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Zara Removes “Suggestive” Photoshoot Featuring a Child Model

After being flooded by comments accusing Zara of “sexualizing a child”, the fashion brand removed pictures from its Instagram account. Here’s a look at the pictures and at the “legendary” photographer who shot them.



Zara Removes "Suggestive" Photoshoot Featuring a Child Model

The fashion brand Zara posted last weekend a photoshoot showcasing its new kidswear collection on Instagram … and it did not go well. The pictures were flooded with disapproving comments accusing the brand of “sexualizing a child”, which prompted the company to remove the pictures from its IG account.

However, the controversy did not die off. A British mother posted the pics on the popular forum Mumsnet with the title I’m feeling uncomfortable about this Zara kids ad. The post lead to more outrage and some media attention.

Shot by the “legendary” photographer Fabien Baron (who designed Madonna’s infamous Sex book), the pictures feature a young girl wearing a thin dress, standing on a darkened beach or sitting on a bed.

Zara Removes "Suggestive" Photoshoot Featuring a Child Model

In this pic, the dress is “strategically” revealing. Also, the setting around the girl is dark and creepy and she doesn’t look too happy. But that’s not all. There’s some symbolism going on here. Notice the girl’s hand position. Does it remind of something?

Zara Removes "Suggestive" Photoshoot Featuring a Child Model

Baphomet doing the “As Above so Below handsign”.

Here are the other pics posted on Zara’s IG account.

Zara Removes "Suggestive" Photoshoot Featuring a Child Model

Zara Removes "Suggestive" Photoshoot Featuring a Child Model

While some commenters saw nothing wrong with the pictures, many found the pictures “creepy” and “inappropriate for a child”. Most were disturbed by the all-around “adult” vibe of the last one. Here are some comments posted on Mumsnet.

Zara Removes "Suggestive" Photoshoot Featuring a Child Model

Did the photographer purposely sexualize a child? Or are people looking too much into this? Maybe we should look at other works by the photographer.

Shot by Fabien Baron

Fabien Baron is a French photographer, art director, and magazine editor. He is renowned internationally for his iconic ad campaigns and his work as editorial director of Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine.

Zara Removes "Suggestive" Photoshoot Featuring a Child Model

Some pictures taken by Fabien Baron for Interview Magazine. If you read my series of articles Symbolic Pics of the Month, you probably recognize some of the themes on display here.

Zara Removes "Suggestive" Photoshoot Featuring a Child Model

A Fabien Baron photoshoot featuring some young models.

Baron gained great notoriety for designing Madonna’s 1992 book Sex. At the time of its release, the book generated a great deal of controversy around the world due to its explicit pictures of various taboo practices. While the book was deemed shocking 27 years ago, it foreshadowed the exact direction that the fashion and music industry would take in the following decades. In short, it was a blueprint for the entertainment industry today.

Here are some pages from that book.

Zara Removes "Suggestive" Photoshoot Featuring a Child Model

“Lucifer” giving Madonna pleasure.

Zara Removes "Suggestive" Photoshoot Featuring a Child Model

Madonna with … a dog. 

I won’t analyze the entire book here but the following page is relevant to this article. It is about Madonna copulating with a teenager who had “hardly no pubic hair” and who was “just a baby”.

Zara Removes "Suggestive" Photoshoot Featuring a Child Model


In Conclusion

The fashion industry is becoming too “comfortable” with children. Prime examples of this phenomenon are the entire catalog of the children’s fashion brand Caroline Bosmans and Céline Dion’s disturbing clothing line for children. Although the Zara pictures are more subtle, they nevertheless exude a similar dark, creepy and uncomfortable vibe while featuring a child in adult situations.

Considering the fact that these pictures were shot by a photographer who literally trailblazed the “over-sexualization” of mass media, one would be inclined to think there was no accident here. He knew exactly what he was doing.

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Zara Removes "Suggestive" Photoshoot Featuring a Child Model

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MADONNA MAKES MY SKIN CRAWL! She is human garbage!


What about the men involved with Madonna, what about fabian baron? does he make your skin crawl? why always the focus on the women, “w#ores”, witches and not the men involved with them?

Cry Me a River...

But the article was partly about the W---e and the Madonna and not about her costumers. Elementary my dear little fish smelling feminist Watson.


Women are allowed to get away with it without significant repercussions in many cases. Look at Asia Argento for another example. Like Madonna, she is an admitted stat rapist. A key strategy of Satanists is to accuse others of your own misdeeds,which is exactly what Argento did. I reserve judgment on both women however as my sense is that both are victims of intergenerational abuse and likely MK/Monarch victims.


She didn’t imply that at all if you want to cause drama and not address the issue go to Reddit. Or better yet Facebook it.

Damn Shame Dirty 'Hoe

Chiiiile…my jaw dropped after seeing those photos and reading that excerpt. I was a junior in high school when that filth was a hullabaloo. Didn’t know how horrible that ‘hoe was/is….

Those Who Have Ears Listen

I’m with you…she is a filthy and vile woman. she really gives me the creeps too…she has always felt witchy to me.


She makes my skin crawl, too. I disagree that she is human garbage, however. What she does IS trashy and garbage. I mean b---------y, really. Poor woman…another mind control victim trying to stay relevant.

Truth & Light

Pedophilia will be the next “born this way” agenda


Check out the article by the American Psychological Association entitled, “Is this normal behavior?” It goes on to say how hebephilia, a form of pedophilia, is unlawful but asks if it also morally wrong? YES! This is how it starts, always with the APA normalizing a type of perversion, because they laud themselves as the scientific standard for mental disorders and behaviors. If they say it’s normal, then it becomes such. It’s insane.

D D d

The psychiatric industry is just that – an industry. It has been corrupted by agents with a double agenda log time ago. And they made the rules for the care-systems as they are implanted today.
Oh, and did you know, there are countries where it is mandatory for the official ‘careworker’/psychologist/psychiater to report in a governmental-system too? What about your country?

Thy Unveiling

Agreed with D D d. For example; Sigmund Freud was an effed up individual trying to normalize his own issues and agendas by pushing them as complexes others had, like the Oedipius or Electra Complex. He got off on his doctor/patient relationships (viewing them as erotic), and had a weird relationship with his daughter. (Who basically followed his footsteps.) Not an incestuous one, but borderline. Dude found a way to sexualize everything. He was simply a horny pervert. He’s not the worst culprit, nor the only one to twist and corrupt through his influence. But his influence has deeply infected the psychiatric industry. He’s like the Elizabeth Holmes of his field; had she been in the psychiatric field, instead of medicinal, she probably would never have been busted. She’d probably still be receiving praise and accolades long after her (eventual) death, much like Freud. There’s different reports all the time of doctors (in varying fields) being corrupt in various ways. Some falsify documents for their own agendas. Some molest their patients. Some are quacks. Some are on drugs. Some were at the bottom of their class. Some are involved in very dark, sacrificial activities. Some have had patients die due… Read more »


Every drop of s---n is equivalent to a life. Sex is the original sin. Don’t be fooled by the babylonian way of thinking. All the sins of the race begin with lust. Adam lost his immortality when Eve caused him to emit his seed, thats why all of creation didn’t fall when she experienced the o----m. Ancient Jews and Muslims knew this law of purification and maintained it to the full capability of their mind and body, henceforth the ancient ones walked and unlocked higher percentages of latent powers in their minds and bodies.

D D d

Why did you have to drag the bible story into it again? We are talking about people corrupting people, is what I think.


People corrupting people, dimensional beings corrupting people. There is an element to man that separates us from all creatures.


they disobeyed God. didn’t have anything to do with s---n.

Lost Coin

What are you talking about????? Have you actually ever READ Genesis 3, specifically verse 6??? You may have your own twisted views of what the “original sin” is, but please don’t present them as facts. Sex is NOT “sinful”; on the contrary, it is a gift from God, to be enjoyed in the safe and healthy confines of marriage (also from God) between 1 MAN and 1 WOMAN, which is the original and PERFECT blueprint He gave mankind before we selfishly ruined it with indulging in our own desires.

Sex had absolutely NOTHING to do with the fall of man or the loss of immortality; that came through sin (simply disobedience) which separates us from a perfect God. Fortunately, Jesus has conquered sin through His sacrifice of His sinless life on the cross.

Saucy Jack

I’m never jacking it again just to be safe


Lol, saucy, Jack!


You’re interpretation is a very twisted view of the Genesis account of the fall of man. Just saying.

Johnny Canuck

Sir Clement Freud, grandson of Sigmund, was a convicted Pedophile. At the time of the disappearance of the little girl Madeline McCain, the Podesta Brothers were staying at his luxurious house. The Police mockup of two characters seen in the area where Madeline disappeared look remarkably like the Podestas.

A third party at the scene looks a lot like former NY Congressman Anthony Weiner, husband of Huma Abedin,a Hillary Clinton staffer was convicted of sexting a 15 year-old girl.

Funny how all these things relate to each other.

Another one of the Freud family, Edward Bernays, Sigmund’s Nephew, came to America and used Psychology to establish Propaganda methods and mass persuasion through advertising, first demonstrating how to get Women to take up smoking cigarettes, something “good” girls did not do in the 1920’s. He was most successful and the Advertising Industry has never looked back.

I never cared much for Freud, but Psychologist Carl Jung really opened my mind to the unlimited powers of our minds and an understanding of sorts of our inner Worlds.

“Break on through to the other side” Jim Morrison sang in the song by The Doors (of Perception) by the same name.

Pastor Kings

That’s really true

Pastor Kings

God Help us


Hollywood needs a damn earthquake.


Hold your tongue. It’s not just movie stars and famous people who live in Hollywood. There are millions of normal, every day people in Los Angeles. Watch what you put out into the universe.


Those “normal” who live in hellwood and dont protest, are part of the satanic agenda. Sodoma and gomorra were destroyed with all population and the anger of God was for all the habitants of those cities. Cause if you dont protest, you are just part of crime

Saucy Jack

I think you need to read the story of Sodom again as God allowed Lot’s family (ie. the righteous) to escape. that’s kind of the point


Hollywood needs a true revival


followed by a fire, a hailstorm, and then a tsunami.
and then nuke it. just to be sure


Madonna has always been a W---E, a glorified one


As are the men also — if not more –
w----s to satan/baphomet/baal/above\below

Cry Me a River...

As are the ugly lesbians also – if not more –
w—s ti Madonna/Hillary Clinton/balls/above\below and to the left.


these people are commenting on Madonna. You are broad-stroking an entire gender.


Since when does Madonna define an entire gender? There’s a huge difference between women and W—es. Women know how to carry themselves respectively. Madonna is that of a w—e.

Truth & Light

Most women in the industry are


The kid looks sad to me like as if she has been abused. And pic number 3 is just too disturbing. Why in the world did ZARA think these pics were OK? Clearly I do not need to shop there ever again.
As for Madonna she is just trash.


The sex is how they worship serve baal satan and they could give a $#!t if some are upset, they are taking names.


Adult models do as well. Trash industry.


He gave her crabs, which probably lost out to her lobsters. I’ll always remember what Guy Richie said about her after their split……”it was like having sex with a bag of grissle”.


What is grissle? Searched for its meaning, but cant find it

Saucy Jack

i believe gristle is sinewy meat. not the most flattering analogy

Deb B.

How exactly does a “virgin” with “no pubic hair” have crabs???

D D d

Well thanx a lot, now you made me imagine…

D D d

I mean the Madonna-boy-connection.

Thy Unveiling

Even children are covered in hair, like all humans, but its so fine its pretty much invisible. You might notice it in bright sunlight, or it may be more visible on a child with dark hair (as opposed to light blond.) Anyways; there are likely those very fine hairs in the pubic region despite the hair not necessarily being “pubic hair”…I wouldn’t know for sure as I’ve never scrutinized my childrens private areas while at the age of needing assistance with bathing and wiping. Always just cleaned swiftly yet efficiently, like healthy-minded parents do. All I know is if a small child has barely-there hair on their arms and legs, surely its in other areas. And thats probably all nether-region lice need to grab onto. I really don’t know. I’m just thinking “out loud” and its heartbreaking to think of. No kid should be having crabs. …Although its not always transmitted sexually. I went to school with a girl who had crabs while she was a virgin. I guess one of her brothers or one of her moms boarders had them and didn’t tell anyone. It was a shared bathroom. She liked having baths. She either got them from the… Read more »

D D d

You made sense. I now recall some children as a child having darker armhair and such. It was there when they were 7.


Ew Madonna.. just ew!!!

Poor dog….

Anyways, thanks for covering this VC. I notice that the 3rd pic of the little girl her hand is placed in a way it looks like she had been masturbating…

I also looked on the Zara website and the front page there were lots o pics of kids. The last pic there was a little boy who also had some odd hand placement near his crotch and he was holding the drawstring on his pants in a way that resembles masturbation.

These sickos take these photos to cater to pervs. I learned that by watching the documentary you shared a while back about the young boys in hollywood being groomed and raped by photographers, agents, directors, etc. “an open secret”

This is so sick! I pray Jesus place a hedge of protection around children!!


Absolute degeneracy. God needs to come back already and wipe these (((parasites))) off the face of earth.

Ah, you wish.

Saucy Jack

Revelation says the synagogue of satan gets their comeuppance in the end. one can only hope


I need everyone liking this comment to understand that the triple brackets – (((x))) – are a way to signify that you are talking about Jews. The owners of Zara are Spanish and not Jewish. Madonna is of Italian and French-Canadian descent and was raised Catholic; in fact, her concert was boycotted by Jewish communities in Russia. Fabien Baron is not Jewish either. It’s bizarre to pretend like pedophile culture will be solved by getting rid of Jewish people.


I know a lot of people who work for Zara and I’m so shocked that this would be published.Why would the bosses allow this in the first place?!?

Also that picture of Madonna and Lucifer????Wow wow wow wow wow!!Now we know what goes on in hell!!

I just wonder What explanation does she give to her kids when they see such!!!!


At least her son managed to get away from that w---e of a mother

Truth & Light

The one that said he a son of a bltch?!

D D d

The same one that tried to escape some time ago, and crossed an ocean for that?


I was gonna say, her one son left with the quickness. She probably gives him nightmares. He wanted to be as far away from that woman as possible.

Saucy Jack

‘mommy likes getting eaten out by satanic bikers and having sex with teenage boys less than half her age.’ probably something like that.


There’s no oralsex going on in hell. Demons inflict pain not pleasure. If you want pleasure u gotta play with the angels.

Priscilla Michel

and the pic with the dog??

D D d

Zara has worked with this man before. A little more subtile I suppose.


It has to do with the Elite agenda of sexualizing children and Satanism. Google SRA, Satanic Ritual Abuse, there are SO many stories about it online. Famous people and others high up, are generally born into families that practice multigenerational sexual abuse and trauma. The people that control our media are pushing these agendas in media, T.V., movies, fashion, p---------y, etc. For example, if you go to a mainstream p--n site, you will see many images of 18 year old women made to look like children and many themes of incest. This is one obvious example, but there are many others that are less obvious. It is called indoctrination of the masses. Look closer, you will see Satanic symbols everywhere in the media.


Also look up “trauma based mind control”.


They absolutely have her doing the aasb hand gesture! Th?! What, is it a boy? Like why?? Perv! They suck so much!


They live to serve their wretched demon god and have plans for those who won’t – 1 Peter 5:8


Madonna is a high-ranked witch, like sjparker. remember her ancestor being a salem witch? some of her insta pics are also awkward (pic of a fullmoon, stating it is hypnotizing). it was also creepy when she (sjp) visited andy cohen’s child telling “they” have plans for the little one… and read about pj proby… it is a try to show, “see, some are pedos, but they are all right, don’t hurt anyone”… so sickening this all


how did he give her crabs if he barely had any pubic hair?


Hate Madonna.. old hag.. Please God gave mercy on this child..


Not quite sure ur god really cares, no offence.


The fact that you responded, served to offend the readers. The article, had you been paying attention is yet another example of the exploitation of young people by adults who have an agenda that is evil, and self-serving. The children in the photos are victims of abuse. You clearly need to grow up. The woman calling her character “Madonna,” is the product of the old bloodline, peerage families that are controlling culture, money, and morals in the Western World. The woman who calls herself “Madonna,” is insane. Her job, like most of those in on the Project is to destroy the traditional, Christian family. Find out who the actors are, before you distort and disrespect the only true God. It is evident that you are “not quite sure” of ration thought.

D D d

Leave out the christian part, destroying much narrower to the truth maybe, as she tries to reach all children.


we will see

D D d

Right. Another brand global or semi-global brand showing it’s real face.
So glad I do not have any product of it. And I will never have or endorse.
Where did you buy that dress, girlfriend? Zara’s it was for sale.
I understand, the image is gruesome, please take it of and where a potatosack..


It all saddens me so much.


Even before I scrolled down I thought, she is doing as above so below sign – Baphomet, who funnily enough displays both female and male characteristics which connects to the agenda of the blurring of genders….STAY WOKE PEOPLE!


Madonna and a dog and a young boy? Dang now I think I’ve heard it all. So happy I never got into her music and when that book came out I remember thinking oh joy….more trash from miss Material Girl. Although I’m not sure why I’m surprised considering are her first album or shortly thereafter featuring her with a leather jacket and Illuminati symbolism all over it… oh wait that’s right I was barely a teenager when all this came out. This was definitely about sexualizing small girls and obviously boys from his other photo shoots. Just sick.


That’s not a young girl. That’s a boy in drag, and he’s telling you he’s a transgender, Baphomet worshiper.


Same goes for Madonna. All inverted.

Prophetic Explorer

You sure that’s a girl?


The Baphomet Symbolizes Duality and the alchemical process of merging opposites togehter to create perfection.
I bet we are looking here at an transgendered Boy and therefore at an living Baphomet Symbol.


That’s pretty cool if it is true!



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