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Kesha Forced to Work With Dr. Luke Despite Allegations of Sexual Abuse



Kesha Forced to Work With Dr. Luke Despite Allegations of Sexual Abuse

Kesha’s attempt to escape her contract with Dr. Luke was shut down by the Manhattan Supreme Court despite her claims of being drugged and raped by the producer.

Cutting ties with the occult elite’s music industry is nearly impossible and Kesha’s ordeal is proof of it. After a year-long legal battle with producer Lukasz Gottwald – professionally known as Dr Luke – Kesha was told by Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Shirley Werner Kornreich that she must fulfill her obligation to record six more albums with him … or end her career. Kesha is indeed locked into an exclusive contract with Luke (owned by Sony) which means that she cannot record with anybody else until the contract is fully honored.

As stated in my article Kesha Sues Producer/Handler Dr. Luke for Abuse Almost Leading to Death, Kesha’s original lawsuit describes a typical handler/slave relationship, one that is widespread throughout the entertainment industry.

The lawsuit stated:

“At eighteen years old, Ms. Sebert was induced by DEFENDANT LUKASZ SEBASTIAN GOTTWALD (a.k.a. “Dr. Luke”), a successful music producer, to drop out of high school, leave behind her family, home, and life in Nashville, Tennesse, and come to Los Angeles to pursue a glamorous career in the music industry.

For the past ten years, Dr. Luke has sexually, physically, verbally, and emotionally abused Ms. Sebert to the point where Ms. Sebert nearly lost her life. Dr. Luke abused Ms. Sebert in order to destroy her self-confidence, self-image, and self-worth so that he could maintain complete control over her life and career.”

It also describes some cases of abuse:

“Ms. Sebert took the pills and woke up the following afternoon, naked in Dr. Luke’s bed, sore and sick, with no memory of how she got there. Ms. Sebert immediately called her mother and made a ‘fresh complaint,’ telling her that she was naked in Dr. Luke’s hotel room, she did not know where the clothes were, that Dr. Luke had raped her, and that she needed to go to the emergency room. (…)

It also describes the stranglehold Luke had over the young pop star.

Dr. Luke repeatedly threatened that if she ever told anyone about these abusive incidents, he would destroy both Ms. Sebert and her entire family. (…)

“He would tell Ms. Sebert that she was nothing but his pawn, and if she did not obey his orders, that he would end her career”


The judge however rejected the claims stating:

“You’re asking the court to decimate a contract that was heavily negotiated and typical for the industry.”

Kornreich heard arguments that Dr. Luke had invested a substantial amount — $60 million in her career — and that the producer had agreed to allow her to record without his involvement. The judge told Geragos that “decimates your argument,” adding, “My instinct is to do the commercially reasonable thing.”  Kornreich spoke of the lack of medical evidence such as hospital records to corroborate the assault allegations. “I don’t understand why I have to take the extraordinary measure of granting an injunction,” she said.
– Hollywood Reporter, “Judge Won’t Let Kesha Escape Dr. Luke Contract”

Kesha Forced to Work With Dr. Luke Despite Allegations of Sexual Abuse

Kesha sobbing after hearing the final ruling.

Therefore, despite allegations of drugging, abuse and psychological torment, Kesha must continue to record under Dr Luke’s contract or call it quits (with probable penalty).

Although I am aware that some unscrupulous people have used baseless rape allegations to spite and destroy other people, I believe there is a lot of truth to Kesha’s claims. Why would a fledgling pop star want to cut ties with one of biggest hit makers in the world in such a desperate matter? The lawsuit isn’t even about jail time or financial compensation, it is simply about ending a contract and cutting ties.

While the judge stated that her contract was “typical for the industry”, the slave/handler relationship described by Kesha’s lawsuit is also, unfortunately, “typical for the industry”. Dr Luke is not some random guy, he is a high level figure in the industry who worked with the biggest pawns in the industry such as Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Jessie J and Nicki Minaj. Coincidentally, all of these artists were featured on Vigilant Citizen due to their agenda-laden videos.

So, the next time you sign this sign, know that it is not simply about looking cool, it is a sign of complete submission to a dark and cruel industry.

Kesha Forced to Work With Dr. Luke Despite Allegations of Sexual Abuse

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Kesha Forced to Work With Dr. Luke Despite Allegations of Sexual Abuse

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My heart feels for her! I pray that God has mercy on her and that she can be set free. I hope she cries out to God.. He is the only one that can break the ties of the enemy.


My heart feels for the hundred of thousands of children living in poverty and stricken with famine. She is nothing more than white trash who sold her soul and got what she deserved.


Whomever is voting this comment down is obviously insulted by The Truth. So be it.

Why should I feel sorry for her? Where were her parents? Either she comes from trailer trash or white privilege, and either way, there are kids all around the world in worse circumstances who deserve our compassion more than her. Have you ever looked into the eyes of an African child famished and thirsty??? If you did, you wouldn’t feel bad for Ke$ha or whatever she calls herself.

But hey, if you wanna feel bad for her, that’s your prerogative. Not judging you or anyone else that does. But she’s nothing more than another distraction from what’s REALLY going on around the world… NWO.


The truth? What truth? Ur truth, mate? Ure an offence to our intelligence. Africans need contraception, not aid, end of story. If u love them so much, go there and help them. There will be a reward for u and its not gonna be a good one.


You have to be a 90s baby.


Just appaling. Evidence of Illuminati evidence abound and yet you fools are in seriousness having a discussion about racism and political correctness even in the comments section of a VC article. You complete idiots! It’s no wonder they can walk all over us so easily when even you ‘vigilants’ fall into such an age-old divide & conquer trap. Grow up, you absolute buffoons! Get off your a---s and DO SOMETHING about this instead of arguing here. Moron hypocrites.


Caring about Kesha and her situation does not mean people cannot care about other people in bad situations. There is enough compassion in the world for all victims. Not, apparently, in YOUR mind to which I would say, YOU are sick and twisted.

Catherine the anti-christian.

i have never seen anyone here pray for the currently homeless and institutionalized victims of MKULTRA. I bet some of you never even THINK about them.


Are you kidding? Many Christians, on this site and countless others, are acutely aware of the MK-Ultra program and its past and current victims and they ARE being prayed for. Especially, since praying is all most of us can do. As we’ve seen, even famous people, with plenty of money, resources and families have found it near impossible to get out of that evil entertainment system.

Queenof Nothing

How is he or she “twisted ” for not feeling bad for her own faults lol.. These people know about the cruel things the entertainment industry offers them, yet they still sign the contract. Smh


Yeah, and there’s a rumour floating around that Ke$ha got a perfect 1600 on her SAT. When I heard that, I thought that HAD to be bullsh*t. And I still feel that way. This girl’s dumb as a stump!


So you can only care about one thing or the other?

Wisdom Calling

I think we’re insulted by a callous outlook toward a fellow human being as she’s denied the benefit of protection in light of very serious claims. Only God knows how Kesha is complicit in this mess. She’s made some mistakes, like us: perhaps with greater consequences than ours.

I’ve had a career in music. Most artists just want to make music and share it. When the powerful ‘industry’ steps in wooing them into a contract, the road to compromise begins. Anyone doing due diligence about label contracts would never sign them! Kesha signed. That doesn’t make her “white trash” and it doesn’t mean she sold her soul. If her soul is saved, it’s saved by faith in the person of Jesus Christ alone. If her soul perishes, its for rejecting Him – not for being naive enough to sign a bad artist deal.

And “Yes”, I’ve worked as a missionary serving the impoverished. They’d see Kesha’s need as valid as their own. Genuine love shows no partiality.

We all need God’s grace and mercy.


Please define “white privilege.” I am SO sick and tired of hearing that term bandied about!


I can define it. It’s the fact your grandparents and parents weren’t denied education, housing, or kept out of certain neighborhoods. They were not denied loans to start businesses and the list goes on and on…


Well, whites today are denied education opportunities because less qualified “minorities” are taking spaces and funding, whites cannot live in Section 8 housing or go into minority neighborhoods because it can (and usually does) get you seriously injured or killed. So your grandparents allegedly suffered then, but whites suffering now are “just getting what they deserve”? You are an evil, vile person and your racism is appalling.


Please provide me with statistics showing whites are being denied education. Also, when did I ever say that anyone was “getting what they deserve”? I cannot even figure out how you would get that from my comment.

Queenof Nothing

These bad people from the past that did the blacks wrong are all dead, why should we whites pay now ? They don’t know that we can get the benefits they get because we’re white, unlike the minority. It feels like I can’t be myself in my own country smh.


I might have worded it differently..but that’s a reasonable point. And begs more than a few questions..


Just to clarify I’ve never gotten anything special for being Hispanic. Not a scholarship, not a good paying job not a pat on the back. Also I’ve never crossed any border it is possible to be Hispanic and be from the United States. My family family lived in the Oklahoma area generation and generations ago.

compassion dude

And obviously, EEE only gives a damn about black people,…so isn’t that kinda racist. Lot’s of people have been sht on. Whether past, present, future. ..EEE sounds like he has zero compassion or heart. Sad for you EEE.

compassion dude

White privilege is a term made up by racist shtheads. EEE thinks white peeps fill government, see o whitey should be openly discriminated against…yet be have a black(half white) president. You probably forgot that, didn’t you Truth n EEE?!. Guess if she were black you’d be pissed at the judges decision…?f racist ignorance


Where to begin. First, the US Congress is 80% white and 80% male, that is a fact. Second, where did I ever say that anyone should be discriminated against? How is pointing out the systemic racism the black community has faced racist? Second, are you honestly saying that racism is gone just because we have a “black (half white)” President? Third, I really have no idea what you are trying to say in that last sentence.

Queenof Nothing

You blacks are more racist …


You really are the queen of nothing. I have not seen in any racism in EEE comments and its obvious the only racist here is u. Sheer hatred in the way you come across which is really sad Oh u talk about hardship? Hardship is only being allowed to enter coloured churches, toilets, and stores, hardship is your wife or husband being sold to a different plantation and not seeing them again, hardship ?, I can go on! by the way… Africa was a self sufficient rich country, until white folk went there and drained it , so if Anyone needs condoms and a hug it’s your insecure, defensive a**

compassion dude

Blacks in Africa warred with each other, captured and sold their captives too Rica. Read some history and stop hating


dude is right. Not only did blacks participate in selling black slaves to American, but there were also many black slave owners IN America who were BLACK. That’s a documented truth.


I just want to point something out. Most slave owners were white very few were black and those who were black were once slaves and thought by buying black slaves they’d be seen higher in society.
African tribes were much like Native
Americans and civilizations like Rome,Greece,Sparta. They were all of one race but they sparred against enemy groups and they then sold those enemy groups into slavery. However not all slaves brought to America were just because of black slaves selling their own. That’s ludicrous. It’s a common practice around the world don’t act so surprised. As for this person who’s talking about white priveledge–it doesn’t apply in this situation. Kesha has no priveledge at all whether she be white or black or Mexican. She’s an MK ultra slave.


Uh yeah but only 5% of whites in the South owned slaves AND that was 150+ years ago. So just get out of here with mindless drivel.


Hi Rica
I am from Africa and it I definitely not a country

compassion dude

EEE, here’s what I’m saying;”if kesha is white you think she deserves this sht…if kesha was black…she’d be getting sht on by whitey”. Clear enough my racist friend? And yes, you can be any color other than white n be a racist a-hole Eee.


Again, you are reading something in my comments that is just not there. Someone asked for white privilege to be defined so I provided an explanation. Nowhere did I mention Kesha or that she somehow deserved what happened.
I would also like to ask again, why is pointing out the systemic racism the black community has faced racist? I am really puzzled at the level of defensiveness my comments have brought out.

compassion dude

Only caring about yer own dude…how about compassion for all. Kesha is in need of help…not sure her white privilege is helping her.


Tell everyone about how the majority of drug cases are with non-whites, while the CIA ships and distributes their poisons to those neighborhoods to destroy communities and families and further the eugenicist agenda to kill all non-whites! Racism is a real thing, but its mostly by the Powers That Be and their actions through governments.

Queenof Nothing

“White previlge ” is a slogan blacks say.. Tbh everyone has hardships, but in their insecure heads black think they’re the only ones that can “suffer”.. Smfh the victimhood is real with these people…


You sound racist. The blacks? You can’t even say some, most, or even a few? Just the blacks?

If you never heard the term white privilege I’d have to say you’re already getting it . get it?

To say who cares? All those ppl are dead is ignorant.

Its applied on my multiple social issues.

Like the privilege of not being targeted and harassed by the police. Get it?

Take it you’ve never heard of white guilt either?


It should actually be ZIONIST/Jewish Privilege….but no one dare mention the actually reality of things.
Go look at how vastly underrepresented actual non-Jews are in the movie industry….yet, we have the nonsense of #OscarsSoWhite being passed around on social media. Nope…it’s #OscarsSoJewish. They are the current elites and the privileged. Yet, blacks are pitted against whites with these viral memes and the race wars go on and on. Do a google “image search” for: #OscarsSoJewish to see the exact statistics I am citing.

compassion dude

White privilege. Kesha is saner than you..the racist idiot. White privilege always keeps this white guy from getting city/state/ government jobs. ..they want minorities and females and no white males…so F you ahole


Yeah, because we sure don’t have that many white males in government positions…

compassion dude

Nah, I was just openly denied sht due to being white. White privilege is b.s. for lazy or racist type aholes to excuse there own racist idiocy.


Actually, as a person that interacts with many government agencies, we don’t. Your anti-white hatred is vile and you are mentally ill. Seek help for your sick and twisted hatred of white people.

Queenof Nothing

The Jews have all those positions. Why don’t you search it up for yourself … ADL and AiPAC are the cause of this and the traitors in government..


Not as many as there should be. There’s a sizable portion of jews In the U.S government who apparently appear ‘white ‘to indiscriminating black racists( with ‘ tonque’ only partially ‘In cheek’)… And as the corporate media is so found of reminding us, the majority of Jews oppose ‘white’ interests by supporting all manner of left causes…with considerable influence on black ‘social mobility’..


What’s with your racist, anti-white hatred? I doubt you’d use any other racial description as a slur, so why are you doing it with “white”? Also please stop with the “white privilege” nonsense. It’s a lie and shows you as an easily manipulated racist that allows your virulent hatred of white people to outweigh any sense you might have. Please seek help for your sick hatred, it’s not healthy.


i’m white and have experienced white privilege. i see it constantly. it’s not right, but it does exist.

Queenof Nothing

African ain’t the only poor country, there’s many people in the world that has poverty. Also, I agree with your statement.


Again…..Africa is not a c-o-u-n-t-r-y


Africa isn’t a country it’s a continent.


africa is a greek name. it’s time to come together cause the sh*t will hit the fan so get over the BS HiStory and defend the Bill of Rights or you all will be living in ‘Hotel Rwanda’.


All I hear from you is, “blah blah blah- I am a selfish scumbag”.


As I alredy said TRUTH HURTS, face it 🙂


I did see ethnic privelage being executed in that courtroom…but it wasn’t ‘white’ – and it had nothing to do with Kesha….quite the contrary, in fact..


That’s racist.


I don’t see why your compassion can’t be spread among several people and their circumstances.


CHILDREN are born into these nightmares! How dare you say they get what they deserve.


People are being too hard on The Truth. If you really look at what was said, he is dead on. Maybe he could’ve said it in a less offensive way (to some people), but is it really that hard to differentiate his point? Which is pretty similar to a lot of other comments. I think alotof Christians get bogged down in perception and don’t realize that the world itself is not Godly. So to understand the reality of this world, you have to understand humanity and pay attention to actions and not words. I will say that anyone using the term “white privilege” is still a long ways away from truly understanding reality. That’s an empty, meaningless, and frankly untrue term . And no I’m not Caucasian either.


well said sir, i agree

Queenof Nothing

Preach it, she’s just a trashy person that now wants to play the victim after she got a slice of cake..


So every kid out there who aspires to be famous while collectively blind to the reality of their dreams deserves to be raped, beaten, and mentally tortured? I am no fan of Kesha, but that is a human with a heart, and mind. I can’t speak for anyone else, but my compation is not bound by size. My heart aches for all who experience such horrors, especially being someone who’s suffered through such things myself. It’s easy to through around insults, and judgments when you’ve never experienced that kind of nightmare for yourselves. For those of you who do not know that brand of pain… consider yourselves the lucky ones. Hopefully none of you ever make a mistake that leads you to utter violation, and degradation of your bodies, minds, and souls. Are we not all in this mess together ? I know in my own heart that these types of attitudes will never bring us to our salvation. They want us hateful, hypocritical, and forever separate.


Beautifully and compassionately said! Thank you.

I know who\'s side I\'m on

She sold herself. You reap what you sow…


While i agree that shes “getting her return”. Nobody deserves the things that are done to her and other people in the industry. Everyone makes mistakes. Its not like She just lost all of her money and has to live a normal life now. This is abuse above what many can imagine. For so many there is no returning from this. (Outside of God) its sad to see and to know the justice system ignores it. I feel for her…


Why didn’t your “loving god” prevent it in the first place. Where is he, the world has gone to total s--t and there is no sign of him


Completely false. It’s called free will. God could make you do whatever He wanted. But He gives you free choice; free will.


We are living in a world cut off from the creator because of sin. Unfortunately or ancestors beget it and our sin perpetuates it. But God made a way for us to reconnect to him, the sacrifice of himself in a living human form to defeat Satan’s world and bring his creation back to him. Everyone who draws close to Jesus, admits to being a sinner and turns away from his/her sin is reconnected to the source of life, which is love. That my story…..don’t you want it to be yours?


Wow. I must have struck a cord that merits this many replies and thumbs-down. FASCINATING! The Truth is not an easy pill to swallow and most would rather live in denial despite it being right in their face. Go ahead, tell yourselves whatever you need to hear to be comforted by lies. Pretend to be self-righteous and conscientious but truthfully speaking, only God is holier than thou, so I enjoy reading what so many of you had to say. THE MORE NEGATIVE VOTES THE MORE I KNOW I’M RIGHT, TRUTH IS THE TRUTH. Not here to seek confirmation, validation or acceptance from anyone. You can judge my observations as harsh or insensitive or discriminatory or any which way you want. We see things the way we want. My goal was simply to offer an alternative perspective on the whole issue, which has obviously sparked such a heated discussion. It The Truth offends you, that’s because deep down you agree with it but can’t admit it to yourself. It’s called COGNITIVE DISSONANCE, research the term. I have compassion for suffering, especially for victims of any kind of abuse, but I do not have sympathy for people who only seek fame, fortune… Read more »

Thy Unveiling

I think you give yourself too much credit there, buddy. Thumbs down means people didn’t like what you had to say. And it doesn’t reflect you being right anymore than it reflects me being right.

As for her being “white trash”, who’s to say she chose to represent herself that way? She had no choice in the songs she sang (like a young girl really wants to jump Mick Jagger’s bones, as she sings in Tik Tok. Irritating song, that is!) So what makes you think she wanted to dress or act as she did? It’s called putting on a performance. And slaves do as they’re told.

We don’t know her full battle. We don’t know if she willingly signed the contract for strictly fame, or if she felt she could help others in need with the money, or if she was pushed into signing. She, and others like her, are already suffering. People calling her names and judging her, or them,is not productive, helpful, or even necessary.

About the only thing you’re right about is that rapes and stuff happen all too often, and there is much suffering in the world. But your attitude towards it seems extremely uncaring.


Jesus died for her too. Her life & all those in famine & poverty you mentioned are all equally worth saving. Praying for Kesha.

Catherine the anti-christian.

Lord I pray for the victims of MKULTRA. The homeless mind control victims who are ignored by an judgmental indifferent populace. and the institutionalized labeled schizophrenic, and forced on medication, may someone notice their minds have been messed with oh Lord, instead of being shunned by society dear lord. I pray for those who are suicidal showing symptoms right under the noses of indifferent school administration, uncaring distracted celebrity worshiping peers, and clueless. abusive Illuminati connected parents. AMEN


I suspect if she continues to fight, she’ll be gone.


Could be. Among Kesha’s many tattoos is a small smiley face on her foot. A symbol of death and The Joker (among other things) the smiley face frequently appears connected with a celebrity prior to their reported death. A recent example is David Bowie’s Black Star video where the smiley face appears 11 seconds in.

Thy Unveiling

Since when is the smiley face a symbol of death?! I suppose it makes sense with The Watchmen, but I didn’t know there were evil ties to smiley faces….


The look on her face is that of complete misery. Pray for her . On the flip side, what kind of person would force someone who is in complete fear of them to continue to work for them? Only a heartless person with no soul. Sick b-----d (Dr. Luke) probably gets off on this.


Some of the insensitive, unsympathetic comments on this post make me really sad.


Please, don’t let them affect you. There’s light and goodness in the world, let’s stick firmly to it and not let go. Let’s cultivate a heart of unblemished purity, it pays. It pays.


Yep! It hurts to see people commenting on how she deserved to be raped and abused! And they are the same people who say their hearts feel for the children living in poverty! Honestly, I don’t believe someone who write such terrible things does have a heart. These people are sick douchebags!


Some posters here are just too stupid to detect their own hypocrisy and actual indifference to the misery in this world. Fortunately, you occasionally get posts like Celso’s, as well. Thanks, Celso. 🙂


I got so mad reading all the comments on Facebook. Nobody believes Kesha, they claim that she has no evidence and is a liar. I hope Kesha will not be killed off. May the Lord protect her. She is the strongest celeb along with Britney.

D D d

Nobody believes her on fb? Really? Aren’t you just trolling in to slander just a bit way off, to get away with it unnoticed?


You have to wonder just whose side the judge is batting for.


Do you? Our “legal” system is Lucifarian from it’s inception. So, who the “judge is batting for,” is quite clear.


This article breaks my heart… My prayer goes to her. Just how many more musicians/artists need to go down the dehumanizing and destructive path until people realize something is very wrong with the music industry? We all know how this is gonna end:
a) Kesha will get a ‘rehab’ to make her more ‘obedient’ (like Britney)
b) she will be killed soon enough (like Whitney)
Music industry is a devil’s den with no way out.


There’s only one way out, which is the same out for all of us, and that is through the Salvation of the Cross. God’s love has no conditions or limits, but our salvation does. He loves even the lowliest of us, but it’s up to us to receive His gift of eternal life. I pray all of these celebrities wake up and find true peace. Maybe Kesha will be one of them? Her past can be left behind. All those horrible songs and lyrics. She can’t escape their existence, but she can find redemption. Go be a soccer mom in some no-name town. Gonna have to give up the fame and riches, though. Hope she does.


That’s exactly what I think. Maybe she’s gonna “suicide” because of this.


Wow, pretty dark don’t cha think.


I was reading an article, that said the Judge didn’t rule in her favor because it would’ve set a precedent. And anyone wanting to leave their contract could site this case. Even though kesha wanted a life of fame, I feel bad for anyone that’s been abused and had their humanity taken from them. Evidently, she wasn’t a willing participant if he had to drug her unconscious first. I think she was young and way over her head. She hasn’t had a hit in a long time and nobody is checking for her. No reason for them not to let her out of her contract, but she’s an investment they’ve made into a slave. Appears they want to humiliate her and drive her insane. I hope she doesn’t end up hurting herself. Best for her to walk away, but they probably won’t allow that either. Look at what Rihanna is going through now. They say she’s on the verge of a complete break down…concerts cancelled….latest music flop…etc. Evidently, she needs to be reprogrammed. So many demons in the industry. You play with the devil and he don’t change, he changes you.


that’s true about rihanna her 10 years of fame are over! She cancelled the superbowl, grammys and her album was released for free also she delayed her tour 1 month because is not selling good and even if she performs at the BRITS 2016 that means that her handlers are forcing her to go out to shows because she is not being accepted by the public anymore.
Also her sex kitten programming is out of control, too much sex with strangers and always getting naked shows that she believes that she is only a sex doll! poor girl, she is dead inside.



Dear VC, please do an article about ‘ZOOLANDER 2’, it has a plot where big Fashion moguls come together to do a blood sacrifice secret ritual of a child. The whole thing is eerie and creepy in a movie that is intended to be silly, goofy and funny.

D D d

Why don’t you just private messege?


In the first zoolander there is making the model a mind controlled killer by evill will Ferrell. Now baby sacrifice. That is disgusting howbthey bring it all put yet try to disguise by making it seem funny, all to confuse

D D d

You can plug it all you like here, but it ain’t making dollars on my behalf. Not even via rental or bin-browsing in over about 2 months from now.


You do recall when they made funny when will ferrel punched a baby?

free your mind

I read an article recently detailing the corruption within the legal system, including the judges. This verdict sends a loud and clear message to all artists under similar conditions. The corrupt judges will one day reap what they have sown. They most likely are in the Luciferian network as well. So it is little wonder such judges would issue such a verdict. Mark Passio says the Satanic network goes to the top. If I was Kesha, I would take the money, hopefully she saved some, and retire from making records. It’s not worth it, but then, would she then suddenly die from a mysterious accident? I don’t know, I hope young people realize that fame and fortune might not be the best pursuit in life. Singing in a nursing home or children’s hospital might actually be more fullfilling at this point in her life. I wish her total healing.


Fantastic comment. Look at kathleen kane.


This is absolutely disgusting… I am so scared for her as I imagine luke probably feels like he has won now. He probably did one of those evil disney laughters seeing that he got her where he wanted her to be. I’m so sad for her and anybody else who is going through this in that f--k up industry. Lord knows what he will do with her now since she has to go back with him. This isn’t fair. The judge really sided with a stupid contract over life and then has the audacity to say “My instinct is to do the commercially reasonable thing.” No f--k you judge.

seeking truth

What they as musicians should do is unite to break the hold if a good aunt of them rallied for her cause then there would be some social pressure.. but I guess unity is an illusion when half of them are not even aware of what is happening to them due to the splitting of the psyche and attaching demons to alter egos…


That’s so sad, the system being used to openly oppress someone, like in some Kafkaesque nightmare. May she one day cut ties with whoever hurts her and find peace.

J. Anthony

What is wrong with some of you? So, I can’t show compassion and empathy for Ke$ha, and care about homelessness and bigotry all at the same time? Just because she’s a musician, she doesn’t deserve to have others care for her too? I pray that some of you get past your narrow-minded ways…


This is real sad article. I hope she could escape of them in the future.

Queenof Nothing

She will and will sign with another illuminati music record lmao..


Yeah, but look – she doesn’t want this. Or she will have brainwashing again, then she want this, unfortunately.

jason warner

just end your career in music and get out with your life


I feel sorry for the girl. I remember when she tweeted that she never wanted to sing ‘Die Young’, a song that glorified death and within minutes was forced to take down the tweet but by then enough people had already taken a screen shot.

But in all fairness, when it’s THAT bad. Just quit. There is more to life than pop music and celebrity status. She also wouldn’t be the first being locked in an seemingly unbreakable contract with Sony. Prince and George Michael both left the industry for a decade back in the days for the very same reason which is why they didn’t record anything for the next ten years.

That judge sounds 100% corrupt.

seeking truth

The judge gave her the options either do the 6 more songs with Sony or end your career…if she chooses to end her career and repent she can break free from this stronghold just like that rich man who wanted to follow Jesus and Jesup told him to sell all his things and give to the poor and come be his follower sadly just like that man many of these celebs love the riches even more than their own souls… I feel that once she has fulfilled hee contractual obligations with Sony they will get rid of her.


Small correction, she’s forced to 6 more albums not just 6 songs. That’s liky a minimum of 6-10 YEARS more.

Breaking a contract will likely cost her a ton of money and if stuff on this site is to be belived, possibly her life and the lives of her loved ones. I’m real sad for her, prayers or her to get out.

Cosmic Cat

Does no one realise the repercussions this will have on impressionable minds/fans …. If a person gets raped or abused now they won’t even bother speaking up about it or even reporting it. It’s disgraceful whichever way you look at it


Just as his title implies, Dr Luke is a true psychologist but working for the evil side. Like one of those who run the Guantanamo facilities. Guantanamo isn’t run by military but psychologist whose only aim is to find out what is the best way to destroy a human being mentally, physically, spiritually. To ultimately subject the prisoners under their control. Sadly, Kesha is very much in same situation like those of a Guantanamo prisoner.


Really? Being held against your will by imprisonment tortured by the best at doing, it, hearing other ppl being tortured, is the same as not wanting to make music with a guy whom may have drugged and raped you?

What’s the worse that could happen? Hire some bodyguards to watch your back, make them waste their time, effort, money pumping shitty music and videos, then retire.

We all know those prisoners will never leave.

Every time VC does an article like this comment after comment ppl are so sad and or they’re gonna pray.

What common normal person really wants to famous thru entertainment? Really?

You can’t trust anyof the people around you.

You end up with stalkers.

Paparazzi never leave you alone.

Every time you head for the stage ppl literally smile and tell you to “break a leg”.

Name a famous entertainer who is under 40 and an active role model to young ppl that’s not being used to push an agenda.



Do you have anything to back up your claims about that no doubt horrible place that is Guantanamo or are you simply pulling stuff out of your imagination?


Poor girl. That is so traumatizing.


If you play with fire, you’re going to get burned. Don’t sign the Faustian agreement in the first place and lose your soul. Fame isn’t worth it.

D D d

I find it a bit odd, that this news is shown on some gossip and entertainment-pages on the side collumns of webnews. When there are million-dollar-deals at steak, normally they would jump on it. 60 million is enough to save some country’s pensionplan. No, let’s focus on the tears instead of the words, is what they are doing. Ingnore the doings of the so called dr., and maybe sell a coat with linked commercials. The cruelty of the judge makes me wonder about personal connections and earlier cases.

Sanat Toma

Even after all the years of Hollywood/Illuminati/Luciferian/Monarch/MK-Ultra/Slave/Handler/Occult topics becoming more and more popular, and even arguably mainstream, the court of public opinion seems to be completely oblivious to the rampant mind control abuse prevalent in the Music Industry when it comes to this case. Most people mindlessly, yet arrogantly ignorantly authoritatively took the side of the Judge and the Record Label, and acted completely shocked that such accusations were made and immediately jumped to the conclusion that it was all made up. I woke up to tons of negative replies today on an article where I casually suggested sexual abuse in Hollywood was a well-known norm. As if that were far out or something. It’s possible a highly active opinion altering public relations brigade,hired by Sony, is responsible for this though. They surely have the resources, and I am certain they are concerned.



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