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Doja Cat’s Creepy and Ritualistic Birthday Party

Inspired by the movie “Eyes Wide Shut”, Doja Cat’s birthday party had celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Kendall Jenner, wearing lingerie and masquerade masks. Here’s a look at this bizarre, symbolic and ritualistic affair.



In the past few years, Doja Cat made some hit songs, was featured with some big-name artists and won some trophies at award shows. This media attention allowed her to stand out from the pack of unknown rappers and become one of the biggest stars in the music industry. However, this rise to success came at a cost.

As Doja Cat’s popularity grew, everything around her took a bizarre turn. The symbolism surrounding her work became darker while her social media posts had people worrying about her mental stability.

In short: Doja Cat appears to be following a similar path to Britney Spears – the ultimate industry slave.

In the early stages of her career, Doja Cat had a standard “female pop star” look.

In recent months, the imagery surrounding switched to abuse, mind control, and submission to the elite.

Doja Cat is often featured on this site’s Symbolic Pics of the Month because she often partakes in photoshoots that are replete with symbolism. In this V Magazine photoshoot, a “plasticky” Doja is chained and controlled by an octopus (a classic symbol representing the elite).

In the past weeks, Doja has been engaging in some strange behavior that is reminiscent of Britney Spears’ infamous 2007 head-shaving breakdown.

Doja Cat recently live-streamed herself shaving her hair and eyebrows.

One of the top comments in this Instagram post is about Doja possibly having a “Britney meltdown season”.

At the 2023 Balenciaga show, Doja had bleached shaved hair – a classic way of identifying MK slaves (see Kanye West when he was released from forced hospitalization). Also, her makeup was purposely made to look as if she had a black eye and a bruised lip – a reference to the abuse of industry slaves.

In a recent pic, Doja has butterfly wings (Monarch programming) and devil horns (satanic industry).

In short, Doja Cat is in full “industry-slave” mode. And this fact was on full display at her 27th birthday party which took place on October 21st.

Clearly inspired by the movie Eyes Wide Shut (which is all about the occult elite’s sex magick rituals), the birthday party was a star-studded event where nearly every guest was a certified industry slave. Case in point: Nearly all of them were featured on this site at some point or another.

Here’s a look at this symbolic affair.

Slave Parade

The movie Eyes Wide Shut is about occult rituals that gather rich and powerful people with sex slaves. Many guests at Doja Cat’s birthday party were dressed as slaves.

Before the party, several guests made their entrance as the paparazzi took pictures. It was a staged media event that was rather cringy and embarrassing for everyone involved.

Justin Bieber has been an industry slave for years and was often involved in weird, humiliating situations. He arrived at the party with a mask and a cape.

Bieber’s wife Hailey arrived at the party in lingerie – a proper uniform for an industry beta kitten.

Kendall Jenner arrived at the party wearing a black ritualistic veil.

Although Tyga hasn’t made a hit record in, like, forever, he’s often part of these weird Hollywood socialite events. Maybe it has to do with the fact that he was in a relationship with 16-year-old Kylie Jenner when he was in his mid-20s.

Tyga arrived at the event wearing a ritualistic mask and a cape.

Ty Dollar $ign wore a red cape and a creepy mask.

His girlfriend looked WIRED.

Industry slave Ariana Grande showcased her butterfly tattoo (Monarch programming).

Artists Normani, Justine Skye, and Coi Leray all went for the sex slave look. This is what these new female artists have to do to make it in the industry.

Doja Cat arrived at the party with an Eyes Wide Shut mask and a cape.

Then, the birthday cake came out of a vehicle and was paraded around for the cameras. The least one can say is that this cake was symbolic.

At the top of the cake, the symbol of the Freemasons: A square and compass. At the bottom, the classic symbol representing the Illuminati: An all-seeing eye inside a triangle.

While this event can be interpreted as a goofy Illuminati-themed birthday party, it turned into an actual ritual of submission/humiliation involving Doja Cat. Because, in actuality, none of this is a joke.

Submission ritual

After the party, gossip news sites promptly reported that Doja Cat “accidentally” exposed herself.

A headline from the Daily Mail about Doja exposing herself to cameras.

Of course, the articles were accompanied by a bunch of pics.

Was this “accident” actually staged? Probably. Is it a mere coincidence that actual Masonic candidates expose one breast during their initiation ritual? Probably not. I mean, the birthday cake literally had Masonic symbols on it.

A picture of a Masonic candidate with one breast exposed.

The next day, several pictures of Doja Cat posing half-naked at the party were “leaked” online. That was probably planned as well.

Several people posted pictures of a naked Doja Cat on social media.

The fact that Doja was the only person exposing herself at the party is telling. In this event themed around an elite orgy, she was the “main wh*re”. In a ritual of submission and humiliation, she had to expose herself to these guests and, through media, the world. Those are the kinds of sacrifices industry slaves have to make to remain in the good graces of their handlers.

If they don’t … they might become part of the “27 Club”.


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