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“Belluminati”: Is Taco Bell Trolling Conspiracy Theorists or Is the Illuminati Flaunting in Plain Sight?



"Belluminati": Is Taco Bell Trolling Conspiracy Theorists or Is the Illuminati Flaunting in Plain Sight?

Taco Bell released a couple of ads entitled “Belluminati” which feature a creepy secret society and a flurry of Illuminati symbolism. Is this a case of “brilliant marketing” or is the elite flaunting its power in plain sight?

Taco Bell is mostly known for its cheap, diarrhea inducing, pseudo-Mexican food. Indeed, it is the best place to be to eat delicious Grade F mystery meat topped with mouth-watering “American-cheese-flavored-melted-food-product”. Oh, the joys of hearing one’s stomach rumbling after only a few bites of Doritos-flavored tacos – these desperate calls for help from a distressed digestive system – these warning signs of an upcoming bathroom cyclone! Indeed, it does not take long for a healthy stomach to realize that this influx of taco meat is actually poisonous and, in an attempt to preserve general health, sends everything flying out the rear end.

This mild inconvenience does not stop millions of customers from stopping at their local restaurant and ordering a mountain tacos. ¿Por qué?, might you ask? Well, this is where the poopoo jokes stop and things get real. Taco Bell is not a joke – it is part of a gigantic, tentacular mega-corporation that feeds a great portion of the world. And those who own it are extremely powerful.

What is Taco Bell?

Taco Bell is part of Yum! Brands, a mega-corporation that also owns KFC, Pizza Hut, and Wingstreet. The company’s LinkedIn page boasts:

“As the world’s largest restaurant company, Yum! Brands, Inc. has over 43,500 restaurants in more than 135 countries and territories and more than 1.5 million associates worldwide. The Company’s brands – KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell– are the global leaders of the chicken, pizza and Mexican-style food categories.”

"Belluminati": Is Taco Bell Trolling Conspiracy Theorists or Is the Illuminati Flaunting in Plain Sight?

A banner promoting Yum! Brands found on the company’s LinkedIn page. It literally says that it is feeding the world.

Strangely enough, in 2011, I published an article entitled Irrational Consumerism (or The Few Companies That Feed the World). In this extensive article, I mention Yum! Brands and its former parent company PepsiCo, listing the great number of food brands it owns such as Doritos, Quaker, Gatorade, Aquafina and, of course, Pepsi.

"Belluminati": Is Taco Bell Trolling Conspiracy Theorists or Is the Illuminati Flaunting in Plain Sight?

This picture is featured right on Yum! Brands’ homepage. One-eye sign = Elite owned.

Taco Bell’s parent company is 100% owned by the world elite. Its owners are part of supra-national elite organizations such as the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg group. The company’s gigantic budget, political influence, and stronghold on agricultural production strongly influence how food is produced and how people are fed.

“The degree of concentration in the fast food industry means that corporations can assert a great deal of control over prices of inputs and outputs and therefore, profits. For example, farmers and ranchers in the US find themselves getting “Third World” prices for their products. This is because giant food processing companies can impose low prices on the direct producers, because government subsidies keep farmers afloat, and because an increasing share of the total value of the food goes not to the primary producers but to the middlemen and those who carry out the ever-greater processing of food. Since humans tend to crave sugar, fat and salt, ‘value-added’ processing essentially means the addition of inexpensive but semi-addictive inputs. The profits of the food processors increase dramatically as people become addicted to ever-greater quantities of food high in ’empty calories’. (…)

Yet, Americans continue to eat fast foods. Is it because they are unaware of the impact of fast foods on the health of humans and the environment? This is perhaps one reason, but here are some others:

  • Food with a lot of fat, sugar, caffeine and salt tastes good and/or alters moods to the point of being mildly addictive.
  • Eating habits are formed at a young age and the marketing and advertising of the fast food industry have targeted the young.
  • People with low incomes can often only afford fast foods.
  • The pace of life requires people to eat on the run.
  • Fast food restaurants are everywhere and often monopolize certain spaces such as sports venues, expressway fuel stops, schools, airports, and suburban malls giving one little choice.
  • The flow of fast food advertising is relentless.
  • Food cravings are heightened by antidepressants, which are now widely used.
  • The inner emptiness that accompanies consumerism can be conveniently filled by omnipresent fast food.

– Political Economy and Global Capitalism: The 21st Century, Present and Future

Therefore, as Taco Bell ads make fun of conspiracies about elite groups controlling the world, the company’s owners are actually part of an elite group controlling the world.


The Vigilant Citizen has been around for ten years. It was online before the “Illuminati” thing turned into a mainstream meme and it is still here today as the trend fades away. At the beginning of this decade, a generation of people discovered that the symbols surrounding them actually bear a deep symbolic meaning and revealed the true nature of those in power. This simple, very verifiable truth brought a new era of public awareness and a new taste for research and truth-seeking. Of course, the elite hated everything about this. It did not take long before mass media pawns muddied the waters and turned all research concerning the occult elite into a dumbed-down, cartoonish, joke. The campaign worked as planned: The word “Illuminati” (which has been around for centuries to describe an actual secret society) is now automatically associated with stupid memes by most people.

The Belluminati commercials are a continuation of that effort. The ads use actual facts, symbols, and concepts associated with the elite to turn them into a joke while selling $1 garbage to the masses. Let’s look at what is going on there.

First, the Belluminati logo is the Taco Bell logo inside a triangle.

"Belluminati": Is Taco Bell Trolling Conspiracy Theorists or Is the Illuminati Flaunting in Plain Sight?

The Belluminati logo.

The logo addresses the several-years-old theory that the inside of the Bell is actually a reptilian eye.

"Belluminati": Is Taco Bell Trolling Conspiracy Theorists or Is the Illuminati Flaunting in Plain Sight?

An old meme about the logo.

The ad begins by showing a weird old guy with glowing eyes.

"Belluminati": Is Taco Bell Trolling Conspiracy Theorists or Is the Illuminati Flaunting in Plain Sight?

The old man is a transhuman – a human merged with a robot. Transhumanism is an important part of the elite agenda.

"Belluminati": Is Taco Bell Trolling Conspiracy Theorists or Is the Illuminati Flaunting in Plain Sight?

The transhuman scans the bill, highlighting a pattern above the Federal Reserve Seal on the bill. Also, the Taco Bell eye appears on the face of George Washington.

Inside, the Belluminati meeting place is filled with masked and hooded figures and is similar to Eyes Wide Shut-type balls the elite love to host.

"Belluminati": Is Taco Bell Trolling Conspiracy Theorists or Is the Illuminati Flaunting in Plain Sight?

The party looks like an Illuminati-themed music video, complete with the logo projected on a red drape. There’s a person wearing a sunray crown (reminiscent of esoteric iconography) and, to the left, a horned animal head that is somewhat reminiscent of Baphomet. Also, they’re eating burritos. Hope the bathrooms are close by.

"Belluminati": Is Taco Bell Trolling Conspiracy Theorists or Is the Illuminati Flaunting in Plain Sight?

Here, mysterious people in red cloaks overlook a hologram of the earth – implying that they’re secretly ruling the world. The ceiling design above the globe forms a six-pointed star, aka the Star of David, aka the Seal of Salomon.

"Belluminati": Is Taco Bell Trolling Conspiracy Theorists or Is the Illuminati Flaunting in Plain Sight?

Prominently featured at the ball is a striking painting of George Washington doing the Roc sign popularized by Jay-Z.

The Roc sign is often mentioned on the Vigilant Citizen as it represents an attachment to the occult elite.

"Belluminati": Is Taco Bell Trolling Conspiracy Theorists or Is the Illuminati Flaunting in Plain Sight?

Jay-Z doing the Roc sign with his eye inside the triangle, effectively forming the Illuminati symbol. The Roc is short for Rockefeller – one of the most prominent families of the world elite.

"Belluminati": Is Taco Bell Trolling Conspiracy Theorists or Is the Illuminati Flaunting in Plain Sight?

The sign also appears in strange, non-Roc-related places such as this picture of Gloria Steinheim in a pro-abortion campaign.

The hand sign is known as Kohanim hands of Priestly Blessing in Judaism.

One might think: “LOL they made George Washington throw the Roc sign that’s funny and there’s nothing more to it LOL”. Yes, this is indeed hilarious. I choked on my burrito when I saw that. However, George Washington was actually a high-level Freemason and most of the art representing him is replete with Masonic symbolism.

"Belluminati": Is Taco Bell Trolling Conspiracy Theorists or Is the Illuminati Flaunting in Plain Sight?

The engraving “George Washington as a Freemason” features the US’ first president surrounded by every single Masonic symbol known to man.

Although the Washington painting is a joke, it is also not a joke. He was actually a high-ranking member of a prominent secret society. His entire life and legacy were deeply influenced by Masonic principles.

Here’s another item that is deeply influenced by Masonic principles: The Great Seal of the United States.

"Belluminati": Is Taco Bell Trolling Conspiracy Theorists or Is the Illuminati Flaunting in Plain Sight?

The commercial shows the unfinished pyramid on the dollar bill, highlighting each step with words such as “tortilla”. The shot pokes fun at the “theories” surrounding the number of steps on the pyramid.

Regular people watching this ad might think “LOL at these conspiracy theorists counting the steps on the pyramid!”. While these people get their education from Taco Bell ads, books written by knowledgeable people do exist and they clearly explain the meaning of these symbols. Manly P. Hall, a 33rd Degree Mason, and prominent occultist describes the Great Seal of the United States:

“European mysticism was not dead at the time the United States of America was founded.
The hand of the Mysteries controlled the establishment of the new government, for
the signature of the Mysteries may still be seen on the Great Seal of the United States of
America. (…)

The significance of the mystical number 13, which frequently appears upon the Great Seal of the United States, is not limited to the number of the original colonies. The sacred emblem of the ancient initiates, here composed of 13 stars, also appears above the head of the “eagle.” The motto, E Pluribus Unum, contains 13 letters, as does also the inscription, Annuit Coeptis. The “eagle” clutches in its right talon a branch bearing 13 leaves and 13 berries and in its left a sheaf of 13 arrows. The face of the pyramid, exclusive of the panel containing the date, consists of 72 stones arranged in 13 rows.”
– Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

Once again, the ad pokes fun at people who actually know about their own history.

In Conclusion

The goal of every marketing person is to create ads that become viral and that get people talking. Taco Bell obviously succeeded and, yes, this article adds to the discussion. However, there is more at stake here. Not unlike my previous articles analyzing ads, lots of commercial spots made by major brands do not simply sell a product, they sell the agenda of those who own the companies.

For years, there has been an obvious mass media agenda to discredit all “Illuminati”-type research and to ridicule those who discuss it. Furthermore, there’s a clear effort to spread disinformation to make the entire subject utterly confusing. The Taco Bell ads are part of this agenda. By mashing together various Illuminati symbols with taco-related jokes, the ads “fictionalize” the entire subject causing regular, unaware people to associate everything that was depicted in the ads as pure fantasy. Furthermore, under the guise of ridicule, the ads actually expose the masses to more of the symbolism that’s been highlighted on this site for years, shamelessly putting it in plain sight and making it part of popular culture. In short, the Taco Bell ads are diarrhea for the mind.

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"Belluminati": Is Taco Bell Trolling Conspiracy Theorists or Is the Illuminati Flaunting in Plain Sight?

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what’s more disgusting? taco bell or gloria steinheim in that shirt? YUCK.

PS. can’t believe it’s been 10 years! honored to have been a reader all this time. onward! 🙂

Jesus is savior

Ageed, it’s disgusting to see anyone so proud of an abortion.


If I ever see someone wearing that shirt, I will give them a glare. Nothing to be proud of.


Today’s mainstream society is sick. That’s a sad fact. They believe that what is “wrong” is “right”. I don’t believe in any god (contraty to the elites) but isn’t it the signs of the apocalypse in the Bible ?

M. Eugene

The Bible to which you refer does indeed contain prophecies concerning the Apocalypse, mostly in the book of Revelation (written by the Apostle John about AD 90), but also in many other prophecies which pre-date the First Advent (birth) of Jesus Christ. The Bible even tells us what the cultural climate will be leading up to this time: “Evil men and seducers will grow worse and worse, deceived and deceiving others” (2 Timothy 3:13). This accurately describes the supra-elite occultists, whose worship of the darkness is nothing new, but actually quite ancient. Psalm 2 tells these evil men of the world “conspire against the Lord, and against His anointed” and in Revelation, the men at the top of the pyramid are called “kings of the earth” who will receive “power one hour with the Beast” and even predicts the cashless society being birthed before our eyes. If there is no God, how can one explain the Bible? It is the only holy book which contains documented fulfillment of prophecies (over 300 by Jesus alone) and which alone tells the end from the beginning. And curiously, despite the abundant historic and scientific evidences which support its historicity, the Bible is the… Read more »


Hard to tell if we are witnessing actual prophecy unfolding before our eyes, or just a bunch of crazy people using the bible as a play book.

Martin de Porres

Not through the Catholic Church! Best look up where we got the Bible. Hint: there was no Bible until the Catholic Church defined which writings were in or out at the councils of Hippo and Nicea, approximately 4th and 5th centuries. Fast-forward a thousand years to when Luther removed on his own (insufficient) authority books he disagreed with, a tradition (of men) still observed 500 years later by those who continue to protest (against the Catholic Church – Protestants).


Your type is and has been the fuel of thisagenda. satan only had permission to attack anythingoutside of JESUS CHRIST and they have and are growing by people who are not on fire for THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY JESUS CHRIST.


I’m against abortion at all costs but I’m kinda glad she decided to stop multiplying, in case she actually did because she might just be doing propaganda and did not actually had one….

Russian Guy

Christian Bale is her son.


By marriage


I had that reaction also. It is the most perfect photo of a complete and utter fool if I’ve ever seen one. Put it in a dictionary next to the definition of “foolish” in case anyone needs to see it to understand.


This was an incredible read. Been following you for about 8 years and it’s mind boggling how more people aren’t waking up yet. You’re also hilarious. Thanks for the laugh while I drink my rosé in the bath tub on a Friday night.


They are playing god while hiding in plain sight at the same time, playing god by placing the “all seeing eye” everywhere, mimicking god to be all seeing, hiding in plain sight to quickly dismiss anyone who believes in their existence as a conspiracy theorist, so you would sound silly if you mentioned them, see how clever they are. There is only one god, god doesn’t have kids, the only religion that believes that is Islam, now you know why the satanist are trying so hard to destroy it by always attacking it in the media and invading the Mideast. Research about the Kaaba being the center of the world, NASA discovered it


The earth is a spherical structure. How can it have an absolute center? It can’t. It’s all relative to the observer’s perspective. Please use common sense.


Yeah, they even got the candelabras right. The three of them each have 6 candles.
6-6-u get the idea. The bastards definitely had fun with this one, no mistake about it.


The only problem I have with this article is this part . “For example, farmers and ranchers in the US find themselves getting “Third World” prices for their products. This is because giant food processing companies can impose low prices on the direct producers, because government subsidies keep farmers afloat, and because an increasing share of the total value of the food goes not to the primary producers but to the middlemen and those who carry out the ever-greater processing of food.” While yes the middle man does make a great profit, I live in a farming and ranching community and have family in the business. Most farmers and ranchers make a huge profit. They are some of the wealthiest people I know. They make plenty profit from the meat itself, while boosting it full of s------s and keeping them on small feed lots for half the year so as to not let them lose weight to make sure they can get every dime they can. Or spraying everything in sight to preserve their profit. Then they make sure to spend every dime they have on expensive machinery, their homes and vehicles, and more land which can all be counted… Read more »


Finally some truth about the NWO owned and regulated farming industry. Thank you for the honesty. I suspected exactly what you stated!


I live around big Ag in the Central Valley, CA. Most of the farmers I know are just professional chemical sprayers. That’s the only time I see them in their fields. They wear white hazmat suites and ride on tractors spraying everything. They have signs on the side of the road advertising the type of genetically modified product that their fields are growing. I drive through the chemical soup from their sprayers and turn off my vent as I go by. The only other time anyone’s seen in the fields is at harvest, which is done by teams of poor field laborer. These laborers may or may not consist of documented workers. These farmers are wealthy and their large homes sit adjacent to their fields. They often go around wearing hats with the name of the prominent local chemical company on it. Monsanto is mentioned by name by this company’s local radio ads, where they also mention their support of various conservative political views, new varieties of genetically engineered seeds, etc…. Oh what a patriotic chemical company we have here! Monsanto manufactured agent orange. I’m conservative myself so please don’t take this as a poke at conservatism. My point is… Read more »


The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

They trick people through food, education, entertainment… The world is so negative, only 1% destroying everything for power, a great percentage knows about it and yet all they do is sit behind the pc and post a comment on a website and go on with their (sad) lives afterwards.


What do you suggest we “woke” folks do about it? I’ve read about what happens to people who try to expose the elites. They get killed. Car accidents. Murder/suicides. Suicided. Heart attacks. Drug overdoses. The Omaha sheriff involved in the Franklin Cover Up back in the 80’s was never prosecuted. No. He was moved to Wilmington, NC. Vapid Satanism goes unchecked and protected, because so many people are involved. So, besides praying to Jesus, which is powerful to stop and stymie the Enemy, as seen with the Trump election and backlash since, what should we be doing? We can’t even get family members to agree there’s something nefarious going on with Pepsi or Hollywood. Not sure what more we can do than wait for real victims to come forward and believe them. According to Mark Taylor, both Clintons will go to prison. The fight isn’t over. Rest in God and keep exposing evil where and when we can. What do you think we should be doing?


Boycott all these corporations and their products. Stop supporting Hollywood and the faux celebrities. It starts with you. Keep your money and make better, healthier choices. It can seem hopeless when nobody around you is awake but the way you live your life and are at peace will trickle down on them and they will wake up in their own time. Also believe, that karma is real. These evil people will get what they deserve in one way or another.


Have you ever thought that all foods, no matter how healthy, has mind controlling chemicals or something like that? I have that feeling all the time.

D D d

Sugar in babyfood triggers ‘something’ that causes the person to act impulsively and it stays that way from then on, like in an addict. Just like in an addict! On all levels of addiction. Sugarfed children are more prone to become smokers, drinkers, gamers, you name it, i will stop here. But most people fail to see the connections between food and selfcontrol and the developement from childhood on. You have to learn it yourself these days, selfcontrol.


If this were true, children in places where processed sugar and junk food are unknown/unavailable wouldn’t misbehave much. I imagine the parents of toddlers and 10 year old boys in those places would laugh your theory out of town. Self control is instilled by parental example and discipline, which two things are rare to the point of extinction in our times. Everyone’s out for a magic bullet these days and it still all just comes down to plain old showing up every day and doing the work.

D D d

There are more ways to break a mind or a body. My example of sugar does not exclude them, but is the easiest to explain degredation of large amounts of people over time. Now people are supposed to be smarter and more ”evolutioned” but in real life they are dumber, shortbreathed and reaching for superficial goals, mostly shortterm. That’s not developement but stagnation. Induced. Just look up what sugar is and does. There are varieties, but the sugars in processed food and drink are not the kind that your body ackes for when coming out of a womb. The addiction has to be triggered .. by sugar in babyfood for starters, even in sleepy-time-concoctions is added sugar. Why? Sugar is energy, do these parents want their kids to be awake and wanting to move out of bed and play or cry..? No, there are more than one reasons for it. One is : the person has to be made dependent at a young age.

Billy Myers

Anyone who uses the term “woke” is a sheep and a fool so dont ascribe that idiocy to the people here


Very accurate what you wrote!


Projection much?

Billy Myers

You guys need to stop using lines from stupid hollywood movies


Bel (/ˈbeɪl/; from Akkadian bēlu), signifying “lord” or “master”, is a title rather than a genuine name, applied to various gods in the Mesopotamian religion of Akkad, Assyria and Babylonia.

Therefore “Belluminati” means the Illuminati are the world’s lords and masters.

This is an in your face attack and it shows they’re about to take off their masks and reveal themselves to the world. War, famine, and plague will follow because these “people” are led by the fallen angels, who appear as men. Satan can appear as an angel of light so its no big deal to appear to be human.

They’re goal is to destroy humanity. The humans who go along with them are just weak evil fools. Their end is coming soon.

Jesus already won when He died on the cross for humanity. We will be God’s family members. The church is the bride of Christ. Love not our lives to the death, and we shall receive a crown of glory in heaven.

Paul Atreides

Way to write Sue!!! I knew I was reading this for a reason it was to read those beautifully stated words of yours Thank You for the blessing.


The best thing you can tell an atheist is : You’re not hurting or influencing anyone by being an atheist, you’re just denying your OWN salvation… I told this to my sister and she looked at me so startled! I’m glad I made her see she needs to believe and live in his glory, Amen

D D d

No, it’s the other way round, dear : you are telling them there is ‘something’ but they have to believe your words. But, when you tell for example the sky is down and the ground is up, those are words too.
See : what’s to believe but a story so far, without proof that both parties can accept as proof?? And thus we have equal amounts of truth, believers and non-believers. Shall we keep it at that or do you want more reasons why not to believe You.

White feathers falling

The devil, his demons on Earth and in hell and all his Satanic followers HATE Jesus. So much so, that if you were to call out Jesus’s name for help in their presence, they will flee from you, screaming and shrieking. They can’t stand to hear his name being spoken or anyone ‘believing’ in him. It physically pains them. They burn. They want to convince the world that God and Jesus do not exist yet THEY THEMSELVES prove he does exist with their open hatred of him. Desecrating his statues, relics and crosses in Satanic ceremonies, cursing him, offending him in everything they do. The elite not only believe in him, they spend their entire lives and all their energies devoted to breaking his commandments and persecuting him, his followers and all that is good and holy. If that’s not enough evidence for an atheist to question their atheism, (every VC article in a decade proves the elites belief in Satan- therefore, they also believe in and hate Jesus, Satans enemy- you can’t have one without the other). Then why are you atheists here on this website? Without the light, there is no darkness. And vice versa. Jesus and Satan… Read more »

D D d

As I mentioned earlier : maybe that satanic thing is about the Use Of Fear, instead of intelligent analisys of facts. That you use fairytales and stories as fact to prove others opinions wrong, tells enough about your dept or openness of mind.

So Obvious

Diarrhea for the mind indeed!


When I saw this commercial. My first thoughts we’re 1. WTF? 2. They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. 3. What is VC gonna say about this.


Yeah as soon as I saw this commercial I came on vigilant citizen to look for it haha 😀


Keep in mind that Taco Bell and KFC are joined together in most states. And KFC is Frankenchickin’ and genetically modified. The commercial itself was a bit brazen IMHO. And it almost seems as if they want to make symbols a fashion trend even more-so in the near future.


At least they got the candelabras right. The three of them each have 6 candles.
6-6-u get the idea. The bastards definitely had fun with this one, no mistake about it.


“Yes, this is indeed hilarious. I choked on my burrito when I saw that.” Ahahahaha


One more totally disgusting fact about Taco Bell food not mentioned….the GREASE…the GREASE …the GREASE!! It totally soaks through the taco shell, it totally soaks through the taco shell wrapper, it even soaks through the Taco Bell bag!! It even soaks through the seat in your car leaving the interior smelling like 10-day old unflushed potty in a Taco Bell bathroom. I got a better name for the place…instead of Taco Bell how about TOILET Bell?!


How about “Toxic Hell”


Mike, this is the best thing I’ve heard all week!! That’s funny

Jereme Sager

No wonder it gives you bad gas and multiple bathroom trips . Your body is rebuking it.


How timely, and helping me to see I’m on the right path. I am guilty of eating my fair share of Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, etc. in my day and am so glad to be free of that addiction. When you are informed and aware, it is like you somehow can taste the brainwashing, the greed and the evil in the “foods” these chains serve you. My 2018 resolution was and is to cook the majority of my own meals, no matter the time it takes. It has been AMAZING. I feel so much better, it is far easier on my budget, I am able to be creative with the endless recipes and varied cuisine you can find and rather than rob my energy like I thought it would after a long day (hence going to the drive through), it has given me energy and a sense of hope. Also friends and family that I can invite over now for meals enjoy it too. Versus before, depressing choice of ordering some nasty microwaved burger or taco from a speaker box and eating it while playing games on my phone.


The left wingers are throwing their allegiance in our face these days out of anger that their plot for one world rule has taken a back seat. Just like Chelsea Clinton tweets a Hey, Hey to the church of satan. They don’t care anymore about hiding their allegiance. To bad they are on the loosing side. They lost over 2000 years ago, and it still hasn’t sunk in. go figure.


The elites is more powerful than ever:
1) the Trump false flag and migrants operations are the preparation for the future left-dominance of USA and the creation of a federal europe (like usa)
2) Then the 1 world governement will come.
3) Then this 1 world governement will show to anyone it is a dictatorship governement but people will still continue to applause
4) Then 7 billions will become 500 millions …

They have already wrote the future.




The right wingers aka Republicans are ALSO illuminati puppets.Yes,that includes our current president.The elite wasn’t caught off guard by the results of the election.Trump was their choice.Just like Obama was their choice in 2008 and 2012 and EVERY other president before them.The elite controls almost EVERYTHING.There’s no way they would leave something as important as the presidential election to chance.

The fact that as of now 12 people agreed with your post on this site is disappointing to say the least because the people who read Vigilant Citizen are supposed to be well aware of what I posted above.


That’s where you’re wrong, Trump *wasn’t* planned by the elites. For further details, check out If you read nothing else, read about the FISA abuses – that right there is proof he upset everything.

And if we’re talking symbolism, look at his name and running ticket. Donald – world ruler, John – God’s gift, Trump/Pence. (Say the last part aloud five times fast… starts to sound a bit like Trumpets.) Satan isn’t the only one who uses symbols, and as much as he wants to be, he’s not actually the one in control, either.

Paul Atreides

One of your great articles. This is the BEST site for accurate information about the shenanigans pulled by the so called entertainment industry! Bravo and very well done! Enjoy what you can because the year is getting shorter & only Jesus knows if we’ll get another one!
Gods blessings to ALL

Better late than never

Thank God VC brought up the seal of United States and George Washington. America was never founded on Christian beliefs. And Christianity has take the blame for many occult posers who are carring out the plan of freemasons all while conveniently throwing Jesus under the bus for it. Where we are now and how blatant the Satan worship is where the founding fathers always intends us to be. They see Satan as a hero who wanted to free humanity from the tyrannical rule of God. However, everything these people do is foul(pedophilia, b---------y, ritual blood sacrifice, etc.) That is quite a dedication to an entity that supposedly doesn’t exist. And a lot of ridicule for a man who supposedly never lived.

Something to write

It’s quite obvious that it was never founded on Christian beliefs.

Washington was a hardcore-Mason. And stuff like the Apotheosis of Washington is hardcore blasphemy even for masons (who officially still believe in a creator, so depicting Washington as a demi-god is heavy even for them).

Now the problem I have with all of this is why they didn’t it advertize fully and completely out in the open.

What stopped them?

Call me crazy, but if the founding fathers would have made the Luciferian religion public after the official foundation of the USA and made it mandatory… I don’t think the opposition would have been that great frankly.

Most people would have went along with it.

Hell, all world leaders today could unveil the “Illuminati” and declare their allegiance and after two weeks of media hype no one would care that much. I am pretty sure of it.


They didn’t come out because they didn’t believe they could sway the American public just yet and would have faced persecution/backlash from the church. Your comment says more about this generation than anything else. Today, yeah it’s pretty much a trend to be anti-religion and pro-Illuminati. But this took time and energy molding the minds of each new generation.

Kev Allah

The dragon was the god of America. Amaruca means “the land of the dragon”.

The freemasons have a vested interest in playing god. That’s why they don’t teach you the truth of God and who He really is. Or should I say what he really is. He is no city slicker, but a jungle dweller that dishes out knowledge to those brave enough to make eye contact.


Kev Allah what do you believe in? Are you Muslim?

Bohemian Eagle

I wouldn’t be so harsh on the founding fathers of the US. After all, their fruit was a free country for a very long time. There is a saying that every time God does something good, the Devil comes and licks it and makes it dirty and unappealing… So let’s suppose many of the founding fathers were good Godly people, and it is only now that the Dark Side needs justification for itself, that it draws on history’s best men and says – See, they are our lot! The Dark Side built the good old America!

America is most probably going the way of Babylon, which begun as a great beautiful and honorable empire, but then turned bad and…


I just commented to my husband the other night as we were driving on one of the renovated Taco Bell’s here. Their outside lights look like a mason sign w the compass !


how did they miss the 6 at the bottom of the bell?

Not illuminati

I noticed that too!


The quickest way to get people to accept something that’s inherently uncomfortable is through humor…they use humor to sell not only their crap food, but trans-humanism and occultism.

Not illuminati

I found resemblance between the logo of illuminati (the eye inside the triangle or pyramid), which can be found in an official site of the illuminati; and i also saw this logo in pictures of Masonic stores; and i also saw this logo on the back of chairs in a satanic church in Colombia. And another satanic church (in US, i guess) shows the Eye of Horus (shown by many artists) inside the satan sigil. So Freemasons, illuminati and satanism seem to be all connected.

Billy Myers

“official site of the illuminati” HAHAHAHAH lmfao wake the hell up

Not illum

Well, that was my source of research. I don’t know if it is actually their official (maybe not?), but i read some things and the site seems to be really related to it. It even admits illuminati as being a secret society.


It is my opinion that illuminati are just masons. They use the same symbols. and to be a mason you have to believe in a supreme being. But they don’t say who the supreme being is. So a mason could believe in God or Lucifer. They could be christian or satanic.

Not illuminati

Great article! “Belluminati” to me sounded like “Be illuminati”. It is at the same time a joke and to me it looks like it is trying to convince people to be (become) illuminati.

I tried to convince some people about the truth about the illuminati, but only 1 person took me seriously, but she won’t do anything about it. Most people are too skeptical. My mother said to me “stop researching those subjects. It is bad for your mind!”. So i don’t know what else i can do to convince people.


No need to convince anyone. Those who have eyes to see will see.

Not illuminati

They’re too blind (or stupid?) to see the truth. I wanted to show them the truth, to do them a favor. If someone had tried to wake me up to the truth, I would have been thankful for that. That’s why I did that. And sites like VC also try to wake people up. I’m woken up, I’m aware of the truth, yet, is there something I could do to stop the evil? I’m aware of the truth, but in practice, nothing has changed… What is this knowledge worth for?


This knowledge helps to wake people up on a subconscious level. This info builds in the in the collective consciousnesses hopefully to a point where the average sleeper gets nudged into an awakened state. I see it as I snowball forming at the top of a mountain the more snow that sticks to the ball the faster it accelerates while increasing in size and power. On a grand scale we are all connected and are all one so therefore knowledge for one is knowledge for all. God enables some to see and others to sleep until the time is right for them to awaken. Everything is going according to divine plan.

Not illuminati

Ok, I understand you, but I think this is not enough… I never bought food from Taco Bell (I guess it doesn’t exist in my country anyway haha), but if there were Taco Bell stores here, I certainly would not buy any food from them. Still, most people keep on buying (they remain blind), so I guess the knowledge about these things should be spread by all of us, not only sites like VC, but EVERY ONE OF US, readers, should spread it, and so boycott the products (any type of products, from artists, media, food, etc.). I read other comments talking about boycotting and I agree with them. If only few people boycott, the effect is too little. It is not enough to benefit the whole society, only a few of us…

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