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The DIA Launches an Ad Campaign Addressing the Conspiracy Theories Surrounding It

The Denver International Airport is renovating its Great Hall with a marketing campaign that parodies the various theories surrounding the DIA. Here’s a look at the bizarre ad campaign.



The DIA Launches an Ad Campaign Addressing the Conspiracy Theories Surrounding It

One of the first articles published on this site was Sinister Sites: The Denver International Airport which explained the bizarre history and the creepy works of art found at the DIA. Ten years later, people are still wondering why this airport is so weird and why there are miles of underground tunnels underneath it.

Instead of, like, explaining the why behind the questions, the DIA launched a marketing campaign ridiculing the theories around it.

On the airport’s official website, a section entitled DEN Files addresses the various theories associated with the DIA. Of course, ridiculous additions are mixed serious questions to discredit everything.

The DIA Launches an Ad Campaign Addressing the Conspiracy Theories Surrounding It

The “Conspiracy Wall” on the DIA’s official website.

The website says:




Here’s the full scoop on DEN’s wildest rumors:


Naturally. People think this because a dedication marker and plaques around the airport claim it was funded by “The New World Airport Commission.”

Never heard of them? Don’t feel left out–it seems no one has. After some digging, it was discovered that no such group exists. Not now. Not when the airport was built. Not ever. So rather than writing it off as nothing, people have jumped to the conclusion that it is actually a group within the New World Order.

Sketchy, sketchy.


Remember those plaques we just talked about? Well, there’s one placed over a time capsule that also has a Masonic square, a compass symbol, and an inscription that gives the time capsule’s contents to the “people of Colorado in 2094”–all symbols of Freemasonry, and yes, the Illuminati.

In case that isn’t enough, the date of the airport’s dedication is March 19, 1994. And if you add those numbers together (1+9+1+9+9+4), you get 33­–the highest level one can achieve in Freemasonry, aka perfection.

Additionally, the airport building costs were more expensive than originally thought. Theorists believe this money went to building the headquarters. Rumor has it, they screwed up the first few buildings and instead of getting rid of them, they buried them and built on top of them to make one super-cool, super-secret underground lair.


You’ve seen them. You’ve given them a many confused looks, wondering why? How? What? Really? They’re the interesting pieces of art decorating the airport: The glaring gargoyle sculptures, the big blue horse sculpture and, perhaps most notably, the 28-foot-wide murals.

It is theorized that these are clues to the sinister influence of the airport–the aforementioned Freemasons, Illuminati and New World Order. The blue horse’s glowing eyes are often interpreted as reference to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Plus, its creator Luis Jiménez died while making it.


In addition to the Illuminati HQ, it is rumored there are several underground baggage tunnels just waiting to house the world’s elite when the world comes to an end. Lizard people (aka “Reptoids”) and evidence of aliens are also thought to be down there (apparently they’ve been drawing on the walls). Silly aliens, stop with your graffiti.

The airport was also plastered with posters making fun of the conspiracies.

The DIA Launches an Ad Campaign Addressing the Conspiracy Theories Surrounding It

The DIA Launches an Ad Campaign Addressing the Conspiracy Theories Surrounding It

The DIA Launches an Ad Campaign Addressing the Conspiracy Theories Surrounding It

The campaign is somehow reminiscent of Taco Bell’s “Belluminati” ads which ridiculed “conspiracies” about the dollar bill – although they’re factually true. It appears to follow the same recipe: Distorting theories to the point they become ridiculous to then make fun of that distortion they’ve created.

While the DIA’s campaign is about the massive renovations taking place in its Great Hall, there’s clearly a conscious effort to dispell the various theories that have been circulating for years.

Instead of making fun of people for wanting to understand the “art” inside the buildings they fund and use, how about explaining them in a rational matter. Just, like, explain this mural. Explain why it is inside an airport.

The DIA Launches an Ad Campaign Addressing the Conspiracy Theories Surrounding It

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The DIA Launches an Ad Campaign Addressing the Conspiracy Theories Surrounding It

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Typical elite. Make fun of truth. They get a double kick out of it. They know they are doing a backwards revelation of their secrets, and that they’re throwing people off the trail with ridicule. They believe that their control is so complete now, that they can go ahead and do this stuff in our faces.

My gripe is all the idiots that do have a grasp of the elite/illuminati/papacy/masonry/etc., that throw in the stupid reptile thing, that puts the real stuff into question.



Sadie Slays

The reptilian theories wouldn’t persist for as long as they have if there wasn’t a grain of truth in it. Read up on the R-Complex. It’s an interesting rabbit hole.


The reptilians are nothing but Jinns taking various forms.


I agree with this. The “reptilians” and the several personalities after MK trauma are demons that have entered your body. Demons enter more easily through trauma.


I was first introduced to the reptilian theory via David Icke around 2002/2003. I’ve heard it expounded upon in many ways via many avenues in the past 15 years. I neither believe nor disbelieve it, but hold space for the possibility. The extent of creation is far beyond my perception…
All that to say, never have I heard anyone use the term “reptoid” until the ridiculous DIA marketing stunt. They ridicule, yet choose not to use proper terms. They attack those who may be psychologically weaker, but can’t put out too much info for the curious to research.
It doesn’t matter though… they cannot exist in the light. The Truth will be their downfall, and the Truth shall set us free.

Just me

Yep,never say never. Growing up watching X-men,and how they were humans who had weird mutations, it was so SF back then. Now we have genetic engineering, crossed species or genetically modified ones,the possibility of modifying human DNA to create individuals with certain attributes …not so SF anymore.

Johnny Utah

isn’t it funny that the “light bringers” can’t exist in the light? I find that somewhat ironic, and sad.

They basically agreed w/ everything that was said about the airport, but said it only in jest. What’s that expression about jest again?


So like, If I’m a reptoid and a leftard, I will get sooooo offended like about now. 😀 (Sorry, couldnt help it)


Synickel. I too thought it was insane – the idea of reptilians living among us. I thought Icke was spewing nonsense. Maybe he is. I don’t claim to know the answers, and I don’t blame you at all for being suspicious and questioning it. You should. But I opened my mind when I had some VERY intense dreams, and a whole lot of other “crazy” things going on (unusual bruises, for starters) and started researching. I emailed the following excerpt to myself in 2014, as it reminded me soooo much of what I saw in my “dreams”. Your mentioning the “stupid reptile thing” reminded me of it and I found it right away in my emails. Anyway, for what it’s worth:


Yea it’s a common strategy overused by the “elites”. They artificially shame the people that are a threat to them.


Well, Icke has been accused of anti-semitism because they claim that “reptilians” is really just code for “Jews”. In all honesty, that may be exactly what he is doing. Maybe he doesn’t really mean alien in the sense of outer space beings but rather aliens (outsiders) that form a state within a state. If you look at his theories in that light, it isn’t as ridiculous as it sounds when he warns us about the aliens hiding amongst us who want to dominate and destroy us. I think it should at least raise some red flags that Jews identify enough with the description of the reptilians that they accuse Icke of speaking in code and being anti-semitic.

i saw the light

WOW…!!!!!..its all there for us to see…it truly is beginning to all come into the light.
no explanations offered????
nope!! Just snarky, demeaning, dumb down the masses comments being made.
all to make the people who question what all the symbols and images mean look like we are silly or alarmist……
they keep showing us. while saying its not what your eyes see!!!!


But most people won’t even wake up. The masses keep ignoring the signs… The masses are like “yeah, all the conspirationists are lunatics, I already knew that. Let’s keep talking about the results of the basketball/football games” (or, “let’s keep talking about the latest gossip”, or some other sh**.)


How does that quote go? “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”…Looks like we’re right on track? 😛

Vindicator Scrolls

Everything you do not have ” Permission ” to think about or question is by default a
” Conspiracy Theory “.

They Live , the movie ….. Obey , Consume , Watch T.V. , Conform.


Shaming people into feeling stupid about calling attention to the dystopian murals? Sounds like business as usual for the globalist elites. If we can police our thoughts, well the mind control tactics have worked brilliantly.

Oh wait a second….maybe it hasn’t.

Thanks VC for keeping us updated on “their” mind control agendas. God bless!


“Instead of making fun of people for wanting to understand the “art” inside the buildings they fund and use, how about explaining them in a rational matter.”

Exactly. And thank you, Denver International Airport. I hadn’t even heard of those theories about this airport, and now I know haha
You tried to ridicule them, but now more people will get to know those theories and research it. =D
Thank you, now I will search for the connection between the NWO and the freemasons.

Truth & Light

CONSPIRACY = truth hidden in plain sight



I’ve been a keen reader here for over 10 years, and I’m still equally interested and click the article every time a new vc article drops in my inbox from my vc subscription,
and I read the article ASAP.

Always equally entertaining and educating.

Keep up the good work vc, your work is greatly appreciated!


What I really love about vc is that they didn’t sell out and do boring podcasts to create personality cult.


AFAIK its just one person, but yeah, the quality of the content has *really* stayed the same over the years.


I find it educating for sure, and also entertaining. But I also find it scary and sometimes depressing, since I am considering that the information is serious. I’m not criticizing you for finding it entertaining, since the site shows very interesting information, I’m just saying that sometimes it makes me sad, when I imagine all those artists and famous people being slaves of the occult elite, undergoing MK Ultra… And also the plans of the occult elite regarding the apocalypse. >_<


You’re absolutely right! It /is/ scary, depressing and all kinds of wrong. It really made my head spin as well when I first started reading (got a link off of imdb forums of all places). But now, after all this time if anything, I mostly feel more confident in that I know why these strange things happen. Otherwise I’d just be rather confused to say the least.


The occult elite are terrified of the great awakening of humanity, the very thing they use for sustenance as parasites of humanity. They are constantly making dumb mistakes now due to being on their heels and scrambling to maintain order and power. It is truly glorious. I have no doubt things will still get worse before we eliminate our great nemesis, the archons, and move into a new golden age. We need to ignore mass media and be united. Everything in creation is conscious energy, meaning we are all one. Time to put an end to archontic rule.


Personally, I don’t want another “golden age”. And given how just about everything in our civilization today is a lie, I cannot imagine where that age would conceivably come from.
I prefer to wait for Armageddon and the Second Coming, as predicted in both Christianity and Islam.

Deepak Chopra

Its not the second coming, we are now in the end of the four cycles of mankind. We are now in the final cycle ‘Iron age’, the devils time where he rules the world and humanity. In the hindu religion its is known as Kaliyuga. After this will finish with a nuclear war of some sort, the world will be reset and the four cycles of man will begin once again with the Golden age (Satya Yuga) where gods presence is once again upon us. Its all in the Vedas.

Michael McNulty

While I agree it is imperative for the survival of our species and probably the planet that we rid ourselves of our murderous elite, if we do manage it then our descendants will have the same problem in a few generations time. We need only consider how they tried to set up a commune in Paris in the 1840s for a different kind of life, and that was less than fifty years after the French Revolution. The new elite soon became the same as the old elite.

I guess it’s a case of eternal vigilance because of the selfishness and cruelty of human nature, especially so when it is beyond challenge.


You’re wrong. The Elites were the same before and after the french revolution. They engineered this so called “revolution” to gain more power.And they succeed.
Look on wikipedia about the period robespierre was in charge just afer the french revolution : there was a lot of occult occuring.


The best place to hide things is in plain sight. That’s why the elite get away with so much. People won’t believe it even if it’s staring them right in the face. You’re right VC the ad campaign didn’t explain anything or lay out any facts all it did was call it a conspiracy. The “elite” are getting disgustingly blatant with no shame. They ridicule the truth and most people laugh along with them. Well one day they won’t be laughing they might be able to hide the truth from the masses but God sees everything. In the direction the world is headed that day is extremely near. I can’t wait!


It’s no coincidence then that Colorado legalized recreational marijuana. Those in power keep pushing “social issues” to the forefront to keep the citizens stoned and oblivious; while they work behind the scenes to achieve their sinister goals. Their disinformation tricks are working.


Morons. It’s not even difficult for anyone who actually uses their brain to question their murals and that stupid horse. Of course they depend on most people being ignorant about all reality and depending on their “truth” coming from corporations, and they’re right, but what they can’t do is sway people who actually use their brains. So….they’re really not going to get anywhere with this nonsense.


Off topic but just read that the rapper Mac Miller passed away. Eerie enough his last video was titled self care, he’s seen trapped in a coffin! Mmm sounds very eerie to the rapper Xxxtentation. Not to mention Burt Reynolds passed away yesterday. You know they say death comes in 3’s! I’ll stay tuned for my good ol VC.


Reynolds was old and ill anyway. It remains to be seen if Miller faked or not his death, the way those around him, those who supposedly cared about him and loved him will act in interviews and/or pics, coz this is one big giveaway.

Thy Unveiling

This “Something” Buu (I forget his stage name, but it’s related to a Dragon Ball Z character) rapper claims he’s a second gen clone. Most that believe him think he’s a clone of XXXtentation, whom fans also compared to Majon Buu (or something like that from DBZ. I never really got into that show cuz it was too “This week Goku screams and raises his fist. Next week Vegeta talks smack and calls him Kakarot, but this is not a childish nickname in reference to anyone’s odour.”) I don’t understand why rap fans don’t pursue these clone theories, nor do I understand how XXXtentation said outright that Drake would sacrifice him…yet none of his fans are rallying against Drake. Clearly Drake hired the guys who took pics at the site of death; the pic signifying the ritual was complete. But fans aren’t pushing back. Which seems weird, considering how rabid fanbases usually are. Like ya can’t say “Beyonce sounds like a wounded cat when you hear someone playing her songs in the next room” (she does) without a devoted fan ready to rip your head off. So where’s the devoted fandom chasing Drake with pitchforks? I’d assume sacrificing someone is… Read more »


Hey Vigilant,

You should really do an article on the Dayton International Airport and the tunnel network around Wright-Patterson Air Base. It’s worth noting that the DaYton Airport is one of the largest ports of entry for heroin smuggling into the Heartland.


But these are all coincidences, right? They can be as blatant as they want, they know people will not wake up. When I walked into a business earlier today, the first poster on the wall was a credit card advertisement with the model holding up the card to cover one eye. How many signs a day like this do people pass and never notice? Also, I can believe that the underground tunnels will house the elite during the apocalypse. Even if it it’s not these tunnels, the elite do have a place where they will go for protection and they will leave everyone out suffer. Thanks VC!

Heather Fair

Not unlinke the new season of American horror story apocalypse I’m sure!

Valued Customer

I don’t know if you all have noticed but the elevation of the airport compared to other major airports is astonishingly high, so that building the airport on top of the secret lair thing seems plausible. By the way, if you look at the airport on Google Maps, the runways resemble a N--i swastika, so I don’t know.


Since the dedication marker really exists that said “dedicated by the New World Airport commission“ why was it there if it wasn’t a real organization ? That’s the real question! They are the ones who look stupid for allowing it to be there. If it’s not a real thing, why is it on a plaque in an airport that cost millions of dollars to build? Publicly funded I assume. I saw pictures of the plaque, the plaque was real, why isn’t The New World Airport Commission real??


I wonder if The new world Airport Commission is actually code work or double speak. AC could stand for Anti Christ. The New World AntiChrist makes more sense then a made up airport commission.

Saucy Jack

excellent article, thank you as ever for pointing out the chutzpah on these mashuganas

The Joker

Love your Yiddish

Saucy Jack

I don’t give a good gershpinkel what you think of my yiddish.


I searched many Yiddish dictionaries as I was not familiar with that word. Could not locate that word in any of them. Almost sounds similar to the Amish language, Pennsylvania Dutch or German.


Yea that last mural… the hitler-esk military dude sticking a saber thru a dove… jus wow lol like where would that ever be appropriate or even art?

Thy Unveiling

The same places where a starving dog is considered art. And there legit was a “person” who did exhibit a dying, starving dog as “art” (It should be noted the “artist” who submitted the poor dog doesn’t even look human. Not being petty, just what human being could possibly think animal cruelty is an art project?) These “people” also like “art” symbolic of the abuse they incur on children, so I guess it’s silly of us to question why they’d want apocalyptic murals symbolizing them destoying peace…

On the upside; the monsters aren’t really hiding.


And they wouldn’t dare mention that the Queen of England owns a lot of the land surrounding the airport.


Solid article, VC. Seems the Masons/occultists/whatever are scrambling to try to put up damage control. The goyim know now…

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