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The Blatant “Occult Elite” Symbolism at the 2020 Vogue Ball in Brazil

This elite event featured stars from Brazil and around the world dressed in highly symbolic attire. Here’s a look at these costumes and their hidden occult meaning.



Every year, shortly before the Rio Carnival, the global fashion powerhouse Vogue organizes an extravagant ball that features some of Brazil’s biggest stars and personalities wearing outfits following a specific theme. Although the theme is different every year, the real, underlying theme of these events is always the same: Blatant occult elite symbolism.

For instance, a couple of years ago, the theme was “The Mysticism of Lady Zodiac”. And, since a couple of zodiac signs have horns, it was the perfect occasion to have Brazilian stars dressed as if they were brides of Baphomet.

There were many horned guests at the 2017 Vogue Ball.

In many ways, the Vogue ball is similar to the yearly MET Gala in New York. It features loads of stars and celebrities, it revolves around a yearly theme and it is always full of occult elite symbolism (see my articles about the MET 2019 and MET 2018). There’s another major point in common between the two events: They’re both organized by the higher-ups at Vogue magazine – an incredibly powerful and influential global brand in the fashion world. Owned by the media conglomerate Condé Nast, Vogue is heavily backed by the occult elite. That is why Vogue magazine covers and photoshoots are often featured on this site’s Symbolic Pics of the Month.

These fashion events are the ultimate proof of Vogue’s incredible power and influence. They invite major celebrities, they make them wear symbolic (and sometimes humiliating) outfits and make them parade around for hundreds of cameras. The ultimate message: We own the industry and everyone in it.

This year’s theme was “tropical surrealism”. Apparently, surrealism is a favorite theme in these Illuminati balls. It was the theme at the infamous masquerade ball of the Rothschilds in 1972, and the theme of the elite UNICEF ball of 2018. Surrealism was a powerful artistic current in the 20th century and quickly became a favorite of the occult elite. Based on the power of the subconscious and hidden psychological processes, the symbolism of surrealism was integrated in the elite’s Monarch mind control system.

While there are some surrealist elements to the costumes at the Vogue ball, the true, underlying theme of the event was the one-eye sign – the ultimate symbol representing the occult elite’s total control of the industry.

To celebrate its own event, this month’s cover of Vogue Brazil celebrated “tropical surrealism”. Do you see what else it celebrates?

The cover of Vogue Brazil featured an obvious one-eye sign.

Here are pics of the actual event.

Baile da Vogue 2020

This year’s Vogue ball took place at the prestigious Belmond Copacabana Palace. In this elite setting, there were lots of elite pawns wearing lots of elite symbolism.

Actress Camila Queiroz walked around with this portable one-eye sign thing.

She also used it on her husband actor Kleber Toledo. He was wearing a dualistic black-and-white suit with, of course, an all-seeing eye.

YouTuber Marina Saad hides one eye while holding an eye over her mouth. Owned.

Singer Isadora walked around with all-seeing eyes on her head. She was not the only one.

Famous makeup artist Vanessa Rozan was also walking around with an eye on her head. So much inspiration.

“Influencer” Samara Checon wore a Monarch butterfly headpiece. Monarch programming.

Actor Dudu Bertholini painted eyes on his closed eyes. This type of deceiving, unnerving makeup is a favorite of the occult elite. It basically represents being blind. And he was not the only one doing this.

More deceptive eyes going on here + a third eye on the forehead. False illumination.

This guy just came out as a beta kitten. Also, the thing with the eyes.

Model and tv host Leonardo Picon was wearing a suit full of all-seeing eyes.

“Fashion curator” (I love these titles) Ana Isabel de Carvalho Pinto went full dualistic with a headpiece emphasizing one eye. Of course, she also hid one eye for this pic to make sure you understand that she is owned by the Vogue power elite.

Actress Bruna Linzmeyer with one-eye makeup. Pure originality.

A creepy one-eyed mask.

Of course, the gender-blurring agenda dictated that there needed to be lots of men in dresses. Like this guy.

And him too. It’s not even “tropical”, nor “surrealist”. It’s just a man in a dress because that is what the elite wants to see in pop culture.

Actor Silvero Pereira dressed up as, I believe, coronavirus under a microscope.

“Influencer” Mari Rage had a symbolic headpiece which contained a butterfly and a dismembered baby – references to Monarch programming. Of course, there’s also an eye.

In Conclusion

I could have posted dozens of other pics on here. However, I believe those were more than enough to prove my point: The Vogue ball was yet another show of power of the occult elite. It recruits influential people and makes them part of its system by forcing them to display its symbolism.

Through these events, the occult elite forces upon the entire world a single, hegemonic popular culture. Although they sometimes pepper some local flavor here and there, the core of it all revolves around a specific pattern of symbols – the same exact pattern of symbols that have been highlighted on The Vigilant Citizen for years. Not only do these symbols allude to the complete ownership of culture by an elite group of people, but they also allude to some of their sickest practices such as Monarch programming.

In the end, while this specific event might not be important in the grand scheme of things, it reveals exactly who is behind the major, important events … in the grand scheme of things.

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