Ke$ha’s Performance at X Factor Australia: In Your Face Illuminati Symbolism



It’s been pretty much established since day one that Ke-dollarsign-ha is an industry pawn. Well, she’s apparently not done pawning it up. Her recent performance at X Factor Australia is basically one big tribute to the Illuminati. The symbol of the all-seeing eye within a triangle couldn’t be more in your face – it is even on dancer’s clothes. If we’re not seeing that symbol, a bunch of spinning pentagrams are there to hypnotize viewers.

And isn’t weird that she repeats “we’re gonna die young” about 20 times in the song?

Here’s the performance.

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257 Comments on "Ke$ha’s Performance at X Factor Australia: In Your Face Illuminati Symbolism"

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Guys…these psychos are all over the damn place, now. These people are showing up in our daily lives, not just in the celebrity world. This is turning into a problem of cataclysmic proportion. There are too many people with incredibly weak minds going along with this. Stay strong.

This is nothing when Уσυ compare it to her мϥϛιƆ♥ video die young… Upside down crosses, triangles, Ke$ha groping a girl (briefly) ƞ̶ƞ∂ blatant one eye symbolism… All done in what appears to be a church except that instead of where thered normally be a cross, there's a pentegram. This was тhє time I had to make a decision… I can't keep making excuses anymore, I have to try stop listening to мϥϛιƆ♥ from now on. It is blatantly anti-Christian ƞ̶ƞ∂ I can't ignore it, this is just тhє beginning itll just get worse. This song was a real eye opener for me so in a way I'm glad it came out. As to dying young, I've resolved myself to тhє fact that it might happen all that matters is that by тhє time I die I know Whose side I'm on.