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This 2023 Berlin Fashion Show Was All About Mocking Christianity in the Trashiest Way Possible

During the 2023 Berlin Fashion Week, the brand Namilia presented its collection titled “In Loving Memory of My Sugar Daddy”. It was a trashy, blasphemous mess with all kinds of messages that can only be described as degenerate. Here’s how this so-called “rebellious” fashion show is, in fact, perfectly in line with the elite’s sick agenda.



Warning: This article contains pictures that are not safe for work.

Namilia is a fashion brand based in Berlin, Germany. Described as “rebellious” and “unapologetic”, Namilia attracted some attention with its “dickinis” and “vulva sleeves”, two pieces of garments that look as stupid as they sound. Through provocative creations, the founders of the brand Nan Li and Emilia Pfohl say they use fashion to “proclaim their beliefs”.

“For us, clothing is not just an aesthetic tool but a visual platform to proclaim our beliefs, conflicts and dreams.”

As we’ll soon see, their “beliefs” apparently revolve around mocking Christianity – which happens to be a staple of Satanism. However, like all Satanists, they will never admit that they are Satanists to the general public. Instead, they explain all of their work with buzzwords such as “feminism”. However, as we’ll see, Namilia’s brand of feminism is actually degrading, highly toxic, and bent on erasing masculinity.

In short, everything about Namilia is in perfect accordance with the agendas of the occult elite. They want us to be faithless, dehumanized, self-hating whores. Probably for this reason, the brand has been experiencing a meteoric rise to success since its inception in 2015. In only a few years, Namilia is featured in major fashion shows, is praised by major outlets such as Vogue magazine and is worn by high-profile celebrities such as Rihanna and Cardi B.

“Influencers” wearing Namilia at the Barbie premier. Most people in the comments found that they did not belong there. But Namilia and Barbie are all part of the same globalist agenda so, in actuality, they do belong there.

While past Namilia creations were certainly provocative, the Spring 2024 fashion show took things to another level by mocking Christianity in the trashiest way possible.

In Loving Memory of My Sugar Daddy

On the third night of Berlin Fashion Week, the Namilia fashion show created a buzz with its new collection titled In Loving Memory of My Sugar Daddy.

The name refers to young women exchanging a sexual relationship with old men for money … until they die. Because, most likely, they were so old. It’s not technically prostitution but it’s in the same realm. That’s the type of “feminism” championed by Namilia.

But that’s not even the real issue. This whole sexual context is mixed with references to Christianity. Is Jesus the “sugar daddy”?

Let’s just look at this mess.

The top says “You can’t enter heaven unless Jesus enters you”. There’s most likely a sick, blasphemous sexual innuendo in there.

This is the back of the outfit above. There’s a crucifix on her butt crack. Sexual innuendo confirmed.

Do they truly love Jesus? Or are they mocking him with the revealing bottom half of the outfit?

The top says “Jesus cums first”. Not “comes first” – the other spelling which refers to ejaculation. That’s the type of filth we’re dealing with here.

The shirt says VIP. Underneath is written “Very Important P*ssy”. Now that’s classy.

Speaking of classy, here’s this outfit. On the top are printed two crucifixes used to hide nipples. There are also the letters “VIP” which, as seen above, do not stand for “Very Important Person”. Finally, demonic nails and a g-string complete this wonderful outfit that can be worn at work or at the gym.

The combination of Christian imagery with highly sexualized bondage accessories is a recurring theme in this fashion show. It’s also Satanic.

Crucifix with BDSM-style spikes. It’s all about blasphemy.

While Namilia is said to be “feminist”, the words printed on their garments are not exactly uplifting. In fact, they are degrading and reek of self-loathing.

Her shirt says “Boner Garage”. That’s rather forward. Why not just put the word “slut” on a top while we’re at it?

They’ve put “slut” on a top.

“Schwein” means “pig” in German. What is it with “feminists” comparing themselves to pigs? This is reminiscent of Demi Lovato’s recent song Swine, where she also compares herself to … swine.

The model looks embarrassed walking around in this outfit. I mean, she’s wearing a deformed crucifix with the words “Cunting Season” on her privates.

There’s a bunch of crucifixes on the top while the bottom says “Trash”.

If you’re like me, the word “degenerate” is probably reverberating in your mind right now. Also, you’ve probably had enough of this. However, I must point out another aspect of this show that is 100% on par with the elite’s twisted agenda: Every single male model in the show was dressed in women’s clothes. In slutty women’s clothes.

Bro, what are you doing with your life?

If there’s one thing the elite hates more than Christianity it’s masculinity.

In Conclusion

While the fashion brand Namilia is said to be “rebellious”, there is actually nothing rebellious about it. Quite the contrary, the fashion show seen above follows in the strictest ways possible the oppressive dogma of the occult elite it is forcefully imposing on the world. It is the global culture they want us all to embrace and, magazines such as Vogue are used to hail these creations as works of art.

However, as stated by the creators of the brand themselves, fashion is merely another tool for propaganda. Through clothing, they are celebrating their true religion: Satanism. Furthermore, they’re on a mission to dehumanize women, feminize men and glorify all that is sick, twisted, degrading, and unnatural.

On a wider scale, it is about creating a generation that hates itself and that has absolutely no self-respect or self-esteem. By printing words such as “slut” and “schwein” (pig) on its shirts, Namilia is not being cool or edgy, it is simply reflecting how the elite perceives the masses. Not only that, they want people to actually believe that’s what they are.

With that being said, there’s another word found on Namilia clothing that actually perfectly defines it: Trash.


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