Occult and Prophetic Messages in Rihanna’s Umbrella


Warning: the analysis of this song deals with disturbing subject matters.

What is Rihanna’s Umbrella song about? First times I’ve heard this song, I was confused. Is it about a woman’s unconditional friendship for her man? Is it a “sexy song”? At face value, it seems so. However, if you listen closely to Rihanna and Jay-Z’s words, you might notice that the lyrics do not make any sense. The vocabulary used in this song is not about a relationship between two lovers. The fact is, Umbrella is about a subject matter that is sinister, dark and disturbing: becoming possessed by evil.

What does “under my umbrella” mean?

In a nutshell, the song talks about a storm that’s about to take place and Rihanna offers her loved one protection under her umbrella. In this song, “You can stand under my umbrella” can have a sexual connotation but it mostly means “You can be under my protection”. When you are under something’s protection, this something has more power than you regarding your own security. You depend on it. It has control over you. IT possesses you. The song is not about love between woman and man, it’s about being protected. It is not an equal relationship. The one that protects basically owns the person that is protected.

Analyzing the song

The first thing that you need to know about the song’s lyrics is that Rihanna sings the whole song but she actually takes on two roles. During the first half of the song, she plays the role of an evil entity that is trying to seduce and possess Rihanna. For the purpose of this analysis, we’ll call this entity the Devil. The second role she plays is herself. So the song is basically a dialog between the Devil and Rihanna. The video of the song makes this very clear and we’ll explain how later.


What is possession?

Possession, in relationship to non-human entities, deals with the phenomena wherein a non-human entity controls the human being through various methods. In possession, the human being cannot think for themselves. Instead, their thoughts are given to them by their possessor. We’ll see how the Devil tries and succeeds at possessing Rihanna in this song. There is a reason why the album is called “Good Girl Gone Bad”.

Jay-Z’s  verse

So the song starts off with a verse of rapper Jay-Z. He plays the role of someone that has already been possessed and already “under the umbrella” of the Devil. Here’s his verse:

No clouds in my stones
Let it rain, I hydroplane in the bank
Coming down with the Dow Jones
When the clouds come we gone, we Rocafella
We fly higher than weather
And G5’s are better, You know me,
an anticipation, for precipitation. Stacked chips for the rainy day
Jay, Rain Man is back with little Ms. Sunshine
Rihanna where you at?


“No clouds in my stones
Let it rain, I hydroplane in the bank
Coming down with the Dow Jones”

So the “storm” is in fact related to the economy and the financial world. “Coming down with the Dow Jones” reflects this situation. The Dow Jones is the main indicator of the health of the stock market. If it plummets, we can talk about a market crash. You’ll notice that the whole song has a pessimistic outlook concerning the future.  Jay-Z is saying “Let it rain”, he doesn’t care about the financial crisis,  he “hydroplanes in the bank”.  In other words, while the bank is being flooded by this storm and people are drowning in it, he’s above the water and surviving the crisis.

When the clouds come we gone, we Rocafella

In other words, when the financial crisis will occur, we won’t be here to suffer through it. “Rocafella” is the name of Jay-Z’s record label. It also refers to John D. Rockefeller and his family, the biggest industrialists in American History and huge actors in the formation of the social-economic world we’re currently living in. Many historians claim the Rockefellers have engineered the crash of 1929 to be able to obtain a stronghold on America’s banking system. Congressman Charles A. Lindberg Sr. accurately proclaimed in 1930:“From now on depressions will be scientifically created.”

We fly higher than weather
And G5’s are better, You know me,

“We fly higher than the weather” means that Jay-Z cannot be affected by the financial crisis because he is above the problem. He enjoys a protection that makes him invulnerable to the storm. The fact that he says “WE fly higher than the weather” implies that a select few can have the same kind of privileges he has. G5 is a kind of private jet so he will live in luxury even when the crisis strikes the rest of the world.

an anticipation, for precipitation. Stacked chips for the rainy day

Jay-Z says here that he was expecting this major crisis (the precipitation) and so he has prepared financially to face it. Seems like he had prior knowledge of the events that would occur in the future. Is he talking about the recession that is happening now?

Jay, Rain Man is back with little Ms. Sunshine
Rihanna where you at?

Jay aka “Rain Man”. He has been possessed by the Devil, contrarily to Rihanna, who he calls “little Ms. Sunshine”. Rihanna is the good girl. Jay-Z is already bad and he is asking Rihanna to join him.

So Jay-Z lyrics have NOTHING to do with love, friendship or any type of relationship. His lyrics are saying that he is part of the “chosen”, the elite, the secret group that cannot be harmed by the trials and tribulations of the “small people”. Even if there’s a major crisis, he’s associated with the very people that make those crises happen, so he won’t be affected. This group, however, bows down and worships evil. If Rihanna wants to be part of them, she has to do the same.

Rihanna’s lyrics

You have my heart
And we’ll never be worlds apart
May be in magazines
But you’ll still be my star
Baby cause in the dark
You can’t see shiny cars
And that’s when you need me there
With you I’ll always share

Rihanna sings this part, but it is actually the Devil talking to Rihanna. He is “sweet-talking” her so she can accept the idea of the Devil entering her body. Here’s how we can translate the lyrics.

I love you
Even if I’m not from your world, I’ll never be far from you
You may be famous and in magazines
But you’ll always be MY star, nobody else’s
Because when you won’t be successful anymore
When you won’t be able to buy shiny cars and material things
That’s when you’ll need my protection
With you I’ll always share my riches

So the Devil is offering Rihanna a lifetime of riches and luxury, even when she’ll lose her popularity and stop generating money from her singing career. Tempting, isn’t it?


When the sun shines, we’ll shine together
Told you I’ll be here forever
Said I’ll always be your friend
Took an oath I’ma stick it out till the end
Now it’s raining more than ever
But we’ll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella

(Ella ella eh eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh)


When you shine from your success, we both profit from it
I will always be part of you
I will always be on your side
I promised you I would protect you and I will do it as long as necessary
Now the financial crisis is afflicting the world
But I’m still here with you
You can be under my protection
You can be under my protection

What’s up with the Ella Ella eh’s? It sounds catchy, doesn’t it? The repetitive and hypnotic rhythm of this chant makes it very reminiscent of magical spells, conjurations or summons.

2nd Verse

These fancy things, will never come in between
You’re part of my entity, here for Infinity
When the war has took it’s part
When the world has dealt it’s cards
If the hand is hard, together we’ll mend your heart


All of your material possessions will never separate me and you
You’re part of my entity, I own you, until the end of times
When the crisis has ravaged the world
When we’ll know the final outcome of the world
If you’re in trouble, me
and you will stop the pain

“You’re part of my entity” is very relevant here because “entity” is not a word in the vocabulary used between loved ones. Nobody will say to his/her lover “You’re part of my entity”. An entity is not human.

An entity is something that has a distinct, separate existence, though it need not be a material existence.

“Here for Infinity” also gives a non-human feel to the lyrics, as if this power doesn’t live or die, it is immortal.

“When the war has took it’s part/ When the world has dealt it’s cards” is a particularly gloomy passage. It basically predicts a terrible event that will strike severely the entire world and that will rearrange the way it will function afterward. Once again, we refer to a huge crisis that is about to occur and the Devil is trying to convince Rihanna to let him protect her.


You can run into my arms
It’s okay don’t be alarmed
Come into me
There’s no distance in between our love
So go on and let the rain pour
I’ll be all you need and more

This part is actually a dialogue between the Devil and Rihanna. It is difficult to notice because there’s no difference in the tone of voice. The video, however, gives a visual clue of the dialogue by reversing the image when Rihanna answers the Devil.

rihaevil rihariha

So, the Devil is telling Rihanna

“You can run into my arms
It’s okay don’t be alarmed”


“You can come and seek my protection
Don’t be scared of the crisis”

Rihanna answers “Come into me” as in “come inside of my body and possess me”

Both Rihanna and Devil say: “There’s no distance between our love”. The Devil is effectively now INSIDE of her, there’s no more distance between them.

And the Devil finishes by saying:

“So go on and let the rain pour
I’ll be all you need and more”


Let the world get what it deserves, I’ll take care of you.

So now that you probably gained another perspective on the song’s lyrics, we can proceed to analyze the video, which carries HEAVY symbolism and confirms the theory of the Devil trying to possess Rihanna. The video also adds a layer of interpretation by depicting the process of possession as a rape.

Analyzing the video


At the beginning, we see Jay-Z with six black-clad women. As previously stated, Jay-Z is already possessed in the song. The six women represent Jay-Z’s thoughts being controlled.


We see Rihanna dressed in black and wearing a top-hat, a visual clue to represent the evil entity, which is masculine. The long, claw-like fingernails give a sense of a demonic, ungodly creature. When Rihanna starts singing, she moves in a sexually seductive way to reflect the Devil’s attempt to seduce Rihanna. He wants to possess her not only mentally but physically also.


The picture above is the explosion we see in the video right after the first verse. This explosion of chrome-colored liquid represents something truly disturbing: the rape of Rihanna by the Devil.


The frame above represents the rape of Rihanna. Dressed in white and thus embodying “the good girl with values”, Rihanna dances while performing defensive gestures. She is trying to protect herself from the chrome liquid, which represents the seminal fluid of the Devil. The liquid hits her a total of 6 times.


We then see Rihanna naked, covered in chrome-colored liquid. Rihanna has been raped by the Devil and covered with his semen. She seems in pain and not herself. On the frame above we see her inside a triangle. This is VERY symbolic. For occultists, an upwards triangle represents the phallus, the penis, male energy. Rihanna is inside the triangle. She is completely “owned” and under the spell of the Devil’s energy.

rihadev = baph

Look closely at the frame above. It appears very briefly at around 2:46 in the video. It is Rihanna on her knees, her head on the floor. It’s also something else: the face of the Devil! It has been made to look like “Baphomet” (see image), who is an intricate part of occult mysteries. You see the two eyes, snout and the antlers. This frame has been digitally manipulated to look like this because it is anatomically incorrect. No human can assume this position in real life. This image has been placed on purpose and only for a fraction of a second. Classic subliminal message.

So Rihanna has been abused and we saw the face of the Devil, so what’s next?


Rihanna has now become the “Bad Girl” dressed in black. She is surrounded by 6 black-clad men (like Jay-Z at the beginning), to represent her state of possession. She dances suggestively with a closed umbrella, which represents a phallus. The Devil has won, he has taken over Rihanna. And she is asking for more. At the end of the song, Rihanna asks her rapists to come into her again. Sick.

It’s raining
Ooh baby it’s raining
Baby come into me
Come into me
It’s raining
Oh baby it’s raining

The “ooh baby” makes it clear that we’re not talking about raindrops falling from the sky. It means she is wet and ready to welcome the Devil again inside her.

The analysis of Rihanna’s Umbrella was to prove the fact that the general public is blind to the hidden messages omnipresent in mass media. Kids from all over the world sing and dance to this song while registering unconsciously the hidden layers of symbolism.




  1. It is said that four weeks after Gautama Buddha began meditating under the Bodhi Tree, the heavens darkened for seven days, and a prodigious rain descended. However, the mighty King of Serpents, Mucalinda, came from beneath the earth and protected with his hood the one who is the source of all protection. KNOW THY ENEMY.

  2. I was so affraid of this video when it released,I didn't understand why is she singing "happy,friendly" lyrics with this dark,twisty video. & I was learning about the cognitive dissonance @ the time but now I truely understand what's it's all about!

  3. Thank you so much for this article. I feel like being sick when I realised what images and symbols and how degrading and sick they are trying to make music. They take everything that should be enjoyable and twist it into a sick twisted version of how they see things. I have met some of these people, these 'high society' people are truly deranged. We should all be aware of their desperate tricks because this is what it is. Believe me they are more scared of us waking up than they are of their stupid symbolism. This is no army of baddies just a sad bunch of losers who have sold their souls to the devil and are desperate to prove they're enjoying it. They aren't and they never will. Look at how we have warned about this from thousands of years ago from all scriptures. This is what satan will say to all those who knowingly ( were awake and aware – not the ones who followed it in ignorance) followed him on the day of judgement ' Verily Allah promised you a promise of truth. And i promised you, but I betrayed you. I had no authority over you except that i called you, so you responded to me. I cannot help you , nor can you help me. I deny your former act in associating me ( satan) as a partner with Allah ( by obeying me in the life of the world). Verily , there is a painful torment for the zalimun ( polytheists, wrong doers – he knows he takes his punishment and says to these sadists don't look to me for protection, you knew I was a liar yet you still followed me). Sura 14:22 Quran . And as so beautifully put in 1 John 4:4 '( Bible) 'You dear children are from God and have overcome them because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in them'.

  4. I think this interpretation gives this song a lot more depth. I don't feel like it's brainwashing people, so much as people don't take the time to broaden their views and see things from other angles. This just gives me a greater feeling that whoever wrote this song is a pretty good artist and loves to give people things to think about, like all great artists do with their works.

    Music is an art form and when a work of art gets people coming up with their own meanings, interpretations and feelings without the artist ever having to TELL anyone what they thought when they made it, it is considered a very successful piece. The video also amplifies my love for this song by proving to be extremely fitting with this article's theory. I applaud you "Illuminati", you know how to make some great entertainment.

  5. Interesting and thought-provoking analysis…just wanted to say though that the pose Rhianna does that you think looks like the devil? It is 100% do-able! I am a plus-sized woman yet I have always been VERY flexible thanks to gymnastics when I was younger and yoga and Pilates now that I'm older…and I can do that pose without any real effort. She has her hands braced on the sides of the triangle, and is using that to keep her head down on the floor and maintain the pose.

  6. OM (ACTUAL) G.

    My mate told me at school because she kind of worked it out with the same picture above of Rihanna in the triangle which represents the devil but I didn't believe her. Reading this has really made me think. How is the devil possessing her? And is she still possessed because all her other video's seem fine and have a meaning of 'love' and relationships and NOT the devil. I hope he doesn't get into anymore, what about lady gaga, she keeps her hand over her left eye in Pokerface, and the devil is meant to have only one left eye. Plus Beyonce.."sasha fierce" fierce might expain her bieng possessed by the devil.

    Could this be the end? Could they take over the world!?

  7. This is a scare tactic. Calling someone "the devil" or possessed, de-humanizes them and if "it" isn't human then a whole slew of disrepectful behavors are allowed and preferable… "kill her she isn't human" "beat the devil out of her"….Get it? She is a human being, a girl and a daughter and a child of God. Maybe she is complex and maybe she is exploring herself and her sexuality through music, but she is free and should be allowed to explore her personal beliefs and have her own experiences, without the world calling her devilish. Calling her these things, possessed… is hate mongering and it's dangerous. This is the crime… this is the devil at work, not Rihanna in an arsty video, because at the end of the video people think nothing really or a singing a silly tune… and at the end of this article people are full of fear. Fear is the seed for a whole lot of evil. People… remember you have nothing to fear ever. God really does protect the soul. Just look at these awful comments blaming Jewish people, and artists. How… painful and cruel. It's practically calling her a salem witch and we all know how that went… innocent women were killed in a mob frenzy of fear. Let's not have history repeat itself.

  8. I just read an article about Kim Kardashian posing on W magazine nude covered in silver paint not completely like rihanna – Kim's head wasn't painted….and I remembered your article I was just wondering on the chrome liquid meaning the r**e of the devil…..where did you get that?

  9. First of all, nice work on this analysis. I wanted to ask how many of you have seen any of Michael Jackson's "This is It"? I caught a few minutes of it this morning, in which was the performance of a song called "They don't really care about us". VERY interesting lyrics there. I encourage you all to look them up.

  10. it all makes sense! GOOD GIRL GONE BAD!? DISTIRBEA!? in the lyrics of take a bow its "cuz this series comin to an END" think of it!

  11. damn . . .. it's so HAPPENINg , what the BIBLE said, what the book of revelation said . .. .My gosh, what has happened to the world ??? :(((

  12. This song was top of the charts in most countries and on the whole a catchy feel good song. I never listened to the rapping closely but whenever I heard about stormy weather and standing under an umbrella I only ever thought of Jesus. God is most powerful. Jesus came to save us ALL, He is our umbrella. Could this not be the Holy Spirit reaching out – comforting and preparing us (sinners like Rhianna, Jay-Z, you, me, etc.) that when bad times come there really is an inclusive umbrella to stand under which is the love of God. Maybe it depends on your perceptions? Perfect love casts out fear. Thank you Jesus that you want to protect us all from this stormy world. I pray Jesus that your brightness pierces through the clouds. Peace.

  13. Your opinion is you opinion, but at the end of the day I could re-analyse the whole of this song with a different meaning. Being a musician myself I know that songs are so easy to interpret in strange ways.

    'This frame has been digitally manipulated to look like this because it is anatomically incorrect. No human can assume this position in real life.' – Come on 'Impossible, a bit far fetched maybe?

    'Rihanna has been raped by the Devil and covered with his semen.' LOL

  14. wow people why does everything always have to involve the devil come on so that means every aspiring artist is gonna start worshipting the devil now i will say that symbolism is real i will say that some are looking too much into it really the devil sperming on rihana really? people please stop looking at things for deeper value than they have and take things for face value as 'ENTERTAINMENT" because thats what it is and thats what it always has been. But i guess the street musicions of medieval times were devil worshipers and occultist too.

  15. Well, after analysing your analysis

    I come to a very obvious conclusion..

    You simply hear what you want to hear…

    (There are no wrong toughts)

  16. Normally I dont dig rock, pop and hip hop videos if they contain morbid imagery. Nevertheless, I think such imagery is sometimes meant to dramatize the internal/external struggle against evil.

    When Rhianna gives the 'ella, ella' reverb it makes me think of the Judean name for Jehova (being ela or elohim). Could she be praying to God regarding the torment that she's experiencing?

    Also when Jay-z says 'no clouds in my stones' I immediately thought of the words of christ:

    'none will be married or given in marraige for they shall be as the angels who do not marry.'

    The reference to his stones might be a slang way of saying that he'll no longer has any sexual desire, due to his salvation.

    I'm sure I dont correctly understand all the terminology and symbolism. Sometimes, though a persons life leading up to and during a religious rebirth can seem like a very dark and morbid experience (due to the confrontation with ones sinful nature). This morbid rebirth is often portrayed in the arts.

    Some people suffer a morbid rebirth/conversion while others experience immediate releif and liveliness. It all depends on our personal psychology or environmental influences. The metallic stuff might be an affirmation of the hazards of reckless sexual activity (and the ironic temptation to have more of it).

    I feel my view is correct because the characters in the song have some sort of asexual devotion toward one another. All the wealth and splendor talk might be a critique of human behavior in general.

  17. G5 is not only the name for an expensive jet, an expensive car and the expensive Apple G5 computer (what I found out: The apple logo, is an apple with bite referring to the bible story with Eve. Satanic mockery!).

    G5 is also the spectral class of our sun what is reminiscent to the sun god Osiris, who also plays a large role in the occult (is he the same as Satan and the rain man?)

    And there's another thing that is disturbing me: The Apple G5 computer is said to have an aluminium chassis. Not all of the computers and other electronic devices have one. A woman on YouTube, Colleen Thomas, maintaining to be a contactee for the humanoid Pleiadians (said to be a part of the Galactic Federation of Light, is this real and are these the good forces? Look for Sheldan Nidle, is that all true and real?) says there will be an enormous electromagnetic pulse shutting down electronic devices, except those surrounded by an aluminium chassis. Michio Kaku predicted on TV an enormous sunflare which could very very probably cause this electromagnetic shockwave destroying the computers. And the 'Applers' could be the winners!

    I also know there are these EMVs in the sun corona of which James Horak speaks as the 'Hands of God' according to ancient cultures.

    What is going on there? It sounds very crazy and unreal, but is this a huge intergalactic or interdimensional* war going on between good and evil? (*interdimensional because some people say these 'demonic' entities (Reptilians/devils/demons) come from another dimension and can overtake human beings (especially aiming at our politicians and the establishment) to make them serve their evil goals to destroy humanity.)

    I'm very sorry, but after getting into this stuff I'm convinced that this not just insane fantasy horror SciFi stuff, but that this is very real, and we are in great danger. But I hope that this good side is also real, represented by that GFL and people like David Icke.

  18. I was never really a fan of Rihanna's and after her ritualistic 'jump in' (her fake beating), I was really turned off from her. She just got way too dark for me. But that was all before I 'woke up' and saw what's really real. I actually break down her life's changes here http://wp.me/p15xJX-4R. I really feel bad for her because she was swooped up and turned out by Gay-Z and Bitchonce. SMH

  19. One tiny problem, though. Rihanna didn't write the song or the lyrics. As I recall, the song was first offered to Britney. Spears passed, so Rihanna took it. Maybe there's a satanic song-writer in LA? 😀

    This is not the first time I've read about this kind of thing with Jay-Z, though.

  20. hey VC what happened to your Disturbia analysis? i never got the chance to read it, although i can look the content and just know now, i would still like to read an expert's analysis….could possibly post it back up?

    p.s i used to love this song and disturbia when i was young, dumb and unaware :[

  21. You all are ridiculous. You you realize that these little pop stars don't read books anymore? Do you really tthink they sit down and say "Oh, HEY! Today I'm gonna write a song about being in love with Satan!" Yeah, that's SO likely. Do you think perhaps someone would just write a song about sharing their life with another person?

    Put down the acid and get a life. Or stop watching MTV if it bothers you so much.

      • Wow… People like you must be really unhappy.

        So, tell me… Who ISN'T singing about having sex with Satan, huh? Cuz I'm pretty sure whatever you listen to, you could make that very same analysis. Oh, wait! Because the group you listen to says "We are a Christian band! We LOOOVE Jesus!", the words can't be twisted to be something evil. I forgot!

  22. rihannahas even admitted to worshiping the devil so all those who are sticking up rihanna here are showin the illuminati that they have suceeded in this mass brainwash oh and FYI it is thier duty to blind peoples eyes and become ignorant of what is placed in front of you. even being cunning to put evil messgs in the songs wen played backwards (no its not wat i want to hear its wat i AM hearing)

    how blind can people be?

    i used to like rihanna but i knew somethin wasnt right with her lately

    jay z gaga beyonce kanye west madonna miley cyrus snoop dogg… THEY ALL KNOW WAT THEY ARE GETTING INVOLVED IN

    satan was in charge of music in heaven. think about it.

    do more research and if ur not convinced then the illuminati has you right wer they want you

    you can giv this the thumbs down and make smartass remarks for all i care its not going to stop me from telling it like it is..

    but oh well you will realise soon enough

  23. I was tracking you until you said the thing about the "ella's" being a magical spell. Then it got a little ridiculous.

  24. Alot of the lyrics you analyzed is part of a Broadway song.

    This songs is an adaptation ; also sang on Glee. But, there is still no doubt that there is a connection between the Devil & Rhianna in this particular video.

  25. Your forensic investigations are awesome! Whether or not the subliminal messages are rubbing off on the public might be a matter of debate. But that in inconsequential. It 'demon'strates that there are individuals who are willing to give, and show, their worship and allegiance to the Devil, or Satan, for exchange of wealth, success, and fame. However this is nothing new. Anyone can ask and receive these things for the exchange of their souls! However in the end they will have to suffer Gods eternal wrath in a place called hell where you will be torment day and night for all eternity with the fallen angels. Big price to pay if you ask me! As for me I will serve the Lord even if I have to scrub toilets with my bare hands in the kingdom of heaven for all eternity for saving a wretch like me.

    Google May 21, 2011

  26. Hi…..i don't this this has anything to do with the economy. Well actually i know this has nothing to do with the economy. Because Humans are not the smartest things..some of use tend to think of just the world as it is.

    Well…. this song to me refers to yes her possesion. ( i can't spell because of my age.) but also the fact that The devil tricks people. He's treachorus lion , seeking to devour us up… Like me. and everybody else. But here for people who chose to see the signs are also part of the Devils game. However i'd like to call him Satan. So to me this songs is about the egyptain sun god Ra , everlasting life even after ammargedon is done. Or rebeling against God. being tooken over because you were mislead… But me In my 11 years of age ( i might of have been 10 i don;t remember when it came out) using my imagination i was dreaming that i was talking to some sort of…demon which is (odd) but not until did i got to New York MM did i actually figure it out. Of course i use my imagionation..it just comes to me. and me growing up in this world find it hard to be good when i really want to be bad… i don't know what i want . I am 13

  27. Gotta tell you a story

    On a cold winters night

    You'll be sailin for glory

    Before you know what is right

    So come over here now

    I got a vision for you

    It's my personal snake oil

    It's just something I do

    I'm the jester with no tears

    And I'm playing on your fears

    I'm a trickster smiling underneath this mask of love and death

    The eternal lie I've told

    About the pyramids of gold

    I've got you hooked at every turn your money's left to burn

    You'll be wanting a contract

    You'll be waiting a while

    I'd like to give you my contact

    But that isn't my style

    Well you only get one chance

    And it's too good to miss

    If I gave a lot to ya

    Then I wouldn't exist

    Greed, lust and angry pride

    It's the same old, same old ride

    The smoke and mirrors visions that you see are just like me

    I'm a banker's face

    With just a letter out of place

    I know someone just like you knows someone just like me

    El Dorado come and play

    El Dorado step this way

    Take a ticket for the ride

    El Dorado streets of gold

    See those over sold

    You've got one last chance to try

    So gone is the glory

    And gone is the gold

    Well if you need a story

    I've come it has to be told

    Well you can say I'm a devil

    And I wouldn't say no

    But out here on the dark side

    Hey, on with the show

    So is told

    Big and bad and twice as bold

    This ship of fools is sinking as the cracks begin to grow

    There is no easy way

    For an honest man today

    Which is something you should think of as my life boat sails away

    El Dorado come and play

    El Dorado step this way

    Take a ticket for the ride

    El Dorado streets of gold

    See those over sold

    You've got one last chance to try

    Iron Maiden – El Dorado

  28. Wow !!! i didnt know 'bout all this.. My brothers,sisters and fwends sing tjis song all the tyme…Well….I fink every one should read this message…its kinda disturbing but very important in this kind of days…

    And Rihanna is kinda scary in a way….

  29. Although Rihanna did not write this..Please take a look at the writters who are all part of the "elite" and are indeed handlers…

    Terius "The Dream" Nash, Christopher Stewart, Kuk Harrell and Jay-Z

    Another thing to think about look at the writters of her second release "distubia" which in itself not only in lyrics and video is STRAIGHT UP in your face telling you she indeed "sell' her soul, giving control to be possessed.

    Writters of Disturbia Andre Merritt, Chris Brown, Brian Kennedy, Robert Allen all who are in constantly showing appreciation to the devil with their gestures and things they wear.

    It was said that the song was not written for Rihanna…I will say even if it wasn't all the people that it was sent to are under the elite, and all went through the same possession.

    Very interesting also choice of video directors….anyways its very evidence that these messages are being promoted and shown in media to OUR KIDS…The first thing these artist say is I'm doing for my YOUNG audience…Promoting what? EVIL, SEX, SEX, promoting pedophamilia….Willow in her new video does very suductive moves she is 10 years old. What about Miley Cyrus on her CAN"T BE TAMED….Sex, homosexuality, and another interesting fact is almost at the end the dancers are by a Goat…Baphomet, this Baphomet symbol, and forms are being shown on almost every single music video we see today done by top artist that our children love, BEYONCE, RIHANNA, MILEY CYRUS, LADY GAGA…and now its UP FRONT not even hidden. They have desensitised our generations of kids including my generation and before that to the point where now parents are ok with their kids immitating artist like Nicki Minaj and what she is saying, how she dresses, into saying its ok for a 15 year old kid to be dancing on a pole. Or wear very dark like makeup almost gothic. Promoting sex everywhere, girl on girl, boy on boy, orgies its everywhere and we are just saying "oh its artistic" its messages that we do intake because if it didn't affect us…how come we came from a generation that before wouldn't even say A$$ on tv to now say everythign plus more. The evident is clear its…the batttle of Good and Evil is evident and it is real…and we can only serve ONE master, you cannot serve both or be in between. We must direct our minds and ears to what is Holy, what is truth.

    There is a children's song I grew up with and it is so true and we must take that not only to ourselves but our children, I will not post it all but it goes a lil something like this…

    OH Be careful little eyes what you see Be careful little eyes what you see

    There's a a Father up above and He's looking down with love,

    So be careful little eyes what you see….

    (it also goes on to..be careful little ears what you hear…becareful little mouth what you say, becareful little feet where you go, be careful little hands what you do)

    Mind control has been in existence since day one…In reality its thing we practice even with our children to get them to do something..It has its different form and its very real…Subliminal messages is never new….and now like i said Evil knows they have done their job so well over generations that now its UP FRONT in your face and you dont' even see it its "normal." How many cartoons mock our Lord God and we still continue to let our children watch it or we watch ourselves. What about mockings done by celebrities and actors who in photos show seductive body language, even kid stars and around their neck a crucifix. That is straight up mocking God and yet we quickly don't register the message that they are trying to send which is FORGET GOD, WE(EVIL) CAN OFFER YOU THIS(RICHES, FAME, MONEY, POWER).

    Evidence is all around us…and God says we must be prepared so we won't fall for their seductive ways, and trickery to abandon God….

    With all that said we also must pray for these celebrities and artists and for humanity…because the battle for us is being played out….and is evident.

  30. I question people that use Wikipedia as a source, even if only for a definition. There are many other free sources to find out the definition of a word that are sponsored and scholarly. Anyone can change the contents of Wikipedia, and that makes me question the validity of your argument. You gave your source, but Wikipedia is not an academic source by any stretch.

    As defined by http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/entity:
    Definition of ENTITY


    a : being, existence; especially : independent, separate, or self-contained existence b : the existence of a thing as contrasted with its attributes


    : something that has separate and distinct existence and objective or conceptual reality


    : an organization (as a business or governmental unit) that has an identity separate from those of its members

    Examples of ENTITY

    1. One division of the company was broken off as a separate entity.


    Origin of ENTITY

    Medieval Latin entitas, from Latin ent-, ens existing thing, from coined present participle of esse to be — more at is

    First Known Use: 1596

    Also, please note the multiple definitions provided. Given the context of the song, I would think the definition leans more towards Definition 1: being, existence; especially : independent, separate, or self-contained existence b : the existence of a thing as contrasted with its attributes.

    Such as stating that the recipient of the song is an intricate part of her as a whole; he or she is an intrinsic part of Rhianna's whole self and she cannot separate the well-being of that individual from herself.

    Now, that can also back you your theory as well, if you apply the definition in terms of who you believe the song is intended for.

    Do the extra research to find valid, academic sources, not pop culture ones.

    I would also be interested to see your sources as to the meanings of symbols. I have found several meanings that contrast with yours, as symbols are multi-functional. Please post where you found your evidence to back your argument.

  31. I have a pic of Rhianna where she is definitely under possession and there is NOTHING glamorous about it. Another disturbing thing about the lyrics to her song "Umbrella" that you did not mention and may not have known but when that song is played backwards which is called "backmasking" it sounds like a demon uttering foul and obscene language. After hearing that, I don't won't to listen to any of her music. I found this on a website which you can google "wake up and face the music". It is the last video…

  32. It is sad that people go through such extremes to gain fortune and fame in this life and do not seek the eternal reward offered only by receiving Christ and spending eternity with him in heaven. It is important for everyone to know that Jesus paid the price for all sin, including making a so called "contract with the devil". Your soul is not yours to sell, you were created by GOD and he calls you his child and Jesus refers to himself as the Bridegroom and his followers (the church) as his Bride. This is important to know because GOD is the aggressor in relationship. He is knocking at the door to your heart. In order to be saved you must open it an accept him and He will be with you forever. It is only after a person believes that all hope is lost, does Satan win. Keep fighting the good fight and may the Lord Bless always.

  33. jus wanted 2 say the meaning of….

    (Ella ella eh eh eh eh)

    Under my umbrella

    (Ella ella eh eh eh)

    Under my umbrella

    (Ella ella eh eh eh)

    Under my umbrella

    (Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh)

    ok…in arabic language

    ella ha illallah …means there is more god than allah…

    n its a great sin……n in this so may b they just meant that

  34. whoever you people are, you're a bunch of pansies. and whoever you people are who believe this bs, you need to think for yourselves. conspiracy theories, they're exactly what they sounds like. they are THEORIES. they are NOT proven and there is NO cold hard proof to support them. it's true, just about anything is within the realm of possibility, but you really shouldn't accuse people of this type of thing without real, hard-hitting evidence. and maybe this is true, and it's to your own discretion that you should believe in it, that is your right. but you are also placing very serious allegations on people you DON'T know and most likely never will. and what's more important is that you are placing these allegations on the faces of entertainment and not looking at the people behind the scenes. you say "oh yea, rihanna, she's possessed by the devil because her song umbrella says so", you don't say "oh yea, rihanna, she needs to get out of that record label because the people she's working for are telling her to sing songs like umbrella". if you truly believe in this bs, you should acknowledge that it isn't the face that does all the work, it's the brain behind the face. please, quit putting stuff like this up here unless you're going to get your facts straight.

    • Oh by the way were all going to die unless we listen to the knock on the door and read the magazine infront of you..even if your in it now… you can still be mislead.

  35. In the movie version of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1, in the Harry and Hermione kissing scene, Emma Watson was topless and covered in chrome.

  36. Hello People, I knew this TRUTH from a video series that explains the whole story of Rihanna and the FREEMASONRY people, It's really SCARY and PEOPLE MUST watch the whole series of *THE ARRIVALS* to understand what's going on on the world!!! PLEASE PEOPLE WATCH THE SERIES, It's gonna help you, as well as your children!

    You can also watch the arrivals series on youtube, love you people, & please live with your religion, peace and love!

  37. …if people say they enjoyed Rihanna before knowing she is a "devil worshipper," then didn't they also enjoy being a part of the devil worshipping in question? Just a thought.

  38. if u people were educated bout jay z. you would know hes diffinately apart of the elite….

    Rocafella* can u be more obvious? LOL. rags to ritches. these music companies take advantage of poor black guys growing up, they probably dont even believe in God cuz of their rough life. so they sign their souls away and become puppets for the fame, fortune, etc…jay z knows how to stay relevant in the rap game. all his lyrics are true. he never lies, very very intelligent guy.

    he has a song named lucifer(lame)

    plus he had three albums to sginify his freemon lame ass degrees. hhaha

    rihanna i used to want to be with you, now i just pray for you .

  39. "La" means NO in Hebrew/Arabic and "Ella(h)" or "Allah" as everybody should know, means GOD. So what she's singing in the Hook means: "Say no to God"

  40. Just to divert your attention from Rihanna for a while and especially to those guys who don't think secret societies do exist, can you explain this????

    A story of two assassinated American presidents-Lincoln & Kennedy

    Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846; John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946.

    Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860; John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960.

    Both were particularly concerned with civil rights; Both of their wives lost their children while living in the White House.

    Both Presidents were shot on a Friday; Both Presidents were shot in the head!!!

    Now it gets really weird.

    Lincoln 's secretary was named Kennedy; Kennedy's Secretary was named Lincoln.

    Both were assassinated by Southerners; Both were succeeded by Southerners named Johnson.

    Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln, was born in 1808; Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was born in 1908!!

    John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Lincoln, was born in 1839; Lee Harvey Oswald, who assassinated Kennedy, was born in 1939.

    Both assassins were known by their three names; Both names are composed of fifteen letters.

    Lincoln was shot at a theater named 'Ford'; Kennedy was shot in a car called 'Lincoln' made by 'Ford'.

    Lincoln was shot in a theater and his assassin ran and hid in a warehouse; Kennedy was shot from a warehouse and his assassin ran and hid in a theater.

    Both assassins Oswald and Booth were assassinated before their trials.

    Now, can someone tell me how two American presidents (who are the only two presidents who openly showed concern about human rights and liberty in US history) have been assassinate 100 years apart,in almost a similar fashion????With so many coincidences?????

  41. ok then… so, your saying that, the majority of the media and world governmentsare now controlled by devil worshippers? well, for starters, the 'flood' your referring to, will probably only happen if the devil realy exists- which is doubted of course by religions, athiests and agnostics alike. This includes myself. If such an event is going to happen, why hasn't it happened yet? and whatever it is, and if the devil is real, then these celebrities will have been lied to and will go down with the rest of us. But are they that stupid? People like to say celebrities are dum and just lucky, but maybe they acctualy made an effort to get here. I mean, it's unlikely they are all crazy, it's unlikely that they would give their lives to the devil for more fame and rihes, is anyone that thick? Anyway, you have to realise also that they are just as human as me or you- we have much capabiltiy to deny many things, and we do, so saying that internationaly famous people are accepting promises from the devil is saying that they were unable to think for themselves about what the bible and people have to say about the devil, decide it's the best thing to do, and let themselves be 'possessed'. I'm sure many of us would never accept a deal from anyone who claimed to be your salvation when disaster comes- we'd die instead, even atheists. Only a fool would accept. Celebrtites aren't fools, they are just very well known. I can't believe such a thing will happen, an evil angel living in an invisible world is real, and has offered to protect celebrities from death, when a massive disaster strikes, being fatal to the world, and that the celebrities would announce their alleigance in such obvious ways for the public to deciffer? If you can do it, then the devil and jay-z are realy realy thick. of course, like i say, Jay-z isn't. Thats why he's famous

    • Seeker: Flood was explained to be a FINANCIAL storm…. the RECESSION! Not a literal one, and you'd be surprised at how many dumb people WOULD practically sell their souls to the devil for a few scraps…. People are unfortunately NOT as smart as you think…

  42. hey i'm pretty sure a gymnast could pose like the way rihanna did in the picture that looked like the baphomet…

    however i do agree that this world is controlled by a few people who own a giant share of the world economy, i wouldn't go as far as to say that these world powers are working together.

    maybe rockerfeller did instigate the 1929 crash, but i guess it's normal to know people do bad things in life. they don't necessarily worship satan…

  43. I think I would rather take songs at face value – not the videos, the songs themselves.

    But here, briefly, I will suggest another possible interpretation – her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown was probably still on her mind and may still be. Could it be that the song and the sexual imagery were a taunt, aimed at him more than anyone else? OR she could have been singing about the bond between them when it was one of love, or what she believed to be love. It is possible that she gave up her virginity to him (or at least slept with him), though I will speculate little on this, as it is her business.

    The images may have served to further occult aims, on some level (though the line between occult and paranoid is thin indeed), but I would hesitate before assuming that the entire music video is Satanistic propaganda. The "magical chant" you speak of could well be a commonly-used musical device – a hook repeated to make the song memorable. Using the title of the song to form the hook "ella, ella" is simple enough, as any rational person can see.

    Let us not forget that the six-pointed star is also a symbol of Judaism – the Star of David; paganism and Christianity have become regrettably connected – the date of Christmas for a start. Essentially what I'm trying to say is that there are countless ways to intrepret songs such as this. That is why we love songs; we can make of them what we will; they are passions, our reflections and our souls being expressed to the world.

    – Alexander, with a different perspective…

    Rate this as you like, but bear in mind one thing as you do so – as you judge others, you judge yourselves.

  44. This is just sad. I like the song. But why would people want to worship the guy who has been prophesyd to loose? At the end of time God will cast the devil into a pit…he will perish! The devil isn't calling you so he can take care of you…he's calling you, as God's loved creation, to die with him. I will never do such, I want to be an artist but once sum1 says sumtin bout selling my sole I'l go look 4 a job at McDonalds instead!

  45. I just wantedto let you know that played backwards the chorus is referring to the God of the Christians, Jews and Muslims, Al Ela (The One God) and backwards it is negating this by adding La before it which means 'No' so she is denying the Creators Existence which accounts with the analysis

    Please Read Author.


  46. I didn't like this song when it first came out, and it scares the crap out of me now that I know what it really is about!

    I can't express the sadness & pain I feel for Rihanna…..I guess when fame is what you're after, you'll do anything to get it. Are these artists blind to the fact they've made a contract with the devil?? Do they not think he's real or something? When they sign their name in blood on that dotted line, do they think that part of the deal is just a joke that will never materialize?? I guess what I'm asking is, how could a person be so blinded as to what they're signing up for?

  47. Well, I actually don't know if I should believe what you wrote altough it seems very believable.

    I personally know that the devil has more power than most people would like to believe.

    One thing that is also conspicuous to me – 6 women in the beginning, 6 times Rihanna was hit by the fluid, 6 men in the end – what's the number, hm? 666 – so what.

  48. rhianna is a devil i hate her now and i loved this song i even had it on ma 4ne god is gr8t i deleted de song before i even read dis its true god protects his kids im under the protecion of god and no devil can come in to me

    those who read this u can come to my church its called living waters just call 1902351358 and we will give the address for you are all welcomed to the house of our father

  49. while i beleive there is symbolism in the music vid, "registering unconsciously the hidden layers of symbolism." I am skeptical that people would somehow unconsciously register a triangle as male. bunch of new agey crap, and no different from any religion.

  50. I read in the newspaper today that rihanna requested that her everything in her trailer should be BLACK, and some of her entourage have stated that she has been reading OCCULT books….but why Rihanna Why?

  51. I have found that if you substitute the word "reign" for "rain" in many of rihanna, jay-z, beyonce, ect. songs, it helps bring clarity to what they are actually talking about.

  52. wow wen i discovered dis i really couldnt believe it…she was a good grl gone bad..i really hope it isnt true because i like her songs most of all singing them..so i dnt wanna have 2 be singing s**t what translates 2 da devil bullshit…i love God n he is forever almighty…da devil is a scummm bag n he dnt belong here real talk…

  53. Well in the chorus ellah means God in Hebrew and in Arabic. La in hebrew and arabic and means no. The translation of the chorus is “la allah ella eh” no God of the muslims no god of christians. Allah is the god of the muslims and ellah is the god of the christians. So no to both.


  55. awesome and insightful report, I know some people will say "this can't be true! But I know them so well! they are so cool and trendy, they cant have given into the dark side" I felt the same way but now I have put away all preconceived notions of what I think I know. there is a reality that we are not allowed to see, the only way to find it is with an open mind and research…

  56. again,it is not about who is possesed,its how can we make cut them loose from the forces of the devil,and how can we prevent some who are in the edge of being converted.like i said God loves us all and i am sure he will make a way for us.

  57. people,keep in mind that some of the people commentin here are satanists,this is not a judgement but its a fact.the devil will send the spirit of disbelieve through them.i just pray that evryone who read this take heat,not of listening to rnb songs bt of his/her soul.Jesus died on the cross so tht we can be saved from such things.his blood didnt shed in vain.i pray tht all the lost souls are saved and for all christians and edditors who get profecies,dont just warn people,also pray for the possesed,it is not yet the end and the lord can still save them.I think is high time we christians stop critisizing and start prayin for our fellow brothers and sisters who need Jesus,most dont like to follow the devil bt they do it because of lack of knowledge.So i erdge you to start praying,because no matter how much the devil trys to manifest himself,we know as children of God tht he has already lost.The holy letters have proffesied this,so lets stop actin confused and go back to the book of revelations and pray to God tht he reveals himself even more to us.He loves us all and i am sure his heart bleeds to see innocent people loosing their souls to the devil.the devil is a lier and he is here to kill and destroy.lets stand for Jesus and act as God's vessels.Lets stop critisizin and fall on our knees and seek solutions from the all mighty

  58. some people have said that the artists themselves aren't evil,if they arent really writing the words and sending these messages.but they have to have some evil in them in the first place if they're letting themselves be taken by it

  59. Hey, you know your not supposed to even celebrate Christmas or Halloween, if your a christian? Search it up. The Pagans/Satanists created human sacrifices on December 25th, centuries ago. The catholic church combines pagan traditions with Christians, because we Christians wanted Christmas on that day to celebrate the birth of Jesus. So the Roman catholic decided to put the two traditions together and name it Christ- Mass. (Scary huh?) I seriously, should stop going to Church. Everything has changed. I have never even heard the Minister preach about sin, or the revelations, and I am 16. I seriously rather go to Sunday School, than sit and hear the minister speak bull about giving, and making me fall asleep every week. I seriously believe in this Illuminati business. Some songs are not as bad as you people make it seem. there will always be music. Are you going to tell musicians to not play musical instruments because it lurks from the evil side? NOOOOOOO. So we must have some common sense, now. Don't believe in everything you read, rather read your bible, and believe everything you read in "it". I am scared, however. I am trying to tell my mother about all this and Barack Obama is not really who he is, but she keeps ignoring the fact ( She is Black, and LOVES OBAMA), and thinks I am indeed speaking nonsense. But I just don't want to see my family and friends, shame God. For i would cry my heart out if they do not make it with me into Paradise. :'(

    i also find it's hard for us as a society to take away media. This is the sad thing. it's hard for me to stop listening to music when every other teenager goes to parties, and have Ipod. So much bad influence, like having sex for fun, and not for love. even though I believe in marriage before sex, I probably won't because it's hard to find a guy who will wait. It's all so hard, and our nation will go down in defeat, terribly. So please help me God, and the people of the internet, to be good friends towards me, and so we can defeat this society together. Why people will choose to go with a reward that only lasts temporarily, when we can choose to go with a reward that will last forever. I'm sorry, but I never wanted to be famous anyways… too shy lol. But my mom always told me "Money is the route of all evil". And till this day it is my favorite quote.

    • I love your comment there's truth in it, so I'm NOT criticizing you, but I just wanted to let you know that although hard to find… there ARE churches out there preaching the truth, so don't be dismayed. A lot of this is overlooked by many, but there are a select few that ARE aware and DO preach the true word of God (1 Peter 5:8). There's a few people out here trying to live by the bible. But it's not God's will for us not to congregate, pray to God and ask for guidance and he'll lead you to the right place of congregation. (Heb 10:25 and 1 Corinth. 12:24b-25)

  60. Watch the video closely around the 1:10 mark-when the 'rain' is hitting Rhianna. Around the 1:14 mark she flicks the water towards the camera and you see a goat's head coming towards the viewer. At first you may not see it but keep watching-the rain very clearly makes the outline of the goat head.

    This is Baphomet-in plain sight.

  61. I totally agree with you because before I read about the your comments this day, always I wondered about the scene where she seems like a demonic head. But about the lyrically part. Why do you consider that it says something subliminal? Maybe they intended to say that we are for one another even if the world falls apart. Is that so bad? Without wanting to ignore your opinions I just ask you why there is everywhere a hidden meaning. Everyone has a different point of view. That's what gives life to things. You can't tell if it is demonic because someone else sees it as glamour and popish. Just that. To your respect now I'd say that it is not coincidence that since music industry become to grow people have become more robots and inactive

  62. I think I got more information…

    Source : Wikipedia

    "Rihanna Curse"

    The song's reign at number one in the United Kingdom and Ireland occurred as the regions were hit by extreme rainfall and flooding, which led The Sun to suggest the two events were related, with the media referring to it as the Rihanna Curse. The UK-based publication adjudged the single brought bad luck to their country, and mentioned the date of the single's video shot which was Friday the 13th, adding further coincidence of the curse.[76] Before the single's release on May 14, the temperature in London, U.K. was relatively high, reaching 20 °C. However, just a day after the release, "severe weather warnings hit the headlines".[76] An article in The Sun it urged readers to join the campaign to knock the song off the chart's top spot, suggesting to readers several other songs to download instead.[76]

    A similar situation occurred in New Zealand, where the song hit number one in the early winter of 2007 as the country was experiencing some of the worst storms in its history.[77] During the weather conditions, Taranaki, Tauranga, and Auckland had experienced tornadoes and flooding in the Far North of the country. Once the single was replaced on the top spot, weather condition almost in the entire New Zealand pacified, although Hawke's Bay was still stormy.

    Is this a coincidence?

  63. I came into this article not knowing the words or the song and went ahead and interpreted it all your way, but in the end it came across sounding like what she is saying is that even if she ends up famous and seems to be in a whole different society stratus, she still wants to maintain her friendship.

    I really can’t speak to the 6 throws of liquid and pyramid – probably is the symbolism you speak of. But the song itself sounds like she really is just reassuring her friend that she will remain her friend and be there for the bad times, and share her successes. I saw the liquid chrome as being symbolic of the sun, like she is sharing her “time in the sun” or success with her friend. As for forever – people always say they will love each other forever or be best friends 4-ever or whatever… obviously forever does not exist. It’s just a nice concept.

  64. she pronounces umbrella : um-ber-ella . now lets do some counting kids, umberella the way she pronounces it is nine letters long. then she says ella ella a a a which is eleven letters long. 9/11 . this along with other things noticed in the video and lyrics makes me suspicious of her. And she is with Jay z who is apparently the most successful rapper ever. It wouldn't surprise me if both of them were involved with some dirty s**t.

  65. OMG! this is all sooo tru. all you people who admire these (evil, sinister) people, please do not be blinded by admiration just because you look up to these people. as a black person, i must say that it is very saddening that the majority of these devil-worshipers are black also. There is only one way out of this tangled up mess. Jesus is the only way. It clearly states in the Bible that in the end times, the world will be full of evil and one man (the anti-christ) will rise and try to also steal people's souls, this so-called anti-christ is the devil's messenger. Dear brothers and sisters, i sincerely urge you to stop being close-minded and please PLEASE be aware. also.. in the bible, it says be aware of what you hear, and say.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! in god's name I beg you to please turn to God in these times of confusion. I'm not tryna say that all the other religions are not right but, Because i'm a Christian, i try to get people to believe in the truth. and all these people running their mouth about the author of this analysis, please, if you don't have something nice to say., don't say anything at all. this man, (as a brother) is tryna warn you of the devil's evil schemes.. so please, reconsider your judgment. and also, please keep the language G-rated.



    Yours in him:


  66. I hope Rihanna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z and many others will repent before it is too late. If they sold their souls to God's enemy, called satan, then they will get also satan's 'reward' when The Lord Jesus Christ will return. And then, sarcastically, the hell scene, pictured in Rihanna's Disturbia video, will become realtiy for these people, only then for eternity and no way to get out ever. Their money, fame, power, arrogance etc cannot save them a bit from the pain and agony they must face in hell. Their sins have condemned them. Even if Beyonce would say to The Lord as Judge : "Didn't I sang for You at church" , He will respond to her : "Go away from me you evildoer". Please Lord God, show them that their are on a path to eternal condemnation and that there is a way out in Your Son Jesus Christ so that they might be saved and may live with you in peace in heaven.

  67. I don't know if you mentioned this. It's been a long time since I read this article. But I had a theory that the Umbrella could be a reference to the pentagram. At first I thought I was reaching, but then if you pause the video at 1:23, there's little doubt about it.

    Also, all of these songs we have been talking about, from beyonce's to lady gaga's to rihanna's, Jay-Z's and Kanye West, have some kind of chanting in them. All of them. Creepy.

    • Yes, I've noticed all the chanting in all of these artists' songs….I can't even listen to "Bad Romance" anymore, which used to be one of my favorite songs and videos. I literally would listen to it 20 times in a row, no exaggeration. I can't believe how naive I was in thinking Gaga was singing just about a toxic relationship. lol.

      But yea, anyone who comes across this post….if you're not sure what we're discussing: Vigilant explains that illuminati artists incorporate chanting in their music as occult symbolism. Want some examples? Check out these songs….

      1. Bad Romance…Lady Gaga

      2. Disturbia…Rihanna

      3. Power…Kanye West

      4. Walking On Air…Kerli

      5. On to the Next One…Jay Z……and there are plenty more!

    • ..I heard it was written by the Pope.. hm, dang.. guess they could say anything to us, doesnt mean we should believe it..

  68. I think this is very very convincing and obvious, but I can only wonder if the artists who fall victim to this are even aware before it happens?

  69. What can I listen to now… I love listening to music, but now that I know that close to 95% to most music is Satanic, this include gospel music, what can I listen too???

    I've also lost some respect for the artists who sold out for such small and useless gifts as money, popularity and wealth. I mean I used to love the song Halo by Beyonce but then I listened to it a 2nd time and I was like s:*( this song is evil. I used to be able to listen to song lyrics only, and chose whether or not I like it or not, by the vibe I got, when I was little, 4-6. Then I think I must have just gotten lazy, and brainwashed by media. It used to be the same with most of my friends, but now they understand that a lot of the people out their who control the media are filled and consumed with sinister thoughts and spirits.

    Can you please analyze Halo, by Beyonce. I may understand it is EVIL but I want to truly understand why. Because you need to know your enemy inorder to defeat them.


    • Your very misinformed. You think rihanna did this all her self? That she wrote, directed, produced, and financed this video? She's just a entertainer puppet for the music industry. They tell her what and when to do something. And someone else wrote these lyrics. Most singers have someone else write the lyrics to their song. Jay-z has openly confessed that he doesnt write his songs.

  71. if getting reach will mean joining an occultic kingdom then i should die poor Rihanna i heard you as from today henceforth

  72. i believe that this is a satanic songs since rihannas is bening possesed by satan…and we shud all wake up against da new world order.. …JEws Chrisains and muslims have the same god and same message but zionist have reshaped the face of true christianity…!!!..Wake Up Every!!

  73. Okay so you talk about the devil and the real rhianna. Do you know that the devil would more likely posses a white cat rather then a black one. And you said that someone's body cannot be like that (with arms up body down.) You'll be amazed what people can do with their bodies. Just because you cant do it. I mean I cant touch my toes without bending my knees. Are you saying anybody who can is symbolzing a demon?

    • gabe.. are u serious? your rant has no backbone to it. Your example of I cant touch my toes without bending my knees has no merrit. Your arms WILL NOT bend that far back. period. Unless your double jointed, maybe. I seriously doubt rihanna just happens to be double jointed. And with the black and white thing, your thinking into that waaaay to much. Just look at it on the surface for what it is… It seems your 'reaching' for ways to discredit his research. Have an open mind about things. Good day

  74. Your assuming that Rhianna was raped, yet you say that the devil was dancing seducely it might have been willing, it was at the end of the song.

  75. OK OK vigilant citizen i love reading your stuff. Alot of the artists you talk about i like and listen too but the truth is the truth……as far as this article goes this is the first one i read that seems like your just reaching. I mean the video has symbolism no doubt but the lyrics are just good lyrics. When i read your interpretation of the lyrics it doesnt fit what was just said if that makes since. Im still a fan but im just telling like it is

  76. I was watching videos on you tube. So many artists have said they are "rain man" in their lyrics! One that I remember was a country song and it mentioned a man appearing with a magic wand called the rain man. This is too scary! Then I saw clips of rihanna performing umbrella and she has a checkerd back ground in one and in the other performance she's in the middle of a dang triangle!

    I also say the "all seeing eye' in sooo many music videos, again, hidden in plain sight!

    Vigilant Citizen, I want to thank you. I never thought of myself as a closed minded person, but I also never thought of evil as being so massive. I just thought people could be mean, but now I feel like im in a cartoon where the villian is on a mission to rule the world. Its sad. I've been battleing my own demons and when I shared this site with my mom she shares with me that my grandfather I only met a few time was a member of the Freemasonry and he had a ring he wore and bragged to her about only certain intelligent people could be part of such a thing. My fathers side of the family is or was involved with black magic and im so worried that it may linger in my blood, but now im aware of the massive evil that consumes this world.

    Thank you

  77. I also feel that Rhianna's "Umbrella" was her initiation to the cult.

    Jay-Z introduces her and and walks her step by step through the process and for the final step it was a verbal agreement depicted in a song that binds her to the evil.

  78. So what I'm thinking is that the moment Jay-Z joined the cult is the moment his brand Rocafella came out. He was probably promised money then as he says in "Run this town" and he used "Rocafella" on purpose as a symbol that he is above all the financial depression to come. I have too many theories on this because most the stuff they say on all their songs are beyond obvious on what they are talking about. What I don't understand is how people don't realize "Wait a minute, that doesn't make sense".

  79. personally i think u are thinking to hard about this i mean i don't think rihanna or her producers or her dance instructor thought up all of this..but disturbia is wierd song and that one is overrated…but i think Umbrella is about friendship and sheltering a friend and being a good friend and the world may have fancy cars and all but all that really matter is love…i mean in everything thing you watch you could twist it and make it look evil like a song about friendship and love being about the protection of Satan of something..idk i just thought i would bring a different prospective to the table.goodanalysis though.=)

  80. Honestly, I think Jay-Z has been perpetuating this image of being an Illumanitus on purpose, along with all his prodigies. He is a rapper who has always prized himself on his material posessions and his status. Even though this is common in rap, he seemed to have nothing else of interest to say. I also don't believe he really sold that many albums himself, he is frankly not very talented. More likely he is a big time drug dealer who uses music as a cover. Anyways, for someone who flaunts materialism and social status as much as he does, what would be more impressive than being part an uber-powerful secret society that every half-wit on the internet is afraid of? I don't think Jay-z is really part of any illuminati, but he is f*****g a*****e with a lot of drug money, and probably enjoys the idea that people think he is illuminati, even though you can smell his uneducated, ghetto ass from a mile away, no matter how many diamonds and platinum he laces himself up in.

  81. The simple thing there is that so many people has been led astray by these entertainment stuff, I really don't know if I should say this is mere and share ignorance. For example lady GaGa(telephone) their is so much mystery to uncover there.

  82. You totally over analyzed this song. Usually the first song is innocent to get people drawn in, then they turn more disturbing (Lady Gaga, "Just Dance", then the other ones.)

  83. No, idiot, the baseballs covered Rihanna. They are a NEW rockabilly band from Germany. They purposely made a video that looks like its from the 1950's, but they are a goofy cover band from today. Please don't post such stupidity.

  84. I never did understand the concept of rihannas disturbia lyrics….wierd

    Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum

    (Whats wrong with me?)

    Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum

    (Why do I feel like this?)

    Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum

    (I'm goin' crazy now)

    Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum

    No more gas, in the red

    (Can't even get started)

    Nothing heard, nothing said

    (Can't even speak about it)

    All my life on my head

    (Don't wanna think about it)

    Feels like I'm going insane, yeah

    It's a thief in the night to come and grab you

    It can creep up inside you and consume you

    A disease of the mind it can control you

    It's too close for comfort

    Put on your brake lights

    You're in the city of wonder

    Ain't gon' play nice

    Watch out you might just go under

    Better think twice

    Your train of thought will be altered

    So if you must falter be wise

    Your minds in disturbia

    It's like the darkness is the light


    Am I scarin' you tonight

    Your minds in disturbia

    Ain't used to what you like

    Disturbia, disturbia

    Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum

    Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum

    Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum

    Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum

    Faded pictures on the wall

    (It's like they're talkin to me)

    Disconnection, no one calls

    (The phone don't even ring)

    I gotta get out, oh

    Figure this s**t out

    It's too close for comfort

    It's a thief in the night to come and grab you (uh huh)

    It can creep on inside you and consume you (uh huh)

    A disease of the mind it can control you (uh huh)

    I feel like a monster, oh woah!

    Put on your brake lights

    You're in the city of wonder (city of light)

    Ain't gon' play nice (ohh oh)

    Watch out you might just go under

    Better think twice (think twice)

    Your train of thought will be altered

    So if you must falter be wise (be wise)

    Your minds in disturbia

    It's like the darkness is the light


    Am I scarin' you tonight (Oh, oh)

    Your minds in disturbia (Oh)

    Ain't used to what you like (what you like)

    Disturbia, disturbia

    Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum(ba da da de din da)

    Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum(ba da da da din daa)

    Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum(Disturbia)

    Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum (Ohhhh, oohhh)

    Release me from this curse I'm in

    Tryin' to maintain but I'm struggling

    If you can go-o-o-o-o-o

    Think I'm gonna ah ah ah ah aah

    Put on your brake lights (ohhhhhhhhhh)

    You're in the city of wonder (Ooh, yeah)

    Ain't gon' play nice

    Watch out you might just go under

    Better think twice (Better think twice)

    Your train of thought will be altered

    So if you must falter be wise (if you must falter be wise)

    Your minds in disturbia

    It's like the darkness is the light (Ah ah, yeah)


    Am I scarin' you tonight (Ah ah, yeah)

    Your minds in disturbia (Disturbia)

    Ain't used to what you like (aaaaahhhh)

    Disturbia, disturbia (Oohohhohohhhoh woahh)

    Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum (bum ba da din daaaaa)

    Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum (bum ba da dida di daa)

    Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum (ohohhohohohh ohhh)

    Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum (ohohoh oh ahhah)


    The loser, microphone abuser

    Feet hurtin’, I just walked from Jerusalem

    So you should get on the side with the movement

    I’m the proof and I’ll die just to prove it

    What you wanna know? Anything, whatever

    I can’t tell ya, I can show you better

    Me-me and my gun, we took an oath together

    Said I would never die if we both together

    Yeah, this is my testification

    I’mma Wayne on their heads like precipitation

    And in hell, you-you need justification

    But-but for me, it was just a vacation

    Aha, yeahh

    [Chorus – Shanell]

    Somebody tell me when’s it gonna end, where’s it gonna end up

    Runnin’, runnin’, runnin’, runnin’, runnin’, runnin’ ohhhh

    When’s it gonna end, where’s it gonna end up

    Runnin’, runnin’, runnin’, runnin’ ohhhh

    [Verse 2 – Shanell]

    I lost all my money, I lost half my mind

    Can’t find my direction, where’s the finish line?

    Could I be that far away from it all, how far to go?

    If I stand for it all, then I shouldn’t fall

    [Verse 3 – Lil Wayne]

    Uh, but if I fall, I fall up and let the clouds hug me

    And if I fall down, I bet I hit the ground runnin’

    Bet you searched and found nothin’, looking for the finish line

    Stop shortcutting, you f*****g up your finish time

    S**t… but every twice in a while, it feels like I’m runnin’ and life is the miles

    Yeahh, but until the lights dim and down, I be runnin’ around…

    Runnin’, runnin’, runnin’

    [Chorus – Shanell]

    Somebody tell me when’s it gonna end, where’s it gonna end up

    Runnin’, runnin’, runnin’, runnin’, runnin’, runnin’ ohhhh

    When’s it gonna end, where’s it gonna end up

    Runnin’, runnin’, runnin’, runnin’ ohhhh

    [Verse 4 – Shanell]

    Counting all my pennies but it doesn’t add up

    At the mercy but some how it ain’t enough

    Reading all the red lights trying not to give up

    But I don’t know how long it’s gonna last ohh

    [Verse 5 – Lil Wayne]

    It’s almost over now

    I say it’s almost over now

    The end is getting closer now

    Better do what your suppose to do

    ‘Cause the world is oh, so short to die

    [Chorus – Shanell]

    Somebody tell me when’s it gonna end, where’s it gonna end up

    Runnin’, runnin’, runnin’, runnin’, runnin’, runnin’ ohhhh

    When’s it gonna end, where’s it gonna end up

    Runnin’, runnin’, runnin’, runnin’ ohhhh

    [Outro – Shanell & Lil Wayne]

    Where’s it gonna end?

    Where’s it gonna end?

    Runnin’, runnin’ out

    Yeah, I’m runnin’ outta time

    I’m runnin’ out of space

    Feel like I’m runnin’ round

    But I’m runnin’ the place

    We all in the race

    I’m just another sprinter

    If there’s no finish line

    Then who’s the real winner?



    You better lose yourself in the music, the moment

    You own it, you better never let it go

    You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow

    This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo

    The soul's escaping, through this hole that it's gaping

    This world is mine for the taking

    Make me king, as we move toward a, new world order

    A normal life is borin, but superstardom's close to post mortar

    It only grows harder, only grows hotter

    He blows us all over these hoes is all on him

    Coast to coast shows, he's know as the globetrotter

    Lonely roads, God only knows

    He's grown farther from home, he's no father

    He goes home and barely knows his own daughter

    But hold your nose cuz here goes the cold water

    His hoes don't want him no mo, he's cold product

    They moved on to the next schmoe who flows

    He nose dove and sold nada

    So the soap opera is told and unfolds

    I suppose it's old potna, but the beat goes on

    Da da dum da dum da da

  87. You ppl are something else. Why must you bring relition into everything. I understand that all are entitled to their personal opinions but if you have such a problem with your children listenting to this artist and others, then you should take action. This is called entertainment for a reason. the artist has done exactly what they are paid to do, capture your attention. So as you sit here complaining and degrading them, all you are doing is keeping them paid, b/c they have captured your attention.

  88. i dont know if this it true…….theres a dvd that talk about religion…politics….and alot of other things and it pointed out the "IN GOD WE TRUST" on the dollar bills. at one point it even says G.O.D = GOLD. OIL. AND DRUGS…..ITS MUCH DEEPER..I CANT EVEN EXPLAIN…..IT GOES WAY BACK TO THE FOUNDING FATHERS OF THE U.S.A……..THERE IS ALOT THEY DONT TELL US….THEY CONTROL EVERYTHING FROM WHAT YOU LEARN IN SCHOOL….TO WAHTS IN YOUR FOOD……..RESEARCH

  89. YES!! I recently watched a DVD that talks about this secret society behind all this entertainment. i think its called THE TRUTH not sure what its names but it gives out some crazy info on all these topics… YES! I DO BELIEVE THIS IS TRUE! i have been doing more research on this stuff and the more i search the more i find….they use these entertainers to brain wash everyone especially the youth ….through fashion….music….movies and much more….even the entertainers are victims…..its all being controlled by a HIGHER POWER……."THE ELITE" its all linked together we are all being controlled. I CANT EVEN DESCRIBE HOW DEEP THIS STUFF IS….ITS SICKENING….ITS SCARY, AND THE CRAZIEST THING ABOUT IT …IS THAT MOST PEOPLE WONT WANT TO BELEIVE IT. THEY ARE CAUGHT UP IN ALL THIS BS…….why do u think tupac was murdered….he knew too much about this stuff..HE WAS NOT ALL FOR IT , BUT WAS IN TOO DEEP….. check out the lyrics to RUN THIS TOWN WITH JAY Z RIHANNA AND KANYE….EVEN THE VIDEO LOOKS CRAZZY….AND THAT DYNASTY "DIAMOND" HE THROWS UP HAS ALOT OF MEANING BEHIND IT…ALOT OF FAMOUS PEOPLE THROW THAT UP…THEY ARE ALL PART OF THE SECRET SOCIETY…THEY ARE PREPARING US FOR THE NEW WORLD ORDER….EVER THINK THERE IS MUCH MORE TO LIFE THAN WORK N PAYING TAXES…..THEY KEEP US BUSY SO WE WONT KNOW THE TRUTH…SLAVING FOR THEM . ALL THIS WAR….DISEASE….IS ALL CREATED AND SUPPORTED BY THEM. IF MONEY IS MAN MADE WHY IS THERE SO MUCH CHAOS…POVERTY…I HATE EVEN THINKING ABOUT IT BECAUSE IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS. POPULATION CONTROL. and for those who dont want to even consider this stuff…..your already mannipulated and blinded…its so sad. DO MORE RESEARCH.

  90. i always knew that this song and disturbia especially , had a twofold meaning if u could call it that.

    i know nearly all records done by most big name artist are actually blessed by powerful satanic worshipers before they are released .

    going far back even the beatles used to do it !

    but the scary thing is so many ppl are being sucked in

    we dont realize it now but even the little symbols in movies young children are picking up .

    when they see terror and demons in the future which they probably will they wont be frightened

    because all there life they have been conditioned.

    and thats is what ppl like rihanna and jay Z are doing ..conditioning .

    i dont think when rihanna says

    "come into me dont be alarmed "

    she is alarmed about the world

    like everyone she is alarmed at entering everything that her concience is against and she knows it

    she is frightened to let herself go frightened of what she will become and where she will go .

  91. this issh is crazy…..this is scaring me, and im sick and disgusted..with rihanna, and every one else who is into this occult…i will now and forever be aware of who i listen to

  92. To be honest, I always wondered how Jay Z predicted the economic crash with those lyrics before it happened, but I still didn't buy into any of this until I got to the part where Rihanna forms herself into Baphomets head.. okay that one is weird. You got me there.

  93. You know, I have just began to educate myself about the Illuminati and I must say that Jesus is coming soon. The devil knows that he is running out of time and so are we who call ourselves christians. We need to be educating our children as well as the parents who buy them this type of music about the hidden occult symbolism. All I have left to say to everybody is GET RIGHT OR GET LEFT!!!!!!!!!

  94. oh and also the devil will try to make us come to his side ON the day of judgement and it’s up to us to decide as it can’t mess with humans free will.

  95. hi.. yeah the devil has one eye. the only reason free masons think that they will be protected by the devil is because the BIG CRISIS the masons keep mentioning is the day of judgement which the WHOLE WORLD WILL witness. the devil says it will protect them from that. the devil has power but not as much as allah as allah made the devil.

    from a muslims point of view 😀 x

  96. it's just common sense…. song about lovers and partly sexual …

    "it's raining" – she's wet

    "umbrella" – panties

    "come in to me" – you know what LOL

  97. kojo, shut the F*** up about the Jews. Just b/c they're not christians doesn't mean that they're bad people. You are uneducated, obviously. You probably think that Hitler was even sane! One day everyone will realise that you shouldn't care about anyone else's beliefs and religion but your own. Shut up, OK? You probably know nothing about the Jews, anyway. Stupid pig.

  98. I totally agree with post #432……….you're interpretation of Umbrella is totally baseless and doesn't concur with the teachings of the Bible. That post made one of many good points about the so called "look" of the devil, that we humans are so enfatuated with. Baphomet was the goat headed image created by a painter back in the early 19th century who interpreted what HE thought, the devil looked like and we've been convinced, ever since, that that is the image of the devil, when the Bible states that the devil will come in common form and be beautiful to look at, not hideous as we've been lead to think. Obviously she's on a path not pointed towards the pearly gates currently, but a satanist? I think not.

    I honestly believe that the devil is identified by his or her deeds, not by his/her looks, because he/she will look just like us.

  99. I don't doubt what's going on here! Not one bit! MANY stars are into the occult. Jay-Z is a fan of Aleister Crowley, who was once dubbed the most wicked man in the world. He was a satanist/black magician, and he mixed in sex and drugs, too. Crowley wrote books, saying the words, "Do What Thou Wilt". He said "It should be the law". Jay-Z has been wearing that t-shirt for a long time! I'm sure many people have seen it. Crowley was totally into demonic incantations and everything associated with satanism and the occult. He even molested young children!! If Jay-Z is involved in something, there's gotta be an occult connection!

  100. I cant believe someone took time enough to actually analyze this. This fad of occultic sympbols and devil worshipping artists faded in the 80's and so what if she does? I seriously think some of you so called Christians need to get a life because the only excuse you can find to listen to 'the devils music' is so you can analyze it.. yeah analyze..

  101. this is truely abnoxious.dat people wld want money soo much to the extent of worshipping the devil jux to get fame and wealth ;u c the bible says we shld anxious for nothing but rather seek ye first the kingdom of GOD and all shall b added unto us.

  102. Man, it's crazy how the people who try to refute the truth in this, are the ones whose IQ levels are evident by the words they spell wrong. They can't even present a valid argument against your findings because they sadly, are amongst the "ignorant masses" that are being led by the nose by the entertainment industry. When you're giving facts, and they respond with opinions like "You're Jealous"?? What is this world coming to? Oh, wait, I know. It's coming to a close. REALLY, REALLY SOON!

  103. ps. vigilant….thank u so much for informing the world on this subject matter…… God Bless =)

  104. now, more than ever, is the time to believe in Christ and accept Him as your Lord & Savior……it's always better to be prepared than to fall short and find your soul burning in hell….

  105. Distrubia video is so "possesed".I mean ..just look at it, it scares me.Or the famous single "rude boy" she's talking about sex ,wild sex a sign for devil.I just watched a movie ."eye shut wide" they couldn't finish the movie because the producer died 2 weeks early from the official release , the movie don't even have a end.just watch it

  106. she is just such a bait devilosh person i mean theres a hair style of her like a goats hair WHICH IS DEVILISH

    and she whers black and white things DEVILISH and shes also a freemason with Jay Z (who is also a devil worshiper)

    so i mean she is jjustt so flippinnn devilishhH!!!

    sham though cuz i really LOVE her songs! there are so amazing and catchyyy

    shame thoughhh but she still is a bait pmeee!

  107. thank you for showing the spirtual side of the music.. I am 23 ans a christian and came out of listening to secular music and this just opens my eyes even more to Gods truth..

  108. While I enjoy your interpretations of music, it gives a different outlook, it in no way means that is that the song is about. I could easily just come up about how this song is probably about sheep

    Theres a few things that dont quite add up with your interpretation, and people do this all the time,

    but you basically force the reader to believe you know alot. Now, let me say that I believe you are very well informed on Occultism and Illumnati and such. The first thing is the position of Rhianna in the triangle.

    I don't know if everyone can do it, but, I can do that position. Might not be comfortable, but it is definitely not impossible. Plus I have to say that the resemblance of the devil and her in his stillshot is very, very, loose.

    Sure others will agree, yes the devil is obviously there. She deliberately did that. Well, no, you believe that because you were drawn in already on the story how Rhianna has devil jizz on her, so your easy to believe that.

    Next thing, if it were so intentional to have the devil and Rhianna trade verses to each other, why is the devil not in black? She's dressed in white, and the only thin is that the image is reversed. You might think its not a big deal, but lets just assume that this was the intention of the video/song of Umbrella: Rhianna gets f****d and posses by lucifer and she's so in heat that she wants more. Okay. Thats cool. Then we'll have GOOD Rhianna in WHITE, and the DEVIL in BLACK. Sounds good enough to me. Makes sense? Sure does.

    So why couldn't production simply have dark Rhianna and good Rhianna converse with each other, This means Rhianna in Black, and reversed image of Rhianna in white. If you say it's because they didn't have time, well, Come On. They sure as hell had the time to add all the other symbols and references. Why the hell couldn't they get wardrobe right? It's small but its a major pitfall to your theory. It's tragic because know you get people to think that some talented people are devil worshipers. Interpretation is what it is, an outlook on something. Many have their own, and some more feasible than others. Sometimes there is no right or wrong. And also, which is actually more so than not, theyre just coincidences and thats all.

    Don't get me wrong, I enjoy what you write, and I really thought the whole Devil and Good girl were really insightful. It was a very different outlook on the song. But this song is just not about possession of the devil. It's just not.

  109. Very nice:) I like it. But people we have to consider this. Right now everybodys talking about. All these celebirtys and getting into stuff they don't need to get into. I mean I even heard a select few made up some sort of relgion. Made it up! :/ But the worst thing we can do is hate them. Yeah I probally won't listen to that song ever again. And I have doubt about her now but I don't hate her. Just like I don't hate all the other celebirty even though some deserve it. Hollywood isn't like everyone thinks it used to be. But what we really need to do is pray for them and the people that follow the, and idolize them. It's sad to know that these celebirtys have rolemodels and this is what they are teaching them. But just pray and hope that God will let them see the error of his ways.:)

  110. why did she do this she no that she is wrong she shall be cursed many times and thats that she knows she is wrong for that worshipping the devil i thought that she was gone be one of my futer wife for get her

  111. I totally agree with you! It makes sense. She isn't even famous before Umbrella.

    I've been singing along to Rihanna's Umbrella for so long. Now I know.

    And you, some of you non-believers, STOP BEING SO CLOSED MINDED! Its so obvious sex sells and all that and the media is trying to hypnotize you, so please! Its a sad and sick world out there.

  112. Honestly I don't think anything of her being possessed by anything, many famous musicians, actors, and writers use occult symbolism in there work. Oh and one more thing in the picture with Rhianna looking like a five pointed star and the "devil" right next to her, that's actually Bathomet the alter to Lucifer the "light bringer"




  114. ALMOST FORGOT: i know everyone recalls the chris ‘beat her down’ brown episode. i think it was staged. i believe it was apart of rhi’s initiantion — and chris b was apart of it. remember the terrible photo released? she had two perfect ‘devil knots’ on her head! i think chris b was supposed to be initiated as well, but when the photo was leaked, his image was too far sullied — and rhi is more valuable than he, so they ‘saved’ her. i think part of chris b’s bitterness lies within the fact that he didnt ‘make it’ and she did.

  115. also — PLEASE look into the chris brown/rhi story. i always wondered at those 2 perfect 'devil knots' on her head…

    i think they were involved in an intiation that went wrong, and someone had to lose. i think chris b is bitter that rhi 'made it' and he didnt….

  116. I always enjoy your articles, Vig. Well researched and written. Fun fact: around the time this video came out, there was media mumbling that jay was messing around with rhi. Supposedly bey was upset about it. After reading this article, a new picture is definitely painted. Jay was initianting rhi — plain and simple. No way would bey refuse that — how can she?? I think the media conjured (ha) up the infidelity story so as to deflect from the real issue – satanic ritualistic initiation. Notice how this little 'dalliance' did not hurt jay's, bey's, or rhi's career…

  117. This is an incredible analysis of some of the dark inner workings of the entertainment industry. Can you do a general analysis and a tie together for the illuminati and all of its effects within but not limited to the music industry, television and movie industry, and big events like Oscars etc?

    That would be amazing, you are such an amazing writer and analyist. Looking forward to it.

  118. Well done, I am moved, shocked , and sad.

    Jesus Christ is the one true God, and nothing else comes before him!

  119. just gonna say one thing…

    disturbia wasnt second single…was one of the last of the album…

    even it was a song from the reedition of good girls gone bad one year later plus some months of the releasement of umbrella…

    get your facts straight before anything

  120. WELL TENISHA its just a ——————–video im sure if u watch some other singers video they change their freaking costumes u just hate tha woman

  121. Man, I can't believe she use to be my favorite Rn B singer. It's good n all for you to put that out there, but i dont think it's a good idea for anyone to be exposing people.

  122. I know people say they don't believe or refuse to accept that they worship the devil but explain me this, If she doesn't worship the devil then explain her in the video Rockstar. Why is she dressed like that in the center of a pentagram? Satanic all they way. People can chose to keep their eyes closed to the truth because it sounds good but the bible says that many will be decieved with the truth right in front of them so continue to do what you do because Gods word is the truth and infallible and HELL is real rather you accept it or not.

  123. ^ this dude is probably a freemason. Jay's rapping about Rockefeller and his clothing line bears the same name and he often makes a triangle out of his hands in his performances and holds it up to his eye or the light – don't be stupid! They think we're all dumb sheep so they do this all in the open.

  124. This song wasn't written by Jay-z or any of his associates. Originally, it was written for an artist in the UK named Taio Cruz before Jay stole it and gave it to Rihanna, therefore i think your lyrical analysis is highly debatable and wrong.

  125. Hey,

    About Ella Ella… I just wanted to add that Elah is the aramaic (= Aramaean's language and Jesus language) name for God.

    + translation of God in Arabic (for muslim and christian Arabs) is Allah.

    Sounds familiar ?

    So repeting this is a form of blasphemy (like waring a cross while naked)

  126. I believe it. The devil image frame you explained is undeniable. May Allah bless you for posting this. Devout and honest christians muslims and jews need to fight this evil together. Unfortunately there are occultists in our ranks. A group of rich pagans guided by Satan are keeping the pagan religions/mysteries of old alive in their fraternities. They know they cannot deceive the majority into accepting their twisted religion so they keep it secret and delude them into atheism and self ego worship so they are easy to control. There is a conspiracy out there and zionism is part of it. They want to build a third temple for their future one eyed king, the anti-christ or dajjal that prophets warned us about. Rihanna, Jay-z, the Rockefellers and the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, etc. are in on it. 9/11 was staged like many other terrorist attacks in history by the CIA. It's so twisted it's almost difficult to believe, but the devil is real, evil is real, and this world is the battleground of good and evil before the judgement of death.

  127. she is a foller of the divel listen to her song call out breaking request she said i must say my heart was tooken away by thoes prised posetions im requestin

  128. well im a strong believer in Jesus and ive read all these articles, watches these vids and read up on cults,Freemasons ect. and my conclusion is: if we were to Analise every song we would find a second interpretation.every video has a symbol or gesture that can be misinterpreted trust me!! and for me to believe that any of these artists worship the devil, they would have to tell me themselves…..every 1 has their own beliefs, i can look at the clouds and see a star and you can see a house….and when you are looking for flaws you will find them even when they arnt there…i respect this site for stating their views and opinion but this is just mine……i dont believe these artists are devil worshipers or what ever you call em,i believe every 1 has a religion and they follow it but we dont know these people to judge and in closing i just want to say: all these articles are more fame for them and they like when people talk about them, some artists even push the line and do things just to make you talk while they know in their heart their truth

  129. ok 1st thing the dream wrote this song for Britney Spears as a comeback single. Her camp said they already had enough singles for her album so they rejected it, it then went to christina milan who is also signed to def jam like rihanna she turned it down too and she said she was an r&b artist and that song was too pop for her. Then after the dream heard Rihanna was preparing a new album so he sent it to her and she liked. Thats how she got the song. It was not written for her and it was after the song was recorded that Jay-Z said he liked the vibe and opted to go on the track. Please know ur background knowledge before you write an analysis. Thank You

  130. she a crazy azz ho! but she has good style shoot and i do think that she be doing that cuz it look like it she might be on something stupid but she is still a pretty good singer!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. one thing you missed (sorry if this was previously stated) but theres a part in the video where half of her body is white and the other half is orange…i dont know if this symbolizes anything bust may you touch on that part

  132. All this information is indeed quite disturbing when the symbols are pointed out…watching the video without this analyses was different..and watching it with this in mind……..its seems like it ended up making me imagine more than that was there..say for example:

    I think the figure at the back of the jackets of the 6 girls who accompany Jay z is actually the lion and the unicorn,i.e.,the british coat of arms isnt it?

    And maybe im getting a bit too apranioid with it but why do i keep feeling that rihanna as the devil in the first get up keeps on looking through just one eye….? is the other eye purposely covered under her superb haircut??signifying the one eyed???

  133. All this information is indeed quite disturbing when the symbols are pointed out…watching the video without this analyses was different..and watching it with this in mind……..its seems like it ended up making me imagine more than that was there..say for example i think the figure at the back of the jackets of the 6 girls who accompany Jay z is actually the lion british coat of arms isnt it? and maybe im getting a bit too apranioid with it but why do i keep feeling that rihanna as the devil in the first get up keeps on looking through just one eye….? is the other eye purposely covered under her superb haircut??signifying the one eyed???

  134. I think that this descussion has gotten in the wrong direction. There's no need to talk about if she's really singing about the devil or not. The important thougt is, that there is something out there which has a control over so many things. If you are interested in what I mean whatch: the music industry exposed on youtube. The musicians do say that they sold their soul to the devil. But that is not the main part of this topic. The truth is, that there's an industry behind all that which has the power to control. This has something to do with Rockefeller, whose name is a part of the Umbrella-song. There's something, a power we don't know about. And let me be honest I'd rather don't know about all that stuff. Everything is a giant bubble of lies, even what you hear in church (I don't mean the bible or something else by that, but for example the priest, if you know what I mean) It's really hard to tell you what I mean and the truth is, I can't do that in a few lines. I just want to tell you that you should be aware. There is something going on in this world which isn't healthy and which is truly against the rest of us!!!

  135. I see it and i hear it I am glad you have opened some peopls eyes it is true what the Bible say's in the end times people will be descevied and that's what is happening We need to stay alert and be aware of these times and slowly but surely it will come to pass !!! and this is just the begining we need to stay focused on God and his word because his word is true it wil never fail us the enemy is desciving are youth which is are Future we need to stand strong in are faith with God that he open's are eyes and keeps reveling to us these deseptions and Beleive he is the true and only Protection of what ever outcome this world will endure.

  136. to 609.inmyhead776

    although you might not read this comment, i think you are stupid and your head is full of irrelevant things and you are blinded by your own thoughts, clear your mind and think logically and use inductive Reasoning to see what you cant see sure she might not have wrote the song but that does not explain the video she does all those satanic signs and moves its obvious that she is involved, there is a 98 % chance that she is possesed by the devil its facts its not that i hate her and im out to get her its just facts you have to realise that, we are not jealous were just observant.

    also to 12.bumblebee

    you too are blinded and need to realise the truth and the truth is that most actors and singers are already possessed by the devil even before they become famous and thats how they get famous from the devil and in fact thats what she is probably singing about and she is singing about how she was possessed before she was famous and then after she was possessed she became famous and before she became famous it is highly probable that she had contact with Jay z and thats how she became possessed and influenced by Jay z. by the way people who try to reveal the truth about the devil are most likely not worshiping the devil and if you theory is correct that would make you a person who worships the devil, anyways how do we know that your not possessed by the devil and just want to protect him???.

  137. very well done,, but i think your analysis is not looking at the whole picture and what its true meaning is i can deduce that there is a much greater purpose to this song and the devil; however your analysis is excellent and precise its exactly what i would have deduced from her song in fact after hearing two times i realised the connection with the devil and that it was about possesion and i analysed it writing down notes and writing explanations and reaserching on the occult and signs but i alos realised the bigger meaning, and it is also a message to christians and the world you could say it is a warning but maybe you have figured that out already please contact me i would like to talk about related things and share your insight and deductions with me as i am studying in year 12 and want to be a detective you would be of great help take care of yourself.

    I also warn you to be careful and "hear everything, see everything, overhear everyone' because since your posting things like this and exposing the truth the devil may be out to get you and may sent his people to get you i hope im not scaring you but its true and im sure you know this so be carefull and dont look into occults and demonic things to deeply without taking precautions you know if your not careful you may be possed too unless you are a strong christian, be safe goodbye.

  138. God be with you my friend for this wonderful and such a true explanation, i'm now more aware of these kinds of people, i never liked her or others and i never will! THANK YOU

  139. I'm not blaming people her for refusing to believe such a thing, because their minds are refusing these information because accepting such infos mean the brain have to re-programming itself & this needs a lot of effort so the brain don't want to make effort. also the ego in people make them refusing such infos because that means you know infos that they don't!

    I'm studying religions & languages &I can tell you what's you are talking about is so true even not in Christianity but also in Judaism & Islam.

    & I have another interesting theory I came after studying more about religions. this is a part of a book I read:

    "it seems that Satan asks god to let him live til the end of time & since he got it he has promised God to make humans friend & his followers"

    it's very similar here to what it said in this sentence:

    "Told you I’ll be here forever"

    as in the sentence it means as he asked God he wants to live til the end of time

    "Said I’ll always be your friend"

    he will make humans his friends

    "Took an oath I’ma stick it out till the end"

    here it means the promise he made to God the he will make humans his friends & followers.

    "Now it’s raining more than ever

    But we’ll still have each other

    You can stand under my umbrella

    You can stand under my umbrella"

    here is interesting for people who said it's just a song between lovers, love means equality & sharing but as you read the sentence "under my umbrella" doesn't sound equality it sounded as the one who owns the umbrella is stronger, & he said "my" & it supposed to be "our" if it's lovers!

    "Ella ella eh eh eh eh

    Under my umbrella

    (Ella ella eh eh eh)

    Under my umbrella

    (Ella ella eh eh eh)

    Under my umbrella

    (Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh"

    Here is a very interesting part actually, since the one who posted this didn't know the meaning of this, (but as I said it's theory, & we are free to speak) in more than a language the word "Ella eh" means "God" & it sounded as Satan is speaking to God here as the sentence before repeating his oath to God the he will take humans as his followers (under his umbrella)

    for people who is saying "She is pure she didn't write those"

    1- People this is industry, INDUSTRY not just someone who wants to be a singer both singer lyrics writer & composer sits together training & discussing before all this

    2- if she has a slightly bit of doubts about the meaning of this song why did she sang it? why didn't she ask why I'm doing this & that? doesn't she have a mind?

    3- there is a lot of singers & songs that you cannot find hidden meanings or symbols in them even after huge analysis so stop saying these things.

    4- Why did she became your idol instead of God? she is a mere human! she didn't do a great thing so you would defend her fiercely like that ^^

    in the end thanks for such a good post & you effort in collecting these infos for us.

    • I'm not trying to be rude, but you said you were studying language right? Is English not your first known language because it sounds like it. I really liked your comment, I think more people would read into it if the spelling was correct, and if all the sentences made sense. I'm no genius myself, just some constructive criticism because you could definitely make an impact with some extra spell check 😉 Keep it up!

  140. does it really matter what a person believes?i can't believe people actually believe this.some people think it's the record company trying to persuade others into the occult.that's far fetched.do you really think people are being persuaded by the "subliminal" messages in music videos that are being put by record companies to join the occult?people stray from their religion because it's not answering their questions or meeting their spiritual needs.people are straying from the catholic church because of molestation not because some record company or a singer is putting it into their head to join the occult.i left the catholic church because so many questions weren't answered and religion was force fed to me.i've seen it throughout my life religion teaches nothing but hate,ignorance,and fear.i've seen relationships become ruined because the parents don't agree with the other persons religious beliefs or people disowning someone because of religion.i listen to rhianna and beyonce i've seen their video's.i'm not being persuaded to join the illuminatie or whatever the hell it is.if they or the record companies are satanists then that's their life choice.i'm not the one to judge.rhianna is a wonderful artist satanist or not.she has a beautiful voice and a rocking body.leave her alone and let her enjoy her fame and wealth.

    • Are you serious!? People's so called fame robs God of His praise. Fame is not doing Rihanna any favours. In the end when God returns she will find all that has been promised to her by satan is a lie. You should be concerned for her soul if you love her so much. I fell upon Vigilant's articles by what I feel is Divine Intervention; having been asking God to help me make changes in my own life. Imagine my total shock and dismay when I discovered the beautiful Beyonce whom I liked very much is a part of this. You can rest assured I will no longer be listening to any of her music. How can you support anyone who will try to control and mould young minds towards something that will only lead them to destruction!? Whether they are successfull or not doesn't matter. The fact that they would make an attempt says a lot about what they have hidden in their hearts.

      I have a 2 year old daughter that hears their music when I listen to it. Believe me, she nor I will be listening any longer. Let these pipers go pipe to the rats, they will not lead my child to a destructive end.

  141. If you watch the video on you tube of the song umbrella by Rihanna, at 1:19 to 1:37 the four clips during this part of the video shows her referring to in-between her thighs as the umbrella. If you watch closely and look closely at her eyes she shows a sign letting close viewers know exactly what she is really directing the word umbrella to.

    Further on in the video at 2:56 she sings " you can run into my arms its okay don't be alarmed come into me there's no distance in-between our love so gonna let the rain pure and il be all you need and more" (come into me) meaning in come inside her sexually, (gona let the rain pure) meaning when its inside her she's going to get wet and that's all you will need (and more) meaning perhaps also her body.

    To truly understand the hidden messages behind this video you have to watch closer and look deeper with your mind and if possible your soul. There are a lot of messages in moves and music videos hidden to the human eye, some of which are actually based on the star individual of the music video crying out for help trapped within there own mind hoping somebody may realize just what is really being projected.

    If you are a close fan of musicians, watch and see how some of these musicians grow and change with the the kind of music videos made as time goes on but watch to see if the musician changes in a completely different way as if becoming something you never expected. Take your mind back and ask your self why you became a fan of the musician at the beginning then ask your self was it the lyrics or something you felt you shared in common. Then ask your self in the present if you feel you still share anything in common.

  142. With all respect, I know Rhianna needs God… But there is no reason to dig up nonsense to prove she does. Why don't you pray for her instead of trying to find evil in her? If you wanted to you can possibly find evil in anything you pleased… Open your eyes!!!

    • Amen Pray234.

      For those of you who are reading evil into a song…

      Here's the translation as you should read it instead of trying to twist it around.

      Even when we're far apart from each other, I'll love you just as much. I'm a Star to others, but you're my Star. The things that count in life aren't material wealth. In the worst times, I'll lift you up and help support you.

      It's that simple. Every relationship should be this positive. When someone loves and supports you, it isn't about just material things and it does not mean they own you. Standing under someone's umbrella is a positive thing when you're down and in the same token they would be under yours if they were down. Loving and supporting your friends and lovers is wonderful. We need to pick each other up when we're down. The song speaks heavily of vowing to love as one does at a wedding, but personally I also have a bond and promise with my family and friends that I don't intend to break. When two people are together as lovers and friends forever, they are a part of each other as it should be to compliment and uplift one another. It's a beautiful thing. We are all as one and knowing that should help us to do positive things.

      Don't let fear and dark themes take away from love and giving and light.

      • Good points. Without doubt, there should be prayer, prayer and more prayer for these people and for the industry. However, one thing to think about, the song is not in question because of the one verse, it is in question regarding the total song and the images it is clearly presenting. You have to look at it in whole. Clearly, if there were one or even 2 or 3 spots in it that could be spun a number of ways. It is the song and video as a whole that cause it's message to be clear.


      • You guys making comments about relationships and stuff saying that this article has twisted the meaning of the song… i understand what you guys are trying to say.. you're thinking about the positive stuff… yeah thats all good but what if you were wrong? what if it really was all symbolism and a sign of submitting to the devil? This article couldn't have been made just to damage rihanna's name… you think this guys would go that far???? Symbols, triangles and stuff. they're real. if you see cults, and you hear about black magic, they are real too. It's like you guys never heard of back masked songs and satanism… did you guys know that rock and roll was officially offered by the inventor of the genre to the devil? bet you guys didn't know that huh? he even said that he regretted the fact that he did it in the first place.

  143. this shyt is crazy…… 4real i couldn't believe that's what y'all had me listening to….. it doesn't make any sense … Chris brown that song you made fallen angel you don't want to go back with the devil you don't want him to be in charge of your life you don't want to be under his wing so he can fly again no you don't ….. man Chris brown even though i don't know you personally i know you by your music i know everything about you please get it together bey once you to especially because i be doing your dance moves not knowing that they are being done by the devil because some of the stuff you do i cant do and that explains a lot… jay z you being the leader saying you don't need god to forgive you for your sins yes you yes u do… so wrap it up and get it together y'all got obama doing that Illuminati bull s**t that's stupid as fuk get your shyt together and just to let the public know god didn't mistake on what he did by Satan he deserve what he got mutha fukin kicked his ole ugly ass out of heaven and that's how i feel str8 up……. real talk if you got anything to say comment me on this bul shyt n let me know that's just how i feel chis brown , bey once Rhianna , JAY Z and OBAMA …… Get it together

  144. rihanna i dont know whats going on if its true or not but yall really need to get it together you beyonce jay z and anybody else especially chris brown i love him… what you think gone hapen when you die you gone go str8 to the devil so yall need to get yall act together right now.. look at tupac look at michael jackson man come on be tuff…. fight that shyt man… and yall as being the public fight that shyt yall need to stop holding them demonic signs up beyonce i know you can get back what you put in like the albulms but dont make no more rihanna change your motive… find something else to do.. plz

  145. I am so glad that you said this, because so many people my age needs to know about this. I am 17 years old and loves to learn new things and what the world is really turning out to be. I love music, but it shouldn't be what it's becoming.


    1. 50 CENT talks about jay- cut of end that repents

    2. JayZ Sing to Lucifer produce by Kayne west only play for 30 second then Stop

    3. Rihanna: "Yes, I'm a Devil worshiper" but they will try to laugh it off so you can think they are just playing.

    4. I SOLD my Soul to the DEVIL! – Katy Perry, Kanye West, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Bob Dylan

    5. 2tpc sold

    Plus play auto suggestion that's attached from book

    6. Jack Black Gives Satanic Prayer at the vma.

    Katy Perry – I Kissed a Girl

    kanye west sold his soul to the devil song:saying if you wont donate to hatti because of their black magic. you must not realize the celebrities you love are mostly devil worshipers in america.

    Music Industry Exposed (by k1llum1nat)

    THE MUSIC INDUSTRY EXPOSED – References (Part 1)

    THE MUSIC INDUSTRY EXPOSED – Why In Plain Sight? (Part 2)

    THE MUSIC INDUSTRY EXPOSED – Who Is Rain Man? (Part 3)

    THE MUSIC INDUSTRY EXPOSED – Rain Man Continued (Part 4)

    THE MUSIC INDUSTRY EXPOSED – Devils Night (Part 5)

    THE MUSIC INDUSTRY EXPOSED – Destroying DMX (Part 6)

  147. woooowwwww….. i am sooo dne listenin to music…mean worldly… ill stick to gosple…i cnt judge..God knws the truth bt itz just safe i stick to gosple

  148. My Lord. I want to know what possessed ME to decide to read this article @ 12:30 a.m…. no way am I getting to sleep tonight.

  149. ay dat messed up she trying to turn da world on her side and how u let a person be reconize on nickolden dats mess up u gust feeding yo kids dat mess

  150. @inmyhead NO that is not it at all. It's not about being Christian, being jealous of someone who is "wealthy and taleneted". This si to do with the music industry, and all of our society being ruled by OCULTISM. You have done absulutely ZERO research. I am an insider, i know what i am taling about and i have studied symbolism, esoteicism/ocultism and Freemasonry. The symbols tel all they never lie! The first pictures of the video in question is not simply "a woman wearing 3 different oufits". And just the sheer stupidity of that comment, i don't even know if i can begin to explain to you…but i will have to!

    In the beginning she is an innocent virgin, wearing white, dancing and most importantly, AVOIDING the "RAIN (the devil, evil, whatever) Then she is dressed in black, and walking (the video focuses on her walking not dancing here as she is walking like the devil, up on her tip toes ballerina shoes and she heself is making a point of showing how she is walking like the devil). It is the beast talking to her, saying come here, i'll protect you, leave the world toitself etc, don't be afraid of me. Then after she is in a pyramid symbol, the writer above has illutrated what tis means and is right, the semen thing maybe going a bit too far, but in the pyramid in her nakedness she is totally under the devil's wil, under his spell.

    Then after she is back, talking to the devil, answering him in her white dress, saying she's wet and come on it, then it shows her in balck with silver tie round her neck dancing in the rain, her umbrella closed under the rain and stamping her feet barfoot in the rainwater. She is completely with the devil now, this is what she is saying here.

    I am not a follower of any relgion, i am a person who is awake to the "Illuminati" force that is in control of our world. What you see as merely a dance, a video clip of a successful artist, is actually also a ritual taking place.

    To the writer well done! superb work!! Also my husband noticed that when she is wearing the ballerina shoes she walks like Baphomet, you didn't seem to notice this? It is the only time the camera focuses on her feet, as she walks, not dances. And her face says the rest! Hope you can add this to your piece here 🙂

    thank you my friend! I'm going to use this today to wake others 🙂 I shall be subscribing to you from now on 🙂 Thank you for all your hard work. 🙂

  151. you people are reading too much into these!you can take the most innocent thing and turn it into something ridiculous and far from what it really is!it is not rihanna's decision to make the video's the way they are it's the DIRECTORS.you great "christians" are judging someone because of a music video "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." the first couple of pictures is just a young woman in 3 different outfits.HOW do you relate that to satanism?if i wear white one day and decide i'm going to try something new and wear dark clothing and make up does not make me or anyone satanic for that matter.you people who post these things have absolutely no life.and shame on you "christians" for judging someone.love thy neighbor.you people are using your own religion to pass judgment on someone due to your own stupidity and ignorance.and what if she was a satanist?she's wealthy and talented.do the christian thing and pray for her instead of saying all these horrible things about her."let he that is without sin cast the first stone." and "love thy neighbor".it's ignorant so called "christians" like you that make the world as shitty as it is today.

  152. EEEEEEWWWW who would wanna be raped by the devil that is so gross how can anyone get enjoyment out of the fact that one day they are going to HELL? i used to love this song now i hate it and i hate lady gaga too they deceived me i was fooled by the surface of things thank you Vigilant Citizen you have opened my eyes God has used you


  153. Really? How long did it take you to come up with that explanation. If Rihanna is so satanic then how come in her latest in the thank yous she is quote with saying this, "I thank God because without His guidance and continuous blessings none of tis would be possible…" Wouldn't Satan be upset that she was thanking God? Even if she was just covering her tracks to make sure no one thought that she was. Satan would be pissed. God is a jealous God, I'm sure Satan is no different. Now as for Chris Applebaum being openingly Satanic, where the hell on the internet does it say that other than just rumors?? He's directed teenie bopper music i.e. Britney, Jessica Simpson, Hilary Duff, Vanessa Hudgens, Aly and AJ, Ashley Tisdale and his most recent was "Party In The USA" by Miley Cyrus. Are they all devil worshippers as well?? Please give me an explanation of "Party in the USA" frame by fram and tell me how does Chris Applebaum influence his devil worshipping in that music video. *sigh* I don't think Rihanna is a devil worshipper nor do I think Beyonce is one. She's being edgy. She's trying to controversial to get attention and publicity and clearly she's succeeding at it. She's feeding you people to continue to listen to the song and come up with these far fetched ideas about a simple "la-da-dee" song. How many hits did you give the video by re-watching it on youtube or yahoo? Or how many times did it play on your computer so you could come up with these analogies? Hmmmm…Maybe Rihanna is smarter then you think. Score one point for Rih.

  154. Really now a days you don't know who is apart of what..I mean they have evidence but, idk it's crazy bt sumtimes rhianna acts lyk she doesn't have ''a full deck of cards'' or ''all screws swrewed in''..I mean and take a look at her new CD she has a white mask on with black glasses I mean wht does that tell you..Bt idk its covincing bt you cant believe everything you hear…


  156. Uh… I am curios about the part of the mv where rihanna dances with somewhat of fishnets and an umbrella in a funky classy colour-altered background? what does that symbolise?

  157. All of the The Dream's songs sound like that, which is who wrote this song. It's plain as day that they are talking about people being protected by their mate when times get tough.

    And for the video, I'm not certain, but the horror style videos are probably directed by the same dude that directed the Chris Brown video, Wall to Wall.

    You've clearly heard too many Beatles and Makaveli albums which have "real" subliminals. I think the fact that you're hearing devilish messages in such a plain basic pop song of today, says more about you and your worries and paranoia than it does about the true simple ass message of the song.

  158. yesterday i went to a concert of Rihanna and observed a few things, you are completely right.

    I wrote down this about the concert :

    – she wears 3 different devil horns in her costume, one costume being completely black with a black cape

    – the devil is often referred to as "the one eyed". Rihanna has her hair covering one eye during the whole performance, at one point she puts on glasses which cover only one eye , the other eye having only the frame of the glasses. throughout the concert the screen often had an eye on it.

    – the screen says 'welcome to rihanna's world ' 'one image, one voice, the last girl on earth'

    – the first few minutes the screen had flames on it with cartooned humans having their heads on fire.

    – in another song there are scary bloody hands shown on a screen

    -a newspaper is shown on screen with the headline ' the end of the world'

    -during the song Run this town , theres a cartooned city on the screen, the ground is tearing apart with boiling lava and fire under it (hell?) the buildings start falling in it and exploding

    – at the end of a concert a scary voice says : this is the beginning …

  159. it's starting to make sence. secret orginizations like the illuminati are targeting the music industry to get others in their evil spell. its a good thing i dont like popular music >w<;;

  160. It doesnt matter if he got one part of the whole song wrong it still has meaning. People why wont you open your eyes?!?! I mean these symbols are ALL OVER the damn industry!!! How blind can you people be? Its not a coincidence!!!! When Jay Z says he "believes on God" he isnt lying…he believes in god alright…just not our heavenly father!! People please open your eyes. The time is close.

  161. @Ashabbz

    i agree that although rihanna doesnt direct the videos, its not like the directors or producers are satanic. THe owners of the media companies who own record labels are, so its not hard for them to pull a few strings to turn a singer into a satan worshipper and make videos filled with occult symbols. A famous director, Jonas Akerlund (you may have seen lady gaga's paparazzi, madonna's celebration or beyonce and lady gaga's telephone) is openly satanic, so it wouldnt have been hard for him to fill videos with occult symbols. Umbrella was directed by Chris Applebaum, who apparently is satanic. Rihanna herself told him that she was prepared to do something edgy, different.

  162. rihanna has sold her soul to the devil, just like many other celebrities. I always used to think that the orthodox members of my family who would always exclaim that celebrities are evil were crazy, but i guess some are evil. the illuminati are trying to recruit us through subliminal messages. once we realize our true potential, we can defeat them, since the power is in our hands, however, the illuminati duznt want us to realize that. save yourself and your families from the evil clutches of satan.

  163. Next thing you're going to tell me is that Kanye West is possessed too eben though he has the song "Jesus Walks" and talks about God and wearing "Jesus pieces" just because he was in the son "Run This Town"! Yes, I read that article too. For those who don't understand, go to http://www.google.com and type in "the truth on Jay Z".

  164. Um Just To Say, Er I Totally Believe In What You Guys Are Doing But There Are Still A Few Things I Dont Quite Understand

    – She Doesnt Direct The Viedos

    – She Didnt Make The Videos

    In Fact Im Pretty Sure She Just Singgs What Her People Make Her Do? So Maybe We Shouldnt Be Looking At Rhianna But Those Around Her?

    Just An Idea

  165. We are in the last days – the Rapture is to come & New World Order is being formulated under our noses.

    This is not Christian propaganda or foolywang business – OPEN YOUR EYES BEYOND THIS PHYSICAL REALM!!!

    Everything around us is ruled by subliminal messages of money, wealth, sex and violence

    There is a SPIRITUAL BATTLE being waged for our souls and for this world

    You don't have to be Christian to see the blatant signs – Free Masons/ iluminati/occults only want the elite in their field i.e Jay-Z entrepreneur – to amplify to the masses – influence minds.

    Continue being IGNORANT!!







  167. Wow, there's a lot of people still asleep on this site.

    Question, why do you all even post? You have all the answers, right?

    Rationalizing the agenda away, to claim that it's only coincidence and art, right?

    Who are the real dummies here? Those who are awake or still asleep? Scared that your

    favorite little celebrity's dirty little secret has been exposed? It doesn't matter if they wrote the song or not. They signed up to sing the song and took a paycheck, right,? Hence, pushing an agenda on the masses

    no matter the costs.

    "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood , but against principalities, against powers, against

    the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Ephesians 6:12

    Sad to say ,little Satanists, Atheists, and New Agers, that's all the proof I need. Now, you all can remain blind if you want to, but I'd rather be a Christian nut under God's Covenant, than to be caught out here with no knowledge i.e fear of the Lord, than nothing at all. You just keep right on listening to your Scientology commercials and thinking that you all are free. Oprah is going get y'all sent straight to Hell. Good luck with that!

  168. Well, I think you definitely have a point. A few things might be slightly overintrepreted but I believe there certainly is some truth in what you read from this and other songs. Actually, in the case of Umbrella, this is the song that made Rihanna internationally famous, meaning that she joined the elite club. I know that before this song she was famous in some anglophone countries, but I am from Spain and I can assure you no one here had heard of her before this song, and now you couldn't find one person who doesn't know who she is…

  169. chrome liquied is the devil semen really who ever wrote this needs to get a life i mean i understand that people are religous but damn whpever actually thinks this is what the song is about is an idiot and rihanna didnt write the song in the first place so wtf

  170. We are four guys in a small study room. We just read this while listening to it. we believe this dude and what he is saying, not just because we are christians, but because this song has too much evidence of subliminal messages and evil. No one can deny the intention of symbolizing Baphodus( the satan guy). there is no other explanation as to why rihanna's photo would be manipulated like that. Ignorance is the only reason as to why people would deny and fear this.

  171. Did you know that "ela" means "come on" in Greek?? I always just thought it was a strange coincidence but after reading this I know realise that she is simply saying, in one of the most ancient languages there is, to "come on, come on, come on." Greek is a biblical language too! It all fits…

  172. It's not Prophetic when it has been taken from a blue print, the protocols of the elders of Sion (fake jews who want world control)

  173. i hope that this did'n't happen in real life to rihanna but considering her songs to umbrella,disturbia,and russian roulete im starting to believe that she is possesed and that this vid is based on what really happen to her.Thats sad , its always sad to see new artists with such amazing talent and to be so original and then something happens…………….and they change

  174. i always had a strong feeling about rihanna, she always seemed weird to me, i will neva!!!!!!!!!!!!listen to their music because when i die i want to go to heaven and live for eternity, i want to be a singer and i always thought she was kind of cool. i use to listen to her and beyonce's songs to see if i could make one of my own. now i knew why i couldnt think of any because they were all talking foolishness and GOD kept me from this i am happy that i did not stray from the most high and onli God i and i will continue not to stray from my heavenly father i will pray for rihanna but i dont think there's nothing you can do right now JESUS LOVES U

  175. OMG!!!!…. MY word!! to think that theses peope were my role models, alla them. That means I was also a devil woshiper but didnt realise i was, I am so hurt, disappointed nd confused. I all does make sense now! LOL as much as it gonna be hard to do, imma stop listining to their music but then who else could be a devil woshiper that I am still praising ???? GOD INTERVANE!!!

  176. wow! i cant beleive this. my friend told me about it and i didnt beleive her at first. but when i read this i saw all the symbols and it opened my eyes, and to think that i thought they were only being creative and unique… but i was wondering did jay-Z bring them into this? how did they get involved in the first place?and if we listen to this music could there be a possible way that the devil can also posses our souls and come into us? and this may be a silly question but sometimes i listen to music and fall asleep…. i have lsitened to this music before too…. is this bad? does it increase the chances for the devil to posses me too?

    • Kimberly,

      As long as you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, the devil CANNOT possess you. Why? Because the Holy Spirit will already be possessing you. 🙂 So, will listening to illuminati artists like Rihanna and Lady Gaga possess you? No, but now that you know what these songs are all about, do you even want to listen to them anymore? I'll admit that "Umbrella" and "Disturbia" are catchy tunes, but now that I know they're about demonic possession, I don't wanna listen to them.

  177. thanx

    thats good stuff and I'm sure people even if they dont know this stuff have noticed that alot of the new and popular songs and video clips are weird and creepy and make no sense and obviously something fishy about them

    but they dont want to acknowledge it and want to keep singing and feeling happy while the illuminati plan hard to enslave them and build New World Order under their noses

    wake up people they symbols are more clear than ever and they are being more obvious cause they know we are too stupid and brain washed to do anything

    thanks again vigilant excellent work

  178. i noe. many ov u will nevr belive me.. … watch the"ARRIVALS" Wake up programe by Noreagaa films.. or watch Abdullah Hashem videos on youtube.. Yu'l get ur proof..!

  179. I dont think that any of this is true, reason being:

    1) Rihanna is not the one who writes her songs, there for she cannot be incharge of the lyrics.

    2) She is not the one who choses her dance moves and positions in the video, she has a choreographer(s).

    3) The director/ people who are in charge of this video have to be apart of this.

    4) The way she dresses in her videos is not up to her.

    5) The person who wrote the song lyrics is not necessarily a devil worshiper either probably they wrote the song without thinking.

    I personally don't believe that Rihanna worships the devil…

  180. Mr.intellectual huh? This whole thing is bigger than what you see. These artist are not making money, based solely on their talent alone. These artist give theirselves to these multi-milloinaires, and only get a percentage of what THEY sell it for. These "Top Hats" are wealthy beyond imagination. The Mason Society is what these people belong to. These rich white people own these companies that these artist are signed to. Ever heard of the Baphomet, Illuminiti, Boule'. These organizations are satanic. They protect the dirty secrets this country was built on. They also protect the grip that the white man has on non-white socity.They organize wars to make money, all the way down to telling the artist on their labels how and what material should pushed to the public. These devil worshiping rich people are the puppet masters. The artist are strung along, and paid peanuts compared to what these people make. Do your research. I challenge you. Read between the lines. Look at T.V. listen to the radio. Look at these Movies. All are sexually charged and violent. They dictate all of this thet reaches us. That is what it is. It goes deeper than that. Look up and research the "Baphomet & Boule'" and research the origins of these evil organizations. Also "Black Masonic" and then you put it together

  181. So, I spent a good deal skimming through the comments after reading this article. I must say, I did not realize the majority of people are retarded…. I know what a schocker! Maybe you all should sell your soul to the devil in exchange for some grammar lessons. Stop being a sheep. Stop following the S**t trail to S**t town. I bet you guys were virgians all through out highschool and had nothing better to do than formulate conspiracy theories that the girls viganas were owned by the devil. Don't think as a christian. Don't think as a follower. Rather, think as a free man without a devil jizzing all over you and a scout sniper (God) sitting in the trees waiting for you to listen to Rihanna and Jay-Z to bag and tag you and send you to hell. Trust me younglings this type of thinking is not healthy. If you are Christian, that is fine, but don't do this to yourself it's pathetic and you're making a fool of yourself. So, here is a parting thought; what could you have done with these 10 min instead of reading an article about the Devil jizzing on Rihanna? LOL.

  182. Is it just me, or can anyone else see the face, in the liquid, on the freeze-frame of Rihanna fighting off the liquid????

    It looks like a big face, coming at her, with its mouth open…

    It kinda makes me wanna go and freeze-frame the rest of that scene, to see if there are anymore "faces", or clues…

  183. I think that you make a very good argument. i was mentioned the same thing by a friend of mine who is very religious. I myself am an atheist but respect theist. I think that she is sending some messages, and that the fact that she didn't write the song has nothing to do with it, she knows whats in it. It would be more likely that she belongs to the more recently established Church of Satan, rather than traditional Satanism which is a very choppy, incoherent cult. This is more about self-indulgence and selfishness rather than randomly pleasing a dark master. I think it makes more sense, after all, she is a celebrity and her life is about enjoying herself, so it only fits she chose a philosophy that is exactly that.

  184. This is so needed. Thank God someone is aware of whats really going on and how the devil is trying to destroy our minds with hidden dark thing such as this. I hear people singing these types of song all the time its a shame that so many people are blinded. Some may think its silly but the wise will know what is right.

  185. Thank you so much for writing about this! I always knew there was something a little "off" about this song….. and sure enough I was right.

  186. What The Heck. ! Um Yeah idc Whats True Or Not But if You Put Three Of Rihanna's Sonqs In Order You Will Problyy Think. . .[Well maybe There Is A Possibility She Could Be Possessed.) #1 Rehab Talk About Rihanna Somethinq Or Someone Becominq Her Disease, in That Sonq She Says "Your The Reason Whyy im Thinkinq." [But Who is She Talkinq About.) ? # 2 Umbrella Talks About protection '& if You Do listen To The Words correctly, Rihann5a is Actually Havinq A Conversation w| Herself. # 3 Disturbia Talks About Her Wantinq To Break Free From A Curse She Under '& Talks About Her Not Beinq Able To Deal w| Whats Goinq On Anymoree, And One Of Her Sentences in The Sonq But Shes Actually Sayinq She Wishes She Never Took The Deal. W| The Devil.

    Unfaithful; Thats A Sonq That Kinda Put Me At A Still. Because In That Sonq Rihanna Was Talkinq To Herself. She Called Herself Unfaithful Because Shes Not Remaininq Faithful to the Devil. She Says "i Miqht Aswell Take A -G U N- '& Put it To His Head, Get it over with, iDont Wanna Do This Anymore." Clearly Shes Sayinq She Dont Wanna Do This Devil Thinq Anymore '& she Wanna Kill Herslef Cuz Thats The Only Way She Can Break Free. And in Disturbia She Said If The Devil Dont Go-o-o-o-o Then Shes Gunna Ah ah ah ah ah. Which Kinda Makes Me Thinks Shes Trynna Say She Gunna Kill Herself.

    If You Notice, Rihanna Never Comes Out '& Sayy What She Means In Her Sonqs. Its Like She Givinq Codes Or Somethinq. Its Like Shes Askinq Someone To Prayy For Her. Idk [smh.)

  187. — I think this is very ignorant. You all take everyday music,, && try and turn it into something negative. Now if you go look it up, rihanna and jay-z hace both addressed this situation being appauled as wht is being said about them. Have you ever thought about this? If they worship the devil for fame and money, wouldn't they be at the bottom of the music industry? The devil may suceed but god is always in control of every situation,, & he only suceeds with god's permission. Beyonce && Jay-z wouldn't be the powerful dynamic duo that they are to day && wouldn't be an inspiration to young black couples. && Even with rihanna sitution,, god allowed tht to happen to show no matter who you are, he will shake up your situation but also elevate you at the same time, so ppl please do not believe this booboo, although these ppl thought they were doing something right, they aren't so go on with your day.

    p.s. I do knw wht I'm tling about,, both of my parent's are christian preacher's && we'r apart of a chursch with over 10,000 members, so get it together.

    God bless:)

  188. You pose a very good argument but I afraid there are pieces of it that have holes. "Entity" can also be defined as a body, an organism, an individual, or a reality. When Rihanna sings that "you're part of my entity," she may very well mean that the person she is singing to is a part of any of the terms above as well as demonic. Also, music and music videos are very universal types of media which can have many interpretations, including the ones you just brought to the table in these essays. However, I will admit that when I read your essays for the first time, they scared me shitless.

  189. I have seen the image that rhianna's pose like the baphomest before. Everyone check the MTV awards article and look directly in the middle of the tapestry in Lady Gaga's background for her performance! Also check the cover of the Saw 6 movie. The machine creates the same image!

  190. by the way the comment i left is from a teenager who used to listen to this song daily. if i got woken up from it then can aswell

  191. This work that you took time to find out and interpret is good information that alot of people need to hear. People who are saying rude things towards this and saying it isnt true really need to think about it because why does it all link up so much? why is the number 6 (the devils number) alwaysrelating to it? and why is rihanna in such a state as she is in now? she has obviously changed from before. I only got to read this before but i have always heard about this sort of stuff from before. It really helps me to see all this no matter how freaky it is because the truth behind it is living proof. Those christians who wrote obviously know the truth and i hope they get to wear they wanna go when God does come. You dont even have to be religious to know that this is real. Obviously jay-z wont be as blaitant about the lyrics as he wants to draw people to the music not push them away. So they may mean what he wants people to think (about shiny cars and everlasting cash) but there is always something behind this. Dont make the same mistake that they have. I dont believe you are naturally born like that. Its not healthy and in the long run they will suffer, not the people who stay out of this music. Im not saying you cant listen to rihanna but just be carefull when you do. Please do not be offended by what i have wrote as its my personal oppinion and all i wnt to do is try and get my point across. Thank you x

  192. Well,it's easier to believe the devil stuff with

    lady gaga & beyonce but with rihanna,you're

    gripping at straws to fit everything in your


    (I guess rihanna is so thrilled

    now that she understands that

    her video was all about her

    getting raped by the devil!!!lol.)

    If i really wanted to,i probably could find

    devil stuff also in christian music cds.

    And by the way,christians should

    only buy christian music!!

    If the triangle is upwards,it means this.

    If the triangle is sideways,it means this

    and if it's upsidedown,it means this.

    Did you noticed that a triangle has

    three sides?

    So if you have two triangles,you

    have six sides and that's 1/3 of

    the number of the devil!

    (it would be apparently all bad since

    you're on a one track mind to find

    some evil hidden meanings behind


    And then, you take illogical lyrics that

    could mean anything and you make

    them fit in your devil theory & then

    if we don't believe in your conclusions,

    it's just the devil that's blinding the

    whole world!

  193. First of all this is all true! People like sum of you just don't want to accept that you are a part of this satanic action by singing this song repeatedly!!!!!!!! Plus, you guys should be grateful and appreciative of this website to expose the cruelty that these so called ''CELEBRITIES" do to us and even kids!!!!!!!!

  194. Umbrella has given me much pleasure and encouraged very positive feelings of unconditional love. 100% no negative feelings or evil thoughts were triggered in me. Does this make me in league with or immune to the "devil"?

    (please note: I dont actually need you to answer this for me!)


  196. I think them being above the weather has to do with the fact that they're controlling the massive earthquakes, snow and crazy s**t that's goin' on world wide lately.

  197. mmmm ok let me jus say this…..it really makes sense it does but idk many any of us that agree it does…maybe jus maybe we are reading a little to much into it…idk like i liked jay-z but me && my friends were having a really deep discution about jay-z today….&& thats why this makes soooooo much sense…thank you doe man ima think about it but it really makes alot of sense it really does…thank you

  198. This is good stuff… Let the people who have a foundness for remainig ignorant do so. May God bless you in everything you undertake.

  199. I heard this song over and over on the radio and after being enlightened to the existence of the world's elite, I clearly picked up on this songs lyrics. Looking it up on Google to see that I wasnt the only one seeing this message, and I wasnt :).

  200. all of u who rlly believe this cmon its a song listen to it and enjoy it dont pick it apart and make stupid theories that u for some reason think is true enjoy life if u spend it thinking about god and the afterlife and satan and all this s**t whats the point go get laid

  201. wow…… so many things that you wouldnt even catch if you werent looking for them. its very interesting what you have found out. keep up the good work exposing the hidden.

  202. so let me see… rihanna is getting possesd because the devils is gonna protect her from da depression…
    hmmm…its such a tempting deal… lol ridiculous…
    She put alot of effort on dat video for yall juss 2 talk yer bullshytt…
    U no wut i think… ithink u can say wutever u want… mind control other people because thats wut ur doin,
    u wanna control how ppl view thing, and u can say wutver u want. At the end… this song was still a big hit and all the rihanna fans are gona keep singing it, and rihanna is gonna go home to all her money and life
    and not care about a beep that cums outta yermouth, so why shuld u care about her

  203. I see that all the video was pulled but that was a very good piece and only shows me more why listening to secular is not about interest of a choice but about lies and manipulation… Rhianna looked so pretty and innocent when she first came out into the industry, full of life and not evil at all but now look at her.. So I guess everyone under Jay-z camp is possessed devil lovers and to me they are asking Rhianna to come out harder then Beyonce… Rhianna seems to love the dark side she embraces it will… The devil is such a lair I wonder when will be start to renege on his promises as he always does, he present every temptation just the way that one would like it until he has gotten you to do all that he needed you to do in your human form, power and authority but once you are no longer valuable what is the new plan and how important is your position that is still standing… It is so very sad to see people just give into this concept and entity so quickly and willingly… I am starting to think that the CB thing was Rhianna scarified to the enemy so she killed his career to have on own I mean was he seeing demons in her that night of the fight because she looks like she acts evil…

  204. the other day i found this website about the same thing (RIHANNA IS A DEVIL WORSHIPER) OMG ITS UNBELIEVEABLE but anyhow it could be possible, having in ming the 'Good girl Gone bad' album and plus all this wierd lyrics in Disturbia. Besides she became famous overnight and idk why. seriously i see no talent in her. Also, how can anyone compare awesome MJ music to … crap. If rihanna died everyone would probably feel bad like the first week.. boohoo. When MJ (rip) passed away.. its still hurts.it is not only rihanna that is involved in all these rumors but many other artist like Jayz and Kanye.. Oh now that i remember.. Rihanna makes this hand sign with her indexs and thumbs fringers; she joins them and they make a diamond… thats a sign for the Illuminati. (research that) for reals i think its on Run this town. any way … everyone has their own opinion!

  205. Well I believe in everything they are saying in this, it makes perfect sense, if you are smart, and if you knew your bible in it, it says that the devil speaks and tries to capture people who are weak minded and dont believe in the word our savior jesus christ has spoken to our selves and spirit. I truly pray that you guys watch what you listen to what type of music you listen to now because this made me relize that he's building a sheild that is slowly becoming armor. I WAS JUST LIKE YOU DOIN THE SINGLE LADIES DANCE AND SINGING ALL THAT CHICKS SONGS IN WHAT NOT! but after getting deep into research with my cousin, sister, family, friends, and more, I know I cant do much but just trying to spread the word of the lord makes me feel a little better praise him till its our last breaths in the physical world because soon we will be in the spiritual. be careful and wise.

    God bless,


  206. Hello, I'm a black man from the midwest part of our great nation , I mention race simply to reference my opinion later in this comment. I am somewhat shocked at the findings of the music and video investigations I've read on this site. For one I agree with what the authors and many of the bloggers have to say about degredation and sinfull enjoyment found throughout our ENTIRE society. At the same time I am reminded of my upbringing and education at a private Christian school. As students in the early eighties we were indoctrinated greatly by way of fear and chastisement to think rock bands like ACDC, KISS, ELO, and LED ZEPPLIN were evil Satan worshipers, then we grew up. We found out about all the other belief systems in the world and learned that those "evil" rockers were a bunch of high, talented jackasses with a "gimmick" that pissed off the squares and the religious right and they surley did not respect or understand

  207. Far too many of the readers here take the Author's word as pure truth without looking at all the evidence from every angle.

    Quiet frankly this article and most others like it, simply prey on the thing that has always been the motivation for people to rally together. A common enemy that needs to be fought.

    Tell a starving man that there is a full buffet just around the corner, describe the delicious steaks, stews, pasta's and roast potatoes and he will run there, no questions asked. Because he wants to believe that there is food around that corner, because without that hope and belief his life loses meaning.

    Most readers here are simply starving to hear of sinister things in the world. I agree that there are many sinister things to look out for. But most of you just seem to be wanting to hear of these things, and get all fired up about the validation that there is something evil to fight. That your "good" life has purpose because it stands in defiance to that evil.

    Im not saying disbelieve what Mr. VC says, I am just saying, look at all the other possibilities and explanations for these things. Just open your mind to all the possibilities instead of running, headlong towards the first explanation that satisfies your hunger.

    Then again, I know that I am wasting my time. Ever heard of the saying, "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, but teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime."?

    Well this blog is handing out fish, and most of you are eating away, reveling in the awesomeness of how this guy came up with a fish. And then next time you get another fish and you still dont wonder, how can I empower myself to get my own fish.

    If you just used that amazing internet browser and educated yourselves on the matter, then you might be able to find your own fish. Instead of simply accepting the hand me down meal and opinion of the author. To accept someones opinion without investigation or any reservation is the very definition of naïveté.

    Ask yourself this question honestly. Are you believing in what VC says because you have analyzed all of the information at hand, VC's versions and others, and have come to the conclusion that this is true. Or is it because you simply like the flavour offered here and cant be arsed to look any further or expand your horizons?

  208. Thank you for posting this. I am glad to have read it. Please e-mail me at luvjc627@gmail.com to talk more about this issue if you are able to- I would like to keep in touch. I see you have many people commenting so u may not read this or pay attention to this but I believe what you're saying is completely true and I take these kinds of things very seriously. Thank you and God bless!

  209. OH MA GAWD!!!! i always hated that little bastard. that little girl is such an a*****e. her and lady gaga are the worst. but lady gaga has more symbols in her videos such as bad romance. What happened to rihanna?? She used to be this cute girl who had good songs like pon de replay and she used to be prettier. Well now I know why her abum is called "good girl gone bad" and "disturbia" I HATE THAT BASTARD!!!!

  210. it makes sense, but at the same time, something in me doubts that rhianna and jay-z and all the other artists you write about are really THAT deep into symbolism.

  211. Talk about conspiracy theories!! Talk about paranoia! There is no way that Jay-Z is affiliated with the Rockefellers!! Does anyone know what a G5 is? He's talking about his Gulfstream!! I guess none of you have enough money to know about any of these terms! Complete and utter bullshit!! Get a life!

  212. Actually I think the song might really be about somebody who is not famous being the proverbial "rock" or in this case Umbrella for someone who they once knew and has now grown to fame. Jay-Z's lines in the opening are more about how He and Rocafella records will survive due to their "stacking of chips" , chips in this sense being poker chips. The rest is all just metaphor for any downfall or mishap that might give one a "rainy day". As to Rhianna's silver paint / triangle shots. Rhianna is hot. Silver body paint is a good excuse a video director might use to have a naked, albeit painted Rhianna on set. Triangles are cheap to build. Having Rhianna pose naked in a triangle is what any sensible man would do given the opportunity.

  213. i agree with everything you mentioned, it is well stated and carefully analyzed. I congratulate you for putting this information available for the people to see what are they really listening to.

    To all the mothers of kids PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN LISTEN TO THIS.

    is not being fanatic or over religious. But its is certainly the truth in front of our eyes that we reluctantly do not want to see.

    This world is a battlefield believe it or not, The Devil is getting into the minds of everyone from the Rich and Powerful ( rhianna, jay z, beyonce, shakira etc) down to the poorest beings.



  214. this s***s true i am a member of jay-z s security and ive witnessed numerous accounts were he has been into things like this

  215. This is deep and scary. It is also plausible. I believe as a christian we should basically strive to be at par with God. the Bible is there to guide us, we should concern ouselves with the so many good things of this life and leave these wierd things alone. We have our work carved out for us cos this race to heaven is not an easy one. If the writer wrote this to antagonise Rihanna then that's just bad but if this was done for… enlightenment or something, well good work because it was done in his effort to evangelise. However I basically would never have thought twice about Rihanna and her music. I just saw it as good beat with no meaning just rymes with cinderella and that's all. Not a fan of hers so well it doesn't affect me any way. So keep up with your work, its the thought that counts.

    People who make comments here should really try to be as polite as possible no one forced you to read this, you just did so pleas do respect yourself, have some semblance of dignity and stop attacking the writer because he believes this just as strongly as you disbelieve it. Cheers n thabks for the elucidatory information.

  216. Hey, man, you really have got to be kidding me cos i neva saw any of dis stuff like dis. Where do you get all dis 4rm? u're gonna have 2 keep dis up cos in d kind of world we're in right now, we need dis kind of stuff. God b wt u.

  217. I also think that rihanna just sang that track

    for money.

    Have you seen this funny video. It's called rocka rocka ali.

    Go to the one about chris brown umbrella. It's so funny.

    I like watching videos that cuss and diss Freemasons.

    Watch it and always pray to God.

  218. Everything in that song can be interpreted in the way you say, but it can also be interpreted in the way regarding 2 lovers as well. Why is your way automatically the right way to to interpret the song and not mine? Besides, the Dream wrote this, not anybody under Rocafella. So unless the Dream is some satanic, voodoo, whatever the hell your calling it, yes, it DOES change the way you take it.

  219. Author – great job, but I think you can interpret it beyond the occultism & relate it directly to the NWO.

    The passage about JayZ & the banks coming down with the Dow Jones refers to shorting stock in a down market. ie. the banks that caused the subprime crisis also betted against the very mortgages they were creating, cos they knew they would fail. People like Soros made billions by shorting stock in the recent crash.

    "we rockafella" – JayZ is directly telling us he works for the Rockefeller family, ie. the NWO. He spreads their messages by social conditioning the masses (especially young people) through music media.

    "We fly higher than weather" – this is an allusion to governments worldwide manipulating & controlling the weather, ie. they are above the weather, changing at will. Also called "chemtrails" & "cloud seeding", it has a hundred year history – see wikipedia & google.

    "an anticipation for precipitation", ie. the govts can anticipate rain by spraying the sky with particulates. Also they can anticipate natural coming rain & make it bigger or change its path unnaturally. G5s may refer to the type of aircraft used to spray the skies (these are smallish aircraft).

    "Stacked chips for a rainy day" refers to the microchips which are ready & waiting to be implanted in humans. They are already in our pets. Verichip has changed its name to PositiveID to rebrand itself in a positive light & has the technology ready, & chips are now smaller than dust, so could easily be put in vaccines, or sprayed on the outside of people's bodies. They are waiting for a 'rainy day' when people are scared for their safety/economic survival & will give up freedoms for increased 'security' of a microchip.

    The symbolism of Rihanna inside the pyramid is much more sinister than a pure baphomet image. The symbol INCLUDES the outer pyramid & with the shape her body is in, this is the international symbol for BIOHAZARD:


    Also at the end she spins the umbrella – this could represent the international symbol for Radiation (a turbine). So clearly biochemical/nuclear false flag attacks are something to be wary of, which could lead us into the "rainy day". Also words like "When we'll know the final outcome of the world", "when the crisis has ravaged the world" could refer to a huge attack.

    "When the war has took its part" alludes to the middle east war & world war III. US is currently moving in on Yemen & Iran, & if war with Iran starts, the world financial crisis will be extreme because the price of oil will skyrocket, so normal people won't be able to afford power or food. This also refers to wars "taking their part", taking resources & consolidating wealth in the hands of the profiting parties.

    Other points:

    The shape of Rihanna's body in the image you have called "rihanna as the devil" shows 3 illuminated pyramids in the shapes between her body parts. Also her white dress is the shape of a pyramid, like Beyonce's black dress in the recent bafta awards.

    The 6 females, 6 'rapes' & 6 men, represents 666 the devil.

  220. Author – good job, but i think you can interpret it beyond the occultism & relate it directly to the NWO.

    The passage about JayZ & the banks coming down with the Dow Jones refers to shorting stock in a down market. ie. the banks that caused the subprime crisis also betted against the very mortgages they were creating, cos they knew they would fail. People like Soros made billions by shorting stock in the recent crash.

    "we rockafella" – JayZ is directly telling us he works for the Rockefeller family, ie. the NWO. He spreads their messages by social conditioning the masses (especially young people) through music media.

    "We fly higher than weather" – this is an allusion to governments worldwide manipulating & controlling the weather, ie. they are above the weather, changing at will. Also called "chemtrails" & "cloud seeding", it has a hundred year history – see wikipedia & google.

    "an anticipation for precipitation", ie. the govts can anticipate rain by spraying the sky with particulates. Also they can anticipate natural coming rain & make it bigger or change its path unnaturally. G5s may refer to the type of aircraft used to spray the skies (these are smallish aircraft).

    "Stacked chips for a rainy day" refers to the microchips which are ready & waiting to be implanted in humans. They are already in our pets. Verichip has changed its name to PositiveID to rebrand itself in a positive light & has the technology ready, & chips are now smaller than dust, so could easily be put in vaccines, or sprayed on the outside of people's bodies. They are waiting for a 'rainy day' when people are scared for their safety/economic survival & will give up freedoms for increased 'security' of a microchip.

    The symbolism of Rihanna inside the pyramid is much more sinister than a pure baphomet image. The symbol INCLUDES the outer pyramid & with the shape her body is in, this is the international symbol for BIOHAZARD:


    Also at the end she spins the umbrella – this could represent the international symbol for Radiation (a turbine). So clearly biochemical/nuclear false flag attacks are something to be wary of, which could lead us into the "rainy day". Also words like "When we'll know the final outcome of the world", "when the crisis has ravaged the world" could refer to a huge attack.

    "When the war has took its part" alludes to the middle east war & world war III. US is currently moving in on Yemen & Iran, & if war with Iran starts, the world financial crisis will be extreme because the price of oil will skyrocket, so normal people won't be able to afford power or food. This also refers to wars "taking their part", taking resources & consolidating wealth in the hands of the profiting parties.

    Other points:

    The shape of Rihanna's body in the image you have called "rihanna as the devil" shows 3 illuminated pyramids in the shapes between her body parts. Also her white dress is the shape of a pyramid, like Beyonce's black dress in the recent bafta awards.

    The 6 females, 6 'rapes' & 6 men, represents 666 the devil.

  221. Author – good analysis, but don't limit it to occultism. Links to NWO are the more concrete real world point behind the whole satanism cult. So good you brought up the economy, but can take it further:

    when JayZ said he (& banks) is coming down with the Dow Jones, he means he is shorting stock. Before the recent crash, the major banks shorted stock (make profit in a down market). The whole basis of the sub-prime crash was that the banks selling the mortgages, betted that the mortgages would fail, ie. shorted stock, betting on a down market.

    Also "we Rockafella" is much more than what you are saying. He is openly saying that he works for the Rockefellers – he implements their mass social conditioning agenda through music media, directly for them & the new world order.

    The symbolism of Rihanna inside the pyramids is even more than you are saying. Yes, you can see Baphomet's head in her body, but that does not explain the symbol as a whole including the outer pyramid. The entire symbol is in fact the official black & yellow BIOHAZARD SYMBOL used worldwide:


    Which is a portent for a false flag biological attack by the rockefellers, ie. NWO, on humanity. So everybody watch out!

    Also at the end when Rihanna is spinning the umbrella – this spinning represents the turbines in the international hazard sign for Radiation (see wiki above), so also beware of the threat of a false flag nuclear attack!

    Note in the photo you have posted of 'Rihanna as Devil', there are 3 illuminated pyramids shining in the cutouts of the shape her body makes. Also note when she is in the white dress, the dress is pyramid-shaped. Just like Beyonce's black dress at the recent awards ceremony (If I was a Boy, with riot police), plus Beyonce's had a pyramid cut out of the neckline.

    Also "we fly higher than weather" & surrounding words:

    this could be an allusion to the worldwide weather manipulation program that is currently underway ('chemtrails' or 'cloudseeding'). ie. we control the weather, we are above it. Also "anticipation of precipitation" – ie. anticipating the rain which they form from seeding clouds. Also they spary clouds when they expect rain, in order to cause a bigger rainstorm. Also G5 – is this a similar plane type to the planes used to spray chemtrails? (these are smallish planes)

    "Stacked chips for a rainy day"

    is also referring to the plans for microchips in humans. The microchips are already prepared (ie. stacked) – Verichip has just changed its name to "PositiveID" for better marketing image & has the technology ready & waiting for "a rainy day", ie the right time to launch it, eg when humans are in a bad way & ready to give up more freedoms for more 'security'.

  222. OKAYYY ! all of you people saying "the dream wrote this song, not rihanna so this stuff must be fakee!"

    WRONG ! yeahh, the dream wrote this song, but HE DIDNT COME UP WITH THE CONCEPT OF THE VIDEO ! Rihanna did ! So even IF this song didnt have occult meaning when the dream wrote it .. rihanna made it out to be like that ! duuuuuh !

  223. ok lets see we have identified a couple of devil worshippers condemed them using foul language cussed them out so what next? where do we go from here? what about the gospel what is the solution? to stop listening to their music and start spending all our time online bashing hollywood stars? As if we are holier than though. i believe in the eyes of the Lord a sin is a sin all yall are sinners and yall need to quit hating on pple

  224. Oh by the way jay's verse was actually written for a song called "can I live" which was produced for his very first album "reasonable doubt".. wich was released in 1996. So with that said, do you think maybe his anticipation for percipitation was just a good guess.. look at it like this after the the great depression people were scared of it happen again, for year and years they passed this fear to their kin. Also we know history has a tendancy to repeat itself so we could assume that the depression would infact happen again.. so people prepare for the worse, that's the smart thing to do don't you think? So luckily he has been stacking rainy day chips since 1996…

  225. I feel great that someone was brave enoughf to explain and translate these video and lyrics . We all should take advantage of this and spread the word. This radio stations 99.1, 102.7, 92.3 just to name a few along with all of this popular celeverites are not only taking our money, but coroupting our minds. This has to stop!!! Also I know that highschools play this songs for special events such as peprallys and after school dances. This is why I believe that school who are responsible for this events should be aware off what this songs are saying to our teens they should not be alowed.

  226. Not only did she not right the song, she did not direct the video either! So you mean to tell us all that these very popular celebrities make there crossover to the darkside through songs they did not write videos they did not direct and publically? Why would they do that when they know that there would be people who would catch it and blast them? I look at it like this, every 1 has their own prespective on things.. I can look at the same thing you're looking at and get something totally diffrent from what you see… I also believe that some people look into things a little to deep.. enjoy the song or hate the song. Get over it! I'm sure that we could find something evil about every song video dance step movie slogan In the world doesn't mean its truly evil!

  227. Hey. Thanks for posting this. Our world is wrapped around hollywood and these stars and we look up to them so much that we become blinded. We have them on this pedistool but we needa be careful. Everything you said here makes sense. Being a christian, you know what happens in the end but during the time period it seems like the devil will win. The devil has used so many stars because they have the most power in this world. I think it's interesting when it says "When the sun shines we'll shine together." The bible says the devil will appear as an angel of light. That's why so many people are mislead because things like this song seem so innocent. But basically the devil is saying you follow me and i will make you shine "worldly" so that i will shine. I just hope whoever reads this realizes worldly possessions are worthless in the end.

  228. I was exposed to this information (not specifically Rhianna- I don't believe she was out at the time) a few years back by a minister for Christ, G. Craig Lewis in his "Truth Behind Hip-Hop" series. You are so on it. Thank you for sharing the light, though most will refuse to believe; as if we gain something by exposing the evils of this world. I would hope that people will take a moment to reflect about the world today and decide to believe and live their life as if there is a God, then to bypass the not-so-obvious and live their life as though there is not- to die and to find that indeed there was/is.

  229. OMfG!! iKNEW tHiS B***h WAS CRAZy BUt DAMN lMfAOO!!

    f**k tHE DEViL HOE !!

    jAYZ iS A DEViL WORShiPER AlSO SMh!!!!

    bUt iSTiLL lOVE yOU BEyONC'E yOU iS DA' SHiiT' iN My bOOk

  230. I am sooo soo thankful that I am a Muslim. Even before coming to this forum, n learnin about this stuff, Allah saved me from listening to this act of devil worship. For all those people like myself, who are freeeaked about from all this luciferian droppings, listen to the word of God: the Quran

  231. Please VC, do an analyses on the rock group "30 Seconds to Mars". I became a fan last year and i've noticed alot of their songs also has a double meaning to it. Its almost like they are trying to warn us of "something"?

  232. ya i didnt even think about it and 2 first i thought it was STUPID but thn i started reading it and u guys hav amazing points! i cant believe it but i think ur rite11

  233. Just a little bit skeptical about this. Let me explain why.


    "The we see Rihanna dressed in black and wearing a top-hat, a visual clue to represent the evil entity, which is masculine. The long, claw-like fingernails give a sense of a demonic, ungodly creature. When Rihanna starts singing, she moves in sexually seductive way to reflect the Devil’s attempt to seduce Rihanna. He wants to possess her not only mentally but physically also."

    The amount of assumption in this paragraph is staggering. Dressed in black? long fingernails, slightly masculine in dress, although entirely feminine and sultry in her movements?

    Remind you of a dominatrix at all? I agree that this visual image is meant to show seduction by a raw, sexual character, but why the jump to devil? Sounds to me like a classic case of finding what you're looking for.

    Yes there are some symbols here like her inside the pyramid covered in chrome, but does it have to be the devil again?

    Her album tells a story of a good girl bone bad… Why does the bad part have to translate into demonic, or satanic? Maybe its a representation of her growing out of her young good girl image, and into her more mature one.

    Then again this is all speculation, just as your stuff is rife with speculation and assumption.

    You claim that a person cannot get into that position as seen within the triangle? You evidently have no comprehension of the human body and its capabilities? Any healthy person that has no limiting injuries and is within 5-10% of their ideal BMI will be capable of doing that. Evidently not such a classic case of subliminal messaging as a classic case of "see what you want to see".

    What Strikes me as odd is the way in which you interpret the opening lines by Jay-Z. Again you are finding what you are looking for. If I now interpret what I am looking for this is what I get.

    No clouds in my stones

    Let it rain, I hydroplane in the bank

    Coming down with the Dow Jones

    When the clouds come we gone, we Rocafella

    We fly higher than weather

    And G5’s are better, You know me,

    an anticipation, for precipitation. Stacked chips for the rainy day

    Jay, Rain Man is back with little Ms. Sunshine

    Rihanna where you at?

    Roughly translated into, I have perfect possessions, I have a huge ego, I have tons of money, Im like a rockefeller, just super rich, dont you just want to have my lifestyle where the recession does not hurt my bank account? My wealth cushions me from the economic failings.

    The line, anticipation for precipitation….. could just as easily be a classic, rapper takes credit for something that is not his doing. The ego on many rappers makes them claim to be just greater than most other people, its a gangster mentality, amplified by material wealth. So with all his riches, he accidentally happened to have more than enough money to weather the storm that is the global recession. So in classic rapper ego fashion, he claims that to be premeditated and re-enforces his "awesomeness". The rapper mentality of "Dont you wish you were as cool and as successful as me?"

    I think that you are trying too hard to find things. Then you are adding assumptions to the back of symbolic evidence. All the people that can see the fact behind your symbolic evidence are wowed by your knowledge and then fail to identify the shear amount of assumption and sometimes downright falsified statements that you make.

    Assumptions: Anything and everything to do with the devil. Triangle being linked to the devil? Chrome liquid being the devils semen? Again you are taking giant leaps in assumption here, all of it based on the opening image of Rihanna being the devil. To quote you at the beginning:

    "For the purpose of this analysis we’ll call this entity the Devil." ummmmmm you base every demonic reference in this song on an assumption that you yourself state as an assumption right at the beginning of your analysis…..?!

    How do you make the jump from ancient symbol of masculinity, to the devil? Are all things masculine supposed to be the devil?

    Falsified statements: No human can naturally assume that position…. eehhrrrrr WRONG! I have seen many people assume that position, and not just in a yoga class either…

    Ultimately, your entire analysis of evil is based off of your interpretation of her dress code at the beginning…. This outfit can be interpreted in so many ways but you instantly lean towards demonic?

    Call me skeptical, call me a naysayer all you want, but I deal in facts. I admit that there may be some symbolism in many music videos and even in this one, but there are too many assumptions made in your analysis that are based on opinion, interpretation and bias that undermine and invalidate most of what you say.

    If you want to be able to truly analyze these things accurately, you need to shed your bias and become utterly objective in your views and understanding. Right now you just come across as a fear monger with an agenda who has nothing better to do with their time.


  234. This is an interesting breakdown of this song. You have made some very valid points. Although, I think some of the analysis was a little far fetched, I can definitely grasp the big picture. The symbolism is blatant. For some reason, I have never really cared for Jay-Z. I purchased one of his albums The Blueprint 2: The Gift and the Curse and that CD was wild.

    What is extremely amazing to me about this entire thing is Tupac talked about this type of stuff ALL OF THE TIME, he talked about how corrupt and "not of this world" the entertainment industry was. Nas being another one. I'm sure everyone knows how much Jay-Z looooooooooves Biggie, he practically worships him in a sense. He's mirrored his successes and BEYOND. My own analysis…The beef between Tupac and Biggie was one not of this world. Whenever either of them talked about why they were beefing with each other, neither of them could give a definitive answer. I believe that was a spiritual battle between good and evil. The same goes for Nas and Jay-Z…remember their beef? Nas and Tupac were on the same accord. Jay-Z and Biggie were on the same accord….hmmmmm. I mean is there more to say than that?

    As far as the devil "not protecting" Rihanna when Chris Brown beat her up, I believe that was all apart of the plan. I read another article by the Vigilant Citizen about the breakdown of the VMA'S and as a part of the occult initiation ritual one must experience humiliation in public. This was explained when he or she broke down the Taylor Swift / Kanye West situation. So, Chris Brown "beating up" Rihanna (which I don't buy completely) and the convenient exposure of her bloody, beat up face for everyone to see caused Rihanna to be humiliated in front of the entire world. In her interview with Diane Sawyer…she specifically used the word – humiliated or humiliation is what she endured during that time. This leads me to believe that at that moment is when Rihanna was completely converted to the otherside. All of her songs now are dark and give me an evil feeling….Hard, Russian Roulette…have you seen the video for that one? It all makes sense to me with the exception of those very few far fetched explanations…lol I have to laugh.

  235. @ eric January 24th, 2010 11:45 am :

    ‘It think u failed to mention the lyrics that blatantly denounce god’
    just curious, but what lyric did that?

    @samar dabat January 24th, 2010 3:59 pm
    i think they do it to gloat that we can’t do anything about it because anyone that would be able to stop them(government, army, police, whatever) is controlled by the same elite and thus cannot be stopped. also they aren’t really doing the actual innetiation on film(at least i don’t think so) i would think that would be done in private.

    ‘are these song meant to make us so called “small people’ also follow the devil by listening?? im confused….. whats the point of it all??’

    no, not really. i think the reason to put it in the videos and songs are to make it common for us. way back in the day all these lyrics would have caught our attention, but it’s so engrained and common that instead of questioning it, we accept and even like it.

    ‘and also….. lets see who is actually writing the lyrics to these tracks and see what they have to say about it??
    just thinking that if there was all this hype about this, why have these singers not been interviewed and questioned?? where the hell is Oprah??’

    i agree that we should delve deeper into who is doing the lyrics and videos and even who runs the record companies. some artists have been questioned about very vague references to the occultism in their music, but the media is run by the same people that make the songs. so they keep everything watered down and often times inacurate just to save face.

    hope that helped. and please excuse my lack of punctuation, my shift key is broken. have a nice day.

  236. I'm just curious, all these articles you've made of these artists make sense completely. I don't listen to most of them anyway, but one I listen to A L O T is Michael Jackson… can you make sure he isn't part of this, cult or whatever? 🙁

  237. I agree with Appalled1 but when i first read this article i did believe it because the details are well put together but when you actually think about it , any song and anything , even religions can be said to be wrong or by the devil or something , but it doesn't mean that they are.

    What i am trying to say is that you can get the wrongs out of a lot of things , it is easier to get the wrong things or flaws than the rights.

    there is this saying

    ""its easy to poke holes in any plan""

    i would appreciate a response

  238. This is so real and so disturbing, and yet without help we wont be able to see every thing youve shown us


  240. i have a few questions. if these stars are joining the 'elite' and selling their souls to the devil to get what they want in this life on earth, why are they exposing it so obviously in their songs? thats a little stupid if you ask me.

    Not only that but they're showing it blatantly in their vids? and doing their initiations on cam??? i just find that strange….. what do they get out of that? If this was centuries ago…. there would be a witch hunt and they would burn at the steak. so are these song meant to make us so called "small people' also follow the devil by listening?? im confused….. whats the point of it all??

    and also….. lets see who is actually writing the lyrics to these tracks and see what they have to say about it??

    just thinking that if there was all this hype about this, why have these singers not been interviewed and questioned?? where the hell is Oprah??

  241. It think u failed to mention the lyrics that blatantly denounce god, the father of all creation… also. I feel sorry for anyone that doesn't think the symbolizm is there…exactly what the world would love for u to believe. Most pop song are chalk full of demonic undertones that have quietly torn through our nations youth…u see it with how drugs and sex are becoming an epidemic in America school system. Gangs of kids in Jr high having sex parties as young as 11, 12…. peep "hova's" new single about new York when he outright says. What churches around America already knew…that he is an entity for Satans message telling his listeners that Jesus can't save you… now why would u feel the need to try to convince people of that unless in fact he does save… millions of people profess Jesus saving power and you know who else does? Satan…. he knows more than anyone and what was Satan when he was in heaven? Leader of music. Don't let the world take away your god given salvation because u refuse to se life in 20/20.

  242. Yeah it is high time people wake up to listen to the Gospel music instead of these worldly songs that have satanism and evil messages.I have always questioned the motive behind these songs.As usual whoever who has ears let him/her do that and who whoever who has eyes let them see guys.its a matter of choice God has guven us those choices either you choose Him or satan.But I choose God therefore I will listen toonly the GOSPEL MUSIC

  243. all this is true for those who heard let them here and those with eyes let them see.lets not just sing song befor we understand their origin and meaning.

  244. This is JUST a song and a Video ( NOT A GOOD SONG R VIDEO ) but just a song and video thats it. STOP looking at BET and MTV. You know what just STOP looking at TV and GO READ A BOOK

  245. these are all things i never paid attention too. well i thought this song made absolutly no sense at all but i didnt think of it as mind i control i just thought of it as most of the music in this time era is crap so that's what i thought it was! but i did realize that after this video rhianna wasn't sweet little rhi rhi anymore she was like this weirdo talking about death and someone distubing her!

  246. Ignorance is bli$$ you make so much sense. And what's worse you make us all feel dumb for not knowing. Thus we want to know more

  247. i know this is late, a lot of the people say oh she doesnt write his songs.. well alot of the ppl who write the songs are apart of it.. most huge celebritys are.. and the chris brown thing, chris brown was apart of it, but he wanted out and when he wanted out they put the whole he beat rihanna thing on him.. if you get out of it they get back at you.

    another things was said that if micheal jackson was apart of it, yes he was at one point, but he wanted out also, which is why the whole micheal jackson bleached himself came out, the occult bleached him and made him like that, do research on the disease its hureditary, non of his family had it but him, it dont just pop up out of no were, sort of like a keyloid… they also put the he rapped children on him to.. and when he wanted to talk about it with his new concert he was going to perform in 2009 they ended up killing him

    they also tried to get tupac if u listen to some of his songs he talks about them, this is all true, and if u dont blv it why look it up? becuz u 2 prolly have thoughts and think if it is.. good job on thsi website and decoding this messages, may god be with you,,,

  248. Actually it's the Jews, the Jews are responsible.

    Maybe the Muslims?

    No it's rich white people =)


    Ron Paul 2012

    Go ahead and try it seriously if you dig deep enough you can find THE TRUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    You live in a prison =)

    Of the mind, body and soul =)

    You are owned one and all =0

    And you love it XD XD XD

    HAHAHA, Keep distracting yourselves though it makes it really easy for us to get your money (and women LOLOLOL)

    Peace =)

    -Secret Master

  249. anyone notice that citigroup which is rockefellers brainchild has the umbrella for it's symbol? or that Jay-z's tickets are sold in advance to citibank members.

  250. So, I've been watching youtube….. "SATANISM AND MODERN CULTURE" (yes the WHOLE 2 plus hours lol), and then I venture here. Jay-Z is known for his double entendres. I am a Jay Z fan and struggle with his seemingly blasphemous use of "God MC, me, JAY-hova. In the song "Where I'm From" he says "I'm from the place where the church is the flakiest, and N*ggas been prayin to God so long that they atheist" and these would be more incriminating than Rihanna's "Umbrella" This is not how I see this song, I feel the author of this article interpreted the song the way they WANTED to. It is a farce, even ludicrous to believe that being possessed by a demon was Rihanna's intent in "Umbrella". There are many different ways to interpret this song. As a lyricist I can easily interpret this song in MANY other ways, and break the lyrics down to prove my point as the author did here. UUUH! I cannot begin to express my frustration about people who interpret things for a self serving purpose! PROPAGANDA……. I think I will go out and but 2 more copies of this album JUST BECAUSE. LOL





  252. Where there's smoke there's fire. God clearly said,my people perish coz of lack of knowledge.U've been informed.u either be ignorant as some people here sound or u do something about it.i mean accepting Jesus Christ as ur saviour or if Muslim do wat the good book says. Jesus also said, WHAT GOOD IS THERE FOR A MAN TO GAIN THE WHOLE WORLD BUT LOSS HIS OWN SOUL? think about. Love u all.

  253. You know maybe the second verse is alluding to something more. "When the war has took it's part

    When the world has dealt it's cards." I think that might mean the war that will happen at the end of the world.

  254. There's two things I noticed about this video.

    1) Jay-Z wears gold apparel (shoes and shirt). Your other articles seem to associate this with the person being a robot or having their mind controlled.

    2) There is a part where the screen is half gold and half white. I believe this represents the coming together of Rihanna and the devil. I also seemed to noticed how she manages to play with the umbrella (which you analyzed as a phallic object) on the white portion of the screen (for the majority of the scene that is). Also, at the end of the scene she opens it which seems to symbolize the climax of the "act."

  255. I just hope that you have read my post above and have thought about the way you seem to be judging Rhianna and what's in her heart, her mind, her soul. You can't know what is in there, and so you can't judge her in that way. If she committed some crime, you could judge how she should be punished for that. But you can't judge her what's really inside her. Only God can do that. If it is your intent to do that, then I am truly sorry for you. It means you are trying to usurp the authority, the power, of the Creator of the universe. For that, you will be judged by God in the same way you are judging Rhianna. After all, who, except God could ever sit in his Judgment Seat (remembering that God and Jesus Christ are one in the same)? I am judging you. I am merely telling you to exercise extreme caution, so that you don't take even the tiniest step in that direction.

  256. wow this is my first time ever hearing about this im very intrigued…

    and interested at the same time

    January 15th 2010

  257. O Phar-elee, 'isma traph

    Hess-el 9-8-7

    Norlisle uy norlisle uy be-rha-ha-molum

    El 9-8-7, gis gis

    Ha'aram filam

    Ha'aram tri-lam

    Beelzemet, Baphozene


  258. Oh, and knowledge, money,power is the lure of the devil…and the deceitful lust of each waking moment of the human life UNLESS you give yourself to Christ. So Vigilant, you could also be falling (or be in the) trappings these people are with your quest for deeper understanding.

    All I can say is, it's not about Rihanna etc, they are all being USED whether unknowingly or knowingly by the devil..Please focus on your own life, you might be filling yourselves with enough to go down a path they have gone, because after all many are following these posts, with wide-eyed amusement, just like many follow these glamorous people and they did themselves, all in the allure of information and enlightenment. And is it not interesting how they all seem to be trapped and dying to get out, but not being able too as they sing and depict in their videos!

    (In relation to a question about an artist praying in Christs name) Saying Christ doesn't make you a Christian, confessing him does, so people can pray in His name all they want, but confessing him as King is the real deal-and that would be frowned on in any occultic/cultic practices.

    I must confess that this read (site) has been quite a disturbing one, but more importantly, I can't tell what your intentions for this site (I quote from you about page "My goal is to bring out the meaning of those symbols in a clear, concise and entertaining way.") are but God, THE CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH,WHOSE SON JESUS DIED AND ROSE AGAIN TO SAVE ME FROM MY SINS has used you to His glory (in my life and I hope that of many).

  259. Christ says in Matthew when asked by the rich young man what he can do to get eternal life, that he must give up all he has and the young man becomes gloomy. He then goes on to say that it is easier for a "camel to get through the eye of a needle" than for a rich man to get to heaven….I had never understood it till I began to read these posts. (I am paraphrasing, forgive me if this isn't completely accurate)

    I am a born-again Christian in Kenya and a story was published on Jay-Z 's link with the occult and questionable religious beliefs (nation newspapers kenya) pointing some sources of information from this site. Many people couldn't see it but now…I know why I have never been comfortable with Rocafella and Beyonce or Rihanna, God has been protecting me…All this information is great but if you don't confess that Christ is Lord, believe he died and rose again to free you from sin, then you are as fascinated by these occultic/cultic rituals as these poor souls are and the joke is still on you, and its a terribly deadly joke!!!

    Forget the movies! " All devil worshippers don't burn at the stake" or wear satanic symbols or chant publicly. These are just their most prominent figures on display for us to see.To make us okay with the darkness and eventually conform to their way of thinking. Look at magazine covers, wear dark eye shadow, be thin as a rake, look possessed, show your nudity, (women are depicted as sexual slaves or possessed she-devils)…. You cannot serve two masters, choose this day whom you will serve , Christ or the Devil…and believe me EVERYONE in this world is worshipping something, even if they do not know it.


  260. It's an eye opener, devil has his people placed in high places and if people will continue to live in ignorance they will be hit so hard and they wont know what has hit them.

  261. I know my post above was long, but I had hoped people would read it. I would really appreciate a well-thought-out response, or two, or ten (haha). I would rather not have to try to wade through "text typing," but I will if that's the way you insist on writing. But I would like to have a response that shows people read my above post, and shows that they thought about it. Like I said, I know the post was long, but I tried to make good points, and I would appreciate any constructive criticism, and hopefully some agreement, too. Thank you.

  262. human phenomenon ???? lol even though i consider myself to be an agnostic i would rather believe in fairytales then some cooked up theory such as the fish I may eat tonight may well be a many, many long distance relative of mine or even worst believe in this global warming bull….. How the demented, mentally depraved, delusional believe that polar bears have declined in numbers when evidences show they have actually increased if there is population control of some sort I suggest you puppy personally volunteer surely subspecies such as you would not be missed.

  263. I do see the symbolism in the "Umbrella" lyrics as well as in the video, and for whatever reason, I have never enjoyed the "Umbrella" song. Truthfully, the lyrics, not Rihanna, annoyed me, especially all the "Ella, eh's". And the video, to me, was terrible and now that I have read this aricle I see how God has shielded me from absorbing the contents of the message in this song. I haven't yet confirmed it with definitive research but another website says, the way they are using the "Ella, eh's", the words translate to mean, "no God." Hmmmmn…

    In observing Rihanna in recent television airing, there does seem to definitely be a darkness about her appearances and her performances. Again, these are just my observations and opinions. I also believe that there is much about the Chris Brown beating episode that we the public do not know. For whatever reason, I feel Chris Brown got a bad rap for something that was far darker than what we know. I will refrain from being to forthcoming with what I have not backed with factual evidence for now, but I will say that I am so glad this information was posted. Sometimes the 'trick" is to give the illusion that nothing is wrong at all, to plant the notion that this symbolic DEMONstration of what's to come is nothing more than a mere song. God does not seduce, the Devil must. The Bible says, God's will, will be done. We must take in all musically delivered messages with caution as the Devil's very soul emits music. It was one of the attributes God favored most about his most beloved angel, Lucifer… that is, before his fall from grace. Satan will take you high and no matter how much you grow to be loved by the world, without God… you will fall. History repeating itself so to speak, I guess. If Satan wasn't impervious to this separation from God sentence and he was God's most beloved, how do you think this will turn out now that Rihanna has publicly co-signed the devils agenda? And the sad thing is, I don't think she realizes what has happened.


  265. scribd.com,silvermedicine.org,detaxcanada.org and wikicompany.org/wiki/911:vatican and jesuits.Do not trust wikipedia or the links on wikicompany articles.Good luck.

  266. I hope you read this whole post, even though it's long. I have a few things to say regarding this discussion. My first thing is, let's get away from the song for just a brief moment. Pretend that you, yourself, are going out in the rain, and you take an umbrella. Does that umbrella own you, or possess you, or have power over you? No. You have control. You can open it and close it any time you want to. You can even throw it into the street if you want to. So, now back to spiritual matters. I am a Christian. I hate the idea of music celebrating the devil. I get my protection from God. In this case, yes, most definitely the source of my protection is infinitely more powerful than I am. Does God possess me? You can say that he owns me, but he doesn't enter my being and control my actions and thoughts. In fact, while I do not have control over God, I have control over whether or not I ask for his protection, or accept it if offered. He allows me free will, though, and does not control me, even when protecting me. Be careful how you word things when talking about protection. Even if someone feels they are protected by the devil (which would be an illusion perpetrated by the devil), that doesn't mean he possesses them. Being that the devil is NOT omnipresent, and his power is NOT infinite, I would say he would feel it a waste of time to spend much time around one person who is supposedly protected by him, when he can be elsewhere, tempting more people. Besides, wouldn't that just add to his lie that he is protecting them? Do you think that if someone asked for his protection, even if he said "yes," that he would really give it to them? I don't believe that. So, unless they were extremely important in some intricate plan, I don't think he would do anything. As I said, I think he would see it as a waste of time. Of course, I can't say that I am, without a doubt, correct, but it's a feeling I get. I guess that is sort of a small tangent. Okay, so, here we go, full speed ahead. You are looking at "Umbrella," the song and the video. You have analyzed it deeply, and I think you are really grasping, really reaching in many parts. Coated in metallic devil sperm? I just don't see where that idea has any basis anywhere. Can you tell me where you found anything to base that "symbolism" on? And dressing in white and then black. Yeah, white and black have been associated with good and evil for a while. I'll give you that one. It is mentioned that Rhianna is a "good girl gone bad." As far as becoming so bad that she literally worships the devil, again, I think you're stretching. Posing in a position to try to resemble the devil's face? You can find all sorts of pictures of the devil with horns, a pitchfork, a tail, all sorts of things, but the fact of the matter is, he is a fallen angel. We've been told by the Bible that the devil, being a fallen angel, is beautiful to look at. That is part of what makes him so difficult to resist, whether you are man, woman, boy, girl, whatever. He is beautiful, no matter who looks at him. So, yeah, no matter what pictures are out there, trash the idea that he is some hideous beast with horns, fangs, tail, whatever else. I think you are reading too much into the lyrics, and into the imagery in the video. It does contrast her good and bad natures, and it says she has turned bad, but I don't think it means to do anymore than that. Now, let me put a couple other things out there. Someone, in a reply, looked like they were trying to quote a scripture, since they even had it in quotation marks. I am not sure I have it one hundred percent accurate, but I know I am very close. So, I would like to know the book, chapter, and verse, where Jesus said, "Spread my word, even if people think you're crazy…." Yes, the person making the comment, used the word "crazy" in his "quote." Same person said the devil was the angel of music and basically implied that music, in general, belongs to the devil. Don't tell the people singing all those hymns on Sunday. So, talking about music being evil, and having hidden messages, I would like to point out, that if I worked at it, I probably could read between the lines and actually make even hymns look evil. How many of you out there love the hymn "How Great Thou Art" ? It's one of my all-time favorites. The words are awesome, and I love the music as well. I want the song sung at my funeral. Did you know the melody came from a really old drinking song? Anyone care to analyze the song now? I don't. It's a wonderful, deeply inspiring song that makes me feel closer to God every time I hear it. I have one more point to make. We have all heard about not judging. I firmly believe judging is necessary in some cases. You judge people when you make a decision not to hang around with them because of their behaviors, or their actions. That is a good way to stay out of trouble. Do NOT think that you can know what's in a person's heart, and that you truly know what they believe, even if you base things on their behaviors. If you believe someone should be punished, you are judging their actions, but you cannot know what's in their heart. But to hear a song, and see a video, by Rhianna, and to say she worships the devil is a place you don't want to venture into. You are judging what's in her heart, and you are condemning her. That is God's job, and only God's job. Only he can see into someone's heart. So, in that sense, "Judge not…" The way I see it, if you attempt that kind of judgment, you are trying to do God's job and usurp his authority. I can't know if that is what is truly in your heart, or if that is your actual intent. I am simply telling you that you need to be careful that you do not tread on that ground. If you try to do the job of the Creator of the universe, he'll judge you with the same judgment you use on the other person. You had better be perfect, blameless, sinless, and all-knowing before you ever attempt that type of judgment. Knowing what I know of myself, I will not try to judge anyone's heart, and I will not decide them to be worth "stoning." I hope none of you feel the need to judge that way and decide to throw stones either.

    P.S. Just to let you know, I'm not exactly a fan of Rhianna. I just don't want to see people falling into the trap of attempting to judge others from the position only God is entitled to judge from.

  267. great analysis!God bless you. please enlighten us more as u get the 411. & don't be discouraged by the devil incarnates who do not believe, cos the Bible alredy talked about such attitude in the end times.dis is the accepted hour of repentance! PEACE of GOD be with us all…!

  268. Truth be told the liquid was "essence", not semen specifically, else we would have gone with white doves. The silver body in the triangle was something that a friend had specifically inserted to represent the coming into being of the illuminated one via the womb of unwiting and otherwise innocent young females (the viewers and listeners predominantly) through a three fold ritual of conception, manifestation and birth. We used the triangle with the apex up to show the ascending force rising up from subliminal and figurative depths… Think "rising force". That sun is ALmost risen… We'll begin to move into the spiral phase more predominantly here in the next several years… That course will take some time to compete since it implies a more whole transformation… Wait and see…

  269. @Crystal. rihanna has already addressed the devil worshiping rumors in an interview. She never denied it and she jokingly said "I worship the devil". It's not a joke to me or God.

  270. if you look at a wall for too long without blinking it will look like it is moving… this does not mean it is actually moving

  271. No bs,I never seen the video nor liked the song. When I heard the song it made no sense to me. From what J was rappin about,to what Rhi is singing about.

    After this break down of the video and lyrics, and hearing about other performances she's done,this makes total sense to me!

    But since J on a couple occasions,mentioned his new name is "Rain Man",in the song she mentions its raining and she wants it to come into her,

    In the video,you mentioned,that a part of the video subliminally suggests that's she's being raped by the devil. And it seems quite obvious that J bought her into

    That lifestyle. Is this why there were rumours of J and Rhi havin a secret relationship.

    Cuz usually,when a young girl,messes with a older man,they have a tendency to get hooked quick. And its very easy to take over there minds.

  272. whoever put this up is ignorant and wrong first off rihanna nor jay z wrote the song and secondly there are so many things in the world that u can relate to being satanic why becuase we live in a secular world come on now ppl be real

  273. crystal why isn't on the news b/c its the same major media outlets that push artist like Rhianna, Jay Z, & Beyonce…I never really thought of this song as being an occult but it does make sense now here some everyday symbolism about Umbrella it's the logo to CItiGroup one of the biggest financial entities in the world & another Hollywood thing Resident Evil the Umbrella Corporation is Evil, it controls all media outlets, it releases bio-chemical warfare against the public, ect,ect!!! This is links that you have to think outside the box not in it!!!! need to get that 3rd eye vision polished!!!!

  274. this is bullshit, ya'll need lives always trying to pick apart stupid s**t… and if she really is worshipping the devil why aint it on the news, if you so concern with it call her out… ya'll can't cause ya'll know it is BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!

  275. The New World Order is for real look at the money we as a country has allowed them to take the face of God as we know him the Mason the Vaticans and the Christians along with the music indutry and the media is all working together to spread this spiritual wickedness Muslims have been fighting tjese holy wars for years we have a lot to do children of God and I did say God's children pray without ceasing pull down these strongholds but the Bible truly has to fulfill itself.

  276. am so happii i read dis.. i knew da devill was in er 4rm gd gyal gne bad..y did god let dis happen..but o well no1 can save er now

  277. ok this is creepy. and its also possible that rihanna might worship the devil….. but theres that fact that i like her for her songs, i dont care what a singer is like in real life as long as she sings well…… i mean, theres no chance of me getting influenced by her ^^ alot of songs might have double meanings, but its important to remember that its just meant for entertainment…….
    peace to all.


  279. great job. I did an anaylsis of this song and I did not come up with as much as you did, but Rhianna is pretty much gone and she shares her experience through her music if you really listen to it. No she might not have wrote it but she is singing it, people look at the singer not the writer image is everything. I hope people wake up soon before its to late.

  280. Does that mean that songwriters are Illuminati/devil worshipers, too because they are the ones who write these songs and I don't see you going in on them like your going in on the performers? How about Michael Jackson was he Illuminati/devil worshiper, because you can call his thriller, scream, remember the time and other videos evil, too? I am not going to be so quick to pass judgment, but I would if you are using some of the same propaganda, too? There are some many people that you could accuse, but you only seem to have picked a select few and why is that? Do have something against these people in particular or are you just naming throw away names because it would not smart for you to name others? It so easy to point fingers and personally, I never cared for Jay-z and his crew anyway, especially Jay-Z and Beyonce, so I ask you these questions to see if you have a personal distaste for them as I do and is this the reason why you have chosen to single them out because as I stated earlier, there are some many more people that you could blacklist.

  281. I dont know if you realized but one of rihannas in umbrella when shes inside of a triangle with her arms straightbehind her back looks very similar to baphomet. Check that out please

  282. "The “ooh baby” makes it clear that we’re not talking about raindrops falling from the sky. It means she is wet and ready to welcome the Devil again inside her."


    This. is. stupid. as. F**K.

    Is this really what you all spend your life doing? WORTHLESS.

  283. and i hate to comment yet again… but i have another question. sinceshe is now possesed and was when she dated chris brown, could he have done that to her? could it have been staged? please respond if you know anything..

  284. oh, also. how does the music affect us? when we watch it and listen to it what does it do to us? should we keep away from their music and videos?

  285. I love your analysis of this song. Thank you so much for breaking it up piece by piece. It was very logical & you didn't use your emotions to speak against it, you used your reason. When I started reading your article I had to be cautious about what you were saying, like anyone would, making sure of what you are trying to convince us of, but you backed up the points that you made. I appreciated the images & references, etc. I always knew that there was deep spiritual references behind some music lyrics that I can't understand & I know that I cannot usually find those meanings. I deeply appreciate how you bring everything to light with the knowledge that you do have about it. I just deleted the song from my itunes library. I don't want that being injected into my subconscious. If I had any idea of this before, I wouldn't have bought the song. Thank you. Keep doing what you're doing. Don't let anyone discourage you from speaking the truth. It makes a huge difference, I'll have you know.


  287. i think this is an amazing insight and that everyone who is complaining shouldnt be reading if it annoys them so. your insight makes sense and i agree with everything youve said. its not fair to cross out this insight without thinking about it and waiting for more information, i think. and i find it intreesting that this music is directed towards us (teenagers) and that we have no clue what we have been singing and dancing to in our rooms. i love your website and i feel it enlightens. not many people are open to listening, especially us teens. but we are ignorant and naive and also choose to believe whatever is told to us. so how should i know?

  288. Forgot to mention, Im glad you explained this because I wondered why the intro by J-Jay had nothing to do with a song about a relationship/ friendship.

    I thought it was a typical bragging intro rap about how big of a King S**t Jay-Z was, but I never listened to the lyrics or understood their significance and yes, it does change the entire meaning of the song.

    Without the rap intro, it can be taken either way, its left up to the listener.

    But with the intro, it makes it clear, either the intro is completely random and has nothing to do with the song… or it has everything to do with the song.

    The intro was the confirmation.

    Its actually ingenious, musically speaking.

    The intro is the clue to the true meaning to the song.

  289. Well I guess the Devil could not protect Rhianna from Chris Brown.

    Think about it.

    Was Chris Brown possessed when he attacked her?

    She calculatingly and very specifically said… "it was like there was no soul behind his eyes".

    Chris Brown is still possessed, he couldnt care less about what he did and is in a certain state of denial I have seen before. Deep down he really does believe it to be ok to hit a woman under the right conditions, but he is smart enough to know that you cant say its ok to hit a b***h that hit you first.

    So deep down I think he feels like he did nothing wrong, he just has to pretend to be remorseful to sell records. His father used to beat his mother and Im betting his father used to have conversations with young Chris about how its ok to at times. Just my 2 cent guess.

  290. Well folks, amazing you can read that much into. One problem with the video. It wasnt her idea or Jay Z. Any of it. Its the directors. All the visuals, the fact about the body manipulation. False. I know both the director and producer. None of anything stated about it is true. So therefore you are the one making it demonic. Any song or video can be interpreted to demonic. I could do the same thing with a Bill Gather or Amy Grant song.

  291. The author has posted that he knows that she did not write the song…………but it is her who is singin it, its on her album, search the song and she comes up….but regardless the messages remain the same doesnt matter who wrote it

  292. First, to the people who are saying this can't be true because Rihanna didn't write the song should read the comments before posting. That has already been addressed and I agree that it does not make any difference. Second, as a marketing major, I understand the concept of being controversial to draw attention to yourself, however, it strikes me as odd that seemingly all the new artists coming out right now are choosing the same controversial material. Also, to acknowledge that these record execs orchestrate and fabricate all sorts of things to the minutest detail to brand the artist with a certain image is fine, but you can't turn around and say "it's just a video" or "it's just a song". I've also dabbled in the Design Industry (students of interior design, web design, set design, film production, etc. all have to learn the same basics) and I can tell you that you learn early on to pay attention to details and to use details to your advantage to set yourself apart from the competition. Nothing is left up to chance or coincidence. So the person (or people) creating these videos knows what messages are being sent. Now, if we just look at this from a natural perspective, we see artists catapulting to stardom in record time and they are being used to sell all sorts of products and services, some would say that is nothing new and I would agree. What is new, in my opinion, is the level of worship by the masses that these celebrities get. People are very sensitive about their favorite entertainer, who, btw, doesn't even know they exist. Because of this "hater" culture we have now, if you criticize a celebrity or say you don't like their music, movies, etc. people will automatically call you a "hater" and say that you're just jealous because you're not rich, famous, beautiful or whatever. Either you're a "lover" or a "hater". Personally, believe in Jesus Christ, so I see it for what is. But for you who don't believe, you should see the very least of what they are doing is making you a slave to materialism and consumerism – let's face it – the modern economy is slavery at its worst and indentured servitude at its best. The only difference is they fool people into believing they have a choice. We are constantly bombarded with commercials, videos, movies, etc. that tell us we aren't thin or fit enough, our teeth aren't white enough, we are wearing last seasons clothes, driving last years model car, our kids don't have the coolest gadgets (ergo the coolest parents) and on and on.. Meanwhile, we rack up debt to try and keep up with it all, so we can't stand up to the system because we are a part of it – we can't go against our bosses or the companies we work for because we have a mortgage (or two or three), a car payment (or two or three), and all the other trappings of wealth that they make us think we need. Marketing is all about using people's hopes, dreams, fears, etc against them to make them do what you want, i.e., buy your product or service. It is extremely unfair because not everyone has the opportunity to study it and therefore be armed against it. And more and more, celebrities are becoming a part of that – as much as we see them screw up their lives and hurt the ones who love them, we as a society still adore them and want to be like them? Why? Because they are rich and have social status, which is what the American Dream has come to be. These celebrities can afford all those things on those commercials, after all. On the spiritual side of things, what you need to understand is that it is in your nature to worship. You will worship SOMEONE. "To every man is given the measure of faith" (Romans 12:3) – These illuminati people know this, even if you don't. What they want is for you to worship yourself and material things in place of God. They understand that people are not going to just up and start worshiping the devil, but they also know that it is not necessary for them to do so in order for their goal to be achieved. All they need is for people to deny Christ as their lord and savior and/or put someone/something above Christ. This should all sound familiar as it is what is going on right at this moment. As far as what these artists say in their songs, we can argue all day about whether it is a metaphor for this or that, so I'm not going to even address it. What I will address, however, is what they say during interviews when they are presumably not speaking in riddles. Bob Dylan stated in an interview with Ed Bradley (it's on Youtube) that he "made a bargain" with the "Commander in Chief" of "this world and one we don't see" and that is the reason why he is still making music, even though he seems tired. He was 61 years old at the time, I believe, and had already cemented himself as "the voice of a generation", so it's hard for me to see this statement as a marketing ploy to drum up CD sales. Of course, I could be wrong. Some might say that he could have been talking about God (or the Christian God I should say). To that I say God doesn't make bargains. He doesn't have to. He is offering eternal life and salvation and if that's not enough for you, then too bad. The devil is the one who has to seduce and entice and offer you quid pro quo. Next, there's actors like Denzel Washington and Oprah Winfrey who have both stated that they let spirits of slaves enter their bodies in order to recreate the emotions needed to portray slaves in films (his was Glory, hers was Beloved). If you believe they are just being eccentric, then so be it. Beyonce, who is analyzed in depth on this site is quoted as saying the same thing about her alter ego, Sasha Fierce. She says that "someone else takes over when it's time for me to work…. who protects who I really am". What? Entertaining people is her job right? So what if one of your co-workers told you that another being had to take them over for them to perform their job, so when you see them at work they are really someone else? At the very least you would consider them insane. I really didn't mean to write a book about this, so I will leave you with just one more thing:

    "This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away." (2 Timothy 3:1-5) — Does any of this sound familiar?

  293. this is the most ridiculous interpretation you have on this site….i read the others and some of them make good points but in this one, you talke about jay-z already being possesed…..if you didn't notice, that gold picture on his shirt is JESUS! just wanted to point that out

  294. Notice the 6-6-6 , first with jay and the six women, then rihanna getting hit six times with the liquid and lastly her standing with the six men

  295. Haha I gotta say, I agree with Dan. This is just about feeling down, and is an upbeat song. Whoever wrote this song, if they put that much time into it, put deeper meanings, than they're really smart, because I don't think most pop songs do that.I think "Disturbia" has something to do with evil… it's about being possessed… but I think this song is just about friendship and love. I wish we could ask Rihanna herself though, just because the videos are really different. I thought "Good Girl Gone Bad" just means she's just a naughty Hollywood girl now… drinking, having sex, whatever, I didn't know it had to do with this. How can you know for sure that any of this has anything to do at all with evil and that you're not just digging too deep into it? I'm interested now, though.

  296. may God bless you mightily actually pple r worshiping the devil himself how i pray that pple will agree to be corrected and know the light.thanks for the good work. SAIDIA BABA!!!!!!!!!

  297. All religious entities see everything as being religious. It can be interpreted many different ways. This is meant for one thing and one thing only, entertainment. Get off your high-horses and leave religion out of it.

  298. I read this as well as the article on Rihanna's song Disturbia. Very scary stuff. And it all appears to be completely true. Regardless of whether or not she is just entertaining and telling a story, she is still aware of what her videos and songs are saying…and that is frightening. I watched both videos after reading the article and got goosbumps because I had never even considered somthing was wrong with these songs before. (I had never seen the videos…they're more of a giveaway…especially Disturbia.) Thank you for putting this out there. It really makes people open their eyes and see that everything is not what it seems. I was wondering if you had any thought on her new song "Russian Roulette?" I read the lyrics and watched the video and it seemed equally as disturbing. Thanks again for getting this out there!

  299. yo akeel woman beater its actually gd that he beat her up becuz she is a freemason and r u muslim becuz if u r y r u even listenning to music?idiot

  300. I believe this because look at jay-z's song run this town's video everything's so demonic it's not funny. This world is so scary at times it makes you wonder.

  301. chris brw n aint the devil thats why the illuminati acused him and made him look low by the media when he hit rihanna rihanna got high publicity and sympathy as she is with the illuminati other artists such as beyonce lady gaga,jayz,omarion,timbaland,lil wayne birdman are all controlled by the sick and ugly ILLUMINATI

  302. OK so i read this the only reason it sounds kinda true is BECAUSE THINK BACK WHEN RIHANNA FIRST CAME OUT ON THE SCENE she looked all sweet and innocent and she did muzic about her culture reggae etc. NOW SHE LOOKS ALL HARDCORE DRESS TOTALLY DIFFRENTLY AND SO on… she even made a statement about how she was when she first came out SHE SAID I DONT KNOW WHO THAT WAS OR WHAT I WAS DOING THAT WAS NOT ME… kinda wierd that she would say that All and All of course i like her or whatever and it seems it not her falut if this did happened but she allowed it she there was a change that took place Good girl gone bad people change who they are for fame and fortune and whatever else it may take to do it

  303. Your comparisons are somewhat accurate, however your interpretation (or what you present as SOLID evidence) is ambiguous at best. These lines are open to so many different interpretations that its gonna take more than a few screenshots and one sided amateur symbolism to make such accusations. YOU SHOULD LEARN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A MASON AND A SATANIST. With this half-ass crappy analysys i could say that AMAZING GRACE is a tribute to lucifer. However good job on knowing your symbols (even if you can’t compare them properly)

  304. Greetings All,

    Tones and rythm are proven to have affect on the physical and mental aspects of both animals and humans.Since the earliest times musical instruments were used for war and ritual – In both cases to induce emotional/psychological effects (anger, fear, sexual lust etc).

    Research MK-Ultra or monarch programming and you will find that audio-visual (sight-sound) is a key element used since the human mind is so suceptible to this stimuli. Also read about "Silent Sound Spread Spectum" and realise what is possible – direct thought manipulation via sound.

    So what else is music, besides an ancient war/ritual tool combined with humanist philosophy, to induce a predetermined emotional state in order to promote a specific "philosophy", to the reluctant to believe masses.

    Some interresting points from the Bible(KJV)

    1. Satan/Devil/Lucifer/Dragon/Serpent is the first musician – Ezekiel 28:13

    2. The first murderer, Cain, his son Jubal, is the father of those who "handle"(unjustifiable manner) the harp(twang) and organ(breath) – Genesis 4:21

    3. Tubalcain (Freemasonry) is Jubal's brother – Genesis 4:22 (Tubalcains' geneology – not Freemasonry)

    Some interresting points from history:

    1. The words music, musician comes from the "muses" of Greek mythology – Their leader was Apollo(Satan).

    2. Western civilization's foundation is Greek philosophy which comes from these times of fertility cults (sex cults) – Zeus, Gaia, Diana, Aphrodite, etc, etc).

    3. All the "gods" were adulterous, incestous, bi-sexual, murdering, drunkards – and so were their followers.

    I ask, why are you shocked to find satanic, mystic, occult references in material that has it's origins in pride, murder, sex, deceit and disobedience, being perpetuated by people who do not wish to now the truth and are willingly "tempted" ?

  305. I looked at this website out of interest as a friend at work keeps on talking about it.

    Certain points do sound convincing but after reading several articles and peoples analysis's of peoples lyrics, I have to say it sounds ridiculous!

    If you spend enough time going through the lyrics of every song in the world, I bet you could find at least 2 or 3 "hidden meanings" and link it to something sinister.

    You could also link it with good positive meanings too if you wanted! Im basically saying, lyrics have all sorts of meanings, some have none at all, the song writer just wrote it because it rhymed or something!!

    I really think people are reading way too much into this!!

    I believe in God and everything but do not think for a second singers have "sold" their soul to the devil and worship him through their songs in hidden subliminal messages, its abit far fetched don't you think?!

    Never the less, it is interesting to see what people come up with…its abit like in English class at school when you had to do an analysis on a poem and everyone came up with different ideas, some run of the mill, some abit odd.

    I think that is what is happening here…….but I don't think its healthy for people to dwell on it too much, it seems some people are getting abit obsessed by it all and sound like their the ones possessed!!

  306. Freaky. I am a music lover but now maybe wont listen to it that much anymore…

    Rihanna is bad but Jay Z is probs the worst. God bless whoever is writing this…

    Personally, I also think that Disney is rather awful in this catagory…

    Satan (Devil) is taking over. Remeber your one true god and you'll be fine!

    Mohammed (SAW) says:

    "There will be a time where heaven will look like hell and hell will look like heaven"

  307. Oh my God you people are such idiots. I mean realy that song is about friendship and Rihanna is singing that song to her best friend not to Devil or something like that. What are you shrinks ?????


  309. OK Every 1 that thinks this is foolish may have some issues…HELLO do u not see the lyrics there is no way 2 get around wat they r saying nd if u kno wat they r saying nd ur still singin it u must wanna worship the devil too.its very true…nd rihanna isnt the only 1 …Beyonce, kanyae west,taylor swift,lady gaga..nd theres more…u people just dnt make no sense…I use to listen to these people too I thought their music was awesome but when a frnd of mine proved what they were i never listened to it again…STOP UR FOOLISH STATEMENTS TRYING TO GET OVER THE TRUTH….THEY ARE POSSESSED BY THE DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE IS KNOW WAY TO GET AROUND IT IF U WANT TO GO TO HELL..FINE BUT DNT LIE TO OTHERS ND SAY ITS NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  310. What does silver have in connection with the devil? Can someone tell me about that, please?

    I found this site after feeling so lost about religion and not knowing what to believe or what to follow. I sat down one day and just told God how lost I am and I want to believe, but I'm having so much trouble. I said please show me the right way. I found this website on accident the next day. I actually found it because I was listening to a lot of Lady Gaga and trying to figure out her lyrics and became facinated by her. I wanted to know if she was athiest. So I typed Lady Gaga and religion into a search engine and all kinds of sites and videos came up saying that she was a satanist. I laughed so hard. I couldn't belive how stupid people could be. Anyway, long story short, it led me to this site. I am so hurt to see so many of the artists I loved manipulating our minds. Ive re dedicated myself to God. I am getting back on the right track and I believe more than ever. It all sounds way to crazy to believe, but its right there in front of our faces. How can you deny it? It's hard getting others to believe, but at least you are trying, Vigilante. God bless!

  311. The " and she sucks at singing" bit at the ned suggests that the person who wrote this is someone who doesn't like Rihanna and I think that this is all made up by that person because they don't like Rihanna.

  312. :O open my eyes much, i can't believe her and beyonce tricked me. well rhiana's from the barbedos and you know they crazy voo doo down there. but i liked rhiana for a split second. damn, both of them need prayer well all of them do!

  313. FREAAAAKY! and it must be true as shes doing all these strange things that you wouldnt notice but why the hell does she make symbols and stuff and why are the lyrics soooo weird :S use to love this song now its just amazes me hahah

  314. YOU ARE AMAIZING. you have just opened my eyes. all my friends have to see this as its my friends who led me to look at your site. keep doing what you are doing, opening ears to those who are not listenings.

    is it true kanyewest, lady gaga, beyonce, madonna, souljah boy, kylie manogue and all them are involved aswell ???!!!!

  315. i'm fabbergased ,rihanna, i know something was wrong with her, i am a 10 year old girl who used to sing the song but know i only singing my potecter song jesus love me this i know for the bible tell me so amen and he will love me always thank you my saviver

  316. Rihanna must have known the underlying meaning of "Umbrella", whether or not it was written by herself… I don't think the writer of the song would trick her into singing something like that. Whether or not all these artists are heavily involved in satanism or not, there is still something crazily wrong with all the top artists today. Look at Lady Gaga!! It's crazy to think that these people are so famous and influence part of the world today when they are so messed up. Looking at celebrities today, they are so unhappy, they fill the emptiness of their souls with smoke, drugs and sex – which definately highlights the fact that money and fame is not the answer for happiness! I've never been the biggest fan of Rihanna, but her songs are catchy and I do listen to them…I guess we all just have to be aware of what we are really listening and watching.

  317. I would like to say that I pray to God our heavenly father that Rihanna and many more of our young people that seems to be lost or confused be found by the power of God. I don't judge Rihanna because we all fall short of sin and it's not easy being young rich and famous. One thing I do know is that there are some evil people that stands behind what we see in these song writers. It's all about money If you pay the right money they will sale their souls. Money is the root to all evil and Rihanna and many more artist are being brain washed and salved. I pray that God help us all!!

  318. People who can't appreciate works of arts without tainting them with myopic insinuations should refrain from doing so.You gain more by projecting your ideas, not by pulling others down.I'll never suscribe to MY buying and listening to discos ,hip and the likes, but this comment is in bad taste.

  319. One man in this world the Prince of Wales,The Heir apparent to the throne,has both the heraldic beast and the dragon as his Symbol.His name is PRINCE CHARLES."Prince Charles of Wales "using the ancient Hebrew number system calculates to 666.if you translate Prince Charles of Wales to Hebrew and then Calculate using the same system,his name equals 666..would you say its a Coincidence ,..? Think Again.!

    sorry for the previous typos..was typing under annoyance..! JEHOVAH GOD BE WITH US ALL…

  320. One man in this world The Prince of Wales,the Heir apparent to the throne,has both the heraldic beast and the dragon as his symbols.His name is "PRINCE CHARLES".PRINCE CHARLES OF WALES,using the ancient Hebrew number system,Calculates to 666.if you translate Prince Charles of Wales to Hebrew and then calculate using the same system,His name Equals 666 would you say its a Coincidence? Thinks again..!

    sorry everyone for the previous typos,i was typing under serious annoyance …JEHOVAH GOD be with us all …AMEN

  321. ONE MAN IN THIS WORLD,THE PRINCE OF WALES THE HEIR APPARENT TO THE THRONE, HAS BOTH THE HERALDIC BEAST AND THE DRAGON AS HIS SYMBOLS.HIS NAME IS "PRINCE CHARLES OF WALES".using the ancient Hebrew number System,Calculates to 666 if you translate PRINCE CHARLES OF WALES to Hebrew and then calculate using the same system his name Equals 666..would you say its a coincidence.? THINK AGAIN.!

    …sorry for the previous typos, was typing outta annoyance..JEHOVAH GOD be with us all..AMEN.!

  322. Ooops, If you google up a guy named John Todd you will find out a lot of info about the music business ,witchery & the Illuminati. Also check out Mr. Eustace Mullins on the "Federal ' Reserve Banks.

  323. its time you all believe all this..the one eyed beast is coming for real and its gonna be under the pretense of it been and alien.This plan has been on for may years past..the flying saucer and stuffs is all to make you think the beast is an alien when he comes..and he is gonna be the ruler of er'thing i dont know where hes gonna be for live..but i guarantee you they( the roc-a-fellers,and group,the Illuminati and the Skulls,the Free Masons) re making heavy preparations for this..financing discoveries and making things around us get fancier more beautiful every year..so you have less to think about God and put your minds in what's the next model of this and that gonna look like..we are the products of a factory they have created in out homes,the T.V and cables re their machine..and the normal Human Mind is the Target.."turn them away from the truth,in time they would start to think like us"the so called Illuminati and Free Masons. Turn To God..he has the answer..the devil dose not wanna go down alone he want to take us all along..by all means..his agents and disciples the Bushes and the Obama's re making it all up like its not happening it is OPEN UP YOUR EYES AND TURN TO GOD.

  324. Coldplay does one , 'I used to rule the world'. It's got triangles all over it & V signs too.. So for some reason I googled up israeli war tanks & they had V symbols on them. The V 's on the tanks were rightside up on some & upside down on others. The singer does the one eye stuff too. I've also read the devil will be a one eyed man. & yes Alan Watt is right on!!! Google Alan Watt & Jordan Maxwell both are great on the subject of the occult.



  326. Ummmm, I agree that this does sound like propaganda and is unbelievable, however, I do believe Vigilant Citizen does put up a good argument. Maybe I am naive and I just dont like questioning the public too much (which, yea, makes me sound stupid) but some must also understand that not everything in societ is besed on occultism and conspiracy. Some things do sound believable but I myself dont believe everything here is true.

  327. hi, i agree wit most of wat ur saying, The Rainman Jay Z talks about has been mentioned by other rappers most notably Eminen and Lil wayn and apparently is a incaration of the devil very scary, as I commented of a different article. Rhianna ex boyfriend Chris Brown has new tune called I can Transform U which pushes the robotic agenda and also another tune tat promise the listen riches and wealth form whom I suspect the Devil. I also see there is new video wit Kanye west we all know about him , Eminen(who ahs a very demonic video called 3am the witchin and see him being possessed and talking murdering women and Lil wayne who also seem to to have red light surrounding him as he does in other vids as wit the tune wit Chris Brown and speak of being a beast. I also seen the new vid of Sacha fiece(The demon and Lady gaga which seem to be about women been vid taped having sex by their boyfriend and had them holding guns(sex n violence) very bizarre. At the best these artists are promoting sexualisation of women, violence, the disbelief in God and puting material weatlh and goods above humanitity at the worst they are promoting the devil. Either way it aint good. It seems also tat all these artists seem to work together. strange keep up the good work. God bless

  328. the repetitive lyrics makes me think of another song that has repetitive lyrics, what about britney spears' if you seek amy?

  329. @Johnny

    Well, YOUR claim is idiotic, YOUR evidence is not even in your post (as to why all these coincidences are happening), and your evidence present is as bad as passing a Blind Test. Sadly, you're just a retard who can't think for anything.

    On a different note, I will give you a standing ovation Vigiliant Citizen. You have done so well in interpreting this song. The only reason people wouldn't agree with you is if they truely really love the artist… OR aren't that bright, such as our pal Johnny.

  330. Well, the warrants are vague, the claims are idiotic, and the evidence presented is as bad as a non passing Humanities Term Paper. Sadly, this is just propaganda

  331. @dah1andonlii, ur saying this shud be telivised, thats really unthinkable who are those that are gona be called to talk about it isit not the same people,and what about other members you dnt know? before micheal jackson died he started thinking too much, the pressure was on him, that he says “THIS PEOPLE ARE PUSHING ME TOO HARD I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE THEY ARE GOING TO KILL ME” he was killed. by them cos he refused them, remmember they want enlightened people in their group so they can turn humanity into a riddle no one except them can solve repent for we are in the end of days!

  332. This is very disturbing, like honestly, Idk what to believe. People have their own options but the world is filled with some crazy things, there’s many many mysteries, I mean, people don’t know what to believe. Other than this Umbrella video, there’s other relations to it like “Run This town” many.

  333. Man, if you had written this at the time the song was released… I would have thought you were good at economics. You did one good year later with all the crisis at its maximum, you just jumped on the train like many other “gurus”.

    And all the stuff about possesing… hah, has no one ever told you “keep far from voodoo”? It’s just the same, you all people who believe these things are just desperately looking for something to believe, wheter it’s good or bad, but I just think is other, smarter people making fun of you all xD

    Anyway, you looked it up and made it all fit very carefully, nice job 😉

  334. this is just bull.

    first off u should do some real research. rhianna didnt write OR direct the song.

    really u pple need a life.

  335. The thing that gets to me is that it seems as if you think rihanna wrote this song. She didn’t write any songs on this album much less her new one. I mean there are multiple writers and are you say Chris brown (i’m no fan) is a devil worshiper also since he contributed to writing disturbia? Like why are you blaming Rihanna for everything, she doesn’t make her videos all she does is sing. At first this website freaked me out but as i thought about it i realized it’s a bunch of crap. It seems as far as you people are concerned every celebrity is a devil worshiper. And yes i’m christian not a poser,

  336. lmao…it is true the gods of the old religion become the devils of the new..Baphomet is the horned god of wicca..but not evil..and someone has too much time on thier hands

  337. wow idk is this mere coinsidense or is this like actually real, im a christian and i know the devil runs the music industry, but it’s soo hard to believe this its been out there this whole entire time and i never noticed!!

  338. i always knew that rihanna was messed up but reading this has actually got me thinking about the world and life and the way everything is falling into place about the world ending in 2012 and jayz and beyonce marrying each other to take over the world as jay z has an influence on males and beyonce on females people in the wolrd are messed up in the head but just know that if you’ve got GOD as your soldier you shouldn’t have to worry about anything that these people claim is going to happen!! 2013 is gonna come and i will still be alive to whenever GOD decides to call me and tells me its my time to go!!!

  339. im a young girl and even i know rihanna, beyonce and jay-z are just disgusting and should go to hell with there freaking posser

  340. no one is greater than god or the same as god jay-z calls him self jhova
    thats blasphemy called will strake him down!

  341. i think rihanna is a very bad rol model so is beyonce, jay-z thinks he is so great and thinks he is god, well he is not hes nothing.I’m a christian so when our saviour comes all used possed and are joining this horrible devil, well you shall not be saved!!

    p.s thank you vigilant for getting th word out!

  342. She is Not posseseddd;She worships the devil.shes a devil worshiper.She chose to be like that,if she was possesed she would be acting unhuman like and that isn’t the case.she Just believes in the devil and worships him.and she abviously allows him to r**e her;She’s insaine.thats why chris beat her ass. :]

  343. maybe it is just a catchy tune and easy lyrics?

    thhis bloke took like 12 minutes to write it, probably not enough to consider satanic symbolism.
    get a job. 🙂


  345. dats some nasty f****d up s**t i c y chris brown beat ha ass he was trying to knock da hell out of ha he jus didnt do it hard enough !!!!!!!!!!!! dame dis some crazy s**t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wow

  346. Thank you for your analysis and interpretation of the song. we seriously got to keep kids away from all this sinister and evil music.

    -Really stating that others are possessed. Wow someone needs to look at themselves. Writing like this can only mean one thing…you must have been raped by the devil. OH COME ONE!!! If you look for things like this you will undoubtedly find such…you will find it…I can find it in someones hammered a** face okay. I can find things in the writing above (“SUM1–I can find something in that too) You can believe what you want…but do not think that someone can not find something such as this in everything.

  348. well jz said clearly in run this town that he is a mason and clearly mason worship the devil and clearly rocafella family is also mason. i dont what their point is but the devil is a lie. dont listen to me research for yourself it get s very scarey.

  349. Check this out. I have been observing and I have noticed the following in the music industry. It seems that demons are deceiving many people as to their true nature.

    Here is a quote from electronic duo MGMT.
    “The apocalypse is in the zeitgeist… but it doesn’t have to be about death and destruction; it could be the shattering of a mass hallucination…where the human race realizes its true potential!” – Andrew Vanwyngarden in Spin.com [5]

    Lyrics from 4th Dimensional Transition:( is it me or does it sound like he’s talking to something that is not human?)
    I feel your racing heart
    My liquid silver arms extended
    These waves aren’t far apart
    Black gold in clawfoot tubs unchanging
    I am fire, where’s my form?
    Whisper crimson I intrude
    There’s light beneath your eyes
    New overtones in view
    Endless form, endless time

    If what they say is true
    You are a shadow in the fourth dimension
    To float away with you
    We see the corners where nothing happens
    While we drifted we were one
    Ceilings lifted walls were gone
    You speak the language of the breeze
    All your leaves were meant for me
    The love that every person wants to be

    Stuck together, I don’t like revealing secrets
    I’ll live inside your lips if you won’t laugh
    My heaving hands on rotten fruit at last
    Fallow fingers, there’s a surface I can count on
    She’d fit inside my heart and take it over
    Till her cape got blown into my red lungs
    Either there’s a purpose
    Or I’m heading out at breakfast
    Take a drink, take a drag
    One more coffee, ugly hat
    No more mirrors, woolen bag
    And I am gone

    MGMT -The Handshake ( is this referring to a masonic grip?)
    I just shook the handshake
    I just sealed the deal
    I’ll try not to let them
    Take everything they can steal
    People always told me
    Don’t forget your roots
    I know I can feel them underneath my leather boots

    You toss all the mornings lost to the clouds and you watch it go
    Your fairweather friends on a parachute binge get lost when the wind blows
    The handshake’s stuck on the tip of my tongue
    It tastes like death but it looks like fun

    I was a loner
    I was just waiting by myself
    When you, warped temptress
    Rose to bring me happiness and wealth
    Black tears, black smile, black credit cards and shoes
    You can call all the people you want
    But it’s you who’s being used

    Under your black eyes, honey
    Right beneath your nose
    A curse on all creation
    Every single thing you know
    White smoke, white light, white marble on the floor
    It would only take a few seconds of darkness to figure out what’s in store
    Little girl

    You convince yourself that you want it, but you don’t know
    You keep trying to wash the blood from your hands, but it won’t go
    We’re gonna keep you on the run

    We got the handshake under our tongue
    We got the handshake under our tongue
    We got the handshake under our tongue
    We got the handshake under our tongue
    We got the handshake x15

    Kid Cudi
    Here are some interesting facts on Cudi
    On February 25, 2009, Cudi self-leaked a “teaser trailer” [14] for the upcoming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen film using his song “Sky Might Fall” in the background, later he posted that he made the trailer himself and now was in talks to possibly make it official.

    Kid Cudi also made a cameo appearance next to Solange in the video for the song “T.O.N.Y.” in February 2009, and later in the Black Eyed Peas’ video for “I Gotta Feeling”, with David Guetta.

    Cudi’s debut album Man on the Moon: The End of Day was released on Universal Motown Records on September 15, 2009[10] and sold 104,419 copies in the first week and charted at #4.[11] The album’s first single was Day ‘N’ Nite, and is Kid Cudi’s greatest commercial success thus far, the song charting well both in the USA and in Europe. The next single was “Make Her Say” (originally titled “I Poke Her Face”), which features a sample from Lady Gaga’s song “Poker Face” and performances by Kanye West and Common.

    I therefore find it interesting that Cudi’s ”Sky Might Fall” is followed up by “Enter Galactic (Love Connection Part I)” on the discography.

    Here’s an excerpt of the songs lyrics. (interesting is mention of taking drugs in order to open his mind, this is found in certain magickal circles.

    Ok. you say you’ve never done this before and that’s cool and all but I want
    You to try this with me. it’s cool, don’t worry.”
    Get ready
    Pop it,
    Lets go
    Enter galactic you and me
    Enter galactic you and me
    Pop it, lets go
    Enter galactic you and me
    VERSE 1
    I once use
    To dream of peace
    Until I found you
    Once upon a time baby
    I once
    Use to dream so sweet until I had a taste of you
    Once upon a time baby
    Reaching out to outer space dancing to awesome sounds
    This all new to
    I’m reaching out to hold you close so I don’t slip away
    Explore a
    New approach
    A whole new free I’d say
    Get ready
    Pop it, lets
    Enter galactic you and me
    Enter galactic you and me
    Get ready
    Pop it, lets go
    Enter galactic you and me
    Get ready
    Pop it, lets go
    Enter galactic you and me
    Enter galactic you and me
    Get ready
    It, lets go
    Enter galactic you and me
    VERSE 2
    I know it’s easy to imagine
    But it’s easier to just “do”
    If you can’t “do” what you imagine
    Is imagination to you?
    Just a waste of space in your brain
    To take
    The place of hate
    Or things all the same
    Tell me your secrets
    The things
    That make you tick
    I like when you talk
    Because your voice is angelesque

    I want to kiss you on your space below your navel-ette
    Place that you keep neat
    So moist like
    A towelette
    This will mark the
    Our minds and souls will connect
    Lets not forget the sex
    My heart
    You can collect
    Now my heart you can collect
    Now my heart you can collect
    Now have just one more cap
    Have just one more stem babe
    Pop it
    Let it
    Take take take takeover
    Get ready
    Pop it
    Lets go
    Get ready
    Let let it take you over
    Get ready
    Pop it
    Lets gooooo
    Just let it
    Take take you over
    Get ready
    Lets go
    Lets go
    Get ready
    Pop it, lets go
    Enter galactic you and me
    Galactic you and me
    Get ready
    Pop it, lets go
    Enter galactic you and
    Get ready
    Pop it, lets go
    Enter galactic you and me
    Enter galactic
    You and me
    Get ready
    Pop it, lets go
    Enter galactic you and me

    Then this song is followed by: “Alive (Nightmare)” (featuring Ratatat) if the last song was about what I think is demonic intercourse then the follow up must be about possession.

    Send “Alive (Nightmare) (Feat. Ratatat)” as a Ringtone to Your Cell
    Everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah
    and everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah

    VERSE 1:

    I’m feeling strange in the night
    I’m in myself I feel I’m thrown into a fight
    Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide nothin’s right
    my skin is burning when my rock begins to speak

    There’s something going wrong with me
    I am changing rapidly
    I’m feeling stronger, more alert, I’m on the move
    I smell her scent and I know I will find her soon (soon, soon)
    the one to come and free me from this fate
    I’ll find her, it’s not too late, hey, hey


    Everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah

    and everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah

    VERSE 2:

    I’m a beast in the night
    I’m on the prowl and I’m hoping to find some light
    you call it heaven, I can do it for the same
    Ain’t nothing wrong I bin feasting on something brave
    a sexy lady who’s pure, she has the cure, uh
    I hope she can find a man within the beast, and

    I hope she saves me from the curse I have to beat, hey
    I hope she figures out a way to save my soul
    yeah, to save my heart, hey


    Everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah
    and everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah

    Nananananananana, whoooa

    Nananananananana, whoooa

    VERSE 3:

    I watch the sun collapse
    and took up in the clizzoud
    I am the lone wolf
    go where I wanna

    Let the moon shine be the guide to the lizzight
    even when I stray away the light never left me, uh
    I learn to follow my instinct
    Talk about the light,
    rather that than the evil
    Fill another place in a room full of people
    Try and be the same b***h you know you’re not a sequel

    You’re fate will be whatever it shall be (be, be, be, be)

    We’ll fight no more,
    I let these things just be (be, be, be)


    Everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah
    and everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah

    Nananananananana, whoooa

    Nananananananana, whoooa

    This last bit I find interesting because it connects the dots.
    Salange, Kid Cudi, Wale are all rising stars.
    WALE was the house band during the satanic MTV awards which this site does a spot on interpretation. WALE is from DC. I found a photo of him online with Solange at a park. Solange is of course Beyonce’s lil sis. Beyonce is married to JAY-Z. It seems that whatever force is turning these people into stars is in DC. WALE worked with a DC producer named “Judah” which means ”to praise”. Next thing he’s all over TV. I found that Judah has an artist named RA – THE -MC. Ra means Sun God. I wonder if she’s poised to blow up next? I watched her music video that was shot by THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERS. If you drop the (s) and add hood you get THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD. Also when the video comes on it displays a logo that is the masonic G and two inverted pyramids. I might have forgot to mention that this JUDAH calls his label Strange Music. After the two logos fade off we get RA – THE -MC saying the following:

    Wayne made it cool for dudes to call girls b*****s
    Ra made it cool for you to call me princess
    Quenn, your heinous, either or minus the charm
    Check the scroll I be writing it on.

  350. even if rihanna didnt write the song…… she is acting it own………she is surely a devil worshipper…. her kanye west and jayz are together……….

  351. ok now i have 2 explain this one!… jay z is her mentor…”THe RAIN MAN”… which u guys says is the devil or something! jay z is saying come under my protection n ill tech u the ropes… shes saying ok teach me!

  352. People qo and watch these videos and FIND SINISTER thinqs in them. HAHAHA..Everyones always talkinq abt people beinq blinded yet you believe everythinq someone posts on the web. STFU. WHO CARES. Just live your fuckinq life because u sittinq on your ass makinq videos all day about bullshit and s**t ONLY 1.5 PERCENT BELIEVES isnt gonna pay your bills

    FYI. Jay-z’s sonq as called LUCIFER
    the sonq the preacher played backwards was called LUCIFER 9
    JAY-z’s album was called THE BLACK ALBUM.
    I also took the sonq FOR MYSELF and played it backwards on protools
    SO..b4 u believe everythinq someone tells you..

  353. Something interest to note:
    I was researching some of the symbols mentioned in the video there is an alchemy symbol represented by an upward triangle represents physical transformation,spiritual illumination and immortality… I don’t claim to be an expert, but whether it represent masculine energy or immortality it shows rihanna giving herself to an evil diety in return for fortune.

    There are a few comments regarding the song being written by another artist- and that may be the case; that fact is irrevelant when comes image representation. It only emphasizes more to the point Rihanna being used as a puppet. Does Dream have occult relationships? This is a question I intended to research for myself. But take Neyo, for example, is someone who has written for Rihanna on more than once- he is also part of the baphomet so there is no coincidence why his lyrics are being sung by a fellow member.

    These artist are worshipping Satan. That’s a very disheartening fact of reality. It confuses me why one would knowingly worship Satan when his mere exsistences proves the existence of God who promises more than record sales and wealth on Earth and in the here-after. I pray for these individuals and hope for the day the they decide to control their own decisions.

  354. just to add to this very prolific post, under my umbrella, means also under her skirt

    so when she says “under my umbrealla, eh eh eh”, reverse speeched she is saying, “get under my skirt, but too late you are already there hence the “eh eh eh” to “he he he”

  355. I jst wanted to say something prior to this message ur telling us

    I mean i knew the song was bad and was demonic but i didnt know what the message was and all that so i apprecate someone explaining this

    but um is it me or is there a message of “666” (which is the mark of the beast in this film)
    i mean even jay z had the number 666 in one of his songs played backword

    i cant rememebr wat song it was but it was shown on “the truth behind hip hop”

    but yea u said at the beguining of the song jay z has 6 women around him
    then you say rihana gets hit by semen 6 times in total
    then u say she now has 6 men around her

    i dunno is that just a coincidence or was that pourposfuly done???

    just fort id say cos ya know lol

  356. I won’t necessarily say that this whole thing is a big satanic message, but you do raise some very interesting and obviously well researched points, so congratulations to you. That part under the triangle is especially creepy, and I don’t understand why someone would blatantly hide that in a video. Just for the heck of it? Anyway, I had to check the video on Youtube, and unfortunately, you’re correct about that.

  357. i believe this is true and who wrote this believes it was true but sadly people are trying to set this up as a
    fade, by this i mean there trying to make it look as though it was someone trying to stirr up trouble like you
    guys are just jealous of rihanna, but the people who are saying this is quite seeing the big picture here, i just ask if you just open your mind and listen and read on what this guy is talking about you’d get a lot of information from what he says, pretty scarey

  358. hey ppl this is a bit ermm freaky how rihanna is demonly changed but this website dosent help u find outwat really happened so im gone …..walar 🙂

  359. C’mon people triangles & sex are hidden messages!
    Sex is translated to be evil thing
    Anything having to do with sex is given as power or sensuality

    so sex–>sensuality–>Power–>Evil–>The Devil

    so now sex in music=The devil and his possesing people
    Its like, u can turn anything to mean whatever u want it to mean like that
    Yea there are some secret messages in SOME songs not all but there is sex in most
    Even though they are acted does it really matter?
    Thats what I believe its just for entertainment but other people think its more than that

    “chococrazii November 24th, 2009 2:21 pm :

    “YOU PEOPLE HAVE TOO MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS!! do you honestly believe that Rihanna and JayZ are spreading the devils words through their lyrics??
    if what you say is true, then you might as well take apart all the songs and i bet you you’ll find some “satanic” meaning to them… ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!”

    “BULL! November 23rd, 2009 8:20 pm :

    Bogus Bogus Bogus! You’re twisting the words of the song to what YOU want them to mean. You have no proof it means what you’re saying. and Rihanna didn’t even WRITE THE SONG! idiot”
    You know what i think im going to pick apart a Religious Song to prove how ridiculous this is!

  360. I reckon the significance of ella ella eh etc, lies in it being a sort of lasting subliminal mantra. Since the songs release, any time it starts raining and the word “umbrella” comes up, nine times out of ten someone is going to chime in with ella ella eh etc. This way the songs effect lasts beyond it’s mainstream circulation. I remain pretty certain, that in ten years time, that teenagers from this generation wil still tag ella ella eh on after the word umbrella, and many of them won’t even remember why. Pretty clever if you think about it, given that with every passing generation, young and teenage girls seem to be becoming more and more susceptible to whatever the establishment is telling them is cool.

  361. Very interesting once again, so many popular songs that have lyrics that make no sense must actually mean something else.. but it’s interesting to note that this song was first released in March 29, 2007, and didn’t really hit the airwaves or its high popularity till maybe later that year or 2008 right..? That’s when I remember starting to hear it everywhere. But still that is long before the ‘financial crisis’ hit in Fall of 2008. So the fact that Jay-Z seems to be singing about that, does reveal something about his status in the world. And also interestingly enough, looking back on these lyrics and that the character in the video played by Rhianna, is in the process of being possessed by the ‘Devil’ or about to be under his protection, and it seems that there is always a price to pay when going to the dark side as later she ended up being in that abusive relationship. Not saying that she deserved it, just that according to this whole hypothesis, it is interesting to note. Here is the wikipedia article regarding the song Umbrella.


  362. @ Moti …”When you point a finger at someone you have four fingers pointing back at you. This STUPID website should be BANNED…so so stupid.”
    No sweetie when I point my finger at something I only have THREE fingers pointing back!!!! or is that just me? *shrugs*

    Before you call something STUPID u should CHECK YOURSELF!!! God Bless;-)

  363. this was great- i think you left some parts out:
    the main chorus- ela ela eh eh- is actually
    Allah, Elah, eh, eh , eh,-yeh “Allah” and “Ellah” means God in 2 different religions (Islam and Judaism) and “ehyeh” means I am- or I shall be in Hebrew
    Now tell me what the hec she is saying she is???

    Also JZ ends by saying along the lines I am Hova- from Jehovah which is also another religion’s name for God. Umbrella can also allude to the spell or secret society they are under..and being “friends” they are really part of the same society or religious sect/ or occult and appear to be as friends.. Also “we are worlds apart” can also be alluding to everyone in different countries being apart are actually going to be one, as per the new orld order ideology… also interesting that rain really scientifically comes from the sun, again the sun-god worshipping of the pagan times…
    interesting about the 6 men, i didnt realize that
    some stuff to think about…

  364. hi all im into rihanna and i wanted 2 know y this is happening so if rihanna c’s this I LOVE YOU RIHANNA PLEASE GIMMA UR ADDIE!!! lmaolol

  365. the song is about beyonce and jay z is doing the dissing trying to diss her now that he has his own version of a beyonce. I think this song is attacking bee.

  366. Well I really don't know too much about this Freemason And Illuminati stuff, But With these Videos & these Clues You people have to be apart of Illuminati , did you ever think that , the Directors had a lot to do with how the video was made & Who wrote the songs ?

  367. Thank you for this informatiion God bless you. I am a Christain and I just listen to her songs but I don’t hear and that’s what alot of us do so thank you for your break down of the song and video. I pray at night that the Lord forgives me for things I have heard, seen, said, done or committed in anyway. Thank God He dose cause I been singing and looking at this evil. The Bible says “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” I heard you loud and clear. People think because Rihanna is so pretty this could not be true, but the Devil was the most beauitful angle of all. Thank you again and God Bless

  368. Could you please do an analysis on the Black eyed peas latest video meet me half way ive noticed that there are alot of occult symbols in that musics video

  369. im so deeply sory 4 rihana.but ill pray 4 her dat she gets out of d schakles shes gotin herself in2.cos its obvious she nids help.i choose not 2 b judgemental here.hollywood n celebrity paparaziis wot a vain life!!!!

  370. What a pity for those who don’t believe. These things must happen for the world to know that, what the Bible says is true, but unfortunately, people’s heart become more hardened (attempting to find rational justifications or making it seem so simple) when they are told the truth rather than when they are told lies. Just as more and more of these ‘stars’ are succumbing to the devil and we tend to admire them for their acts, so are we drawn closer to the devil himself. The Bible says; “for lack of knowledge, my people perish”. GOD SAVE SOME OF US

  371. What you youve written could make a lot of sense cos i know truely J-Z is a satanic and ocultic guy. Corrupting that innocent girl……….2 bad.

  372. You are absolutely absurd, and not a little egotistical to begin spouting your beliefs as fact with absolutely no basis underlying them. I don’t have all morning, so I’ll just point out a few.

    Jay aka “Rain Man”. He has been possessed by the Devil, contrarily to Rihanna, who he calls “little Ms. Sunshine”. Rihanna is the good girl. Jay-Z is already bad and he is asking Rihanna to join him.

    Just automatically possessed. You turn his rap lyrics into a prophetic vision of the future (too ridiculous for me to sigh at in an exasperated manner) and because of this automatically presume he is possessed? What led you to believe that?

    So Jay-Z lyrics have NOTHING to do with love, friendship or any type of relationship. His lyrics are saying that he is part of the “chosen”, the elite, the secret group that cannot be harmed by the trials and tribulations of the “small people”. Even if there’s a major crisis, he’s associated with the very people that make those crisis happen, so he won’t be affected. This group however bows down and worships evil. If Rihanna wants to be part of them, she has to do the same.

    So “Devil-Z” and his group worship evil….How did you figure that again? Is there a backtrack saying “We worship evil” Or is this just another unfounded statement with which you base the rest of your theory? It gets better, heh…

    Rihanna sings this part, but it is actually the Devil talking to Rihanna. He is “sweet-talking” her so she can accept the idea of the Devil entering her body. Here’s how we can translate the lyrics.

    Okay, I’ll let this one slide. My translation would be closer to what she gave as her translation, but I won’t argue that one.

    What’s up with the Ella Ella eh’s? It sounds catchy doesn’t it? The repetitive and hypnotic rhythm of this chant makes it very reminiscent of magical spells, conjurations or summons.

    Yeah…she’s chanting magical spells at us through the radio….and she’s going to summon Jay-Z to come into our living rooms and rob us…to create this financial crisis that he both prophesied and helped create. I’m following.

    You’re part of my entity” is very relevant here because “entity” is not a word in the vocabulary used between loved ones. Nobody will say to his/her lover “You’re part of my entity”. An entity is not human.

    An entity is something that has a distinct, separate existence, though it need not be a material existence.

    This is actually my favorite. See, along with being a theologian, I’m also a linguistic buff. Heh, that is NOT the definition of entity. I like how you quoted Wikipedia, which happens to be a FAN BASED site. NOT FACT BASED. Here is the definition of entity as it comes from Websters, which is widely accepted as being the correct material for the English language.


    Definition: Entity

    1. That which is perceived or known or inferred to have its own physical existence (living or nonliving)

    Also, as English is a Latin derived language, here’s some interesting fact. Omnium is the word that entity got it’s origin from. Latin (a, all, all men, all persons, all things, each, entity, every, every one, everything, the whole, the whole of, unit).
    So let’s drop out the false definitions of words. Moving on…

    At the beginning we see Jay-Z with six black-clad women. As previously stated, Jay-Z is already possessed in the song. The six women represent Jay-Z’s thoughts being controlled.

    Devil-Z has six thoughts….possibly because you’re about to tell us, once again, that six is the number of the Boogey Man. Okay, you’re reaching on that one…

    I’m saving time and space on your “Devil-Z” semen bit….

    Look closely at the frame above. It appears very briefly at around 2:46 in the video. It is Rihanna on her knees, her head on the floor. It’s also something else: the face of the Devil! It has been made to look like “Baphomet” (see image), who is an intricate part of occult mysteries. You see the two eyes, snout and the long horns. This frame has been digitally manipulated to look like this because it is anatomically incorrect. No human can assume this position in real life. This image has been placed on purpose and only for a fraction of second. Classic subliminal message.

    So Rihanna has been raped and we saw the face of the Devil, so what’s next?

    So in addition to being a theologian, a linguist, and a musical expert, you’re also a physiologist, graphics designer, and God knows what else? I’m supposing that you’ve never done yoga…..not physically possible? To put your arms behind your back? It’s called being a contortionist, and if you didn’t know how limber Rihanna is then I’m just guessing that… I don’t know.
    And it was digitally manipulated? For really real? That’s amazing…really amazing.
    And what’s the exact thought you had, how many drugs were you on, when you saw Rinahha dancing with water…..semen? Really? What exactly is your obsession with r**e? White also, you might know, is not the “color of good”. Modern culture might have pressured that thought upon you, but I should inform you that silver is not the color of Satan and white is not the color of God going by either Catholic or the Celts. Yeah, the Celts. Which as you used the name of a character from what was originally a Celtic poem, I’m sure you knew that. The Celts didn’t even have a “Devil”, which you of course know from your intense research before submitting this post, correct? I’m done on that one, let’s move forward, shall we?

    The “ooh baby” makes it clear that we’re not talking about raindrops falling from the sky. It means she is wet and ready to welcome the Devil again inside her.

    Again with your obsession with r**e. With all of your comments about Jay-Z being possessed by the devil while the devil is raping Rihanna with pyramids and covering her with silver semen six times before she rips her body apart in an obviously impossible position imitating a crude drawing of a character from a nine hundred year old French poem written by a Celtic traveler before asking Jay-Z/Six women/Six men/the Devil to r**e her again I am very seriously tempted to call child protective services on whomever it was that so badly scarred you as a child.

    Last…but not least……

    (and she sucks at signing too).

    COME THE F**K ON YOU STUPID, UNEDUCATED, BIASED, -DUMB- PIECE OF S**T!!! She’s an international celebrity because of her voice!!! If the entire basis for truth as we hold it as a society today is that “enough people believe something, it’s true” holds any meaning then more people think she sounds good than don’t, and we know this because she is successful. Her voice sells, to many people in many cultures. If enough people think she’s good, she must be good. Beyond that, I’m a musician. I dare you to hit the notes of follow the chord progressions in this song. I doubt you will, and I doubt it because it is a very difficult song to sing correctly. She has highs, lows, in-betweens, and it all follows a repeating chord progression. It’s a piece of work that not many people could match.

    That concludes my rant about your little blog here. I’m sorry if I wasted your time, but you really should research your material a little better. Thank you for your time.

  373. You should definitely do a blog on her new, sinister video “Wait Your Turn”. It is so blatant, yet hidden to the blind.

    Informative article, blessings to you for helping counteract the lies we are fed. People need to ask themselves, if a song is about a certain thing, why doesn’t the video share the same sentiment? Look deeper than what you are told, people. Music is one of the easiest form of manipulation, because it is design to seem harmless and carefree. The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

  374. i dont think this is true, you can find many meanings in everything if you look hard enough and force yourself to believe it.
    like with the movie “the number 23” it was a really weird and dumb in my opionion but it will deffinatly have you adding up things and finding that number…you can pretty much get it from anything after making yourself believe it.
    i dont think any of this anymore than judgmental people over analyzing something.
    however i will say in a way she set herself up for misinterpertations when she doesnt write her own songs and names her album “good girl gone bad”
    i personally think this is ridiculous and i hope that god is always with her

  375. I also find this interesting because this song came out around the time when Hip-hop culture started to be more influenced by versions of rock culture with the style of dress (satanic t-shirt imagery and what not)

  376. There are some facts presented in this article by this site that can be debated. One being the meaning of the lyrics to this song. But some facts that are taken into consideration that simply can’t be denied are:
    1. The title of the album is ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’, pretty straight forward with little room for misinterpretation. This falls right inline with the claims of the Author and nothing to do with the song being about love, unless love is bad.

    2.The video lays out the true meaning of the song. If you’re on the fence about the meaning of the lyrics, the video pretty much knocks you off. I think the Author is pretty dead on about the imagery with the video.

    From the most seemingly basic video there’s a “Story board” relaying the message and vision of the director in great detail. I challenge anyone to come up with another meaning for the imagery in the video that makes as much sense as the author of this article has displayed. There sure isn’t much imagery of the song being about love. If Rihanna is just a puppet she surely is still an accessory to the “crime”.

    3. Pertaining to Jay-Z – a couple undisputed facts are (A.) Jay-Z refers himself to as G*D. Jay-Hova, Hov are a play off of Jehovah the name of G*D in some religions. Many religions believe doing such a thing is blasphemy and wicked act (not a far stretch to link to devil worship) (B) Jay-Z may or may not be a free mason but like many other rappers he worships money. Many consider the act of worshiping money “The root of all evil” and categorize it as devil worship and/or taking on a false G*D. This song is suppose to be about love? and it appears Jay-Z is rapping about the love of money.

    I think it’s pretty amazing how the masses keep their blinders on and when someone wants to show them that they in fact have on blinders and may not know it, they get defensive and are insulted. You don’t have to agree with 100% of what the author of this article is trying to reveal but if there’s at least an once of truth and not a total fabrication it should be considered and not just dismissed as foolish non-sense.

  377. This site is interesting. I won't put too much in believable but it will have u questioning some of the things.

  378. 2. Rockafella 19 up, 16 down love it hate it

    get this on a mug
    Mispelling from John Davison Rockefeller a rich american industalist 1939-1937, and is commonly used to describe a person of considerable wealth.
    In the song on the sunny side of the street by Dorothy Fields & Jimmy McHugh, 1929, the lyrics go

    If I never had a cent,
    I’d be rich as Rock – e – fel – ler,
    Gold dust at my feet

    Or “look at you rockafella” – implying someone been lavish.
    wealth rockefeller rich john davison
    by gurux May 18, 2006 share this

  379. hawaiian i lyk your last point that the only person he is afraid of is Jesus Christ. all these other people(mohammed budha, and krishna are all just other names of the devil himself (the great deceiver). people open your eyes Jesus is coming soon. the devil is angry dont let him win. please. and the one who shed this light, thank you may the good Lord bless you

  380. i find this article very interesting. Do you people know that Jay-z insisted either last year or late 07 that he NOT be paid in American Dollar any more, but rather the British Pound or the Euro?! I believe its just the Euro. Also, he has lyrics on one of his album saying “six,six,six kill Jesus” in reverse? So, for him to say such and obviously have financial insight that contractually is getting him paid in a foreign currency BEFORE it started loosing value says to me he has knowledge thats above him. Where does it come from then? His wife(oh boy), says that she isnt there when she performs. Sasha Fierce take over. Guess where she(it) comes from? Plus, i just saw the other day a youtube video showing Jack Black praying a satanic prayer at the MTV award this year(search Jack Black+mtv+2009) and it shows the prayer with alot of celebs bowing and praying to satan, but it goes further to show Riahnna giving the satanic hand signal. There are no coincidences. We are living in a heavily demonic world and hollyweird is the devils bullhorn. Watch G-Craig Lewis truth about hip-hop and above all, READ YOUR BIBLES. Its the only book thats 100% percent correct, but if you pay attention, its the only faith that seems to be the cause of trouble as the world sees it and if thats the case, which faith/religion is the right one? hmmm…Jesus Saves! all others are wanna bees to make you feel good. The devil isnt afraid of Mohammed, Hari-Krashina, Budha or some statue, the devil fears Jesus-okay. Choose your side people. Be prepared to stand for it. –good article, i would like to read more articles like this..ps the video above has been removed…i wonder why..

  381. Dear Vig and friends ( w/ eyes to see and ears to hear )

    Just finished watching a bit of Rihanna’s interview with Diane Sawyer on 20/20 ( abc tv )
    Not a hater of her, by any means. But I can’t remember when I’ve seen a more stiff, unconvincing TV interview. I didn’t watch it all. But what I did see appeared stilted and rehearsed. I think the young star practiced quite a bit for this interview, and basically had all her answers memorized. That brings me to something most will find unpleasant, but I believe must be mentioned. And Vigilant, I’m interested if you’ve heard of this phenomena before:
    I do not believe Rihanna was the victim of ” Domestic Abuse” all those months ago. I do believe she was badly beaten, but I believe it was a form of initiation, rather than a man / woman beat down. We’ve seen the powerful occult nature of her lyrics and performances in practically all her recent songs and videos. Sometimes, when an occultist is being given more power ( i.e visibility, stardom, money, etc. ) their handlers will have them pay a price. A painful hazing, and then public appearances to show off the scars. i think we saw the same thing with President Bush just a few years ago; remember the so called “Pretzel” incident? http://politicalhumor.about.com/library/images/blbushpretzelbruise.htm
    Please dont’ say you believed that story- Governor Swartzeneger, friend of the New World Order par excellence, suffered a similar episode after ” falling off a motorcycle ” – The picture’s very similar to Bush’s, and easy to find on the web.
    Also, sporting a swolen eye recently was current Health and Human Services Secretary Catherine Sebelius. By the way, she’s just recently been made one of the most powerful people on Earth, thanks to President Obama’s recent declaration of a National Emergency in the U.S. over flu pandemic.
    If you doubt this, read the definition of National Emergency. The implications are staggering. Again, a picture of her bruise can be easily found on the net.
    The point is, these people operate on behalf of the Powers That Be, and they carry out their plans using occult means at All Times. So, I think we’ve seen Rihanna initiated into an even higher ring of influence ( she’s gettin TONS of publicity, right now, isn’t she? ) In entertainment, that’s the same as fame, and that equals money. Submit to a painful hazing, parade it about on television, and then enter into more riches and glory ( and slavery )
    If I’m right about this, it would also explain why silly Chris Brown always looks so dumbfounded every time somone asks him about it. Please note that he’s never provided a shred of detail about how all this happened, even though he is supposed to be the perpetraitor. Of course if he DIDN’T do it, he wouldnt’ have much to say, would he?
    So this little note is a statement of belief on my part, and a reminder of that we should watch these things always with curiosity and scepticism. Hardly anything is as it appears. Would love to get constructive feedback on this one- any fleshing out is appreciated.

    Tracy Haynes

  382. This is a load of bull, I intend on using this song for a Happy Birthday video for my best friend, to me this song is about staying friends with this person forever, nothing will come between them, whoever wrote this must need mental help

  383. the evidence is right in ur faces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 u world blinds us with this bull s**t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  384. thanks for making me know.Bcuz rihanna was my roll model and i loved her through that song.I’m happy to know the truth.May God bless you and your family for this good work.

  385. I have read a few articles posted here on your website. Most of them have both valid and non valid points but this feels a little forced, not that im a fan of Rihanna, I actually cant stand the rubbish that the music industry pushes on us at times, however it still feels as though its looking for reasons. Especially the breakdown of the lyrics. Still an interesting read though.

  386. Nick the Pagan wrote:

    What a pile of rubbish this blog post is. You have intermixed beliefs without any factual knowledge of which you speak. Please see item twelve of an article written by The American Council Of Witches in 1974:

    12. We do not accept the concept of absolute evil, nor do we worship any entity known as “Satan” or “the Devil”, as defined by Christian tradition. 4 We do not seek power through the suffering of others, nor do we accept that personal benefit can be derived only by denial to another.

    Although the subject of this article is devil worship and possession and not Paganism, Wicca or witchcraft I still think you’re awesome for quoting that on here 😀
    And to post #264 it’s has nothing to do with deception. It says we don’t worship the devil because we don’t worship the devil. What we DO worship is Nature in the form of the Lady and Lord.

  387. For more information on media and freemason agenda, I suggest watching 'The Arrivals'. It's a series on youtube (or can be downloaded elsewhere) and covers a lot of symbolism and signs. It is mostly from a muslim/christian perpective, but that doesn't mean if you're not christian or muslim you can't watch it. It is very informative.

  388. there was always something very wrong about all the mainstream songs. they took a dark turn in the last 5+ years and now they all start to sound the same. the words never made sense up til now and we always used the excuse that the music has a good beat so we’ll listen to it. Now ill think twice what i absorb into my brain and bring into my home and car. there’s no way ill turn the radio and sing to these songs anymore. THanks vigi!!!

  389. @ 262 who says: What a pile of rubbish this blog post is. You have intermixed beliefs without any factual knowledge of which you speak. Please see item twelve of an article written by The American Council Of Witches in 1974:

    12. We do not accept the concept of absolute evil, nor do we worship any entity known as “Satan” or “the Devil”, as defined by Christian tradition. 4 We do not seek power through the suffering of others, nor do we accept that personal benefit can be derived only by denial to another.

    First you quote "The American Council Of Witches " How convenient.

    Though you seem to refer to this as "rubbish" your post have just made it all the more plausible. The thing is its all about deception. If one were to recruit you into the occult would they tell you that they worship satan? I doubt it.

  390. “However, if you listen closely to Rihanna and Jay-Z’s words, you might notice that the lyrics do not make any sense.”

    Well, that much is true.

  391. @ #232

    we may not know about whatever its called the whole devil worshipping nonsense but we do know (or atleast i do) a s**t load about rihanna … and jay z and music in general, if people are studying devil worshipping they def arent listening to rihanna, or know anything about music. you guys just pic one song oyu wanna study and completly rip it apart…. umbrellla realy has nothing to do with rihanna because it was
    and would have been given to mary j blidge, does that mean shes a devil worshipper?
    you guys r rediculous

    everyone should read my comment #227
    it will make more sense then this bs

  392. A deductive as opposed to inductive approach when trying to deconstruct a popular song might be more helpful.

    And if you are serious about this and not some rogue twink, I will hold you in my prayers. *sigh*

  393. the number of rapes (6) is completely symbolic. IF you notice there are 6 women at the beginning and 6 men at the end. Hence 666

  394. At first i thought all this stuff was alittle to far fetched for me, but when you really think about it the devil is not going to come out and tell you flat “hey im the devil i want to take control of your body”.
    Come on people if you look at the bible it states that the devil was once an angel, he was in charge of music, it not only rihanna, as a girl of the caribbean im proud of her, what im not proud of is what she may have to done to get where she is today, i know people grow gradually but some how she just shot straight up to the top. Any way I looked at the disturbia video ok bondage, looked up all that, but if you look closely i think i saw a woman that didnt look like a woman her mouth it was like its out of a horror movie. Jayz murder jesus, all i can say to yall my god is strong and if you weren’t worried y say that, best of luck to yall when he finally does come, enjoy your money and fame while it last because when he does come it wont matter, hope the devil gives u a cooler room in hell

  395. Hi. This is my first post in the comment section. For an excellent breakdown of the industry pls visit,
    http://www.theindustryexposed.com. It’s time to wake up people. I have been teaching about this for a while now; and all I have to say is that spiritual warfare is very, very, real.

  396. LOL, This is all very interesting but it does not mean a thing because we can take a song and put our own interpretation to it to prove what ever we want. My question is why focus on Rihanna when the music industry is so “evil?” There are so many other artists bigger then her that can be highlighted as well. We always hear “Jay -Z and Rihanna” Some people love this hype but about what Beyonce, Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Celine just to name a few? Tell me some more about other artists as well. I read a similar thing like this about Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and ‘Beat it”

  397. For the people that are siding with Jayz, y hasnt Jayz come out publicly 2 deny all this allegations against him and his fellow friends, the truth be told the devil(satan) before he was sent away from heaven was called Lucifer, which was an angel and has the power 2 arrange music brilliantly and he has chosen this tool (music) 2 destroy humanity subtly. like some pple have said above he that has ear let them hear. a word is enough for the wise, Guard Your HEART with all deligence……out lyk that


  399. I believe this…..her new hair style looks alot like the demon in that picture.

    go to yahoo and put in rihanna horn hair style in search engine.

    I will pray for her spirit right now…amen

  400. Watch the movie (The Number 23) you’ll see what I am talking about. watch it and you all will understand.. if you actually believe that the number 23 is following you then you should go get ur head examined like really you would need a checkup from the neck up!

    If all else fails
    Chaos will not!

  401. I think this is the biggest load of crap on the planet. you people are looking for a reason to bring the devil out HAHAROFLMAO I laugh at you stupid uneducated people! THE VIGILANT CITIZEN IS A LIAR!!!!!! he sees what he wants to see! Piece out


    If all else fails

    Chaos will not!

  402. This is insane people read to deeply into these things. Your turning something so simple into a huge thing evolving the devil and things of that nature. Rihanna is not a devil worshipper and neither is Jay-Z somethings just come together and people like you turn it into a evil thing, Maybe your the one controlled by the devil.

  403. She didn't write the song though…so does that mean the writers and producers feel the same way…a lot of things that are said make sense, however someone else can translate it differently…it think you are reading too much into the song…and if you put a demonic connotation on it…then it will come across demonic…I am sure you can do that with a lot of songs…

  404. Thank you for sharing this amazing insight, Vigilant. I never understand how anybody could have convinced themselves that Beatles records contained hidden satanic messages. Now I understand the level of reality denial someone would need to fool themselves. What a great find!

  405. Any analysis of meanings in music is simply interpretation and therefore suspect. Such reasoning is highly subjective and therefore futile to argue about. You are simply out looking for witches to judge, condemn and burn. Good luck with that.

  406. All the people who are skeptical are people who know nothing about the Illuminati. I think you should make some sort of intro on every one of these article to give those that are completely in the dark at least some sort of transition.

    Because they are just going to think this is foolishness and try to take the lyrics at face value or come of with what they think is rational explanation like #202. They think it’s just a publicity stunt.

    THey have no idea how controlled the music industry really is.

  407. although your point was very interesting and very thought out, a major thing you failed to look into was: who wrote this song?
    well, it was not rihanna. rihanna does not write any of her songs. most of them, she gives her writers an idea for, so they will be about her experiences, the dream wrote this song for MARY J. BLIDGE, but she didnt want it because she felt it was too “young” for her, thats why she sold it to rihanna. the “ELLa ELLa aay ay ay” represent THE DREAM, because in all of his songs he goes “ay, ay”

    also, when you refer to disturbia, your also completely wrong. rihanna didnt write that song, chris brown did. he wrote it, recorded it, and realized it sounded like it should be a female singer. gave it to rihanna, then wrote forever for himself (which is why both sound similar beat-wise) and along with other references such as rocafella and no clouds in my stones, things like that, although you have valid points because you know so much information about the devil worshippers and symbolism, you really dont have an equal amount of knowledge about rap/hip-hop history… thats something you should really look into because theres a lot of meaning behind things like that, that really have nothing to do with devil.

    and i must say, being such a huge rihanna fan, i will admit that this year she has been dressing a lot more dark, ad her new album is said to be very edgy and dark, but you have to keep in mind that when it comes to music videos, artists will have a concept but its the directors who control the scenes and the things they wear… like i saw another one of these things about “run this town” and one in general on Kanye west… talking about the symbols on their clothing… use your head whoever is making these, do you really think these artists are choosing their clothing? because they arent.. especially when they ar making appearences at award shows and stuff, people dress them they dont go to the store and saw wow this shirt is such a devil symbol im gonna wear it in my next music video… they are approached with a rack of clothing that a designer gave them for publicity anf their stylist says okay choose something from here.

    and thats that.

  408. Um, can you please explain how the position that Rihanna is in where you can see Baphomet's face is not physically possible? Because it is. Any person with normal flexibility can do it…

    I'm just asking because I find this article interesting, but this claim just makes no sense.

  409. LMAO! This is very entertaining to read but insanely ridiculous.

    The-Dream wrote this song. You can tell. It has his lyrical style. Is he part of this vast devil worshiping entertainer cult too. The ‘eh eh eh’ is not a chant moron its The-Dream’s trademark vocal. Like R. Kelly has the “Ooooh oh oh oh oh oh”

  410. Ok. This song can have multiple meanings and at the end the only one who knows what is this all about is the writer of the song! The meaning on the sound is not positive because it is all based under a material world but to be a possesion video who knows?! At the end, I don’t rally think JayZ or Rihanna are good examples for society… The only part that really call my attention were the 6 female dancers and the 6 male dancers! Sounds scary…lol

  411. hey, to everyone, if you feel that the person who wrote this is jealous of rihana or jay-z, just want to ask you a question. WHAT IF SHE WAS RIGHT? AT THE END, WHO’S GOING TO REGRET SINGING THIS SONG!


  412. well, I guess you see what you want to see. You see this as a slighly under-par song that was surprisingly popular then thats what it is. You see this as a call to arms for satan and his minions then that, too, is what it is
    It`s all in what you expect to see. Reflecting your own beliefs and worries, rather than a proper independant analysis

  413. I think this is true and all of you are just mad, because you bought half collection of their crappy ass c.ds. Oh and most of you need to learn how to spell.

    If half of you that claim this dude is on "drugs" and a liar didn't slightly believe this then you wouldn't have run into this site.

  414. Is there supposed to be something wrong with writing music with evil connotations? Is artistic licence free just as long as you don't talk about anything that could be construed as occultist? What if I sing along to the Ella, Ella, Ella part? Does that make me a devil worshipper?

    Although I love watching Zeitgeist and other conspiracy films, some people really need to get a grip.

  415. Take note: Other artist have made referances to this rainman too….

    Eminem – Old Time’s Sake

    Speak of the devil
    It’s attack of the rain man
    Chainsaw in hand, blood stain on my apron
    Soon as the blade spun run, they run away from
    Who wanna play dungeon?
    No one is safe from
    In search of a brain surgeon
    A great one
    Wait, the day ain’t funny man
    It’s urgent
    I need one
    Two boxes of detergent and a paint gun
    And an emergency squirt gun to spray A-1
    Eminem – Rain Man

    Cause I ain’t got no legs!
    Or no brain, nice to meet you
    Hi, my name is…
    I forgot my name!
    My name was not to become what I became with this level of fame
    My soul is possessed by this devil my new name is….
    Rain Man

    Jamie Fox – Rain Man

    baby cut my lights (cut my lights)back on (back on baby)take me I’m ours (take me I’m yours)
    release me release me ohhhhh uhh ohhhh Rain Man,Rain Man, Rain Man

    Lil Wayne – Rain Man Anthem

    Hey everbody say mr.rain man can we have rainy day?
    Bring an umbrella please bring an umbrella ella ella ella

    The Doors – L’America

    Come on people, don’t ya look so down
    You know the rain man’s comin’ ta town
    Change the weather, change your luck
    And then he’ll teach ya how ta… find yourself
    Nas – Don’t Body Ya Self

    Hope y’all make it through the storm
    You know what though, I love the rain man
    A lot you cats are runnin your mouths
    Your runnin your mouths crazy
    Think y’all got to ease up though, you know
    Ease up fore somethin happen man
    We don’t want that
    At least you don’t
    Be easy man
    Tell you how it feels to be on top of the world
    But y’all n***a betta take it slow
    Don’t body ya self
    Don’t body ya self
    Don’t body ya self n***a
    Bob Dylan – I Wanna Be Your Lover

    Well, the rain man comes with his magic wand
    And the judge says, “Mona can’t have no bond”
    And the walls collide, Mona cries
    And the rain man leaves in the wolfman’s disguise

    W.A.S.P. – The Burning Man

    Hang man coming better run to save your
    Kids, your wives, your lives, your babies
    Hang the wire round the necks of liars alright
    Rain man on fire from the hells of Hades
    I see your face inside the blazes
    Hang’em higher come breathe the fire all night
    Oh run, run Daddy got a shotgun
    On your knees tonight
    And never return
    Oh run, run Daddy’s riding shotgun
    On your knees to die
    The devil’s begging to burn
    Jay Z – Anything

    Ooh you so nasty
    Amateur pole dancing
    Come and get this cash from me
    They call me rain man
    She tried to rain dance
    Money so long it will drown you girl
    Buried under so much stacks
    They had to pull back about 50 thou
    Before they found ya girl
    I brought book bags of that bankroll
    I’m a D boy baby they know
    I’m an original D boy
    They go bankrupt if they try to keep up
    No roof in my car but I got mirrors on the ceiling
    I’ll spread bread on the bed
    Ever had sex on a million
    Tell me

  416. its interesting that eminem also mentions the rainman and claims to become the rainman .. viligant you should look further into that and eminem.

  417. Oh dear.

    Satan is everywhere isn't he?

    He's under your bed. He's hiding in my shoe. He's right there hiding in your computer keyboard…

    Yeah. Right

  418. I argee with this article about the video and lyrics intended to be demonic. But what does this mean for The Dream as he is the one who write the song?? Unless i am naive i dont think he write the song in association with the Devil. Because if someone like Leona Lewis or Jennifer Hudson song umbrella then there wont be a demonic message behind the song.

  419. hey i just read through this one and ur analyze on disturbia

    can u please add me on msn

    theres a few things id like 2 discuss with u

  420. “Anticipation for precipitation, stack chips for the rainy day”
    This just means save your pennies for a rainy day- one is just round the corner! My mum told me this as a 10 yr old… she’s not a satan worshiper! …Also, a lot of the other lyrics you pick out from jay-z’s rhymes are relevant to his past work, albums, up bringing etc. -not to any satanistic beliefs. I do agree with you in some parts on all this, but Jay-z had called himself ‘young’ long before the Crazy in love video where you say he is reborn.

    Not wholey convinced…

  421. i came across this the other day — in umbrella, the repetiton of ella is a chant. Ella in hebrew means ‘NO GOD’

  422. Really people… I saw a comment above that I am not too happy with because it is very ignorant and not too well thought out. "If you talk about the devil, you worship him", that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my entire life. People talk about God and his son Jesus all the time, and it is mainly negative. So, even if it is negative does that mean they worship someone they do not like and or believe in? Get a life, or either searc hfor your purpose in it because stupid comments like that will eventually get you beat into a bloody coma… Thank you for your time.

  423. i believe this.
    so maybe is disturbia the continuation to this.
    like the aftermath .
    she says its a creep in the night to come and grab you, it can creep up inside you
    consume you, a disease of the mind….


  424. I have an interesting sidenote. I like your analysis and I've read a few of these articles and I find them interesting. However I have to say something.

    The Umbrella song was initially supposed to be sung by Britney Spears (see sources – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Umbrella_(song) ). Britney is in no way affiliated with Jay-Z and his messages, is she? I understand many, many of her songs have underlying messages – some even contain reversed messages. But I don't see how this would connect to Jay-Z or the occult.

    Also, Rihanna hardly writes any of her own songs (see http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Who_writes_rihannas_son… ). She is a celebrity singer with a voice and that's it. In other words she cannot be held entirely responsible for what her lyrics are saying, because well, she didn't write them. This goes the same for many other singers. Let's not forget also that Rihanna does not produce the videos. There is video producer as well as directors, choereographers, and actors and all sorts of things that go into making music videos. Just google 'who produced rihanna's videos' and a few names will pop up. Are you suggesting all of these people are also involved in her sinister, underlying message of war and satan?

    Just something to think about.

  425. Heh. Cute analysis and thank you for the insight. I had no idea Rihanna’s visual style stemmed from the occult. But that doesn’t make Rihanna a devil worshiper or anything of the sort. It simply means that she’s got a clue when it comes to selling records. Images and symbols that liken even somewhat to the devil get talked about. What’s interesting now is that Rihanna has accomplished the kind of sexy Satanic style without over-doing it. So she’s certainly not as blatant as Motley Crue, Black Sabbath, Metallca, or Ozzy, or any of the bands the pretended to worship Satan. The only band that comes close is Black Sabbath, who may have actually worshiped Satan a little bit in an effort to take scandalous photos to sell records.

    But Rihanna has managed to sneak one image in to a song that could easily be about a relationship with Jay-Z and Rihanna, or any love song. Protection doesn’t necessarily come from SATAN and the lyric “Come into me” means “Have sex with me” before it means “I hope Satan takes possession of my soul.”

    The Satan image is tough. People say it’s satan, I don’t see it. The triangle is clear symbolism and will be eaten up by folks who follow the occult just as quickly as the gender police. A woman who is trapped inside the symbol for a phallus is a gender issue, not an issue of the occult.

    Either way, Rihanna has clearly got some people working for her that know exactly how to rile up a crowd and get publicity (any is good). Sure the image was up for a fraction of a second but now it’s plastered on every blog out there. She’s managed to almost censor the image from her video but get it into every corner of the internet when you type “Rihanna Devil”. She knows the winning combination for selling music: Sex, controversy, maybe a little Satan worship thrown in there, and a beat to top it off.

    Umbrella =
    1. an Umbrella, for rain.
    2. Safety and protection in bad times from a spouse like figure.
    3. Safety and protection in bad times from Satan.
    4. A Condom (for when You’re raining and a beautiful woman is asking you to come inside of her.) Hahahahahahaha

  426. Great article Vigilant! I always knew something was wrong in that industry.I mean it is almost impossible to be so famous and rich for so long,you’ve got to have some kind of spiritual power to carry you through the years.

    And I also notice how in this business,artists die young,very young.it’s rare to see a very successful artist living until his late 70’s.

    Think about it.

  427. Jesus guys what planet are you all on? I want to live there coz the glasses you wear are way past rose tinted, bet you are all Godites or something, your freeky, bum de bum de bum de bum “means go burn your undies and let the devil into your life by being commando (what else would it mean lol, could it just be part of a song that lyrics wouldn’t fit?)

  428. Hi, I thought this was a great analysis. However, there is one error; Disturbia was not Rihanna’s second single. In the states her singles from this album were, in this order:

    1) Umbrella 2) Shut Up & Drive 3) Hate That I Love You feat. Ne-Yo 4) Please Don’t Stop the Music (note: the order of the third and fourth singles was reversed in Europe)

    The album was then re-released, with the following songs as singles:
    5) Take a Bow 6) If I Never See Your Face Again (duet with/remix of a song originally done by Maroon 5) 7) Disturbia 8) Rehab

    So Disturbia was actually the seventh single release. Umbrella, Take a Bow, and Disturbia were the three biggest hits from the album. Ultimately that doesn’t affect the meaning of Umbrella or Distubria, although it may interest you into looking into the other songs.

    I would also like to add this – it doesn’t matter who writes the songs (if memory serves me correctly, Rihanna does not write any of her songs, at least for now). The point is that within the industry are “professional” songwriters, whose job it is to write songs with the Illuminati’s coded messages in it. If one of the songwriters doesn’t sing the song for whatever reason, they then find an artist to record said songs and release them. Yes, Umbrella WAS shopped to Mary J. Blige and Britney Spears, among other artists. So even if Rihanna had not sung it, the song still would have eventually found its way to our radios and the message STILL WOULD HAVE BEEN THE SAME. Saying that “but such-and-such artist didn’t write the song so obviously it doesn’t mean anything” is not a valid argument; if anything it just shows that most artists today have no control over what they perform or how they perform it. They are told what to do, and there is no telling what some (most? all?) of them were told to do just to get the superficial fame and ‘success’ that they do have.

  429. Nice work, Vigilant.
    I was inside and can confirm there’s more than meets the eye. Much more.

    At 2:46 frame ( the ‘horned pose’): capstone is missing.

  430. S**t Black people jus can’t b succsesful can we.. Jay got money he don’t gotta worry about reccession.. So he worships the devil? He new hard times was coming so he talks about it before it happend I mean it don’t take a brain surgeon to no that bush was gonna set us back.. And if you look at those lyrics you’ll feel like a dumb bastard rihanna is talking about love you idiots

  431. “…When the clouds come we gone. We Rockefeller, we fly higher than weather. In G5’s or better.”

    when the chariots (UFO’s) of the Most High returns to destroy the wicked, then the rockfellas will get into their ships and try to fly into heaven to another planet.

  432. Isn’t it true that worshipers of religions, whether it be christianity, buddism, satanism, etc., our proud of their beliefs and express them openly??? So if these artists were truly devil worshipers, would they really be using subliminals and hidden messages to express their beliefs? If they felt that strongly about satan, they wouldn’t want to belittle him by not coming forth and openly expressing their love for him, they would be writing music that openly worshiped him, regardless of the publics view of them. I don’t agree with the messages that a lot of music portray these days, but in looking at the whole picture, theres just something thats missing in this analysis.

  433. This is kind of silly. The song was written by Terius Nash, Christopher Stewart, and Kuk Harrell, and originally intended for Britney Spears.

  434. No clouds in my stones ( My diamonds are flawless VVS diamonds)
    Let it rain, I hydroplane in the bank (I don’t care about it rainin cuz I can make it rain myself)
    Coming down with the Dow Jones
    When the clouds come we gone, we Rocafella , We fly higher than weather, And G5’s are better, ( When a storm does approach I have enough money to actually go somewhere sunny, cuz our G5’s can fly us anywhere)
    You know me,
    an anticipation, for precipitation. Stacked chips for the rainy day ( Simple Old saying save that for a rainy day, but in anticipation for a storm to come I I have pre thought all of my moves and I have money, just in case)
    Jay, Rain Man is back with little Ms. Sunshine ( Jay-Z calls himself Rainman, for his ability to retain his verses to memory without pen and paper. Rainman is a title got from the movie “Rainman” where Dustin Hoffman plays an Autistic Savant with the ability to remember massive amount of information)
    Rihanna where you at?

    I take Jay-Z’s verse for what its worth, there really aren’t any double meanings for his verse.

  435. you realize they are completley aware of all of this and they are doing this as show tactics- at least the shapes and stuff- im pretty sure people are putting together more than what is actualy real. They do it cause its “provacative” they arent trying to convert anyone, its all just their game, a stupid one, but nonetheless a game and show.

  436. I am like so Stunned.. Sasha, Jay and Litlle miss sushine were my favorite artise, i loved them so much i can not believe i was so misguided. thank you for opening my eyes it is so obvious now. Its like you can just identify with all the things that were revealed.

  437. omg im actually really scared i think im gnna get nightmares!! the pic of the devil like as her is so scary omg im really scared!! the hole flipping thing is s**t scary 🙁

  438. To those in the spiritual abyss, these articles probably sound crazy. However, there IS a spirit word. It does exist. The world may refuse to accept it, but as revealed in these music videos, lyrics, and fashions, the people in charge of this music who are promoting it, believe. The lyrics and imagery are too closely linked to be an accident or coincidence. They obviously beleive in Satan just like Christians believe in Jesus.

    No one can deny the Satanic images and symbolsim in the music the videos and clothing line.

    Rihanna, Jay-Z, and Beyonce may not be in any occult, but someone is, and it’s likely that the “man” (whoever they are). Who is subliminally infuencing culture through these artists. Are these artists really in charge of the entire production of things – lyrical writers all the way down to the video director? Maybe, maybe not.

    God created the Satan for music, he is music – Ezekiel 28:12-19. No wonder music is so influential. Once expelled from heaven, Satan mimicked God in every way, but oppositly.

    God and Satan are opposites like everything in this world – rich & poor, up & down, hot & cold, black & white.

    Everything that God (Christianity) has, Satan mimicks. A few well known are: rebirth into – light or darkness; good & evil; angels and demons; miracles & magic; heaven & hell; anti-christ and Jesus; heterosexual or homosexual (yes that’s right); peace & fear (which are spirits by the way) and these are just a few.

    Rebirth is mentioned by all 3 artists, but what type of birth were those lyrics discussing? Both Christians and the occult believe in rebirth.
    Accepting Jesus as your savior in Christianity (Romans 10:8-11). Accepting Satan as your ruler in the occult.

    Rihanna and the Bible both agree: The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10 (New International Version)

    At the end of the day, both forces are warring for souls. Your soul is what you feel in your heart, that 6th sense and when your flesh dies, it won’t.
    God says beleive in me and you are saved. Unfortunately the word of God and Bible teachings have been mudled, misinterpreted, and used in the wrong way for too long and it has put Christians in the position of being bad guys. But Christianity is real and so if Satanism…..

    Ezekiel 28:12-19
    Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created.

    Romans 10:8-11 (New International Version)
    That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved. 11As the Scripture says, “Anyone who trusts in him will never be put to shame

  439. Did you ever noticed that “Little Miss Sunshine” is also the T-shirt used by britney spears????????? As a matter of fact, the song umbrella had to be staged by Britney. So, what is the deep relationship between Rihanna and Brit???????????

  440. on youtube u can find the reversed version of this song which has serious subliminal messages as well. its all there on youtube.com just search for “subliminal message umbrella” n it should come up.



  442. Im sorry but, i wanted to say thank you to the people responsible for bringing light to the nation. You should make documentary DvDs… Also, while watching the making of the video once before, Rhianna had said that the metallic paint used in this video is highly poisonous & must be removed from skin within a matter of minutes. These same aqusations of satanic worship has also been made against Calvin Broadus (Snoop Dogg).

    ************************** MUST READ THIS AND MESSAGE ABOVE****************************** !

  443. Look at all these companies conveniently removing the videos from youtube!…I always try to seek deeper meaning behind all that i see on television but, the fact is, you wont get the full meaning until you study/analyse. So, that you to whom ever is responsible for this website. I hae noticed that Rhianna also has the dark eye shadow as Sacha Fierce. I definantely knew there was something behing the Disturbia video. Do you know that ''Umberella" was at number 1 in the U.K charts for 2-3months? One of the longest ever in history… Wonder what Chris Brown really hit her over?

    Always wondered why Beyonce was overly successful compared to the other Destiny's Child members. Has anyone noticed that the member who sing Gospel (Michelle) hardly gets spoken off? I know anyone that is involved so deeply with Jay-Z must be included in his secrets too.

    Im a fan of Kanye West so, im off to see the break-down of run this town!

    Like minded people add me on facebook as Jay Louis from London.

  444. This article is hella good!!!! trust me i heard and have actually played this song backwards along with rihanna disturbia… with the obvious occultic symbols hand signs (rihanna’s pic) jay z openly displayed of that shirt do what thou wilt how can anyone not see the obvious in what they are trying to portray here.

    Vigilant I hope you a follow up on beyounce soon TY.

  445. Your name is a male name but your argument is of a typical female.

    Ever get into a heated argument with a chick and and end up calling them a name? Now the whole arguement turns into why did you call me (INSERT NAME HERE) and the whole point of the argument is forgotten.

    So try and reply to the point I made about money.

    Foucs girl, focus.

  446. Thanks vigilant this is very informing.. and to TiVo name calling doesn't get you anywhere it just reveals to us for who you are if you believe just like vigilant said this website and those who read and post their opinions are nuts then why do you even bother to visit then post and respond back .. Ask yourself this who is really being the nutcase here.

  447. My TiVo such anger please don't take it to much to heart its just others opinion on the matter whether its the truth or not they have a right to their opinions just as you have.

    I do agree nutcases can also create websites so as a suggestion in case a fruitcake lol like you haven't realize TiVo you are entitle to create your own website as well instead of venting and ranting like some angered nutcase on another web page.

    It is quite obvious TiVo that this website has personally hit a sore spot within you why else would you reveal such ranting rage on the topic on hand.

  448. Also haven't the money you conspiracy nuts spend and strive to make everyday has been "proven" to have Satanic/Illuminati inscriptions on it?

    Have you stopped spending the devilish/satanic money or saving it away in a bank?


    Hypocrisy at its finest.

    Even nuts can create websites

    • TiVo,
      1st youre calling this guy a “girl” so youre basically doing name calling too
      2nd Who cares who is credited to have written the song, the important thing is the message.
      3rd Money buys food and clothes so i’ll spend it when needed.
      4th if this site is nuts, why do keep coming back to it?

  449. I thought Umbrella was written by "The Dream"

    So either "The Dream is in on the action to or your theory is destroyed ?

  450. I also noticed that the six showed up three times (666). The six women with jay z, Rihanna getting hit six times with the liquid, and thirdly the six men with her. I’m just sayin what caught my eye in this article.

  451. Yo get what your saying….

    It really doesn't matter if she wrote the songs or not. These songs are basically rituals that the artists have to undergo. The are puppets used but those much higher than them to confused and encourage everything that is unholy.

    And why should you care so much about typos??? This isn't a book, the information should be much more regarded than mistakes.

    Finally the 'Ella ella' thing, chant thats she says…….the moment i heard that part i knew it was weird because i thought if you are going to repeat the last word over and over again wouldn't you say 'brella brella brealla ey ey ey'? Then i found out that in both Hebrew and Arabic 'ella' means 'no God'……..think about it….allah in islam and el in christianity…then la means no………..subliminal messages or what?

    This is not just about religion, it's about the government, politics, economics, agriculture and poverty……..all joined together in agenda you will not understand if you don't research it yourself. Know now and do something before its too late


  452. This is really interesting and unfortuantely seems very true.

    If you disagree,there is no need to insult the writer although the truth hurts. Its a shame Rihanna is so messed up. May God have mercy on her and save her and may he also save those of us who innocently sing along to these catchy demonic songs..

    Music is probably one of the easiest forms of control on humans by the devil.

    God save us all.

  453. In sura 3:54 of koran …and [they] deceived and Allah deceived and Allah is the best of deceivers”

    Sura 3:54

    Sura 3:54 Arabic: Wa Makaru wa makara Allah wa Allah Amkaru al Makireen.
    Sura 3:54 says that Allah makara. The Arabic word makara means to deceive, scheme, or plan. The Arabic Bible in Genesis 3:1 uses the same word for Satan.

  454. I'd just like to point out; according to wikipedia, 'Umbrella' was orginally written with Britney Spears in mind (another puppet) but was rejected by her management and then sent to Rihanna. The song was also recorded in 'TRIANGLE' studios…

  455. Ok, I believe in the spiritual and symbolism but I just think this one was looked into too deeply. I read the Beyonce Sasha Fierce one and that one was deep and less of a reach. This 1 I am skeptical about and think this was just taken too far. I think the whole reference of Jay Z rising above the storm is because he’s filthy rich… if the economic crisis was what he was referring to. And I can see some of the symbolism of Rihanna’s words but all of them. Her in the triangle in that position was creepy though because she did look like the baphomet.

  456. In the Holy Qur’an mention is given to the incident where Satan disobeyed God (i.e. refused to obey God’s instruction to bow down to Adam) and was subsequently banished from heaven and sent down to earth. In the conversation between God and Satan, prior to Satan’s banishment, Satan asks God for a reprieve from God’s chastisement. God subsequently agrees to grant Satan a reprieve up until the Day of Reckoning/Judgement. Thereof, Satan responds by making a promise that during the period of reprieve, he (Satan) will valiantly try to mislead as many of mankind on the path of destruction. Only those who are sincere, fervent believers of God will be protected from the abominations of Satan.

    The line in Rihanna’s Umbrella song: “Took an oath I’ma stick it out till the end”

    is actually in reference to Satan’s promise above to mislead mankind up until the end i.e. the Day of Judgement

  457. Trust me little ms sunshine knows exactly what the lyricals are and the meaning of it .. I can blow smoke in your face and you still wouldn’t believe it was smoke so no need to covert when most are blinded by the overt message by itself and I have to say you are a prime example of such my old friend.

  458. The lyrics you have are wrong. Besides that, subliminal messaging doesn’t work and it never has and never will. Thirdly, if this group of people was secret, why would they put clues in anything? Even if they wanted the satisfaction that serial killers get, the point is to get caught. To have super hidden secret messages that no one will ever find is just stupid. Also, I’ve told girls I want to be with them for infinity (they think it’s cute), the entity part is just a rhyme (you hold Rhianna up to a very high standard thinking she knows the exact definition of every word).

  459. Rih sings about who she's serving wants her to sing about.. It is serious and deep but s**t on s******g on u…If you still haven't gotten it don't worry you will get a rude awaking my little ms sunshine…lol.

  460. @ Nldra: Your first sentence literally took the words straight out of my mouth. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHETHER OR NOT SHE WROTE THE SONG. The fact of the matter is that someone else wrote it and someone else is using her as the scapegoat to accomplish their sick agendas. I am quite sure that by now, Rihanna has FULL knowledge of what is going on and whether she agrees with it or not, it is too late! The music industry has been dabbling with these sick practices for a long time. The only difference btwn then and now is that these days, nobody is trying to hide it anymore. It is blatent to those who do their research and have full knowledge of what to look for. Remember the 1990’s group “Colour Me Badd” who’s hit song was “I Wanna Sex You Up”?? Do your research on why Kevin Thornton left the group and caused them to break up. Devil worship in the industry is not new pple.
    Remember who is responsible for music from the very begining. Satan. When God kicked him out of heaven, he did not take away his ability to make MUSIC. Music is the only thing that can go through both hemispheres of your brain WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT! Think about it…

  461. It doesn't matter whether or not she wrote the song. These people know what they are getting into. The ONLY way to achieve this level of success in the music industry IS to sell your soul. People make it seem like they are innocent and don't worship the devil. "Oh well, have you ever though that they didn't know or that they didn't write the song?" Have you ever though that some people are that desperate and that that maybe truly capable of evil? They are guilty by associating themselves with Satan, and will be judged by God (not you or me) according to their deeds on Earth. We have the right to know that this is happening, so that we don't get sucked into this cesspool of mass ignorance

  462. this is very good and eye opening…

    i also want to mention that another symbol, the 'one eye' or 'all-seeing eye' is excessively present in this video. watch how most of the time rihanna has one eye covered by her hair or whatever.


  464. What about the actual writer of the song and the organizer of the video??

    Music artists aren't responsible for their own lyrics, music video editing, representation, wardrobe, or make-up. Is it to be assumed that everyone associated with those aspects of the music business are possessed or under the control of the Devil as well??

  465. Well her husband Jay-Z is an illuminati. They are pushing the NWO agenda of destructive music and libertine-ism.



  468. Wow. Last time I checked the calendar I was in the 21st century, 2009 to be precise, but after reading this I feel like I’ve been thrown back in time to the dark ages.

    Y’all know there’s a reason why TV is called the boob/dumb box, right? Get up y’all arses and find something better to do.

    By the way I agree with the relatively few on here, who argues that the video can be translated the other way round, i.e. God telling Rihanna that he will protect her and all that jazz.

  469. Hey Vigilante, first off that is a great analysis of the video(s)! The beste I've found until now…

    I don't know if someone has already mentioned this, but in the picture you use for 'Rihanna possessed', Rihanna might actually be symbolising 'As above, so below'! With one finger pointing down and the other pointing up (in the clip she is pointing straight up in the last frame of the shot). I'm sure you are familiar with this phrase, which was one of Aleister Crowley's favorites.

  470. Rihanna sings this part, but it is actually the Devil talking to Rihanna. He is “sweet-talking” her so she can accept the idea of the Devil entering her body. Here’s how we can translate the lyrics.

    This is stupid! How do we know YOU’RE not the devil????????????????????

  471. If you also look in one of the pictures, there are three distinct triangels one under her arm, one under her leg and another one under her arm and between her leg. A pyramid being the classic egyptian pagan symbol for worship. In the photo digitized to look like Baphomet, it is clear she doesn’t have muscles as depicted in this photo. She is rather slender and doesn’t have the upper body strength assumed here. I’ve notice that most of these videos, Rhianna, Beyonce, Omarion, Gaga are dark and shadowy, nightime making the women look more robotic than human. Excellent observation, I’ve already forwarded this to many people to be on the lookout for their children’s sake.

  472. While I am tickled…pink…no less…with the thoroughness of your deconstruction of pop culture, I question what kind of ‘Christian’ you are.

  473. It makes you wonder what is truly required to be “successful” these days. Here was stupid me thinking it was about singing and dancing – no, being a sex slave or willing droid to the will of twisted old super-rich men who worship the evil one. That devil-head thing, Rihanna baby wacha doing??? Scary!!! Whether its Michael jackson’s daddy dearest of Beyonce’s hubby/Rihanna’s manager, you gotta wonder how they hand their loved ones over for the illuminati to ritually r**e and sodomize them as they travel the globe ‘touring’. What a nightmare…I read on Rense that some agents attested to witnessing a young Michael Jackson and the other Jackson5 being regularly sodomized by illuminati generals before concerts and daddy dearest handing them over willingly… I still struggle to believe such horrors could be true, but the lady gaga stuff is strange indeed… but for Rihanna, she’s gotten so far hasnt she??? Just prior to hooking up with Chris Brown it was reported she’d been privately complaining that she was penniless, barely pay her rent… soon after that she’s getting bashed up for (rumours!!!) passing on genital herpes to Chris… Im sure Chris wished he had’ve used an umbrella! Id never have sex with a popstar who’d been f****d by a couple a hundred dirty old men… but apparently that’s the price right for membership… It doesnt sound like such a glamourous life does it??? its good to be no-body, sometimes… thanks vigilant. Who knows whats really true, but certainly there’s some skull-duggery afoot…

  474. if this was just one video, i would simply be a coincidence, but these videos seem to be more and more on the market, surly there is something or someone behind all of them.