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Something is Terribly Wrong With the “Pepper.Pics” Instagram Account

Pepper.Pics is a disturbing Instagram account containing over 1,600 pics of a young girl posing in various situations. The main theme of the pics: The sexualization of a child and occult elite symbolism.



Pepper.Pics is an Instagram account that showcases over 1,600 “fashion pics” of a 9-year-old Belgian girl named Pepper. Maintained by her mother Bonnie van Geel, the account has been active for several years (since Pepper was a toddler) and boasts over 30,000 followers. Following the success of that account, Pepper was recruited to pose for several brands and magazines such as Stella McCartney Kids, Mini Maven Magazine, Mimi & Lula and Daniel Wellington. While that might sound all well and good, a look at pics on the IG account leads to an uneasy feeling … for several reasons.

First, there is something cringe-worthy and exploitative about social media accounts created by parents for children who are too young to consent or even understand the implications of such online exposure. As if that wasn’t enough, a disturbing number of these pics feature the child in “revealing” clothing and suggestive positions which leads us to wonder: Who actually follows these accounts and why?

Before going any further, here’s a pic from that account which has a comment that sums up the entire situation at hand.

Adding to the disturbing factor, a great number of these pics contain symbolism relating to Monarch mind control and the overall exploitation of children. As you’ll soon realize, that entire account is basically a Vigilant Citizen 101 course.

Appropriately enough, Pepper often wears clothing by fashion brands NUNUNU and Caroline Bosmans. Both of these companies were discussed on this site because their IG accounts feature revolting pictures involving children. Indeed, NUNUNU’s IG account promoting its “genderless” clothing collection contains overt satanic symbolism combined with the sexualization of minors. The IG account of Caroline Bosmans is a sickening collection of pictures involving unhappy children in traumatizing situations.

Pepper.Pics follows the same bizarre, exploitative, “artistic” blueprint. Although I feel uncomfortable posting some of these “suggestive” pics, this stuff needs to be exposed and dissected. There is a subculture of “art” and “fashion” that is based on the exploitation and the corruption of children. And this account is yet another clear example of it.

Here are some of the pics found on this account.

Sexualizing a Child

A disturbing number of the posts on Pepper.Pics feature a child in revealing and suggestive clothing and situations. In fact, if the model in these pics was an adult, they would be considered “sexy”. But the model is a child. Why are these pics being taken? Why are they posted on the internet? And, most importantly, who are these thousands of followers looking at these pics and liking them?

Pepper’s mother creepily wrote as a caption “Born to be in that spotlight”. It doesn’t seem she had a choice to be in that spotlight.

The caption actually says that Pepper “wasn’t wearing much”. If that was the case, why is the picture on the internet, for thousands of people to see?

Bang Bang. Weird.

In the caption, the mother actually says that Pepper was crying because she was sick and tired of taking pics. Yet that pic is on the internet. Exploitation is so cute. Also, tattoos are for adults. Putting a tattoo on a child is a way of “adulting” them.

Another pic where Pepper is sad. Crying while wearing a crown. Who enjoys looking at this?

What the hell is this?

Sunglasses, lipstick on the shirt, shirt down from one shoulder: All desperate attempts at making this toddler “sexy”.

That’s not … right.

She’s not even modeling any clothes. Just a pic to cater to the pervy followers.

How is this not catering to upskirt pervs?

How about putting on a shirt?

Tattoo, skimpy bikini – everything to sexualize the child.

Strategic nudity: Catering to the pervs.

Wearing a Caroline Bosmans shirt that says “Eat people”. Children mixed with the sickness of the elite.

Horns on the head. The sickness of the elite.

The shirt is a play on the saying “Sex drugs & rock’n’ roll”. Is this cute? Or a twisted way of associating a child with sex and drugs?

A shirt saying “Banana Lover” while holding a banana. Interpret away.

The shirt says “Let’s eat ice cream now, we can fall in love later … “. The shorts say “Lover”. A child cannot “fall in love” and certainly cannot be a “lover”. Despite what NAMBLA says.

The shirt says “Not scared of the dark”. That’s just creepy and yet another way of removing a child from normal childhood stuff towards the dark world of the occult elite.

This is just creepy.

Animal Instinct.

That’s the kind of clothing “sexy” IG models wear. She’s not a sexy IG model, she’s a child. And no child actually wear this.

Lipstick, puckered lips, suggestive pose. The girl’s own mother came up with this photo idea.

One Eye and Monarch Programming

A ridiculous number of pictures on the IG account feature blatant one-eye symbolism and imagery relating to mind control. There are also lots of references to Alice in Wonderland which is the primary programming script of Monarch mind control.

A puppet controlled by unseen people. Extremely fitting for this situation.

One eye sign. In lots of these pics, Pepper has her mouth open. That is not random. Body language studies determined that pics with an open mouth convey more sex appeal.

Same combo.

Creepy one eye sign. The shirt says “Lover”. Again, children cannot be lovers.

She must be really sick and tired of doing the one-eye sign.

There are so many of them, I cannot post them all.

A puppet on a ritualistic checkerboard floor.

Hiding one eye with a shoe.

Pure Monarch programming symbolism: Butterfly hiding one eye.

More Monarch symbolism.

Dead-eyed marionette. References to Alice in Wonderland and allusions to the general loss of innocence.

The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

A reference to the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. One eye sign on her face and on the socks.

Eyes everywhere.

She’s been doing this for most of her life.

Again and again.

One-eye, open mouth.

Intense one eye.

Pepper was forced into “modeling” since birth. Literally.

In Conclusion

This was a small sample of the 1,600 posts found on the Pepper.Pics IG account. As seen above, the pics revolve around specific themes that are 100% in line with the occult elite’s agenda: Sexualization of children, MK symbolism and the all-important one-eye sign. Evidently, Pepper’s mother knows all about the elite’s agenda and is doing everything possible to push her girl “into the spotlight”.

On a wider scale, this account is yet another proof of a massive subculture found all over social media that loves seeing children losing their innocence and involved in “adult” situations. This disturbing trend needs to be exposed because, chances are, it is only the tip of a very disgusting iceberg.

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