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The Meaning of YG’s Video “In The Dark”: Is it About Blood Sacrifice?

YG’s video “In the Dark” contains overt occult and satanic symbolism. It also appears to refer to the death if Nipsey Hussle in a dark and gruesome matter. Is the video actually about a blood sacrifice?



The Meaning of YG's Video "In The Dark": Is it About Blood Sacrifice?

YG is a rapper from Compton, California who released his first single in 2009. Since then, he got signed with Def Jam records and released a steady stream of mixtapes and albums, amounting to an ever-growing fanbase. Other than a few radio hits, YG is mostly known for FDT (F*** Donald Trump), a protest song released a few months prior to Trump’s election.

The Meaning of YG's Video "In The Dark": Is it About Blood Sacrifice?

The album art of FDT.

YG has also been quite open about his “personal demons”, namely alcohol abuse, which he says was used to cope with his paranoia. In 2019, his close friend Nipsey Hussle died after being shot 6 times – a story that sparked its fair share of theories and conspiracies. This sad event clearly affected YG in a profound way. He even stated that the death of Hussle was the main reason behind the delay of his album release.

The Meaning of YG's Video "In The Dark": Is it About Blood Sacrifice? The Meaning of YG's Video "In The Dark": Is it About Blood Sacrifice?

Yup, this doesn’t feel right. And In The Dark – the first video released by YG since the murder of Nipsey Hussle – doesn’t feel right either. It’s basically a party with Satan and a bunch of demonesses dancing around as blood drips on a Masonic floor. Many interpreted the occult symbolism of the video as a veiled reference to the blood sacrifice of Nipsey Hussle. It also lead some people to conclude that YG sold his soul.

When these Satanic hip-hop videos pop up on YouTube, about 95% of the comments express disgust towards this symbolism that is historically alien to the genre. In the Dark is not an exception. Here are some of the comments found on YouTube.

The Meaning of YG's Video "In The Dark": Is it About Blood Sacrifice? The Meaning of YG's Video "In The Dark": Is it About Blood Sacrifice?

Judging by the comments, fans of rap do not like this kind of satanic stuff. But why does it keep popping up in videos featuring influential artists? Because it HAS to. It is part of an agenda.

In the Dark

The video begins with YG sitting on a couch and watching TV. Then, he sees an alluring bottle of tequila.

The Meaning of YG's Video "In The Dark": Is it About Blood Sacrifice?

The brand name on the bottle is Diablo. You know where this is heading.

The Meaning of YG's Video "In The Dark": Is it About Blood Sacrifice?

YG downs the entire thing as if it was Gatorade after the 3rd quarter of a football game.

The Meaning of YG's Video "In The Dark": Is it About Blood Sacrifice?

The devil appears. YG tries to punch him but he can’t.

One could interpret this intro as “YG fighting his alcohol demons”. However, the video does not depict the downside of alcohol abuse and its repercussions. Quite to the contrary, after he drinks the Diablo brand Tequila, a funky, bass-heavy beat starts playing as YG and his crew join a party filled fun and sexy girls. And Satan.

YG rhymes:

I’m in the dark goin’ brazy
I’m in the dark throwin’ twenty past eighty
I’m in the dark, it’s a movie, Scorsese
I’m in the dark, that’s how life been lately

YG is “in the dark” and he appears to like it. Ironically, the definition of the expression “being in the dark” is “in a state of ignorance about something”. Is YG “in the dark” about what his video actually about? Because he did not direct it.

In the context of the video, “in the dark” also mean “being in the dark side of the occult music industry”. The symbolism of the video cannot be clearer.

The Meaning of YG's Video "In The Dark": Is it About Blood Sacrifice?

As YG enters the dark side, we see a quick shot of a wall of skulls. Among the skulls are a dark statue and a gold chain.

The Meaning of YG's Video "In The Dark": Is it About Blood Sacrifice?

The chain is very similar to the one Nipsey Hussle used to wear.

Is this scene a “tribute” to Hussle? Considering the creepy setting and the overall context of the video, the “tribute” is rather gruesome. Is it maybe a reference to a … blood sacrifice?

The Meaning of YG's Video "In The Dark": Is it About Blood Sacrifice?

In another scene, there’s blood dripping on a book which appears to be the Bible. Satanic.

The Meaning of YG's Video "In The Dark": Is it About Blood Sacrifice?

YG gets down surrounded by skulls, horns, and gargoyles. Satanic.

The Meaning of YG's Video "In The Dark": Is it About Blood Sacrifice?

YG mimicks having sex while two horned girls try to make selling one’s soul as sexy as possible. Also, there’s a Baphomet head behind him. Satanic.

Then, YG ceremonially enters the dark side.

The Meaning of YG's Video "In The Dark": Is it About Blood Sacrifice?

YG walks a fiery pathway with gargoyles on each side.

The Meaning of YG's Video "In The Dark": Is it About Blood Sacrifice?

Before entering, YG passes a “gate” made of horns. This is about to be very satanic.

The Meaning of YG's Video "In The Dark": Is it About Blood Sacrifice?

YG discovers a party where Satan himself (and his girlfriend?) dance around with a bunch of weirdos.


The Meaning of YG's Video "In The Dark": Is it About Blood Sacrifice?

The party takes place on a Masonic checkerboard pattern floor.

In occult-themed music videos, the Masonic floor is nearly always on prominent display. It is the dualistic surface on which ritualistic transformation occurs.

The Meaning of YG's Video "In The Dark": Is it About Blood Sacrifice?

A Masonic lodge. Rituals always take place on the checkerboard pattern floor.

In the video, YG stands around looking somewhat confused by all of this weirdness. He is also somewhat reticent to join in. Does he reject this madness and go back home? Nope.

The Meaning of YG's Video "In The Dark": Is it About Blood Sacrifice?

YG gets on the Masonic floor and partakes in the party.

In the scene above, YG is dressed in red from head to toe, and that’s extremely symbolic. Yes, YG often wears red because he is affiliated with the Bloods, but there is more to this. Considering the occult context of the video, the red garments (especially on a ritualistic floor) bear a second meaning: Sacrifice and/or initiation.

Does the video represent YG’s initiation in the occult elite’s industry?

The Meaning of YG's Video "In The Dark": Is it About Blood Sacrifice?

Michael Jacksons Blood on the Dancefloor features the same combination of symbols and colors. It is a code that reappears throughout mass media.

Later in the video, there is literal blood on the dancefloor.

The Meaning of YG's Video "In The Dark": Is it About Blood Sacrifice?

Blood drips on the Masonic floor.

As stated above, the checkerboard pattern floor is a ritualistic surface on which occult transformation occurs. Blood on this floor represents blood sacrifice. Nipsey Hussle?

Then, things get weirder.

The Meaning of YG's Video "In The Dark": Is it About Blood Sacrifice?

People at the Satanic party dance feverishly as they appear to be covered in a combination of blood and water. I don’t think that’s sanitary.

The video ends with YG and his crew leaving the party as we hear loud, demonic laughter. Then, YG is back on his couch watching TV. Did this all happen in his head? That’s not really important.

In Conclusion

In the Dark is yet another recent hip-hop video that is drenched extremely overt satanic imagery. It contains the same exact symbolism as other videos analyzed on this site such as Up by Young Thug, Topanga by Trippie Redd and many others. This is not about being “edgy” or “creative”- it is about hegemonical control of pop culture by the occult elite.

In YG’s case, the video has even darker implications. It is the first video released by YG after the violent death of Nipsey Hussle it contains some dark references to the event. The combination of the Nipsey chain, the wall of skulls and the blood on the Masonic floor is rather telling and, to someone who knows about occult symbolism, the message appears to be quite clear. YG himself was on the floor, dressed in red, in what seems to symbolize an occult initiation.

Was Nipsey Hussle sacrificed as the “price” for YG’s selling out? Is YG even aware of this? Or is he … in the dark?

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The Meaning of YG's Video "In The Dark": Is it About Blood Sacrifice?

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“What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his soul..?”

The media likes to present evil as “art” and “attractive” and that is why our music culture changes constantly. Music is no longer what it used to be. Fashion is no longer what it used to be. Our society is being brainwashed every minute of everyday.

People need to wake up and see that the choices we make sometimes, are choices that are programmed into our minds. In fact, ‘choice’ may no longer exist if we don’t realise where the society is heading.


Thats why its called dualism and everything takes place on a black and white floor. They want you to know what is evil and good so you are actually aware of the choice you are making. Gives the black magic ritual more energy and power when understanding of action is involved.

Prophetic Explorer

Except Satan controls both sides in this world, namely mainstream Christianity.


I kind of agree with you but at the same time I don’t. “Christians ” to often try to blame satan when it is their own desires that they act upon. YESHUA came and lived the most simple life possible with no earthly extravagance such as houses, cars and high material status. He never started a library or a megachurch that he profited millions and millions of dollars of his followers and he was proven through the signs and miracles he did while on earth. Nowadays our “pastors and leaders” are only proven by the things they say, money in their bank account, and possessions they own. Satan can’t make you sin, it is the desires of a mans heart that satan can tempt you with. Until there is a renewing of the mind where lustful desires cease to exist all this “church ” stuff is pointless


Not just mainstream Christianity, but all false religion. Revelation 18:1-24


The explanation I’ve heard for the checker board floor being that the entities that the masons like to conjure identity the pattern as a portal into our world. If you look at movies and music videos the checkered pattern often appears on gateways, portals and tunnels. You will often seem monsters arising from checkered floors or mystical creatures addressing main characters while standing on checkered floors

Nana Adwoa Ofori

Stop dehumanizing black people


Some friends and I went to see the first vampire “Blade” movie at the theatre when it came out. I thought I was pretty “hip” and tough, and there was violence, but then there was a scene in a basement where a lot of people were dancing without inhibition. Suddenly the sprinkler system in the ceiling was activated. Instead of water coming out, it was blood. All the writhing people were reveling in it, bathing in it. It was the most shocking thing I’d ever seen, and I felt like I was witnessing something pure evil. Now I see what this movie was trying to convey.
The precious Blood of Jesus is sacred to some of us in a symbolic way. For these so-called stars’ masters, the blood of humans is sacred in a profane way; they believe it gives them power. And maybe it does, but that power is only temporal. The devil is a liar, first and foremost. Sadly, that is forgotten or ignored by these lost souls.


That’s funny, the exact thing I thought of before I even read this comment. And this movie is 20+ years old.

Move along folks, nothing to see here.

As old as time itself, isn’t it?


it is sacred Its the Blood of communion .We are the living flesh and the blood does flow in our veins of our Creator


Our creator is an Almighty Spirit Person, so no blood from him “flowing in us”


Your reaching, the club was CLEARLY full of vampires. They would like blood on them. Come on!


“How you think a n---a on the charts? Face down a-s up, back gotta be arched” that’s pretty telling how this dude is literally on top of hip-hop music charts at the moment.


gay agenda….

Norma Britney Jean

Being a sex kitten is a terribly difficult trade since it consists principally of dealings with men.
It is always about B.S.


I am trying to tell my friend about the evil symbolism in the world and he said that he doesn’t want to know because he said that he would start to see it everywhere and it would begin to affect him because he still wants to see some good. For example, he likes visiting art galleries and going to concerts and there is nothing more the satan worshippers love more than the art world to display their wicked wares and the music business so they can fill people’s mind with nonsense in the most effective way. I am trying to tell him he needs to know about it all so that he can guard himself from it all and truly see the good things in nature on earth against the really wicked. He does point out the strange placement of eyes on things so he is beginning to understand the relevance. I feel sad for bursting his bubble :-/


I think we’ve all had that problem. People don’t want to know how deep this stuff goes, because once they do, they’ll be convicted to change – throw away their movies, music, etc. Pray for him to have the strength and desire to know the truth.


Not everybody can deal with occult knowledge. Ignorance is bliss. That’s why secret societies have had so much power for so long. But it only takes a certain critical mass of people with theirs lights on to brighten the dark places. Keep faith and pray, global consciousness is rising.


Can’t blame him. I think we all remember a time when the kool aid tasted oh so good.


Women and sex kittens will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.

Once you learn to read, you will be forever brainwashed.

You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. People don’t read books.


i can’t keep up with all these rappers, pop-stars… every week it’s another one i haven’t heard of parading around with satan. also notice his trump single cover had trump’s one eye covered.


The creepy part about that trump pic is that his lips and teeth replaces one of his eye.


Thats on purpose… look up “Trump eyelips”and you’ll see they’re one and the same.


Because trump is a piece of s--t


Don’t forget: the picture of him in red on the dance floor he is being birthed by the woman with her legs spread, symbolized his rebirth after sacrificing/the death of his soul. The order is white (innocent/new to industry/pledge), Red once you sign the contract (sacrifice), and then Black once you’ve “made it” but lost your soul in the process.


Can’t sell what doesn’t belong to you. Ezekial 18:4,20.

English Rose

Tick Tock…..time is running out for the dammed!!!


Yeah this video is definitely on some dark demonic stuff. I honestly think YG is not fully aware of the real meanings of all these things. But the directors clearly know what’s up. Unfortunately YG will discover the hard way of what opening the door to demons can do. I’m actually from the neighborhood where Nipsey Hussle was killed. Totally unrelated, Nipsey Hussle was not YG or anyone’s sacrifice. That hood snitch Eric Holder worked with LAPD and a few other members of the 60’s Crip Gang to get that done.The assassination was paid for. It’s a city of Los Angeles thing, Nipsey had very valuable property in that area that due to gentrification, he wasn’t wanted there anymore. It would have been difficult to drive him out, so “you kill him.” And also, LAPD does not want a gang truce, it’s bad for business. It’s all so aweful, but it’s true.


Thank you for writing the above! Haven’t lived close to that area for almost 50 years, but I am a bit familiar with the history. I did most of my schooling not far from South Central ( or South L.A,) as they call it now. So sad, but every time progress is made something similar happens to bring the community down again. Don’t know what to say. Words fail me.


Satan’s “girlfriend” in this is a pretty clear call to Lilith, the Mother of Demons. She has been featured a lot in pop culture recently as a feminist icon, since she refused to be subservient/lay beneath Adam. Netflix has featured her intensely in Sabrina and The Chambers as an idol.


Why should she have been subservient to Adam though? I’ve always thought that seems a weird thing to punish her for and I’ve never understood why she is portrayed as “evil” for it….


That name does not appear in inspired Scripture. More lies to confuse people.


Isaiah 34:14 Desert animals will mingle there with hyenas, their howls filling the night. Wild goats will bleat at one another among the ruins and night creatures (Hebrew for Lilith) will come there to rest.


These are very mentally disturbed and sick people. No hope for them, they new the difference between good and evil, right and wrong .HELL and DEALTH are waiting eagerly for them.

Convinced Cat

‘As I live, saith the Lord God, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live: turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye die, O house of Israel?’


Israel is My Inheritance ,saith the Lord


Deuteronomy 32:8,9. Game changer in understanding the cosmic war… it’s real.


Btw. Must be read from the translation of the Septuagint and Dead Sea Scrolls…. not the Masoretic text.


I’m not sure those skulls aren’t real.


SICK…they ban all kinds of stuff on the ytube but allow THIS? UGH!

Convinced Cat

2+ million vores and counting.

Convinced Cat


Albert Kajstein

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the Satan.

Sisko Dealer

Ask not what Satan can do for you; ask what you can do for Satan!

A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but Satan lives on.


Funny how these “entertainers” all repeat the same hateful words and pictures of President Donald Trump. So far Trump hasn’t led us into another pointless war. He’s not the typical President, which is fine with me since they’re all a bunch of NWO puppets anyhow. I do find it peculiar how criticism of Obama was extremely off limits and often anyone who did criticize him was punished swiftly and with great backlash. When it comes to Trump, anything is fair game and even encouraged. Why? Because he beat the head witch of the coven? anyway, Obama was a tyrant. He did nothing to help any Americans citizens. He started meaningless wars. He lied all the time. Yet, people like this idiot rapper love Obozo. Clinton had shots taken at him, but nothing like George W. Or Trump, and Clinton was a sexual deviant and a conman crook just like his wife. By the way, I don’t like the Bush family. Just making a point. It’s odd how the media and those involved in Hollywood or the music business all have the same views and nothing else is tolerated. It’s almost like they all get the same emails dictating how to… Read more »

Vigilant Grandpa

It’s ironic how you call Obama a “Muslim” when his drone program alone has killed thousands of innocent Muslim civilians. How about you get your head out of your a-s next time and educate yourself properly. VC is no place for racism, bigotry, and hate, Fox News is that way —>


Right on Grandpa! That person is clearly hateful. May we all find peace in this dark world.


So predictable, if you do not like someone’s opinion they must be a racist. Well here we go, I am a Nationalist not a Globalist. And CNN is nothing but Globalist agenda News. Obama was the worst President in US History.


I don’t know if you read the Bible, but the thing Jesus talked most about (the Kingdom of God) is a one world government that he has been appointed as King to lead. There will be no Nationalist, conservatives, liberals, fascists, racist, globalist, communist, Marxist, Democrats, Republicans, feminists, etc.. (Luke 4:43; Daniel 2:44, Psalms 37:9-11,29).

Warrior Monk

Whats funny is how little you have been paying attention. The first thing Trump did when elected was fly to Saudi Arabia, kiss the ring of the Muslim Prince and sell them weapons. They then used those weapons to bomb and kill tens of thousands of innocent women and children in Yemen with Trump’s full support. Google that if you don’t believe me.

Congress voted to end those weapons sales and Trump declared an emergency so he could bypass congress so he could continue to sell SA weapons so they could continue to genocide women and children in Yemen.

And thats just the tip of the Trump iceburg.

Trump is just as evil as any other President. Stop being so blinded, so deceived and so lied to. Open your eyes, stop letting Satan fool you.


Yikes! You are so deceived. You must not have been paying attention to the over 10,000 lies Trump has told other the past 2 years. Or the fact he backed out of the nuclear deal. Or his recent idea of goading Iran into war. I guess you see what you wanna see.

Oh and Obama is Christian DUH


If you are a follower of Christ your hope rest with him, and your allegiance is to his Kingdom. A true Christian is politically neutral. (John 15:19; 17:14,16; 18:36). It ‘s insanity to think any man can lead us or is worthy of our complete trust. (Psalms 146:3,4)


And they’re all promoting the same satanic themes that often foretells the fate of someone else, including their own. Its unfortunate that many don’t realize the sinister meaning or understanding of “selling one’s soul” yet the recent comments on the video speak for themselves. Its like their fate is sealed with severe repercussions either way whether they try to escape or keep living this lavish lifestyle until the Illuminati have no more use for them.

Blood money everywhere at the expense of souls, we’ve all seen how that turns out for those who go in but never come back out of it alive (since very few have done so). Can’t say much about the sheeple though who know nothing about the truth hidden within conspiracy theories.


the frustrating thing is thats its all so old Its been told and told .Go back to John Milton and his Paradise Lost written hundreds of years ago Read Mary Shelleys Frankenstein and see the occult and religious themes Its all the same And people think its all new Its not at all Look at Shakespeares Merchant of Venice . .But media has changed and it is spread faster now Look at roman Polanski who blew the whistle by making Rosemary’s Baby Look how they butchered his wife Sharon Tate and his unborn child and then sent him into exile with pedophilia charges?Nothings new .


Many don’t wanna know it. They don’t believe it, laugh about you or call you “crazy” when you tell them …

queen role model

“I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men; they are far inferior and always have been. You are enough to drive a sinner to madness or a Devil to his knees.” In every woman, there is a B---h. Speak to the Queen and the B---h will answer.” “I like a man who looks like a bad boy but knows how to treat a woman like a real b---h. Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talented bitches in the world. Think like a b---h. A b---h is not afraid to fail. You have to suck it good. “A man who treats his women like a b---h is proof that he was raised by a King. God gave women intuition and pussy. Used properly, the combination easily jumbles the brain of any man I’ve ever met.” Every woman is a b---h, and we all have same things to offer.” Women are bitches everywhere you look — from the CEO who runs a Fortune 500 company to the housebitch who raises her bitches and heads her household. Our country was built by strong bitches and we will continue to suck cocks and make stereotypes. “If you want something… Read more »

It is what it is

YG messes with demonic forces and then cries about it when his ‘brother’ is killed? Ok you run with that crowd I don’t know what you would expect? Gangs are inherently evil. If Nipsey did some awful things while running with the Crips, then he shouldn’t be surprised karma came calling a little early. This YG moron should be expecting more dark events to blow up in his face. The dark magic s--t isn’t to be messed with or associate with. What did he expect…a flower delivery guy to deliver flowers to Nipsey, or a gunman to shoot him down? Well judging with the company he seeks, the gunman is the likely visitor. I mean, come on, Mr. Stay Dangerous, don’t cry when the homie dies. Isn’t that all part of the “staying dangerous”?


I agree with you… you do get back what you put out, good or bad. At least for Nipsey Hussle, at one time he was a part of the problem and then became a part of the solution. He had the opportunity to show that before he was killed. The idiot who killed him, will too have to answer for his crime!

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