Britney Spear’s Former Nanny To Testify in Trial About How the Singer was Manipulated by Handler


Proof is piling up that Britney Spears is a victim of mind control at the hands of unscrupulous handlers. While mass media points their finger at specific “controlling” individuals, it is increasingly obvious that she is the product of a system that totally suppressed her free will and personal freedom. What makes Britney’s case different from others is that the apparent feud between her past and present handlers is causing some otherwise “censored” information to leak out about how pop stars are completely owned and handled by people behind the scenes. If people are lead to believe that Spear’s case is special, well, it is more common than most would believe.

The upcoming Sam Lutfi trial (Spear’s former manager and handler) might bring up more revelations about Britney’s near-slave status. The singer’s former nanny is set to testify about Lutfi’s manipulative tactics and, according to a source: “she just wants the truth to come out and it will be shocking”. Britney herself won’t be at the trial because, according to the judge, it would cause her ‘irreparable harm and immediate danger.’ Re-read this sentence closely and ask yourself : “Why?”  Is it because MK slaves who learn about their true condition are often programmed to “self-destruct”?

As the article below states, all of her internet activities are closely controlled and monitored so, chances are, she’ll never end up on Vigilant Citizen. Hope she’ll find a way to free herself one day.

Britney Spears’ former nanny ‘to testify in Sam Lutfi trial that star has been emotionally manipulated’ by her handlers

Britney Spears finally has her personal and professional back on track, bagging a high-profile position as a judge on The X-Factor and marriage proposal from agent Jason Trawick.

But trouble is looming for the the vulnerable pop star as her public meltdown is set to be dredged up in a Los Angeles courtroom again this week.

Former manager Sam Lutfi is suing the singer and her parents for breach of contract, defamation and libel and RadarOnline has reported that Lourdes Torres, a former nanny for Britney’s children, will testify that the singer has been emotionally manipulated throughout her court-mandated conservatorship.

Torres, who cared for Britney’s two sons in the months after the conservatorship was instated in 2008, will testify to witnessing emotional manipulation.

She also claims that she quit her job because she was ‘so disturbed’ by what she saw happening to the singer, a source said, adding: ‘[Torres] isn’t after money, she just wants the truth to come out and it will be shocking.’

The trial is expected to last close to three weeks, with Lutfi, Britney’s fiance, Jason Trawick and her parents scheduled to testify.

Lutfi also filed papers at Los Angeles County Superior Court in September asking a judge to make the former Disney star available as a witness.

But Britney will not be taking the stand as, according to Fox News, the judge has ruled it could potentially cause her ‘irreparable harm and immediate danger.’

Spears’ legal team have successfully prevented the singer from having any contact with Lutfi for the past three years by having a restraining order granted against him.

Spears’ father applied for the order in 2009 claiming: ‘Mr Lutfi has drugged Britney. He has cut Britney’s home phone line and removed her cell phone chargers. He yells at her. He claims to control everything – Britney’s business manager, her attorneys and the security guards at the gate.’

And since the restraining orders have expired, Britney’s team have restricted her cellphone and Internet usage to ensure that Lutfi is not able to contact her.

A source told ‘Britney’s cell phone and internet use is restricted and heavily monitored, and this is done for her protection.

‘Britney’s father Jamie and her fiance Jason want to make sure that her former manager, Sam Lutfi, isn’t able to contact her’.

‘Britney and Jason essentially share a cell phone, and it’s routinely checked to see who has been calling.’

The 30-year-old, who was committed to a  psychiatric ward in 2008, is also not allowed access any gossip websites to prevent her from seeing any negative stories about herself.

But despite the fact that a judge has ruled that Britney isn’t mentally competent enough to testify, a source told RadarOnline that Lutfi’s lawyers are still pushing the issue.

While it is unlikely the singer will ever testify, if she did the source says: It would be explosive for so many reasons.’

Jury selection began last Friday and will continue on Tuesday, with opening statements expected later in the week.
Source: Mail Online



  1. Psychiatry is used for mind control programming, and I think that Britney’s handlers likely used psychiatry because they didn’t want Britney to throw them from the gravy train. They put her under conservatorship because they wanted her money. It was likely that she got pressured into the entertainment business to begin with because some of her relatives were greedy and wanted to become stage parents.

  2. Britney summed up her career very clearly in one statement: she made a deal with the devil. It is sad because Britney has always been truly and genuinely a good person with what seems to be one of the biggest hearts in Hollywood. The epitome of the ideal America's Sweetheart image. I've watched all her interviews from when she was a kid to now and I definitely think There is something wrong going on behind the scenes. As someone who watched her from the very beginning on The Mickey Mouse Club, I remember watching her step onto that spotlight for the first time and thinking to myself at such a young age that this girl is going to be big. Her singing and dancing talent surpassed all the young kids on the show at the time – Christina and Justin included. Sure Christina had a better voice but none of those kids had stage presence like Britney Spears. And when she burst onto the pop scene her talent exploded, but she was just so naive and refreshing to watch in interviews. She had such a genuinely sweet southern personality and the brightest smile in the business. She seemed to not be interested in fame per say as she even came off as a little shy, modest, with very little sense of ego. I don't think she knew how beautiful she was. Then she became a machine and a victim of the cruelties of the music industry. She made a few personal mistakes but mixed in with these money hungry handlers – it was a toxic mix and Miss Spears was forced to drink it. Now the light in her eyes is gone – it's truly a remarkably sad thing to observe as an outsider. Her stage presence is no longer there. Not only does he not sing, her dancing is mediocre at best. Her smile is still bright but because it's been bleached and forced. Her interview vocab is down to 3 word answers at most – those including the words "cool" or "it's really cool". What happened to this girl? I know people have no sympathy for stars only because they are rich – but this little girl naively made a deal with the devil. And she may have to pay for it for the rest of her life if someone doesn't help her. Usually I don't care for musicians. But Britney is an exception because I grew up watching her, and 20 years of going on this bumpy ride with her I still see that at the very root of everything – strip it all down – and although broken, we still have a genuinely sweet and kind person. A simple southern girl who gave the world her talent, but got a lot of heartache in return. I do however believe that she is a strong person – not a lot of people would have been able to pull off the s**t she has gone through and still be alive, seemingly healthy, and have the legendary status she has received. I believe she is still alive today because of those beautiful boys she would do anything for. Britney is my homegirl! I will always support her and wish her all the best and hope she can work b***h through all of this bullshit. Even if she decides to never come back and retire, I can only hope that somewhere in this effed up crazy world, she is free and happy.

    • You took ALL of the words Right out of my mouth. Seriously, I’ve never truly cared for any other celebrities who sold their soul but Britney is an exception because I grew up as a fan of hers. I seen these interviews you are speaking of as well. She’s still somewhere in there deep down. But it seems like she lost herself and her eyes seem vacant. They don’t chink anymore when she smiles. Last time I saw her genuinely smiling was when she was at her young prime with Justin Timberlake. It all went downhill after that. If he truly loved her the way he said he did, he wouldn’t have left her, he would’ve forgiven her and still been her friend. Protected her. But he also sold out. There is NO love and NO free will in this industry once you sell your soul.. None whatsoever. Those are the two Greatest gifts God Gave us. free will and The ability to LOVE. Everytime I look at Britney I wanna cry. I have SO much compassion for Humans. I seen this one pretty recent interview. For some reason, she was blinking very hard and fast, what people do when they are psychologically traumatized. I also have compassion for her because I believe her PARENTS sold her into the Satanic Business occult when she was a child. I believe that’s what happened. Because you can do that. Which is sad. That’s the reason why her mom wrote a book about her, did interviews about her, that’s why her “Dad” took over everything and had complete control and sold her away to handler Jason trawick. Her dad is a sicko. Her parents PERIOD. She came from a violent, drug induced, troubled family environment. They sold her out to get out of their “mess of a life” they sold their own daughter out. Enslaved her. I wouldn’t doubt not once that her father Sexually abused her as Monarch program Work. He is apart of it as well as her mom. She has no one genuine except her kids who have NO clue of whats going on. If you look at Britney Spears Instagram, it looked all staged. Rehearsed. She looks a bit crazy. It seems like all she posts is monitored and revised before she does. She’s taken selfies with “friends” they don’t seem like friends AT ALL. The pics don’t look normal, etc. I believe they did her teeth because they either want her to look more robotic or she was secretly abused physically during a monarch program session and they knocked her teeth out. Seriously. Because why would they do that? Why would Britney ruin her beautiful smile and do it all over? She had the most beautiful brightens genuine smile. She had a light. She was pure. They snatched everything away from her. I love this girl and I don’t even know her personally but I definitely feel like I do. But to know someone feels the same, I’m glad I’m not alone. I’m glad other people genuinely CARE and are hurt by this. How can her so called fans not notice the difference, the pain she’s trying to hide? How come they haven’t noticed her changes? How can they not notice that something is WRONG? I PRAY for her every single day. I pray that she Finds herself and her soul again. That she Wakes Up out of this satanic trance. It’s traumatizing to see her this way. I pray she Is set FREE. There is no free will when a deal is made with Satan. You are a slave for him until the day you die or until you break free and believe no matter how many mental barriers, and how well satan controls technology and the system that There IS a way out. Your soul is emprisoned. She is emprisoned but she will be redeemed in the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit.

  3. To me, it seems that he was the only one who tried to free her!! It was in her time with him when she became more daring to handlers and even started to shave of her hair to show them that she own her own life. I think the nanny works for those evil people and that is why it became a classic story where the helper becomes the evil man, while the evil people are those who tried to save her! ooohhh with help from the judge who knew all about her harmful self destruct condition.

  4. Everyone of britney family and handlers should be invastated they all will burn in hell and should be ashame am britney biggest fan I believe britney will breakout of this maddest 2013.

  5. Looks like the circus is in town. Now, Sam Lutfi had a restraining order slapped on him by Britney's parents after giving her a cell phone because she was tryiing to get help. THis leaked from Sam Lutfi's sister during the first court case. Why are they going after Sam now? My understanding is that he was trying to be a friend to Britney and not a handler at all, he has an interview stating that she is scared and does not want to come forward. If you look at the photos of them together and her condition, it does appear that she was breaking and her alters were cycling through on their own- her clothing discheveled, her hair knotted and messy. It's what happens when no one is controlling those used to being controlled.

    Link to Sam Lutfi saying they will take her kids away if she speaks:

    Sams sister tells judge Britney wanted help:

    Court papers filed against Sam by Britney's handler mom and dad :

  6. Why in the world is a grown behind woman having everything she does monitered. I see her on X-Factor and she looks and sounds fine but you are telling me that her whole life is being censored like she is a baby? Poor Britney. I want to be an actress because I love to act, but is this really fame's price.

  7. Some Nevermore to explain it."I know what it wants now…the voidhas swallowed the light and the machinewants my soul"The media machine knows what to doIt knows how to feed the poison to youUseless information for your useless little livesThe tv lies and pacifiesDo you believe everything you see?Children of the void come follow meDenounce your faith and penance the savior is unseenI am the new drug, your poison godmachine….poisonPoison godmachinePoison is a word, God is a word used for fear[solo J.L.][solo T.C.]In subtlety we obey through ink and broadcast waveThe doubts and fears that shadow media decayDeprogram this affliction and the cathode ray uncleanI am the last nail, the empty soulless screen…..soullessPoison godmachineAnd we eat the poison, we created the poison godma

  8. All this talk about Britney Spears. I'm not surprised that her "handler" is suing her for basically losing his grip. I wonder what her sister Jamie Lynn is doing since she's not really in the spotlight anymore.

  9. Hi again,

    Not that i know off. But i guess the control freaks of the Illuminati wont gonna like it, as some part of the veil will be lifted and for the world to see, that is for that part of the world that lives open with their eyes and not closed as the majority in LaLa land.  Iwas reading yesterday as few things on this side that made me heavenly trigger and switching of alters seen my own childhood. It was about oen particular section that was written and mentioned on Britney Spears Tours, something about a chair.

    But i don't expect much of the mainstream media, as they're still severely controlled by them, and not as david wilcock likes us to belief. I feel he has been used by fulford and others such as the ones that call themselves the socalled The White Dragon Society, what to me feels when i heard it for first time as the other side of the same coin of the Illuminati. Soo that people will fall for their Trojan Horse trick. And it seems to work as a honey trap, as alot of people seem to fall for this.

    I hope that the guys of Vigilantcitizens keep a close and tight eye on everythings thats happening. As most media outlets can't be trusted.

    For now take care and till next time,
    Yours Truly,
    Rob xx 

  10. Hi folks, I am Robert and its said what happens today in our entertainment industry. I can tell you that there is alot going on outside of view of the public in places such as amusement parks. I was born into a classic generational  High [32/33 degree] Free Masonic Family on both side and also i found out on the side of my stepfather family. I underwent since the age of 3 months up till my main programmer died after the age of 25. I underwent SRA within the Mk-Ultra Monarch Programming, including frequent r**e, especially between 2 and 6, electroshock, water boarding, First time i saw Britney Spears i felt she must be programmed too. There is alot of Satanic and other Occult rituals going on the various Disney parks and world. I was raised in LA County, but i also went to Boardingschools on the eastern part of the country.

    Did you also know that Simon Cowell is himself an 32nd degree Free Mason, the bastard.

    Because of what happened i have polyfragmented DID. as they call it and i am still healing from this.  I am planning for the future to return back into lecturing and expose further all of this. As every second we talk about this, kids around the world are exposed to this insidious crimes of the elite and mighty, or atleast so they think anyway. If people has questions i am ready to answer them, i can be reached on aol and skype under indigolecturer27.

    I hope this has shed some light..

    For now take care,

    Love and Light,

    • So the slave or beta or kitten or whatever they do not know what is happening to them? Or they know but are to scared to say anytning?

  11. I have started keeping track of this situation aside from most others. There are a few reasons why. One is that the evidence that is out there is just sometimes mind blowing. Two is that you can see it in her eyes she is just dying to get out of this nightmare she lives. It's so sad. I was never a big fan of her but now seeing the truth of what these stars have to live with makes me see her in a way different light. Keep us posted. I am interested to see what all comes of this.

  12. Britney already did break free, during her public "breakdown" period, from which she produced her best album, bar none, because it was all her own music, and not stuff that she was given to sing. This shows there is always hope for her and all other pop stars, they can break free, although I have a feeling now's not the right time…

  13. she isnt mentally competent enought o testify, buof course she is able to perform, make music, perfumes, do x factor, and promote all of these. What world do wel ive in that we accept such bullsh*t

  14. I just wanted to clear something out for everyone…

    Britney NEVER used any kind of illicit drugs. There were tons of reports in 2007 saying that she was clear of both alcohol and drugs.

    If she had a single positive test she wouldn't have her kids back. Just search the web…

    • They might add some drugs in her food, drinks etc. In the past she was shown with some drugs for horses which are taken by women who want to lose weight.

  15. There's a scene in the movie "Ichi The Killer" where a woman is being horrifically beaten by a man. The title character witnesses this, kills the abuser, turns to the woman and enthusiastically says "I'M the one whose going to be beating you up from now on!"

    I was reminded of the above scene after reading this article. It seems like Brit left one handler for another, possibly worse one.

  16. This is a story

    About Mona Lisa

    That's was her name

    The Mona Lisa

    Ladies and gentlemen, I've got a little story to tell

    About Mona Lisa, and how she suddenly fell

    You see everyone knew her, they knew her oh so well

    Now I'm taking over to release her from her spell


    She's unforgettable (Yaa)

    She was a lengend though (Yaa-ahh)

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    Now, dont have a break down, you will hit the freakin' wall


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    Everyone, may we have a moment of silence?

    Right here.



    ((Lyrics of her unreleased song from the "censored" Album Original Doll))

    She was trying to take control of her life, but her Handlers refused!!

  17. i cant stop crying after reading through the article and the comments …how can the illuminati look at her and torture her (im guessing her kids are being tortured too) …not even hell would want these disgusting beasts.

    i pray for the nanny’s safety and one day she will be an angel for her courage and support. goes to show what people would do for britney (myself included).

    P.S im still crying :’(

  18. So sad…..this is the exact why you never want your kid to be a Disney star. It sounds so much like what Anna Nicole smith was going through. Hopefully Britt can get a grip on this before its too late.

  19. @Pavlov b***h – she is a replicant, shes been cloned for years… Theres more to her than surgery, make-up or else. She was replaced/cloned, whether u like it or not.

    BRITNEY SPEARS's song MONA LISA (MONA LISA is one of her alters) in which she reveals she's been cloned….

    "This is a story about Mona Lisa, The Mona Lisa

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  20. I am so afraid for her right now because I have a really bad feeling that she may end up dead. do to all the other stars who were controlled and then ended up deadtoo. just before 1 of them essentially comes out with something about what's really happening behind the curtains they die from overdose. brittany spears was my favorite singer when i was very young i had her first cd and it was innocent and it meant stuff to me. i hope she breaks free and can realize what is happening to her. 🙁

  21. Just reading all of these comments and thinking about how Britney has changed since she first came out makes me sad.She was so cute,sweet,and funny and so alive!she could probably be this way again if she were free from everyone controlling her and watching her every move.It's like she's afraid to be herself,all of her smiles now seem forced and she looks dazed and confused most of the time.I have always been a fan of hers and even when she had her breakdown and everyone was calling her crazy I prayed for her and I'm still praying for her,something seems innocent about her.I always knew that the media tried to portray her as being crazy when all she wanted to do was break free from all of her handlers and their programming her. It seems like she doesn't have any real genuine friends to help her and care for her,where is all of her family besides her mom and dad?Justin Timberlake just got married and seems happy and hasn't even thought about Britney or even tried to reach out to her at all,I mean whatever happened between them is in the past and he should at least try to reach out to her and try to help her, she is all alone. We all need to pray for her and everyone else who are victims of this satanic hollywood system,God will punish those who are punishing and torturing Britney and that is a fact.This world is so evil and corrupt and I will be so glad when Jesus comes and restores everything and destroys the wicked,God speed that time.

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  23. I feel so bad for Britney. She isn't crazy they are making her crazy by controlling her. She was so sweet and innocent at one time and they took advantage of that. It is truly sick what goes on in Hollywood and it's not a secret. Many have talked about it openly yet are deemed crazy! I hope the truth comes out and hopefully Britney can find some peace one day. She needs to get away from her family and that fiancee because he doesnt' want anything but power and money. If he truly loved her he wouldn't allow this to go on! She needs some help and not from the people in her circle, it's obvious they don't want to help.

  24. For years I have been judging this woman based on her media's portrayal and not really knowing anything about her. Would laugh at jokes about her ect… (Mostly from Joan Rivers). I don't know why I had a sudden change of heart towards her… After seeing her on The X Factor I just realized that everyone is equal and is not to be judged. I also noticed how much pain she seems to be harbouring and that broke my heart. Having never been a fan of her or her music, in a space of two weeks I really felt for her and cared for her as if I know her perosnally. Just last night while watching The X Factor I cried when I saw her cry for some strange reason… As if she is sad that the hopefulls auditioning will no doubt be exposed to the cruel music industry. Any way, I hope she stays strong. No one deserves to be treated in that way 🙁

  25. I recently read she screamed when the lights went out on X Factor. People were embarrassed but it was probably to do with the torture she gets as a MK Slave. So disturbing and sad.

  26. Britney Spears – MK Ultra slave, true enough, we all believe this. You can see it in her physique (weight gain/loss/gain/loss, etc) and in her manner (dead zombie eyes).

    I also believe she was molested as a child (family member (s) & their friends). Shaving her head and tattooing was a way to escape the control, but she was eventually caught.

    I'm not so sure about 'psychiatric care' though. This sounds like another name for "re-programming" of MK Ultra slaves.

    Are Dr Phil McGraw & Drew Pinsky MK Ultra re-programmers? I have no idea, someone confirm!

  27. I really wish this story ends soon. I hate all the Illuminati s**t going on in the world and I definitely hate what Britney is going through. I am not her best fan in the world, but one of these days I saw her documentary "For The Record". That's painful to watch. She says she cannot go out to have a walk with a friend, take an ice cream, or simply go out to her own garden to take the sun. She's constantly harassed by lots of people who is in control of her.

    I know she has committed mistakes, but who doesn't? It's very easy to point fingers and say terrible things about people. I don't know Britney in person. I am not even american. But for some reason, I feel sad for her. In the documentary, there's a part where she says that she has looked for help from the people that surrounds her, and she says that she needs help, and that she is not happy anymore but she says no one listens to her, and that everybody just listen to what they want to. And if she says that she feels lonely or sad, the only thing they do is to put doctors or lawyers to analyze her, but hardly anyone takes really care of her. She now has a boyfriend that seems to be another person who wants to take advantage on her… her parents don't care about her situation… my God. I don't understand how Britney has been brave enough not to commit suicide. She lives in a prison of gold. She is alone in this world.

    She says that she would only want to marry a man who loved her for what she is, and take her two children and go far away and end up with anything that has to do with her career, businesses, and all of that. And you know what? I believe her. Lately she looks very depressed… it's like the crew around her pushes her so much in order to continue making a living out of her. Even her parents act that way. They are despicable for that. Their own daughter, and they just don't give a s**t.

    I hope one day she will see the light. I hope that God gives her the freedom she needs. She looks like a ghost these days. She is trying, really hard, to get a normal and cool life. But the more she pushes, the farthest the exit seems to be. She's just a victim of the media, and a victim of these bastards called *Illuminati*.

    I am very afraid that she ends up like Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston. She's trying to break free. Even when she shot the video for "Hold It Against Me" the video crew said that she wasn't having any fun. She was just there, like a puppet. Being told what to do. And on top of that, people insulting her and saying bad things about her. Aren't out there enough artists to make mockery on? Why are all eyes on her? She shaved her head in an act to break free!! As she herself has said, "she only wants to be free and live a normal life like any other girl".

    When Michael Jackson called Tommy Mottola "The Devil", he was parting ways with Sony. Some little time after that, he died. Whitney Houston decided to clean up her act, and then she died too. Is Britney Spears the next? God, I hope it never happens. I don't care if she fails as an artist or entertainer, but I really wish she could have an opportunity to live a happy life, away from all morons who mistreat her and of course AWAY FROM ANY HANDLERS AND ILLUMINATI BASTARDS.

    The more I think of it… the more it seems to be impossible. God, please take care of Brit. I don't want her to end up like other artists. I don't think she's a bad person, she has only been deceived, like many of us have probably been.

  28. Glad that they're finally getting SOMETHING right when it comes to Britney. Keep that psycho AWAY from her. I never liked Lufti, all he was ever after was her money and he still is. I would think that Brit would be doing better without him, but Simon Cowell isn't much of an improvement.

    Anyone notice the similar behavior patterns in the parents/spouses/handlers of celebs?? Whitney Houston mentioned similar over-protective and demeaning behavior like that from Bobby Brown when she talked to Oprah. I feel like Brittany Murphy's husband was like that too. The family didn't like him either. Jo Jackson, Dina Lohan…this list could go on forever!

  29. OH my God… I am blown away….ya see the article on Britney on Yahoo!? I have been trying to tell people whats really going on and posting this page linked in the comments and YAHOO! Is deleting every one of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will not stay posted for longer then two seconds! Yahoo! is not letting people see the truth! F**k the media!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank God for this page. Bless you all! And please help spread the word! Maybe even try posting for yourself on Yahoo! I cannot believe they are taking my comments down! Wow!!!

  30. “Britney Spears finally has her personal and professional life back on track…..”

    “…..a judge has ruled that Britney isn’t mentally competent enough to testify”

    Uhhh, it doesn’t sound to me like she has anything back on track!

  31. This is such a mess. On one hand you have Lutfi and co. pushing for her to testify, likely wanting her to self-destruct. Either that, or she is programmed to deny all allegations against Lutfi. On the other hand, her new handlers (father and fiance) are playing the role of "protector" and "hero" so everyone will think they are the good guys. Seems to me she is going from one to the next. I truly hope she will be freed from all of this soon and survive it.

  32. I honestly can't stand this. I can't imagine what this girl has been through for the last 10 years (or even more) of her life due to these stupid people who say that all of these "cares" are good for her. They're not worth s**t.

    I just hope Britney will come out of this someday. Not only her, but other pop artists as well.

    But it seems to me like she's the one that has gotten most affected by all of this, so I just pray for her best.

  33. Britney in Ellen Degeneres show (where she dance gangnam style) she looks so disturbed, fake smile, fake laugh, as if she's not there. Poor her..i think these going to be end only when she's gone.

  34. Growing up I was a huge fan of hers, but I would get the oddest feelings when I would watch a video… I would feel that something bad was going to happen to her. As a kid I would kinda dismiss my feeling and finish enjoying whatever song was on at the time but the feeling never completely went away. I also remember when that song "Lucky" came out my heart broke for her and I couldn't understand why, but now I guess I knew back then something wasn't quite right with her situation. I pray she frees herself.

  35. Welcome to the Jungle!

    Don't trust anyone in this trial. They used to have the inside track to Britney and now they don't. They just want one more chance to get in her purse. Sam says he brought in drug dogs and they reacted in an area where her kids played. At the time he was with her they were under surveillance 24 hours a day. The paparazzi and the cops don't know when someone rents drug dogs and goes to Britney Spears house? It's ridiculous.

    If it was true, who does that? He was with her all the time, when she was going barefoot to the restrooms in filthy gas stations. He was with her all the time so why would he need drug dogs? Maybe he supplied her and when she lost his number he wanted to burn her. Whatever it is, it sounds like sour grapes. I don't blame him for being mad at Britney's dad and her handlers for pointing the finger since they are just as bad, but he should bow out gracefully. His intentions are just to get money.

    • They're in a battle for access to her estate and she's NOT EVEN DEAD! It's so sad that she's trying to live life like a normal person and all people see are dollar signs. It breaks my heart to see her crying for contestants on X-Factor, saying she "knows what they're going through". I think a big part of her is crying because she really feels sad for herself. Poor Brit. Honestly her, Michael and Whitney are the only celebs I truly feel for. She knows there's no other life for her besides the one THEY have in store for her. No escape. Whitney and Michael tried to use drugs to escape and look where it got them. Poor Brit.

  36. The sad thing is, I fear she will end up dead. I remember this sweet, funny, happy girl when she first came out. And now, shes not happy, her smile is beyond fake and shes rude. Britney's spirit died years ago. I pray for her. I pray for her soul. I pray God has got her. I honestly fear for her.

  37. Let's pray for this woman's freedom and an end to the abominable practices that turn a precious life into some kind of mockery.

  38. Why can't both sides be shady and unfit to care for Britney? I don't think any of this illuminati, mind control business is real or relevant to her situation but I do think her team of people are milking her for all that cash. I don't think they're trying to do any harm but I don't think they're actually helping her. Giving her meds and keeping her busy isn't solving her problems, it's just covering them up. She needs her freedom back or whatever it is she's wants/needs. You can see it in her eyes that her life is a struggle every day. I also think Sam Lutfi is a sneaky, conniving liar who either fed Britney with drugs and lies or somehow got her involved in drugs.

    Basically the people in control of her now are the people who guarded her so much before Lutfi which started a lot of mental/emotional problems ("overprotected") and physical problems (overworked). Then Sam came in and totally f****d her life up, as well as many other "celebrity" lives. Now those people have gained the ultimate control and are doing nothing to actually help her.

    I hope this Lourdes "LuLu" character is 110% genuine in helping Britney and revealing the actual truth. Even if she is testifying against Britney's handlers now, it doesn't mean she's on Sam's side. She came into Britney's life after the conservatorship, so way after Sam. Sam had to hunt her down to get her to testify after she made non-detailed claims after she quit. She knows information that will help his case but she might be doing this to help Britney, not Sam. I've read that there is money involved and she's said she isn't in it for the money, I sincerely hope that's true.

    I'm a huge Britney fan and supporter but if her becoming free means her finally retiring and getting away from Hollywood, I would absolutely be happy as long as she is. This woman deserves nothing but the best. Honestly she has it just as bad if not worse than most horrible situations you can think of for someone to endure. The whole world was against her one point, some even being her own fans. Like she said, "I lost my way, I lost myself."

    Even if she were on drugs at her own free will, everyone treats drug abusers so badly. They resort to those measures for a reason and Britney of all people deserve our sympathy, even if she doesn't want it.

  39. Britney is one of the few stars I genuinely feel sorry for. It's one thing to voluntarily go into this industry, but Britney was bred and forced into this life as a kid…poor girl never had a chance.

  40. In the photo at the top of the article….Britney Spears looks like she just smoked a blunt and downed a handfull of Xanax. She looks a might mellowed.

      • Ah, yes, hello good Sir.

        Of all the stories that VC has posted, I find the Britney Spears reports to be some of the most fascinating. Having seen my fair share of Airwolf episodes, I have developed a keen eye to identify people that have been dosed up with the proverbial "brain gravy". The saying "deer in the headlights" that is so often attributed to those shot up with some sort of brain gravy isn't even strong enough to apply to B. Spears. Perhaps water buffalo or hippopotamus, she's obviously under psychological duress.

  41. its not britney but her sister who was on the cover of her album. she take the place of britney more often than think, in some video (circus) and more look carefuly. Why you talkl about her father who was her first handler .

  42. I have asked this question a hundred times. What did Britney do to be deemed as crazy ? Sure she shaved her head but that was the final straw. What did she do prior to that outside of having the media and paparazzi stalk her saying she was crazy ? She did drive with her son on her lap which a lot of people do. Not cool but it happens. There were a few crotch shots but other than that what are the actual incidents that led the world to believe she was crazy.

    Paps and media stalking her, acting crazy saying SHE'S crazy didn't and never have cut it for me.

    • If I recall correctly, Kevin Federline claimed that Britney was driving around the Hollywood Hills with their sons and threatening to drive off a cliff. So her supposedly being suicidal is what made people think she was crazy.

      • If I recall correctly Kfed receives over 20k a month in child support. I guess he would say Britney was about to drive off a cliff ! Thanks for your response. That is one I haven't heard.

      • There have been a few new developments:

        "Britney Spears took a huge amount of amphetamines the night she was strapped to a stretcher and placed on a 5150 hold — so claims Sam Lutfi's lawyer in the opening statements of his defamation case."

        Britney Spears was super-paranoid that her hair contained traces of the hardcore drugs she was using — and that's why she SHAVED IT ALL OFF during her infamous 2007 meltdown … at least according to Sam Lutfi ~tmz

  43. I read this in Wikipedia, which sums up Britney before the 'conservatorship' (I mean what is that, apart from legal jargon for enslavement) she was starting to get more of a handle of our her life. Full article:

    "In January 2005, Spears posted another letter on her website, saying,[5]

    I think I should rephrase myself from my previous letters when I was talking about taking a 'break'. What I meant was I am taking a break from being told what to do. … It's cool when you look at someone and don't know whether they are at work or play since it's all the same to them. The things I've been doing for work lately have been so much fun, because it's not like work to me anymore. I've been even more 'hands on' in my management and the business side of things, and I feel more in control than ever.[5]"

    shortly after this she had the divorce, breakdown, rehab, parents waded in, scapegoat lufti, and got her incarcerated.

  44. I think something weird is going on here,like why would her own grandma testify against her own grandchildren??I think sam lufi was helpingher to escape the industry and I believe that it was waaay more than depression/Kevin Federline that lead to Britney's breakdown… I mean when she shaved her head she claimed that she didn't want people plugging things into her head,, what did she mean by that?? And also her 'Original Doll' album which she released without her record label's permission which had many songs that expressed Britney's TRUE feelings about what she thought about the music industry and the people around her (listen to 'Rebellion')… I think Britney was crying for help when she started to behave strangely,, I don't think she was crazy at all…She was just fed up with her handlers manipulating her seeing her as a money making machine…I'm a huge Britney fan and i hope she tries to escape again! I think she's a really strong woman, She one of the very few celebs who has guts to escapeher handlers… that's why she's such a massive inpiration to me!

    • I don't believe that it was depression over breaking up with Kevin. Most competent gossip sites allege that it stemmed from her knee injury/surgery for which she was given a lot of pain killers and she became addicted to them as many people do, and being rich and surrounded by people with access to drugs it just became more and more of an issue. I think she is somebody with bipolar tendencies and that combined with pressure, money, access to drugs it was just a bad combo.

      • If you have noticed, Michael Jackson was in the severe accident with his hand and became addicted to pain killers. So the story goes. You're on this site. Figure it out. Don't you think some of the top stars were set up for accidents? Then over medicated so they would become addicted? That once they know too much they are sabotaged? Even if they aren't that way, they still are by the environment of drugs in the entertainment business, which leads to, or leads back to pressure, money, and drugs. It's a whole circle of things. You should know your response, you went off "reliable" media outlets. Do more research. 

  45. Did y'all see how afraid she was of thunder n lightning? I really had to think about how much electricity has this poor child had to endure?

    • My Brother was terrified of thunder and lightning as a child….pretty sure he's no mk ultra slave or whatever. It's called having a phobia.

  46. Wrong. Lutfi is NOT a handler – in fact, he tried to help Britney. Because of this, the Spears family (minus Britney of course) is trying to demonize him and completely destroy the credibility of anything he might say that incriminates the real criminals.

    • I think you're spot on here, there is some controlled smear campaign going on, I think to defame and get the public to dislike this guy. He's being punished for trying to help her escape.

      I think this disclosure, with all the other MK'd bogus witnesses testifying, will be a load of lies.

  47. You Know Britney Is Just So Tired And Depressed, due To all that has been running in her life, And the Media Is Not Helping The situation, they are making it worse. If Britney wants the peace and tranquility Only the Power of The Holy Spirit can Restore Her Soul and Peace Of Mind. May She See the Light.

  48. Her net worth statement to the courts was leaked online, it was stated at 32m so what happend to the 70m,she made last year, the 40m she made the year before that, the 100m she made by 2007 and the 15m she got from x factor? Very interesting and her allowence is like $700 a week wtf if shes to sick to spend her money than she must be to sick to earn it.

    • … not to forget about Courtney Stodden… her MK beta programming just seems too obvious. My prayers go out for all the victims of this dreadful practice.

  49. Let's pray for her soul, may jesus and holy mary help her through tough and hard times…hopefully she believes in the grace of god.

  50. I really pity her, for so many reasons.

    I remember an episode of south park depicting the exact meaning of this article really bold!

    it's the 2nd episode of the 12th season (if you don't have enough time to watch: Britney's New Look
    ANd in it, Britney has no brain, her head exploded! It's pretty creepy but the worst part is at the end, when people choose Miley Cyrus to be the next Britney! Pretty revealing.

    the problem now is, we, as the community are part of this ritual of picking somebody up and sacrifice it for our own amusement.

    I hope one day somebody put a stop on these celebrity websites that feed the masses by gossips and false rumors and paparazzi and whatnot. they're the real devil, and I'm pretty sure they are in direct contact with the illuminati.

    • I've been wondering if Miley Cyrus was trying to "trash up" her own image for some reason… maybe she feared they really did have big plans for her?

  51. Its so terrible how some people can use a person like Britney as a money maker, and right in front of the public eye! I guess its easy to keep her under control when a lot of the manipulation is going on behind closed doors.

    I sincerely hope something comes out of this trial and she is 'released', although as far gone as she is I don't know if its possible for her to be free without going through another mental breakdown.

  52. It would seem to be a bit off subject, but has anyone read stories about Jimi Hendrix's manager at the time of his death? One rumor is he had Jimi kidnapped and then rescued to prove his power. Anyway, research it and make your own mind up about it.

    Reading about the life and times of Jim Morrison might also be interesting to young people.

    My opinion is some members of the press use East German Stasi Zerzetsen, which means "oppression by systematic decomposition", techniques on Lindsey Lohan such as wrecking into her car several times. Again, look into it and make up your own mind. (

    • Thanks so much for this info, I will def. look into both Jimi and Jim since I really enjoy their music even to this day… They were also part of the 27 club which makes sense for Jimi's manager to seem like a handler…..

  53. Theres no doubt in my mind that britney IS and was a victim of MK ultra also known as monarch mind control these days. The girl is mentally unstable due to all the trauma and pain she endured during her programming. Its absolutely discusting that this is wuts goin on behind the scenes in the music industry and hollywood. its ok though, more n more people are wakin up the illuminati and the plans for a NWO.. were literally in a battle between the light n darkness..

  54. I'm just finishing reading "Thanks For the Memories" by Brice Taylor and if she can get out it gives hope that anyone can. I've been praying for Britney's freedom, it's important to remember that she's the same as the rest of us, just put into the wrong hands; and that nothing is impossible with the Almighty God.

    With all that said, they make it very difficult to get out, it almost seems impossible to get a fair trial and it's likely that it will be set up to fail. The evil are in and run everything, but there are good interspersed as well. I pray that what is hidden will be revealed, that what's in the shadows will be brought into the light, that good and knowledgable people will be put in her path to help her, I pray for complete freedom and restoration and protection for her and her sons.

      • I agree, it is really depressing and for a couple days I was on a real bummer. But I powered through because there was so much to learn. I'd rather be aware of the hideous reality than live in a false fantasy. I found the ending to be optimistic so I was glad to have finished it. I highly recommend it to anybody who isn't weak-spirited.

      • Trying hard not to be weak-spirited, however I'd rather not sit and read the sick antics of certain people, thank you very much.

      • I wasn't implying you were weak-spirited, I guess what I meant is that it really isn't for everybody. It's very disturbing and at points I was wondering if I should be ingesting it. I guess with a similar background as hers, but not to such an extreme extent, I can stomach it maybe more than others. I was telling my mom about and said she probably wouldn't wanna read it.

  55. What kind of Man dreams of owning an amusement park for kids? Michael Jackson wanted one. John Wayne Gacy was a professional Clown.

    I sure hope Walt Disney was normal.

  56. I totally feel sorry for her. I'm 33 and I was well aware from her first MTV video how she was being used. They let her do a song or two before "altering" her (breast implants at age 16 is a highly risky and ridiculous procedure unless you're just pimping someone). The music business and Hollywood for children is very much like the Hunger Games victors. A life bathed in riches but snakes at every turn and no one really loving her. They've used her children against her and tried to destroy her career bc she made stupid decisions. Except her stupid decisions cost other people their cash cow and its time to cattle prod Britney back in line. I hate what has happened to her. She'll die like Michael or Whitney or Ledger.

    • Stop thinking about this. I can't even imagine this crap. God will save her and everything will be alright! Don't stop believing.

    • That picture doesn't look quite like Britney and could it be a replicant? Anyway, it seems a glaring contradiction for a judge to rule her unfit to testify at her own very personal court case and yet for her to be fit enough to appear on a high profile trash TV show as a judge. She's definately been 'killed off' by her new pimping 'fiance'' and his team in one way or another.

    • im a victim since chilhood im 33 years old. i was a p**n star for about 6 months of my life at the age of 18. ive been victimized sometimes publicly and and on camera numerous times known as another name with a british accent. i have no memories at all for 6 months of my life and also times before and after. Now since i have recently pointing fingers and wistle b lowing and truth telling i had been put on medications for " paranoia" my health is steadily decling when i have been the fitest of health my life, with a host of different painful ongoing symptoms with the doctors telling me there is nothing wrong take your meds and so fourth. i dont think im going to be around much longer and i have three children and i wont be around to protect them as my health is steadily decling. just as brittany earlier handler k fed has her kids and so the cycle ontinues just as who ever has anna nicoles one remaining female child who has just recently modeled for her first ad for gap or old navy or whatever but poor little children. so everyone please pray for them. fight the establishment get the word out.

  57. Somethings off here…

    Britney as a MK – ultra slave isn't shocking, since the proofs are getting more in the plain sight, which is strange. With so much power over her already, a trial such as this will get a lot of attention which is unormal for a mk – ultra slave, at least like this. I truly hope this nanny is doing this for the good reasons but I don't know yet…

    I believe there are several reasons behind this… Play.

    1: By losing this trial the nanny's claims will be marked as wrong, conspiracies if you will. This will be the continuation by conquering even more what is left of her freedom through another "democratic" trial. This time justifying the fact that she will be put under even more control.

    2: Media will obviously play a big part (as usual) by creating lies to us, the people, about her troublesome life, how this is better for her and the society in general.

    3: In one way does this prove that the law has the right to do such things (robbing the freedom from a human being) if it's needed.

    4: Satanists seems always to love the attention during specific dates, specific sacrifices. Especially if her fans, people reading this in the media, is provoked by another "drug – related death" since their feelings will be an important part of the sacrifice.

    … And so will this cycle start yet again, with another selected artist.

    Well… I hope I'm wrong, I really do.

  58. Can you please make a article for lana del reys new video "ride"?

    And i hope the truth comes out soon and Brittney can live what's close to a normal life…:/

  59. I never was a fan growing up, but I truly feel sorry for her and her children, such a horrible life they forced on her, it's so sad

  60. I read this article on Gawker a couple of weeks ago:
    Scroll down and read the comments from user named "canyoukeepasecret". This person claims to be a close personal friend of Britney and makes many of these same claims. I suspect it may, in fact, be Lourdes Torres. I don't know if it sheds any more light than the above article, but its interesting nonetheless.

    • Gosh, this website is so hard to read when it comes to comments! I'll still try my best to figure out what kind of conversations were going on there (and many thanks for sharing the link!!!), but dear lord this comment system on gawker, this must be the work of evil lol

      • Okay, I've tried, I hope someone can use my findings. It's very hard to follow these conversations, simply because the comment system does not show the replies within their context, only the replies to a certain one. I guess it's for a massive amount of clicks, as you have to go to the user's profile, and click every single comment they made to see what is that a reply to what comment… How primitive, really. I put ">>>" before every username so (I hope) it's easier to follow, I also made an attempt to make a barbarian branch-styled style to the whole thing as to see which comment is a reply to which, but I used spaces so fingers crossed it will show up at least somewhat tolerably normal lol

        >>> canyoukeepasecret 23 days ago

        She has her ways. She uses a number of workarounds and does what she likes anyway. She's a friend and I know this for a fact. That's all I'll say.

        She really does need this conservatorship to end though. Things aren't great for her now. Better since Jason got the reigns, but not great. I still don't quite understand how Judge Goetz justifies the legality of this.

        Also: F**k Sam Lutfi. I hope he rots in a cell.

        >>> GregorMendel 1 of 14 replies @canyoukeepasecret 23 days ago

        This has been baffling to me. If she is so mentally ill as to be incapacitated and require conservators,

        then what the hell is she doing performing? If she's doing ok, then more power to her and I hope she and

        Jason can dig out from under it all.

        >>> canyoukeepasecret 1 of 5 replies @GregorMendel 22 days ago

        They're trying. It's been tough on their relationship but it's the most genuine and honest relationship I've

        seen in a while, especially for a celebrity.

        The conservatorship is so completely off-the-wall illegal and ridiculous that she's baffled herself as to how

        to move forward. The X-Factor is proof enough (as if we needed more) that she is not a vegetable and that

        she's perfectly fine to run her own affairs. The state does not steal of the rights for 5+ years of every single

        person who has an emotional break down. She's never be convicted, or charged, with a crime. This is ridiculous.

        Convicted prisoners actually have more civil rights than she does, though admittedly they aren't millionaires

        who can venture into part of the free world (with permission, natch).

        >>> MissNThrope 1 of 14 replies @canyoukeepasecret 23 days ago

        She's a friend? Who needs a friend who talks about them on Gawker in comments, I say. Maybe this is part of the


        >>> canyoukeepasecret 1 of 2 replies @MissNThrope 22 days ago

        I'm not saying anything she isn't happy enough to admit. She'd give a tell all interview today if she was "allowed"

        to. The truth is much more flattering to her than the rumors are.

        The problem is that nothing I'm saying should really be happening or should be a secret. This is an injustice

        perpetuated by public funds in a public court on an American citizen who has committed no crimes. People should

        know the truth and it should upset them. Conservatorship fraud and injustices are much more widespread than

        you know, often because they prey upon people's weaknesses and the individuals are unable through both

        circumstance and legal bindings to discuss it themselves.

        >>> Axels17 1 of 42 replies @Caity Weaver 23 days ago

        "It seems a little suspect that someone computer-savvy enough to have included a ballad called 'E-Mail My Heart'"

        You're making the dubious assumption that she has anything to do with the 'creative' formation of her music

        >>> canyoukeepasecret 1 of 2 replies @Axels17 22 days ago

        She does. She's actually quite under-credited for the work she does. She doesn't really care what shows up

        on liner notes or understand how important those things are too people. She does an incredible amount of

        hands on creative work for her albums and videos. (Other than her kids she doesn't have much else in her life).

        It's the truth but take it or leave it.

        E-mail My Heart was written in 1998. She got into computer around the time she had her children because

        she couldn't leave her house to go to the "real world" much. She got even more into them in 2008 when

        almost all access to the outside world was cut off.

        >>> ReallyCleverUserna… 1 of 5 replies @GregorMendel 23 days ago

        Because cash cow, duh!

        I admittedly pay no attention to the comings and goings of Britney Spears, but whenever I see her, she looks like someone

        just going through the motions. I feel bad for her. Course you'd have to ask someone close to her, like canyoukeepasecret

        (who apparently can't) for the truth.

        >>> canyoukeepasecret 1 reply @ReallyCleverUserna… 22 days ago

        This isn't a secret for anyone but the "team" who controls her.

        >>>wannerz 1 of 14 replies @canyoukeepasecret 23 days ago

        omg brit is that you?

        >>> canyoukeepasecret 1 of 2 replies @wannerz 22 days ago

        How would that be possible since everything on her computer is "blocked" and the tabloids are always right about

        these things? Hahaha.

        >>> wannerz and 2 more


        >>> canyoukeepasecret 1 of 2 replies @wannerz 22 days ago

        I don't know how to post a gif on these comments


        >>> canyoukeepasecret 1 of 2 replies @wannerz 23 days ago

        This commenting thing is terrible, BTW.

        This website is frustrating to use and I need to get up. Peace out Gawker.

        >>> OrganicBananaHammo… 1 reply @canyoukeepasecret 23 days ago

        Well, if you are Britney, that comment right there has proven your sanity once and for all.

        >>> canyoukeepasecret 1 reply @OrganicBananaHammo… 23 days ago

        I'm not. 😛

        But it's really bad. I haven't been on Gakwer in a while. What is this??

        >>> OrganicBananaHammo… 1 reply @canyoukeepasecret 23 days ago

        Well, if you were her, I would have said something pointless, yet encouraging.

        Re: the commenting system–It's called kinja, and it sucks s**t. It's all about the clicks.

        >>> canyoukeepasecret 1 reply @OrganicBananaHammo… 22 days ago

        Thanks! Yeah it's weird and I'm just gonna bounce now because I don't really get it

        and I've said what I had to say for the day.

        Find me on website comments elsewhere! Bye kids!

        >>> Miz Jenkins 1 of 2 replies @canyoukeepasecret 23 days ago

        Is she mentally stable (assuming you are mentally stable yourself and do actually know her)? I mean aside from the

        whole never-having-a-second of privacy thing, which I imagine would drive anyone to the brink?

        >>> canyoukeepasecret 1 reply @Miz Jenkins 22 days ago

        We're both mentally stable, yes. She's very humble and down to earth on top of it which makes things like these

        even more terrible. She's a very nice normal girl who's been through a lot. She's actually very funny and jokes about

        herself and her situation a lot.

        >>> Miz Jenkins

        That's good to hear. I remember when Jamie Lynn got pregnant feeling sorry for Britney

        that it didn't go down like that for her. And for a moment I didn't understand my own reaction – because

        Britney was way more famous and who would really want to be a pregnant, unwed teenager (no offense) – but

        then I thought damn, the price of all that fame is just too high.

        Britney always did seem like a sweetheart and I dunno…with all the quickie marriages and whatnot I always

        wondered if deep down she was just a simple girl from Kentwood who got way more fame than she ever asked for

        way too fast and would have been happier getting knocked up young by some local boy and settling down into a nice,

        boring life back home with all her friends who were doing pretty much the same thing.

        >>> JCCCCC 23 days ago

        Isn't part of the reason she's still under the conservatorship to keep her from having to testify against Lufti, or just deal with him in court? I just feel like I read that somewhere.

        >>> canyoukeepasecret 1 of 2 replies @JCCCCC 23 days ago

        It's both because she doesn't want to appear in a court room and because there are a few things she

        wouldn't like to admit to doing under oath including illicit drug use and self harming which could jeopardize

        the small claim she still has over the custody of her kids. I know for a fact that she'd rather testify then be

        under a conservatorship though. It's just one of the few benefits to this huge injustice.

        >>> Caity Weaver 1 of 2 replies @JCCCCC 23 days ago

        The judge who oversees the conservatorship said that putting her on the stand would cause

        "irreparable harm and immediate danger."


        >>> canyoukeepasecret 1 reply @Caity Weaver 23 days ago

        Don't you love the legalese vagaries of it all?

        >>> a.lemon 1 of 3 replies @canyoukeepasecret 23 days ago

        How on earth do you know it for a fact?

        >>> canyoukeepasecret 1 of 2 replies @a.lemon 22 days ago

        I'm a friend of her's. Yes, we exist… she's human.

        >>> WaylonDrums 23 days ago

        A lot of people seem to be fooled by her X-Factor appearances…but all I see when she's on is a robot who doesn't seem to have real emotion. Maybe I'm reading into it too much, but she's not "all better" like many believe.

        Also: Blocking her internet access? THAT'Z NOT OKAY

        >>> canyoukeepasecret 1 of 2 replies @WaylonDrums 23 days ago

        She really does enjoy X-Factor… She's just working around 4345 medications and a lot of pressure.

        This is a huge jump in confidence for her from even a year ago. Look at the interviews and compare.

        It's a huge step for her emotionally.

        >>> pee_pitstop 1 of 42 replies @Caity Weaver 23 days ago

        First – This Sam Lufti dude is more certifiable than Britney. His whole life revolves around attempting to control and/or manipulate celebrities. Talk about f*****g creepy…

        Next – How fragile must you be to need a "conservator" as an adult? And for one of those conservators to be your husband? Is she a wife or an adopted child? And to need shielding from things like websites, for fear of – what? Having a total nervous breakdown if you read a tweet or article? If you can't handle being a celebrity, you shouldn't be one. Period. Her music career is all but down the toilet, her "TV career" as a judge on the X Factor is forgettable except when she does anything craycray… So methinks Britney might want to consider moving to Idaho or Indiana or something and raise goats or sell Avon or something.

        >>> canyoukeepasecret 1 of 3 replies @pee_pitstop 22 days ago


        She had the biggest hit of her career last year. She did an incredibly high grossing world tour for her critically

        well reviewed album. She released a #1 song last year as well. I wouldn't say toilet.

        She just topped Forbes' Highest Paid Women in Hollywood list at #2 for 2012. A year she didn't release an

        album, song, or tour in. This is also factored before her X-Factor paycheck came in. This is what she made

        basically existing.

        But yeah, she's done.

        Her X-Factor appearances are simply being done both for her personal enjoyment as well as to establish

        how much progress she has made emotionally and show that she is in a good place. Which, if you've seen

        the show, does prove she isn't "crazy."

        She reads and sees and incredible amount of negativity every day. More than you can imagine.

        Really? You think moving away will make her not a celebrity? She's is LITERALLY and undisputedly one

        of the most famous people to have ever existed. In order to have the income and protection to maintain a

        healthy place for her kids she needs positive press and a large enough income to support them through legal

        fees and the rest. Look at Michael Jackson or any other big star who went broke. She needs to keep the

        empire running for many other people's sake.

        Do you think that she could ever become un-famous or a non-celebrity? She's not a real housewife.

        In 2007 and 2008 she accounted for TWENTY PERCENT of tabloid revenues. Personally. No matter where

        she goes or what she does she will be laser-focused on. Just look at this. A full Gawker article devoted to

        the possibility that she has an internet filter.

        This is why she sometimes wears a burqa just to go by milk or walk in the park. She needs both full time security

        (they apprehend about one or two stalkers a MONTH at her personal residence) and the ability to keep herself

        distanced from the amount of public scrutiny she experienced in the past.

        Easy to judge from a comment section though.

  61. Wouldn't surprise me if the nanny ends up in a "fatal accident" before or after the trial. Props to her for being so brave and speaking out. And prayers for Brittney ..poor girl.

  62. You know, you sort of have to feel sorry for her. As a naive teen, singing and performing 'Oops I did it again' etc, she had no idea what she was getting into. The Music industry is not glitter nor glamour, but just a twisted and cruel industry.

  63. I don't often feel badly for our two-dimentional "celebrities" but this girl never had a chance. I really wish somebody would rescue her!

    • I agree. It's too far into the game for her to turn back. She appears very disconnected on X factor. And more of an introvert. I had read an article regarding this court crap earlier today.

      • Sadly, Walt Disney was never normal, he was pretty much entirely programmed. Have you seen the disney produced cartoons and can you still claim films like alice in wonderland were not made to be used as programming tools for children? Mickey mouse-ears are a symbol for complete mindcontrol.

    • yeh, she isn't ok.

      She is serving a sentence as someone who stole or killed. And as all criminals, they're the only ones who can be incarcerated and fulfill the penalty sentenced, in jail.

      Britney is infiltrated in a world, apparently of fantasy that if you retire the top layers, it is seen soon that the entertainment world is also a criminal world, made by criminal minds, to mislead God's children for money and fame. But as it's said, everything has its price, and Britney is paying for it, it's not a jail but she feels trapped and oppressed.

      The results of the crimes in the world of entertainment are like ghosts, you cannot see, but you can feel 'em …

      very sad 🙁

      • Some celebs sell their souls/sacrafice people to get in the industry, The rest are unfortunate and are thrown in the industry by their parents, Britney was one of those unfortunate poeple and was thrown into the micky-mouse club by her own father at the age of 8.. so technically she hasn't 'murdered' or sacraficed anyone or sold her soul,, She was forced by her own father and unfortunatly 🙁

      • SOMEONE@ I didn't say she "murdered", I clearly explained that "she is serving a sentence AS someone who stole or killed" isn't it? She's not controlling her life, she feels trapped and oppressed, what it look likes??? a person in jail! she was infiltrated in a strange world by her own father, just like when they put us doing lessons at school, there're always results, it's sad but is the truth! Britney was inserted in this kind of life since 8, what were you expecting?

        For me entertaining world is always a form of satanic ritual, where ppl infiltrated get rich and famous for exposing insolence in the world in every sences. Remember that once satan had challanged God in how human being wouldn't love Him as He was expecting and how evil the world would become. Entertainment world among others, is a fundamental tool to put the world in upside down. There's nothing to teach you, you know exactly of it all!

    • Glad you say that.. i thought is it just me? find it very disturbing! i im not a fan of her but looking at the x factor im worried and sad when i look at here..she is not herself..reacts weird under a trance./and or pills?hope she will be free someday and not because she is dead.Demi and Britney are also both cooping with "depression" hmm by polarthey sad ..hmm well mk ultra or something what a world we live in

    • This isnt her true self! I have been a fan of Britney since she first came out on the music scene and have seen all of her different interviews and such, and the Britney now is not even the same person. You can tell she has gone through so much over the years that it has taken over her true genuine personality and and now she just seems so confused.

    • I agree with you. She doesn't look ok or sound ok. She makes all these faces, and looks confused, afraid, why is she even on the show.

      We are living in a sad , evil corrupted world. and we feed on it. And people like us who knows about what is going out there, have to be careful and warn others about what is going on. Specially the next generation!!! before it is 2 late , well it is already late but we still have time .

      Now that Britney is back in the media , X Factors and all the attention is on her once again, now this trial?????? ok we'll see how it ends.

      Now God forbid Britney dies they are going to say she died of drug overdose and we are going to believe it because that is what they want us to believe .

      A lot of celebrities died of drug overdose or committed suicide. If you look around a lot of the celebrities are MIA

      It is all mind control

      Watch this video on monarch programming

      Anna Nicole and Britney Spears very sad

    • You know reading this kinda stuff about Britney Spears just brings tears to my eyes.its so sad to see her go through this and I'm glad the nanny will testify and I hope the truth comes out so people can stop saying that she's crazy.but what worries me is that the nanny might die mysteriously after she testifies.the usual crap that goes on in hollywood.

    • It's just one group of Parasitic Handlers against another; all pointing fingers to see who ends up with the spoils.

      They censor her emails, T.V., print media, monitor her every move – how do they get away with that??? They fabricate illnesses and 'disorders' so they can control her and keep her on psychotropic drugs, that in turn give her the very 'disorders' that keep her under their control. They control every aspect of her life, well-being, and Future. Every one is feeding off her, and if she tries to giver her money away to say, charitable organizations, well then, that's proves their case that she is in need of handling.

      Notice how she stands in public? Arms straight down by her sides with fists clenched? Her handlers constantly put her in skimpy dresses that make her look cheap-Hollywood style. Why don't we ever see her with friends, genuine well-adjusted friends? She's a wreck from their abuse yet not one person of authority will dare step in and end this Sham even though it is beyond Obvious!

      She needs all healthy food, a serious drug detox. She needs to DUMP every single person around her, even her parasitic parents and fiance and start over. Surrounding herself with only those at a higher level of spiritual growth and awareness; that are beyond the trappings of Fame and Money and will remind her how bright her light truly is.

      Unfortunately, unless she can get away from all of them, get away from the 'machine', we will continue to witness her very sad situation.

      • it's like she's living in the Truman show. remember that movie? everything is fake, the whole world is a set and a show that is being produced. one day truman gets away and sails through the "ocean" and gets to the wall of the set and finally sees he is living in a real bubble. the shows producer's and actors, basically everyone, does everything they can to prevent truman from escaping, but he finally does one day. well that movie is a perfect metaphor for britney's life, hopefully she'll get out one day.

      •  Agreed Lucy. It makes me sick, she is my age and I have always loved her music. I believe even Christina Aguliera is a victim like Britney just not as an extreme case. You would think in the country of the United States of America such horrendous abuse that Britney and so many others have endured all for the price of some egocentric money hungry handlers and for the sick and twisted doings of the Elite would be beyond illegal. That such horrible attacks on a human being would be as punishable as someone who commits murder. But nope, goes to show you how screwed up our government and judicial system is!!! It goes to show you that we as citizens and even people of the world, cause this goes on all over the world have been lied to and deceived for so many many many years. I truly believe that the Elite controls almost everything anymore. They especially control the main big people of the government, law, the industry, FDA and so much more. Its sick!  


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