Christina Aguilera’s “Not Myself Tonight”: More Illuminati Music


Christina Aguilera’s new album and video introduces fans to a definite style change. The singer now clearly fits the mold of the occult music industry by  incorporating its themes and symbolism into her art. We will look at the hidden meaning of her video “Not Myself Tonight” to and we’ll see how her new album relates with the rest of the music industry.

I’ve always considered Christina Aguilera to be a notch above most pop singers due to the fact that she could actually sing. However,  in order to continue with her success, it was only a matter of time before she ended up in the same place as the other pop stars in the market today. Everything about her new album is heavily tainted with the Illuminati agenda, and the first single Not Myself Tonight acts as an initiation piece. It contains many elements seen in other videos discussed on The Vigilant Citizen, which probably explains the number of e-mails I’ve received regarding it. Some observers have accused Not Myself Tonight of copying Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. We will see that this plagiarism is, in fact, Christina only following the trend forced on pop stars.

Warning: Parts of this article might be disturbing for some.

From Christina to Xtina

Christina was first discovered by Disney, a company that has specialized in recruiting kids who then progressively become sex bombs as the years go by (Miley Cyrus is next).  Christina was part of a particularly prolific edition of the Mickey Mouse Club.

Christina used her great talent to make her way into the pop scene with the 1999 album Christina Aguilera, with a clean “innocent teen” look. Everything changed in 2002-2003 with the release of the album Stripped. In a very symbolic performance during the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, Christina is “consecrated” by the Kabbalistic Grand Priestess Madonna. This highly publicized event deserves a second look.

2003 VMA Performance

Taking place on a Masonic checkerboard-patterned floor, this symbolic performance is the ritualistic initiation of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera into the occult music business. The ceremony starts with Britney and Christina making their way down a pyramid-shaped cake singing Madonna’s Like a Virgin. The song choice is very significant as it describes the young singers’ purity and innocence before the ceremony. This is also reinforced by their white gowns. Then the Priestess comes out, wearing a black tuxedo and a Masonic top hat.

She sings Hollywood, a song about the city symbolizing the entertainment establishment, the gateway to super-stardom. Madonna is a representative of the occult industry and welcomes Britney and Christina into it. She sings:

Everybody comes to Hollywood
They wanna make it in the neighborhood
They like the smell of it in Hollywood
How could it hurt you when it looks so good?
Shine your light now
This time it’s got to be good
You get it right now
Cause you’re in Hollywood

The entire performance puts into light Madonna’s domination and superiority over the singers. She ultimately passes on the torch to the two singers with a symbolic kiss.

They should maybe bear in mind this verse from the song Hollywood:

I lost my memory in Hollywood
I’ve had a million visions bad and good
There’s something in the air in Hollywood
I tried to leave it but I never could

Following in the footsteps of Madonna, Christina and Britney then appeared to dabble with Kabbalah, though only a “Hollywood” brand of Kabbalah, as tattoos are not permitted in its sacred scriptures.

Left is Britney’s tattoo of the Hebrew letters Mem-Hey-Shin, one of the 72 names of God. This one represents “healing”. Right is Christina’s tattoo of the Hebrew characters Yud and Bet, apparently dedicated to her husband Jordan Bratman.

In the years that followed, Christina took the apparently obligatory “sexualization” path of Illuminati idols and also appeared in works associated with black magic and mind control.

New Christina

Black magic photo shoot complete with ritualistic pentagram and discarded dolls
Dehumanization and alter persona symbolized by the mannequin

Her latest effort completely embraces today’s Illuminati agenda by exploiting the theme of transhumanism. The album title “Bi-on-ic” and the cover art is truly about the merger of man and robot. Christina’s head is portrayed as a programmable mechanism, a concept relating to mind control. “Bi-On-Ic” also apparently means “bisexual on ice”, ice being the slang word for methamphetamine. So, when she is under the influence of this powerful drug, she becomes bisexual. Knowing that methamphetamine is extensively used on mind control victims, especially in sexual programming, the album title is rather disturbing.

Christina as a programmable robot (reference to mind control) and the now inevitable focus on one eye

More One Eye Symbolism

As seen in many other articles, almost all pop artists taking on Illuminati themes in their art almost always flash the “one eye sign” in their videos or photo shoots. Christina is not an exception.

Concept of Not Myself Tonight

Not Myself Tonight has been accused of copying Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. Although the videos were produced by two different directors (Francis Lawrence for Gaga and Hype Williams for Christina), they both exploit similar themes, which are also common in many other pop music videos. Although it is easy to say “the bitch copied Gaga!”, this statement does not take into consideration the bigger picture of the music industry. The same themes are expected and required to be prevalent in today’s hits. The industry defines its own trends and in order to be successful, artists must follow these trends and communicate the same messages. Not Myself Tonight is simply a continuation of the Illuminati agenda through another artist and therefore exploits its trademark themes such as mind control, transhumanism, occult initiation and so forth.

The subject of the song is Christina being “not herself tonight” which is, at face value, her wanting to go out and go crazy, “kissing the boys and the girls.” However, the imagery and symbolism of the video adds another level of interpretation to the song that refers to mind control, occult initiation and alter personalities. The theme of being “out of character” and not controlling one’s actions is often portrayed in recent videos and is associated, through symbolism, to Monarch programming or supernatural “possession.” This is often symbolically represented by the classic “devil horns” as seen on the promo image of her single.

As said earlier, she is just following the trend set by the industry.

Monarch programming is a mind-control method based on the creation of an alternate persona through the usage of torture and ritual abuse. Some authors on the subject, such as Ron Patton, have mentioned that Monarch programming utilizes ancient occult techniques reminiscent of spirit possession. The lyrics of the song reflect the creation of a new persona:

“I’m out of character, I’m in rare form
And if you really knew me, you’d know it’s not the norm

Cos I’m doing things that I normally won’t do
The old me is gone, I feel brand new
And if you don’t like it, fuck you”

As we will see later, the symbolism of the video is based on initiation and on the creation of an alter personality, which is expressed lyrically The old me is gone, I feel brand new. The theme of being a crazier/wilder/sexier self is often portrayed in recent videos and is almost always coupled with scenes of restraint, dehumanization and/or torture. This is an obvious case of cognitive dissonance, where the portrayal of torture is a part of one’s “liberation.” In Not Myself Tonight, Christina is seen hog-tied with her eyes forced open, which is reminiscent of mind control victims being forced to watch videos to reinforce their programming.

This practice is depicted in the mind-control themed Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick.

Screenshot from Clockwork Orange where Alex is forced to watch ultra-violent scenes as part of his reprogramming.

Sex Kitten Programming

The first part of the video is heavily tainted with references to mind control and, more precisely, Sex Kitten programming. This trend is becoming increasingly common in the music and fashion industry.

BETA. Referred to as “sexual” programming. This programming eliminates all learned moral convictions and stimulates the primitive sexual instinct, devoid of inhibitions. “Cat” alters may come out at this level.
-Ron Patton, Project Monarch

In mind control, Beta programming, also known as Sex Kitten programming creates in the dissociative victim an alter-personality that is a programmed to be a sex slave.

“The mind will begin to dissociate, and will begin to reverse the primordial brain functions such as pain is pleasure. The person’s mind rearranges. This is often done with Beta alters or Beta models to get them to think that the pain of sadistic rape is a pleasure. After this reversal in the mind that “PAIN IS LOVE”, the S&M kitten alters will beg their handler to slap them, tie them up, hurt them, etc.”
– Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave

Some references to sex kitten programming are peppered throughout the video.

The creation of alter personalities is represented in the video with Christina being surrounded by look-a-likes. She plays the role of the mind-control handler herself.

BDSM, submission and alter personalities portrayed in this “tribute” to Madonna’s Express Yourself

Ritual Initiation

The second part of the video essentially describes Xtina’s “initiation” through ritual sex. Some symbolic scenes tell this story.

Halfway through the song, Christina is dressed in black with masculine features and standing between two pseudo-masonic pillars.

This scene is similar to the VMA performance referenced above, where Madonna played the master of ceremonies. Christina plays the same role in this scene. She is standing on top of stairs, near a mysterious gateway, symbolizing her high rank within the “inner-hierarchy”. Her monocle covers one eye which refers to the Illuminati power structure. The master of ceremonies kicks off the ritual initiation of Xtina, the Sex Kitten.

In the following scene, Xtina is shown entering a doorway, symbolizing the “passing through the gates” of her initiation.

Xtina is then shown putting fire to her clothes, indicating that she is destroying her old self and embracing the new Xtina alter persona.

The initiation is then sealed and consummated by nothing less than an orgy inside a church.

The scene in the church gives spiritual connotation to the initiation. An orgy in a place that is considered sacred is a form of desecration that is reminiscent of black magic rituals. The video is not simply about a girl wanting to “go crazy,” it is about an initiation into the “dark side.”

To further portray the completion of the initiation of this mind control slave, Xtina is shown covering herself with “black milk” or maybe black semen.

“Sexual abuse […]  is more powerful when it is put into the context of demonic magic. The abuser’s semen is magic and seals the programming. The ritual aspect of it, and the repetitive nature of the abuse creates several dynamics that accompany the abuse that wouldn’t occur in non-ritual abuse.”
– Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave


In Conclusion

Although Christina Aguilera’s new work was accused of plagiarism by some pop culture observers, they fail to realize that she is simply following the agenda forced on pop stars. The standardization of the music industry has resulted in different artists exploiting the same symbolism, themes and aesthetics. Superficial differences define each artist, but the content and message of their music stay the same. If some articles on this site appear redundant, it is because of the clear redundancy of the messages communicated by the music industry through the products it promotes. This repetition is an important clue to identify the existence of an alternative agenda in the industry.

The complete transformation of Christina Aguilera for the Bionic album and her embrace of ALL of the themes discussed in previous articles (including the “one-eye thing”) should send you a clear message. There is an agenda in the music industry and one must fit the mold in order to get promoted as a star. This does not guarantee worldwide success, but it is the only way to get the industry approval needed to obtain it.


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If what you say is true, I guess we should have all seen it coming based on her Album Titles alone. She first started out as Christina Aguilera (herself) -> Stripped (of all personality) -> Back to Basics (ready to be programmed) -> Bionic (the final product). What comes from here is really up to anyone to guess.

You almost had me there until I pondered this over. The themes you describe seem to be a re-enactment of various books and movies from the 60's and 70's (Story of O, etc). However the arguments you make can be made about many famous texts from throughout history. You could claim that Dracula is an Illuminati inspired mind control book (Dracula is the controller, transforming women and men into 'new selves' who are super human and immortal but require blood for sustenance, etc.). How about Adam and Eve (The snake is the handler who transforms eve, who in turn transforms Adam, where they both gain 'knowledge' that puts the tree of life in their reach). Sorry, I do think your views are interesting, but not necessarily true.

Maybe the orgy scene in the church–which is clearly Catholic/Episcopalian–has more to do with these churches deep affiliation with the illuminati and upholding and being involved in the grand agenda. Most of these initiates and members attend mass and are members of either the Catholic or Episcopal church, for example, St. John the Divine. Its okay to have those themes in their videos and not offend the papacy because it is not in opposition to its doctrine. Sexual abuse within the church is just underneath the surface and hiding under a cloak of evil dressed in good's clothing. There is the public image of the Vatican and then there is what goes on behind closed doors to those who have worked their way through the stages and rites or passage.

hi Free, Johanna, wherever you are

It seems that Satanists like to invade the Christian church to perform the opposite of the teachings of true religions of God. They turn the cross upside down. They use blood for "holy" water. They perform black magic orgies, human sacrifice, and cannabalism right in God's church at night. How do I know what goes on at Satanic ceremonies? I just watch the disgusting current movies, television, fashion shoots, billboards, and music videos like these!!! Thank you VC for your outstanding work. God save the human race!

DUDE that kid in the first pic the disney kids, that "some douche" kid looks exactly like Ryan Gosling…

I find it ironic that this video was considered one of the worst music videos of the year by Yahoo! So even if the Illuminati has anything to do with this, they really missed the mark with this one. Christina is going to be lucky if her career continues after this and "You lost me".

that "random douche" is noah from the note book ahaha

is there ANYTHING we can do to further reveal them?? i want to help this. I’m a singer and i’m horrified at what is happening. i want to fight against it

Meghan, please use your brain. Its not true.

The "Vigilant Citizen" is paranoid.

1) The eye covering thing: ITS A C. IT STANDS FOR CHRISTINA.

2) BIonic: It's her way (and alot of other female pop star's) way of competing with Lady Gaga. They try to reinvent themselves to keep up with the game in the music world.

hey vc, could you do one on adam lambert's master plan?

ohh, and can you do an article thing on jennifer's body please? I saw the film and i was like… is this for or against illuminati/freemasonry? it literally tells the audience that nowadays the only way for artists to make it big is to follow satanism, and it shows those people as the bad guys, but im really not sure what that means

I hate the whole thing, but what's worse is the orgy in the church

how the hell have we, as people, let this happen? ITS A CHURCH! a place of worship, the house of God, etc etc…

ewwwww this world is utterly vile.

I think that this website got it all very wrong! It is not the symbols that rule our world, but the intentions behind the symbols that really matters. You can use all kind of symbols you like for any kind of purpose (especially if you (re)create the symbols yourself). Many heavy metal bands use occult symbols to tell about the world we live in or to create their own energies (by remaking the symbols a little). That does not mean that there are satanic at all. On the other then it is possible to use all kind of kind looking symbols (fx. Disney figures or dolphins) to carry very evil intentions. I agree that it is a big problem that many pop and rock musicians are forced, tricked, or paid into making music that is telling that the "system" is good, to trust the government, and buy a lot of… Read more »

After I watched this video here for the first time, I was more pissed then anything. I have a 12 year old daughter and she is being exposed to this soft p**n crap. I was also disgusted by the total direspect towards the christian and church with the obivous orgy there in front of the painting of Jesus. How blatant and blasephemous!! It used to be just to cause controversy but now it is obviously more then that. We the people need to speak out more with this crap that is being passed of as mainstream. Xtrina? Sounds like a p**n star nameand she's half way there.

Hey Vigilante, I find your stuff really insightful and interesting. Though I think one thing you left out in this post – which correlates to the whole Madonna/VMA performance – is how much this video mimics Madonna's video for Express Yourself and Human Nature. (Along with a little bit of George Michael's Freedom.) I'd love to hear you talk a little about Madonna's past videos and what kind of impact they have had the current trend in media.

It's pretty disgusting where the world is going. Teens think it's cool und don't realize occult symbolism because the most are already dumb and manipulated as fu** by the media. They can't even decide between a real artistic genius and real trash. So what can you except of that folks.

Another GaGA wannabe. Man Christina was awesome back in the day. I cant listen to her anymore. It’s not the same.

she is coming out with her bi-sexuality with samantha ronson bka. lindsey lohan's ex.

its a shame

What about Donnie Darko? Please!!! Write something about that movie!

"B and C then represent something most likely to be connected with a name."

"There is always a black madonna city in the centre of all of their philosophy, …….Madonna is then represented with two ladies dressed in white. One Brittany and the other Christina…Notice B and C are again utlized. Brittany of the left and Christina on the right just like on the bi-on-ic cover. They represent light in duality. Brittany has blonde hair and Christina has dark hair. Which is unusual for her, she normally has blonde hair. The black madonna therefore kisses both night and day, both sides of creation."


You know where the B and C come from?

Bohemian Club

With the wise old owl Madonna in the middle. Dressed in black of course.

Yes. There could be a connection.

I still love her..and I pray for her.She's beautiful and has one of the best voices EVER.I love her very much and this hurts me,badly..but good article VC 🙂 keep up the good work

All these theories can be traced to one source and that's the Satan, Lucifer whatever you want to call him.

Seriously does anybody realize how much worse this planet is going to be once their aren't anymore christians? I admit I do sin alot ut the things these people do will be judge one day and the fact that there will be a one world government is going to suck for those left behind. Especially most in the pop industry who seem to have the biggest influence on young people today or even just people in general.

Beware full aware that if you give in to these demon lovers, you'll be left to deal with the true horrors and atrocities that has yet to come.

The agenda of the Illuminati is decadence, immorality and perversion to spread and the music industry with the so-Stars to the tool. Superficially it is sold as a "liberation, especially the women, it is just the opposite. It is about slavery, subjugation and humiliation to the worship of the dark and evil, to sacrifice before the altar of the devil. This negative message to be conveyed to young people.

Do you guys think that this video is kinda similar to Madonna's "Express Yourself" video? You should check it out.. And VC, please make a review about that video too… Thanks in advance.. 🙂

eminem is looking at em like "this is wrongg"

her album sucks anyway…

I've been reading up on all of the celebrities since the beginning of the year, and i DEFINITELY see the connection. I don't understand how the world can be SOO blind to all of the signs. The videos are OBVIOUS and they're all singing about the same stuff.. losing control, not being themselves.. blahblahblah. I recently came across one of Christina's new songs 'You Lost Me', and at the time i hadn't read up on her yet. So i fell in love with the song, and i also fell in love with the song 'Walking On Air' by Kerli. I thought both these songs we're great, but some friends of mine we're telling me that Kerli was in the illuminati so i had to check it out. Now that i think about it, i saw signs in her video for 'Walking On Air' and in 'Tea Party.' Creepy stuff!! The… Read more »

Hey vc! Goodjob 😀 is there like, different initiation rites for the two sexes? It seems like only the girls go through this sex kitten programming, what about the guys? Like Jay-Z, Kanye West, what illuminati rituals are there for them?

To all the people who thinks this is all 'crap' Well.. Don't say they didn't warn you k.

Warn us from what, BR???? I don't know anybody who has been killed by this mental control organization or by someone mind-controlled, or by Satan. All this observations about how people is controlled… I agree, I think the most part of people don't think a lot (and even don't care or complain) about real problems (like all the massive injustices, for example the "surrealist" poverty in whole continents..) , but we don't need to create a whole and occult organization to explain that fact. The most powerful people in the world, those who control the money (governments, companies: high class) are interested in us not to care about the injustices, not to complain, not to react against the iniquities they commit, because that is the way they continue making their money and holding the power (making wars for oil, massacring forests for wood or whole continents for their natural ressources).… Read more »

if Christina is into this illuminati stuff, then why isn't the album such a big success? I think she'll move on and her next album will explore other themes

Apparently, Christina Aguilera was not even supposed to join Britney and Madonna on that stage. The first choices were Pink or Jennifer Lopez. Does this fact change anything? Does the performance still remain an actual ritual? Anyways. Remember people : Lady Gragaga Whatever invented nothing. She is a newbie artist who grew up listening to Britney and Christina. If she says otherwise, she's lying. She is the actual copycat of many LEGENDS, including AGUILERA herself, Britney, Roisin Murphy, Gwen, Grace Jones, David Bowie, Ayumi Hamasaki, Michael, etc, etc, etc, etc. Any person with a MINIMUM of common sense knows that Christina Aguilera never copied Gaga. Blonde hair, bangs and dance/pop music is something that Christina's been doing since she was a child. Christina has been talking about doing more futuristic music since 2006-2007, during the Back the Basics era. Where was Gaga then? You are clueless if you think Christina… Read more »
It's actually an x rated version of Madonna's Express yourself, right down to the scene where Aguilera is atop the stairwell. Nothing new,… just recycled programming. I have an idea that might put a cramp in the puppet show. Perhaps for a week stay off the music videos, youtube, the boob tube, Adult film and picture internet sites, general smut, stop reading celebrity entertainment 'news' sites?! Just for a week. Let's see if they panic when their newly released smutty music videos do not get a million hits on youtube or that no one is talking about them and instead people decide to visit a library, converse with their neighbors, volunteer, or just sit quietly at home and, as Depeche Mode once said, "Enjoy the Silence"? Abstain from the "putrid", as you say, entertainment and mainstream media for a while. Who could it hurt and who can it benefit?… Read more »

It matters to know these type of things. True~ these songs are quite…stupid.


By the way, that ''SOME DOUCHE'' is Ryan Gosling from the Notebook.

🙂 Just thought you should know.

i knew j-z beyonce , rihanna,lady gaga ,lilwaye and kanyewest were devil worshipers arrghh dey are hipnoticing doz people wid d diamond sign and dah triangle sighn arrgh laddy gag and j-z are d top top kmt argh

you right

I personally believe Christina's initiation into this society occurred much sooner. Her video "Fighter" contains much occult imagery. Including breaking glass, butterflies (monarch) and one eyed symbolism.

I agree with you and it really makes sad to see artists like Christina Aguilera and Beyonce doing this because they have natural talent they don't need to be doing this.

I am truly grateful for your anaylsis. I am more readliy/eaasily able to identify the symbols for instance Rhinnna new song – Like.

May God continue to bless and keep you safe!!!!

*sighs* i do not belive in illuminatti, to me, it's just a way to brainwash people into thinking everything is demonize. don't take my opinion the wrong way people, i'm just saying what i think. and how can someone be under mind control? and by whom? i mean, as soon as i read these articles on here, i became paranoid of eve listening to music! but then i thought of this: time is short, why waste my time being paranoid about everything io do, watch, and listen to when i can just live to the fullest? so yeah, the symbols are there, but i'm not gonna stop listening to my type of music just cause people say this and that. i mean, heck, i can listen to the songs without watching the video. shoot, half of the videos nowadays dont even go with the song anymore like they used to.… Read more »

I love how you analyze the music industry. I would really love to see what you have to say about "You Lost Me" by Christina.


Look at Christinas "What a Girl Wants" video.. There is a baphomet painted in the ceiling of where the video is shot! Im sure other videos have symbolism some are just not overexposed like some attention-seeking-w****s: Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z

Where? I cant find it…I see a red upside down star on the ground where they are dancing (upside down pentagram perhaps?)

You are doing a fantastic job at covering this stuff. Every time I do a search on something, I end on your site. So just wanted to offer you my thanks and gratitude. I hope you are backing up your website a lot and saving it on your system, not on a server. I am very afraid of the 'powers that be' will be shutting down a lot of this information. Now about poor Christina….what a damn dirty shame of what they did to this girl. That beautiful natural voice with beautiful natural beauty as well. She looks like a freak from hell. I was about 18 when Madonna (the master illunimati puppet wh0re) came out with "Like A Virgin", she did indeed influence everyone. No one could tell me what to do then, of course. How are we going to tell our teenagers and children not to idolize Christina?… Read more »

WOW! cool article

Maybe she likes to have it in the eye?

The jewelry she's sporting on her hand (making the "C" shape over her eyes), is a sexual piece of jewelry, used on men .

Great job!keep giving us the knowledge of whats really going on in hollywood.

This video along with Gaga's videos are all so reminiscent of Madonna's videos from the early 90s. Express yourself and vogue keep coming to mind, not to mention the 80s video for like a prayer, or how about human nature…. it's odd that Madonna or her people don't go public with some sort of comment on how these other artists are copying her videos. That fact alone tells me that there really is so much more to all this. It's just creepy. I don't believe in God or the devil, I believe that religions are all man made, just like money, they have to real value, nothing to back them up… We live in a world of illusions and lies that are fed to us constantly through advertising, media, etc….. I'm always happy to find websites like this one that offer different perspectives on all the things that society as… Read more »

Thanks VG for another informative article. Never stop. Keep up the good work!

P.S. Just remember that the meanings are not the most obvious, the obvious is there only for you. The people who do not want to understand it more deeply. All hidden beneath sexual barriers, that hold everyone's attention away from the underlying message. Sex and anything that is seen as a shock device is what grabs the attention first. It is holding the real message away from your eyes. I do not make a judgement of the writers of this website, it was not intended as negative, that is why I wrote, 'I think'. You can think whatever you like, I'm not going to judge that. It is all based on opinion anyway. Even my own words. I do not deny that. Think what you like, you will anyway. That is the most wonderful thing in the end. Thought, it is free. The truth…that is another matter altogether.