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Sinister Sites – The EU Parliament



Sinister Sites - The EU Parliament

Ever since its completion on December 14, 1999, the EU parliament has raised eyebrows and questions regarding its structure. The main tower, called the “Louise Weiss” building, looks peculiar and modernist. Why does it look unfinished? Promoters say it reflects the “unfinished nature of Europe”. However, some research on the subject reveals the dark and deep symbolism of the building. Exposing the real source of inspiration behind the Louise Weiss building is exposing the esoteric beliefs of the world elite, their dark aspirations and their interpretation of ancient scriptures.

We’ll go straight to the point: the Louise Weiss building is meant to look like painting “The Tower of Babel” by Pieter Brueghel the Elder in 1563. The story says that the Tower of Babel was never completed. So, the UN Parliament is basically continuing the unfinished work of Nimrod, the infamous tyrant, who was building the Tower of Babel to defy God. Do you think this is a good source of inspiration for a “democratic institution”?

Sinister Sites - The EU Parliament

Sinister Sites - The EU Parliament

Nimrod and the Tower of Babel

The story of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel appears in numerous texts of ancient cultures including Hebrew, Islamic, Greek, and Kabbalah. Nimrod is said to be the founder and the king of the first empire after the Flood. His realm includes Babylon (Babel), Uruk, Akkad and Calneh. He is known to be a king that brought tyranny to the people while seeking to eliminate religious beliefs.

“Now it was Nimrod who excited them to such an affront and contempt of God. He was the grandson of Ham, the son of Noah, a bold man, and of great strength of hand. He persuaded them not to ascribe it to God, as if it were through his means they were happy, but to believe that it was their own courage which procured that happiness. He also gradually changed the government into tyranny, seeing no other way of turning men from the fear of God, but to bring them into a constant dependence on his power… Now the multitude were very ready to follow the determination of Nimrod, and to esteem it a piece of cowardice to submit to God”

According to biblical accounts, Babel was a city that united humanity, all speaking a single language and migrating from the East. It was the home city of Nimrod. He decided that the city should have a tower so immense that “its top should be in the heavens”. That tower was however not for worship and praise of God, but was dedicated to the glory of man with a motive of making a ‘name’ for the builders. The Midrash version of the story even adds that the builders of the Tower said:

“God has no right to choose the upper world for Himself, and to leave the lower world to us; therefore we will build us a tower, with an idol on the top holding a sword, so that it may appear as if we intended to war with God”.

God, seeing the blasphemous nature of the Tower, gave each person a different language to confuse them. Unable to continue the work, the people scattered throughout the world.

The symbolism of the EU Parliament

So the construction of the EU Parliament in the image of the Tower of Babel sends the message that Nimrod had the right philosophy and his Tower of Babel was a good idea. So we are looking for:

  1. A gradual introduction of tyranny
  2. The elimination of the worship of God to introduce dependence on power
  3. All people speaking the same language and the same religion
  4. Rejecting God while trying to become gods

You know what? Those are major precepts of the esoteric beliefs of the world elite. They are not Christians or anything related. Their belief system is based on the Mystery Religions (pagan rituals, worship of the Sun, considering Lucifer as the one who gave light to the human race, seeing God as a force wanting to keep humans in the dark). Their New World Order will have evacuated all worship of God, introduced a single language and changed democracy to tyranny.

The Banned Poster

Do I sound a little “out there”? Did I read too much into this building? The answer is: NO. Here is the OFFICIAL poster promoting the EU Parliament:

Sinister Sites - The EU Parliament

We see the people of Europe rebuilding the Tower of Babel. Here are some points to note: First, we have a confirmation that the Louise Weiss building was truly inspired by the Tower of Babel. The poster recreated the exact tower on Pieter Brueghel’s painting, even making sure to include the broken part of the foundation. There is NO question there. Second, the slogan: “Europe: Many Tongues One Voice” refers to God confusing the people with many languages. The Parliament will effectively reverse God’s punishment to teach a lesson concerning idolatry and arrogance. Third, look closely at the stars at the top. Do they look strange? They are upside down aka reversed pentagrams. The symbolism behind pentagrams is extremely deep and complex but we can say that a regular pentagram refers to “Good Ruling” and a reverse pentagram refers to “Evil Ruling”.

Sinister Sites - The EU Parliament

This poster has been banned due to protests by numerous groups. It is however extremely revealing and proves the esoteric mindset of the builders of the European Union’s Parliament.

The Abduction of Europa

Sinister Sites - The EU Parliament

This statue, standing in front of the Winston Churchill building, refers to ancient mythology and depicts one of the most ancient representation of Europe. Its based on a story where Zeus disguised himself as a white bull in order to seduce the princess Europa who was gathering flowers. When she approached the bull and got on its back, the bull seized the occasion to run away with her and eventually rape her (I’m giving you the non-censored version of the story).

So the woman (who represents Europe) on top of this bull is about to get raped. OK, weird. Anyways, it represents Good vs Evil, Sun vs Moon and all of that. An integral part of the Mystery Religions. Learn about this.

In Conclusion

The European Union is a superstate that currently includes 27 countries (more in the future). The same faith awaits American and Asian countries, who are bound to unite under the same flag and currency to create other superstates. Those are the building blocks towards a Single World Government, a goal actively sought by the world elite. The EU Parliament is the first monument representing a superstate and reveals, through its intense symbolism, hatred of religion, plans for a New World Order and their subtle endorsement of tyranny.

Sinister Sites - The EU Parliament


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I live in Strasbourg and I just saw the parliament this afternoon; I was wondering what kind of evil was going on inside of this building…

Just across the street there is also the European Court of Human Rights, which looks like 2 UFOs that landed permanently on that place xD

It's funny that no one here seems to wonder about the evil all around us- it is SO obvious!

Thank You for your great articles, by the way! :))

Follower of Christ

Im not going to read thru all the comments so I apologize if this is being repeated BUT has anyone done a Google maps search for the Louise Weiss building?? It totally resembles the all seeing eye from above, lashes included and the little sphere located on ground level being the pupil. Coincidence? Probably not.


And what about those "block headed" people on the poster?

Are they robots?
Are they bricks in the wall?

Where is the original poster to be found, btw?


I suggest that some of you look up a book by Alexander Hislop, "The Two Babylons." A real eyeopener there!

jesus take the wheel

"Daniel says:

November 2, 2009 at 9:59 pm

You should have mentioned that seat 666 in the EU parliament is currently not assigned to anyone, it sits in waiting."

^ ^ ^

Well damn! If what you're saying is true, I'm staying the hell away from Europe. SMDH! Their building and just the whole EU creeps me out.


Here is a prayer to protect yourself from evil: I place myself in the presence of Jesus Christ and submit to his Lordship. I “Put on God’s armour so as to be able to resist the Devil’s tactics” (Ephesians 6;10-11). I stand my ground “with truth buckled around my waist, and integrity for a breastplate…” (Ephesians 6;14). I carry the “shield of faith” to “put out the arrows of the evil one…” (Ephesians 6:16). I accept salvation from God to be my helmet and received the word of God from the Spirit to use as a sword” (Ephesians 6;17). In the name of Jesus Christ crucified, died and risen, I bind all spirits of the air, the atmosphere, the water, the fire, the wind, the ground, the underground, and the nether world. I also bind the influence of any lost or fallen souls who may be present, and all emissaries of the satanic headquarters or any coven of witches or warlocks or satan worshipers who may be present in some preter-natural way. I claim the blood of Jesus on the air and atmosphere, the water, the fire, the wind, the ground and their fruits all around us, the underground and… Read more »




Satan’s Illuminati rule the world and promote his agenda and the EU is basically the NWO that will soon select and introduce the AntiChrist.


Thank you Micheal March, comment # 87. I have been so caught up in all that is going on in the world that I have lost my focus. I have copied and pasted your comment in a Word document to remind myself that this world is temporal and my focus should always be on Jesus and not of the things of this world. I needed this reminder as I have been getting close to despair with the difficulties of this life and the growing evil in this world. Your comment served to help me realize my focus has been all wrong and my attitude has been wrong as well. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this comment.

Master of the Royal Secret

One thing to consider is that research shows in the original (I believe Hebrew) tongue in which the passages about the Tower of Babel were written, they called it a Shem. Now, the direct translation of “Shem” is “flying vehicle”. The tower of Babel was not a building or an actual tower built to try and reach “god” or space. That would be ridiculous, as well as impossible. If one wants to TRULY take an honest look at this, one will find that what they were trying to build was a flying vehicle…to be like their “gods”. This means (as ancient artifacts CLEARLY demostrate) that there were entities present with some sort of technology that allowed them to move about the air freely. Let me be direct, the “gods” of ancient times were advanced beings with advanced technologies. Whether they were from other planets, from within the Earth itself or manifested from some sort of other dimension is up for debate. Don’t think the global elite don’t know their history and don’t think they missed this fact. They have intentionally misled you with the Tower of Babel fable (EU parliament building designed after the “official” version of that story or… Read more »

Knowing 2009

Louise Weiss was Jewish. The building bears her name !
The 12 yellow stars simbolize the 12 Jewish tribes from The Torah (The Old Testament) as stated by a Jewish web site ( long time ago. The designer of the European Flag, Arsène Heitz, is born in Strasbourg, Alsace, France – an area richly interladed with Jews. Himself could be a Jew. His flag proposal was finalized by a…Jew : Paul Michel Gabriel Lévy, who decided to drop off 3 stars from the original design, so we got only 12 stars : the 12 Jewish tribes of Israel.
Nimrod is mentioned in the Torah too.
The builders of the European Economic Community were mostly Jewish.
How is that ? THIS the TRUTH !

Prophetic Observer

There's only 11 stars.

Andy UK

There are 12 on the official flag.


For those of you who are ripping apart the Catholic Church, I urge you to get the book "AA 1025- Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle". The elitists wish to destroy Christ in the world, and they sent in people specifically to destroy the Catholic Church. The memoirs in this book were written in the 40s (the book was published several decades later). This plan has been going on for some time, and it is only now that we are seeing the fruits of this wicked work. Much of the "filth" we are seeing in the Church, including the pedophiles and such, was deliberately created in order to destroy the institution. This is a time we need to unite under Christ. Do you not know that they deliberately pit us against each other. Divide and conquer. I think our time would be better spent working to stop this tyranny. As for Benedict, I cannot say. There have been Catholic prophecy that says there will be an anti-pope. That is not to say the Church is wicked, but there will be wicked men who will enter the church. This is certainly not something unique to the Catholic Church. I think that pretty much… Read more »


It was a Jesuit Priest Abbe Barruel who wrote THE FIRST book outing Illuminati and their plans for a new world order..

They hate Catholics. Take time to read some of Martin Luthers writings. He hated Catholics, Jews, and the Peasants.

They have been trying to destroy God's church since the French revolution. Jesus promised the gates of Hades would not prevail. Catholics remain the largest christian denomination to date. Despite the ridiculous calumny. Pray for them, they don't know what they do. May God's justice be swift.

bob barper



This article is spot on. I would firmly disagree with Mr. Irwin and would speculate that perhaps the branch of secular humanism and false enlightenment called Science (as an institution) is the false prophet. It makes predictions which attempt to lead people away from God (the 'God' particle & theory of everything for example) instead of towards. I imagine the image of the beast which the false prophet breathes life into causing people to worship or follow the beast could be the screen. This website details many of the boasts and blasphemies which secular pop culture use television to promote boasts and blasphemies against Heaven, and the God of Heaven & Earth, with celebrity culture being a sort of idolatry (thing of the imagery of the two pillars in music videos for example, and how it is The Holy of Holies (the presence of God) which resides between these two Pillars, yet how often do we see celebrities standing between two pillars intending to represent Jachin and Boaz promoting godlessness, licentiousness, and self-worship in movies and music videos? Furthermore science as an institution has made certain godless signs and wonders (false miracles) possible – even bringing fire down from heaven… Read more »


i am confused, are illuminati babilonians or jewish? or bad jewish tribe? or mixed? and they are actually greek gods? or nordic?


It appears that they are fake Jews.


They’re a “false flag” or sorts, posing as Jews in order to get folks to hate the Jews.
Kind of a continuous Kristallnacht, in other words…..

brian mutwiri

lets fight evil as a team of God. don't demonize the Catholics please


its like the colosseum right?


where is christian orthodox church in all that?! oh that western world…


i trust you


Dear truthseeker, and Protestants who believe the Church is evil, Please consider the following prayer written by a Pope that is now famous among Catholic Christians, and even demoninations of the One True Church: Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. MAY GOD REBUKE HIM*, we humbly pray; and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host – by the Divine Power of God – cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits, who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen. *Emphasis (caps) is mine. Consider in Scripture (the Apocalypse of St. John the Divine) that Michael the Archangel is tempted to himself render judgement upon Satan; however, the Archangel is not deiceived, and in righteousness merely obeys his Orders and casts Satan from the Heaven, leaving the rendering of judgement to God Himself; that is, the Archangel as creature obeys his Creator, and does not substitute himself for God by rendering judgement, evil upon the devil. ———- Now, truthseeker, please explain to me why a Pope (who wrote the above prayer) would pray against his supposed master (evil, Satan, Lucifer, etc.) and publish… Read more »


Bishop Lee, You wrote, "The Obelisk is the symbol of Freemason and it represent the male organ. Freemasons are homosexuals and that explains why your priests claim to be celibates. All over the world now, they are being disgraced for abusing children cos they are not as clean as they claim." What a fabulous hypocrisy! The Church you claim is at the heart of wickedness, yet the wicked media crusades (as it were) against, demonizes, and exposes the supposed evils of that institution, while the instruments and arms of the powers of this world teach and preach that the Church is stupid folly and to blame for all our woes, which is apparently (according to you) the very epicentre of its own beloved evil ways! Why, there must be civil war in hell if here on earth the demons stupidly expose eack other's wicked works using their prefered instruments! Why, this whole site is clearly in vain, seeing as we need not worry at all about darkness or evil, as evil is so silly as to attack and destroy itself! Why need we be vigilant? Why need we be learned? Why need we be informed? After all, the evil of… Read more »

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