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Sinister Sites: The Sansevero Chapel Sinister Sites: The Sansevero Chapel

Sinister Sites

Sinister Sites: The Sansevero Chapel

Local legends about the Sansevero Chapel of Naples claim that the astonishing works of art it contains are the result of sorcery and black magic. The sculptures appear impossible to create by hand, while a macabre display featuring two actual human bodies is said to be the result of ritual killings. Also, adding to the occult aura surrounding the chapel, it is filled with Masonic symbolism.



At first glance, Capella Sansevero is your typical Italian chapel from the 17th century, tastefully filled with paintings and sculptures of a religious nature. However, a closer look at the various items in the chapel reveals that something is “off” about this place. Some sculptures are so “organic-looking” that they lead many to believe they were the result of a supernatural process. Furthermore, the enigmatic symbolism found around the chapel heavily hints to an allegorical esoteric message.

And, when visitors climb down a few stairs, they see this:

Sinister Sites: The Sansevero Chapel

The chapel has on display two actual human remains with their entire nervous system on display. Creepily dubbed “Adam and Eve” – and even more creepily referred to as “anatomical machines” – this bizarre display has been the subject of all kinds of rumors.

To fully understand what is going on with the chapel, one must understand its creator: Raimondo di Sangro, the Prince of Sansevero. While he was considered a brilliant inventor and philosopher by many, others believed that he was a cruel black magician who killed people to conduct bizarre experiments.

A visit to his Sansevero Chapel gives credence to both points of view as it puts on display all of di Sangro’s alchemical genius … and madness. Before looking at the bizarre works of art on display at the chapel, let’s first look at the man behind it all.

Raimondo di Sangro, the “Sorcerer Prince”

Sinister Sites: The Sansevero Chapel

From the age of 10, di Sangro was educated at the Jesuit College of Rome. In 1730, at age 20, he came back to Naples using the title “Prince of Sansevero”. He soon joined the ranks of occult secret societies.

“In spite of the religious training that he had received with the Jesuits, the young man soon joined the secret brotherhood of the Rosicrucians, where he was initiated into ancient alchemic rituals, the so called “sacred art” or “king’s art” which had been handed down through the centuries from Egyptian priest to their disciples. Don Raimondo had found his life calling. While maintaining the outmost silence about “his brothers” and the teachings he was receiving (he left no documents whatsoever on the activities of the mysterious sect) the Prince radically changed his life and devoted all his time to alchemy. Vials, ovens and alembics filled the cellar of his palace and at nighttime it was not rare to see strange, colored vapors and disgusting smells coming out of the barred windows of his cellar. It was at that time that Neapolitans started labeling him a sorcerer.”
– Rino Di Stefano, Raimondo de Sangro, the “Sorcerer” Prince

Di Sangro introduced Freemasonry to his city as he became the head of the Neapolitan Masonic Lodge. This fact, combined with his knack for presenting peculiar inventions, such as an “eternal flame” made from a chemical compound of his creation and human skull bones, only grew the legend surrounding Di Sangro.

“Prince Raimondo di Sangro was known as an eccentric, enigmatic, and mystical man. He was the head of the Neapolitan Masonic lodge, the symbols of which are interspersed throughout the chapel, and was a student of numerous areas of the sciences, as well as alchemy and other mystical disciplines. He also spoke several exotic languages such as Hebrew and Arabic and was an inventor, some of his inventions of which were rather bizarre, such as a mechanized carriage with wooden horses that was said to be able to travel over both land and water. These eccentricities led to the Prince garnering a reputation as a practitioner of wizardry and black magic, and rumors abounded that he performed sinister magical rituals, human sacrifices, and curses. It was also said that he could perform great feats of alchemy, such as creating blood out of water or even thin air, and that he used the various body parts of his sacrificed victims in his odious spells and potions. The Prince was said to lock himself away for days on end and perform demented experiments on human beings, such as reanimating the dead. These dark rumors and legends that swirled around the Prince made him into a man to be feared and avoided; a larger than life black sorcerer who could bend magical and natural forces to his will. The Prince did little to deny these rumors and it is thought that he even encouraged them.”
– Brent Swancer, The Bizarre Anatomical Machines of Italy

One of di Sangro’s many “hobbies” was Bel Canto, which means “beautiful singing”. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Who doesn’t appreciate beautiful singing?

However, for di Sangro, “Bel Canto” means buying little boys from impoverished parents, castrating them and forcing them to sing.

“In spite of his being acquainted with the pleasures of family life and having children (…), the Prince enjoyed going around his many estates looking for young boys with beautiful voices. Usually he would find them in the church choir. Then he would “buy” them from their parents (usually poor, illiterate peasants who had many children) and had his personal physician, don Giuseppe Salerno, castrate them. He would then lock them up in the Conservatory of Jesus Christ’s Poor in Naples, where these young castrated boys started their careers as “sopranist”.

He saw in the castrati a search for perfection, which according to the Rosicrucians resulted from “annulling the dualism that comes from separation, a return to the primordial androgynous being”.
– Ibid.

As di Sangro’s reputation grew, and his writings gained publicity, he made powerful friends and powerful enemies. His involvement with Freemasonry lead to his writings being banned and for him to be excommunicated by the Catholic Church.

He spent the latter days of his life decorating the Sansevero Chapel, turning this small place into a grandiose representation of the “alchemical and Masonic path to illumination”.

A Mysterious Occult Temple

Sinister Sites: The Sansevero Chapel

Before it was transformed by Raimondo di Sangro, the Sansevero Chapel was already the subject of bizarre rumors. It was said to have been constructed on an old temple of Isis and, to prove this fact, locals point to a massive statue of the God of the Nile, located just around the corner from his home.

Sinister Sites: The Sansevero Chapel

The Statue of the God of the Nile in Naples.

Adding to the sinister factor, the Palazzo Sansevero was the scene of a brutal murder at the end of the 16th century, when the composer Carlo Gesualdo caught his wife and her lover together and hacked them to death in their bed. Up until 1888, a passageway connected Palazzo Sansevero to the Sansevero Chapel.

However, it is when Raimondo di Sangro turned this chapel into an alchemical project that the site became an attraction, especially in occult circles. Other than the enigmatic “hidden message” of the chapel, it is the works of art that mystify visitors. They appear to daringly declare: “I was an occultist and this is what I could do”.

The works of art in the Sansevero Chapel are indeed unique, powerful and unsettling, forcing visitors to ask: “How did he do that”? And, when one knows the esoteric and alchemical background of the Prince, observing them leads to the question: “Was this done through an occult process?”

The most compelling example of this is The Veiled Christ. Set in the middle of the chapel, this sculpture of Christ covered by a thin veiled has an unnerving quality: How was this marble sculpture made using a block of stone and a chisel? The veil is too … real.

Sinister Sites: The Sansevero Chapel

“Veiled Christ”

“Completed in 1753 by Giuseppe Sanmartino and commissioned by Raimondo di Sangro, it portrays Christ deposed after crucifixion, covered by a transparent veil. This veil is rendered with such subtlety as to be almost deceiving to the eye, and the effect seen in person is really striking: one gets the impression that the “real” sculpture is lying underneath, and that the shroud could be easily grabbed and lifted.

It’s precisely because of Sanmartino’s extraordinary virtuosity in sculpting the veil that a legend surrounding this Christ dies hard – fooling from time to time even specialized magazines and otherwise irreproachable art websites.

Legend has it that prince Raimondo di Sangro, who commissioned the work, actually fabricated the veil himself, laying it down over Sanmartino’s sculpture and petrifying it with an alchemic method of his own invention; hence the phenomenal liquidness of the drapery, and the “transparence” of the tissue.”
– Bizarrobazar, The Mystery of Chapel Sansevero

For centuries, a “black legend” surrounded this sculpture and others in the chapel that held that the Prince used a mysterious alchemical process to “marbelize” a fine cloth placed over the sculpture.

Sinister Sites: The Sansevero Chapel

Veiled Christ from above.

Some observers noticed a troubling detail about that sculpture: Christ appears to still be breathing.

“There may be another small “anomaly” in this Veiled Christ, as there is a slight indentation over the nostril, as if the shroud is being sucked in by breath – is this “dead Jesus” alive? Did di Sangro believe that Jesus had not died on the Cross? If so, perhaps he was not only a Mason, but a member of another, even more mysterious, order?

Jesus disappeared from his tomb – but he is not alone. The Prince’s tombstone can still be seen in the chapel. He died on March 22, 1771, “from a sudden illness caused by his mechanic experiments”. During the long nights he spent in his laboratory he had probably inhaled or ingested some toxic substance, which this time had indeed become lethal. His sarcophagus, however, does not contain his body; someone stole it. When or why is not known.

Raimondo had a plaque placed in the chapel, stating that the person who commissioned those works (i.e. himself) was moved by a desire “to astonish, discover and teach”.
– Phillip Coppens, The Alchemical Chapel

On the left of Veiled Christ is The Chastity, a sculpture modeled after di Sangro’s mother Cecilia Caetani d’Aragona. The naked woman is covered from head to toe by a thin veil which reveals her forms in every detail. This work of art is, once again, another “supernatural” feat of sculpture. How can this effect be achieved using marble?

Sinister Sites: The Sansevero Chapel

The Chastity.

Sinister Sites: The Sansevero Chapel

A close-up shot.

“The Chastity (La Pudicizia) by Corradini, with its drapery veiling the female character as if it was transparent, is another “mystery” of sculpting technique, where the stone seems to have lost its weight, becoming ethereal and almost floating. Imagine how the artist started his work from a squared block of marble, how his mind’s eye “saw” this figure inside of it, how he patiently removed all which didn’t belong, freeing the figure from the stone little by little, smoothing the surface, refining, chiselling every wrinkle of her veil.”
– Op. Cit, Bizarrobazar.

Although the statue was modeled after di Sangro’s mother, it is clearly a tribute to the most important figure in Freemasonry: Veiled Isis.

“The veiled woman can be interpreted as an allegory of Wisdom, and the reference to the veiled Isis, special divinity of the science of initiation.”
– Made in South Italy, The Alchemist Chapel

Indeed, in occult symbolism, Veiled Isis is the ultimate representation of occult mysteries where the truth is veiled to the profane until true esoteric initiation.

“The mysteries of Hermeticism, the great spiritual truths hidden from the world by the ignorance of the world, and the keys of the secret doctrines of the ancient philosophers, are all symbolized by the Virgin Isis. Veiled from head to foot, she reveals her wisdom only to the tried and initiated few who have earned the right to enter her sacred presence, tear from the veiled of Nature its shroud of obscurity, and stand face to face with the Divine Reality. (…)

To the modern seeker she is the epitome of the Great Unknown, and only those who unveil her will be able to solve the mysteries of life, death, generation, and regeneration.”
– Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

Locals claim that The Chastity is placed exactly where a statue of Isis stood, back when the chapel was a temple of Isis.

On the opposite side of The Chastity is Disillusionment, another perplexing sculpture infused with profound symbolism. Modeled after the Prince’s father Antonio di Sangro, it depicts a man struggling to free himself from a net as he is being helped by a winged youth.

Sinister Sites: The Sansevero Chapel

Disullisionnement by Francesco Queirolo.

Sinister Sites: The Sansevero Chapel

A close-up shot.

Once again, a mystery surrounds this sculpture: How can a net be sculpted over a body that appears to have been already sculpted underneath? Was an alchemical process used to achieve this astonishing result?

Not unlike The Chasity, this sculpture is an allegory for a fundamental Masonic concept: The freeing of Man using the intellect.

“Its allegorical meaning is that man is intent on freeing himself from false beliefs (the net) with the aid of the intellect (the young man).”
– Rino Di Stefano, “San Severo”

Although there are several other sculptures in the chapel, the three above clearly stand out and are connected with their mysterious organic qualities. Furthermore, these three sculptures constitute an “esoteric triangle”. With The Chastity on the left (representing the female principle), Disillusionment on the right (representing the male principle) and Veiled Christ in the middle (representing the “perfected man”), the sculptures esoterically represent the most fundamental hermetic principle: Duality merging to create a perfected being.

In occult circles, this concept is personified by Isis and Osiris uniting to create Horus – the perfect being.

In my article about Sirius, I explain:

“To achieve perfection, the initiate must successfully understand and internalize the dual nature of the world (good and evil; masculine and feminine; black and white, etc.) through alchemical metamorphosis. This concept is symbolically represented by the union of Osiris and Isis (the male and female principles) to give birth to Horus, the star-child, the Christ-like figure, the perfected man of Freemasonry – who is equated with the Blazing Star.”

The original floor of the chapel also heavily plays on the concept of duality and esoteric initiation.

Sinister Sites: The Sansevero Chapel

The original floor of the chapel before it was changed in 1909.

The original floor was in black and white – meant to represent duality and the unification of opposing forces – not unlike the checkerboard floor found in all Masonic lodges. The intricate, tri-dimensional design depicts a labyrinth – a masonic symbol for initiation.

“Labyrinths and mazes were favored places of initiation among many ancient cults. Remains of these mystic mazes have been found among the American Indians, Hindus, Persians, Egyptians, and Greeks. (…) The famous labyrinth of Crete, in which roamed the bull-headed Minotaur, was unquestionably a place of initiation into the Cretan Mysteries.

Labyrinths were symbolic of the involvements and illusions of the lower world through which wanders the soul of man in its search for truth.”
– Hall, op. cit.

Just like duality opposes black and white, the sublime works of art described above are opposed to a morbid and sinister display: The Anatomical Machines.

Adam and Eve

Sinister Sites: The Sansevero Chapel

The two “anatomical machines” on display at Capella Sansevero.

What the heck are those things might you ask? Well, they’re exactly what you’re hoping they are not. And maybe worse. This exhibit consists of two actual skeletons of a mature male and a pregnant woman. Their entire nervous system is exposed, where the arteries are colored red and the veins are colored blue. The fetus of the pregnant woman was on also originally on display but the specimen mysteriously disappeared.

Sinister Sites: The Sansevero Chapel

The macabre display.

How did Raimondo di Sangro preserve the nervous system of these human remains? Well, that’s a mystery that keeps on being mysterious. And, once again, a “dark legend” surrounds these “anatomical machines”.

It was indeed rumored that “Adam and Eve” were two servants of di Sangro who were injected with a substance that crystallized their nervous system – killing them in the process. Here’s a dramatic account of the legend:

“The Prince, just like a sorcerer, is stirring the preparation in a big cauldron. Eventually, the long-awaited reaction takes place: a mysterious liquid is ready. On the other side of the room, the two bound and gagged servants can’t even scream anymore. The man is sobbing, while the woman, even immobilized, stays vigilant and alert — perhaps the new life she carries in her womb prevents her from giving in to fear, commanding an already impossible defense. The Prince hasn’t got much time, he has to act quickly. He pours the liquid down a strange pump, then he gets close to his victims: in their eyes he sees an unnameable terror. He starts with the man, puncturing the jugular vein and injecting the liquid right into his bloodstream with a syringe. The heart will pump the preparation throughout the body, and the Prince watches the agonizing man’s face as the dense poison begins to circulate. There, it’s all done: the servant is dead. It will take two to three hours for the mixture to solidify, and surely more than a month for the putrified flesh to fall off the skeleton and the network of veins, arteries and capillaries the process turned into marble. Now it’s the woman’s turn.”
– bizzarrobazar, The mysteries of Sansevero Chapel

Recent studies claim that di Sangro artificially recreated the nervous systems of these bodies using wire and beeswax. However, manually recreating such a complex system of wires is a near-impossible task.

“These two skeletons are overlaid with a complex, twisting network of metal tendrils and hardened arteries and veins which represent the arterial system, viscera and musculature of human beings with amazing, meticulous accuracy. The skulls of the two figures are hinged, and can be opened to reveal an incredibly detailed spiderweb of blood vessels within. Upon their unveiling, the disturbing models were so mystifying and grotesque that it was believed that the dark Prince had actually used his black magic and alchemy on some of his unwilling servants to morph them into these abominations.

Regardless of whether they are the result of black magic or not, Adam and Eve present a number of very real mysteries, not the least of which is how they were made in the first place. For years the method of construction was the source of bafflement among scientists and doctors. Were the intricate hardened circulatory systems real, and if so how did they remain so remarkably well preserved for over 200 years? Were they artificial? If so, how could they be reproduced so faithfully? Since there was little to no documentation as to the original creation of the anatomical machines, these were questions for which the answers long remained elusive. The main theory was that the two anatomical machines were created through a process known as plasticization, or “human metallization,” which involves injecting substances directly into the circulatory systems of subjects while they were still living, after which these materials would travel along the veins and harden, painfully killing the unfortunate victim in the process. However, no one really knew for sure.”
– Op Cit. Swancer

No matter what the case may be, these anatomical machines aren’t simply there to freak out visitors. They are also said to serve a symbolic purpose in the alchemical “great work” that is the chapel.

Through various clues, it is believed that the anatomical machines represent the last stage of the alchemical process called Rubedo – the reddening – symbolized by a red phoenix rising from its ashes. Interesting fact: The “machines” were originally on display in a room called The Phoenix.

“the originary placement of the “anatomical machines”, inside the Phoenix Apartment on a revolving platform, looks like a symbolic choice: maybe Raimondo di Sangro thought of them as a depiction of the rubedo, a stage in the search for the philosopher’s stone in which matter recomposes itself, granting immortality.”
– Op. Cit., bizzarrobazar

The least one can say is that the chapel is surrounded by mystery. This is only amplified by the fact that di Sangro destroyed his own scientific archive before he died. Then, after his death, under threat of excommunication by the Church due to di Sangro’s involvement with Freemasonry and alchemy, his descendants destroyed what was left of his writings, formulae, laboratory equipment and results of experiments. All that is left is thinly veiled symbolism.

In Conclusion

In the image of its creator, the Chapel of Sansevero is brash and unapologetic. It is a celebration of the esoteric path and a showcase of the alchemical know-how of an enthusiastic occultist. While “occult” literally means “hidden from the public”, Raimondo di Sangro spent his life publicizing his interests and discoveries, barely “placing a veil” on the true nature of his experiments.

The Chapel is, therefore, one of those rare instances where “magic” can be seen in plain sight. While the sublime works of art of the chapel are a celebration of life, beauty, and spirituality, the morbid manipulation of cadavers below celebrates death, decay and the gruesome. In short, not unlike the black and white floors that used to cover this occult temple, the Chapel of Sansevero visually represents the dualistic nature of the universe and, by correspondence, the dualistic nature of man. Once these opposing forces are united, and the duality is resolved, esoteric perfection is said to be attained. To achieve this, one must not be afraid to look towards the heavens … and stare into the depth of hell.

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Sinister Sites: The Sansevero Chapel

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I noticed that with the woman’s cadaver, that the eyeballs and ears are still intact, and the man’s are gone. I am wondering why hers would remain but his would deteriorate. The man’s skeleton also has less veins and arteries on his head than the woman’s, who is covered by them. Her arms are in a pose of ‘as above so below’ baphomet pose, while his are pretty much straight down.
This place is definitely weird…


The eyes in the female figure are almost certainly glass. The circulatory systems are also artificial. Up until the 1970’s there was no way to preserve soft tissue in detail. Also the circulatory system is not anatomically correct. The close up of the woman’s head shows large vessels crossing over the bridge of her nose between her eyes. You can feel on your own face and notice that you do not have those particular vessels.

Another one



Can’t respond to the points so you attack the messenger. I take it you didn’t check your face for major vessels crossing the bridge of your nose.

On the other side of the mirror

There is also possible the anatomical machines to represent a version of Adam and Eve as an incomplete experiment of transmutation and the creation of two alchemical homunculus.


Nice article but I think the marble veils can be explained though, there are many other artist that have done similar statues

D D d

Sssst don’t break the spell…


I agree about the veil but not the net. No way is that sculpted. If he could do plastination then making a solid veil/net would be easy. Why isn’t some kind of scan done to determine what the veins and so forth are made of?


Why is there no way that the net could be sculpted? It’s amazing that is true, but what makes you say that it is impossible?


Google “statue” and “net”. That’s the only one that comes up. Think about it. How do you take a solid block, carve out all those holes, and not get any breaks. Like I said, they should be able to scan this stuff to determine how it was made. Maybe the net was done in clay and fired?

Art History 101

They are out there – though you may not find them in ‘googling net’. Chisels and sandstone have made dynasties. Please take into account the cost of marble, who often commissions marble works in history [and what they want], and the life history/preservation of marble pieces considering their detail. A marble work with fine detailing like the ‘net’ in Queirolo’s piece wouldn’t often be commissioned or created in the first place, therefore not affordable or desired to be made, if so not likely to survive long without severe damage. No mystery there, just an anomaly – it happens. 🙂

Billy Myers

I have an artist friend who is a painter and sculptor like his father was. You should see the old school european tools they have. He is aware of these sculptures, and although amazing, can be done. As much as I love the story of the socerer creating them out of humans its probably not the case.


Exactly, there are Many similar or even (depending on opinion of art..) better ones. As an art major in collage, I’ve seen sculptures throughout History with the same or even better levels of mindblowing detail. The statues mentioned in this article are among some known in art history as just stellar & talented sculpture work. I’ve seen ones with even more detail, & the creators of them do not have some “sinister history,” or “spooky story” to go with them. This is just people who are Not artists way to either explain talent they’ll never understand, &/or just because we humans love a good creepy story. Same with other works of art that are not sculpture; paintings/ect as well. A famous example would be all the “creepy” stories & Many theories surrounding Da Vinci’s The Mona Lisa (just Google that alone..), & much of his other works of art. There’s literally 1000s & 1000s of other works by other artists with “stories,” none which can be proved, surrounding them as well. People Love a good story if it involves art or not. So as one poster said “there’s No way that could be sculptured,” is, & I Do Not mean… Read more »


Prove a marble net can be sculpted. You couldn’t even do it in Zbrush without use curve tubes (not possible with marble).


What a creepy place….I would never go there!!


“result of ‘a supernatural process'”

BE careful.

‘Supernatural’ refers to God/Deity.

‘Preternatural’ is the term for demonic. If occult it would be a preternatural, not supernatural, thing.


I agree though. I would never go there either. Do not get a good feeling from any of it.

But it is important that we stay clearminded about terms. Additionally, sculptors, the greats anyway, have *for centuries* been able to make very lifelike veils, persons and the like.

That is part of great art.

What is NOT great is how this artwork is being used the purposes for which it was created.

Blessed Mother of God, Virgo Potens, pray for us!


Great article, as always! The veiled marble doesn’t intrigue me as much as the Adam and Eve figures. The fact that he destroyed everything, all of the evidence, makes me think he was keeping the secrets of the elite… what an evil man!


Unfortunately, however fascinating and macabre the Anatomical Machines are , the veins, arteries, and musculature of these sculpures are made from beeswax , wire, and silk . The skeletons are real .
There are hundreds of statues in Italy with the same extraordinary attention to detail as the Veiled Christ and which have the same effect
on the observer .
None of this should detract from the extraordinary Raimondo di Sangro, inventor , mystic, polyglot .
Very often truth is stranger than fiction.


Hardening the cloth, hardening the net…and human veins and blood. He just repeated the same thing. What a horrible disrespect for human life. Just like today’s masons…getting more power than ever and messing with our God-given freedom.


There was no hardening of cloth, nets or veins. Sanmartino was a master sculpture, but he was using techniques that were practiced two thousand years before he was born. Nike of Samothrace is an excellent example of creating a sheer effect in a marble sculpture. Queirolo’s net is absolutely amazing, and I don’t know of anything else like it. But that is no reason to think that it is supernatural.


Excellent article. I was wondering if you could do one on the United Nation’s creepy mural and meditation room located in NYC?

Truth & Light

Thank God its the vile White Jesus…..Jesus could ot hv been lily white with blie eyes living in the wilderness….matinate on that bible thumpers


And you, my friend need to get back to school and learn how to spell properly!

Go Away

“Truth & Light”, what an absolute misnomer. More like Deception & Darkness. It would be so much nicer around here if you would take your darkened mind somewhere else. We know Jesus wasn’t white. And he also was the furthest thing from being “vile”. Why must you be so wretched all of the time?


He can’t help it, he spends way too much time matinating.

Billy Myers

Hahahah do you just go on the interwebz and emake embarrasing posts as a hobby? what a moron lolol


The most disgusting “chapel” I have ever seen.


Then clearly you’ve never seen the Sedlec Ossuary.


Like hell thats a chapel!

Naes H

Thanks for this article. As usual written very well. Perhaps the whole exhibit is an alchemical process to produce the “anti” christ. Thus the affect created of the veiled Christ breathing.
The Raimondo di Sangro guy reminds me of the bad guy from The first Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downy Jr. Perhaps the character was based off of him.


Thoughts on the Christ sculpture: I wonder if the still-breathing Christ alludes to that same current of esoteric thinking running through some European strange sites which proposes that Christ did not die on the cross, meaning his resurrection never occurred…instead, this version of the story usually goes, he had a brief time of recovery, emerged from the tomb, then died of his wounds later. In other words, the sculpture is denying any divinity of Christ…he didn’t die on the cross, therefore no miraculous resurrection, etc.

Billy Myers

asher: you dont need to reference esoteric teachings for that theaory. There are Muslim hadiths that teach that Yeshua never died on the cross. There are some hebrew tellings of this as well.

Dark Gray

A correction: You repeatedly refer to the preserved “nervous systems” of the anatomical machines. I think you mean the “circulatory systems”. The nerves do not appear to be preserved.


I’ve been to this place, and yes, there is DEFINITELY lots of super-creepy garbage going on, and this guy was into esoteric evil stuff. BUT I would respectfully suggest that this piece goes too far.

As for the sculptures, they are brilliantly done (I’m not denying their weird creepy symbolism by any means), but there’s nothing “impossible” about them. Up in Rome, Bernini was masterfully sculpting fabulous drapery during the same period.

As for the two skeletons, which btw are positively psycho and sicko, I looked at them closely and you can see that there is wire involved; I remember spotting a couple of places where it was quite clear.

Remember, this is Naples, and Naples is nuts. (My family is from South Italy and they’re nuts too, so I can say that.) The ordinary common people there are super-duper-superstitious and they invent magical stories about practically anything. So the notion that this evil guy laid a veil over the statue and it somehow melded with the stone sculpture, that is classic napoli legend-weaving at work.


Great article! Sangro was a necromancer like a lot of high level level masons are. The only thing is that occult knowledge does not necessarily mean evil. This knowledge could be used to do good if it was released to the public. It has to do with knowing how the SOUL (a chakra matrix) is made up and how it interacts with the body. All diseases could be cured easily. This knowledge has also been “technologically weaponized” in this century to be able to control minds and bodies on a larger scale than what Sangro could ever have dreamed of.

Most masons in the know use it for evil because of their inherent human flaw of wanting to dominate others and not because what they know is “bad.”


Exactly, it’s way too easy to label something evil or magic because you don’t know how it’s made.

I’m pretty sure people from 200 years ago would think aeroplanes are evil or magic, and we all know they are not. Same for this artist’s work, he didn’t write the process down because he didn’t want others to gain his secrets.

That he may be of dubious character is another matter all together.


Good to see you mention castrati. Are you aware that castrati never went away, they simply stopped telling the audience. Google “elite gender inversion” to see several YouTube channels investigating transgendered pop stars and actresses currently performing.

If you want to know the truth behind mind control, look into how the elite has developed technology to chemically and genetically change genders from a very young age, even in the womb.

The fertility of a generation of men is being put at risk because a hormone found in the Pill is getting into drinking water, scientists fear.
Pollution due to the chemical, a powerful form of oestrogen, is causing up to half the male fish in our lowland rivers to change sex, research shows.
Experts believe the hormone could be getting into drinking water and affecting men’s sperm counts. They say sewage treatment does not remove the chemical entirely from drinking supplies, although the water industry insists there is no evidence of a risk to health.
A study to be published by the Environment Agency later this month says entire fish stocks in some stretches of water are irreversibly affected. Scientists believe the synthetic oestrogen can feminise-fish at levels as low as one part per billion.


And what would happen if you gave the Pill to male children from birth? Do you think the elite haven’t tried it? There’s something odd about the women prominent in the media, compared to those we see around us in everyday life.
Normal women generally have smaller heads, with smaller eyes set close together, smaller mouths and teeth over a pointed jaw. The brow tends to rise vertically or is convex. Men have larger skulls, with large, deep-set, wide-spread eyes, larger mouth with large teeth, wide, square jaw, square chin, high, prominent cheekbones, larger ears. Prominent brow ridge, forehead slopes back.
These details are how forensic scientists and anthropologists tell the difference between male and female skeletons. There are plenty of other differences, eg in shoulder-to-hip-to-waist ratio.
Why do so many actresses and models and singers and newsreaders have male signifiers (masked by makeup, long hair, feminine clothing, fake breasts)?


Oscar, you’re spot on. If you carefully study the Gilmore Girls tv show series, you’ll discern that Alexis Bledel was a gender experiment of one of the Paperclip scientists who rerouted to S. America. Alexis Bledel was originally a male child, but they tweaked her gender to become a perfect female, so to say. Also in that series, they truth-drop predictive foretell about Bruce Jenner’s transition to female in an episode where the female doula for Suki’s pregnancy is named Bruce. It’s a totally sinister show that outs a ton of their MKUltra / Paperclip scientist stuff. It’s really dark.


can you tell me more about the gilmore girls stuff? i find this so creepy! especially since i watched that show


“And what would happen if you gave the Pill to male children from birth? Do you think the elite haven’t tried it? ”
Don’t need to be elite! How many parents have given their babies/children cow’s milk? There’s your female hormones right there. Compare the average age of menarche in populations with high dairy vs low dairy. It’s something like a 5 year difference. Why? Why is breast cancer (linked to oestrogen levels) higher in countries with high dairy consumption?

Just as tobacco companies told our parents’ and grandparents’ generations that smoking was healthy, the dairy industry does the same. It’s a tough pill to swallow for sure, but if you can handle the truth (sadly most people can’t) it’s worth researching.


Exactly as planned…

Thy Unveiling

Hence why I stopped taking the pill many years ago. People think I’m crazy when I tell them the pill does more harm than good when we pee.

D D d

Fragranced baby-products, womens’ perfume.. Look up banned ingredients, for example the MUSKs, mostly synthetics, who came up with them in the first place and why they were used for DECADES.
I can tell you one thing, the stuff worked on and inside the body after applying – for a long while, because the stuff could not be washed off. Hormones, heared of them? Look up some combination of words in my post for yourself.
And smell some real flowers again, they do not smell like nuclear candyfloss, really, they don’t.


Oh please tell me more! I am fascinated with perfume and would love to know more about the history. Didn’t royalty have special perfumers?

D D d

Forget royalty, please, humans could smell before there was such a thing.


In South Africa now promoting BPA free baby feeding bottles because of the effects on children – hormonal imbalance, early puberty, obesity etc. but how many kids were fed with these bottles for decades before anyone said anything? Changing of genders has definitely always been on their agenda


I recently learned of this. Another wormhole in the illusion has opened up for me. What world are we living in!!?


Knowing that these skeletons belong to real human beings why they wont offer them a burrial to allow them to rest in peace once for all? I find it disrespectful


For a Christian church there are not many allusions to that faith visible. I don’t even see a cross!

Also the place must have cost a fortune. Were other Freemasons helping the Prince finance his project?


Built as a private Chapel by and for a Prince after recovering from a serious illness, the Prince was often at loggerheads with the Catholic church and was at one time excommunicated, don’t think this is church affiliated


-if 2 points of the triangle of illumination are his mother and father, then probably the jesus is supposed to symbolise the di Sangro man himself

-I think we underestimate the capabilities of historical artists, surely the sculptures can be produced by human hands.


I’m Italian and I didn’t know that, thaks VC.
PS I think Tiger Woods deserves an article.

Billy Jack Galt

“In spite of his religious training by the Jesuits”……..many would argue Due to his Jesuit training.

The Mic

Can you do something on Seth Rich ?? There are many different angles of conspiracy. Exposed : would seriously wound this shadow govt, if not destroy it. All roads lead to OZ.