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Britney Spears’ Shocking Testimony Confirms That She is Truly an Industry Slave

Britney Spears’ testimony against her conservatorship at a Los Angeles court contained disturbing details confirming that she is truly a mind-controlled industry slave.



The Vigilant Citizen has been covering the life of Britney Spears for over a decade because she’s one of the most obvious cases of mind control in the music industry. Since her highly mediatized head-shaving breakdown in 2007 (it was an attempt to break programming), Britney Spears has been stripped of all freedoms, medicated to outrageous degrees, and placed under the conservatorship of abusive, ill-meaning individuals.

For over a decade, Britney has been attempting to break free from her slave-like existence where every single aspect of her life is tightly controlled but the courts of law have consistently ruled against her. Not only that, her pleas for help were continually ignored and her claims regarding her abusive treatment were dismissed.

How is that even possible in the era of “female empowerment”? Well, Hollywood doesn’t really care about “empowerment”. It is actually based on the exact opposite: Slavery. High-tech, sophisticated, and thoroughly dehumanizing slavery. And there are lots of Britney Spears out there.

Britney’s case is the most visible example of Hollywood’s MK culture. And it became even more visible after her unexpected revelations in court. For readers of this site, Britney’s claims were probably not surprising – they were merely a confirmation of what was discussed for years. However, to those who don’t know about the dark side of the industry, the details shared by Britney are shocking. How can an artist that makes so much money live in such dire conditions? Welcome to the sick world of the occult elite.

Britney’s Testimony

On June 23rd, Britney Spears gave a 24 minutes testimony to Los Angeles probate judge Brenda Penny. In reading in a fast-paced and sometimes frantic matter, Britney revealed some explicit details about her 13-year conservatorship. Here’s the full audio.

Britney’s statement began with her explaining how she was forced to go on tour in 2018. Because she was under conservatorship, Britney could not hire her own lawyers when faced with legal threats.

“The people who did this to me should not be able to walk away so easily. To recap: I was on tour in 2018. I was forced to do… My management said if I don’t do this tour, I will have to find an attorney, and by contract my own management could sue me if I didn’t follow through with the tour. He handed me a sheet of paper as I got off the stage in Vegas and said I had to sign it. It was very threatening and scary. And with the conservatorship, I couldn’t even get my own attorney. So out of fear, I went ahead and I did the tour.”

Back from tour, Britney had to perform in Vegas and rehearse four times a week. Britney did not want to do any of this because she needed some time off. The response of her team? They called her therapist. That how handlers deal with MK slaves.

“Three days later, after I said no to Vegas, my therapist sat me down in a room and said he had a million phone calls about how I was not cooperating in rehearsals, and I haven’t been taking my medication. All this was false. He immediately, the next day, put me on lithium out of nowhere. He took me off my normal meds I’ve been on for five years. And lithium is a very, very strong and completely different medication compared to what I was used to. You can go mentally impaired if you take too much, if you stay on it longer than five months. But he put me on that and I felt drunk. I really couldn’t even take up for myself.

I couldn’t even have a conversation with my mom or dad really about anything. I told him I was scared, and my doctor had me on six different nurses with this new medication, come to my home, stay with me to monitor me on this new medication, which I never wanted to be on to begin with. There were six different nurses in my home and they wouldn’t let me get in my car to go anywhere for a month.”

Then Britney talked about being forced to go to a small rehab center. In previous articles, I’ve mentioned that “rehab” is often code for “MK reprogramming”. It certainly appears to be the case here.

“Over the two-week holiday, a lady came into my home for four hours a day, sat me down and did a psych test on me. It took forever. But I was told I had to. Then after, I got a phone call from my dad, basically saying I’d failed the test or whatever, whatever. “I’m sorry, Britney, you have to listen to your doctors. They’re planning to send you to a small home in Beverly Hills to do a small rehab program that we’re going to make up for you. You’re going to pay $60,000 a month for this.” I cried on the phone for an hour and he loved every minute of it.


The control he had over someone as powerful as me — he loved the control to hurt his own daughter 100,000%. He loved it. I packed my bags and went to that place. I worked seven days a week, no days off, which in California, the only similar thing to this is called sex trafficking. Making anyone work against their will, taking all their possessions away — credit card, cash, phone, passport — and placing them in a home where they work with the people who live with them.”

The fact that Britney compared her situation to sex trafficking is telling and, in my opinion, deliberate. Some insiders claim that Britney is being trafficked in elite circles – not unlike other industry slaves. Some also believe that her bizarre Instagram account might be used for this purpose.

If Britney is being trafficked, she’s probably also been told that if she ever mentions it, she (or her loved ones) would be harmed. Maybe comparing her situation to sex trafficking was a way to hint towards it without directly saying it.

One thing is for sure, Britney lived in MK-like conditions during those months in “rehab”.

They all lived in the house with me, the nurses, the 24-7 security. There was one chef that came there and cooked for me daily during the weekdays. They watched me change every day — naked – morning, noon and night. My body – I had no privacy door for my room. I gave eight vials (?) of blood a week.

Why did she have to give eight vials of blood a week?

During this time at the rehab center, Britney had to do undefined “work” and “meetings” seven days a week.

“If I didn’t do any of my meetings and work from eight to six at night, which is 10 hours a day, seven days a week, no days off, I wouldn’t be able to see my kids or my boyfriend. I never had a say in my schedule. They always told me I had to do this. And Ma’am, I will tell you, sitting in a chair 10 hours a day, seven days a week, it ain’t fun… and especially when you can’t walk out the front door.”

Then, Britney stated that she was “traumatized” … which happens to be the goal of trauma-based mind control.

“I’ve been in shock. I am traumatized. You know, fake it till you make it. But now I’m telling you the truth, OK? I’m not happy. I can’t sleep. I’m so angry it’s insane. And I’m depressed. I cry every day.”

If Britney refuses to obey orders, there are constant threats of “punishment”.

“How come I was always threatened by my dad and anybody that participated in this conservatorship? If I don’t do this, what they tell me to enslave me to do, they’re gonna punish me.”

Then Britney expressed the desire to tell her story to the world. However, her own lawyer is telling her to stay silent because the rehab center might sue her.

“My lawyer, Sam (Ingham), has been very scared for me to go forward because he’s saying if I speak up, I’m being overworked in that facility of that rehab place, that rehab place will sue me. He told me I should keep it to myself.”

That’s strange advice coming from her lawyer. Later, Britney implied that she did not fully trust her lawyer and that she wanted to hire her own.

Later, Britney describes “therapy” is not something that is healing. Quite to the contrary, they are described as torture sessions.

“And to be totally honest with you, when [Dr. Benson] passed away, I got on my knees and thanked God. In other words, my team is pushing it with me again. I have trapped phobias being in small rooms because of the trauma, locking me up for four months in that place. It’s not okay for them to send me — sorry, I’m going fast — to that small room like that twice a week with another new therapist that I pay that I never even approved. I don’t like it. I don’t want to do that. And I haven’t done anything wrong to deserve this treatment.


Ma’am, I’ve worked since I was 17 years old. You have to understand how thin that is for me every morning I get up to know I can’t go somewhere unless I meet people I don’t know every week in a office identical to the one where the therapist was very abusive to me. I truly believe this conservatorship is abusive, and that we can sit here all day and say oh, conservatorships are here to help people. But ma’am, there is a thousand conservatorships that are abusive as well.”

Then Britney revealed that her handlers force her to have an intrauterine device (IUD) inside of her to prevent her from getting pregnant.

I have a (IUD) inside of myself right now so I don’t get pregnant. I wanted to take the (IUD) out so I could start trying to have another baby. But this so-called team won’t let me go to the doctor to take it out because they don’t want me to have children – any more children. So basically, this conservatorship is doing me waaay more harm than good.

This is the kind of insane stuff that happens to a woman that is being trafficked.

Rose McGowan Agrees

Rose McGowan on Fox News.

Last year, Rose McGowan posted on Instagram a picture of actress Britanny Murphy (who died in mysterious circumstances). In the caption, McGowan also mentions Britney Spears, stating that she was being “controlled and trafficked”.

Rose McGowan’s Instagram post.

McGowan wrote:

“There’s another Britney on my mind today, too, one that is alive, one that can be saved from the leaches that are controlling and trafficking her. Free all the Britneys and all those who get hurt by the trauma of Hollywood values and toxic ‘rules.’ #FreeBritney”

Shortly after Britney’s court hearing, McGowan appeared on Fox News (at her request) and said the following:

“Many in the media laughed and scorned her when she shaved her head. I lived in Hollywood at that time and I’ve made it my life’s mission to tell all of you out there what so many of you really know deep down that fame and Hollywood and the media machine are rotten to the core and they do hurt and they do damage.

At age 25, her father and a judge ruled, with many paid off doctors’ help, that Britney Spears had dementia. So since then, she’s gone on to do a five-year residency in Vegas, two shows a day, she’s gone on to a tour in 2018 and what happened today is literally a cultural landmark moment, it is a cultural reset.

She got to speak for the first time, I believe, in her life honestly and openly and what has been done to her is horrific. And I know it’s like ‘Why should we care about a rich pop princess, right?’ But I think it’s deeper than that. And I think it goes to what you talk a lot about which goes to the rot and the machine and how society also plays a part in a weird form of oppression.”

McGowan ended her interview with the perfect conclusion:

“While we’ve all been entertained by Britney Spears, she’s been being tortured. And I know it seems like one person but they’ve done this to women and humans and whistleblowers and people they don’t like (…) — the monsters in power — that control the puppet, not just her, but like the message it sends to every girl or every boy out there that you are disposable and the elite can own you.”

In Conclusion

Britney’s court hearing contained shocking details that revealed the absurd extent of her slave-like status. She confirmed that she was constantly under heavy medication while being forced to deal with all kinds of “abusive” therapists. She is even forced to have an IUD inside of her – a detail that perfectly illustrates how her abusers are “inside of her”.

Despite everything that was revealed by Britney, I fear that some of the most horrific details were omitted by fear of “punishment”. Nevertheless, if Britney doesn’t break free from her handlers soon, they might take even harsher measures to keep her mouth shut.

As McGowan said, this is not merely about a single pop star. This is about an entire system that thrives on controlling people and silencing them when the time has come. Let’s hope that Britney won’t be silenced soon.


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