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Doja Cat’s “Demons”: Can We Just Agree That the Music Industry is Outright Demonic?

In “Demons”, Doja Cat plays the role of a red-eyed demonic entity that haunts a family and preys on its children. What better of symbolizing the music industry as a whole?



I know. I published a whole article about Doja Cat just a few weeks ago. What else can I possibly have to say about her? Well, a lot.

The music industry is currently using Doja Cat to pump out some of the most satanic videos in rap history and it’s simply too blatant to ignore. Indeed, her video Demons sums up perfectly everything I’ve been writing about for years as it is basically about the music industry revealing its true, dark, and demonic side for all to see.

And people are definitely feeling that dark energy. Those are the top comments on YouTube.

With that being said, I’ve also been receiving messages that say something like:

  “She’s trolling you bro! She’s making these videos so you can write about them and you’re giving her free publicity”.

Listen, bro. Over 12 years ago, I was receiving similar messages about Lady Gaga trolling me personally. And my answer is the same: It doesn’t make sense. Are you telling me that Doja’s record label shelled out a massive budget to hire a big music producer, an expensive video director, a top-of-the-line stylist, and a bunch of Hollwood-caliber special effects people simply to troll one website? And all of these people concentrated their efforts and expertise to mildly annoy one dude in Canada? That is not how this works, bro.

Here’s the truth: This video would exist whether this website exists or not. It is part of an agenda that was determined decades ago. I am not the target of this video, the rest of the world is.

Sure, when one looks at Doja’s Instagram account, one might think she is trolling.

She did not join the Illuminati. She’s an industry slave that is used by the Illuminati.

Doja Cat is not a “master troll”. She’s the one being trolled. She allowed herself to be turned into a literal demon in her music videos so she could be under the spotlight for a while. Until that spotlight burns her.

Let’s look at her video appropriately titled Demons.


Demons was directed by Christian Breslauer who also worked with other industry pawns such as Lil Nas X (ew), Lizzo (big ew), and many, many others. Most of his videos perfectly cater to one industry agenda or another.

Demons is heavily inspired by the movie Poltergeist. As seen in my article titled The Insanely Dark Story Behind “Poltergeist” and its Young Star Heather O’Rourke, this movie is messed up in more ways than one. Its entire premise is about “TV people” preying on children and abducting them. Even worse, the story of the movie’s young star Heather O’Rourke, and her tragic death at age 12 is simply too horrific to fathom. Long story short: She reportedly died after being raped by Hollywood creeps.

In other words, the movie Poltergeist managed to embody everything that is evil, wrong, and depraved in the movie industry. And that’s the inspiration for Doja’s video Demons.

The video takes place inside a house reminiscent of the one in Poltergeist.

Inside the home, we see TV static. Other than this being a direct reference to Poltergeist, we understand that the demonic activity we are about to witness is coming through screens. This is about mass media.

In Poltergeist, a little girl gets abducted by demonic entities who communicate with her through TV screens. She calls them “TV people”. I don’t see a better way of symbolizing the entertainment industry preying on children.

A shot of an innocent child sleeping. This is who they are preying on. 

Yup, these people love to get children involved in their dark, depraved projects.

The camera then focuses on a highly symbolic painting.

The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli (1781).

The Nightmare is a 1781 oil painting by Swiss artist Henry Fuseli. It shows a woman in deep sleep with her arms thrown below her, and with a demonic and ape-like incubus crouched on her chest. The painting’s dreamlike and haunting erotic evocation of infatuation and obsession was a huge popular success.
– Wikipedia

An incubus is a male demonic spirit that is said to haunt women when they sleep and engage in intercourse with them. The painting invokes the concept of sleep paralysis while the woman is interpreted by some as experiencing sexual pleasure.

In the context of the music video, does Doja play the role of the sleeping woman? Nope, she’s that creepy crouching demon.

Devil’s hand sign + snake bracelet = Pawn of the devil.

Demon Doja haunts Christina Ricci as she appears to be in sleep paralysis.

As you can see, Doja Cat is a “hip-hopified” demon, complete with all kinds of bling. They really want to make their satanic obsession seem cool and trendy.

Then Doja takes a bath. Of course, the scene is highly symbolic.

There’s a massive all-seeing eye on the back of her head. The message: She’s an industry slave.

A demonic hand grabs Doja right on the eye and she immediately becomes possessed. The message: The demonic industry turned Doja into a possessed slave.

As you can see, Doja is bathing in black goo – a mysterious substance that is involved in numerous conspiracy theories.

The Black Goo is a mysterious and evil entity that causes victims to become sick, drives them mad or corrupts them into performing every manner of criminal activities – often it is said to emit the smell of sulphur and moves of its own accord – the entity is said to actively take interest in the corruption of those around itself and is linked to a demonic conspiracy.

The state of rap music in 2023.

Christina Ricci then grabs a camera and tries to film what is going on in the attic (not unlike the movie Poltergeist). She finds this.

Doja’s in the dark surrounded by goats. Because she’s possessed Satan.

In a scene that is reminiscent of The Shining, Doja is typing up lyrics on a typewriter. And these lyrics are pure industry slave material.

I’m a puppet, I’m a sheep, I’m a cash cow
I’m the fastest-growing b*tch on all your apps now

You are tired of me ’cause I’m on your ass now
You are mad at me ’cause I am all they slap now

Yup, she’s calling herself a puppet, a sheep, and a cash cow. Some might say that she’s being ironic, but, deep inside, she knows that’s 100% the truth. She’s also bragging about being the “faster-growing b*tch on all your apps now”. Well, in the era of algorithms, industry plants are artificially promoted in apps. Virality is controlled. That’s the “reward” of selling your soul. TikTok and Instagram like you. Is it worth it?

Doja proudly wears a shirt that says Cash Cow. It is the kind of shirt a very disrespectful pimp would put on one of his hoes.

This is wrong yet appropriate for a couple of reasons. First, she refers to herself as a cow which is kind of reminiscent of Demi Lovato comparing herself to swine in a recent video. Why do these industry slaves keep comparing themselves to farm animals?

Second, the definition of a “cash cow” is a successful product or venture that is “milked” by the business owners. It is something that you exploit until it stops being profitable. She should just say that she’s a puppet while she’s at it. Oh wait, she already did.

All that’s missing from this verse is the required modern female rapper lyric about her being a sex slave. Oh wait, there it is.

I done took the whole d*ck and blew my back out
I just swallowed all his kids and spit the class out

Stay away from children you creep.

The video ends with the family fleeing away as Doja and her demons take over the house as she yells:

How my demons look
Now that my pockets full?
How my demons look
Now that you b*tches shook?

That’s rap in 2023. I wish it was 1993.

In Conclusion

The movie Poltergeist perfectly symbolizes the movie industry preying on children. And the video Demons perfectly symbolizes the music industry preying on children. Through screens, the demonic forces of the industry are invited right into our homes and into the minds of impressionable children.

Demons is not Doja Cat expressing herself as an artist. It is Doja Cat being used to push an agenda that will keep going, no matter who’s the chosen “artist” of the moment. When people will get sick of her, the industry will simply choose another puppet, sheep, and cash cow. And people will be like “OMG she’s so original!”.



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