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Something is Terribly Wrong With the “Pepper.Pics” Instagram Account

Pepper.Pics is a disturbing Instagram account containing over 1,600 pics of a young girl posing in various situations. The main theme of the pics: The sexualization of a child and occult elite symbolism.



Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

Pepper.Pics is an Instagram account that showcases over 1,600 “fashion pics” of a 9-year-old Belgian girl named Pepper. Maintained by her mother Bonnie van Geel, the account has been active for several years (since Pepper was a toddler) and boasts over 30,000 followers. Following the success of that account, Pepper was recruited to pose for several brands and magazines such as Stella McCartney Kids, Mini Maven Magazine, Mimi & Lula and Daniel Wellington. While that might sound all well and good, a look at pics on the IG account leads to an uneasy feeling … for several reasons.

First, there is something cringe-worthy and exploitative about social media accounts created by parents for children who are too young to consent or even understand the implications of such online exposure. As if that wasn’t enough, a disturbing number of these pics feature the child in “revealing” clothing and suggestive positions which leads us to wonder: Who actually follows these accounts and why?

Before going any further, here’s a pic from that account which has a comment that sums up the entire situation at hand.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

Adding to the disturbing factor, a great number of these pics contain symbolism relating to Monarch mind control and the overall exploitation of children. As you’ll soon realize, that entire account is basically a Vigilant Citizen 101 course.

Appropriately enough, Pepper often wears clothing by fashion brands NUNUNU and Caroline Bosmans. Both of these companies were discussed on this site because their IG accounts feature revolting pictures involving children. Indeed, NUNUNU’s IG account promoting its “genderless” clothing collection contains overt satanic symbolism combined with the sexualization of minors. The IG account of Caroline Bosmans is a sickening collection of pictures involving unhappy children in traumatizing situations.

Pepper.Pics follows the same bizarre, exploitative, “artistic” blueprint. Although I feel uncomfortable posting some of these “suggestive” pics, this stuff needs to be exposed and dissected. There is a subculture of “art” and “fashion” that is based on the exploitation and the corruption of children. And this account is yet another clear example of it.

Here are some of the pics found on this account.

Sexualizing a Child

A disturbing number of the posts on Pepper.Pics feature a child in revealing and suggestive clothing and situations. In fact, if the model in these pics was an adult, they would be considered “sexy”. But the model is a child. Why are these pics being taken? Why are they posted on the internet? And, most importantly, who are these thousands of followers looking at these pics and liking them?

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

Pepper’s mother creepily wrote as a caption “Born to be in that spotlight”. It doesn’t seem she had a choice to be in that spotlight.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

The caption actually says that Pepper “wasn’t wearing much”. If that was the case, why is the picture on the internet, for thousands of people to see?

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

Bang Bang. Weird.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

In the caption, the mother actually says that Pepper was crying because she was sick and tired of taking pics. Yet that pic is on the internet. Exploitation is so cute. Also, tattoos are for adults. Putting a tattoo on a child is a way of “adulting” them.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

Another pic where Pepper is sad. Crying while wearing a crown. Who enjoys looking at this?

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

What the hell is this?

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

Sunglasses, lipstick on the shirt, shirt down from one shoulder: All desperate attempts at making this toddler “sexy”.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

That’s not … right.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

She’s not even modeling any clothes. Just a pic to cater to the pervy followers.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

How is this not catering to upskirt pervs?

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

How about putting on a shirt?

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

Tattoo, skimpy bikini – everything to sexualize the child.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

Strategic nudity: Catering to the pervs.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

Wearing a Caroline Bosmans shirt that says “Eat people”. Children mixed with the sickness of the elite.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

Horns on the head. The sickness of the elite.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

The shirt is a play on the saying “Sex drugs & rock’n’ roll”. Is this cute? Or a twisted way of associating a child with sex and drugs?

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

A shirt saying “Banana Lover” while holding a banana. Interpret away.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

The shirt says “Let’s eat ice cream now, we can fall in love later … “. The shorts say “Lover”. A child cannot “fall in love” and certainly cannot be a “lover”. Despite what NAMBLA says.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

The shirt says “Not scared of the dark”. That’s just creepy and yet another way of removing a child from normal childhood stuff towards the dark world of the occult elite.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

This is just creepy.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

Animal Instinct.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

That’s the kind of clothing “sexy” IG models wear. She’s not a sexy IG model, she’s a child. And no child actually wear this.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

Lipstick, puckered lips, suggestive pose. The girl’s own mother came up with this photo idea.

One Eye and Monarch Programming

A ridiculous number of pictures on the IG account feature blatant one-eye symbolism and imagery relating to mind control. There are also lots of references to Alice in Wonderland which is the primary programming script of Monarch mind control.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

A puppet controlled by unseen people. Extremely fitting for this situation.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

One eye sign. In lots of these pics, Pepper has her mouth open. That is not random. Body language studies determined that pics with an open mouth convey more sex appeal.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

Same combo.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

Creepy one eye sign. The shirt says “Lover”. Again, children cannot be lovers.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

She must be really sick and tired of doing the one-eye sign.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

There are so many of them, I cannot post them all.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

A puppet on a ritualistic checkerboard floor.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

Hiding one eye with a shoe.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

Pure Monarch programming symbolism: Butterfly hiding one eye.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

More Monarch symbolism.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

Dead-eyed marionette. References to Alice in Wonderland and allusions to the general loss of innocence.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

A reference to the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. One eye sign on her face and on the socks.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

Eyes everywhere.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

She’s been doing this for most of her life.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

Again and again.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

One-eye, open mouth.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

Intense one eye.

Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

Pepper was forced into “modeling” since birth. Literally.

In Conclusion

This was a small sample of the 1,600 posts found on the Pepper.Pics IG account. As seen above, the pics revolve around specific themes that are 100% in line with the occult elite’s agenda: Sexualization of children, MK symbolism and the all-important one-eye sign. Evidently, Pepper’s mother knows all about the elite’s agenda and is doing everything possible to push her girl “into the spotlight”.

On a wider scale, this account is yet another proof of a massive subculture found all over social media that loves seeing children losing their innocence and involved in “adult” situations. This disturbing trend needs to be exposed because, chances are, it is only the tip of a very disgusting iceberg.

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Something is Terribly Wrong With the "Pepper.Pics" Instagram Account

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I don’t think any good, moral person would enjoy seeing this kind of stuff and I know vigilant citizen must get depressed digging this stuff out but I appreciate the work he does and know he fights to get the truth out there. Thank you vigilant citizen for going thru it all and literally traveling thru the darkest pits of the internet to find this stuff.

Truth & Light

The mother shld be locked up. That poor little girl with grow up with major issues


Very True these articles are very “heavy ” to the spirit and can become overwhelming, there are times when I tune out to the depravity and negativity of it all.The truth must be told for people would perish as a result of lack of Knowledge .Good job as always V.C.


I feel like the “darkest pits of yhe internet” would be more like the deep web and actual child p*rn, not these stupid “modeling” pics.


The writer for vigilant citizen is a good man. Yes this stuff is depressing. But we must hear the truth. Our CIA is evil sometimes. They think that destroying the life of a few will help the many of our country. I was a victim of this mind control in 50’s and 60’s.(father was naval intelligence) Why must I be used sexually over and over to help my country? Seems like excuse for sexual abuse. Not for my country.


what kind of sick parent exploits their child like this?

Lady Tess

you answered your own question. 🙂


Devil worshippers. Cultists. Criminals.

Sarah S

I couldn’t even finish the article. The pics are just too much. My spirit felt so sick just seeing the few I saw. Poor girl.


I know that was harder to see then most. I don’t get why people think this is Normal or ok.

Truth & Light

Isaac Kappy has a video on youtube exposing pedophilia in hollywood. He mentioned tom hanks and spielberg to name a few. Now they claim Isaac killed himself jumping off a bridge. Plz, he was “suicided”. VC shld look into it.


His “suicide note” (which you can read on TMZ) makes no sense and doesn’t sound like Kappy. Also, it is dated JULY 4TH, 2019. Why isn’t anyone noticing that?? Isaac Kappy also made a video in the Fall of 2018 where he expressly said that if you ever hear that “he committed suicide,” know that it’s NOT true. He said he would never kill himself.

Kappy was an odd guy. I’ll give you that. He wasn’t above using people to get what he needed/wanted. He also seemed to have arrested development and hung with people much younger than he was from the industry. As a person, I did not care for him. But the message he served about child pedophiles in Hollywood and beyond was consistent and clear. He called Spielberg out. He called Seth Green out. He called out James Gunn. Bryan Singer….the list goes on.

In my humble opinion, Kappy was murdered. They removed his IMBD page and his Wiki page too. Weird, doncha think? Why do that unless you are trying to erase his existence completely and make it so he never “happened”?

These people are SICK!

Truth & Light

Of course he was murdered. They try to silence the truth. They are sick


Even the date of July 4th is a nod to a Masonic ritual date. I find it really odd that nobody has noticed the date on the suicide “letter.” He also mentions Jesus and Kappy was a Jew. It’s like this weird, left brained suicide note where he explains and explains and explains….but no real feeling. All very wordy and devoid of true suicidal thought processes. And yes, I’ve read other real suicide notes that were posted from people who were not famous and they all feel emotional and full of deep pain and sorrow. The fact Kappy’s letter was typed is also very suspicious. The whole thing reeks to high heaven!

Truth & Light

They think they are good at covering up. They are exposed and will be exposed more


Do you notice how the Elite are getting sloppier lately? They aren’t wrapping up the details like they used to. The stories/events simply don’t make any sense whatsoever and “they” are banking on the fact that most people are asleep and happy to be engaged on their phone/computer etc.and just not notice what is going on. Think the Las Vegas “Harvest” killings at the country music concert. NONE of that made any sense and there was plenty of evidence to show that shooters were IN the crowd. But nothing is done about it. Nobody investigates. And people who speak out end up dead. Traffic “accidents.” “Suicides” that don’t add up.

“They” are right that most are asleep and it just makes everything harder for those of us who can SEE and understand the subtle but obvious signs and connections.

Truth & Light

Maybe they were always sloppy but ppl are more aware now and with social media you can pick sense from nonsense. Light and truth will always prevail


Good point.


They are very good at covering things up but sometimes they want to send a not too subtle message. The discrepancies are intentional.


I don’t think it was dated July 4th, I think he was alluding to something happening on that day. I also don’t take it as a suicide note.


Jane – No, Isaac Kappy’s page on IMDB is still there, at least it is now. But I do find it interesting that the video that pops up says “And the person you thought you were” from Captain Hook … I don’t think I can post photos, or I would to prove it.


After seeing Kim Noble’s pictures, this absolutely breaks my heart & I don’t say that lightly; I can only imagine the amount of horror this young girl has gone through. I bet she’s not even there in some of those pictures (as in her core self.) This makes the decades of vile abuse that people Britney​ Spears, Amanda Bynes etc. even more realistic. The fact that people like this little girl’s “mom” are allowed to keep their children whilst the average person gets their child taken away for leaving their kid at school a bit too late in order to have a 3rd job, says a lot about our corrupt system/government.


Well said


The difference is, the CPD/DCFS/DCS system captures children to feed the ‘industry’ of child trafficking & slavery… this one’s already in it… and her mother is in it, grooming her daughter to be whatever that system has planned for her; maybe she was “born for it”, as her mother wrote… Read Cathy O’Brien’s TRANCEFormation of America.


I think the mother works in the industry some kind of way and she’s been programmed herself. I can’t think of any other reason this woman would expose her child this way. She must really want “in” or she’s already “in” and her handlers have told her this is what they want.


There are parents whom exploit their children just for money and fame, tho.


agree with you


That was really hard to get through. Another person sacrificing their child to evil.


In this case they dont deserve to be called parents. Anything else but parents.


Reminds me of when I was young. My mother wanted me to become a model. There are several pictures of me almost crying because I didnt want any more pictures taken. There was no social media back then and my mother still doesnt use it now, but if i was a little kid in this time, this couldve been me.
I ended up becoming a model in my teens and stopping in my 20s. I see now that doing things in the spotlight were the only way to recieve positive attention.

Its too bad that a lot of parents are like this and some take it too far as the mother of Pepper. When I have kids of my own, I will try my best to not do what my mother did.


I mean, REALLY look at these pictures, especially the one of “Pepper” in the small yellow bikini sporting the Adonis belt. Pepper is not a little girl. She’s a BOY with the features of a MALE. The sick satanist elites and anyone that buys into their agenda are perverse enough to transgender their children from birth. He’ll be given hormones and surgery to become more feminine looking as he grows up.


Sadly, you are probably right


I’m usually sceptical of statements such as “X is not a girl but in fact a boy” but for once I have to agree!! It’s really obvious, especially in the banana lover pic. In all of them in fact.


Geez, I think you’re right. The whole time I scrolled thru the pics, something seemed off about her hands and feet. After reading your comment, I gritted my teeth and took a second look. It’s hard to describe, but a girl’s hands and feet would be smaller and more delicate in proportion to her arms and legs. And the hippie bikini sits so low you can she has that line at the part where the each leg meets the groin. Only guys have that.


its possible Pepper was not born a girl, but I want to point out that the lines where each leg meets the groin is not only present in boys. My 9 year old daughter has them and I can assure you she was born female, she’s just a competitive athlete and works out a lot


They put account on private 😉 today. Maybe they saw this post.
Go Vigilant Citizen ! <3


That is Brilliant news! I showed my daughter (age 17) this article and she looked up the account and told me it was set to private. This is why VC and similar sites are so important in exposing this industry. Well done VC!


Yes but now the site has gone private goodness knows what photographs will be issued. CPS need to go and get the child away from the mother. But that would probably only lead to more dreadful situations for the girl. When you see things like the above site blatantly pimping your own poor child, she must know the kid is being letched at and used as “entertaining” material for perverts and criminals and yet her conscience is fine. She must be some sick abused individual herself to think this is acceptable by a healthy society. It is not it is a sick sick society she is investing in.


She even posts photos of the child distressed up set and crying. No normal loving parent puts a kid through that.


Fantastic! At least this account can not be shown as just another “normal” instagram account.


I just visited the site and it’s not private anymore. You can see all pictures there …


Still open & public… fewer one eye signs since that ‘snake-in-her-face’ picture when the perpetrator acknowledged this article; now more ‘teenager’ references, ‘not-a-little-girl-anymore’, ‘so-grown-up’… but still photographing a 9year old.

evil tompa corpse grinder

We have pedos,transgenders,kids,pedophiles,gays we have everything!
We are aryan race!


How is this poor little girl’s mom not in jail or how has CPS not gotten involved?
This is so sad. Seems like Pepper’s mom is living her own failed dreams through her innocent daughter who has no say in this. Let this little girl have a normal childhood. This is breaking my heart.


All the very specific symbolism leads me to believe this isn’t a simple case of a mother vicariously living through her progeny. This is a high level set up trying to create a new culture. A culture that accepts and celebrates this behavior.


And according to the researchers and first hand witnesses, the occult elite have infiltrated every organization that has oversight.


There is something sick about Belgian and French elite already. Wasn’t it a Belgian ex-victim who said in one of the rituals she was forced to be a sex slave, the Belgian prime minister and French ministers were also present? I remember her adding “they didnt even look like they enjoyed being there” but they do it anyway. Otherwise they cannot get to the top. Look at the french president’s face and tell me he is a sound man if you can, for God’s sake. I am sorry if my comment is over the top.


The Dutroux case from Belgium had big headlines all over Europe 20 years ago. It was about a child sex ring, a lot of eminent people were involved like politicians, lawyers etc. It’s said, the last pope was included too and performed satanic child sacrifices. A lot witnesses died due to weird circumstances, same old crap, accidents, suicides and such. Everyone back then thought it stopped after, but for some reason they just sacrificed some of their puppets and it secretely went on.


I can’t find anything about lawyers or the pope being involved. Do you have any links?

Taylor Swift

She is just Illuminati Muppet like Beyonce!You have to try sex kitten!
Pictures are really artistic!
She looks so cute on strings!
Again, children cannot be lovers?
Children are great lovers, just ask elite!
You have to pay for fame!Nothing is free in this life like chicks say!
You have to bang good!

elohim gibor

Pictures are so cute!I like Butterfly pictures!
God is master of puppets!Sad but true!-James from Metallica

Cold Cream 'n' Roses

Wow! Pepper’s mother is worse than Brooke Shields’ late mother Teri.


Ok no they are in the same league. Pretty Baby and her nude photo shoot were vile and not okay. Pretty Baby had her coyly smiling at a leering old customer while nude!!!

casino girl

WOW!!.. the photo of the naked kids in front of mac computer !!!..” what the hell”.. is wrong,,its border line filthy..who knows what those kids are seeing.. the freak train has left the station and is picking up speed..people are jumping on this train ..instead of jumping afraid of whats coming on very afraid..


Think twice and more before having a kid nowadays!


The followers of this website, those of us who understand what’s going on and want to stand up against it, are the ones who should be having kids.


Agree. The problem starts with people or may I say cultures, that produce kids like rabbits do, just for the sake of having a lot of kids. I live in a big german city and see the results everyday. Big kids raising kids without offering them basic common sense, morals and education. Lot of teen moms and people who were spoiled rotten and do the same to their kids.
No vigilance. The good people have less kids or none, the wrong ones many.


When I first saw the movie “Idiocracy” in 2006, I thought it was a comedy …. now, I realize it was prophesy.


Humans have been trash since the dawn of time, let’s be real.(especially men).


I completely agree, yes the majority of humanity has been doing extremely sick things from the beginning & not just recent modern times. But throwing in your “especially men” comment is all part of the Current Era by TPTB in order to divide men & women. This site & many others have addressed this several times. I mean this article itself as example, it’s a woman/”mother” exploiting her child. There’s plenty of women who have did unspeakable things throughout history as well as men.

I mean believe what you like opinion wise of course, but by believing that men are worse than women somehow, it’s all just part of the current era “devide & conquer” strategy set up in society by TPTB. The same concept is being done with different races as well, again to divide us all; in order to more easily Control us all. And it’s a plan that seems to be working currently & unfortunately. But still, my belief & opinion is that All humans, both men & women alike, have done unspeakable/trash things throughout All of history to date.
Anyway, please do have a wonderful day/evening.


I’ve never met a man who has not come from a woman. Women are not victims, the children are.

Everykneewillbow to Jesus Christ

This is sad for the child. Unfortunately, I believe she has been tampered with as a toddler. This hurts my heart. I do not like to see children abused for the pleasure of others.

People fight hard against animal abuse but remain silent on child abuse. This world is sick and twisted. This baby girl had no chance at normalcy. Parents protect your children.


The worst part – her mother LITERALLY shows us forcing her own daughter to posing. This is so disturbing! Somebody should stop it D:


She may have given birth to this poor child but she is definitely not her mother as she’s not deserving to be called mother !

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