The 2014 Grammy Awards: Still Pushing the Illuminati Agenda

Fire around Katy while the horned demons watch over her.

The 2014 Grammy Awards featured a black magic witchcraft ritual disguised as a Katy Perry performance. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. This has been going on for years. We’ll look at the Illuminati Agenda pushed in the 2014 Grammy Awards.


This year’s Grammy Awards apparently had something for everyone. While old-school rockers might have enjoyed seeing Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Willie Nelson and Metallica performing live, it is the current industry puppets who reach the youth. And it is their performances that are riddled with symbolism and messages. Unlike the older singers, the performances given by Beyoncé, Katy Perry, and even Macklemore, were not strictly about the music. Their performances were vehicles to push the Illuminati-sponsored Agenda.

For years, I’ve been stating that music awards ceremonies are a celebration of what the Illuminati industry stands for, as their choreographed format offers the industry an opportunity to imprint the collective mind with specific messages and symbolism. After each award season, I notice a growing number of people realizing that something is “off” with the music industry and that it promotes a specific set of values and attitudes. Is the public getting wiser or is it just all becoming too obvious to ignore? Whether the case may be, the show prompted people such as Former University of Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron to tweet:

Even E! Online tweeted during the show:

Let’s look at the lowlights (a term I coined because that’s pretty much what I do on this site) of the 2014 Grammy Awards.

Beyoncé Representing Beta Kittens


The awards began with Beyoncé singing the words:

I’ve been drinking, I’ve been drinking
I get filthy when that liquor get into me
I’ve been thinking, I’ve been thinking
Why can’t I keep my fingers off it, baby?

From that point, we knew that these awards would probably not be child-friendly. Dressed in a leotard revealing most of her “bootyliciousness”, Beyoncé’s performance was as suggestive as the song’s lyrics. This prompted many parents to complain about why this was televised at 8 pm, while children (many of whom look up to Beyoncé) are still awake. Others noted that if Miley Cyrus gave the same performance, there would probably be a violent revolution right about now.

Beyoncé’s performance was, in fact, an accurate representation of her recently released “visual album”, which contains a bunch of very suggestive videos. After watching that album, I can safely estimate that about 80% of the footage consists of close-ups of Beyoncé touching herself in a sensual matter. In fact, in this album, Beyoncé appears to play the role of a Beta Kitten that is programmed to be “on” all the time (if you don’t know about Beta Programming, read this article). Some videos in Beyoncé’s album contain Monarch programming symbolism.

In this scene of the video Partition, two Beyoncé's dance sensually behind cage bars while completely covered in feline print.
This scene of the video Partition is a true nod to Beta Kitten Programming. There are two Beyoncé’s (representing split of personalities); They are behind bars (representing being an MK slave) and they are covered in animal prints (representing Kitten slaves in Illuminati symbolism).

Beyoncé’s Grammy performance is therefore in line with the main theme of her visual album – Beta Kitten programming. Televised at the very beginning of the awards, her performance is yet another instance an award show exposing millions of young minds to over-sexualization.

Katy Perry the Witch

The most blatant part of the awards was undoubtedly Katy Perry’s performance, which was so blatant it even caused many “non-aware” viewers to be disturbed by its satanic undertones. The performance began with a sinister voice saying:

“She casts spells from crystal balls. Invoking spirits. She put me in a trance.”

Inside a crystal ball, Perry sings while four horned demon-like figures rise above her.

Some of the sinister figures have Baphomet-like horns.
Some of the sinister figures have Baphomet-like horns.

Katy then gets out of the crystal ball moves around with her backup dancers, remotely controlling them as if they were under her spell.

Seeing the performance, we quickly understand that the song is not about love but being under occult possession.
Seeing the performance, we quickly understand that the song is not about love but about being under occult possession.

The chorus of the song basically reflects what happens to those accepting dark pacts … not unlike most of the successful people in the entertainment industry who were in the audience.

So you wanna play with magic
Boy you should know what you’re fallin’ for
Baby do you dare to do this
‘Cause I’m comin’ at you like a dark horse

Then Katy apparently summons a dark horse – is it a reference to the dark horse of the Apocalypse?

The dark horse's bluish color, musculature and glowing red eyes are striking similar to another horse seen on this site: The "devil horse" of the Denver International Airport.
The dark horse’s musculature, bluish color, and glowing red eyes are strikingly similar to another horse seen on this site: The “devil horse” of the Denver International Airport.
This scary horse stands in front of the Denver International Airport - a place full of NWO symbolism (read the article about it here). Is the horse in Katy's performance a reference to the "demon horse" (that's what people in Denver call it) of the DIA?
This scary horse stands in front of the Denver International Airport – a place full of NWO symbolism (read the article about it here). Is the horse in Katy’s performance a reference to the “demon horse” (that’s what people in Denver call it) of the DIA?

Katy then dances around a witch’s broom-turned-stripper pole for a while. To complete the ritual, her backup dancers light up a circle of fire around her.

Fire around Katy while the horned demons watch over her.
Fire around Katy while the horned figures watch over her.
The glowing red cross on Perry's dress is very similar to the red cross of the Knights Templar.
The glowing red cross on Perry’s dress is very similar to the red cross of the Knights Templar.

The Knights Templar were a medieval occult secret society that is considered to be the originator of Freemasonry, the Bavarian Illuminati and the keepers of the secrets of sex-magick as practiced by Crowley’s O.T.O.. The Knights Templar were prosecuted due to their alleged worshiping of Baphomet and for practicing of witchcraft. Perry wearing their cross is therefore very fitting. It also represents the occult elite’s philosophy as a whole.

The cover art of Dark Horse features an All-Seeing Eye at the top, signaling that this is sponsored by the occult elite. Also, the bird and the cage hint to the occult mind control elements of the song.
The cover art of Dark Horse features an All-Seeing Eye at the top, signaling that this is sponsored by the occult elite. Also, the bird and the cage hint to the occult mind control elements of the song.

In short, Katy Perry’s performance is the reason why I call most awards ceremonies “mega-rituals”.

Promoting “Maleficent”

Continuing in the exact same vein as Perry’s black magick-themed performance, the Grammy’s were also used to promote the latest Disney movie “Maleficent”.

The movie will feature Angelina Jolie as a horned evil witch.
The movie will feature Angelina Jolie as the horned evil witch from Sleeping Beauty.

The trailer shown at the ceremony featured the song “Once Upon a Dream” sung by Lana Del Rey – another figurehead for Beta Kitten Programming (see 98% of her music videos). Not unlike most of the Grammy’s, this Disney movie appears to be aimed at young people, but there not-so-hidden dark undertones to it.

In the trailer, we see Maleficient "the Mistress of All Evil" placing a curse on Aurora. This is a good image to represent what mass media does to the youth.
In the trailer, we see Maleficent, dubbed “the Mistress of All Evil”, placing a curse on baby Aurora. This is a good image to represent what mass media does to the youth.

The trailer ends with Maleficent saying:

“There is evil in this world. Hatred. And Revenge … HAHAHAHAHAH!”

Whatever you say, Disney Corporation.

The Church Service

The awards then took an odd turn when Macklemore performed his pro-gay song “Same Love”. The performance featured 33 couples (a symbolic Illuminati number) being wed by Queen Latifah. Right after, Madonna, the Grand Priestess of the music industry herself, came out to sing to her subjects.

Holding a scepter, symbol of power, Madonna gives Grand Priestress' blessings to the mass weddings.
Holding a scepter, symbol of power, Madonna gives her Grand Priestess’ blessings to the mass weddings.

The performance took place in a mock-church, complete with a gospel choir, under which 33 couples were legally married. That is essentially what the Illuminati industry is trying to do: Become the new religion of the masses … complete with televised mega-rituals.

In Conclusion

As usual, the 2014 Grammy Awards rewarded the artists the industry wanted to reward and pushed the messages the Illuminati wanted to push. While many performances were simple and sober, those given by the most influential artists today were heavy in messages and imagery. From Beyoncé’s Beta-Kitten performance to Katy Perry’s black magick ritual, we once again saw that important events are almost always used to brainwash the youth and to steer it in a specific direction.

Why is it all about indoctrinating the youth? As Katy Perry’s song says: “Cause once you’re mine … There’s no going back.”

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If you were to tell me 5 years ago – or even 1 year ago for that matter- that I'd be turning against music and the entertainment industry as a whole, I'd laugh in your face. I've always loved music, and thought it was just words and rhythms. But I'm starting to realize that there is an agenda in the music industry, and it's not for anyone's good except for the Elite… here on earth, anyway. After death, they will find being the Elite on earth won't be worth even my dinky little paycheck they'd rather sell their souls than to have to live off of. Fools!!

I am not a religious person. But I am aware of symbolism in the music industry, and other places. After reading about the illuminati, and other cults. I did not watch this year's Grammy Awards. But after reading this, while reading this my eyes started to water, and I felt wronged, sick. I hope to all of you that don't understand to believe in what's happening in our world. Things are not right!

One of the band members of Korn spoke out about the govt using celebretards to do apoutlandish things to make news so it can distract the masses from the bills they are passing. He was deep and outspoken. So happy people are waking up. I pray for his safety. It's not a conspiracy theory but conspiracy realist.

Celeb re*tards

They are also pushing the agenda of the rise of women. The 2000s is the cycle of the rise of yin energy, the feminine power, to balance the masculine energy that has been in power for so long. The key word is to balance, not murder!!

The elite knows very well the different cycles of time and it's relevant psychic influence on people. And they make use of it against us. That's why all these fake feminism agendas are pushing to us. And all the high profile r**e cases of the elites are suddenly exposed to demonise men. Men and women don't have to be in war with each other, but our culture is encouraging it!

I won't be surprise if Mrs Clinton will become the next President. The rise of the matriarchy is what they are trying to push, not just kitten programming.

did you all know that this one eye demonic symbolism which is being pushed by the satanic jewish zionest media is actually one of the signs of the anti christ arrival in islam our prohet he we belive to be the prophet of god has warned as about the end times there being a one eyed anti chirst who will rule israel in the ends days entil jesus chirst comes to kill him tell me fellow christians how can we muslims be wrong in our relgion when our own prohet is warning us agaisnt this anti christ who would come and be worshiped by jews and the rest of the world please i urge you all to search up the dajjal on google and see what i prphet has prohised about him and you all will be shocked that the prophet has warned us against the antichrist so how could… Read more »

this is all signs of demonic illuminati behaviour its so discusting . but people need to realise that these types of shows and videos and songs are brain washing the children and society and also making us look like their puppets we all need to wake up and play more attention to what our children are also watching on our t.v screens nothing is safe no more my 3 year old daughter has piked up on song lyrics by beyonce and rihanna

And his eye looks like a protruding grape."Hadith – Bukhari 9.245, Narrated Anas The Prophet  said, "No prophet was sent but that he warned his followers against the one-eyed liar (Ad-Dajjal). Beware! He is blind in one eye, and your Lord is not so, and there will be written between his (Ad-Dajjal's) eyes (the word) Kafir (i.e., disbeliever)." (This Hadith is also quoted by Abu Huraira and Ibn 'Abbas).

Well, one of Katy Perry's friends who helped co-write the song, "Dark Horse," is apparently a witch. Her name is SarahHudsonxx on Instagram, you can see photos of her inside of a hexagram with candles burning and a few others. Enough said. I'm not going to any concerts, paying with my hard earned money to watch or be subjected to some evil entity. satan is trying hard to deceive everyone and especially by deceiving ppl into thinking it's too late. Some are conflicted within their own soul, they've done things and feel unworthy. It's never too late to turn to Jesus and ask for forgiveness. satan is the author of confusion and he's a liar. Using celebrities to act out his plan, but we have the power through Jesus Christ, we have the victory and no weapon formed against us shall prosper. Don't let this satanic music into your homes… Read more »

open your minds.

Who would've thought of all the acts, the "evil" Metallica (with Lang Lang) would deliver the most important and brutally honest message of the night. Low vibrational for sure, but the song and performance were not agenda-ridden like Mackle***** or 'Queen Bey'. Instead, the message portrayed the horrors of war and how it basically stuffs up all those who come in the direct firing line of it. This legendary 30 year old epic song perfectly sums up what the current war veterans are going through mentally. More importantly, the song is a perfect deterrent to those thinking of joining the army (i.e. DON'T!!). BTW, the only mention of God was ironically from Metallica (I discount Jay-Z thanking God for obvious reasons). A powerful message delivered by the most important rock band of the past 30 years to 23.8 million viewers can't go wrong.

The God they referred to is obviously Satan, and they are fully aware and involved of the ritual which was performed at the Grammy's –

In in the song "Jump In the Fire", Metallica, commands young people to jump into hell:

"Follow me now my child . . .
Jump by your will or be taken by force I'll get you either way . . .
So reach down grab my hand walk with me through the land
So come on JUMP IN THE FIRE."

In the cover song, "The Prince", Metallica openly sing:

"Angel from below . . .
with diamonds you repay I don't care for heaven
so don't you look for me to cry
AND I WILL BURN IN HELL from the day I die."

"the scums are back in town, scums are back in town.
scums are back in tooooown…"

Someone had generally commented about Lupita Nyongo and now she has won the 'Best Actress' for 2014 Oscars and Jared Leto who has frequently made it in the 'Symbolic Pics of The Month' has won supporting acting role at the oscars.

TY for more excellent analysis

Does anyone know the exact reason for beta kitten programming? I've been doing my research for a couple months now and I can't wrap my head around why people would do this to other people .I remember reading somewhere (I forgot where) that most females (and males) are basically prostitutes. I guess in order to stay on top whoever they are they have to sleep around to maintain their position. I sometimes think that Beyonce is a victim of it but then I don't because she's married. Can these people be married and still be doing stuff like that?

good question. Maybe they match them with people who know about it and they have compatible lifestyles.

Maybe, this already been said. But the author seems to miss the part with Katy's sacrifice.
Right about the end of the first verse she goes up the stone stairway to the altar-like decoration and only then the cross on her heart lights up red. So.. yeah.

"Magic wands were always made out of the wood of a Holly tree. It’s made out of Holly wood. Hollywood is a Druidic establishment and the symbols, the words, the terms, the stories, are designed."

"Magic wands were always made out of the wood of a Holly tree. It’s made out of Holly wood. Hollywood is a Druidic establishment and the symbols, the words, the terms, the stories, are designed."

"…and they're still working their magic in Hollywood"
– Jordan Maxwell

Thanks for the Jordan Maxwell quote! Sometimes its hard for me to keep my attention listening to him.

Yes Quincy!! That's exactly where Hollywood gets its name from……& with these wands they use to cast spells and put people into trances and sleep…..They say Hollywood is where your dreams come true, that's why they call it Dream land. I'm glad you noticed that because not many people are aware.

“Cause once you’re mine … There’s no going back.”….. LIAR there is ALWAYS forgiveness if you seek it from the LORD …..THE REAL LORD! THE CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH OF ALL THAT IS SEEN AND UNSEEN

Katy Perry and MaDonna didn't bother me too much. I find it hypocritical of Perry to criticize Gaga for the Alejandro music video when she does this. While I did enjoy watching Beyonce, this is not stuff that should be on mainstream shows.

Katy Perry is a no talent bore. She would be nothing without auto tuning. Madonna is irrelevant and in denial. As for the others, their performances say one thing: show me the money. Making money instead of music is what the Grammies have always been about. There's no big dark secret there. Historically people have always had a thing for bread and circuses. The person who wrote this article advances the "agenda" by viewing the Grammies and writing about them. Go out and make your own music and light a candle instead of cursing the darkness.

I want to help but something is telling me now is not the time and i have to wait. I've always been trying to find myself. Having dreams of defeating the devil and putting him back in hell. Its kinda weird because at first when I had the dream I didnt know what to do so I ran, than I had the dream again and this time I didn't ran and I defeated him and i woke up with ny left ear almost going deaf

It's so funny how people who claim to have their eyes wide opencan miss such minute details…In Kendrick Lamar's song HiiPower the lyrics leading up to each chorus contain a black historian that Kendrick is paying homage to. The first time around he says "This is ..Huey Newton gone stupid , you cant resist HIS Hiipower ..the second time around he says "This is Bobby Seal makin meals you can't resist HIS HiiPower..Some posters on here have made the claim that Kendrick's use of "HIS" was supposed to be invoking some sort of evil spirit or demonic possession, but if you take the time to read the lyrics you could see that the power that Kendrick is speaking of isn't demonic or evil.

please let me share this on my blog..

The irony is the title of this post. "Still pushing illuminati agenda." It's almost as if the author him or herself is tired of writing all of this. My question is, if there is an illuminati and whatnot, what's next? Just continuous posts of all the symbolism in the videos and awards shows? Anyone gonna step out and fight or do anything? Or is this just about bragging rights, so when the day comes that this illuminati fully reveals itself and takes over or something, the new post can be: "I told you so!" I mean, what's the point of blogging page after page of this stuff and then just going to sleep and waking to another day. I don't get the point anymore is all I'm saying. Let's see if anyone can respond back with as much calm and reason as my post has and not get mad or… Read more »

QGG I hear what you are saying but really I think you should go to sleep, wake up the next day and never come back on this site.

If you are really clued up about this. YOU YOURSELF SHOULD KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING!

As has been said several times by other commenters here…the reason for posts like this is to make people aware of it. We know what to look for in the future because let's face it…this stuff is all up in our faces now. So what's the purpose, you ask? It's to share this information with others so they can wake up and stop paying for/supporting this foolishness. Money talks and makes the world go round so the best way to put an end to it is stop supporting the garbage this industry puts out and let the system crumble on its own. I'm curious…what are YOU doing to change things? Just commenting on websites wondering why the website exists? Maybe you should go find something better to do with your time then instead of telling people how you don't see the point in all of this.

Where the hell is VC man!?……

Do an article on Katy perry dark horse video

I agree…..just saw the ancient Egyptian themed video and it is full of blatant symbolism. You almost have to laugh at how in your face it is.

Yes I know, Egyptian Symbolism but the title of the song is Dark Horse, hmmmm……

Katy perrys new video is an absolute joke it's Egyptian theme and full of symbols go watch it if you haven't seen it I'm sure we will catch an article of it here very very soon

I heard about all of this and think it was pure evil and filled with agenda pushing.

Hi sweetie,
Great article and bless you for waking my eyes to satanists in everyday life.
Now im worried that my son is being led to the illuminati ways and devil worship and turning away from Christ. He has been listening to a British (y'all know that they are f*g lover lizard worshipers) rock band called Billey Brag. He has this song that he likes called Great Leap Forward and I was shocked to tears when I heard him sing still waiting for the New World Order. He is obviously in support of NWO and don't forget those vids about Graham Brown and Tony Blair talking about NWO who are also Brit. Please do a article on him as I think he is saying it will happen soon.
Can someone help?
Thanks sweetie,

Such an incredibly ignorant comment 🙁

You are very funny Christianmom. You are so funny that I question whether you must be exaggerating on some level. Billy Bragg is a dyed-in-the-wool proletarian who is, put politely, far from influential within the music industry and/or elite circles although he does some brilliant campaigning against Nazi's in his home town. I am surprised that he has reached the American heartlands and is being piped around your house like that. It must feel like an alien invasion. Can you actually understand his accent let alone his lyrics as I barely can and my American mommy certainly cannot! If your son has somehow found his music than you should thank God that he has chosen to listen to that over Jay Z or any number of other performers and save your tears. If more young people followed public figures like him, then the world would be a much nicer place… Read more »
I'm not sure if anyone realize those illuminati sex bomb are categorized in 5 different elements of magick. You can notice alot of these small little things in their Music video, their album cover, or their style and fashion. These are some of the findings; Taylor Swift (Ice element) Her music video always relate to ice background, winter, the sound of snow, the lyrics that mentioned she's in a cold weather and yes, most of the time for awards night ..she either in pure white,pearl or silver. Katy Perry (fire element) No doubts, katy is one of my favorite. But lets scroll up.. it's not the first time we saw her image as witch, playing with dark magic and inside fire ring. While taylor swift is always on the winter backdrop, katy is always on summer and supporting the US military, all on sunny day. Lyrics never fail to remind… Read more »

Ice element? I'm a witch and we have no "Ice Element". There's 5 elements. Ice def. isn't one of them. Born into and raised as Witch. lol


wow, I never knew witches were real.

Yes we are very real. Like a lot of other things people never knew were real until they finally see them.

Actually we have no "wood" element either. The 5 elements are represented on our 5 point pentagram. An element for each pantagram point. Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. The Satanists turn our Witches pentagram upside down. Thats how you can tell if they worship satan and are evil. Witches dont believe in Satan or believe that Hell exists.


Taylor Swift – I have seen her sing among nature as well like meadows and streams, I don't think it's pure ice element..

Rihanna – She has represented all element like water = Umbrella song, Fire = Shut up and drive, Wood = Take a bow, water = disturbia

Katy Perry – Except for 'unconditionally' video which had snow, the rest of her videos are summery so it does depict fire.

thanks for the guide line n reply 🙂

I heard that Michael Jackson was trying, or planning, to expose the truth about the Illuminati and that is why he was killed. Remember that he died before he was able to do his big tour.

He was the King of Pop, so you have to ask yourself how does one become 'King' in such a wicked industry. What do they do to get there? and why would they wish to stay there? Sadly Michael was deeply involved, just take a look at the symbols on his album covers and the lyrics of his songs.

People have no clue who or what we really are. Tv has turned everything "Evil" with their stupid movies that have no clue and aren't even real. btw…men aren't warlocks. They are witches. A Witch is a Witch wether your male or female. Warlock is an olde term meaning "Wise one." Real Witches don't believe in Hell or the Devil. That would be called a Satanist. BIG HUGE difference people. Get it right. People are just stupid and make fun of or try and kill what they don't understand or what just simply scares them. Look at American history from Native Americans to now and you will see. Sheesh. Get real. And yes I'm sure many people will contact me or comment on this but you are the ones that have no clue what a Real Witch is or stands for or even does. You have read, or seen it… Read more »

About to catch a flight so can't address your post as I would like to have done but I think this discussion has already taken place a few weeks ago – there is a lengthy thread somewhere.

have a nice journey then

It's quite funny to read all these comments when it is just a retelling of a Myth.

It is simply the Crucification of Venus (Aphrodite). It's a Pagan representation in a performance.

It's all in Mythology literature.

So true

True, it is all Western pagan ritual performance. Entertainment, the new opiate of the masses!

All the songs and performances are not for the public. They (the Elite / enemies) communicate this way for a long time. Katy Perry's performance was a ultimate, almost a declaration of War. The 4 demons represent each quarter of the Holy Cross (If you know what I mean). The Dark Horse represents War. Katy represents the Dark Side of Moon. (Or Virgin Mary, or Virgo). The Red Cross represents the Roman Catholic Cross and the Blood of Christ. And there is a lot more, like the "Pope's Blessing" act (He is the one to decide) It's an enacting of the behind the scenes war that is going on. Read the Lyrics carefully and you may understand. "So you wanna play with magic Boy, you should know what you're falling for Baby do you dare to do this? Cause I’m coming at you like a dark horse Are you ready… Read more »

Random question but what do you guys think of lupita nyongo she's taking Hollywood by storm and is featuring in a lot of magazines. Dont get me wrong i love her beacuse shes not only beutiful but talented but im curius because she came out of nowhere, did one movie and BAM!!! shes everywhere this makes me wonder what she did or 'who'…. Any thoughts???

I've never herad of her. She was in dm today

Lupita didn't come out of nowhere. I saw her on Kenyan TV where she was the most memorable character out of an ensemble drama. Granted, the character she played did some, er, questionable things, but that character was also young, naive, and hungry for success– I still have reservations about that character.

I would never, ever have imagined that Hollywood would make an it-girl out of an African woman who looks like an African woman. Hollywood is fickle, but sometimes it is fickle in the right direction. Nyong'o is skilled, charismatic yet reserved, and I hope she continues to get work even if she goes out of fashion.

I like her too, but I also have my reservations whenever there is an "it" person being promoted in Hollywood. Like, just what did she have to do to get there? I have also seen a few pics of her covering one eye and she is now rumored to be dating Jared Leto (symbolic pics last month). She is also a Yale graduate (home of skull and bones). Her father is a senator in Kenya (she comes from money). Patsy in 12 Years A Slave must have been a painful role to play no doubt, no spoilers, but when she gets nominated my first thought was Halle Berry in Monster's Ball all over again. Everyone and their mother in fashion and Hollywood is putting Lupita on a pedestal, which is great, but I wonder if people will still be talking about her 1 or 2 years from now? She's a… Read more »

It is possibly the covering of as much territory as possible? There is a whole segment of young people feeling outsiders instead of winners. Lovely to see an 'outsider' get succesfull, to identify with.
the person behind the movie parts might as well still be acting out a role. And be used as a pawn.
Choosing an it-girl can be by the public, but hey, we all know the public suffers from a lot of combined bombardements by media that is controlled by the same companies that release the movies, the records and stuff like that.
what is the role of being an it-girl ?

I like what you are thinking in terms of (1) outsiders vs. winners, (2) a person playing a role, and (3) the public being led to think they are choosing their champions even though they were force-fed the criteria. 1. The “one chosen out of many” narrative is definitely at play here. 2. Someone in that position will play any media role that leads to them getting the acting roles they want. 3. What is most interesting about Lupita is she fits the criteria (talent, striking looks**, charm) in every area except one: race. I was tuned in to media around the time just before and just after she was “crowned” and there was a bit of a hesitation, I sensed, an inaudible “Oh, really?” in the air when she came up. **The conflict: Media companies have fed us the concept of truly black women being either invisible or the… Read more »

Thankyou soo much everyone for giving a s**t about our song, ‘Royals’. May you all find the balls to help construct a world based on resilient community, bona-fide freedom, and peace. To do that, we will need to redeploy the psychopaths that currently run the world to the planet’s prisons.[17] Peace cannot happen with reconciliation. That was Nelson Mandela’s mistake.[18] The first step to peace is justice firmly served.

Really, she stood there live and gave this monologue denouncing the powers that be at another of THEIR blatenly in your face symbolic rituals complete with witchcraft worshiping, a psudo strip show and blood soaked radioacivity and she wasn't "escorted" from the stage and "rehabed" but continues to be promoted by that cesspool industry?

As Canadian journalist Naomi Klein has argued in her book, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, ‘free markets’ were slickly marketed in the 1980s and 1990s with the idea that they would deliver individual freedom and prosperity for all.[15] Klein also wrote that the use of military violence to facilitate the spread of ‘free markets’ in the field-testing stage from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s has continued into the 2000s. Her view is supported in Eugene Jarecki’s documentary Why We Fight, which compellingly showed that America fights wars to make the world secure for its corporations.[16] So, get reading and viewing! (Lorde giggles and half the audience rises to their feet applauding. The other half remain fixed in their chairs. Some reluctantly clap).

So, in today’s mental world, it should become clearer now that Planet Earth is ruled by super-wealthy people, who use their outrageous fortunes to steer the trajectories of whole societies for their own material and political gain.[7] These oligarchs are, in fact, colluding for economic gain and conspiring to augment more political power.[8] Armies of professional, political, religious and military elites serve them.[9 Together, they comprise a highly-networked transnational capitalist class that has been traced in studies by: Peter Phillips and Brady Osborne;[10] William K. Carroll;[11] David Rothkopf;[12] Daniel Estulin;[13] and Laurence H. Shoup and William Minter.[14]

Can we not imagine that in past times, simple folk found it hard to work out exactly how they were being manipulated by the Royal monarchies, and the Papal monarchy, who claimed a ‘divine right to rule’? Ordinary people from classical times through to the demise of the Ancien Regime could not see how the rivalrous network of elites and oligarchs were linked, not least because the illiterate masses were indoctrinated to believe in their humble lot, to obey divinely-endorsed authority and to live in fear of damnation.

I don't know if anyone has heard about Lorde's Supressed Grammy acceptance speech that was cut from tv. I made me completely change my opinion on her; yet I worry now she will end up in a "psych ward" since she so bravely spoke against the powers that be. Here is a transcript of her real speech: Thank you soo much everyone for making this song explode because this world is mental. (Planet Earth is run by psychopaths that hide behind slick marketing, ‘freedom’ propaganda and ‘economic growth’ rhetoric,[1] while they construct a global system of corporatized totalitarianism. As American journalist Chris Hedges has identified, a corporate totalitarian core thrives inside a fictitious democratic shell.[2] This core yields an ‘inverted’ totalitarian state that few recognize because it does not look like the Orwellian world of Nineteen Eighty-four.[3] This corporate totalitarian core is spreading outward from America. Planet Earth is being… Read more »

What's totalitarian ?

Nazi Germany is an example of a Totalitarian Government

Ok, she said all this as her acceptance speech? Did they not run her off stage with music (they usually have about 3-5 minutes give or take for a speech) so I'm confused. I know they cut it on tv for time constraints but how did they let her talk that long? Did someone not come out to escort her? Anyway. Props to her.

I was surprised she didn't get run off stage too, I guess instead they somehow blocked it from being aired on tv. Big props to her- I just hope I don't hear about her in a psych ward or something like that anyone soon. I can't stand "Pop" music but I was into her before she blew up, then once she became more popular it became evident she was being used as a puppet. Look at the difference between her video for "Royals" and her video for the song "Team" Props to her for standing up to the "powers that be" and for sites like this were you can find info mass media wanted to suppress( like her speech)

however it is starting to look like
the book
a brave new world

All songs have a hidden meaning, some are clearly seen some are harder. Its not only Katy Perry or Beyoncé or any other singer mainly mentioned in this topic, its a whole lot of other singers. Go ahead and see for your self, if you can't pull the meanin TN out for your self I guaranteed many others haved. Thank you ! God Bless you.

They are pushing it/ flaunting it, because they know they are at the end of their reign. They are feeling desperate. We are experiencing chaos, or seeming chaos, which is symbolic of our "crucifixion", meaning birthing pains, before the Golden Age of peace finally arrives. Picture a caterpillar in its cocoon (the crucifixion) that ultimately results in a butterfly (the Ascension). Don't fall into the trap of hopelessness that they are trying to suck us into. Don't let these dramatic displays frighten you – they depend on it! Earth and it's inhabitants are going through this chaotic transition, but the day WILL come when Love and Light are in greater balance on Earth than that of our Dark counterpart! THEY know this! So find comfort in your ability to love, forgive (even of yourself), and feel joy! Align yourself with the Divine Creator (the source of love and innocence). The… Read more »

Please post article on The Little Princess film.

Help me please. Im very scared. I dont watch any of this shows and I'm trying to get out of my life anything that could have.symbolism .still scared, I wonder if I'm already affected by this stuff.
Last night I was watching Mental Games at NatGeo and it was a big surprise how in the end of th show, when they askeda qyestion,, the answer were the same for my whole family.Why? They show you during the program small images at bottom or top of screen with the anwer that you will choose. Hard to realize of this, but it's amazing and scary. I want to be strong enough to not allow bad thinkigs and have free thoughts, think for myself.
I'm 20, I know, too big for being scared. 🙁

Excuse my english, I'm 1year left to finish my english classes.

Greeting from South America.

Hi Miranda. Try not to be too scared. I am not familiar with this programme but am guessing they were using ' the power of suggestion' to get you all to that same answer. This is a Psychology technique, it makes you think of a particular thing, or gain an opinion by very subtly suggesting it to you as though it was your own idea or thought using various means, emotive music, an image etc….. With these kind of shows it seems harmless enough, entertaining even , however; not so funny is the fact that the Media uses these techniques everyday to persuade people to agree to certain laws, buy certain products, hate particular groups etc….. So don't be scared but do be aware and switch off the TV , the more you do that the better you will feel.

Fear is an unfortunate by-product of such exploration and if indeed that is the main feeling that it invokes in you, then you must give it a break because the fear could be more harmful than the benefit of gaining greater insight.

Hey there, I must say that your English is written well. Greetings from the United States. There's a lot to be scared about nowadays. You're never too old to be scared, don't be afraid to validate your feelings. I want to tell you that although yes, there are scary things out there, there is a wonderful God above who has control amidst the chaos being presented to us. Through His son, Jesus Christ, who has conquered fear and death, we have no need to be frightened away from the world around us. Jesus came to absolve us of our sin, and the penalty of sin which is death. If you accept Him and his unique offer of salvation, He can take your fears, doubts, and struggles onto Himself and protect you. Jesus wants to be your protector and champion if you will give Him the chance to defend you. 2… Read more »

I'm not sure if this is a stupid question or not, but is it possible for a handler to have more than one slave? Many people have stated that Jay Z is Beyonce's handler but I've also heard that he's Rihanna's handler. Can someone answer this for me?

Absolutely. Think of it like a "Doctor" and his "patients". He is definitely a handler and handlers also have helpers to fill in for them.

Thanks for your input. Another thing, do you know if females can also be handlers? Or is that just a male thing?

You know, if you read this thread in a certain way, it sounds like you are thinking of getting into the game. A polite enquiry into the handler business. I cannot wait for the next question; someone please answer this one.

A handler can be male or female. Why, are you thinking of becoming one?

No. I just have alot of questions regarding those things. I'm just really curious.

And most of the times when handlers are mentioned they're usually males. The only female I've heard of possibly being a handler is Madonna.

These are actually very good questions, and should be asked by anyone who truly wishes to understand these issues. First it's important to understand that handlers have skillsets that we would not attribute to normal people. So their gender is irrelevant, but their DNA "is" relevant. And Yes, handlers will have multiple slaves, as well as have handlers themselves sometimes. The system is multigenerational, with some families raising their very own offspring into MK slavery, and also teaching their slaves to become handlers before it is all over with.

So handlers handle several people, but also have handlers themselves. Like psychoanalysts. I've always wondered about them. I've known good therapists, but psychoanalysts specifically always seemed a bit off, even when they were personable. Maybe it's the weirdness of the process, the power imbalance and partial communication. ::shiver::

I know someone with personal information about the fact that he is Rihanna's handler as well. I personally believe that he is also Gwyneth Paltrow's handler and handles her kids too. Goggle it and see how she deliberately keeps his illusion of power alive by regularly dropping him into interviews unrelated to him. Also recall how Chris Martin promotes him via collaborations which have little musical merit or integrity.

I assumed GP was being her regular presumptuous self with the whole "Ni**as in paris for real" tweet, but it could be that they are in that thick with each other. Still, so hard to believe. There's just an air of inauthenticity around these peoples' personae, friendships, marriages and pregnancies.

>> I personally believe that he is also Gwyneth Paltrow's handler
When do you imagine this started? Who, if anyone, was her previous handler? Why put such disparate people together? To humanise her? To soften him? You seem like a thoughtful person; you didn't offer this opinion without some analysis.

>> collaborations which have little musical merit or integrity.
Are there any that do?

Well she was on a WB retainer so that is always persuasive. There is a fair amount of anecdotal evidence out there. I think it was cemented in 2011 at glast onbury festival but I have never been to any festivals or concerts so I could not say for sure.

Not a fan of the Grammys, but honestly, the whole "everything is a conspiracy" thing has taken over and is becoming ridiculous. Time to hop off this train, people. God will show us the truth in the end, these things aren't anything to throw a huge fit about.

So let me get this straight, God has a particular day written down to reveal everything to us? Go back to watching lame street media and let those who have eyes/ears, see and hear. Theres no judgment, everyday is judgment, we face consequences of our actions daily. Thats judgment!!

So let me get this straight, God has a particular day written down to reveal everything to us? Go back to watching lame street media and let those who have eyes/ears, see and hear. Theres no judgment, everyday is judgment, we face consequences of our actions daily. Thats judgment!!

So let me get this straight, God has a particular day written down to reveal everything to us? Go back to watching lame street media and let those who have eyes/ears, see and hear. Theres no judgment, everyday is judgment, we face consequences of our actions daily. Thats judgment!!

Julia Roberts sister ODing right after PSH and after calling Julia a "bit*ch *raises eyebrow*

cant you see someone running things actually believes in devil s**t they are obsessed with it
grown men really believing in religion and all super preachy is bad enough
how would you like to find out Obama believed in the devil or
actually still really felt that santa was real and started giving you exact details of his life
if your not a little disturbed bud at the least then why are you here

Can not you see how your fear of this is irrational? Comon, some stupid people in stupid clothes is doing pathetic music.. nothing less, nothing more

Wow you are confused….. No one's afraid of the performance, everyone's afraid of becoming like you…. seriously

Do you guys think that Beyonce would be sacrificed for anyone anytime soon? I'm not wishing bad things upon her, I'm just curious.

No. She is the Queen Bee (this is truly how her fans have nicknamed her)…. she is more important than I had originally thought in the past…. no Beyonce, no hive…. no hive, no hive mind…. no hivemind, no Beehive….. no Beehive, No Behave

You only become a candidate for sacrifice if you question their authority and rebel against them. The last time I checked she was as blindly pious as ever.

As long as she brings in more money alive than she would if she were dead, she is safe, is my humble guess.
(I hope Chaka Kahn has made a will to her loved ones and not her managers)