Revealing Pictures From 1972 Rothschild Illuminati Ball

On the diner table are dolls that are dismembered or with a shattered skull. This imagery is also prevalent in countless music videos. Its all about the occult elite's MK culture.

On 12/12/72 Marie-Hélène de Rothschild, member of the most powerful elite family in the world, held a Surrealist Ball at Château de Ferrières, one of the family’s gigantic mansions. While these events are usually extremely secretive, photographs of this particular Ball surfaced on the web. In short, it is a mix of an “Eyes Wide Shut”-style masked ball mixed with a Lady Gaga-style pop video. I’m not even kidding. Indeed, behind the fun and games, these pics reveal the underlying ideology and the mind state of the occult elite  – which is apparently also used in the countless MK/Illuminati theme music videos discussed on this site.

The invitation was written in reverse and required a mirror to be read. Inversion is a big deal in pseudo-satanic mind state.
The invitation is written in reverse. It required a mirror to be read. Inversion is a big deal in a pseudo-satanic mind state.


The Château de Ferrières was lit in red to make it appear as if it was on fire. This shot is almost identical to the Summerton Estate in Eyes Wide Shut where the masked ball took place.
The Château de Ferrières was lit in red to make it appear as if it was on fire. Scenes from Roman Polanski’s movie about Satan “9th Gate” were filmed there. In “Eyes Wide Shut”, the occult ritual takes place in another Rothschild mansion, Mentmore Towers in the UK.


Guy in multiple-faced mask. A similar mask is seen in Eyes Wide Shut (was the movie inspired by Rothschild rituals?).
A guest wearing multiple-faced mask. A similar mask is seen in Eyes Wide Shut (was the movie inspired by Rothschild balls?). Did this ball “devolve” into the debauchery depicted in the movie?


Lots of birdcages everywhere.
Lots of birdcages everywhere.




The host is dressed with a giant horned head.
The host is wearing a giant horned head. How appropriate.


These pop stars are not the first ones wearing horns all over the place.
Baphomet welcomes you.


Salvador Dali with a very weird image of Marilyn Monroe behind him. She died 10 years before that event. Strange way to portray her.
Salvador Dali doing his Dali face in front of his famous depiction of Mae West.


Lady Gaga is probably dying to wear on of those.
Lady Gaga is probably dying to wear one of these.



On the diner table are dolls that are dismembered or with a shattered skull. This imagery is also prevalent in countless music videos. Its all about the occult elite's MK culture.
On the diner table are dismembered dolls and cracked skulls. This imagery is also prevalent in countless music videos. Its all about the occult elite’s MK culture.


A mannequin-cadaver type thing.
A mannequin-cadaver type thing on the diner table.


Not quite sure what that is.
Not quite sure what that is.

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It scares me for the rest of humanity that has thier blinders on.. I pray for everyone! Protect us heavenly father.

I too stand with you in prayer Sister Melissa. In Jesus name we pray. Amen, Amen.

The heavenly father was probably invented by an ancestor of Rothchild.

I'm a bit late but this is some sick mess. And they still do it right today!!

F**k being at that party that s**t would freak me the f**k out

These people have unimaginable wealth, so they are free to do whatever they wish.

The people here apoplectic with judgement might do the same if born into these rarified circumstances. These uber-elites reflect humanity free to pursue their wildest and most lusty imagination.

Perhaps they are steeped in the occult, but I'd need proof, as opposed to pictures which could be imaginative costuming, not evil.

I'm sorry but… Dali was a genius.

Of course that's Audrey Hepburn [In all likelihood a Hapsburg]……they love their little cryptic games. She was a U.N. tool. Just like Jolie and Pitt, they have front row seats to Davos every year. Jolie has that Metamucil face on all the time. Something appears to be jammed up her ass or just abject distain for her fellow man.
I also believe the woman sitting with Dali is Sally Kellerman. Fresh off her new found fame from the film M.A.S.H.. Consorting with these cretins did nothing for her career.

Christianity has been dragged and watered down even to the point of a title such as religion. It's bigger than religion. Simply put its Christ- inanity over the years the sabbath has been displaced to Sunday and all those crazy pagan holidays that are totally irrelevant just waters it down. I go into a church and it's extra flamboyant while the preacher asks you for money over and over again. Paying tithes is a must but it's jus gon too darn far. That's not real Christianity and I suppose that's sum of the reason why these so called Christians blend right in with the world. A change will come either by choice or the hard way. (Rapture)


The last imagery is of 2 turtles, in some kind of clinching mode around eggs. Could this be a symbol of the elites going slowly in their progress of their agenda. Laying their eggs, and seemingly battling out or confronting over certain subjects, but in real is agreeable over their ancestry and the destiny of the children (Eggs=projects/rituals/conspiracies. THey are just moving slowly towards their final goal, multiplying their agenda and plan for end-goal. —->Slowly progress, patience and devotion will get their end-goal met. They are turtles, who stick their head out and make some moment. THen go into hiding for waiting to come out and see what their offsprings become. Just laying on their eggs….waiting.

The birdcage in the hair was started by Marie Antoinette, who wore her hair in, back then, outrageous large up-do's with real birds in them. Mind control probably goes back centuries…

What’s revealing here is the similarities in the attire of these balls, and some of the subliminal imagery we see in music videos, movies and tv shows. It seems to confirm that these people (with extremely particular taste) control the media.

This party is a little strange, But then Dali was strange. His art was very bizarre. I think the stuff under the turtles may be insects. Dali included a lot of insects in his work.

the turtles are symbolic of the draconian/dragon turtle gods of chinese creation… they still serve them… look at the UN

Makes sense. After the elites adopted their filthy Sabbatean-Frankism (Satanism for real), the name of the sect was changed to , ‘Asian Brotherhood.’ Probably why Paul was told to skip China. (Japanese are 6% Nord and good to go, other coastal Asians too). Time for the righteous to mop. We know who all of them are and we’re coming = Goal of Dan = Serpent that Bites the NWO (Frankist) Rider = Golden Age Coming.

Eyes wide shut goes back to the "The Dream Novelle" from Arthur Schnitzer from 1925 and I think he also knew about those balls and so on. Vienna was the home of many Rothschilds….

This is pretty ridiculous, but when u got the power to rule and control the world, y not? Although a lot of posts here are spiritual…blah blah blah… there is no such thing as God/Satan, etc… all this is BS in my opinion… its just another way of controlling people….that is what religion is and always has been, a way for a minority of the elites to control the sheeple masses… I totally follow the Karlin philosophy, more like common sense… the only truth is that the few with power control the world and make every decision, all the stuff you see on the news is pure puppetry, dont fool yourself, its basically the movie " They Live" and we are in it… Question is will common sense prevail, will we finally wake up or is it too late, unfortunately speaking too many people I have come across presents a… Read more »

Well since you belive in no God, you really have nothing to worry about. You can do what you want and not be morally responsible for your own actions, since………obviously you will not be held accountable. Also, since you say there is no God, then….we are not doomed anyway (as you put it) since there is no point in life, live…then die. Seems pretty simple. SO yea, who cares what they do and how they do it!

I don’t believe in any gods or demons so I have no one to hold me accountable, but that doesn’t mean I don’t try to be a good person. I don’t need to be threatened to be decent and kind. And I believe most non-believers are the same way. This crowd, however, is in a whole different league. Their end goal is to humiliate and debase humanity.

@Michele McWilliams This is a very sympathetic point of view – decency does not require belief in God/gods; it is very weak for one to only try to be a good person if one thinks there’s some kind of gain from being so. On the other hand, I’m no Bible-thumper and generally have a very rationalistic view of the world but I must say I think your point of view (atheism) is very naive. It makes sense to me one would be an agnostic but never a true atheist. If you truly don’t believe in any spiritual dimension to this you must’ve had very different life experiences from me. Also, the fact all these very most powerful people in the world worship the Devil should cause you to consider whether you really think they’re just irrational theists or whether they know something more. It’s said that Satan’s greatest trick was… Read more »

they don’t know the truth so they say what they imagine.

I totally agree..the whole world is corrupt!

‘$$$’ is not what is wrong in the world. The focus on materialistic values is simply a symptom of something much more important. It has to do with what values we hold – what a religious person might term us having ‘fallen from grace’ or ‘sin’. Whether you’re a believer or not this is an apt description of the problem.

VC this party is modeled after Diner de Tetes (Dinner of the Heads). It was actually a historical dinner party in France that civilians would host to secretly mock the aristocracy and politicians. Guests would fashion a head-piece that mocked someone "of power", for example it could be as simple as wearing a Hogs-head mask. Now-a-days a host might pick a theme such as impressionism, surrealism or jungle and your guests are required to wear a head-piece or face-paint that reflects that theme. I've actually hosted a few diner de tetes and they're quite fun, people love themed costume parties. I do agree the Rothschilds are nothing but evil, and theres tons of satanic symbolism in these pics, and they were also mocking the civilians by having this party. The last pic reminds me of a scene from Marquis de Sade's 40 Days of Sodom, where the sadists force the… Read more »

I am researching Dali as much as I can. The dada movement was a bunch of bohemian artists protesting the atrocities of WW1. So it was an anti war effort. Surrealism grew out of dada. When you see a broken baby doll, it is not Satanism, but a war protest.
Dali has been associated with Disney (worked as an artist for Disney briefly), and Bob Hope appeared at one of his parties. He obviously knew the Rothchilds since he was the main guest of the party. (Dali probably designed the table center pieces and provided make up and hats for the guests.) His art has some MKULTRA references such as bird cages, masonic hats and checkerboard floors, pyramids, all seeing eye of Horus, butterflies in the 1950's, and clocks. I don't understand his use of Jesus on the cross. Was he a Catholic, or was he mocking Christianity?

they be looking stupid while satan stray em away …..the almighty God is watching em ..Christian..Muslim ..stand together against this EVIL

I found the theme to my next birthday party

Hmmmm, The Rothschilds eh, The Richest family in the world…….I couldn't expect anything less. but thanks VC of course. I just wanted to say how effin scary does this party look. I actually wrote about this party on a previous post and mentioned Audrey Hepburn and Dali. I also wanted to say there are few more pictures you can find on this party which VC hasn't added, which are also just as creepy but there is something so macabre about these photos, It just sends a shiver down ma spine, knowing what these type of people get up to. Also The Mona Lisa mask…..Its interesting that Britney Spears has a song called Mona Lisa, you should all check it out, The red-headed lady with the Saturn head-dress, which Gaga has also worn a few times (Please note Gaga is also a name for one of the moons on the Planet… Read more »

Thanks for mentioning that there are other pics. They even list the menu, which, is in french, but seems to have an odd play/twist to it. Lady and Sirloin?


The surrealist ball you mean? After all, it is written on the front of the invite on the photo you have neglected to show. Nothing to do with Illuminati, just rich people having a silly party.

these sick mtfkers I do know now that satan does exist which means there is god right. I just really wanna know something which no one have thought about don't think I'm crazy ok, forgive me if I say this but do these satans have god in jail or in a cage or something cause all these symbols and things that's are wearing all represents something eh mi right ? So in this case shouldn't we do something about is cause of the goodness of our people and one more thing even if we'd to kill these mtfkers family lol then aren't we goieng to hell fk I'm stuck and I do really need to know what the fk is happening to this planet cause it won't last any longer I see bad dreams lately earth is ending.


the last pic. looks like two turtles doing a belly five.

I guess I understand why the Situationists were dismissive of Surrealism in the late 60's and 70's, with this type of crap taking place. I'd hazard a guess that the actual members of the surrealist movement (Dali was ousted 30 years before this shindig) found this derivative tribute a blasphemy.

Is the 5th picture Audrey Hepburn?!

Eyes Wide Shut came to life from this!

Oh my, I never would have guessed these pictures existed in public! Thanks for bringing to or attention. I have to peruse and read more thoroughly now, saw my comment would be #666 synchronistically enough. WOW… this is just…well, not really shocking I guess!

Christians out there, I have started a Twitter to help raise awareness of the truth. Please check it out and follow if you can! God bless that we help renew the mind of those are lost in the world.

Page 1; The hostess is not wearing goat horns like Baphomet has, she has deer antlers on. The last photo is two sea turtles doing a chest bump covered in seaweed.

i guess I'm the only one that thinks it looks like a fun party…..

creepy and VERY disturbing! do they know what they are doing?

Is that…Audrey Hepburn…???

At an event like that you just simply barricade the doors and burn the building….

this is just wierd!!
I wonder if all of these people who attended were actually aware of what they were participating in…….

Who exactly was invited to these things?
I want to see what families were on the guest list and see if the same families are still as prevalent in the industry today.

I have to say, so many of the masks are Very well done, highly original and unique. I really wonder who the artists are who did this work. The hidden people behind the scenes. There is a ironic quality,( I can't quite put my finger on,) how the talent, genius and originality of a artist is somehow superimposed onto the person who buys their work. In this case the masks . The true creators of all this opulence, very wealthy people surround themselves with, paintings, architecture, etc. are the artists and crafts people.

Oh….after writing this, I see now the masks are being attributed to Dali.(and his helpers no doubt) No matter…my words stand. Surely other artists have been involved over the years.

If this thread settles at 666 comments I will bump it up by one just for the sake of it!

you seem very knowledgeable on this subject matter and obviously have some connections to upper elite society members …anyway you like to do an interview? we have a radio program here and can be contacted through the facebook page……….

More pictures to add to the info from March 20th, 2011 time frame for this site (according to the way back machine.)
Good info.

About the satanic & p*******e practices of the English royal family:… "[…] The Templar’s Castle affair in 2001. I’m now going to demark myself from David Icke. Though he also talks about the Satanic practices of the Royal family but add they’re all reptilians. David icke’s sole purpose is to set us to false leads. This story is very serious & was entirely covered up to blackmail the perpetrators. In 2001, most likely in the Alpes Maritimes & very likely between mid-may & mid-august, France was plagued with rumors among the secret services that the public masses never heard about unfortunately. Each year, a great satanic ceremony was settled in a Templar castle in Cagnes sur Mer by & for the English Royal family. The cream of the Satanist elites was to be present including many members of the MI5 & MI6. The program included orgies, tortures & murders… Read more »

Haha – you mention my exH favorite place in the world where he would visit often despite not having close ties to that region – I am now wondering….

very interesting….I know, David Icke I like a lot I just cant buy the reptile thing.

Well "royal family" (You're not one of them are u? lmfao) that's very interesting. Its f.u.c.k.i.n.g. crazy the s**t they get up to. I just cant believe they kill all these people and are allowed to get away with it.

Yeah… if anything, this party was themed after and therefor, decorated around the artwork and artistic concepts of Salvador Dali.
Even the table decorations could have been a personal request made by Mr. Dali… He IS pictured above as an attendant of the whole thing.

Dali is one of them!

Illuminati ha paper really paper dame

Has anyone seen the new Fashion Killa video with Rihanna chanelling Eartha Kitt with feline ears on?

Hey! Isn't that Audrey Hepburn (5th photo down) with the birdcage thingy on her melon?

this.. is absolutely disturbing. :/

Not even sickening, just interesting. These people are lost

oops…hit submit unintentionally…
That last pic looks to be a reptilian fertility bit… with the ALL SEEING EYE at top of pyramid

That last pic looks to be a reptilian fertility bit…

There is a connection between satanism, ped o ph I'll ia (have to spell this way or it will get dotted out, have no idea why) and the elites. Satanism plays a major role in these twisted symbolic ideas these people have. Remember the mcmartin preschool "scandal?" Well it wasn't a scandal it was for real.… There was a police officer/investigator who supposedly committed suicide. He was actually a whistleblower. He originally was assigned to investigate a murder involving the ex wife of one of the famous righteous brothers. Their children went to that preschool and it started from there. There also was another investigator ted gunnderson… He found turtle shells and dead turtles in the tunnels. This is a whole international satanic underground circuit. I can't type this all right now. Please watch bill Maloney on you tube sun sea and Satan. This is a great documentary.… Read more »