Ke$ha drinks blood from heart during live show


I have never written a full article on Ke-Dollar-Sign-Ha but I’m pretty sure most of you are aware of her being part of the “let’s degenerate our youth agenda”. In a recent performance, Lady Gaga – sorry, I meant Ke$ha, drank what looks like blood from what looks like a heart in what looks like the reenactment of a blood ritual. All of this while wearing a teared up and faded American flag as a dress. And make-up emphasis on one eye. So uplifting.

In some occult circle, drinking fresh blood from a heart is said to give maximum magical potency.



MOVE over Ozzy Osbourne, there’s a new blood-sucking shock jock in town and her name is Ke$ha.

But unlike the Prince of Darkness, the 24-year-old Californian hasn’t sunk her teeth into a live animal – yet.

While she’s known for her trashy on-stage antics and expletive-laden monologues, the Tik Tok singer still managed to shock punters at Sydney’s Future Music Festival at the weekend when she drank blood from a heart – to the song Cannibal, of course.

The potty-mouthed pop princess held the heart like a goon bag over her mouth, letting the blood ooze across her face and down her chest on the main stage at Royal Randwick Racecourse.

Covered in glitter and draped in a shredded American flag T-shirt, Kesha Rose Sebert performed much of her 45-minute set dripping in blood.

Ke$ha’s publicist did not return calls yesterday, but the pop star is no stranger to Lady Gaga-style shock and awe on-stage antics.

Her high energy live shows, loaded with as much sexual innuendo as her song lyrics, are inspired by pop predecessors Madonna and Britney Spears and feature six-foot penis costumes, revealing rhinestone-coated outfits and lots of glitter.

Source: Daily Telegraph

Her target audience is pre-teens.
Do you like where pop culture is heading?


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248 Comments on "Ke$ha drinks blood from heart during live show"

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This is such an obvious satanic ritual. This is the first time I've seen this article on here, and I visit here often, but when I saw this I was stunned for a few seconds. Also I noticed that she has what looks like a skull and crossbones tattoo on her arm. Of course, this kind of stuff has been around for a long time, it has just become more and more blatant as I have gotten older. This is what I think – I believe that the devil is trying to get as many souls sold to him as he can before God returns again.

Ok ok okay……. seriously what an absolute idiot.
Firstly from agreeing to do this (i'm sure she was not intelligent enough to think it up), to secondly lowering herself to this stupid s**t just to make some coin.

Pop music at it's best lol……..

WTF, her target is pre-teen but she do a f*****g satanic rutal of drinking blood for a goat heart, im scared for the people who look up to this demotic trash

It's not a real heart and it's not real blood. Every one of you that truly, deeply believes that that's a real heart and real blood is retarded beyond repair and are seriously lacking in the common sense department. Yes, the picture is gross. But do you really believe that she's the first one to do anything like that on stage? Gene Simmons of KISS does the whole fake blood thing at every single KISS concert and his character for KISS is the Demon……seriously people. Get a hold of yourselves. It's all a staged act. It's all part of stage presence. The person on stage and the person behind the scenes are 2 completely different people. If you don't like, then I can't stop you from disliking it. But stop creating drama when it isn't needed. If you don't want your kids watching it, then don't let them. If you… Read more »

You are a moron. These are all illuminati rituals and she needs to show fidelity to her lord and savior Satan. The whole industry is full of these sick twisted peso’s. And if you think this is all show. Know that these monsters torture, r**e and kill kids and babies and drink their blood. They worship demons and devils. IT’s why Hollywood is being gutted slowly. They will all pay in the end

She needs prayer… someone call a priest quick!!!

I hope everyone realises that this is where we are heading when we are abandoning christianity. We will become wild savages again, without restraint and morals. And wild savages do drink blood from a heart on stage, nothing to see here. Also, if you want to understand the illuminati agenda you need to research gnosticism. The heresy of gnosticism has already been mentioned in the New Testament. It is a believe, that you will get to heaven through secret knowledge, that everything material is bad and everything spiritual is good. Therefore the human body is bad and a prison for the soul and death is good because it frees your soul from your body. => leads automatically to a culture of death! They believe every spirit is good, so even demons are good in their opinion and therefore they want to be lead by spirit guides etc. The bible in… Read more »

This is very discusting

That is wrong!!!!!!! :O

What can you expect from a mediocre hack pop singer? Bad taste and pathetically fake "bad attitude" for the kids. Who's shocked by that garbage? Let's not give her publicity, she don't deserve it. 

God is all-powerful, all-knowing, ever-present and cannot be mocked and He defeated all of the Devil's works on the cross before he even conceived them. It is said, "whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; If there be any virtue and if there be any praise, think on these things." At the very least even if you do not profess to believe in God but believe in basic human decency, everything you do is weighed and judged against these values. i think if we use this as our principles we will not go wrong. To change a generation you must first change the individual and that individual starts with you and I.  be happy if this culture repels us and we should work hard to ensure that it continues to repels us and… Read more »


I apologize for my all caps post, but WTF??


I’m sure you eat animals all day, and sometimes the meat has a little blood in it so…

You know that picture you had up with the virgin and unicorn well in keisha 's video blow keish will bring all of the people or unicorns inside and blow them up it's like attracted in huge mass,,evil huh you should write about that

ke$ha or key-dollar-sha whatever u call it, is SICK. everything about the NWO agenda is SICK. yet it makes me wanted to know more….thanks VC u helped us a lot 🙂

This really is fantastic stuff V.C.

I think it's time for a thoroghly researched Article on Ke$ha now. I think she deserves it after she put the word out that she would like fans to send her their teeth so she can make a 'fan-teeth' necklace. It's,like, such a way cool idea to, like, have human body parts wrapped round your, like, neck!

What, AXE isn't selling enough?

I don't see the appeal in pop stars especially Ke$ha. She's trashy, bitchy, a bad influence and just dirty looking. If she were a puppet or not I wouldn't want my children listen to her anyways.

WOW. How f-ing blatant can you get???? That's one of their points with all these insane shenanigans is…..Kesha can stand on stange and drink blood from a heart and these people will still eat it all up (no pun intended)!!! Loving the entertainment!! Ugh it's disguting and perverse. So all these "celebrities" are sitting back after there stunts like HAHA vigilant citizen, you can bash us with the truth all you want but these stupid teens and their stupid parents are just going to enjoy the show and say it's cool because I did it! ME, ME, ME. Narcissistic Industry F-Heads!

God, that trashy gutter punk just… UGH! I can't stand Ke$ha!

Look, this onstage blood thing isn't new. Several years ago, when the Flaming Lips were on tour promoting their album "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" (which is one of my Top 20 favorites, if not Top 10), the lead singer Wayne Coyne smashed a packet of fake blood on his forehead, right on his hairline, and that became a regular thing in their performances. He even did some editorial shoots like that.

And then there was Sid Vicious, and Iggy Pop, and Ozzy before all that.

All I have to say is "Please Lord Jesus, help us to guard our Hearts, Minds and Souls from the antics of the fallen one. Empower us to be vigilant and forge ahead as your soldiers – help us to be prepared for the battle – not with mankind but against the principalities of darkness". When Christ rose after the crucifiction, He defeated the devil ONCE AND FOR ALL. Mentioning his defeated name he might twistedly interpret as bringing him glory, so I choose not to mention that losers name. Now the battle continues for our souls – we were created for the purpose of Jesus Christ – in His image. My heart really breaks for those pop stars mentioned on VC website. We can call them all sorts of names and say how could they be the way they are or do what they are doing….but the Jesus thing… Read more »

some1 mentioned gaga's crotch in your face, and they are all doing it

miley ain't wearin pants either- must be the new trend

Is she really drinking, umm, REAL blood from a REAL heart?? REALLY???

Maybe there is a really good reason why Islamic and Jewish laws prohibits the consumption of blood especially when it comes to draining blood from the cattle while slaughtering the cattle for food.

That looks like real blood ehhhhh.

I was actually at the Melbourne Future Music Festival and saw Kesha perform. Let me tell you, it had a s**t load of symbolism and a hypnotic background visual which I started getting headaches/disorientated from.

Not only was the whole performance odd and surreal but there wasn't any talent involved whatsoever. Her voice was tepid and flat – same with everything else.

I hope that her shows don't allow people younger than 18. So why in the hell would gore films be rated for 18 years up and a singer drinking blood from a heart is ok for teens to see?

Is she trying to be Ozzy Osbourne or Marylin Manson or what?

She's even adding the American flag to the symbolism as if she's implying that the American people are being blood sacrificed. Oh wait, they are… Iraq and stuff…

i love how people still go back to ozzy- this S**T is worse! its more real now! even jay-z and rihanna are more satanic hidden meanings than ozzy- and he wasn't HIDING MEANINGS in his songs! they are ! he was singing about his battles and had a lot of positive songs also! its all about listening! listen to – diary of a madman- he is already telling us about the masons in charge and his battles and possession- way before these people who are trying to throw it at us now because we didn't get it before! Manson on the other hand, is now reminded to me by gaga and kesha. He catered to the depressed youth and claimed to be "anarchist"- yet he was singing about fascism! and making fun of models and stars- and then married them! he was a fake! who knows if he was being… Read more »

Right on about our people being sacrificed!!!!!!! great point!!!

Well, 'blood ritual' or not, she's trying too hard. She WISHES she had the potency of Lady Gaga, but to be honest, she comes across as a marginally talented wannabe. That's not a real heart, and it's not real blood. I doubt she's gonna be around that long – her music isn't interesting enough, and she has no real artistic intent.

Now I know why Islam forbids music. God is always right.

I wouldn't call this "music" but I know what you mean 😉

I've never done it myself, but I'm pretty sure that drinking blood from the heart of a hunted animal is also a ritual of some Native American tribes. It could be one of the many sources from which the idea came. When I was little, I remember being told that it is to pay respect to the beast, as a way to allow it's essence to live inside you. You are accepting it into your life, and honoring it's choice to bless you (with food, & whatever other benefits the killing provides). Being able to do so is also seen as an honor. I'm not quite sure what the detailed reasoning is behind this, or the circumstances that would lead to this practice…like, if it's for the first kill, etc. I do believe what you said is true: "Any blood drinking ritual is certainly based upon the absorption of life… Read more »

Bible, Old Testament, Deuteronomy 12,23:

"Only be sure that you do not eat the blood, for the blood is the life, and you shall not eat the life with the flesh."

It is a wicked thing to drink blood! And the native americans are heathens, they don't know any better. No Christian should partake in such rituals!

No problems for Muslims because music is Haram(forbidden) in Islam.. Lol.

You can’t even listen to classical music?

Is it real blood?

Vig, did you see the tattoo on Ke$ha's wrist in the first pic?

I wish she would just f**k off. Her lyrics are pointless and no, she isn't unique. Just the sight of her makes me want to puke. So, now she's drinking blood from a heart? She's getting more disgusting everytime I here something about her. First, 'We R Who We R' drinking blood from a heart AND making one eye of hers stand out? Let's sit back and put our feet up, because she's just a pathetic comedy act, who'll do anything for attention.

Does she know it's not healthy to drink blood? :')

She's a borderline alcoholic (or at least that's what her image suggests) – "healthy" isn't exactly high on her list of priorities.

We love you, VC!

She need some some Jesus in her life…

Straight from the horse's mouth: "We're taking over. Get used to it." Anybody awake out there?

Worthless, disgusting lyrics and antics from a worthless and disgusting shell of a person.

Kei$ha is simply a ow-rent, wannabe be a star and she has decided that the best way is to be shocking. She has no redeeming social value and a shelf life of maybe a year. The stupid pet tricks grow tiresome after awhile and she will crawl back under the trailer where she belongs.

In the meantime it is up to the parents of young teens to say NO! Say no, you may not buy her album which has a parantial warning on it. No, you may not buy tickets to see her show, No, you may not watch MTV because these days it id full of stupidity, sex and filth. Parents need to step up and say NO!

Wow we think alike! Yeah that's something I would say. I just can't get the whole "I'm a cool parent," "Oh they should have their own privacy," or "Oh, I don't want them to think that I'm a bad mom/dad and can't keep up with how things are done these days." I say screw with how this "parenting" crap is done these days and when it's no it's NO! Simple as that, them kids like that gotta learn how to deal with it. And privacy can go so far. Seriously, u don't need to not see their Facebook or myspace or blogs. Whatever the freak are into. Be wary of what ur kids do, no matter their age. FYI did u know that, I know a parent that lets her/his 11 yr old have a Facebook? Yep, and apparently they ain't the only ones. I know this cuz they come… Read more »
This is very interesting to me as it signifies the boldness of the Elites plans to usher in a Luciferian religeon. Satanic rituals such as human sacrifices, drinking human blood, and eating human flesh has been around for ages. It is considered an ancient tradition and most cultures have a history of participating in such acts. Historians have discovered that Sumerian, Phoenician, Hittite, Egyptian, Canaanite and Akkadian peoples all practiced mass sacrifices involving children. In "Magick In Theory And Practice" Aleister Crowley (world’s most famous Satanist) stated “It was the theory of the ancient magicians that any living being is a storehouse of energy varying in quantity according to the size and health of the animal, and in quality according to its mental and moral character. At the death of this animal this energy is liberated suddenly. For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains… Read more »

Wait..where's gaga's 'pinky' finger on her right hand(your left)?

I swear this chick is reptilian…


That's why i always say that every woman should be beaten every now and then so she can think about errors of her way while laying on the kitchen floor!

Am i right?

A:Yes you are Mr.Fetuccini !


Was that suppose to be a "funny" joke ?

Its ok to be sarcastic but sometimes, its also inappropriated.

Out of curiosity, who is Fetuccini ?

I am thinking its some kind of Pasta but I dont know xD

Just wait it will be real and live on tee veee, more than likely a pay perview event and in the NWO you have to watch or be the very next in line for treatment, cause your nuts if ya don't like it so say the mass of sick disturbed animals they have been breeding and trying to turn all into. Just ask the nice friendly, drunken load "oh, sorry meant loud" p**n lovin' sports fan near you! Forgive the satire: May be it's satire may be it's truth"?" By the way even if you do not consent they will and already have mind raped everyone not a single one excluded! Now take it back a few thousand years to Mesopotamia and the infanticide cults, not to mention their places of worship/brothel/casino/torture ETC> and the mass graves of children of all ages as well the old, vagabonds, and the broken… Read more »

From Fritz Springmeier's book:

"Two different ex-Satanists have independently provided information on Al Gore s addiction to blood. Illuminati kingpins are often addicted to the Adrenalchrome that pools in the body just prior to a person being sacrificed. Various newsletters give more information on this and related issues."

Just showing the blood drinking habits of the occult elite. The Antichrist himself possibly will too drink blood of the human sacrifices (which he maybe will make public and daily).

Oh no, they got Ke$ha too!!! Eh, no big loss I guess .

I have a child on the way, and seeing this makes me think of how I have to bring her into this world. I'm not even a religious person, but I feel something sinister is going on. I use to watch Cartoon network as a child, but look at the shows they have now, they are definitely not for kids, even though they say they are. I feel so disturbed and confused.

Let's not forget how all these pop stars song releases contain subliminal messaging and encryption, all the better to rot your brain with. Ozzy did all this occult nonsense on stage in 1970's… it's nothing new. Prediction: in a few months, "Lady" Gaga will come out publicly as the obvious transsexual "she" is. Then hordes of young brainwashed masses run out and get sex changes, fitting in nicely with the population reduction agenda, and the agenda to degrade traditional social norms. A more fitting name would be "Tranny Gaga".

I'm going to try this again, as it seems I can't operate a computer today. 🙂

Elite symbolism aside, does anyone else see a very anti-American political message to this broad’s act?

Wearing the American flag while drinking blood from a heart? To me that says “America is draining the lifeblood from the world.”

But that’s just me.

There is indeed some kind of Anti-America thingy going on with her shirt.

However, if take a look at most of the past wars around the world, America has to be the most involved country in most of them, of course along with China, Russia, France, England.

they are the five biggest weapons producers around the world and Ironicly, they are the members of UNO Security Council, so the world's peace depends on those who have the keys to distrub it.

On an other side, it might be their(not the American citizens but the Elites) twisted ways to claim how proudly they are to be spreding blood, tears and death( or maybe mass murder, maybe mass sacrefice) of so many people around the world including their own people (all the soldiers and mercennairies)

Thats how I see it Brainplague, what do you think ?

Kesha is NOT a Californian, I would like to add, she's from TENNESSEE. Please correct this, as it is quite insulting to those who actually are from California. Thanks.

My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the people of Tennessee.

Oh boy the woman lost it. I thought she just liked brushing her teeth with gin or something. I can't stand attention-seekers like her. I found her song tok tok catchy, I didn't like any of her other stuff. She looks really rough. Yikes!!

This disgusts me to the ultimate x(

Oh and Ke-Dollar-Sign-Ha is from Glee, LOL. That episode was too funny!