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The Occult Meaning of Shenseea’s “Run Run”: Sacrifice for Fame

In her first video after signing with a major label, Shenseea partakes in an infernal ritual that ends with a sacrifice. Indeed, the video “Run Run” appears to confirm a rumor that has been circulating in Shenseea’s native Jamaica for a while: She sold her soul to the occult elite.



When I write about a new artist that’s suddenly popular, I usually briefly describe the path that led them to mainstream media. And, from one artist to another, that path is strikingly similar. First, the artist is unsigned but has a sizeable following and is generating quite a buzz. Then, the artist gets signed to a major label (often Interscope Records), and everything changes: The artist suddenly starts making the one-eye sign in photoshoots and releases a ritualistic video filled with occult symbolism.

Shenseea – a popular artist from Jamaica who is crossing over to the mainstream – followed this exact path. After releasing remixes and collaborating with popular artists (including Sean Paul and Christina Aguilera), Shenseea’s notoriety grew in Jamaica and across the world. In 2019, Shenseea signed with … Interscope Records. Shortly after, things got very … occult elite.

Shenseea’s profile pic on Instagram is now a one-eye sign.

In a recent photoshoot, Shenseea makes an unmistakable one-eye sign.

A few months after signing with Interscope, Shenseea’s mother died unexpectedly, an event that was widely mediatized in Jamaica. While several artists showed her support, intense rumors circulated that Shenseea sacrificed her mother for fame.

A headline from Buzz Carrabean about Shenseea having to address the persistent rumors regarding blood sacrifice.

While these kinds of accusations are difficult to prove, Shenseea’s first video Run Run only added water to the mill. Why? Well, for starters, it depicts a ritual sacrifice to Satan himself.

A headline from Yard Hype about artist Foota Hype claiming that Run Run is “demonic”.

A headline from Dancehall Mag about the backlash against the Run Run video.

A headline from Buzz Caribbean about producer Rvssian defending Shenseea from accusations claiming that she sold her soul.

As you can see, Shenseea has become a controversial figure in the dancehall community as some believe that she was “chosen” to infect it with the occult elite’s sickness. With that being said, is Run Run truly “demonic”? Let’s take a look.

Symbolic Video

Run Run was directed by one of the elite’s favorite directors: Christian Breslauer. His most recent videos are Lil Nas X’s Industry Baby and Bebe Rexha’s Sacrifice which is about a guy being tortured and sacrificed … while Rexha drinks blood.

In Run Run, Breslauer took a big innovative step by making the video about … a guy being tortured and sacrificed. There’s also lots of imagery that’s reminiscent of Lil Nas X’s Montero where he literally descends into hell.

In short, Run Run is not about “art”, it is about forcing the same exact imagery down the throats of people. Shenseea was simply chosen to bring that crap to Jamaica.

Like countless other songs released by pop stars in the past years, the lyrics of Run Run are about a guy who did something bad. And that justifies the vicious scenes of revenge we witness throughout the video.

While the lyrics of the song are about Shenseea running from a guy because he’s bad, the video depicts a reverse situation: The guy is running away from Shenseea … because she’s gone mad.

The video begins with a guy running from Shenseea while holding a heart.

Shenseea is in a truck, chasing the guy while holding a sacrificial knife. She really likes that knife.

Who’s heart is the guy holding? Shenseea’s? Because she seems very alive. Did she turn into some sort of demon-controlled zombie?

No matter what the case may be, this combination of a human heart with a ceremonial knife is strongly reminiscent of ancient human sacrifices such as those performed by the Aztek.

The tecpatl or sacrificial knife, was an important element in Aztec rituals. The tecpatl was used by Aztec priests to open the chest of the victims of human sacrifice to extract the heart that would feed the gods, in the hope that the offerings would bring blessings to mankind. The most widespread sacrificial procedure among Aztecs, was removal of the heart.
– Wikipedia, Tecpatl

Shenseea catches the guy who kneels down and hands her the heart. His troubles are just starting.

Shenseea dances around while the guy is caged like an animal.

Don’t be fooled. This is not about “feminism”. This is not about “empowerment”. This is about the exact opposite. This is about enslavement and blood sacrifices to dark forces.

In the next scene, Shenseea is in a lush setting that is reminiscent of the Garden of Eden.

Shenseea bathes in water (baptism/ritual purification) and wears a crystal “crown” representing the virginal candidate before an initiation ritual.

Shenseea is being prepped before for an infernal ritual.

Shenseea does the one-eye sign so you understand that what is about to happen was sponsored by the occult elite.

Meanwhile, the guy is also being prepped for a ritual.

Dressed in black, Shenseea’s followers tie up the guy, the same way elite psychopaths tie up MK slaves.

Then, the gates of Hell open. Literally.

Shenseea wears devil horns she descends to hell with her sacrificial lamb, damning his soul.

Once we witness this infernal scene, we realize that Shenseea is actually the bad guy in the video. She’s, like, the devil. We also realize that she’s the bad guy in the lyrics of her song. And that bad guy might be Satan himself.

The first verse of the song says:

I never wanna see your face again
Don’t wanna get caught inna yuh spell
How me make you put me through living hell?
Time and time again

“Catching people in a spell” and “putting through living hell” is something that Satan would do. Shenseea does these things in the video.

In the chorus, Shenseea also describes things that the devil would do:

Boy you make me feel a way, my body controlling me
You give me that fire, now it burn, burn, baby
Look at what you do to me, take over my energy
Should’ve known you never good fi me
And now you make me haffi

The hook talks about controlling the body, burning fire, taking over energy … all things that a supernatural power such as Satan would do.

After dwelling in the Garden of Eden, Shenseea holds a snake. That’s very symbolic.

In the story of Genesis, the snake who tempts Eve is actually Lucifer. The scene above represents Shenseea siding with Satan versus God. Also, the clear-colored crystals she was wearing in the water (representing purity) are now black (representing initiation to the dark side).

After her transformation, Shenseea sits on a throne representing the earthly powers granted to those who sell their souls.

Next to her is the heart (which appears to be blackened) surrounded by snakes.

The scene above represents the sacrifice of a human life/soul to Satan – represented by the snakes.

The video ends with the guy approaching the throne, kneeling down, and offers Shenseea a sacrificial knife. He’s owned by Satan.

The video leaves some details unanswered such as: Whose heart is it? Who exactly is this guy? Is he actually Shenseea’s alter-ego? Why is he handing her a knife? Does he want her to finish him off?

In the end, these details are not that important, as long as one understands the core message of the video: The occult elite now owns Shenseea and she is now being used to push satanic symbolism to her target market.

In Conclusion

In her first video after signing with a major label, Shenseea going through a ritualistic transformation we’ve seen countless times before. Not unlike her predecessors such as Rihanna and Beyoncé, Shenseea follows the “good girl gone bad” narrative where she symbolically gives her soul to the devil in a music video.

There is absolutely nothing “artistic”  or “creative” about these videos. Only a few weeks, Lil Nas X released a video where he descends to hell with horns on his head. The repetitiveness is done on purpose. This is not about artistic expression, this is about indoctrination. This is about flooding the airwaves with the same infernal imagery to push a single narrative. The same way Shenseea turned to the dark side, the occult elite wants the entire world to go through the same ritual … without even realizing it.


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