagnosed and untreated mental illnesses, lots of different kinds of neurotypes – not everything is a conspiracy. One of the major flaws I'm seeing in the conspiracy community is the belief that people don't do bad things, only governments and elite people do. If a regular person does a bad thing, they're not responsible, they're suddenly an MK victim of some shadow organization – while there's zero proof to ever support that. I'm not saying it's not possible, but to believe that every time something like this happens is a false flag, MK patsied event, is straight up illogical because it relies on the belief that all regular people are good. The… Read more »

I agree. I wonder if I can use MK programming as an excuse to get out of a speeding ticket.

I think you do not get the point that it is not about the name MK, but about the techniques used to manipulate people's actions.
The techniques are ancient and sophisticated. Combine those with the knowlegde of today of the way the human body communicates in itsself and the ways of the emotional ''brain'' and you have more power than those that watch television for hours daily and eat crap.

I'm sorry, but there are just way too many coincidences occuring as of late. These events follow a clear pattern, and even though I agree that there should be some kind of personal liability held I do not believe these people are merely carrying out these actions because they haven't been for their yearly mental check-up. There is a reason for their actions, and there is a reason for the decisions taken by the people behind the scenes. These events seem to be taking place more frequantly and the people behind it are increasingly taking risks and exposing themselves, this to me means that they are either gearing up for some major event or they are testing the waters, testing people's reasoning abilities and relying on us to rationalize this away, "surely not our government" , "surely not the entire world", "there must be a logical explanation" etc. The horrors… Read more »

While I believe this was a coverup we must be very careful in quickly attacking our government. This also is what those who want to destroy America and the constitution want. So while many of you think you are fighting the system in fact you are destroying the system and playing into there hands. Thinking you know the truth while the whole time being played yourself – as played as everyone else you think is being played.

So I've been reading articles on VC for about a year and my question is – what's the point? Hypothetically if the elite or the illuminati want to control us, in the end what does that do for them? If there's a group of individuals on top and the rest of the world are a bunch of mindless drones, what's the point? It would be artificial control over the masses. I mean if there's one person or group ruling the world and we're all brain dead I don't see the point of it. Is it just for personal satisfaction? I feel like power is only relevant if you have competition and if we can't even think for ourselves then it's basically like a child playing with toy dolls. So what's the point of brainwashing us and taking over the world? I read all these articles and they say these things… Read more »

It is to eliminate the potential for competition. They want to maintain an air of superiority. They feel that they are making "the hard decisions" that are saving the world They don't want to leave that up to us bleeding hearts. There also is a power rush they get in being able to completely control someone, that never goes away I guess.

i ask the same question when i see george clooney in that coffee ad, or george soros investing another billion somewhere. they are already rich to the max, whats the point in adding another million?

how many millions does a man need to live a good life?

"So what's the point of brainwashing us and taking over the world?"
as u said they already have money and power. but obviously NOT ENOUGH.

the shadow people behind banks and corporations control big parts of the world. but they want to control the whole planet.
another question would be, how do miley rihanna and co fit into this conspiracy. i think here we enter the occult reasons for all this s**t.

are we merely pawns in a a game of chess between good and evil (gods)? or are we the price?

I to know the SHADOW people lol write me back to discuss further

Very true, but there motives are not human. They don't give a dang if you live or die. They don't care man.

just the latest false flag, nothing to be confused about.

Ordo ab chao…

The mainstream media has propagandized again, so be it. It's time to realize what they've been trying to achieve which is to take the guns and establish a NWO. Todashev was completely set up because they didn't want what he said to go public, (Tsarnaev’s relationship with the CIA). So they shot him in the back of the head I believe execution style. Interesting, especially when your coming at somebody with a knife. This story has more holes in it then swiss cheese. They have no actual footage of the Tsarnaev brothers putting the backpacks down. There was a figure on the roof top, of some guy. Police performing a routing bomb drill the day of. The most recent bombing on russia shows another possible false flag. Most likely globilist fulled al qaeda or terrorist affiliate group. Just great for the winter Olympics. There is solace, light in all the… Read more »

Even as an avid follower of conspiracy theories for years, it's startling how little people feel mental illness plays a role in events like this. One can will themselves to believe any delusions they wish, regardless of being programmed by exterior forces.

Maybe you should try to dedicate even a fraction of that time you spent reading conspiracy theories to understanding mental illness.

Boston Marathon anagrams

MK Ultra induced Batman Shooting July 20th 2012
MK Ultra induced Boston Marathon Bombing April 13th 2013
James Eagan Holmes confesses to cellmate that he was under Mind Control the whole time. Holmes father scientist specializing in computer animations interface with neurotransmitter functions in the human brain.

This one speaks for itself

Upon superficial glance, I would say that they look completely Jewish to me to the exclusion of everything else, especially the visually appealing one at the top. I do wonder whether they were zionist suicide bombers on the Rothschild payroll who were hoping that Ahmadinejad would become the scapegoat and their much desired nuclear war with Iran would be triggered off. They must have been livid when he condemned the bombings. Ahmadinejad is really indebted to Sean Stone for a lot of vital PR that has come his way in the last few years.

Who's Sean Stone

I think Oliver Stone's son. He sometimes appears with Jesse Ventura's show "Conspiracy Theory".

Yes, take a dekko. He is eminently watchable and were he a little older I'll have you know that I would foreclose on that one. Oh, his theories sound interesting too.

How can he admit it when he once " confessed" with a cut throat, wow did his throat heel on time for this new confession …sarcasm…

Doesn't anybody think it's strange that he referred to it as "majestic" mind control rather than "monarch" mind control? To me it sounds like he heard about MKUltra, couldn't remember the real name of it, so came up with something "almost" right.

Orrrr gawd, It always just seems to go back to Mind Control man……(sigh)

Happy New Year everyone and VC, Where is my January SPOTM? lol

I just watched the movie Side Effects and while I liked the movie I really wish they didn't make it out to be as it were in the end. This post reminds of the movie in a way that is a lil hard to explain. I just think the official story verse the unofficial story tells us some what of what this movie says. Time will have it's day with all the ppl who were involved in the bombing

"He is asking Obama to ensure authorities do not interfere with the investigation." Really. I highly doubt that happens.

Kesha went to rehab because of "eating disorder"…reprogramed?
Mind control and satanic possession now is called "eating disorder"/

Your strength as a rationalist is your ability to be more confused by fiction than by reality. If you are equally good at explaining any outcome, you have zero knowledge.

Knowledge B. What's the science? Stay awake bud.

I was actually just tipping my head in agreement with VC. 'Think the way he used rhetoricals is lulzy though.

so now Craft International had nothing to do with it??? come on..

I was suspicious when they only "evidence" they had on the younger brother, who was immediately detained and taken away, was that on his facebook (or twitter?) he said "9/11 was an inside job".

The worst thing is… they do this all the time. They can tell us "we caught the perpetrator" and we're none the wiser. We don't hear from the perpetrator or even know who they are to begin with. Their background and life is painted by the media.

The people who will be targeted for any of these set-ups are either:
*people that don't really mix with society/interact with society
*religious people

Discredit. Discredit.Discredit

Innocent people killing innocent people lead by demonised handlers

I actually spoke with a lady who's father is involved with mK ultra II and it's a very real thing. it exists and not a lot of people know about it. To say it's in a conspiracy theory or it's fabricated is a utter mess. I think people need to wake up and see what's really happening in our country… even if it takes a lot of huge risks involved.

Can you get some info on celebrities being under it? Especially Britney Spears?Why is that even necessary? WTF happened to that girl.

Kill two birds with one stone, for the 'greater agenda" and for kicks and giggles.

There were and still are too many holes in this swiss cheese story NOT to think that this was a govt plot. I think the pictures proved enough. Media also tried to bash Reddit users for giving out false information. You see how quick that was shut down. None of the police reports happening in real time made sense.

I wonder if this way of controling people's minds has something to do with the terrorism itself. I mean recent terrorist acts in Volgograd for instance. Is it just about ideology or M K is involved?

Terrorism will never stop.Folks join destructive terror related groups for plethora of reasons. It has very little to do with MK whether we believe it or not.

I think this Boston Globe story is entirely fake. Why didn't this whole schizophrenia thing come out before December? How does someone on MK programming, actually believe they're on MK programming. Wouldn't they know about it? If he was, I would think it would be because the US needed them to be actual Jihadist. Many people think Dzhokhar wasn't a jihadist but be was. He re-tweeted some philosophical quote from kavkaz center on April 2012. That is the Caucasion Emirates web portal. He also had a relationship with a professor at UMASS Darmouth who was a former CIA agent (who claims to be the world's expert on Chechnya), since high school. How was he able to keep his Jihadist leanings so disconnected from his other personality as pot-smoking teenager? He also sported a Russian accent which he never had before according to his friends and wrestling coach at his trial… Read more »

yes, part of the initiation ritual.
thanks for posting.

It's certainly a good way to fool and frighten the public. Blame and shoot Islamic, Al-Quaeda-trained 'terrorists' killing the 'American way' of life. The government and FBI are totally incompetent and careless.
But, put the fear into people and they will believe anything.

I agree. The United States of America is being turned into the United States of Fear.

Al Qaeda is not a real terrorist group. Al Qaeda was a CIA mission.

The term terrorist has now been stripped of any ties to whom they told you were the terrorist. At this point in time, the term terrorist applies to everyone and anyone and to add to that within a 100 miles of the coast land is now a constitutional free-zone and confirmed as of today, the FBI is no longer for law enforcement.

I always felt the FBI killing of Ibragim Todashev was an example of gross incompetence. How could a trained law enforcement officer have allowed this to happen in an a controlled environment, which is what would be required for a proper interview. This killing looked like a cover up even if it was just sloppy police work. I hope someone lost their job over this.

The official story is fake boudi.

They guy that was killed by the fbi was a costumer where I work. He was weird and Rude all the time. He had an injury on his knee

I knew it was most likely MK Ultra programming of some kind.. it actually makes me sick that these are the people who are meant to be protecting us when in fact they are the real terrorists.

"it's not necessarily 'Mossad' nor the State of Israel per-say, we're talking factions of Globalists operating within a number of different Nations and Intelligence circles. These people are not loyal to Nations, Religions nor the masses. They are loyal to a future body: THE NEW WORLD ORDER, or in Biblical Terms, THE BEAST EMPIRE"

these people are not loyal to their OWN nations. yet they are loyal to israel. im talking about politicians in usa, canada, brasil, almost every european country. in japan and south korea too indirectly, because they are us puppets. and usa is israels GOLEM.

ever wondered why only in usa almost every boy is circumcised regardless of his faith..?

the new world order will have its headquarter in greater israel.

Circumcision is a form of bonding, forced by community onto parents and children. No way out, forever in their league. Am not against it, but encourage it to be on a well-thought-over-base, not done to kids.

When i am in a bad mood, it looks like a sacrife ritual to me : make the parents hurt the kid, cut blood. And my quesyion is why? Still, after a lot of discussions i heared no argument i could embrace.

Well said. My sentiments exactly although I do acknowledge the counter-argument that no grown male would to voluntarily submit himself to the scalpel in adulthood unless he is in the habit of frequenting a certain type of establishment. It is a tough one.

amaryllis you didn't tell me if you prefer circumcised males or not. I hope my question didn't offend you.

Well, Amaryllis, do you?
(i am kidding, you should've seen the look i had on my face.)

Not that question again. I should have got around more shouldn't I? It seems de rigeur.

Yes, to be fair most Israelis (around 95%) are far from religious. It is a positively Babylonian nation; one of the most secular, godless nations on earth with beautiful climate, beautiful everything (other than the elements projected to the world via media coding). It is Barbie-world. It represents layer upon layer of the milk and honey lifestyle even though the core may be rotten through and through. If it were a secular state (which it definitely should be upon the basis of the aforementioned), I would relocate there in a heartbeat. As it happens, it is the worst example of apartheid that was never labelled thus (we can thank America for that). And the politics will always come up trumps because it is called the Holy Land for good reason as will probably become clear in the last days. Ironically, most people think of Hassids when Israel is mentioned but… Read more »

The barbie world description is right. From what someone told me from a visit i was surprised to hear because of the impression we get from the media.

What happened to Dzhokar? (spelling?) He was on Rolling Stone and not a word about him since.

Not a detail of the Boston Bombings makes sense. They didn't even put effort into making it make sense. They know at this point there isn't a damn thing that will incite unified public outrage, that will incite people all over the country to do more, demand more, except just b***h behind our computers. Much blame lays with the apathy of the citizens of this country. Sorry, it must be said. 300 million people paying the price for the actions of several hundred leaders. Think about that for a second.

There was a huge article in the Boston Globe trashing him and his entire family recently called The Fall of the House of Tsarnaev. The same time, a story in the WSJ, also trashing them. While the government through their lackey media can spew any vile accusations they want to, Dzhokhar and his lawyers are under gag orders, and Dzhokhar is held in special confinement where he can speak to no one.

Notice a correlation between apathy and chemspraying? I do. Today people do not respond to events that 50 years ago would have them rioting in the streets. The most significant events, I believe, have to do with losing government acknowledgement of our inborn rights. And that same government is involved with spraying our air daily and poisoning our food with gmo and pesticide allowance – dumbing us down and poisoning us. Our governmental system is fundamentally and irreparably damaged, and must be created anew.

Does anyone think that maybe a lot of marijuana consumption could lead to very paranoid beliefs that everyone is out to get them? The real conspiracy is legalizing the drug so that the masses are dumbed down and unmotivated which will have a terrible effect on our economy.

YES!!! Nothing good comes from altering the brain chemicals. MJ specifically isn't as harmless as what the mainstream "alternative" authorities claim. The powers that be understand the allure of rebellion, counter culture, alternative and they've cornered those markets and sold back to us what they want us to believe on these fronts as well. They know what they're doing. They know how to make people think they're "sticking it to the man" when really we're falling in line with their agenda like everyone else.

Thank you!

Yep marijuana is really good. We need the occasional joint I guess.

Victoria, i disagree with you about the "brain chemicals". There is a plenty of substances in nature which can do real transformations in our lives and perception of reality and spirituality, like peyote, ayahuasca, etc. Do a research.

About MJ, you're referring about the recreative use of it. But MJ utilization can do miracles in many different areas as fibers and textile industry, can be used as excellent medicinal purposes as a powerful anti-cancerigenous drug and many other diseases like glaucoma and various brain dysfunctions, etc.

Do your research and don't believe in the "official" propaganda. Don't be afraid of looking for answers, and try to break down the hypocrisy barriers.

Willie, your absolutely correct. It's these type of people that make it hard for Mj to ever get legalized and made for recreational use. How could we see what the effects are on our "economy" when it's not done ? But how about looking at other states that it is legal in. For example Colorado just made marijuana recreationally legal & it's been medicinally legal for over two years now and look at them ? So reality1 & Victoria get your facts, do some research & then decide to comment. Ignoramus

Your whole environment alters brain chemicals. Your whole reality proceeds out of the various interactions your brain has with it's surroundings. Maintaining a blind allegiance to a singular perception towards reality is the only dumbed down path here Victoria and Reality1

I think you are way off here and your argument is a little silly quite honestly (That goes for you to Victoria). Cannabis was medically legal as recent as the 30s, and they taxed it. It was later made illegal by THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. Why would they do this if they are trying to keep people smoking it? I agree that marijuana should not be consumed just for recreational purposes. However, the medical benefits of marijuana are irrefutable and have much less side effects than the pharmaceutical drugs that the criminals in power peddle. Why is alcohol legal and yet cannabis is not? Because alcohol is far more harmful, dangerous, and addictive. The same goes for pharmaceutical drugs. Are you prescribed any medication? Do you ever drink? Hemp (marijuana) can also be used for so many things. It is one of the strongest fibers out there. There is also… Read more »

@TheRealReality I absolutely love your comment!! You are so right and I'm not being sarcastic. Finally someone who makes sense!

Marijuana was made illegal because of the cotton industry, try reading Jack Herer's book "the emperor wears no clothes" it's all in there.

"The real conspiracy is legalizing the drug so that the masses are dumbed down.."

you are right. but the drug is ALCOHOL. the "real conspiracy" is quite the opposite:
they allow alcohol because it makes u dumb. they forbid cannabis because it makes u think. it opens a door…

if u use it "correctly" that is. u can abuse and overdose everything. of course it will not make u a sceptical thinker if u smoke ur brains out with pure bongs every 10 minutes.

(i loved to get drunk in my youth, but i gave it up completely a few years ago. only smoking nowadays.)

@ The Austrian if we have a bottle of wine once a year and takes us weeks to consume it with meals, I wouldn't think it can affect us. Smoking tobacco is not a good habit either. We all keep trying to cut down on bad habits starting with the easy ones. What's easy for you, it might difficult for others and the other way around.

I do not do either of them.. To me it seem that the same dark hand handing us alcohol as well as marijuana. As far as intentional dumbing down is concerned all methods are proven good and effective. You know what I mean. Results of the dumbing process are quite obvious..

Yes hvns, especially given the young age at which people typically start to use it and the very real damage it can cause which far outnumbers the cases of grandma baking hemp bread for pain relief. If there was no agenda behind it, why would the music industry be intent upon glamorising it from the 60s onwards?
Some of the music out there which lends it glamor and power is mesmerising – such as Lebanese Blonde by the Thievery Corporation.

On a sidenote, music of Kruder and Dorfmeister can be enjoyed smoking and non-smoking 🙂

"If there was no agenda behind it, why would the music industry be intent upon glamorising it from the 60s onwards?"

because back then and now many musicians discover what a fascinating plant it is.
and the most harmless drug on earth. i think it has simply nothing to do with the satanic agenda we all know from reading this site.
as a passionate pot smoker since 20 years im in pain when i see persons like miley cyrus, rihanna or snoop dogg promote cannabis. they are bad pr for a good thing.

as i said before, smoking cannabis can open a door in your mind. but the minds of those people are CLOSED.

"the very real damage it can cause"-what kind of damage? have u ever smoked cannabis?

No but somebody I really love started using it at 15 and had a massive psychotic reaction as a result of which they remain fragile, dysfunctional and indifferent-in-an-irritating way and as you say, have had to carry using it ever since. You should count yourself lucky.

amaryllis you didn't tell me if you prefer circumcised males or not. I hope my question didn't offend you.

Now, this is getting a little weird.

Lol that's ok. Unfortunately, it would be hard for me to say based on a sample size of one. I'm afraid I am not really qualified to answer that.

Somehow I think Gladys will be satisfied with what she gets when the time is ready.

Everyone is different and never know what chemical reaction it may set off in a person. Depending i guess as well as what is in it. So for some it is very harmful. No thanks to any of it.

sorry to read that. i started it at 15 too. and want to say it loud and clear ITS NOT GOOD FOR KIDS. dont experience with mind-altering substances until you are fully grown and KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

but if there is some kind of psychotic reaction, it surely is only triggered by cannabis.
the psychoproblem was already there- smoking cannabis woke it from its slumber.

as i said, it can open doors. what lies behind that door depends on the user (his mental strength, his personality etc)