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The Occult Meaning of Iggy Azalea’s “Savior” : A Wedding With the Dark Side



Taking place inside a church, Savior features Iggy Azalea yearning for some kind of salvation. However, the symbolism of the video implies that the “savior” is Satan himself.

Iggy Azalea is one of those artists that appears to be universally hated, yet that keeps popping up everywhere in mass media. She’s been accused of “co-opting black culture”, of manufacturing a fake Southern US accent, of getting buttock implants to appeal to her target audience, of saying “racially insensitive remarks” and, finally, of making music that is not very good. But she’s there, still a celebrity, and still releasing music. She constantly performs in award shows, is featured in magazines, and her music gets lots of media exposure. Why is that?

Well, Savior says it all. In fact, the symbolism of her entire career says it all. Azalea has always been a “good puppet” and has always fully embraced the elite’s agenda in her act. That allows her to have some sweet spotlight time. But for how long? And at what cost? Savior says it all.

Saving Her Career

Born in Sydney, Australia, Iggy Azalea moved to the United States at age 16. After signing with Interscope records, the elite symbolism quickly followed.

A promo pic early in her career. Hiding one eye using a butterfly: Pure MK symbolism.

Iggy then moved to other major labels but the symbolism always followed her.

The 2013 video “Change Your Life” is full-on of Beta-Kitten symbolism. Here, she’s walking away from a strip club called Cheetah (a reference to Kitten programming) while wearing an all-seeing eye top.

If Chandler was here, he would say: “Could this BE more Monarch programming”?

Iggy’s performance at the 2014 American Music Awards featured a logo that was all about Sex Kitten Programming. The cat has a thunderbolt (representing electroshock torture) splitting its head in half (representing the fracturing of the psyche of MK slaves). The word “power” here is rather ironic as MK slaves are utterly powerless.

In 2018, Iggy’s career needs a savior. However, “being saved” in the music industry means submitting to a very dark force. The video Savior depicts this process in a clear, symbolic manner.


The video of Savior follows a narrative that has been outlined countless times on this site: “Good girl gone bad.” Used on the biggest pop stars such as Britney Spears, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera and many others, this narrative is a constant in the music industry. Using powerful archetypal symbolism, these videos visually depict a path from purity and innocence to darkness and desecration. To portray this, the same symbolism and the same color code is re-used, time and time again, from one video to another, regardless of the artist chosen, to re-enact this visual ritual drama.

In Savior, things are explicitly spiritual. The entire video takes place inside a church and plays on the inversion of Christian symbols – turning the video into a PG-13 version of a  satanic black mass.

The song in itself is about Iggy looking for a savior to get her life back on track. And, according to social media posts, that savior is herself. But there is more going on there.

I feel like God playin’ tricks on me, got a fix on me
Feel the weight of the world like I got a brick on me
Had a dance with the devil and he got a grip on me
I’m just tryna get to heaven, hope you got a ticket for me, huh

As usual, the video adds another layer of interpretation to the song. If Iggy’s savior is herself, why is she inside a church where Christians call Jesus Christ the Savior? Symbolism never lies.

The video begins in classic “good girl gone bad” fashion: Portraying the artist as a pure, virginal, untainted girl before the ritual.

Iggy sits on a bed wearing a white dress representing purity and virginity.

Why is there a bed inside this church and why is Iggy laying on it? Is this where Iggy’s unholy marriage will be consummated? Inside the church? That’s the kind of stuff they do in satanic black masses.

Then the wedding ceremony begins.

Iggy walks down the aisle towards her new mate.

Midway through her ceremonial walk, everything changes and things become extremely symbolic.

Iggy’s dress has turned black – representing her switching to the “dark side”. Like most brides, she’s holding a flower bouquet. However, it is on fire. It is all about reversal.

Throughout the video, most of the religious symbols are surrounded by neon lights. The same neon crosses were also seen on The Weeknd’s Starboy and Kesha’s Praying – which both have profound occult messages. What do the neon lights symbolize?

According to an Iggy Twitter post, the video takes place in a “neon-Cathedral” and portrays a “neo-futuristic religion”. What religion is that? A cleverly disguised, extremely deceptive form of satanism?

Neon lights are usually associated with urban sleaze and decadence: Shady businesses, gambling, strip clubs and so forth. Funny how the neon capital of the world, Las Vegas, is dubbed “sin city”.

In the video, symbols associated with the realm of the holy and spiritual (crosses, halos) are surrounded by these man-made, electric devices associated with depravity. In short, neon lights desecrate these symbols. Last year, I analyzed a movie entitled The Neon Demon and it was all about the occult elite’s rituals in the fashion world. The elite appears to love the symbolism associated with neon lights and the movie’s name says it all.

A mysterious hooded figure waits for Iggy to walk down the aisle. The “bridesmaids” are veiled and wear neon halos. Do neon halos represent the exact opposite of actual halos?

When Iggy removes the hood, she realizes that there’s nobody under it.

The above scene is extremely significant. It implies that Iggy’s wedding is a not with a human – but with an ethereal entity. And, considering all of this reverse symbolism inside the church, one can conclude that this wedding is with Satan. While that might sound ridiculous to some, forced weddings with Satan (or the Anti-Christ) is an actual trauma-inducing ritual used in Monarch programming. In other words, it is something that they actually do. As usual, they are trying to make it look cool using a pop star.

Some people appear to be “seeing the light”. Who are they praising?

The video contains a product placement of something called Monster. The name only adds to the unholiness of the video.

Then Iggy partakes into another symbolic religious rite.

Iggy is baptized by a black-hooded person. Her spiritual conversion is complete.

Then, we see who’s the mysterious figure performing the baptism.

It was Iggy. She performed the baptism on herself. One eye is strategically hidden by the cloak indicating a puppet of the occult elite.

Therefore, after getting married to a spiritual entity wearing a black cloak, she now wears a black cloak. She has internalized the spiritual transformation – she’s turned to the dark side.

The video ends with Iggy’s “praying hands” covered in leather gloves. The hands are somewhat awkwardly spread apart – almost forming a pyramid.

In Conclusion

Savior begins with Iggy Azalea wearing a white dress, then switches to a black one, complete with a burning bouquet and neon halo. She’s yet another artist who starred in a video dedicated to the “good girl gone bad” narrative. Every few months, a major pop star has to release this kind of video and it needs to be viewed millions of times by young people worldwide.

Why is this theme so recurrent? Because it discloses the occult elite’s favorite obsession: To taint and desecrate youth, purity, and innocence. On a wider scale, the elite is looking to shift the entire world to the dark side and, through mass media, it is succeeding at getting people to obsess over everything that is depraved, debased, and evil. A growing number of people are seeing through this crap and are rejecting it, which causes mass media to be increasingly bold, blatant and desperate. The world needs a savior alright … but it is not going to be Iggy Azalea.


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