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The 2018 Met Gala: Because the Industry Loves Blasphemy



The 2018 Met Gala: Because the Industry Loves Blasphemy

The theme of the 2018 Met Gala revolved around Catholic imagery. As a result, dozens of industry stooges paraded around in outfits trivializing, sexualizing and blaspheming Catholic and Christian symbolism.

The theme of the 2018 Met Gala was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. The title itself – which uses the expression “heavenly bodies” to allude to the sexy celebrities the masses lust for – perfectly encapsulates the philosophy behind this fashion event. It is about using symbolism associated with the holy, the spiritual and the divine and applying it to a fashion show that is about the exact opposite: Opulent materialism, crass sexuality, and desecration of the sacred.

The event featured creations by major fashion houses owned by the occult elite such as Gucci, Balmain, and others. Here are some examples.

The 2018 Met Gala: Because the Industry Loves Blasphemy

Long-time industry pawn Rihanna dressed as a silver pope.

The 2018 Met Gala: Because the Industry Loves Blasphemy

Katy Perry as an angel. Not too long ago, she was accused of witchcraft by Catholic nuns. Makes sense.

The 2018 Met Gala: Because the Industry Loves Blasphemy

She was also a witch being burned at the stake while a horned figure stood behind at the 2014 Grammys.

The 2018 Met Gala: Because the Industry Loves Blasphemy

Katy Perry was at last year’s Met Gala dressed as a super-Illuminati slave.

The 2018 Met Gala: Because the Industry Loves Blasphemy

Lana Del Rey’s dress had symbolism associated with the Virgin Mary. She held in her hand an owl-looking thing with protruding eyeballs – pure occult elite symbolism.

The 2018 Met Gala: Because the Industry Loves Blasphemy

Lana Del Rey is into witchcraft and has been encouraging her fans to get into it as well. She posted this pic of her doing an occult hand sign.

The 2018 Met Gala: Because the Industry Loves Blasphemy

A headline from Teen Vogue. Which is targetted to … teens.

The 2018 Met Gala: Because the Industry Loves Blasphemy

Sarah Jessica Parker has the entire nativity scene on her head. And she’s Jewish so she believes in none of that.

The 2018 Met Gala: Because the Industry Loves Blasphemy

In 2009, I dubbed Madonna the “high priestess” of the music industry. Since then, everything she does fully lives up to that title.

The 2018 Met Gala: Because the Industry Loves Blasphemy

During the gala, Madonna sang Just Like a Prayer – a song that caused controversy because its lyrics both apply to lust and religion. The video was accused of containing sacrilegious elements including a burning cross. A perfect fit for this event.

The 2018 Met Gala: Because the Industry Loves Blasphemy

Ariana Grande wears a dress on which is printed Michaelangelo’s Final Judgement.

The 2018 Met Gala: Because the Industry Loves Blasphemy

Kim Kardashian’s metallic dress was reminiscent of a chalice used during Christian Eucharist. More sexualization of sacred rituals. Kanye apparently stayed at home.

The 2018 Met Gala: Because the Industry Loves Blasphemy

Lena Waithe wore a giant gay pride flag combined with brooches inspired by Catholic imagery.

The 2018 Met Gala: Because the Industry Loves Blasphemy

There were lots of “weeping Virgin Marys” at the Met Gala, complete ironic halos and sun crowns. This is new industry favorite SZA.

The 2018 Met Gala: Because the Industry Loves Blasphemy

Donald Glover – another industry favorite – does the 666 sign. On his back is the symbol of the “eye of providence” inside a triangle which is used in religious iconography to represent God. The occult elite uses this symbol to represent themselves. So you have 666 in front and God on the back.

The 2018 Met Gala: Because the Industry Loves Blasphemy

In his video “This is America”, Glover (aka Childish Gambino) shoots down an entire church choir with an AK-47. While some praise this as “art with a message”, it is mainly Donald Glover shooting down an entire church choir with an AK-47. They want this kind of imagery to be part of popular culture.

The 2018 Met Gala: Because the Industry Loves Blasphemy

I’m pretty sure Jared Leto’s been thinking he’s Jesus for some years now.

One would believe that the Vatican would not appreciate this display. Quite to the contrary, they even sent a representative to mingle with celebrities.

The 2018 Met Gala: Because the Industry Loves Blasphemy

Cardinal Timothy Dolan was hanging out with George Clooney at this $30,000-per-head elitist event. Just like Jesus wanted.

The 2018 Met Gala: Because the Industry Loves Blasphemy

Meanwhile, Taylor Hill was cosplaying as a sexy Cardinal. She plays in the movie The Neon Demon which is about the satanic fashion world. In the movie, she literally eats another model to obtain her vital essence (read my article about it here).

Black Mass

While some media sources timidly criticised the event as being “borderline blasphemous”, other’s just said it:

The 2018 Met Gala: Because the Industry Loves Blasphemy

The headline from Noisey.

Everything about the Met gala recalled the concept of a black mass: A satanic ritual based on the inversion and desecration of Catholic symbols and rituals. Not unlike the gala, black masses look to corrupt the spiritual and godly essence of the traditional mass.

A 16th century woodcut depicting a black mass. Sex (earthly, animalistic urges) used to desecrate the holy and the spiritual.

In recent years, the industry has been taking great pleasure in conducting thinly veiled black masses disguised as music videos or fashion events.

The 2018 Met Gala: Because the Industry Loves Blasphemy

Iggy Azalea’s video Savior features a black mass where everything is reversed. It culminates with a satanic wedding with a hooded figure. (Read my article about it here).

The 2018 Met Gala: Because the Industry Loves Blasphemy

Last year, a fashion show took place inside St Andrew Church in London which incorporated heavy occult and satanic symbolism. It was another example of the industry indulging in a black mass (read my article about it here).

In Conclusion

While one can rationalize and explain away the 2018 Met Gala in all kinds of ways, it remains a clear and blatant display of the entertainment industry’s mindset. The concept of “creativity” is now tightly intertwined with occult elite’s ideology, and “art” is now at the service of dark spiritual deeds. Would this kind of display be accepted if it was “inspired” by any other religion or culture?

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The 2018 Met Gala: Because the Industry Loves Blasphemy

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a beautiful teenage girl is eviscerated for wearing a traditional chinese style dress to prom, but these sickos can blaspheme christianity for galas – just making sure i understand.


Adult generations are completely dropping the ball. What kind of world is this babies will be born into now? ‘And they worshipped the Beast’ – yes, clearly on the way… and those who are adults NOW will carry a large part of the blame for this IMO. Kids won’t stand a chance.

This information on the Judeo-Masonic Conspiracy is readily available; everybody has heard of ‘the Illuminati’ and the ‘chemtrail conspiracy theory’, ‘MK Ultra & Monarch Programming’ and even ‘Flat Earth’ and ‘the Mandela Effect’ to some degree. Pop stars flashing satanic symbolism in front of cameras. Whistleblowers from military, intelligence agencies, former occultist insiders, scientists and more all talking about and explaining what goes on, and how dark what is happening is at the core. All the secrets are coming out. Still goes ígnored, instead cheering Trump’s fascistoid tweets. Disaster awaits.

Very Impressed

Yeah there’s no hope for these new kids. We’ll be lucky if a handful turn out ok and that’s me being optimistic.


I have an 8 month old and will do all in my power to shield him from the evil of this world and teach him the truth.

Moses was raised to be the next pharaoh, in a purely demonic society.. if his mother was able to teach him in those early years all he needed to know to remain true, I’m sure by Gods Grace I can. This new generation will not all be doomed

Jesus is savior

There are many other parents raising there children that way. My children would be equally disgusted at this display as I am. I would recommend homeschooling your child.


To sheiks your child, you need to homeschool, no television, no movies, no radio and teach them the opposite of the the schools and society. We do this with our three children. We also teach from the KJV Bible, King James Bible, the Word of God. We spend a lot of time teaching responsibility, character, morals and values.


Well done and God bless you!!


Sounds like a jail. Let your children live. It’s your job to give them the tools they need to navigate this fallen world so that when they encounter things like this, they know the difference between right and wrong.

H s

I agree with this. I homeschooled and felt like I lost out a lot in life. My parents did me no favours by keeping home in a bubble.And as I look back now, I feel like even all that bible reading/Christian music/ obedience message/ patriarchal system was a form of brainwashing that I’m actively refusing as an adult.


Well we’ll be seeing them in the news doing a mass shooting someday.


How will they have the social skills to acquire a good job?

I’m not suggesting that teaching them good christian values is wrong. I think that is great.

I’m just wondering if you think going to this extent of shieling them completely from the world is a good way to develop a well rounded human.

Seems to be a bit like the way cults operate.


Shielding them from evil, not from good. There’s good people and good places, not trying to make the kids live under a rock


Your motive is commendable but your children will not only be socially awkward, their response to this reality when they encounter it will be shock. They can’t help anyone else cause their uninformed opinions won’t matter. You need to know a truth completely before you can confront it.
I suggest you allow them watch TV, then spend time lovingly instilling good values witin them that instinctively recoil when a crap like this comes up. It’s a lot more effective thhis way. It’s called well rounded training. Cheers


This mind set is exactly what the occult elite want. You sound as if we are already defeated when in reality the archons are f-----g terrified of us humans waking up to our divine power as creators. Just think back to 10 years ago and it is very easy to notice how quickly so many have awakened in what amounts to a minscule fraction of time. The awakening has a snowball effect too, which means it only accelerates as more people wake up and share their truth with others and add to the light in our shared collective consciousness. We are winning! This is evidenced by the occult elite/archons clearly showing their hand and becoming more blatant with their imagery and badly botched false flags. Do not fear my friend. Fear is the lifeblood of the archons. And honestly, what is there ever to fear when considering we are all sparks of Creator consciousness and eternal in nature?


Fear is not real it is a product of your imagination.


is love a product of imagination only? regardless, fear just like any negative trait has to be overcome. in some cases however fear can be good, Like the Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, or fear of being hit by a car that makes you be more careful crossing a busy street etc


awakening, yeah you are gods oh i mean god right? Hmm just a word of advice, satan also wanted to be God.


You really should read more FACT BASED news. Trump is NOT a ‘fascist’. Only the dumbed down see him as such. President Trump has done MORE for those caught in child/adult sex trafficking networks than ANY other U.S. President in history. There have been over 20,000 arrests regarding those crimes. TWENTY THOUSAND, with many more on the way including SEALED INDICTMENTS naming high profile politicians, law enforcement officials, CEO’s all the way up to the VATICAN. You can find this information if YOU want to. It isn’t hard to do.


If Trump wasn’t an Israeli Jew I might agree, but he’s one of them. Several instances prove his allegiance to Zionism. His campaign went on and on about exacting justice against crooked Hillary, yet she’s still on the prowl with little chance of prison in sight.. unforgivable. And then there’s Syria and Jerusalem ugh I can’t stand the man and I voted for him, the lesser of the evils but still just as evil.


so every time Trump went to J. Epstein’s “Lolita Island” it was .. what? a reconnaissance mission?


I checked out those allegations. They re false. He was invited, but he didn’t go. For all you know, he was just as grossed out by it as we all are.


Donald Trump is a white supremacist because he has the N--i Germany regime working with him in his administration.

In September 2016, Donald Trump promised to bring the nation together under One God– SUPREME BEING. “We will be one people, under one God, saluting one American flag,” Trump’s “Under One God” line does indeed dial-up, HELLO “Hitlerian”. The N--i Party slogan was “Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer!” ― “One people, One empire, One leader!”.

Kev Allah

I know convicts that have done more to stop pedophilia than any president. Trump is just another clown.

D D d

The early years are for imprinting . There is no grammar, it is all bodylanguage and projecting and comforting. Being there, as a parent. The sounds and words are there but the recognising by the baby, the specific learning and finetuning comes after. In the Netherlands voices are raised to have mandatory education, groupwise in schools from not 5, not 3, not 2,5 years but from 2 years on, in the near future. Some even openly state ”So we can observe their life better and rule out extremes at a young age from children from parents with a different mindset than the common ones”. Really. I always wondered why young children need to know the Capital Cities of States and Countries, including the nicknames, instead of looking for information on life itself? Why do children have to learn the precise dates of beheading of kings and queeens, instead of learning to read faces on lying and cheating? Why not learn children all aspects of life, but teach them about the eastern-bunny, santa claus or whatever fairytales-without-evaluation-of-meaning (lie to them) ? Divide and Rule. DNA is changed within one generation. With experiences and food, lotions, drinks, sounds.. Your children being raised… Read more »


Well said.


You forgot to mention that this beautiful teenage girl was also white, hence the outrage for the cultural appropriation. Let’s not use this forum to demean true issues. One issue is completely unrelated to the other. And if you understood the origin of western influenced Christianity, you wouldn’t care so much about what these celebrities and designers are doing. It’s funny how this site has become less about informing and educating, and more about attacking and criticizing. I remember when I first started coming here and was amazed at all of the knowledge this site had. But ever since the election, it seems like the purpose of this site has been skewed toward a specific side, which I’m still trying to figure out. But it just seems very self-serving these days to attack people and their choices, instead of simply informing people of various truths so that their choices can be more informed.


I understand your concerns about how things have been since the election, I think it’s that way on a lot of websites and forums.

The dress thing was cultural appropriation, but what about religious appropriation, isn’t that what happened at the Met Gala?

Is one okay and not the other?

Either everything should be okay or nothing should be, otherwise it comes off hypocritical, rather than reverant or respectful.


Neither is ok in my opinion, religion is not a costume just as a culture isn’t. Obviously one is being pushed as worse than the other by the media etc but clearly they want everyone to have less respect for religion. I’m not religious but I think it’s important to respect all religions and cultures

US Address

Well you can still turn the TV off? It’s all a big sales gimmick. Better things to do in life.


LOL. Can we please stop pretending that Catholicism is anything other than a ritualistic, satanic cult? These celebs fit right in with the darkness that is the Catholic church.

Kev Allah

Lol can you please stop pretending that you’ve figured out catholicism?

You blaming a religion because of these rapists is like blaming Cleveland if Lebron James is a rapist. Smarten up jackass. These matters necessitate a degree of precision.


Funny how the Vatican approved this all and even let them borrow sacred items. God will judge both these hypocrite institutions to hell. Thank God I’m Greek Orthodox. 2000 years of unchanged faith.


1) First image: ‘Pope’ hat has an XOX right in the center.
2) Katy Perry as Their Fallen Angel ‘Golden Boy’. (Luci loves Sun imagery)
3) On SJP’s head: The Nativity Scene inside the church is actually A FUNERAL.
4) Kim has the cross on her LEFT thigh: A Left Hand Path power play.
5) Lena: making sure we’re all kept spiritually ‘under the rainbow.’
6) Glover/Gambino: his horrible video has a ‘Behold a Pale Horse’ appear @ 2:33.
Those really in charge of his career are upping the occult ante of what kids watch.

Ugh. Things Have Truly Gotten Out Of Hand. Obscene.


It’s amazing, how you saw so much! Thank you, for sharing, and you’re right things have truly gotten, out of hand
This world is a hellish matrix. I cannot wait to get out of here!


Thanks. The Pope hat brim is lined with X’s too. Her whole get up is B&W duality made to look gray. Sadly (or maybe not surprisingly) Colbert interviewed Anna Wintour, the fashion High Priestess who organizes these MetGalas. Guess what she was wearing?
A white dress with bloodstains, because sacrifice is SO chic….*throws up*


can you explain the funderal on sjp’s head? hard to zoom into any pics online I just see the brown in front- is that supposed to be dirt> not sure what else you may be seeing?


Sure. If you look at the first pic of SJP that’s a closeup of her head you can see the “nativity” in detail. Look straight in the center where Baby Jesus is:

1) The baby’s arms are stretched out like a cross. It is a CRUCIFIED baby.
2) Look right behind that baby & you’ll see a grayish TOMBSTONE…RIP Christianity.

There you have it.


disgusting!!! would love to see that published. it’s ok god has a way to show us who we are, she looks like the disgusting person she is


Hey Yousef…. is Greek Orthodox and Russian Orthodox generally the same AND what is your take on Masonry (From a GREEK ORTHODOX Perspective)?!!!

If you don’t mind?!

(Hope you see this soon and please note my comment (Above) to the article itself)

Blessings, Shalom and Maranatha!!!



Greek Orthodox And Russian Orthodox are the same. It’s just under a different language. There is otherwise no difference in the liturgy, beliefs, church etc.
From an Orthodox perspective, masonry is regarded as not of God as it is a secret society full of pagan rituals and beliefs associated with many dark occult cults. Freemasons have sought to destroy our church and infiltrate but we thank God, he has saved us each time.

Blessings in christ,

Holy Catholic Church

The devil knows its TRUE enemy and how to infiltrate and undermine it. Apparently, this is NOT greek orthodoxy.


I am a traditionalist Catholic who does not approve the Vatican Council II. I still follow the Mass in Latin. As prophesied at Fatima and in other apparitions of Our Lady (Theotókos ), the catholic church will suffer apostasy but in the end the immaculate heart of Mary will triumph. Let us pray that Satan may be defeated and abandon the church of Rome


they did it for more followers. you could take that in a social media context or literal. i support lgbt rights and stuff but as a (somewhat former) catholic the fact that the catechism granted homosexuality OK just a few years ago proves how desperate they are to keep their followers.


I don’t know how one could blasphem something that is so blasphemous itself(Catholicism). It is comprised of manmade doctrines, that are designed to control people with scare tactics( purgatory, hell fire). It is chock full of idolatry ( crosses, statues, etc.) They give mass in a language that is no longer spoken, so how does one know what they are worshipping, if you don’t know the language? And they treat a mere mortal man(Pope) as if he’s the Creator himself(another form of idolatry) . Who has allowed(all of the Pope’s) decades if not centuries of pedophilia to occur!. Catholicism is apart of Christendom/Babylon the Great in the book of Revelation. This sect, as all false religion will be destroyed…this is on the horizon.


I came here to say something similar but you stated this so much more eloquently! They weren’t blaspheming Catholicism, they were celebrating it!!!!


No none of what you said is accurate. Catholics only worship God, not Mary nor the Saints. Mass is spoken in plain English, or Spanish, or even Haitian or wherever most people in that area are from – if you want Latin you can get that but those who attend Latin mass understand what’s spoken. The Pope isn’t worshipped nor is he infallible…there have been many corrupted Popes.
You need to understand that Catholics are Christian and only worship God – no one else. The Church may be corrupted…I haven’t made my mind up about that yet (personally), it obviously was infiltrated by many bad people in the past 50 years or so. But you have to understand that was a concerted effort to destroy the faith by those who seek to bring about the ruin of souls.
The Catholic faith by itself is good…but it has been corrupted, that’s true.


Open your eyes.


If you know Catholicism you would understand where this person is coming from. Don’t make the people who represent this religion(popes, cardinals, bishops,nuns, priest) tarnish the actual religion and it’s Believers.. not all popes, cardinals, bishops, nuns, and priest are bad!


I left Catholicism because I will not be part of a religion that encourages the worship of the Virgin Mary, Saints and has images of angels and other “religious” entities in their churches. It is all tied in with paganism. There is only one person to pray to and that is our Lord God/Jesus. Not stations of the cross, no Hail Marys.

Kev Allah

You turned yur back on your people because you let the blind lead the blind. If you’re such a knowledgeable believer why don’t you preach the word for your flock?

Get off your high horse.


Pray means “polite request” not automatic worship. Praying to saints is in Tradition and scripture (REVELATION 5, 6, 8). Saints are clouds of witnesses in heaven (HEBREWS 12:1-3). Praying to Mary is an ancient j-e-wi-sh Tradition because Mary is the Ark of the New Covenant and the woman of Revelation. We pray to her for intercession and protection. Hail Mary is a salutation by Angel Gabriel in LUKE 1:28. Usage of Images and holding of the engraved acts by God is biblical (Ex. 25:18-20) – And thou shalt make two cherubims of gold, of beaten work shalt thou make them, in the two ends of the mercy seat. 19 And make one cherub on the one end, and the other cherub on the other end: even of the mercy seat shall ye make the cherubims on the two ends thereof. 20 And the cherubims shall stretch forth their wings on high, covering the mercy seat with their wings, and their faces shall look one to another; toward the mercy seat shall the faces of the cherubims be. (1 chronicles 28:18-20) – At the altar of incense pure gold weight should be used: the transport plan, holding the gold kerubing outstretched wings over… Read more »


catholicism = religious teachings = for christ / god
pope/idolatry/pedo = men

*sexy look with jesus reference = blasphemy*

– Why this topic?
– Why this religion?

So f-----g satanic… Open your eyes, kid.


every religion has your “hell”, it’s not right to blaspheme with any!!!!!


i’m saying let’s stop believing in any of this crap it’s all fake. i’d rather stick to the powers of the universe that seem to work to me then being told lies. i only claim i’m religious around certain people to fit in where necessary to be frank.

Kev Allah

Satan is Saturn the father of TIME. You don’t know nothing about this, stop spreading disinformation. Calm your ego when you enter TN is conversation. This isn’t an opinion free for all. There are facts to be considered.


The Magisterium / Papacy is an office established by Christ. Authority was given to the church not on a bible or personal interpretation. The church is infallible not the person.


so do we go to hell for throwing the whole religion away and disregarding everything or “sinning” by subjecting ourselves to this garbage? what is religion anymore anyway?


Thank you! Could not agree more!!!!!


“RiRi” looks demonic tbh
not even her makeup, the entirety of rihanna

Jon B

Her eyes certainly are….


Catholicism has been corrupted for a very long time. The chair of St. Peter inside the Vatican looks like a goat’s head when looked at straight on. All the satanic, symbolic imagery found there is astounding. You can’t blaspheme Catholic imagery. It’s redundant. However, the message is clear. They mock our Lord Jesus because they are straight up satanists and know their end is near. Their goal is to take as many souls with them as possible.


by that logic why do you bother with the concept of jesus at all? christians and catholics are quite the same in my book. feuding parties with plenty of corruption on both sides.


Jesus said that the gates of hell shall not prevail against his church (MATTHEW 16:18-19). Freemasonry was designed to destroy the Catholic Church, the goat symbol is a masonic symbol. No Catholic design derives itself from an animal such as goat.


Yes. Satan is alive and at work in the earth. So I feel compelled to remind us that only faith in Jesus can deliver us from eternal death, and from the blindness that Satan causes in people. Satan is a defeated foe. Christ conquered Satan and death 2000 years ago. Yet, according to God’s perfect wisdom, Satan has been given dominion on this earth for a time. I believe that time is coming to a close, and Satan is ramping up his efforts to destroy men and women made in the image of God. Hence the surge of such overt, public displays of rebellion against God. None of this is new however. The heathen have raged against God since the beginning. There is nothing new under the sun. In the meantime, we’ve been told: “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:12 If you know The Lord, stay close to Him. If you don’t yet – seek Him with all your being and don’t rest until you know Him personally, and are known by… Read more »


Completely DISGUSTED by these pawns! Is selling your soul really worth it? Yeah, that’s a NEGATIVE. While these idiots are flying around in private jets and wearing $2000 shoes, I’m happy with my ‘mediocre’ life. These satanists will never know the feeling of truly being free and for that, I’m grateful. May they all burn in hell.


I’m happy with my ‘not rich’ life too. But I don’t hope they burn in hell. I hope that one day Jesus may save their souls when they they repent of what they did. I hope that every soul may have the possibility to be saved one day..


Absolutely! Beautifully said,and definitely true.


But who says they have a choice though? Maybe they are born into it just like we’re born into our “mediocre” life (I love mine too). If they’re pawns, makes sense that it’s not about being “worth it” or not. There is more to it than that. They probably have very little choice. Look at those stars that get blacklisted or a scandal ruining their lives. Well how many among them pissed off the wrong person, or refused to do something they were told to? They are victims of that system too, and also complicit just like we are on a lesser extent.


Looking forward to next year’s theme: Arab Spring Fashion, inspired by Islam

D D d

Arab Spring. First time in years I read that expression. Thanks for reminding of this dubious situation where the media launches a revolt to, within days, totally forget about those fighting for human rights and move on to news about newborn polarbears in captivity. There never was a follow-up-story. Strange? No, it was just about the chaos, not about the solutions. May I call the next one a Turkish Spring? With hope of a better outcome. Let’s support the humans, instead of the religious maniacs like Erdogan who himself demands to live in a castle built with blood.. Some say literally.
Focus on a better life in this life.

D D d

And, don’t forget there are people like The Kurds, too, in the area Called Turkye..
Read up on them, if you like to see how education has been tweaked to teach turkish children in the past at schools about ”how to deal with other people”. Like with Palestinians, a lot have been offered up to a new political structure. New lines on the maps, like with America, Europe, China, Africa.
Who is doing that…by the way, the drawing of new lines on a map and telling us all the world has changed?

Kev Allah

Finally someone that has a brain. The fact that we all SPEAK English gets overlooked from the start. We are being culturized and they are playing us using every single tactic in the book.


Yesterday I went to a church, and the first thing I noticed was an image of Jesus in the place where the priest preaches the mass. And both of Jesus’ hands were showing that specific hand sign made by Baphomet – but both of Jesus fingers were pointing to “above”, instead of one of them being pointed to “below”. But it’s still suspicious, isn’t it? And now I’m thinking: maybe it would be better for me to pray at home, because I don’t trust any Catholic church anymore! I mean, not only Catholic. I simply don’t trust any church at all!!!


Try going to a kingdom hall near you


Jehovah’s Witnesses – Doctrines of demons, false prophecies and false predictions of the end of the world.


What teachings do they teach that are considered doctrines of demons? Educate us please. Also if you could mention what false prophecies they are predicting too, that would help.


Jewish Freemasonry. no thanks


i left the church long time ago, and you wont believe how much i have learnt about this rotten world, God revealed occult in my family, all those who devil worshipers and cursing us in my family, i have a spiritual awaken more than when i was in the church, i have no friends now, i left the church because i was closed to being brainwashed, it was not a catholic, but most churches have occult elements in them, try worshiping at home, ask God to guide you, give wisdom and protects you, His a Gracious Father. all the best!


yes as someone who has been catholic and experienced the united church, black american churches etc. at different points in my life i can tell you that the roman catholic experience is so robotic and fake and weird af. plus, i feel like everyone is so mean and judgemental.


I agree, and While this is true, it is important to remember that sacred symbolism is easily inverted, manipulated, and perverted if put into the hands of those with evil intentions.

Symbols hold many profound eternal truths which, when unveiled, bring you that much closer to Christ, to God. Any soul may be saved through Faith, but there are those souls that (on top of Faith) require Knowledge to sate their spiritual thirst and broaden their clarity.


Pray to God in the comfort of your own home! The devil has a huge presence in the church and God is opening your eyes to the truth.

D D d

You see, the use of imagery is nothing new. It has been used corruptedly for thousands of years. It is about the story been told with it. Why want millions of praying people focussing on a crucified man, suffering, instead of minding themselves of life blossoming into new life? We need hope and motivation, not fear and angst, for improving our world.


D D d
That’s true. We should be focused on creating positive change in the world instead of just letting things happen.


I have always thought about that too, since I was a child. I didn’t understand why in my school the Jesus was shown in an image that way, as a crucified man. I looked at that and found it was so sad. I agree with you, we need hope and motivation, not fear and angst.


Christ’s death on the cross is the holy sacrifice of the altar. Whoever does not eat his flesh or drink his blood shall not have eternal life.


To explain: because that crucified man suffering represents the ultimate love of self-sacrifice even towards those that hated him, and so the need to be like him for those who believe in him. Then you need to add that in Christian belief he was not a simple man but also God, so in that vision God is not a distant architect or a remote perfection, it’s someone who suffered for you. So the cross becomes the emblem of divine love, it can be seen as sadistic or gloomy or putting forth fear and guilt only by someone who do not know anything correct about the story behind it. I will undoubtedly sound like a dick but I say this without malice or trying to feel superior: learn what christians really think before dismissing their central symbol as something linked with fear and angst

I personally would be very wary of those who tell me about how the world is wonderful without ever mentioning the need to bear the cross, often a philosophy or ideology fixated only on living the good life masks a fear of death.

D D d

”..only by someone who do not know anything correct about the story behind it…”
Because of that I am not going into your statements.
”but I say this without malice or trying to feel superior”.

Lily G.

Hello, confused, thank you for sharing your thoughts here. Please, do not forget, that satan is the one, who spreads confusion onto us, hoping we will fall for it, lose trust and faith in God and Our Lord Jesus. There is only one church in the world, whicht has been created by Our Lord: the Roman Catholic Church (“You are Peter and upon you I will build my church.”) That does not mean this church is always been inhabited or lead only by holy people. We all are human, that means we (including the pope) err, fail, sin, do evil. Peter did evil, he denied the Lord in his darkest hours, yet the Lord went afterwards to him and told him to be our shepherd. Why? The Lord loves us despite our weaknesses and trusts us even if we do not trust him always. It is always only about the Lord, nobody but Him, but let us be thankful for his holy church, which he himself created to our console, to our strength and our education and to be present with us and even in us. It is satan, who uses holy symbols mostly roman catholic symbols to mock God.… Read more »


Well said dear! I’m Catholic too and I agree with what you just said. God in the end will never abandon His children just as He promised. We just need to stay strong in the faith. Evil will never prevail over good.


Pray at home, or outside even. Create your own sanctuary so you have control over what comes in and goes out. Speaking to God should not be confined to the walls of a church building. Besides, we have seen how church “offerings” have been misused by clergy for selfish gains, begging the poor to give the little they have while those preaching to them adorn themselves in fancy cloaks and jewels. Church was a good place to go once upon a time, but it has turned into a hub of false doctrine, greed and hypocrisy.


church is not Jesus… relax
pray for him even if you were in a cult from hollywood , he’ll listen


Hey, people, thank you for sharing your thoughts. =]


but what would be the purpose of potentially praying to something that could have been made out of nothing? i can barely hold onto the concept of jesus alone cause idk what to believe. jesus is a pawn in it of itself. it’s all so superficial as they claim secular society is. you can’t believe practically much on this site if you’re not a high-strung christian. i’m just gonna look out for myself and use what works for me–the power of the universe.


I really love this site <3 Raising awareness is part of the battle


One more thing …

Awards –

Most blasphemous – Rihanna and Jared Leto

Most who ever gave a shiz about you – Sarah Jessica Parker

Most future witchery – Lana Del Rey

We are making you look silly award goes to Katy Perry who is paying her dues.

Most we knew you’d be there goes to Madonna


First of all you can’t blaspheme something that is already blasphemous, like the catholic church. Blasphemy is claiming to be able to forgive sins– a la catholic priests. Blasphemy is claiming to be god on earth– a la the pope. Blasphemy is claiming precedence over the Bible with their tradition– a la their change of commandments and instituting pagan rituals.

All of their rituals and trappings are pagan in origin– a la their pope fish hats which are copies of the priests of Dagon. A la the satanic twisted cross the pope uses on his staff. A la pine cone symbology on many things. A la sun disks everywhere. A la venerating Mary who they claim to make mediatrix, when the Bible says Jesus is the only way to the Father. A la making and worshiping images, expressly against the second commandment. A la changing the fourth commandment sabbath to the pagan day of the sun. And endlessly more pagan things.

Which is why the cardinal felt so at home at this bash. The elite of that church all know exactly who they are worshiping, and it isn’t the God of Heaven.


There is no Catholic doctrine that says that the Pope is God. The Magisterium/Papacy is an office established by Jesus himself because the church was given the authority to bind and loose (MATTHEW 16:18-19 ; MATTHEW 18:18) and the power to forgive sins was given to the church and the apostles (JOHN 20:23). Stop reading the false masonic watchtower and adventist materials, they are established to specifically mock the Catholic Church. Usage of Images and holding of the engraved acts by God is biblical (Ex. 25:18-20) – And thou shalt make two cherubims of gold, of beaten work shalt thou make them, in the two ends of the mercy seat. 19 And make one cherub on the one end, and the other cherub on the other end: even of the mercy seat shall ye make the cherubims on the two ends thereof. 20 And the cherubims shall stretch forth their wings on high, covering the mercy seat with their wings, and their faces shall look one to another; toward the mercy seat shall the faces of the cherubims be. (1 chronicles 28:18-20) – At the altar of incense pure gold weight should be used: the transport plan, holding the gold… Read more »


speaking on childish gambinos video , Im really hoping you’re working on an article about it soon.

Truth & Light

THEY were just paying homage to their fellow cult, the roman cathoLICK church – all negative energy‼️


Yes, the symbolism in it really wants 2 B ”This Is America.” With the gun-induced mayhem, the ‘death’ of Christianity, & the ‘Behold A Pale Horse’ Death figure riding across, it is TPTB’s wet dream and a sincere citizen/survivalist/oathkeeper’s nightmare. TSHTF indeed.

Just Saying

Not at all what the video was about. The choir shooting was a direct reference to the massacre that happened a few years ago at a black church during a bible study.


Glover is effectively using shock value to make valid points. But as you can see above, flashing his 666 sign on the runway, he has sold himself to the very system his video is supposedly fighting against. There’s X’s in that warehouse that have NOTHING to do with structural stability. That’s 4 those in the know…& I wish I could say Glover isn’t aware, but he is.


I hope so too. I just wasnt seeing what everyone else was. It seemed off, like it was promoting darkness.

Just Saying

Why don’t you just google the video yourself and research the thing? There are some pretty in-depth articles about the meaning behind it.

It’s about being a black person in this country, police brutality, consumerism, so much more.

It’s NOT satanic. Just research it, please.


THese videos are meant to bring out the emotions you feeling. ‘Its about Black People’ No its not. Its to make you get emotional then when Stupid Gambino steps in with another video to make you feel better then you can say I told you so. They have already used you to think this way.

And I am black, i dont identify with that video.

Just Saying

The video is supposed to evoke an emotional response. That’s what good art does.

I don’t even know why I bother on this site. I’m probably arguing with a bunch of eleven year olds.

VG Fan

Ironic statement

D D d

”Good Art”? Imagine a museum. Fish in blenders. With buttons, for that part of the public that wants to see if the blenders works on those live fish. Buttons pressed.
Other people watching in horror. Children learn about it in artclass. So sophisticated.
You fool.
”Just saying” you are ignorant, dangerously ignorant.


I too am black and do not identify with that song, video or the sentiment expressed in it whatsoever.

Has it not occurred to you that quite possibly the video deliberately has a dual interpretation/meaning? VC himself has spoken about this many times on this site before…


On the surface, yes that is what’s it’s about. Research the collective unconscious. Many music videos are produced in such a way as to reach our collective unconscious. That’s why after watching many popular music vids, you have a gut feeling you saw something wrong. So under the surface, the symbols can have a double, darker meaning.


How can anyone not realize that these people are sold out. I have such little respect for these actors and some of them need a long look in the mirror for their Dorian Gray is showing.

Gay Studebaker

Can you imagine wearing those horrible clothes that not only look ghastly but so extremely uncomfortable that enjoying anything about the “gala” would be trumped (pun intended) by the pain of wearing said costumes. Not only are these clothes grotesquely discomforting, but the “celebrities” look demented wearing them and are allowing themselves to be paraded around, ugly and deformed, photographed and published all over the place for all posterity.

Evil possesses absolutely no creativity. It is always a degenerate imitation of true God-given inspiration and these sick little individuals are engaged in mutual degradation.

Also, can you imagine having to sit through Madonna wailing “Like A Prayer” for the tired old millionth time? Ugh. That’s not entertainment, it’s torture. AND the majority of them paid $30,000 a ticket for the privilege. WOW. How sad and low… I am so grateful I crawled out of that world, gave my life to Christ and am trying to live a better way.


You want to know why “Cardinal Timothy Dolan was hanging out with George Clooney”? The stinging truth of the matter is that this 2018 Met Gala was, in no way whatsoever, a mockery of true, Biblical Christian faith. It had simply taken all the ornate, pagan folderol of the Roman Catholic cult, and given it an extremely upscale, carnal ‘look’ . It was a costume party for the secular depraved who were using the props of the religiously depraved.


Where is “biblical christian faith” in the bible ? Where is the Holy bible in the bible ? The Holy Bible came from the Sacred Tradition of the Catholic Church. It is the Catholic Church that defined, codified and canonized the Canon of Scriptures (Holy Bible) in the 4th century, which is non biblical itself ! Sola scriptura and protestantism is false and nowhere taught by Jesus and the apostles.


Strange there is not the usual whining anywhere in the social medias about cultural appropriation. Looks like it’s only one-sided.


Thanks for the article VC, I expected that gala to be so blatant and symbolic as it was, and the support of the Vatican is so creepy, it makes me wonder why the former Pope quick and why Bergoglio is the chosen one, he allowed all of this circus. By the way, Sarah Jessica Parker looks very ugly in that picture.


I am surprised that you didn’t discuss how the Catholic Church for centuries has been molesting and are filled with pedophile priests who knowingly ignored or passively condoned such vile activity. For these atrocities alone, the Catholic Church should not be “celebrated.”


Catholicism is not Christian as far as the the principles of God in the Bible are concerned. Catholicism is to Christianity precisely what this Met Gala event is to the biblical principles of proper and decent dress: a bastardisation. An epic example or two as factual evidence of what I am saying: 1. The Catholic leadership in the Vatican had the audacity to attempt to alter the Ten Commandments of God in the following manner: – excise the Second Commandment TOTALY–for that commandment prohibits the veneration of idols and the genuflection of worshipers at the feet of man-made idols, a practice that is rife in Catholicism; – listing the remaining commandments (3 – 10) as commandments 2 – 10 by splitting the tenth commandment into two to make up for the missing 10th commandment (commandment 2) and making commandment 10 in God’s original commandments 9 and 10. – the original fourth commandment (which is commandment 3 in the Catholic catechism) has only its first sentence. The remainder of that lengthy commandment is also excised in totality. The excised details in this commandment happens to be the detail that identifies Saturday in the Gregorian calendar, rather than Sunday, as the seventh… Read more »

Kev Allah

Catholicism predates Christianity jackass. You anglos don’t seem to understand that YOU are the problem here. It was ENGLAND, FRANCE AND GERMANY that played with the teachings of the so called Christ.

The Latin origin of the church is a fact of life the Anglos can’t stand. Hebrews comes from Eber aka IBERIA. Those are the portuguese and the spanish. Aka the CASTILIAN EMPIRE. The ones that refused to circumcise their kids and were punished for it. The ones that upheld the covenant with God which was and still is the decision to refuse from consuming animal flesh. We learn everything we know from animals. Every single thing.

History and the industry called science are full of lies and these devils are keeping you in a trance. You can be learning actual truth and you’re wasting your life trying to make sense of madness. This is one giant circle jerk of cowardly lions that roar online what they whisper in real time.

Man up and fight your municipal masons already, for F@CK sakes.

D D d

For example: go for the ones that want to delete public places and services for the caring for old and handicapt, demolish free sportslessons at schools, like swimming or music, But want to push fellow politicians to invest in building a new townhall, or a new anything, just build, .. with your money.

In Arnhem, Netherlands, they have a new building/Trainstation for about a few years. The roof is leaking from the start for years, at several places, but all the organisations and peers nominated it for awards and prices. Ofcourse, it won, several. About some service for the public in the station itself: the architect prohibited the placement of trashcans, as it would destroy the design, the look of it. That one did not hold, fortunately, and, who knows, maybe they collected in church for a new roof, I do not know.?
Over 90 million euro’s it has costed, by the way all this amazing new interesting concrete shait, 40 million over budget.


7 day adventism and saturday only cult are masonic sects to mock the Catholic Church. Sabbath was condemned by God (ISAIAH 1:13). You cannot worship sabbath because the temple of Jerusalem was destroyed already 2000 years ago. 2nd, you cannot worship sabbath because you are not part of the old law (12 tribes of i-s-rael). 3rd, Sabbath or rest day was not changed by the Catholic Church. Sunday is the Lord’s Resurrection Day that is why we are obligated to worship Sunday. S-a-b-bath remains with the j-e-ws. The only pagan, is your prosperity gospel preaching, false end time prophesies, televangelism and naming your bibles from your heretical founders.

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