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Why So Much Occult Symbolism in Vanity Fair’s Video “How to Land a Hollywood Agent”?



Why So Much Occult Symbolism in Vanity Fair's Video "How to Land a Hollywood Agent"?

The magazine Vanity Fair created a series of short videos called Vanity Code, quick “how to” guides how to be a douchebag socialite – the “lifestyle” promoted by the magazine. The video entitled “How to Land a Hollywood Agent” humorously instructs small time writers how to become big time in Hollywood. While the humor somewhat caused me to expire air out of a my nose at some point, it is the blatant and flagrant symbolism that caused me to watch it again. Here’s the video.


Why So Much Occult Symbolism in Vanity Fair's Video "How to Land a Hollywood Agent"?

The first thing we see in the video: the Vanity Code logo. It’s an all-seeing eye inside a pyramid. Why so much Illuminati right away?


Why So Much Occult Symbolism in Vanity Fair's Video "How to Land a Hollywood Agent"?

“Inside view of the entertainment world” + occult symbolism = Get the message.


Why So Much Occult Symbolism in Vanity Fair's Video "How to Land a Hollywood Agent"?

This the guy giving the instructions. He is dressed in full Masonic attire and around him are EVERY SINGLE Masonic symbol in existence. Left of him is the Masonic square and compass, right of him are the Masonic G with the all seeing eye. Bonus: a skull. In front of him is the seal of Solomon and,  again, a pyramid with all seeing eye.


Why So Much Occult Symbolism in Vanity Fair's Video "How to Land a Hollywood Agent"?

On the chalkboard behind the man is basically a full Masonic trestleboard, complete with the twin pillars, the all seeing eye and so forth.


Why So Much Occult Symbolism in Vanity Fair's Video "How to Land a Hollywood Agent"?

An actual Masonic trestleboard.

Why is this guy giving advice on Hollywood made to be the most hardcore Freemason ever? Is it a subtle way of hinting at how to REALLY make it in Hollywood?

In another video, the guy gives advice on how to behave in “Eye Wide Shut”-style swingers party.

Why So Much Occult Symbolism in Vanity Fair's Video "How to Land a Hollywood Agent"?

It is hip to be an occult elite wannabee.


Why So Much Occult Symbolism in Vanity Fair's Video "How to Land a Hollywood Agent"?

The viewers (you) is represented by the guy wearing a red devil mask. Weird.

Owned by Condé Nast, the mega-corporation that also owns the Illuminati-symbolism-laden Vogue magazine, Vanity Fair subtly yet blatantly telling you who runs the show. As usual, all of that symbolism will swoosh about ten miles above most people’s heads.

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Why So Much Occult Symbolism in Vanity Fair's Video "How to Land a Hollywood Agent"?

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Another big thing is Hollywood making men do drag. And who is Americas most beloved actor? Tom Hanks who did a whole tv series dressed in drag. Tyler Perry notice how big he's become since T.V. ing. I guess tv stands for trans vestite.


Wow!…That's like in yo face!!! The masses don't even have a clue. And this is why I've stopped watching television and listening to the radio. I refuse to be programmed from the invisible powers that be. #SadFace 🙁


I'm only 23 years old and I've also come to this state of thinking, and I've been consicously active in doing my part to make the world a better place, and I feel like everyone else should too. Is it really worth it to call it quits and say "Oh the world is a horrible place, the end is near, pray for your sins and await Jesus to take our souls to heaven." ? This is our only home after all, and we only get one life. I'm not saying "YOLO" but I just want to circulate the thought that maybe we should be more proactive in unite each other and just spreading love. Which is what the practice of meditation and yoga (more so meditation) has taught me.
I hope to hear your thoughts on this subject. And I figure this would be a good way of introducing myself to you guys. Happy trails on this wonderful "Hump Daaaa-y". Peace my friends! 🙂

p.s.: sorry for the multitude of comments I had to split it because I guess I had so much to say!


This is so over the top I can’t tell if it’s really genuine. How much does the average Vanity Fair reader know about Illuminati/freemasonry/conspiracy theories? I mean, do people know enough about these subjects that it could possibly be seen as a joke poking fun at conspiracies, or is the average reader of this magazine completely oblivious to these things?

Then again, this symbolism is so pervasive it cannot possibly be explained as being all just cracking fun at tin-foilers. So, this is real.

Somebody please disprove me – I don’t want to believe what I’m seeing…

Osama Dubya Obama

I think that the wealthy ruling Elitists are not much interested in the occult symbolism on the dollar, yet they are VERY interested in the purchasing power of the dollar.


Just remember……EVERY SINGLE thing in a commercial, or whatever is put there on purpose (unless it is someone extra standing where they not supposed to be) so everytime (especially in animated things) you see something and you think 'oh that is just coincidence, or maybe it was just filler." umm… think again!


*****************************Idk if anyone caught that……he says "w---e presents" instead of "who represents" which is how is appears lower in the screen.!


I can't even close my mouth … :O


It might be more simple. They are picking up on you. It's a new market.


hahaha @ the four people , the one with the black "batman hat" has his hand down his pants and is touching the lady next to him, the lady next to him is touching the other man's a-s and his chest, the man has his hands kinda in the crotch area of the lady (in the red dress) next to him and the lady in the red dress is touching him…they are basically having a full on orgy (cartoon style) in front of our face.


Note the ADDERALL packet and pills on the newbie screenwriter's desk too!!!!!

So sublte, but it's there – disgusting


Fast foward to this past May, I moved out, I left my boyfriend and, I just started dating my best friend who has been really supportive throughout my journey in life thus far. I am pretty much happier than I've ever been in my life. My question goes out to all of you basiclly bashing this practice, Am I doing any wrong here? Am I seriously practicing a ritual that summons demons or whatever? Please send me links and educate me on this new shed of light. Because I can't seems to find any concrete evidence or ties to this sentiment that is being stated by a number of you. I am pretty curious and would love to know.


What the frag is that s--t!?


How about the suggested Vanity Code video "How to cheat on your wife." after this one is over.


They may recognize it, but doesn't mean they understand the agenda.


ah Melly, exactly my point

Christian Disciple

Christians out there, I have started a Twitter to help raise awareness of the truth. Please check it out and follow if you can! God bless that we help renew the mind of those are lost in the world.


augh excuse my spelling errors I hope you got the jist of it.


Also, a few more questions: Do any of you believe that science and religion can be tied? And what is your opinion on raising your conciousness to a higher level of thinking and the like? Is that evil to you?

I read somewhere that there is a theory of our mind and souls being interconnected in a manner that is much more concious than today's society and culture is lead to believe. And right now, were are at a point in time where we as human beings have never been more disconnected, there is so much hate, greed, so much judgement, so much segregation that it is literally inhibiting our growth as a species. We are killing each other and out home, which is earth because of all this. And before we know it, it's gonna get too late to do anything about it.


I was once this lost person, trying to find my piece of mind. Specificlly from really traumatic events that happened to me in my life, alot of which are parallel to programing refrenced hereon this site. About a year ago, I began to take up yoga and meditation as a way of dealing with my abusive boyfriend when he wasn't home. It was literally my haven from my life. Keep in mind I am still a religious person. I wasn't raised as a Christian, I was raised a Roman Catholic, but that hardly says much about who I am a person. I don't actually know if I believe or adhrere to a specific type of religion, but I am quite knoweldgeable and feel like there is a lump of truth to everything thrown out there to us. Bear with me now, this is no literal attack on anyone's religion, the last thing I want to do is be judged for the above listed.


You guys, I do yoga regularly. And I meditate. I am completely confused, is this really bad or something? I have never taken a class. Anything I have done was mostly self taught or from watching videos online. Ever since I introduced this form of excerise and that practice, I have found myself more in tune with the environment, myself, and I am able to better communicate with the people all around me.

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