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The MET Gala 2019: A Perfect Reflection of the Showbusiness Agenda

A look at the outrageous outfits of the 2019 MET Gala and the event’s underlying agenda.



The MET Gala 2019: A Perfect Reflection of the Showbusiness Agenda

The MET Gala is a yearly gathering of industry stooges who parade around in elaborate outfits, as photographers take hundreds of pictures for the world to see. The goal? Fundraising. The real goal? The elite showcasing its pawns and its agenda.

In my article about last year’s MET gala (The 2018 Met Gala: Because the Industry Loves Blasphemy), I explained how the entire theme fit the elite’s obsession with desecrating Christianity. Some observers even described the event as all-out “satanic”, complete with Madonna conducting a black mass.

This year’s theme was Camp: Notes on Fashion. The name is inspired by Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay that defined camp as “love of the unnatural: of artifice and exaggeration” (coincidentally enough, “love of the unnatural” perfectly describes the philosophy of the occult elite).

Camp is usually associated with drag culture and goes back a few centuries. The first English definition of the term “camp”, which appeared in a 1909 edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, states:

“ostentatious, exaggerated, affected, theatrical; effeminate or homosexual; pertaining to, characteristic of, homosexuals…”

While not as controversial as last year’s blasphemous theme, this year’s theme was a perfect way to push the all-important gender-blurring agenda. Of course, there’s was lots of occult elite symbolism all over the place.

To understand why the MET Galas are so consistently agenda-friendly, let’s take a quick look at this event’s history.

MET Gala

The MET Gala is an annual fundraising event for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City. The Gala is reputed as a “luxurious, blockbuster” event and considered “the jewel in New York City’s social crown”. The event is widely regarded as one of the most exclusive social events in the world and one of the biggest fundraising nights in New York City, which raised a staggering $200 million dollars to date.

The first gala took place in 1948 and, for years, it almost entirely consisted of members of New York high society and the fashion industry. In the 1970’s, the event started to become more celebrity-oriented with attendees like Andy Warhol, Diana Ross, and Cher intermixing with the city’s elite

The event is overseen by Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour who also assembles the list of invitees. In 2014, the individual tickets cost $30,000 for those outside the official guest list, after prices were raised by $10,000 to increase the exclusivity of the event.

In short, the event is organized by the industry elite and for the industry elite. At the center of it all: Industry pawns.


If you’re invited at the MET Gala, that means that you’re an industry pawn. And, to represent this fact, you must wear elite-approved clothing. Here are some examples.

The MET Gala 2019: A Perfect Reflection of the Showbusiness Agenda

Janelle Monae wore an all-out “Illuminati” dress, which focused on the symbol of the all-seeing eye. The eye on her breast even blinked. Can’t get more occult elite than that.

The MET Gala 2019: A Perfect Reflection of the Showbusiness Agenda

Jared Leto – a regular at the MET Gala – wore a red ritualistic robe and held a replica of his severed head. As seen in previous articles, the head symbolizes the alter persona of an MK slave.

The MET Gala 2019: A Perfect Reflection of the Showbusiness Agenda

Jared brought the creepy head to the afterparty.

The MET Gala 2019: A Perfect Reflection of the Showbusiness Agenda

Ezra Miller’s costume embodied everything the MET Gala was about. First, the all-important gender blurring agenda. Second, MK imagery, complete with multiple, headache-inducing eyes and a mask – representing the alter persona.

The MET Gala 2019: A Perfect Reflection of the Showbusiness Agenda

Cara Delevingne’s outfit featured a bunch of eyeballs and fingers over her head.

The MET Gala 2019: A Perfect Reflection of the Showbusiness Agenda

About two years ago, Katy Perry turned into a bizarre, android-like person who keeps embarrassing herself. Why? Because that’s what her handlers decided for her. Her ridiculous costume at the 2019 MET proves this fact.

The MET Gala 2019: A Perfect Reflection of the Showbusiness Agenda

At the afterparty, Perry wore a cheeseburger costume. Shes definitely in the elite’s “embarrassment” cycle in her career.

The MET Gala 2019: A Perfect Reflection of the Showbusiness Agenda

This weird cycle began around the time she wore the “most Illuminati dress in history” at the 2017 MET Gala (read my article What is Happening to Katy Perry).

The MET Gala 2019: A Perfect Reflection of the Showbusiness Agenda

Harry Styles wore an outfit that was definitely in line with the gender blurring agenda.

The MET Gala 2019: A Perfect Reflection of the Showbusiness Agenda

This is a pic of him coming out of the afterparty at 6 am. He looks traumatized.

The MET Gala 2019: A Perfect Reflection of the Showbusiness Agenda

Michael Urie wore a dualistic outfit that fully embodied the gender blurring agenda.

The MET Gala 2019: A Perfect Reflection of the Showbusiness Agenda

Billy Porter made an entrance fit for an Egyptian queen.

The MET Gala 2019: A Perfect Reflection of the Showbusiness Agenda

He then spread his wings to become a male version of Isis.

The MET Gala 2019: A Perfect Reflection of the Showbusiness Agenda

A classic depiction of Isis.

The MET Gala 2019: A Perfect Reflection of the Showbusiness Agenda

Darren Criss wearing makeup. Because he has to.

The MET Gala 2019: A Perfect Reflection of the Showbusiness Agenda

Many wondered what “influencer” James Charles was doing there. The answer: He fit the gender-blurring agenda.

The MET Gala 2019: A Perfect Reflection of the Showbusiness Agenda

There’s nothing much to say about Malema’s outfit. However, the simple fact that he’s at the MET Gala is proof that he’s been initiated in the industry (as stated in my article about Madonna’s video Medellin).

The MET Gala 2019: A Perfect Reflection of the Showbusiness Agenda

NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. tried to stay gangster while wearing a kilt. He really did not want to wear it. In an interview with GQ, he said: “I told them no off the rip,” Beckham says of the kilt in Thom Browne’s midtown offices on Sunday night, just 24 hours before the Met. “I was like, ‘There’s no chance I’m wearing that.” He said that. But you can’t fight the agenda.

The MET Gala 2019: A Perfect Reflection of the Showbusiness Agenda

Something is wrong with the Olsen twins. That’s all I have to say about this pic.

In Conclusion

The MET Galas are a perfect encapsulation of the current agenda of the occult elite. Organized by Vogue – an elite institution that is part of the CondeNast media empire – the Gala is all about carefully selected celebrities following a carefully selected theme. The net result of this carefully calculated event: News and social media flooded with pictures of celebrities dressing up in ridiculous outfits to please their elite masters.

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The MET Gala 2019: A Perfect Reflection of the Showbusiness Agenda

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end times warrior

I feel badly for the Olsen twins; they’ve never had a chance to know a life outside of the industry. They always look so sad and vacant. I can’t imagine the atrocities that they’ve endured throughout their lives. They’re constantly being taken advantage of by powerful older men. I hope that they will know peace and love within this lifetime. We should be praying for them as well as Brittney Spears. I used to hate Brittney until she had her meltdown (when she shaved her head) and I began to realize how messed up that her life was. These girls have been through so much and it needs to stop. Hollywood is one sick place.


sooooo true!!!!


Thank you for your compassionate message.


Pray for those in bonds. Christ can break any stronghold.


Best comment. If people knew what these people have been through and are forced to do and to go through they’d be treated with the upmost respect instead of being blamed for having said yes to the industry. Most of them never did, they got into it through breeding programs or were kidnapped as children and placed with the elite. They have no choice. The elite needs to be taken down. We need to ACT!


You say we should pray for these people, but what about asking God to search your own heart? How can you hate anyone and still be a believer? If their lives were happy, would you feel justified in hating them?
Believers like you always make me shake my head. There’s a passive aggressiveness there under the guise of pity and “sympathy.” It’s not love for your fellow man.


Oh Dee, hush. You seriously sound like a judgmental Pharisee. No one is perfect. That’s why we need Jesus to get into heaven. She also said she USED to hate Britney, maybe God changed her heart to having more compassion and humanity. You don’t know what others go through or what battles they face, and you don’t get to pick the speed with which God works on our hearts. Some people require a lot more healing and work than others. How about show support and sympathy yourself?


you need to read a bit more and comprehend what you are reading


Beautifully said, and yes they do need prayer. Prayer instead of criticism. Jesus loves them too! Gb


Lovely words and absolutely true, I wish them all the best, but…they are aso all hiden transgenders.
So “she” is a he.


This event was like a pop quiz for long time Vigilant Citizen reader. So so many references to all the posts we have read here over the years. Some outfits looked so much like the ones from the Rothschild Illuminati ball. You forgot to feature Lady Gaga and Jlo. Gaga was wearing a butterfly choker and wore a dress reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe, because of course, and Jlo once again wore a head to toe diamond theme, a wink to her being a presidential model now.

I think this gala was extra Eyes Wide Shut/Illuminati in my opinion. So many cloakes and capes, masks, etc. The references were too obvious. You need to do a post on the Vogue videos they posted on Instagram. They’re so creepy. Like a horror movie.

Sy Opps

They are freres mason puppets and worship Baphomet.


yes–a rehash of EWS


yep and its like how Tom and Nicole made the movie and all the others and not one of them will tell what was in the 20 minutes they cut after Stanley conveniently had a heart attack and died .


MET Gala is a good example to make a few articles about only one event.


Ahaha yes!


I hate how some look so smug and self important here like they are doing some great deed for queer people by showing up in these ugly outfits and carrying around severed head or whatever. So pretentious and tone-deaf to the cause they claim to care about. Other people have an honest look of “Why do I have to be here right now?” I feel for those ones.


Come on, this garbage is so obvious- the clothes are a symbol, message or whatever. It’s all code, just like Gematria, Pizza references and all that. It’s how they communicate and talk because they think we see it but don’t get it.
Katy Perry is now ‘Illuminated’. Last year she was elevated to a (fallen) angel, the year before she wore red to bear ‘witness’ to some ultra sickening sacrificial ritual no doubt, the year before she wore that hideous black witchy-woman monstrocity and lost her eyebrows…follow the trail backwards and it tells the story of her occult indoctrination over the years, no doubt about it. And on the Jared Leto thing…he went as Jesus last year. This decapitated depiction is a nod (pun intended) to last year’s ‘pious persona’. This year he is wearing the colour of sacrifice and Satan, covered in sparkly baubles (grieving tears of Christians and the innocent?) whilst admiring the removed head of his blasphemous representation. What does that mean? We all know you Luciferian scum-lord.


John the Baptist and other Xtian saints who were martyred by decapitation are sometimes depicted holding their own heads in their hands or on a plate. Just my 2 cents.


The word is Christian. We don’t need to hear about abbreviations or alt. spellings, or variants in etymology. The word upsets the M-K’d puppets, to the degree, that the masses are now turning against it(“Happy Holiday”, etc)
Words are powerful. Which is why the World Management Team plays games with them, encodes occult phrases and uses words to control the masses.

bitter clinger

Agreed that there is most certainly an agenda with the aim of turning the masses against Christianity. I’m wondering if they missed their mark with “Holiday” however, as I recently read how that was derived of “Holy Day,” which would make that one more than acceptable!


Yes, youre right,HOLIDAY is indeed an abbrieviation of Holy Day! It would be an “own goal” if more people were copped-on to this fact but as so many have no Christian faith,it goes over their heads!


its not for us, its a n event for the elite around the world to see how well the plans going and to keep up with the programme . Its global pr display .


Straight up from the Hunger Games Capitol’s party to the Met gala 2019.


That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking when I saw this! I feel like I’m living in The Hunger Games. I think they’re pushing us to that scenario eventually. Back to the Colosseum.

Saucy Jack

the luciferians like the christian decapitation theme. last month the 16 statues ‘miraculously’ removed from the roof of notre dame were decapitated before removal. this can be googled or i’ll post a link if it will allow. the sixteen statues represent the twelve apostles and four writers of the gospels. the church burnt several days after their decapitation/removal.


I knew something seemed off about the Notre Dame disaster.
Great find!


So basically everybody looked utterly ridiculous or downright brainwashed and satanic. Sigh….I am so glad I do not work in the entertainment industry.


I detest the Met Gala.


The only interesting thing about it are the outfits


Not interesting at all,just repetitive


These are the same ones who celebrated full-term abortions. They are truly detestable.

Return of the Dead

I leave Vigilant citizen, for months, sometimes years. Then I stumble across something like the Met Gala… And it brings me right back.

I tell myself it’s not possible, I tell myself that it’s too far fetched. But the evidence is so overwhelming. What is the world becoming?


its not new Its the same old same old .Satan ruled before Jesus came ,before all the prophets


The epstein case should have you convinvced


please pray for australian politics right now. they are trying to make abortion legal and funded and they are trying to promote gender blurring. may god intervene and bring Truth to the table.


Definitely. Stay strong and lift your eyes towards Christ, trust in His perfect finished work.


In my state in Australia, abortion has been legal until birth for probably about a year and a half already., so I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Between 23-40 weeks of pregnancy a woman just needs two doctors letters to get baby killed and it can be for any reason ranging from health, to social and economic reasons..,

Normal guy

Seeing this I consider myself a happy person with my normal clothes, low money and my brain working well. These people don’t have a soul, they are pure dolls manipulated by filthy elite.


Being a traditional man is pretty much the most revolutionary act of the 21st century.

Sy Opps

“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” — George Orwell


And also, a traditional woman. I’m one, married, housewife, lots of kids. No money, everything used or secondhand, no vacations, no frivolities, just a life my grandparents lived. The amount of palpable hatred from others, for simply living this way, is insane. They want you to feel like a freak, stupid, “backwards”, etc. Happy people don’t consume, people with lots of children, and a one income family, don’t have disposable income to enrich the elites. Happy and secure, stable family units, cannot make them richer. Deracinated, rootless, bombarded with propaganda, hedonistic cosmopolitans, that exist solely to eat out, travel, consume, and show off, are what they want. Even better if they are “gender confused” and can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime on surgeries, hormones, and other things. Same with people that eat lots of junk. Obese, unhealthy, needing to spend thousands on medications, etc. People are being played, big time. But there aren’t many that “have eyes to see and ears to hear”. It’s a shame. Most worship these Satanic beings. They consume their products, which are filled with despair, violence, hatred, se-xualized content, off of the brainwashing machines. “And they looked from the pigs to… Read more »


God Bless you and yours.


I would like to see VC do an article on athletes in the illuminati/OTO. It has been obvious to me that in the last 10-15 years, athletes have been taken into the “fold.”

The fact that Odell was there and would humiliate himself like that speaks volumes. All you have to do to know which ones are initiated is see what kind of tattoos they have and watch the hand signals they make. I believe satan is giving them special help– people like LeBron and Curry, who make ridiculous plays that are not natural.

When there are players on both sides that are in the cult, I think who gets the help from satan depends on who did the darkest ritual before the game.


Athletes and celebs alike (with the exception of maybe a few in the bloodlines) are not in the freakin illuminati. They are puppets through and through.


They are initiated into the OTO, which is a tool of the illuminati. Bank it.

Sy Opps

About 90 per cent of these freaks are trans-sexuals. They believe God is an androgyne therefore they are Gods. They are leftovers from a fossilized pagan religion. It’s time VC called them out.


In all serious u cannot know that so many ppl there were trannies.


Mistypo, I meant “seriousness”


Christinne, Men don’t wear makeup or dresses. Kilts, yes, as women do not wear them. They’re specifically for men. But go look at the pictures. Trannies everywhere.

D D d

Remember the 100% men wear make-up too, for the pictures, to project a look, an image.

Sy Opps

Check out the Transpocalypse Now channel on you tube. Warning, you’ve taken the red pill.


no red or blue pills, just black pilled!


Thank you for the article. Ezra Miller look was so sickening to see. Alessandro Michele, Gucci designer, is very, very creepy. Harry Styles looked sad and traumatized as you wrote. Very creepy as usual the MET Gala.

Yours Truly

All these people are so delusional. I don’t care how wealthy they are. They must know that they are doomed for eternity if they don’t surrender their souls to Jesus Christ. He is the Light and Truth.


The Olsen girls seem traumatized. It also looks like they had plastic ssurgery that went wrong. Those costumes that everyone wear look ridiculous. That is not fashion.


The Olsen twins will be 33 years old this year.
They look at least 66.

This process has been going on for years now.
The newer the photos of them are, the more scared I get just looking at them.
They look as if they could “blow up things with their mind”.
Very scary.

What happened to them must be much worse than what usually happens to MK Ultra slaves.


They look scared, especially the one on the left.


Yeah they definitely look traumatized..and they look like they’re starving and don’t look 33, they look rough.

Nicky Hilton Roth.

Jared Leto head is so cute!
Just i don’t know which one!
Katy Perry i like cheeseburger!

Jacob A. Frenkel

It is not the sick who need a doctor, but the healthy!
If you want to be perfect, go, sell your soul and give your soul to the Satan, and you will have treasure in hell.
And se-xxx on Earth!


If the elite wanna declare war on the natural order of gender they’re gonna lose.
No society can survive that perversion for long.




Once again you ignored Versace and anything related to it, even though Darren Chris and Ryan Murphy who was also present at the Met Gala are related to The Assassination of Gianni Versace series. Even though Donatella was present too. Even though the theme of the previous year Met Gala was mainly Versace, in honor of Gianni’s 20th annyversary of death and Versace’s 40th anniversary. You have written about Mcqueen’s suicide many times, but nothing to say about the sacrifice of Gianni Versace at the steps of his own house, carried out probably by a MK ultra

D D d

I am glad VC spared me the view of Donatella V in full drag.
Maybe a full report is in the making, who knows?


Listen, I get it you may not like Donatella, but what about Gianni? He was a beautiful person, in and out and his murder is blatant sacrifice

D D d

Playfull, did you know the man Gianni personally, may I ask?


I know people who know him. And they all say the best words about Gianni, that he was a great person. Are you implying that Gianni wasnt?

D D d

No, I thought you did not know him personally.

Truth & Light

Mess Gala – Flush the toilet


I guess it’s kind of like people dressing their dogs in stupid outfits ….

The Awakened

It’s just creepy to see how more and more Indian celebrities are being included in these events. Priyanka Chopra was one of the most radically-dressed celebs in Met Gala. As her career in Hollywood is flourishing she’s becoming more and more bizarre, or maybe one more puppet of their agenda. Same goes for Deepika.

Sy Opps

It’s a He.

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