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Sinister Sites: Felicity, the Creepy Desertic Town at the “Center of the World”

The town of Felicity, California is odd for several reasons: It has a population of 2, it is full of occult symbolism and it was named the “center of the world” by some important organization. Also: there’s something terribly wrong with its chapel. Here’s a look at this certified sinister site.



Located near the California-Arizona state line and the Mexican border, the town of Felicity was built on 8,000 acres of desertic land, in a place some would define as “in the middle of nowhere”. However, to other people, this exact location is extremely significant. In fact, Felicity was officially designated “the center of the world” by both California’s Imperial County and France’s Institut Geographique National.

How can one even determine the center of a spherical globe, might you ask? Well, we can’t. Like everything else relating to Felicity, one must look beyond the literal and understand the occult symbolism behind it all. For instance, the official “center of the world” is located inside a 21-foot-tall pyramid.

The official “center of the world” is located right under the apex of the granite pyramid.

But that is only the beginning. When one takes the time to explore this odd place and dig into its bizarre history, one important fact becomes obvious: It is a creation of the occult elite.


The weirdness begins.

As you can see above, the town of Felicity has a population of 2: The town’s founder Jacques-André Istel and his wife Felicia. While this sign looks like a goofy tourist attraction, none of this is a joke: The town was officially recognized by California’s Board of Supervisors in 1986, with all of the paperwork that comes with it.

That’s the thing about Felicity: Everything about it seems to scream out a “kitschy tourist trap” yet everything behind it says “dead serious occult activity hotspot”. And, as we’ll soon see, this place is full of symbolism that is unmistakably Masonic.

In order to fully understand the origins of this place, we must first look at the background of its founder.

Elite Ties

The founders and only inhabitants of Felicity.

Felicity was founded by Jacques-André Istel, a man with an interesting background and an even more interesting family.

A French-American, Istel has a varied background, working on Wall Street and serving as a marine in the Korean War before becoming well-known for being a famous parachutist. He co-founded Parachutes, Inc, the country’s first parachuting school, and is often credited with bringing parachuting to the American mainstream.
– CultureTrip, Everything You Need to Know About Felicity

When one looks at Istel’s immediate family, a word immediately comes to mind: Elite.

Istel’s father André was a diplomat and investment banker who represented Charles de Gaulle at Bretton Woods – the historic  Monetary and Financial Conference of the United Nations1944.

André Istel.

The fact that Istel represented France at Bretton Woods – which happens to be one of the more important and influential conferences in modern history – tells volumes about his influence. Indeed, Bretton Woods ended up thoroughly restructuring the international monetary system while also creating the International Monetary Fund (IMF) – an organization that remains highly prominent to this day.

The founder of Felicity doesn’t only have a highly connected father: His brother Yves-André Istel is truly in the global elite.

Yves-André Istel with Christine Lagarde who is the Managing Director of the IMF (which was created in Bretton Woods).

A look a Yves-André Istel’s resume is rather telling. He is currently a Senior Advisor to the Rothschild Global Financial Advisory. Prior to this, he was Vice Chairman of Rothschild Inc. In case you didn’t know, the Rothschilds represent the single most powerful elite bloodline of the past centuries.

Furthermore, Yves-André Istel is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), an extremely influential think tank that was founded by some of the most powerful people in the world, including David Rockefeller.

In short, the founder of the town of Felicity is directly connected to the global elite. This explains where he got the funds to build such structures and it also explains why it is all based on occult elite symbolism.

Let’s look at the town itself.

General Layout

Felicity viewed from above.

Viewed from above, Felicity has a symmetrical layout where a pyramid directly faces a chapel which was built on a mound. Between these two buildings are numerous slabs of granite arranged to form a specific geometric shape.

On the slabs of granite are messages and historical facts etched in multiple languages. This place is reminiscent of the Georgia Guidestones – another structure built by people part of secret societies.

In many ways, the overall layout of Felicity is remarkably similar to other highly powerful places around the world such as Paris, Washington DC, and the Vatican.

The Vatican viewed from above.

At the Vatican, an obelisk (a powerful structure of ancient Egyptian magic) faces directly St. Peter’s Basilika (a place of Christian worship). The layout also contains an eight-pointed star – also known as the star of Ishtar.

In Felicity, a pyramid (a powerful structure of ancient Egyptian magic) faces directly a chapel (a place of Christian worship). The layout also contains an eight-pointed star.

The similarities between these layouts are not a coincidence. They are based on Masonic concepts that can be found in power centers (across the world.

Important fact: Felicity is located at latitude 32.7N, which is awfully close to the 33rd parallel. In Freemasonry, the number 33 is extremely important. Masonic orders are made of 32 degrees plus a “hidden” 33rd degree reserved to the most “supreme” individuals.

There’s a reason why they’ve decided to place the “center of the world” at the 33rd latitude. It’s all about symbolism.

The fact that the center of the world is located inside a Masonic pyramid explains who truly owns the world.

The Masonic symbolism doesn’t stop there. At all.

The Sundial

At the center of the 8-pointed star is a sundial that simply yet powerfully conveys an important message about this place and those behind it.

The gnomon of the sundial is a 3-d replica of the arm of God from Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam.

The Creation of Adam is also etched on one of the town’s many granite slabs.

This particular work of art is believed to contain hidden messages. Here’s the esoteric interpretation of it: God is inside a “vessel” that greatly resembles the human brain. His arm goes through the pineal gland – also known as the “third eye” – to reach Adam and give him the “divine spark”.

In esoteric schools, it is taught that spiritual illumination is achieved through the activation of the pineal gland, which allows one to become a god on Earth. In other words, this painting has a hidden Gnostic meaning that basically says: God is within you.

With all of that being said, let’s look at the Felicity sundial from another angle.

The hand points at the pyramid.

The fact that the hand of God points away from the church and directly at the pyramid is highly symbolic. In occult schools such as Freemasonry, religions are perceived as primitive organizations meant to regulate primitive people. To occult initiates, spiritual illumination can be only achieved through the activation of the pineal gland which is the ultimate goal of esoteric knowledge.

There is no better to represent this concept than having God himself literally pointing at a pyramid – a classic symbol of mystery schools.

With that being said, why would there even be a chapel in there? Is it only there to be subtly mocked? Well, some people who visited the place discovered some rather creepy details about this chapel.

The Chapel on the Hill

Felicity’s chapel sits on 150,000 of dirt.

In an interview with Roadside America, Jacques-André Istel stated:

“I’m not particularly religious, but if you’re going to build a House of God, it’s got to be on the highest spot.”

That’s pretty much exactly what a Freemason would say. Initiates say that Masonry is not a religion but it teaches the existence of a “Supreme Being”. Who is this “Supreme Being”? The truth is only revealed at about the 32nd degree.

So why did he build a chapel?

The inside of the chapel is quite simple and elegant.

Notice the two chairs on each side of the altar. People who visited the chapel noticed something bizarre about them.

The leathery part of this chair is heavily stained with what appear to be drops of blood.

On the other chair, someone attempted to wipe out the blood. Also, there’s some extra blood right in the middle of the seat … as if someone sat on it while bleeding from the anus.

What in God’s name happened in that chapel? The weirdness doesn’t even end there.

Behind the chapel is a graveyard with three tombstones.

Considering the fact that Felicity has a population of two, who are the three people who died there? Ritual sacrifices?

Blatant Masonic Symbolism

Other than that creepy chapel, Felicity contains other “attractions” that seem completely random … except for those who have eyes to see.

Close to the chapel is what people call a chessboard. Considering the fact that there are no chess pieces, this is not a chessboard.

Behind the chessboard is a “staircase to nowhere” which was originally on the Eiffel Tower.

The fact that this staircase was originally on the Eiffel Tower is rather significant. First, it subtly proves that the founder of the town has connections in high places. Second, the creator of the Eiffel Tower, Gustave Eiffel, was a Freemason.

Keeping the two items seen above in mind, let’s look at some classic Masonic art.

A typical Masonic patch.

As you can see, the two main symbols of this patch are the Masonic checkerboard floor and a staircase to nowhere (actually, this staircase leads to the exact opposite of nowhere, it leads to spiritual illumination through the ascension of Masonic degrees). The juxtaposition of these two important Masonic symbols in Felicity is definitely not a coincidence.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a maze.

The Maze of Honor

Can you see three sixes in there? Just saying.

Completed in 2018, the 160,000-square-foot Maze of Honor consists of three interlocking circles. The official website of Felicity states:

The Maze isn’t a literal maze – you will not lose your way – but its shape certainly invites visitors to participate in the ancient practice of labyrinth walking.

Yes, labyrinth walking is ancient. What they’ve omitted to say is that it was an important part of occult initiations.

“Labyrinths and mazes were favored places of initiation among many ancient cults. (…) The famous labyrinth of Crete, in which roamed the bull-headed Minotaur, was unquestionably a place of initiation into the Cretan Mysteries.”
– Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

The labyrinth of Crete. The “Maze of Honor” is based on a similar circular shape.

In Conclusion

From the elite ties of the town’s founder to the Masonic symbolism peppered throughout the site while not forgetting the bloodstained chapel, Felicity definitely qualifies as a sinister site. Located near the 33rd latitude, the town was named the “center of the world” by serious organizations which is telling of the power and influence behind this place.

While Felicity appears to be a gimmicky tourist trap designed to sell guided tours and gift shop souvenirs, its symbolism tells a whole other story. It is about who truly controls the world and what they truly believe in.


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