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Why Are There Paintings Depicting Ritual Abuse On Display at the Las Vegas Courthouse?



Why Are There Paintings Depicting Ritual Abuse On Display at the Las Vegas Courthouse?

Disturbing paintings depicting various scenes of ritual abuse are on display near the entrance of the Lloyd George Federal Courthouse in Las Vegas. 

The official website of the United States District Court of Nevada states:

“The cornerstone of the Amercian judicial system is the trial courts … in which witnesses testify, juries deliberate and justice is done.”
– William H. Rehnquist, Chief Justice of the United States

If that is the case, why are there paintings of birds raping people displayed at the Las Vegas Courthouse?

According to Redoubt News:

These paintings were hung in the very front of the courthouse, next to the main entrance. (…) These are reportedly created by local high school students. Their teacher said to one of the complainants, “They are learning that they don’t identify people by their faces.”

The article states that nobody at the courthouse took responsibility for okaying these paintings.

A closer look at these paintings reveals that their message goes way beyond “Don’t identify people by their faces” (whatever that means). Indeed, the paintings are replete with imagery and symbolism relating to Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and trauma-based mind control (known as Monarch Programming). They tell a disturbing story of abuse at the hand of extremely evil people, which leads me to doubt that those were made by high school students.

Here are the paintings. Warning: Graphic imagery.

Why Are There Paintings Depicting Ritual Abuse On Display at the Las Vegas Courthouse?

A bird violating a young girl while another bird watches over.

Why Are There Paintings Depicting Ritual Abuse On Display at the Las Vegas Courthouse?

This painting depicts a unicorn under the words EVIL KING. On the right are two pigeons and the word BROTHER. Under the unicorn is a rainbow (a symbol of Monarch mind control) and the word PEASANT.

Why Are There Paintings Depicting Ritual Abuse On Display at the Las Vegas Courthouse?

A unicorn apparently abusing a person underneath a rainbow. In MK programming, victims of trauma are told to “go over the rainbow” in order to dissociate from reality.

In occult symbolism, a unicorn is a phallic symbol (emphasized by its single horn). In ancient myths and legends, it is said that the unicorn can “only be tamed by a virgin”.

Why Are There Paintings Depicting Ritual Abuse On Display at the Las Vegas Courthouse?

A classic depiction of a unicorn and a virgin.

Is the unicorn (named Evil King) violating virgins?

Why Are There Paintings Depicting Ritual Abuse On Display at the Las Vegas Courthouse?

A bird violating a person while another bird watches over.

Why Are There Paintings Depicting Ritual Abuse On Display at the Las Vegas Courthouse?

One person wears a mask inspired by plague doctors. The person on the right has no mask on and is faceless. Do the masked people represent victims of abuse who were robbed of their core persona?

Why Are There Paintings Depicting Ritual Abuse On Display at the Las Vegas Courthouse?

The unicorn (aka Evil King) deeply intertwined with a person. Does this represent an MK handler controlling the entire being of a dissociated slave?

Why Are There Paintings Depicting Ritual Abuse On Display at the Las Vegas Courthouse?

A bird violating a person while another bird holds something (for suffocation)? Behind them is a person wearing a mask. Another dissociated victim?

These paintings are strikingly similar to the art of Kim Noble, a Monarch programming survivor.

Why Are There Paintings Depicting Ritual Abuse On Display at the Las Vegas Courthouse?

Noble’s painting “What Ted Saw” depicts the abuse of a small child as others “help” and watch over.

Why Are There Paintings Depicting Ritual Abuse On Display at the Las Vegas Courthouse?

Two girls wearing plague masks and ironic crowns. Two victims.

Why Are There Paintings Depicting Ritual Abuse On Display at the Las Vegas Courthouse?

A headless and limbless mannequin wearing a mask. A typical way of representing powerless slaves.

Why Are There Paintings Depicting Ritual Abuse On Display at the Las Vegas Courthouse?

Kim Noble’s painting “Armless Goddess” portrays a hopelessly powerless figure, ironically referred to as a goddess.

Why Are There Paintings Depicting Ritual Abuse On Display at the Las Vegas Courthouse?

Three ominous figures with animal heads.

Why Are There Paintings Depicting Ritual Abuse On Display at the Las Vegas Courthouse?

A masked person holds something that emits smoke. On the bottom right is written: “I really like the smoke for the story it tells”. On the left is a pale outline of a similar masked person. On the top right: A headless person who appears to be melting. Does this painting refer to the use of drugs to program dissociated slaves?

In Conclusion

The series of paintings on display at the Lloyd George Federal Courthouse appear to tell a horrific story of ritual abuse. The main handler is represented by a unicorn (a phallic symbol) who is named “Evil King”. More abuse is committed by birds with human bodies. The fact that the abusers are animals probably alludes to the fact that dissociated slaves have little to no contact with reality. In all of the paintings, the slaves appear completely out of it or passed out.

These slaves are represented as faceless figures wearing masks, representing their core personality being replaced by an alter persona created by the handlers. The masks worn by the slaves resemble those worn in masked balls à la Eyes Wide Shut, where elite individuals partake in ritualistic copulation.

The aim of Monarch programming is to cause trauma so intense that it forces slaves to dissociate from reality as a natural defense mechanism. The paintings at the Las Vegas Courthouse depict exactly this process using disturbing symbolism.

Why are these horrific paintings displayed at a government building dedicated to law and justice?

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Why Are There Paintings Depicting Ritual Abuse On Display at the Las Vegas Courthouse?

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Bob Gee

Because mostly if not all U.S. courts are Maritime Courts and not Courts of Law. Indicated by the gold fringe(captured) U.S. War Flag(yes, there is a U.S. Peace flag but, we’ve been a warring nation since inception). The “Lawyers” are part of the Crown System being that they have to pass the BAR(British Accredited Registry) exam , the “Judge” wears a black robe because he is “executioner” and ALL defendants are considered guilty and must prove their innocence or strike a “plea”(bargain of restitution to the bankruptcy/Maritime Court) to buy their way out or pay in time(prison) Welcome to the USSA where you thought you were free!


This is probably one of the MOST EXCELLENT, it not THE VERY most excellent, comment I have EVER read on Vigilant Citizen, EVER!


Thank you Jordan Maxwell


Yikesssss !!!!!! So blatant and in your face that the government *aka court system* is part of these sick illuminati satanic rituals

Wake Up

Were the “Government”, and were here to help!!



Learn to spell and use proper grammar.



Not everyone has access to equal education, and some are dyslexic – being a grammar snob isn’t funny, kind or attractive


funny, kind, or attractive* use all the commas


Yeah, I don’t think those pictures were created by high school students. No way.


Why aren’t their parents complaining about sexual content in the class room? There’s always one.


Because most art students don’t talk about their work at home. Art Classes are a space to create without inhibition or fear of judgement; often times people unacquainted with art or the specific process/mindset feel the need to extrapolate some deeper meaning from a piece. It’s just easier to keep art to oneself and one’s peers. Until display day, that is…
trust me, I rarely share my art to my family and None of my friends do, but we’re more than happy to display work to the public as a whole.

Besides, most art parents don’t actually care that much about their kid’s art. Those that do aren’t going to question it anyway. If a piece is “offensive” it may still be displayed publicly, just not in the school building itself. I’ve had this happen to pieces I’ve made—they’re shown at exhibitions, but not installed in the schools main office or gallery.


my dude chill out of course they did because even ur wildy incorrect source says they were. damn.


Little late but, as a High School Art Student I can almost guarantee these are works made by High School Art Students. Not to sound edgy, but my generation(1996-200x) is strikingly existential; we have the pleasure of watching society crumble while being too young to actively do anything to prevent that. But that’s unimportant. Long story short, today’s art students are weird and like to push boundaries. The darker, more shocking, or harder to explain something is, the better. And most of the time the pieces themselves have little to no meaning! Really!! Personally, my goal as an artist is to make people question reality—to have them wonder what I was thinking when I created a piece. (To catalogue my impending psychosis, as I sometimes say) Usually, the answer is…NOTHING! I’ve painted souls in torment over an abstract hellscape, drawn the statue of David in bondage gear, illustrated a city in ruins then used the brightest pastels I could find to color the buildings! It’s all about dissociation. Making the observer feel disconnected from the art, and from reality. Making them feel something(usually confusion, uneasiness or excitement) contradictory images—like the unicorns/birds in “graphic”(it’s really not that graphic TBH)poses. We’re constantly… Read more »


There would be no coma after the or.


Degrees in English and journalism, advanced degree in special ed here. Former English teacher (fragment, used on purpose. See why later.). The third comma is optional. In the book “On Writing,” by Stephen King, he says he likes to use it because it causes the reader to hear a mental “pause” at that place. Once you know the rules of grammar, you can break them, as you know how to do it effectively.

Just because we’re on the subject, here’s a pet peeve of mine. It is “could NOT care less” or “couldn’t care less,” not “could care less.” If you think, about it, it’s clear that if you COULD care LESS, it means that you must care, at least some. But “could NOT care less” obviously means you do not care even a tiny bit.

Grammar lesson over. (Yes, I broke the rule by leaving out the “is.” It’s okay; I know what I’m doing.) Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. (No pun intended.)


Never mind the comma. How about “at it’s best” — which I see everywhere, including on this website (and not just in the comments).

When did US schools stop teaching possessive pronouns, or at least proper spelling?

Of course, I forget: Good writing is considered oppressive and N--i these days.

For the record, English is my fifth language, after Slovak, Czech, Russian and German. But I try to use it correctly.


They have cunningly took control of our minds. They control everything we do. Our entertainment,the choice of food, the clothes we wear. How? They pump up all that is in these areas and we unwittingly surrender because Americans are basically become robots and enslaved to pleasure of all kinds. Whatever satisfys the flesh.


There would be no comma before the or.


That is not correct. The comma should be used.


The general rule is to use the comma, but it can be omitted,


The general rule is to place a period at the end of a sentence. Get off your high horse.


Amanda, you just wrote a sentence fragment.


It’s called an “Oxford comma” and can or cannot be used – so BobSprings is right, as are you. If you’re going to be a grammar N--i, get it right

Anne Elizabeth Brown

Kindly stuff the Oxford comma dictatorialism. 🙂


Omitting a comma has nothing to do with dyslexia.


It can have everything to do with dyslexia! Dyslexics can have a lot of trouble with punctuation, along with sentence structure, spelling, and a host of other things.


What’s really dishonest about these people is that they refuse to admit what grades they got in English class. If you didn’t get straight A’s, and if you didn’t major in English then your own knowledge of this language isn’t perfect either.




The unicorn in the pictures is Amduscias from the lesser key of Solomon. He specializes in MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. So does the RAIN MAN you see in music videos.

The crow you see in the pictures is Malphas from the Lesser Key of Solomon.

Most of these satanists and black magicians use the Lesser Key as their standard order of battle across multiple countries. Some of the guys that used it were the good guys like Solomon and the Faction 2 Knights Templars from Austria. Most of it is used for bad though very few good or even people that understand how it works at all.


“They are learning that they don’t identify people by their faces.” = dehumanization at best.


It’s also a term alluding to the “face blindness” that is instilled in the victims from a young age. In the earlier days of MK Ultra victims were programmed to have “face blindness” which means they cannot recognise faces very easily. With the development of harmonics used in trauma this evolved to programme the victim not to just have face blindness but to also see faces as those of birds/aliens/animals etc.
Can you imagine the response when a young child tells an adult that a unicorn hurt him? Or a bird hurt her?….. Makes their story incredulous from the outset 🙁


It’s a demonstration of power by placing their graphic work on display for the world to see. The best way to counter the Zionist occultist is to educate everyone about them and who they are. All the wars and those “terrorist” groups are in fact a creation of the Zionist globalist, to further their agenda for the NWO.


Enough already with putting the blame on Jews. I’m sure they aren’t the only people involved in the illuminati.


Funny how you immediately associate Zionism with the Jews. Might want to think before you comment 😉


George Soros is not a Jew. He just plays one in N--i Germany. It seems there are real Jews and fake Jews. Jack the Ripper warned us of that when he said “The Juwes are the men who will not be blamed for nothing.” Actully, notice that Bible that characterizes Jesus as a Jew, then blames the Jews for his death. Roman characters were not blamed. Thus anti-semitism was built into the Bible.


You are absolutely correct, they are not the one that are sinners and there’s more to this darkness than race. Satan does not describable, anyone who will allow himself to reject Jesus as Lord are his tools.


Hide it in plain sight. The agenda. Normalize it.


Also to mock us. I walked by my TV the other day, Netflix was left on and the screen shot for the new full house, THE GIRL IS WEARING A SWEATER W PIZZA SLICES ON IT!!!!!

Megan Buchanan

I dont understand the pizza slice rave/rage u am seeing? What does it mean?


Pizzagate. Pedophile ring in DC area


Pizza is codeword for child trafficking in the pizzagate scandal….. google it


One more pet peeve. Google is a huge, powerful, politically biased corporation that censors conservative views and mistreats conservative employees. They have gotten the world to give them free advertising by urging people to say “google it” instead of “research it” or “look it up.”

It’s a positive thing to remind people that “google” is a brand name, not a synonym for “research” or “look up.” Remind them not to use that phrase because — why should we give this powerful, biased company (who also censor search results) more power?

Google is not a verb. It is a brand name. Let’s not give them extra power to control. Just say “look it up” or “research it.” (It also keeps young kids from thinking there is only one search engine, very necessary since google has a monopoly on searches done in the schools.)

This has been a public service announcement. Thank you.


YEP!! That’s why I use duckduckgo and startpage ONLY now. DDG shows everything equally, and startpage lets you browse anonymously.


Look up who runs DuckDuckGo. It seems like a honeypot scheme to me. If I were the gov’t. or some nefarious group, I would create a search engine exactly like DDG and advertise it as the only one that really, definitely, absolutely, totally does not collect anyone’s personal info, and then sit back and record all the naughty searches that roll in. Plus the name is a reference to the kids’ game duck duck goose, and DDG is very close to DDLG, an acronym meaning a masochistic, power-based sexual relationship between a “daddy dom” and a submissive “little girl.” (Aside from SJW, DDLG is probably the most-used acronym on the perverse and Luciferian m.k. conditioning website Tumblr.) And the word “Go” is the beginning of both “Government” and “Google.”
Way too many red flags for me.


a pizza slice is used to i.d. a female child for sex abuse. the slice is a similar shape to the female genital area. i think hot dogs are used to refer to boys?


don’t get too hung up on trying to pin specific definitions to certain words – just read the Podesta emails and see that these words including “pizza” are being used as code for …..something illicit, whatever it is…


CP=cheese pizza=child p--n. Code.


Research pizzagate.

The End

Did you notice Nancy’s sweater in the first episode of the second season of “Stranger Things“? It’s covered in pyramids with the “all-seeing eye”.

Thy Unveiling

Stop watching Stranger Things! You’re supporting the abuse of the child actors by watching that show! *Any* show/movie featuring young actors! You’re a truther, you know what those kids are going through. Especially that one who was in the LA Devotee music video! *shudders*

Fuller House, too. Its beyond sick, especially after watching pocketsofthefuture series on them. Now one is wearing a pizza shirt confirming they grew up in a child sex ring and are carrying on the tradition. No wonder the Olsen twins say they wouldn’t wish their childhood on anyone, and now they look older than their elder t.v. sisters…and Aunt Becky.


Dear God… I watched it, but Directors do not give bad vibes… Wynona does, she horrifies me the most.

Sadie Slays

There were also recent headlines about the Pope having a “private pizza party with children.”

Righteous anger.

To the sons of satan who are doing this: No amount of demonic energy that you generate from harming the innocent will save you. You will have your part in the wrath of YHWH! The mountains melt before His fury! Your father satan can not even save himself. The demons fear and tremble at the name of Yahushua! You will have your part in the lake of fire. What you sow here, you WILL reap in Hell. Repent now, seek the Lord while He may be found.


Hell is too good for these evil monsters. JEHOVAH GOD will judge, prosecute and CONDEMN. And there will be no EXIT doors, etc. IT WILL BE FINAL; AND THE HOLY SPIRIT that lives in me, is telling me that JUDGMENT DAY is coming soon, that JEHOVAH GOD is sick of the Evil. COME NOW, LORD JESUS.

D D d

You summon your god and jesus? What powers you have. But, is it out of devotion or for revenge?


the jevohah god is satan !!! and is part of the problem not the solution!! No loving god judges and condems, just a little clue there..


Riiiight. That message has gotten old, after the fiction having been MKULTRA’d into existence for millenia. Your claim, same as it has been told by your predecessors, is without basis. Looks as if they’ve been successful in their brainwashing. What was the article about? Oh yeah, mind control. See the irony? Party on.


So, what in the world is He waiting for


Someone should do some investigating and find out if these painting were in fact created by students from a local school.

It’s odd that several of the paintings have unusually similar themes. Why would the school allow these paintings to go on display and who would agree to display them?


Unless the student experienced the mess he or she drew, I do not buy that a teen has the kind of insight into the terrible themes they depict. What life experiences does a teen have where their imaginations can conjure the same creepy unicorn over and over again? I aint buying it either.

Black Cyprian

Also they look too professional for high school students


Of course – those paintings are such they could be exhibited by an art gallery at an exclusive art fair such as Basel or Cologne or Karlsruhe or Miami. The question is why the painters are not identified? Why, if a local high school pupil is the genuine artist, is his or her name not on the painings and not publicized? Makes no sense. Because it’s not true!


sheesh…Being from Vegas born and raised and seeing this just makes absolutely no sense to me. Highly doubt HS students made these unless they were told to do it or it was “assigned” to them (eg: make a painting including elements of ritualistic torture). Has absolutely nothing to do with Las Vegas history or anything. Been here my whole life and aside from the free mason’s contributions to downtown LV, I haven’t seen or been exposed to things like this.


The Freemasons and other NWO secret socities usually keep things hidden from the public but have been slowly coming out of the shadows trying to desensitize the public their esoteric symbolism more and more.


Right – not just the level of sophistication of imagery, but the artistic technique seems way beyond the naive competence of a high school pupil. I feel as layman the artist has not only attended art school but belongs to a particular genre of painting. If the paintings were drawn by a high school student, he is under the influence of a professional artist and has received an intensive training. Thus I cannot accept the claim those paintings were done by a local Las Vegas teenager.


have y’all read Svali’s testimonies? there are very intelligent, talented, but very very damaged dissociated kids in the illuminati / being used by the illuminati


“intelligent, talented,but very much damaged dissociated kids” – foe some reason Jeff Buckley analogy springs to mind.


the picture with the two girls wearing plague masks and crowns has german writing in the background. can’t tell what it says because of the girls painted on top. maybe these arty high school kids also study german?


The German text is presented in such a way that it really requires guesswork to fill in the blanks. Only a few neutral words are recognizable. I live where German is native language and speak and read fluent German. The person who designed that German text knew that what is visible does not incriminate him. Only the person who has the missing text or is familiar with the whole text knows what the text says. This obfuscation was done on purpose.
I cannot believe the artist is a teenager.


At the bottom: DENN BALD WIRST DU – then/for soon you will . . .

If many persons fluent in German would study the text, I’m sure besides that phrase the remaining missing text could be guessed. But the remaining text shows only a few single whole German words.


I thought the same thing–a lot of them look like they were painted by the same person

Annonymous High Schooler

Haha yeah these were done by high school students. They are visually similar because they were all drawing the same people. They were other students wearing rubber masks and posed as standing, sitting, or lying down. They were told to use water soluble graphite. Those who were absent were given mannequins to draw instead. They are always told to tell a story with their pieces, and are encouraged to use text. “Evil king” is what one student wrote. They aren’t satanist, stories of evil kings are everywhere. As one of these students, I’m honestly kind of amazed that my piece could be interpreted this way (suffocation? Really?)


What is the name of your school and who is the art teacher? Are you trying to tell us that some of these paintings don”t show students having sex some how with strange bird masks?

Ben Dover

Yeah so you just posed the mannequins so they’d be f-----g children, aight?


I find it hard to believe that teenagers decide to paint a bird “doing it” with a human for the local Courthouse.




Even more unbelievable a courthouse would then decide to use it – but, there you have it…


If they did, there’d be a call to their parents and a SWAT team would be at their house >>


The sheer crap that passes for art today, is itself a crime against humanity.




Sadly, this kind of “””””””Art”””””” is the new reality.

I was in Art School, and such crap like the works above were deemed edgy, avant garde and close to genius. They used to tell us “draw your worst fears, shock the audience” so most of the students drew scenes of rape, and other things you simply cannot turn a blind eye to. Then, those who refused to draw these kind of themes were ridiculed and humiliated in class.

I recall an occasion where my tutor forced me to draw a naked child in a sexualized way. I was so disgusted I cried.

I’m shaking while I write this. Art school has affected me so much. I still struggle with Art to this very day….the pain is real. The wound is there.


May I ask why you never went to administration to report this lewdness?


Because they won’t do anything. Everyone is wicked..


I tried, but no one listened. Actually they told me I had misunderstood the ‘mishap’. For the longest time I thought I was crazy for feeling so sick when the teachers would push the violence/gore/rape/etc agenda in our works. It’s only many years later that I finally understood that it wasn’t me, but them (and the students as well who were just as sick, or just as brainwashable….I don’t know anymore)

that one chic

Well Team Jesus, at this point I dont know if you are team hevean or team jumping over the border and living off of the backs of the legal taxpayers but heres why -Go tell an administrator at your childs school they are being bullied , harrassed or abused and they will turn it around on the parent so fast it will make your head spin. Especially here in Las Vegas.

Angela May

Frighteningly true. I just left Vegas for good. I was a taxi driver there. Every time I drove a local student to school I always asked if they felt safe at their school. With the exception of one young man in a private school, every student answered NO. Between the unholy alliance of the sinister child endangering family courts there, CPS and the school system it’s mind blowing how dangerous it is to raise kids in Las Vegas..never mind the environment there, it’s the systemic destruction of young lives and families through the above mentioned agencies in Clark County that is so dangerous. I have a theory that it is intentional in order to destroy young lives in order to feed the skin trade there which is fueled by damaged, broken females. The economy of LasVegas rests on the sex trade industry. The engine of the Las Vegas economy is that of broken, damaged females. I saw it all for myself. After the shooting in October I got the hell out of Vegas. Mayor Goodman called Vegas safe the day of the shooting. What a lying self serving snake. We all know Vegas is anything but safe.


You are a smart enough man to get the heck out of Dodge. I have never visited Las Vegas. Don’t ever want to. I’m 65 years young. Seek out a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Thy Unveiling

Your teacher is obviously a sick f*ck child r@pist who should be reported, looked into, and left a paraplegic without a tongue or genitals. That demon disguised as an educator clearly gets off on horrible things and traumatizing students is part of it. “People” like that are the deranged ones who put starving animals or humans on display and call it art. “People” like that are the ones who stand in an art gallery and witness a violent altercation leading up to a murder and still think it’s art, even after the cops arrive “Ooh! So dedicated!”

proud mamma

Sick to my stomach

Julie Bucker

My ritual abuse memories include people wearing these bird skulls masks. I was always afraid of Long nosed puppets. I have a video about my memories on


Thank you for sharing your story, Julie. Much love to you!


All of these thematically remind me of the imagery surrounding Comet Ping Point & Pizzagate, perhaps also the Denver Airport & Bank of America murals. What they have in common is telling the story of a civilization that’s doomed if it doesn’t wake up.

Superb article, VC.


In Cathy O’Brien & Mark Phillips book ” Trance Formation of America” she tells her true story of how Senator Byrd was her official owner. Throughout her programming the use of “bird” as in the animal was used via play on words to further deepen her programming as being unable to escape for Byrd. She was also used as a “carrier pigeon” for President Reagan so more with the “bird” theme.. Another truth she tells is that George Bush (Jnr) used alien programming with her in that he appeared as an alien to her in a couple of incidents (he never had sex with her but did with her daughter aged 3 through 6). So seeing this type of art CHOSEN and ALLOWED to deign the walls of an institution that is supposed to be for the highest public good just reeks of some kind of inside joke and a nod to all in the know. Passing it off as “oh this was from HS kids” just isn’t good enough. If those HS kids had created art that said F@$K America or had pictures of Jews/blacks/whites/politicians being a--l raped by Satan would that have been “allowed”? I’m not in LV… Read more »


Your observations of bird parallels are very interesting. I thought of plague masks, but never thought of senator Byrd or carrier pigeon. How about bird cages? The Bohemian Grove owl and the wings of Lucifer have bird wings and feathers.(I feel that a monarch’s role as courier pigeon of top secret info may be their most valued. Any prostitute could give sexual favors or act as a honey trap, but they wouldn’t be able to carry top secret messages that are only delivered by secret triggers, unless they are a monarch.) I remember Cathy’s memory of Bush Sr. turning into a reptilian alien in front of her, but later she understood that it was a hologram projected on his face.


Judges are known in slang terms as “beaks”.


As an artist, the kind of sophistication found in these paintings is possible, but unlikely in the work of a teenager.



that one chic

There are Magnet Schools that teach art, movie animation etc. in the Las Vegas School District, maybe that is a place to look into a little deeper. Who knows what goes on in these accelerated courses for the “gifted” students that manoge a spot in these programs.

Vigilant Citizen

I was in the gifted program in my state (Not NV) from 4th grade until I graduated. We learned the same things as the kids in regular courses but had more difficult assignments. We read books like Singularity when I was like 9 and asked what singularity was, to theorize how the universe was formed, how singularity might pertain to time travel, what sorts of paradoxes exit when you time travel, etc. We watched movies about aliens and the future, like the 1951 The Day the Earth Stood Still, and then had to envision what would happen if aliens did invade the planet. Or, just to envision the future as a whole. What would a future hospital look like? Make a diorama of it and explain. Pick an object in the classroom and write about it as if you were an archeologist from the future. Would its purpose be misjudged? Would it still be useful in the new society? We had a bunch of puzzles to solve (not like a typical puzzle where you make a picture with pieces but, like Red Herrings and logic puzzles.). We were supposed to draw side profiles of our faces and make them as… Read more »

One of the high schoolers that painted these

Aww thanks. I’ve never had someone look at my art and doubt my age because of its sophistication.

Johnny Utah

I’m all for kinky sex, but for heaven’s sake can we please leave children out of the equation?! Anyone who would touch child like that simply needs to be “put down”. This world needs to be purged.


I hear you Johnny, but when you understand that its not for sexual kicks more than the creation of mind-controlled people who can be used as they grow up and enter the system. It’s been going on for decades and you will find mind-controlled people in all sorts of industries.
Sexual abuse is such an abomination to “normal humans” that it is a perfect catalyst for dissociation during mind control.
It’s also a perfect cover because the sexual abuse just seems so outlandish and “unreal” that no “normal human” wants to believe it for a second.
Take a look at the Hampstead Heath kids a couple of years ago. People just think it sounds so unbelievable that it MUST be untrue. Despite the fact you have 2 very lucid articulate children giving names, facts, places, body marks etc.


Some of the birds doing these violations are crows… in islamic dream mythology, crows represent adultery and fornication. And obviously, negative connotations, evil/ scavenger/ sly/ selfish.. this is not art, no matter how objective you think you are


I think its demonic entities. They are usually seen as these human animal hybrids. They might actually be looking at the spirits of adultery and fornication. I mean we know that all evil is motivated by evil demonic being anyways. You literally HAVE to be possessed to do these type of heinous things.

Seminole Warrior

Doesn’t get any clearer than that… These creeps has infested every agency that centers around children!.. Isn’t the courts responsible for placing the children in foster care, coincidentally the same foster care program where children around in several states goes missing and abused!

Thy Unveiling

Sometimes the foster kids run away from the homes. In my first year of high school I was friends with a very beautiful foster girl. She didn’t talk much about herself, so I don’t know her story. Anyways, one morning before first period she asked if I would run away with her, she didn’t want to go alone. I said no, partly out of fear, plus some stupid reasons (like wanting to see my crush, not having packed for running off, etc), but I also didn’t think she would do it if she had nobody to go with. That was the last I ever saw of her. I wish I had asked why she was running, or what her story was, something. Anything. I can only imagine. I wish I knew what happened to her after. The worst? She was extremely pretty, which is bait to the wrong sort. Or did the cops pick her up and she went to a new home? I have no idea. But a few months later there was a new foster girl in the same house. She wasn’t as beautiful as the other one, but she was pretty and more outgoing than the first… Read more »

Gaelen (not the child, it\'s really my name)

This is awful. Especially “what Ted saw”. People are so offended by the tiniest things, but WTS is okay????? How how?????


Looks like scenes from a snuff film


How many snuff films have you seen and why have you been watching snuff films in the first place?!?


I’ve never watched or would want to watch a snuff movie but I know exactly what they are and in regards to MK Ultra why they are used for both the victim killed, the living victims forced to partake or watch and for the sick viewers who purchase for their collections.
So knowing about them does not mean watching them or having access to them.
I know some things about guns too, also about crack cocaine, also about billionaires and also about ghosts…… Never had any direct experience with any of these either! LOL


I have never seen one thank God but I have done research about SRA and MK Ultra techniques that the CIA used on helpless children and then recorded them being killed by a--l penetration. Google the Franklin Coverup.

D D d

TJ, Please do not enhance the stating of your opinion with those horrific graphic recallings. To some this is almost the same as unexpectedly seeing the horror.


Better yet, “look it up.” No more free advertising for google.

D D d

What, nothing about the background of the school, it’s directors and sponsors?


I was wondering the same thing!

that one chic

That is what I am wondering, is it one of Las Vegas’s Magnet School Programs, my friends son was in one and he completley changed, comes home in a rage, the parents are trying anything and everything to help him, but he refuses to talk. They tried talking to his school, and now his school is going out of their way to cover any tracks and turn it around on the parents.

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