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“Behind the Mirror”: Another Mind Control-Themed Fashion Movie



"Behind the Mirror": Another Mind Control-Themed Fashion Movie

Dsquared2 is an international fashion house founded by identical twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten. Their creations are worn by celebrities such as Britney Spears, Madonna, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Fergie, Justin Timberlake, 50 Cent and Bill Kaulitz. To promote their Spring-Summer collection, Dsquared2 released a fashion video that contains a bunch of images and symbols relating to Monarch mind control. This is not suprizing as many “fashion videos” are completely riddled with MK Symbolism (another blatant example is this Versace ad for H&M).

Here’s the Dsquared video.

The entire video is based on the concepts of alter personas and the blurring of reality and illusion through confusing reflections. Both of these concepts are directly related to Mind Control.

The title of the movie itself, Behind the Mirror, is reminiscent of the saying “through the looking glass” in Alice in Wonderland. As seen in previous articles, MK  programming techniques use mirrors and reflections to confuse slaves. Slaves are also told by their handlers to “go through the looking glass” to encourage their dissociation.

"Behind the Mirror": Another Mind Control-Themed Fashion Movie

In the first scene, one of the brothers look at himself in the mirror (is his twin brother looking back at him?). The animal print collar appears to be a subtle reference to Kitten Programming).

"Behind the Mirror": Another Mind Control-Themed Fashion Movie

Then appears an alter-persona dressed in drag. This happens amidst a whole lot of mirrors and reflections, blurring the line between reality and illusion. This exact imagery was used in other MK-themed pieces described on this site: Beyonce’s Superbowl performance and Will.I.Am’s “Scream and Shout”.

"Behind the Mirror": Another Mind Control-Themed Fashion Movie

As the mixing of reality and illusion increases, things get more intense. Then, as it is the case in almost EVERY SINGLE MK-themed piece in history, we see a mirror cracking – representing the fragmentation of the slave’s personality. Yes, a mirror also cracked in Beyonce’s performance and many other videos described on this site.

"Behind the Mirror": Another Mind Control-Themed Fashion Movie

Once the mirror cracked (and the personality fragmented), the transformation of the guy into a female alter persona is complete. Here, the mirror reflection looks right at the alter, hinting that this creation is completely independent from the core persona. This use of mirrors is so original and groundbreaking!…Wait, no…

"Behind the Mirror": Another Mind Control-Themed Fashion Movie

A scene from the movie Black Swan. The movie contains a lot of the same elements (read the article about it here)

In short, this promotional video recycles several symbols referring to Mind Control used in popular culture. Under the guise of being “artistic”, this video rehashes and perpetuates the symbolism associated with MK-ULTRA. It is yet another proof that the fashion world is completely drenched in the terrible world of Monarch Programming…And did you see that fabulous hat?!


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"Behind the Mirror": Another Mind Control-Themed Fashion Movie

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If youre 15, I assume you go to school. Do your best to pick apart the programming being fed to you through your teachers. The curriculum you have is government approved….which is to say, all lies. Cept for math, of course. I didnt shake off my programming until I was twice your age. Heres a nice quote: "Nicholas Rockefeller told the late film producer Aaron Russo that there were two main reasons for 'women's lib': 1) Before women's lib the bankers couldn't tax half the population 2) they were able to get the kids into school at an earlier age and indoctrinate them into accepting the state as their primary family."


Informative article as usual. Incredible how pervasive this agenda is.

I was watching "The Amazing World of Gumball" with my niece the other night…and spotted quite a few symbols. For example, if you go to cartoon network's site and pull up the clip "A Good Mother," go to 1:10 and you'll see a pyramid capped with a sun on the wall, with a masonic checkerboard floor. The theme is how the family has been turned into zombies by television. Nice! There was also a scene in another episode where the button for an elevator was an eye of horus, with pyramids hiding in plain sight in a few other scenes. More subtle than much of the stuff on VC, but there nonetheless.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised, as toon is owned by Turner, an outspoken one-worlder and eugenecist, who gave a billion dollars to the UN…

Stay vigilant!


I caught two separate mind control references in about two minutes on Family Guy when I was flipping channels to get to the Superbowl halftime Illuminati extravaganza. I paused on FG because baby Stewie was trying to work on a mind control device and his mom took it away from him thinking it was a baby toy. Then in the very next scene one of the older kids turned up the thermostat and the dad appeared instantly, saying every dad has an implant in their brain that lets them know when the kids mess with the thermo. Then every dad in the neighborhood showed up at the door looking glassy eyed, and he told them it was a false alarm.


There's more of that where that came from…on American Dad…the "Dad" (a CIA agent) is caught programming the entire family to think they've been on vacation every year when they hadn't. Then, in another episode the mom's memory is entirely erased.
Didn't Seth just host the Oscars?
I'm sorry…I don't remember…


The music playing at the beginning and at the end of this video is the same music playing at the beginning of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" video. The music plays while she delivers her "Mother Monster Manifesto" about the Government Owned Alien Territory, and also while she births a new race of humans.


Their whole system is called SQUARE … thats where this name comes from … xx compass and Square thats why all the things are becoming square are already existed and we just didnt have knowledge!!! Think about it…..jcpenny…hr block…Qrcodes…snickers…even Orange ..xx >< = ^ √® all marks of satan its weird but True… M is not for mcdonalds..its just VV XX >< macys is short for masons… thats not a shell at that shell gas station thats the Sun… aka Ra =^ SUNBANK SUNKISIT SUNTRUST ETC…………… The word says you wont be able to buy trade sell lest you have his name , mark, or number and believe me its on EVERYTHING AROUND YOU….on the pocket of ur levis…√ .Louie Vutton..LV=L√ look at those marks again matter of fact just look around at EVERY MARK YOU SEE….on every car you drive…all those are off The square ….. names…nike..Nissan ..Apollo .. Tire tyre..Bell..osiris..sirus…etc….. Only Jesus can save you


I dont have confidence that they will. I cant get anyone to listen to me about chemtrails, yet I see a blue sky maybe once a month if that. No one seems to care that the sky is sprayed daily, and we are not allowed to see the sun anymore. I spent the day yesterday reading about how pretty much every historical event is preplanned and both sides are in on it. Not only that, but SO MANY celebrities have close military ties as do, oddly enough, tons of serial killers. Its all a big plan to keep us scared and assume the worst about humanity, all the while turning us into zombies.


Did anyone notice that the opening music is nearly identical to the opening music in Lady Gaga's Born This Way Video? WOW!


I was ready to comment about this when I read your comment!!


I noticed that as well. I half expected Gaga to come out as one of the models.


Thank you! I was trying to figure out where I'd heard the music before, i just played the music vid and compared the two.. yep, very similar.

Makes sense though, Gaga sings about loving who you are no matter what you are. "Don't be a drag. Just be a queen."


Yes, it does! Also kinda get the feeling the were all trying for a Twilightzone/Hitchcock-esque groove.


This is so random, but since this is a fashion article…thusly, Barbara Streisand was wearing a gold Baphomet head bracelet, which was connected to a chain on a Baphomet head ring at the Oscars when she sang "Memories." Did anyone else notice?


They call that kind of bracelet a 'slave bracelet.' Urgh.


Gross! I still say that ole Babs is a Satanist, though.


This video was just an excuse for these crossdressing twins to wear drag. So unoriginal, I wonder who is their Advertising Agency.


Off topic, but I just watched the David Bowie video, The Stars (Are Out Tonight) -whoa. VC, I am sure you will have something to say on that one . . .


They have always been very dark. Add Marc Jacobs and they are triplets! Take a look at their pictures on Twitter; @DeanandDan

Overpriced clothes with their superstar puppet customers. I bet they are still made in the Far East using child labour.


This reminds me of the new JCPenny clothing ad, it's Alice in Wonderland themed, and there is a few subtle one eye gestures in the commercial (a model holding a magnifying glass over another models eye), I was very disturbed, especially since JCP clothing can be bought fairly cheap by just about anyone, not just celebrities. It's a sick world we live in!


Notice the broken mirror is the shape of a triangle withsmaller triangles all with one eye inside of each one


Notice the instrumental in the video is the same one used in the beginning of Lady Gaga Born This Way video which was heavy in Illuminati and estoric symbolism.


Check out Kenzo fall 2013 all seeing fashion line creepy

fashion model

Not all modeling is bad guys,you hear of these horror stories,but that's not true for every model or agency. My agency is like my family,they check out all of our bookings in advance and we have an escort with us to make sure were safe at the shoot,they're professionals;unfortunately with this industry there are a few bad apples that ruin the professions image for everyone :-(.


Beyonce had a dsquared shirt on during her oprah interview on next chapter earlier this month. The interview was also pure crap. She still has a fifth grade vocabulary and oprah asked her only easy questions whereas she grilled rihannas a-s during a similar interview for the same show. Also sasha is with her all the time now, shes no longer an alter, only insightful bit from that waste of an hr.


Lord take me out of this loony bin called EARTH ….


Sometimes,I feel that way too..However we are to stay if the Lord want us to complete His work.Remember the most gloriuos days of the church are ahead.Keep faith,not just hope….


There is nobody coming to save your a-s and, certainly, not a "lord" who never existed in the first place. You have no idea who wrote your nasty, little book because you haven't done the minimal 5th-grade research to fin out. You just took somebody else's word for it on "faith."


Why? Why, why, why is it all mind control lately?
Are they trying to tell us something?
What happened to all of the mass military control SWAT scenes they shoved in all's minds? Decided to switch into only mind control?

My gosh- so sick of the whole mainstream music and media business.
I don't see how people are blind and eat it all up. I simply do not understand how they do.


I may not have seen the video but the pictures and information written on here gives me a fair idea of what to expect. Oh how can there be so much evil when there is a whole lot of brainwashing as the media uses certain "smokescreens" to hide the truth when it is yet placed in plain sight for all to see.

It just gets more diabolical what the elite plans to do in future which has to do with ultimate World Domination through the NWO.


Considering the fact that most world conflicts and almost all "movements" and conflicts America has had internally have been funded by the elites, its like we are living in one big horrific Truman show. A bunch of good hearted people that cant possibly conceive of other humans treating us like cattle, and so the show continues.


I know now why this fashion house is successful and worn by all the celebrities… guys… we're living in a sick world, every thing we see is just an illusion, there's things behind the curtains that we don't see.

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