Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)

"Pop's new phenomenon" Lana Del Rey on the cover of Lolcat magazine hiding one eye and showing who she's down with.

Strange and significant events occurred during the month of February and many symbolic pics appeared in mass media. Here’s this month Symbolic Pics of the Month featuring Lana Del Rey, Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan and more.

“Pop’s new phenomenon” Lana Del Rey on the cover of Lovecat magazine. She’s hiding one eye and showing who she’s down with.


Kate Moss’ photoshoot in W magazine has is drenched in occult symbolism. The two alternate covers and the entire shoot refer to the concept of duality.


Dressed in white, Moss looks somewhat possessed and holds a cross in order for it to appear upside-down. The symbol of the inverted cross is used in Satanism.


Here, sporting a big fat pair of Baphomet horns.


Nun suit and sexy spandex always make for a “controversial” image. Even though it has been done hundreds of time, to the point that it is becoming a propaganda tool, some douchebag somewhere will always qualify it as “artistic”. Also, for some reason, there’s a head in jar in the background.


Lindsay Lohan in a Terry Richardson shoot. One of the countless female stars posing as Marilyn Monroe, the original MK-Ultra Sex Kitten.


Of course, in a MK-Ultra-themed shoot, the model has to flash the one-eye sign.


Here’s another Monroe wannabee in February’s Vogue Italia. Her stiff, lifeless posture is a tribute to mind control.


This photoshoot entitled “Origins of Monsters” features faceless models and others with butterfly wings, a symbol of Monarch programming.


This model apparently turned into a moth.


Bugs and insects are used to traumatize MK victims. This image appears to show how these insects appear in the highly altered mind state of mind control slaves.


Promotional poster for Britney Spears’ Till the World Ends tour. A reader of the site took the time to highlight the three 6’s in the tour name. Also, of course, one of Britney’s eyes is hidden.



February fashion show of brand Sibling in London. The combination of faceless models, Mickey Mouse ears and feline prints make this show an all-Mind-Control extravaganza.


This controversial photoshoot in Pop Magazine features a 16 year old model sexualized, brutalized and posing with naked women. Here, she is choked by an unseen man.


A continuation of the agenda to sexualize minors.


Posing with a topless pornstar. I censored the breasts but they’re all exposed in the actual shoot.


Actress and singer Taylor Monsen in a Zink magazine shoot that is full of mind control symbolism. This pics allude to multiple personalities. One of her eyes is “cut out” – this symbol was also used in the art of MK victim Kim Noble as it refers to the victim’s partial loss of “sight” of reality.



K-Pop singer Sohee in the March issue of Céci Magazine. Just showing who’s the boss of her. Wait, maybe it was just random.




The children’s series My Little Poney often contains Illuminati themes and symbolism. In this screenshot, we see the exact logo of the elite Bohemian Club on the cover of a book.


New York’s St. John the Divine Cathedral, (its strange symbolism and NWO agenda was already discussed in the article entitled Sinister Sites: St. John the Divine Cathedral) has a new bizarre display: A circle of horned animal skulls. Placed right inside the Cathedral, the exposition looks like the site of a black magic ritual.


Close-up of the skulls. Thanks to the reader who sent in the pics.


A mysterious Egyptian sarcophagus at Whitney Houston’s funeral. Was this an “input” of the occult group behind her sacrifice? We know that elite secret societies are well versed in Egyptian magic, especially the Book of the Dead.

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Am I the only one who is actually afraid of scrolling down to look at the images because of what might pop up? These pictures scare me more for each time they are published. I scared Im gonna be infected by evil when looking at them, seriously.

(Writing this here because comments are closed on all the other articles involving Marilyn)

People on here seem to be a bit hard on Marilyn, calling her a s**t etc. Don't you know she grew up in orphanages and was an extremely troubled child? And then she became a mind control victim? She was never a s**t, she was a very intelligent person. She obviously found out what was going on because she was murdered!

I wonder how disturbing it was for church goers to see baphomets all around the entrance. Weird that this wasn't on the news here in NYC. They're really sly at hiding this from the people.

kate Moss is holding the crucifix upside down and in the direction of her crotch, I have seen lady gaga in the same pose too

Kate Moss is directing the upside down crucifix at her Virginia, I have seen lady gaga do the same

In the picture where it looks like Kate is possessed, it looks like her other hand is making the 666 sign

Thank you so much for posting on My Little Pony. The show has so many illuminati/Luciferian symbols in it. I think that a lot of programming directed at children are overflowing with these symbols. You should make a separate site, just for children's media!!! You could call it Vigilant Young Citizen. Because seriously, Phineas and Ferb's new season is overflowing with it (and it didn't used to be). The Disney shows have so many (of course). Yo Gabba Gabba is a very creepy show. Aside from the general weirdness of it, it has bothered me for some time that they try to condition children into celebrity worship. Each week another grown up celebrity is featured. Like Jack Black, and Andy Sandburg. They are not appropriate role models for children, let alone even people that most kids would know. Why do they want my kids to be excited over Andy Sandburg?… Read more »

Will you please do a my little pony article ? PLEASE ?

The My Little Pony pic is…. just… mind=blown

How does one explain that one away?

I would love to hear them explain that.

Twilight Sparkle has a pet owl, dumbass

They make it so obvious anymore, it's disturbing.

All of us here will say this is blatant and obvious. But to the sheeple of the world they don't notice anything wrong that's how we get conditioned to think its normal and there is that person that will say its "art" or "a marketing tool" or "the next best trend" and the masses just fall behind like sheep.

that is it in a nut shell …and further how agressive do you think this world system( the beast) will be once its gotten into full swing Huh???…..I dont want to be here to find out

Who is Lindsay Lohan? What does she do exactly?

Yeah, in the Britney Spears poster, those aren't sixes. A six looks like this: 6. At least unless it's being drawn by a three year old or someone who's mentally handicapped. While I do believe that Britney Spears may be mentally handicapped, I don't think they let her design her own posters. I'm pretty sure there would be crayons involved…

angry birds have got alota illuminati symbols specially one eyed bird or giving a very special place to a bird wearing crown n having a third eye…..plz come up with an article aout it!!!

Oh GOD, NOT INSECTS!!! I HATE INSECTS!!! (I have insecto-phobia)


Well as usual the entire collection of pictures are enlightening (my little pony?!)-thank you Vigilent citizen. In addition, I am totally 'weirded out' by that sarcophagus at Whitney's funeral.

Hungarian pop song. Video is full of illu symbols, illu colours, and the lyrics' has 2 means…

The most visible signs are at 0:35 and 1:13.

"For some reason also, I have this weird thing about 60s 70s nostalgia. I just don’t like it AT ALL. And they use those eras a lot in the magazine."

Of course you/many others do. It was the time when mind control drugs were being tested on the population, covertly, part of MK Ultra. Along with it came many signs, symbols, music which were really 99% occult in meaning but thought of as beautiful rebellion against "the man".

When the mind control drugs weren't providing the results "THEY" desired, they were banned or if already banned, enforced even harder.

Kate Moss is still doing it! LOL talk about someone who has come up again and again and beat so many bad raps, and you notice she still looks the same? Portrait of Dorian Gray much?

What are you talking about? She might suffer from the Dorian Gray syndrome but certainly she looks very rough unless she's photoshopped.

hey have any of you guys seen the new Hulu commercials? is it just me, or are they just creepy and blatant as hell??

I knew that W magazine was evil from the day I first picked it up!! I cannot see or hear demonic influence like some people but I can definitely sense it! The first time I looked at W, I felt a deep darkness and disgust just looking at these pictures. For some reason also, I have this weird thing about 60's 70's nostalgia. I just don't like it AT ALL. And they use those eras a lot in the magazine.

The skulls in the Cathedral, did I count 23 of them in the circle, 2/3 is 0.6666666…

What are frogs a sign of?? I was told to get rid of anything that has occult meaning, frogs included. I have family history that needs to be wiped clean.

Rain, springtime. Frogs are literally a sign of rain. So are earthworms on the sidewalk.

From a pdf from The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, explaining the skulls (I found this by googling "St. John the Divine Animal Skulls): August 18, 2011 – The Cathedral of St. John the Divine is pleased to announce “The Value of Water: Sustaining A Green Planet,” opening in September, an art exhibition about the element on which all life depends, creator and destroyer of cities, and the most powerful metaphor in art. The exhibition is part of a larger conversation at the Cathedral about the global water crisis, and seeks to highlight the need for clean water as a requirement for civilization and peace. The exhibition features the work of 41 visual artists including Mark Rothko—the only participant no longer alive—whose work presages the metaphysical inquiry of much contemporary art. Jenny Holzer, Wiliam Kentridge, Kiki Smith, Bill Viola, Pat Steir, Gregory Amenoff and others display work focused on… Read more »

Has anyone read the novel "The Prague cemetery" by Umberto Eco? I'm reading it now and there are a lot of symbolic drawings, even one of Baphomet because they talk about masons

This is all well and good, but until people realize that the christian side of things also secretly encodes worship of these "satanic" (or alien, whatever…) entities as well , humanity will never get anywhere.

Same goes for muslim religion, and all the rest. Its all dualistic mind control, the fake paradigm of Good VS. Evil.

A free being doesnt need these lessons, and doesnt need to suffer to figure out what happiness is.

You guys should post about KONY 2012. I think it's an Illuminati scam

I agree. I thought immediately that the Kony thing was a set up. I'd like to know where was this guy when the Franklin Coverup was going on with all the abuse of the children of Boys Town and other children awarded to the state?? Read that book if you have a chance not for the faint of heart. Why didn't he start a whole movement about that? You won't see that exposed any time soon. Have the celebrities out blowing the horn on that one. Right, this is why I think it's a scam or some sort of a setup. As far as The Franklin Coverup, people are totally oblivious to it and it happens to be one of the most disturbing stories of our time. The media basically squashed it.

A kpop post would be very fitting comes it coming to North America

Although they're all abhorrent, the moth, insect and bee photos are especially repulsive to me.

It takes a very sick mind to conceive of such images.

I mean, really, just try to imagine the editor, photographer, graphic artist and choreographer's thought process prior to the photo shoot.

At some point, there must have been a brainstorming session to generate ideas for the pictures.

Illuminati choreographer: "Hey, I've got it. Let's show a model being tortured, terrorized and consumed by giant insects!"

Illuminati photographer: "Great idea! That's the ticket!"


Can I just say something about the My little Pony Image? I don't know if you are familiar with this, but the show My Little Pony: Friendship is magic, has gained a huge following of adult males. We call ourselves "Bronies." (This is actually true, look it up.) Not only do the writers of the show know about us, but they talk to us all in chats, at conventions, on Deviant Art, ect. None of them are "Illuminatti", but they do like to make the show very accurate with the symbols for the unicorn-esque things they have. But that show is NOT badly intentioned.

are you serious???? did you know that adult swim also did a bump about the bronies my little pony and you alls?

Should I be buying my daughter Owls? she is crazy about them, and I notice everywhere I shop like Target they have them.. like Linen, wall stickers, pillows?? ugh! I don't want to have no part of any of these crazy cults??? pls help. should I get rid of them?

Owls may have an occult meaning but they are also interesting and helpful creatures that keep the vermin population down. If your little girl likes them I would let her have some. I have a very sweet owl necklace from the 70's and I love it.

No owls are a sign of death.

The department of education in some countries have this very well-established doctrine of owls being wise.

These picture more disturbing then ones Ive seen before especially Kate moss photo shoot great job as always!!

hello VC! i've always read your posts from all time to time, and now can you investigate about 'the movement againsr joseph kony' too? i didn't know why they put a flipped triangle under the kony name. thank you! 🙂


You may know me as singer/rapper/actor Drake. I've been using this site for a few days and it has very good information on here. The industry is very evil and twisted. I would love to explain but sadly, I can't. It's part of the rules, but thank you for spreading the word!



I forgot to mention, those Katy Moss pictures are seriously creepy. She looks lifeless in those pictures, and it's a shame that she is holding the cross like that. 2012 is going to be a very interesting year, my friends.

~Drizzy Drake

Dont forget about cartoons other than amercan cartoon! I was watching inuyasha(a japanese cartoon) and I noticed toooons of symbolism! I used to love it but now its to unsettling and creepy to watch. Also I noticed while watching Icarly (a nicelodeon kids show) one of the episodes has a cryogenically sp? Frozen head. Also a linsay lohan movie, I know who killed me ii think it is, has alot of symbolism too. Like blatently obvious undeniable symbolism. Very disturbing. :/

it also looks like that nun was ready to penetrate herself with that cross exorcist style. smh

I was intrigued by this show and wondered if t was anything like adventure time s I googled YO Gabba Gabba is and the results were:Creepy,Evil,Weird I chose creepy but nothing interesting came up so I went back and chose evil and… I fund this site where parents can Meet other parents and share parenting stories as your children grow.. it had a rather interesting blog… LOL!! Yo Gabba Gabba evil? I think not.. ~nAtAshA~ · Pass a Note! Posted 05/17/2010 This is copy and pasted from a post on my local Momslikeme site. I love Yo Gabba Gabba, am an Agnostic and just think this lady has too much time on her hands. But what do YOU think of this? Ok Ladies i recieved this e-mail in a forward, and I was just curious what your thoughts on it might be. I am not going to say I agree… Read more »
This Yo Gabba Gabba post is freaking me out. The first time I saw that show, I got a bad vibe. I said, what is with the big pentagram on this guys hat and the "one eyed" creep. I didn't like it. my kid however did like it, and also began having nightmares, not that there's anything unusual about that but the last two were about toys that had come alive. One being a snake. He won a stuffed snake at a carnival and he had a dream that she went into his toy box and this thing turned alive. So that post kind of gave me the creeps. I watched several videos about the occult symbolism in the program. A lot of instances of 666 and many many other symbols. So once I saw that, the plug was pulled on that show. It's coming down to getting rid of… Read more »

The Kate Moss pics really gave me pause. She looks truly demonic, truly satanic in those pics. They ooze pure evil, it's obvious for anyone with eyes to see.

In the 90s, we saw witchcraft pushed on the youth as a cool, hip thing to explore. It looks like today, the media is pushing satanism on youth by making it look sexy, uber-cool, "hot".

I pray that the young people of today do not allow themselves to be lied to and fooled by this evil. Remember, it's not called "temptation" for nothing.

True power and peace is in Christ.

With her average looks, extremely ugly legs, average height, pasty complexion and she's a catwalk model for so long? Come on give us a break, she participates in satanic BS. She certainly hasn't achieved what she achieved for her good looks or persona. There's much more to it. She's a satanic poppet, nothing else nothing more.


I noticed that on Lindsay's picture with the dude while wearing a bra, there is a small tattoo that look like a bunch of words and a star. Is that important?

more more more more we want some more keep it up vigilant citizen i think you should step up and do the weekly pic of the week again theres so much bewitched garbage to show us so we can clue are selfs up is that so much to ask i no you must be busy if u want u can even ask us to submit some photos to help every one can do there bit to expose these flee bitten rat bag satanic loving lost gods children we need to help them n us bring back symbolic pics of the week god willing

thanks VC, it angers me that they are so blatant with it, AND how even lil kids are falling for it.

my younger half sister takes pics with her friends using the one eye logo or whatever, how is this even remotely cool in their eyes?

what do they see that i can't see?

As an Illuminati skeptic, I might just be wasting my time commenting here, but let me give it a go just the same. The confluence of images is certainly striking in many of these pictures. The exhibit in the New York cathedral is weird, to be sure. However… 1) isn't it more likely that all of the "one-eye" photos are just examples of models trying to strike a "cool" pose? If it were a planned effort to flaunt their status as members of a diabolical secret society, what purpose would this serve? How does it further their supposed ends to announce to the world that this is who they are? You may answer that they are "hiding in plain sight," but WHY do this? I've yet to hear an answer to this question that is even remotely compelling, and that doesn't sound like overheated conspiracy-talk. The fact is, people are… Read more »
2) Regarding all of the creepy aspects of the photos, displayed above (the devil horns, the head in the jar, the upside-down crucifx, the moth-transformations, the giant bees, and so forth), there is no doubt that all of these images are appalling. But it seems to me that they're MEANT to be appalling; they're going for shock value. A lot of it is quite ho-hum and derivative, but again, if this were the result of a secret society trying to hypnotize us into becoming its mind-slaves, wouldn't they try to make it look NICE, or APPEALING, or WHOLESOME? Most oridnary people would be revolted by these images. There is nothing seductive about them at all. The photographers WANT to freak us out, because they think it's "cool" to be "transgressive." In other words, they are herd creatures who lack imagination. What else is new? 3) Regarding the sexualization of very… Read more »

i think its more about getting the people, especially the young people, used to things

so when certain things are more forced on us in the future, it won't be such a big deal

it will be like oh i remember always seeing that eye imagery.. or that skull and bones…or inverted cross..or owl.. or chandelier- which off topic but not, a lot of fashionistas have this obsession with chandeliers lately also on clothes and stuff, having no clue it symbolizes illumination— it will become common every day imagery,, they will show it to us over and over and over again to the point where the one eye and the death symbols are not evil at all… that is where they want to get at…. to reverse bad and good

I too am an Illuminati skeptic, and I am also an agnostic who is not conventionally religious; however, these symbols so consistently appear in every conceivable outlet in the mass media it cries out for explanation and serious analysis. Such titanic omnipresence has be the result of somebody's deliberate agenda. Whether a cadre of deadly global elites called the Illuminati literally exists in the same way the 535 members of the US Congress exis is less important to me than recognizing that there has to be an agenda at work here. I'm sure profit is one part of the agenda, but I don't think the profit motive provides a complete explanation for the ubiquity of the symbolism because these same symbols also show up contexts entirely outside of the mainstream media. They can also often be found in political contexts and settings. For example, consider the pyramids and the ubiquitous… Read more »

Did anyone notice how the pic of Kate with the upside down cross, had it pointed at her crotch? Seen this in Gaga videos where she is in the rubber suit acting as if she is Fornicating with a cross. Deeply disturbing. It is blasphemous to God/Christ/HolySpirit.

I find it interesting that Bono's line edun, is NUDE backwards. Just wanted to throw that out there 🙂 – full episode Owl's well that ends well.

I wanted to comment on some of the fashion magazine symbolism above. Moths are one symbol of the triple goddess, and that imagery is present repeatedly in the 'bug' spread. And the bee photo is interesting – the god Melisseus was a Titan in Greek mythology, and the god of bees, honey and beekeeping. Also, we think of Dionysos as the god of wine, but long before that he was associated with mead, the honey liquor, according to the classicist Carl Kerenyi, because that was the first alcoholic beverage that man learned how to make. Thus there is some connection between the older level of Melisseus and the later Dionysos. In the later Greek religion, the Titans are in fact the earlier level of gods who were defeated in a cosmic battle, rather like the Sumerian epics of the defeat of Tyhpon, the snake-mother of Set. Kerenyi also thinks Dionysos… Read more »

Excellent post madam!

you are the only person on this website that truly inspires me.

Venus myelita, kabar of Arabia was always symbolized by a beehive.

The Iachus ,dionysus bee correlation is absolutely correct.

Dionysius the demiurge was always related to honey bees.

I guess we all know where the "on" in honorary, honey, honor come from.

Dionysus is on.

On is osir,auosar,Adar,achar,osri,Osiris of the Egyptians.

Dionysus and Osiris are the same.

Dionysus and the Indian yogi god shiva are the same.

The Philistine Diety baalzebub "lord of the flies" and baalzebul "the great lord" are the same demiurgic Diety….correlated with adoni,sbat,Iao,iachus,Bacchus,Dionysus,YHWH,yaho,hu.

The same horned, double aspect, androgyne pytho, solar ,phallic Diety…

Who the illuminated ones called the artificer, architect and the great artist or demiurge.

Thank you for the that amazing post.

Atleast the is someone in this world who I can relate to.

Great work

One more thing fleur da amor

Dionysis is also called the god of masks.

His worship was consecrated by priests wearing scarlet robes and golden masks.

Doesn't that remind of you something we discussed sometime back.

Dionysus is also shiva

Read "Gods of love and ecstasy, the traditions of shiva and dionysis" by alain danielou…the famous French indovedic researcher.

Thank you, I'll read that. It's funny, I've studied iconography, the meaning of symbols, so I've always noticed layers of meaning in pop culture – it's the folk art of our era, so it's tapped into a lot of currents. However, I thought it was the collective unconscious expressing itself, because I've never gotten even the slightest inkling that most people had any awareness of it, even the ones making the imagery, and it makes a lot of people nervous if you talk about it. It seems to freak them out that there is this VAST area that their ego is not in control of and mostly blind to. A lot of people seem not just asleep but comatose, which is disturbing in and of itself. I still think that there is an unmistakable element of the collective unconscious in some of this pop culture stuff, but I've also recognized… Read more »

Side note: i just saw the Cartier commercial with the leopard and the first thing that came to mind was Illuminati

I don't know if VC has posted anything about this yet, but I thought I'd share this with everyone. Seems to be the new trend in Hollywood…"evil eye jewelry".

There is a belief that blue-eyed people born on Saturday can cause jinx and bring bad luck to others. A lot of committed fatalism goes on.

it became a trend hundreds if not thousands of years after it was already a cultural belief of mine- kardashian i can understand bec she is armenian- mostly eastern european countries and some middle eastern believe in "the eye" or the "blue eye"- need I correct you- in America or in English they call it the "evil eye" but in eastern countries it came from- it is not evil at all- in fact, it is used to ward off evil. Basically people who are jealous of you or think something bad or even good about you but in an envious way, may be able to have the "bad eye" in them which allows them to jinx you. A jinx can be anything from you tripping on your face to a seriously bad migrane, where you would need someone to say a special prayer for you in order for it to… Read more »

The special prayer who mentioned is smashing. I know 4 people who can perform it with precision and it always works. It's been tried and tasted too many times to ignore its results. Sometimes it requires many attempts but it works even if the person who performs the small ritual lives thousands of miles faraway. It needs to be passed to 3 people but once you reveal the special prayer, you lose your ability to perform it yourself. This stuff is for real but some peeps are still very sceptical. Kardashian's mother isn't Armenian, is she?, so I wouldn't think she's capable of remotely consider spiritual things like that.

tried and tested .. (((i'm clumsy)))

This is the weirdest set yet!! Gettin' really heavy now… always darkest before the Dawn… when the forces are threatened, they tighten their grip..

I believe some of these pictures are just too much sometimes but many of them are just artistic. Everyone knows about the Illuminati and the industries know that people will continue to flock to conspiracy theories. So in turn they put it in Ads, movies, music videos and so on. They are playing off people's emotiones, that's how advertisement works. Models,actors,singers are told what to do most of the time, they really don't have a say so. And they are doing a good job at it to since I hear so many people speak about the Illuminati and freemasons. You know nothing about the Masons of today, my family has been involved with them for generation, and nothing like what is explained has ever occured. Yes they did some raunchy stuff back in the day but civil minds came about in the end. Now mind control and DID are two… Read more »