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Kesha’s “Praying” is a Sad Reminder That She is Still Owned by the Industry



Kesha's "Praying" is a Sad Reminder That She is Still Owned by the Industry

While Praying is said to be a “liberating” song that addresses Kesha’s painful past with her producer Dr. Luke, the video tells a whole other story. Indeed, through symbolism, the video implies that Kesha is still an industry slave … because that’s what she actually is.

For years, Kesha has been displaying all of the “symptoms” of a music industry slave. At an early age, the singer got locked into an airtight contract with Sony Music, under Dr. Luke’s label Kemosabe. Since then, she’s had little to no control over her professional career and personal life.

Like most industry slaves, Kesha’s work has been replete with elite symbolism and infused with a foul, dehumanizing agenda. For example, her 2012 video Die Young (analyzed in this article), featured the singer repeating “We’re gonna die young” as satanic images flashed on screen. The entire thing was so blatant that even mainstream magazines such as Billboard had to admit that the video was all about Illuminati symbolism:

“According to Billboard, the video is a shout-out to the Illuminati. Occult symbols ubiquitously associated with the secret society such as the all-seeing eye of Horus, inverted crosses, pentagrams, and triangles pervade the video.”
– Wikipedia, Die Young

As if to confirm the bad omen of the song, Die Young was released only days prior to the Sandy Hook shooting, causing the song to become the most inappropriate thing to play on the radio at that time. Shortly after the generalized ban of the song, Kesha posted an extremely revealing tweet (which was deleted shortly after):

Kesha's "Praying" is a Sad Reminder That She is Still Owned by the Industry

Kesha wrote in capital letters that she was FORCED TO sing those lyrics. She was also forced to appear in that video.

This single tweet was a prelude to a massive battle that ensued between Kesha and Dr. Luke – the man who literally owns her.

Dancing With the Devil

In 2012, Kesha recorded an unreleased song titled Dancing With the Devil, which was clearly about Dr. Luke. The lyrics describe the helplessness of a singer who “sold her soul” to the devil for “dirty gold”.

I keep on dancing with the Devil
I keep on dancing with the Devil
I sold my soul, ain’t no turning back
I keep on dancing with the Devil

You and I made a deal
I was young and s**t got real
Weaving through Heaven and back

Your love is made of dirty gold
But I’m the one who sold my soul
So go ahead and take my hand

I keep on dancing with the Devil
I keep on dancing with the Devil
I sold my soul, it’s a dead-end road
But there ain’t no turning back
I keep on dancing with the Devil

Two years later, in 2014, Kesha filed a highly-publicized lawsuit against Dr. Luke, in which she accused him of mental, physical and even sexual abuse. 

“At eighteen years old, Ms. Sebert was induced by DEFENDANT LUKASZ SEBASTIAN GOTTWALD (a.k.a. “Dr. Luke”), a successful music producer, to drop out of high school, leave behind her family, home, and life in Nashville, Tennesse, and come to Los Angeles to pursue a glamorous career in the music industry.

For the past ten years, Dr. Luke has sexually, physically, verbally, and emotionally abused Ms. Sebert to the point where Ms. Sebert nearly lost her life. Dr. Luke abused Ms. Sebert in order to destroy her self-confidence, self-image, and self-worth so that he could maintain complete control over her life and career.”

The lawsuit provided grim details about the alleged abuse suffered by Kesha.

“Ms. Sebert took the pills and woke up the following afternoon, naked in Dr. Luke’s bed, sore and sick, with no memory of how she got there. Ms. Sebert immediately called her mother and made a ‘fresh complaint,’ telling her that she was naked in Dr. Luke’s hotel room, she did not know where the clothes were, that Dr. Luke had raped her, and that she needed to go to the emergency room. (…)

After years of legal battle, Kesha lost the lawsuit due to lack of evidence. To this day, she is still forced to work under Dr. Luke until her contract is fulfilled.

“Kornreich heard arguments that Dr. Luke had invested a substantial amount — $60 million in her career — and that the producer had agreed to allow her to record without his involvement. The judge told Geragos that “decimates your argument,” adding, “My instinct is to do the commercially reasonable thing.”  Kornreich spoke of the lack of medical evidence such as hospital records to corroborate the assault allegations. “I don’t understand why I have to take the extraordinary measure of granting an injunction,” she said.
– Hollywood Reporter, “Judge Won’t Let Kesha Escape Dr. Luke Contract”

A year after this devastating court loss, Kesha is releasing a new album entitled Rainbow. The first song, “Praying”, is touted as a “powerful” song about Kesha freeing herself from the bonds of the evil Dr. Luke. It is truly the case, though? Maybe on a personal level, hopefully.


The song was written by Kesha along with Andrew Joslyn, Ben Abraham, and Ryan Lewis (known for his work with rapper Macklemore). Its lyrics allude to past abuse and seeking spirituality to move past it.

‘Cause you brought the flames and you put me through hell
I had to learn how to fight for myself”

Kesha also hopes to see Luke change his ways:

“I hope you’re somewhere prayin’, prayin’
I hope your soul is changin’, changin’
I hope you find your peace
Falling on your knees, prayin'”

Shortly after the song was released, Kesha published an essay on Lenny Letter describing the motivation behind the song.

“Praying,” my first single in almost four years, comes out today. I have channeled my feelings of severe hopelessness and depression, I’ve overcome obstacles, and I have found strength in myself even when it felt out of reach. I’ve found what I had thought was an unobtainable place of peace. This song is about coming to feel empathy for someone else even if they hurt you or scare you. It’s a song about learning to be proud of the person you are even during low moments when you feel alone. It’s also about hoping everyone, even someone who hurt you, can heal.”
– Lenny Letter, Kesha Fights Back in Her New Single, “Praying”

While some media sources celebrate Kesha’s song as some kind of feminist victory – Kesha’s actual situation is not different from when she started. She is still locked into that same contract and still forced to work under Dr. Luke. In fact, after the release on Praying, Dr. Luke’s label issued a rather spiteful statement:

“There was no change in Kesha’s contractual recording obligations — she has not succeeded on any legal claim or motion to avoid them. Instead, she was always free to record and refused to. Now, as legally required all along, the album was released with Dr. Luke’s approval by Kemosabe which is a joint venture label of Dr. Luke and Sony.”

One can understand from this statement that Dr. Luke “allowed” this song to be released. And, as usual, the label took care of making the music video. And that video did its best to contradict the core message of the song through intense symbolism. To do so, they’ve hired the occult elite’s favorite video director: Jonas Akerlund.

For years, Akerlund has been directing videos that are heavily infused with mind control symbolism such as Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” and Britney Spears’ “Hold it Against Me”, the latter being 100% about Spears being an MK slave.

Praying is also about Kesha remaining a slave. One simply needs to read the symbolism. Let’s look at the video.

The Video

The video takes the central theme of the song and adds a sad symbolic layer over it. It ends up telling the story of a pop star who is desperate to free herself but is still under tight control. To make a bad analogy, she’s like an animal that escapes a cage and believes its free … to find out that it is still inside a zoo. That is the message symbolically conveyed by the video.

The video begins with a telling scene.

Kesha's "Praying" is a Sad Reminder That She is Still Owned by the Industry

Kesha lays in a coffin-like box under a glowing red cross. Two guys look over her. Oh, and they’re wearing pig heads.

Although some elements in this scene combine the sacred elements of a church, other elements allude to the kind of desecration found in Satanic black masses. Also, Satanists love to wear animal heads (probably to celebrate the animal side of humans).

Kesha's "Praying" is a Sad Reminder That She is Still Owned by the Industry

This is the first image that welcomes visitors to the official website of the Church of Satan. Oh, and they’re wearing a pig head.

Who are these pig-headed dudes looking over Kesha? Do they represent Dr. Luke and his industry pals?

Kesha's "Praying" is a Sad Reminder That She is Still Owned by the Industry

Kesha looks dead, her eyes are covered. On her hand is the head of a doll – a symbol of mind control.

We then hear Kesha reciting a very depressing monolog.

“Am I dead? Or is this one of those dreams? Those horrible dreams that seem like they last forever?”

We then see Kesha stranded on water.

Kesha's "Praying" is a Sad Reminder That She is Still Owned by the Industry

Kesha stranded on water = Her being a slave of the industry where there’s nowhere to go.

Kesha continues:

“If I am alive, why? If there is a God or whatever, something, somewhere, why have I been abandoned by everyone and everything I’ve ever known? I’ve ever loved? Stranded. What is the lesson? What is the point? God, give me a sign, or I have to give up. I can’t do this anymore. Please just let me die. Being alive hurts too much.”

At the exact moment, Kesha says “God give me a sign”, we see a close-up of a tattoo on her hand.

Kesha's "Praying" is a Sad Reminder That She is Still Owned by the Industry

The planet Saturn is tattooed inside Kesha’s hand.

Since the dawn of time and throughout most civilizations, there has been a strong esoteric association between Saturn and Satan. Exploring the full depth of this claim could fill a book, but here’s the gist of it: Saturn is the ruling planet of the astrological sign of Capricorn, which is represented by a goat’s head. Depending on the culture, Saturn is associated with the goat-headed god Pan, the father of time Kronos (who devours his children), and the grim reaper. Saturn is associated with the limitations of the physical realm versus the infinity of the spiritual realm.

“In the Greek tradition, Capricorn is Pan, the goat-foot god, the god of wild hills and mountainside, overseer of shepherds and nature’s sensuous delights.  In the Christian tradition, the sign of Capricorn becomes demonised along with its ruling planet Saturn (who becomes Satan), and Pan (along with the pleasure of the flesh that he invokes) becomes synonymous with the Devil.  Indeed, Capricorn has always been a sign traditionally revered, feared and made “scapegoat” in more -or-less equal measure.”
– The Alchemical Journey, Capricorn: Taking a Stand

Kesha's "Praying" is a Sad Reminder That She is Still Owned by the Industry

The god Pan – esoterically associated with Saturn.

In short, considering Akerlund’s knowledge of symbolism, filming a shot of Saturn while Kesha mentions God is no accident. Think I’m crazy? Here is Jonas Akerlund’s current Twitter profile pic.

Kesha's "Praying" is a Sad Reminder That She is Still Owned by the Industry

After all of this symbolism, the song finally begins. And the symbolism keeps getting more blatant.

Kesha's "Praying" is a Sad Reminder That She is Still Owned by the Industry

Kesha walks around with a veil on her head on which are attached a bunch of Monarch butterflies.

If you’ve read past Vigilant Citizen articles, you know that these butterflies symbolize Monarch programming (read about it here). Indeed, the butterfly veil represents Kesha being under mind control.

Kesha's "Praying" is a Sad Reminder That She is Still Owned by the Industry

This single scene contains heavy MK symbolism. Other than the Monarch veil, there’s a mannequin with its head cut off – a typical way of representing dissociative MK slaves. On the right, the sign says “Welcome to Kitty’s”, which can refer to Beta Kitten programming. On the left is a bizarre spiral symbol.

Kesha's "Praying" is a Sad Reminder That She is Still Owned by the Industry

The symbol appears to be a combination of logos used by actual “child lovers” to identify themselves (the logos on the right are from FBI files). Why would this symbol appear in her video? Is this a way of saying that she’s forced to be a part of the occult elite’s child-molesting culture?

Several scenes allude to Kesha being trapped and attempting to free herself.

Kesha's "Praying" is a Sad Reminder That She is Still Owned by the Industry

Kesha is stuck underneath a net – a good way of portraying her status as an industry slave.

Kesha's "Praying" is a Sad Reminder That She is Still Owned by the Industry

Kesha struggles with the pig-headed dudes over a bed. What are the pigs are actually trying to do in that bed?

Despite being physically restrained in various ways, Kesha seeks salvation through spirituality. Not only is Kesha shown praying to God, she is actually becoming a Christ-like figure. Several scenes allude to this.

Kesha's "Praying" is a Sad Reminder That She is Still Owned by the Industry

Kesha wears a crown of thorns, like Jesus prior to crucifixion.

Kesha's "Praying" is a Sad Reminder That She is Still Owned by the Industry

Kesha’s shiny outfit features a “sacred heart” found in classic depictions of Christ.

Kesha's "Praying" is a Sad Reminder That She is Still Owned by the Industry

At the end of the video, Kesha walks on water. Her becoming like Christ saved her from being stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Therefore, the video depicts a Gnostic-like salvation where Kesha discovers her “inner-Christ”. Considering the MK symbolism in the video, can we conclude that Kesha’s spiritual journey is happening under the watchful eyes of her handlers who still control her earthly life?

Well, one single scene sums up the entire video.

Kesha's "Praying" is a Sad Reminder That She is Still Owned by the Industry

Kesha prays to God on a prayer desk on which was painted with the all-seeing eye … the occult elite’s favorite symbol.

This scene is rather sad. It depicts Kesha attempting to seek inner peace through spirituality while the symbolism of the occult elite is stamped right on her prayer desk. If there is one symbol that represents Kesha’s slave status, it is definitely the all-seeing eye.

Kesha's "Praying" is a Sad Reminder That She is Still Owned by the Industry

She has been told to do that crap for her entire career.

The video ends in a curious matter.

Kesha's "Praying" is a Sad Reminder That She is Still Owned by the Industry

As Kesha walks on water, the words “the beginning” appear in a typeface reminiscent of Sanskrit – the primary liturgical language of Hinduism.

Kesha is apparently beginning a new life … as a female pop star Gnostic-Hindu-Jesus figure … or something … nobody seems to really know.

In Conclusion

The story behind Praying and the imagery of its music video reflect a sad truth of the music industry. The final product is the result of two conflicting sides: A desperate artist and an industry that is almost mocking her in her own video.

On one side there’s Kesha, an artist stuck in a soul-sucking, multiple-album contract with a major record label and who has been fighting for years to break free from it. Like most artists who were in contact with the dark side of the industry, Kesha felt attacked on a deeply spiritual level. The dark side of the industry is Satanic – in the truest, evilest sense of the word. It recruits young aspiring stars and abuses the hell out of them until they completely break down. Faced with this horror, many “survivors” seek refuge in spirituality. This entire process is the inspiration for Praying.

On the other side, there’s the entire music industry who still owns Kesha. Dr. Luke still has to approve her work. Jonas Akerlund, a master of occult elite symbolism, was apparently hired to taint this song with imagery that tells another story. In typical industry fashion, the symbolism infused by Akerlund is deceptive and manipulative – it touches on the spiritual theme of the song while adding enough imagery to tell “those in the know” that Kesha is still a slave of the elite.

Kesha’s story is still not over and it’ll be interesting to see how things evolve. She probably has a whole lot to say about the industry, but all she truly wants is to get out of it. As she sings in her song:

And we both know all the truth I could tell
I’ll just say this is “I wish you farewell”

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Kesha's "Praying" is a Sad Reminder That She is Still Owned by the Industry

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Excellent article! Hi VC, can you write an article about Prodigy of Mobb Deep who died recently. He was working on a play about the Illuminati. Supposedly, he choked on an egg while in the hospital according to TMZ, but was being seen for a sickle cell crisis which is not life-threatening.

Jay White

Yeah, would be lots appreciated, let us know when it is coming out.


VC – sorry, but you’re mistaking very obvious sacred feminine symbols (pelvic ‘womb’ spiral & hindu-style yoni) for pedophile sigils. Since that particular part of the video is about Beta Kitten programming, wouldn’t it make more sense that they’re flaunting “female power” symbols under MK control? It just fits the theme you are pointing out more.

The masonic elite use pig heads as well to mock us mortal ‘Useless Eaters’ stuck on the Earth plane. Animal heads are a few of the many masks worn by handlers when ‘conditioning’ victims. Uggh.


This would be very interesting to read. Prodigy was much more than he was painted to be by mainstream media. The man was on another level of intelligence and Mobb Deep were always on the fringes of superstardom. Leading me to believe they were given plenty of opportunity to join the club, yet didn’t take the bait. Any information/research you would be able to share, would be much appreciated.


I’ve been a fan of Mobbdeep since the beginning. I’d love to here more about Prodigy. A lot of hnic2 was speaking against the illuminati. Hnic3 had a way different tune.


The sacred heart is not found in “classic” depictions of Christ. It is found in “catholic” depictions of Christ. A lot of difference between catholics and Christians.


Considering that Catholics were the first Christians, besides the various worshipers prosecuted by the Romans, I’d say that it’s correct to classify their depictions as “classic”


I believe Copts and Orthodox branches were the first Christians.


Catholicism was one of the first branches of Christianity. The whole “they catholics we Christians” debate is BS.


Yes! Thank you! The current Christians make it sound like Catholics were all devil worshipers! Catholics are ancient AND THEY WORSHIP JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF. Get a grip people. Or I am gonna start saying that current Christians are phony baloney.


Catholics, the first Christians? I think not! Catholics along with many cults like to claim lineage to someone of historical significance or to some distant time. From your comment, I assume you are Catholic and am letting you know my comment is in no way directed at or against you. I am tired of seeing such information indoctrinated to its followers. In the early days you had the churches which were particular to their respective cities and consisted of the body of believers. While they did communicate as we even see in the Bible where the apostles visited and wrote letters; they were not one organized church. The Catholic church did not seem to emerge possibly until around 250-300 AD; but the official declaration was in 313 by Constantine, who was the Roman emperor, and declared himself head of the church. The church seems to have been formed around this time in which there was persecution against the Christians by the Roman government; and the pagan emperor becomes the head? What! I am Christian, and I believe in Jesus Christ and the Bible, nothing else. Christ is the head of the church not the pope; you pray to God alone,… Read more »


Very well sai!God bless!


Christianism = Catholicism = Veganism = Politics parties = Hippy = Hipster = SJW = illuminati = … = SECT
All “ways to think”are sects, they just want to control the weak humans (95% of wolrd population).


Ummm no it’s not christianism that’s not even a word!!! It’s derived from Christendom..Christ’s Kingdom..please don’t talk what you don’t know..the Catholics are devils period..


Catholicism was started by Constantine to control the Christians because the more they were persecuted, the greater they grew in numbers. It was a classic, if you can’t beat em, join em, and for Constantine and the rulers of the day, it also meant, control them. Catholicism, at its roots, is pagan. Constantine was a pagan and simply took the pagan gods and gave them Christian names. Isis, Diana, Athena (all the same person essentially) became the Virgin Mary and Osiris, Horus became the infant Jesus. Catholicism is NOT Christianity. It never has been and never will be. Catholics do not worship the same Jesus and Yahweh as Christians. The same name but the not the same Almighty God. If they did, they wouldn’t waste their time praying to saints and the Virgin Mary. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man can come to the Father but by Me.” John 14:6. They also wouldn’t call their priests and popes and bishops, Father (see Mathew 23:9). They also wouldn’t pray on the rosary or say many of the ritualistic sayings and prayers that they say (see Matthew 6:7). Its unfortunate, because many Catholics are good… Read more »


Without Catholicism there would be no large Christianity and no Martin Luther who was a protestant. My goodness people are just re-writing history here.


Nope. The first Christians were Jews. Christianity was highjacked by the Roman pagan system 300 hears later which is why Christianity has lost it’s Newish roots. Get your facts straight.


*Jewish roots.


It wasn’t hijacked…it was given! Jews would laugh at what you called them. They probably spit on you for calling them the first Christian’s. They didn’t want they messiah….so it was given to us. Get your facts straight! Rome is a WHOLE OTHER STORY!!!!

Say what?

Michelle, you’re the one who doesn’t have your facts straight. Many Jews rejected Jesus as the Messiah, true. But many accepted him as well and these were the first Christians as well as many Gentiles (non Jewish people) who accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior.


Coptic Orthodox were among the first christians.


300 years before Constantine and the beginning of the Catholic Church, Christians met in private homes for fellowship and worship. PLEASE GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.


Catholicism is a cult of the worst kind. The inquisitions, council of Trent, pedophilia, satanic imagery at and in the Vatican, the secrecy, the ridiculous hierarchy of man via the Pope, the fish head, Enki mitre that the Pope wears, the numerous obelisks littered all over the place, which are giant phallic symbols, and the honeycomb and naked children (cherubim are bull faced, not little kids). It’s sick. It may have started out righteous, but it is anti Christ these days. Just listen to the Pope. I could go on and on.


The fish head represents Dagon, I believe.


not a fan of the current pope, agree end of times are probably near. But your claims border on phobic and are very uninformed. The teachings are virtually the same, Catholics are among the most charitable people on earth, priest still live in a vow of chastity and poverty (yes there are a few exceptions that dissapoint me as well but they are the smallest of minorities) I really can’t stand the amount of religious bashing going on against all faiths lately. Uf there was a sign of end of times that would be a major one.


gino, one thing is to talk about catholics, and another thing is Catholicism. I have many catholic workmates and they are excellent persons, and I’m sure some of their values comes from their religious background. But as a non-catholic Christian myself, I can identify many Catholic beliefs and traditions that are against Christ teachings, like the aforementioned Pope figure.


I know most people think people are great….but God knows man heart better than you. You look at what a person does in the outside…but boy people play some serious games on their alone time. No one is perfect! And you can’t see everything all the time! But the best they can do is come out that devilish place….no excuses!
I know some serious cool and awesome crackheads…..they work hard for their dope (jobs)! But, they keep going back to the place they shouldn’t be (a filthy building of devil’s). Seek the Lord….not these imprudent men!


So their charitable….a Satanist are too. And your point!? They’re pretty much brainwash like the rest of the world. Good works any one can do. Look up serial killers they were very giving. That’s how they duped people. They must come out of that man made building if lies….and then we can talk. Have a great week!

Jack D

This is kind of offensive not as a catholic but as an Italian; please research how much the Church stood against the freemasons that unified Italy against the wishes of its people, guys like Mazzini and Cavour would have liked nothing better than the death of christianity in Italy. Or the suffering of Catholics in the regime in Spain at the start of 20th century, the condemnations of the Popes of that era of communism, modernism, and many other “-isms”. Even today Italy is full of people bringing along the NWO agenda that cover catholics in insults and would like nothing better than to destroy the Church or bring it on their side, and they unfortunately succedeed on some level. If you want to say that now the hierarchy is full of many dickheads who don’t believe in Christ fair enough, there are many proofs for that, but before giving air to the mouth please at least read something actually catholic like the catechism or the works of those the Church called saints. Nobody says that you must come to accept that the Pope is an authority in matters of Faith or even like or approve this particular Pope, but… Read more »


We’ve dine our research! Do yours and even more. It blatantly in your face…..just like the entertainment industry…all satanic and in your face! Seek God and Jesus….not your understanding.


The Vatican control everything satanic. Doesn’t matter what they “said” they were against. They are still in the same club.


Corrupting the commandments, making an image then requiring to kneel and bow down to an image, saying Jesus’s sacrifice wasnt enough to pay for sins and that we have to do good works t be saved etc


The Pope gave Hitler his blessing! And we have all heard of the inquisitions, become catholic or die! and you have the nerve to talk about needing to read the catechism from a religion who will not even read the Bible for anything. They carry on with their man made rituals; even going so far as to say it is wrong to marry; thus Catholicism has destroyed millions of people’s lives by condemning marriage. Which is completely unscriptural. Satan is laughing his butt off as the lost sheep father into the Catholic Church each went. It attracts the homosexual pedophilia people on this earth! Reminds me of the scripture, rev. 18:5 “for her sins have massed clear up to heaven and God has called her injustices to mind…” The Catholic Church has done more damage than any church on this planet. Dugustingly they claim to represent the true God. The Catholic Churches days are numbered and when her day of reckoning comes you better make sure you aren’t on her membership list. Rev. 18:4 “get out of her my people, if you do not want to share with her in her sins and if you do not want to receive… Read more »


True… Roman Catholics believed in the Messiah but not that Jesus Christ was the true Messiah hence why they crucified him for blasphemy….(Christ)ians are based off of Jesus Christ not Roman Catholicism aka Catholics. So Christians and Catholics are not the same thing…they believe in God but that have different traditions and views on Christ…


Wow so much lies in one sentence. The romans who killed jesus werent catholics at all. They were polytheists. Religions based on jesus spreaded out of israel only after his death.


What the Roman Catholics crucified Jesus? Is that what you are saying? Jesus was a Jew followed by Jews who later became the first Christians. The Roman Empire wanted him dead as he became too popular and too dangerous for the establishment.
Please you can not just re-write history.


AquaLife, You are mistaken. I highly recommend you read the Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John for a true account of the crucifixion of Jesus. The Romans crucified Jesus but only because the Jewish Scribes and Pharisees plotted against Him for continuously calling them out. Several times the Jewish religious leaders tried to capture Him but could not because, as the Gospels state, ‘His time had not yet come’. When they were finally able to lay hold of him, it was Passover and they could not kill Him or they would become unclean and would not be able to take part in the Passover feast (Jesus is The Passover Lamb, crucified to bear the sins of the world and reconcile humanity to Himself). This is one of many prophecies fulfilled, that the Lamb of God would be lifted up (on a cross), not killed in the traditional Jewish way by stoning. Since they could not kill Him, they appealed to their rulers, the Romans, to do it for them. Even still, Pilate tried to release Jesus several times because he could find no wrongdoing on Jesus’ part, even sending him to Herod to deal with it. Herod released him after… Read more »


100% WRONG – The Catholic Church didn’t exist until 300 years after Jesus Christ was crucified. The Romans crucified Jesus. Good grief.


Our Lord Jesus Christ put Saint Peter in charge of what??? Of building His Holy Church.
What did Saint Peter do? He went to Rome and founded the Holy Roman CATHOLIC Church.
“”I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it”. MATTHEW 16.18


PAUL went to Rome. Peter went to Babylon. Peter was never a pope or raised himself up over his brothers. In fact, John was the last apostle to die and he was never part of a clergy/laity system


Sorry you are wrong!!! Thank God his people weren’t catholic..cmon they confess their sin to men please…


how so that is an assinine comment without basis. Please study beforecommenting untruths.


Finally….Amen! It’s a huge difference between Catholics and Christian’s…HUGE! Just like other demoninations that are not Christian!!!!! But, people today won’t believe this because of other religious institutions like schools, college’s, media, and fallen idols consider star and science that hate Christianity. All are faith base and brainwashing like churches. It’s all CULTure.


So true. it’s no coincidence that in the west, 2017, almost nobody knows the first apostolic lineage of any organized “church” was orthodoxy. the orthodox creed or whatever even calls itself “the one true and holy catholic church.” it was then that romans changed and perverted orthodoxy to form roman catholicism. then we have the indulgences, purgatory, 95 theses, protestantism, etc. etc etc. while i don’t think catholics are bad, i do think catholicism is pretty perverse.


Once for all, everytime when an artist say something referent to God doesn’t mean be our God.
Theirs God = Lucifer; All of them are luciferian.


Exactly, their god is baphomet, the god of freemasonry and the so called “chosen” religion.


Oh come on, not ALL people who have a career in art, worship &/or believe in a negative belief system such as Luciferianism. That’s like saying ALL lawyers do, or waitresses, or mechanics; Ect. I’m unsure if you’re only referring to the art medium of music only or Any art medium (painter, writer, director, ect..), but even if you do just mean artists who have a carreer in music; that’s just not a True Statement. There’s millions of people, myself included, who’s career is art of one or more mediums, & like All Humans, they all have a myriad of different beliefs, religions, some are atheist, some with Positive belief systems, others that do in fact have Negative belief systems, ECT. And as there are a Massive amount of “gods”/God/ect that people believe in (& I’m NOT trying to get into what God/gods I believe in, only stating there Are Many gods humans believe in/have sense the beginning of humanity..), unless you Personally Know the artist &/or they themselves Claim a specific god publicly; You have No Idea which god/gods they’re referring to. I Realize Many artists Do in fact say “god” in a very Vague manner, hinting at a… Read more »


Well, the facts are that a LOT of celebrities in hollywood are in sects. They don’t even try to hide it anymore. And much of these sects are “close to” satanism.


The first time I saw Ke$ha was on that reality show with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. She was just a weird teenager in Tennessee. Her story is a tragic lesson on fame.

Jeffrey Jones

I first saw her on New Year’s 2011, Times Square, which I just happened to watch on TV, and it was a remarkably depraved performance, with lots of transvestites and esoteric imagery, props, etc. It seemed like they were launching her career that night with lots of mothers and their daughters up front cheering and dancing. I had never heard of her before. Her output makes Britney Spears look tame by comparison.

sayonara tsunami

Ke$ha may be transgender

Toilet Paper

I am so sad for her.

Benedict Harmful

good. now you’ll click on her videos so she, and her masters, can get even richer. poor, little kesha. i guess beyonce and madonna too. they need our help, right?


The last pic with the raibow is loaded with symbolism besides the word “the beginning”:
For example
_ the rainbow is a sign of alliance with God according to the Bible.
_ the birds are too far to be cleary identified but they remind me of the crows in Madonna’s video “Frozen” and here there are 6 of them…
This pics seems to mix all different creeds in one : hinduism, catholism, satanism, probably to show the one world religion of their agenda?


Anyone else notice that the Welcome To Kittys sign also had the Cheshire Cat smile from Alice in Wonderland? Yet another symbol associated with MK


Worst feeling ever when you think that you are free but you aren’t free , you are in DENIAL! Just like VC said “she’s like an animal that escapes a cage and believes its free … to find out that it is still inside a zoo” … that hit me hard.

Mudenge Nelly

We’re all in the zoo


Unless you take the red pill. Only then you can left the matrix. Ironically, the washowsky are deep inside the matrix.


losers in every sense of the word.. satan and the demons and those who follow them


Thank you VC!! Another great article!!
There is so much symbolism in music videos and most people will never see it. The main street media (which is controlled) did a good job of making people who talk about the illuminate seem crazy, so people like Akerlund can make their message even more blatant and others will passionately defend them because it is all a “coincidence.” I love your SPOTM articles because they are a great way to show how much symbolism is out there and that it happens all over the world.
Thank you VC, I can’t wait for your next article.


At first thought, it was an interesting thought, that Kesha might be freeing herself on a personal level while she hasn’t yet freed herself from the contract and its bindings, but then she’s already freed herself on a personal/emotional level by recognizing how she’s been abused and filing a lawsuit against Dr. Luke. Now it’s the question, if the negative outcome of the lawsuit didn’t break her, if she didn’t give up and to me it actually seems as if she’s escaping into illusions. And when I read the essay she published on Lenny Letter It becomes absolutely clear that that’s the case: She says she found an “unobtainable place of peace”. She escapes into an inner world – into illusion – like people going over the rainbow. Also the empathy thing is about illusion. Yes, you can feel empathy towards people who hurt you, but only after you completely freed yourself, after you completely understood the magnitude of the evil that was done to you and found the strength and learned to defend yourself. If you go into this empathy thing while still suffering it only cements the situation you’re in, it keeps you from fighting and keeps you… Read more »


At first I thought …


If she’d really be mentally freeing herself, she wouldn’t talk about it much in public, because she’d know that they’d try to stop her and put up extra measures to prevent it. Unfortunately. I wish I could see her or someone free themselves from these industry sharks. That would be a nice sign of hope, but I guess when someone really frees themeselves it will be hard to know about it, because neither the victim can be interested in this becoming public, because they don’t want to draw the attention of the “sharks” to this fact nor are these “sharks” interested in this becoming public, because they don’t want the public to even know it’s possible, let alone have someone talk publically about what they went through.


Betty, You nailed it! The outcome of the trial has been a public humilliation. It’s a message for the rest of music pawns and and by extension for the society: “you cannot ever escape from us”. In my opinion the rainbow MK technique has always worked very well with Kesha. Just look at her clothes… The trial coincided in time with the pastel colors in her hair and clothes. She has gone under the knife as well. It’s a strategy, as Aubrey says, to re-program her.

Also, what you say about empathy is true: they deceive the victim leading her/him to believe that feeling empathy towards the aggressor (handler) means you have healed. It’s not that way at all with Kesha, because when you have skipped several steps, it’s like reading the end of the book before time. The have hammered into his head a Stockholm syndrome.


She believes she is “free” because she disassociates from reality because she now has a multiple personality disorder. So, actually, all this pain that she suffered last year helped her handlers to program her as a high-level slave.


exactly … what a shame …

Benedict Harmful

“Kesha might be freeing herself on a personal level”. you seriously believe that?


Well I think it’s pretty clear that the government is really the sponsor of all this stuff. They are the ones putting the stamp of approval on “Satans contract”. Without them any of these MK victims could easily walk. 99% of the “handlers” in Hollywood would lose their kittens forever. And I want to see that s--t happen.

Say bye kitty. Better get your fun in now. No more easy sex all the time.


Exactly, people in hollywood have much much more power than people in the white house.

Thy Unveiling

The boy lover symbol was pointing downwards, but also styled similarly to Prince’s old “love symbol” (or whatever he called that thing when he became “The Artist formerly known as Prince”)….makes me wonder if Prince was trying to tell us something…and who the boy lover in this video is. Or if Kesha’s Beta was drugged and made to be intimate with underage boys on film and she’s being blackmailed. That entire scene, judging solely from the picture, looks like she’s going on a trip to Wonderland..and near the Love Boy symbol is a wall full of what appear to be candies. Another thing associated with luring children. Who is or was she luring children for? Dr.Luke? The director? (Or is he more into goat sex?) As to her “death” scene. Same ghastly red Vegas cross used in The Weekend’s video. The whole thing looks like a Satanic ritual. Her “becoming Christ-like” is another ritual itself, is it not? Kinda the same thing high (dark) priest of Hollywood Jim Carrey did in Bruce Almighty? Her words on the song meaning to love yourself even at your lowest is Their famous double-speak at work as well. I haven’t seen the video or… Read more »


She signed up for it. The devil delivered his end of the contract. Now she wants out? She knew what she was doing when she sold her soul. Now I’m supposed to feel sorry for her? How many young girls minds has she poisoned with her satanic filth? How many of those girls want to be just like kesha now and possibly go to hell right along with her? Don’t feel sad for kesha, she asked for it and got it. Feel sorry for the young girls who stupidly listened to this w---e and will be dragged into hell and lost forever. THAT’S the real tragedy. It’s the exact same story with all of the devils w----s like Katy Perry, Britney, Ga Ga, Pink etc… all of them work for the dark side to drag your children into hell. That’s their job. It’s your job to stop them!!!


If she’s still alive she can get out. How uncompassionate… Let’s put them in our prayers


Spoken like a true child of God!


Of course she didn’t know, what she’s doing! What a bunch of cr**.
And she didn’t sign to be abused and mind controlled anyway.
She’s the same as the girls who listened to “her” music and got poisened with “her” satanic filth. (Do you notice? It’s not hers.) She got the wrong image and got dragged into it …
That’s the way evil works, it infects people around it and they start spreading it, but in reality deep down it’s not them who are evil and you won’t be able to stop it, if you don’t understand that.
You’ll just start spitting out evil yourself – just in another direction.


Why are you ¡diots defending her? She is still doing the same things shes always done which is spread evil and poison children’s minds!! “Uncompassionate”???!! Are you high?
She is CURRENTLY and ACTIVELY working for satan and you want people to have compassion for her??!! Are you out of your minds??? You must have a mental disorder or you work for the dark side posting disinfo. Either way you are full of sh¡t! Satanists don’t need compassion, they need to be destroyed!

Pineal Vision

Jwest she has no clue what the symbolism in her videos mean. She is a pawn with very little control over her art. She has been victimized far more than the girls who are following her. She has been traumatized and the result is that her personality has split, making her completely out of her own control. She desperately tried to break free and the courts dragged her back into hell. She is NOT a satanist but her controllers are. She is a victim who is being used to taint the minds of millions. That victim blaming that you’re doing there… That’s a pretty santanic agenda in itself.

Rebecca C

Anything from the Akerlund guy is definitely tainted. But it wouldn’t hurt to remember that some of those symbols were heavenly before hell co-opted them.


THANK YOU i say this all the time! the devil takes ALL his inspiration directly from Christianity and God! he makes people associate holy things with evil things- re-branding, so to speak. pagans too. christians nowadays won’t come within 20 feet of anything ritualistic, but they are actually becoming superstitious by being that way.

sayonara tsunami

Ke$ha was never a free, innocent teenage girl lured into Hollywood’s cesspool. She was probably raised in a cult to begin with. They don’t make non-cult generational Satanists famous anymore. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave, remember?


Spot on!!


The Sacred Heart originates from the “Sacred Heart of Semiramis”. It was adopted by the Catholic Church to convert the pagans.


Kesha didn’t want to get out of the music industry, she only wanted to change of handler because she didn’t want Dr. Luke anymore by her side. And that’s what happened she is the same high-level slave she just changed of a handler.


I resent the association between Saturn and satan.
It’s quite possible that in masonic and satanic currents they twist the meaning of Saturn, they do that kind of corruption with most symbols. That does not mean we should take their twist for good and make it our own. Quite the contrary, we should resist their corruption of symbols, because in the end they reflect aspects of our on being, and if we accept their corruption of symbols, we would accept corruption of archetypal energies of our souls. We surely do not want to give them that victory.
Coming back to Saturn, it is the archetype of our souls that is seriously asking us to restore proper balance, as Saturn is in exaltation in Libra, the sign of balance. He may be a harsh teacher, but the end is well worth the effort.
Capricorns is half mountain goat that reaches the highest tops, half dolphin tale, that reaches the deepest depths (figuratively). It’s again the extremes that must be brought to balance. Nothing related to Pan, which is not made of extremes, it’s one sided, animal instincts, that’s all. To associate them is a corruption of symbols, either a mistake or intentional.


FINALLY someone who knows actual symbolism! I applaud you for your knowledge.

Capricorn is about understanding reality and ultimately transcend them spiritually. Saturn is considered to be the ”lord of Karma”, and karma can only be understood and perhaps transcended through understanding one’s spiritual lessons.

Also, it’s worth pointing out that the association between Saturn and the Grim Reaper is not entirely correct. Pluto would the planet of Death (and rebirth).


Very well said.


And another thing crossed my mind.

The frontispiece of this site says “Symbols rule the world, not words nor laws”. If this is the main tenet, shouldn’t the elimination of symbol corruption (the purification of symbols, if you will) be the main activity and purpose of this site?

I find it’s a little limited in this direction. Yes, it shows how the (mainly corrupted) symbols are being used again and again, consistently and with obvious intent to lead the masses to the nether forces. But the really powerful step forward (or step up) is to free the symbols of the corruption, inversion etc. made to them by masons and satanists and fools. Then pure symbols will rule the world, instead of corrupted symbols.

Remember that only God and his divine forces and manifestations are truly creative. The opponents are at most creative in corruption ideas. Even the evil all seeing eye as a symbol, has originally a good significance, for instance in some seraphim representation, signifying the divine awareness (one main tenet of God is that He is all knowing).


Astrology itself is Satanic, as is seeking spiritual guidance from any source other than God.


Her new album cover is very weird, it’s her naked walking onto a spaceship or something with the destination looking like a giant eye and of course, there is an actual eyeball ogling at her on the way. I think she is unlike Britney in that Britney wanted out for good. Even Gaga said she thought about quitting. Kesha wants it both ways; she does want to be in the industry; she loves music, loves writing songs, loves to sing. She is a free spirited type that wants to be creative, artsy and music is 100% her identity. I think she made some deal here through all of this to get to do the songs she wants to but of course we shouldn’t be fooled; her cover art, the eye painted on her forehead in the iTunes banner, and her videos will show she is still very much controlled. I heard an interview with her on some radio show one morning on the way to work, she is genuinely sounding happy about this album. Seems to me she got what she wanted, in some sense.


Just looked at the cover, and the “spaceships” on the top looks a lot like the one I’ve seen last year!! (of course here it’s a drawn “cartoon version”, but still). I had to say it! Anyway, so I also looked at the lyrics for “rainbow” : “I found a rainbow, rainbow, baby Trust me, I know life is scary, but just put those colors on, girl And come and paint the world with me tonight”. I’ve good the feeling that the rainbow she’s talking about is actually the dissociative disorder and the different sides, like each ‘personality’ would be a color. Maybe it even fits what someone said in the comments about her changing her hair color during the trial and stuff!

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