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What Happened to Ol’ Dirty B-----d?



What Happened to Ol' Dirty Bastard?

What Happened to Ol' Dirty Bastard?

Rapper Ol’ Dirty B-----d was known for his unique rap style, one that mixed hardcore New-York rap with your drunk uncle singing Frank Sinatra at 1:14 AM. While listening to ODB rap and talk always made one linger between “I have no idea what he’s talking about” and “I know exactly what he’s talking about”, he was rather clear on one subject: The government was trying to kill him.

Indeed, shortly before his untimely death on November 2004 (at the age of 36), ODB repeatedly tried to warn the world that people in high places were after him.  Here’s a video compiling ODB’s rants about “the government” (Warning: Foul language).

While many dismissed ODB’s warnings as the “ramblings of a crackhead”, one thing is for sure: He was indeed heavily monitored by the FBI. Using the Freedom of Information act, Rich Jones of blog obtained the hefty FBI file on ODB and his group, the Wu-Tang Clan.

The files document the history of the group, its many activities and its potential ties with the crime world. A part of it states:

“The detectives have documented, in their case files, that the WTC [Wu-Tang Clan] is heavily involved in the sale of drugs, illegal guns, weapons possession, murder, car jackings, and other types of violent crimes…”

Here’s the entire (but heavily redacted) file:

FBI File of Russell "Old Dirty B-----d" Jones

So. What really happened to ODB?

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What Happened to Ol' Dirty Bastard?

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So many suss things in this vid. Says he was put in a psych hospital on release from prison and had to stay a while because not ready to be released. That is a red flag, he probably go messed him up even more in that hospital. The Wu abandoned him, I reckon there is a lot more to it than just that. They picked him off, or had no choice but to abandon/sacrifice him if they all wanted to live and get money themselves. Twisted af. He was f**cked and they took advantage of his personality – somewhere between “unhinged” genius and mentally ill. He had native american blood so would’ve been very sensitive to alcohol and drugs and prone to addiction as many native americans are. he knew too much and didn’t play the game and put the rest of the wu’s in danger I reckon. I wouldn’t even be surprised if it turned out his own mother wasn’t all she cracked up to be either, it seems like everyone was making something out of him. Sadder still, he’s not the only artist this has happened to of course!


tha only drug habbit we here about is the one the mainstream media reports he has, for all we kno he was a fuking genuis.


He was probably selling dope for the CIA; like the REAL Rick Ross.


I seem to remember an interview with Griff, where he mentioned ODB's blood line and connections with the 'Blackfoot' tribe. I think he also spoke about disputes over land – possibly in the 'Montauk' area (but I could be wrong about that).

The easiest way to tarnish someones credibility is to mention drugs. Most people who use drugs do not become raving lunatics, even most addicts do not. The world would be in dire straits if this was the case.

Most of us do not get to witness what goes on behind the scenes. Remeber that the PTB target specific people, often depending upon their energy. They know who knows too much.


Yeah, his native american family line were “big guns” in the new york area (before it was new york city of course) and he wanted his land back ; ). He knew too much and wouldn’t shut up once he did so he was broken down. When he went to prison he came out a changed person – not for the better – and alluded to strange s--t being done to him in jail – maybe given some sort of drugs. his son speaks on his behalf and says it was hell for odb in jail and it was very hard for him to adapt when he got out. i watched a video of him coming out of prison and immediately being herded into a car by damon dash and pretty much made to sign a deal before he had any time to adjust. that was dodgy af. odb was broken on release – totally pulled to pieces – probably made the dark deals to get famous with the wu but, like dmx and tupac for eg, didn’t like what he saw and experienced. acted up,spoke truths, got stitched up, silenced, incarcerated and eventually put down. i don’t know how… Read more »


X = xxtentacion? Why would you say that he doesnt know s--t


Its sad but I’ll help you out ,he’s talking about Dmx man


He wasn't the only one portrayed as crazy, look into videos of Dave Chappell he was labeled a crazy crackhead who ran off to Africa from his troubles. He tells another story that actually makes more sense than what the media and celebrity gossip spinoffs made of it.


It's only paranoia if there's no conspiracy; the US gov't has an entire division of 'trouble shooters' trained in the 'dark arts' of character assassination, defamation, psychological / chemical manipulation etc. They're pooled largely from CIA ranks; specialize in media and 'handle' agents & ops in every social strata. It doesn't take an army of black ops soldiers to quell dissent; they simply nail down / make examples of ANYone who dares stand up to the status quo. SnowedIn revealed ony the tip of an immense iceberg; one designed to keep contractors & third parties like him silent. They don't have to kill when they can insert illegal materials / data into any mail, recruit 'medical professionals' to condemn one as crazy / lobotomize and worse. Terror by design.


ODB was also a heroin addict. He was in rehab with Scott Weiland for a bit back in 99-00.


He was killed plain and simple, by the "same" people. Some really good comments guys, thanks and of course Cheers to VC!


There is a picture of a Wu Tang Clan member doing the one eye…don't know his name cant remember. I was not surprised considering they have lyrics "exposing" the Illuminati and yet they are out there "making it big", classic self-exposure.

They also tour a lot with the Guano Apes who have included Illuminati symbolism in their stuff.


funny the file starts talking about illegal guns and one being used to kill ROBERT JOHNSON . who was the black man who met the devil at the crossroads and sold his soul for rock n roll?

Critical Analyzer

Look I like this site a lot and read the articles with an open mind and knowledge that many of the things said are or at least could be true. However many of you seem to want to discount personal choices that individuals make. ODB was a complicated guy with a host of issues including drug abuse. His drug abuse could easily lead to the behavior and things he said. If he wasn't known many of you wouldn't think twice about him and wouldn't attribute conspiracies to explain his death. I'm not saying the conspiracy can't be true but to discount a more plausible explanation to tout a more sensational one is a reach.
Just remember, blindly believing anything makes you just as much a sheep as those who put their heads in the sand. Use your brain, analyze these things, consider all the possibilities before trying to take an event and fit it into a conspiracy. The conspiracy will always seems sexier simply because it is more sensational and less provable. That however doesn't make it true.


quite simple VC. He was killed by the secret society. You didnt know? Come on bro


Illegal possession of body armour? wtf? So it's illegal to protect yourself?

one love

its illegal to posses body armor or weapons when you are a convicted felon


Convicted felon or not he was shot several times. I'd wear body armor too!!

Truth & Light

Love everyone, trust no one.


Trust no one, suspect everyone…

Kween Frostine

Dirty died with a bag of cocaine in his stomach, double-bagged. He carried on smoking crack & took a tramadol for pain while the coke leaked out of the bag, causing him to overdose & have a heart attack. But why did he swallow the coke in the first place? If not for the drug war, such dangerous measures would not be necessary at all. I know that sounds silly to some, but it’s true. People should be free to use whatever substance they want without fear of raids, loss of freedom, loss of employment or other consequences. As long as they don’t hurt anyone else, it’s a personal choice. That said, ODB showed all the signs of paranoid schizophrenia, which is made worse by abusing stimulants. You can see how he changed as his career progressed. He was calm & coherent in the beginning but as his drug use escalated, so did his delusions. His paranoia is typical of schizophrenia–believing a microchip is implanted in you, thinking the government is watching you. Being famous & in the public eye would’ve only magnified these fears. Not everyone is cut out for stardom. In the end, everyone failed ODB: his bandmates,… Read more »


He did a You tube. Com interview. Before he died was trying to get off drugs , left a message to his wife and children. Stated His wife – divorced Him also. If a person hooked on cocaine or any drugs, it very hard too quit the stuff. Because drugs affect the brain and the nervous system. When they get a craving for a drug- and none around them the body goes into muscle panic, sweating , head aching, vomiting and the body shaking movement some people get a heart attack then die because of the shock to there body. It’s said ODB had chest pain ect see the body craving another fix for the drug addiction. The cocaine also even Pot – canabis , – that is legal in many states today, when smoked or injected, causes brain cells, to be damaged . The brain controls the organs of the body. When a person commit robbery or stealing and they have drug habit- it because there bodies craving more for the addiction of the drugs. They not getting there “Fix” – often enough , so the body start getting side affect symptoms. Pain, vomit with shaking uncontrollable. The brain… Read more »


We’ll- if you see wu tang videos especially method man all they rap about – is f-----g females. . Threats to shoot a person, dress up like pimps and gang members. Glorifying violence ect. Not to mention sleeping. Around with many females , they can catch and transmit disease also. –


Yep, just goes to show that heavy drug abuse and heightened levels of paranoia don't mix too well.


Oh please, this guy is just substituting out the white man for "the government", "CIA", and "Bush".

You can come toward two conclusions:

1. That Ol Dirty B-----d is so important to the "government" and so hated by "Bush" that the "CIA" decides after years to finally kill him.

2. That Ol Dirty B-----d was a suspect of involvement in a murder or numerous other red flags and as such, was being watched.

Only one of those two conclusions is rooted in substantial evidence and common sense.


odb committed food stamp fraud even after wu tang rose to fame. it doesn't seem unusual at all to me that he would be paranoid about the government watching him.

also, he was excommunicated from wu tang at one point because he would never show up to work on music/business.

i don't think there is really enough evidence leading to him being a victim of some conspiracy.



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