Sinister Sites – The Denver International Airport


An apocalyptic horse with glowing red eyes welcoming visitors? Check.

Nightmarish murals? Check.

Strange words and symbols embedded in the floor? Check.

Gargoyles sitting in suitcases? Check.

Runways shaped like a Nazi swastika? Check.

OK, this place is evil.

But seriously, there are so many irregularities surrounding the DIA, that a voluminous book could be written on the subject.  The facilities and the art displayed lead many observers to believe that the DIA is much more than an airport: it is literally a New-Age cathedral, full of occult symbolism and references to secret societies. The art at the DIA is NOT an aggregation of odd choices made by people with poor taste, like many people think. It is a cohesive collection of symbolic pieces that reflect the philosophy, the beliefs and the goals of the global elite. The DIA is the largest airport in America and it has cost over 4.8 billion dollars. Everything regarding this airport has been meticulously planned and everything is there for a reason.

The Airport

The airport facilities themselves raised a ton of questions regarding the true purpose of the mega-structure. Numerous “creative” theories are floating around the DIA regarding underground military bases, aliens and/or reptilian creatures. While I’m aware that anything is possible, we will stick to the documented facts.

The airport was built in 1995 on 34,000 acres. Its construction forced the Stapleton International airport to shut down, although it used more gates and runways than the DIA. The initial cost of construction was 1.7 billion $ but the final project elevated the bill to 4.8 billion: 3.1 BILLION $ over budget.  Numerous irregularities have been reported regarding the construction of the site:

  • Different contractors have been hired for different parts of the airport. They’ve all been fired after their job was done. This lead observers to believe that it was a strategy to make sure nobody had the full scope of the project.
  • 110 million cubic yards of earth have been moved, way more than usually required. This arose suspicion of construction taking place underground.
  • 5300 miles of fiber optics were installed for communications (USA coast to coast is 3000 miles in comparison).
  • Fueling system that can pump 1000 gallons of jet fuel per minute. This amount is totally absurd for a commercial airport.
  • Granite imported from all over the world even if the project was already grossly over budget.
  • Construction of a huge tunnel system (trucks can circulate in them) and underground trains. Most of those aren’t used at the moment.

Analysis of the data available makes me reach at least one conclusion: this gigantic structure will eventually become much more than a regular commercial airport. It has the capacity to handle a huge amount of people and vehicles, leading observers to think that the structure might be used as military base and others even add that it will be used as a civilian concentration camp in the near future. I will not advance on this subject because I do not have proof of those claims. I however would understand why such plans would be top secret. Let’s look at the soothing, traveler-friendly art on display at the DIA.

1- Horse of the Apocalypse

So this is what welcomes you when you enter the gates of hell…sorry, I meant the gates of the airport. A 32 foot high fiberglass stallion with veins popping out of its whole body and demonic eyes that glow red. Nice. I heard the children love it. Interesting fact: the horse killed his creator, Luis Jimenez, while he was working on it. A portion of the sculpture came loose and smashed him, causing fatal injuries. His friends now say that the horse is cursed.

What does it represent? The 1st thing that came to mind when I saw this horrendous piece (for an aiport anyways) is: the Pale horse of the Apocalypse. It is the fourth horse in the book of Revelation in the Bible and is appropriately called “Death”.

“And I looked, and behold a pale horse;
and his name that sat on him was
Death, and Hell followed with him. And
power was given unto them over the
fourth part of the earth, to kill with
sword, and with hunger, and with
death, and with the beasts of the earth”.

-Revelation 6:7-8

In other words, the horse “Death” brought killing with weapons, with hunger, and with disease. That’s pretty extreme a family airport, right? Doesn’t seem like that horse should be there. You will soon realize that it fits perfectly with the rest of the DIA. By the way, this is one scary horse anus!

2- Masonic Capstone

The stone is situated in the “Great Hall” of the airport (term that is also used by masons to refer to their meeting hall). There’s Freemason symbols on the stone and on the “keypad” which seems to be written in braille.

Notice on the capstone the mention “New World Airport Commission”. This particular commission does not exist, so it most likely refers to the New World Order. There is also a time capsule buried under the stone to be opened in 2094. The angled arm is very enigmatic seems to have a purpose other than being decorative. Any insights on this?

3- Prophetic Murals

Divided into four walls, the murals painted by Leo Tanguma are supposed to represent peace, harmony and nature. But I’m not getting these messages at all. When you analyze the symbolism of the murals, you realize that they tell a terrifying story of future events about to happen, as if it was some sort of prophecy. There are specific social and political references and other occult details that basically turn those paintings into a New World Order manifesto. Tanguma reportedly confirmed that he was given guidelines for the paintings and was paid 100 000$ for the first ones. He later denied he was given instructions and refuted any questions regarding hidden meanings in his paintings. Previous Leo Tanguma murals were typical Chicano art, politically charged and community oriented. However, his work at the DIA sends a totally different “vibe”, giving me the gut feeling that he simply drew someone else’s vision. Let’s look at the paintings one by one:

  • A) “Peace and Harmony with Nature

So the airport’s official website says that the name of the mural is called “Peace and Harmony with Nature”. Really? At the center of the piece, saddened children with extinct animal and plant species. In the background, a forest on fire and further back, a city on fire.

An interesting fact about that city is that it has been retouched and painted over many times during the years, as if it represents something important for the creators. It seems surrounded by an ill colored haze, as if it was attacked by a bio-chemical weapon.

One of the children holds a Mayan tablet depicting the end of civilization.

At the bottom, of this peaceful painting, we see three open-caskets containing dead girls from different cultures. Left is a Black woman, center is a Native woman. Why are they laying there with the other animals? Are we predicting the extinction of those races? We already know that the military has developed race-specific chemical weapons. Here’s what the Project for New American Century (PNAC), a think tank that defines the foreign and defence policy of the US has to say about this:

“… the art of warfare … will be vastly different than it is today … “combat” likely will take place in new dimensions … advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.”

The girl on the right holds a Bible and a yellow “Juden” star used by the Nazi to identify jews. It seems to symbolize the death of Judeo-Christian beliefs. The group at the origin of the imagery of this airport are definitively NOT Christian or Jewish. Secret societies have their own belief system that is way too complex to explain here (check the “Educate Yourself‘ section for more info). I can however tell you that caskets are an important part of masonic symbolism as you can see in the next image depicting the main symbols of freemasonry. Tombs are also a big part of the Skull and Bones’ rituals.

  • B) Children of the World Dream of Peace

The 2nd mural is a two part piece. We read from left to right, so I will analyze it from left to right.

Children of all colors, dressed in folkloric costumes give weapons wrapped in their country’s national flag to a… German boy? Huh? Yes the Bavarian costume leaves no doubt. The boy at the center of the image, holding the hammer and apparently building something is German. Even the American kid (dressed as a boyscout) seems eager to give his weapons and flag to the German boy. You’re in the largest airport of America, in the middle of the USA, and this is the mural we  display. America joyfully submitting to Germany. It’s just too odd to compute. This obviously represents countries of the world giving up their military might and their national identity for “the common good”. Another reference to a New World order, with one government and one army. But why is the German boy at the center of everything? There are so many allusions to Germany and Nazism in this airport, there is NO WAY it can be a coincidence. I can’t help but to think of”Operation Paperclip“, which brought prominent Nazi scientists and researchers to the USA after WWII. Laying at the bottom of the mural is a broken figure holding a riffle (representing war) with two doves sitting on top of it (representing peace). Heartwarming. Now follow the movement the of the rainbow that starts underneath that statue, going around the children and leading you to part II of the mural (which has recently painted over)

  • Part 2

The monster has awakened! This big and aggressive militaristic figure is dressed in a Nazi uniform (notice the symbol on the hat) with a face shaped like a gas mask. His hands are holding a rifle and a scimitar that is rather violently molesting the peace bearing dove. On the left is depicted an endless lineup of crying parents holding their limp, dead baby. This is a truly atrocious painting, with no redeeming message or moral. The fact that this was displayed at the main gate of the largest airport of America, during the age of political correctness (the nineties) is totally aberrant. The militaristic figure is glorified and all-powerful,  situated at the center of the action. It has regained its powers that it seemed to have lost after WWII. It is back in full force and its leading the way to a new holocaust.

Look closely at the people on the left and the dead children sleeping on bricks. There is no traces of violence on them. They’re simply devoid of life, as if they were poisoned by the deadly gas emanating from the rainbow above them.  The monster, protected by his gas mask, is pointing the lineup of victims towards the letter on the bottom left.

It is an actual letter written by a Hama Herchenberg, 14 years old, that died December 18, 1943 in Auschwitz Concentration camp (as written at the bottom of the letter). A little disturbing isn’t it. Auschwitz was infamous for it use of toxic gas.

The camp commandant, Rudolf Höß, testified at the Nuremberg Trials that up to 3 million people had died at Auschwitz, about 90 percent of whom were Jews. Most victims were killed in Auschwitz II’s gas chambers using Zyklon B
(source: Wikipedia).

The presence of a colorful rainbow and a teddy bear in this image, symbols our minds instantly associate with youth and innocence, is totally sickening and twisted. One last thing about the scimitar: it is a symbol often used in masonic imagery:

  • C) Peace and Harmony with Nature

What do you do when you’ve killed most of the world population with toxic gas? You celebrate around a genetically-modified-glowing plant of course! Happy people from all over the world irresistibly heading towards that plant, some are almost flying towards it. Right above this plant (that doesn’t exist in real life) is a Jesus-like figure but is definitively not Jesus.

All of the extinct species of the 1st mural are all back in action and you even see a little dove appearing in the plant. How nice. They feel so much better now that there’s much less people on earth now. The animals are happy too and they thank you for dying. People can now use high levels of scientific knowledge to live in a state of synthesized happiness provided by genetically modified plants. Good for them. The whales are jumping in the air, high-fiving humans. If you look closely at the baby tigers, they have faces of human children. Its it quite bizarre. This whole piece reeks of genetic modification and magick.

To sum up, those murals clearly depicted admitted goals you can read in documents calling for a New World Order:

  • Massive depopulation of the earth
  • Death of Judeo-Christian beliefs
  • One World government
  • Restoration of nature

If you’ve read my piece about the Georgia Guidestones, you might notice that the themes are strikingly similar. Coincidence? The Georgia Guidestones also feature a capstone with a time capsule buried under it. There is no “conspiracy theory” here, those are facts. Everything is written in stone for you to see. The elites own this place and they build monuments to celebrate their culture. Their “divine knowledge” is however inaccessible to you unless you’re a high ranking member. There is so much to interpret in those murals that I’m convinced I’ve missed a lot of details (colors, shapes, movement, symbols).

3- The Swastika Runway

After seeing all of the allusions to Nazi Germany, would you be surprised if the runways were shaped like a swastika? Here’s an aerial view of the runways and below is how the runways appear in Google Map. Draw your own conclusions.

View Larger Map

I highly doubt that the guy who drew the runways did not notice their odd shape. I mean, someone in the process of drawing and/or building had to say “Wait a minute, this kinda looks like that Nazi symbol! We should maybe change it! We don’t want our new 4,1G$ airport to be offensive or anything”. But that did not happen for some reason.


4- Other weirdness

Like I’ve said before, a book could be written on the DIA, so I’ll leave you with unsorted oddities you can see at the DIA.

  • Gargoyles

The symbolism of gargoyles has always been a mystery. Nobody can really explain the reason of their presence, specifically on religious buildings. Are they remnants of past pagan beliefs that never went away? Do they represent something only “illuminated” people know about?

“What are these fantastic monsters doing in the cloisters under the very eyes of the brothers as they read? What is the meaning of these unclean monkeys, strange savage lions and monsters? To what purpose are here placed these creatures, half beast, half man?
-St Bernard of Clairvaux, 12th century

  • The floor

These photos are of a strange set of symbols that run in the floor from the south end of The Great Hall on Level 5 and progress to the north end of The Great Hall.  Note the black disk which is occulting the sun.  There is no mistaking the architecture in the floor as depicting the sun, and the black disk is beginning to eclipse it.  When we arrive at the north end of The Great Hall, there is a statue of Jeppesen which is covering the sun. Is it a reference to the black sun, as revered by the Nazis?

  • ????

Is it supposed to be “native” art representing mother earth? Looks like an alien “sprinkling” life on earth. Whats with the little faces at the top of the painting? Are they alien watching us from space? I don’t know, I can’t find any information about this piece. It makes me think of crop circles for some reason.

Additional sources of information or theories.




    • Just off the top of my head I'd say it was a distribution point for resistors of the new world hell via underground fast trains to locations ll over the US which we know to exist.

      • How come the people constructing the sites underground cannot talk? Do they not care about the plans of killing the worlds population? unbelievable!!

    • I know, it's scary because I live in Colorado and I never realized how wierd the airport is until now….damn

    • I believe that the perception of these works are misunderstood. The picture of the soldier "stabbing" the dove of peace, to me, shows the violence of the past which was committed in the name of peace. The burial picture shows races that have been wronged in the past. Maybe the AuAg means that we will give up gold and silver in the name of unity. The rainbow represents the Rainbow Bridge which is made through unity.

  1. I believe the last one is something from the positive side. Not from the masons, for if they have all the secrets and there is some deeper knowledge to the universe perhaps they are not the only ones and we are not alone. And if so it would make sense for them to help us and not leave us to these scary demonic places that illuminatts would wish to take us. I sound like a crack pot but I just had a thought. Peace.

    • A well versed muslim will teach you all about what is going on in and around the world in today's day and age. You will need to learn about Jinn and the plan of the DAJJAL. LESS THAN 50 YEARS NOW, LESS THAN 50 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It is very obvious that the new world order is flaunting there evil beleifs and power giving us more than subtle hints of what is to come. This evil airport is a disquize for the alien base and concentration camp directly underneath. People need to wake up..this sickening place is no accident.

  3. "The angled arm is very enigmatic seems to have a purpose other than being decorative. Any insights on this?"

    Looks like an ergonomic control panel. Like what you see on Star Trek movies, where the Captain stands at his station and the ship controls are all on one panel.

    • I agree Kim, in fact if you were to see a Scientology podium, it would be shaped much like this. It looks to me like, in addition to the afore mentioned thoughts, like hell is forcing itself out of the earth. Onto the world.

  4. The horse. Jesus made a direct reference to the “sons of the Ba’el” who are still here. Underground. The Ba’el were a peaceful and very advanced race. When the sun changed they had to evacuate, they could not take everyone. They left because the changes in the sun caused them to go insane if they stayed in a solar system with these UV rays. Those left behind used their advanced “mech’ to dig down between the 5 and 20 mile range of the crust. That’s why Jesus “hated the sons of”, the insane descendants who were even in those times using advance mech against the surface populations. Interestingly enough the “Ba’el” are from the phlegm of HORSE, as we are from the phlegm of Ape. The developed into a species of Man, we call this a “humanoid” life form. “HORSE-MEN” of the UNVEILING?

    The entire mural looks like Revelations. You mentioned the Boy Scout did you notice the modern dressed(suit and tie) little American black boy BEHIND him. He looks like a little lawyer, and he’s not smiling the way the others are. O’bama? Something about the boyscout’s facial shape reminds me of the caricatures of Chaney. “And all the kings will turn over their kingdoms to the disciple of the Beast..” People are talking about all the helicopters today, and talking about an internal military coup.

    In Revelation there is a beast of “wonder” could this be the symbolic flower. Notice the “Peace” sign is pointed down, not up. That’s an occult symbol for the Cross being turned upside down as in Satanic worship.
    “And the whole world will worship the beast”

    The “Jesus” figure LOOKS like an American Indian. But what is on his head is the older symbol for a “halo” and this means he is one of the “Shining Ones”, illuminated. His body has no clothes that can be seen from here, any way. The Shining were the only ones allowed to rule before. The entire body is capable of lighting up, just as the reports of “Aliens” giving off light. This is evolution, the next step for us, but many other civilizations have already made it there. The Bird Tribes are one.

    The Gargoyles coming out of a suitcase look like someone who had folded himself as small as he could to hide in the suitcase. Making his escape. Someone opens the case and he is caught, so he hunches over in his cramped position and puts his head in his hands. Look at the resignation on his face. “Oh well”. The horns and short cropped hair are often referred to in legends of Cain and the Horned god. Notice the human body, not hoofs. The wings are the Bird tribes, “Angel” not mammalian/bat–“Dragon”. Could this be a TRUE representation of the People we once knew that went underground and became hidden from us? The “Fallen”? Could they have been the start of the legends of Gargoyles with bat wings, etc? Could this be them getting caught by the Annanuki elite?

    The native art. It looks like the old statues of the pregnant “Mother” goddess Earth. It looks like the Native american and the corn is taken by the Mother inside. She puts them to sleep for a while under ground. The piece in the middle looks like the representations you see today of the tunnels in the Sphinx. The American Indians are supposed to know where the tunnel accesses on N. America are.
    The legs spread and the black half round coming out is, according to the Hopi, “The Mystery of the Egg”. According to them and according to Revelations, Earth herself is pregnant. A new moon will come out of the South pole, and usually the outer crust crumbles in and Earth restarts, she keeps the DNA and the soul personality and then restores it to the surface as the surface recovers. This is Evolution, according to the Hopi. They say that this time the cycle will be different, because it is a conjunction of THREE cycles not just one, back to back. The first is a 3657 year cycle, pole shift. Its caused by a close encounter with a Large Red Dwarf. This is due in June 09. This is imminent. That is the Tidal Wave, the Meteor Strike and Fire from the Sky pics. The next is the Purification cycle, and that is every 25000 years, this is the only one not going to go as usual. It is one of three(cycles) that make up the whole of a 76000 year Grand Cycle. This is when our solar system lines up with the Galactic Center causing an Eclipse. That is what the floor piece is representing. That’s the alignment the Mayan show.

    Well its a fine piece of bragging isn’t it? But I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes, because also, according to Revelations, “God” knows where they are and has promised they will be caught. I’m betting who ever “god” is that he’s a bit more powerful than they are, and I’m betting he’s going to win.

      • deeeeeeem as an immigrant having a job in denver international airport. this stories published in all over the internet scared me alot am thinking if can go back home(somalia) before the hell captures me in the RTD bus


      • All articles viewed on

        How does that writing the word GOD in ALL CAPS thing work in Thailand? Thai characters don't have caps? Then again, Thai's are buddhist and don't have a God so I guess it doesn't matter. Moving along….

    • Well Kim, I like your point about them being caught

      The Bible book of Daniel tells on them. In particular it tells on the ANGLO- American World Power. Here is what it says;

      Daniel 8:23-25 (New Century Version)

      23 "When the end comes near for those kingdoms, a bold and cruel king who tells lies will come. This will happen when many people have turned against God. 24 This king will be very powerful, but his power will not come from himself. He will cause terrible destruction and will be successful in everything he does. He will destroy powerful people and even God's holy people. 25 This king will succeed by using lies and force. He will think that he is very important. He will destroy many people without warning; he will try to fight even the Prince of princes! But that cruel king will be destroyed, and not by human power.

      Notice their ploy is exposed! SO YES THEY ARE CAUGHT! RED HANDED!

  5. the new world order will be stopped because of the spirtual awakening that is happening right now. but it must start with stopping the evil judas obama. obama is new world order and is owned by the banks. God Bless Alex Jones and David Icke- my 2 heroes in life.

    my advice to all your sheep out there:

    1. start gardens and making your own food before the nwo start poisoning and killing you with gmo's

    2. do NOT get ANY vaccinations (mercury) or drink tap water (floride)

    3. BUY GUNS AND GOLD, money will be obsolete soon, and when the nwo tries to steal your land and kill you- you will need a gun to protect yourself


    5. accept Jesus Christ as the almighty and your lord and savour

    "Resist or Serve"


    • Assuming what you say is true, I would suggest that you not collect gold, as t will be just as useless as money. For the sake of trading with people, you should collect guns, ammunition, tobbaco, and possibly marijuana.

      • You clowns, all will bow down to me after the end times start!! Why? Because I have a wood fired still and an apple orchard!

    • put away the 5th…is just another invention!!!we are strong because we believe in ourself, just in us…we don't need a leader and we don't inventions written in invented books made to keep yourself under control!!

  6. Mandy, Mal, and Cole on

    this is all very interesting. and we never notice it we are trying to get to our planes. though it can be a little biast it does seem pretty factual. we are actually reading this in our history class while learning about the nazi regime.

  7. In the mural with the little German boy in the middle… it appears that he is turning the sword into a plow (yes, from the biblical references –

    Isaiah 2:4 ;

    "He will judge between the nations

    and will settle disputes for many peoples.

    They will beat their swords into plowshares

    and their spears into pruning hooks.

    Nation will not take up sword against nation,

    nor will they train for war anymore."

    And Micah 4:3

    "He will judge between many peoples

    and will settle disputes for strong nations far and wide.

    They will beat their swords into plowshares

    and their spears into pruning hooks.

    Nation will not take up sword against nation,

    nor will they train for war anymore."

    It is understandable that the artist would paint some of the things he did as a statement (although he may have had direction to do so, I do not think an artist would paint something they ideologically disagreed with…) because many of the people in the "chicano" community believe the North American continent belongs to them and that it was stolen from them – thus much of the art from people who follow this stance depict images that support their view of "Aztlan" – the nation they believe they will once again inherit once the "white conquistadors" leave (or are kicked out or killed) – I cannot determine if this artist also believes that, but check out one of their "news" sites:

    Since it's difficult for me to see the faces on the mural, in the one titled "Peace and Harmony With Nature", do you see any American faces? (There may have been one… but not in modern dress) and the Aztlan site is also replete with anti-Jewish and anti-American sentiment.

    Often Christians and Jews are lumped into one belief system since our Old Testament is also the history of the Jewish people and Christians are seen as coming out of that belief system as well. Hence the term "Judeo-Christian". Hitler had quite a few Christians killed in the same ovens as the Jews he hated so much. Many Christians are also staunch supporters of the nation of Israel, and they don't like that, either. They believe the Jews run all the news organizations (radio, t.v. and print) as well as Hollywood. I'd go into the whole Israel-Palestinian conflict but then my post would be way too long… and you can do a piece on that yourself.

    Anyway, I just thought I would put my two cents in with some insights I thought that you may have overlooked, so there you have it. And now to get back to my housework.

  8. Decoding the Beast on

    This airport is obviously an Illuminati Temple. The fact that the declarations are overt and paraded openly before the targets supposedly increases the occult power of whatever ritual/magic is being invoked here.

    Recall that Obama, referred to as The Messiah during his campaign, had his 'coronation' in Denver at the Dem Nat Convention, and his first official act as president was to sign the fraudulent bailout bill which gave all power to the New Rulers, the Intl Bankers. He signed it, not in DC Oval Office as is ALWAYS the custom for a new President, but in Denver, the supposed Capital of the NWO.

    Kissinger has said many times recently, "Obama will be the one to bring in the NWO" as the 44th President.

    In numerology, multiples of 11 are extra powerful. In Chaldean numerology of Babylon the name of Barack Hussein Obama? numbers are Barack=11, Hussein= 28, Obama= 9.

    • George Bush signed the TARP "bailout" bill, not Obama. It kills me how certain people are of all this stuff but then don't even get the basic facts of their conspiracies right. The airport is weird, certainly some stuff going on not yet known. However, Obama is irrelevant to all of this talk about power. He has none and has not had any since elected. it amazes me how people think this guy is the devil yet he has not had a chance to do anything. Meanwhile the Repubs and big bankers (working together all along) are given a pass. Stupid.

  9. Wow! The occult symbolism of the murals is bad enough. More disturbing are "110 million cubic yards of earth have been moved, way more than usually required. This arose suspicion of construction taking place underground." and "5300 miles of fiber optics were installed for communications (USA coast to coast is 3000 miles in comparison)."

    Good grief. How could this monstrosity have been financed & built right under Coloradans' noses? We really are living in the Matrix faux world.

  10. Well interesting story. I am sure the designers of such a structure where no expenses were spared have reasons for what they're doing. In I think that you're correct in showing that they are preparing for a disaster;

    whether man made or artificial. Just for speculation sake a pole shift. Denver will not flood for sure.

    No incidentally; i suspect the truth maybe far more subtle perhaps ?

    Not incidental Denver is at about 5200ft altitude. Perhaps ideal for gas chamber; but I think that its also one of the best places on the main land USA to hide from the flood; literally mile high!

    Naturally; who is to say that a natural disaster can't be aided ?

    I suspect though that the airport is likely built more for a shelter than gas chamber…

    If the plan is extermination, you need not go to all that trouble.

    Of course those with fertile minds could think otherwise or say that the trains can just go through those tunnels on automatic, get gased in between and come out on the other side full of dead people ready to be buried.

    I suspect rather that structures like this are likely to house select people who are meant to survive a disaster. Perhaps the government may use that as a cover at some point for a little extermination if some survivals are unwanted or become unruly.

    The murals in this case could be seen as a warning or manual…

    If the elites really want to get you; they can already. They can simply select their few and poison the water…

    How long will people survive ? Or start some made up world war.

    The problem with most of the theories is their focus on on USA. What about the rest of the world ?

    Unless the plan is simply to curl north America only. Will they stand by and wait for their turn ?

    I do see coordinated signs for disaster preparation like the seed bank on carlsbat…

    I do think tough that if population reduction is wanted, the NWO people will simply not inform the people in the case of disaster but simply take into protection its selected and allow others to fend for themselves knowing many will die and or take away the selected and poison the rest one way or another.

    I doubt the NWO government will bother with extermination chambers. a bullet is cheaper if they really want you. I do agree somehow the government in USA seems to be preparing to intern lots of people and seems to prepared to bury lots of people too…

  11. You may already be aware that the San Diego Naval Base is built in the shape of a swastika! It was

    discovered through google, but I don't know if it still appears. When questioned about how this came to

    be built in that shape everyone seemed to know nothing about it.

    I hope you have seen it. It goes hand in hand the idea that the tyranny of war on other soil have been

    brought here packaged differently and it is always an inside job, in my humble opinion.

  12. A friend and I often lament the fact that no one realizes what’s happening before our very eyes — IE the mass ritual sacrifice of over 3000 people on 911 and the symbolic releasal of evil (call it Satan, call it Ba’al, or call it Ju Bah Lon) from the Pentagon on 911. It does make me feel slightly better knowing there are people out there who aren’t “blind.”

    Great article about something I’ve been following since its inception. Also, very interesting responses. Its important for us to try to bring others into the “know” about what is happening. They don’t want to see it or believe it because they don’t want to face the horrid truth. BUT KNOW THIS — the elite (IE the powers that be) get off on flaunting their magickal power before all the world to see. They display evil sigils in plain sight — on churches, in commercials or advertisements, they flash them at rallies and parades. This IS happening!

    DIA may not be a concentration camp. They have plenty of those built around the US already but it definitely is NOT a simple airport.

    • Yes, if one were looking the signs have been rearing their ugly faces for decades, if not centuries, the entertainment world, economic crises, a world which is preoccupied with work, money, status, and so many other distractions can easily suck in the average 'joe', while in our very midst, these things aren't as covert as they are OVERT. But, people believe what they choose to believe, and isn't it much easier to ignore? Well, in time, no more ignorance will exist. These realities will be facts, it is already happening. Pagan, wiccan, etc., beliefs surround the worship of Mother-Earth God, and it is becoming highly prevailent. Any of them could easily explain all of this to us, but will they, NO. The cover would be blown, if a person is not of God, the Allmighty God of Israel, then they are a part of the world/earth, hence Satan. This is well planned, devious, unexplained by the developers (I assume) and has far too many questionable components to think otherwise.

  13. I think anything can be read into the murals that you choose, what is important is to look at it objectively. For example the mural “Peace and Harmony with Nature“ can be looked at from several angles including the diabolical one outlined in the article. The center piece with the saddned children due to extinct animals/forrests on fire etc is not an issue as far as I can see, think about it, being sad about the death of nature due to human activity is not a bad thing it shows human conciousness for the natural world around us.

    The fact about the city being retouched? without clear reasoning it is meaningless, to draw the conclusion that the ill coloured haze is due to a biochemical weapon is as far left field a you can get. An alternative could be that the haze is the smog caused by polution which would be in tune with the sad children and destruction of nature as previously mentioned.

    Does the Mayan tablet predict the end of civilisation? I thought the Mayan calendar just did not go past 2012, that doesn't mean that that then inidcates the end of the world. (happy to be corrected on this if there is different evidence).

    The three open caskets at the bottom with the dead children may signify the death of race and religion and the coming together of the human race which has so long been seperated by racial and religious divides. Again the reference to race specific biological and chemical weapons are a reality, but the military has all sorts of weird and whacky weapons this does not mean that they are going to be employed on the population.

    "Children of the World Dream of Peace" I am not sure which one is first here, this one or part 2 with the militaristic figure if indeed part 2 is part two and not part 1. I would look at part 2 as part one…the militaristic figure is the world as we have it now, the Nazi uniform as claimed is more a cross between an Italian facist unifrom and an Iranian one. Particularly the eagle on the hat which is more a Mussolini Roman eagle and an Iranian eagle.

    The children by themselves could easily represent the innocents who are left without parents due to war. The weaping parents are predomently women and old men who along with children suffer the most due to rape, pillage and the death of husbands, brothers and sons in times of conflict. The sword is very apt as it is killing any chance of peace and the ruined cities are an obvious by-product of war. The symbols Au and Ag are also in a mining cart which is used to move the ore from a mine suggesting that it is gold and silver or in other words the wealth that nations war over.

    In part 1 or "Children of the World Dream of Peace" or what I call part two is the coming together of all peoples and the miliary machine is dead. The German influence is only in two pictures one is the boy with the hammer and the second is the girl in the casket who looks very Germanic insofar as her clothing looks like southern German clothing. So in one mural you have death of German girl and another you have life. The German reference could also be because the illuminati was originally bavarian so it makes sense to put the german boy in the center.

    In part C of Harmony with Nature, there is no german theme and again the plant looks more like an extended Lotus flower with the peoples of the world coming around it. Again Masonic reference to the Lotus flower is apt as that symbolises the female which again is the pagan theme.

    I am not suggesting that there is no masonic theme here as there clearly is, but I think people and indeed the producers of this site should be more objective in their interpretations instead of desperatly trying to fit this into a theory that supports their personal believe systems, such as the apocalypse must be coming therfore this vindicates my belief. Otherwise it simply shows the desperation of Judeo Christianity for validation as time marches on.


    • In reading and understanding the various interpretations that you present, it would seem that the people who developed this and displayed it could easily caption each piece of art with an explanation, it appears as though they did not. The very absence of an explanation, even by artistic terminology, would have been acceptable. But because of the absence of stating their purpose throughout the airport, looms large in the minds of the viewers. Jesus IS LORD!

  14. i think that the denver airport is connected by subway to cheyenne mountain, (the need to remove all of that dirt, and the need for the 5300 miles of fiber optic cable.) it is obviously an occult/new world order site. did the president not recently sign some very important legislation there? when the final nuclear/biological holocaust begins, i think the elites plan to land at this airport and disappear into their underground sanctuary inside cheyenne mountain, where they will be safe until they emerge to establish control over the remnant of humanity. i will bet that security is tighter around this airport than at any airport in the world.

  15. taken from the watcher files


    Commentary by Hans Kammler Jr.:

    I had seen these images years ago.

    I saw the imagery but at the time did not quite understand what was presented.

    The past few years of research as well as the knowledge gained from moderating this group have provided me with an insight I would like to share with you and the rest of the group regarding these images, that you will find nowhere else, therefore it would be good for all of you to spread this information far and wide.

    My friends and fellow travellers…. This last image is the key to deciphering the mystery of the mural. The German boy with the Anvil. It's an obscure reference to a passage in the work of Aryanist Luciferian Occultist, Alice Bailey called "The Destiny of Nations". In this work, she describes various 'mystical forces', 'cosmic rays' and planetary infuences that guide the destiny of nations. Pay particular attention to what she says of Germany and "fourth ray" also known to newagers as "the white ray" who's atrributes include "purity" and "discipline":

    Ray 4. – Harmony through Conflict, via the Moon, veiling in this case the planet Vulcan. Vulcan here "forges on his anvil, through fire and blows, that linking network which covers all the nation and makes it hold together." This ray produces the condition which brings together Germany and the States, for the fourth ray is the German soul ray and the first ray, which Vulcan transmits via the Moon, links the German soul and personality to the United States. Hence the vast numbers of Germans who come to the States in order to escape from the personality activity of Germany as it expresses itself through its first ray destroyer aspect.

    In her work she talks of the "coming of the new age" and the discipleship of the "Great White Brotherhood" and the "Avatar" or Messiah who was said to be by her and her predecessors the incarnation of the Lightbearer, Lucifer and Christ. These tenants mirror her other work called "The Externalization of the Hierarchy" in which she outlines a plan to bring about a New World Order and New World Religion.

    When understanding the relationship of the german boy and the anvil and the philosophy and works of Ms. Bailey, the symbolism of the murals becomes rather evident. Particularly grusome are the images of the Jew, the American Indian (or is it latino?) and the African in the coffins, especially when one considers the theosophic aryanist luciferian tenant that the 'old root races' must make way for the 'newer, higher evolved race".

    Kind of makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    Sleep well.

    Hans Jr.

  16. RE: 2- Masonic Capstone

    Maybe I am way off base, but in looking at the pictures of the Capstone I felt that it is symbolic of an object on a trajectory to impact earth. At the base of the arc is a design that looks symbolic of an impact. I also think the rectangular shaped capstone resembles stones found covering graves. This is an odd piece for a capstone that is usually placed atop a structure! Is this foretelling of an event they expect to occur, with catastrophic results for humanity?

    I find all of the artwork shown to be odd and disturbing to have such violent and occultist imagery throughout any public building, let alone an airport. I would not want to set foot in this airport, or bring children here. It is disturbing, and an assault on the sense. Truthfully, now that I know what this airport is like, I will avoid this evil place at all costs!

  17. #6 .. june 09 come and gone / "no one knows the hour but the Father"

    GREAT ARTICLE! the best yet on the web / from if a lie repeatedly enough becomes truth to anyone, to hiding the truth right before your eyes, this airport is quite the work / been to DIA a few times and what was wierd is how SMALL the murals are / never did find the other areas / but i will say this — the Horse statue and its story has to be one of thee wierdest things yet / VC – not sure if you will read this, but any info on the empty "vaults" UNDER DIA?

  18. “The angled arm is very enigmatic seems to have a purpose other than being decorative. Any insights on this?”

    – Looks like a scimitar: compare with the scimitar images in pictures further down.

  19. I personally wanted to destroy the mural when I saw it. How cool would it be to run in and spray paint over that shit!

  20. Yo Kinzaz, are you knowledgeable on freemasons? please, enlighten us with your great wisdom?

    • Kinzazz, Lighten up, this discussion is so serious, do you have any sense of humor???? Yeah, we needed a bit of levity….

  21. What a pile of cr*p. This guy (or girl) obviously knows nothing about freemasons….and has a schizophrenic immagination :) Can you sleep at night or do you dream this s*it?
    Start renting scary movies… it might be an appropriate outlet for such weird interpretations!

  22. I did a couple of photo assignments for Fentress Bradburn Architects, but nothing out of the ordinary there. If you are researching this project note that around 6 local firms were originally pulled together to work on the design as a committee. At the head of the clan was Bill Muchow, who died as it ran about $1.6B over budget. My dear friend Jerry Seracuse became the new chief designer and with great pride we looked forward to it taking on a really beautiful new 'Aztec' direction. When the best design was finally rejected for being too practical, and for making good use of the 'depth' of the floorplan, things became obviously mired in internal scandal, so many of us went elsewhere. Later, upon returning to Denver from NYC, (where I was shooting the WTC 'Bridgeways Project' for Emery Roth,) I thought it prudent to shoot a couple of photos of the airport for the record. For the record, this was the first modern building (if you could call a 3rd Dynasty circus tent 'modern,') that I did not have any interest in shooting. No, it did not "echo the shape of the mountins." I gave it two, (2.25") Hassy frames, and promptly left the State of Colorado for LA. To date, I would suggest you fly into Colorado Springs and drive the extra 40 minutes to Denver rather than suffer the anxiety of seeing those dreadful murals!

    Someday, I hope they make good use of the site for a documentary movie about the destruction of the USA and her dreadfully sheepish current inhabitants. Partly because of this graphic abomination, I have done much with pole architecture and advanced (19th Century) tent design in the interim. We are concerned with hurricane-proof and weather resistant design, not 'rigid' applications such as this.

  23. "the USA and her dreadfully sheepish current inhabitants" will be going back to the Mother Country to take over.

    :) Someone has to put the peasants in their place.

  24. I did a couple of photo assignments for Fentress Bradburn Architects, but nothing out of the ordinary there. If you are researching this project note that over 6 local firms were originally pulled together to work on the design as a comittee. At the head of the cln was Bill Muchow who died as it ran into about $1.6B over budget. Jerry Seracuse became the chief designer and with great pride we looked forward to it taking on a really beautiful new direction. When things became obviously mired in internal scandal, many of us went elsewhere. Finally, upon returning to Denver from NYC, (where I was shooting the WTC ‘Bridgeways Project’ for Emery Roth,) I thought it prudent to shoot a couple of photos of the airport for the record. For the record, this was the first modern building (if you could call a 3rd Dynasty Century circus tent ‘modern,’) that I did not have any interest in shooting. I gave it two frames and promptly left the State of Colorado. To date, I would fly into Colorado Springs and drive the extra 40 minutes to Denver rather than suffer the anxiety of seeing those dreadful murals again. In time, I do pray they make good use of the site for a documentary movie about the destruction of the USA and her dreadfully sheepish current inhabitants. Be it also known, I have done much with pole architecture and advanced (19th Century) tent design in the interim.

  25. Hi,

    Back when Federico was paining us (and DIA was under construction)

    I saw a story about a building that was 'built in the wrong place' (oops)

    and the 'had to be buried'. I find that increasingly interesting as other

    parts of the puzzle show up. A fellow (Phil Schnieder was his name I think)

    talked of a connection to an underground transport system which has

    long been rumored (and exists, I think). The fellow in question has since

    been demised.


  26. ". The angled arm is very enigmatic seems to have a purpose other than being decorative. Any insights on this?"

    It's a gnomon and the capstone is a sundial, notice the markings for the time of day.

  27. The Key Is Red on

    History has proven that whenever civilizations allow evil to dominat and thrive then the civilization ends up destroying iteself. If you allow the foundations of evil (hades) to grow out from under you and envelope the mind, the entire body eventually follows. And then the soul ends up as one with the negative forces with the earth, in hell.

  28. Well i have never heard so much rubbish about DIA in my life. The people that write this know nothing about freemasonary. Capping our ceremonies and the foundation stones etc are extremely common nothing sinister about that at all. As for the Nazi swastika take a real hard look from the air it looks nothing like a proper swastika at all. Ther artworks on the walls have been explained a million times before and you might wish to check out that actual artist who painted it – more conspiracy bunkum, oh well it keeps the world ticking over I suppose

  29. Before we all get carried off by little green men who live underground at DIA here the truth. A bit of a reality check perhaps

    This will explain pretty well everything you ever wanted to know about DIA and more importantly why. There are alot of people who claim all sorts of strange things about DIA none of which are actually truth or have any bearing on fact at all

  30. looks like it touched somebodys nerve. sure, this is interpretation of symbolism, but the exact same things are said in hundreds of masonic and NWO's own publications. oh…and the georgia guidestones …couldn't 've confirmed the suspicions more clearly.

    name calling "conspiracy theorist" stuff and bringing up little green men, elvis sightings etc…classic tactics of disinfo.

  31. People who defend something have a reason to do so.

    Those who interrupt the flow of genuine information that can really open up new doors of enlightenment and only mock the big picture probably just want attention. OR have nothing better to do and feel good about pissing-off others for various reasons I won't go into.

    OK. Perhaps it's because mommy hit them too much.. or not enough.

    I find many who come on the net just to defend the deep, dark de facto subject at hand are sometimes very well educated , but their intentions as a whole are still too easy to identify.

    If you don't really don't believe in something but feel others shouldn't simply for the fact you donot then what is truly your motive?

    Better yet, what purpose does it serve you knowing the real challenge is making that little mole hill not a mountain?

    I think what it comes down isn't just one's point of view.

    It's about checks and balances. If you want to see what it is, look at it's foundation, how it all started.

    Every ethnic has it's own version of events. There are a mulititude of stories of stories by people who became religious after a horrible NDE who had no belief system whatsoever before they had a confirmed death. Many that had been shown a rather bleak future because most people are not clear-sighted enough or saw no difference between negative and positive.

    Like I mentioned, there are those who work for evil and don't know it. But there are also those who are pure evil and know the score, and will go out of their way to make sure they can divert the fence sitters far enough till they fallen on the wrong side.


  32. The only problem I have with this assessment is the Nazi part. Where are all of these Nazis? It's like Alex Jones. He says Jesuits and Nazis are the real evil behind the scenes, but where are they? Germany didn't become the world policeman after WWII. America did. Germany didn't invade three countries just now. America did (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and possibly Iran next). Germany didn't erect a Freemasonic capital and pentagon in which to meet. Americans did. Hitler declared open war on Freemasons, Illuminists, and other secret societies, which is rather well known these days. Thule and Vril were both disbanded shortly after the Nazis came to power.

    I might add that Communism killed FAR more than Nazism (Mao 77 million and Stalin about 45 million, which doesn't include Josip Tito, Pol Pot or Bela Kun). Also, what about Zionism and the genocide of Arabs in Palestine? What about the Masonic monument in Jerusalem. Texe Marrs took pictures of it. Is AIPAC a Nazi or Zionist organization? American leaders are not Nazis. The majority are Freemasons or Zionists.

    Might the mural itself be deception wrapped within deception? Might neo-Communism, or simply international One World Government, be the true enemy, but the Freemasons are concealing the face of this true enemy with Nazi imagery (since everyone considers Nazis enemy #1, due to Freemasonic propaganda and teaching in the public schools in the first place)? Perhaps we are mistaken to take all of this at its face value. If you read the 1944 official SS manual on Freemasonry, edited by Dieter Schwarz, you come to realize that symbols have multiple meanings the higher up you go within the Freemasonic movement. One of the SS's jobs was to root out and destroy Freemasons in Europe. Ernst Kaltenbrunner was instructed to do so in a written order (published by Max Domarus) issued by Hitler. So, where or what is the Nazi-Freemasonic connection? I fail to see it. I am not trying to be critical, but I need to see solid proof on this connection.

    • Great article.

      At the end of 1945/WWII Hitler and Nazi Germany began work on energy. They had managed to grab a hold of two mediums who gave them information to build a UFO. They were called Hanabu I and II. A german inventor, viktor schauberger met with Hitler and his crew because of his work with water. If any of you know anything about energy, it acts JUST like water, some say that water is the phyiscal/illusion materialization of energy. Around 1945, Hitler assigned a suicidal crew to land on mars and the moon.

      We don't know the dark side of the moon.

      In the War of the Worlds there is a song called, "The EVE of War". In the beginning of this song it states:

      "No one would have believed, in the last years of the nineteenth century, that human affairs were being watched from the timeless worlds of space."

      And then….

      "No one could have dreamed we were being scrutinized, as someone with a microscope

      studies creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water. Few men even considered

      the possibility of life on other planets and yet, across the gulf of space, minds

      immeasurably superior to ours regarded this Earth with envious eyes, and slowly and

      surely, they drew their plans against us."

    • What if the "Germans" were the instrument via WWII (that's why is the German boy the one wich is "doing the job") so the NWO was accepted? Rmember United Nations (the proto NWO) was created just after the German defeat.

      Nazis were meant to be defeated. "Problem-reaction-solution" as David Ike tells.

  33. The Jewish-Christian bible wasn’t written by sheep herders and fishermen at a time of virtually universal illiteracy, as some would like to think, or “God,” but by the EDUCATED classes, otherwise known as the RULING ELITE. The same elite that built the pyramids and the cathedrals and the Georgia Guidestones built DENVER AIRPORT. Get it? The “holy bible” isn’t “prophetic” — it’s a SCRIPT. Wake. The fuck. Up. Before your mutually exclusive delusions get us all killed.

  34. Notice the Masonic capstone date was no accident as it has three nines, upside down as 666.

  35. Had any of you ever truly believed in true equity for all–none of the evils on earth would be occurring you are not the victims of any sinister plot–you are the victims of your own inability to evolve into angelic beings–you thrive on inequity and it is the absolute source of all of the ills that plague you–on other worlds beings that are humanoid such as you–do not have a competitive class system-no prisons no ignorance poverty or wars–because they love each other as absolute equals and love their offspring beyond themselves–they love all other life-forms–and assist them in their evolution. You punish your children into submission-punish each-other into submission-you are destructive to all life-you want only to control out of your only emotion fear–you have only developed grandiose egos based on materialism-instead of souls out of nurturing love and creativity-When you finally reap what you have sown-the rest of the Universe will be glad to finally be rid of you–that is the truth. No one likes you or will help you do anything but self-destruct-all the technology you have been given is so you will finally annihilate yourselves-no technology for insuring your survival is allowed to be given you-because you thrive on inequity-you need to feel above others-not lift others up to true equality–because you need to destroy-you call it punish and you blame your victims-but you all on earth have been judged as enemies of life-not supporters of life-there is no evolved love in any of you–what you claim as love-is only self gratifying egotism–you are all about to self-destruct-because you fear and destroy in order to maintain your loathsome need for inequity. None of you are true Christians. None of you respect each's right to free will (that does not negate anyone else's free will–none of you comprehends that there is never any excuse for violence-punishment-sadistic cruelty or war. None of you comprehend that you get back exactly what you give-and that will be the destruction of you own lives to match to destruction of life that you are.

  36. What a fascinating and well-written article! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and research. More strength to your pen!

  37. Isn't it interesting that those depicted in the numerous murals appear to be under 40! In the NWO depicted, it's obvious if you are over a certain age you will be viewed as a liablity rather than an asset to the PTB. Wisdom will be removed and slavement will be embraced in the name of security and ORDER!..As long as the sheeple have access to the sports channel and American Idol few would wish for anything more…unless it is food or pharma drugs [which 80% of the population are dependent upon one or more of]. This is really "in your face" stuff….I think I will go watch The Pianist.

  38. jenchen has spoken accurately of the human condition & it’s current state of “sociopathic pier pressure”, but has obviously got her speculations about higher life forms tainted by justified species disgust,. Beings more sentient than humanity would in fact not allow judge humanity with such condemnation but assist them with a willful remedy. Far too few good examples & an abundance of bad ones to follow in the unrelenting quest to satiate rampant greed, which is just a survival instinct out of whack.
    Survival is the first meaning of all life. Thanks for sharing your thoughs fellow beings & A.I.s test example of a possible final world order

  39. Cool informative website, Vigilant.DIA is a scary looking place, & one has only to read the comments on this article to see that its' very existence causes controversy & confusion-the hallmark of the ruling elite.David Icke has worked hard for years to educate those caught in this matrix-but are we going to get all the answers when we reach "Galactic Central"?Alex Jones also continues to rail against those at the top of the heap, but attributes their behaviour to Satanism-which requires a belief in the Judeo-Christian paradigm.I have way more questions than answers, but most of the people making the most noise are supporting some form of heirarchy that is in charge-the mechanics of that escape me.New Age or Old Age, there is a lot more talking than action.A person with a keen eye for the obvious might think that is the whole point.Keep your eyes & ears open, & act from your own integrity, not someone elses.At least you can say you have that amount of freedom.

  40. Ok guys, I've got a question for you.

    If you had an evil plan concerning the fate of the people living in your neighborhood, would you be stupid enough to give them clues?

    You: "Ha ha ha. look, I am an evil motherfucker. I'm so evil I'm going to give you clues about my ultimate master plan for no apparent reason, ha ha ha!"

    Victim: You're not too bright, right?

    You: ………………………………………………….no

    • The reason these things are put out there for the uninitiated to see is twofold. First it's Masonic "jesting' – show of power, cause fear, exultation, demonstrate power by counting coup. Second it's bullying to keep people scared and down.

      The secret of bullying is that the bully is vastly outnumbered. Therefore he must always divide and conquer and condition those watching not to involve themselves and stand up for the oppressed.

  41. Antonio, if you actually knew ANYTHING about these secret societies, you wouldn't be asking that question. Fact is, there are signs everywhere, all around us. Just look at all the corporate logos and the symbols they use. Look at the friggin' Dollar bill. They esteem their sick gods in whatever they do, whether its their architecture, or their businesses. None of this is coincidental. That's what they WANT you to believe. It is in fact, very deliberate and there is most definitely a reason for it. Don't you see? Everything has to be perfect in order for their plans to be executed successfully, the dates, the numbers, EVERYTHING. They must all add up. Deception is their game and that is what the New World Order is all about. They don't want you to even wander off in that direction and anyone who questions them is automatically assumed to be "crazy" or ridiculous. Even though the truth is right in front of us, it seems so difficult to digest only because of how well they've brainwashed us. And who knows, at this point, they could even be rubbing all this in our faces. The evidence is right before us, yet we choose to just shrug it off. "Never take freedom for granted". Could not agree more with you, Vigilant, cause that's exactly what we have all been doing. We need to wake up and see the system for what it actually is, before its too late!

  42. To all those people you think they’re too “smart” to believe in religion, think again. It is YOU people who are under the delusion that God does not exist as that is one of the main goals of the elite. Look up Roger Morneau’s interview. Satan wants us to believe that he doesn’t exist and that is the biggest deception. What is the New World Order? The new SECULAR worldly order which aims at stripping the world off of all religious beliefs! The concept of God and Satan goes hand-in-hand. All these devil worshippers are well aware of the the existence of God, but the worldly returns the devil offers them and uses to lure them in, are what have blinded them from any belief in faith. The universe did not just evolve all by itself and happened to be in its existing state “by chance”. It only makes sense that a Supreme Deity has created it and controls it. It is not religion that has created these differences between us, it is the people. If you research you’ll find that throughout history, it’s only monotheistic religions that have always been subject to opposition from the ruling elite. We cannot blame God for the problems of this world. He is not doing this to us, we are doing this to eachother! When He created the world, He bestowed us with our greatest gift: free will. And free will comes with resposibilty. Yet sadly, THIS is what we’ve made of that beautiful gift! It is YOU people who need to wake up and accept the fact that atheism is just another product of the system. Because a world that has no faith, is one that is lost and easiest to manipulate and dominate. And that, my friends, is the kind of world they are working to build.

  43. Revolution NOW!! on

    This goes out to Antonio and anyone else who believes that the government would never harm it’s people. But that’s just it, we are not it’s people it is our government, this is our world. Is this truly the way you believe the world should be. 80% of the worlds people at war, hungry, stripped of their basic human rights all in the name of national security…and no I am not only referring to third world nations. Take a look outside of your gated communities and you will find poverty, unemployment, disease and self-hatred. Why? Because those who have money and power realize that to maintain their edge the rest of the world’s population needs to be distracted by their own need for survival. We live in the freeworld right? Only if you aren’t a suspected terrorist. Do you think that if a group of people wanted to blow up a building it couldn’t be done. Well, where is it? Where is the destruction of America at the hands of terrorists. You can’t really be so ignorant as to think that any government could stop every plan of terrorism. NOT POSSIBLE! The war on terror, the war on drugs, are really just wars on the people and and their freedom. Our food supply has been tainted, our water supply poisoned , yes that’s right…what do you think happens to chlorine when you take a ‘nice’ hot shower….hmmmm does chlorine gas sound healthy to anyone out there. We are bombarded with chemicals on a daily basis . There are new medications advertised on T.V. every two seconds that are not intended to cure but to numb the patient from whatever real or imagined ailment they may have with obscene side effects that you can pay for for the rest or your life…we spend billions of dollars on wars that can never be won while the people on this earth are given the scraps and left to die, why is healthy, organic food a luxury. For people to still think that the people are taken care of they must be absolutely blind or are living a lifestyle clouded by money and materialstic goals away from actual reality. Do yourself a favour, stop, look around you, read, learn and finally remove your head from the ‘govenments’ metaphorical ass.

  44. All I can say is WOW! If this doesn't expose the NWO agenda in visuals I don't know what does. This is just insanely crazy. This piece will have a lasting effect of me. I almost pooped my pants. I'm still stunned they would put these overt symbols & images at a major airport. Insane!

  45. So between the DIA and Georgia guidestones, what exactly are the time capsules comprised of?

  46. Just Thinking on

    Ok. I stumbled across this web site today. I have two choices in how to re-act to all the info. Love or Fear… I choose Love. Because to me, love is God, and Love would never leave us alone. Free will is just that. We cannot know Love untill we expierence fear, as with hot & cold etc etc . We are God, he/she is us. IT is expierenceing its self through us. Therefore, we can never die – we are eternal beings…That is our power that we know this good news! Yep, sure they can threaten to kill us…so what ! We go Home.. Great! Thank! Do we not see the ONLY power “they” have is FEAR. Get to know your God, who ever he /she may be to you and RE- Align (realize) yourself with him/her for it is unconditional LOVE. Get it? UNCONDITIONAL. You do not have to do anything to get into his/her “good books” for you are his/her creation and always will be for eternity. You are here to grow to realize that to serve God is not the service that a king/queen would expect, but to serve him/her with the best you can be, realizing that his/her way is the only way… LOVE . Every single thing we do affects the all… All of us. Thats why Christ said “do unto others as you would have done unto you”, and many of the great light-bringers carried the same message. There is no right or wrong. Anyone can justify anything they do. It’s justification brought about by how you react to any situation. Please RE ACT in Love… it does change everything and we have given enough of our power away have we not? Now is the time to take this power and change our thinking. FEAR NOT for we are creatures that create our world by our very thoughts. Every single thing in this world was first created by a thought, then action. Then lets not re-act but ACT out a new thought. Whatever I think is true for me, that’s all…it’s true for me…not a fact…just MY truth. My brother or sister is entiltled to a different thought that will be true for him/her…diversity! Yeah!
    God prefers us to be the best person we can be…not for him/her…but for us, so that we can feel what its like to be LOVE. Every time you walk into a room embrace LOVE. Take it into the room with you and ask what is LOVE going to show me. FOR, my Sisters and Brothers, to get what you prefer you have to give what it is you prefer first!
    Is it easy ? Do I RE-MEMBER every time? NO. But, hey, when I do…what fun…what an awakening. Becoming a member of the family of Love, again. RE- MEMBERING.

  47. This is just one more reason to believe in God.

    Since God created the universe, it is reasonalble to belive HE will not allow some mere

    people, 'lluminated', priviledged or not to destroy HIS creation.

  48. Two notes: one observing the plow form of the in airport masonic dedication stone, and further symbology in the mural (dead women clutching teddy bear/ children clutch what makes them feel secure, the arms are stiff, as cross arm – women dead clutching her security bear which appears Cross like in caricature/mockery). The Word of God takes deeper meaning in the light of coming into living in reality. "eyes/ears to see/hear. It is precisely here we are set free, in the Truth. In Jesus Christ. We need not 'save' our lives, but in Gratitude to know, let go to Him, and may then lose our lives, with joy. They have their reward, but do not believe it, let us pray that all may be reconciled unto God through Jesus Christ. Ours is to persevere, love God, and love all as ourselves, in all seasons. Such a season we are called unto… no fear. He has us and won't let go. Help others. Love is everything. God is Love. He fills us to full, and may we spill it upon all, to the Glory of God. The Ancient One. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen

  49. If someone were going to take over the world, they wouldn't advertise it through pagan symbolism at a Denver airport. I'm pretty sure they'd just send in the troops.

    The Masons are a drinking group. To fear them is to fear a bunch of 70+ retirees who like to get drunk and be in a secret club, with no girls allowed. Like when we were 5. Except for the drinking part.

    I fear Southerners with guns far more than I fear a bunch of art in Denver.

    • That's just it. They have been advertising it in various small, medium and larger scales, just weren't as emboldend as the DIA. Look for more to come. It had to start somewhere!

  50. I’ve never been to DIA but I have a good friend that frequently flies out of there and she never noticed the murals, but did say that the horse outside the airport is hideous! She thought, like many others, it was the symbol of the “Bronco’s” team maskot and that the blue was representative of their team color and the eyes were suppose to be orange, (another team color) but look red. She said there has been some rumblings of taking it down by residents as it seems to be a poor representation of the “Bronco’s” – Seems most are clueless to the full extent of the symbolism. What the heck is the Masonic Capstone doing in a public airport? DID THEY PAY FOR THE AIRPORT? Sometimes the best place to hide something is “out in the open”.

  51. ThirdWorldTony on

    That is crazy…living in the third world really leaves us not knowing anything that is going on. Thanks to this site i read up more and see. I can predict people in the poor countries of today will not even know wat will happen and only the rich and elite will survive. There are presently wiping out people wit the aids virus. Will people start disappering? i bet. and it will all be covered up. Fucked up.

  52. Is it evil or could it be a scantuary? the swastika was originally a good luck symbol, could the site be designed to actually protect people if the worst should happen, with the murals telling the story to who / what survives? after all Colorado does have a history of being the state where safe harbour was to be found in the case of nucular war etc? Definatly something going on here – however is it the catalyst or the safe harbour? just a thought….

  53. I flew through Denver this past Labor Day weekend. I had to see it for myself! Part II of “Children of the World Dream of Peace” has not been painted over or covered. It is there in all of it’s gory… I mean glory. There is an information kiosk directly in front of the piece where a charming older lady spends her days, pointing out restrooms and such. I asked her what it was like to come to work with “him” everyday and she said she hated it!

  54. This is one fucked up airport’s design.
    It doesn’t mean what you say is true, far from that.
    You really think that if they were to built a facility that worship nazism, they’ll put a painting and letter of a gas chamber’s victim kid ?
    I am so annoyed by the ignorant theories going on these days.

    Maybe they’re right, the world really needs to be fixed, new world government ? What’s so evil about it ?
    You just don’t understand that government isn’t an entity or super power, but in fact bunch of people who succeeded in life, unlike people spraying non sense fears about 2012 that scare people for nothing and sometimes even provoke collective suicides. Shame.

  55. To : Bonita July 29th, 2009 8:21 pm :
    “This is just one more reason to believe in God.
    Since God created the universe, it is reasonalble to belive HE will not allow some mere
    people, ‘lluminated’, priviledged or not to destroy HIS creation.”

    God didn’t prevent World War II.
    How can you be so ignorant ?
    “God will protect us”, i believe in a creator somehow, but do you think you’re so special that He gonna do something to save us this time ?
    Stupid religious people are killing me.

  56. I'm surprised nobody mentioned that dia sits on indian holy land and indian burial grounds. And that the place is notoriously haunted by a indian in full head dress. I also wantesd to put my two cents in on the swazi runway design, I don't see it I barley looks close to a swastika. That symbol is also a sign of peace in the native american community. I know that the design pays respect to the native american community, hence the tee pee design. I like how you guys try to find the masonic conspiricy connection, watch the discovery channels peice on free masons. We here in denver all

    know of the storys of a military base under dia. A former employee at dia said he's been there. Its 5 storys all under 2 storys dia workers have accsess too. As for tunnels to norad. That's highley unlikey as there are closer military bases with airports (peterson air force base, and fort carson) a few miles from norad. If you people want to find out secret military shit and expose it try norad. That place is truley amazing. The mountain is freaking hollow

  57. The psalmist said "blessed is the nation whos God is the Lord". I think it deepens my conviction on how far Our Nation Has Gotten From the Things Of God. Bible history shows that God used other nations to bring righteous judgment upon the people or nations who forget about Him and His Laws. If "WE THE PEOPLE" don't rise up and take our nation back to the principles (biblical) of which it was founded, Our nation is in the a Hell of a ride. It's whenever God is not allowed anywhere that anything is allowed. The Wolf's have crept in unnoticed and now we are really seeing the fruits of their labor. I still say God Bless America (can we still say that?) It is time for the righteous who are as bold as a Lion to stand up. Let us learn from history: When Hitler was coming into power, He took God out Of Everything,(whats happening to our schools?) and the philosophy of man came into everything. We all Know what happened. Let those who love God, Family, and Country Fight the Good Fight and Light Up Our Blessed Nations Fire Once More. GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!!

  58. Hello,

    I am repulsed by all the sick things revealed here. I do want to advise on the runway pattern, though.

    This pattern is, land allowing, the absolute best for runway placement. If all large airports could do this, they would. Very briefly, no runways intersect and all are separated by enough of a distance so that all can be active simultaneously. Landing path finals can happen without incursions into other finals. That’s also why the terminal is optimally placed in the center. Compare to the inferior JFK and SFO designs, for examples. Since DIA was designed from scratch, DIA has this luxury that most other fields don’t, e.g. SFO and JFK, which all evolved constantly and organically throughout the age of flight.

  59. Rats!!! You've solved my diabolical little puzzle!!! But you missed many other things. I'm going to have you brought before me to explain your insouciance

  60. Someone has way too much time on their hands to think of this absurd crap. If the Freemasons were taking over, I'd be wealthy and not driving a 12 year old truck.

    Take a Valium and loosen up.

  61. I can't believe there are this many stupid people in this country! Just one rebuff (I could go on and on). The horse of the "Apocolypse" as reported is in fact The emblem of the Denver Broncos football team. Bought, paid for and installed by the Broncos. I sure hope you people don't breed.

  62. To Chris : September 30th:

    You continue to think badly about those who have beliefs, but where do you sit in all this, where will you run for cover the day the Anti-Christ comes, this is not a threat but a warning: our prophets were merely “just warners”.

    Be very careful

  63. I must commend you on your fantastic work ! it's very scary the things that are about to come Only Jesus can save us from living in these horrid times . We must all give our hearts to Jesus …. I myself have been led astray , however the Lord is always there to guide us and forgive us. John 3:16

  64. How do you guys know that this website isn’t set up by the “New World Order” to mislead us…
    Then again maybe I’m just trying to mislead you…

  65. In reference to Kim’s post (#6) I think it should be clear that this is all related if you understand the occultic nature of Nasa’s work and the fact that they just bombed the SOUTH POLE OF THE MOON on October 9th, 9 months from that day (9×28) is June 18th (6+6+6) Read her paragraph regarding the earth giving birth to a new moon.

    Think of all of the movies coming out regarding the number 9.

    District 9
    “9” by Tim Burton
    The Musical 9 (due out in december)
    New Moon (the vampire movie due out soon)

    6.Kim February 15th, 2009 3:03 am :

    The horse. Jesus made a direct reference to the “sons of the Ba’el” who are still here. Underground. The Ba’el were a peaceful and very advanced race. When the sun changed they had to evacuate, they could not take everyone. They left because the changes in the sun caused them to go insane if they stayed in a solar system with these UV rays. Those left behind used their advanced “mech’ to dig down between the 5 and 20 mile range of the crust. That’s why Jesus “hated the sons of”, the insane descendants who were even in those times using advance mech against the surface populations. Interestingly enough the “Ba’el” are from the phlegm of HORSE, as we are from the phlegm of Ape. The developed into a species of Man, we call this a “humanoid” life form. “HORSE-MEN” of the UNVEILING?

    The entire mural looks like Revelations. You mentioned the Boy Scout did you notice the modern dressed(suit and tie) little American black boy BEHIND him. He looks like a little lawyer, and he’s not smiling the way the others are. O’bama? Something about the boyscout’s facial shape reminds me of the caricatures of Chaney. “And all the kings will turn over their kingdoms to the disciple of the Beast..” People are talking about all the helicopters today, and talking about an internal military coup.

    In Revelation there is a beast of “wonder” could this be the symbolic flower. Notice the “Peace” sign is pointed down, not up. That’s an occult symbol for the Cross being turned upside down as in Satanic worship.
    “And the whole world will worship the beast”

    The “Jesus” figure LOOKS like an American Indian. But what is on his head is the older symbol for a “halo” and this means he is one of the “Shining Ones”, illuminated. His body has no clothes that can be seen from here, any way. The Shining were the only ones allowed to rule before. The entire body is capable of lighting up, just as the reports of “Aliens” giving off light. This is evolution, the next step for us, but many other civilizations have already made it there. The Bird Tribes are one.

    The Gargoyles coming out of a suitcase look like someone who had folded himself as small as he could to hide in the suitcase. Making his escape. Someone opens the case and he is caught, so he hunches over in his cramped position and puts his head in his hands. Look at the resignation on his face. “Oh well”. The horns and short cropped hair are often referred to in legends of Cain and the Horned god. Notice the human body, not hoofs. The wings are the Bird tribes, “Angel” not mammalian/bat–”Dragon”. Could this be a TRUE representation of the People we once knew that went underground and became hidden from us? The “Fallen”? Could they have been the start of the legends of Gargoyles with bat wings, etc? Could this be them getting caught by the Annanuki elite?

    The native art. It looks like the old statues of the pregnant “Mother” goddess Earth. It looks like the Native american and the corn is taken by the Mother inside. She puts them to sleep for a while under ground. The piece in the middle looks like the representations you see today of the tunnels in the Sphinx. The American Indians are supposed to know where the tunnel accesses on N. America are.
    The legs spread and the black half round coming out is, according to the Hopi, “The Mystery of the Egg”. According to them and according to Revelations, Earth herself is pregnant. A new moon will come out of the South pole, and usually the outer crust crumbles in and Earth restarts, she keeps the DNA and the soul personality and then restores it to the surface as the surface recovers. This is Evolution, according to the Hopi. They say that this time the cycle will be different, because it is a conjunction of THREE cycles not just one, back to back. The first is a 3657 year cycle, pole shift. Its caused by a close encounter with a Large Red Dwarf. This is due in June 09. This is imminent. That is the Tidal Wave, the Meteor Strike and Fire from the Sky pics. The next is the Purification cycle, and that is every 25000 years, this is the only one not going to go as usual. It is one of three(cycles) that make up the whole of a 76000 year Grand Cycle. This is when our solar system lines up with the Galactic Center causing an Eclipse. That is what the floor piece is representing. That’s the alignment the Mayan show.

    Well its a fine piece of bragging isn’t it? But I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes, because also, according to Revelations, “God” knows where they are and has promised they will be caught. I’m betting who ever “god” is that he’s a bit more powerful than they are, and I’m betting he’s going to win.


    The artist’s reasoning behind some of the murals:

    DIA Murals
    1993 – 1995

    In Peace and Harmony With Nature

    Commissioned by and on permanent exhibit at Denver International Airport
    This is one of two sets of murals (four total)
    Two smaller at 12 ft. x 15 ft. w
    Two larger at and 12 ft. x 28 ft. w.

    Smaller mural – The Present State of the Environment

    Humanity, represented by multi-racial children, is shocked and saddened at finding our natural world in a trampled and abused state. Surrounding the youthful group are endangered or extinct wildlife species. The bewildered children view the Snow Leopard, said to be the most beautiful of the large cats, laid out lifeless before them displaying its exquisite fur and colors. To the left, a young girl gazes at a Great Auk in a display case, a vanished species made extinct in 1844. On the right front, a young boy touches a display case containing the last of the Passenger Pigeons, a species existing in immense numbers throughout the Eastern U.S., and finally extinguished in 1914. Shown also are a harpooned Gray Whale, a Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle enmeshed in a fishing net, and a wall mounted buffalo head. Fluttering over the central scene, is an agitated Quetzal bird, with parts of a display case ominously surrounding it, as if foretelling its extinction.

    Behind these central images, a fire rages, consuming a rainforest, while in the foreground we see endangered plant life, such as the Holy Ghost Orchid, from Panama, the Flower of the Gods, South Africa and others. In the immediate foreground are three concrete coffins, each containing a young girl clutching cultural articles. These three girls symbolize our own humanity as victims of our self destruction, notably through war, slavery, genocide, exploitation and violence of all kind.

    Larger mural – A Hopeful Future in which Humanity Rehabilitates the Environment

    On this mural, I depict humanity, represented by children of the world arrayed in national or folkloric costumes. They move from both ends towards the center, and are shown smiling optimistically as they strive to rehabilitate our natural environment. On the background to this jubilant procession, are depicted various temperate zones of our planet beginning, on the extreme left with the ocean, temperate forests, frigid, tropical rainforest, and desert.
    These “zones” are pictorially described with relevant geographical features, as well as wildlife indigenous to those regions. For example, the Quetzal bird signifies tropical rain or cloud forests, while the Snow Leopard is representative of frigid mountainous environments. Moreover, these different zones are shown as robust and healthy, as are the various wildlife species depicted. This portrayal is confluent with the ideal of a rehabilitated natural environment resplendent in all its beauty.

    The elated children, in the colorful and lively costumes of thirty-two nations, move happily to where a special and unique flowering plant is about to be placed in the soil. This flower, its radiating leaves reflecting all the colors of the rainbow, reveal within its folds the configuration of a small white dove (reminiscent of the Holy Ghost Orchid). With this image, I sought to symbolize a new appreciation of our environment as a spiritual as well as a physical entity, a precious and delicate domain entrusted to our care.

  67. Really?! This could possibly be one of the dumbest things ive ever seen. In the first video the kids on the bricks could just be chillin you basically point out any person with there eyes closed as dead and the “gray waves that are deadly gas” please people see what they want to same with the AU AG it could be the Australian Antigen or It could be the Gold and Silver because hey the letters are in an effin mining cart. The Second Video is even more idiotic then the first as a matter of fact some buildings are built over and how the hell do you know if there are interlocking underground tunnels if its so secret. Did the contracter tell you the one who told you about the sprinklers right after you said no one will give anyword on what it is get your story straight, and the mural and au ag symbols are not “cold hard facts” its just speculation those dont tell you anything really at all as i said before people see what they wanna’ see. And you narrator girl learn to fuckin talk. But if this all turns out to be real… then damn

  68. Jesus always remains the same on

    This is what it boils down to
    Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
    Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! ( Isaiah 5:20-21 )
    When it comes down to TRUTH people are so blinded. They love to stick with the misconception of what you don’t know won’t hurt. IN WHAT WORLD? These people put up their silly comments not realizing how they are damaging themselves. Basically running away from the truth (so so very sad). If you do not know anything know this Satan is the god of this world and he IS like a lion seeking whom he can devour. So people wisdom is the principal thing and in all thy getting get understanding. Know where wisdom comes from first and that is God THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE AND ABSOULUTE JESUS CHRIST! Also understand that prophecy is the real deal giving in the Holy Bible, this is not a game or a joke. It is going to go down ready or not!!!

  69. The angled arm is very enigmatic seems to have a purpose other than being decorative. Any insights on this?

    Maybe you cannot “cross” what is written as law without losing your life. The intentions written on the stone are self evident. The angled arm therefore represents for me a guillotine form. Especially if this is one of the central sites for NWO processing of the non-cooperative and undesireables. Evidently there are many more, but DIA is a hot spot for some reason, beyond simply its location. I think if people do not understand that the Masons have higher levels way above what is commonly known, this is disregarded as rubbish. But to know more about the Masons at the higher levels, their history and their sadistic ritualistic behavior this is typical.

    The airport itself has military installation written all over it given its size, the magnitude of fuel filling speed, and the underground caverns. So it has multiple purposes for the future.

    By the way that IS one scary horse anus.

  70. End tym soldiers on

    I realy appreciate what you guys are doin ….. honestly its timely … en the truth is that satan is gettin ready to run tis town ….. tis callin on all the youths of the world to open dier minds, eys and b vigilant. God nids you …. he’s lookin for a moses … are u ready …. honestly i wanna make heaven … cos here its just pains, sorrow en tears. Nuttin is real in tis world again. God needs you. To every youth in the world ….. we are more than conqueror .. more than satan en his military .. every power as been given unto us . O THOU YOUTH MANIFEST THOU POWER FROM ABOVE THE WORLD IS WAITIN 4 D EARNEST MANIFESTATION OF THE CHILDREN OF YOU. YOU ARE ONE OF EM. GOD BLESS

  71. I read that Gargoyles – when they first appeared (and in the 1200s) were used by the Roman Catholic Church to draw non-Christian believers to the Church through creating a figure/symbol of something unholy. This was supposed to help non-believers feel connected someway and not totally foreign and unrelated to the Church. Basically, connections to Pagan gods (and celebrations alike) were placed by the Church in the name of collecting more followers.

    Mythically, they could be seen as supernatural protectors of a building and its inhabitants. Also, they could be a warning to the public about the presence of evil. It is ‘still’ when you’re looking but at night [representing vulnerability because the majority of us are asleep] they move; some fly around.


    I just remember the heavy attention paid to the gargoyle towards the beginning of the movie ‘The Exorcist’. It includes the gargoyle, the sun, dogs barking/fighting, and just a shit load of eerie goodness.

    I can’t imagine how people could walk into this airport and not automatically feel uncomfortable. People think everything is a harmless refurbished trend reflected in art. This is scary, scary shit. How doesn’t this wake people up?

  72. (vai Tricia #63) Sometimes the best place to hide something is “out in the open”.

    No better way to put it, especially for skeptics. Of course not everyone will read this material and make something of it, but I believe your personal world view will aid or hinder your acceptance of this cunning information.

    As for me, since age 17 I’ve noticed that there’s something terribly wrong with the influences, direction and state of the world. You just need to open your eyes and accept that the way stuff is going down cannot possibly be pure and automatic. There is influence, that is a fact. And as much as I used to think it was just money, it is clear that this is bigger than that; to make it spicier, throw some religion [organized or not] in there. How are we being manipulated by people with spiritual convictions [sects, etc] when we ourselves are being drawn away from religion [mention God to children in the next generation and see what happens].

    It is evident that fishy shit is going on, the mere fact that this type of information is shit the avg joe has never heard of should be a red flag on its own. I watched a video by a renowned Stanford professor and he said “the less it is possible that something can be, the more it must be.” Just open your minds, if you dig enough and find this is bs then so be it. That would definitely not be a bad thing lol. All I’m saying is we are being lied to, valuable info is being appropriated and omitted, we all know this. Why we don’t take it seriously, I can’t answer…

  73. objective look on

    The Horse; anybody ever hear of the Denver Bronco’s
    Masons; have had many prominent members including Benjamen Franklin, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, yet sill a favorite among conspiracy theorists
    Artwork: absolutely tasteless garbage and whoever commissioned this guy is a complete idot, many artists are total wacko’s and this guy is no exception
    Swastika shaped airport; the swastika has 4 prongs doesn’t it so, I don’t really see it
    Most upsetting: $4.1 billion price tag, another glaring example of unbelievable bureaucratic waste

  74. btw, did anyone take note of the fact that Barak Obama MADE HIS NOMINATION ACCEPTACE SPEECH IN DENVER, … with the "Bronco Stallion" as the very visible mascot?

  75. To: chris September 30th, 2009 7:20 pm :
    “God didn’t prevent World War II.
    How can you be so ignorant ?
    “God will protect us”, i believe in a creator somehow, but do you think you’re so special that He gonna do something to save us this time ?
    Stupid religious people are killing me.”

    If God doesn’t “save” us is because we don’t obey him…(i speak for myself too)
    That doesn’t mean He doesn’t care about us!!!

  76. i am beyond disgusted.. also wondering how i didnt hear of this before, it had to have been all over the news when they finished building it… i think i am going to throw up… we dont need more proof of nwo conspiracy… i also heard rumor that they are going to bestow upon us the ancient pagan religion as the one world religion, and want to bring mount olympus to colorado.. why colorado i dont know.. i also know we have saved every crop (in antartica? not sure) there is so we they can control us later when they destroy everything here (perhaps the plant?) they are going to say join us, accept the chip and the nwo, or die. you will have no money, no food, no choice. i really hope this is the second coming and we and our kids do not live through the nwo happenings..

  77. Leib Rosenfeld on

    I am distressed to find that our carefully laid plans have been exposed like this on the Internet. Our allies control many territories, always relying upon airport as our pivots of influence. Until now, our emphasis has been on Europe where we use our airport network to good effect. Using great aviation hubs like Derry City at Eglinton (Ireland) and lesser airports like remote Helgoland and tiny Papa Westray, we have the power and the means to take control. DIA was just a bit part player in the grander scheme, but what the heck! You guys did a great job in discovering our evil intent and we’ll just have to leave DIA out of our future planning. Oddball place, anyway. And so out of the way. Can’t imagine why we chose Denver in the first place.

  78. “There is so much to interpret in those murals that I’m convinced I’ve missed alot of details (colors, shapes, movement, symbols).”

    Coming from an artistic point the pictures really reinforce the symbols interpreted. For instance, the first mural, the colors used are mostly red, orange, black. Mostly these colors (like red, for instance) convey a sense of anger, aggression, masculinity, blood, war, revolution etc etc. Black is less vague as everyone can agree it conveys mystery, death, evil, fear, darkness. The movement of the first mural with all of the figures, and the overall balance is at the center of the painting. Im also going to note that all the pale skinned children are wearing red (even the dead one). Also, the extinct(?) bird (‘flying’ above) also makes an appearance in the last mural, seemingly happy and very much alive. Without even really dissecting the paintings an untrained eye can get a sense of feeling from the placement, colors, and mood of the images. Just looking at the 3’d painting gives a feeling of ‘sweeping, overwhelming death’ (the movement of the rainbow mirrored by the movement of the scimitar.. and whatever that gray bottom is (where the letter is resting)).

  79. Yes, the symbol we know as the swastika was originally seen in the culture of the First Nations people in the Americas. However, if you notice, the direction of the symbol is the opposite from the adaptation used by Nazi Germany.

  80. Alot of those things can be explained but the inward fencing is a troubling sign. What also makes me a little uneasy is last time I was at a new Frankfurt Airport in Germany the first thing I thought that it was designed like a gas chamber. It was massive and its combined with their train station which is also completely enclosed and the complex is huge. I had to take the train so I was never outside until I reached Cologne an hour later and I never saw any doors where you can walk outside that fucking place or windows which you can look out of. All you do is walk into another grey metal tube or tunnel. For smokers they had little glass chambers with sliding doors for about 4-5 people with filtered and recirculated air/smoke, blending nicely into overall “gas chamber” design. Vigilant should look into that site too because its no circus tent, it was a straight up concentration facility.

  81. The only thing that could possibly save the human race which collectively is ‘God’, is if you all put a final end to your acceptance of all inequity. That you accept inequity makes you the beast-the beast wants to dominate over others-not love them as they love themselves(Christ-like). Edgar Cayce told you what is important is: your highest ideal-and what you will least accept. That alone defines you. The antichrist has enticed you to accept low standards, that are in no way Christ-like. When the antichrist established the evangelical movement-they lied that salvation only takes “belief in Jesus”, not to be Christ-like and “To obey Jesus”, not to be like Jesus as the ideal of love and to do as he “respect everyone’s right to free will and individuality”. If you all shared equally the wealth of the Earth, the Earth would increase in wealth to give you for sharing. Because you selfishly take from others to benefit only yourselves-and are in essence only the thieves of each other’s equal shares the Earth shall give less-soon the earth will give you nothing-no clean uncontaminated water-no air to breath-nothing to eat but each-other and your own babies-I have no pity for any of you-you are the beast not a God who is Christ-like and loves and does not punish but forgives and believes that all life is equal. Take your false ego based belief in superiority by theft and go to the Hell you will soon reap-worshipers of materialism-with your God that rules over the shopping Malls. Only those who make life heavenly for others(equality/forgiveness/love) will get to Heaven-you the beast think you can make yourselves happy-by exploitation of the weak-theft of more for yourself from others-but the hell you make for others is the Hell that gives no happiness. Your mental illness is your Hell-the pain you cause others out of selfish self-interest which is antichrist the nature of the Beast is the pain of your mental illness-the richer a person is the more mental pain they are feel in the Hell of their beast-psyche. Your wealthy are all insane-yet they are your ‘Ideal’ what you don’t accept is that you will get less-but you accept that others must get less than you in order that you get more than they-true complete equality is not in any way comprehensible to the beast. Life itself disposes of those who are not Life’s ideal:Christ-like, life has no use for those who think Christ will save the beast-the beast is not salvageable.

  82. Ibrahim Hamza al-Nasifah Ibn Abdullah on




  83. This is amazing. Although I must say one thing;

    To me, the German boy in the painting ' Children of the World Dream of Peace', to me anyway, looks as though He is breaking the weapons he is being given. Perhaps showing how all the world's nations will be disarmed and the army of the Elite will take power.

  84. LOOK ,they know that the typical ignorant, sheep-ass, high fructose syrup guzzling, flouride slurping, metal mouth having,precription drug popping, American will not notice….

    Things are best hidden when put in plain view!

  85. Two bits:

    1. The last image is the Dine' (Navajo) goddess Adzaan Nadlehi "the Ever Changing Woman". She is a benevolent representation of fertility and balance. The two horned beings above represent the morning star and moon.

    2. The swastika is an indigenous symbol Hitler's Nazis corrupted. In the shown fom it is considered balanced.

  86. This article seems different from the ones i have read. it's vaguer, more casual, and not as well researched. VC, I suspect you are more than one person.

  87. You make it seem as the airport was designed specifically as the Nazi Swastika-symbol…….Fact is, the Swastika first originated as a Hindu and Buddhist symbols, and is actually a Sanskrit word (the oldest, official language known to man). It's actual definition relates to "that which is associated with well-being."

  88. I think this airport will serve as the "World Airport," meaning if you want to fly anywhere in the US or out of it, if we are allowed to, this this is the place everyone has to go. They already have a World Court in Den Haag, Holland.

    NWO here we come!

  89.,,, and and jesuits.Do not trust wikipedia or the other links on wikicompany article.Good luck.

  90. This was just featured on Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura. There are reports of an underground bunker built underneath the airport.

  91. I have to say, the whole structure of this airport is odd, and stands out as being abnormal. For a place to showcase such bizzare art and style you would think it would cause a lot of people to complain, but Colorado has a lot of places with unique art and structure. I don't know what it all means and if it really is some secret place for the high and mighty, but one thing I know for sure is the airport is more than just an airport and you realize that just by the Horse of the Apocalypse and the underground roads for the trucks and trains. Hmmmmm…

  92. George, Austin tx. on

    Well, as the airport was being built, there were many news shows etc documenting the underground facilities. Those shown were the massive baggage handling areas under the terminals with connecting tunnels to allow transfer of luggage to other flights/terminals. It took at least a year to work out the problems with baggage. I saw the Jesse Ventura show last night and it really started me thinking/worring. I am very disturbed by the paintings and other symbolism depicting some dire horrible event, why at an airport? You people of Colorado, by the way a place I love to visit, need to start a petition-movement to have that Trash removed. This is not the image we expect from one of our most beautiful states, Conspiracy or not get rid of it. God will control our future, fear not, have faith.

  93. I have no doubt that most of this is true. The symbolism I think is deeper than most can understand. To me the balck cirlce or "sun" is a refference to the 3 eclipses happening in 2012, by the way something that rarely happens. And those murals a re clearly pointing to the bilderberg group agenda of population control, which is 500,000,000 world wide! Give or take a few extra. I'm personaly researching symbolism in order to hopefully figure out some true meanings to these symbolic images. Hope you all have some type of plan you're working on, cause when it all goes down, were on our own.

  94. all of these murals all link to the nazi beliefs. chances are that new world order has something in mind that is related to these thoughts. if the mayans were correct then the nwo will not choose for jewish people to live. which might be related to the third mral on this sight. the fact that all these murals are related to nazis proves that whoever Tanguma painted these murals for obvoiusly didnt have any plans for them to survive in the nwo. maybe that is why the first mural depicts depopulation of the world. the freemasons we know were secretive so who knows what they've planned. maybe all of these murals depict only one type of people living, we no for sure it won't be jewish

  95. Thank you for this great work. Like some of the other writers, I was pertty horrified at these images–and couldn't figure out WHY the Oligarchs or Elite would be so blatant–and this includes the Ventura Conspiracy series. Why isn't he "neutralized"? Why all this "exposure" escalating to 2012? Then an enlightenment–They WANT us to be afraid. Where best for them to hide–but right out in the open, just another factoid in a debased popular culture, another crazy notion lost in a society in the process of becoming economically unhinged. It's been morally unhinged for a long time. We are being distracted, unable to coordinate or pose any real threat. They will have us going after each other…and by the time we fully realize how to what extent we've been deceived…it will be too late.

    Well, that's just one paranoid theory.

  96. A lot of you damned fools need to educate yourself on the swastika. No, it was not "stolen" from "Native Americans." Nor was it "stolen" from Buddhists or Hindus. It's a symbol as old as time, as old as humanity. It's also one of the easiest symbols to draw, which probably helped its popularity some. Almost every group, race, culture, etc. has some variant of the swastika around somewhere. The Nazis didn't "steal" a damn thing. Nor did they "corrupt" anything. I can assure you, there was already a quite long history of Germanic peoples using the swastika long before the Brownshirts.

    BTW, for all you folks regurgitating your high school history class propaganda, regarding the direction of the swastika… do you think that Hitler and the Nazis thought of THEMSELVES as evil?

    "ooh, them there big bad voodoo nazis turned the swastika around! they took it from good and reversed it for eeeeevil!!"

    …Gimme a break.

  97. The angled arm mentioned above on the Masonic capstone is called the Masonic Square and Compasses, and is the most identifiable symbol of freemasonry. both are architechtural tools and are used in Masonic Rituals to teach symbolic meaning. There is no general meaning to these tools, they are interpreted differently throughout all the jurisdictions of freemasonry. As measuring instruments, the tools represent judgement and discernment.


  99. Ok stop think about it this came out now that we got a black president this people are trying to put the world against the president get over it u damn white trash people if u can call youreself people you all go sleep with youre mama or sister , get a job put youre mind to work dont let ur live pass u by, theres nothing u can do thats gonna take the president out of office i think his the greatest president weve had and yes he is a BLACK MAN THIS COUNTRY IS MADE OF INMIGRANTS THE ONLY PEOPLE HERE WHO ARN'T INMIGRANTS ARE THE NATIVE AMERICANS SO DON'T BE OUT THERE SAYING THAT INMIGRANTS ARE TAKING OVER YOURE COUNTRY BECAUSE ITS NOT YOURES STUPID AND U NO WHAT IM A WHITE MAN LET THE PEOPLE LIVE LET PEOPLE WORK THAT IS WHAT THIS COUNTRY IS ABOUT HARD WORKING PEOPLE

  100. The last mural on this list(The one that looked like an alien sprinkling life on earth) was the most frightening to me because it made me realize how terryfing this place is. I'am an engineer and I can tell you that the middle part in the picture looked like a plan for an underground building, and any engineer will tell you that those tubes in the center are vents.

  101. I live in Fort Collins and have been to DIA hundreds of times. I've practically grown up in that airport. It's never bothered me, I've never even seen the murals or the gargoyles or the Masonic stone. Maybe I'm just oblivious, or maybe I've just been there to many times to notice them anymore. It really is a nice airport, and it doesn't put off any spooky vibes. I just noticed the "demon horse of the apocalypse" for the first time over two years ago.

    • ya, I passed through this airport twice recently and I was trying to find all these symbols but the airport is so big and I didn't have time. It is a very nice airport for travellers but obviously it's supposed to look that way. Anyways, I kind of wish I got to see all these things in the flesh lol.

      stay blessed

  102. "Ok stop think about it this came out now that we got a black president this people are trying to put the world against the president get over it u damn white trash people if u can call youreself people you all go sleep with youre mama or sister , get a job put youre mind to work dont let ur live pass u by, theres nothing u can do thats gonna take the president out of office i think his the greatest president weve had and yes he is a BLACK MAN THIS COUNTRY IS MADE OF INMIGRANTS THE ONLY PEOPLE HERE WHO ARN’T INMIGRANTS ARE THE NATIVE AMERICANS SO DON’T BE OUT THERE SAYING THAT INMIGRANTS ARE TAKING OVER YOURE COUNTRY BECAUSE ITS NOT YOURES STUPID AND U NO WHAT IM A WHITE MAN LET THE PEOPLE LIVE LET PEOPLE WORK THAT IS WHAT THIS COUNTRY IS ABOUT HARD WORKING PEOPLE"

    …if you're a white man, you're a damn poor example of one. Take an English 101 course.

    RE: kelsey –

    I lived in FoCo for a brief while back in 07-08, nice place. I was wondering if, on your way south on I-35 to Denver, you'd ever seen in the land on the west side of the freeway, these small shafts coming up out of the ground along the way? If not, be on the lookout the next time you drive it, they're weird. I think they're air vents for a tunnel system.

  103. “The angled arm is very enigmatic seems to have a purpose other than being decorative. Any insights on this?”

    To me it reminds me of a sun-dial, it appears to have "rays" engraved into the surface of the capstone


  105. It makes sense that the "children of the world" hand weapons over to the German boy. Germany is the center of the European Union and the EU is (allegedly) the blueprint for a global state. I'm just speculating wildly.

    Also, I'm pretty sure the "happy" side of Children of the World Dream of Peace is supposed to come AFTER the scary side. The story it is telling is that there is an evil Nazi-like character committing atrocities and this character is then defeated by the peaceful dreams of the children. This character probably represents the brutal violent side of human nature, that is eventually tamed. Again, just speculation.

    And, um… poster #132… just.. wow. I really am almost speechless. I just hope this isn't an indicator of the state of our education system. (It is)

  106. Gargoyles are half man half beast seen as demons in my beliefs since they too can be human of any gender and are a beast. They deceivers they appear to be in human form but internally are beast hence half man half beast thing. Then the last photo look to me like a creative picture of baphomet with the horns in place or the devil. The little heads reminded me the all seeing eye which is satan's eye which would explain the head ajd horns. The baby represents sacrifice of life to the devil which in return gives him life as you can see on his right side.

    Baby=life to satan=which equals strength to imitate life produced on earth. Satan tries to mock God and imitates God's being,nature,and ways.

  107. There are things for which a man wills and for the same God wills, it is the God's will that supercedes all other wills.

  108. Wow that was hella, deep seriously why in the world would you have an underground building 80 + miles. All this under an airport that wasn't even needed and then all the weird murals this is very eye opening and I love this site

  109. The last commenter was right on. The only part I disagree with is the murals being about the past. If looked at in the correct order it is a depiction of a general Revelations (that may be an oxymoron) using modern and ancient symbols

    Also Masons arent evil. Are great forefathers dreamed of and created the new world order, America. The Masons have more than contributed their fare share

  110. Pretty sweet airport if you ask me. The paintings are all very interesting and very well done… especially as they have provoked such a response, I'm sure the artist feels he has done his job. I also think it's pretty hilarious how everybody is so concerned with the "New World Order." Grow up.

  111. Lol ok gais what I meant to say was you all need to be bricking hot coal over the NWO threat, k bai noa.

  112. As with any prophesized future catastrophe, and advice telling you to "prepare, so you can survive". …why??? Why would anyone want to survive the "end of the world, as we know it"…? When…and more importantly…IF…something would ever happen…? I will stand outside, with my friends, and watch it happen! The ones that "survive" it will be the losers in the end! When the world ceases to be a place worth living in, it is no longer worth "fighting to survive in"! I will GLADLY go out without a fight and let the true cowards stay behind!


  114. The pictures they can get a picture of a tunnel from anywere if u believe this ur stupid ,,,,what the horse is gonna come alive ,,or what there gona put all the people in this tunnel ,,man thats stupid not even the people from colorado springs will fit in that tunnel this is nothing but the people against the president thats all they talk about in this videos trying to get people against him

  115. I know did u see what he wrote about the air vents he says there air vents for a tunnel system ,that other person saying that he likes being with his mom and sister to meet him at taco bell, that person is playing him stupid,,,, jefe get a life ,,,STUPID

  116. Ya i noticed that fool he dont know his freeways HAVE U BEEN ON I35 AFTER POST HIS COMMENT HE WRITES OH SORRY I MEAN I25 WHAT A FUCKEN STUPID WHITE TRASH

  117. Ya i noticed it to ,,first his telling that other person to get english classes ,,he fucked it up pretty bad ,I35 OH NO I MEANT I25 WHAT A DUMM FUCK

  118. thirdeaglebooks recently posted 2 YouTube videos on the DIA murals. He says they contain hidden messages about Obama, WWWIII, Christian persecution, and the Great Tribulation. According to him, it's all going to unfold in 2010.

  119. I love the art! I think by standing in front of it and trying to understand what the artist was trying to say is a good exercise. Regarding Nazis and dead animals and such… I presume they are warnings. Look what we've done (Holocaust), look what we're doing (animal extinction and burning rainforests for farmland). We should stop following our base nature and try nurturing instead of killing. Just a thought.

    Oh yeah, whoever's writing this pap needs to take a breath!

  120. i just want to say get on your face and ask for forgivness repent and pray to Jesus to come into your heart. Psalms 51. and start living your life for GOD!!!!! because i myself dont want anyone to have to go through what is coming. this site is telling me to watch out for martial law, it has death, pain suffering written all over it. pray!!

  121. wow… if the time capsule were opened now i bet there would be some incriminating stuff in there

  122. What I see in these paintings is a depiction of the earth-worshipping, Socialist/Marxist utopian ideal. Mankind is destroying the earth and each other, and if we all disarm and hold hands everything will be all better. It's a bunch of liberal rubbish painted by a guy who supports the racist idea of Aztlan, which has nothing to do with peace and love and everything to do with the conquest of one race over another. Those who beat their swords into plowshares will work for those who don't, and I don't see any Chicanos in La Raza or the Aztlan movement lining up to turn in their guns. I also don't see a Mexican flag wrapped around any of the swords in the picture above, but I may have missed it. Watch the video below and decide for yourself if the Aztlan/La Raza/Mecha movements are all about "Peace and Harmony".

    He said to them, “But now, the one who has a money bag must take it, and likewise a traveler’s bag too. And the one who has no sword must sell his cloak and buy one."

    -Jesus, in Luke 22:36

    And no, I'm not a Jesus freak, but I do like the quote…

    Man I'm glad I don't live in Colorado anymore.

  123. The last image which has a baby on the left and a large sky with a strange body in the middle seems to be the temple of solomon. Search by yourself and make the conclusions.


  124. this article was great….the arch kinda resembles a rocket leaving the ground…the rays can resemble the fire from lift off…idk but i feel like the biological aspect will be from a rocket…which will be blamed on N. Korea….once again the article is GREAT

  125. Dude, gargoyles are monsters that have been put on churches for centuries because they are believed to ward off evil. Look it up. As for those paintings…the give me the creeps…I wont be flying into there or out of there…yuck


    …this is the web address of the site that I happened upon quite a number of years ago. Very in-depth information. I was fascinated but shocked to discover the meanings of the images on the murals. What bothered me the most is that I was able to see these murals in person during a stop-over back in 1997, and thought they were very disturbing, except for the "swords into plowshares" one, although I did note at the time that the German boy had the honors …but now that I am older and wiser, I wish I could examine them again. The airport is beautiful and I wanted to also note, the tunnels were in use when I passed through…we landed at one terminal and rode an underground train/shuttle to a different terminal to catch our connecting flight.

  127. From what I have heard the airport contains huge bunkers underground for all the rich SOB's to hide in when something happens in 2012. I now believe from reading and looking at the paintings that what is going to kill off the population is partly the sun from solar flares and the other part from the Bilderbergs that are going to release gas to kill us. It's just my opinion and it doean't mean I'm right….I hopefully will be wrong. But, that's what I think will happen.

  128. In the second mural, where the rainbow starts, the German boy in the center is hammering a crooked scimitar. I think it's the same scimitar that the militaristic figure is holding in the next mural where the rainbow ends.

  129. The arched arm on the masonic stones is obviously a solar clock. There are even lines carved into the stone depicting hours. It would be interesting to know the shadow of the winter and summer solstice. It would suprice me if the stone is not in perfect alignment with any of those.

  130. It's a Grotesque not a gargoyle, gargoyles have spouts in their mouths as they are nothin more than decorative guttering designed to keep as much rainwater as possible off the stone walls of buildings as it pours off the roof. A Grotesque is an ugly pointless statue.

  131. sorry – forgot one

    9) The "Alien" is a very ancient native symbol. Anyone with google could find that out. That's like saying there's a giant conspiracy to make old white men rule the world because the Christian God is always depicted as an old white man. EVERYONE FEAR OLD WHITE MEN!!!!

  132. I cannot prove or disprove that there is a "base" underneath DIA. However, I do live in Denver and have been to DIA many times, mostly before the demon horse, and it IS a very odd facility. Those murals were placed in the main terminal where all passing though the airport would see it. Most have since been removed or painted over to alter the original painting. There are masonic symbols all over that place many more than were listed here. It is about an hour drive from when you reach the property until you reach the airport. In order to reach the three concourses one must take an underground train taking about five minutes travel time in between each stop. When one rides those trains one can see some other rail lines being maintained other than the two lines traveling back and forth. I'm not saying there is anything nefarious occurring here but there IS more than meets the eye to that HUGE facility.

  133. (I'm intrigued with the Capstone/time capsule. Is it a sun dial)

    The winter solstice occurs on December 21st of each year. The sun is at it's lowest in the sky during the winter solstice. The Mayan calender ends on 21 December 2012. The year the sun changes, supposedly for the worse. 2012 is now 2yrs away!!!

    If, the capstone/time capsule is actually a sun dial? If, there really is an underground base under DIA? If, the murals actually depict present/future events? Doesn't that make them look paranoid? Why is the time capsule set for 2094, 100yrs from when it was built? Who will be here to open the time capsule? These are questions I am sure many of us, including myself, may never know the answer to.

    All I can say is, if you trust what you believe and know right from wrong. Why would you really be worried about something you already know is going to happen?

    However, I'm a sponge for knowledge and the psychology of human behavior. That's why I am here now.

  134. I find it extremely amusing to hear ppl making sarcastic comments about the very obvious facts revealed in this articles. I am a practicing Christian and this much I know. we are advised to vigilant and not to be blind/ ignorant of the devices of the Enemy. We all know at some level, even if most are unwilling to admit that evil machinations exist. But I guess its easier for folks to bury their heads in sand and pretend that all is well. we should all tread with caution o.

  135. On the subject of the strange painting in your article regarding the Denver Airport.

    The figure that reminded you of a crop circle or an alien seeding life is actually native artwork.

    The image is taken from a Navajo sand painting used in healing ceremonies. It is a representation of mother earth and would usually be shown with the counterpart image representing father sky.

    The image contains at its centre a sacred cornstalk. Remember that the Pueblo people say they emerged from 'underground bases'. The corn represents this in its journey from below the soil to the light of day. Though corn has many symbolic meanings due to its central importance of course.

    At first I thought that the father sky consort was missing. Closer inspection reveals he is there…but in abstract. he has become the formless starry sky. Usually he looks rather like a mirror image of the other earth mother figure but with a black body filled with stars.

    Note that at the bottom of the figure there is a black filled arch. See above the figure a blue arch of the sky?

    that is from the bottom of the usual image for father sky. His star filled body is now stretched across the top of the picture. The two small 'entities' usually inhabit his body though they are usually upside down and with the white at the top. This shows that father sky has been flipped over to 'mirror' mother earth below.

    To the left is what appears to be a native child. to the right is another sacred corn stalk. The bird on top 'may' represent the bird that helped the pueblo peoples find their way out of the underground world of the last era.

    Weirdly mother earth is showering some powder on both the baby and the plant. Whether this is sacred corn or something else I am not sure.

    Those mountains in the background, I wonder if they are a real mountain range and if so where?

  136. Didn't read any other comments, but the "enigmatic arm" seems to be the arm of a sun dial, with the four notches in the marble below giving four phases of the sun (?).

  137. FYI. Regarding German Boy–Kaiser Wilhelm sent team to bring "gate of Hell" and "throne of Satan" back from Pegamos and Babylon, respectively. Can see both, today, in Pergamom Museum, Germany. Hitler had his architect, Albert Spier, build replica of the throne in Nuremberg, for his nazi rallies.

    FYI. Enigmatic Arm seems to be a sundial with 4 notches on the marble capstone.

    FYI. Regarding floor with possible lunar or solar eclipses, the NASA website shows that there will be three solar eclipses on Aug. 1, 2008, July 22, 2009, and July 11, 2010. What makes these interesting is that on the Jewish calendar, the eclipses all fall on Av 1st. Never happened in history, nor will again per the NASA website. Also, a tetrad, or four lunar eclipses, are all set for the next sabbatical year (year of rest). On April 15, 2014, and Oct.8, 2014, and then on April 4, 2015, and Sept. 28, 2015. What makes this group so interesting, these dates, respectively, are Passover 2014 and Tabernacles 2014, then Passover 2015 and Tabernacles 2015. Kind of interesting, don't you think? Not sure if it means anything, but it would seem to mean something. The last tetrad occurred at time of Jews retaking Jerusalem. Interesting.

  138. Sure, all this looks scary, but they have a New Belgium Pub with wonderful beers. And besides, many whitey is just misinterpreting the Mexican inspired looking murals. Sure they're scary for you because you realize that, eeek! you might be called to task for having stolen all this territory from Mexico! And the Mexican grad student from texas laughed and laughed and laughed because he knew that Santa Anna wasn't a mindless invader, but a valiant, national leader seeking to put down a rebellion fomented by white, illegal aliens.

  139. I find the comment by gwydion under note #17 especially interesting. I live in Boston where they recently completed "The Big Dig", as in the end of 2007. Boston of course has one of the major airports as well and there are mountains nearby. I also noticed that more recently they were digging up I-95 (the Big Dig focused on I-93) and hauling away truckloads of dirt all night, but I could not find what the project was that they were supposedly working on. I wonder if there is a similar story with Atlanta???

    A few months ago I found an On-Demand showing from Comcast that discussed bunkers that are all over the place and that are built deep in the mountains. The story focused on Germany's I believe it was. What I believe is that our govt is preparing for a nuclear war where the elitists head for their bunkers and leave the rest of us up here "to deal with the fallout", pardon the pun. I also believe the tv series "The Colony" was meant to be a reality tv experiment to see how people would manage in the event of a major catastrophe like that. I would not be the least surprised if they set up havens for people to find. These havens will be supplied with canned foods as well as other rudimentaries as deemed necessary based on what they learn from that show/experiment. Meanwhile the elitists will be enjoying their caviar while nestled deep within the mountain safe from all of the radiation. They won't need to scavenge or worry because they will be totally prepared for the event. Time will tell if I am right.

  140. As I read the posts here, I am struck by the fervor with which so many people believe that “God” will save us. I'm sure we are supposed to subconsciously feel that if God does not save us, then surely the superheroes we see at the movies and on TV will step in and save the day. There is no need for us to do anything, right? This all reminds me of a story I heard years ago. It was about a woman stuck in the water and trapped by rocks as the waters rose. She turned down help in several forms because she believed God would save her. Once she reaches the pearly gates, she asks God why He did not save her. God replied that he sent the woman help but that she turned it away. I heard the story by word of mouth and the following was a close proximity to it.…. The moral is that God helps those who help themselves. We need to remember that.

    Karl Marx is often quoted with saying, “Religion is the opiate of the masses.” The full quote is more telling. It is, “Religious distress is at the same time the expression of real distress and the protest against real distress. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, just as it is the spirit of a spiritless situation. It is the opium of the people. The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is required for their real happiness. The demand to give up the illusion about its condition is the demand to give up a condition which needs illusions.” Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right. In other words, many of us need religion to help us cope when things get really bad. However, by using religion as a means of escape, we are not solving the problem. I am certainly in favor of a society where religion leads to the betterment of our society. However, when religion causes us to do nothing because of an unrealistic expectation that all will be taken care of and where we do not need to take action, religion has done us a disservice.

    Personally, I suspect we are given religion as something to grasp onto during these difficult times. Some of the most zealous religious people are the biggest hypocrites. George W. Bush is a case in point, so are Jimmy Swaggart, Oral Roberts, Pat Robertson as well as Jim Bakker. These people are rewarded handsomely to keep our attention diverted from ‘the men behind the curtain’, the ones who controls the stage. We like to think of religion as leading to a kinder and gentler people, but that is often not the case. History is full of too many tales of religious persecution for us to believe that.

    I propose that we put aside our differences and work towards defeating this beast, be it real or imagined. We cannot afford to rest on our laurels, nor can we rest on our belief that God will do all of the work for us and we can go about living our lives as if nothing were going on around us. There are so many layers of deceit cast upon us, designed to keep us steeped in apathy. These include being told things such as ‘it is too big for us to fight’, ‘you guys are all quackos’, and ‘that sounds like another conspiracy theory’. But if we don’t fight, then they will surely win. Can we afford that?

    The scariest part of that is that these people do not have the moral compass to rule the people in a kind and benevolent way. If they possess a moral compass, then they use it to steer in the direction of evil. It really does not matter if you believe in God, Jesus or the devil. The important thing is that we have a mission here, and we must work together with all religions including the atheists in order to succeed. They have used divide and conquer as a means of immobilizing us for far too long. They have pitted blacks against whites, heterosexuals against homosexuals, and the various religions against each other for far too long. Sites such as this serve a very real and valid purpose… to give us a forum for finding others of like minds. Don’t let my words about religion slow you down… but also don’t let your religion stop you from taking action. Something big is brewing. We need to be a cohesive unit in the face of such adversity. We need to be prepared and it is by reading the signs that we have the greatest chance of being prepared. Thank you for helping me see the bigger picture. I hope that I have helped too.

  141. Truly a scary horse anus!

    It is so weird how we have lost the ability and knowledge of symbols…but it is definately coming back.

  142. My thought on this DIA situation is the same as many that have posted here. I find that this complex is far more expansive and to be used for a far different reason than just an airport. An airport…that it is. However, with all the construction activity that continues to go on to this day…what else are they building there? Also, what about all the buildings they built…then stated to the public that they built them wrong…and simply buried them…. ( since when do you build buildings wrong….so ok lets bury them now—- does that really happen with billions of dollars spent?—– I dont think so )

    This location also took the place of a perfectly good Stapleton Airport that was working just fine. This airport is actually more inconvenient to use….than the original airport. The people of Denver were also against this boondogle…but the pushed it through anyways…. WHY? AND FOR WHAT PURPOSE?

    The elite have a plan….and it does not include YOU…or ME. It includes ONLY THEM…and this place will sustain them..and keep them safe from whatever disaster is brewing or being planned to happen….while the rest of us…go down the drain. I also believe there are other facilities like this one….smaller maybe…but of the same purpose….to House..and Protect the elite and their friends and cronies….while you and I either get killed outright, starve to death…suffer from radiation poisoning, shot, tortured…or whatever fate awaits us…….. We as a country and a planet are in deep deep trouble…and I feel there is a plan… get the elite through this time….we the people….will be on our own…..So if you are waiting for god to come save you or Batman and Robin…you will surely die……YOu, and I…and all of us…need to form an action plan…for our survival……..that may mean banding together to build our own underground bunker…or take charge of an abandoned missile silo and covert it for our survival……….. The time to plan is now…not on Dec 21st 2012…..if you wait…its too Late.

    As another author noted above…something is brewing. It is going to be a Planetary changing event…and we need to be ready……….. Its time to go into survival mode….and mobilize……..the ones who dont mobilize and plan……are the ones who will likely perish in this upcoming catastrophe…whether it is Polar shift….Solar storm, supervolcanos, Nuclear/biological Holocaust….etc….

  143. Thank you for taking the time to put this together. I can't wait for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to come and set up His kingdom……It is only then…. will we know …………true…… "Peace and Security"

  144. You ever wonder why DIA is way out in the country? The satanist wanted the airport built on the 104* longitude line. Also called 'ley Line" or "Dragon Line". What else is on this line? Roswell UFO incident, NORAD and "Devils Tower" in Wyoming. Must be some kind of mystic power behind it. It's also said, Denver will be the New World Order western hemisphere capital.

  145. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

    I'm not a Freemason and so can't say for certain, but I have a thought about the angled arm of the suspended plaque. A hunch tells me that the curvature of the arm brings the point to center above the Masonic emblem. It appears as though if lines were drawn between the emblem, the base of the arm, and the point itself, it would form an equilateral right triangle. In essence, the emblem is "squared up" with the point where the plaque attaches. I'd be interested in knowing the precise dimensions; there may be a key in the numbers.

    The gargoyle thing is pretty easy, though, and they're actually a good sign. Gargoyles, which originally served to protect stone masonry from the damage of rainwater, symbolically serve to protect a place from evil spirits. Much like Halloween masks, they're supposed to be scarier than the nasties they're chasing off. That they're sitting in suitcases is actually a comforting sign to me. That said, though… Yeah, DIA is an incredibly fascinating place. I'm just not particularly afraid of what it means.

    By the way, though I pretty clearly have a very different perspective of the symbols you point out (I'm tickled pink that occult symbolism is reaching into the mainstream) I think you've got a keen eye. Sure, I think some of your theses are far-fetched (especially as someone who has been embroiled in this symbolism my entire life), but you're a whole lot better at this than Bob Larson, Jack Van Impe, or worse–Jack Chick. Of course, being internet-savvy always helps, doesn't it? 😉 We're a whole lot more visible than we were.

    Love is the law, love under will.

  146. it is the new world order.. i cannot wait for it!! all of the religions who keep the human race from progessing will be put down. they will be put into these holes and left and or be gassed. imagine a world with no more religion!! all wars are due to religion.. no more religion means no more war! we can pogress as species and achieve a higher purpose other then following our stone age fears about an invisisble man in the sky. i embrace it i welcome it.. smart people will survive.. the low dome religious idiots will be gone. it will be an age of enlightenment!

  147. starshipcommander on

    The angled arm on the capstone looks like Death's sickle blade. I've driven to the old and new airports countless times working for ground transportation companies, as well as flown in/out of quite a few times. The old airport worked great 95% of the time. The 5% of the time flights were delayed was tolerable. 98% of the people in Colorado were against a new airport especially one out in the middle of nowhere. It just didn't make sense to me. There was no gas station for miles. Denver Mayor Fredrico Pena spearheaded the drive for the new airport that went over-budget by 3 billion dollars. For his fine fiscal stewardship, he was appointed Transportation Secretary. He screws the pooch and yet was handsomely rewarded a federal post and the Highway to DIA was named after him. Go figure.

  148. Plenty of buildings and complexes around the world were secretly built to be turned into military bases, R&D centres and concentration camps.

    This 'Airport' is no different…….

  149. wow that horse if fucking creepy. of all the docs i've seen and what i've read on DIA i have never heard or seen of the blue horse. and to hear it "trampled' the artist has to be God with the proverbial slap in the face. people need to wake up to what is really going on around them. to think that these governments have our best interest at heart and in mind is ludicrous. all people need to stand up and unite to say enough is enough. just like the mexican immigrants did in los angeles a few years ago, just not go to work and and put this world at a stand still until things are drastically changed. WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP. when your govt kills innocent people to advance it's control and steal God given rights there is a major fucking problem. we no longer can rely on these kangaroo courts or this pitiful legislation. violence is not the answer because that would incur martial law and an early trip to the fema camps, it has to be peaceful. turn off the tv and turn on your mind. think for yourself and question authority.


  151. the widow's dau on

    I'd worry a little less about the supposed "666" in the capstone, and perhaps more about the recurring 23/7s. This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, friends.

  152. American Patriot on

    I was told there is a complete underground city where all the new world order people high ranking officals and anyone else connected to it, below the airport.

  153. If the nwo is to take and w not shut this site down an take awaye have so much info why dont we start sabbataging now on the other hand why n.ot they shut down this site and stop communication

  154. You know what? It was really nice reading all the comments let alone the article. THIS IS AN0THER REAS0N WHY WE SHOULD PRAY & BELIEVE GOD! let's not let the's fucking Illuminati/freemasons/nazi bitches take control and propose this crazy NWO shit *YES, GOD DID NOT PREVENT WWII, BUT YOU SEE, GOD WILL NOT DO SOMETHING UNLESS HE KN0WS WE CAN'T PREVENT IT. So see? We can prevent this from happening, this crazy NWO shit together with divine intervention.

  155. God is not slack concerning his promise(s) and for those that endureth until the end. Matthew chapter 24 Jesus speaks concerning the end of days to the disciples and how you will know when that time draws near. there will be no peace and the world will not shift for the better because that will make the Bible a lie and God a liar. what God says is just that and things are unfolding in front of you as we speak. all you can do is get your life right and dont be caught in the midst of sin on that day when Jesus returns.

    now as for this info and this site.. thank you for making these things aware.. maybe now (more) hearts can turn to Christ and live according to God's purpose. if anyone has seen the movie 2012.. this reminds me of that.. the ships that were bulit for the elite in the movie is reminenscent of the bunkers bulit. wheither to save of destroy something they are designed / a sinister purpose in mind.

  156. I thnk what SEYCHELS is try'na say here is that, THE GODS WILL N0T DO TO US WHAT THEY KN0W WE CAN DO TO OURSELVES whch is WORK HAND IN HAND TO STOP THIS FR0M HAPPENING. The Global leaders are already 0n their way pr0p0sing that New w0rld order sh*t. And freakin' 0bama is the master mind. I read the Washington Times' article regarding OBAMA'S NEW WORLD ORDER, and it says that the Global Leader's R going to have a s0mes0rt of gl0bal c0nference regarding CLIMATE CHANGE and they'r g0in' t0 have t0 sign a freakin' COPENHAGEN TREATY regarding climate change BUT actually its ab0ut the NEW W0RLD ORDER, they just want u 2 thnk that it's a climate change treaty s0 th0se dumb Gl0bal leaders c0uld sign it. Weird huh? N0 w0nder our ec0n0my's g0in d0wn, 'cause our leader's are full of FRAUD! We sh0uld let this st0p! WAKE UP PEOPLE. OBAMA OBVIOUSLY IS AN ILLUMINATUS. He's 0ne of th0se FREAKS wh0 want t0 rule the w0rld. C'm0n. Google it.

  157. Ellelyn Klüg on

    I'm with u on this one, Seychelle's and Mauritius. We obviously have to wake up! Pray always! People should be more vigilant. Great article, VC! Keep going.

  158. WTF??? I always say this post but never opened it to look at it, now I wish I hadn't, because all my skepticisms about these conspiracies has been confirmed! Creepy…..

  159. To poster number 55 "the truth"… you write that a faithless people are the easiest to manipulate and spew all other sorts of religious rhetoric. I beg to differ sir. I don't know too many atheists that are easy to manipulate or dominate. Most are intelligent enough to have arrived at the conclusion that they've been lied to their entire lives and that all religions are bullsh*t. When i think of your run-of-the-mill christian in comparison, i don't know of too many deep thinkers in the bunch. Nor do I know many who swim against the current. The "truth" is, all religions serve to pacify the masses. Open your eyes and take an anthropological look at every human society and then try to prove otherwise. Your faith has been co-opted and you've been fed a pretty cool story, even if it has next to nothing to prove it as fact. The ruling elites have been and continue to use religion against us for their own selfish means, yet somehow religious types are suddenly starting to see through the haze. I will gladly stand up to the tyranny, fighting along side you and call you my brothers and sisters. I'm not disrespecting you…if that line of logic works for you, then there is little i can say to convince you otherwise. The sh*t is going down and they are getting desperate…soon they will make their move. I just hope you wake up before you here the knock on your door

  160. I'm On To You U on

    OMFG the school that i want to go to is in Colorado and I have to use this airport =[

  161. the 4th horse of the Apocalypse is yellow

    New World Airport Commission did exist at the time of the opening

    Not unsual for mason corner stones to be placed in building as mason is the society of building

    Not unsual for halls to be called great hall

    The angled arm is very enigmatic seems to have a purpose other than being decorative. Any insights on this?

    ehh well making the blind crawl on the ground to read braille is a wee bit cruel

    as for the murals

    since the evil guy goes from alive to dead then you can't read this from left to right unless you believe he rises from the dead

    so hense the picture shows triumph over evil etc etc which is funnily enough exactly what the artist wanted to show

    and then all the writing on the floor well its Navajo not nazi

    and then the underground tunnels……well hundreds of people work in them everyday, whats so sinister about that

    and etc etc etc

    active imagination come to mind

    • You're an idiot for attempting to discredit this entire article and obviously devoid of any common sense.

      All i have to say is this:) If an airport is rebuilt with no further technological or functional advancement. With billions of dollars of access way above and beyond any other properly functional airports needs………


  162. Ben Van Duyn on

    the 'weird plant' mural is a symbolic scorpion. you can see the legs, pincers, carpace and stinger.

    consider – the scorpion carries her children on her back, as seen in the mural.

    the black lady in the coffin — look at the floral arrangement just above it — can you see the stylised 'face' ?

    (i don't know what that one means, but it seems derogitory)

    i posted pictures of this at, they seem to have been removed??

  163. k so i heard of this from my friend and decided to check it up on my own…

    is this airport already open or is going to open? and if it is so controversial, why dont people/journalists conduct reseasrch on it? For something as controversial as this, shoudln't the media be up their ass by now? its hard to believe that something like this is just being looked upon as "oh thats bad!" but nothing is being done for it.

  164. Ben Van Duyn on

    airport is functional.

    why do you think mainstream media would not cover a story like this?

  165. The only problem with this assessment is that there was no Holocaust in the sense that most understand it. Zyklon B SAVED people's lives (from Typhus-carrying LICE) and at least 600,000 Jewish people escaped German occupation unharmed. Why let even a single Jewish person escape if your intent is utter, complete, and total extermination down to the last infant (as we've all been told)? That makes no sense at all. In fact, Hitler allowed 11,000 CHILDREN to go to Britain. And now we have found out that Elie Wiesel, "Holocaust survivor," assumed another prisoner's identity and was, in fact, NEVER even at Auschwitz! Anne Frank died from TYPHUS, not gassing. She died in British custody, not at the hands of Dr. Mengele. She died right after "liberation." Read up on it yourself. This is all public knowledge. Stalin had far more access to Jewish populations than Hitler. It is time to turn on your REASONING skills instead of your emotional skills here. There are HUGE discrepancies in the Holocaust narrative. I am not challenging the murder of Jews, I am challenging the official Holocaust narrative as it has been told until now. The figures of dead (usually 6 million) and the methods of killing (usually gas) are utter exaggerations and frauds.

    • I lost it when you started about the Typhus-carrying lice xD Hilarious 😀 Saving the jews from Typhus by gassing them all xD Could be a nice storyline for some comedian or something 😛

  166. charlie clarke on

    I was on google maps looking at the airport and i noticed something near the north runway looks like some sort of mechanical platform to take passenger planes underground, i say this because there is a plane on the platform for you to see the coordinates are :39.901934,-104.670546

  167. I live in Boulder, Co. and can tell you that the large unused portion of the airport is a detention center that is ready to take in all that will be rounded up. They will be loaded onto the trains and taken inside for whatever fate awaits them! It is an effective airport with a dark ulterior purpose.

  168. what i don't understand is why the government is going to *attempt* the new world order? eventually, people will have kids and their kids will develop their own views and technology will advance and life will go on bringing civilization back to right where it is now? are they just not thinking about that? not to mention out of the 2 billion people they are planning to keep on earth, whose to say that atleast ONE person out of that 2 billion wont go along with it. i mean, they cant possibly keep tabs on every single person in the world? i get a headache even thinking about all the people in the world. and to think about it, there are more of *us* than *them* so it's like one way or another if it comes down to it, the people will have to fight for our lives. all is not going to be lost unless we let it.

    i dont think that we should sit around and wait, something should happen. people need to make something happen. the worst thing in the world is being controlled by somebody else.

    this is just so overwhelming. i dont understand where their frame of mind is in thinking that massacre will solve all the problems, because it wont. and after a certain amount of time someone will call them out, and it will change. it's a pity that we are ruled by secretive clowns who think they own us like cattle.

  169. and to be honest, believing in "god" wont do much good either, seeing as the whole "god" thing was just another ploy from the new world order to try and manipulate the everyday citizen to follow a certain amount of rules and certain rules so that they could control them, and by them doing that they made the consequence HELL. for those of us who are too smart to believe that, or those of us, like myself, who since a young age totally thought it was a bunch of bull, know better than to invest anything into that.

    i dont believe in a god. and i dont think that thinking about god is going to do anything. you ever had god hand you a 100 dollar bill when you were late on rent? you ever had god hand you a sandwich when you were dirt poor and had no food? cause i havent. and i wouldnt count on a god to strike down these bastard illuminati members because he doesnt work fast enough or correctly enough for my liking. if we want to change it then WE have to. no sitting around waiting for some other person to do it or some god to do it.

    its not going to happen.

  170. Love is the answer on


    Imma ask you a question. Who created the Earth ? Because everything must have been created by some sort of intelligence. Your computer is not the result of a magic trick. Its construction has to be thought piece by piece for it to function correctly, same think for engines and so many other things. So the same for planet earth ! It has not been created by meer chance ! Think twice because you're taking the exact path these devilish people want you to take. They don't really care about the future because they're aim is to fulfill Satan's goal which is to bring as much humans in Hell as possible. Yes in HELL it really do exist.

    Why do you think that so many of these freemasons, illuminaties, satanists, zionists (call them whatever you want) do dedicate their entire lives for a project that most of them will never be witness of ?

    Everyone on this planet is submitted to God. Accept it or be a rebel.

  171. well, in response to you, love is the answer…

    one single being couldn't have made planets, air, gravity, water, space, trees, grass. i believe in evolution to the fullest extent.

    one single person or… mythical creature that supposedly makes everything better, couldn't have done it.

    and to be honest, it seems to me that YOU haven't done your research. why are there so many different types of the bible? why are there a set certain amount of rules to follow?

    maybe you should research the worshiping of the sun, which is what the illuminati follow, hence the pyramid symbols and all their imagery is polluted with sunbeams and glare.

    in the beginning when some crazy bastard thought oh, i should try and manipulate all people into thinking that if they dont follow these rules they will rot and burn in a fiery pit in hell, was the first attempt at mass controlling of the entire world.

    i dont believe in god, it is all a fairy tale. if there is such a thing as god, why would he allow this to go on, why would he allow animals to be abused, why would there be murders and rapes and kidnappings and loved ones dying in fatal accidents and of cancer?

    if he is so powerful why doesnt he answer when you pray? i mean, the christians say oh satan is always around tricking people, where is god helping people? if satan is just as powerful if not more powerful, then where in the hell is god protecting everyone?


    i dont get brainwashed, dude.

    i have my own mind and make my own decisions hence why i have thought outside of this whole stupid god bible thing. ever since i was a kid being forced to go to church i would sit there and listen and think this is just as fake as that disney crap they shove down my throat.

    i dont get intimidated by god, the devil, religion, or the illuminati. i just think its a bunch of shit that everyone is just going to sit around and let it happen.

    where is god while these people plot mass murders and invent deadly viruses such as h1n1 and aids? where is god when 2012 is supposedly supposed to be the apocalypse, i bet he wont be there.

    its a bunch of bull.

  172. Dear Vigilant,

    Check this out. When I read these words, it was as if the paintings in this airport marched before me. It helps understand the mystery of that 'special rosy flower'; the nazi figure, and many of the other symbol you are trying to describe and interprete.

    Roza Mira (the Rose of the World)

    ‘Daniel Andreev, one of the greatest Christian visionaries of the twentieth century, gives his perspective on the direction of esoteric work in our time. He himself felt he was taking part in this task by writing his Rose of the World.

    The “Rose of the World,” whose name, Roza Mira, is far more euphonious in Russian than in its English equivalent, is a higher integration of spiritual vision of all the world religions. It is not a mere synthesis of previos traditions, nor is it some new megareligion that will sweep away all the others. Rather, it will encompass and embrace the religions and spiritualities that we know today without depriving them of their disnctive features. Andreev writes;

    It will be an interreligion or pan-religion, in that it will be a teaching that views all religions that appeared earlier as reflections of the different visions of spiritual reality…If the older religions are petals, then the Rose of the World will be a flower: with roots, stem, head, and the commonwealth of its petals…

    The Rose of the World sees its surreligiosity and interreligiosity in the reunification f the Christian faiths and in the further amalgamation of all religions of Light in order to focus their combined energies on fostering humanity’s spiritual growth and on spiritualizing nature. Religious exclusivity will not only be foreign to its followers, it will be impossible. Co-belief with all ppeoples in their highest ideals-that is what its wisdom will teach.

    The structure of the Rose of the World will therefore suggest a series of concentric circles. No followers of any right-hand religion should be considered outside the global church. Those who have not yet achieved an awareness of surreligious unity will occupy the outer circles; the middle circles will be composed of the less active and creative of the Rose of the World’s followers; the inner circles will be for those who have equated the meaning of their life with conscious and free divine creative work…the manifestation of this cosmic Rose is the task that will occupy humanity in the centuries to come.

    Some evidence does suggest that we are moving in this direction. We can see it not only in the numerous ecumenical and interfaith movements but also in the rising number of people who respect the essential truths and unity of all religions, and who understand that their manifold forms are merely different from the same truth. We see it in the dissemination of religios faiths throughout the world- of the coming of Christianity to Africa and Asia in the last two centuries, and of the counterflow of Eastern and indigenous teachings to the West over the past two generations- as well as in the spread of globalization, which throws people of many faiths together who had little or no interaction before.

    There are, of course, forces that oppose this work; like the individual seeker, this blossoming Rose of the world will have to be “tempted of the Devil” to insure its soundness and solidity. In the darker sides of his vision Andreev claims that Hitler and Stalin will reincarnate to this end in coming centuries. But, he says, there is reason to believe that the Rose of the World will eventually triumph, bringing about a “new heaven and a new earth.” Such a transformation will not entail a literal return of Christ to earth, but rather the conscious manifestation of Christ’s Mystical Body in a united and harmonious humanity.

    Is this vision true? Many times in this book we have seen how faith is “the evidence of things unseen,” so there is no way of proving it to those who limit their understanding to the material plane. One has to approach it with the inner eye of discrimination and to take measure of it with the knowledge of the heart. But whatever one may conclude in the end, such a prophecy has a rare and sublime beauty about it; and even in the world of appearances, there is enough to remind us that beauty is truth and truth, beauty. ’


    Richard Smoley, Inner Christianity: A guide to the Esoteric Tradition (Boston & London: Shambhala Publications, 2002), pp. 238-240. R. Smoley is a graduate of Harvard College and Oxford University. He is a co-author, with Jay Kinney of Hidden Wisdom: A Guide to the Western Inner Traditions and the former editor of the Gnosis Magazine.

  173. Ummmm…the horse…uhhhhh…there's another similar one adorning Invesco Field in downtown Denver. Y'know, the home of the Denver Broncos. I'm pretty sure that the horse greeting visitors is more of an homage to Denver's beloved Donkeys. Evil? Maybe. At least, in 1998 and 1999 they were, to the rest of the NFL! Representative of the apocalypse?!! Sure. Why not? D@mn those evil Broncos!! Go Pack Go!!!!

  174. WOW I never want to go to that airport. I have heard it gives off a very creepy vibe while there. I never heard about the DIA conspiracy until about a year ago. I can't see how anyone can not think there is something completely not right about that place. I also read that when it was built they built about 8 stories high and started over on top of the already 8 levels there. So that means there in an underground but wth are they doing there. They are up to something and it can't be good.

  175. charlie clarke on

    I was on google maps looking at the airport and i noticed something near the north runway looks like some sort of mechanical platform to take passenger planes underground, i say this because there is a plane on the platform for you to see the coordinates are :39.901934,-104.670546 can someone else pls check this out !!

  176. charlie clarke on

    i have a strange thought that the german boy in the middle of the picture could be prince william, since his family is of german descent, his mother was an icon of world peace and he is being prepared to take over from the queen instead of his father charles( another strange event). and another thing i know there is a nazi theme to the paintings but if you look at the symbol on the gas masked soldier you see its an eagle but is that not the national symbol of america also. could it be depicting the american army????? if these pictures are showing a future event then germany just arnt the super power they once where so it would be far more likely for the american powerhouse to be they one distrupting the peace, with all this nwo talk etc georgia guidestones ,fema camps,fema coffins,false flag attacks then is it not more likely to be depicting the american army. one final thought is if all these conspiracies are true and events are planned like twin towers falling being compared to the destruction of the tower of babel then the destruction of the city of sin should be soon(ie sodom and gommorah) and that leads me to think either las vegas or los angeles may be under threat, is there not some truth in the rich and famous selling up and heading elsewhere and if you destroy hollywood you destroy the movie industry as we know it and really hinder americas economy, and in the end we all may love a good action film etc but we know how it poisons the mind all the gore,sex,brutality we just dont admit it.

  177. Maybe the horse is because it.s near Denver. Denver has a team called the Denver Broncos. A bronco is a horse. Mile High is where the Broncos play. They have the same horses on top of their stadium. They must also be apart of the new world order. I better get season tickets so I am not left behind when 2012 rolls around. The horse is in front of a run way. Run ways have blue, and red lights for the pilots to see at night. There are red lights behind that horse as well. DIA is actually one of the nicest airports in the nation. Nothing scary about it. Maybe Im just another sheep, and don't see the big picture.

  178. Well i believe that the last picture does not mean something good, it looks to me that it is one of the symbols of that is for satan like the man with horns. You guys say that it is bringing life to earth but just remember that satan will never show u anythign ugly he will make everything look just the way u want it to

  179. IAmRedeemed88 on

    I've done a whole lot of looking into the Denver Airport-it freaks me out to think that I've been there around 5 or 6 times, and while rushing through, I never once noticed any of these twisted murals or any of the other symbolism. Not once! I did, of course, notice the horse though. Not something you want to see before flying on the airplane.

    Oh, and on the subject of the horse, a blog caught my attention the other day: "What's With All These Giant Horses Being Built?" OMG. So, if I remember right, they mentioned a gigantic white horse in the process of being built in Kent, England that will tower some 150 feet-which is being named the 'Angel of the South'. And also the 24' bronze, Da Vinci horse built in Milan, Italy. And, obviously, the good ole' Denver Mustang.

    Also, since the DIA is supposedly set to become the Western Control Center for the NWO(the inward-turned barbed wire says civilian camp to me though…? But maybe that's why it's there, to throw us off..)-that makes me ponder the other few giant horse locations….interesting.

    But anyways, what I wanted to say was that as many articles as I've read on the DIA, I haven't seen that last mural you threw in at the last part! With the alien-robot sprinkling stuff on the ground. Appreciate you putting that in there. Off to go do some research on that

  180. Here I was looking for some information on DIA parking since I'm flying out of there in a few weeks, and I find this! Yikes.

  181. "Fueling system that can pump 1000 gallons of jet fuel per minute. This amount is totally absurd for a commercial airport. "

    Is it 'totally absurd'? Wikipedia has the max fuel capacity of an Airbus A380 as being close to 82000 gallons. 82 minutes to refuel an airplane is hardly a quick time.

    And the swastika only has a vague resemblance.

    The other stuff is creepy though.

  182. What if the national healthcare reform is a way to provide everybody with easy access to vaccines? Everybody would be able to get a vaccine without being refused. In other articles relating to this it mentions the idea of using the flu vaccine as the race-specific chemical weapon or the biological warfare?

  183. SimplyMsMiller on

    im very afraid of whats to come…i mean i see all of this pointing out…but what is being done to stop this…i dont see anything being done for that to happen…i mean so what this is just to warn us of whats to come??to except it and prepare for it?

  184. good job. creepy shit. of course its a concentration camp 2 many fingers pointin in that direction

  185. I think that in second mural, every nation is giving their weapons (swords) to what ever it is (germany?) and this one is creating one with the other ones…

  186. this is crazy, the symbols of the women dead, these symbols shows the killing of these three population because killing women is the best way to slowly eliminate any given society…

    wow, there is nothing to fear as long as you have christ on our side and the blood that speaketh better things !!

    the war is up, its children of the most high God against the world…But we're won the battle because Christ made a public show of the enemy!!

    Glory be to God

  187. Kim February 15th, 2009 3:03 am :

    The entire mural looks like Revelations. You mentioned the Boy Scout did you notice the modern dressed(suit and tie) little American black boy BEHIND him. He looks like a little lawyer, and he’s not smiling the way the others are. O’bama?

    The little "black boy" is Mexican in traditional charro clothes you idiot.

  188. Shayna (12) on

    when my mother showed me this, i was traumatized.. it was so horrific for me that i ran to my bathroom and literally threw up. how can anyone stand to watch this as they're boarding an airplane? it's so funny how the government and their "sheeps" are so OUT-THERE with this kind of info!

  189. My take on this mural is that the first image with the large rainbow on top represents a false hope, a hoax. Yet certain grains of truth are scattered all around, such as the mass celebration of humanity. Placing "the key" in the German boy's hand to bring fascism to the world is of course a perversion. The second image represents the goal of the dark side, which seems self-evident to me. It's what I believe is their attempt at subverting an ancient and esoteric prophecy concerning the "end times". The 3rd image with the flower IS a positive image. It's the prophecy they are attemping to subvert. They are being honest about the possibility that "the Light" (meaning the REAL Light) can triumph. It's sorta like acknowledging that Goodness still exists and still retains its own Divine power and resilience. The 3 images combined I believe is what could be considered the "grand story". A pictoral layout of 2 possibilities, with a 3rd image (meaning the first one discussed here) being an illusion, or the "false light".

  190. This is the craziest thing I've seen in a long time. In Matthew 24 Jesus talks about the fact that if He didn't come when he does to take us all away from Earth, it would be destroyed. By people like these obviously sinister crazies. The solution, Love God with all your heart, get to know the Bible, and have a real relationship with Him. Then when He comes in the clouds to claim those who are His own, You will be among them. And you'll Heaven and eternal bliss with Jesus. How could you not want that!

    God Bless everyone! Keep your eyes on Him!

  191. Ginata Vergona on

    I do not understand people, who have the facts hitting them in the face and still they refuse to see evil for what it is…This is part of the reason why the world is the way that it is today! There are people who are awakened to what is going on now and then there are those who are still blind and follow like sheep being led to the slaughter. If you cannot see and discern yourself, then you deserve what you get, because the bible clearly tells us about the end times and what is going to happen. Bible prophecy has been fulfilled in the past and continues to be fulfilled! We look to the bible and it confirms what is going on now. We don't know the actually date of the Antichrist's return, but we know if we are in the end days by what is going on around us. Of course God is always in control and we do need to repent for our sins, accept Christ as our Lord and Saviour and continue to love one another, as God commands us. But to ignore evil and not stand up for truth and righteousness and let evil flourish, that will be our country's demise. Wake up some of you! Wake up before it is too late! Evil is flaunting their plans!

  192. I am all up for a secular new world order if it means all these narrow minded commentators on here die out. Seriously, how can you believe that the USA and your Jesus worshipping is the ONLY way to live your lives? Your religion is determined by where in the world you are born. If you were unlucky enough to be born in the USA then yes you are most likely Christian but that does not make you correct. China is now over-taking the USA as the world's mega power and they have a mostly secular society.

    Yes the airport design is very interesting and exploring the theories behind the inspiration is facinating but please, stop your bible pushing on here. I have never had "God" pushed on me and I live a happy life where I am very satisifed with all I achieved and enjoy sharing my good fortune with those around me. I don't need heaven after I die when I can have it right now.

  193. I do not understand people, who have the facts hitting them in the face and still they refuse to see evil for what it is…This is part of the reason why the world is the way that it is today! There are people who are awakened to what is going on now and then there are those who are still blind and follow like sheep being led to the slaughter. If you cannot see and discern yourself, then you deserve what you get, because the bible clearly tells us about the end times and what is going to happen. Bible prophecy has been fulfilled in the past and continues to be fulfilled! We look to the bible and it confirms what is going on now. We don’t know the actually date of the Antichrist’s return, but we know if we are in the end days by what is going on around us. Of course God is always in control and we do need to repent for our sins, accept Christ as our Lord and Saviour and continue to love one another, as God commands us. But to ignore evil and not stand up for truth and righteousness and let evil flourish, that will be our country’s demise. Wake up some of you! Wake up before it is too late! Evil is flaunting their plans!


  194. #245 And I suppose YOU believe that a secular new world order is the ONLY way to live? Because that's what it will promote, this hippy trippy warm fuzzy one world secular atheist religion. Good for you, but I don't think you're as "Awake" as your name suggests. Dream on.

  195. What I notice from the peace mural is that Britain/Ireland and Russia/The United States are the closest to the little German boy at the center with the hammer and anvil. That would lead me to believe that these countries are the first to be destroyed or beaten into their new shape by a EU dominated by Germany. Also at opposite ends are unified Pakistan/India and Palestine/Israel, however these two book ends do not appear to be moving towards the center? Other countries such as Iran/Iraq, South Africa and China/Taiwan don't appear to be moving towards the center? Instead these other nations are merely watching the old powers being destroyed!

  196. W……T……F????!!!! of the MANY questions curiosities i know i have, i can only think of one thing i was wondering while reading this (because i'm still dumbfounded and in shock): does anyone know what it says on the stone thing in the painting of everyone giving weapons in their flags (on the bottom right)?

  197. Love is Salvation, C on

    Please when you are reading conspiracy theories remember this one very important thing!

    WW1 and 2 were set up by the Illuminati on purpose to make everyone terrified of WW3. Nazi's are an Illuminati invention and Hitler was nothing more then a Mind control victim. All the governments or dictators responsible for atrocities, be they left or right wing are in fact the same thing, they are all puppets of the beast who doesn't care what race/ideology you are as long as you are easy to manipulate. Focus on one group as an originator of an ideology to be hated and you fall right into the trap laid for anyone who is trying to discern the meaning of these images. Nobody should be hated; nobody should be judged by a mortal, corrected yes (out of love point out sin), loved always and judged never. Love weeps for its enemies, it doesn't grind an axe.

    Do not fear these NWO things, and don't fool yourself into thinking that by preparing refuge from the NWO you will be any better off, place your faith in God and God will reward you, work unselfishly for salvation of others, not your own, as Jesus did. All of Gods people (people who love to give unselfishly, not necessarily Christians) will die to this world before Judgment Day, this is why God will eventually put an end to it all himself as all of his Earth bound servants will be gone and his Spirit will be unable to reach anyone. The reason that only birds were put in glass cases in the first mural is because the Illuminati will trap the bird of the Holy Spirit in a spiritual prison so it can no longer guide the human race. The birds are all different because they are diverse like the gifts of the Holy Spirit, each individual experiences the same Holy Spirit differently, and also only 3 are trapped representing the trinity. First Christ was boxed in, his teachings perverted by the Orthodox Church so his truth was hard to find. Next God, who helps us distinguish good from evil, or symbolically black from white in an otherwise morally grey world. Lastly the Holy Spirit is being attacked, still in flight to express its current freedom to fill the hearts/minds of man who let it, the box around it is slowly being put in place however through brainwashing with teaches us to love evil things and ideals for pleasure and physical survival, and just as the Spirit is ghostly so is the box (for now).

    The only way to beat the NWO is to trust God, and Love God. God is Love so this means that Love of yourself and equally ALL others you meet is the most important thing. Do not aspire to be like celebrities/fictional heroes as they are false idols as they will make you feel inadequate when you are anything but. Do not seek the acceptance of vain people who will judge you on what brands you can afford or place peer pressure on you to be shallow like them, seek only the pure and true love of God who will only reveal and give his love to those who love all his children equally without judgement.

    From a true Christian guided by the spirit

  198. I love love love this cite. I go on each day for about an hour (i do have a life however lol).

    I appreciate the in depth research that you must go through in order to keep the rest of us informed. Thank you so much I love reading your articles.

  199. My great uncle is Leo Tanguma. Believe me, we Tanguma's are by no means conspiracy theorists. I highly (HIGHLY) doubt that there's deeper connections to this. Is it creepy? Sure it is. But as a Tanguma, can't we just have our claim to fame without all the weird stuff going along with it? I like the murals, but I surmise that you would say that I've been brain washed to like em, right?

    My grandpa was a contractor in DIA. He oversaw the air conditioning in one section of the airport. He even took my older brother with him a few times. Believe me, there is nothing out of the ordinary there. Absolutely nothing. But again…brain washed, right?

    As for the airport…cmon, I hear other airports are crap compared to ours. Service is good, the people are friendly…quit trying to find stuff to complain about. It's a nice airport. Nothing demonic about it.

  200. You know, both the sculptor and the artist who painted the murals were Latinos. It's a weird coincidence.

    As for the Airport, I've heard of it's mysteries and such prior to this article, but I must say it's interesting how people haven't noticed a bit of what's going on inside of it. You know, it's true, ignorance is bliss.

  201. From a friend: "Leo had a retrospective exhibit of his work at Nalanda in 2009. He also taught in the Art Dept at Naropa a few years ago. He is a lovely, kind hearted and deeply spiritual man who is horrified at the misinterpretation of his work. The airport murals are about good vs evil and the choices we all make. The mural with the children rebuilding the … See Moreworld is self explanatory, but each mural has an explanation of it's meaning off to the side. Leo's life work has always been about elevating the poor, equal rights for all, and the Chicano experience in particular. He has paid a high price for his self expression; whether it was the Klan burning down his studio or conspiracy theory wackos camped on his lawn harassing his family. Don't get me started! I just wish someone would make a video telling the other side of the story, but I'm pretty sure Leo would have nothing to do with it."

  202. Of course it's all true. Don't worry though, just pray the rosary for peace. Reparation for the worlds sin is the only way out you guys. Pray to Mary, Lucifer is afraid of her. Masons are a Luciferian society…get it? Pray the rosary, the Lucifer leaves. Problem solved kids o:

  203. Check this out: Found on 850 KOA Denver radio station website.

    Anubis statue goes up at DIA

    Sculpture of the jackal-headed, Egyptian god of the afterlife promotes the King Tut exhibit coming to the Denver Art Museum.

    Wednesday, June 2, 2010

    That blue mustang out at DIA now has a rival for attention. A 26 foot, 7-ton statue of the Egyptian god Anubis has been erected outside the south end of the main terminal. Anubis was the god of the afterlife who guarded the tombs of the pharaohs. The statue is made of polyurethane and steel and has traveled the world to promote the exhibit Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs. The exhibit opens on June 29th at the Denver Art Museum. It will feature 100 objects from the most important rulers through 2,000 year of Egyptian history. Part of the exhibit will take visitors into a recreated tomb of King Tut where artifacts from his tomb will be displayed.

    The picture of that particular statue is one of the ugliest things I have ever seen. Lord, have mercy on us!!

  204. Just know that Love will conqurer all, let them have the material wealth and thier so called power, know they can never take your soul as I hope u all know. stay faithful to whatever brings love to thr world and stay true to yourself!!!!!!

  205. I believe everything stated on this site does point to an obvious impending disaster. What is most disturbing is that as the subjects of this New World Order to come, however much of an advantage we may have as the majority, we still have absolutely no say or control over whatever is to strike us; yet we are the ones to suffer! It is quite disheartening, and if 2012 really is true, I don't mind dying because a future in this God-forsaken world is completely, and evdently, out of the question.

    I applaud Vigilant Citizen for this frightening yet humorous revelation. :-)

  206. it appears that the 'curved arm' is at the top of a pyramid, where the all-seeing-eye would normally go. I am curious what that plaque says.

    The gargoyle appears to be part of the 'hear no evil/speak no evil/see no evil' as he appears to have his hands over his ears. Whether or not there is any occult meaning to that I have no idea…

    I might actually make a trek out to this airport to see what I can see on my own.

  207. Josh Blanchette on

    It's a shame that when the Ten Commandments, Biblical Paintings, or related references are presented in public facilities, it seems to pose an immediate outcry. In turn, this brings about the constant voice of our society to state a threat to Church and State separation. On the otherhand, demonic paintings and witchcraft becomes an acceptable view point by the same. If I didn't have to make a stop in the Dever Airport to exchange flights, I would have made a change in my plans to avoid this place.

  208. The people at the air port generally are not very nice either. When I was there I saw the Free Masonry tablet and was really surprised to see it there (a couple years ago). I think most people who go there definitely begin to act really racist while they are there. It's a creepy and arrogant vibe you pick off others there.

  209. This site has interesting content, however the bad part about it and what really doesn't make me come here so often is the too many too number religious freaks who come here telling you to repent to an invisible man on the sky and waiting for a man on the clouds to save their sorry asses instead of us actually doing something about it. These people also blame a being with a 'black wings' by the name of 'Devil' for everything bad that happens to this world.

    I mean, for how long will people let narrow-mindedness, ignorance govern their lives? Isn't it enough about religion? Religious books must not be either taken serious or especially literally, i.e Bible for example. There is no such thing as angels with wings or a transparent kingdom suspended in the sky. There's no man on the sky that dictates our lives. That is all fantasy out of a comic book story.

    If people are really interested in the truth then my advice to you is that you look for Websites that explain EZEKIEL verses (as they contain too many references to spacecraft, Astronauts and what not) and before you notice (considering you do not take Bible's verses literally), you'd realize that there is no such thing as angels with wings, but spacecraft and Astronauts.

    Here's the best two I can think of right now:

    "Ezekiel 1:10 (NIV)

    Their faces looked like this: Each of the four had the face of a man, and on the right side each had the face of a lion, and on the left the face of an ox; each also had the face of an eagle.

    Blumrich summary:

    The fairing surfaces, which protect the gears and other control devices above the rotors, look to the prophet like faces. The fairings are irregular in shape with some raised and some cut out areas, all of which lends itself to an awe-struck interpretation on the prophet's part. By way of example, Blumrich shows photos of Gemini and Apollo capsules that at certain angles look like monsters. Because like faces face in like directions, we see that the rotors are synchronized at rest position. "

    "Ezekiel 1:24-25 (NIV)

    When the creatures moved, I heard the sound of their wings, like the roar of rushing waters, like the voice of the Almighty, like the tumult of an army. When they stood still, they lowered their wings. Then there came a voice from above the expanse over their heads as they stood with lowered wings.

    Blumrich summary:

    Blumrich feels these verses are out of order. They describe operating rotor blade motors and the resultant sound effects."

    I advice you to read Zechariah Sitchin books as it goes through the ancient Sumerian tablets and ancient Mesopotamia, it provides also explanation regarding many of the Bible verses.

    Another good book is the famous William Bramley – "Gods of Eden".

  210. The part of the Denver Airport mural where the German boy beats the weapons into plowshares may refer to the UN headquarters in New York City. In the United Nations complex is a small garden bordering the East River. It is littered with artwork donated by many countries including a sculpture called

    "Let us Beat Swords into Plowshares" by Evgeniy Vuchetich, and donated by the Soviet Union in 1959.

    There are verses in the Bible which talk about beating the swords into plowshares (thanks to the other people in the comment section who have shared the full verses.) The illuminati only want to destroy and control. Only Jesus can bring true peace. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.

  211. The angled arm is very enigmatic seems to have a purpose other than being decorative. Any insights on this?

    It seems a Sun Clock to me.

  212. Great website and very interesting artical. These murals are a very clever way for the Illuminati to show us what they have planned for us the "Sheepol" and they are telling us clearly we can't stop them any more! Thank God that Jesus has already won! I believe that the little German Boy is a message telling the world that Germany will again lead the Third World War and that all nations will submit to them. I mean Germany has the Seat of Satan in the Pergamon Museum so it is thinkable that They are bieng used again. They are already leading the EU! The Governments of this world will submit to the Antichrist and will fight to destroy Christians and some other races to. I mean the Nazis were in already used to test mass Killings and T.V propeganda…. Brace yourselves people…. we are in the end times!

    Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you."

    Deuteronomy 31:6

  213. First of all, very interesting article; it certainly made me think. Just a few additions to your findings: first of all, I have noticed previously that near the security check in the airport there is (or was) a statue of charles lindbergh holding a propeller in what seems to be a nazi-like salute. The propeller seems out of place and sticks out like a sore thumb. Coincidence? Secondly, I looked up the date of the revealing of the mason time-capsule, and it turns out that on April 7, 2094, the planet Mercury transits the Sun as seen from Jupiter. This could be what the spherical shapes on the floor of the airport refer to, possibly pointing to some symbolical significance of that year.

    Any ideas?

  214. KillerOfIlluminaiti on

    haha i went to that airport. viligant, its a satanic place trust me..

  215. Oh my GOD. What in the holy name of God is all this.,.what are they going to use this airport for? i'm scared.

  216. ript.New Zealand on

    ive spent the last 3 years researching corrupt societies,clubs,fictional entities,the crown,governments,banks,administrative courts,law,lore,religion,and the modification of language for the control of people.this is the first time ive seen this site and it does not surprise me that these freaks called the illuminati (il =no luminous =light) decorate these places with such horrid freakish scary matter how much you try to make these murals pretty with your expert interpretations of light and color and mother earth…they are better off in an art museum where art belongs if you can call that art.I would much rather view a picture of the ocean or the solar system or even just a flower will do before i get on a plane.consider apocalypto the movie, just before the captives are taken through to be sacrificed they see murals of the sacrificial procedure, for the masonic capstone,anything they own has their stamp on obviously that airport is theirs.most people write their name on their own property so why wouldn't they.yes there is definately something sinister going on here and has been for ages even here in New Zealand.I am not a genius nor am i an idiot. if I, a small town broke maori boy from the country with nothing can see what is going on here just by looking around me surely you too can see and feel the deception all around you,its everywhere.its in the water,the food,the air,its on the news,its pulling you over to give you a ticket,its raising taxes,its confiscating your land,its on the wall(at the airport),its a very well thought out plan to install fear and take away your rights as a living not give up we are all in this together what can we do? well for starters,educate yourself on all these matters.change your mind set,luminate dont il-luminate ,know,don't think you know,knowledge is power thats why they hide it from you and when you know share,tell everyone especially the ones you love.To those who continue to share their knowledge for the betterment of us all,i commend you and beg that you continue your fight for our freedom.if anyone out there wants to share any useful information on these corrupt,fictitious,power tripping haters contact me at. Peace and abundance to you all.

  217. “The angled arm is very enigmatic seems to have a purpose other than being decorative. Any insights on this?”

    Looks like a practical way for the blind to read the braille plate without blocking the foot plate. As to the curve, pretty basic design, I think: Your first instinct is to make a straight pole so think of what isn't a straight pole.

    As posted above, I also got the 'swords into plowshares' impression. Pity they painted over the back, though it's understandable that as an air traveler you wouldn't want to look at that before your flight.

    I realize you've got your own thing going here but I'd like to offer the perspective of comparing it to the triptyches and alter pieces that Bosch did for Luther, contrasting heavenly front panes with hellish back plates.

    PS, for all your concern over 'big brother' or 'the new world order' I notice your sites are full of Google ads. Strange choice.

  218. Strange things, but looks too naive to think that their (aliens) reasons include just making something good for the earth inhabitants. Of course control assumes obeying of many types of people (scientists, creative people, especially businessmen and politics). This obeyment is achieved by using special knowledge, secrets, believes in good intentions, thereafter blackmail, murdering, etc. methods of "divide and rule". But I have an impression that US doesn't have demo-cracy (2 almost the same parties controlled by corporate oligarchs).

    Who we are for the bible creators? Grapes from its story? Or what? Dark story…

  219. How sick should be a nation which put pictures of dead people, especially a dead child, on the wall of a public place? You discuss here smart things about theories, conspiracy…but have you ever thought that other people from other countries believe you are most weird nation in the world? There is no other country in the whole world where in public place you can paint wall with such shit….

  220. RE: 2- Masonic Capstone

    It's about that capstone and the arcing handle on top. If you look carefully, you will see that this is an IRON made for a hand much larger than ours. Think about it!!>? When THEY return, all must be made ready, and no ordinary iron, not even Proctor-Silex, is fit to smooth those robes.

    There's also a big hint that there's a sword nearby. And THAT my friends, is what will be used to smite the EVILDOERS, the GUILTY and the SELF-AGGRANDIZING!! That sword is there somewhere, and it would be cool if he could put up some pictures on this site.

  221. It's kind of surprising that I have never seen any of that,and I ALWAYS go to that airport D;

    interesting post however,quite the eye opener.

  222. GOKS is DEAD on

    Im no expert and i haven't read all the comments to see if some one else said it. but ill say it anyway.

    the last image too me looks like a design of the structure of a Virus. Diamond shape with legs/arms with the DNA inside it, and it looks like the virus is being sprayed onto newborn's, crops and animals. as for the alien looking faces this could be the idea that the illuminati are going to fake or actuly have aliens come to earth and threaten the entire world forcing the world to unit.

    so maybe this picture depicts the event wen the elite make the world unite. they will make it seem that alien's have poisioned the world, corsein a mass reduction of popuulation and forceing the world to join together to fight against the greater evil.

  223. AF&AM Historian on

    As an Ancient, Free, and Accepted Mason, I can say, without a doubt, you're reading into things all wrong.

    Some of what you see here – is only intelligible by those whom have desired and sought light.

    As with many conspiracy theorists, they clearly have no clue how to read symbols and symbolism!

    Symbols, Runes, and Scultpures were created in the past in order to convey a message, or to tell a story to those individuals who were either totally illiterate, or could barely read basic symbols/runes, and understand their basic meaning. However, the file & order in which they're read are of paramount importance in obtaining the correct message!

    If someone such as yourself were to read the symbols & scultpures embedded into early Christian churches – using your same improper interpretation & arrangment of the meanings of symbols, you'd completely miss the point! Instead of learning that Christ died on the cross for your salvation, you MIGHT wrongly interpret symbols & sculptures as if they were telling you TO GO OUT & KILL JEWS & CHISTIANS, and to crucify them. Clearly the church DOES NOT like this "Christ" guy! They suggest you seek him out, torture him, and kill him!

    Just as ludicrous as the above statement might appear – that's not too far off from the grossly incorrect conclusions you're drawing from the above photographs, items, and symbols!

    I, for one, truly find the "Peace & Harmony with Nature" mural to be quite a beautiful thing… A VAST majority of Freemasons ***ARE*** devout Christians & Jews! They're NOT suggesting that the death of Judeo-Christian beliefs is a GOOD thing! Notice that there also appears to be a Rose, Clovers, and a Pocket-watch.

    The other casket appears to contain a Native American, and symbols more relative to their beliefs, and the third casket holds a person of African descent. The rest of the people above them, still alive, are quite clearly NOT believers. They're most likely Atheists, blind followers/worshippers of political puppets, or worshippers of false Idolatry! What the mural is TRYING to tell you (paraphrased in a simplistic form) is, *Once the last of the TRUE believers in the Judeo-Christian God, the LAST of the true believers in Native American theologies, and those of GOOD African cultures — Once the people who hold these beliefs dearly are WIPED OUT, or stamped out & gone – the remaining Godless, Aimless, and Ignorant fools left on earth will act irresponsibly – and will be POOR stewards of this world – thus bringing about its demise.*

    There **IS** no "New World Order" being sought by the Freemasons. It's your Leftist power-hungry "Progressive" Socialist politicians which are seeking a one-world Government! Look at Obama – he's started taking controlling interests in BANKING, FINANCE, MORTGAGES, STUDEN LOANS, AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY, and so many other areas – and NOW he's using the BP oil spill as a political wheel to push forward his agenda to "Reform" (POWER & CONTROL TAKE-OVER) OF THE ENERGY INDUSTRY!

    He already has enacted Executive Orders to COMPLETELY take over ALL control of these things – Telephone, Cellular & Radio communications, Power/Electrical/Energy companies, the Internet, AND the media (which already seems to bend over willingly for their 'messiah')… And ALL he needs is for ONE act of violence against a politician as his excuse to enact Marshall Law. At which point he'll control ALL of the above, and can easily hold the American People hostage while doing whatever he pleases!

    Novus Ordo Seclorum is often mis-translated by conspiracy theorists as "New World Order" but it really means, "New Order of the Ages." To better understand it, one has to look at the philosophies of self-empowerment, universal freedoms, and liberties that were taught to those men who authored our US Constitution. The "New Order of the Ages" they were seeking to create was a world where ALL MEN are created Equal, and where ALL MEN had Unprecedented FREEDOMs which could empower them to live a moral, and just life as upstanding citizens, and good stewards of this nation. Basically, the America of the 1950's and early 1960's was what many consider to be the 'high point' or culmination of the beliefs which lead our forefathers to create this new order of the ages! Where politicians are held accountable to the people whom empower them.

    I find it alarming that people can vote these days without having a clue about their own history, and don't seem to care that those 'leaders' they ignorantly elect into office are throwing their freedoms away swiftly!

    The Freemasons haven't had much control over government since the 1960's, as the government has been infiltrated by Socialists, Communists, Sharia Law Advocates, and so-called "Progressives" that have become the 'New Elite'. It is THESE same leftist Elites that OPENLY talk about creating a "United" One-World Government! Which could NEVER happen unless the United States was destroyed from within (as was the case with the Roman Empire). That's why you're most likely seeing Obama and other "Progressives" who seem to ACTIVELY be trying to destroy our country, and bring this nation down to the same playing level of third world countries.

    THEY are the Greater Evil!

    Sadly, the ignorant Baby Boomers, and Gen-X'ers have taken ALL the freedoms your ancestors have fought and died for, and pissed them away!

    Beware of the Liberal Progressives – read up on your history about them!!! THEY WILL (as they have several times before) push their agendas toward Population Control, Eugenics, Planned Parenthood, etc. If you read the Healthcare Bill that was passed, you'll see they're pushing a BIG Eugenics agenda in the healthcare bill! Mass reduction of population! It's all right there! READ IT – clearly our politicians didn't read it before signing it! :-(

  224. in truth thats NO NAZI SYMBOL but a symbol from india , a symbol from their hindu religion. IT STANDS for LIFE.

    so please before you tell the people shit go and inform yourself.

  225. The Elite is required to "tell" the world what they will do before they do it. If they don't its like, a sin to them.

    It's in their "rules" (kinda like we have our bible with rules, they have theirs too)

    They will tell you what they are going to do!

  226. Though I love this site, I noticed something.

    Though what I'm saying doesn't make the imagery any less disturbing.

    Could the paintings be in a certain order to be examined for a different effect?

    Separately, the paintings look atrocious (which they are don't get me wrong)

    But when you put them in the order like this

    D; B (part 2 THEN 1); C; A

    They form a story



    Coming Together to Form Alliances with weapons

    Sadness and Pain created by the weapons

    Coming together in a synthesized creation of human life itself with chemically altered beings.

  227. Hey, just a thought about that arm over the masonic stone. It kinda looks like a sun dial to me. Note the little lines emanating outwards beneath it. Are sun dials significant for anything?

  228. Well, this whole article has ‘spun me out!’
    I had no idea that this ‘strangeness’ was occuring.

  229. i go to dia every year because i live in longmont,co iv seen the paintings they didnt mean anything intel now i beleve all that stuff u cant make it up. the sprinkalers the nazi would use them to send the gas zyklone b throught to kill every one. and y would they have the sprinkalers in a big open space like the guy was standing in

  230. Baffled but awake! on

    Omg! are you kidding me??!!! it actually says "New World Airport Commission" on the tombstone/stone! so fucking blatant its scary its like ok its our way or no way and we dont have a choice! but boy they got another thing coming because people we are resourceful and we know how to gather and stand together so when it all goes down they gonna lose because the power is in numbers and it s a lot of people in this world all they have to do is be exposed to the evils and behind the scenes realities! lots of people will die but we we overcome it shit talk about a new world whole lotta shit gonna change mark my words i cant wait!

  231. Baffled but awake! on


    yea i know man scary indeed im just ow gettin to the pics of the murals WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dead kids and animals and basically accepting the evils(manmade that is)of this world and just think this shit was built before 9/11 i mean c mon how dare those MFs do that its blatant just too blatant the nerves of the cowards i cant imagine what the parents are telling they're children when they ask what its all about ?? ok im gonna get back to the documentary and the rest of the article….

  232. Baffled but awake! on

    i think the last pic has something with basically cloning humans or something of that nature eventually i think it ill happen its totally mason because is so symmetrical maybe it does have something to do with the aliens we would never know at least not from them anyway but overall i think this airport is totally wicked and maybe a forewarning of things to come whats with all the earth missing def not anything good because u never hear of this shit in the media as a matter fact i didn't know we had the 3 biggest airport in the world let alone the biggest in america being in Colorado(a state which is typically not celebrated) i just wanna thank you for this factual information(no conspiracy theory here) it has totally REopened my eyes to these un heard/un informed realities keep it up please hopefully this helps people realize! hopefully..

  233. to poster 185: Yes I was immediately reminded of the KKK when I saw the first picture of the airport. I thought it was just me.

    To the rest of you, what are we going to do about all of this? I think the first step is disseminating this information. Unfortunately I have found that many people think it's too far fetched or don't want to get involved because it's "too deep" but lately I have come across some critical thinkers who know that there is more to what's going on than what the media and our government lead us to believe. But now what? How do we mobilize? I believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior but I don't believe in sitting around watching the world that He gave to us go to crap until His return.

  234. I live in the mountains in Colorado and I am a very frequent user of this airport (more than once a month). I have enjoyed the main article and the comments. I like the fact that some of the posters replying to the article refute the premise that something is strange and I agree with some of the comments made by those that are challenging the article. I make these statements because I am an engineer, consider myself to be somewhat level headed and I do try to see both sides of the issue. HOWEVER – with that said – Something is definitely strange about this airport and there is more to it than meets the eye.

    Many of the cost over-runs (we are talking multi billions of dollars here) were not explained. Also the compartmentilization of alot of the construction work (this is a fact) was also quite interesting. The building that had to be buried happened and I remember this because this happened at a time during severe cost over runs that many people in the Denver metro area were upset about (there was alot of opposition to building this airport).

    Based on discussions with friends who did construction work at the airport I do believe there is some type of underground transport system that is more extensive than the trains that take passengers from the main terminal to one of the 3 outer terminals. I have friends who did underground work at the airport in totally different places and when you put their stories together there is no other explanation than an extensive subterranean transport system along with large open areas. What these are for? I have no idea…but I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever they exist.

    Flying out of the airport I am usually headed west, towards the mountains and the city. Not much to see when flying west. On the other hand when flying into the airport I often land from the north and sometimes (depending on winds and weather) from the south. When flying into the airport I notice some definite oddities – just things that seem way out of place.

    For me there are just too many irregularities and coincidences to believe nothing is amiss.

    I am happy this website exists and this kind of discussion is still possible.

    Vigilant Citizen – keep of the good work – thanks

  235. You wrote about the "native" mural…"Whats with the little faces at the top of the painting? Are they alien watching us from space? I don’t know, I can’t find any information about this piece."

    Research Niribu (aka Planet x), the horned planet, also very prominent in Egyptian iconography…












  237. Resistance to tyranny and the new world order is obedience to God. Death to the elitists and their plan of world domination and slavery. Wake up and be prepared. Stop being sheep controlled by the media and find alternative news. Get your guns and load up on ammo for we are about to fight for our sovereignty against our own government and a U.N. military comprised of foreign troops. The concentration camps are being completed and millions of sealable plastic coffins are stacking up. Another attack aka a false flag operation will happen in this country so get your bug out gear (survival gear—food, guns, knives, flashlights, camping stuff, survival books, etc) together in case you need to "get the F*** out of Dodge" so to speak. LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION!!!!!

  238. Supposedly under DIA exists a D.UM.B. (deep underground military base) that is linked with many others across this nation and to one evil place called Dulce in NM. In Dulce a so called 7 level underground base exists where our military works side by side with various alien entities conducting gruesome experiments including genetic mutations or gene splicing of human and alien and animal dna. Dulce and underground bases have been brought up by Philip Schneider and William Cooper, two people who mysteriously died after exposing government, illuminati and alien agendas. Jack Otto was another that was silenced by the elitists for his knowledge of the illuminati and the freemasons.

  239. Ryan McAlister on

    The floor of the great hall reminds me of how the Mormon's "jesus" statue casts a shadow on the earth, versus lighting it.

  240. In the bottom painting of the life sprinkling alien, directly to the right of the 2 floating heads is the geomantic figure "Fortuna Major"

    Fortuna Major

    Latin for "the Greater Fortune". The figure resembles blessings growing from the earth and being fruitful in the air. It is good in all situations in a best case scenario sense and represents great good fortune, especially in beginnings. It denotes power and success, and so is very favourable in conflicts and contests; being a figure of stability and long-term success, it also denotes hardship at the outset of an endeavor.

  241. Interesting site. Lots to examine with an 'open' but albeit 'skeptical' mind.

    One very interesting theme of the whole New World Order conspiracy meme is the fact that there are so many religious overtones amongst the articles and people frequenting these sites.

    It would do you well to question the religious nature of people touting all of these theories.

    Don't get me wrong, good info can be found from all over, but the whole religious motif surrounding the NWO expose CREEPS the HELL out of me, be it Christian, Muslim or whatever…

  242. In ATLANTA – A major underground Bavarian Illuminati facility constructed in collaboration with a similar base below the Denver

    International Airport. Like the D.I.A. facility, the Atlanta facility is occupied by the cult of the serpent [human & alien collaborators]

    and is "intended" to be used jointly with the Denver Airport facility as duel U.S. headquarters for New World Order regional

    control, and for continued "Montauk" or "Phoenix" Project operations.

  243. the video got it wrong. the second mural goes first because thats were the rainbow starts. Im guessing the german boy in the now first mural is repairing the military figure with the weapons given to him by the other countries

  244. gabriel bradley on

    ewwww im just about a little more worried about the building length (88.5.) for one 88 in nazi meaning is hail hitler!! .5 is also known as half .half starts with h h stands for 8 is hitler i might be concidered wrong but this link says a little here… hope u like my post

  245. You ignorant people. The illuminati are the wise ones. Let go and trust us for a better world. We are working hard to give you a bright future. The microchip is a necessity in a world of 7 billion, for transactions and healthcare.

    When it all starts happening in 2012 whose side will you be on? You don't want to be some kind of fringe wacko.

    You will get mowed down.

  246. toafraidtosay on

    DIA as well as the old airport in Austin Texas (before they built the new one) and

    I am sure many others (I only have information about these two specifically), do have an area underground that can be used as a detention facility. The one in Austin years ago, even broadcasted this news to the citizens in Austin. During Katrina, some of the jails that were evacuated, those inmates were moved to Austin's old airport.

    DIA also has many many rooms underneath, I have only seen a few; a detention room for people who disrupt flights, or whatever, a meeting room, kitchen, and some hotel like bedrooms(supposedly for tired pilots). in the outer area, that servants (i mean employees) are allowed to go. They tell us this is a safe room for governement peoples should disaster happen while in route. Only 6 people (including the pres) have acess to this. When the employee's are allowed down there its under heavy guard and have to sign papers basically saying you agree to whatever they want to do to you if you tell anyone including family and friends, and lets just say you are taking your own life in your hands if you tell.

    Also of note, the old cheyenne mountain facility just south of Denver in Colorado Springs, that used to house NORAD, has been moved. They said security as the resaon. However at it's new location, is literally, only 1/4 mile from a major busy road with only a high security fence and barbwire. Yeah the new location is so much more secure than 20 feet down inside a freaking mountain. ha ha

    You have no clue the strange stuff like what you just showed about DIA. it's all over Denver, and the Springs.

  247. @Kim February

    You said "The horse. Jesus made a direct reference to the “sons of the Ba’el” who are still here. Underground. The Ba’el were a peaceful and very advanced race. When the sun changed they had to evacuate, they could not take everyone. They left because the changes in the sun caused them to go insane if they stayed in a solar system with these UV rays. Those left behind used their advanced “mech’ to dig down between the 5 and 20 mile range of the crust. That’s why Jesus “hated the sons of”, the insane descendants who were even in those times using advance mech against the surface populations. Interestingly enough the “Ba’el” are from the phlegm of HORSE, as we are from the phlegm of Ape. The developed into a species of Man, we call this a “humanoid” life form. “HORSE-MEN” of the UNVEILING?"

    WTF are you talking about? Jesus made a direct reference to the Sons of Belial, which at the MOST far-fetched referred to the Atlanteans, but which most sources seem to agree were just uncircumcised heathens (not just working from Wikipedia here, though I'll cite it as my first source, sure). Where did you even GET that information? Ba'el? BA'EL? It's cool; they sound like they're related to Superman. We'll fight them with Kryptonite. Makes as much sense as the nonsense you're spouting. Give me a source and I'll start taking your insane ramblings seriously.

    I couldn't even read the rest of the comments on the page, or even the rest of that comment, because that was so crazy it knocked me off focus.

    That airport is creep-city to be sure. I'm very interested to know what's in the time capsule and what would happen if it were opened early. While the runways do form a swastika, though, I'll be shocked if this is the only airport to form that, since it actually seems like a pretty darned functional way to land planes, evil imagery aside.

    The REST of the symbology and imagery, though – that's creepy as all get-out. Those paintings are just wrong on so many levels. So much in there looks like it's straight out of the macabre…I know where I will NOT be having any layovers any time soon.

  248. Name (required) on

    I've been reading and wanted to know, who painted the stuff.

    Definately worth looking. It doesn't show the soldier picture from Denver

    (I wouldn't be proud as well…). However, many murals he painted are so full of meaning.

    There's a few that speak a thousand words…

    I think his pictures are good.

    I don't mean good as in positive, but good as in they definately say or yell something.

    Might be good or bad. Or might be started out good but then became bad.

    Or might be good, but got but hired by bad people who were to brief for dude to suppose

    anything bad (except the huge soldier… One should always have asked about that). Lol.

    However. Good art.

    Hey by the way, why does it seem like a hobby for Masons and such

    to explain everything they do, to everyone openly accesible but hidden?

    For fun?

  249. Hi dear brothers and friends,

    I know how you love nature and the Great Spirit, so I thought you wanted to be interested that I discovered the white men didn't stolen only your lands and killed most of you, but they want to kill everybody on the Earth.

    I started with my researches for finding a cure to the cancer, finding that the principle cause of cancer is the genetically modified seeds, and that the 95% of the seeds on the Market are genetically modifieds. I discovered that the cancer is made by cellls which have to be dead, instead to be dead, continue to reproduce themself. The last results of the researches of the greatest scientist on the world studying the cancer, said that was through mapping the DNA of a cancer cell we will find the cure. And everybody knows that it is an alteration of the DNA the cause of the cancer. I remembered then, that the first studying the DNA and making experiments on it, was the nazists for cloning Hitler and making him live forever. And a cell which has to be dead, and instead to be dead continues to reproduce itself, it looks to me to be the exact result of an experimentation for making someone living forever, gone bad.

    I discovered that the Bayer, first world producer of anticancer drugs, is a son company of the AG Farben, the nazi company which was producing the Zyclon B, the gas of the nazi concentration camps, and Bayer was complained and had to pay millions dollars of damages for accepting as payement the gold teeths of the Jewish slaughtered in the concentration camps during the IIWW. So they was approving the killing of millions people and was part of it.

    I discovered that Prince Berhnard of Holland, father of the actual Queen, made researches on the Zyclon B during the war for the nazi, and he founded the Bilderberg Group, the WWF and the Rotary Club. The Rotary Club was, during the war, for the 50

    % nazi, and seen that for entering in the Rotary you have to know or being relative of someone inside yet, and noone was getting out of it after the IIWW, I presume all the nazi are still inside it and can make meeting inside it.

    Now Bayer was aquired from Monsanto, principale producer of modified genetically seeds, and principale cause of the cancer from my researches, and Monsanto, the other OGM producers, Bill Gates and Rockfeller builded the SEEDS VAULT (… ) in the last years, a seeds bank 30 mt deep in the rocks and the ice in the Swalbard Island, on the Artic Polar Circle, like a antiatomic bunker, with inside all the seeds of every kind of plant on the world, of course not genetically modified, so I am thinking that the project of killing all the races not pures became bigger, on the whole world. I believe they want to change chemically all the atmosphere for killing all the living things on the world, and they will stay in the mega bunker in the ex URSS (… ), until noone will be on the Earth, so they can have it all only for themself, very few people, a New Paradise.

    I am really hoping I am wrong and these are only fantasies, but if it is not so, I know you love the Truth and the Nature, so I am sure, if I can't do it, you will find the Truth on all I wrote since now.

    Thank you so much for your interest and for your time,

    Kind Regards

    Gianluigi Tamburini

  250. A question comes in my mind so naturally:

    Isn't it that seen that this airport has inside so many nazi-massonic symbols, the DIA is the airport choosen for sending airplanes full of the 2 other chemical components for changing all the Atmosphere in Poisoned gas so they will spread it everywhere on the Earth?

    Kind Regards

    Gianluigi Tamburini

  251. "The camp commandant, Rudolf Höß, testified at the Nuremberg Trials that up to 3 million people had died at Auschwitz, about 90 percent of whom were Jews. Most victims were killed in Auschwitz II’s gas chambers using Zyklon B"

    (source: Wikipedia).

    The actual number that died and methods used has been questioned and refuted by many historial scholars. Judaism is not a race, it's religion. Look it up.

  252. i have not had the opportunity to read all comments so forgive if me what i point out has already been said…disputed…it's interesting to note that the (german) boy is is hammering a sword (scimitiar) and the soldier only lays with a gun in his arms but when he awakens he has a (VERY polished new) scimitar in his hands along with the gun. are they insinuating that the weapon will be made/engineered infront of every nation before their eyes and be used as an instrument of terror?? this is just sad!

  253. can you please write something about the georgia guidestones. i'm sure you'd have fun researching and writing about it and i'd love to see what interesting tidbits you'd find!

  254. very interesting stuff. after all the God is the most powerful, so I fear Allah, and seek for his protection. Pagans like freemason and others have always existed. They are few, we are the most. we don’t let them destroy our lives. Love you all , except those behind DIA lodge

  255. TrueAtlantean(Unbetr on

    Hello everyone. Thank you for your website and its topic of the DIA.

    The New World Order was originally good, but then it was betrayed.

    It has been infiltrated and currupted of its original purpose.

    Those few that betrayed it and carry out today their evil selfish agenda should

    go to HELL.

    The images and paintings in the DIA all refer to the doomsday that all mankind(except those who have underground bases and shelters)will have to face. IT IS THE SUN!

    Every time the great cycle repeats and when the cosmic order is at a certain time the sun will errupt and

    we will burn by its emense heat! — We were created of fire, so our end will be by fire.

    There is a divine plan in everything. Nothing happens in the cosmos in vain! — We will be taken away our

    pride in the last moment of truth just before we are all burned alive, so that all that will remain is love for one another. That is gods lesson in this!

    Realize and Remember — God is the great invisible spirit, he is the one in all, and all in one. We were created by the one prime creator and to him we shall return. The soul is immortal and the body merely is a vessel compromised of the 4 elements.

    Love and Light to all of you. GOD IS the GREATEST

    • Hi,

      I don't know why, but I have a hunch you are not talking about the One and Only God who sent us Jesus Christ to die for our sins. NWO was never "good" – it was never meant for the benefit of the civilization, but to set the background for the coming of the anti-Christ. I realy hate it when people tell lies using God's name. What kind of garbage are you preaching anyway – one in all, all in one, four elements????? Anyway, heard about the Nephilim and the fallen angels who are coming back together with their leader, the devil? The airport is a sinister place filled with NWO and satanic symbols. I hope I'll never have to go there. To the author of the article. I have really enjoyed reading the information you provided. I definitely agree with most of it. God Bless.

      • Personally I don't distinguish between those that flap around convinced of events and intentions they have no understanding or knowledge of, be it on "Religious" or just "Fantasy" grounds.

        History has proven those who judge hastily and negatively to be the worst criminals of them all.

  256. The Gargoyles in the suitcases are representative of nuclear suitcase bombs, without doubt. They will be used in a false flag operation, when Denver Airport is closed to the public you will have 24-48 hours to start preparing yourself and your family for what is about to come.

  257. There are loads of Christians here

    This prayer could save you

    Prayer of St. Gertrude the Great

    Our Lord dictated the following prayer to St. Gertrude the Great to release 1,000 Souls from Purgatory each time it is said.

    "Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Most Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the masses said throughout the world today, for all the holy souls in Purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the universal church, those in my own home and within my family. Amen."

    Also google the chaplet of divine mercy, which could even clear a sinner of his sins and take him from hell if he had the faith and belief.

    Praise Lord Jesus and God Almighty.

  258. We gonna chess the out of Africa

    We Jah Jah people gonna overcome dem evil vampire Babylonian systeme in Africa our Homeland. No fear for atomic enecgie 'cause none of dem can stop the time. Seenn ?

  259. Cheers for the laugh guys – I hope that you aren't all suffering from hives from wearing your tin-foil hats.

    So we have:

    1) A rather vivid interpretation of the mascot of a local sports team.

    2) A time capsule capped by a representation of a Sundial – who'da thunk it a time capsule being symbolically represented by a timepiece? And it has a mason's mark on it. Wow, a stone with a mason's mark on it! That's completely unprecedented in the history of humankind. It MUST be a conspiracy.

    3) Some really badly composed, thought out and executed murals about how like war and pollution and extinction and death and male oppression and shit is bad m'kay and like how we should all really get along: because fighting is, like, bad karma. Bad taste: yes. Harbingers of impending apocalypse: unlikely.

    4) A four runway layout that maximises runway usage and facilitates maximum airport throughput. It may be intentionally symbollically representing something – but if it iss then it's very badly executed. While we're on that subject take the time to look up swastikas –

    5) They're not gargoyles – they're grotesques. Gargoyles are water spouts. It's an onomatopoeia.… There are hundreds of years of collected research into the symbolism of grotesques and the reasons for their inclusion in places of worship. But I'll take your word for it. You're right and they're wrong. It's all a huge conspiracy.

    6) A vague aggregation of artistic and architectural references to native-american culture.

    But no – it's all the lizard-men, their shape shifting ways and their beady gimlet eyes.

    [Did you know that the White House is built on a sacred burial ground and has 25 floors of secret military installations underground? I've no proof other than my diseased imaginings – but my cousin's, room-mate's, uncles's, father-in-law's best friend once did some construction work there and he says it's the control room for an army of 10 billion jews. They all live there in secret training modules with the lizard men and their generals are Steve Guttenberg, Alan Moore and Monty Burns. He says there's a secret code in the layout of the lawn and the dimensions of the collonade that reveal the diabolical plans in all their deviousness. And the Oval Office is oval, like an egg. So it's really a secret Illuminanti symbol that signifies the rebirth of the world under the new world order. And Obama is a Sith Lord as well as being a baby-eating Muslim. He used his jedi mind powers to engineer 9/11. It's all predicted in the dimensions of the Capitol Dome. Seriously. Praise Jesus and all that.]


    he CIA has plans to relocate the headquarters of its domestic division, which is responsible for operations and recruitment in the United States, from the CIA's Langley headquarters to Denver, a move designed to promote innovation, according to U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officials.

  261. The gargoyles represent interdimensional beeings or demons, if you prefer).Angels also represent interdimensional beeings.I like your site and the information you post, but i think your knowledge of symbols is rudimentary.All masonic symbols descend from palpable things(more or less incredible).I strongly suggest watching on you tube TheAntichrist Dajjal will be a Reptilian Shapeshifter & Noreagaa Series.You will soon find out that these symbols are not necesarry ''ritualistic and formal'',but scientific formulas that can make you understand better the Universe that you live in.

  262. The Black Sun is the Eclipse that will be one of the signs of the end of the world.See the movie''Apocalypto'' and the movie cover of the TV series ''Heores''.Like the majority of occult symbols it represents an astrological event.I strongly suggest that you take all the dates of the Sun & Moon Eclipses till 2012.

  263. One thing people don't seem to notice; the description of the roof of the whole building says that it is made of a lightweight plastic like that of a credit card. Interesting that the top of an airport would be so light. If the whole thing were to collapse from some type of natural disaster, it would not cause a problem to "whatever" is underneath it.

      • actually, the anus has the most blood vessels going in and out of it so there would be a lot of viens. That horse is good art because it scares people. Art shouldn't be all lovey-dovey bullshit. I love evry single piece of art in that place. Every time I go, I notice something new about each of them.

  264. I'm going to share something that I stumbled across, but afterwards I need to bring that focus around to hope.

    This airport is indeed evil. It glorifies the holocaust and death. It shows specific military alliances (represented by specific countries) in pictorial form, dominating ordinary people. There is absolutely no reason to have this type of artwork. However, I don't think it's artwork at all. It appears to be a statement of power.

    Now on what I stumbled upon: Something about the look of the DIA tent structures was revolting to me on a subconscious level. It does not resemble mountains as far as I'm concerned. But today, I ran across information about the Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center, (on a construction website), and saw a picture of it. I pulled up pictures of the Denver International Airport for comparison. The similarity is shocking.

    Image: Denver Airport

    Image: Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center, Kazakhstan, World's largest tent, Opened July 2010

    I believe there is a relationship between the two images. In agreement with so many others, other websites, etc, it does appear the Denver airport is an end-time transportation hub, concentration camp, and location of future atrocities. The blue horse, I believe, is meant to strike fear in the hearts of those arriving at the "airport".

    The fact that we are seeing the contents of this airport now I believe is one of many warnings that GOD has allowed us to see. Our everyday news reads like Bible prophesy. We are in the end times, as evidenced by natural disasters everywhere, catastrophies, people speaking out against GOD, wars, economic upheaval, attempts at Middle East peace ("Peace, Peace"…sudden destruction), etc… Like a woman in labor, the contractions (pains) get closer and closer. This is how the time just prior to the Tribulation is described. Read Matthew 25. (If you don't have a Bible, it's online!) Go on Youtube and google end times or prophecy. Google America and Manasseh, (something I just found out about). GOD is giving lots of people prophetic dreams and open-eye visions, including myself. Even young kids are on Youtube warning people about the imminent return of Jesus.

    The time of Tribulation will be unlike any trouble ever experienced by mankind. If you are not serving GOD, you must immediately turn to HIM. You must accept Jesus as your Savior. Read the Bible and live in obedience to His Word. If you were walking with Jesus once and fell away, read the signs and return. You know that time is short. But Jesus said that He will never leave us nor forsake us. He will deliver you from the storm (flood) as HE did with Noah, but you must be His in order to escape the coming Tribulation (via The Rapture). You do not want to be here during the Tribulation when this airport and other simalar locations are put into its full function. Don't even think about it. Your way of escape is Jesus.

    If , unfortunately, you are left behind after the Rapture, remember that you must not accept the Mark of the Beast. This technology is up and running as of today. (Google microchips, Verichip, PositiveID, RFID.) If you accept the Mark of the Beast, then your eternal soul will be lost (Revelation 14:9-11). During the Tribulation, in order to be saved, you will have to acknowledge Jesus in the face of death.

    I did not say all this to frighten you with no hope. The point of what I am saying is to point you in the direction of your hope – Jesus. Please hear me.

  265. Correct Reference: Matthew 24:1-51
    Matthew 24:3: ” And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?”

  266. Let the socially elite create their new world order.

    Then Jesus will throw them into the lake of fire along with satan.

    And everyone who knows Jesus as their Savior will be reigning in the Millenium Kingdom with Him forever!

  267. i love how the “skeptics” on this website totally invalidate their opinions by trying to feed us this “jesus will save all” and “trust in HIM” lol. whatever gets u to sleep at night. how can people who question everything around them be led blindly by allegorical tales and no real proof of anything remotely divine? but looking at pictures on a website about an airport is “total proof” of the evil that is going on. c’mon son. if “god” really was going to “save” everyone, wouldn’t he have done it already? what’s the point of waiting till this supposed catastrophe happens to step out from behind the curtain? get out of here, son. QUESTION EVERYTHING!

    • that's why it's called "faith".

      pick up a Bible "son"….then you won't have to question God.

      And Jesus DOES save….but it's your job to open your heart toward him.

  268. Hey – vy did the New World Order take down my comment? Betta vatch out – ve are comink to get you in our Black UN Helikopters – and ve are sendink you straight to der gas chambers in Cheyenne Mountain – after our vriends at der Illuminati haf taken care of you at Denver International Aeroport! And der horse wit der RED EYES has kikked you in der NUTS! He has a SWASTIKA imprinted on his hoofs. Take dat schwein!

  269. concerned citizen on

    hey – maybe some one should go there tonight! (after midnight, naturally!) it just might happen that while they are' x-raying' the B concourse some odd event will occur. it is supposedly a search for conduit. got me to thinkin'…

  270. These elite run the media, hollywood, all banks, all governments, militaries ect.

    So these conspiracy shows on TV are part of THE PLAN, to THROW US OFF.

    The NWO has stated for years that CHANGE can only come through re-education,

    rewritten history and infiltration. Revolution when necessary, but hypnotism through

    the media & the arts works best. :cough: :cough: 2012. Global Catastrophe, people

    are wanting shelter from whatever it will be. Rather than bringing the ELITE to the

    Denver International Airport, Let's round up everybody else who will want to be sheltered

    willingly. Considering the fact that we have 80 Miles of space under the earth in this

    one location to fly everyone to. When this Global so-called catastrophe does or doesn't

    make landfall, we will round up in order according to the inventory global watch lists

    and put them on our land based Healing Centers. :cough: :cough:, I mean Concentration

    camps. Considering 4 billion must be cleansed, I mean eliminated to enter the New

    World Order. You're right people, I must be watching too many movies, this is just all

    a non-proven conspiracy right !? Let's see, we got the Star Wars program deliberately

    named after the movie. This program in connection with project blue beam can give

    us a 3-dimensional movie in the sky as holograms and we will believe it's real. Or we

    have Operation Haarp, I mean El Nino & La Nina, and all the other things we don't even

    know about. I'm willing to believe that there's more something to these conspiracy facts,

    than the PRETEND CONSPIRACY THEORIST IMPLANTS that are trying to make the

    real conspiracy theorists look crazy. There is something to this folks, because It's real.


  272. A couple of things are for sure (fact)…. no one has all the answers to the controversy and questions raised by these very strange/disturbing murals that have no place in a commercial airport. And all of the other "strange" things that are fact with regards to DIA. (the Capstone, for one) We've all heard about the (December) "2012" theories , the Myan calendar, Nostradamus' predictions, Biblical Prophesey, etc. …well I suggest that after December 2012 many of US will have a much better idea as to whether any of this means anything..but for the time being I might also suggest being VIGILENT is the order of the day. God bless us all!

  273. Hi. I'm a fan of your site, but I have to say, I have a different opinion on these DIA murals. I actually think they're quite beautiful, and tell a story of the past – a past filled with oppression of peoples all over the world, and a hope for the ending of such oppression, forever. II don't think there's anything sinister behind it. And as far as the swastika goes, it is strange, but as I'm sure you know, it was a peace symbol before being corrupted by the legacy of Hitler. Of course, this is art, and therefore it is subjective, so who knows what it really means? The artist's name is Leo Tanguma; check out some of his other paintings on his website, and maybe you'll see what I mean. He's incredible.

  274. I apologise if someone has already pointed this out (I couldn't be bothered to read all of the comments!).

    Anyway, in the Denver Airport mural when they're all gathered round the plant – I noticed that the bird with red and green plumage had been "resurrected" as it were (because it was extinct in the other mural and in a glass case). So I looked up what it was and it's a "Resplendent Quetzal" which was considered divine by Pre-Columbian Mesoamericans – it is the "god of the air" and as a symbol of goodness and light.

    So that reminded me of the Phoenix and also of the Bayterek in Kazakhstan (the thing which looks like a big Illuminati Olympic Torch, but which represents a Kazakh myth about a phoenix-like bird which regenerates every year – the Samruk.

    And then I wondered if the plant in the Denver Airport Mural is a representation of a "world tree": (wikipedia) The concept of "world trees" is a prevalent motif in Mesoamerican mythical cosmologies and iconography. World trees embodied the four cardinal directions, which represented also the fourfold nature of a central world tree, a symbolic axis mundi connecting the planes of the Underworld and the sky with that of the terrestrial world.

    I've also read that the phoenix represents Lucifer. In Ephesians 2:2 Satan is referred to as "the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience".

    Sorry to be so long-winded, I just thought they were interesting correlations.

    Other (irrelevant) facts about quezels: they commit suicide if put in cages and one Mayan legend claims that the quetzal used to sing beautifully before the Spanish conquest, but has been silent ever since; it will sing once again only when the land is truly free! (Perhaps under a one-world Luciferian govt?)

  275. The colors of the rainbows in the paintings are in the exact order as what apears on the gay flag.

  276. While riding the train there are multiple waypoints where the train could go other directions however it never does where do these "tunnels" go?

  277. I didn’t see anyone mention the location of DIA. It’s on the 104 Longitude line. The Chinese call it the Dragon line. It’s the same line as the Devils Tower in Wyoming, NorRad, Air Force Academy , Garden of the gods and the Roswell UFO incident.
    The occult like Colorado because it’s the most square state, just like Washington D.C. I am from Lamar Colorado and a German bus company felt comfortable enough to build a bus factory there. Check out Colorado’s state seal. It has an all seeing eye and a German fasces.

  278. Personally I don't see anything "scary" there. It's just playing on people's superstitions and believes and is intended to get attention. If they weren't after attention it wouldn't be pasted all over the walls would it…

    There is no good and evil. People are all much the same, being shaped by their upbringing, culture, DNA, previouos events and choices. There is so much that comes into play. Good and evil are all subjective and based on personal perceptions. From a personal perspective I'm not a fan of war or hatred of any form.

    Regarding the"strange imagery", I think we've all had those dreams at some point. He's just chosen to draw it, though his was a little less "ok" than mine personally. The droughts, pyramid with a cross, flooding, waterfall, glowing plant etc all featured in a dream many years ago. It's just the mind being creative while you sleep. Just because you remember things vividly doesn't mean they have to be taken literally, or given weird symbology either.

    It does make for interesting art though :o)

  279. Ohh re: the latter pictures, reminds me of the cycle of life. Not sure where i've seen it or heard of it. These things have circulated and shaped beliefs around the world for thousands of years. Wouldn't surprise me if the mid-american beliefs circulated to the trading med a few thousand years back too. Some of the "effects of plants" may have swayed beliefs at the period.

    There's a cycle of life, destruction and rebirth that has long been believed in. Look at creation theories from around the world, including mid america and aborigine and you'll most likely make more sense of the latter picture.

    Have fun ;o)

  280. A Message for the "Innocent Ones" and for the "New World Order" and their "Fear-ful Leader"!

    Just wanted to drop in to say to those who are not involved in the New World Order/secret societies in any way, and are still "PURE",…."BE AT PEACE." . There has been a "confrontation" going on for quite some time now, but not in the world that can be seen, but in the world that is unseen. This confrontation has come to close!!!

    The New World Order's Supernatural Power, is officially "Out of Order", and the "illuminated ones" are officially "Un-illuminated", along with their impotent pyramids, obelisks, pentagrams, pentagons, sorcery, witchcraft, wizardry, necromancy, kabballah, magic, good medicine, bad medicine, divination, black arts, etc………all are null, void, and broken!

    I personally have been in a confrontation with the NWO and their "fear-full leader'", and their "Witchcraft/Black Arts" for quite some time, and I have been hit with every kind of "assignment" imaginable and unimaginable in an attempt to "take me out", ……..but to no avail.

    As a result, all the assignments that have been directed at me, have been "returned back to the sender", but not by my own initiative, but by the "ONE" that has called me. The True "ONE" over all things visible and invisible.

    This True "ONE", is the same "ONE" that walked with each and every "PURE INHABITANT" of this planet, large and small, since the beginning. Before there were any religions, languages, books, signs, communication, this "ONE" has been there guiding, directing, comforting, healing, the "PURE" each and everyday.

    Each and every "PURE INHABITANT" knew who this "ONE" was very, very, well, for they walked with the "ONE" each and every day. The "ONE" didn't have a name, nor did the "ONE" need a name. You see the "ONES" name, is really a "feeling or sensation" of PURE Peace, Joy , Happiness, Bliss,… that is too deep for words. (that was if words existed long ago).


    The "ONE" speaks to each "PURE INHABITANT" individually and needs no translators or mediators, priests, rabbis. pastors, holy men, to assist. Like the "ONE" needs any help to take care of the "ONES" very own. Saying that the "ONE" needs a translator, mediator, pastor, priest, rabbi, holy man, etc, is an INSULT.

    The "ONES" true identity is not a found in a name like the over used "g_d". This is an insult also, to be even referred to, in the same category as a "g_d". The dictionary defines a "g_d" as "any being with super natural ability". "G_d" is a name that man developed. Almost all languages spoken now days are CORRUPT languages, and most "words" have Dual, Evil, and Corrupted Meanings!

    Long, long ago supernatural "Beings", not from this planet, wanted to conquer this planet. The plan was to see that every "PURE" Race and every "PURE" Tribe would be infiltrated and corrupted from the "inside out", by one of their very own "PURE" tribe members.

    The "Beings" would approach a "PURE" tribe member, and would tempt the "PURE" tribe member to "sell out" and agree to "corrupt " his tribe. The Tribe Members who "sold out", were then be INDWELT by a "BEING" with supernatural powers that made the one whom who was indwelt "IMPURE". (kind of like selling your soul) This Indwelling gave the new "IMPURE" Tribe member great physical and supernatural abilities. This "Impure" Tribe member would quickly rise to a leadership roll within the "PURE" Tribe by doing many "Good" things for the tribe.

    The first "Secret societies" were then formed within every tribe and race. These "IMPURE" Members intermarried with the "PURE" Tribe members. The offspring of this intermarriage between the "Pure" and the "Impure", were then quickly corrupted at birth, and for a lack of a better word, demonized, and were also made "IMPURE". This offspring then immediately became members of the Secret Society with Secret Supernatural Powers also.

    The "IMPURE" tribe members then corrupted all things that could be corrupted. The air, water, food, sexual organs (molestation, rape, incest). They also had the ability to make the victim forget the incident ever happened, through hypnosis.

    The corrupting the pure minds of the PURE Tribe members was one of their main goals. . These IMPURE Tribe members because of their abilities eventually gained power and popularity, and leadership within their own tribes and eventually introduced their new g_d and formed religious ceremonies in worship of their g_d. This was the Religious "Wedge" that was then driven between the "PURE INHABITANTS" and the "ONE" over all things visible and invisible, rendering the "Pure INHABITANTS" nearly helpless and isolated, with very little defense.

    This religious wedge has taken place all over the globe, and is found in every religion today. Remember 1000's of years before any cultures, languages, books, societies, religions, PURE INHABITANTS of this planet walked as nomads in the Pure presence and guidance of the "ONE" each and every day. Why should things be any different today? To be treated differently would be "UNJUST" and "UNFAIR" to the PURE INHABITANTS today, wouldn't it? Your True Helper, the "ONE" is not found outside the body in any religion,….it is found within. Your "PURE" body is part of the "ONES" body! Remember, religions have only been around for a few thousands of years, and the "PURE INHABITANTS" have been around a lot longer than that, and have never been left as ORPHANS! To say other, is and insult!

    Once the "Pure" Tribe members were "sufficiently corrupted" and "sufficiently isolated" from the only "ONE" that could help, the IMPURE members then used witchcraft, sorcery, wizardry, magic, divination, necromancy, Kabballah, black arts, good medicine, bad medicine, etc,.. extensively to oppress and to kill the PURE INHABITANTS. Oh by the way, the pyramids that are found on every major continent, are one important source of POWER to carry out these witchcraft, sorcery, wizardry, magic, divination, necromancy, Kabballah, black arts, good medicine, bad medicine, etc,. assignments. The pyramids harness important Energy and direct this Energy that is used to carry out these "Black Arts"/ "Witchcraft". These secret societies then "promote" their own Impure members within the community, and "Oppress" the Pure members.

    IMPURE LEADERS from two different tribes/nations would have an agreement on starting a war. The goal was to send all of the innocent men to the front line to be killed on both sides, quickly eliminating the "PURE" INHABITANTS. This also left their widows then to marry the IMPURE. Once enough Innocent "PURE" were killed the war ended! Sound familiar???

    I am not exactly sure where these "Impure Beings" are from that have "corrupted" the "Pure INHABITANTS" of this planet and are responsible for the "hi-jacking" of this planet. However, I know for a fact that they have to "play by rules" and cannot violate these rules.

    These "Beings" have to follow what I call "terms of engagement" that were layed out by the "ONE" over all things visible and invisible. . I am almost sure that these "Beings" possess the power of massive destruction, but these Beings could not use this great power to quickly conquer the World. This was forbidden, for this planet was not originally given to these "Beings", but was given to the "PURE INHABITANTS" of this planet.

    The only alternative that these "Beings" had to overthrow, and to conquer this planet , and it's "PURE INHABITANTS" was by conquering it from the "inside out", by recruiting it's "PURE INHATANTS" to be part of their army. This is why, it has taken so long.

    Once there are ONLY Representatives for the "Beings" attempting to conquer this planet, and there are NO "PURE" REPRESENTATIVES left on behalf of the "ONE" to claim this planet on behalf of the "ONE", the "Beings" then can claim this planet as their own and openly rule it. That day has not come yet, but is close. (Every religion that worships a G_d in reality is worshiping the "Beings" that developed the religion.)

    This is why the Murals in the New World Order Airport speak so loudly. The Masons feel as though they have already won!!! Arrogance!!! How could they feel that way with Christianity, Islam, Jewish etc, still so strongly in place?!?! (Oh the way, Masons actually means "stone builders"! What is the pyramids made of ?)

    The Masons know the truth about the source of these religions, and know that they are all counterfeits. Oh by the way, out of Kabballah/Jews has come almost every form of Withcraft/Black Arts found world wide today. Also out of the Jews, also came Christianity and the Catholics. Coincidence?

    (A Coven of Witches have one high priest and 12 members which equals 13. Jesus was the high priest and had twelve disciples which equals 13.)

    Also regarding the Mural with the Extinct Animals, this is why the Native American, Native White, and Native African are in the coffins. These Natives represent the last PURE INHABITANTS of this planet,…..EXTINCT !!! I will agree with the Mural, almost all of the PURE are now gone and only a few PURE INHABITANTS remain! However, the "ONE" over all things visible and invisible, does not need an army! The "ONE" doesn't need pyramids, obelisks, pentagrams, pentagons, witchcraft, sorcery etc, as a source of power. This is foolishness and is NOTHINGNESS.

    All the "ONE" needs is One PURE INHABITANT called to purpose, to be used as a conduit, as an instrument, and a representative, to claim this planet on behalf of the "ONE", and to place this planet under the authority of the "ONE" forever more!

    To this, the "Beings" attempting to overthrow have no Defense. With this, the "Beings" are officially Trespassing on this planet, and have lost all grounds to be here. Now these Trespassers are powerless, and are disarmed, and will be taken to the highest courtroom over all things visible and invisible. The "ONE" that sits over this courtroom knows all of the facts and knows all of the players, and will see that justice is served. A very sad day for the NWO indeed!

    All of the deceptive Traps, Pits, and Snares devised by these "Beings" and the "Impure" that have sprung back upon them violenly. All of their "Witchcraft/Black Arts" has now returned upon them, afflicting them. There is no place to run, no place to hide, and no place of safety from this terrible affliction that they have brought upon themselves. This great affliction is upon them wherever they are found.

    You will continue to see this world and it's evil and corrupt economic system crumble into nothingness. All is lost for the NWO and it's Fear-ful Leader. Once again for the PURE reading this,….."Be at Peace"! :)

  281. thats a catholic priest holding a sword with a boy in a blue shirt – just left of the Dutch girl at center. or maybe its Mary. So the catholic priest and the Bavarian boy is — Charlemagneish — or the rise of the infamous and ruthless Holy Roman Empire that eventually rules all of Europe through its long lasting relationship with the barbarians that Rome could never conquer. The barbarian (bavarian) tribes that Roman historian Tacitus labelled as 'war man' which in Roman was 'ger mani' which is why the land of the war man is called Germany. Bavaria is roots of Nazism and Vatican provided the ratlines through where the old Nazis escaped at end of WWll. That mural is full of symbolism. Germani today is conquering all of Europe financially and will be led by their loyalty to the Vatican and the Romans brotherhood with them since inviting Charlemagne as their first Holy Roman Emperor. The Charlemagne Prize still exists today. Then some say the Vatican will use this powerful Europe divided into 10 regional powers to invade the Holy Land to make Jerusalem its new Capitol HQ.

  282. I was reviewing the murals and something about the rainbow struck me. The rainbow was God's promise not to ever kill man off the face of earth again. Notice that in the second mural, the rainbow fades away. Is this the promise to kill man again?

  283. First of all let me I'm an everyday normal guy (
    That being said, OK – It's obvious to me something very sinister is going down sooner than later.. It's no secret that the Earth is in serious decay, and 500,000,000 humans seems to be a realistic and logical solution… as per the Georgia Stones dictates: Perpetual Harmony with Earth. IMHO D.I.A. will somehow be use in what ever "event" the NWO is planning… I say wake up ; they are planning to exterminate 85%of the worlds population.

    My holiday shopping list includes: 1 fully sustainable bunker; 1 Evolution 5000 Tactical / Military-Spec Gas Mask with Drinking Option – Blk; includes: Mil-Spec Canteen, Integrated Overhood System to protect entire upper body, Premium Mil-Spec Fire/Water Resistant Pouch, 40mm ‘NBC / C2A1’ Military Spec Filter, Tychem F suit, NS Mil-Spec Butyl Gloves, Silver Shield Glove Liners. … and all the SEEDS I can get my hands on.

    Over the past few months major television stations NationalGeographic, Discovery, TLC…have all been airing shows (super high-budget I might add..) depicting cataclysmic events; here is one example >> It's almost as if the NWO-Bilderberg-Masons-Illuminati are simply getting us to perpetuate a self-fulfilling prophecy : The Apocalypse.

    I really cant see anyway to derail this… the train has left the station: Be prepared. I'm not saying to throw in the towel… but honestly, look at it this way; remember the Titanic? The ship that would never sink.. but did? There were 3 types of people on this ship: the first type were in complete denial after the ship hit the iceberg… "the ship will never sink! I going to the bar.. who's coming?". The 2nd type of person – you know the type… like a chicken with its head cut off – with no idea how to process the extreme nature of the inevitable… "OMG OMG OMG" they ran around the ship, again like chickens with their heads off… >> The 3rd type basically announced to those around and to those who would listen; "The ship IS sinking. I know how to launch life rafts, and if need be, I know how to build them too! LET ME TEACH YOU so we can save ourselves."

    My modus operandi for the next 2 years… BE PREPARED. The signs are there. This aint no Y2K crap. These are extremely powerful forces at play. Our fate is not sealed… but someone certainly wants it sealed.

    Remember – 500,000,000 million is 15% of the worlds population… thats a lot of killing being planned.

    Find a very very safe place for your loved ones and family come winter 2012.

    • Same for you, get mental help, seriously. I hope you can never buy a gun or something like that, because you're one of those guys that's gonna start killing babies sooner or later because you think they're remote controlled explosive devices that are sent here by allmighty aliens to blow us up one day. Most likely you will think it's going to happen in 2012.





      You're a threat to your own family.

      Yours truly,

      Head of the Illuminati

  284. I loved reading these comments. It reinforces my belief that people are the dumbest animals on the planet.

  285. And your Nazi swastika, IT ISN'T A NAZI SWASTIKA! NEWSFLASH! I even had difficulties TRYING to recognize a swastika, and now that I PRETEND it is there, I only see the symbol for peace, as it has been like that for over 5000 years or something :)

    Now stop trying to find conspiracies. And stop telling lies, OR get your facts straight.

  286. By the way, I believe that the horse you mentioned is payed, and put there by the Denver Broncos. Don't they have some wicked horse rooting for them?

  287. I think you are focusing on particulars and interpreting them back to your original theory. I view the green militaristic Nazi figure as the same figure who lies defeated beneath the doves. As per the Bible, the nations beat their swords (weapons) into ploughshares. Why is it a Bavarian kid at the center? I dont know why not? To challenge our own unfair association of Germanness with Nazis? Maybe this is your own bias towards the Germans. Must Germans always appear negatively, simply because the Nazis existed?

    Why is it ugly and grotesque? Because a lot of art is. If you visited art museums, you'd have a field day interpreting every grotesque painting as a sign of NWO.

    Even if the airport does resemble a swastika, the swastika pre-dates Nazi Germany. You find it in a lot of old Eastern art and architecture.

    Is it weird? Yes. But weirdness alone does not allow us to interpret everything to fit our preconceived notions of a highly-orchestrated small elite class over whom we are powerless (because that's what conspiracies do: fuel the fire of feeling powerless…so that we spend hours of our time navel-contemplating its possible symbols and manifestations rather than actually going out and helping undo some of the societyal problems you rightfully point out)

    If anything the genius is in how diverted people have become from dealing with social problems, preferring instead to speculate in child-like manner about the latest NWO "hints." I call this New World DISorder!

  288. The New World Airport Commission was a group of executives that formed to help create the airport. The mural is meant to be read RIGHT to LEFT, it make much more sense. Sorry, but once again, you have people eating out of your hand.

  289. I just noticed today that the Arabian style sword used by the masked soldier is the same style sword in she shriners logo.

  290. I believe the Au Ag symbol may have a double meaning. The 1st one as mention in the video about the poisonous gas strain. I also believe it does stand for gold and silver. why you ask? well as some may know, the American dollar will soon collapse within the next year or so after the Euro collapses. The only way to spare your assets is to buy gold and silver. I read somewhere that the globalist and the elite must tell the public what they are planning to do before they do it, even though they might not be as forthcoming as we would like them to be. we've been given a lot of clues about our future and it's not looking very promising right now. God Bless.

  291. So the paints and sculptures found at this airport depict:

    ■Massive depopulation of the earth

    ■Death of Judeo-Christian beliefs

    ■One World goverment

    ■Restauration of nature

    So why not? Those are themes that weren't exploited much for a public area. If I was as concerned about a piece of art as this article, I would be jumping over everything that would slightly remind me any weird/horrible/happy past events or myths I heard about. It's funny to find similarities in things like that, but don't get all freaky about it. Especially if it's Art!

    In my opinion, these 'themes' would be the only escape plan to avoid the death of all livings on Earth. The extinction of religion and a unique world government could incredibly help to regulate the laws and permissions all over the world for everything (fishing, imports/exports, etc.) and help to improve faster and equally our technologies. And these actions would lead to the restauration of the nature.

    That could work. I'm not sure yet if the One World Government would be viable but for the rest I'm pretty sure it would considerably help to put back everything on a stable balance.

    I had no idea of the NWO before I read this, I was sure it was a wrestling organization… XD

  292. The last mural, if you take a step back will see is the shape of a bull, Which is often depicted at the base of the caduceus symbol.

  293. what i saw on the floor was a black son but also a huge eyeball and those bricks were like mini pyrimids…. just my view… thats really scary, those painting are very disturbing. im getting really scared

  294. I think the angled arm on the capstone might represent a sundial. It certainly looks like one.

  295. All critical/spiritual analysis aside… don't naysayers at the very least question the taste or propriety of such art in a public space, especially if their tax money paid for any of it? seriously, since when is this ART? if their isn't a purpose then someone owes a lot of money to DIA for this dark, offensive crap!

    I keep routing myself away from flights through Denver, just because of this freaky airport. (shiver)

  296. Here's something mildly interesting re: the artist who died while creating the "blue" horse sculpture, from Wikipedia:

    "He was killed in his studio on June 13, 2006 when a large section of Blue Mustang, intended for Denver International Airport, fell on him and severed an artery in his leg"

    June 13, 2006 = 6 6 6

    6 /1+3+2/6


    numerology leads to madness, see the film Pi.

  297. I felt a "witness" of the Holy SPirit warning about DIA. God also said to me "you don't want to go there'. Jim Marrs wrote a bestselling book "the rise of the fourth reich" talking about how the new world order and what' soing on in us is the fourth reich, which has been hidden and never went away. God gave me a "witness" of the Holy Spirit that he is stelling the truth.

    A supernatural prophetic sign about "homeland security" – in the Boston Globe in 2001, there appeared a picture of George Bush and Tom ridge, the first head of it, in front of a flag. What appeared in the picture, which I saw and freiends of mine also saw, was NOT an American flag but a Nazi swastika. So This was God giving a supernatural warning about the spirit behind homeland security; nazism.

    I am a Jew who believes in Jesus. 15 years ago God gave me ezekiel 33, telling me to warn people about danger. he was specifically talking about the jews in this country, when this happened. I used to tell Jews "go to Israel" and they would say "that's crazy, its safer here". WHen 911 happened, I saw it live on tv; and God spoke to me after and said "Tell them NOW".

    Naomi Wolf wrote a prpohetic book 2008 called "The End of America" her point being that all the fascist laws passed since 911, the patriot act, exec. orders preparing martial law, and others, are following Hitler's playbook. Every fascist gov has passed gun control laws to take away guns from the population so they can't defend agINST THE GOERNMENT. I heard that Obama is going to talk agbout gun control in his state of the union speech, after the Tucson incident.

    The healthcare bill mandates microchipping tghe entire population within 36 months of passage, SNEAKILY. it says on p 1001 to establish a registry of medical devices, pursuant to an FDA directive passed in 2004 that explicitly mandates "implantable transponders for healthcare info and id".

    I was in Atlanta years ago and noticed something interesting; there was an obelisk, which is Baal worship, up high on top of a bank building, in the air. I thought of how the devil is the ruler of the air; and how Atlanta is the head of CNN, which is owned by Ted Turner, a new world order atheist. It was showing the spirit broadcasting from Atlanta; may be more. I have also heard that Atlanta will be a new world order hub to move people during NWO relocation.

    I also was thinkng about how i have had an intuitive feeling that the devil has to warn us what he is doing beforehand; I suppose this is so God can judge us later. I have wondered about this for awhile, and what just came to me is that he used the old testament prophets for that reason; saying that people would know later that they were speaking the truth. ANd in Mathew 25 he uses the needy to judge the world; whatever we do to the least of these my brethren, we did unto Jesus, and will be judged accordingly. Hence, maybe the warnings are so He can judge us by how we react; whether we work against it, go with it, or whatever. That way if we sin, we can't say we weren't warned, when the devil tries to accuse us before God. Back to Ezekiel 33; he tells the prophet that whoever he warns, if they don't take heed, their blood will be on their own head, but if he doesn't warn them, their blood will be on His head, whatever that means. Feeling such a prophetic burden, I have a website with articles warning about the microchips, the new world order, and the atheistic mental health sytsem, which is also a device of the devil to attack those of religious belief, especially Christians. For 50 years, atheistic psychiatry has been slandering christians, calling them schizophrenic. Someone had prophesied over me at a church "i'm gonna use you to write a manual" and 2 years later God sent me into the psych system to be a witness against it; the atheism and their toxic drugs. The first thing the Holy Spirit said to me was "the covering over this place is sorcery". he meant the drugs and the brainwashng that goes on to convince people they are ill and Need the drugs. The root for pharmacy is pharmakeia, which translates as drugs, sorcery. There are historic connetions between freemasonry nazism eugenics and psychiatry. The first director of the instit. for psychiatry in Muncih was Ernst Rudin, a nazi . The heads of the NIMH in the US were masons. Psychiatry is atheism masquerading as science. They claim falsely that mental illness is caused by chemical imbalances, to sell drugs. tHE DRUG CO'S ALL HAVE TIES TO gERMAny. sO naZISM HAS USED psychiatry TO DESTROY PEOPLE with their drugs. The nazis used fluoridated water in the camps; to make the prisoners docile and easy to control. It was not to protect their teeth; that is a scam sold to the world to secretly mass medicate the population the same way as the nazis did, for the same purpose. An interesting fact is that the anti-psychotic drugs and prozac also have fluorine, which explains, to me why they stupefy people with these drugs and put them in a hypnotic trance. I know from firsthand experience. The psych meds all cause mental illness rather than cure it or help it & are producing the suicide and violence in al the schol shootings. All of those people were taking psych meds. The CIA in MKULTRA brainwashed assassins for political purposes, using patients in psych hospitals; 2 examples would be sirhan sirhan (RFK) who was said to seem hypnotized, and mark Chapman, who killed John Lennon (the CIA was follwing him and the gov had threatened to deport him if he didn't stay politiclly quiet). They may be deliberately programming others to go crazy in psych hospitals so they can use it to justify repressive gun control laws. The students in Columbine HS were taking a 'death education'; class and one of the shooters said after this he had nightmares about shooting people. on some level, spiritually if not politically as well, they were being programmed to do what they did.

    People have said that the images in the DENVER AIRPORT MURALS are Programming Triggers for people to do whatever they have been progammed to do. The subject of illuminati monarch slaves becomes relevant; these are people brainwashed for all kinds of purposes by the elite illuminati. Fritz Springmeier wrote a book free on web on "illuminati mind controlled slaves". His exposures of the NWO got him framed for burglary and sent to jail.

    God told me to write a book and publish it about the mental health system; it is a prophetic warning to christians about it and everyone else as well. Aldous Huxley in Brave New World wrote about a scientific society where everyone is drugged. He said "a scientific fascism will be easy to sell the masses".

    Christians need to know that shrinks' 2nd question is always "do you hear voices?" nd anyone who says yes they hear God or demons is thought by them to have auditory hallucinations, and be psychotic. 90% of patients in psych hospitals who are called schizophrenic are not ill; they are christians. and 90% of shrinks are atheists. I say this from years of observation, as a witness. The right answer is to say "everyone hears voices, as thoughts in our heads. "inspiration means a spirit goes into it" and all thoughts come to us from the spiritual realm. Jesus said "my sheep hear my voice" John 10:27 and James ch 3 says "there is wisdom from above and wisdom from below". It is normal Christian theology to hear voices, but most shrinks are IGNORANT of the new testament; that is the problem. Buty on the hidden level, the social engineers new world order people have used psychiatry to further their new world order agenda. Google George Brock Chisholm, a canadian psychiatrist who was anti-family, anti-patriotic and Anti-God; He said "the purpose of therapy is to eradicagte morality":. He wante to free people from the idea of heaven and hell, and of religion. He also said that hte purpose of education is to prepare people for the one world government. This was in l948.

    you can read my free book on my website about psychiatry and how to heal mental and physical illness thru prayer, & may articles at THe book is MANUAL FOR TRANSFORAMTIONAL HEALING-GOD'S ANSWER TO PSYCHIATRY. It talks about how the mental health system is totally unconstitutional; it violates the first amendment for religious freedom, and the anti-slavery amendment, since they treat people involuntarily as medical guinea pigs, just like the nazis did; this is involuntary servitude, or slavery. This has been happening all along! and it will only get worse, if it isn't stopped. if they get more mental health screening, they will use it as an exuse to label all christians schizophrenic. The next thing will be , if you have a diagnosis, you can't buy a gun to protect yourself. That is what the public is being manipulated to clamor for, in light of shootings like Tucson.

    I can tell you unequivocally that mental hospitals are nazi concentration camps; there is no difference. The drugs have side effects which are torture, and lead to the suicices and violence. it is all orwellian doublespeak now; what they call mental health is really mental dEATH. The psych meds are all toxic and deadly, they cause brain, liver and kidney damage & often kill people. They will use "hospitals" which are not really hospitals, they are prisons to kill people with these drugs.

    I heard on one source that there is a huge mental health facility in alaska designed to hold one million people. Like Siberia. Communist Russia and china have used psych hospitals to hold dissidents. The US is getting ready to do the same thing. They will try to say that conspiracy believrs are "paranoid schizophrenics" This is what they were saying about the guy in Tucson. They will try to argue that people who are anti-government are terrorists or a 'danger to others" which is a criterion in mental health law to involutarily hold and treat people.

    Any person who is falsely charged with a crime can then hae their "competency to stand trial" challenged "often by their own public defender lawyer, who works for the gov, not the defendant, and then they are interviewed by shrinks. The shrinks ask theological questions to justify saying they are mentally ill, thereby deneying their due process right to a hearing on the actual charge. This is how they derail people into the mental health system from the legal system. And people can spend much longer periods of time in hospitals geting re-committed than they would have in jail. if they want to kill someone, it makes sense to send them to a psych hospital and drug them.

    At all costs, avoid mental health screening for yourselves and your kids. They are using it to label and drug kids into robots.

    aLL DRUGS, are openings for demonic oppression, which can attack our thoughtsm, emotions and bodies, causing mental & physical illness. This includes caffeine, nicotine alcohol, pot, lsd etc and all psych meds. This is why the psych meds cause mental illness rather than help. The drug handbooks admit that anti-depressants & antipsychoticds can cause psychosis. The use of coffee in our society is a way of drugging the masses; people need to avoid it; it is a contamination of the Holy spirit and we need to be PURE to be ready to be raptured.

    The solution to mental or physical illness is to rebuke the demons which cause it in Jesus name; Jesus did this and gave his followers authority to do it. It works.

    Someone pointed out that starbucks coffee has as their symbol a witch, with stars around her head. There is definitely a spirit of witchcraft associated with that company, and with coffee. I would not work there. Caffeine is an opening for spirits of anxiety, mania, confusion and addition. Using any drugs opens one up to lying spirits

    Other openings for demonic spirits include bad music, books, art, symbols, occult objects and unrepentant sin. my book ch 7 talks about this.

    1prophetspeaks. Tell people to read my website to warn them about psychiatry.

  298. Sorry, but I've been there a lot of times and it has never come across as sinister.

    The mustang at the front is the common "Broncos" mascot. The veins and powerful body is just part of that. It's MEANT to show strength as well as pride in our local Football team. Nothing sinister. Never heard that it was haunted. It certainly doesn't feel haunted.

    The murals are disturbing, but you are reading them left to right. When you walk in, you see them right to left. The war destruction has a faded rainbow which draws your path to the children beating swords into plowshares. I got the biblical reference right away, it is strange so many don't. They make it very clear that they see the low point as Nazi. Note that the Nazi soldier is DEAD in the second half. He didn't wake up, he's gone. Nazi Germany IS disturbing, they quote a poem to make it clear that they are pointing there. Then it's a German boy who's first to pound his sword into a plow… first to seek peace. It's very symbolic.

    The second celebrates life. Again you're not showing the whole mural or the connection. Yes the city is hazy… with pollution. The whole thing is talking about extinction of animals and plants and people (genocide of the Jewish, Native American, and African peoples…) The second part is the children restoring the Earth with the new plant of freedom.

    It's really not all you're cracking it up to be.

    • A bronco is basically the opposite of a mustang. The title of the horse is officially "Mustang" and was commissioned as such. That much is certain. What I'm interested in knowing is if ol' Pale Horse was originally planned to have red laser beams coming out of its eyes or not.

  299. "… the art of warfare … will be vastly different than it is today …

    “combat” likely will take place in new

    dimensions … advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific

    genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a

    politically useful tool."

    I was watching Jesse Ventura on his Conspiracy Theory show one night, and the DIA was the story. Although I have not seen it on this site, he made mention of what appeared to be a mining cart with the letter AUAG in it under one of the murials. His question was, what did it mean. Common research takes us to what is called the Austrailian Antigen. I researched it and came to the conclusion that it would not kill fast enough to suit those who would want to take control, so I kept digging. What I found took me to nanotechnology. I am not a rocket scientist so I had to read and reread to understand. AUAG is on the chemistry level, the periodic table of the elements, which explains the mining cart. What is being done now and has been going for longer than we know is creating what is called a nanocage. This nanocage is also barcoded. It is injected along with vaccines and can be programed to target specifc cells. If it can target cells, then it stands to reason it can target genes. These nanocages find their targets and open up to release its poison and then it closes and disappears. A light in the ultralight spectrum is turned on and the nanocage is then activated. In other words we can have these things in us for any amount of time, and when deemed necessary by those would seek to do harm for power and control, a light is turned on and the attack starts from the inside. Although this technology would do wonders for mankind, it will be used for evil purposes. Please by all means look into this.

    The second thing I would like to address is the black sun. Is it a black sun, or could it represent the transit of Venus? The transit of Venus makes its 8 year completion in 2012. I believe it is in November . At this moment my notes are packed away so I am working by memory, but I'm pretty sure it is in the month November, and definitely in 2012. When it makes its final transit in 2012 it will have formed a pentagram. At each point of the pentagram the Earth is also lined up with Venus, which completes the pentagram in 2012.

    Although this has nothing to do with the murials, yet, heres is a little something for those who like to play with numbers. We are now in 2011. We have these very meaningful dates;

    1 1 11

    1 11 11

    11 1 11

    11 11 11 Pair up the ones and count the elevens. There are a total of ten 11's.

    Now look at it this way.

    3 11's – 11 11 11=6

    3 11's – 11 11 11=6

    3 11's – 11 11 11=6 and one 11 left over.

    So what we have here are 9-11's that come to 666. 333 is the occultic trinity. The leftover 11 means disorder and judgement. The next two years are shaping up to be quite something. The question is what?

  300. Even if there is nothing sinister to this, and it is all just biblical references and references to WWII and the horror of it…why is it in the DIA? What relevance is that to the DIA? Shouldn't this be displayed in a country that actually experienced the horror of WWII and the Nazi's? Examplel, Germany? Poland? Italy? Freaking Netherlands for God's sake… ItI just don't understand the relevance. I don't think there is any.

    And let's not forget about how the world ignored people who were in the death camps for a long time. People knew, and yet didn't do anything. this is true. Millions could have been saved if we acted quicker. The U.S knew they were there, and so did many other European countries. They just chose to ignore it. So why the heartfelt mural? *rolls eyes* Oh please.

  301. we dont got that shit in milwaukee and scince im muslim some of the biblical refences mean naght to me

    but it is creepy as a bitch and im only 15 so yeah i dont know bout all dis stuff

  302. This is going to be very simple and blunt, but..

    I honestly cannot believe this shit is seriously in the biggest airport, in the most powerful nation in the world, and people are walking around oblivious to this shit that is right in their face!! I can't believe people think "conspiracy theorists" are crazy. Anyone who can look at this and not think "WTF?" has got to be absolutely out of their f***ing mind! I don't think I've seen anything like this in Australia, but please enlighten me if anyone has.

    Grab your tin foil hats kids.

    • And our biggest cathedral is St John of the Divine's homage to the just as obvious. Our statue of liberty is Lucifer bearing light. We are drenched in occultism and though many are waking to the truth, most are totally unaware. It's nuts. The Rockefeller family has certainly made sure to endow our culture with symbols that scream out their over the top new age blasphemy. If your country is devoid of this consider yourself lucky.

  303. hahahahaha! this isn't the first time your wit and humor made me laugh but i really cracked up when i read the first sentence from the horse of the apocalypse. this is the first time i commented too.wanted to thank and commend you for your brilliant work. you write really well.would it be too much to ask if you're a dude or a girl?i just want to know that's all…'re too mysterious vc. :) anyway, thanks for all your hard work and keep 'em comin'!!!

  304. I went there when I lived in Denver 2 separate times just to explore the weirdness and to try to grasp what was going on. I couldn't even come close.

    A few observations, there were many many gold colored occultic symbols laid into the marble floor of the airport. Basically everywhere you go the weirdness follows you. The first time I went to check it out I noticed that there was even a symbol in one of the bathroom stalls when I used the toilet. The airport security really changed the way it did business somewhere around 2004 or 5. I have no idea what the symbol was and I wish I could go back and take more photos. Anyway, symbols freaking everywhere!!! I was able to walk down the terminals freely and at each one I found interesting and unique icons inlaid in the floor.

    When I went to checkout the mural I was immediately approached by a woman who worked for the airport. She watched me look at the mural and asked me what I thought it meant. I was honest with her and gave her my best interpretation. She had zero feedback or input, she just nodded and listened. I could have swore (but didn't take a photo the first time I went) that the mural that shows the city wrapped in flames actually showed the NY skyline on fire. The second time I returned this was not the case and to this day I wonder if it was altered.

    The second time I went to check the place out I was approached by security who did not want me loitering in front of the mural and who kept a close eye on me. I was totally unable to get down to the terminals I had before without a ticket and was thus unable to photograph the remotely located symbols. The security had definitely tightened and restricted my ability to check the airport out.

    To get around the airport you often need to take the subway system built just for the airport. When you ride there are tunneled routes that turn off in unexplained directions. It seemed that at the time there are a high number of non-english speaking employees and wondered if this was to prevent people from talking about the airport.

    The ride out to the airport takes forever. It's bizarrely distant from the city it's meant to service. To make matters worse supposedly the old airport that was located somewhere much more conveniently. According to what I've read it was shut down and the new one authorized after clear bribery of the local government. That's how business works I guess. Anyway on the ride out to the airport there is never ending and ambiguous construction of what looks like large scale buried structures. Some of them are covered by grass and look like weird little hills. Others are just tanks not covered. The horse is… well… every bit as over the top as it looks. In my opinion it looks bigger in real life than the photo's here imply.

    I never did see that NWO Airport Commission / Masonic capstone and don't know where it is located specifically. Clearly the airport is a masonic masterpiece. I wish I could get a job at the airport just to check things out but I don't live in Denver anymore and don't want to support the airline industry.

    In the end, I have no idea what the place really is. Underground super hub for the elite? Apocalypse fall out shelter? A monument to ol' beelzebub? A never ending source of income for local contractors in bed with the city budgeteers? Probably all of the above.

    P.S. If anyone takes pictures of the place that are more than what are shown here post them and then the links here.

  305. And have you ever tried getting your bags at DIA? It takes forever. I just know that they are going through my stuff, planting tracking devices to keep tabs on those that are "on" to their little game. And cabbies and guys driving the shuttles and buses, don't THEY look a little suspicious to you? Like they are watching you, like you're not from around there, not one of THEM! Creepy, creepy, creepy.

    The Mrs. Field's kisok, on the other hand, always has those white chocolate macadamia nut cookies and they always seem to be taking out a fresh batch when I walk by, so that's not evil. Well, maybe to my diest, but boy, they are good!

  306. Hey, dummies. Why not focus on Jesus's teachings rather than this crazy stuff? That's what he would want.

  307. You have a typo in the first paragraph of the 2nd photo of the final mural. You wrote, "All of the instinct species…" I assume you meant "extinct".

    Also the use and meanings of gargoyles are well known, I think you're stretching when saying nobody knows. They're an architectural feature that worked sort of like primitive gutters and as far as religion goes they used them to depict ideas.

    Anyway, interesting read, that is definitely a freaky airport and those murals are like the mind of a macabre hippie/slacker who's done way too psychedelics in his time.

    But the horse… what the F??? Bizarre, evil and grotesque doesn't even begin to describe that thing. Why would anyone want that thing?

  308. I found something else deceptively evil about this place. DIA is part of the internet slang, Die In A Fire (DIAF), I believe I once heard someone call it Denver International Airport Facility. Yes! It's true! We will all die in a fire.

  309. After seeing this kind of information for a few years, it seems obvious what the strange purpose of this airport is. In an age of terrifying weapons of war, there is a real possibility of a vast catastrophe- and where would government and centralized authorities go should our capitals and major cities be destroyed? This airport might be such a place- complete with masonic symbolism as the US's own capital and infrastructure bears. The themes of it's decorations might only reflect it's ultimate, possible purpose as a backup location only used in the worst of times. Let's hope it remains only a weirdly decorated super-airport- if the country was devastated by biological or nuclear warfare, it's artistic themes would then make a lot more sense.

  310. Is it not obvious to you folks that the two rainbow murals represent the TWO World Wars? And the little Bavarian boy is of course the raising Germany of 20s and 30s, after World War I. Read material from those days and you will find just how much the whole was world admired the "Teutonic efficiency". Sort of like we today admire the raise of the so called Asian tigers. Back to the point, this is bloody obvious, you just need to remember there were two world wars and how one led to another. The second mural is not some future war, its the WWII, hence the actual letter from those days. I still don't know why you would put that in an airport, though.

  311. I've always been nervous about flying and hated to sit around in airports. Maybe there is a sinister cast to all airports, not just Denver. Colorado Springs reminds me of an old Grayhound Bus Station in Vallejo. The only redeeming thing about any airport is the Cinnabon store – I think the special cinnamon dispells curses and hexes. I stopped flying a few years ago; I prefer to drive or take a train nowadays, and get my Cinnabons at a mall.

  312. I've been there and the guy that picked us up at the airport said that part of this was on an indian burial ground. There are sections of the airport that you can hear indian chants being played to ward off evil or unwanted spirits.. before they played the chants things were't working right, lights would flicker and fail etc.. I didn't believe him until I hear the chants myself..

    just craziness that this happens but it's out in the middle of nowhere as well.. food for thought.

  313. I know that compared to all the thought that people have put into this I am being a little shot sighted but the most horrific part of this ariport is that horse patootie. I mean seriously who puts that much thought into a horse sphincter.

  314. Oh ffs, if you want to make conspiracy theories fine. But don't be lazy about it. Demon horse isn't even original to the airport, it was added 10 years later. New World Airport Commission were what the businessmen called themselves. The paintings are definitely odd, but then again they were done buy CU grads. You know, that school that keeps professors that don't deny 9/11, but say that we deserved it. Artists have always been out there anyways, it would be odd if there WASN'T weird imagery involved. As for the swastika runway, I guess i can see it if I squint, but really if you hadn't pointed it out I never would have noticed, because it looks a lot more like they just have runways facing the cardinal directions, plus the taxiways necessary to get clear of the terminal.

    Also interesting is that you cite no sources about the construction. Is that more dirt removed than normal? How can you even compare when DIA is the largest in area airport? Maybe, you don't give us any comparison. If it is, does that include airports with subways and underground passages? The trains are how everyone gets around, so i don't know where you get off saying that the tunnels are unused. Are there side tunnels? Of course, they have to be able to move trains on and off for maintenance. As for the miles of fiber optics. An airport is like a small city. Times warner recently put in 360,000 miles of fiber optic cable in Southland, California alone. 5000 all the sudden doesn't seem like that much.

    In general, i read these articles for kicks. I realize I'll get labeled a sheep or a plant. Don't care. Fact of the matter is, when you live your life putting deeper meanings onto everything you see, you live your life scared. I don't have to worry about such things, I take life at face value, and am happier for it. The notion that there is a new world order is to selectively ignore the thousands of years of recorded history we have, and to discount human nature itself. For those of you who think the government is out to get you, get a life. None of you are important enough for the government to spend any time on. Conspiracy theorists are the highest form of narcissists, because they truly can't comprehend that the world as a whole couldn't give a damn about what they do in their everyday lives. I can understand the appeal, everyone likes to feel as if they know a secret, and that they're the select few who know the truth. But there's been doomsayers and paranoids throughout history, and none of them have ever been proven right.

    But it is a free country, this site still being up is proof, so believe what you want. Live your lives in fear, jumping at shadows. I'm going to drink a nice big glass of tap water and enjoy my day. Freedom is in your mind, and fear is the lock that binds it. Lose fear, loose your mind.

  315. It's not about the Nazi's, it is about the Nazi ideal. That is how it is stated. No concerns over the past, other than what we DID NOT learn. It's how it applies to the future, not to mention the immense ungodly symbolism.