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The Meaning of Madonna’s “Madame X” Persona and the Video “Medellín”

Madonna introduced her fans to a new persona named Madame X – a “secret agent who changes personalities”. We’ll look at the imagery surrounding Madame X and at the occult meaning of the video Medellín.



The Meaning of Madonna's "Madame X" Persona and the Video "Medellín"

In my article about the 2009 Video Music Awards, I dubbed Madonna the “grand priestess of the music industry”. And, ten years later, we can confidently say that Madonna lived up to that title. Indeed, throughout the years, Madonna’s act consistently put on display her position of power in the music industry, often acting as a “godmother” to new female superstars.

To exemplify this fact, most of her public appearances are imbued with a ritualistic and ceremonial dimension.

The Meaning of Madonna's "Madame X" Persona and the Video "Medellín"

In this “iconic” moment of the 2003 VMAs, Madonna plays the role of the celebrant in a symbolic “wedding” between Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. It was their “initiation” into the higher-ups of the music industry. As we’ll see later, Madonna’s newest video Medellín also contains a symbolic wedding.

Madonna is well aware of the ritualistic meaning behind her performances. Prior to her 2012 Superbowl Half-Time performance, Madonna told Anderson Cooper:

“The Superbowl is kind of like the Holy of Holies in America. I’ll come at halfway of the “church experience” and I’m gonna have to deliver a sermon. It’ll have to be very impactful.”

And, yup, that performance was “impactful”.

The Meaning of Madonna's "Madame X" Persona and the Video "Medellín"

Madonna entered the Superbowl as an Ishtar-like goddess figure. The entire thing was an occult elite ritual that was replete with symbolism (read my article about it here).

In 2019, at 60 years old, Madonna is still at it. While her fans like to gush about how Madonna keeps “reinventing herself”, her act is actually quite consistent: It is actually 100% based on the occult elite’s current agenda, combined with an attempt to remain relevant by associating with young and popular artists.

Case in point: Her new album Madame X. Indeed, everything about this album is pure occult elite agenda as it clearly revolves around the dark world of Monarch programming. And, to stay relevant, Madonna recruited Colombian reggeaton star Maluma to dance around her.

Here’s a look at the symbolism surrounding this new thing she did.

Madame X

Madonna’s new alter-persona Madame X is described as a “secret agent who changes identities”. And, unsurprisingly enough, this is all about MKULTRA. The name itself relates to the lack of a core personality.

The Meaning of Madonna's "Madame X" Persona and the Video "Medellín"

On the album cover, the name “Madame X” is etched on Madonna’s lips, as if they were stitched together: A symbol representing an MK slave being “silenced” by the alter-persona.

To introduce her fans to her new alter-persona, Madonna released a short video titled Welcome to the World of Madame X. This 59 seconds-long video managed to pack a whole lot of obvious MK symbolism.

The video begins with Madonna saying:

“Madame X is a secret agent traveling around the world, changing identities, fighting for freedom, bringing light to dark places”.

It should be noted that one of the actual goals of project MKULTRA was to create spies and secret agents who changed identities through triggers. “Fighting for freedom and bringing light to dark places” is basically code for saying “doing the occult elite’s bidding”.

Madonna then lists her various “identities”:

“Madame X is a dancer, a professor, a head of state, a housekeeper, an equestrian, a prisoner, a student, a mother, a child, a teacher, a nun, a singer, a saint, a w---e …”

Here, Madonna alludes to various kinds of programming, including Beta Kitten programming (a w---e).

While she says these words, the viewers are treated to various images that directly point to Monarch programming.

The Meaning of Madonna's "Madame X" Persona and the Video "Medellín"

A mannequin with no wig – a classic symbol to represent an MK slave.

The Meaning of Madonna's "Madame X" Persona and the Video "Medellín"

A mask floats in the air for several seconds. Masks represent the interchangeable alter-personas of MK slaves.

The Meaning of Madonna's "Madame X" Persona and the Video "Medellín"

No eyes and no brains. Another way of representing an MK slave.

The Meaning of Madonna's "Madame X" Persona and the Video "Medellín"

Madame X constantly wears an eyepatch – a convenient way of constantly displaying the one-eye sign.

The Meaning of Madonna's "Madame X" Persona and the Video "Medellín"

Here, something is attached to Madonna’s head. A restraint device for torture?

All of this obvious imagery sets the stage for Madame X’s single Medellín. The song and video prominently feature Maluma, a reggaeton artist from Colombia who is extremely popular with young people. In other words, he’s a perfect recruit for the Grand Priestess of the industry.


The Meaning of Madonna's "Madame X" Persona and the Video "Medellín"

The cover art of the single sums up the gist of the video: Madonna, who is in a dominating position, holds Maluma with a symbolic red glove. Of course, her eye is hidden by an eye-patch, representing the fact that she’s an “agent” of the occult elite.

The video begins with a prayer that is all about Monarch mind control.

The Meaning of Madonna's "Madame X" Persona and the Video "Medellín"

The video begins with Madonna praying.

She says:

“Dear God,
How can I trust anyone after years of disappointment and betrayal? How could I not want to run away? Again and again … Escape … I will never be what society expects me to be … I’ve seen too much … I cannot turn back … I have been kidnapped, tortured, humiliated and abused”.

That last sentence sums up trauma-based mind control – the basis of Monarch programming. Slaves are kidnapped to then be tortured, humiliated and abused to force dissociation.

In the next scene, Madame X is a dance teacher who wears equestrian clothes, complete with a horse whip.

The Meaning of Madonna's "Madame X" Persona and the Video "Medellín"

Madame X is dressed in the occult elite’s colors: Red, white and black.

The lyrics of the first verse describe an MK slave being drugged and dissociated … while Maluma says generic Spanish words.

I took a pill and had a dream (Yo también)
I went back to my 17th year
Allowed myself to be naive (Dime)
To be someone I’ve never been (Me encanta)
I took a sip and had a dream
And I woke up in Medellín (¿Te gusta?)
The sun was caressing my skin (Dime)
Another me could now begin (Woo)

So Madonna took a pill and became “someone she’s never been”. She then “took a sip” and “another her could begin”. Those are references to an alter-persona being triggered after being drugged (drugs are used in MKULTRA programming to facilitate dissociation).

Then, in the video, Madonna tells Maluma to come to her and things get sexual … and uncomfortable.

The Meaning of Madonna's "Madame X" Persona and the Video "Medellín"

A 60-year-old woman sucking the big toe of a 25-year-old guy. Why?

After some kissing, spanking and other things that make one’s facial expression gradually morph from “annoyed” to “horrified”, things get ritualistic: Madame X and Maluma get married.

The Meaning of Madonna's "Madame X" Persona and the Video "Medellín"

Although I’m pretty sure she’s not a virgin, Madonna wears a white dress and a veil – symbols of purity. Maluma is dressed in red – the color of sacrifice and initiation.

This is not a wedding between two lovers: It is an initiation. Maluma, a rising star in the music business gets married to Madame X – a representative of the occult elite’s MK system.

The Meaning of Madonna's "Madame X" Persona and the Video "Medellín"

The fact that the wedding is attended by weirdos (and not friends and family) is another clue hinting to the fact that this is actually an industry ritual.

The Meaning of Madonna's "Madame X" Persona and the Video "Medellín"

The video ends with Maluma wearing Madame X’s veil and kissing her on the forehead. Initiation complete.

In Conclusion

If you’ve read other articles on this site, you probably realized that everything relating to Madame X is in perfect conformity to the wider agenda that is imposed on the entire entertainment industry. Indeed, Madame X features all of the MKULTRA symbolism, the occult color codes, and the ritualistic elements we’ve seen displayed in the past by the likes of Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyoncé, and many others.

While critics like to say that younger artists are “influenced” by Madonna, there’s something deeper going on here: ALL of these artists are forced to display a specific set of symbols and narratives in their work. Even Madonna. Why? Because there’s an obvious effort to “hegemonize” global popular culture, to make it fully compliant with the occult elite’s agenda.

And, at age 60, Madonna still needs to do this MKULTRA, one-eye stuff. Why? Well, I’ll let one of Madonna’s own Instagram posts answer that question.

The Meaning of Madonna's "Madame X" Persona and the Video "Medellín"

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The Meaning of Madonna's "Madame X" Persona and the Video "Medellín"

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Sarah S

Wow.. That Instagram post at the end really put the cherry on top of this article. Great write-up VC, as always. Thank you.


Her little meme is inaccurate, the devil can’t own what isn’t yours! I’ve sold my soul and all it took was calling out to Jesus, mighty Yeshua, to receive it back. See the fact of the matter is your soul belongs to God, He just wants your love so the 2 can become 1 as intended. Thank you Jesus for being my , THE, king!


THIS is just one more reason why upcoming new recording artists are better off as independent instead of selling your soul/well-being, dignity, & self-respect to obtain mainstream success.

Anisa Abdalnour

The entire industry of entertainment is under control it seems.


It was made by those who control us. Entertain(t)ment.


When you give your soul to the devil you better claim it back in the name of Jesus. HE is the only one who can save you.


You can’t give your “soul” to the Devil, it doesn’t belong to you! Ezekiel 18:4


Bullshit he isn’t real, just a made up fantasy for people to cling to


The devil does not have to be real for people to believe in him or behave in satanic ways.


This stuff is just weird..all vanity..they really made a video to introduce her new “alter persona”? Someone really thought Madame X’s intro backstory was good? Or that those were good lyrics?? I don’t get it…if Madonna was your average 60 yr old neighbor, you would think she was crazy and delusional..but a celebrity can do or say just about anything and it’s cool. I don’t get it. It’s like Beyoncé and other musicians who are pushing mid to late 30s and 40s, and still acting like and talking about things like they’re 20. This is ridiculous.


And she got her butt done few months ago lol. This woman is the definition of pathetic. Go away old hag

Truth & Light

Shes too old for this. Dont be a puppet ya whole life


The problem here isn’t her age, don’t attack her for that


You see, as a sex symbol, she is no good at this age, but as witch, old woman can be much stronger than a young woman. Perhaps in this context this is not her pre-retirement age, but the very prime of life.


Ummm…yes the problem is her AGE. She is tooooo OLD for a video like this. Leave it the young morons…


Back up ur statements with real proofs pls

Smitty's Inner-city Meats

Seriously. The agenda is going to roll on anyway. Why can’t they retire these gross old bats? Surely someone without osteoporosis could do this job.


Much better than spend the time reading conspiracy theories.


I suppose the proper way to spend your time is coming on to sites about so-called “conspiracy theories” and complaining about how the readers choose to spend their time?


This music video was recorded around Sintra, inside an old palace. This old village is known for its elite palaces and romantic gardens. Portuguese kings and members of the portuguese and european aristocracy used to spend the Summer in Sintra. The hills around the town were known among the romans as the Moon Hill, and some people believe that Sintra has spiritual power. A very famous mystic place around Sintra is Quinta da Regaleira, a complex more than one hundred years old, with a palace, church and gardens, with many mystic, religious, esoteric, masonic and pagan symbols. But there are many more buldings and gardens with mystical symbology.


Madonna is annoying, I wish she’d retire already!!


Madonna is gross.


I’m pretty sure she is extremely better than your mother.


Aww how sad. A Madonna super fan, a sad person programmed thoroughly with this garbage. Seek help, you poor pathetic thing.


And we have the Madonna version of Sasha Fierce


Madam X is not Madonna’s first alter ego. Back in the 90’s she had the name Dita Parlo around the Erotica album.


Since she is the high priestess of occult themes in music, that’s not surprising


She has Dorothy’s blue dress on from Wizard of Oz.


Yes. Alice in Wonderland themes in the song as well.


Haha, I thought more along the lines of “Devil in a blue dress”?


also in the video she’s wearing a templar logo on one of her rings, and it’s important to note throughout the song and especially at the end the lyrics say “one, two, cha-cha-cha (3 + 3 cha’s = 6) ” and she repeats it constantly, one of the last ones switches it to “one, one, two, two” I think there is symbolism in it but I can’t tell for sure.


Wait, so…she warned others to NOT do what she just did? Did she LITERALLY said on this song, that she regrets what she’s done, but there’s no escape for her?
Wow. Just wow.

D D d

Combine that with partying people at a fiesta.. and you have popculture as indoctrinated over the last century.
I am so so so glad my neighbourgirl likes chopin.


I’m from country where Chopin was born 🙂
Btw. she is, probably, forced to do it and when she can’t fight with them, she must join them, as old quote says.

D D d

Really she is not, her parents like guitars and blues. She is the one playing it almost as loud as I did with abba when her age.

bitter clinger

Hallo LoboTaker — visited there just last summer and took a coach tour from Wosowo to Poznan to Krakow. What a beautiful country!! And, we heard Frederic where ever we went…even from street musicians. Loved hearing so much *real* traditional music, rather than the demonic garbage that has infected the U.S. [what we see here on VC being the most vile and depraved, and it is everywhere it seems…so sad]
Very moving to experience such respect and homage for the history of your country.

Oh and the women are unparalleled, by the way!!! Been to many places, but Polish girls are the most gorgeous I’ve seen. And salt of the earth as well…like Poles in general. Can’t wait to return!

Thy Unveiling

She’s a very high priestess holding a coveted position of power and “influence” in the industry. Every mainstream female artist seems to list Madonna (and Whitney) as “inspirations” for their singing. Rarely is there any deviation from that. Beyonce is also getting up on that list; though she’s mainly a broken doll when she’s not being Sasha Fierce. Madonna, at least publicly, has never been a broken doll in a trance. She’s always been extremely pretentious and disconnected from those “beneath” her. If anything, her post was a reminder for someone she’s Handling. Perhaps Malum. Or one of her alters.

Bible Madonna

When you sell your soul you cant have schizophrenia!
Schizophrenia is a chronic and severe mental disorder that affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. People with schizophrenia may seem like they have lost touch with reality. Although schizophrenia is not as common as other mental disorders, the symptoms can be very disabling.

jimbo jones

remember when Madonna kissed drake, and he carried on like he was disgusted?
it looks like she had something in her mouth, something foul tasting. is this something witches do?

D D d

In old books there might be a clue:
Poison the giver has (already) become accustomed to..?


That was also my question…..why does she have to kiss them publicly? And why only some not all that sell out?


Good question.One reason might be to make fun of Jesus being betrayed with a kiss? What is the real reason?


Good god that was disgusting… Harvey Weinstein would have been so proud of her…


Haven’t read the article but I am so glad to follow my intuition whenever I think VC might’ve added fresh content
Keep up the amazing work and bless ya’ll!


Same here! I always get a feeling when VC uploads something new. It’s scary accurate xD


Drinking baby blood and eating them is supposed to keep you young… yuck! Glad I don’t have to kiss any of those satanic freaks.

Oprah Winfrey Network-Own-Nwo

Madonna was big in the 80s,now she is nobody,just old mouse!
Old pussy and a-s!
Provocations are stupid!


On the front cover image with the name Madonna written across her eyebrows notice that the only letters not being covered with an eyebrow are… D.. O.. A. Does this stand for dead on arrival? Pretty much the fate of a monarch slave the moment they enter the system.

Thy Unveiling

Good eye. I was more distracted by the unibrow-like placement of her name. Color me shallow.


She doesn’t look 60yrs old.
Da da dammmnnnn. Is she all surgery, huh? Or, maybe just the ‘retouching guy’ is a brillant genius artist fixing her.


Or witchcraft…


“Pay your surgeon very well to break the spell of aging ” Red hot chili peppers. Not natural well preserved beauty just a mask. Underneath she’s just as brittle and worn down as any 70 year old. Probably more so considering her life style.


She is 60.

D D d

Maybe she let’s her vids make by pixar by now?


its lighting and camera angles She does look old ,especially her right side that she hides now .

D D d

That might bethe result an injection misplaced, or the muscles where they are damaged by the knifes.? It really is not a sport sporting those with her.

bitter clinger

I’m certain they’re using ‘deep fake’ software to enhance her appearance. Take a peek at the morph video of jennifer lawrence with the face of steve buscemi for an example of how realistic this technology is these days.

D D d

Take a look at the things nasa shows us went into space and back in the sixties and seventies..safely.
Hilarious, although with a bitter aftertaste.


You can see the older age in the eyes. But yes I agree she’s likely been privy to a whole lot of personal trainers, workouts, and surgeries.


The thing is, she looked like death before she had the personal trainers and workouts and surgeries. Is it possible she contracted HIV or some other illness in the 90’s and that is why she looked that and all of this obsession with eating and fitness was her scrambling to over come it?


While I like many of her songs, shes one of the biggest music thieves, along with Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran, Rihanna, Pharrell Williams and others. Basically her career is based on theft. From her songs to her looks and here definitely she copies Marlene Dietrichs character (again), the spy X27 from the movie Dishonored. And think about the symbolism of the letter M – Madonna (copying Marlene), Maluma, Medellin….


Symbolic meaning for X? I’ve seen it being used alot in hollywood.


A Call For an Uprising covers X a lot on YouTube


I read “X” stands for Osiris, the Egyptian Sun god. It also represents 6 e.g. XXX = 666.


EX… she’s an ex.. ex wannabe, ex talent, otherwise known as a has been.


All good suggestions. Maybe multiple meanings? X madame. Is she no longer a woman? Or perhaps did she actually lose some of her standing in the elite?

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