What Happened to Ol’ Dirty Bastard?



Rapper Ol’ Dirty Bastard was known for his unique rap style, one that mixed hardcore New-York rap with your drunk uncle singing Frank Sinatra at 1:14 AM. While listening to ODB rap and talk always made one linger between “I have no idea what he’s talking about” and “I know exactly what he’s talking about”, he was rather clear on one subject: The government was trying to kill him.

Indeed, shortly before his untimely death on November 2004 (at the age of 36), ODB repeatedly tried to warn the world that people in high places were after him.  Here’s a video compiling ODB’s rants about “the government” (Warning: Foul language).

While many dismissed ODB’s warnings as the “ramblings of a crackhead”, one thing is for sure: He was indeed heavily monitored by the FBI. Using the Freedom of Information act, Rich Jones of Gun.io blog obtained the hefty FBI file on ODB and his group, the Wu-Tang Clan.

The files document the history of the group, its many activities and its potential ties with the crime world. A part of it states:

“The detectives have documented, in their case files, that the WTC [Wu-Tang Clan] is heavily involved in the sale of drugs, illegal guns, weapons possession, murder, car jackings, and other types of violent crimes…”

Here’s the entire (but heavily redacted) file:

FBI File of Russell "Old Dirty Bastard" Jones

So. What really happened to ODB?

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I seem to remember an interview with Griff, where he mentioned ODB's blood line and connections with the 'Blackfoot' tribe. I think he also spoke about disputes over land – possibly in the 'Montauk' area (but I could be wrong about that).

The easiest way to tarnish someones credibility is to mention drugs. Most people who use drugs do not become raving lunatics, even most addicts do not. The world would be in dire straits if this was the case.

Most of us do not get to witness what goes on behind the scenes. Remeber that the PTB target specific people, often depending upon their energy. They know who knows too much.

Yeah, his native american family line were “big guns” in the new york area (before it was new york city of course) and he wanted his land back ; ). He knew too much and wouldn’t shut up once he did so he was broken down. When he went to prison he came out a changed person – not for the better – and alluded to strange s**t being done to him in jail – maybe given some sort of drugs. his son speaks on his behalf and says it was hell for odb in jail and it was very hard for him to adapt when he got out. i watched a video of him coming out of prison and immediately being herded into a car by damon dash and pretty much made to sign a deal before he had any time to adjust. that was dodgy af. odb was… Read more »

X = xxtentacion? Why would you say that he doesnt know s**t

Its sad but I’ll help you out ,he’s talking about Dmx man

He wasn't the only one portrayed as crazy, look into videos of Dave Chappell he was labeled a crazy crackhead who ran off to Africa from his troubles. He tells another story that actually makes more sense than what the media and celebrity gossip spinoffs made of it.

It's only paranoia if there's no conspiracy; the US gov't has an entire division of 'trouble shooters' trained in the 'dark arts' of character assassination, defamation, psychological / chemical manipulation etc. They're pooled largely from CIA ranks; specialize in media and 'handle' agents & ops in every social strata. It doesn't take an army of black ops soldiers to quell dissent; they simply nail down / make examples of ANYone who dares stand up to the status quo. SnowedIn revealed ony the tip of an immense iceberg; one designed to keep contractors & third parties like him silent. They don't have to kill when they can insert illegal materials / data into any mail, recruit 'medical professionals' to condemn one as crazy / lobotomize and worse. Terror by design.

He was probably selling dope for the CIA; like the REAL Rick Ross.

ODB was also a heroin addict. He was in rehab with Scott Weiland for a bit back in 99-00.

He was killed plain and simple, by the "same" people. Some really good comments guys, thanks and of course Cheers to VC!

There is a picture of a Wu Tang Clan member doing the one eye…don't know his name cant remember. I was not surprised considering they have lyrics "exposing" the Illuminati and yet they are out there "making it big", classic self-exposure.

They also tour a lot with the Guano Apes who have included Illuminati symbolism in their stuff.

funny the file starts talking about illegal guns and one being used to kill ROBERT JOHNSON . who was the black man who met the devil at the crossroads and sold his soul for rock n roll?

tha only drug habbit we here about is the one the mainstream media reports he has, for all we kno he was a fuking genuis.

quite simple VC. He was killed by the secret society. You didnt know? Come on bro

So many suss things in this vid. Says he was put in a psych hospital on release from prison and had to stay a while because not ready to be released. That is a red flag, he probably go messed him up even more in that hospital. The Wu abandoned him, I reckon there is a lot more to it than just that. They picked him off, or had no choice but to abandon/sacrifice him if they all wanted to live and get money themselves. Twisted af. He was f**cked and they took advantage of his personality – somewhere between “unhinged” genius and mentally ill. He had native american blood so would’ve been very sensitive to alcohol and drugs and prone to addiction as many native americans are. he knew too much and didn’t play the game and put the rest of the wu’s in danger I reckon. I wouldn’t… Read more »
He did a You tube. Com interview. Before he died was trying to get off drugs , left a message to his wife and children. Stated His wife – divorced Him also. If a person hooked on cocaine or any drugs, it very hard too quit the stuff. Because drugs affect the brain and the nervous system. When they get a craving for a drug- and none around them the body goes into muscle panic, sweating , head aching, vomiting and the body shaking movement some people get a heart attack then die because of the shock to there body. It’s said ODB had chest pain ect see the body craving another fix for the drug addiction. The cocaine also even Pot – canabis , – that is legal in many states today, when smoked or injected, causes brain cells, to be damaged . The brain controls the organs of… Read more »

Yep, just goes to show that heavy drug abuse and heightened levels of paranoia don't mix too well.

Oh please, this guy is just substituting out the white man for "the government", "CIA", and "Bush".

You can come toward two conclusions:

1. That Ol Dirty Bastard is so important to the "government" and so hated by "Bush" that the "CIA" decides after years to finally kill him.

2. That Ol Dirty Bastard was a suspect of involvement in a murder or numerous other red flags and as such, was being watched.

Only one of those two conclusions is rooted in substantial evidence and common sense.

odb committed food stamp fraud even after wu tang rose to fame. it doesn't seem unusual at all to me that he would be paranoid about the government watching him.

also, he was excommunicated from wu tang at one point because he would never show up to work on music/business.

i don't think there is really enough evidence leading to him being a victim of some conspiracy.

As usual, they mention the occasional smokescreen of 'drug overdose' to cover up their own doing since many buy into that bullcrap all the time…except for a few people like us here who know the real truth behind the demise of these whistle blowers.

May their souls rest in peace as their efforts to sound the alarm was never in vain even though most of them were rappers like Ol' Dirty himself right here who eventually turned out to be clean since the only thing 'dirty' about this is the hidden agenda of the elite who ritualistically wipe out these people.

Wonderful work VC, always keeping me vigilant with reports of these whistle blowers who were willing to risk their life for the truth.

Btw there is always some truth to what pple keep saying for example the illuminati..it dint just come out as a result of someone making stuff up.soo all of us should b aware of all this evil entities that are trying to bring us down lets put god first in all that we do for it is written in the bible in the book of revelation that satan will not triumph but GOD our mighty father will prevail.

P.S why do all this celebrities similarly die of drug use, isn't it strange.

Something for us all to recall:

"Drug Habit" =/= "Of course they had an overdose."

It's like saying that fatal falls are by necessity non-suspicious if the victim is a roofer.

The government was after him because he was behind child support. He had so many babies by different women.

The usual lol.

DO NOT BE AFRAID MARIO PLEASE MEDITAITE ON THESE SCRIPTURES! also check out svali and cisco wheelers testimonies both former illuminati victims/perperteters not their real names To the Chief Musician. A Psalm of David. 1 Hear my voice, O God, in my complaint; guard and preserve my life from the terror of the enemy. 2 Hide me from the secret counsel and conspiracy of the ungodly, from the scheming of evildoers, Bible Verse About Protection Because God is Strong Matthew 16:18 And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. John 19:11 Jesus answered him, “You would have no authority over me at all unless it had been given you from above. Therefore he who delivered me over to you has the greater sin.” 2Thessalonians 3:3 But the Lord is faithful. He will… Read more »

Who da hell is going to read all this crap? Keep it simple people!!

TD Jakes is a wolf in Sheeps clothing. Prosperity teaching. Your on the right path, but need true scripture. Not from a mega church


Look I like this site a lot and read the articles with an open mind and knowledge that many of the things said are or at least could be true. However many of you seem to want to discount personal choices that individuals make. ODB was a complicated guy with a host of issues including drug abuse. His drug abuse could easily lead to the behavior and things he said. If he wasn't known many of you wouldn't think twice about him and wouldn't attribute conspiracies to explain his death. I'm not saying the conspiracy can't be true but to discount a more plausible explanation to tout a more sensational one is a reach. Just remember, blindly believing anything makes you just as much a sheep as those who put their heads in the sand. Use your brain, analyze these things, consider all the possibilities before trying to take an… Read more »

Untimely death November 2004, at age 36!!!!
Sounds very timely to me, especially when November is a ritual murder month and 36 (divisble by 3) is a powerful Illuminati number.
ODB was a danger to the illuminati – but one of our heroes.
May he RIP.

He also died on the thirteenth day too. And it was a Saturday, meaning it had been very close to being Friday the Thirteenth.

Odb made a song that was never released called wasted time. And in it he talks heavily about his surroundings.

The fact you have Snooki and Flu shot advertisments scars me..

Has any one read John Potash's book on the FBI involvement in the Tupac Shakur/Biggie Smalls wars… Fasciniating stuff. this goes right along with his argument…

All of you truth seekers have realized that their is an organized agenda of negativity. You've come here seeking validation for what you KNOW to be true. That is fine. Awareness of the elements of your surroundings is not a bad thing. But please do not wallow in this negativity it's got the same effect as if you were brain washed and following along with it. It consumes you just the same. It corrupts you just the same. And can embitter and hinder your personal journey and spiritual growth just the same. Love is so much stronger than hate. And you control your destiny. Dwell in the positive. Wallow in gratitude for all the beauty that still exists. Negativity never wins in the end. Your destiny is in your hands concentrate on what you want your life to be and not on these negative things. It all withers and dies… Read more »

That was a lovely post Grace – satan is the lord of negativity, false fears and irrational doubt.

Its part of the manipulation. To spread the negative energy, create panic. They feed off of it. That's also why most rituals happen around the same time of the year, and horrible (fake) events . . . . to create panic and make everyone scared. Satan feeds from it. I will not be controlled, however I will be aware and know thy enemy. Wake as many as possible. I love this outlook you have and I totally concur.

Yes the winter solistice this year was horrible, simply horrible. I spent most of it being (unsuccessfully) wooed by my ex who was (romantically) attired in the clothes of a friend of his who committed suicide a few months ago – negative energy can be counteracted – never doubt it.

both posts are lovely, thanks for the reminder.

hmm…. its not like they were your everyday people guys..

these were real hip hop Gangstars…they actually robbed or killed people this is where they came from..
and at the time they were making there way into mainstream influencing millions of people…
it makes sense that they are getting monitored…

and ODB knew that this was happing…
just like the mafia probably knows they get monitored as well….
thats what the FBI , CIA does ….monitor criminals…Gangstars…

but ODB Talked some lethal s**t no doubt

and takeing out a public figuire that speaks the truth while monitoring there gangsta rap group, that smokes blunts daily and is making money with this new Method Man of getting C.R.E.A.M in the music Industry, on the road to worldwide HIPHOP domination…
….dosnt hurt..and they are black so… …that gets them off..

They took him out.

Anyone notice how Wu-Tang Clan is initialized as WTC? World Trade Center is also initialized as WTC? What a coincidence… Maybe.

You only need to listen to Wu-Tang Clan's "Diesel" to hear what and who was going to take ODB out.

"someone help me please, they did 2-Pac in, they did Biggie in, the Government is after me, The CIA is after me…somebody help me please"


Not to mention all the lustful lyrics and videos.

Not to be of topic but I think we can all agree that we need some light shed on this surprise Beyonce album and why it was released on Friday the 13th of all days.

A nice day with meaning for a witch like Beyonce.

if we strip away historical/traditional labels issued by the culture/media to individuals or groups with subsequent anomalous tragedies or reported/suspected criminal actions and look clearly at the patterns of associations, actions, and statements a different picture of reality emerges. this includes simplistic categories such as: Gangsters, Clergy, Military, Professors, Business Leaders, Rappers, Journalists, Law Enforcement, Social Organizations, Churches, Patriots, Performers, Community Organizers, Lawyers, Artists, Social Justice Activists, Technology or Scientific Experts, Teachers, and even broader labels such as: Illegal Immigrants, Minorities, the Disenfranchised, Underrepresented, Us, Them, etc… it helps to analyze which position on the chessboard each may serve at any given time, and whome we are serving. sometimes we may even know we're on it, but we don't always know when we are expendable. things aren't always what they seem, even to the seeming cultivated among us. In Groups and Out Groups are a part of the evolution of… Read more »

Excellent post turnkey….

That sounds pretty good, turnkey. You sound like someone who believes what VC is saying. Too bad for you I know better. Plant.

I think that turnkey is making excellent sense. Have anything substantial that suggests s/he is a plant?

Guess it takes a "plant" too know a plant huh…Marshall you sound like a very jaded individual.

Wow, he wasn't crazy after all…maybe very paranoid with that knowing that they were after him. How sad.
This has been an eye opener

Guys, I just have to write this, as my brother was the person that ODB's mom called him, after he O.D. in New York, after returning there from Colorado.. My brother is a booking agent, & is good friends with Slick Rick, Mix Master Mike, DJ Quick, the Gza, DJ Muggs, & many others. Remember, Gza is ODB's cousin, and We just saw him after a concert, back in August. -This conspiracy, is just unfortunate bad luck, (I am pretty sure) What happened is that ODB, wanted some coke, during a 2 show stop in Colorado, got the Coke, said it sucked, wanted to go back to New York to get "real" coke, .. Proceeded to Sallow the sack he had in Colorado, got back to NY. started smoking .. the sack in his stomach, somehow opened, and he OD'd , while smoking… Just needed to give you guys the… Read more »

@ Marshall Ramsey, -what crime sunn?

I'm just giving you the run down of what happened….. why is ODB's Mom, cousin, and the rest of the WU-Tang cool with us?

I hate the NWO/Illuminati, as much as anyone on this site.

Prove it.

My sentiments exactly. I don't understand why a bunch of ANONYMOUS name dropping nobodies come here and say "I knew this famous person who said this" or "I was connected and check it, this is what happened"… CITE YOUR SOURCE, BE SPECIFIC and YOUR SOURCE SHOULD BE VERIFIABLE. If you donator can't or won't, its NOT fact, you are not INFORMED ABOVE OTHERS and HELLO it is your SUBJECTIVE opinion. Just like the rest of the comments here. So that means all the people who "had a friend of a friend who said" or "know the guy in the band who performed with JZ' or "used to be an industry pawn but now am enlightened and this is what I know" or "knew ODB's management and drug habits" are NOT SPECIAL or delivers of TRUTH. They should READ about neurological FACT in regards to MEMORY. MEMORY is shapeshifting and never… Read more »

Thanks for confessing to the crime Math Maticks. You and your associates are the one who gave him the bad coke. You 'sallowed' the coke, possible using elements of the Salix cinerea, or common willow tree. Expect jailtime soon.

Jail time, is what the ODB was trying to avoid, while flying after 911, with cocaine,…..
Logic -Reason- Truth,

I didn't give him s**t.. I love ODB.

-Karma has a way to catch up with people,- that want to do right- -remember that..

I come to thinking karma takes a lot of time to do it, and even – maybe it is in an afterlife?
This is the life you live now, there is a reason for not knowing what's before or after.?.

Just a thought. If he had $$ to buy coke at his leisure and got a hold of a bad batch, wouldn't he just flush it? Why swallow bad drugs on the way to get good drugs???? Story doesn't make sense. Perhaps Gza, who is still alive, is part of the misinformation train. Just a thought… It is easier to believe rappers are drug addicted stupid people than to believe that rappers are important to the agenda.

It was some cut ass coke, from some college kid…

He wanted the Raw Un Cut.

I have met a lot of cocaine-users in my life. The ones with the problems, well, you could crumble a paracetamol in front of them, and still they would try sniff it and hope it would work.

So,…would your brother say that ODB suffered from paranoid schizophrenia?…I know he had a drug problem, so did Whitney and Amy and many many others…all the more easier to make one's claim's look irrevelant. Do u believe there's no credence to his claims?

Thanks for that. I think that we have gone from one extreme (of assuming that all performers are off their head on drugs and heading for early death) to the other extreme (that they are almost clean living and completely innocent and if anything happens to them, it will necessarily be the fault of the Illuminati). The truth always lies between those two extremes. If we don't acknowledge that, there will be even more casualties as performers will forget their personal responsibility to clean up their acts and go straight into victim mode.

they do the same with DMX

And Katt williams

Back in the day, didn't ODB call himself "Jesus" for a while, like our friend Kanye West does? I remember him using the name "Osiris" for a minute as well. Knowing what we know now about Osiris and Horus, and how there are parallels betw. Horus and Jesus, and how we are allegedly living in the so-called "Age of Horus," I find this quite significant. Why do these patterns keep repeating? (I realize this is a somewhat rhetorical question.)

It would be interesting for VC to explore the connections between hip-hop, the use of alters (after all, most rappers ARE, in fact, alter egos), and the constant use of religious imagery and nomenclature. Why do so many rappers want to be Jesus?

Yes and Kanye West did say that George Bush is not for black people on national t.v. so Kanye better be careful because lately he is becoming very 'crazy' and 'delusional' similar to ODB.

Check out "five percent nation". I think that would help answer your question.

Not to take the fun out of things but the Wu Tang were infiltrated by the FBI because of the MASSIVE cult-like following they had behind them. These guys were the Black Beatles. You couldn't go ANYWHERE on the face of the earth without hearing about the Wu-Tang. As far as being involved in crime, alot of criminals (amongst other people) wore Wu-Tang shirts and gear back then. Despite method man thinking it was some s**t, Wu-Wear was very popular. Anybody could have gotten arrested with some Wu stuff on and automatically be associated with them. ODB was very smart despite his demeanor. When you have a man like that, in a group that BIG, speaking out against the govt, hes sure to be targeted. Look at 2pac for the example of all examples. Pac wanted young black males to step up and be men….strong men. Govt didn't want to hear… Read more »
Much peace to what you scribed K. Wayne…however, in regards to your last sentence. "The most dangerous black man is an intelligent black man"…is not quite correct. Intelligence would begin from one knowing oneself as in identity, the word black is an adjective meaning it can only describe something 'not' be it's identity. The term African American is a designation of two continents, it also is 'not' an identity…We as people would be considered nouns. In fact the term minority is used as in 'minor' which is also applied to (brown skinned indigenous people of the Americas as well as universally) because they are thinking with a lesser mind, as in the mind of a child who don't know and therefor cannot declare their proper nationality. We are an ancient people, the term 'black' is a modern term and you can't take a modern term and retroactively apply that modern… Read more »

Moors? Moors refers to Northern Africans from Morocco and other places. Not all people of African descent are moors.

Can you tell me more about the Moors. Or maybe tell me where I can find more about this. I read the article about the moors and latin america. Also been to santo Domingo in the DR and saw a lot. I am originally from North Africa (morocco), but I'm born and raised in europe

Interesting! Ill Have to read up on that. Thanks for that incite…I am always open to learning new things.

Like Obama? Looool

Whoever said anything about Obama being intelligent? It doesn't take too much intelligence to read from notes delivered by Congress? Name an example of ANY president actually using intelligence……Lincoln and JFK. Period. The black men who DID have mass intelligence….MLK, Malcom, Bob Marley, 2pac…..all dead.

Why target just him, when it was a band? RZA and Method Man have always struck me as shills. I may be wrong.

Is that Method Man in the video above sitting next to ODB? I couldn't help but LOL when he was clearly trying to save his a** by contradicting ODB and saying, "Not me. I love the CIA, I love the gov't, I love the FBI…."

Oh How this story lines up with the rules "They" play by! Destroy reputation, introduce missinfromation and then divison and finaly some non-violent death that brings suppension but no hard proof of Homiside. U KNOW! smh! The Enemy is VERY Good at The ART OF WAR!! Demestic n Forein !

If anyone wants to understand the role Jay Z plays please google "Prodigy's letter to Jay Z' and read it……

Peace, Love and Unity x

there is a movie that looks at how movements were thwarted by authorities in the past in the USA, called COINTELPRO 101. It is a documentary by Freedom Archives.

Thanks for mentioning it, I'll check it out.

Thanks VC for the article .. I've always wondered about the seemingly off connection between ODB and Mariah Carey. From everything I've read, she really leaned on him for comfort and safety. If I'm not mistaken, she even picked him up from prison .. It makes sense when you think about ODB as a thug a** dude who can not only stand up for himself and others, but at the same time is also very aware of the controlling and evil reality that Mariah is forced to participate in. He all of a sudden seems like the perfect escape for her. A closing thought.. ODB might have been might have become a target due to the threat of taking away Mariah from those powerful individuals who use her as their social pawn and personal slave… the influence of his music pales in comparison to the value Mariah brought, and, due… Read more »

Illegal possession of body armour? wtf? So it's illegal to protect yourself?

its illegal to posses body armor or weapons when you are a convicted felon

Convicted felon or not he was shot several times. I'd wear body armor too!!

ODB was involved in all kinds of illegal activity. Food stamp fraud, pictures of him cooking crack in his own album jackets, attempted murder, not paying child support, etc…etc…"Shame on you". Sorry, if you are committing Federal crimes, there's a good chance the Federal cops (FBI) are going to look at you. Gun running and laundering money through the label are the charges that probably got the Feds interested.

FWIW, the FBI might have some Illuminati elements to it, but it's not the shadow government. The FBI is Federal Police. The FBI is not quite like the CIA, DARPA, IAO, NSA, etc….

If he was involved in all of these illegal activities, and was being monitored, then why didn't he end up in jail?
Just think about it

There are many out there now committing the same crimes….but there's one difference. They stay in their place. They are obedient and are allowed to do as they wish without consequences, as long as they play their role.

I don't believe you're correct. I am certain that much of the Bureau don't know exactly what they're working for, but they are a part of the same establishment as all of these other groups. And they have *always* been under the control of the Illuminati. Think about it: they control every "investigation" into staged terror attacks like 9/11, 7/7, the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, and the bombings at the marathon. They were deeply involved in the political assassinations of the sixties and headed the official 'investigations' of each one. They destroy and manipulate evidence, intimidate witnesses, and infiltrate allegedly 'subversive' groups (including your local group of flower-power lefties). They were behind much of the surveillance operations against Martin Luther King. They were also monitoring John Lennon and many other stars targeted by the ruling elite. J. Edgar Hoover was known as the most decorated Freemason in Washington. You… Read more »
Mr. Goodsalt, You should watch a doc called "Strange Culture" The FBI is very much an extension of the collective shadow, don't be irresponsible suggesting otherwise… Besides. we are not really discussing the persecution of ODB by the FBI. We are discussing if they played a role in his death. I might be alone in this but….I do not agree that a society should ever judge then condemn another human to death and administer that death. To me, that is not civilized and to close to playing God for my comfort. This is what we are really discussing. Did the FBI, CIA or other aspect of USA shadow government kill ODB? I think they did. And I do not think they did for cooking crack, skipping baby & baby mama payments & income tax evasion. What do you think? Now that we all agree ODB wasn't a law abiding citizen.

Ha so the fbi isn't part of America's corrupt chain of command?

I heard that it was originally supposed to be named the Federal Bureau of INQUISITION.

Wonder why they changed it…?

look at the interviews with tupac and snoop cheeta or whatever…he stood quiet while tupac talked about some s**t like this. the interviews with biggie and p dicky or whatever his f*****g name is..he stood quiet while biggie spoke. snoop and diddy were in on it and tupac and biggie were sacraficed so that these p***y motherfuckers could take over and brainwash the ones who listened.its upsetting and its our own fault. tupac straight up told us what was going on and no one listened. he was no thug he was a performance artist and he was no rapper he was a poet. he tried to tell us and no one really listened

I remember that MTV award interview with Pac & snoop. I felt in my soul snoop was shady & looked guilty as hell. He didn't say s**t during the whole interview. Then the next day Pac was shot. P.Dumbass was an instigator when Big was saying he didn't want any beef with Pac. Both were set up to be removed. After their deaths, rap music has totally gone downhill.

Snoop was not involved in Tupac's shooting,Snoop knew what was planned for Pac,but he couldnt tell him and he was scared shook.Just like Puff and Big,Puff was scared and he couldnt believe that his friend was going to get killed over some stupid s**t.

same thing with PIMP C, Tupac, BIGGIE and JOHN LENNON. These folks knew that NOTHING in that industry is free. Jay, Kanye and Beyoncé know that better than everyone, why u think they still alive…..

Correct Faith. If anyone wants to understand the role Jay Z plays please google "Prodigy's letter to Jay Z' and read it……

Peace, Love and Unity x

I read it a while back, Jay doesn't care, him and EVERYONE around him is about that money. He has made that perfectly clear.

I stumbled upon this letter the other day. Truly chilling. And I believe him 100%.

The letter is too raw to not be real. You can feel his words.

Love everyone, trust no one.

Trust no one, suspect everyone…

If it's possible that he was silenced? Of course it's possible.
People who tells the truth out loud, people who points the wrongness of the system, they all are KILLED. If they killed a f*****g president [JFK], then a rapper [or a journalist like HASTINGS] would be like snap of fingers. They killed CHICO MENDES, they killed Sister DOROTHY STANG and many, many others here in Brasil. What those dead people have in common? They dared to speak the truth, they dared to fight the system, they dared to embarass the government.

This s**t have been this way since the dawn of times.

great article VC I hope you Gus keep coming with quick post. I've been wondering where you've been. Glad this can get me back on track trying to expose the evils in this world God Bless