Ke$ha’s Performance at X Factor Australia: In Your Face Illuminati Symbolism



It’s been pretty much established since day one that Ke-dollarsign-ha is an industry pawn. Well, she’s apparently not done pawning it up. Her recent performance at X Factor Australia is basically one big tribute to the Illuminati. The symbol of the all-seeing eye within a triangle couldn’t be more in your face – it is even on dancer’s clothes. If we’re not seeing that symbol, a bunch of spinning pentagrams are there to hypnotize viewers.

And isn’t weird that she repeats “we’re gonna die young” about 20 times in the song?

Here’s the performance.

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257 Comments on "Ke$ha’s Performance at X Factor Australia: In Your Face Illuminati Symbolism"

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Guys…these psychos are all over the damn place, now. These people are showing up in our daily lives, not just in the celebrity world. This is turning into a problem of cataclysmic proportion. There are too many people with incredibly weak minds going along with this. Stay strong.

This is nothing when Уσυ compare it to her мϥϛιƆ♥ video die young… Upside down crosses, triangles, Ke$ha groping a girl (briefly) ƞ̶ƞ∂ blatant one eye symbolism… All done in what appears to be a church except that instead of where thered normally be a cross, there's a pentegram. This was тhє time I had to make a decision… I can't keep making excuses anymore, I have to try stop listening to мϥϛιƆ♥ from now on. It is blatantly anti-Christian ƞ̶ƞ∂ I can't ignore it, this is just тhє beginning itll just get worse. This song was a real eye opener for me so in a way I'm glad it came out. As to dying young, I've resolved myself to тhє fact that it might happen all that matters is that by тhє time I die I know Whose side I'm on.

Messing around with Satan is serious business. She will find that out. Ozzy Did.

I've always wondered, are the dancers oblivious to the symbolism, or are they chosen by the elite or what?

You think your not affected by illuminati and that your too smart. Guess what? If you pay bills, have a bank account, have a car, have a phone, watch tv, listen to music, buy at shops, go to church, go to uni, have a job or have anything to do with the system and society then you already are a slave and puppet for illuminati. You just don't realise it. It's too late! The elite will soon reduce the population drastically. They are orchestrating the apocalypse. The truth may not set you free but it's better than blissful ignorance.

Max martin writes 90% of lyrics in pop. Js.

While I agree with the illuminati symbolism and other things being seen and are quite blatant, there's a part of me that also thinks, maybe these music producers just caught on to the illuminati craze as a fad they can use to sell records and make money. Afterall, the music industry has access to the web too, and they probably figure these crappy songs will get more attention this way.

That's just a passing thought I have, for the most part I agree that what it's teaching to the masses, is utterly disgusting.

The performance also seems very ritual-like. I was watching this with my sister (older) who loves ke$ha, and when the pyramids popped up she screamed and ran. She hasn't listened to ke$ha since.

If you read bible, you will know everything was predicted there.
Read bible, see what's predicted and actually happenning, and trust bible.
Then you will find out Jesus is true messiah and the savior!

I am sorry emily with all do respect. But if i hear this i have to refer to the MOvie "Zeitgeist"wat says that katholocism has been founded to manipulate people.

The whole story of Jesus is plagiarism to the stories that happened earlier like for example Horus.

If you saw this movie i think you will doubt the whole religion thing

And the winner is…. the lady in red on the checkerboard:

here's another one from X-factor down under:

i hate how catchy this song is, i guess that's part of the agenda…i find myself singing "we're gonna die young" for no apparent reason during my day. DAMN

watched the graham norton show recently where she performed it again this time with different costuming of herself and her dancers. youtube link below. i wasnt surprised when i realised that the bondage-style outfits her dancers were wearing were in the shape of an inverted pentagram. the ensuing interview with graham was also very weird, including the lingering hug she gave the guy from top gear. shudder. i dislike everything about her.

god bless us all xx

Believe me I am no fan of kesha at all, and I now no longer watch the tv due to absolute dog sh*t like this being thrown in our faces and piped into our ears all day every day. But maybe she is actually trying to tell us something? With the symbolism being so blatant and it coupled with the lyrics "we are going to die young" maybe she is actually trying to warn us against them? As there are so many celebrities who know about the illuminati and haven't/wont/scared to talk about them, or have attempted to but sadly their lives being ended like whitney houston, michael jackson and heath ledger to name a few. Somehow I do doubt this, but I am hoping that maybe someone somewhere is finally standing up to these arse holes

Live Fast Die Young – Yes, not new at all, been around for centuries in literature, heroic epics, etc. Usage of Mason symbols is very trendy, creates buzz, mystery, suggests a relationship with secretive organizations (whether they exist or not) – mystery and power, sexy = cash. Overuse of the symbols in most of these cases is sloppy and banal.

so "in your face!"




The truth is it's the Jews full stop. Just compare all the knowledge you have on 'the illuminati' and then compare it to the Jewish religion, signs and Capitalism and how they had Jesus Christ killed just a bit over 2000 years ago. (Although Jesus was a Jew… He must of did something wrong to end up on a cross, but the Jews will always deny it, just like they deny everything bad they do) That's right… it dates back to the B.C periods. The music industries is ONE of the MANY major scaled projects of making a New World Order by blinding everyone on a major scale to slave the world to the 'Superior Race' Makes a bit more sense than a rebirth of Satan -_- By the way not all Jews are bad. There is good and bad in every race… (Better be careful, i don't want to… Read more »
The truth is it's the Jews full stop. Just compare all the knowledge you have on 'the illuminati' and then compare it to the Jewish religion, signs and Capitalism and how they had Jesus Christ killed just a bit over 2000 years ago. (Although Jesus was a Jew… He must of did something wrong to end up on a cross, but the Jews will always deny it, just like they deny everything bad they do) That's right… it dates back to the B.C periods. The music industries is ONE of the MANY major scaled projects of making a New World Order by blinding everyone on a major scale to slave the world to the 'Superior Race' Makes a bit more sense than a rebirth of Satan -_- By the way not all Jews are bad. There is good and bad in every race… (Better be careful, i don't want to… Read more »

Wow! It's not hidden at all! It's unreal that artist have no shame in what they're doing. It's like they really are brain washed to not give a hoot!

how come in all of Kesha's songs she always sings We're gonna die Young what is that all about?

dafuq did I just watch?!

Really obvious who she's with. How can people miss those blatant symbols and move on?

I'm speechless….:-(

Really obvious who she's with. Howncan people miss those blatant symbols and move on?

Kesha's Blow video involves surreality, Baphomet-like horses, sadism, psychopathic murder…and that's just the obvious stuff.

Just wait till you guys see the actual music video… give a quick look into the productions company "The Uprising Creative" their company profiles are basically obituaries of pop-culture icons they most emulate and their VEVO video biography shows wall art that says "Godless Forever" and "Unholy" with a Thelema Magick card showing a demon with an inverted cross.. They made an interesting commercial for DVS shoe company as well. Blatant in your face satanism and the most mainstream music video I have seen with such overt references (Kesha 'Die Young'). Might as well have been a black mass shoved down the throats of our youth.. pacification at its best.

I saw her music video with this song and there it is so evident that she's an Illuminati. So sad.

All of those artist that we idolize are now being controlled by the Evilish music industry.

And all that those artists want are fame and fortune.

Man its just too plain obvious and as expected many are even too blind to recognize the dark hand behind this.

Good thing the few of us are always awake and on the ready for what is yet to come.

All I can hear is "we're gonna die young" so sad that these kids are being programmed to see these symbols and be okay with it… 🙁

Hi Vigilant.

kesha is dreadful, this performance was so in your face, its amazing.

a loyal follower, from Chile.

also i read about 5 of the comments on this site, very insightful (wanted to puke) i can literally read through and certain ones stick out for sure that theyre not from real readers. youll never fool Christ's ppl. also thanks for this site, i took everything i could use out of it and left the rest, which tons of ppl are doing. can you shoot me an email as to what kesha name means occultically, its fascinating to me, i really want to know so i can have some hiddenknowledge, ya im being sarcastic.

guys can i please learn how to join the illuminati? i wanna get sex and money and drugs and cars and clothes and have a bunch of liars worship me for lying to them. VC perharps you could help you seem to be an insider or were? please guys someone shoot me an email:

i thought since you wouldnt post my other comments id give you something you wanted to hear. o ya and also: person a: man im so sick of the illuminati they control everything theres nothing i can do i wanna cry im so mad omg i ate captain crunch and i just read naturalnews article about sugar

person b: dude this is such bullshit you crazy morons

this chick is lame. the performance is lame, the song sucks. what a hag. I have never seen this dollar sign person before and will likely never again (unless of course she is on VC, then of course I'll read). this whole song and dance was so stupid I could only watch about 1 min or less. just wanted to get to the part of the spinning pentagrams and see for myself and then I checked out. my eyes my eyes! my ears! I'm surprised there is even a market for an "artist" or pawn such as this. lame.

Ancient secrets of the flower of life.

I think Ke-dollar sign-ha is just playing all this for laughs. The popularity of these symbols and the stories have created a whole new marketing opportunity where people will now use these symbols to get attention. Ke$ha is pretty young and she's sold a lot of records. I think she's just having a good time. There is not a sinister feel to what she does. Compare it to Kanye's "Power" video for example. that seems dark. Just my opinion. I love the articles here.

checkit out, azalia banks new vid ATLANTIS…!

Not surprised, the original music video of this song is full of symbolism also. I thought the song, when I first heard it, was strange. To get a bunch of people, young kids even, singing "We're gonna die young"..?? That's when I checked out the music video. Sure enough its nothing but Illuminati symbols. Blegh, this filthy (as in dirt dirty, needs to take a bath) woman needs to shut it already, the sound of her voice should tell you she's not famous by accident. She's a market to youth. Keeping them dancing, drunken w****s. Just sayin…

hahaha – so stupid. how can people even listen to this garbage.

Related to what VC said: "And isn’t weird that she repeats ”we’re gonna die young” about 20 times in the song?"

I decided to check out her age at wikipedia and discovered it says that she is born in 1987 so she is only 25 year old. I just started to ponder might she be next victim of 27 club according her message "we're gonna die young"?

Amazing how they can make this so blatant.

Is it me or is that symbol appears only when she sings "we are going to die young".

they are SOO obvious about it, they don't even try to HIDE anything anymore. Makes me sick.

She admits to having sex with spirits. She's disgusting.

Chucky doll eating the raw live feces from a goat while making goat noises and kicking his feet up against the goat's penis and a whale jumps over the moon and takes a dump on everyone below

Did anyone else notice the dance bit in the middle with the drums? Her dancing reminds me of maria in metropolis!

I heard this song at the gym whilst on the treadmill and thought, what am I listening to? Dying young is not something one endeavors to do, this is unnatural. I had no idea this woman was tied to the illuminati, but the message of the song coupled and the symbol promote all that the illuminati are about: death, death, death. It angers me that this is continually promoted now, so blatantly, and that people find it entertaining. The words of the song are shameful, repulsive, and I made comments to others in the gym about it afterward. They hated it too. I wish these sickos would all die and get their grubby hands out of everything. They should be flushed down the toilet, the whole lot of them. This woman is telling our kids to throw away their lives, and her spirit of rebellion, whether put on or genuine,… Read more »

ok now, what's a freemason rings ad doing here??? i mean, hello!!! Sorry but i got a little troubled right now… Anyway, those vids are a lot showing but people don't take the time and comprehension to believe, so i'm not worrying at all that they will stay on youtube for a long time. keep up the good work.

Her music video uses the same exact symbols. Her outfit is the same in the video except its black. The triangle eye is on the back of her outfit. I didn't watch this particular performance but in her music video it's like she's being sacrificed and there is an orgy scene. I don't get why they make it so obvious. I know there are a lot of people that think the illuminati is fake. I like pop music. But I'm 31 and just take it as a song. I'm not 14 and look up to these people. I educate myself on the meaning of the videos, etc. triangles, stars, all seeing eyes. So obvious whose side she is on.

The music industry is really promoting YOUNG, like :

live while we're young, die young and in every song they are saying stuff like; do whatever you want youre young.

A friend of mine, never wants to grow up, he says he wants to be considered forever 10. He never celebates his B-day and stuff. Maybe its like they want everyone to commit suicide cause they think life ends when they become 'old', isnt that what the illuminati wants, they think there are too many people on this earth and stuff?