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Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)



3538shd1 Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)

Strange and significant events occurred during the month of February and many symbolic pics appeared in mass media. Here’s this month Symbolic Pics of the Month featuring Lana Del Rey, Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan and more.

3538shd1 Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)

“Pop’s new phenomenon” Lana Del Rey on the cover of Lovecat magazine. She’s hiding one eye and showing who she’s down with.


katemoss Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)

Kate Moss’ photoshoot in W magazine has is drenched in occult symbolism. The two alternate covers and the entire shoot refer to the concept of duality.


article 0 11AA9AEA000005DC 521 634x808 e1330456946485 Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)

Dressed in white, Moss looks somewhat possessed and holds a cross in order for it to appear upside-down. The symbol of the inverted cross is used in Satanism.


article 2099333 11ABF24B000005DC 818 634x811 e1330457155235 Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)

Here, sporting a big fat pair of Baphomet horns.


article 2099333 11ABF26C000005DC 90 634x808 e1330457274329 Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)

Nun suit and sexy spandex always make for a “controversial” image. Even though it has been done hundreds of time, to the point that it is becoming a propaganda tool, some douchebag somewhere will always qualify it as “artistic”. Also, for some reason, there’s a head in jar in the background.


article 2097199 119BD4B1000005DC 279 634x430 e1330533262642 Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)

Lindsay Lohan in a Terry Richardson shoot. One of the countless female stars posing as Marilyn Monroe, the original MK-Ultra Sex Kitten.


426534 339549489423538 100001054700281 1047725 1316441847 n e1330533172346 Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)

Of course, in a MK-Ultra-themed shoot, the model has to flash the one-eye sign.


406407 332903190088168 100001054700281 1032452 1696381993 n e1330533587939 Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)

Here’s another Monroe wannabee in February’s Vogue Italia. Her stiff, lifeless posture is a tribute to mind control.


417613 332907213421099 100001054700281 1032494 701230352 n e1330621806505 Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)

This photoshoot entitled “Origins of Monsters” features faceless models and others with butterfly wings, a symbol of Monarch programming.


10love magazine tim walker 2012 kristen mcMenamy e1330622073243 Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)

This model apparently turned into a moth.


19love magazine tim walker 2012 kristen mcMenamy e1330622164231 Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)

Bugs and insects are used to traumatize MK victims. This image appears to show how these insects appear in the highly altered mind state of mind control slaves.


418572 332118490173776 100001268828841 1021287 1842479189 n e1330534311355 Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)

Promotional poster for Britney Spears’ Till the World Ends tour. A reader of the site took the time to highlight the three 6’s in the tour name. Also, of course, one of Britney’s eyes is hidden.



428645 362157437139823 306445809377653 1174727 565076258 n e1330534575642 Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)

February fashion show of brand Sibling in London. The combination of faceless models, Mickey Mouse ears and feline prints make this show an all-Mind-Control extravaganza.


original e1330623496832 Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)

This controversial photoshoot in Pop Magazine features a 16 year old model sexualized, brutalized and posing with naked women. Here, she is choked by an unseen man.


Picture 60 e1330623616353 Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)

A continuation of the agenda to sexualize minors.


Picture 57 e1330623764977 Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)

Posing with a topless pornstar. I censored the breasts but they’re all exposed in the actual shoot.


taylormonsenzinkmagazine e1330535308634 Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)

Actress and singer Taylor Monsen in a Zink magazine shoot that is full of mind control symbolism. This pics allude to multiple personalities. One of her eyes is “cut out” – this symbol was also used in the art of MK victim Kim Noble as it refers to the victim’s partial loss of “sight” of reality.


407065 333622296682924 100001054700281 1034024 109602214 n e1330621333162 Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)


sohee e1330535932280 Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)

K-Pop singer Sohee in the March issue of Céci Magazine. Just showing who’s the boss of her. Wait, maybe it was just random.


phong cach sohee wonder girls khoe anh cuc cute 6 e1330536063275 Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)



mylittleponey Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)

The children’s series My Little Poney often contains Illuminati themes and symbolism. In this screenshot, we see the exact logo of the elite Bohemian Club on the cover of a book.


circleofskulls1 Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)

New York’s St. John the Divine Cathedral, (its strange symbolism and NWO agenda was already discussed in the article entitled Sinister Sites: St. John the Divine Cathedral) has a new bizarre display: A circle of horned animal skulls. Placed right inside the Cathedral, the exposition looks like the site of a black magic ritual.


CloserView ofSkull2 Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)

Close-up of the skulls. Thanks to the reader who sent in the pics.


article 2102714 11CA4C47000005DC 608 964x712 e1330537365983 Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)

A mysterious Egyptian sarcophagus at Whitney Houston’s funeral. Was this an “input” of the occult group behind her sacrifice? We know that elite secret societies are well versed in Egyptian magic, especially the Book of the Dead.


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