Britney Spears’ “Work B*tch” and Iggy Azalea’s “Change Your Life”: Two Videos Celebrating Kitten Programming


Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea were born on opposite sides of the world, but their videos “Work B*tch” and “Change Your Life” contain the same exact hidden meaning. Indeed, the symbolism of these videos are both celebrations of the mind control culture of the Illuminati entertainment industry, especially Kitten Programming.


There are plenty of differences between Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea: Britney is from the U.S. while Iggy is from Australia; Britney is a veteran in the music business while Iggy is a newcomer; Britney sings pop while Iggy raps. Despite these surface differences, they both ultimately work for the same bosses who use their sex appeal to push the Illuminati Agenda. Work B*tch and Change Your Life were both released around the same time, they both take place in a “Las Vegas showgirl” context and they both convey the same exact twisted message: Being an industry Kitten is great because it will make you rich, famous and even powerful. Both videos are all about glamorizing the Mind-Control culture the occult elite revels in – although it is all about violent, disgusting and sadistic exploitation.

While on the surface, these videos appear to be about “empowerment” (I hate that word), they are actually celebrating the entertainment industry’s exploitation of victims of Kitten programming. (If you’ve never heard of Mind Control or Kitten Programming, read this article first).

Let’s look at the insidious symbolism of these videos.

Work B*tch

When one knows about Britney Spears’ actual living conditions and mental state in the past few years, watching Work B*tch becomes somewhat difficult, as its message is ironic in the saddest way possible. In my several articles on Britney, I have described how, since her meltdown, she has become a literal slave, heavily medicated and with absolutely no power over her career, finances or personal life. Britney has been living under the conservatorship of various handlers since 2008, meaning that, during all of these years, she has never gained back control of her life.

Considering these facts, the lyrics of Work B*tch become somewhat disturbing, as they appear to be words a pimp who says to his “employee”. Or what a Beta Kitten handler would tell an MK slave (like Britney) …

You wanna hot body
You want a Bugatti
You wanna Maserati
You better work b*tch
You want a Lamborghini
Sip martinis
Look hot in a bikini
You better work b*tch
You wanna live fancy
Live in a big mansion
Party in France

You better work b*tch

In the song and video, Britney plays the role of the handler who is yelling stuff at her slaves … the same kind of stuff she is probably told on a daily basis. Like most of Britney’s recent releases, the song is almost ridiculing her condition, as if her handlers are saying: “Look at what we’re doing with her. We’re making her sing about her own captivity”. To make things worse, Britney sings the song with a British accent. While, at first glance, this fact might be trivial, remember that in 2008, when Britney went through a gigantic meltdown, she was caught speaking with a British accent – a symptom of Multiple Personality Disorder, which is itself a symptom of Monarch Programming. Here’s a 2008 article about the meltdown and her British accent:

Britney Spears Lapses Into a British Accent

Britney Spears has a new accessory to go with her pink wig: a British accent.

In the last several weeks, Spears, 26, has been videotaped numerous times trading her Louisiana twang for U.K. inflections.

“She had the English accent thing going the whole time” while shopping at Kitson last Thursday, according to a source. “It didn’t stop.”

Even when angry, the accent appears. On an L.A. shopping trip to Macy’s on Jan. 13, she screamed at the paparazzi, “Get out of my G—— face!” – in a British accent.

So is it all in fun or has she flipped her pink wig?

“When someone has dissociative identity disorder” – formerly known as multiple personality disorder – “each identity is split off from the other,” says L.A. psychologist Renee A. Cohen, who is not treating Spears. “Each identity would have its own name, memories, behavioral traits and emotional characteristics.”

Cohen says the critical question is: “When Britney uses the British accent, or appears to take on another identity, does she know she’s Britney Spears?”

“Otherwise, she could simply be behaving this way for attention, for sympathy, or any other reason,” adds Cohen. “It’s foolish to attempt to diagnose her without a formal evaluation.”

One possible influence could be Spears’s maternal grandmother, Lilian Bridges, who was originally from England.

Also, Spears’s new beau, photographer Adnan Ghalib, grew up in Birmingham, England.

According to paparazzi who trail the singer around the clock, one thing is for sure: the pink wig means something’s changing.

“When she puts on the pink wig, you just know something crazy is about to happen,” said one paparazzo.

– Source:

Knowing this fact, making Britney sing in a British accent is almost a code for showing that she’s embodying another persona. She’s an MK handler.

In the video, Britney bosses around Beta Kitten slaves around (they even have kitten ears), whipping them into submission and calling them bitches. Knowing Britney's condition, this is all rather twisted.
In the video, Britney bosses around Beta Kitten slaves around (they even have kitten ears), whipping them into submission and calling them bitches. Knowing Britney’s condition, this is all rather twisted
This scene defines the entire video. Britney is holding Beta Kittens on a leash, controlling them. She stands on an inverted pyramid, perhaps to highlight the fact that Britney is actually NOT at the top of the pyramid. She's, in actuality, at the bottom of it, not unlike these leashed kittens.
This scene defines the entire video. Britney is holding Beta Kittens on a leash, controlling them. She stands on an inverted pyramid, perhaps to highlight the fact that Britney is actually NOT at the top of the pyramid. She is actually at the bottom of it, not unlike these leashed kittens.

Some might say: “That’s an empowering video! Britney is being empowered! She empowers her fans by seeing her being so empowered!” Did I mention that I hate the word “empowered”? To empower means “to give power”. Watching a video does not give you power. It actually accomplishes the exact opposite. Those who use the word “empowering” to describe a music video remind me of a Simpsons line about the word “proactive”: “Excuse me, but “proactive” and “paradigm”? Aren’t these just buzzwords that dumb people use to sound important?”. 

Britney herself admitted that she was not “empowered” by the video. Shortly after the release of the video, Britney called a radio station and stated that she was pressured into its highly sexualized concept, something she wants to stop doing ever since she became a mother. However, as stated above, she has no power over her own life or work.

Britney Spears implies she’s being pressured to keep sexed-up image

Is Britney Spears being pressured to be overly sexual? That’s what the pop star implied during a radio interview.

Spears told a Boston radio show that she wants to be more modest but she’s pressured to maintain her sexy image. When discussing her latest music video for “Work Bitch,” Spears said she made editors cut out a lot of the sexed-up scenes.

“Oh my God we showed way more skin and did way more stuff for the video than what is actually there,” she said. “I cut, like, out half the video because I am a mother and because, you know, I have children and it’s hard to play sexy mom while you’re, you know, being a pop star as well.”

The radio host then asked Spears straight out if she had people pushing her to shoot sexy scenes. She laughed and replied “Yes.”

She said in her ideal world, her image would be different.

“A lot of sex goes in to what I do… But sometimes I would just like to bring it back to the old days when it was like one outfit through the whole video, and you’re just dancing through the whole video, and there’s not that much sex stuff going on and it’s just about the dance.”


– FOX News, Britney Spears implies she’s being pressured to keep sexed-up image

Towards the end of the video, we see blindfolded mannequins being brought into the desert. They then explode.

Blindfolded mannequins represent the state of mind controlled slaves. Blowing them up into body parts represent the fragmenting of a slave's psyche into several personas.This image is used in several videos including Beyonce's
Blindfolded mannequins represent the state of mind controlled slaves. Blowing them up into body parts represent the fragmenting of a slave’s psyche into several personas. This image is used in several videos including Beyonce’s “Crazy”.

Work B*tch is, therefore, another tribute to Britney’s own mind control status. While her situation is sad and disturbing, however, it doesn’t stop new artists from following in her footsteps.

Change Your Life

Iggy Azalea is a rapper from Australia who moved to the United States at the age of 16. She soon got signed by Interscope Records and almost immediately embraced that sweet, sweet Illuminati symbolism.


A butterfly hiding one eye: That's Illuminati symbolism 101.
A butterfly hiding one eye: That’s Illuminati symbolism 101.

Iggy is now signed with Island Def Jam (also home to Rihanna, Kanye West, and many others) and her single Change Your Life confirms that she’s there to push the Agenda.

Inspired by the movie Showgirls, Change Your Life depicts Iggy as a Vegas dancer and T.I. as a club owner. While this premise is simple, when ones understand the symbolism of the video, it becomes the story of a Beta Kitten being initiated in the Illuminati industry.

The glass of this picture frame is shown broken at the beginning of the video for no apparent reason. This can represent the fractured personality of an MK slave. While not ALL broken glass represents fractured personalities, this image fits with the context of the rest of the video.
The glass of this picture frame is shown broken at the beginning of the video for no apparent reason. This can represent the fractured personality of an MK slave. While not ALL broken glass represents fractured personalities, this image fits with the context of the rest of the video.
Iggy lays in bed with a baby tiger - a reference to Kitten Programming.
Iggy lays in bed with a baby tiger – a reference to Kitten Programming.

As its title states, the song is about Iggy apparently being able to “change your life” – going from rags to riches and so forth. Here are the lyrics of the chorus:

Imma change your life, Imma change it
Imma change your life (life)

Once you go great, you never go good
You never go back, even if you could
I’ll show you my way, I got that good-good
You never go back, even if you could

Have you ever wished your life would change?
Woke up and you lived your dreams
Baby I could help you make that change
I could show you how to do this thing

While these lyrics are as “empowering” as Britney’s Work B*tch, the video depicts Iggy as a dancer who doesn’t like her boss/pimp. In other words, she doesn’t have power. Like Britney’s song, it appears that the Illuminati is talking THROUGH Iggy, subtly letting young people know that “changing their lives” implies being exploited by the Illuminati industry. We once again see a twisted association between “making it big” and being an industry Beta kitten and, through symbolism, the video shows Iggy’s initiation into the Illuminati industry.

Although Iggy does not appear to like the club owner played by T.I., she nevertheless gets intimate with him on the hood of a car. Why? Because that’s what Beta Kittens do. On a more esoteric level, she wears a red dress, the symbolic color of initiation.

Is her doing it with her boss/handler the requirement to her "changing her life"? Does this represent the ritual initiation into the Illuminati industry?
Is copulating with her boss/handler a requirement in order for her to “change her life”? Does this represent the ritual initiation into the Illuminati industry?

After the encounter, we see a new Iggy in town.

Iggy in front of a club named Cheetah - another reference to Kitten Programming. As if to denote her initiation, she is wearing a top featuring a big All-Seeing Eye. She sets fire to a car to represent the "burning" of her old self or her past.
As if to denote her initiation, she is wearing a top featuring a big All-Seeing Eye. She stands in front of a club named Cheetah, which is another clear reference to Kitten Programming. She sets fire to a car (is it her boss’?) to represent the “burning” of her old life.
In a scene playing in parallel to the one above, Iggy is shown dressed in white and being arrested by the police. While this might be her being arrested for setting her boss' car on fire, the scene is shown at the same time as the one above and not after it. The scene can represent what happens after initiation in the industry: the "good girl" dresssed in white is taken away while the Illuminati-girl dressed in black (with an All-Seeing eye) stays.
In a scene that is shown in parallel to the one above, Iggy is dressed in white and is arrested by the police. Did she get arrested because she lit that car on fire? If that’s the case, why is she dressed differently and why is this scene playing at the same time as the one above (and not after)? In actuality, this scene can represent what happens after initiation in the industry: the “good girl” dressed in white “is taken away for good” while the Illuminati-girl dressed in black (with an All-Seeing eye) remains.

Is that what Iggy means by “Once you go great, you never go good”? In the words of Iggy, once you’re initiated: “You never go back, even if you could”.

In Conclusion

Released around the same time, Britney’s Work B*tch and Iggy’s Change Your Life are similar in several ways: They both depict the artists as Vegas dancers, they are both drenched in Kitten Programming imagery, the lyrics are both written from the point of view of those controlling them and, more importantly, both have a pseudo-empowering message that revolves around the glorifying being an industry Beta Kitten.

Sadly, to “make it” in the Illuminati industry, stars must sell their bodies and give up their soul. This process is celebrated in these videos and sold to young girls around the world. Furthermore, as the MK symbolism of the videos subtly imply, these artists who “made it” are not in control of what’s happening – they’re actually slaves to their owners. Britney Spears’ life is probably the most transparent case of a pop star under heavy mind control. In a rare moment of clarity, Britney went on record and stated that Work B*tch went too far and was too sexual. However, she did it anyway … because Beta slaves do not call the shots in their own lives. What did Britney’s handlers tell her when she was opposed working on that video? “You better work b*tch”.

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"22. Continue discrediting American Culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American communist cell was told to eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms".

"23. Control art critics and directors of art, museums, our plan to promote ugliness, repulsive and meaningless art".

Does this sound familiar to you all?

Congressional Record Appendix
January 10, 1963
From current communist (Masonic) goals
William Cooper RIP

This is the reason why I have trouble with the whole Illuminati thing. These are Communist goals. Communists set them up to destroy the U.S. from the inside and since Communists have a public face, it's easy to peg all of this messed up crap going on in the country on them. However, George Washington also wrote in a letter that he feared the Illuminati had made its way to America. Maybe the Illuminati and Communists are two sides of the same coin?

Like I said, Communists are a more open organization; however you can't deny that the Illuminati has a huge presence in the media. 99% of music videos, album art, and/or stage props for mainstream artists have a pyramid and all-seeing eyes. It's kind of confusing.

They are similar. Mabe communism was invented and practised as an experiment for the coming world order. And K Marx is said to be relatedf to a certain family, one out of the 5 most powerful ones.


They are promoting the same agenda – when I was a child, one of our walks home took us past the graveyard where Karl Marx is buried. My friend's mother used to tell us everyday that was where God was buried. My friend (now an adult) still completely believes this.

Where is the graveyard of Marx? And why a child has to go past one of those?

Highgate London

Highgate Cemetary (where Marx is buried ) is off a very steep road, called Swains Lane, that has very few houses on it. It is not a road that people walk up unless they are going to the Cemetary. ( I lived in Highgate for many years).

Sure, we used to spend time in graveyards (including that one) but in this instance, we were basically going home from the park and Swains Lane is not the only way in (as you should know if you lived there) – it is the only one open to the PUBLIC but there are a few private points of entry as well as private roads..

For God's sake why did you go to the cemetery? That's a place I wouldn't like to visit and that's coming from someone who has worked in the admin department of the council crematorium/cemetery. Even during the day it gave me goosebumps to drive across the place. Those places remind you of being nobody. On the other hand it gives me joy to visit the places where the relics of Saints are kept. I wouldn't mind that.

I dunno really, to touch base with dead ancestors, to read, to chant and burn incense, create art (crayon rubbings) , chat, tidy up between the little stones, play, pray, take home souvenirs … we visited cemeteries more than any regular day out – several times a week. It does put things into perspective. Don't like the sound of crematoriums though.

There is a book called Marx and Satan by Richard Wurmburd.

People always discuss Marx but he was heavily influenced by and worked closely with Engels and was even financially supported by him. Engels was an atheist and like many social scientists of the time very into the works of Hegel connect the dots to the Hegelian Dialect, the Hegelian god (the idea in which the State is ultimate)etc…..

Communist cells are not selfsufficient. They are funded. You go fish by whoom?

Yes, it is thought that communism lies at the heart of NWO as well as the scientology agenda… and lets not even get onto JFK

Interesting info on Marx. Hey I have heard that some occultists are having regular meetings on this cemetery. To this day. Is this true?
One more thing. Many of his books are not known and kept hidden from public eyes. What else – founder of "philips" Dutch corporation were his relatives. Connect the dots..

Yes, regularly …and many bands perform there unannounced on important dates which often coincide with the date that their records are cut. It is in the least communist neighborhood imaginable ironically.

Actually the area the cemetery is in, is home to Putin, so I wouldn't say it's the least communist neighbourhood possible. I don't see how any band would be able to perform there, as there is no room. Additionally, there is no way the Highgate Society would allow it. I have a good friend who lives across the street from the cemetery, her living room over looks it. I will ask her about said concerts, but I suspect they are nothing more than an urban myth.

I personally know groups of singers who have done so (I don't mean bands with a truckload of equipment though I suspect it is not so far-fetched). Whilst the area may have communist roots, these are buried deep in it's past. Unless your friend was initiated how would she even know?

Most of the cemetery is closed off to the public and has been for the last 20 years. It is very much by appointment only so maybe you are talking about the generally accessible part and I am talking about the closed off part??

That means that philips is also Jewish, like the German Braun etc.. philips is also part of the rothschild branch by any chance? they are everywhere

Scientology opposes psychiatry, which is why it gets negatively distorted by the MSM. The MSM is heavily funded by the pharmaceutical industry, judging by all these ads I see that promote psychiatric drugs. Psychiatry is more influenced by BOTH communism and fascism, which are both part of the NWO. Psychiatry, not Scientology, is NWO.

These videos have a lot of mannequins. Obvious representations of how disposable they are to the eilte and how empty they are in the head.

I am wondering why you allow the sexist advertisements? They undermine and detract from what you seem to be trying to do? Is it not somewhat hypocritical to vilify the music industry (and I do believe they are villains) for the sexual exploitation of women and then profit from the same sort of thing by enticing your readers in the same sort of way for profit?

for whom do they make such terrible vids? do teens really like that stuff? O_O

VC, can you please post an article discussing the purpose of Miss Universe. I was watching MU2013 and during Miss Universe 2012's final walk at the end(oliva culpo) she very out of place threw up the horns of course saluting who she serves…

"Once you go great, you never go good" could also refer to a loss of innocence. Being "great" by the world's standard means rejecting what is good, wholesome and pure. It's also an obnoxiously arrogant lyric.

Am I the only one who notice the connection, between Iggy video and Beyonce video in love. It's the exact same beyonce setting the car on fire and becoming huge! Iggy setting the car on fire and watch what she becomes. They only duplicate the obvious!

The pyramid Britney is standing on is really in your face. It looks like she is on top, but in reality it is the bottom of the pyramid and she has no chance getting off it on her own. And obviously she did not get up/down there on her own either. Someone put her there and makes her perform.

Awesome work! The sad truth of the entertainment industry. Wake up peoples of the earth.

I read an article that played a soundbyte of Britney saying she was uncomfortable with the Work B**** video. She said she's a mother and shouldn't behave like that. I wonder what kind of punishment she received from her handlers after saying that. You've got to give her props, though. She's one of the few who dares color outside of the lines and stands up (even if it is subtly) to Hollywood.

That is the Christian milk-and-cookie-girl alter clashing with the slutty, chubby one tho'

Dear Britney (part one) There are many of us that would love to come rescue you because we know "the core" of you is precious and beautiful, dear and sweet. However, at this moment you would see that rescue mission to be another "traumatic experience" (abducted by aliens maybe?) and that is not what we want to do to you. One day there will be a resistance that will rise to help people like you in the future when you are ready to be deprogrammed. Just hold in there girl keep keeping alive, hold your dear sweet children close to you. And pray with us that a saviour is coming. Some of us are feeling your pain even if you cant (you hurt a lot) some of us pray for you that you will one day be free of the world and it's demand on you to make "Programming Videos"… Read more »

That is the reason why subterranean designers would be the greatest, simply because they nevertheless hip hop as well as perform concerning the essential problems within existence, not really this particular illuminati s**t.

I'm not surprised. But for Britney how sad! And Iggy too? Ah man….

do you think that getting in drugs everyday and drinkink alcohol until you pass out if fun or amazing! let say anne hathaway or jennifer lawrence you don't see those girls getting in problems with men of being a s**t or having alcohol problems SO when you see someone as wasted like Lindsay Lohan or Rihanna you understand those people only can support their life being drunk all the time. DO YOU THINK THAT'S THE TYPE OF HAPPY AND HEALTHY LIFE YOU SHOULD HAVE? No.

Pony Play. That is what you are seeing in this video. There is so much kink here, it's insane. Not "kittens", ponies.

Please help me i am poor i want to be rich and famous please do it spritually and finally

Iggy's video reminded me slightly of Kat Graham's 'I Want It All' music video, which also randomly features a tiger and a strange eye flashing thing at 1.40. Maybe just because a lot of Kat Graham's music videos use weird symbolism, like unnecessary eye patches in 'Sassy' and a whole screen of pyramids in 'Power'.

Disgusting people are buying into this and it is having very negative effects on western society. If I had a daughter, I'd be very concerned indeed.

Its a shame that they've sold their soul to the devil to eventually become popular at the expense of being "owned" and dominated, and yeah I hate that "empowerment" word too.

The puppets just keep coming in unaware of what doom they may face once they enter the music industry, especially when interscope is just nothing but an agenda-pushing entity on behalf of the higher-ups.

The kitties are always a clear evidence of MK ultra as it just keeps coming and coming again as it does not cease like a raging wildfire.

And so I wonder, when are "they" gonna be done with Britney? especially when I have a fair idea of what may become of her eventually just like those before her.

And that Australian rapper Iggy is doomed to suffer just like the rest before her or who are already in (like Britney), with a "no-exit" policy.

I agree about the word empower. If you can be "enpowered", to be given power, you could also be unempowered or disempowered, your power taken away. It does refer to "allowing" someone to have power or NOT and therefore controlling that person.

f*ck them, they are nothing. Thay are only allowed to have power on earth, they'll die and they have no power as to where they will be. Their bosees, aka d3mons are shaking like leaves in front of the Holy Trinity. I want to see what power thay have regarding the Holy though instead of terrorising some little humans like us.

Note the letters on the necklace Britney is wearing – "CHAOS",

as in Order out of Chaos, as in Novus Ordo Seclorum, as in New World Order

technically, we are all 'their' b*****s and slaves. Most just don't yet know it. When most know it, we may have a chance of breaking the machine from whence we were birthed.

Disobey much.

excellent analysis by reader "epsilon". I remember when circus came out I was like wow she's openly admitting that her life is a circus. The same way you go album to album with all the stages you can do that with Madonna as well. The difference is Madonna was too much into controversy and being sexual that no one really got it and people didnt pay attention like we are now. But believe me it is the same thing. I'm sure with this video the whips alone should be found disturbing and the way everyone is tied up. It can't get more blatant and there is no way that is Britney actually controlling other people. This is def what is going on in her life. As for iggy, that is too too bad because being a white Australian female rapper she was almost different…almost. I seen other videos of her… Read more »

Seen Iggy doing her ritualistic thing with Robin Thicke – you can't deny that they have a good diary system in place if nothing else! Meanwhile, poor Miley, afraid of being outdone, goes one step down the ladder of self-degradation on a stage somewhere else with a drag …. except that Ri-Ri's already done that one as has Gaga! So original is all of this!

Repetition is the key. Sponsored by the tobacco industry. Shareholders share interest in various government tentacles.

I believe that the tobacco industry is single-handedly responsible for having created the financially-driven beast that is European football which has seriously dumbed down the white, European, working class male to a new low of denseness and slobbery. It has proven itself as A class opium for the masses.

One excruciating experience is to watch football. 22 piggies chasing a ball in a field. arghhh

my brother just linked me this site on facebook. it opened my eyes to the world going on. i love all music. and i like these songs,., but it gives me a new way to look at them and like them now. rather than just a catchy beat , it;'s now about the actual meaning behind the songs [ pop culture songs]. very informative article. i can't wait to read more!!

Okay, maybe now you are almost ready to examine the facebook-cult and its mysterious ways.

Well I am pretty active on facebook. Now what?

I hope you stick to the meaning of the word ''friend'' from before f b.
For example.
I have a feeling a lot of people using f b have lost it.

The sharks as well. She's surrounded by sharks with nowhere to go on a tiny island. It's basically saying she's trapped. And it also says a lot about the company she keeps.

Actually, taking on different accents is rather normal when one hangs out with people from different countries. It happens naturally, especially to those with abilities in music and foreign languages. Just like many people begin to inadvertently mimic the speed and tone of voice of another person during a conversation, they can start picking up on the accent.

Madonna and Johnny drop big time I remember in the early 90s like how are they British all of a sudden.. Butt they also live there… However I do think there is some significance, maybe it is thought of as an elitist accent? Gaga does it too..

People should probably focus more on their well being then who was the next robot to shake their body parts. Honestly who cares! If we don't involve our lives in that mess then we won't be forced to think about or follow "celebritied". We all need to save our money and eat right.


Then why are you here and even posting? Some feeling there is more to the bigger picture to find out? Welcome.


I have Britney's new video. I have viewed it more than 40 times, sometimes going through it frame-by-frame.

THERE ARE NO KITTEN EARS! Why do you exaggerate/lie when you write?

What is it what the girls are wearing on the first photo in the article here, may be it is my browser too, but i interprete those black pairs of things on the heads as ears too, Feline might be a better word? You tell us Coolman.

Lol – maybe they are rodent ears … not humanoid in any case

Got it. Horses !!

They look like rabbit ears to me.

Who the F* cares about the ears. All the other symbolism is there.

Awww, here comes the 457 comments about what type of f.u.c.k.i.n.g ears…….Oh and coolman, you sure you viewed the video enough times??

Ai, Amaryllis, be careful not to step on those long acking toes again <grin>

Iggy also has a song called 'Work'. What is it with working and slaving these days as opposed to being free?

I don't think British accent thing is anything artificial for her. I do believe that she's programmed, but that accent just says that she was just being herself. Her parents came from Britain. She still has relatives over there. Don't you think as a child, she was used to that accent at home? She's the only one in the industry I am sympathetic to. I feel someday they will end up killing her because she is too upfront about her morals.

She's what ? ! Please, feel free to explain that one a bit.

She goes to church every Sunday, she admits to being uncomfortable as a sex icon, and (as far as celebrities go) she's got a great family ethic. Add that to the fact that she's been able to resist mind-control in spurts every so often and then rebels against her handlers and you can see why she poses a problem to the industry.

I recall Bush-clones to pray to god. Might be the same god?

D D d,
I got your point all too well. Things about certain god (call it gawd instead) occultists worship church occultists attending faith occultists are being ready to proclaim showing me nothing more but the depth of infiltration on ALL levels of society.
More to the story. Check Strom Thurmond church memebership. The fact that they are everywhere is one more proof that humanity is up to certain events on global scale.
As for me I will stand firm as my faith wont be subdued by wardens of dark.

Calm down tiger. There is nothing you can do if you get no assistance. Just think only with God's assistance you can get somewhere. Try to become less arrogant, we all have this problem, you are not alone.

I do acknowledge own weakness. No reason to humble down even more as all I can be is but a scum and refuse of the world (ever read st.Paul?). We as being the called ones do not belong to it…
As for sure thing He is more than able to make me stand. To the very glorious end.
Waiting for answer

There is no reason to hide it anymore. It is all out in the open. Sadly, welcome to the new religion.

I feel like a new aspect of what the Illuminati entertainment industry is trying to convey focuses on the idea that these girls are actually planning it all out ahead of time, instead of simply being pawns and puppets prostituting their gifts. That seems to be the spin they are putting on Miley's VMA s**t show par excellence. Weeks later, MTV released a weird Miley Cyrus docu-nonsense about her new 'movement'. She talks about being compelled by some far-reaching artistic vision that made the VMA performance just exactly how her creative genius envisions the latest expression of herself as an artist. What the f**k ever. These two videos seem to be conveying the same 'empowerment' message. Every good thing to come along and capture society's attention, like the idea of the empowerment of women, s soon after perverted and twisted to suit the abhorrent Agenda. They take the momentum created… Read more »

Britney Spears = EXTREMELY boring……………

Christians out there, I have started a Twitter to help raise awareness of the truth. Please check it out and follow if you can! God bless that we help renew the mind of those are lost in the world.

hello i'm from Brazil. Its sad . britney sings…nothing, just about sex! Here in Brazil we have some examples too. I hate this but we must pray for all of them. God bless!

I have finally switched over to listening to a majority of Christian music, esp in my car. When I flip back to pop channels I remember why. I am not missing anything.

I was so pleased to see you post commentary on "Brit's" new and extraordinarily powerful video. I am glad that this one did not slip past your radar, except you only skimmed the surface of it's many layers and depth. Please be aware that you mispelled the name of this video/song. It is not "Work B*tch" but rather "Work B**ch" (the "t" is an asterisk). Why is this important? I'm glad you asked… The number 9 is heavily embued in the symbolism of the video, from the number of dancers (eight) plus Brit (one) to the license plate on the car ("BB 72" = 7 + 2 = 9). Now, if you take the numerical value of the letters "workbch" they add up to 80. I believe the asterisks have a numerical value of 0.5 each, which gives a grand total of 81. Why is the number nine so prominent?… Read more »

Sooooo Britney has a movie being made about her life….and she wants Natalie Portman to play her..for some reason i find that odd!

VC, you probably didn't mention these symbols for the sake of brevity:

1. Both of them have extended choreographed dance scenes in these videos with women behind them that kind of look like them but have the different colored hair.

Britney's platinum blonde dances in front of her alter girls with jet black wigs on yet mirror her movements. Iggy with blonde hair a big white feathered peacock crown (symbolic I'm sure) dances with her alter girls in bright white wigs.

2. In the beginning of the video Britney is in front of a 3 section mirror singing numerous times, the mirror reflects her face 3 times. DID imagery

3. There were masonic/occult pillars in the videos as well… etc.

Too many symbols to name… You have taught me well, this is getting too easy…

There's a scene in Brit's video where a kitten slave has a "Beats Pill" Speaker (their new bluetooth wireless speakers) strapped over her mouth. She can't talk, but her mind-control handler can speak for her through the "pill" speaker. In the next scene, a female handler (maybe britney) is shown pushing the power button and turning on the speaker strapped over her mouth.

Obvious mind control metaphor. Childs play. Shameful..

Also happened in video for Toxic (I wish I never remembered that!!_)

Nicole – about the blackout – endtimesforecaster.blogspot has a post on 10/29 about comet ISON and possible connections with a possible blackout on 11/28. It's speculative, and let's hope it doesn't happen, but signs point to the possibility. Worth educating ourselves about signs so that when things actually happen we won't be "in the dark" – pun intended.

Its clear that even Britney doesn't like to act that way but she is forced by her handlers. Why I don't listen to pop music nowadays. Other than the shitty music, the artists are not as great as they were before.

This reminds me of Lena Del Rey's born to die. In the opening scene she is wearing white, a sign of purity. She meets her boyfriend "handler" wearing a read bra, she makes out with him. Later she dies in a car fire. Omg is it just coincidence? Why the red and white symbolism in all of these videos? And all the car fires…I mean seriously!

I think VC already did an article on this one.

Iggy's best video is Bounce. This one is crap.

Have to say I am surprised that VC didn't point this out in the Britney video analysis: she's standing in the middle of shark infested waters. If sharks circling around her to the tune of "work b*tch" don't aptly symbolize her current situation, I don't know what does.

On an unrelated note, has anyone seen "American Blackout" on NatGeo channel that aired first on October 27? Holy hell. If it isn't predictive programming, I don't know what is. I think that might be the next "big thing" to happen to the U.S.

I saw the thing advertised and had a major 'What the f**k is this now…?" moment… a 'predictive documentary' on an entirely unlikely event as an excuse to portray America in apocalyptic shambles, doubtless suggesting society would collapse and moral decency would be a thing of the past if the power went out a long while.

'predictive documentary' … if the power went out a long while..
World as we know it has become increasingly fragile and interconnected.
What is coming is way worse. But not entirely unexpected .

OH MY GOODNESS! slightly off to[ic but i just came across a new song/ video while looking online for the britney one. I am astounded its got it ALL!!! look up Young Rapunxel. SHOCKING!

There is an analysis of it on here

Yeah we know, were you asleep when the article on that video was posted on here?

On an unrelated note, may I know if VC do an article about the Total Drama series?‎

It is a very popular series up north and here as kids love the idea of a Survivor ripoff cartoon. They went full blown with the symbolism as of late, with the latest season's villain being a guy who is obviously MK'd. (covering one eye, multiple personality disorder etc)

What about Rihanna? She's the biggest pop star out right now. She seems to be enjoying her life and all her fame and popularity. I'll admit, I've wanted what she has. It must be nice to have so many people love and adore you, have all that money, all that fame. Granted, she's controlled by the illuminati but she looks like she's still having fun. Shes always being photographed, getting high, hanging with celebs, partying. She doesnt even seem sad. Can you guys tell me your thoughts on her and how you think she's controlled by the illuminati.

Simple she enjoys worshipping satan and all the materialistic things in this world. And she has happily handed her soul to those people. Remember like iggy, rihanna went to states at a young age ( i think I read how she was like 17) to start her music career. That is enough time for anyone to let the wrong things be absorbed into their way of life… She is being used to show you what you can get for giving away something must living people regard as useless..(soul) but at the end of it, once they're done with her they'll throw her away..and I'm sure she would have a lot to exposé.Los they'd most likely kill her. The music industry is ruthless.. One if my relatives who is a singer (not in this country, but in Africa) says to my mum her aunt that she can't get anywhere cause the… Read more »

Also I don't know if it's just me and my wired way if thinking but does anyone else think that iggy azalea looks like the white version of nicki minaj… It's the eyes and the facial expressions.. Coincidental?! And they both rap, wear blonde hair, fake butt, dress trashy and have the same MK/illuminati symbolism in their music videos.

If I'm seeing things someone tell me but that's one of the first things I noticed the first time I ever read about this iggy azalea chick. As I don't listen to mainstream music anymore so I had no idea who she was until a few months ago.

She may "appear" to be happy and having a good time, but behind closed doors you would never really know of her misery. It's all part of the business if you really think about it. They are "selling you a dream." It is easy for them to do that when they own just about every major record label and media outlet. They will give you a product (Rihanna) nice to look at, not very talented but can draw massive numbers of fans, they will use her to promote sex, drugs, deviance that her loyal fans will eat up and imitate in their own lives. In exchange for fortune and fame. Please remember that everything you see from these celebrities is carefully crafted. The albums, magazine covers, even those pics you see of them on vacation. They have controllers who decide what gets out. So you see them all happy and… Read more »

You never know what's going to happen to Rihanna. She might regret her lifestyle and change before her death. Everything is possible.

You're right Steve. She may turn around. But we've also seen the shady ongoings of the entertainment industry. Those who start speaking out, or want out, are not let off that easy. Here's a girl who was so wholesome and transformed completely after meeting Jayz. She knows this and she knows what she is doing. She signed the contract. While I am in no position to judge her I say I wish her well because the choice is ultimately hers whether she wants to fufill her end of the contract, or leave and save herself.

You make a very good point Gwen, I've also wondered why when a celeb is papped they have up to 2+ minders! these people usually disguise themselves as managers but some of them especially for "A-list stars" are actually controllers…and keep them in check, I watched an interesting documentary on YouTube by a guy who says that a huge percent of the celebrity community have minders/controllers who tell what to do and who go with them everywhere.. While posing as a manager, body guard, even personal assistant.
What's done in the dark will come to light. Be blessed.

Hey Marlene, can you tell me what the documentary is called??

Just wait until she reachs 27, her mind won't handle it

Wait till she is 27? Why that age?

That's when the mk usually breaks down (ex. Katy Perry)

I wouldn't be difficult for an experienced hypnotist to program a subject to act or talk differently when wearing a pink wig or another brand of perfume or shoes etc. Those items would be used as "triggers" to change behavior or accents etc.

If Britney feels so strongly about the effect oversexualized material can have on kids, she could 1. Retire from the music industry in protest or 2. Finance her career herself and put out the kind of thing she would prefer to, accepting the possibility of much lower financial returns. If she's truly a prisoner of her management, etc, then I feel for her, but otherwise she's going against her own principles for personal gain, and no amount of money or fame is worth that.