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Something is Terribly Wrong With Hotel Lucia

Located in Portland, Oregon, the lobby of Hotel Lucia is somewhat nightmare-inducing: Depictions of children in pain and bondage combined with pictures of celebrities and politicians. What exactly is going on there?



Something is Terribly Wrong With Hotel Lucia

When asked the question “Do you want to be creeped out by the hotel you’re about to sleep in?” about 99.6% of people answer: “Of course not, are you crazy?”.Well, despite these staggering (made-up) statistics, Hotel Lucia seems to go out of its way to make its lobby as off-putting as possible.

At first glance, most people might brush off the art at this hotel as “typical Portland weirdness”. However, a closer look at the various pieces on display reveals that there actually a theme going on there. And it is kind of terrifying. It is almost as if the hotel is trying to send a coded message through symbolic art that something terrible is happening around there.

This is not my first article about creepy hotels. The 2013 article What’s Up With Room 322 at Hotel ZaZa? described the many strange features of a “secret” room at a stylish hotel in Texas. Other than the suspected two-way mirror, the room contains disturbing paintings of deformed faces coupled with the picture of a prominent Texas businessman.

The lobby of Hotel Lucia follows the same strange pattern: Disturbing art and pictures of powerful people. Let’s take a closer look at the hotel.

Hotel Lucia

Described as “downtown Portland’s most historic hotels”, Hotel Lucia is home to the world’s largest permanent collection of black and white photographs. It is also home to some creepy art. The combination of these two elements creates a bizarre space, where one wonders if there’s an overarching theme going on here.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Hotel Lucia

The lobby.

Visitors entering the lobby are greeted with a collection of curious works of art that are asking to be investigated. And this leads to a weird rabbit hole.

First, you are greeted with this painting.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Hotel Lucia

Three boys in swimsuits or maybe underwear.

The painting is reminiscent of the strange paintings of children on display at Tony Podesta’s home.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Hotel Lucia

Art at Tony Podesta’s home.

As guests enter deeper into the lobby, they also enter deeper into weirdness.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Hotel Lucia

A sculpture of a young boy who appears to be restrained.

Everything about this sculpture screams out MKULTRA. The boy is covered in a dualistic striped pattern – a staple in Monarch mind control symbolism. The stripes are also reminiscent to jail bars.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Hotel Lucia

A mind behind bars.

Right next to this sculpture is a painting that uses a similar striped pattern.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Hotel Lucia

I am not exactly sure of what’s happening here, but there appears to be a small person holding a phallic object.

On the other side of the scultupre is a collection of smaller sculptures with the same theme of bondage and weirdness.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Hotel Lucia

Five figures in the same position as the boy with various objects inside and around the body. Pure Monarch Programming.

Speaking of Monarch programming, another painting appears to be a direct reference to it.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Hotel Lucia

This painting features a butterfly (symbol of Monarch programming), the faces of four children and, on the right, the body of a child.

As one grows increasingly disturbed by this art collection, one encounters this monstrosity:

Something is Terribly Wrong With Hotel Lucia

Underwear with a noticeable bulge made from crayons… which are used by children. What’s the message here? I mean, really.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Hotel Lucia

A child in a rather uncomfortable position, an adult that looks angry. And two ducks?

I honestly don’t know what is happening in that painting. It might depict a child being tortured while being screamed at by a person through some kind of proxy (the ducks).

Something is Terribly Wrong With Hotel Lucia

A black and a white person chained together. MK Slavery.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Hotel Lucia

Can this woman look more evil?

Something is Terribly Wrong With Hotel Lucia

This is a color woodcut named “The Empty Hand” by artist John Buck. It is replete with strange images such as a woman holding a baby while strapped with bombs, churches burning, and loads of esoteric symbols.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Hotel Lucia

At the bottom are bones and dismembered body parts.

The general theme of the painting appears to revolve around war, pollution, hate groups such as the KKK and a whole lot of people dying.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Hotel Lucia

Buck’s piece appears to be inspired by the Great Seal of Somolon – one of the most important symbols in Western occultism which is based on the all-important concept of duality.

So, in this hotel lobby filled with imagery relating to pain, abuse, slavery and suffering, there’s a massive collection of pictures of celebrities and powerful people. The hotel’s official website states:

“Hotel Lucia houses the world’s largest permanent collection of black and white photographs by Pulitzer prize-winning photographer and Oregon native David Hume Kennerly. Kennerly won the 1972 Pulitzer Prize at age 25 and served as President Gerald R. Ford’s personal photographer. He has photographed eight wars, as many U.S. presidents and countless celebrities.”

Something is Terribly Wrong With Hotel Lucia

Next to the pieces seen above is a wall of pictures of Hugh Hefner and his Playboy playmates; Former Presidents Bush, Nixon, Carter, Ford, and Reagan; Kramer from Seinfeld; Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and …  a deserted park.

Lots of other pictures are scattered around the hotel.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Hotel Lucia

Dick Cheney riding a bumper car.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Hotel Lucia

Bill and Hillary Clinton are on display on the seventh floor.

All there’s missing is a picture of Jeffrey Epstein playing mini-golf.

Finally, as if to sum everything up, this is what’s on display above the restaurant.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Hotel Lucia

The head of a goat above the hotel restaurant.

In Conclusion

While the art pieces on display at Hotel Lucia are rather cryptic and enigmatic, there appears to be a common theme uniting them. And it revolves around children, abuse and the world elite. The several depictions of restraint, bondage, and suffering, coupled with pictures of celebrities and politicians appear to send a specific message to visitors. Well, at least, to those “in the light”.

After all, the name Lucia comes from the Latin word Lux, which means “light”. And who is the favorite figure of the occult elite? Lucifer … aka the “light-bearer”.

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Something is Terribly Wrong With Hotel Lucia

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That one with the underwear and crayons made me feel PHYSICALLY ill. Does NO one care to question nowadays? HOW can people, especially other parents, not SEE that these things are sick? It would be different if it was only one or two art pieces. But the sheer number of them as well?


Do something about it then !!!


I would love to do something, but what!?


That’s a lovely suggestion 🙂 any ideas? Petitions etc. regarding these issues almost never gain impetus and even if they do, they seldom change things. Also, as I live in South Africa, it isn’t exactly within walking distance for me to go and protest this grotesque “””piece of art””” in person. So, I’d appreciate any realistic suggestions for doing something that you may have.

Padraigin Eagle

A petition to get rid of Scamaposer and the rest of the cadre terrorists, including their Khazar hidden hand handlers would be a good place to begin!


First of all somebody MUST check if those 4 childs in photo are really existing and what happened to them. The second- the cabalistic hand in the circles – is the pedo circle symbol from the catalogue of FBI. It is clear symbol of satanic pedo torture on kids. And finally – by my opinion, this hotel is the Palace of “ritual meeting ” for the powerful beasts which are featured on the walls, but also others which are not showed up…those photos are kind of blackmailing on the figures which are involved in that infernal underground…


Facial recognition software could see if those people in the monarch picture are listed as missing persons.

(hint-hint. Oregon Attorney-General. Do your job. Hint-hint)

Bigby Suvins

The one with the crayons could be making a point about the overt sexualization of our young. You don’t know the intent of the artist and that intent matters. Too many people in conspiracy culture jump to conclusions far too quickly. And the painting with people sitting against a wall seems fine to me. I can’t tell if it is children, and if it is … so what? Has conspiracy culture (especially on the far-right) gotten so PC that art involving children must now be censored? Someone could ASK management or ownership (who are the owners?) about the art pieces being displayed within the hotel if they have questions about them. They could locate the artists and ask them.


Thanks for the article VC. Eye opening as always. I always think of those poor kids, the ones we never hear of and die at the hands of these bastards.


Me too and there are millions of them.

Truth & Light

Depravity at its best


So. F-----g. Obvious.

But to the imperceptive “haha, you guys are retarded conspiracy theorists”

I pity the small perceptions of people, and sometimes, it profoundly bothers me.


After seeing this filth, I question the sanity of someone who DOESN’T connect the dots. You gotta have a brick for a brain to not see a 1,000 red flags.


They will will call it artistic freedom! I don’t see how people can’t see what is going on around us….God help us, I just want off this planet.


Wow. That’s some messed up…
The stripey painting appears to me to be woman on her back with her knees pulled in, a man standing bent over her with a child between them and, of course, the phallus. Sick ritual crap. Kleptocrat pedophiles- the lot of them.

No Retreat

Yeah, that’s exactly what I see as well. Not sure what to make of it exactly, but almost seems like a male abusing a woman’s child/infant or something to me… Sick stuff


Read Transformation of America, by Cathy O’Brien, and you will see that Gerald Ford, was her MK Ultra handler as a child, and Cheney was her handler when she was an adult. Most of those people in the pics were into that filth.


I believe if memory serves me correctly, Gerald Ford was not Cathy’s handler, her handler was Henry Kissinger who is with the UN.

Gerald Ford had a “date” with her but was not her handler.


Nochip4me: yes, Kissinger was her main programmer. Others may got some “passwords” for alters of her, but not more.


You guy are confusing Cathy O’Brian and Brice Taylor. Both incredible witnesses to the MKUltra and sex trafficking in this country.

Duck Row

Her handler was Bob hope


Cathy is shady. O’Brien and Mark Phillips groomed and coerced a beautiful young girl, Shaela Miller now going by “Sheila”, into living with them under their psychological influence when she turned 18. They can actually be held criminally accountable for their contact with her while underage.

Cathy may have been the victim of something awful as a young woman and girl but it’s possible she may now be an abuser.


Mark and Cathy referred to David Icke as a ‘close friend’ more than once during their 1996 Granada appearance. That, too, should raise a red flag. Mark seemed a very capable manipulator. The Q&A segment at the end reveals Mark was indeed just another handler, as she was absolutely captivated by him.

I don’t know much about the Sheila situation, but similar things have been suggested about Cory’s Angels – the abused women he seeks to rehabilitate. It is believed to be a sex cult.


I read about Cathy from Fritz Stingmeyr and I red her about Trance-Formation of America and I see no problems with her. Bryce Taylor is stange for me – in her book there are Ron Patton’s article where Ron doubt Mark and Cathy’s accusation.


I thought Bob Hope wasps too. That was an incredible book.


Just label it “art” and child abuse becomes acceptable. Matthew18:6
But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.


‘All that is needed for the victory of evil is that decent people do not do anything’
— more exact quote

D D d

‘do’ as in the verb, ofcourse..
action, reaction, trial and error..and repeat until results show..


This is definitely disturbing. Also…what if that statue of the boy is hiding a real boy underneath? I honestly would not be surprised. Everything is hidden in plain sight – although nothing in this hotel is hidden, really.


First thought as well

Ducks Row

Exactly what I thought. I bet you its true. hiding in plan sight.

deadly nightshade

This hotel just says luciferians welcome rme.

ashlie rodriguez

Hotel Lucia…short for Lucifer


what IS the luciferean doctrine? why was lucufer (prometheus) co-opted. if there is a lucifer, what does that entitiy feel about the use of that symbology (venus?). kinda like satan – that gay would never want to be warshipped. in the bible it is obvious that the controller of the gate to hell is part of the pantheon.


He was the Lord’s prosecutor, and became the persecutor.


Something is terribly wrong with this f*$&up world!!

D D d

With people you mean? The animals I know of have nothing to do with this. Again: this report is reporting actions by humans.


Godless, natural humans. Humans born of the Spirit would not do such things.

D D d

Are you in a position to judge what humans you meet are born in the light, my dear? Or, is that up to god, ultimately?
Can I ask you another question, Seeker? How do you feel about people who call up on God to cast a spell or a curse on a fellow humman?


God alone can judge the heart. But ANYONE can judge the Spiritual Fruit of humans’ thoughts, words, and deeds – in these three ways the abundance, or poverty, of the heart is expressed.

I love and bless people who cast spells or curses on fellow humans. Such people are deceived and are in need of deliverance by Jesus Christ, just as I once was. Though I am saved from eternal punishment by the blood of Jesus and belief in the resurrection of His flesh, I am still in need of constant forgiveness.

Angela May

Yahweh, Father of Jesus Christ, does not serve the agents of satan. EVER. Where are your facts about His assisting with spells and curses. I Bind and Rebuke you devil, in the name of Jesus Christ.

D D d

What a strange saying you end with – even though it is quite common, maybe. I do not understand such expressions. To call oneself to be a placeholder for jesus, to me seems not humble or substansive, but a bit arrogant. Personal opinion, ofcourse.
I do not have facts about His assisting or any relatedmatters, I think no living people have. But thank you to for replying.

D D d

Thank you Seeker, for answering.


Thank you, DDd, for your questions.


Are you being nice Ddd or are you preparing to stir up mischief against your usual victims?

D D d

I am trying to be more polite to those whose opinions i do not share, my thanking for their reply is genuine. For the moment i have no follow up questons (or want to stir any pot specifically). Those who post more often have a bigger chance of me giving a reaction. Just statistics, most of the time. But I get why you ask – nothing wrong with asking. I take the expression you use as a general saying.


You seem to be softening gradually to Christianity which could be exactly what you need. I noticed the caps on Him and other things.

D D d

Softening to christianity? Capitals I use not in a very precise or constant manner, sometimes I use it on gods or jesus or mohammed, other times, I can not be bothered at all. But no, I have not changed opinion on that, or religion and its abusers or fanatics, all in general. The being polite is a bit of an exercise, I must confess.
Eye for detail is not foreign to you 😉


Not enough Jesus…


For me it seems that he is already a believer in Jesus who isn’t ready to reveal it publicly. Treat him like one and it will come.


I’ve read every single article in this website, and I have a vast collection of art books, but no artwork has ever bothered me so much. I don’t think I’d ever experienced negativity in my stomach before, but they say there’s a first time for everything. If that is the case, I’m done, thanks. I can stop right here, right now.

And for the people not “in the know” who choose to stay there, I don’t know what would bring them to do so, unless they think it’s cool and that they’ll look cool staying there. As for appreciating this artwork and contemplating it, well, taste is an interesting thing.

I don’t think art has to be beautiful, because there’s beauty and poetry in the ugly and unconventional. Also, art is supposed to get a reaction from you, but these pieces…


Oh, and talk about sinister! I wouldn’t be caught dead in this place.


they dont want to know because they dont want to live up to our purpose – defenders of the weak, the beaten and the damned

Jaime Weilacher

Everyone is caught in this perfect satanic cycle. Being cool means following the crowd, the more immediate and obvious, the better. This place is dark, artsy, glamorous, expensive, edgy..all the trappings. I bet probably 95% of normies who walk in there decidedly push down their revulsion in the name of art and cool. If they speak out, they run the risk of being wrong and righteous. Double not cool! So they continue to pretend. They look away! It really is how evil perpetuates.


Perfect. That’s exactly it!


Did you read the sinister site article on The Sansevero Chapel? That art made me physically ill, too…just as ill as the art in this article makes me, if not worse.


I definitely did, but I don’t remember it. I will look it up, thanks.


Just checked it out, and it’s definitely weird.

Vigilant Grandpa

I cant’t believe this filth of a place has a 4.4 rating on Google. It’s seems as if all of their previous clients were oblivious to the obvious trauma hanging in their lobby. We should all give them a 1 star rating so they can can smarten up. I’ve had enough of this bs.

Apres Ski

Those are paid ratings. Guess what they get for writing those???


These so-called “elites” (and their henchmen) are vile, vulgar, disgusting excuses for human beings…


One of the hotels in Portland owned by Gordon Sondland (Trump donor, US Ambassador to the European Union, and prominent figure in the Trump-Ukraine scandal). Totally not surprised…

Trust Christ

We’re talking about THIS SATANIC HOTEL We don’t need your antifa BS here or anywhere. Go crawl back into hell.

Dont believe Trust Christ

He’s talking about Hotel Lucia.. research and calm down


Trust Christ- THIS SATANIC HOTEL (Hotel Lucia) is owned by Gordon Sondland…Google it/research it for yourself if you don’t believe me..


finally, a true believer, using the christ instead of the heretical names that denote saying one thing but worshipping another. ,,,,’

Mr. P

Your TDS is showing! It’s the leftists who are into this crap not Our President. It’s not funny to conflate everything bad with him. It’s disingenuous and sophomoric.

Denise B.

He is being sued for raping a 13-year-old. He was pals with Epstein and was even interviewed as one. Get with reality, Mr.P.

Ms K

The suit regarding the 13 yr old was dropped long ago as the story did not hold up under scrutiny and officers said she was obviously not telling the truth.

He hung out with Epstein some but did not go to the island and the one time he went to the home in FL to discuss business he found out what he was about and actually turned him into authorities and cooperated fully with police during the 1st trial.

Trump is not a pedophile as he has been by far the strongest leader that has prosecuted the most pedophiles and human traffickers in history. He does not have control over who donates to his campaign if in fact the owner of this hotel even did.

Stop spreading lies and learn the facts about this President as he has done more good for this country than any other President before

Angela May

In all fairness to our current U.S. President, he cracked down HARD on PEDO RINGS immediately after he took office. He was responsible for an astronomical number of arrests of child traffickers as first priority when he stepped into his role as POTUS. Regardless of anyone’s like/dislike of President Trump, these dozens and dozens of arrests are FACT. Research it for yourself. MSM reported nothing about it, because this would destroy the narratives they are selling. Please everyone, look into yourselves!


But Trump DID have control over selecting Sonderland to be ambassador to the European Union. And by the way, I think this sickening behavior involves people in BOTH democratic and republican parties…


trump has a tranny wife and pics of him groping his daughter and saying hed marry her if he wasnt her father on howard stern


Yes, Flotus was suspiciously awarded an Einstein visa to stay in the US. Nothing to do with him I’m sure !


From the above article: “For instance, Portland’s Hotel Lucia was named after Sondland and Durant’s daughter, and Seattle’s Hotel Max after their son”.

Billy Meyers

You forgot he’s an ashkanzi Jew ( of course)

Ms K

Trump is NOT an Askenazi Jew. Stop spreading lies.

Billy Meyers

Not trump you muppet the owner of the hotel

James Richard Borowy

I agree that something is going on here. There are too many signs that the “elites” are trying to show us. Pretty Satanic, Huh?

Ana F

Love all your articles! Please cover this “haunted house” currently being exposed as a Torture camp, ran by an ex Navy commander McKamey Manor. Seems closely related to MK ultra mind control as he uses “hypnosis” and physical pain to abuse his victims.

Keep up the great work!


In my opinion… An image of a chain around a persons neck which is then chained to the image of a white rabbit, with the rabbit in front of the person depicting a sexual relation.
The image of the angry woman has two rabbits as her bosom.


Very perceptive! Spot on, I’d say.
Both images seem to depict the divine androgyne, heavy on duality. In addition to the fertility symbols (keys in locks, rabbits), the image of the angry “woman” is white and red, symbolic of bodily fluids. Green, of course, is associated with sexual arousal.

Both are disturbing and nauseating.

Billy Jack Galt

Portland……… ’nuff said!


And very strange:
On Googlemaps you cannot see any review nor you can rate anymore this hotel. Guess they handeld fast.


Thanks a lot Vigilant Citizen!
Your posts are extremely important.
‘For evil to be done, need the silence of good people!’ (paraphrase)
..And Dick Cheney is very similar to Prince William! It seems that they all really are cloned (but this is my personal observation)


More precisely, they are all relatives – something like that ..


thinking about seeds, if i have 6 seeds/plants. i can have 3 generations of plants with no overlap, meaning i can get 21 plants where the ‘male and female’ arent related. after that, the more plants i breed from the original 6 will start to show entanglement from previous generations, meaning they begin to be related to one another. another 3 generations and all the offspring has the genetics from all 6 plants (truth tables) – that is WHY they are all related. it seems to me to be a countdown clock of some sort when i start to map it out.


I have no idea why someone downvoted you. My vote brought your comment to zero, but they must have not understood what you wrote, kevx. It’s a nice explanation this one you gave us.

Angela May

Kevx, makes me wonder how sperm banks are legal. It’s a formula for incestuous disaster. Like the elite bloodlines. Mutants.

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